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Truck Driving School For Felons
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  • Having a criminal record can be aggravating when applying for a CDL. Luckily, there are some felon friendly truck driving schools willing to accept applicants.(More...)
  • Roadmaster is highly respected among CDL training schools because, in over twenty-five years of operation, we have proudly trained more than 100,000 men and women to make a living driving a truck.(More...)


  • There are a lot of opportunities for people who have felonies especially if they are more than 5 years old another key piece of information that may help with getting a driving job in smaller companies is that the federal government gives tax breaks to companies who hire a person with a conviction in the last 10 years so it might help if you let employers know this ( any industry.(More...)



Having a criminal record can be aggravating when applying for a CDL. Luckily, there are some felon friendly truck driving schools willing to accept applicants. [1] We have also revealed information about truck driving schools that accept felons in case you need to know where to begin. [2]

Get your Georgia CDL (Commercial Driver License) at Katlaw Truck Driving School in just 3-4 weeks! Our best practice methods and job assistance programs rank with the best in the nation. [3] As a graduate of Katlaw Truck Driving School, you will have a Commercial Drivers License, a graduation certificate, job placement assistance, and a lucrative new career. [3]

A typical private truck driving school can cost between $3,000 to $5,000 for a standard course that leads to a Class A CDL. Because it can be so difficult to secure a job with a felony, even in a relatively felon-friendly industry like truck driving, if you're interested in beginning a career in trucking, you may want to earn your CDL directly through a trucking company instead of a driving school. [2] You'll likely have better luck applying both to truck driving schools and getting hired by a trucking company if the felony occurred at least 5-10 years ago instead of more recently. [2] If your driving record is clean, many truck driving schools will be happy to accept you if you have a felony (assuming the charge does not bar you from getting a CDL) because as a student, you are paying the school. [2] Katlaw Truck Driving School has provided quality CDL training since 1998 and has trained over 8,500 drivers. [3] Coast 2 Coast truck driving school can assist with pre-employment with our excellent job placement rate for each student with the nations top trucking companies. [4] I am about to graduate truck driving school, and scared to death i wont find a good job. [5] Four of them will even hire you without any previous truck driving experience and a few will reimburse you for the cost of driving school. [2] Man I'm about to start truck driving school and I need a pre hire letter. [5] TruckSchoolsUSA offers a directory of truck driving schools in every state in the country. [2] A big thanks to Katlaw Truck Driving School to making a very significant change in my career and future." [3] I would like to let you know about my experience at Coast 2 Coast Truck Driving School. [4] At Coast 2 Coast truck driving school we provide the highest standards of hands on classroom, field, and road driving instruction. [4] SAGE is one of the biggest independent truck driving schools in the U.S., with 25 locations nationwide. [2]

While you still have to meet a certain set of requirements to be hired, the truck driving companies we've listed will hire you if you're a felon. [2] The first and possibly the best tip in getting truck driving jobs for convicted felons is a positive attitude. [1] Felons who have trouble finding jobs elsewhere can often turn to truck driving as a viable option that pays well. [2] Truck driving offers a good living if someone can stick with it, said Rusty Graves, an owner operator who is not a felon but has worked with a few. [6]

These second chance truck driving jobs can get you behind the wheel pretty quickly, even if you have a felony on your record. [2]

The best option is to work closely with your driving school; the teachers there should be able to assist you in finding a job after you graduate with a CDL, and hopefully can provide you with a strong recommendation that can balance out your record. [2] If you're worried about spending a lot of money on driving school only to end up without a job, you should know that some schools work closely with trucking companies in the area to offer job placement programs for their graduates. [2]

If anyone will ask you for a recommendation in regards to which driving school to choose, please don't hesitate to suggest Coast 2 Coast. [4] You must have already graduated from an accredited driving school. [2]

Yes!!! In fact, the truck driving industry is aggressively recruiting female drivers, offering large sign-up bonuses, training, and assistance paying for truck driving courses. [5] Some truck driving companies will even make an investment in you and cover the cost of your driving training. [2] We have a great reputation and relationship with the major truck driving companies. [4] I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with finding a trucking job! Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to secure employment with any kind of record, even in an industry like truck driving that tends to be more forgiving than some others. [2] Truck driving is essential for every industry you can think of from the food to automotive industry. [3] TruckingTruth was founded by Brett Aquila (that's me!), a 15 year truck driving veteran, in January 2007. [7] They also have a full-service maintenance facility in which can be beneficial for truck driving training. [1]

Our truck driving school in Pennsylvania provides hands-on CDL training so students may develop real-world truck driving skills and earn their Class A CDL license. [8] Our expert truck driving school instructors provide both the hands-on training and the classroom preparation needed to properly and safely operate a truck and obtain your Class A CDL license. [8]

The tractor/trailer driver programs at Arbuckle Truck Driving School and American Truck Driving School are complete, comprehensive courses stressing safety and professionalism. [9] Our Truck Driving Schools have spacious classrooms and computer labs, specially designed field-driving courses and late-model tractor-trailers exclusively for student training. [8] There are also a number of options available to cover the cost of attending a Georgia truck driving school. [10]

Considering that the job application process can be more difficult for felons, a good route to take is finding truck driving jobs with training. [11]

Because there has been a truck driver shortage in the United States for several years now, there are many trucking jobs available for felons. [2]

Roadmaster is highly respected among CDL training schools because, in over twenty-five years of operation, we have proudly trained more than 100,000 men and women to make a living driving a truck. [8] This course is designed for students with truck driving experience -- with or without a current CDL. We expect that you have good truck driving skills, but need to brush up on a few either to be a better driver or to take a test again. [12] Cyress has many Local, Short Haul, Regional and OTR (Over the Road) truck driving jobs to fill that fit you and your families needs. [13] Truck driving is probably one of the highest paying jobs available that doesn?t require a college degree. [13] NTI currently offers training programs in professional truck driving, forklift certification and hospitality guest room attendant. [14]

The price for truck driving schools vary on which one you attend and whether or not you are getting a Class A or B license. [15] QUESTION: I went to CR England's truck driving school in Salt Lake City Utah. [16] Phoenix Truck Driving Institute is a professional CDL and truck driver training school in Phoenix, Arizona. [17]

Each truck driving company will have its own set of rules for hire, but the career choice as a whole provides many convicted felons with jobs. [15] QUESTION: Why do felons have so much trouble getting back in to truck driving? I have 33yrs over the road experience and spent 7 yrs on the inside and no company will give me the chance to support my family. [16]

Each driving school sets its own standards and contacting ones in the state in which a felon wants to reside is recommended. [18]

Having a Hazmat endorsement on their CDL can increase their chances of getting a truck driving job and can help them increase their income. [18] The Complete Truck Driving Jobs Guide For The Professional Driver Find out what's involved with the various types of truck driving jobs, which niche you are interested in and finding the right driving job for you. [16] I loved my truck driving job for over 30 years and would like another chance. [16] Tanker Truck Driving Jobs What You Need to Know About This Specialized Niche Tanker truck driving jobs in the trucking industry, are paid higher than most driving jobs. [16] Therefore, truck driving companies have terminals where they can be stored when they aren't in use. [15] Let us help you train for and achieve a lucrative career in the truck driving industry. [17] We are a post-secondary educational institution offering students the opportunity to develop the technical knowledge and personal skills vital to employment in the highly-profitable and adventurous business of truck driving. [17]

During these classes, drivers also learn the federal laws and regulations governing interstate truck driving. [19] Commercial Truck Driving (truck, bus, etc), requires a Commercial Driving License (CDL). [20] Alternating weekend work required. 2 years verifiable truck driving experience. [21]


There are a lot of opportunities for people who have felonies especially if they are more than 5 years old another key piece of information that may help with getting a driving job in smaller companies is that the federal government gives tax breaks to companies who hire a person with a conviction in the last 10 years so it might help if you let employers know this ( any industry. [5] I had my cdl but down graded it because of health issues and took a break from driving for 7 years I have a current felony that im on defer adjuidated probation for is there any company that will help me get my cdl back because i do have 18 1/2 yrs drivibg experiance Will be off probation this year if i can find a job. Charges should ve dropped down to misdeminer after its over with. [2] Drivers must not have had a DUI in past five years and must meet strict guidelines about driving record. [2] I had my driver license reinstated 4 months ago after a failure to display a valid driver license suspension 3years ago and a driving while license suspended 4 years ago. [2] Once released, prospective drivers go through P.I. &I.?s in-house, six week, paid training program where they operate a flatbed and learn about loading, securement and driving. [6]

Most of these large companies require little to no commercial driving experience and some are even willing to pay for your training. [5] We have 20 graduates who are nearing release looking for companies that will provide the actual driving portion of the training. [5]

Im taking my cdl road test in 2 weeks, will I have difficulties finding otr work with those suspension on my driving record. [2] The age of the felony, your work history and your motor vehicle record will play a large part in finding trucking a company that will hire an ex felon. [22] Some carriers and states have joined to offer programs designed to help felons become drivers. [6]

Some companies own the physical truck, while others offer an owner-operator model, where the driver owns the truck and pays for maintenance. [2] The Bureau also notes that: "Because of truck drivers? difficult lifestyle and time spent away from home, many companies have trouble finding and retaining qualified long-haul drivers. [2] Stevens Transport has the nicest trucks & set up for driver comfort. [23]

"If they can get a CDL, don?t wreck a truck, don?t get too many tickets, and keep their nose clean for two years, they will maybe make $100,000 a year," Graves said. [6] Another piece of good news is that because there is such a shortage of professional truck drivers, many big companies are willing to hire people who only have a CDL learners permit and can provide training as well as help with obtaining the license. [5] It remains difficult for companies to hire truck drivers, and this will help your chances of finding employment. [2] You may also want to consult this list of companies that hire truck drivers with a DUI conviction. [24]

Different companies will also handle the actual ownership of the truck differently. [2] Bottom line without CDL, you cannot drive a commercial truck. [5] Across the U.S., the average reported annual salary for a commercial truck driver with a Class A CDL license is $39,000-40,000. [5] To be a truck driver, you'll need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), as regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. [2]

Highest paying CDL jobs for 10% of truck drivers are at least $58,000. [5] Getting a job with a felony whether as a truck driver or in another industry can be challenging to say the least. [24] Lets take a look at what it takes for a felon to become a truck driver, and where the best jobs are. [5] Due to the shortage of professional truck drivers, many trucking companies are willing to accept felons for their workforce. [1] From there, they started hiring more and more truck drivers, felons included. [1]

If you are a felon who has spent quite a few years behind bars, you may be able to get a trucking job, because most companies will NOT ask how long you have been out of prison for. [5] All too often convicted felons are unfairly turned down for job after job because of past mistakes that may be many years behind them. [22] My husband has 2 felonies for selling drugs almost 20 years ago and a misdemeanor charge for "assault on a family member" from his ex girlfriend (which was totally BS bc he wasn't even in the same state but was afraid of trial as a felon when we had a 2 month old baby). [5] In Huntsville, Texas, Lee College has been involved with a driver training program for felons for nearly 40 years at the John M. Wynne Unit operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. [6] Help for Felons maintains a list of trucking companies that hire felons, sorted by hold old the conviction is. [2] The following trucking companies are willing to hire felons but only if you already have a CDL and some experience. [2] Some trucking companies hire felons with no experience, and others may hire you even if you have a DUI on your record. [2]

Donald, I think you should have no problem going to school and getting CDL most trucking companies that are strict about felonies, have limits at 10 years meaning that if your felony is 10 years or older, its like you never had one (to these companies) and again these are the most strict ones. [5] I have a assault charge with a weapon it's 10 years old can I still go 2 school 2 get my cdl I live in mississippi an what school will take me. [5]

The WIOA Program is a state funded program that will pay for private cdl school. [23] The schools that take students that have a record and they tell the students "no problem, we can get you hired" I'd like to punch there lights out. [2] Schools don't typically disclose the process for approving or denying students, so it's a good idea to give the school a call and explain your situation to verify that they will accept someone in your position. [2] We take great comfort in the knowledge that your school will continue to provide the trucking industry with a high quality and well trained student. [4]

Without the help of schools such as yours, our success factor might become diminished. [4]

USA Truck - USA Truck has a company sponsored training program. [24] It has over 1,000 trucks and is operating from 14 different locations across the United States. [1] Prime Inc. - Prime has a paid truck driver/CDL apprentice program. [24]

Many truck drivers are expected to retire in the coming years, creating even more job opportunities." [2] The median age of a truck driver is 47 years old, and the industry is having an extremely hard time recruiting and retaining young drivers. [5] Many truck drivers find employers paying over $70,000 a year in the far northern states. [22]

Most of these trucking companies require no experience at all and some even offer no upfront cost truck driver training. [22] Remember that trucking companies are always hiring because of the truck driver shortage in the United States. [22] I wish you all the best in finding a rewarding career as a truck driver and strongly urge you to fill out a driver application with every trucking company listed below. [22] Even truck drivers that have never been convicted of a crime or felony can be disqualified for trying to hide anything on their applications. [22] Britton Transport These guys run dry vans, reefers and flatbeds. They are known for using common sense when when hiring truck drivers and will actually consider hiring you with a felony on your record. [24] There are a lot of hoops to jump through when becoming a truck driver, particularly with a felony background. [24]

Chances of getting hired may depend on the openings at a particular company and the demand for truck drivers in your area overall. [2] Paschall Truck Lines (PTL) This company has given seconded chances before to many new truck drivers with felony convictions. [24] The #1 best city in the U.S. for truck driver jobs is Atlanta, Georgia! With more jobs comes more chances for experienced and new truck drivers to earn more money. [3] The number of jobs for heavy truck drivers is projected to grow 5% between 2014 and 2024, slightly below the 7% average for all industries. [2]

Learn more about getting your CDL, how to become a truck driver and much more. [24] Medical Certification - All truck drivers holding a valid CDL are also required to be medically qualified on a regular basis. [24]

Tow Truck Driver Many towing companies are small owner-operated outfits, and do NOT perform background checks. [5] The Missouri Department of Corrections now offers truck driver training at the Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Mo. We use a simulator purchased from Doron to implement the curriculum. [5] While truck drivers with felonies do deserve a second chance, there are exceptions. [1]

There are a few felonies that will immediately disqualify you from earning a CDL at the federal level, including causing a fatality through negligent/reckless driving, misconduct with a motor vehicle, and operating a vehicle with a BAC of.08% or higher. [2] If you don't have a CDL, but have excellent driving record, consider ride-sharing driving such as Lyft or Uber. [5]

I'm having no luck what so ever finding a driving job after just getting out of prison. [7] My parole officer has agreed to let me drive from state to state, but now I cant find a driving job. [7] Graduates receive a community college certificate in commercial driving, with the goal of taking further training once they are released, said Nornia Russell-Bullock, an education administrator for the state prison system. [6] Reckless driving and any crime committed while operating a commercial vehicle will make it extremely hard to find a trucking job. [22] They may be disqualified if their crime involved a commercial vehicle or was for interstate drug trafficking, grand auto theft or reckless driving. [6]

The Dart Transit application requires that you disclose history of traffic accidents, violations, and/or convictions from the last 3 years (including DUI or reckless driving convictions and license suspensions). [2] A few felonies namely those involving DUI or other driving felonies will prohibit you from being hired by a trucking company. [2] "They restrict hazmat driving or if they deliver to a federal facility, or if you?ve had a DUI. There are many restrictions." [6]

Provide them a full history of your driving records and past employment. [1] The PSP will consist of criminal, employment, address and driving record investigations. [22] You must be at least 21 years of age to qualify and have at least a 10 year driving record. [5] Driving Record - Your past driving record (DMV report) will be thoroughly looked at. [24]

North Carolina is in the midst of growing a commercial driving training program at three correctional institutions. [6] By the time mine are 3 years old, I'll have missed out on alot of driving. [7]

This post looks like it's giving felons the loopholes to get a job in the trucking industry, not that ex felons can't be integrated into the job market again, it's just interesting how it's presented haha. [5] It's not loopholes felons must jump through hoops to get even a basic McDonald's job, so any way to get a decent paying job is the right way. [5] This is simply because felons work harder than most as they always have to show they're worthy or better than a damn conviction. [5] Some convictions aren't forgivable, but for the most part, I'd rather have felons working for me then the average Joe. [5] Carolina Cargo Perhaps the most felon friendly trucking company on earth. [24] Thanks for the tidbit about employers receiving tax breaks in hiring felons, I believe that would work to my advantage. [5] I have felons from 1993, and a misdemeanor assault from 2016, I talked to several recruiters and filled out many applications. [5] Some are more than willing to give felons another chance and redeem themselves. [1] The one-time felons are as good a mix of employees as any others. [6]

Some even have a CDL program for felons, as long as special requirements are met. [1] Our organization, Help For Felons has provided an excellent article about felony expungement. [24]

I have found that there are many trucking companies that hire felons even with multiple convictions. [22] There are many trucking companies that hire felons depending on how recent the conviction was, what type of felony was committed and how many felony convictions the applicant has. [22]

The company is one of the leading freight transportation nationwide that hire felons. [1] Gardner We are not 100% sure they will hire felons at this time but they were referred to us by one of our readers. [24]

Honestly speaking, selecting Coast 2 Coast was a very good choice for me and anyone looking to become a truck driver. [4]

To ensure that you will be trained using the same types of trucks you're likely to be driving once you graduate, our Georgia CDL training facilities are set up with modern technology and equipment both in the classrooms and the driving range, including the state-of-the-art Transmaster simulator demonstrated in this video by Brian Barber. [10] Roadmaster?s comprehensive CDL Training Program gives students the necessary skills to begin driving a truck professionally. [8] Our courses provide each student with all the knowledge and skills needed for them to create successful careers driving trucks. [12]

Ivan said: I want to start by saying that this the best school to come to learn and get your CDL. From the class room to the exercise out in the range to the actual driving on the road. [12] The goal of DTR School of Trucking is making sure that each of the school?s graduates is ready to be a safe, professional CDL Class A driver. [12] CDL Training is provided at Roadmaster Drivers School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. [8] You are also expressly consenting to have Roadmaster Drivers School (the "Company") or its representative, including its Affiliated Companies, Partners, and third-party service providers (collectively, "Affiliates"), contact you about your inquiry or about the products and services offered by this Company, its Affiliated Companies, partners, and third-party providers. [8]

I do not I've graduated cdl school may 22 this year and its been difficult for me finding a job its very frustrating. [11] The Cypress Truck School is located at our Jacksonville, FL terminal. [13] They give you insight into the Trucking industry.I would highly recommend this trucking school not only to beginner truck drivers, but also any one interested in trucking education. [12] In only four weeks, you can receive all the training you need at DTR School of Trucking. [12] I really recommend people come and do their schooling at DTR school of Trucking. [12] Reginald said: DTR School of Trucking was the best decision I've made in a long time.The instructors and the curriculum were right on point. [12]

Roadmaster Drivers School of Bethlehem is now approved to offer VA Education benefits. [8] Roadmaster Drivers School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is located approximately 5 miles northeast of downtown Bethlehem off Route 22. [8] You do not have to agree to receive such calls or messages as a condition of receiving any services from Roadmaster Drivers School or its Affiliates. [8] All calls to and from Roadmaster Drivers School or its affiliates may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes. [8]

A CMV driver that is disqualified will also be disqualified again if they're found driving with a cancelled CDL, revoked or suspended CDL. [25] A commercial driver that is found to cause a fatality, based on negligent operation, while driving their CMV will face immediate disqualification. [25]

You will start working and getting paid at your new career while going through additional driving and safety training. [8] Georgia Driving Academy training is both WIA & TAA approved. [10] The courses involves textbook lessons, classroom sessions, and behind-the-wheel driving on both our private training range and public highways. [9]

This mainly consists of your Pre Employment Screening (PSP) which covers criminal, employment, address, and driving record investigations. [11] The Representative will make sure that you are qualified based on your criminal, health and driving record. [8] The area's diverse landscape allows students to practice mountain and city driving. [8] You?ll be working on our range as well as driving on the road. [12]

Since 1972, Cypress Trucks Lines has been a family-owned and operated trucking company based in Jacksonville, Florida, that?s been committed to the being the best on the road. [13] Whether you?ve never been in a truck or have decades of experience, we have the right training for you. [12] You?ll be spending most of your time in and around our trucks. [12] You will then hit the road with a trainer until they are 100% confident in your ability to safely operate a truck by yourself. [8]

NTI's Professional Truck Driver Training program is designed to teach students to master the skills for the entry-level tractor-trailer driver; that is, the minimum training required to become a CDL driver. [14] Download a flyer about the CDL Professional Truck Driver Program. [14]

Trucking companies may offer tuition reimbursement for truck driver training programs. [8]

Many companies have very strict policies, although by putting in the hard work to get your CDL and helping employers understand your situation, felons can find trucking jobs. [11] First off, there are certain convictions that make it hard to land CDL jobs for felons. [11] When applying for CDL jobs for felons it's important to be upfront about convictions if asked. [11] Although it?s definitely harder to get CDL jobs for felons, it is certainly possible to make a living in transportation following a prison sentence. [11]

North Texas Institute for Career Development (NTI) has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to operate a career school or college in the state of Texas with the TWC-assigned school numbers of: S0743. [14] The Career Services Department is constantly developing and maintaining relationships with employers to mutually benefit the student, employer, and the school. [14] Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational programs by following the complaint/grievance process outlined in the school?s catalog. [14] Students dissatisfied with this school?s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accreditors, if applicable. [14]

Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools & Colleges 101 E. 15th Street Austin, Texas 78778-0001 or to [14]

If a fatality occurs, the truck driver will be able to keep their license if they were not at fault. [25] Cypress Truck Lines is dedicated to meeting the needs of our truck drivers and their families. [13]

What should I do? Can the truck stop come after me for money if trucking company refuses to pay? I am a company driver. [16] After I quit, the owner hired another driver for the truck, without the proper approval of the carrier they were leased to. [16] I don?t understand whether you are an employee or leased on driver and who actually owned the trucks. [16]

The first step in getting a Hazmat endorsement (H) is to obtain a Commercial Driver?s License (CDL) to drive a truck. [18] In addition to a Commercial Driver?s License Federal and state laws, require a hazardous materials (H) endorsement on a CDL before a truck driver can transport hazardous material. [18]

Is there a way I can get a work permit that allows me to drive a truck again? I have a company that is willing to hire me if I'm able to work this out. [16] I have a ledger I have presented to my supervisor when my truck was down because of improper work from our mechanic. [16] When I got to the shop, he continued to work the truck knowing this. [16]

Basic Phone Screen and then they bring you into either there Marshfield, WI/Gary, IN or Atlanta, GA Terminals for a week of training both in the class room and in the truck. [26] We'll get you equipped to go on the road as a Class A truck driver in 22 days - and we'll have a job waiting when you finish your training. [27]

Ready to make more money in a new career? Come train to be a professional truck driver at The KLLM Driving Academy. [27] This program teaches proper driving procedures, safe driver responsibility, commercial motor vehicle laws and regulations, and the basic principles and practices for operating commercial vehicles. [28] The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will conduct a background check on their driving record. [18] The coursework includes motor vehicle laws and regulations, map reading, vehicle maintenance, safety procedures, daily logs, defensive driving, freight handling, security, and fire protection. [28]

I have 20+ years of safe driving behind me before this incident. [16] I then returned home to start driving for another company only to find out that CR England had noted that I had failed their test. [16] Highway driving, training range exercises, and classroom lectures are used to develop the student?s knowledge and skills. [28] States regulate their own rules for driving under the influence. [15]

ANSWER: Parking is a huge problem and will increase with the new rules, but states still have the right to legislate where a truck can park. [16] Your Owner Operator Career Guide For Profit And Success A complete guide to an owner operator career for the new or experienced truck owner. [16] Recently, my truck was being used by others and they broke the rear-rend on the vehicle. [16] To put it into perspective, with a Class B you will most likely drive a dump truck, straight truck, or other trucks that carry smaller loads. [15] The majority of the rest areas that are open were never intended for trucks to park on both sides of the road leading into the parking area. [16]

Mr. Joe Fried, a U.S. trucking lawyer, has so generously volunteered his time, to give some legal help to truck drivers. [16] Each trucking company will have a minimum age requirement before you can work for them as a truck driver. [15]

Truck Driver Job Description What It Takes To Be a Professional Driver Reviewing the skills and knowledge in a truck driver job description is the best way to know if you're cut out for this demanding job. [16] Through the Basic Skills Plus Program, your tuition and book fees are waived if you're enrolled in CFCC's GED program and Truck Driver Training. [28] The Truck Driver Training curriculum prepares individuals to drive tractor trailers rigs. [28]

Without a hazardous materials endorsement a truck driver will be limited in what they can transport with a CDL. [18] Families of felons who want to become a truck driver and obtain a Hazmat endorsement should be supportive but also be honest with their loved one. [18] A felon who has their record expunged can begin with a clean record, succeed in getting a Hazmat endorsement, and find a job. [18] ANSWER: The simple reasons trucking companies won?t hire a felon is that (a) their insurers don?t want them to, and (b) they are afraid that if something happened the fact that you were a felon would complicate their defence. [16]

Second Chance Jobs for Felons utilizes ads, affiliate links, and paid job postings throughout our site. [29]

Once the recruiter receives it they will call you and figure out a date for you to start orientation, they will bus you to the hotel. NOTE if you are going to school their and you want to finance that is another form and your credit score must be high enough, if you are going to school you WILL have to pay for your lodging and you are fully responsible for your own transportation they will not take you to and from the yard that is only for experienced drivers. [26] The best way to go about getting your CDL is through a verified school. [15] Feels a little like CDL school but it is worth it to screen out the bad drivers/backers. [26]

Eligible Applicants: State or local governments; accredited post-secondary educational institutions (public or private) including colleges, universities, vocational / technical schools and truck-driver training schools. [30] I just graduated from school, they brought me to a terminal, we was told we had 7 days with them before hired. 2 days later after being there, they gave us all an evaluation. [26]

Although his old company has gone under and arguably the new company had nothing to do with you as truck driver, I would bet that his paperwork is a mess and you may be able to pierce the corporate veil and get to the assets of the new company and his personal assets. [16] I've been a licensed truck driver for 30 years, with one ticket and no accidents ever. [16] On average, truck drivers are on the road 1-2 weeks at a time. [15] Truck drivers often sleep in their truck cabins while they are over the road (OTR). [15]

For truck drivers who decide to work independently, you can obtain your own health insurance or go through the Healthcare Marketplace. [15] Current estimates indicate that there are approximately 1.7 million truck drivers with as many as 400,000 more needed over the next 10 years. [18]

REQUIREMENTS Safely operate medium and large utility trucks requiring CDL A or B drivers Properly track and document. vehicle with proper equipment. [31] Most of these schools have 4-5 students to a truck and you're expected to learn by watching the other students while each student gets maybe an hour of actual time behind the wheel. [32] Futuro Trucking (Los Angeles, CA) ?first year Bonus Opportunities Requirements: Valid California CDL Class A license 1yr CDL Class A experience 6 month experience with approved school OTR. [31] Stagecoach Cartage (Anthony, TX) ?Requirements: Must be at least 23 years of age Minimum of 2 years' CMV experience CDL -A license obtained in TX or NM No DUI, reckless driving or felony. [31] Agility Energy (Vernal, UT) ? experience (OTR/Sand) with a preference for Drivers with oilfield driving experience.Have no preventable accidents involving a fatality, bodily injuries. over 3 years old must be disclosed to recruiting personnel or hiring manager for review. [31] Are you looking for a new career? Have you thought about becoming a transit bus, coach, or minibus driver? Do you enjoy driving and interacting with the public? There is a demand for Transit Bus and Motorcoach drivers not only in our area but nationwide. [33]

To qualify, you must have a clean driving record, your CDL-A must have been issued in the past 12 months, your verified experience must have occurred in the past 12 months, and you've had no more than 2 driving jobs in that time. [34] A minimum of three (3) years of general work experience which includes driving experience, customer service. background investigation and pre-employment assessments and tests. [31] No DUI, DWI or Reckless Driving violations in the past 5 years. [31] No CDL driving privileges are permitted during the disqualification. [35] Drop & Hook, Hub to Hub Runs and 100% No Touch Freight 100% No slip seating. at least 1 year of verifiable tractor trailer driving experience in the past 3 years. [31] There is a lot to learn about driving a passenger-carrying vehicle. [33]

Edit: careers world wide is only a school to get a class A CDL, you still need to find a company to work for. [32] I knows there's dozens more company CDL schools, so I'm looking for recommendations only if you've actually gone to that school or if you work at that school. [32]

Attend any CDL training school of your choice and upon graduation, you can expect to have a job with Celadon. [34] At first, I was going to go with Prime CDL school but they have a requirement that your last 3 years must have been working at a job and have good recommendations from them. [32]

This is very important, especially for trucking companies that have their own trucking training school. [36] Students work to meet all academic requirements to receive their Adult Basic Education/High School Equivalency (ABE/HSE). [33] This class is preparation for substitute teachers for all Buncombe and Madison County Schools, and is also an excellent crash course in learning methodologies and classroom management for current or returning teachers. [33]

Becoming a truck driver for a company usually require some form of certification, which is obtained after you completed the CDL training. [36] If you want to post your truck number and company go ahead, but you take all the risk, conduct yourself in a professional manner if doing so. [32] Provides training in the safe and proper operations of powered industrial trucks. [33] I went to ASU Newport, they have equipment (old one but just enough were there are max 2 people to a truck) and terrain to have you practice in. [32] The trainers were lazy at the yard and would sleep in tgeir trucks right in front of you while you were practicing your backing maneuvers but at least you could get plenty of time behind the wheel. [32]

No more than 2 moving violations in the past. a Chicago-based trucking company is hiring Over The Road CDL -A Truck Drivers. [31] Our CDL truck drivers. complete satisfactory DOT physical and drug tests. [31]

About Landair Landair is proud to offer the industry's best benefits with all truck driver jobs. [37] Whether you're a company driver or an Owner Operator looking for the perfect place, all truck drivers can work with our personalized orientation reps and the Landair driver advocate to work out a run and benefits that are just right for them and their lifestyles. [37] TRANSTECH provides truck driver training with emphasis on highway safety. [33]

Companies hire ex felons, just be prepared to get a lot of no's. [32] Explain that you're a felon, and then the management will be able to decide the best course for you and the company. [36] For starters, we highly recommend small to middle sized trucking companies that accept felons. [36]

Talking and getting a job offering for felons are hard, you should always remember that so that you won't be too disappointed when they reject you. [36]

Participants must be 18 years of age and have high school diploma or equivalent and not have a felony conviction. [33] You must also have a High School Diploma or GED. ? To receive a completion of training certificate, students must be present and participate on ALL of the scheduled days and hours. [33] You can be a High School Graduate in 12 weeks! Students will be given advance instruction in Writing Skills and Math. [33] Work at your own pace to meet all subject requirements to receive your Adult High School Diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma. [33] An official copy of your high school transcript or GED must be submitted to the program instructor during the program advising session. [33]

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