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  • All vacancies for the Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office (RL) or Office of River Protection (ORP) will be advertised via USA JOBS. (More...)


  • The Department of Energy employs 15,135 workes in a variety of occupations and provides a balanced national energy plan through the coordination and administration of the energy functions of the federal government.(More...)
  • The Department of Energy had 13,206 employees in 2015 with an average pay (base salary + bonus) of $114,377.66.(More...)



All vacancies for the Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office (RL) or Office of River Protection (ORP) will be advertised via USA JOBS. [1] Duties Help ## Duties ### Summary This position is located in the Portfolio Management Division (PMD or LP-50 of the U.S. Department of Energy?s (DOE) Loan Programs Office (LPO), located in. [2] Glassdoor has 203 U.S. Department of Energy reviews submitted anonymously by U.S. Department of Energy employees. [3] I enjoyed my time at the U.S. Department of Energy with the exception that once you were in the secretarial field there was no room for advancement even with a degree. [4] Ask a question about working or interviewing at U.S. Department of Energy. [4]

U.S. Department of Energy employees with the job title Chief Risk Officer (CRO) make the most with an average annual salary of $180,874, while employees with the title Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst make the least with an average annual salary of $40,439. [5] Compare U.S. Department of Energy's job flexibility against similar employers. [5]

U.S. Department of Energy pays its employees an average of $83,053 a year. [5] Salaries at U.S. Department of Energy range from an average of $48,470 to $139,216 a year. [5] Simon Edelman, pictured here with his attorney John Tye, alleges that he was fired from the U.S. Department of Energy for sharing "evidence of criminal corruption, obstruction of justice, and ethics violations" with the press. [6] Simon Edelman?s whistle-blower complaint against the U.S. Department of Energy. [6]

The Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) leads the Department of State's efforts to forge international energy policy, strengthen U.S. and global energy security, and respond to energy challenges from around the world that affect U.S. economic policy and national security. [7] Compare U.S. Department of Energy's employee satisfaction against similar employers. [5] Compare U.S. Department of Energy's work stress against similar employers. [5] Compare U.S. Department of Energy's gender breakdown against similar employers. [5]

"I thought my job was to create stories and different ways of communicating with the public about the Energy Department," Edelman said. [6]

U. S. Department of Energy Savannah River Operations Office - CENTERRA-SRS You are using an outdated browser. [8] This week, MOX was officially "repurposed" by the U.S. Department of Energy ( DOE ) formally closing the book on this colossal taxpayer-funded boondoggle. [9] NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC. [10]

The Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development (IEED) was established within the Office of the Secretary, Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior to provide high-level support for the Department?s goal of serving tribal communities by providing access to energy resources and helping tribes stimulate job creation and economic development. [11] Resumes and job titles for political appointees at the U.S. Department of Energy. [12]

The survey instrument and underlying methodology is identical to that used in the primary data collected on behalf of the United States Department of Energy (OMB Control No. 1910-5179) for the 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report and secondary data from the United States Department of Labor?s Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages for Q2 of 2017. [13] Last year, Travis Fisher, a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy, was thrust into the hot seat as the lead author of a study on baseload energy requested by Secretary Perry. [14] The think tank is headed by former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who served during the second term of President Barack Obama (D), along with what appear to have been his top lieutenants at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). [15] Current sponsoring agencies include the U.S. Department of Energy, the Library of Congress, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Science Foundation (NSF). [16] Past editions were published in 2016 and 2017 by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). [17]

Energy efficiency jobs make up most of the U.S. clean energy workforce - at least 2.2 million workers. [18] David Terry, Executive Director of NASEO, said: "We are pleased to lead, with EFI?s analytical support, the development of the 2018 report and ensure that state-level energy jobs data continue to be available to the public, our 56 State and Territory members, federal agencies, and private sector organizations. [17] The 30 states in green show where wind and solar energy jobs outnumber coal and gas jobs. [18] The most rapid renewable energy job growth has come from the solar and wind sectors, which rose by 24.5 percent and 16 percent, respectively, from 2016 to 2017. [18] Moniz is taking on this task of providing comprehensive energy job data after DOE abandoned it under President Trump and Energy Secretary Perry. [15] As always, please send clean energy job moves to [email protected] [14]

The 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report finds that the U.S. energy market accounts for millions of jobs, including in electric power generation and fuels; transmission, distribution and storage; energy efficiency; and motor vehicles. [19] Its purpose is to perform independent technical and scientific peer review of the U.S. Department of Energy's program for managing and disposing of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. [20]


The Department of Energy employs 15,135 workes in a variety of occupations and provides a balanced national energy plan through the coordination and administration of the energy functions of the federal government. [21] The Department of Energy (DOE) maintains a wide range of student-focused programs to keep a steady stream of bright and motivated new talent flowing into the DOE workforce. [22]

The Office of Nuclear Energy participates in these programs from time to time. [22] Following is a list of contacts where you may obtain information about employment in the nuclear energy field. [22]

The best parts of the job is the opportunity to serve in the Federal government, the opportunity to represent the U.S.,, and the opportunity to tap into the depth of energy expertise offered at this level (which is considerable). [4] The hardest part of the job is that it's an enormous entity and it's quite a different entity when compared with other kinds of energy organizations. [4]

USDOE is a great place to work on some of the most important energy issues in the U.S. (and internationally) today. [4] NETL Energizes Innovation at Family Science & Engineering Night February was STEM month for the National Energy Technology Laboratory. [23] Discover, demonstrate and secure innovative nuclear energy solutions, other clean energy options and critical infrastructure. [24] Employees are literally interacting with some of the premiere energy officers in the country, and becoming very fine energy professionals in their own right. [4]

Employee Job Functions are physical actions and/or working conditions associated with the position. [24] These functions may also constitute essential functions for the job position which the employee must be able to fulfill, with or without accommodation. [24] You will also be responsible for partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs while maintaining high standards for all functions associated with the staffing function (i.e. compensation offer development, job description development, qualifying candidates against job requirements, leveling of position descriptions,diversity reviews). [24] In this position, you will carry out responsibilities in the following functional areas: job analyses, hiring, interviewing, compensation analyses, completing qualification analyses, job classification leveling, recruitment/employment, FLSA, and employment law compliance. [24] According to Fedscope, OPM's data, analysis and documenttion online tool, 6,091 of the DOE's employees are professionals, 6,765 work in administrative occupations with the remainder in varied job categories including blue collar jobs. [21] The hardest part of the job was the tools given to manage projects and the constant change of everything, management, required documents, processes, work location, etc. Most people stay because of the work-life balance. [4] Information provided below is to help describe the job so that the applicant has a reasonable understanding of the job duties/expectations. [24] The American Nuclear Society produces a magazine called "Nuclear News" that includes job listings. [22] Helping job hunters find, apply for, and land government jobs. [21]

Management and administration of these government-owned, contractor operated facilities are the major responsibility of this department. [21] Need for greater synergy among the many expert areas within the Department. [4]

In the complaint, Edelman and his attorneys--John Tye, of the nonprofit law firm Whistleblower Aid, and Michael Ronickher, of the firm Constantine Cannon--argue that Edelman?s decision to circulate the photographs was based on his "reasonable belief that he was reporting evidence of criminal corruption, obstruction of justice, and ethics violations by officials within the Department of Energy," including Perry. [6] In a statement, a spokeswoman for Perry noted that "industry and other stakeholders visit the Department of Energy on a daily basis." [6] Learn more about what it's like to work at Department of Energy, what the agency does, and about the types of careers this agency offers. [25] The Department of Energy, he told me, has blocked him on Twitter, but he?s prepared to let that one go. [6]

Edelman proceeded to file complaints with the Energy Department?s Office of Inspector General, FERC, and the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. (The Office of the Inspector General, which interviewed Edelman in February, did not respond to requests for comment about whether an investigation is under way.) [6] To address these challenges, ENR works with leaders at the highest levels of government, business, and civil society, playing a crucial role in achieving U.S. foreign policy objectives in the energy arena. [7] ENR operates at the critical intersection between energy and U.S. national security, and ensures U.S. leadership on global energy issues. [7] ENR promotes U.S. interests globally on critical issues such as: ensuring economic and energy security for the U.S. and our allies and partners; removing barriers to energy development and trade; and promoting U.S. best practices regarding transparency and good governance. [7]

The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department. [7] The U.S. Department of Energy?s (DOE) Office of Science is a vital agency for science and technology in the United States. [26] Now that congressional action on a major federal infrastructure bill is going nowhere fast, the U.S. Department of Energy?s (DOE) loan program, with $40 billion in existing spending authority, is a here-and-now opportunity to address key U.S. infrastructure needs. [27] We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 term of the U.S. Department of Energy?s Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program (CCUWDP). [28] The Clean Cities University Workforce Development Program is an initiative of Clean Cities, a government-industry partnership sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy?s Vehicle Technologies Program. [28]

Therefore, provide only the attendance and/or degrees from schools accredited by accrediting institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. [25] Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications. [25]

Earlier today, Edelman filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the government agency that protects federal employees from improper personnel practices, especially reprisals for whistle-blowing. [6] A career with the U.S. Government provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. [25]

"The nascent area of quantum information science presents a special opportunity for U.S. leadership." [29] Attorney-Adviser U.S. Federal Government Arlington, VA If you have been a practicing attorney for seven years or less, a copy of your law school transcript. [30]

With LPO back in business, and appropriate reforms in the works, this successful program can do even more to advance the deployment of innovative energy infrastructure in states across the country. [27] A recent report from former DOE Secretary Moniz and other senior members of his DOE team suggests multiple reforms: 1) clarify LPO application criteria for energy infrastructure projects; 2) increase the leverage of DOE lending through broad-based public private partnerships; and 3) improve the LPO application process to cut the current backlog, cap administrative fees, and make the process moreapplicant-driven. [27] Bottom line: The loan program is alive and available to begin funding nationally significant energy projects at a time of need and delay on a formal infrastructure bill. [27] An ad hoc coalition of companies and NGOs has pressed the case for LPO investment in energy and transportation infrastructure over the last year. [27] As 17 companies declared in an October 2017 letter to appropriators: "The LPO is a win-win-win for taxpayers, American energy innovation, and the communities and states where these investments are being made." [27]

Booths will include information about the internship programs available, as well as our featured national laboratory, Oak Ridge National Lab, the largest science and energy lab in the DOE system! Check out what programs are available at Oak Ridge National Lab, and ORISE. [26] Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) noted that last week the White House proposed a massive overhaul of the federal government that would roll EERE together with DOE?s applied energy programs in fossil energy, nuclear energy, and electricity. [29]

Perry proposed that all coal plants in certain areas, including many that do business with Murray Energy, be required to keep a ninety-day supply of coal onsite to provide "fuel-secure" power. [6] Six months later, on September 28th, Perry sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, directing it to issue a new "rule to protect the resiliency of the electric grid." [6] Fall told the committee that, if confirmed, his priorities would mirror those of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. [29] In January, I testified on DOE?s mission at a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. [27]

In closing, Rep. Costello (R-Pa.) asked our panel what we would do if we had $50 billion in federal funding for energy infrastructure. [27] This opportunity caught the attention of Rep. Rush (D-Ill.), the ranking Democrat on the energy subcommittee. [27] This is a wonderful opportunity for students looking to gain experience in the energy and transportation areas. [28]

Smith noted that in 2013 Simmons wrote that "no matter what the renewable energy guys say, what they won?t admit is that their kind of energy, wind and solar, is more expensive and will increase the price of electricity." [29] Mastering this skill will save you time and energy, and it will benefit your. [5]

The Bureau serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of State on energy security, policy, operations, and programs. [7] Through diplomacy and a wide range of programs, ENR works to ensure worldwide energy security by fostering diverse global energy supplies from all sources of energy. [7]

The committee also put questions to Teri Donaldson, the nominee to be DOE's inspector general, and Karen Evans, the nominee for the new position of DOE's assistant secretary of cybersecurity, energy security, and emergency response. [29] Edelman began working at the Energy Department in 2015, under Secretary Ernest Moniz, a nuclear physicist and professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [6] The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.The Energy Department's mission speaks to all sectors of the economy. [30]

Edelman is demanding that he be reinstated in his old job, with no further retaliation from the department. [6] Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation for any part of the application process should follow the instructions in the job opportunity announcement. [25] An applicant with a disability needs an accommodation to have an equal opportunity to apply for a job. [25] An employee with a disability needs an accommodation to perform the essential job duties or to gain access to the workplace. [25]

You can request a reasonable accommodation at any time during the application or hiring process or while on the job. [25] A reasonable accommodation is any change to a job, the work environment, or the way things are usually done that enables an individual with a disability to apply for a job, perform job duties or receive equal access to job benefits. [25] The letter stressed that "projects supported by the LPO are geographically diverse and impact every region of the country? created over $50 billion in total project investment and saved or created 56,000 American jobs and greatly assisted local economies." [27] Job title, grade, series, career tenure, and duties of all positions you believe are relevant to this position. [25] You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above. [25] Only resumes submitted according to the instructions on the job announcement listed at will be considered. [25] "ARPA-E might be the coolest job I've ever had," Fall told the committee. [29] Litigation Attorney LexInsight Washington, DC Job Description LEXINSIGHT LITIGATION ATTORNEY Washington DC Trained by top legal recruiters and talent, LexInsight’s AI Talent Platform is all about promoting Diversity & Inclusion when it comes to talent acquisition and bench. [30] Corporate Attorney LexInsight Washington, DC Job Description LEXINSIGHT CORPORATE ATTORNEY Washington, DC Trained by top legal recruiting experts, LexInsight’s innovative AI Talent Platform curates and recommends the best matches for legal talent & their prospective employers. [30]

Attorney-Adviser (General) Department of the Army Washington, DC However, the Department of Army considers veterans' preference eligibility a positive factor for attorney hiring. [30] On March 29, 2017, Robert Murray, the founder and owner of one of the country?s largest coal companies, was ushered into a conference room at the Department of Energy?s headquarters, in Washington, D.C., for a meeting with Secretary Rick Perry. [6] Later, Perry undertook a renovation of the Horseshoe, his wing of the Department, and asked Edelman to help. [6]

Last August, posters appeared at the department depicting a dripping American flag with the warning "Every leak makes us weak." (After a complaint to the Office of Special Counsel, the posters were removed.) [6]

ENR foreign assistance programs are integral to the Bureau's diplomatic engagement overseas and provide critical support for the Department's objectives and the Administration's global diplomacy priorities. [7]

The Department of Energy had 13,206 employees in 2015 with an average pay (base salary + bonus) of $114,377.66. [31] The top ten percent of employees in the Department of Energy earn 16% of the total income. [31] The most common payscale is General Schedule, which pays 66.56% of the employees in the Department of Energy. [31] We will be recognized as the premier security services provider in the Department of Energy enterprise. [8]

Total Program Office Funding reflects discretionary spending allocated to each state (ex: State energy Program); by contrast, Program Office Grants include some discretionary awards, in addition to competitive grants funded by that program office and performed in that state. [32] Data for grants from DOE?s Office of Nuclear Energy and Fossil Energy were incomplete and are not represented here. [32] State energy information, including overviews, rankings, data, and analyses. [33] Rankings, layers of energy information, and state comparisons. [33] International energy information, including overviews, rankings, data, and analyses. [33] Forms EIA uses to collect energy data including descriptions, links to survey instructions, and additional information. [33] Comprehensive data summaries, comparisons, analysis, and projections integrated across all energy sources. [33] Financial market analysis and financial data for major energy companies. [33]

Grants are just one way DOE supports state energy activities, in addition to contracts, loans, and other financial assistance. [32] NETL is developing innovative technology solutions to the nation?s energy challenges through effective resource development, efficient energy conversion and responsible stewardship of the environment. [34] NETL and the Carnegie Science Center are planning for a lifetime with an updated version of a popular Science Center fixture known as the NETL Energy Zone exhibit. [34]

Under Trump, the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration ( NNSA ) will spend $229 million to transition the program to one that produces plutonium pits or "cores" for nuclear weapons. [9] More than four years ago, this news site reported exclusively on former U.S. president Barack Obama ?s plans to shut down the mixed oxide fuel (a.k.a. "MOX") program at the Savannah River Site ( SRS ) near Aiken, South Carolina. [9] The U.S. port district of Houston-Galveston in Texas recently began exporting more crude oil than it imported for the first time on record. [33] Crude oil exports from the Houston-Galveston port district have increased since the restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports were lifted at the end of 2015. [33]

Wildflower does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions. [35] It's not immediately clear how many jobs will be impacted by the NNSA decision but you can bet this announcement is going to wind up being a significant net employment loss for the Palmetto State. [9]

The Office is committed to achieving long-term goals of promoting Indian economic development, increasing tribal business knowledge, increasing jobs and businesses, increasing capital investment, and providing assistance for developing energy and mineral resources. [11] Division of Energy and Mineral Development - Assists tribes with the exploration, development, and management of their energy and mineral resources with the ultimate goal of creating jobs and sustainable tribal economies. [11] Despite shifting energy policy, the clean energy economy remains a big source of jobs - at 4 million, with wind and solar jobs outpacing those in coal. [18] What about the workers that are only spending part of their time working in solar? According to a new report by the Energy Future Initiative, there are another 100,000 Americans workers whose jobs have a part-time solar component, for a total of 350,000 workers employed in whole or in part by solar (with some reports suggesting a peak of 373,000 workers at the end of 2016 PDF). [15] A new report from a think tank headed by former Energy Secretary Moniz reveals an additional 100,000 jobs with a part-time solar component, and hints at the political powerhouse that solar is becoming. [15] In 2016, energy storage jobs surged 235 percent from the previous year to reach 90,800 jobs. [18] Energy and Power Teacher High School Full-Time jobs in Washington D.C. [16] The work includes a wide range of well-paying jobs, including installing solar panels, auditing energy efficiency, developing electric vehicles and more. [18]

Here you will learn about the work our office is doing to help Indian communities gain economic self-sufficiency through the development of their energy and mineral resources, application of established business practices, and co-sponsorship of innovative training programs. [11] In board moves, Karla Loeb, Sigora Solar's vice president of policy and business development, has been elected to the Solar Energy Industries Association's board of directors. [14] GCL New Energy, the world's largest solar developer, has hired Santiago Senn as director of business development for Latin America. [14]

The 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report was produced with the generous support of the following states, organizations and foundations. [13] "?I?m very pleased that the U.S. Energy and Employment Report will be issued in 2018,?? said Foster. [17] The renewable energy sector employs 777,000 people, roughly the same as the U.S. telecommunications industry. [18]

This is particularly notable as coal and nuclear represent half of U.S. electricity generation, and solar only 2%. [15]

It is that the report provides a meaningful, apples-to-apples comparison with other energy industries, and here the rising political power of solar is clear. [15] Uniquely, the Energy Challenge provides students with the opportunity to bring their solutions to fruition. [11] The EFI team of experts provide policymakers, industry leaders, NGOs and other leaders with analytically-based, unbiased policy options to advance a cleaner, safer, more affordable and more secure energy future. [13] Prior to this he covered global solar policy, markets and technology for Solar Server, and has written about renewable energy for CleanTechnica, German Energy Transition, Truthout, The Guardian (UK), and IEEE Spectrum. [15] The ideal candidate for the role is highly analytical by nature, is a strong mentor and leader, possesses extensive energy contract negotiation experience, and understands FERC policies such as PURPA. The SVP should have a strong track record of renewable energy project delivery (solar and/or wind required) and be a hands-on leader, active in all phases of the process. [14] Energy storage systems help ensure that we get the energy we need when we want it, and make it easier to use renewable energy in our homes and on the power grid by balancing out the effects of a cloud moving over a solar panel or the wind dying down. [18]

Formed by the states in 1986, NASEO facilitates peer learning among state energy officials, serves as a resource for and about state energy offices, and advocates the interests of the state energy offices to Congress and federal agencies. [13] NASEO is the only national non-profit association for the governor-designated energy officials from each of the 56 states and territories. [13] In doing so, he is also joined by the National Association of State Energy Officials, as yet another example of states taking action on energy and climate issues without the Trump Administration. [15] Promoting strong communities and a 21st century energy workforce, with a focus on city, state and regional innovation opportunities. [13]

Welcome to the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development Web site. [11] As DOE under Perry chose not to produce a similar report that might accurately capture these omissions, now Moniz is doing so in his capacity as a private citizen and one with a far more impressive resume in energy than Secretary Perry. [15] Another solar organization, the Hawaii Solar Energy Association, has elected Brian Gold as its president. [14] The individuals behind Energy Futures Initiative and why they are producing the 2018 Energy and Employment Report is worth noting. [15] The Energy Challenge is a first of its kind energy-specific science fair designed to engage and encourage high school students to participate in science and engineering through creative problem solving. [11] On Thursday September 24th the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) announced the launch of the 2015-2016 Native Youth Energy Challenge (EC). [11]

"I'm excited to be joining Energy Impact Partners," Kann told GTM. "I'm a big fan of EIP's model and am thrilled to have the opportunity to leverage their unique ecosystem of utilities, portfolio companies and investors to keep pondering the future of energy." [14] Hall is associate vice president for the Environmental Defense Fund in Texas and Reicher is executive director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University, and was previously at Google as director of climate change and energy initiatives. [14] Analyzing complex energy systems, providing public and private decision-makers with strategic insights and integrated policy solutions and politically viable implementation pathways. [13]

At Marathon, Chang will leverage his decades of experience to continue to build the company's renewables platform and develop the firm's practices across the energy sector, including fossil fuel generation, utilities and infrastructure and transmission. [14] The coal industry, which has been declining, now employs 160,000 workers, less than a quarter as many Americans as the renewable energy industry. [18] Can Indian Tribes own renewable energy projects? IRS says yes. [11]

EFI principals led a $30 billion federal cabinet department, elevating the Department of Energy (DOE) to new levels of performance, developing and implementing innovative approaches to DOE business models, creating a supportive bipartisan approach in Congress, engaging the private sector, and putting innovation at the center of the global responses to energy security and climate change. [13] Wisconsin Public Service Commission chair Ellen Nowak is now the state's secretary of the Department of Administration, the first woman to hold the title in 30 years. [14]

While changes to federal, state and local incentives and policies have sparked uncertainty, the job market is still set to grow as businesses and local governments build demand. [18] A wave of investments and commitments from governments, nonprofits and businesses have fueled progress, boosted local economies and supported millions of jobs. [18] According to the latest version of the Solar Foundation?s National Solar Jobs Census, 250,000 Americans were spending 50% or more of their working in solar, with solar taking up all the working hours of 89% of these workers. [15] The data suggest that utilities are directly responsible for at least 25 percent of the solar jobs in the United States, but no other NAICS codes yet exist for solar electric generation. [15] They cover a range of work across industries - mostly construction jobs installing energy-efficient equipment. [18] Computer Science Teacher High School Full-Time jobs in Washington D.C. [16] This figure does not count any jobs in the construction or other value-chain industries for projects financed, owned, or directed by utilities. [15]

Even in states with major fossil fuel industries, energy efficiency employment rivals oil, gas and coal. [18] Kentucky, for example, has an estimated 24,000 workers in energy efficiency, compared with about 12,200 in coal. [18]

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