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  • New drone footage and photographs have been released of the One Thousand Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, as work progresses in Miami, Florida.(More...)


  • The author recognises that buildings "circulate as active communications within the autopoiesis of architecture" and the example given is "when a building is visited, photographed, critiqued or otherwise referred to by architects within the expert discourse of architecture."(More...)



New drone footage and photographs have been released of the One Thousand Museum, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, as work progresses in Miami, Florida. [1] On the foundations of a building that was never built, Zaha Hadid Architects designed a new resort for what is considered Asia?s City of Dreams, Macao, in the Cotai district, the part of the city dedicated to tourism and fun. [2] In 2012 Zaha Hadid Architects were asked to design the Morpheus Hotel, a resort complex incorporating a casino, two theatres, shopping areas, restaurants, event halls, a pool and a panoramic spa. [2] In presenting the Morpheus Hotel, architect Viviana Muscettola of Zaha Hadid Architects emphasised that the project combines three important factors: an optimised layout, a rigorous structure and a sculptural shape. [2]

Anticipating the work of Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, Niemeyer employed bold curvilinear forms at a time when the boxy International Style reigned and Mies Van der Rohe's proposition that "less is more" was the mantra of the architectural field. [3] On p.405, a passage where the author gushes about the importance of Zaha Hadid is particularly icky. [4]

Patrik Schumacher, principal of Zaha Hadid Architects, explained, "Architecture does not exist in a bubble. [5] Pritzker Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid was a leader in innovation and design. [5] Zaha Hadid Architects has revealed visualisations of a 112 metre-high tower, planned for Paceville on the northern coast of Malta, which would be the country's tallest building. [6] Architect Chris Lepine is the London-based associate director of Zaha Hadid Architects. [7]

The university will hold an exhibition of Eberle?s work--titled Todd Eberle: Empire of Space and curated by Audrey Landreth--at Woodbury University?s Hollywood Outpost (WUHO) gallery featuring his portraits of well-known architects, including Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Julius Shulman, Florence Knoll Bassett, and Phillip Johnson. [8] Despite years spent fighting for its preservation with a high-profile campaign, backed among others by the late star architect Zaha Hadid, the residential complex Robin Hood Gardens in London has been marked for demolition since 2015. [9]

Photographer Andres Gallardo, who has captured images of noted architectural works such as Zaha Hadid ?s Dongdaemun Design Plaza and MAD Architects ? Harbin Opera House, has turned his lens on ZHA's Galaxy Soho, located in Beijing. [10] It was a design that looked like a computer-generated curving mountain, and it was the work of Ma Yansong, a 38-year-old architect who had studied at Yale and worked for Zaha Hadid before he went home to China to open his own office in Beijing. [11]

Discovered GraduallyThe Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) building by Zaha Hadid Architects is located at the heart of the. [12] Lucas and Hobson invited several of the world’s leading architects, including Zaha Hadid as well as Shohei Shigematsu, of Rem Koolhaas’s OMA, to submit proposals for what would now be a determinedly avant-garde building. [11] Four winning concepts have now been chosen from a long-list of 39 designers which included Zaha Hadid Architects and Es Devlin. [13] Work from Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, and Zaha Hadid rise out of the rural landscape like futuristic spaceships transplanted from another dimension entirely. [14]

Zaha Hadid Architects, Coop Himmelb(l)au, UNStudio, and Snetta are some of the 45 shortlisted practices competing to design the International Specialized Exposition (Expo 2017) in Astana, Kazakhstan. [15] At the end of 2015, Zaha Hadid architects presented their vision for "600 collins street? -- the firm?s first project in Melbourne -- featuring a tapered mixed-use tower sited on the western boundary of the city?s central business district. [15]


The author recognises that buildings "circulate as active communications within the autopoiesis of architecture" and the example given is "when a building is visited, photographed, critiqued or otherwise referred to by architects within the expert discourse of architecture." [4] Call it framing communications if you like but If architecture didn't articulate the agenda of the dominant power structure of an era, then why else would it be necessary? We'd be living and working in comfortable buildings and generally getting on with it. [4] Throughout the 400-odd pages of Volume I, we've been told repeatedly that architecture is more than building so perhaps the societal function of architecture is the provision of "structures" and not necessarily or solely structures? Despite all its post-modern question-begging, I can go along with this too for some structures not only accommodate human activity but go further and at the same time articulate something intangible about that human activity. [4] Providing structures for human activity to take place may be a decent enough definition of building but it says nothing about architecture and making explicit the true function of architecture was the stated point of this exercise. [4] The isolation of the living room as the sole carrier of architectural meaning perpetrates the mindset of "higher" and "lesser" functions as well as the "Architecture" vs. "Building" divide. [4] The trouble with the standard representations of Architecture as Art is that it always involves the selection and stylization of the paraphenalia of living into elements compatible with the architectural message as Art. [4] Reducing the scope of architectural control just might lead to architectural devices making better houses, better architecture, and perhaps even better houses as art. [4] Our conventional understanding of the meaning a house has as either art or architecture is based on how well such spaces and items are designed into a composition that displays a level of spatial and/or compositional skill that can perhaps be called one or the other. [4] Stray Thought: If art is anything that posits a conceptual space in which an artefact can be viewed as art, then what of architecture? It'd suggest a situation where something becomes architecture merely by virtue of someone saying it is. [4] It also implies Patrik Schumacher was wrong to criticise Luhmann for suggesting architecture is a subset of the Art Function System rather than an autopoietic function system in itself for, once clients, construction, budget, functionality and so on are removed from the theory of architecture, all that's left is using the idea of a built structure as a medium for the pursuit of artistic pursuits - something art could always do with impunity. [4] The author set out to prove that Architecture is a Great Function System and not a subset of the Art Function System. [4] We're still left with the belief Architecture has to be a pleasing synthesis of oppositions whether it's Form vs. Function, Art vs. Function or Beauty vs. Function. [4] A large part of living takes place outside the remits of function, architecture and art. [4] What Art is is vague enough but we can at least be clearer about what we mean by function in Architecture. [4] The primary architectural devices are formalist in that they're unique to architecture and if there's such a thing as architectural meaning as Art then these are what will carry it. [4]

It's gull-wing roof and ecstatic interior are still thrilling, but it's sense of architecture taking flight is a Saarinen trademark, evident in other projects such as his 1947 design for St. Louis's magisterial Gateway Arch. [3] Floornature is an international design and architecture portal with a focus on contemporary architecture, exclusive interviews with great masters of international architecture and the most interesting new developments in the world of architecture. [2]

In architecture, the sadder consequence is that having an ethos works against recognition and The Misfit Architects are proof of that. [4] Famously holding to the proposition that "less is more," German architect Mies Van der Rohe stripped architecture to elemental geometric forms, pointing the way to Minimalism. [3] There is no reference to traditional forms of architecture, but the building is born out of the conditions on the site, constituting a new form of architecture linked with its context and the setting for which it was designed. [2] If we take frame to mean to control then everything begins to make a new kind of sense and we can reformulate the sentence as The societal function of architecture is to control communications (human activity). [4] The reader should know by now how the author uses the words societal, function, architecture, and communications. [4] If the unique societal role of Architecture is to frame communications and if, as the author claims, Architecture only came into existence with Alberti, it would follow that communications were left unframed pre-Alberti. [4]

Suggesting as the author does on p406 that a new conception of architectural space can arise from painting contradicts the formalist unto-itself architecture the author is claiming. [4] The author suggests Architecture is a great function system and, leaving aside questions of belief and leaps of faith, not only produces a dogmatic ideology to back up his case but adopts the techniques, formats and formatting of Religion to communicate it. [4] Apart from stating more fervently that Architecture must reconcile the two, this represents no great advance on Louis Sullivan's "Form and Function are one." [4]

Parametricism vs. BIM is the eternal Architecture vs. Building divide restated for our times. [4] Far more common are curated environments such as this where building and furniture merge into a single composition that is not architecture and not exactly a representation of living either. [4] It assumes Art (or Architecture as Art) is fundamentally incompatible with living. [4] He doesn't succeed for throughout the book he uses the Art system to validate his arguments for Architecture being one. [4] I don't know if these houses are good art or even good architecture but they are valid artistic statements. [4] The problem is that anything not designed as part of the original composition has extraodinary power to diminish or destroy any meaning it may have had as either architecture or art. [4] Nobody speaks anymore of architecture as being a fusion of The Arts and The Sciences but the same false opposition can be restated afresh as BIM vs. Parametricism, the only difference being whether key variables are tangibles or intangibles. [4] I've similar reservations about the other paragraphs but won't go into them, apart from saying it's telling that the role of the Art system is left till last and that its societal function is not so different from what's being claimed for architecture. [4] I don't think I'll be spoiling it for anyone if I reveal the societal function of architecture turns out to be TO FRAME COMMUNICATIONS. [4]

We might also consider what has happened since and how Rem Koolhaas and his stable of architects have successfully promoted architecture as spectacle devoid of content. [4] For the past two years or so the question of how architecture has adapted to facilitate the neoliberal agenda has been gaining attention and, since this book was published, the author has probably done more than anyone else to have some light shone on this unsavoury connection and I suppose we should thank him for that. [4] The author would though for, somewhere prior, he'd written something along the lines of "a person can take shelter inside a hollowed out tree trunk therefore the provision of shelter is not something architecture need concern itself with." [4] How architecture as it is presented and played out in the mass media and social media is one glaring omission of this book and, because the author makes a point of ignoring it on p365, most likely a valid one. [4]

Throughout the book is a persistent over-concern for where society is going and a belief, an insistence, that architecture in the form of the built environment can guide society. [4] Concurrent with this we have content as spectacle with the rise of virtual architecture, datascapes as architecture, "everything is architecture," and vizualizations as a form of virtual architecture with only a tenuous link to reality. [4]

The final chapter of The Autopoiesis of Architecture Vol. I is like the last day of a vacation spent revisiting highlights in an attempt to make sense of it all and engender a feeling of a journey well travelled and time at least not wasted if not well spent. [4] In the March 2015 post Inflationary Tendencies, I tried to make some sense out of the second last chapter of The Autopoiesis of Architecture (Vol.1). [4] In contrast to the standardized box adopted by the International Style, Saarinen employed swooping curves that gave his architecture a sense of soaring transcendence--most especially in his 1962 JFK terminal for the now-defunct TWA airlines. [3]

In The Autopoiesis of Architecture, Patrik Schumacher claims Beauty vs. Utility is the core binary opposition of Architecture in the same way that T rue vs. False is that of Science, Legal vs. Illegal that of Law, etc. [4] T he question then becomes one of an architecture with no moral or ethical purpose vs. an architecture that has. [4]

The implication is that the future will be even more modern and superior and, by extension, that we need a brave new architecture to tell us so. [4] How time flew! Last year's The Massively Big Autopoiesis of Architecture post was an omnibus edition intended to prime readers and myself for an end-of-year finale that in the end didn't happen. [4] Schumacher's architecture may be a lesser religion or religion substitute or a new belief system for secular times but that doesn't make it benign. [4]

Post-Alberti can be easily reconciled with pre-Alberti by admitting that the role of architecture is to articulate the agenda of the dominant power structure of an era - something I've previously and crudely described as " who one's oppressors are". [4] Choosing Alberti as the beginnings of Architecture removes from consideration all architecture that framed communications as a part of Religion's role of framing communications. [4] The final chapter is titled The Societal Function of Architecture and we rightly expect to be told why architecture exists. [4] As ever, The societal function of architecture is to remind people who their oppressors are. [4]

Variations of the main salon / living room as curated composition are our preferred method for creating a visual synthesis of architecture and lives led within. [4]

One of the few women to have risen to the level of starchitect--and the first ever to win architecture's version of the Oscar, the Pritzker Prize--Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) was known for futuristic designs that employed curving, swooping lines more suitable for UFOs than buildings. [3]

The One Thousand Museum was Zaha Hadid?s first residential tower in the Western Hemisphere, and one the final projects designed by Hadid in her lifetime. [1]

The building may be mundane and beautiful but my photograph is just mundane. [4] Not that it matters much if a building that most people are indifferent to is the subject of a multimillion dollar photograph. [4] The Bechers didn't photograph Gothic cathedrals or Baroque palaces or any other type of structure manifesting aesthetic or even "architectural" pretensions so I don't think they were asking us to discover some shared "formal" aesthetic quality but rather appreciate what happens when none are present. [4] It's the job of art to make us notice it but there's little that's mundane about any of these photographs. [4] When photographs are auctioned for millions there's more at work than questions of formal aesthetic qualities or even their absence. [4] The often solitary items of furniture that appear in photographs are intended to provide a sense of scale rather than indicate potential for use. [4]

Newly released construction photographs show the progress of French architect Jean Nouvel's first New York skyscraper: a supertall tower rising above the city's Museum of Modern Art. [6] U.S. architecture firm Studio Gang has unveiled its first project for Canada: a Toronto skyscraper made up of stretched hexagonal volumes topped with terraces and planters. [6] Global architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox has completed a high-rise condo building on the San Diego waterfront, with a curved glass form that stands out from the city's boxy towers. [6] Architecture firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has completed the construction of Three World Trade Center in Manhattan, which is now the city's fifth-tallest building. [6] Titled Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture of Yugoslavia, 1948-1980, it presents the buildings designed to shape a national identity during the socialist country's formative years. [16]

DeciBel Architecture has revealed its design for what could become Melbourne's tallest skyscraper, a skinny 330-metre-high tower rising from a triangular plot. [6] Photographer Valentin Jeck has travelled around the region of former Yugoslavia to capture images of its brutalist architecture for MoMA's Toward a Concrete Utopia exhibition. [16] Jeck was commissioned by MoMA to take photos of the most impressive examples of architecture from the period, many of which were built from concrete in an expressive brutalist style. [16]

Tweedy continued, "Zaha Hadid Architects are leaders in the field of computational design. [5] This week you?ve explored a Zaha Hadid-designed gem, perched on the mountains of Northern Italy, and toured the decadent spaces of the historic Hibernia Bank building in San Francisco. [17] Here is a collection of images of Zaha Hadid?s new extension to the Serpentine Gallery including viagra uk a restaurant with a glazed undulating fabric roof. [18]

CL: My hard drive, with all my personal photographs and work that I?ve done. [7] Each Sunday we?ll feature your most striking photographs on The Spaces. [17]

American artist James Casebere is showcasing Emotional Architecture, a collection of photographs named after and inspired by the sun-bleached and platonic forms of Mexican architect Luis Barrag?s most famous works, at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City. [8] Darlington, UK About Blog For 25 years Niven Architects has established a reputation for providing a high quality professional architectural service based on our belief that good Architecture is derived from a continuing quest for quality and excellence in design and project management. [19] About Blog Portfolio of architect and designer Teodora Jevtic featuring wide range of projects from industrial and interior architecture and furniture design. [19] Boulder, CO About Blog The Boulder Colorado architects of HMH Architecture Interiors infuse traditional design with modern sensibility - creating "Colorado Modern" architecture. [19] Austin, TX About Blog Blog by Heimsath Architects, an Austin, TX, professional architecture firm specializing in church building and community design. [19] About Blog DeMotte Architects is a design firm based in Ridgefield, CT specializing in Residential Architecture serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties. [19] Wales About Blog Seven Architecture are a team of talented architects, who thrive upon collaborative working and are dedicated to delivering the best design services. [19] Providence, R.I. About Blog This blog - written by David Brussat - An experienced writer and editor working for some of the nation?s most accomplished architects and design theorists - aims to promote a revival of classical and traditional architecture in Providence, R.I., and around the world. [19] South East Washington About Blog Plastolux was started in 2007 by founder Tyler Goodro in a desire to feed his passion for mid century modern and contemporary design found in architecture, interiors, furniture, objects and art. [19] United Kingdom About Blog A multi-faceted design blog that focuses on architecture, furniture, technology, art and industrial design. [19] About Blog Architecture & Design firm- Equating appropriate design and building as a client's philosophy our work. [19] About Blog LEAP Architecture was founded in 2003 by Eric Davenport, and built on his passion for elegant-clean design, green building practices, and creating spaces that serve people. [19] In 2011, Flodeau becomes her personal online space and blog focusing on contemporary design, interiors, architecture, travel and other miscellanies that inspire her from across the globe. [19] Washington, DC About Blog Covering interiors, design and architecture in our capital. [19] Australia About Blog Eckersley Garden Architecture is a boutique landscape design firm in Melbourne that brings a revitalised approach to landscape creation from Rick Eckersley. [19] About Blog HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. [19] New York, NY About Blog Fontan Architecture is a New York based architecture firm working on all project types from new homes and apartment renovations to new buildings and commercial projects. [19] Madrid & New York About Blog Hidden Architecture attempts to recover any kind of building, project, thought or theory including an important and worthy value from our point of view. [19]

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By exploring architecture, interior spaces, and product design, not only do we share creativity and beauty but also address different aspects of living in today?s world. [19] About - The world's most influential architecture, interiors and design magazine. [19] About - AZURE is a leading North American magazine focused on contemporary design, architecture, products and interiors from around the globe. [19] We span architecture, interiors, product design, and are one of the fastest growing design based platforms. [19] About - Seven Architecture was established by Martin Wood, Ian Chapman and Simon Parker in 2006 and has built a reputation for well considered design work, within both public and private sectors. [19] About - Eckersley Garden Architecture is a boutique landscape design firm in Melbourne that brings a revitalised approach to landscape creation from Rick Eckersley. [19] Over the last 60 years, by adding analysis, synthesis, recommendation, and design, it has gone from tool to subdiscipline in architecture. [8] All four unusual buildings come from different eras of the past 150 years, and represent different styles, such as the fairytale castles of the 19th century, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles or the socialist architecture of the "70s. [21] As New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which is hosting the exhibition "Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980," wrote on their website: "The architecture that emerged - from International Style skyscrapers to Brutalist'social condensers' - is a manifestation of the radical diversity, hybridity, and idealism that characterized the Yugoslav state itself." [9] The project #SOSBrutalism, initiated by the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in cooperation with the Wtenrot Foundation, aims to draw attention to deteriorating buildings. [9] Despite all this, images of architectural precedents could be found at the Paektusan Academy of Architecture where images of buildings from around the world could be found, from Moscow's Seven Sisters to Terry Farrell's MI6 Building in London. [8] Through careful selection by guest curator Therese Lichtenstein, Image Building: How Photography Transforms Architecture examines how architectural photography inherently creates subjective experiences. [8] About Blog A As Architecture: every day new images and words from the world of architecture. [19] San Francisco About Blog Welcome to the Fougeron Architecture blog-principal Anne Fougeron uses this space to talk about her thoughts on the intersection of architecture and every day life. [19] San Francisco, CA About Blog A community for students, professionals, and lovers of architecture. [19]

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Chan, a Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) graduate, also maintains an art photography practice that compliments his architectural photography work. [8] For the Met Breuer?s first architecture exhibition, curator Beatrice Galilee has commissioned photographers Luisa Lambri and Bas Princen to revisit the iconic work of Marcel Breuer. [8] For the exhibition at Sean Kelly, Casebere has mined the work of Barrag and artist Mathias Goitz, who together appropriated color, light, and space through their own brand of modernist architecture to generate works of nuanced emotional character that stood in contrast to the era?s rigid formalism. [8] The work is shown in MoMA's "Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948-1980" exhibition. [9] The twin showcases focus on White?s early work documenting historic architecture and landscapes in Oregon. [8] In the over 25 years since, Chan has built a reputation for bold and honest representations of Los Angeles architecture and the city?s human-made landscapes. [8] Varying in size, none of them fail to fill visitors with awe, since they are full of beautiful historic architecture, and some with innovative contemporary buildings as well! These well-kept traditional urban locations have a unique, lovely charm, just waiting to be caught on camera by the many productions they draw in every year. [21] "In 1965, after ten years of urbanism, my foci were automobile cities of the American Southwest, social change, multiculturalism, action, everyday architecture, 'messy vitality,' iconography, and Pop Art. [8]

About - What started as a platform to collect the most important information to help architects create better architecture, became a fast growing technology company that delivers inspiration, tools and knowledge to the 10 million architects that visit and use ArchDaily each month. [19] For over a decade, the 44-year-old architect has been challenging preconceptions and overturning established conventions of architecture. [22] "An architect who is convinced that his country and this are the best will not look upon foreign things or try to copy them, but make tireless efforts to create architecture amenable to his people," wrote Kim Jong-il in On Architecture. [8] According to Kim Jong-il's 160-page treatise, On Architecture, "the leader's image must always be placed in the center of the architectural space," a dictum which is carried through with regulations that stipulate that nothing else can be hung on the same wall as these portraits. [8] We pride ourselves on educating and informing our community about architecture and architectural concepts. [19]

The Architect's Newspaper is the most authoritative voice on architecture and design in the United States. [19] The apparent simplicity and sobriety of Ishigami?s architecture is misleading, concealing its structural complexity and the efforts of the design team, often working in collaboration with structural engineer Jun Sato, to devise particularly innovative solutions. [22] The state authorities may have brushed over centenary celebrations of the 1917 Russian Revolution, but the era's artistic innovations are visible across Russian design today, in everything from fashion to architecture. [9] With our international network of architecture and design professionals, all keeping an expert eye on what?s new and, more importantly, what?s good, we?ve hand-picked the finest designs the market has to offer. [19] It is the premier online publication for Competition and Event listings in the architecture and design industries. [19] Bleuscape is a design practice implicitly driven to achieving relevant architecture through a dynamic response to environment and our clients needs. [19]

Visionary, or monstrous architecture? Brutalist buildings are either loved or hated. [9] We help discerning residential and commercial clients live, work and play more beautifully and functionally, through the power of architecture. [19] In Emotional Architecture, Casebere investigates, among other works, a yellow corridor from Barrag?s Casa Gilardi. [8] In this "wall-less? interior, the distinction between furniture and architecture is blurred and eventually lost. [22] When it came time for CSHQA, an award-winning, full-service architecture and engineering firm, to. [23] We bring you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture projects, news and events from around the world. [19] Architecture defines the civilization and culture as much as it defines the landscape. [19] Fast forward 25 years and Bonner is offering tours of Pyongyang to visitors, including The Guardian's architecture critic Oliver Wainwright who documents the candy-colored city in his new book, Inside North Korea available August 15 from Taschen. [8] The only architecture magazine with a social conscience, your subscription is designed to deepen your knowledge and challenge you with reflections on the social purpose of architecture. [22] One has a plaque which reads: "Let us drive out the U.S. imperialists and reunite our fatherland!" For a country so focused on image, it's unsurprising to learn that it has tried to scrub all foreign influences, U.S. imperialism included, from its aesthetics and architecture. [8] The Hotel Thermal was built in the 1960s to showcase cutting-edge Czech architecture and contribute to establishing the reputation of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. [9] Brutalist architecture is characterized above all by its exposed, raw concrete - called "bon brut" in French, which gave the style its name. [9] We select through our quality filter only what?s new on the market from different and various fields: architecture, product and interior design or gadgets. [19] About - Decoist is your daily dose of inspiration when it comes to interior design and architecture. [19]

New York City About Blog Architectural Record is the #1 source for architecture news, modern architecture, design architecture and green architecture information for all building types. [19] Become an Architect in Australia - study our undergraduate Bachelor of Architectural Design and choose a postgraduate degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning or Urban Design. [19]

London Gallery Betts Project is showcasing photographs from Denise Scott Brown, marking the architect, planner, and theorist's first solo exhibition in the U.K. Titled Denise Scott Brown: Wayward Eye, the exhibition features photos taken between 1956 and 1966 that illustrate Scott Brown's explorations into urbanism, Pop Art, and the emerging architectural language of roadside America, ideas which would later be collected in Learning from Las Vegas published in 1972. [8] In the Beginning: Minor White?s Oregon Photographs Portland Art Museum 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon On view through October 21 The Portland Art Museum (PAM) is currently presenting In the Beginning: Minor White?s Oregon Photographs, a two-part photography exhibition highlighting the evocative works of the famed 20th-century modernist photographer. [8] The way it was sited, the photographs that Baan took of the building, and the long, uninterrupted views down the museum?s "wings" all stoked questions of how photography proliferates the ideas behind the buildings themselves. [8] Organized thematically intro three sections, Cityscapes, Domestic Spaces, and Public Places, Image Building places historical photographs alongside contemporary images to track an evolution in style, technique, and places themselves. [8] The exhibition, titled Above and Behind: The Architectural Photography of Benny Chan, will showcase photographs taken of some of the region?s most important new buildings while under construction. [8] The exhibition presents two distinct series of photographs paying homage to Breuer?s still-existing monumental modernist buildings from the 1950s and 1960s. [8] Princen?s dramatically large scale photographs document the post-occupancy use of buildings and their evolving relationship with nature. [8] Eberle's work includes photographs of designs by Mies van der Rohe, Phillip Johnson, Oscar Niemeyer, Donald Judd, Le Corbusier, John Pawson, Peter Zumthor, among others. [8] Sometimes even actual photographs of his work carry a strange model-like quality, like in this interior of House with Plants. [22] Photographs of the cuboid House with Plants (2012), complete with wooden furniture and neatly arranged pairs of slippers, resemble a carefully crafted miniature, while the stripped back model of the house?s structure features real life vegetation, set against the backdrop of the Fondation Cartier?s wildflower garden, visible behind Nouvel?s diaphanous glass facade, itself already fusing interior with exterior. [22] Hursley?s ramblings have produced several series, including his photographs of both the interiors and exteriors of the brothels of Nevada. [8] The show includes hundreds of drawings, photographs and film reels that reflect everything from the interior of the White Mosque in rural Bosnia to the post-earthquake reconstruction of the city of Skopje or the new town of New Belgrade with its large-scale housing blocks. [9] His portrait works include photographs of works by Oscar Niemeyer, Morris Lapidus, Donald Judd, Tadao Ando, Annabelle Selldorf, Herzog & de Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, David Adjaye, Peter Zumthor, Massimo and Lella Vignelli, and Dan Kiley. [8] When viewed in photographs of the landscape, their sheer size is not perceptible. [22] Wainwright only spent a week inside North Korea, but that was sufficient time to take enough photographs to fill a 240-page book. [8] The hexagonal screen at Saint John?s and the trapezoidal window at the Met Breuer are each documented as a series of photographs displaying the calm modulation of light over time. [8]

Vancouver, BC About Blog Hapa Collaborative is a landscape architecture and environmental design practice established with placemaking, attentiveness and collaboration in mind. [19] Washington, D.C. About Blog Founded in 1910, Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) is the monthly magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects. [19] Washington, DC About Blog Founded nearly 50 years ago, LAF has been the nexus of inquiry and innovation for the landscape architecture profession.The mission of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment. [19]

About Blog is an important online magazine that presents the very latest and most exciting works and trends in Interior Design, Modern Architecture, Modern Kitchen and Furniture Design. [19] International About Blog RMJM's mission is to connect people, places, contexts and cultures to create dynamic modern Architecture that enhances everyday life. [19]

Their mission is to elevate the practice of landscape architecture by providing timely information on built landscapes and on new techniques for ecologically sensitive planning and design. [19]

Before that, Bacigalupi had run the Toledo Museum of Art and built the Glass Pavilion—an addition there by the Japanese architectural firm SANAA, the first American project by a young firm that would later win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. [11] Moscow Metro Architecture & Design, the next installment in the series, has been curated by architectural historian Nikolai Vassiliev with photography by Alexei Narodizkii. [24]

James Brittain used photographs of the Habitat 67 for his exhibition titled "Revisited: Habitat 67?, which is part of a lecture programme that explores architecture and existing buildings. [25] The museum’s original incarnation, proposed for waterfront land within the Presidio national park, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, was a grandiose, heavy-handed Beaux-Arts building that Lucas, who prides himself on his love of both art and architecture, insisted was the only thing appropriate for that site. [11] His quest to donate more than a billion dollars’ worth of art and architecture in the form of a brand-new public museum containing the bulk of his collection of paintings, drawings, and film memorabilia was turned down in San Francisco, driven away by opponents in Chicago, proposed again for a different location in San Francisco, and finally, last year, approved for a site in Los Angeles. [11] Was it necessary or even desirable to copy the Warren show one to one--90 years later, in a completely different context and spaces that could not be more different from Dorothy Warren?s old house? I love the encounter of all three artists with Zaha Hadid?s striking architecture and being aware of this particular spatial situation helped me not to take a strictly historicizing approach. [26]

Moscow Metro Architecture & Design includes a designed Moscow Metro map initially with featured channels marked on the front, in addition to corresponding photos and details about the reverse. [24] Perfect for accompanying casual rides around the Moscow Metro, or inspiring another journey, Moscow Metro Architecture & Design can be obtained here, or in different bookstores worldwide. [24] Beautifully integrating graphic design and architecture, the most recent launch from Blue Crow Media 's transit series recognizes a selection of their unique public transit channels in Moscow. [24] In Chicago, a city with a great heritage of modernist architecture, all talk of traditional design disappeared. [11]

When it turned out that almost everyone disliked the building, Lucas dug in and defended it vigorously, insisting that the unpopular architecture of his museum was not the problem. [11] Blair Kamin, the Chicago Tribune architecture critic, called it a “cartoonish mountain of a building that would be glaringly out of place amid the horizontal sweep of Chicago’s lakefront…. [11] Ma Yansong’s enormous flying saucer of a building will undoubtedly be an attraction in itself, not to mention a noteworthy addition to Los Angeles’s inventory of significant new architecture. [11]

The Forms and patterns in the architecture were inspired by traditional Korean crafts and calligraphy. [25] Then, with startling speed, he changed his mind completely, and abandoned both San Francisco and the whole idea of traditional architecture. [11] To take one example, Lucas had abruptly reversed himself about the Beaux-Arts architecture that he had been so insistent on in San Francisco. [11]

The shopping complex, which was completed in 2012 is one of famed architect Zaha Hadid's late career works. [10] In the catalog, Ruff has allowed us to reproduce some historic works from his collection, photograms and other abstract images, in addition to the original Blossfeldt photographs which his Negatives series appropriates. [26] One photograph shows the country's rolling "purple hills", an image that was taken from a patriotic song "America the Beautiful", yet the current government is doing nothing to preserve its landscapes. [13] The combination of Blossfeldt?s plant photographs and Bruguie?s experimental photographic designs is surprising. [26] No Two Alike re-conceives a 1929 London exhibition featuring photographs by German sculptor Karl Blossfeldt and American photographer Francis Bruguie. [26] No information about the projects she was designing for, no 3d models, no photographs showing completed projects, little indication of ideas for interiors; Just paintings and drawings, accompanied by minimal labeling. [27] The historic photographs are not inspirations but "sparring partners" for Ruff?s own work. [26]

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