How Did You Decide on a Career in Information Technology?

How Did You Decide on a Career in Information Technology?
How did you decide on a career in information technology? Image link:
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  • Our information technology degrees prepare students for a hi-tech career, combining theory with hands-on training in network administration, IT security, software development and telecommunications.(More…)


  • The use of technology in this sector ensures that the healthcare professionals should be able to enjoy maximum accuracy so they could easily resolve complex healthcare issues.(More…)
  • General Studies Computer Science Specialization AA&S Degree if you plan to transfer to Radford University in Computer Science & Technology or Information Science & Systems.(More…)


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Our information technology degrees prepare students for a hi-tech career, combining theory with hands-on training in network administration, IT security, software development and telecommunications. [1] The best information technology programs prepare students for these careers by training the base skills and knowledges needed for all of them, as well as providing at least introductory knowledge of several subfields. [2] It prepares students for careers in information technology services, system administration, and project management. [3] A bachelor’s degree in information technology can lead to an exciting career in cybersecurity, programming, software development, or another technology-focused field. [2]

Health information technology is a growing career field for those who want to work in the health care industry but not in direct patient care. [4] Students combine health care and information technology into a career with tremendous potential driven by the conversion from paper records to electronic health records and growth throughout the health care industry. [4]

Getting a degree in information technology can open up many different potential careers, all of which offer excellent job security and a high income. [5] If you dream of a career in information technology, you can take steps today to plan for your future – and all you need is an IT degree. [5]

Information technology is a highly versatile field, and it?s growing fast – so fast that IT was named one of the fastest growing career paths of the next 10 years by Business Insider. [5]

There are a number of sectors that have benefited by the proper information technology management information technology right from the education sector to charity, business and government organization. [6] The information technology has certainly helped the online education community to connect with each other and share the valuable ideas regardless of eh differences in regions, cultures, and languages. [6] Even the advanced degrees like Ph.D. in information technology online can be obtained without any complex issues or hardships. [6] The information technology has revolutionized the way the corporate and business organization work. [6] The education sector has certainly experienced a vital growth with the help of information technology. [6] Whether you are a corporate client or a government agency that needs to protect their system against the hackers and information makes the information technology can help you a long way. [6] Information Technology has emerged as the key tool to help various verticals of the society right from businesses until healthcare, finance, and NGOs. [6]

Discover which information technology degree program is right for you. [1] The best information technology degrees allow students to tailor their courses to their unique interests. [2] When deciding where to pursue your computer information technology degree, you may consider several factors, including school size, concentrations, classes, campus culture, tuition, location, proximity, and online options. [2] Save time and money on your MBA. Qualifying students enrolled in our bachelor’s degree IT/Networking or software development information technology programs may earn up to 12 credits toward their Herzing MBA while completing the bachelor’s program. [1] Earning an information technology bachelor’s degree from an ABET-accredited program can help you stand out and improve your chances of getting hired. [2] The best information technology programs provide foundational knowledge in several different areas. [2] The site benefits information technology professionals and students working primarily with Windows-based systems and software. [2] When you are interviewing for an Information Technology (IT) job, in addition to the standard interview questions you will be asked during a job interview, you will be asked more focused and specific technical questions about your education, skills, certifications, languages, and tools you have expertise in. [7] Minimum two years? work experience within the field of Information Technology, with references. [8] Pittsburgh, PA Coordinates and works with the Information Technology Project Manager. [9] They must have have an understanding of both business and information technology (IT) needs and limitations. [10] Seven or more years of progressive leadership experience in information technology with knowledge of. [8] Hands-on experience can make your bachelor’s degree in information technology stand out. [2]

Prepare and teach courses in the field of Computer Information Technology to a diverse student population based on the department’s approved course learning outcomes, utilizing a variety of instructional strategies appropriate to the needs of community college students and the standards of the discipline. [11] Responsible to prepare and deliver Computer Information Technology coursework in engaging, innovative, and discipline-appropriate ways that reflect a commitment to success equity, respect for diversity, an understanding of culturally responsive teaching, and knowledge of the teaching field. [11]

Serve as a mentor to declared majors in Computer Information Technology program. [11] M State’s Health Information Technology/Coding program has been recognized by as the No. 5 online health information technology associate degree program in the nation in 2018. [4] Education : Equivalent to an Associate’s degree, preferably in information technology. [12] Solano County Department of Information Technology (DoIT) provides customer-oriented and convenient access to information and services through the use of technology; anytime – anywhere. [12]

Opt for an associate’s degree and you?ll spend two years learning the information you need to enter a broad variety of entry-level jobs in information technology. [5] To get started, you just need to begin working towards your information technology degree, whether that be in a traditional classroom or online at your own pace. [5] There are many different specialties within the information technology field, but they all require the same degree: an IT degree. [5] It?s possible to get a degree in information technology in as little as two years. [5] Jobs in the information technology field can be lucrative – and on average, they pay more than jobs in other fields. [5] He/she functions as the first point of contact for information technology issues and follows incident escalation policies, maintaining detailed comments in the support request tracking system. [13]

Saint Leo University associate?s in information technology online is an affordable (5 points) program that prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of IT. Through its long list of core, major, and elective courses, students learn how to solve problems, think critically, and be creative as information technology professionals. [14] The affordable online associate?s in information technology from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks is a two-year program that prepares students for multi-sector job opportunities. [14] By participating in the online AS in information technology program at Hodges University, students can be ready to take on entry-level jobs as technical support specialists and help desk technicians. [14] PSU boasts that this program is a resume-building program that can help student land entry-level jobs in the information technology field. [14]

Franklin University?s associate?s in information technology online gives students an even balance of general education and major courses to prepare them for entry-level jobs. [14] Another way students prepare for work in their field is through a comprehensive curriculum which includes courses like; Information Technology Application I & II, Information Technology Operating Systems, Technical Writing, and more. [14] Some of the information technology (IT) courses that students take include; Database Management Systems, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Principles of Programming, Computer Networks, and more. [14] In this program, study subjects like; internet applications, information security and countermeasures, threat analysis and management, windows operating environment, and of course, information technology fundamentals. [14] The University of the Cumberlands has all of the important IT courses in their associate?s in information technology online program. [14] At the University of Massachusetts Lowell, working students have the most to gain from the online associate?s in information technology program. [14] Add in the fact that this university has a 15 to 1 student to faculty ratio, and that students can continue studying as long as they maintain a 2.0-grade point average, and this program is a fine choice for future entry-level information technology professionals. [14] The online AS in information technology from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a smart option for students who desire to earn their IT certifications while still in school (1 point). [14] Broward College is positioned second on the list of the best online information technology associate’s degrees because it has highly affordable in-state tuition (7 points), it?s 100% online (1 point), and students can study at their own pace, including, an accelerated pace (2 points). [14] This program is among the best online information technology associate?s degrees because it?s affordable (4 points), online (1 point), and offers full-time and part-time enrollment (1 point). [14] We then filtered this initial pool to the programs offering online associate?s in information technology degrees for less than $25,000 per year. [14] Earning an AS in information technology online from Colorado Technical University means you may be able to finish sooner than two years, but not because the program is accelerated. [14] Campbell University, with its well-rounded online education platform (1 point), offers an associate?s in information technology online that focuses on network security. [14] The associate?s in information technology online at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) is a good choice for working adults who are either looking to complete their first degree. [14] The affordable online associate?s in information technology that Indiana Wesleyan University offers readies students for handling hands-on IT project, including pitching ideas, providing facts, and doing the actual work. [14] Students looking for an online AS in information technology that covers all the fundamentals but also prepares them for the workforce may want to attend Broward College. [14] St. Petersburg College prepares students for entry-level roles in IT through its online associates in information technology program. [14] Point University offers an AS in information technology online that prepares students for fieldwork in many ways. [14] The University of Maine at Augusta also offers an online bachelors in information technology. [14] If you?re hoping to start with an associate?s degree, these are the top 20 associate?s in information technology online. [14] A Point associate?s degree comes with CompTIA Linux and CompTIA A+ which information technology jobs often require (1 point). [14] The information technology program is affordable (7 points), quick (1 point), 100% online (1 point), and has flexible enrollment (1 point). [14] It offers a top online associate?s in information technology that is affordable (4 points) and allows full-time and part-time enrollment (1 point). [14] Students who choose this college can choose from three specifications that will allow them to graduate with a customized accelerated online associates in information technology. [14] As the name suggests, Georgia Military College is an excellent choice for service member and veterans who wish to earn an associate?s in information technology online. [14] Harrison College offers a cutting-edge associate?s in information technology online. [14]

BISMARCK, N.D. (Oct. 3, 2018) – North Dakota Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley today announced Dorman Bazzell as Chief Data Officer (CDO), the third of three new leadership positions in the Information Technology Department (ITD) responsible for helping reinvent government through technology and enhanced user experience for citizens and stakeholders. [15] These charts show the average base salary (core compensation), as well as the average total compensation for the job of Information Technology Manager in San Jose, CA. The base salary for Information Technology Manager ranges from $129,261 to $159,078 with the average base salary of $144,485. [16] At CoBank, our Information Technology Intern is responsible for the creation and development of customized software applications. [17] As technology takes over, information technology (IT) continues to be an important field of work. [14]

For his capstone project, Daryl Wilson, a 2nd-year Information Technology student at South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Lewistown Campus, built a computer water cooling system for under $100. [18] Visit the hottest tech companies in the U.S., explore Europe’s technological centers and experience Asia’s innovative use of information technology. [19] Bryan, who currently serves as the vice president of information technology and public policy, must use problemsolving skills on a daily basis to piece together logical ways to match public policy legislation with the digital infrastructure that currently exists. [20]


The use of technology in this sector ensures that the healthcare professionals should be able to enjoy maximum accuracy so they could easily resolve complex healthcare issues. [6] Information security analyst -IT security analysts work to prevent cyber attacks by monitoring their business? network for breaches and weak spots and to create emergency plans in the event of an attack. [6] Whether you?re looking for a career in network and systems administration, information security, data analysis, mobile applications or software engineering, an IT degree from Herzing can help you expand your possibilities. [1] University of Washington Informatics Careers Informatics career opportunities for UW Information School graduates. [21]

Anind Dey, dean of the University of Washington Information School, and Vikram Jandhyala, vice president for innovation strategy, are among the leading figures in technology from the Puget Sound area included on Seattle Mayor Jenny. [21] Whereas user experience design focuses on people?s interactions with technology, the profession of information architecture focuses on the content that people encounter with technology. [21]

Founded as a technology training school, Herzing University has over 50 years of experience preparing graduates for leading careers with computer technology degrees. [1] It prepares students for careers in web services, technology, web design, web management, and mobile application development. [3] If you are interested in a career in technology, consider specializing in the skills needed for one of these seven jobs. [10] Women who wish to begin or further their career in technology can find support from these 10 women-in-tech resources. [22] Have you been out of the workforce for two or more years and are ready to come back? Are you ready to take the next step on your career path at the world’s leading cloud technology organisation? The best investment you can make is in yourself, so we look forward to meeting you! We will be piloting this opportunity in UK. [23]

A degree program may cover the business aspects of IT, particularly risk and reward implications, along with a broader understanding of technology and its uses. [22] The Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) evaluates computer science degrees and other programs. [2] A degree can add the “why” or the business reasons technology is important to the organization. [22] SCD, T2T, T2F, Batch, PLT, DQ. NTT DATA Services partners with clients to navigate and simplify the modern complexities of business and technology, delivering. [9] This concentration focuses on the use and control of technology in business and management settings. [3] Most product managers first get several years of experience in a domain, or get advanced training like the UW?s Technology Management MBA or Carnegie Mellon?s Master’s in Product Management. [21] Product managers integrate perspectives on design, technology, marketing and sales to decide what to make to meet a market need. [21]

Foundational courses introduce students to the basics of computers systems, networks, and the role of technology in modern life. [2] Most organizations use either an HR professional or a technology solution to filter resumes and narrow the field of candidates. [22] As business and education become increasingly dependent on technology, IT professionals face increased demand and competitive salaries. [2]

This entry-level certification demonstrates basic knowledge and skills necessary to work with technology. [2] Experience working with customer technology and support requirements. [9]

These professionals use software to organize, store, and retrieve data such as shipping manifests, specs, or customer information. [2] In this concentration, students learn how to integrate health information with more common IT principles. [2] For more information about majors and minors at Merrimack, consult the online course catalog. [3] They constantly monitor network security and develop new barriers to intrusion based on the information they gather. [2] They ensure that all members of an organization have access to the information they need in order to keep the business running. [2] It combines fields such as information science, computer science, statistics, design and social science. [21] Given the demand in this field, colleges are responding with majors in information security. [10] Information security analysts coordinate and execute measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. [10] The Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recommends a certification/degree combo for many IT positions, including network systems administrators, information security analysts and computer network architects. [22]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% job growth rate for information security analysts by 2026. [2]

Students can also take courses from our Master’s in Information Management program, which includes courses on management. [21] Health Information Management The healthcare industry has unique, specific needs for its networks and software. [2]

What degree should you get? Just as you need to be sure that a certification is up-to-date, you need to know that the degree meets your career needs. A degree should not only provide you with business and technical skills, it should also help you understand how those skills apply in today’s IT environments. [22] There?s an on-going debate in the IT field about whether you need certifications or degrees to advance your career. [22] It doesn?t matter if you?re new to IT or an industry veteran–you still might not know if you need a certification or a degree to move your career forward. [22]

The Informatics degree has an option that can prepare you for entry-level data science careers, or a graduate degree in data science, such as the UW’s Master’s in Data Science. [21] Compare an MBA and MS to determine which advanced degree is right for your IT career goals. [22]

For students with families or careers, online courses offer more flexible scheduling options. [2] Through this credential, experienced IT professionals can validate the specialized skills they have developed over the course of their education and career. [2] To help you navigate your way through our curriculum to these opportunities, below are several examples of career pathways and the courses that can help you enter these careers. [21] Out of the seven tech careers in this list, a prospective web application developer has the most coding boot camp courses available to them. [10]

As a computer sciencemajor, you’ll be well equipped to pursue studies in the field or to begin your career. [3] It prepares students for careers as security experts both in the public and private sectors, as well as continued graduate study. [3] This concentration prepares students for careers in modeling the behavior of complex systems such as weather patterns, the spread of disease, animal behavior, and finance, among others. [3]

As a computer science major, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will set you on the path to a rewarding and lucrative career. [3]

A certification and a degree combined may qualify you for a career path in which either one by itself won?t suffice. [22] Add certifications and degrees as needed for your career path. [22]

Our 64-credit online AAS degree in Health Information Technology/Coding prepares students for careers in health information management, where professionals care for patients by caring for their medical data. [4] Graduates of M State’s Health Information Technology/Coding program have employment opportunities with h ospitals, physician offices and clinics, long-term care facilities, home health and hospice agencies, mental health facilities, law firms, computer software vendors, insurance industry, government agencies and IT suppliers. [4] The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment. [24]

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians in the 55-64 and the 65+ categories are 1-10 years away from retirement. [4] Articulation agreements are in place with the College of St. Scholastica and Charter Oak State College that allow graduates of M State’s HIT AAS degree program to transfer into a Health Information Management bachelor’s degree program. [4] M State’s HIT/Coding program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) in association with AHIMA. [4]

While focusing on the Board of Supervisors? priorities, the County makes every effort to operate its programs and services as efficiently and effectively as possible, using technology and creativity to increase productivity and enhance the quality of services provided to citizens. [12] The County strives for cost-effective use of technology, with interactive exchange and sharing of data within departments, with constituents, with other governments and business partners. [12]

Salary data provided by Career Coach (opens in new window), an online database with the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and job growth projections in the Midlands. [25] Those who?ve always enjoyed computers or are really into the tech world, can use those interests to get a career as a network administrator, front-end web developer, or server technologist. [25] MTC offers courses and nationally recognized career certifications that can be completed more quickly than academic credit programs. [25] I chose MIS because it has a mixture of both computer science and business which includes classes that are important for any career you want to be in. [24] Everyone deals with professional setbacks at some point in their career. [26]

General Studies Computer Science Specialization AA&S Degree if you plan to transfer to Radford University in Computer Science & Technology or Information Science & Systems. [27] One of our experienced program managers will get in touch to make sure you get the personalized information you need, and to answer any questions you may have. [28] According to U.S. News a software developer can earn a median salary of $100,080 while an information security analyst can earn around $92,600 and IT managers earn around $135,800. [5]

After graduating from BYU with a degree in Information Systems, Mr DeGraw joined Novell?s software development team. [29]

If you want a career that will let you grow and progress, an IT degree is the first step to entering this popular and fast-growing field filled with new jobs. [5] If your main reason for going to university is to find a job that fits your interests and ambitions, perhaps the most useful thing to know about a marketing degree is its career prospects. [30]

Earning your degree will put you on the fast track to a lucrative career in an expanding field full of opportunity. [5] The U.S. Census Bureau reports that college graduates make $1.1 million more over their careers than those without a degree. [5]

When it comes to typical marketing careers, marketing graduates are well positioned to start work as a marketing intern in a small or large advertising agency, or in the marketing department of a business or other organization. [30]

With practical, real-world experience working for companies like Novell, CA, Symantec, and IBM, he adds a unique business perspective to how students at LDS Business College learn about technology. [29] Responsible for developing, maintaining and ensuring all databases, web sites, and internally developed technology systems adhere to, support, and reflect ISA business rules and practices. [31]

Community Management Executive: This will become a dedicated, formal practice which combines social media marketing, brand marketing, customer service, technology and analytics. [30] If you didn?t like the look of any of the roles mentioned above, perhaps your dream job hasn?t even been invented yet! As such, the best way to learn about newly emerging marketing roles is by reading as much as you can about the field, regularly checking job listings and being aware of the evolution of consumer, media and technology landscapes. [30] He joined the college in 2013 after working 20 years in the private, high technology sector. [29]

Maybe you’ll decide to work with “big data”, using the latest in business intelligence and data visualization technologies to provide comprehensive and thorough data analytics for your senior executives. [29]

We may share aggregated and de-personalized information (so that personal information is not revealed) with business partners and use machine learning techniques on metadata and cookie data in order to provide Customers with useful insights from the data they collected using Services, to build or enhance features, improve our Services, improve our infrastructure and security, and develop products. [32] These safeguards include limiting access to data, storing your personal information on secure servers and computers, and periodically testing our security technology. [32] The general personal information processed by Company on behalf of Customers includes: full name, driver?s license, address, resume, cover letter, professional references, date of birth, prior work history, phone number, email, birth date, criminal history, writing samples, transcripts, education history, ethnicity, race, disability status, veteran status, social security number, and nepotism status. [32] Company uses commercially reasonable physical and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. [32] Company may allow these third parties to collect, use, or share your personal information for (i) the identified purposes described herein, (ii) to facilitate your use of the Services, (iii) where you explicitly provide your consent, or (iv) where there is a reasonable belief that disclosure is required by law or regulations. [32] The very nature of the Services requires that Company gather, process, use, and distribute information which you provide directly (e.g. name, physical address, e-mail address, résumé), as well as information regarding the manner in which you use the Services. [32] Company’s performance of these terms and conditions is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing contained in them will diminish Company’s right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of the Services or information provided to or gathered by Company with respect to such use. [32] Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, Company is the owner of all intellectual property rights (including copyrights) in the Services, including but not limited to designs, text, graphics, images, video, information, logos, button icons, software, and audio files (collectively, “Company Content”). [32] Accordingly, notwithstanding this right and license, it is understood that by merely permitting your information, content, and materials to appear on the Services, Company has not become and is not a publisher of such information, content, and materials and is merely functioning as an intermediary to enable you to provide and display a posting. [32] Company retains your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services, comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. [32] Company does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen (13) on our Service. [32] You understand, acknowledge, and agree that the operation of certain programs, services, tools, materials, or information of the Services requires the submission, use, and dissemination of various personal information. [32] Except as otherwise expressly provided, you may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, use, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information or content contained in the Services as a whole software, or products or services obtained from or available as part of or in conjunction with the Services. [32] You shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all records, data, and information provided, submitted, or uploaded by you in connection with this Agreement or use of the Services. [32] We may process information contained in any inquiry you submit to us regarding goods, services, and support (” inquiry data “). [32] We may process information that you post for publication on our website or through our services (” publication data “). [32] We may allow payment processing companies to process information relating to transactions, including purchases of goods and services, that you enter on the payment processor website (” transaction data “). [32]

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An ERM is a relationship management system that collects and shares constituent information across the entire enterprise; in our case, that ‘enterprise’ is the University. [33] Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties for new uses or purposes unless you have given prior explicit consent. [32] If you have elected to pay the fees by credit card, you represent and warrant that the credit card information you provide is correct and you will promptly notify Company of any changes to such information. [32]

Our technology professionals have expertise in networking, telecommunications, application development, information security, computing operations, and end-user support. [33] The curriculum includes an interesting balance of courses that cover data technology, computer support, and more. [14] The final perk, and arguably the best perk is that Broward College has partnerships with top technology organizations like Microsoft and Cisco, which puts students in a good position for job opportunities upon graduation. [14] Learn about the technology perks of being a student at the University of Pittsburgh. [33] Ryan, Tony, and Jeff share CSSD’s commitment to empower the University community through the strategic and coordinated use of technology. [33]

The B.A.S. program in ABIT at Minot State focuses on the design, development, and implementation of technology in today’s business environment. [34] IT&S delivers technology strategy and solutions to our Dropbox business partners so they can work confidently, move fast and scale effortlessly for future growth. [35]

We?ll help you source and implement the right technology solution, then fit it into exactly the right place so that everything flawlessly flows, integrates and performs. [35]

This short career aptitude test will help you find the right career and study courses for you. [36] The 15 credit hours of major courses and the 16 credit hours of IT electives allows each student to customize their degree to prepare for their future career. [14] The curriculum covers everything students need to know to begin their careers in IT, like; web development, programming, networking, and computer security. [14] The College of Business is committed to active learning and preparing students for careers in business. [34] A career at CoBank can offer you the opportunity to make a personal impact on the people and communities where we do business. [17] You can review and enforce your personal data rights through either or Career Pages. [32]

Preparation for these career opportunities comes from a balanced curriculum that includes networking, web development, and cyber security courses. [14] You can choose from two career tracks – Systems Analyst or IT Manager. [34]

With an ABIT degree, you will be prepared to work in a variety of IT settings as system analysts, IT managers, information security analysts, web designers, webmasters, network specialists, database designers, project managers, IT trainers, and more. [34] The degree is offered on campus and online. Major requirements include the areas of project management, collaboration, e-commerce, data and information management, enterprise architecture, strategy and acquisition, and information assurance. [34] The College of Southern Maryland (CSMD) teaches all the skills future It professional need to know, like, networking, database management, information management, security, user support, and much more. [14] Implements and maintains the policies and goals for the IT department to support the company’s needs. Ensures proper information system operations and plans necessary upgrades. [16]

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