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Microsoft Application Architecture Guide Latest Edition
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  • This article augments the Pillars of software quality discussed in the Azure Application Architecture Guide, focusing specifically on designing hybrid applications.(More…)
  • In July 2014, Microsoft’s then-new CEO Satya Nadella explained that the company was planning to “streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes,” unifying Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows Embedded around a common architecture and a unified application ecosystem.(More…)


  • Service Health : Azure Service Health identifies any issues with Azure Services that may impact your applications as well as assists you in planning for scheduled maintenance windows.(More…)
  • The enterprise version of Windows 10 offers additional security features; administrators can set up policies for the automatic encryption of sensitive data, selectively block applications from accessing encrypted data, and enable Device Guard a system which allows administrators to enforce a high security environment by blocking the execution of software that is not digitally signed by a trusted vendor or Microsoft.(More…)
  • Applications may also run on non-embedded 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows earlier than Windows 7, though Intel does not test these for compatibility.(More…)


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This article augments the Pillars of software quality discussed in the Azure Application Architecture Guide, focusing specifically on designing hybrid applications. [1] The considerations described in the Azure Application Architecture Guide equally apply to applications that are designed for a single cloud and for applications that span clouds. [1] The Azure Application Architecture Guide describes a structured approach for designing applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. [1]

Successfully designing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining a hybrid application architecture involves many design considerations that might not be inherently known to you. [1] Each component?s requirements and features should map to these considerations to help determine the application architecture. [1]

In July 2014, Microsoft’s then-new CEO Satya Nadella explained that the company was planning to “streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes,” unifying Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows Embedded around a common architecture and a unified application ecosystem. [2] Maxwell Compatibility Guide This application note is intended to help developers ensure that their NVIDIA CUDA applications will run properly on GPUs based on the NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture. [3] Maxwell Tuning Guide Maxwell is NVIDIA’s 4th-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. [3] Kepler Tuning Guide Kepler is NVIDIA’s 3rd-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. [3] Pascal Tuning Guide Pascal is NVIDIA’s 5th-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. [3] Volta Tuning Guide Volta is NVIDIA’s 6th-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. [3] Turing Tuning Guide Turing is NVIDIA’s 7th-generation architecture for CUDA compute applications. [3]

Demonstrated ability to engage senior level technology decision makers in application architecture, cloud modernization and continuous delivery is a must. [4]

In this talk, a veteran Chief Architect and CTO covers a holistic approach to enterprise architecture including how to incorporate business architecture, information architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and infrastructure architecture together into a comprehensive design. [5]


Service Health : Azure Service Health identifies any issues with Azure Services that may impact your applications as well as assists you in planning for scheduled maintenance windows. [6] Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that bridges on-premises environments with Azure, adding additional layers of security while helping you modernize your applications and infrastructure. [7] Azure is a hyper scale cloud provider and as you move your organization from the world of on-premises servers to the cloud, utilizing the same concepts that cloud providers and SaaS applications use will provide your organization to react to the needs of the business in vastly more efficient way. [6] Azure Redis Cache provides caching to your application from within your cloud service deployment, which provides disaster recovery benefits. [8] The Azure Portal interface of Azure Monitor provides a centralized jump off point for all the monitoring features across Azure including the deep monitoring capabilities of Application Insights, Log Analytics, Network Monitoring, Management Solutions and Service Maps. [6] Collecting and analyzing telemetry that provides line of sight into the activities, performance metrics, health and availability of the services you are using across all of your Azure subscriptions is critical to proactively manage your applications and infrastructure and is a foundational need of every Azure subscription. [6] If those capabilities do not exist or are not suitable, then consider using Azure Backup Service or managed/unmanaged disk snapshots to create a point-in-time copy of application data. [8] These hybrid applications use infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to host SQL Server on virtual machines in Azure. [8] If the primary region service disruption goes beyond the tolerable window, the application can start processing the queues. [8] Azure Redis Cache is a multi-tenant service which provides caching capabilities to your application. [8] Typical PaaS applications in Azure rely on Azure-specific constructs such as roles, cloud services, and Traffic Manager. [8] Conveniently, most cloud providers, including Azure, readily allow the deployment of applications to multiple regions. [8] What if you lack the resources to maintain a geographically separate region for failover? You might decide to use virtual machines and virtual networks to get your application running in Azure. [8] If one or more role instances are unavailable due to network issues, Azure uses the remaining available instances of your application. [8] If your application cannot access its data because of an Azure network outage, you can potentially run with reduced application functionality locally by using cached data. [8] When parts of the Azure network are inaccessible, you may be unable to access your application or data. [8] Consider an application that uses Azure Storage queues to hold transactional data. [8] IaaS solutions also provide an easier path for on-premises applications to use Azure as the failover option. [8] Azure Advisor : Azure Advisor constantly monitors telemetry across your subscriptions and environments and provides recommendations on best practices on how to optimize your Azure resources to save money and improve performance, security and availability of the resources that make up your applications. [6] As a best practice for production subscriptions or resource groups, your goal should be utilizing RBAC security to disallow interactive users by default and utilizing automated continuous delivery pipelines based on service principals to provision all resources and deliver all application code. [6] Use Service tags and Application groups in your network security groups to not only enhance the readability of your rules -which is crucial to understanding impact- but also to enable effective micro-segmentation within a larger subnet, reducing sprawl and increasing flexibility. [6] Microsoft Azure provides a multitude of services and capabilities that enterprises assemble like building blocks to address a wide array of workloads and applications. [6] Depending on the architecture, it might be difficult or impossible for the Order Submission and Order Processing services of the application to continue. [8] Creating an on-premises solution for this type of PaaS application would require a significantly different architecture. [8] Decompose your application into its components by studying your application?s architecture and determining what it consists of. [1]

The practical time windows within which the replication can occur will determine the RPO characteristics of the application. [8] If an Azure region hosting your application becomes unavailable, you need a plan for running your application or accessing your data in another region. [8] Azure Traffic Manager and the use of fault and upgrade domains increase availability of the application within the region. [8] Additional replication and availability options for hybrid applications use Azure Virtual Machines. [8] The enterprise scaffold is “purpose-built” to be flexible to support both traditional IT workloads and agile workloads; such as, developers creating software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications based on Azure platform capabilities. [6] Log Analytics : Log Analytics plays a central role in Azure monitoring by collecting telemetry and other data from a variety of sources and providing a query language and analytics engine that gives you insights into the operation of your applications and resources. [6] Deploying data and services to multiple regions helps protect your application from a major outage in a single region. [8] In the first variation of the active-passive topology, only the primary region has a deployed cloud service application. [8] A well-designed application typically uses services that communicate with each other though the implementation of loosely coupled information-interchange patterns. [8] Use the synced group to provide group members the appropriate rights to manage the resource group containing the application. [6] It also provides additional metrics that the monitoring tools can use to determine application health. [8] IaaS applications use virtual machines in the cloud that can have direct on-premises equivalents. [8] One additional strategy for disaster recovery is to architect a hybrid application that runs on-premises and in the cloud. [8] We add a placement pillar as hybrid applications are not exclusive to one cloud or one on-premises datacenter. [1] Applications that span clouds are also referred to as hybrid applications. [1] This eliminates the need to develop and maintain two different versions of the same application for different cloud platforms in case of disaster. [8]

Add Azure users to a group (for example, Application X Owners) in Active Directory. [6] Single-region deployments are common for applications in Azure; however, they do not meet the requirements of a disaster recovery topology. [8] The following diagram depicts an application running in a single Azure region. [8] Multiple-region deployments might involve IT processes to publish the application and reference data to the secondary region after a disaster. [8] To meet the multiple-region disaster recovery requirements, you must deploy the application and the reference data together in multiple regions. [8] When you deploy the application to a secondary region, some strategies can improve the RTO for reference data. [8] Reference data is read-only data that supports application functionality. [8] Application Insights events are ingested into the same Log Analytics data store that supports infrastructure and security monitoring to enable you to correlate and aggregate events over time through a rich query language. [6] Regular backups of application data can support some disaster recovery scenarios. [8] If your users or your application corrupts that data in the primary copy, the data quickly replicates to the other copies. [8] The application provides communication channels between the front-end and the user, and also between the front-end and the back-end. [1] This document aims to aggregate the possible questions that might arise when implementing hybrid applications and provides considerations (these pillars) and best practices to work with them. [1] Table 2 provides a description of each pillar as it relates to hybrid applications. [1] Policies allow companies to provide controls for “Traditional IT” workloads that enable the stability that is needed for LOB applications while also allowing “Agile” workloads; such as, developing customer applications without opening up the enterprise to additional risk. [6]

Consider using Azure Site Recovery to achieve better RPO and RTO. Site Recovery allows application to decide what is an acceptable outage, and when to fail over to the replicated VMs. [8] Azure Alerts proactively notify you of conditions you define across all your applications and infrastructure. [6]

When a service dependency in this application becomes unavailable, how does the service function until the dependency recovers? A well-designed system implements isolation boundaries through separation of responsibilities, both at design time and at runtime. [8] Management Solutions : Management solutions are packaged sets of logic, insights and pre-defined Log Analytics queries for an application or service. [6] It’s important to consider what happens in your application if the dependent service is unavailable. [8] You may decide that certain mission-critical applications require a backup plan for a multi-region service disruption. [8] You must prepare mission-critical applications to handle region-wide service disruptions. [8] A DR-friendly application requires separation of responsibilities at the service level. [8] This prevents the disruption of a dependent service from bringing down the entire application. [8] During a more serious service disruption, the application might be completely unavailable. [8]

This type of deployment has existing instances of the application running in the alternate region. [8] You might have a fully functioning application in an existing on-premises region. [8] Application Insights : Application Insights enables you to collect application specific telemetry and monitor the performance, availability and usage of applications in the cloud or on-premises. [6] If your application cannot tolerate any downtime, you might consider using an additional cloud solution. [8] In all cases, it?s important to determine how to achieve consistent backups, especially when application data spans multiple files systems, or when multiple drives are combined into a single file system using volume managers or software-based RAID. [8] The application might fail due to catastrophic exceptions caused by bad logic or data integrity issues. [8] This would result in reduced performance while providing full access to application data. [8]

Note that most application designs have additional complexities where storage resources reference each other. [8] As you evaluate each component with all of the pillars, questions you might not have considered may become known to you that affect the design of the hybrid application. [1] You need to design the disaster recovery strategy to run with reduced functionality in your application. [8] Each component of an application has its own specific role within the larger application and should be reviewed with all design considerations. [1] The design of an application running with reduced functionality is as much a business decision as a technical one. [8]

You must decide how the application will inform the users of any temporary problems. [8] When the user attempts to make a purchase, the application notifies the user that the ordering functionality is temporarily unavailable. [8]

Resource groups are containers of resources that have a common life cycle or share an attribute such as “all SQL servers” or “Application A”. [6] Policies can enforce the application of resources tags to all deployed resource, making it easier to manage. [6] Though not strictly necessary, it is often used when connecting applications to internal corporate resources. [6]

“Agile IT” workloads tend to focus on external customer-facing cloud applications. [6] You start the application in the secondary region, change connection strings to the new database, and change the DNS entries to reroute traffic. [8] Depending on the application, the primary region might be either location. [8] If reducing functionality is not an option, the remaining options are application downtime or failover to an alternate region. [8] The application in the secondary region deactivates all the functionality, such as reporting, business intelligence (BI), or draining queues. [8] For all but the least critical applications, you must devise a plan to deploy your applications across multiple regions. [8] For the approach of redeployment to a secondary region, only the primary region has applications and databases running. [8]

Essentially, these are questions you need to think about before creating a hybrid application. [1] If the application requires instant failover, the deployment process might involve an active/passive setup or an active/active setup. [8] This option is practical only for non-critical applications that can tolerate a high RTO. For instance, this might work for an application that can be down for several hours but is required to be available within 24 hours. [8] Leveraging these availability features and strategies is an important part of disaster-proofing your application. [8] In the example above, the application might allow viewing products and adding them to a shopping cart. [8] Grouping by application allows for individual application management. [6] The management of roles across fault domains increases the availability of an application. [8] The application or disaster recovery plan must implement processes to handle this inconsistency after a recovery. [8] Disaster recovery (DR) is focused on recovering from a catastrophic loss of application functionality. [8]

Serious application errors can occur without any underlying failure of the hardware or operating system. [8]

More importantly, Microsoft provides best practices and guidance in the form of the Azure Virtual Data Center. [6] Azure Cost Management : This product is the result of the purchase of Cloudyn by Microsoft and allows you to manage and analyze your Azure spend as well what you spend on other Public Cloud providers. [6] Microsoft has recently released a new way of modeling your hierarchy: Azure management groups. [6] Azure Security Center is an open platform that enables Microsoft partners to create software that plugs into and enhance its capabilities. [6] If Microsoft declares the region lost, Azure remaps all of the DNS entries to the geo-replicated region. [8]

Microsoft provides a several tools for you to be able to visual, track and manage your costs. [6]

Deciding to use Microsoft Azure is only the first step to achieving the benefit of the cloud. [6]

Learn what the technology in Windows Server 2016 means for your organization in The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2016. [7] It makes use of Azure Automation (which is covered in the Automate section, later in this guide. [6] It introduces the concept of an enterprise scaffold that guides organizations in implementing and managing their Azure environments in a secure way. [6]

Although this guide cannot enumerate your specific considerations, it can provide some key guidelines and best practices for you to follow. [1] The scaffold guides the general outline and provides anchor points for more permanent systems to be mounted. [6]

The following architecture examples provide some ideas on different ways of handling transactional data in a failover scenario. [8] This allows worker roles to process the transactional data to the server database in a decoupled architecture. [8]

As with the hybrid scenario, the failover deployments in the previous disaster recovery architectures can also exist within another cloud solution. [8] A hybrid solution for disaster recovery has fewer challenges for traditional architectures that have been migrated to the cloud, such as IaaS-based architectures. [8]

Although cloud platforms have similar high-level concepts, the APIs and architectures are different. [8]

If you have 10 instances on the primary region in an active-passive architecture, you might need only 5 in each region in an active-active architecture. [8] The following diagram shows an architecture where the server database is synchronized across regions. [8] Consider the previous architectures and imagine the primary or secondary region as an on-premises location. [8] An alternative architecture might involve each region accessing its own database directly. [8] The biggest challenge to implementing this architecture is the replication strategy between regions. [8]

A single-region deployment is not really a disaster recovery topology, but is meant to contrast with the other architectures. [8]

The “Secure DevOps Kit for Azure” (AzSK) is a collection of scripts, tools, extensions, automations, etc. originally created by Microsoft’s own IT Team and released in OpenSource via Github ( link ). [6] One of the key tasks you can do to keep your environment safe is ensure that your servers are patched with the latest updates. [6]

The enterprise version of Windows 10 offers additional security features; administrators can set up policies for the automatic encryption of sensitive data, selectively block applications from accessing encrypted data, and enable Device Guard a system which allows administrators to enforce a high security environment by blocking the execution of software that is not digitally signed by a trusted vendor or Microsoft. [9] The OS restricts software installation to applications obtained from Microsoft Store; the device may be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for a fee to enable unrestricted software installation. [9]

Windows 10 Mobile aims to provide greater consistency with its counterpart for personal computers, including more extensive synchronization of content, a new universal application platform that allows one app to run on multiple Windows 10 devices such as PCs, mobile devices and Xbox, as well as the capability, on supported hardware, to connect devices to an external display and use a “PC-like” interface with mouse and keyboard input support. [2] Users are able to in-place upgrade through the “Get Windows 10” application (GWX) and Windows Update, 183 or the “Media Creation Tool”, which is functionally identical to the Windows 8 online installer, and can also be used to generate an ISO image or USB install media. 184 In-place upgrades are supported from most editions of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1 with Update 1, while users with Windows 8 must first upgrade to Windows 8.1. [9] Among other fixes, it addresses one that causes some devices to stop responding or working when using applications such as Cortana or Chrome after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. [10] It also evaluates the Windows ecosystem to help ensure application and device compatibility for all updates to Windows and enables debugging of WebView content in UWP apps using the Microsoft Edge DevTools Preview app that?s available in the Microsoft Store. [10] There is one known issue in the update: Microsoft Edge may fail when using the New Application Guard Window, but normal Microsoft Edge instances aren’t affected. [10]

Windows 10 Professional now gets the Windows Defender Application Guard, which protects Microsoft Edge. [10]

At Build 2017, Microsoft announced several key features that were to launch in Fall Creators Update; “Timeline” and “Pick up where you left off” will allow users to view a list of recently-used applications and files sourced from multiple devices in an on-screen timeline, and synchronize opened content in apps (such as Office documents) so a user can continue working on it from a different device (similar to macOS’s “Handoff” ). [9] A Microsoft developer justified the change by explaining that a user may have different applications they want to emphasize on each device that they use, rather than use the same configuration across each device. [9] The application impersonation management role in Microsoft Exchange enables applications to impersonate users in an organization to perform tasks on behalf of the users. [11] As shown in Figure 5, Cisco Directory Connectors synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory using Microsoft application programming interfaces (APIs) over the on-premises network. [11]

Windows 10 Mobile was designed for use on smartphones and phablets running on ARM processor architectures. 3 Windows 10 Mobile entered public beta for selected Lumia brand smartphones on February 12, 2015. 9 The first Lumia smartphones powered by Windows 10 Mobile were released on November 20, 2015 while eligible Windows Phone devices began receiving updates to Windows 10 Mobile on March 17, 2016, pursuant to manufacturer and carrier support. [2] On May 2, 2017, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S (referred to in leaks as Windows 10 Cloud ), a feature-limited version of Windows 10 which was designed primarily for devices in the education market (competing, in particular, with Chrome OS netbooks), such as the Surface Laptop that Microsoft also unveiled at this time. [9] Each build of Windows 10 is supported for 18 months after its original release. 224 In enterprise environments, Microsoft officially intends that this branch be used for “targeted” deployments of newly-released stable versions, so that they can be evaluated and tested on a limited number of devices before a wider deployment. [9] In May 2017, Microsoft unveiled Fluent Design System (previously codenamed “Project Neon”), a revamp of Microsoft Design Language 2 that will include guidelines for the designs and interactions used within software designed for all Windows 10 devices and platforms. [9] On Windows 10, Microsoft Store serves as a unified storefront for apps, video content, and ebooks. 62 Windows 10 also allows web apps and desktop software (using either Win32 or.NET Framework ) to be packaged for distribution on Microsoft Store. [9] With Windows 10 Version 1607 Microsoft decided to release multi-edition installation media, to alleviate installation and product activation issues users experienced due to accidentally installing the wrong Edition of Windows 10. [9]

In December 2013, technology writer Mary Jo Foley reported that Microsoft was working on an update to Windows 8 codenamed “Threshold”, after a planet in Microsoft’s Halo video game franchise. 27 Similarly to “Blue” (which became Windows 8.1), 28 Foley called Threshold a “wave of operating systems” across multiple Microsoft platforms and services, scheduled for the second quarter of 2015. [9] Microsoft Family Safety is replaced by Microsoft Family, a parental controls system that applies across Windows platforms and Microsoft online services. [9]

Windows Update can also use a peer to peer system for distributing updates; by default, users’ bandwidth is used to distribute previously downloaded updates to other users, in combination with Microsoft servers. [9] “Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will require Windows 10”. [9] In September 2015, it was reported that Microsoft was triggering automatic downloads of the Windows 10 installation files on all compatible Windows 7 or 8.1 computers configured to automatically download and install updates, regardless of whether or not they had specifically requested the upgrade. [9] “Microsoft will now release major Windows 10 updates every March and September”. [9] “Microsoft will stop hiding what’s inside Windows 10 updates”. [9] Here’s what you need to know about each update to Windows 10 as they roll out from Microsoft. [10] The default branch for all users of Windows 10 Home and Pro is “Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)” (formerly “Current Branch”, or “CB”), 224 which receives stable builds after they are publicly released by Microsoft. [9] On January 21, 2016, Microsoft was sued in small claims court by a user whose computer, shortly after the release of the OS, had attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 without her consent. [9] “Microsoft pushes back Windows 10 ‘Redstone’ 2 to Spring 2017 to line up with new Microsoft device wave”. [9] “Microsoft says there are 110 million devices with Windows 10”. [9] Myerson said that these changes would occur in a future update, but did not elaborate. 30 31 Microsoft also unveiled the concept of a “universal Windows app”, allowing Windows Store apps created for Windows 8.1 to be ported to Windows Phone 8.1 and Xbox One while sharing a common codebase, with an interface designed for different device form factors, and allowing user data and licenses for an app to be shared between multiple platforms. [9] As with the desktop editions of Windows 10, this initial release was codenamed “Threshold”, it was part of both the “Threshold 1” and “Threshold 2” development cycles. 81 82 Windows 10 Mobile launched with the Microsoft Lumia 550, 950 and 950 XL. [2] Windows 10 Mobile is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, released in 2015. [2] Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. [9] “Microsoft presses pause on tool for porting Android apps to Windows 10”. [2] “Microsoft cuts off Windows 10 support early for some PCs”. [9] “Enterprise alert: Microsoft slates next Windows 10 LTSB release for 2019”. [9] “Microsoft reveals audacious plans to tighten security with Windows 10”. [9] On June 1, 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be released on July 29, 2015. 8 Microsoft began an advertising campaign centering on Windows 10, “Upgrade Your World”, on July 20, 2015 with the premiere of television commercials in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. [9] Microsoft promoted that Windows 10 would become generally available (GA) on July 29, 2015. [9] “Microsoft unveils Windows 10: ‘It wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9 ‘ “. [9] Microsoft said that those who reserved Windows 10 would be able to install it through GWX in a phased rollout process. [9] “Microsoft re-re-re-issues controversial Windows 10 patch KB 3035583”. [9] “No more Windows 10 passwords? Microsoft says Hello to palm-vein biometrics”. [9] “Microsoft accidentally released internal Windows 10 development builds”. [9] “Microsoft Lumia 950 coming in November with Windows 10, 5.2-inch screen, starts at $549 (hands-on)”. [2]

The offer was promoted and delivered via the “Get Windows 10” application (“GWX”), which was automatically installed via Windows Update ahead of Windows 10’s release, and activated on systems deemed eligible for the upgrade offer. [9] The Webex Teams application is how users access the service on their smartphones, via a browser, or via a dedicated application on their Mac or Windows PC. [11] You can make and receive calls from a phone connected to the Webex Teams service in the office or from the Webex Teams application on your mobile phone or desktop. When integrated with Webex Hybrid Services, Webex Teams applications also support enterprise dialing habits such as numerical dialing to on-premises endpoints and the PSTN. (PSTN connectivity is provided through Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployed on the enterprise premises.) [11] The PA for Webex Hybrid Services provides high availability for all deployed on-premises applications by means of the underlying clustering mechanism present in all Cisco Unified Communications applications. [11]

Figure 18 shows the global reachability on both the Webex Teams application and the Cisco Unified CM device when a user is provisioned for Call Service Connect. [11] The Call Connector on Cisco Expressway-C notifies Webex when two Webex Teams users are engaged in the same call with their on-premises devices, so that their respective Webex Teams applications can offer the option to start desktop sharing. [11] Users can join conferences using Webex Teams devices as well as Webex Teams and Webex Meetings applications. [11]

The new Start menu takes after Windows 7’s design by using only a portion of the screen and including a Windows 7-style application listing in the first column. [9] A new iteration of the Start menu is used on the Windows 10 desktop, with a list of places and other options on the left side, and tiles representing applications on the right. [9] Windows 10’s stock applications were praised for being improved over their Windows 8 counterparts, and for supporting windowed modes. [9] Windows applications cannot be executed from the Linux environment, and vice versa. [9]

The application impersonation role must be configured in Microsoft Exchange and is used in the Exchange Calendar Connector configuration on the Expressway-C interface. [11] This non-feature update addresses a little more than a dozen problems, including one in which an issue in Microsoft Foundation Class applications may cause applications to flicker, and another in which Microsoft Edge or other UWP applications can’t perform client authentication when the private key is stored on a TPM 2.0 device. [10] At Build, Microsoft had also announced an Android runtime environment for Windows 10 Mobile known as “Astoria”, which would allow Android apps to run in an emulated environment with minimal changes, and have access to Microsoft platform APIs such as Bing Maps and Xbox Live as nearly drop-in replacements for equivalent Google Mobile Services. [2] In early-June 2017, a private build, briefly deployed by accident by Microsoft, revealed work on an updated interface for Windows 10 Mobile known as “CShell” (“composable shell”), an implementation of the Windows shell across device classes using a modular system. [2] Not all phones can receive the update nor support all of its features. 7 60 Microsoft originally stated that stable upgrades for Windows Phone 8.1 devices would be released in December 2015; however, the release was ultimately delayed to March 17, 2016. 66 67 Among first-party devices, only the Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 635 (1GB RAM), 640, 640 XL, 735, 830, 929, 930 and 1520 are supported. [2] Microsoft had begun to phase out specific references to the Windows Phone brand in its advertising in mid-2014, but critics have still considered the operating system to be an iteration and continuation of Windows Phone due to its lineage and similar overall functionality. [2] “Microsoft blocks Kaby Lake and Ryzen PCs from Windows 7, 8 updates”. [9] “Windows 10 to permit block on apps installing if they’re not from Microsoft Store”. [9] “Don’t call them Metro: Microsoft rebrands Universal apps as “Windows apps ” “. [9] It was argued that “Windows 10 delivers the most refined desktop experience ever from Microsoft, and yet it’s so much more than that. [9] “Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy”. [9] “Microsoft codename ‘Threshold’: The next major Windows wave takes shape”. [9] “Microsoft envisions a universal OS, but it might not be called Windows”. [9]

An Azure AD tenant was created, unless an existing tenant was already associated with your organization’s use of other Microsoft services such as Office 365. [12] As shown in Figure 7, the Cisco Calendar Connector service running on the Expressway-C Connector Host synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS) over the on-premises network. [11] It provides user synchronization between on-premises Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco Webex. [11] It provides calendar synchronization between on-premises Microsoft Exchange and Cisco Webex. [11]

Then configure full synchronization and incremental synchronization schedules to keep the Directory Connectors (and in turn Webex) updated when user information changes (user update, deletion, or addition) within Microsoft Active Directory. [11] Webex Hybrid Directory Service enables an administrator to populate the common identity store of their company’s Webex Teams organization with users from their corporate Microsoft Active Directory. [11] Webex Hybrid Calendar Service enables a tight integration between the user’s enterprise Microsoft Exchange calendar, Microsoft Outlook invitations, and Webex Teams Messaging. [11] Note Although Webex Hybrid Calendar Service also supports integration to Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite by Google Cloud, these integrations are not discussed or covered in this PA for Webex Hybrid Services. [11]

Microsoft Services Agreement reads that the company’s online services may automatically “download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.” [9] Microsoft had largely abandoned its mobile business, having laid off the majority of Microsoft Mobile employees in 2016, 97 and having focused software efforts on providing apps and services compatible with Android and iOS instead. [2] At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2011, Andrew Lees, the chief of Microsoft’s mobile technologies, said that the company intended to have a single software ecosystem for PCs, phones, tablets, and other devices. [9] On December 7, 2016, Microsoft announced that as part of a partnership with Qualcomm, it planned to introduce support for running Win32 software on ARM architecture with a 32-bit x86 processor emulator, in 2017. [9]

Azure’s Standard SKU Load Balancer lets you scale your applications and create high availability in environments ranging from small scale deployments to large and complex multi-zone architectures. [13] This architecture incorporates high availability for critical applications. [11]

If an instance of an application or service fails, Cisco on-premises and cloud-based services (such as endpoint registration, call processing, messaging, and many others) continue to operate on the remaining instance(s) of the application or service. [11] Required to provide high availability for MySQL backend to Pivotal Application Service (PAS). [13] This basic feature of the Webex Teams application and the Webex platform provides one-to-one and group messaging with file sharing. [11] The application gives the user the ability to access, use, and control the meetings, messaging, white boarding, and calling capabilities of Webex Teams, depending on the user’s license entitlement. [11] Ars Technica panned the new Tablet mode interface for removing the charms and app switching, making the Start button harder to use by requiring users to reach for the button on the bottom-left rather than at the center of the screen when swiping with a thumb, and for making application switching less instantaneous through the use of Task View. [9] There?s also a new feature in the application guard that lets users download files inside Edge instead of directly to the operating system, as a way to increase security. [10] Because the Fractals application runs in Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora-based, and openSUSE-based distributions, you must create instances that use one of these operating systems. [14] These resources are virtual machine instances where the Fractals application runs. [14] These resources typically have the tightest governance and security models to protect the resources, application code, and data from unauthorized access. [12]

This guide is for experienced software developers who want to deploy applications to OpenStack clouds. [14] This guide teaches you how to deploy applications on OpenStack and some best practices for cloud application development. [14]

Internet connectivity from your cloud instance is required to download the application. [14] Deploying application data and configuration to the instance can take some time. [14]

With the increasing amount of interactive applications – particularly voice, video, and immersive applications – real-time services are often required from the network. [11] In this way, if a Cisco Unified CM user is not entitled to call specific destinations, this limitation is also extended to the Webex Teams application. [11] Enhanced user experience — The Webex Teams application is central to Webex Teams. [11]

Bandwidth management is about providing the best possible user experience end-to-end for all media capable endpoints, clients, and applications in the collaboration solution. [11]

Linux applications can run in the background, some launch settings for Linux distributions can be customized, and Linux applications have been given access to serial devices. [10] The system domain should resolve to this ALB. The second ALB is for application access, which can either use a public or private IP address. [13] The first application is a simple fractal generator that uses mathematical equations to generate beautiful fractal images. [14] After the application deploys, you can use your preferred browser to visit the awesome graphic interface at the following link. [14] Make it durable : Learn how to use Object Storage to make your application durable. [14]

The Cisco Spark application that has been incorporated into Webex is called Webex Teams. [11] For every call received on the Webex Teams application, the call is extended to Cisco Unified CM through Expressway-E and Expressway-C. [11]

If you are familiar with OpenStack but have not created a cloud application in general or an OpenStack application in particular, this section teaches you how to program with OpenStack components. [14] Deploying applications in a cloud environment can be very different from deploying them in a traditional IT environment. [14]

It also introduces a new security feature known as “controlled folder access”, which can restrict the applications allowed to access specific folders. [9] The Standard SKU Load Balancer is a new load balancer for all TCP and UDP applications with an expanded and more granular feature set over the Basic Load Balancer. [13] The instance that you create for the application is similar to the first instance that you created, but this time, we introduce a few extra concepts. [14] Now that you know how to create and delete instances, you can deploy the sample application. [14] When you create an instance for the application, you want to give it a bit more information than you supplied to the bare instance that you just created and deleted. [14] When the instance boots, the ex_userdata variable value instructs the instance to deploy the Fractals application. [14] Clustering replicates the administration and configuration of deployed applications to backup instances of those applications. [11]

Once your NS records have been created, you can then create the required wildcard A records for the PCF application and system domains, as well as any other records desired for your PCF deployments. [13] These resources are used to host the private and public facing application artifacts. [12] Extend telephony with video — Facilitate face-to-face video communications directly from end-user phones or softphone applications. [11]

Each edition of Windows 10 includes all of the capabilities and features of the edition below it, and add additional features oriented towards their market segments; for example, Pro adds additional networking and security features such as BitLocker, Device Guard, Windows Update for Business, and the ability to join a domain. [9] Windows 10 is available in five main editions for personal computer devices, of which the Home and Pro versions are sold at retail in most countries, and as pre-loaded software on new computers. [9] This offer did not apply to Enterprise editions, as customers under an active Software Assurance (SA) contract with upgrade rights are entitled to obtain Windows 10 Enterprise under their existing terms. [9] While all Windows 10 editions include fonts that provide broad language support, some fonts for Middle Eastern and East Asian languages (Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, etc.) are no longer included with the standard installation to reduce storage space used, but are available without charge as optional font packages. [9] In accordance with Microsoft’s branding strategy, this operating system is branded primarily as an edition of Windows 10, rather than “Windows Phone 10”. [2] As part of Microsoft’s unification strategies, Windows products that are based on Windows 10’s common platform but meant for specialized platforms are marketed as editions of the operating system, rather than as separate product lines. [9]

Critics praised Microsoft’s decision to provide a desktop-oriented interface in line with previous versions of Windows, contrasting the tablet-oriented approach of 8, although Windows 10’s touch-oriented user interface mode was criticized for containing regressions upon the touch-oriented interface of Windows 8. [9] “The Lumia 640 and 640 XL can’t handle Microsoft’s feature-packed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – MSPoweruser”. [2] While considering them a “great idea in principle”, concerns were shown for Microsoft’s focus on the universal app ecosystem, noting that “It’s by no means certain that developers are going to flock to Windows 10 from iOS and Android simply because they can convert their apps easily. [9] “Microsoft’s next attempt to fill the Windows 10 app gap: Web app apps”. [9] “Microsoft’s new Display Dock transforms your Windows 10 mobile into a PC”. [2] Windows 10 incorporates Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, Cortana, which was first introduced with Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014. [9] “How Microsoft’s tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading”. [9] “Windows 10: Microsoft’s monster Insider update is packed full of new features”. [9] “Windows 10 is the official name for Microsoft’s next version of Windows”. [9] “Microsoft’s universal Windows apps run on tablets, phones, Xbox, and PCs”. [9] The release also includes security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft scripting engine, Windows Desktop Bridge, Windows apps, Windows shell, Windows kernel, Windows Server, Windows storage and filesystems, Windows wireless networking, remote code execution, and Windows virtualization and kernel. [10] Security updates are included for Windows Server, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft scripting engine, Windows app platform and frameworks, Windows kernel, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows storage and filesystems, HTML help and Windows Hyper-V. [10]

In July 2017, Microsoft announced changes in the terminology for Windows branches, as part of its effort to unify the update cadence with that of Office 365 ProPlus and Windows Server 2016. 231 224 The branch system now defines two paces of upgrade deployment in enterprise environments, “targeted” initial deployment of a new version on selected systems immediately after its stable release for final testing, and “broad” deployment afterwards. [9] On February 19, 2016, Microsoft restarted the rollout of full builds for the first feature update, officially known as the “Anniversary Update” or “Version 1607″, 84 codenamed ” Redstone 1 “. [2] As soon as a major update is released, Microsoft quickly gets to work on improving it by fixing bugs, releasing security patches, and occasionally adding new features. [10] You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. [9] Microsoft is working with Intel and hardware partners to identify and block devices with Intel SSD 600p Series or Intel SSD Pro 6000p Series from installing the April 2018 Update. [10] Users are no longer able to synchronize Start menu layouts across all devices associated with a Microsoft account. [9] The user identities for both the Azure Account Owner and the Azure AD global administrator are stored in a highly secure identity system that is managed by Microsoft. [12]

“Microsoft promises drastic cuts in disk space use for Windows 10”. [9] “Microsoft commits to 10-year support lifecycle for Windows 10”. [9] “Microsoft extends again support for Windows 7, 8.1 Skylake-based devices”. [9] On October 8, 2017, Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore revealed that the company would no longer actively develop new features or hardware for Windows phones, citing its low market share, and the resultant lack of third-party software for the platform. [2] “Microsoft makes new ad platform SDKs available for Windows 8.1 to help Store developers monetize their apps”. [9]

Universal apps can be designed to run across multiple Microsoft product families with nearly identical codeincluding PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub and Mixed Reality. [9] “Is ‘Windows Blue’ a set of coordinated updates for all Microsoft products?”. [9]

They communicate and synchronize over the enterprise network with Microsoft Active Directory, and they communicate over the Internet to Webex ( Figure 4 ). [11] Credentials are stored in an encrypted form on Microsoft servers, and sent to the devices of the selected contacts. [9] Microsoft officially confirmed the change, claiming it was “an industry practice that reduces time for installation and ensures device readiness.” [9] While Microsoft stated that the Nokia Lumia Icon may be upgraded at a later date, the company stated that there will not be a second wave of officially supported devices. [2] Some pre-built devices may be described as “certified” by Microsoft. [9]

This works on most of the Microsoft Store apps and select sideloaded apps namely WinRAR and older versions of Microsoft Office. [9] Microsoft has built tools for developers to easily port some iOS apps with minimal modifications. [2]

Users can create a designated family, and monitor and restrict the actions of users designated as children, such as access to websites, enforcing age ratings on Microsoft Store purchases, and other restrictions. [9] The court ruled in favor of the user and awarded her $10,000 in damages, but Microsoft appealed. [9]

Call That Girl Outlook and Office 365 Call That Girl is a US-based company offering a full range of Microsoft Outlook Expert support. [15] Microsoft argued that an Android emulator was ultimately redundant to the native, Objective-C toolchain, because iOS was already a primary target in multi-platform mobile development. [2] “Microsoft says it will have a’single ecosystem’ for PCs, tablets, phones, and TVs. and is ‘Windows’ dead?”. [9] Linux distributions for Windows Subsystem for Linux are obtained through Microsoft Store. [9] Critics also praised the improvements to Windows 10’s bundled software over Windows 8.1, Xbox Live integration, as well as the functionality and capabilities of the Cortana personal assistant and the replacement of Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge. [9] Additional developer-oriented details surrounding the ” Universal Windows Platform ” concept were revealed and discussed during Microsoft’s developers’ conference Build. [9]

For example the latest mainstream build of Windows 10 is Version 1809. [9] As part of implementing the PA for Webex Hybrid Services, there are a number of products and integrations covered in the latest version of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise On-Premises Deployments that overlap with, and thus are not part of, the PA for Webex Hybrid Services. [11] Therefore we expect you to follow and implement the latest version of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise On-Premises Deployments, available at, prior to deploying the PA for Webex Hybrid Services. [11]

The PA for Webex Hybrid Services applies the bandwidth management strategy of the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Collaboration 12.0 Enterprise On-Premises Deployments to the Webex Teams endpoints, clients, and infrastructure components. [11] The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Webex Hybrid Services is a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) in the Preferred Architectures umbrella that was created as a supplement to the PA for Cisco Collaboration Enterprise on-premises deployments. [11]

For further details and use cases, refer to the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guide for the Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services. [11] The Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services, Cisco Validated Design (CVD) Guide, presents some examples that simplify the sizing process. [11]

Preferred Architecture Cisco Validated Design (CVD) guides provide details for deploying components within the Cisco Preferred Architectures. [11] Preferred Architecture (PA) Design Overview guides help customers and sales teams select the appropriate architecture based on an organization’s business requirements; understand the products that are used within the architecture; and obtain general design best practices. [11]

This guide presents a reference architecture for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) on Azure. [13]

The Azure AD global administrator is authorized to perform many actions in Azure AD, but for this design guide we’ll focus on the creation and deletion of user identity. [12] Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) guides provide detailed design options for Cisco Collaboration. [11] For information about these integrations, refer to the latest version of the Deployment Guide for Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service, available at [11]

The Preferred Architecture for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services incorporates a holistic approach to bandwidth management that includes an end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) architecture with video rate adaptation and resiliency mechanisms to provide the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks. [11] The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services provides end-to-end collaboration targeted for deployments where a Cisco Collaboration solution based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager has been deployed. [11]

Table 7 lists the roles of the Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service components in this architecture and the services they provide. [11] The PA for Webex Hybrid Services addresses these needs with the Webex Video Mesh architecture shown in Figure 8. [11]

Because of the adaptable nature of Cisco endpoints and their support for IP networks, this architecture enables an organization to use its current data network and the Internet to support both voice and video calls. [11] Cisco Preferred Architectures provide tested and recommended deployment models for specific market segments based on common use cases. [11] The following diagram provides an overview of a reference architecture deployment of PCF on Azure. [13] The following table lists the components that are part of a base reference architecture deployment on Azure using a single resource group. [13] This section describes the possible network layouts for PCF deployments as covered by the reference architecture of PCF on Azure. [13] This diagram illustrates the network topology of the base reference architecture for PCF on Azure. [13] The following table lists the network objects in PCF on Azure reference architecture. [13] Reference architecture uses internal MySQL provided with PCF. Deployed on the PAS subnet, one job per Azure availability set. [13] Reference architecture recommends using 5 storage accounts because Azure Storage Accounts have an IOPs limit of approximately 20k per account, which generally relates to a BOSH JOB/VM limit of approximately 20 VMs each. [13] All reference architectures described in this topic are validated for production-grade PCF deployments using fault domains and availability sets that include multiple job instances. [13]

It requires many of the same products and infrastructure as well as the architecture and planning incorporated in the PA for on-premises deployments. [11] Figure 17 illustrates the architecture for Call Service Connect and Call Service Aware. [11] The consistent user experience provided by the overall architecture facilitates quick user adoption. [11] The Preferred Architecture (PA) provides a holistic approach to bandwidth management, incorporating an end-to-end QoS architecture and video rate adaptation and resiliency mechanisms to ensure the best possible user experience for deploying pervasive video over managed and unmanaged networks. [11] The Preferred Architecture (PA) for Cisco Webex Hybrid Services delivers capabilities that enable organizations to realize immediate gains in productivity and enhanced relationships. [11] Details about the individual licenses for the endpoints and infrastructure components in the Preferred Architecture for Webex Hybrid Services are beyond the scope of this document. [11]

The SRND should be referenced when design requirements are outside the scope of Cisco Preferred Architectures. [11]

In this type of architecture, each virtual network must be peered to the hub-vnet in the shared infrastructure environment. [12] Pivotal provides reference architectures to help you determine the best configuration for your PCF deployment. [13]

Readers of this guide should have a general knowledge of Cisco Collaboration products and services along with a basic understanding of how to deploy those products. [11] Other versions of this guide show you how to use the other SDKs and languages to complete these tasks. [14] Now we’ll walk through the steps necessary to implement the resource management model with one subscription for each of the shared infrastructure, production, and development environments from the design guide. [12] These guides support planning, deployment, and implementation. [11] This guide assumes that you know how to run code snippets in your language of choice. [14]

It fixes a problem that stops the GameBar from launching and also adds support for the SameSite cookie web standard to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. [10] In November 2017, Microsoft detailed a new UI feature known as “Sets”, which initially allows supported UWP programs to be hosted within Microsoft Edge tabs. [9]

The Home and Pro editions only disable the SMB1 server, but retain the SMB1 client, so they can connect to SMB1 network shares. [9]

Applications may also run on non-embedded 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows earlier than Windows 7, though Intel does not test these for compatibility. [16] Applications can be run on the same Windows versions as specified above for development. [16] Your application may depend on a Windows API routine not present in older versions of Windows. [16]

A Comparison of Machine Learning Services on AWS, Azure, and Google CloudArtificial intelligence and machine learning are steadily making their way into enterprise applications in areas such as customer support, fraud detection, and business intelligence. [17] Ability to Design, Deploy and maintain enterprise-class security, network, and systems management applications within an Azure environment. [4] The position is customer facing and will work closely with Product Owners, Applications Owners, Network and security team to deliver the best solution for large scale infrastructure design and application migrations. [4] This guide summarizes the ways that applications can be fine-tuned to gain additional speedups by leveraging Kepler architectural features. [3]

Installation Guide Windows This guide discusses how to install and check for correct operation of the CUDA Development Tools on Microsoft Windows systems. [3] PowerShell 3.0 is part of a larger package, Windows Management Framework 3.0 (WMF3), which also contains the WinRM service to support remoting. 67 Microsoft made several Community Technology Preview releases of WMF3. [18] Not much later, on April 25, 2006 Microsoft formally announced that Monad had been renamed Windows PowerShell, positioning it as a significant part of their management technology offerings. 13 Release Candidate 1 of PowerShell was released at the same time. [18]

Every version of Microsoft Windows for personal computers has included a command line interpreter (CLI) for managing the operating system. [18] On Microsoft Windows Server 2012 the product installs into the “Desktop” environment. [16] If on Windows Server 2012 you find that you cannot display help or documentation from within Internet Explorer 10, modifying a security setting for Microsoft Internet Explorer usually corrects the problem. [16] Microsoft attempted to address some of these shortcomings by introducing the Windows Script Host in 1998 with Windows 98, and its command-line based host: cscript.exe. [18]

You can configure OpenShift Container Platform to use Microsoft Azure load balancers and disks for persistent application data. [19] The LoadBalancer type and External-IP fields indicate that the service is using Microsoft Azure load balancers to expose the application. [19]

Integration With Other Applications Salesforce was integrated with applications such as SAP, ODS, BI and various third party applications by using AppExchange applications and customized Web Service APIs. [20] If you?re building applications on the AWS cloud or looking to get started in cloud computing, certification is a way to build deep knowledge in key services unique to the AWS platform. [17] Trip A Deal?s Heroku based cloud platform application was designed and deployed in under five weeks. [20] The platform is built to take in massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners. [20] Salesforce1 – Salesforce1 is the platform which enables you to develop application and exchange data via Application Programming Interface (APIs). [20]

CUDA for Tegra This application note provides an overview of NVIDIA Tegra memory architecture and considerations for porting code from a discrete GPU (dGPU) attached to an x86 system to the Tegra integrated GPU (iGPU). [3] The default for Intel Visual Fortran is to build IA-32 architecture applications that require a processor supporting the Intel SSE2 instructions. [16]

The client ID for an AAD application with RBAC access to talk to Azure RM APIs. [19] A verifiable experience in designing strategic roadmaps for cloud solutions, migrations, greenfield applications, and cloud native deployments for medium to large enterprises. [4] By deconstructing the WildFly Application Server into finer-grained components, applications can be designed to make use of only the enterprise Java EE API?s they need and reduce your time to market. [21] The Salesforce AppExchange features over 2,700 applications which has driven a total of over 3 million installations and more than 70% of Salesforce customers use applications that are listed on the AppExchange. [20] One can also use PowerShell embedded in a management application, which uses the PowerShell runtime to implement the management functionality. [18] These applications can then use PowerShell functionality to implement certain operations, including those exposed via the graphical interface. [18]

This document provides guidance to ensure that your software applications are compatible with Maxwell. [3] The engineer needs to have the ability to provide insight into the workloads and their dependencies to map out the best strategy to migrate workloads to GCP. This will include determining the ideal groups of applications and defining a roadmap to move to GCP. [4] This development environment provides everything necessary to edit, build and debug Fortran applications. [16] PowerShell also provides a hosting API with which the PowerShell runtime can be embedded inside other applications. [18] It provides you with a collection of development tools that you can utilize to create custom applications. [20]

The User Experience consultant is responsible for developing IA documentation (site outlines, process flows, sketches, scenarios, wireframes, navigation models) for web, desktop and mobile applications. [4] HCL wanted to overcome the challenges of data redundancy and inconsistency caused by multiple applications. [20] AppExchange is an online application marketplace for third-party applications that run on the platform. [20] Today, many companies are developing their applications on Salesforce platform or are migrating to Salesforce. [20]

Investigating distributed microservices? Want to get rid of your monolithic enterprise applications or not create new ones? Reactive design can help. [21] This shift requires a new set of skills to design, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud.As the market leader and most mature pro. [17] Flat and tactile design are current trends in application design. [21]

Applications using Eclipse Vert.x are fast, responsive, resilient and elastic. [21] This change also implies that applications using OpenMP will need to have the Intel compiler redistributables installed if deployed on a system where an Intel compiler is not also present. [16] On the compiler command-line, using /debug:minimal with any setting for /debug-parameters on the compiler command-line or within application build scripts. [16]

I?ve been working with some of our teams recently on microservices and how we can assist our customers and communities with best practices and recommendations, whether they?re Java EE developers, Vert.x coders, writing Node.js applications or something else. [21] If you have code compiled with earlier versions and link it with the version 13 libraries, or have an application linked to the shared version of the Intel run-time libraries, it may give incorrect results. [16] To solve this problem, HCL wanted to implement, integrate and migrate to a new sales force application (SFA software that automates business tasks) from their previous.NET SFA. [20] HCL evaluated Salesforce and found that it met their requirements in regard to security, governance, collaboration and integration with third party applications. [20] Via the APIs, the application can instantiate a runspace (one instantiation of the PowerShell runtime), which runs in the application’s process and is exposed as a Runspace object. 6 The state of the runspace is encased in a SessionState object. [18] You may need to copy certain run-time DLLs onto the target system to run your application. [16]

The filename in compiler diagnostics for filenames containing Japanese characters may be displayed incorrectly when compiled within a Windows command shell using the native Intel 64 architecture compiler. [16] As a key enabler to regional Client Services Directors and Enterprise Client Executives, working in partnership to bring Neudesic?s services to market, the selected candidate will have a demonstrated ability to engage technology decision makers in Cloud Migration and Adoption roadmaps, cloud-native solutions architecture, and best practices on the cloud platform. [4] PTX ISA This guide provides detailed instructions on the use of PTX, a low-level parallel thread execution virtual machine and instruction set architecture (ISA). [3]

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 uses the hosting APIs to provide its management GUI. Each operation exposed in the GUI is mapped to a sequence of PowerShell commands (or pipelines). [18] Microsoft Azure provides object cloud storage that OpenShift Container Platform can use to store container images using the OpenShift Container Platform container registry. [19] Possess at least MCSA: Cloud Platform and be willing to continuously pursue others to address specific business needs and Microsoft Competency requirements. [4] Cloud Academy is proud to be a sponsor of the Microsoft Ignite Conference to be held September 24 – 28 in Orlando, Florida. [17]

Microsoft has 3 certification tests around Azure, and 4 certifications. [22] Microsoft has more than 100 data centers, across 33 regions and 10 geos, making it one of the largest data centers in the world. [22] On 18 August 2016, Microsoft announced 17 that they had made PowerShell open-source and cross-platform with support for Windows, macOS, CentOS and Ubuntu. 5 The source code was published on GitHub. 18 The move to open source created a second incarnation of PowerShell called “PowerShell Core”, which runs on.NET Core. [18] Shell, Microsoft Visual Studio Shell will detect whether your machine contains Microsoft components that are needed for Microsoft Visual Studio Shell to run, such as the.NET Framework, and automatically download and install them over the Internet if they are not present on your system. [16] When you view Intel documentation from the Microsoft Visual Studio Help menu, or when you view context-sensitive help using F1 or a help button in a dialog box or other GUI element, your default browser shows the corresponding help topic. [16] By 2002 Microsoft had started to develop a new approach to command line management, including a CLI called Monad (also known as Microsoft Shell or MSH). [18] PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language. [18]

To ensure that the appropriate amount of instances can be launched, request an increase in CPU quota from Microsoft before creating instances. [19]

OpenShift Container Platform can leverage the Microsoft Azure load balancer by exposing services externally using a LoadBalancer service. [19] Configuring Microsoft Azure for OpenShift Container Platform requires a service principal, which allows the creation and management of Kubernetes service load balancers and disks for persistent storage. [19] Integrating OpenShift Container Platform with Microsoft Azure requires the following components or services to create a highly-available and full-featured environment. [19] Create the service principal with the Microsoft Azure role of contributor and with the scope of the Microsoft Azure subscription and the resource group. [19] Resource groups contain all Microsoft Azure components for a deployment, including networking, load balancers, virtual machines, and DNS. Quotas and permissions can be applied to resources groups to control and manage resources deployed on Microsoft Azure. [19]

OpenShift Container Platform can use Microsoft Azure storage using persistent volumes mechanisms. [19] If you did not use Ansible to enable OpenShift Container Platform and Microsoft Azure integration, you can create the storageclass manually. [19] When you configure OpenShift Container Platform for Microsoft Azure using Ansible, the /etc/origin/cloudprovider/azure.conf file is created automatically. [19] Currently, a bug causes extra variables to be included in the Microsoft Azure infrastructure when using it as a cloud provider and when using it as an external load balancer. [19] Currently, the default storageclass kind is shared which means that the Microsoft Azure instances must use unmanaged disks. [19] You can use Microsoft Azure blob storage for storing container images. [19] To use Microsoft Azure object storage, edit the registry?s configuration file and mount to the registry pod. [19] To create and manage all types of Microsoft Azure resources. [19] The Microsoft Azure location where the resource group exists. [19] Storage Accounts allow for resources, such as virtual machines, to access the different type of storage components offered by Microsoft Azure. [19]

OpenShift Container Platform creates the load balancer in Microsoft Azure and creates the proper firewall rules. [19] The credibility of Microsoft Azure continues to grow in the first quarter of 2018 with an increasing number of enterprises migrating their workload. [17]

The “Core” edition runs on.NET Core and is bundled with Windows Server 2016 Nano Server. [18] The “Desktop” edition is the continuation of the traditional Windows PowerShell that runs on full.NET Framework stack. [18]

I’ve created 100+ questions about Azure Architecture, and put them together in flashcard videos for you, to reinforce what you’ve learned. [22] You will focus on leveraging your deep technical background in software architecture, software design, software engineering, and the software development process to pursue sales opportunities, lead delivery teams and write code. [4] It is not a problem when using Visual Studio or when using the Intel 64 architecture cross-compiler. [16] Objects built for the Intel 64 architecture with a compiler version earlier than 10.0 and that have module variables must be recompiled. [16] A compiler option is available to generate code that will run on any IA-32 architecture processor. [16]

Please refer to the applicable product User and Reference Guides for more information regarding the specific instruction sets covered by this notice. [16] NVCC This document is a reference guide on the use of nvcc, the CUDA compiler driver. nvcc accepts a range of conventional compiler options, such as for defining macros and include/library paths, and for steering the compilation process. [3] Quick Start Guide This guide provides the minimal first-steps instructions for installation and verifying CUDA on a standard system. [3] Programming Guide This guide provides a detailed discussion of the CUDA programming model and programming interface. [3]

Thrust The Thrust getting started guide. cuSOLVER The cuSOLVER library user guide. [3] Installation guides for the latest Intel Parallel Studio XE version are also available online. [16]

Before getting into a discussion on the benefits of cloud containers, it may be beneficial for some readers if we explain what cloud containers are, as they have developed into more than the latest “buzzword” and are changing the way in which many businesses deploy resources in the clou. [17]

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