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Glass House Built Around Tree
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  • This conceptual tubular glass house was designed to be built around a living tree.(More…)
  • This stunning red tiny house built into the trees is a Colorado gem.(More…)
  • I remembered driving with my father up a certain tree lined street in Glendale when he parked on the side of the road and pointed at a petite flat-roofed wood and glass paneled house surrounded by trees.(More…)


  • Treehouses are structures built on or against trees, but there are instances when it?s totally different.(More…)
  • Instead of it being a house in the trees this home repurposed a pair of trees that were in the lot that the home was to be created on.(More…)
  • As I chat with Kevin Alter, partner of alterstudio architecture that designed the house, near the towering live oak tree that stretches up through a hole in the ipe deck and extends through a generous opening in the cedar ceiling, cool breezes funnel through the space and Mother Nature provides all of the air-conditioning needed.(More…)
  • The owners of this treehouse monikered “Isle au Haut” recommend the autumn months for a visit to their custom-built tree dwelling outfitted with a king size bed in its own tiny house, connected to the common area by a rustic rope bridge.(More…)



This conceptual tubular glass house was designed to be built around a living tree. [1] The transparent glass fade of the house built by Berkeley architect Donald Olsen helps it merge with outdoors. [1] Built as a tribute to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the Gefter-Press House (The Binocular House) was designed by veteran architect and Professor Michael Bell. [1] Built for a couple at the edge of Oregon’s coastal forest, this simple two-story, glass house serves as a weekend getaway to connect with the nature. [1] This glass house is built from several sheets of glass assembled using the Plexiglas joint. [1]

Tree houses certainly are the center of attraction whenever we’re lucky enough to come across one, but when it’s a matter of spending your entire life, no place gets better than this Tubular Glass House built around a tree. [2]

Though the house enjoyed great views of the bay when it was first built, the perspective was steadily obscured over the years by increasingly dense tree cover. [3] Netherlands-based architecture firm Hans van Heeswijk Architects has designed this glass house with the aim to bring in loads of natural light and outdoor views. [1] This cantilevered glass house is designed by Japanese architect and Harvard professor Toshiko Mori. [1] “Livable version? of Philip Johnson?s Glass House hits the market The $7.7M price tag includes Johnson?s 1953-built Alice Ball House, plus the construction of a modern complement designed by Reja Bakh. [4] Here is a list of modern glass houses from around the world that offer mesmerizing views of surrounding landscape from the comfort of bed. [1] Glass houses are a good example of modern architecture that can be a small backyard cabin to a fully-furnished vacation home. [1] Located in a wooded location in Oakville, Canada, it is a three-story, modern glass house that combines luxury with natural in a marvelous way. [1] The curving copper roof over a transparent glass structure is what makes this house different from most glass houses. [1] Glass houses are one of the most wonderful architectures that boast unique aesthetics and functionality. [1] This eco-friendly villa consists of an underground volume and a glass house floating above the ground. [1] This one-story glass house features open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling glass walls between black steel piers and stock H-beams. [1]

Architect Aibek Almassov created a glass house around a tree as a perfect weapon to combat stone proliferation. [2] This amazing tubular glass house around a tree will help in avoiding the destruction of forests. [2] Keeping that in mind the Spectacular Mountain Tree House encrusted in a Red Cedar Tree forest is located in Xiuning, Anhui, China is constructed out of wood and glass. [5] Constructed solely out of wood, glass windows, and glass doors this tree house has the remanence of a fairy tale. [5]

The first thing they built was a tree house: a honeycomb-like structure high in a towering live-oak tree, with decks, ladders and open-air “pods” designed for animal-watching, sleeping, stargazing and wine tasting. [6] “I couldn?t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli house instead,” lamented Brock Davis, a Minneapolis-based artist, who is also responsible for the famous Make Something Cool Every Day project that we’ve featured. [7] This tree house was built around the idea that tree houses should appear as a magical place. [5]

This is probably one of the most unusual and creative designs of houses in the green zone, but rather a project of a house built around a growing tree. [8] Through the thousands of images on the internet about house built around tree for you, picks the most useful series with ideal image resolution only for you, and now this photographs is considered one of photos series within our greatest pictures gallery with regards to 9 Great House Built Around Tree. [9] Whether in giant quantities or as a minimalist finish, both can have a similar 9 Great House Built Around Tree. [9] “9 Great House Built Around Tree” From house built around tree to hanging leaves and larger potted plants, inexperienced plants can change any summer surround. [9]

Other homes that cleverly incorporate tree trunks include a conceptual tubular glass house by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, which has a mature fir tree at its centre; and a house in southeast Australia by architect Paul Morgan, which is framed by forked tree branches. [10] Ukiah, California Moose Road, a lanternlike vacation house designed by Mork-Ulnes Architects, in Ukiah, California, was built on steel stilts to minimize its environmental impact and preserve the roots of each oak tree on the property. [11] It is a simple tree house built on a deck, with a roof but without walls. [12] A enchanted Tree House build in a jungle giant with all comforts only 100 meters distance from coconut trees surrounded Caribbean sand beach in Cahuita,Playa Negra,Costa Rica surrounded by a tropical garden with a diverse wildlife one of the most beautiful tree houses built in a tropical paradise in Cahuita in harmony with the nature for an unforgettable and incomparable holiday experience daily and weekly rental. [13] I have a family friend who owned a large mansion in the hills and he built a cliff-side tree house just like this one but with a bigger size. [12]

Conceptual design of this glass house is located in the mountains of Kazakhstan, and look at it closely insideGood for green lovers. [8] The sculptures carved from felled trees are on long term display near the Glass House in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens (Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India). [14] The gardens? famed Glass House, built with cast iron from Glasgow, was still strewn with the remnants of the flower show displays. [14] Australian architect Max Pritchard designed this two level structure to function as a studio away from his heritage listed, elevated steel and glass house on the outskirts of Adelaide. [15] Prominent architect and critic, Philip Johnson, was inspired by the design, designing and building his own Glass House in 1947 as his personal residence. [16] Living in a glass house allows David and Kathleen Daniels to fully experience the four seasons — from every room. [17]

Yeah, you could stay in hotel. Or, you could stay in a glass tree house in the Tuscan forest, or a real-life Scottish castle, or even a restored windmill in Santorini. [18] Built in his own woodland space to ‘feel the tranquillity and the connection between the materials and the making’, British woodsman and craftsman Jeremy Pitts created his own tree house from various different aged timbers, sourced within a 15-mile radius of the build site in East Sussex. [15] One of Tree House Lodge’s four rooms is the Tree House, a magical space built around 100-year-old Sangrillo trees, with an open-air living room, bathroom (where toilets and a shower are built into the trunk), and full kitchen; a wooden bridge leads up to bedrooms higher up in the trees. [19] Built among the branches of an ancient Ebony tree, the Tree House at Tongabezi Lodge is a chic open-plan hideaway with a gorgeous private deck extending over the Zambezi River. [20] Ethan Schlussler is no stranger to building awesome tree houses, having built a total of four massive, fully livable tree houses. [21] There are seven unique thatch and reed tree houses, each built around an individual tree. [22] Jaci’s Tree Lodge has 8 luxury tree houses each built around a giant Leadwood tree about 6 meters off the ground. [22]

What: Glass house melds with its setting while capturing dramatic views. [17] The steel and glass house was commissioned by Edith Farnsworth, M.D., a prominent Chicago nephrologist, as a place where she could engage in her hobbies– playing the violin, translating poetry, and enjoying nature. [16] It wasn’t until they found the perfect piece of property in the Lake Minnetonka community of Woodland that they were able to make their glass house dream a reality. [17] One was Philip Johnson’s iconic 1949 rectangular Glass House. [17] My interest lay in what was behind the Glass House; two women taking a break from watering the bright yellow and pink flowers that line the lawn pointed me toward the sculptures. [14]

This stunning red tiny house built into the trees is a Colorado gem. [23] Three months later, Nelson returned to construct the tree house using 17 sections built at his Washington state-based Nelson Treehouse and Supply. [24]

I remembered driving with my father up a certain tree lined street in Glendale when he parked on the side of the road and pointed at a petite flat-roofed wood and glass paneled house surrounded by trees. [25] This luxurious tree house which is made out of wood and glass is the perfect getaway from the busy life. [26]

Bet the tree house you built as a kid didn?t have a hot tub. [27]

The Klausmeyer family loved their “upside down” summer house on Nantucket that my family visited when I was a girl, and they asked Woodie to create a glass house for them on a wooded hillside. [25]


Treehouses are structures built on or against trees, but there are instances when it?s totally different. [1] This residence in Brazil, built by architect Alessandro Sartore, manages to do just that by allowing trees that were already growing on the property to continue up and through the new structure. [28] Fuji Kindergarten, a school located in Tachikawa, Japan, was built in a ring around a Zelkova tree with a storied past. [28] Before the school was built in 2007, the tree was a popular place for kids to climb and hang out. [28] When a road was built in the city of Pato Branco, the tree was spared. [28] Visitors always notice the large tree that the bar is built around. [28] Those plans were scrapped, and Kayashima station was built around the camphor tree. [28] Figueira Rubaiyat in Sao Paulo is a restaurant built entirely around a 100-year-old fig tree that is nothing less than colossal in size. [28]

Built in 1954, the Donald and Helen Olsen House was designed by Berkeley architect Donald Olsen and is a well-preserved example of International Style. [3] Leading architecture and interior design firm Axis Mundi proposed this riverside cliff house to be built across the Hudson River in New Jersey. [1] The Tower House is built by New York-based architectural firm Gluck+ in a woody location as vacation retreat to enjoy magnificent views of the Catskill mountain range. [1]

This U-shaped house dissolves into the surrounding forest with transparent glass fades to serve as a secluded shelter. [1] This fully glazed house is a collaborative project by Slovenia-based OFIS Architects, Guardian Glass engineers and energy consultants from AKT II and Transsolar. [1]

Tokyo-based Yuusuke Karasawa Architects has designed this glazed, two-story house that reflects its surroundings. [1] It is designed by architect Claudio Beltrame, in collaboration with DomusGaia, an Italian company specializing in wooden prefabricated houses. [29] Located at The La Casa del Desierto (the desert house), it is designed to maintain a comfortable atmosphere even in extreme temperatures of deserts. [1] The $7.7M price tag includes Johnson?s 1953-built Alice Ball House, plus the construction of a modern complement designed by Reja Bakh. [4]

The living quarters, dining area and sleeping areas are housed on the transparent top floor of the house. [1] As adults, we are now living in structured homes, houses that must live up to codes and sanctions. [30]

The focus of the design is to maximize outside views from all living spaces of the house. [1] The deck is supported by a large beam that’s bolted and tied to the main part of the house with steel cables. [3] The complete white interiors complement the dark floor, adding a contemporary and stylish essence to the house. [1]

On the ground floor, extensive glazing allows the interior space to meld with the outdoor area to the rear of the building–this is where the structure winds around the old walnut tree and becomes a courtyard-like reading area. [28] How will the tree survive the inside environment of the home? How will clean-up be when leaves start falling within your living room and dining area? When the tree dies, how will you remove it from the home? These questions only graze the surface of the concerns for the new design. [30] One way the designers were able to do this was by incorporating one of the trees found on the property into the design of the home. [28] Since the tree branches spread out to fill more space on the upper levels of the home, most of the actual living space is at the base of the building. [28] The building, designed by Pascale Guot, surrounds the old tree, which stands in the middle of a reading room. [28]

Unlike most other architects, they do not damage the tree supporting treehouses. [29] Here is a list of 15 treehouses from around the world that turn living among trees into a literally amazing experiences. [29] Today, this treehouse is among the most popular meeting places amidst the calm and mysterious trees. [29]

The top floors, of the four-floor palace, will rise above the tree canopy, providing a breath-taking view of the woods. [30] In one of the bedrooms, the tree pierces through the floor and ceiling, and out through the roof. [28]

Rather than sitting on the branches, the home he designed wraps around a pine tree. [28] The home gracefully sits among the surrounding canopy of trees. [3] It is suspended at a height of 10 metres and supported by the surrounding fir trees. [29]

The entire building will be transparent, even the balustrades, which supports the structure around the tree. [30] The weight of this entire structure is carried by four inclined steel supports enhanced by the connections to the trees. [29]

How can the French be far behind when it comes to aesthetic luxury? Having the unique shape of a bird’s nest, it is supported by a 100 years old oak tree. [29] The Big Kusu Tree of Kayashima, as the camphor tree is known, is older than most records, but officials estimate that it has been around for at least 700 years. [28] The tree, which is about 50 years old, was nearly uprooted during a typhoon. [28] The Lindvalls got the idea from “The Tree Lover’, a film by Jonas Selberg Augusten. [29] These are located at a considerable height supported by the pine and fir trees. [29] It is 9 feet above ground level and is supported by wooden stilts. 20 feet high, it blends in beautifully with the trees. [29]

The lower level art studio, where Helen painted, was a later addition to the house. [3] The house has zigzagging central staircases to connect the split levels. [1]

The beachfront house of 700 square feet was designed and conceptualized by D eture Culsign and completed in 6 months. [29] With plants both inside and out, the house feels immersed in nature. [3]

In his dreams, Almassov imagines the tree house to be a cylindrical structure, providing a 360-degree view of the outside surroundings. [30] The Olsens actually enjoyed the shelter and ” tree house ” feel of the surrounding foliage, and chose to let the trees grow unrestricted instead of cutting or trimming them to restore the view. [3]

The Tree House People main purpose is to draw people’s attention to the threat to ecology brought on by unsatiated human quest for petty pleasures. [29]

The walkway leads to a small outdoor space surrounding the trunk, with glass sliding glass doors on either side to access the main room on one side and the bathroom and dressing room on the other. [4] The four-story, circular building is walled with glass for views of the surrounding woods. [28] The entire glass structure reflects surrounding terrain while also offering panoramic surrounding views. [1] This floating glass structure supported by thin steel columns was created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma as an addition to the existing mid-century modern home. [1] Children play on the glass, steel, and wood structure in the kindergarten’s yard. [28]

Although, facade and walls use glass as the main building material, internal partitions and floors bolstered by strong frames provide the required structural stability. [1] The dramatic glass curtain wall, spanning an impressive 37 feet, allows the main living level to be flooded with natural light. [3] The main building materials are concrete, anodized aluminum panels, and seamed glass. [1] The choice for the palette of materials is limited to glass, metal, wood and other natural materials. [1] The glass walls make it a great viewing platform for the surrounding forest. [1] There are glass walls on three sides to blend into the surrounding foliage. [1] The glass walls are covered by red cedar battens which ensure the privacy of the residents while offering them breathtaking views. [29] These floors will be narrow ring shapes surrounded by a spiraling staircase which runs along the glass walls. [30] This two-story waterfront residence features large glass walls and an indoor lap pool. [1] This four story, 173-square-meter waterfront home features a distinctive white glass fade that is enough to draw anyone’s attention. [1]

The smooth glass facade blurs the boundaries between interior space and outdoors without sacrificing great aesthetics. [1] The complete white interior with large glass windows creates an ultimate luxurious environment inside. [1]

From walls and ceiling to staircase and furniture items, all living spaces are outfitted with glass items. [1] The glass curtain-wall system is an important and painstaking task in the design. [1] The glass facades reflect silhouettes of surrounding mountains, and maximize the viewing angle. [1] It is a great example of adding glass extension to an existing housing structure. [1] The glass pavilion is topped with a green roof, with edges covered in reflective aluminum panels. [1]

It offers a total of 8,271 square-feet living space, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area. [1] The floor-to-ceiling glass walls and bright white interior seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. [1] This 1,240 square-feet waterfront lodge featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls was built across a lake near Montreal in 2015. [1]

Built by London based Basa Architects for an eco-hotel in the Panama Islands, this cocoa pod- shaped treehouse can be accessed only by boat. [29] Built by Cape Town-based architectural firm Malan Vorster, this isn’t your typical treehouse. [29] It was originally built for a resident who wanted to revisit their childhood treehouses. [29] Photos by Marco Lavit Nicora via Contemporist Treehouses are an ever-fascinating architectural form, whether they?re built by tech companies or 19th-century restaurateurs. [4]

Inspired by the look and construction of birds? nests, the architect got to work creating a 250-square-foot space built around a 100-year-old oak. [4] Though much of the home remains intact as it would have looked when it was built, a few alterations were made over the years that, today, appear as seamless elements of the property. [3] The HemLoft was designed and built by Joel Allen who left his job as a software developer to be, yes, a carpenter. [29] It was built on Crown land, and this cute little egg-shaped structure was not really liked by the rich mansion owners. [29]

Whether its the living room and kitchen on the first floor or bedroom suites on the second floor, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows bring natural light and outdoors in. [1]

Instead of it being a house in the trees this home repurposed a pair of trees that were in the lot that the home was to be created on. [5] Kazakhstan based architect, Aibek Almasov unifies eco-friendliness, modern design, and nature in his 2013 concept “Modern Tree House?. [31] The view consists of numerous miles of trees and its surroundings. [5] It even features a real tree running through the center of the home. [5] There is just something very innocent yet captivating about living in a tree closer to the sky than the ground. [5] Designers Thor te Kulve and Robert McIntyre have devised a clever system that allows anyone to build a spiral staircase up the trunk of a tree without actually hurting it and without using tools. [7] Not only does it have wooden elements, but there are several large mango trees that are over 50 years old running through and around the property. [5]

We A.Masow Architects created the design of the house which we believe will change the future! The peculiarity of it is that it is not dependent on the urban communications, does not require any connection, he is independent. [31] The house was constructed with 3 different rooms the bedroom, deck, and living room. [5] Due to its unique feature, it houses different cabins and even terraces that are all equipped with the latest Eco-friendly technology. [5] Two years ago we created it, but when in the meantime we have received many offers to stay in this house documentary. [31]

When Mallinson Ltd and BEaM Studio decided to come together and create a Treehouse in the Forests, their main focus was to keep the tree house as true to the original tree house esthetics as possible. [5] In hopes of creating one of the most unique tree houses ever created Baumraum decided to create THE TREEHOUSE. [5] If you have been eyeing the idea of owning a tree house, but aren?t completely sure of it kit may be time to visit this beautiful and unique hotel. This Stunning and Incredibly Unique Hotel was designed by Studio Puisto in Rovaniemi, Finland. [5] It measures at 11 meters high making it one of the tallest tree houses ever designed. [5] This secluded beauty known as the HP Tree House by mmp Architects is located on the flanks of Mt Whitfield in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. [5] It is located in the middle of a forest for the full tree house effect. [5] One particular aspect of this tree house that stands out from the rest is that it is actually located near a lake. [5] International architecture and design company Snetta has created the ultimate tree house in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. [7] In all reality, it could be exactly what your home needs. Let us know in the comments below what your perfect tree house would include. [5] Mystical, enchanting, fun, and magical are just a few words to describe a tree house home. [5] A modernized home with a lifetime of memories is the concept used to create this stunning tree house known as the Garden Tree House. [5] The innovative structure of this Contemporary Tree House Near Cape Town, South Africa is one of a kind. [5] The structure of this tree house brings every kid?s dream to life. [5] When it comes to a tree house many of us have a traditional outlook on this idea and it may look a little bit like a house directly in the trees warm, cozy, and elegant. [5] Due to this the idea was always to bring the perfect tree house to life. [5] If you decide to live in a tree house, prepare yourself that the idea will also have some downsides to it as well. [7] We all at some point in our lives envisioned living in a tree house at least once, or twice, okay maybe four times or more. [5] With that being said the hotel offers multiple different rooms in different parts of the tree house. [5]

In order to give the home a modern outlook it has glass walls that allow you to look out into the beautiful forest it resides in. [5] Kazakh history is rife with stories of people throwing stones, making this glass tree-house, by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, the perfect weapon to combat stone proliferation. [7]

A selection of the private treehouses we’ve designed and built for individuals and families. [32] A selection of the treehouses we’ve designed and built for corporate and nonprofit organizations. [32]

Nelson Treehouse has designed and built over 350 treehouses around the world. [32] Pete Nelson’s gallery of residential, public, and commercial treehouses built by Nelson Treehouse and Supply. [32]

As I chat with Kevin Alter, partner of alterstudio architecture that designed the house, near the towering live oak tree that stretches up through a hole in the ipe deck and extends through a generous opening in the cedar ceiling, cool breezes funnel through the space and Mother Nature provides all of the air-conditioning needed. [33] In a “Gordon Matta-Clark-like intervention”, an oak tree trunk serves as a structural support for a house with a pentagonal plan in Ghent by local architects Atelier Vens Vanbelle. [10]

Insulated custom glass walls disappear into the home’s ceiling and floors to provide unobstructed views all the way through to the back of the house. [33] From a lake house in Ontario to a glass tower in New York’s Catskill Mountains, these modern structures will make you long for a life surrounded by the great outdoors. [11]

Common areas at Clear Lake Cottage, like the dining room pictured, look out onto a nearby lake (which lends the house its name), while private spaces have views of the surrounding woods. [11] The house is nestled in its sylvan setting and features glazed walls and sliding doors, framing views of the surrounding forest. [11] Built not very high from the ground, this house has three walls with curtains and a gable roof. [12]

Using a 12-metre-tall oak tree as a central structural column, the architects built a series of mezzanine floors that spiral around the trunk to form a pentagonal plan. [10] He built the iconic structure next to that tree, and for nearly 60 years the sugar maple stood witness to the Farnsworth House?s activities–family visits, restorations, and changes of ownership, including becoming a National Trust Historic Site in 2003. [34] The actual room is built around the tree trunk with wooden planks and hoisted to the tree itself. [12] Because I did not cut down the trees, but built around them, respecting nature, this facilitated the sloths to cross my property and to eat from the leaves of trees they needed. [13] There, as I camped under the star lit skies at night, surrounded by thousands of fireflies, I would imagine and make plans of my dream tree-house built in the giant tree that was towering over my property. [13] It can be built using support of two or more trees, size varying accordingly. [12]

You can model yours on this one, or on your neighbor?s, or on one you saw on Treehouse Masters, but the tree (or trees) in your yard will be different–thicker, farther apart, closer together, stronger, weaker–so your design will change accordingly. [35] The first rule of treehouse building is that it all kind of depends on the tree. [35]

On the 2nd deck, there is a another living room on the open air terraced with a spectacular view looking over the canopy of trees and plants. [13] Another economic idea for a tree deck that you might be planning to build yourself. [12] Kids and adults can relax in the tree deck under the lush natural canopy of trees. [12] It can be an open type of tree deck, and can be used by the kids to play around, or by an adult to just get away with a book and a mug of hot coffee. [12] The 3rd deck has its private little terrace with iron wrought chairs and table, feel completely enveloped in the trees living branches with hanging orchids. [13] A unique experience, living in a giant rubber tree, nestled in its branches, with nature all around you. [13] A sensation of peace and tranquility that only a living tree can create. [13]

If you are careful and looking to be more laid back, then this tree pod design is perfect. [12] Equipped with a strong ladder, but without a roof, this tree deck is an amazing place to hang out on summer afternoons or autumn evenings. [12] You can have a sturdy wooden deck installed between a cluster of trees, in a desired polygonal shape. [12] This deck uses the tree as a primary support, with beams to support the corners. [12]

For the floor joists, I used three 2 x 12 boards and fanned them out from the 10-foot mark on each trunk: one on the outside edges of the trees, and one threaded through the V in the middle. [35] So: At this point, the three big floor joists were splayed out into the air, one end propped up by a 4 x 4, the other clamped to the trees. [35] On the 1st floor, an outside shower is found in between the trees roots. [13]

Where the railings meet the trees, I attached a wood block, using as few fasteners as possible, to act as a base for the railing to affix to–a starting point, or ending point, for the railing. [35] The best thing about this garden clubhouse is that you don’t even need a tree to build it upon. [12]

The house has a unique three-pronged floor plan that showcases stunning vineyard and mountain views. [11] The rear of the two-story, 3,800-square-foot house is glazed to take advantage of the forest views. [11] New York Tower House, designed by Gluck+ in New York?s Catskill Mountains in 2012, has a distinct T-shape and an all-glass enclosure that reflects the forest. [11] Ontario, Canada Kiss House, a retreat set above Rainy Lake in Canada, was designed by architecture firm Lazor/Office. [11] Mies took his cue from a large sugar maple on the site when deciding on the perfect placement for the house, designed in 1945 for Edith Farnsworth. [34] Include a few prop swords and shields and paper mache creatures, light it up with fancy lights, some heroic adventure music, and your kids have the perfect medieval fort house to play make believe in. [12]

In the process, the architects created a small viewing deck, overlooking the park in front of the house. [10] For instance, the ground floor houses the owner’s studio, the living spaces are on the midway floors and the bedroom and bathroom are located at the top of the house. [10] There, dreamy outdoor living spaces flank a pool that sparkles beneath a second ceiling opening that invites sunlight, moonlight and rain deep into the core of the house. [33]

“The inner structure of the house was in a poor condition and the rooms were too small,” explained Atelier Vens Vanbelle. [10] The open rooms connect together to form a spiral staircase that ascends through the house, room-by-room. [10]

The driftwood-inspired design features a series of wood-clad structures–including a three-bedroom house, a garage, and a dock house–linked by walkways. [11] The Hills say the home is more unique and functional than any house they’ve lived in. [33] Tucked into the treetops, ensconced from city noise and the sight of neighboring houses, Chris and Julie Hill’s sculptural home feels as if it exists in another place entirely. [33]

Building it in close proximity to your house can give you extra assurance about your kids? safety. [12] Set at the edge of a forest, the house overlooks a private meadow. [11] If you feel the simplicity is a little off putting to your artistic sensibilities, then you can add movable elements in the house, like fancy little furniture and decor that will make it stand out. [12] A new envelope material with little to no carbon impact was scientifically explored, and the use of this material to create a sustainable house was technically examined. [36] Arranged beneath a bespoke light fixture in the main house are a Jean Prouvdining table and Maarten van Severen chairs, all by Vitra; the suite of leather-upholstered seating is by Dieter Rams for Vitsoe. [11]

You can build a tree house in the woods right next to your camping site and make your kids feels right at home. [12] How about an obstacle race to the tree house? Build a fun and challenging obstacle course for your kids by adding a rock-climbing wall, rope swings or rope ladders. [12] A perfect hideout for kids playing outdoors, this tree house has four walls and a hoisted tarp blending in with the trees. [12] It’s a perfect fun-sized tree house for your kids for outdoor playtime. [12] The two-storied spacious tree house can be an exciting getaway for kids playing outdoors. [12] If your kids prefer being away from the public when they play, you can build a tree house secluded from the public areas around your house. [12] If you don’t want to build a traditional tree house and are interested in abstract building designs, you could make a tree house in this different way. [12] Tree houses will always be interesting and trendy, no matter how far along we come in elaborate building designs. [12] Which of the tree house plans caught your eye the most? Do you think you can take a number of ideas and mix them to create something unique for you and your family? You don?t always have to stick to the recommended designs. [12] With a deck, you can basically add a number of small decorative furniture pieces for that extra appeal and perhaps go for more rustic designs to complement the tree house. [12] This tree house with a deck can grant you a view of the woods, from all sides. [12] The tree house consists of a deck with handrails and stair steps, so it’s safe for your kids to play. [12] If you wish to build a tree house for your kids similar to the one you had in your childhood, this is the pattern you’re looking for. [12] If you want a more of a Disney world theme for the house, you can paint sigils with your kids on linen or silk cloth, cut them into shapes of banners, attach wooden or steel rods to the banners to hang them, and hammer some nails in the tree house. [12] This idea is brilliant for a small or medium sized tree house serving as a hideaway for your kids. [12] If you want a big spacious tree house in the woods, this idea is quite a catch. [12] This tree house can be a small yet quaint place to hang out in the woods. [12] If you’re interested in adding a natural element to your backyard tree house without making it look constructed, try this design. [12] This traditional tree house design uses the tree as a main support. [12] This sophisticated design for a tree house is more suitable for adults. [12] You can probably go with different ladder designs to make the entrance to your tree house look a little more special. [12] If your tree house is high enough, you may want to modify the ladders into something more fun, with peppy design elements and decorative additions. [12] This basic tree house has a simple lean-to roof and four walls. [12] This tree house is spacious and large, with tiny abstract windows, rope railings, extra landing and thatched roof. [12] The frame for the tree house is a simple cubicle with a roof. [12] You may make your tree houses self sustainable by adding solar panels to the roof. [12] Give your tree house a refreshing new look by building it like a mountain cabin. [12] This guide lacks the visual step-by-step tutorial of the techniques, so you might have to take a little more efforts into building a perfect tree house. [12] This very basic and step-by-step plan essentially eases your tree house building endeavor. [12] This minimalist approach to building a tree house is quite achievable. [12] Unlike the simple tree house guides from above, this guide has detailed instructions to building a good tree house. [12] Building a tree house is one of the most rewarding experiences and truly a worthy investment. [12] Do share the tree house plans you select and what you eventually end up building. [12] Imagine climbing into the tunnel slides and slide into your home or trying the other way and climbing into the tree house. [12] Give your kids a tree house to enjoy through their childhood and their teenage years. [12] Give hiking and fishing a pass, and unwind in this very private woody tree house with your kids. [12] Tree houses have always been on the bucket list for all of us as kids, and even as adults. [12] It’s a very basic construction project for carpentry beginners so if your kids have been insistent on having a tree house, you don’t have to fret about detailed, fancy and time consuming efforts anymore. [12] Making the tree house compact can add to its strength and make it durable for playing kids. [12] This very easy and simple tree house blends in perfectly with the surrounding trees. [12] This tree house is similar to a tree deck, but smaller, mostly for children. [12] These plans have all the tips and tricks to help you make a simple tree house with a deck. [12] Bring back the trend of traditional tree houses with the A-Frame Tree House, equipped with a deck on one side, pulleys and ladders. [12] Topo’s Tree House has 2 decks, with an extra 3rd little deck to enjoy your morning coffee or an evening cocktail while looking out into the jungle’s tree tops and flora. [13] As the name suggests, this tree house is similar to a tree deck, but smaller and higher. [12] You can have the main tree house on the upper level and a garage on the ground. [12] With added levels and slides, this luxurious tree house can be equally fun for both children and adults. [12] Here we have another easy-to-understand instruction guide to build a simple tree house. [12] A minimalist approach to build a tree house from picket fences. [12] You can associate tips and tricks from both guides and build an amazing tree house right in your backyard. [12] This four-sided ladder is easy to build and attach to your tree house. [12] A tree house is a winner idea for anyone looking for solitude and escape. [12] Check out these amazing Do-it-yourself ideas for your very own backyard tree house. [12] Bring a feeling of sailing through the seven seas with this nifty tree house idea. [12] Add a bit of adventure to your otherwise ordinary tree house with this idea. [12] Add some adventure to your outdoor parties with this amazing tree house. [12] You can hide the tree house behind a lush branch of the tree to provide a natural cover. [12] A thematic tree house, inspired by childhood stories like Winnie the Pooh, is something every child would love. [12] To look out at the valley or a depression from the porch of a tree house like this is mesmerizing. [12]

The L-shaped structure combines concrete, wood, steel, and expansive panes of glass that emphasize views of the natural surroundings. [11] Architects have put a contemporary spin on woodland homes, creating spectacular structures of glass, wood, and steel that take advantage of their beautiful settings. [11]

Gambier Island, British Columbia Perched high above a protected cove on its namesake isle in British Columbia, Gambier Island House–a rectilinear weekend retreat of wood, glass, and steel–was designed by the McFarlane Green Biggar Architecture + Design for a young Vancouver-based couple. [11] The firm achieved that by relying on a simple palette of quality materials and craftsmanship–wood walls and ceiling, uninterrupted custom-glazed walls of glass, smooth gray limestone, stucco soffits and white terrazzo floors. [33] It has a glass roof so kids can look at the raindrops without getting drenched. [12]

Ontario Clear Lake Cottage was built by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects in Ontario for a Toronto-based family of five. [11] At first I built my home and as life does, plans changed, life moved on. [13]

The 1st floor has a beautiful tropical wood deck, with carved posts and one side which is completely a wall of the giant tree’s roots, creating a mosaic of shapes, twists and turns. [13] The Farnsworth House, a Mies van der Rohe-designed glass-and-steel country retreat just outside Plano, Illinois, may be famous for its Modernist architecture. [34]

Rising from a forest pond on the outskirts of the town of Uslar in Lower Saxony, Treehouse Solling is surrounded by a plethora of fantastical forest imagery, including a small brook, an abundance of flora and fauna, an old forester’s house and hemlock spruce trees. [15] In tree canopies across the world, architects are hoisting up houses to broaden their horizons of minimal living and to experiment with timber construction that is sensitive and respectful of its environment. [15] The house is in perfect harmony with nature – there is no garden architecture, no pathways, or flower beds. A large maple tree shelters the raised travertine marble terrace. [16] The house’s close proximity to the tree, some ten feet, led to a feeling of oneness with nature, which was integral to the design aesthetic that Mies sought in designing the house. [16] One of the many features of the immediate site was a large Black Maple tree, which was integral for the placement and orientation of the house on the site. [16] The house is anchored to the site in the cooling shadow of a large and majestic black maple tree. [16] Incidentally, the same species of tree, which also is quite abundant in the state park to the south, was among the reasons for the land in the immediate vicinity of the house being designated as a state park in the 1960s. [16]

The simple tree hut is a lightweight aluminium structure mounted atop the trunk of a tall pine tree, clad in reflective glass that bridges the gap between modern construction materials and natural location. [15] There are classic tree suites and Moroccan themed suites, all luxuriously furnished using natural materials as well as large glass doors to let in plenty of canopy filtered light. [22]

Part of Finland?s Iso Syote Hotel, the unit is skillfully constructed around a growing tree and features a stunning design with glorious floor-to-ceiling glass windows and roof gazing out across a marvelous backdrop of untouched nature and dancing Northern Lights. [20]

The elements of the surrounding nature coincide with the panes of glass and the exterior of the house. [16] Living in a house made of glass is not for everyone, admits Alt. [17]

Although not a real treehouse, the Kids Hotel at Thailand?s hip Iniala Beach House is an outstanding hotel feature that allows children to sleep and play in creatively designed caves and treehouses while their parents relax. [20] It was announced in 2011 that the Illinois Institute of Technology, for which Mies restructured and designed its Master Plan was going to build a permanent exhibition space for the huge wardrobe that was formerly in the house. [16] Both Kathleen and David work from home, so Alt designed a home office at the far end of the live/work wing to create a sense of separation from the rest of the house, making it easier to focus and be productive. [17] Note the tube in the center of the house designed as a single point of entry for all the buildings utilities. [16] Both buildings are supported by a stand-type base lined with larch, which house the utilities and supply circuit and act as a storage space for gardening tools and waste. [15]

As Mies often did, the entrance is located on the sunny side, facing the river instead of the street, moving visitors around corners, and revealing views of the house and site from various angles as they approach the front door. [16] Credit Brad Dickson for The New York Times But when they arrived in the village, wound their way up a tree-lined hill to the house and saw its long view to the Hudson River, they quickly changed their minds. [37] The house is elevated 5feet 3inches (1.60m) above a flood plain by eight wide flange steel columns which are attached to the sides of the floor and ceiling slabs. [16] The tree house’s main body is made of galvanised steel, while the walls, ceiling and floor are constructed from solid, prefabricated five-layer spruce panels. [15] There are 6 treehouse rooms built on stilts around baobab trees. [22] The Chalkey Treehouse is built around a beautiful 500-year-old Leadwood Tree. [22] The dining room, lounge, and reception area are built around a huge 700-year-old baobab tree. [22] Some of them are rustic cabins built into the canopy of majestic trees, others make for luxurious nature retreats, yet others are true architectural marvels with high-tech interiors and contemporary amenities. [20] At Cabanes des Grands Lacs in the Val de Bonntal, visitors can spend the night in environmentally-friendly lodges built among the branches of century-old trees. [20] Tarangire Treetops offers 20 luxury tents, built atop tree-attached platforms high up in Baobab and Marula trees. [22] Built along the lines of Mughal gardens that were popular and in fashion in the subcontinent in the 18th century, Lalbagh?s current acreage also holds a vast lake, many rare trees, and several monuments, while also supporting extensive biodiversity. [14]

Project leader Tracey Collins selected Pacific Environments Architects to design the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, which sits around a 40m high Redwood tree. [15] Herbst Architects considered the thicket of mature trees in the home’s design, looking to reduce its environmental impact on the space. [15] Resultantly, as few trees were removed as possible, with the outdoor spaces incorporating many into the landscape design. [15] A unique feature is the patio space, which features a safety net through which a pine tree rises, permitting guests to stargaze and sleep outdoors in summer. [15] Created by Nelson Treehouse and Supply, each accommodation is perched high in its own tree and features a unique design that incorporates lovely vintage furniture and original artwork. [20]

Scaled to the height of the nearby trees, the three raised levels provide unrestricted views of outstanding natural beauty, accompanied by open, light interiors that resonate with the surroundings. [15] A mezzanine level above the kitchen aids to maximise the rural views offered from the tree house’s vantage point. [15] The rough-hewn wooden bungalows sit at eye level with tree sloths, monkeys, and other arboreal wildlife, making you feel like a part of the rain forest, not just a temporary observer. [19]

Sleeping up to 4 people, the Treehouse at Glacier Under Canvas is a luxurious tent perched on a wooden platform in the trees of Montana?s West Glacier. [20] Many African treehouse lodges are luxurious chalets nestled in Baobab, Leadwood, Mahogany or Marula trees, and come complete with sunken baths, four-poster beds, and wildlife at your fingertips. [22]

The home itself also merges with its wooded surroundings, thanks to its cladding of brown-toned cedar, which emulates tree bark. [17] Their Tree Cabins for Two are intimate hideaways with lovely lake views, while the Family Tree Cabins make for the perfect family treetop adventure. [20] Two large sliding windows take advantage of the sloping site, which give contrasting views – one of the nearby clearing, the other of the tree canopy. [15] While these units are not hoisted into the branches, they are perched in the hills amid the trees, with views of the Pacific Ocean. [19]

A lattice-like skin envelopes the trees, filtering sunlight into the interior spaces during the day and taking on visuals reminiscent of a lantern come nightfall, the internal lighting giving it a floating, beacon-like quality. [15] Both volumes have a covered terrace space flanked by stairs supported by flexible suspensions from a nearby oak tree. [15]

Individually designed, these handsome wooden cabins clinging to oak trees are ingeniously connected by stairs and rope bridges, bringing up childhood memories. [20] Wooden walkways lead you to the canopy level rooms where you may find yourself eyeball to eyeball with a giraffe browsing on your tree. [22] Due to the sensitive nature of the build incorporating the plant life, it was important to ensure the health and growth of the trees was prioritised. [15] I was looking for a set of wood sculptures that had been on the local news for having been made out of centuries-old trees that fell during a storm a few months earlier. [14] Among the sculptures are an alligator carved from a 250-year old eucalyptus tree, a chameleon hewn from the wood of the mango tree, a carved peacock complete with towering plumage, an owl, and other wildlife. [14]

The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is located in the Lake Manyara National Park, a beautiful wildlife reserve in northern Tanzania, close to Arusha and Tarangire National Park. [22] The Farnsworth House sits on a floodplain that faces the Fox River, differentiating the vast meadow and a variety of trees from its white exterior. [16] The Tree House room features a lofted sleep area for kids (accessed via a knobby log ladder, of course), a kitchen, outdoor shower, and panoramic views of the volcano and mountainous rainforest. [19] Snøhetta designed one of the rentable tree houses at the Treehotel site in Sweden, raising their build 10m up into the pines to provide a panoramic view of the Lule River. [15] Tham & Videgård Arkitekter designed this 4m sq mirrored volume to join ecotourism hotel company Treehotel’s cluster of contemporary tree houses, located in the pine forest near the Lule River in Sweden. [15] His Inhabit tree house, located in the Catskill Forest Preserve near Woodstock in upstate New York, embodies this adherence to his environmentally minded design ethos, made from sourced local FSC-certified cedar timber and surrounded by tree saplings upon completion. [15] When guests care to return to the forest floor, there are private trails leading to a waterfall and swimming hole, and a common area for breakfast that feels like it came straight out of summer camp (coffee is delivered to the tree houses every morning before breakfast). [19]

Like every other house, there’s a quaint terrace out back with couches, tables, chairs and benches, a barbecue area, and a flame-heated hot tub in the shape of a cooking pot with a lid. [19] “I wanted to experience the outdoors like I did in that house,” said David. [17] Credit Brad Dickson for The New York Times But everything they saw was either tastefully renovated and beyond their budget — like a particularly stunning house in Red Hook on which they made an offer that was rejected — or in dire need of work they wouldn?t be able to afford after making a down payment. [37]

In September 2008, the house was flooded by rains from the remnants of Hurricane Ike. 19 Water levels reached approximately 18 inches (46cm) above the floor and the 5 foot (1.5m) stilts upon which the house rests. 20 Much of the furniture was saved by elevating it above the flood waters. [16] “The house was all on one level and had great stone details,” said Kathleen. [17] The resulting design substantially changed the layout of the two-story house and added a new wing clad in composite concrete panels. [37] In 1968, the local highway department condemned a 2-acre (0.81ha) portion of the property adjoining the house for construction of a raised highway bridge over the Fox River, encroaching upon the original setting of the design. [16] Its timeless quality is reflected by the reverent fascination in the minimalist house shown by a new generation of design professionals and enthusiasts. [16]

That allowed them to build an understated modern house that melded with the landscape. [17] In the twenty-first century, Pulitzer Prize -winning architectural critics Paul Goldberger and Blair Kamin have both declared the house a masterpiece of modern architecture. [16] He suggests that the downsides of technology decried by late nineteenth century critics such as John Ruskin, can be solved with human creativity, and shows us how in the architecture of this house. [16]

The simple elongated cubic form of the house is parallel to the flow of the river, and the terrace platform is slipped downstream in relation to the elevated porch and living platform. [16] The site of Half-Tree House is found in an isolated area of a 24-hectare wooded property, without vehicular infrastructure, electricity and running water. [15] Finca Luna Nueva Lodge’s collection of rooms include mellow bungalows and two-story plantation-style houses — Casa Luna and Casa Sombra. [19] Both houses are large and stilted, with wraparound porches and just a handful of rooms (four and three, respectively). [19]

The follow-up film Justice League also features the same house in a trailer released at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. [16] Mies said: “We should attempt to bring nature, houses, and the human being to a higher unity”. [16] As Mies stated on his achievement, “If you view nature through the glass walls of the Farnsworth House, it gains a more profound significance than if viewed from the outside. [16] The Treehouse and Glass Bungalow categories upgrade to three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows with lovely, panoramic rain forest views. [19] The Treehouse Suites at Tsala are built of stone, wood, and glass and offer sumptuous luxury at canopy level. [22] Built on White Bear Lake and designed by Altus Architecture, the home boasts bluestone gabled pavilions connected by glass links. [17] Built of stone, wood, and glass, the suites offer complete privacy and majestic vistas of the age-old Tsitsikamma Forest. [20] There are 5 tree-house chalets built of wood, stone, and glass. [22]

The materials of his buildings, industrial manufactured products such as mill-formed steel and plate glass, certainly represent the character of the modern era, but he counterbalances these with traditional luxuries such as Roman travertine and exotic wood veneers as valid parts of modern life. [16] The exterior includes materials of steel, natural stone, and glass. 14 The steel, painted white, creates the structure that supports the floor and ceiling slabs. [16] They are composed of concrete, along with radiant coil set in the floor used for heating purposes. 15 The remainder of the exterior consists of the 1/4-inch-thick glass panels that enclose the space. [16] Glass walls and open interior space are the features that create an intense connection with the outdoor environment, while providing a framework reduces opaque exterior walls to a minimum. [16] Large areas of glass wall, flat roofs, purging of ornament, and a perceived lack of traditional warmth and coziness were characteristics of the International Style that were particular talking points of attack. [16] The new flat-roofed home, composed of glass and dark-stained cedar, delivers unobstructed panoramic views and “amplifies the gift of the site,” said Alt. [17] Amid all the glass are walnut floors with radiant in-floor heat and exposed wood beams. [17] Now the primary entrance is a glass vestibule with terrazzo floors. [37]

There are also more fanciful works, like a tree of life, a “green city” work that shows skyscrapers facing off against a verdant side of Bengaluru, a giant reclining Buddha face, and others. [14] In October of last year, one of the storms that regularly lash Bengaluru felled many large trees, some of them over 200 years old. [14] After dozens of trees — some as old as 250 years — came down in Bengaluru’s Lalbagh Botanical Gardens last October, woodcarvers gave them new life. [14]

A traditional ‘Muskoka balloon frame’ provides weight relief for the construct, allowing for only one particularly strong steel cable to be attached to each tree so as to minimise impact on the growing trunks. [15] It was perfect ice cream weather; the right time of the day, too, when the picnickers were still several hours away and the gardens were mostly empty, save some teenage couples cutting college to cuddle under the wide old trees and tourists checking a quick walk through the gardens off their to-do lists. [14] Most striking is the single tree that cuts through the central living space of the Mirrorcube, momentarily disappearing into the camouflaged construct before reappearing out the top. [15]

This vertically stacked tree house is permeated and supported by four trees, which wind through the build to create a link between the forest and the architecture. [15] Its majestic Tree Houses, complete with king-size beds, state-of-the-art technology, spa tubs, wood-burning fireplaces, and private decks, offer luxury accommodation up in the canopy of the forest. [20] Easily the most spectacular accommodations, the Luxury Tree Houses come with cozy fireplaces, kitchen facilities, spa baths, and sprawling decks overlooking the lush surroundings. [20] Access to the larch wood deck terrace is found at the water’s edge, which leads to the rounded tree house tower above the water. [15] Designed for two people the tree house features a double bed, toilets, lounge and rooftop terrace. [15] He wanted to show how a tree house could be modern, and how a small space could perhaps be more intimate and preferable to a larger space. [15] The tree house is nestled in a huge Ebony tree, offering wonderful river views, filled with snorting hippos. [22] The underside of the tree house is covered by a life-size photograph of the treetops prior to the installation of The 7th Room, a nod to the site’s past and a reminder of Treehotel’s commitment to sustainability and dedication to providing an environmentally friendly experience to its guests. [15] The 10 luxury stilted tree house suites are situated in the heart of a mahogany forest. [22] Spread across 20 acres of natural rainforest in the scenic Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Tree Houses of Montville is a charming resort with 24 different cabins. [20] For Andreas Wenning, this project presented the unique opportunity of designing a tree house within an urban environment. [15]

Het Glazen Huis te Geldrop : 1971 Dutch home based on the Farnsworth House, designed by H. G. Smelt. [16] The Farnsworth House was designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe between 1945 and 1951. [16]

Built over 350 feet above the sea, this luxurious retreat was designed in harmony with the surrounding forest and beach environment — only a minuscule part of the 1,000-acre private reserve is developed. [19] This is about as far removed from the treehouse your dad built in the backyard as you can get. [22] With sunken baths built into the outdoor decks, this is the perfect lodge for a romantic getaway. [22] Built in the rural Dolomites mountain range near Bolanzo in the South Tyrol, northern Italy, the technologically advanced Fincube could be the answer to the future needs of smart tourism and temporary living. [15]

The one-level linear floorplan contains three wings — one for the live/work area, another for the master suite, another for the garage/workshop. The wings are connected by two glass entry links. [17] The extensive use of clear floor-to-ceiling glass opens the interior to its natural surroundings to an extreme degree. [16]

After owning the property for 31 years, Palumbo removed the art and put the property up for sale at Sotheby’s in 2003, 10 raising serious concerns about the future of the building. 11 Preservationists and contributors from around the world, including the Friends of the Farnsworth House, began a concerted preservation and fund-raising effort to keep the house on its original site. [16] The Farnsworth House is significant as his first complete realization of this ideal, a prototype for his vision of what modern architecture in an era of technology should be. [16] In 2013, Lego Architecture series produced a model of the Farnsworth House as a part of their landmark series. [16]

The owners of this treehouse monikered “Isle au Haut” recommend the autumn months for a visit to their custom-built tree dwelling outfitted with a king size bed in its own tiny house, connected to the common area by a rustic rope bridge. [23] Architects Alessandra Cireddu and Carlos M. Herndez of Barcelona-based design practice Espacio Multicultural (de) Arquitectura (EMA) crafted the “House Around a Tree,? a single-story abode punctuated by a mature pine tree. [38] Cypress and pine trees surrounding the house provide a lush natural privacy screen. [39] Set on a steeply sloped site, the House Around a Tree matches its narrow and linear plot with its rectangular mass. [38]

To obtain privacy and tranquility in these surroundings, we placed a garden and optical glass fade on the street side of the house. [40] The Inside Outside House designed by Tamara Wibowo Architects, for example, maintains a close relationship with the outdoors by featuring large openings and glazed areas. [41] The house further embraces the landscape with its use of natural materials and an outdoor, cantilevered terrace that opens up to northwest-facing views of the village below and forest and mountains beyond. [38] “The natural location of the pine divides the house into 2 areas: the first one on the east side where the main room with bathroom and dressing room is located and separated from the rest of the house; the second one on the west side where we find the public areas, two bedrooms and a wooden volume containing the wet areas (laundry, half bath and full bathroom) that breaks with the constant linearity of the project both inside and outside.” [38] The garden is visible from all rooms, and the serene soundless scenery of the passing cars and trams imparts richness to life in the house. [40]

The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom house features limestone floors throughout, an elevator and a stainless steel Bulthaup kitchen. [39] “The gable roof evokes the geometry of the traditional houses of the region, which is trimmed by a void which contains the pine,” explain the architects. [38] A strong connection between a house and its immediate surroundings is important. [41] This house is sited among tall buildings in downtown Hiroshima, overlooking a street with many passing cars and trams. [40] Although located downtown in a city, the house enables residents to enjoy the changing light and city moods, as the day passes, and live in awareness of the changing seasons. [40] The house is located in Semarang, Indonesia and was completed in 2015. [41]

Specifically, the architects designed the layout to leave space for two existing trees. [42] A flame tree is framed in an all-glass box that juts into the interior while a majestic guavirtree holds court right in the middle of the office space. [42]

The team has just unveiled the Caja de Tierra a beautiful, rammed-earth construction that was built around existing trees. [42] Stepping past the entrance takes visitors into an airy void punctuated by the mature pine tree, while large glazing on the southwest side of the home brings sweeping landscape views into the living spaces and bedroom. [38] The magnificent pines of Mazamitla, Mexico are more than just scenic background for this single-family home–one of the trees has been integrated into the architectural design itself. [38] The drone photos were used to create a 3D computer model of the trees for design purposes. [24]

Filtered light through the garden trees flickers on the living room floor, and a super lightweight curtain of sputter-coated metal dances in the wind. [40] At the center of these three quarters there’s a void and in that void grows an old mango tree which has been there for years. [41]

The tree house was featured on the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters. [24] Clean-lined and modern, it incorporates natural materials to link the tree house with the outdoors. [24] Despite the modern ambience of the tree house, it lacks what some families would consider an important ingredient: internet. [24] When we purchased this lot and realized we had room for a tree house, we wanted them to build it,” KC says. [24] There is no shortage of television series, websites and blogs devoted to the design and construction of tree houses. [24] The living space in the tree house features a dry bar, a bathroom and ample seating. [24] From the Bay Area to the Adirondacks, here are cool tree houses for rent all over America. [23] Together they envisioned a tree house nestled in the branches overlooking a creek, the perfect spot for relaxing with their four children. [24] Nelson’s construction utilizes fasteners that perch the main beams of the tree house several inches from the trunk. [24]

With a modern design featuring an entire glass wall crowned with a generously sized terrace, the space includes a queen size pullout bed and a green roof planted with lettuce and other veggies. [23] The 2,932-square-foot structure is an industrial chic conglomeration of glass walls and steel beams that form interconnecting triangles and cylinders. [39] Such a structure would be vulnerable to lateral stress, however, so along with the glass blocks, we also strung on stainless steel flat bars (40mm x 4mm) at 10 centimeter intervals. [40]

Contrasting with the all-earthen walls is a large glass skylight, cut into one of the corners in order to flood the interior with natural light a feature that also reduces the structure’s energy usage. [42] However, the glass retained micro-level surface asperities, but we actively welcomed this effect, for it would produce unexpected optical illusions in the interior space. [40] As the structure’s concept began to take form, the architects decided they would employ just three basic materials: earth, wood and glass. [42] The visual connection to the surroundings in maximized through the large glass openings but also through a careful selection of materials and finishes. [41] To realize such a fade, glass casting was employed to produce glass of extremely high transparency from borosilicate, the raw material for optical glass. [40] Parking is a breeze: Steel and glass gates open to a motor court and a two-car garage, plus outdoor parking for six vehicles. [39] We therefore punctured the glass blocks with holes and strung them on 75 stainless steel bolts suspended from the beam above the fade. [40] A series of tall pivot glass doors expose one side of the living quarters to the garden while large sliding doors seamlessly connect it to the concrete terraces and the courtyard. [41]

Contemporary architect Ed Niles built the modern, glass-sided home 15 years ago. [39] The architects built the cube-like structure on-site themselves. [42]

This Green Mountain State hideway is built into four maples, perched 30 feet above the fern-carpeted forest floor. [23] The cabin’s three rooms, christened Mind, Body and Spirit, are connected by those gently swaying bridges, and consist of a sitting room furnished with antiques; a bedroom featuring a double bed draped with Egyptian cotton; and a hammock deck built around “Old Man,” a 165-year-old pine. [23]

This is just one of the design elements which emphasize the house’s close relationship with nature and with its immediate surroundings. [41]

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