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Pros Of Artificial Intelligence
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  • The rapid pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) is growing results in heated debates over the technology?s potential threats as well as its opportunities.(More…)


  • Current day AI agents may have superhuman abilities in narrow spheres, but still are no match for the general intelligence of humans.(More…)
  • Instead of the backward-looking view that business intelligence provides, AI can analyse large volumes of real-time data to provide live insights and recommend decisions.(More…)



The rapid pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) is growing results in heated debates over the technology?s potential threats as well as its opportunities. [1] The truth is that just like any technology, artificial intelligence can be either good or bad depending on how we decide to use it. [1] Powered by artificial intelligence, StopAd detects ads nearly as well as a human and blocks them on all browsers without multiple downloads. [1] What You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence When someone mentions “artificial intelligence”(AI), what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most of u. [1] From our previous articles of this series, you should know what artificial intelligence is and how it works. [1]

These artificial intelligence pros and cons show us that our world can benefit from its presence in a variety of ways. [2] With these artificial intelligence pros and cons, it is important to think of this technology as a decision support system. [2] Really, how accurate are these allegations or beliefs? Do we stand to lose more than what we are gaining from artificial intelligence ? To properly investigate these claims, we need to fully understand the concept of artificial intelligence and weigh its pros and cons for a mobile app development company. [3] What does it mean for mobile app development? In this article, Naiya Sharma goes over the pros and cons of utilizing artificial intelligence when developing a mobile application. [4] It should be understood that artificial intelligence has several pros but it has its disadvantages as well. [5]

If you are texting someone or using word processing software to write a report and a misspelled word is automatically corrected, then you?ve just experienced a time benefit because of AI. An artificial intelligence can sift through petabytes of information, which is something the human brain is just not designed to do. [2] Q: Your paper, “The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence,” states that AI and machine learning capabilities are growing at an unprecedented rate. [6] We’re going to talk about AI in a much more realistic way, looking at the AI that’s already making its way into our lives, the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, and how you can start profiting from it. [7] As president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Kambhampati, believes the “AI as a threat to humankind” arguments are far-fetched and distract attention from discussions we need to have about the effects of increased autonomy and automation on our society. [6] Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise both in business and in the world in general. [8] Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer system which learns from the experiences it encounters. [2] Artificial intelligence can help alleviate the difficulties faced by man but intelligent machines can never be human. [5] With the heavy application of artificial intelligence, humans may become overly dependent on machines, losing their mental capacities. [5] The concept of artificial intelligence describes computer systems performing jobs and task that would typically require a human to complete. [3] The idea of artificial intelligence portrays computer systems performing tasks or jobs that would normally require a human to finish. [4]

Any job which features repetitive tasks as part of its duties is at-risk of being replaced by an artificial intelligence in the future. [2] One of the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence for mobile application development organizations is their capacity to perform and finish tedious jobs that would have generally been excessively exhausting for people. [4] Applications like Siri that act as personal assistants, GPS and Maps applications that give users the best or the shortest routes to take as well as the traffic and time estimates to reach there, use artificial intelligence. [5] Starting from the chatbots to predictive analytics, organizations and developers are investigating innovative approaches to use artificial intelligence to deliver better client services, new items and reconsider business processes. [4] This poses a problem for any business introducing artificial intelligence into their products and services. [7]

The need for artificial intelligence machines to help with the crunching of very complex numbers. [3] It’s a narrative that has stuck with us, said Patrick Tucker, Defense One’s Technology Editor, at a recent event in Washington called Genius Machines: The Next Decade of Artificial Intelligence : “The idea of artificial intelligence eventually killing us is actually borne into our first fever dreams about what it would be.” [9] He defines artificial intelligence as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. [5] Artificial intelligence machines are especially important in fields that require a very high degree of accuracy and precision. [3] This is not the case with machines with artificial intelligence. [5] Artificial intelligence can also be used for predictive writing and correction of human spelling. [3] Strong artificial intelligence describes programming that could imitate a human, in thought and actions. [3] No matter how smart an artificial intelligence robot is, it would still lack the judgment calls associated with humans. [3] Customers need to be convinced that the benefits of artificial intelligence outweigh the risks and the invasion of their privacy. [7] Artificial Intelligence has become a tantalizing new buzzword that has captivated the minds of thinkers and aspirants while becoming a significant role in several major technologies that we use today. [10] It is now running artificial intelligence competitions to design and develop new technologies. [9] Much like cloning, people are entertaining serious speculations in the acceptance of artificial intelligence. [3] An artificial intelligence may be able to change how it reacts in certain situations, much like a child stops touching a hot stove after being burned by it. [2] Is it really so exciting? Ideas like working wholeheartedly, with a sense of belonging, and with dedication have no existence in the world of artificial intelligence. [5] To do that, President Xi Jinping said in October, he will be “promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy.” [9] Kambhampati, a professor of computer science in Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, works in artificial intelligence and focuses on planning and decision-making, especially in the context of human-machine collaboration. [6] Science fiction books and movies have largely formed the public’s worldview of artificial intelligence, often clouding the truth on where we stand with the technology. [6] As in case of any other field, repetitive or time-consuming tasks can be managed through the application of artificial intelligence. [5] Gaming is among the most common examples of the advantages of artificial intelligence. [5] In the posting on photographs on social media, artificial intelligence programming can help to identify and detect a person’s face and correctly tag the individual. [3] Artificial intelligence can continue operating for an indefinite time period. [2] Artificial Intelligence is now giving us tools to make sense of all of this connection and information. [7] Artificial intelligence will be tasked with its own decisions. [2] A few years ago, artificial intelligence was just the stuff of sci-fi. [4] In Russia, “The government has taken a very active role in trying to define how artificial intelligence, unmanned systems and high-tech weapons are to be used,” said Samuel Bendett, an analyst in Russian unmanned systems at the Washington think tank CNA Corp. [9] There are different levels or classifications of artificial intelligence in mobile app development company. [3]

There were some pros or benefits of artificial intelligence. [11] To gauge the debate, we put together some current pros and cons of artificial intelligence in healthcare. [12] Thanks for this insightful article on the pros and cons of artificial intelligence. [13]

According to me, there are many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, Industries are adopting AI to do the work more effectively and one who goes forward with building up a career in it will find lots of jobs opportunities after few years. [13] Last week we discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more in ad tech to solve a variety of problems. [14] Artificial intelligence is a computer system can be used to perform a task that would normally require a human. or In simple, It’s all about creating machines that have the ability to think like a human, now the scientist is aiming to introduce an emotional characteristic into machines. [13] In future with the heavy use of application of artificial intelligence, human may become fully dependent on machines, losing their mental capacities. [11] Artificial Intelligence is designing a machine that has the ability to think, and the machine can take a decision without any human interference. [13] In Artificial Intelligence, the absence of emotions makes AI think logically and take right decisions. [13] Artificial intelligence (AI) is pushing the boundaries of machine-enabled functionalities. [15] Deep learning and Neural Network used in Artificial Intelligence to learn new things like human do. [13] In our day to day life, we use Artificial Intelligence in many applications like Apple’s Siri, Windows’s Cortona, Android’s Google Now are all intelligent digital personal assistant. [13] Did you know Google and Netflix both use artificial intelligence to help them exist? Google alone employs over 70,000 employees. [16] Using Artificial intelligence technology can help make a faster decision and carry out action quicker. [13] Luckily though, another one of the advantages of artificial intelligence is that it helps to reduce the effect of some of those poor decisions. [16] Not only that but artificial intelligence helps people have better healthcare, better food, less stressful jobs, and an improved quality of life. [16] Some people also say that Artificial intelligence can destroy human civilization if it goes into wrong hands. [11] Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, “Article: Artificial Intelligence: Can the Law Keep the Pace with The Rise of Machines?”, Business Litigation Reports, Dec. 2016, at (last visited Mar. 21, 2018). [17] Artificial intelligence is a good thing! It’s time for us all to stop thinking about the evils of technology and instead focus on the benefits. [16] Many staffers have noted that the incorporation of artificial intelligence in their office has allowed them to set aside extra time for tasks that they deemed more important. [16] Smartphone uses Artificial Intelligence in Autocorrect system and predicts what will we are going to type. [13] I think this is a great use of artificial intelligence in the future. [13] Faster Decisions: Using Artificial intelligence, decisions can be taken very fast. [11] Artificial intelligence and robots techniques can be used to improve the performance of the transmission line. [13] In the future, Artificial Intelligence will displace many low skilled jobs. [13] One of the most common arguments against artificial intelligence is that it will take over people’s jobs. [16] According to the previous U.S. Presidential administration, as many as 47 percent of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. [16] There are many advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence too. [13] Who knows someday with the help of artificial intelligence we might find the cure to cancer as well. [16] The demo ended up being an incredible, viral moment that highlighted the power of modern Artificial Intelligence for a wider audience. [12] Therefore, there has been an argument in recent years to include more artificial intelligence into operations and diagnoses. [16]

As artificial intelligence becomes a reality, IT pros can take advantage of smart mobility tools to help with everyday management tasks and to enhance end users’ productivity — but they will also face some new challenges. [18] As one group of attorneys expresses, “Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the broad conceptual term for the technologies or systems making it possible for computers to perform tasks involving human-like decisionmaking, intelligence, learned skills and/or expertise. [17] Artificial intelligence (AI) is the term that refers to machines that replicate human functions like learning and problem solving. [19] Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a little too sci-fi for you right now, but this science is real, and it’s likely you’ll be using it soon for tasks like customer care (billing, address changes, payments, etc.) and answering product questions. [19] With the explosion of big data, the food industry can look to aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and dynamic pricing science to improve sales processes and remain competitive. [20] We?ve come a long way in learning how to better understand massive groups of people utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). [21] Who has time for that? Maybe that?s why artificial intelligence, also referred to as AI, has worked so well for situations like this. [19] Microsoft president Brad Smith ?81 is calling for a global conversation around shared principles to encourage the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for good and to prevent it from causing harm. [22] Identity and access management systems fueled by artificial intelligence ( AI ) may soon replace traditional username and password methods for authenticating end users. [18] As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly prevalent, some have positive outlooks on where AI could take us, while others are doubtful. [23] Artificial intelligence systems that can scan data from the subjects that the customer mentions about during the phone conversation is able to solve problems faster than standard call centers. [24] Andrew has spent the past 8 years developing and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to problems in material science, bio-sensing, image analysis, and language. [21] Artificial intelligence will provide jobs for those in both the computer science field and the humanities and social sciences, Smith said. [22] Deep learning through Artificial Intelligence allows computers to more accurately identify user behavior and predict which segments are more likely to become customers. [25] There aren?t enough humans to field the hundreds of calls that some companies receive in a day, so artificial intelligence is an ideal way to accommodate inquiries, questions, and concerns. [19] There is no doubt about the fact that Artificial Intelligence is impacting the ways today marketers work. [25] In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topic and same like other we, the marketers are getting the use of it at its max. [25] “I agree with (Abrahamson) that conversations like these need to continue in order to better artificial intelligence and ensure that it doesn’t cause a disaster for the world,” Kolluri said. [23] Using artificial Intelligence doesn?t require the salary that an agent would need. [19] In addition to standard ACD, CTI, IVR, voice recording features, integrated TTS/ASR, Wall Board, Predictive Dialer, CRM Integration, open user programming interface, live messaging interface, mobile application interface, artificial intelligence integration AloBot, ChatBot and WebRTC you can start using all these systems with ease usage and low cost under a single system -which are not included in conventional systems and can only obtained by extra costs. [24] They partnered with Deloitte to host a live online conversation focused on thought provoking open-ended questions and used artificial intelligence to collect active data from 200 participants, in real-time. [21] Once you use this option, you can realize the artificial intelligence power of Facebook algorithms. [25] Mobile IT admins should be prepared to take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, but it’s important to be aware of the risks and challenges involved, as well. [18] With all these advantages, you can understand that having artificial intelligence in call centers has significant advantages in terms of companies and call centers. [24] Call centers developed with artificial intelligence can develop themselves with their own learning algorithms. [24] AloBot and Chatbot systems that supported by artificial intelligence are able to deliver higher levels of customer experience at conventional call centers. [24] In today?s era of modern commerce, various forms of artificial intelligence are arming the food industry with the information needed to enhance customer interactions. [20] “Public relations, like other professions, is sleepwalking into the issue of artificial intelligence. [26] The advanced IVR system, on the other hand, has the ability to constantly learning and developing with the contribution of artificial intelligence. [24] Artificial intelligence support, -one of AloBot’s most important advantages, ensures 100% compatibility for all sectors. [24] Artificial intelligence is re-writing the way we derive insights. [21] Artificial intelligence could have a “profound” impact on the lives of people with disabilities, he said, providing vision recognition for the blind and sound recognition to the deaf, for example. [22] Smith described other ethical questions raised by the development of artificial intelligence. [22]

There will be a growing need for IT and design pros who can make AI interfaces usable for mass audiences, says Mondo’s Fremin. This role will “create the personality of artificial intelligence agents with the goal to make them as human-like as possible.” [27] A great example to demonstrate just why AI needs supervision is Microsoft?s Artificial Intelligence chatbot “Tay?, who was modelled to speak “like a teenage girl?. [28] Find out everything you need to know about AI with our Marketer?s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. [28] For companies looking to implement sentient tools in their customer service endeavors–where appeasing the customer is paramount–the prospect of a Tay-type incident has deterred even some of the most tech-savvy enterprises from going anywhere near artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. [29] Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize the way marketers do their jobs, making campaigns more personalised, predictive and automated than ever before. [28] Without adequate risk assessment and mitigation, AI may pose a threat to existing vulnerabilities in our defences, economic systems, and social structures, argue the authors of the Wilson Center report, Artificial Intelligence: A Policy-Oriented Introduction, Anne Bowser, Michael Sloan, Pietro Michelucci and Eleonore Pauwels. [30] “I envision Intelligence Designers as AI professionals in charge of strategic choices about how, when, and where develop artificial intelligence components in very large, complex IT systems,” says Alessandro Perilli, GM, Management Strategy, Red Hat. [27] Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI) promise to be pervasive, with impacts and ramifications in health, economics, security and governance. [30] The DESA study notes that the biggest public fear is that robots and artificial intelligence will replace human jobs on a large scale, resulting in mass unemployment around the world. [31] There’s no question artificial intelligence programs are becoming smarter than humans. [32] “Most of our customers will be using artificial intelligence in some way, shape, or form in the near future. [29] To promote top-down coordination within the federal government, the Obama Administration chartered a National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in 2016. [30] Because companies have to try harder and harder to rise above the noise, they are more and more willing to invest in marketing technology — and that technology is now often powered by artificial intelligence. [32] We are in the early, early phases of artificial intelligence and we are still thinking about isolated smart applications, like neurons in charge of a single specific aspect of the brain. [27] To place the issue of artificial intelligence on the international agenda, experts from Governments, academia, business and civil society, will gather at UN Headquarters in New York on 11 October, to identify options to harness the potential of rapid technological change and innovation towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. [31] Artificial intelligence has been used commercially since the mid-1990s to assist in a variety of decision-making tasks, such as fraud detection, and has accelerated rapidly since around 2010. [31] IMAGE PROCESSING is one of the main areas where Artificial Intelligence is being used today, and Moonoia does exactly that. [33] Artificial Intelligence has the potential to accelerate progress towards a dignified life, in peace and prosperity, for all people.The time has arrived for all of us – governments, industry and civil society – to consider how artificial intelligence will affect our future. [31] Most analyses suggest that artificial intelligence will continue to benefit higher-skilled workers with a high degree of flexibility, creativity, and strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills. [31] If you?re watching the impact of artificial intelligence on the IT organization, your interest probably starts with your own job. [27] “With artificial intelligence, you?re going to run into the same issue if you don?t have access to all of that information. [29] One COP already explores the role of artificial intelligence in delivering citizen services. [30] Artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in the economy today, and it can fundamentally reshape global and local economies in the years to come. [31] Artificial intelligence science has now progressed to the point that even the United Nations is starting to pay attention to the impact it may have on the world. [31]

Participants debated on the topic “Artificial Intelligence – A Boon or Bane for Human Existence”. [34]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designing machines that have the ability to think. [35] Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a computer?s independent ability to solve problems for which they have not been specifically previously programmed. [36] “I think AI Duplex is a cool technology,” UNSW Canberra artificial intelligence expert and SEIT Professor Hussein Abbass says. [37] Slowly but surely, artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated every area of our lives, from clothes shopping to TV viewing to dating. [38] Speaking at the Misk Global Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this week, Microsoft co-founder and now billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates shared his thoughts on today’s technological advancements, including artificial intelligence (AI). [39] Artificial intelligence is the creation of ‘intelligent’ machines – intelligent because they are taught to work, react and understand language like humans do. [40] Natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly becoming the foundations on which healthcare organizations utilize to stay ahead of the deluge of data created by the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) in keeping with the first rule for both humans and robots of doing no harm. [36] Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies that will transform the world, in part because they can identify patterns in data that can inform decisions, she said. [41] Adopting technologies like artificial intelligence can make your business more productive by cutting down the time you spend doing basic administrative tasks. [40] Many of the new features center on the use of artificial intelligence to help save time. [37] Though it?s not new to use software to reduce human effort, artificial intelligence has added whole new possibilities. [42] With the combination of artificial intelligence and automation, we can not just reduce human effort but also remove the need for intervention altogether. [42] Just like computer brought a whole new type of jobs so will artificial intelligence. [42] Google unveiled Tuesday an artificial intelligence tool capable of handling routine tasks–such as making restaurant bookings–as a way to help people disconnect from their smartphone screens. [37] Artificial intelligence will make people lose their creative power and become lazy. [35] Artificial intelligence has a new challenge: Whether and how to alert people who may not know they’re talking to a robot. [37] People are saying a lot of things about artificial intelligence. [40] The use of artificial intelligence in automation makes it a lot easier for businesses to execute routine operations and scale fast. [42] An intelligent automation system functions using these three components of artificial intelligence. [42] This combination of artificial intelligence in automation is popularly called automation continuum (or intelligent Robotic Process Automation ). [42] Tala is just one example of a growing number of companies leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide digital credit to the previously unbanked. [41] Test yourself in artificial intelligence and digital technology here. [35] The article is called Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Do the Benefits Outweigh the Challenges? and is located at [43] Artificial intelligence in automation can help in a wide range of functions. [42] Artificial intelligence has become the buzzword in the business community. [42] Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. [35] Both incumbent companies and start-ups have the opportunity to set their artificial intelligence quotient (AIQ) to work for AI-driven growth. [44]


Current day AI agents may have superhuman abilities in narrow spheres, but still are no match for the general intelligence of humans. [6] AI intelligence is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime to extend and expand human creativity and ingenuity. [8]

In utilities like predicting what a user is going to type and correcting human errors in spelling, machine intelligence is at work. [5] Since ancient times, people have been thinking of designing machines that will replicate human intelligence. [5] Human intelligence is not a single ability but is rather a composition of abilities like learning, reasoning, problem solving, perception, and understanding of language. [5]

Where we stall out in the evolution of AI is creating an intelligence which can be originally creative on its own. [2] Surgery simulators use machine intelligence in training medical professionals. [5] By general intelligence they mean to incorporate other aspects like social intelligence, judgment, common sense, robotics, and self-awareness into machines. [5] Tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have such large monopolies on data and intelligence, it’s almost impossible for anyone else to get in on the action. [7]

Is it ethically correct to create replicas of human beings? Do our moral values allow us to recreate intelligence ? Intelligence is a gift of nature. [5] Kambhampati: Whether it is the Ganesha of Hinduism or the Golem of Judaism, humans have always been fascinated and frightened by the possibility of creating non-human entities with intelligence. [6]

The intelligence of machines can be harnessed for exploring the depths of oceans. [5] Owing to the intelligence programmed in them, the machines can shoulder greater responsibilities and can be programmed to manage themselves. [5]

Afterall, smart people can usually apply their intelligence to many different problems. [7] On the technology side, we need to combine the AI?s strides in cognitive intelligence (planning and reasoning) with the latest strides in perceptual intelligence (vision, speech and language). [6]

Artificial intelligent machines will help to design and create but have no capacity for the original creative ability that is found in humans. [3] Using intricate and careful automation, these artificial intelligent machines can work for very long periods without a decrease in its production capacity. [3] This is not so with artificial intelligent machines in mobile app development company. [3] In travel and tourism, artificial intelligent apps can be used to detect locations much easily using augmented reality. [3]

Users enjoy knowing that their experience is being enriched by someone rather than an artificial system that examines every step closely. [10]

ASU Now enlisted two scholars — Subbarao Kambhampati and Miles Brundage — to have a discussion on the pros and cons of AI, which has increasingly become a part of our everyday lives. [6]

Instead of the backward-looking view that business intelligence provides, AI can analyse large volumes of real-time data to provide live insights and recommend decisions. [45] The intelligence here is taking unstructured instructions and determining what the user means and then ensuring the right information is delivered back. [45]

This is one of the advantages of artificial intelligence-that over 70,000 people are able to have a job that doesn’t involve mindless tasks. [16] Pro: Better Serving Rural Communities AI could benefit patients living in rural communities, where access to doctors and specialists can be tough. [12] Expert witnesses can greatly assist legislators in balancing the pros and cons of AI in various industries and help to minimize the risk of lawsuits. [17] As far as AI pros and cons go, it?s hard to say whether AI is right for you. [14]

There are pros and cons to using both AI and humans for customer service. [19] By taking advantage of massive quantities of data and using AI to draw insights on it, PR pros can now. cut through clutter and find useful, relevant data, quantify buzz and press hits, properly attribute revenue, know which tactics are working, spot brand and revenue indicators and identify PR funnel accelerators. [26] It’s important to remember that there are both pros and cons of AI. Perhaps the most significant challenge that AI faces is a lack of data security and privacy. [18] It can be concluded that there are many pros and cons of AI but the main thing is that these technologies have added the ease in the human life and they continue will. [25] Communications pros don?t need to move immediately, but they would also be making a mistake to not prepare for AI. Just as personal computers entered the workplace to reduce onerous paperwork and administrative tasks, there?s nothing wrong with taking baby steps with AI before PR professionals maximize its potential. [26] The pros and cons of AI must also be considered in mobile app development. [18] Watch out for these pros and cons of AI and make plans to handle them effectively. [18]

“A bot can?t lay claim to emotional intelligence, a cornerstone of all PR work. [26]

Today there is an opportunity to develop superhuman intelligence by pairing the complementary abilities of human cognition with the best available AI methods to create hybrid distributed intelligent systems. [30] The emerging subfield of AI known as Human Computation is exploring exactly those opportunities by inserting humans into the loop in various information processing systems to perform the tasks that exceed the abilities of machine AI. For this reason, human computation is jokingly referred to as “Artificial AI”. [30] Tay is often cited as living–if not quite breathing–testament to the dangers of letting artificial intelligence-driven machines act on their own. [29]

Policy recommendations suggest how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks for science and society, particularly by incorporating human participation into complex socio-technical systems to ensure the safe and equitable development of automated intelligence. [30]

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