Cisco Preferred Architecture For Enterprise Collaboration

Cisco Preferred Architecture For Enterprise Collaboration
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  • The PA for Webex Hybrid Services applies the bandwidth management strategy of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration 12.0 Enterprise On-Premises Deployments to the Webex Teams endpoints, clients, and infrastructure components.(More…)
  • The Preferred Architecture (PA) provides a holistic approach to bandwidth management, incorporating an end-to-end QoS architecture and video rate adaptation and resiliency mechanisms to ensure the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks.(More…)
  • These capabilities expand Cisco’s technical reach across all Cisco architectures – Borderless Networks, Collaboration, Data Center/Virtualization, Mobility, Video, NGN and OSS. Through our network of Advance Delivery Centers (ADCs) we enable delivery of innovative services and solutions.(More…)


  • With Webex Teams, you can make calls to any other Webex Teams user in any company via SIP dialing, as well as calls to any endpoint or room device deployed in your Cisco Enterprise on-premises solution.(More…)
  • The ideal candidate will have knowledge of Cisco products, Unified Communications solutions, products such as Cisco Call Manager, Unity, Contact Center, Presence, Video, LAN Switching, CUWL licensing, SIP Trunking, Catalyst Switches, and network design principles.(More…)


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The PA for Webex Hybrid Services applies the bandwidth management strategy of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration 12.0 Enterprise On-Premises Deployments to the Webex Teams endpoints, clients, and infrastructure components. [1] As part of implementing the PA for Webex Hybrid Services, there are a number of products and integrations covered in the latest version of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise On-Premises Deployments that overlap with, and thus are not part of, the PA for Webex Hybrid Services. [1] The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Webex Hybrid Services is a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) in the Preferred Architectures umbrella that was created as a supplement to the PA for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise on-premises deployments. [1] Therefore we expect you to follow and implement the latest version of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise On-Premises Deployments, available at, prior to deploying the PA for Webex Hybrid Services. [1]

The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services provides end-to-end collaboration targeted for deployments where a Cisco Collaboration solution based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been deployed. [1]

The Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services incorporates a holistic approach to bandwidth management that includes an end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) architecture with video rate adaptation and resiliency mechanisms to provide the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks. [1]

Preferred Architecture Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guides provide details for deploying components within the Cisco Preferred Architectures. [1] The SRND should be referenced when design requirements are outside the scope of Cisco Preferred Architectures. [1] For further details and use cases, refer to the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guide for the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services. [1] The Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services, Cisco Validated Design (CVD) Guide, presents some examples that simplify the sizing process. [1] The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services delivers capabilities that enable organizations to realize immediate gains in productivity and enhanced relationships. [1]

Cisco Unified Communications Manager SME helps enterprises create a centralized architecture to more easily and efficiently manage and evolve their networks as collaboration needs change. [2] The job responsibilities will vary based on the project scope and deliverables but will involve Pre Sales Engineering / Solutions Architecture for Cisco Voice / UC and Enterprise networking projects. [3]

Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service enables enterprise calendar integration with Webex collaboration services. [1] When you choose Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Calling- Enterprise Agreement, you receive entitlements to a bundle of calling features. [2] The Enterprise Agreement buying model is governed by the Cisco Enterprise Agreement Program Terms (” Program Terms “), which are provided to you and require your acknowledgment when you place an order for Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Calling-Enterprise Agreement. [2]

The Preferred Architecture (PA) provides a holistic approach to bandwidth management, incorporating an end-to-end QoS architecture and video rate adaptation and resiliency mechanisms to ensure the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks. [1] Preferred Architecture (PA) Design Overview guides help customers and sales teams select the appropriate architecture based on an organization’s business requirements; understand the products that are used within the architecture; and obtain general design best practices. [1] Details about the individual licenses for the endpoints and infrastructure components in the Preferred Architecture for Webex Hybrid Services are beyond the scope of this document. [1]

These capabilities expand Cisco’s technical reach across all Cisco architectures – Borderless Networks, Collaboration, Data Center/Virtualization, Mobility, Video, NGN and OSS. Through our network of Advance Delivery Centers (ADCs) we enable delivery of innovative services and solutions. [4]


With Webex Teams, you can make calls to any other Webex Teams user in any company via SIP dialing, as well as calls to any endpoint or room device deployed in your Cisco Enterprise on-premises solution. [1] You can make and receive calls from a phone connected to the Webex Teams service in the office or from the Webex Teams application on your mobile phone or desktop. When integrated with Webex Hybrid Services, Webex Teams applications also support enterprise dialing habits such as numerical dialing to on-premises endpoints and the PSTN. (PSTN connectivity is provided through Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployed on the enterprise premises.) [1] When the call reaches Cisco Unified CM, Unified CM changes the calling ID to match the enterprise calling ID. Thus, when the call is delivered to the destination, the called user does not know if the call is coming from Webex Teams or from an internal endpoint. [1] Call Service Connect not only enables ringing on Webex Teams and Cisco Unified CM, but also allows Webex Teams users to place calls using enterprise dialing habits. [1]

Cisco Directory Connectors push directory data and communicate over the Internet through the secure enterprise boundary and corporate firewall with the cloud identity service within Webex. [1] Cisco Calendar Connector pushes calendar data and communicates over the Internet through the secure enterprise boundary and corporate firewall with the calendar service within Webex. [1]

Because of the adaptable nature of Cisco endpoints and their support for IP networks, this architecture enables an organization to use its current data network and the Internet to support both voice and video calls. [1] If an instance of an application or service fails, Cisco on-premises and cloud-based services (such as endpoint registration, call processing, messaging, and many others) continue to operate on the remaining instance(s) of the application or service. [1] Invite others to join meetings from their desk, a branch office, their homes, or the road with Webex Teams or on their Cisco on-premises endpoint or room device. [1] In the PA for Webex Hybrid Services, both Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) on-premises call control and Cisco Webex provide endpoint registration and collaboration services. [1] The PA for Webex Hybrid Services includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM), Cisco Expressway-C and Expressway-E, and the Expressway-C Connector Host for the Hybrid Call Service solution ( Figure 15 ). [1]

When a user of Webex is enabled for Call Service Aware, the Call Connector uses AXL connectivity to find devices associated to that user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM), and then it sends this information to Webex. [1] Call Service Connect allows integration between Webex Teams and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM). [1] Figure 18 shows the global reachability on both the Webex Teams application and the Cisco Unified CM device when a user is provisioned for Call Service Connect. [1] In this way, if a Cisco Unified CM user is not entitled to call specific destinations, this limitation is also extended to the Webex Teams application. [1] For every call received on the Webex Teams application, the call is extended to Cisco Unified CM through Expressway-E and Expressway-C. [1] If Cisco Unified CM is not in mixed mode and uses non-encrypted RTP media traffic to send the call to Expressway-C, then Expressway-C can terminate the RTP connection from the Unified CM endpoint and open another call leg using SRTP to Webex. [1]

HTTPS is used for communications between Cisco Calendar Connector on the Expressway-C Connector Host and Webex. [1] As shown in Figure 7, the Cisco Calendar Connector service running on the Expressway-C Connector Host synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS) over the on-premises network. [1]

Cisco BroadCloud Calling is a new cloud calling offer targeting Service Providers – delivering a proven enterprise-class cloud PBX. The solution is based on the BroadCloud calling platform coupled with key Cisco commercial and administrative tools to provide a best-in-class fully featured cloud calling solution. [2] It can be private-labelled by the Cisco BroadCloud Calling Service Providers using their own preferred brands. [2]

Cisco has now converged those two collaboration products into a single platform that is simpler to use and provides a more uniform and enjoyable user experience than the two separate platforms, with new and enhanced features as well. [1] Cisco has a range of Collaboration Endpoints with various features and functionality that an organization can also use to address its business needs. [1]

The Cisco Expressway-C Connector Host is a standard Cisco Expressway-C server deployed within the customer’s organization to provide an integration point between the on-premises and cloud collaboration services. [1] New York, New York, February. 1st, 2018 – Collaboration Squared, a global cloud collaboration and conferencing service provider, today announced the launch of the next generation of their award-winning Ubiety cloud bridging service powered by Cisco Meeting Server technology. [5]

Arkadin, an NTT Communications company and market leader in cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration services, announces today a new managed service to help enterprises successfully navigate their digital cloud transformation journeys. [5] Perform system management activities including configuration, tuning, backup and disaster recovery. ? Provides technical support and system administration which may include networks, mainframes, servers, storage, operating systems, desktop and mobile environments, systems management software, email and messaging, telecom, directory services, enterprise collaboration, document management platforms, workflow systems and security infrastructure. [6]

Provide strategy, architecture, and analysis support for current and future large-scale and cross-functional enterprise solutions, including Unified Communications (UC) and Cloud computing. [7] Demonstrate knowledge of technical Cloud architectures, including playing a vital role in the design, procurement, and development of Cloud solutions for enterprise environments. [7]

We are involved in advising, selling and integrating all Crestron products and solutions, including XiO for enterprise management in the Cloud and the Crestron Flex series, powerful UC that integrates with Microsoft Teams and includes sensors, analytics and automation. [8] Webex Hybrid Calendar Service enables a tight integration between the user’s enterprise Microsoft Exchange calendar, Microsoft Outlook invitations, and Webex Teams Messaging. [1]

When @meet is added to the location field of an Outlook calendar invitation, Calendar Connector and the cloud calendar service create a Webex Teams meeting and a new Webex Teams collaboration space with a name that matches the invitation subject. [1] Administrators may configure user accounts, enable specific features, and provision users for collaboration services within the Webex Teams organization. [1]

AVer recognizes that cloud video conferencing services, like those offered by partners such as Zoom, are delivering collaboration to a much wider range of meeting spaces far beyond the boardroom. [5] “Through our collaboration with Phoenix Audio Technologies, we hope to bring next generation video conferencing experience into meeting rooms and ensure seamless integrated experience for our customers”. [5] “We built the new BlueJeans experience by empathizing deeply with our users and placing the focus of meetings where it belongs — on the people and ideas that propel business, collaboration and productivity,” said Mark Strassman, Chief Product Officer, BlueJeans. [5] Bandwidth management is about providing the best possible user experience end-to-end for all media capable endpoints, clients, and applications in the collaboration solution. [1] Prioritizing voice from all types of collaboration media ensures that, even during times of extreme congestion when video is experiencing packet loss and adjusting to that loss, the audio streams are not experiencing packet loss and are allowing the users to have an uninterrupted audio experience. [1] The Tracker is designed to enhance video conferencing experiences in collaboration spaces by allowing for automatic speaker tracking with the help of a PTZ camera and the direction-finding technology of the Phoenix Audio Condor beam forming microphone array. [5] AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS–(Marketwired – February 06, 2018) – As the doors open at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 in Amsterdam, Lifesize, a global innovator of video conferencing technology, has unveiled new innovations to help customers maximize their collaboration investment and work more efficiently and productively in the ways in which they actually work. [5]

Centralized on-premises and cloud-based services also simplify management and administration of an organization’s collaboration deployment. [1]

Cisco offers technical support services covering the areas of problem resolution, customer success and adoption, and designated support management in three service tiers: Basic, Enhanced, and Premium. [2] You may access the Cisco software and cloud services by up to 120% of the Knowledge Workers identified in your EUIF (” Growth Allowance “) without incurring additional fees. [2]

The Cisco Spark application that has been incorporated into Webex is called Webex Teams. [1] The Call Connector on Cisco Expressway-C notifies Webex when two Webex Teams users are engaged in the same call with their on-premises devices, so that their respective Webex Teams applications can offer the option to start desktop sharing. [1] As shown in Figure 5, Cisco Directory Connectors synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory using Microsoft application programming interfaces (APIs) over the on-premises network. [1] Cisco Calendar Connector also integrates with Webex Personal Rooms for @webex functionality. [1] Because this is an outbound connection from the Cisco Calendar Connector to the Internet, it does not require any inbound ports to be opened on the internal or external firewall. [1]

The Cisco Calling App is the soft client application (for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) that provides the calling experience for the Cisco BroadCloud Calling. [2] Cisco has used its extensive experience gained from securing the world’s largest networks. [1] Licenses/Certifications: Cisco Certified Network Professional or equivalent certification/experience. [9]

Add-on licenses for common-area phone and desktop video units, as well as Cisco TelePresence Room licenses, are available for customers who have common-area endpoints not associated with Knowledge Workers. [2] Because Cisco endpoints range from low-cost, single-line phones and soft clients to presentation, white board, and multi-screen Cisco TelePresence endpoints, an organization can deploy the right variety of endpoints to meet users’ needs ( Figure 3 ). [1]

With Cisco Unity Express, you can easily and conveniently manage your voice messages and greetings through your web browser using a web Inbox, traditional intuitive telephone prompts, an easy-to-use visual voicemail interface (the Cisco Unity Express VoiceView Express application), email access to messages, and a straightforward GUI that allows simple administration and management. [2] Cisco Unity Express offers industry-leading integrated messaging, voicemail, fax, automated attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), time-card management, and a rich set of other messaging features on the Cisco ISR platform. [2]

Cisco Capital makes it easier to get the right technology to achieve your objectives, enable business transformation and help you stay competitive. [2] Any time Cisco Expressway performs RTP-to-SRTP conversion, it engages a back-to-back user agent (B2BUA). [1] Call Service Connect enables ringing on both Webex Teams and Cisco Unified CM devices associated with the same user. [1] Webex Teams users correlate to Cisco Unified CM end users by means of email addresses. [1] Cisco Unified CM dialing habits (including PSTN access codes) are preserved for Webex Teams users. [1]

For all line appearances monitored by the Call Connector, Cisco Unified CM sends notifications to the Call Connector, which then relays this information to Webex. [1] Cisco Unified CM connects to Expressway-C Call Connector using CTI-QBE and AXL. [1] The Call Connector on Expressway-C integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager through specific APIs that allow for configuration reading and writing (AXL) and device monitoring (CTI-QBE). [1] The areas of overlap include Cisco Meeting Server, Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service, and Cisco Jabber. [1] ” Knowledge Workers ” means your employees and contractors that use computing or communications devices capable of running Cisco Webex, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or Cisco Meeting Server as part of their job duties performed on your behalf. [2]

Cisco UCCE/PCCE v10.x configuration and troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager v10.x + Hardware/Software setup and support BAT Bulk Administration Tool, working with CSV and BAT XLT templates, import, export, MACD. Extensive Deployment experience preferred. [9] Cisco Expressway Series works as part of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager product family to provide access for mobile, desktop, and fixed clients. [2] The PA for Webex Hybrid Services provides high availability for all deployed on-premises applications by means of the underlying clustering mechanism present in all Cisco Unified Communications applications. [1] Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service provides the integration of Cisco Unified Communications call services with Webex call services. [1] Table 7 lists the roles of the Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service components in this architecture and the services they provide. [1] Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service is the common identity component for any hybrid deployment. [1] Note that when you choose an on-premises or partner-hosted deployment, you will also receive the cloud service Cisco Webex Teams. [2] Easier transition to the cloud — Webex Hybrid Services help your organization take advantage of Cisco Collaboration cloud-based services without discarding your existing on-premises investments. [1] Readers of this guide should have a general knowledge of Cisco Collaboration products and services along with a basic understanding of how to deploy those products. [1] Cisco Collaboration endpoints provide a wide range of features, functionality, and user experiences. [1] Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) guides provide detailed design options for Cisco Collaboration. [1] Previously the Cisco Collaboration portfolio included two separate platforms: Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark. [1] They incorporate a subset of products from the Cisco Collaboration portfolio that is best suited for the targeted market segment and defined use cases. [1]

If you exceed the capacity count limits associated with the buying model in your order, you will be obligated to pay your Partner (or Cisco if purchasing direct from Cisco) for such excess use. [2] If a True Forward is required, Cisco will generate a bill as part of the annual True Forward event in order to align your payment obligation to your use. [2]

If Cisco Expressway performs RTP-to-SRTP conversion, we recommend enabling it on Expressway-C instead of Expressway-E so that the traffic in the DMZ will be encrypted. [1] Primary areas of focus will be migrating off a legacy Siemens/Nortel TDM/IP environment to a Cisco UCC environment and long term support and upgrades for PCCE and UC environments. [9] A Common Area phone option is also available for the Cisco BroadCloud Calling offer offering analog phone type functionality with a minimal set of additional feature capabilities. [2] Cisco Emergency Responder exports Automatic Location Information (ALI) data in formats defined by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), an industry standards body in the United States. [2] Cisco Unified CME meets this need by providing localized call control, mobility, and conferencing alongside data applications on Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). [2] Cisco Unified CME provides call processing to Cisco Unified IP Phones for distributed enterprise branch-office environments and retail deployments. [2] The application provides advanced multimodal firewall traversal and access services for secure voice, video, instant messaging and presence, directory, and visual voicemail outside your enterprise firewall without the need for a VPN. Includes. [2] Video Conferencing Service simplifies enterprise communications. [5] Unified Communications (UC) – Developing strategies and implementing voice, video and data systems across the enterprise. [8] Even branch offices within the same enterprise can have different needs and requirements when it comes to unified communications. [2] This year AVer will break out as a complete enterprise video meeting room provider, with solutions designed to support a full range of enterprise video conferencing needs from the huddle room, to the boardroom, the large auditorium, and everything in between. [5] This all-in-one USB camera/audio peripheral complements the company’s established line of video cameras and reflects AVer’s 2018 strategy to offer a full suite of business grade video hardware solutions for enterprises of all sizes. [5]

Figure 10 shows the same three-party call with the media bridged locally on the Video Mesh Node within the enterprise, resulting in no bandwidth utilization for media over the Internet. [1]

It provides integrated services specifically designed for the small and medium-sized office environment or enterprise branch office. [2] They communicate and synchronize over the enterprise network with Microsoft Active Directory, and they communicate over the Internet to Webex ( Figure 4 ). [1] Review this infographic from Crestron and the AV Network with the top 8 features transforming the enterprise today. [8] Support for leading Enterprise Management Solutions like Crestron Fusion. [8] There are three buying models available: Enterprise Agreement, Active User, and Named User. [2] There are real enterprise applications for both virtual reality and augmented reality, and businesses are investing heavily in the new technologies. [10] Sizing a deployment can become complex for large enterprises with sophisticated requirements. [1] According to IBM, enterprise data is expected to grow at a rate of 50x year over year through 2020. [10]

The UC Engineer will be responsible for tactical Unified Communications (UC) deployments, troubleshooting, monitoring and optimization of IP telephony, video and mobility solutions based on reference architecture established by the Unified Communications Architects. [9] The PA for Webex Hybrid Services addresses these needs with the Webex Video Mesh architecture shown in Figure 8. [1] It requires many of the same products and infrastructure as well as the architecture and planning incorporated in the PA for on-premises deployments. [1]

Table 10 lists the roles of the components in this architecture and the services they provide. [1] Provides highly skilled direction in the planning of complex networks, including logical network planning and security architecture. [9]

This technology could be used to connect users working in industries such as architecture and design. [10] The consistent user experience provided by the overall architecture facilitates quick user adoption. [1]

This architecture incorporates high availability for critical applications. [1] Figure 17 illustrates the architecture for Call Service Connect and Call Service Aware. [1]

Webex Hybrid Call Service supports multiple Cisco Unified CM clusters. [1] A key component of the Webex Hybrid Call Service is the Call Connector, hosted on the Cisco Expressway-C Connector Host. [1] We recommend deploying redundant configurations of Cisco Unified CM, Cisco Expressway-C Connector Host, and firewall traversal with Expressway-C, and Expressway-E. [1] Cisco Unified CM connects to Expressway-C for firewall traversal using SIP. [1]

Cisco Unified SRST provides cost-effective solutions for supporting redundant call control in remote branch offices and the homes of teleworkers. [2] It helps assure that Cisco Unified Communications Manager will send emergency calls to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the caller?s location, and that the PSAP can identify the caller?s location and return the call if necessary. [2] Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides an enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system. [2] Cisco Emergency Responder enhances the existing emergency 9?1-1 functionality offered by Cisco Unified Communications Manager. [2]

HTTPS is used for communications between Cisco Directory Connectors and Cisco Webex. [1] It provides user synchronization between on-premises Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco Webex. [1] It provides calendar synchronization between on-premises Microsoft Exchange and Cisco Webex. [1]

Cisco Webex Video Mesh is a component of the PA for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services that enables organizations to deploy an instance of media processing on-premises. [1] Cisco Webex Calling includes a cloud-based phone system (and the ability to connect other Cisco call control capabilities and services through Cisco Webex Hybrid Services) and encompasses all the devices to make calls. [2]

For more information about Webex Hybrid Calendar Service, consult the Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service. [1] For information about these integrations, refer to the latest version of the Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service, available at [1]

Cisco Webex Room Series endpoints support 4K video resolution. [1] Table 9 lists the components and roles of Cisco Webex Video Mesh. [1]

Integrate your existing IT assets with Cisco Webex to provide a single, integrated experience. [2] The integration between the Cisco Expressway-C server and Cisco Webex is facilitated via micro-services installed and managed on the Expressway-C Connector Host by Webex. [1] Cisco Calendar Connector is deployed on the Cisco Expressway-C Connector Host on-premises. [1] Deploy a pair of dedicated Cisco Expressway-C hosts using the Expressway-C OVA. They will serve as your Cisco Expressway-C Connector Hosts. [1]

In all other cases, a dedicated Cisco Expressway-C runs the Call Connector, as shown in Figure 17. [1]

With the exception of Cisco Meeting Server, your users designated for on-premises deployment will be able to access the software using the licenses and PAKs. [2] Cisco Meeting app, WebRTC, SIP/H323, Cisco Spark, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Skype for Business, plus global access phone dial in. [5]

This requires Cisco Unified CM to be in mixed mode and the endpoints and the SIP trunk to Expressway to be provisioned for encryption. [1] Some of the features and functions described in this document still use the Cisco Spark name and terminology, but that terminology will change with future releases of Cisco Webex. [1]

The BlueJeans one-touch feature from the Dolby Conference Phone interface creates a meeting experience that is easy to use and manage, all delivered over the internet to reduce cost and to leverage the latest in team collaboration. [5] We specialize in delivering the latest collaboration solutions including RealConnect, which integrates with Microsoft Teams, as well as Trio conferencing solutions and Pano wireless presenting. [8] Oblong produces a visual collaboration solution called Mezzanine, a gesture controlled user interface which allows users to move visuals from one screen to another. [10] This allows two users to interact more closely even if they are not in the same physical space, which is key for collaboration. [10]

With the increasing need for global collaboration, video conference becomes an economical way for long-distance visual communication. [5] From any endpoint or device, BlueJeans brings video, audio and web conferencing together with the collaboration and messaging tools people use every day. [5] Whitlock can help you manage your video collaboration technologies in one building, one campus, or all of your locations globally. [8]

Data collaboration has become imperative because it allows companies to blend multiple sources of data to help teams reach meaningful conclusions. [10] Virtual reality, data collaboration, visual collaboration tools, and artificial intelligence bots are changing the way that companies do business. [10] The future of business collaboration is in tools that make collaborating a more seamless experience for all stakeholders. [10] Innovative business collaboration techniques can improve your company’s productivity by 20 to 30%. [10] It makes sense that visual collaboration tools are increasing business productivity. [10]

This allows greater collaboration, communication, and customization between businesses and their customers. [10] When communication is done through multiple channels, collaboration can become inefficient. [10]

Often, they are not ready to replace everything they have on-premises, or they simply want to augment their current collaboration tools with those from the cloud. [1] Table 1 shows the Collaboration Flex Plan buying models and the availability of Meetings and Calling within each buying model. [2] This facilitates collaboration and allows the meeting organizer and attendees to communicate and share material prior to, during, and even after the meeting. [1]

As a Collaboration Pre Sales Solutions Architect / Engineer you will participate in diverse and challenging engagements at client sites. [3] The Instapage Collaboration Solution enhances the process by allowing all stakeholders to communicate through a single visual collaboration tool. [10] Start improving your team’s landing page collaboration with the new Instapage Collaboration Solution. [10]

Technology collaboration continues to evolve as new tools are developed. [10] Integrated systems and data collaboration can help decision makers come to important conclusions about consumer behavior. [10] Demonstrates commitment to the Partners-in-Caring process by integrating our culture in all internal and external customer interactions; delivers on our brand promise of “we advance health” through innovation, accountability, empowerment, collaboration, compassion and results while ensuring one Memorial Hermann. [9]

Basic Support is included with any Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan subscription at no additional cost for the duration of your subscription. [2] If you modify your order by choosing a different buying model within Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, you may be required to pay any True Forward fees incurred in connection with your current buying model before you are able to switch to a new buying model. [2]

The survey found that chatbots ranked as the 2nd most preferred channel of communication for consumers, behind face-to-face contact but ahead of email. [10]

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of Cisco products, Unified Communications solutions, products such as Cisco Call Manager, Unity, Contact Center, Presence, Video, LAN Switching, CUWL licensing, SIP Trunking, Catalyst Switches, and network design principles. [11] Do you have a strong Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering background with a real passion for Networking? The Core Architecture and Technology Solutions (CATS) team focuses on all Cisco s core platforms, cultivating a culture of discovery and engagement with partners across the service chain and with many of Cisco s business units. [12] You can provide top-level technical support for router and switch architecture (both hardware and software) to Cisco customers, partners, account teams, and other TAC engineers via phone/email/Jabber consultation to independently troubleshoot & debug product problems. [12]

Candidates will need to demonstrate a high level of design experience, implementation experience with the various Cisco products and technologies is a plus, be highly motivated, excited about learning new products and technologies, and able to effectively communicate ensuring superior customer service and maintaining a strong customer relationship. [11] Swagata Bose, CCIE #40580 (Voice & Collaboration), CUSS, ITIL A double CCIE and a dual Bachelor in Science(BS in IT and Mechanical) with over 8 years of industry experience of Cisco Solutions. [13] Specific tasks include creation of Bill of Materials for Cisco Hardware/Software solutions, Creation of Consulting Engagements, including pricing of engineering services and creation of Statement of Work. [11]

The Cisco TAC provides live technical support through multiple channels, whenever and wherever you need it. [12] You don’t need other Cisco books or attend expensive training classes to supplement your knowledge. [14] Candidates should have a strong knowledge of Cisco technologies and products. [11] Cisco, which always enjoy a good fame, has professional certifications for Cisco products. [14]

Nowadays, professionals certified by Cisco are preferred by the employers and they also get preference in the promotions. [14] Due to continued growth, we are looking to add a Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Architect Lead to be based out of the Southern Virginia (Richmond preferred) market, Washington, DC, Baltimore, or Northern Virginia (VA) Metro area. [11] Swagata is a backbone engineer at the Cisco Technical Assistance Center(TAC) and holds great expertise in Jabber, Cisco IM and Presence, Gateways, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Cisco Unified Attendant Console. [13]

The best Cisco Certification exams bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers and the organizations that employ them. [14] As Cisco delivers the network that powers the Internet, we are connecting the unconnected. [4]

Experience working as a consultant and with Cisco partners is desirable. [11] Cisco’s Technical Services is team of elite technical authorities whose #1 focus is to help customers deploy and operate their networks effectively while delivering the best possible customer experience. [12] The SA Lead works with the Presidio sales and delivery organizations, customers, and manufacturing partners for the purpose of transforming the customer experience through alignment of business goals and objectives to Presidio consulting services and solution architectures. [11] The Vice President of Enterprise Architecture (EA) leads the EA team to define and deliver enterprise-wide architecture and solutions connecting business needs with supporting technology, including accountability for creating and defining an IT Architecture Governance Framework and organizing/leading an IT Architectural Review Board. [15] Directs the activities of the Enterprise Architecture Team, supporting the Enterprise Architecture function, including analyses of current state across business systems and the technology that support them, creation of future state architectures, and development of road maps to achieve future state objectives. [15] Educate stakeholders on the value of enterprise architecture and provide consultation by anticipating future business and technology scenarios. [15] This will be delivered through the process of defining the strategy, plans and governance needed to implement and manage enterprise architecture domain designs and technology standards. [15] Experience building, leading and growing an Enterprise Architecture function. [15]

His experience includes a wide range of technologies including data protection, information management, cloud solutions, enterprise collaboration, compliance and web content management. [16] As a Solutions Architect (SA) Lead and a member of the Pre-Sales Engineering Team, the candidate will be responsible for meeting with Presidio’s Commercial, Enterprise, and Federal customers, collecting requirements for infrastructure solutions relating to networking and unified communications projects and developing engineering solutions for sale to Presidio customers. [11] CSS Corp is a new age IT Services and Tech Support company that harnesses the power of AI, automation, analytics, cloud and digital to address customer needs. The company partners with leading enterprises to help realize their strategic business outcomes. [13] This software engineer role will be accountable for contributing to the enterprise API Management modernization effort along with stabilization and improved resiliency of PI’s Digital Platform as well as providing expertise and insights on API best practices, service governance, and capabilities that improve the developer experience, increase autonomy, and accelerate delivery. [12] Experience coaching Enterprise Architects to strengthen the skills and outcome/value of the team. [15] MRA extends office connectivity to on-the-go and remote employees, providing a seamless experience to customers when they are outside the enterprise network. [13]

Analyzes opportunities with a broad, strategic view; integrates business and technology requirements to achieve cross-domain solutions that work across the enterprise; applies methodologies that are appropriate for multiple users / technology platforms. [4] Define the principles that guide technology decisions for the enterprise, and Chair governance activities in support of the EA function and management of the technology portfolio. [15] Core expertise to include design concepts, IT analysis/analytical thinking, innovation management, enterprise perspective and process knowledge. [4]

You will coordinate closely with your squad leader and colleagues across the enterprise to stay aligned on business goals and make sure your squad is progressing and delivering against them. [12] Lead decision making around technology concerns across the enterprise, ensuring architectural principles are applied and demonstrating strong operational and financial acumen to guide technology decisions. [15] One complete product that redefines backup and recovery for progressive enterprises. [16]

Provide guidance and development of Solutions Architecture team to allow team members to achieve success in their individual roles. [11] The Purpose of Your Role As a Senior Common Solutions Engineer on the Portal Architecture team, you will develop architectural strategies and solutions that the different development subsystem teams will leverage to build their solutions on our application platform. [12] VIEW JOBS 9/19/2018 12:00:00 AM 2018-12-18T00:00 The Senior Common Solutions Engineer will participate in design, development and implementation of web applications and financial tools, with a particular focus on presentation tier architecture. [12] Strong understanding of SaaS and Application Workloads in context of Data Center Architecture design. [4] Create, own and maintain target state architectures and patterns, and coach delivery teams in application of these architectures and patterns. [15]

Maintains a strong knowledge of IT systems and Voice and Unified Communications architectures. [17] Refines ability to combine knowledge of business environment with the architecture of technology solutions. [17] Lead development of business-driven IT roadmaps to map business and functional/capability needs to technology architecture, and provide long-range plans to realize future business and technology goals while maximizing technology investments. [15] Understands and can articulate the value and business advantage of data center virtualization techniques and cloud architectures. [4] Understanding of modern data architectures (e.g. event driven architecture, data democratization, stream log processing, message bus architecture). [15]

Guide, evaluate and govern alignment of project solutions to architecture standards and patterns. [15] Generate architecture policies, standards and procedures; maintain in-depth knowledge of the organization’s technologies and architectures. [15] Knowledge of varying architecture methodologies, with demonstrated ability to select and apply the appropriate method to the problem at-hand. [15]

Along with supporting the technology, she is responsible for conducting trainings, technical writing, onboarding new employees, and mentoring new employees in the Collaboration TAC Team. [13] Roadmaps delivered by the VP of EA in direct collaboration with business and IT stakeholders enable planning and realization of the business and architectural goals, and drive business and technology transformation. [15]

This session will introduce one of the integral, money-saving features of the Cisco Collaborations Solution, Mobile and Remote Access(MRA). [13]

Demonstrated ability to make informed, data-driven decisions, applying appropriate decision making rigor around projects, solutions and preferred technology. [15]

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