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  • Being one of the leading web and mobile app development company, we put together the expert team to a board that helps to build Blockchains.(More...)
  • Incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in the USA, Techtic Solutions Inc. is an leading web and mobile app development company known for delivering innovative solutions for any complex problem.(More...)
  • Today, the company behind Watson and developments in cloud technology is already harnessing a blockchain service for over 400 clients in multiple industries.(More...)
  • Our team has a thorough expertise in Blockchain Development and is well acquainted with full development stack right from building customized blockchain and Smart Contract to complete mobile applications.(More...)
  • Intelegain offers end-to-end blockchain development services by developing world-class mobile and web applications based on Blockchain technology.(More...)
  • After years of successful app and software development services the company has now developers to create effective blockchain software for customers.(More...)


  • In this service, we create a digital contract to secure your transactions in the blockchain or provide an insightful audit of current contracts.(More...)
  • Ethereum development platform is specifically used to build applications using blockchain that runs without any third-party interface, downtime and fraud.(More...)



Being one of the leading web and mobile app development company, we put together the expert team to a board that helps to build Blockchains. [1] Calling themselves a "full stack blockchain development company", Coinfabrik team from Brazil comes with wide expertise in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ledgers, etc. They?ve been on board with blockchain from the early days and are working on various solutions for financial sector. [2] If you are looking for Bitcoin or Ethereum development services, then Jouple as a well-recognized blockchain development company is all set to get a simple, secure, and easy-to-use decentralized platform ready for you. [3] There are multi-services provider companies available in India, Get blockchain development services and blockchain application development company known as iMOBDEV Technologies. [4] An experienced blockchain development company with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. [2] Chain is a US-based blockchain development company creating cryptographic ledger systems for financial sector specifically. [2] Unicsoft, based in United Kingdom and USA, is a blockchain development company, though they predominantly hire experts from Eastern European countries. [2] ABES was founded in the year 2017 in Philadelphia and is a dedicated lab of R & D experts for blockchain technologies for a software development company Aplana Software Inc. It offers a full range of services which include architecture design, blockchain consulting, support and maintenance, services and applications development and smart contracts. [5] Oodles Technologies is a leading offshore Blockchain App Development Company with an expertise in building high-octane cryptocurrency applications. [6]

Our company helps to gain an advantage before competitors bringing more transparency to business with the power of IBM Hyperledger, smart contracts development and mobiles apps, integrated into blockchain. [7] With multitude options at your disposal, choosing your best blockchain development service company shouldn?t be a problem. [5]

Get a full spectrum of Blockchain development services to expand your business potency using the Blockchain technology. [1] OpenXcell?s skilful experts in Blockchain development analyze all of your requirements and help you to familiarize with the possibilities of this technology to meet every business specifications. [8] Our multi-disciplined domain experts team which provides an accurate and holistic client experience by blockchain development lifecycle. [1] Hyperlink InfoSystem offers various types of service to improve blockchain development process. [1] As one of the top Blockchain development companies in India & USA, OpenXcell stands out for its innovative approach to deliver the best of experiences to its customers and add value to every project that it undertakes. [8]

Specialty / Expertise : Enterprise Blockchain Development, Blockchain Application Development, Smart Contract Audit, Smart Contract Development, ICO Launch Services, Cryptocurrency development, Cryptocurrency exchanges, Private blockchain development and Cryptocurrency Wallet development. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain consulting, public and private blockchain development, dApps, smart contracts, blockchain audit, KYC compliance, digital wallets, cryptocurrency hard forks. [2]

Specialty / Expertise : blockchain development, Ethereum, Truffle, banking software, Vue.js front-end services, DApps. [2] Having a wide experience in developing secure applications, VironIT provides a variety of blockchain development services to help businesses in blockchain adoption. [7] We have experts team for developing your business using Blockchain development services. [4] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain development, distributed systems, cryptography, payment systems, ledger technology. [2] Speciality / Expertise : blockchain development, Solidity, smart contracts, Agile development, startups, ICO, customized web & mobile solutions. [2] Specialty / Expertise : software development, web development, blockchain development, smart contracts, Ethereum development, wallets, ICO. [2]

They works in both private and public blockchain development, as well as create decentralised applications, smart contracts, ecommerce solutions, cryptocurrencies. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain consulting, decentralized application development, public & private blockchain development, smart contract development & audits, ICO and crowd sale. [2] Specialty / Expertise : Blockchain development on Different Frameworks & Platforms, Smart contracts, dApp Development. [2] Some of their areas of expertise include crypto wallets, Hyperledger Fabric, smart contracts, solidity, blockchain development and more. [5] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain development, tokenization, digital currencies, wallets, consortium databases,. [2] Specialty / Expertise : mobile/web development, UX/UI design, blockchain development, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google Apps, Zoho, ecommerce. [2] Our Blockchain Development Services has led 25+ clients across the world in innovating blockchain networks and solutions. [9] Recognised as the top blockchain development companies globally, Techracers has made its mark in the Blockchain industry and continues to create blockchain solutions for making business processes more convenient and trustworthy. [2] Experienced and reliable blockchain development companies thus come into play for diversifying one's business prospects. [5]

Supply blockchain development : Crystallise supply chain economics using blockchain technology. [5] We help create a hack proof platform for real time exchange of cryptocurrencies on Android and iOS. more ? 05 Permissioned (Private) Blockchain Development [10] LeewayHertz has been recognized as IBM Blockchain Development Partner for deploying over 5 blockchain platforms and 80 plus smart contracts. [2]

They even state that ArcTouch is becoming a DApp development company, believing this is the future of mobile apps. [2] Ltd., a mobile app development company situated in Noida, U.P. India at the street address - B- 25, Sector 58, Noida, U.P. 201301. [10]

LimeChain is a blockchain development and consulting studio based in Sofia (Bulgaria) with extensive experience in building blockchain solutions for startups and corporate clients. [2] We are a Best blockchain development company for startups and enterprises primarily based in India, But also provide best offshore Blockchain development services based in U.S., UK, Canada and all over World. [11] Epixel blockchain Development Company offers you the best blockchain development services as a solution for the third party involvement and charges. [12] We are an experienced blockchain development company joined with a profound comprehension of AI, IoT, and cloud services. [11] Developcoins is primarily launched as a cryptocurrency & blockchain development company. [13]

SoluLab Inc is leading Blockchain, Mobile and Web development company, started by ex vice president of Goldman Sachs and ex principal software architect of Citrix. [14] I expect blockchain will play a big part in how we tackle business problems for the next decade as we become a DApp development company. [15] We recently interviewed Shapiro to ask him his view on the potential of blockchain, and to explore why ArcTouch is becoming a DApp development company to help businesses take advantage of blockchain. [15] Intellectsoft is a global full-cycle custom software development company that helps businesses to overcome the technological challenges of digital transformation through innovation and the use of emerging technologies, like blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cloud computing. [14]

Accubits is a blockchain solutions and development company based in Vienna, Virginia, United States with its development offices in India and Dubai. [16] Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions and development company delivering solutions ever since 2012, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain dev house in the market. [16]

Prismetric is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Mobile App Development Company having a development center in India with offices in USA & Saudi Arabia that offer exceptional applications development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices along with other web services to provide end-to-end solutions. [14] Established in 2000, CDN Solutions Group is an Award Winning and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Software, Web and Mobile App Development Company consistently delivering quality solutions. [14] Incorporated in 2008 and headquartered in the USA, OpenXcell is an industry-leading software and mobile app development company known for delivering innovative software solutions and engaging mobile apps. [14]

Being a premier blockchain app development company in India, Fuel4Media has excelled in offering customized services for multi-cryptocurrency wallet development, smart contracts development, crypto exchange development and other blockchain development solutions. [17] Algoworks is an experienced Blockchain development company providing complete technical support as well as end to end consultation services in leveraging blockchain technology for highly secured distributed ledger system. [18] Launch your blockchain app with the best blockchain development company. [19]

Having long track record of FinTech projects Empirica as a software development company helps in development of distributed systems based on blockchain. [20] Fuel4Media is a leading blockchain application development company in India that strives to bring powerful and revolutionary aspects of the blockchain technology to build innovative, decentralized applications that meet your varied business needs. Our comprehensive blockchain technology solutions are best suited for businesses that are looking to set their own platform for digital cryptocurrencies. [17] Master Software Solutions is one of the best Blockchain application development company based in Chandigarh, India with business offices in USA and UK. We provide an end-to-end blockchain enterprise solution to every business. [21]

Incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in the USA, Techtic Solutions Inc. is an leading web and mobile app development company known for delivering innovative solutions for any complex problem. [14] We are an experienced block chain development company combined with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. [22] SODIO is a mobile app development company based in Bengaluru, India. [14]

Accubits's portfolio of Blockchain development includes custom DApps and smart contracts, crypto token and exchange development, integrated blockchain services and ICO platforms. [16] Blockchain development services from Mobiweb can help you increase your business productivity. [23] Blockchain development technology is known as one of the most innovative and highly secured solutions to store and exchange confidential as well as sensitive information. [23] Businesses can transact with less friction and more confidence by blockchain development using distributed ledger technology like HyperLedger, Ethereum or HashGraph. [22] Private Blockchain Development: Develop and implement a private, permissioned Blockchain to address client?s specific business requirements by utilizing cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger. [24] Looking for top blockchain development companies? Here's a list of best blockchain development services with verified client reviews and ratings to assist you in selecting your trusted top blockchain developer. [14] I came to know about the developcoins services, I would share the same so that you may compare the services with other blockchain development companies. [13] S-PRO offers custom cross-platform mobile app development services and Blockchain development. [14] Developcoins is the perfect place for cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. [13] Mobiweb Technologies is known as the best Blockchain development service providers in India that delivers cost effective and top-notch Blockchain development services. [23] Our BlockFirst blockchain development services typically start with a discovery session first defining the opportunity and then mapping out the feature set of a blockchain solution. [15] Our developers already have an experience of providing blockchain development solutions. [23] We help enterprises to dominate the decentralized world with our top-notch blockchain development sol. [14] We hire blockchain developers to streamline the dapp blockchain development process. [22] Blockchain development is an intriguing concept of being a distributed ledger of unalterable digitally recorded data. [14]

Today, the company behind Watson and developments in cloud technology is already harnessing a blockchain service for over 400 clients in multiple industries. [25] As the leading blockchain development company, our customized private blockchains help companies reduce operating costs and infrastructure expenses and assist in creating a fast, secure and transparent digital business identity. [26] SAG IPL is a top notch blockchain development company with years of experience in the highly secure application development. [27] Bacancy Technology is one of the best Blockchain development company in USA and Canada. [28] BR Softech is awarded as a best blockchain development company in India and along with this, we have a leading talents in the field of blockchain technology rather than this, BR Softech is a blend of a responsive, professional and dedicated employees as well as we have deal in several successful blockchain projects which make us experienced and due to it we can sort out any last minute challenge also. [29]

Blockchain holds a promising potential to sustain in future and Consagous as a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin app development company have already paced to survive with the radical futurism. [30]

Our team has a thorough expertise in Blockchain Development and is well acquainted with full development stack right from building customized blockchain and Smart Contract to complete mobile applications. [18] Therefore, we hire Blockchain developers having the wealth of experience to make sure our Blockchain development solution benefits your business as well customers. [31] We can help you embrace the future of cryptocurrency and Blockchain development, right now. [32] Therefore, you will need to hire Blockchain development experts to carry out the whole process without any hassles. [31]

Hyperledger blockchain technology is a new demand of the business world and every company is looking for hyperledger fabric blockchain development. [29] On May 1, the company announced the development of a blockchain sidechain that will allow bitcoin users direct access to eXeBlock's decentralized applications being developed by third party developers. [33] Leverage the benefits of blockchain technology with Techcronus - an expert blockchain application development services company. [34] In more recent news, the company announced on March 20 that it had begun a cryptocurrency hedging development program through its majority-owned subsidiary, SV Cryptolab, which will be focused on blockchain solutions for hedging cryptocurrency against price deadlines. [33]

Renowned mobile app development company delivering user-engaging mobile applications for multiple industry verticals. [35]

SARA Analytics is one of pioneer blockchain development company in the UAE that provides effective and productive blockchain application development services. [36] We are a Blockchain Development Company primarily based on San Francisco California, USA and also provide best offshore Blockchain development services based in Banglore, India. [37] I will suggest the best blockchain development company Coinsclone provides the legend service for their customers from the scratch. [36]

Intelegain offers end-to-end blockchain development services by developing world-class mobile and web applications based on Blockchain technology. [26] Get a full spectrum of Blockchain development services toincrease your business productivity using the Blockchain technology. [28] We provide professional Blockchain development services business growth. [28] Publish your own cryptocurrency internationally through blockchain service grounded on the funder or asset smart contract base through Intelegain?s blockchain development expertise. [26] SAG IPL offers high-quality and cost-effective blockchain development services through a centralized cryptocurrency transactions process. [27] Headquartered in Nova Scotia, eXeBlock?s services include blockchain technology consulting, blockchain application development, and custom blockchain development. [33] Hire Consagous for Blockchain application development and Blockchain wallet integration in mobile apps and get the best Blockchain development solutions including Bitcoin Android and iPhone app development. [30] Now top IT companies are providing the hyperledger blockchain development services. [29] With our comprehensive approach to explore all possible business opportunity for our clients, we stand apart than rest of the blockchain development companies. [35] Startups that need technical Blockchain development expertise unavailable in-house, that face tight deadlines, or that need to do more with their limited resources. [38] Intelegain being one the most reliable blockchain development agency guarantees that your code has been revised by an expert and is secure. [26]

After years of successful app and software development services the company has now developers to create effective blockchain software for customers. [36] That?s why, be it a simple application or a complex business solution, ValueCoders is there to help you with all kinds of Blockchain development services that your business needs such as ledger transaction app and digital cash systems. [39] Whether you look for Agile development of a single application or entire suite of Blockchain development project delivery, we, as one of the top Blockchain development companies, can ensure positive outcomes of our custom Blockchain development services that bring exceptional business results. [39]

Incubasys takes pride in being one of the few blockchain development companies that stays ahead of the game and incorporates the technology into apps and software as per the clients? needs. [36] You can rely upon us for scalable Cryptocurrency Wallet, Hyperledger, Bitcoin apps & private blockchain development services. [40]

If you are looking for Block chain development company for Block chain development services, then I would like to recommend 9series Solutions for Block chain development. [36] As a certified web application development company. we follow agile methodology that ensures seamless communication and complete project transparency. [39]

Sphinx Solutions is experienced and skilled in customized, permissioned, & Private Blockchain Development to address specific business needs & solve scalability issue for small, medium and large enterprises. [40] Our Blockchain development services include customized, end-to-end, Healthcare solution. [39] From public and private blockchain development to creating smart contracts and distributed ledgers, we?ve done it all. [41] Our offshore Blockchain programmers provide quick deployment of Blockchain development projects and reliable support for ongoing projects. [39]


In this service, we create a digital contract to secure your transactions in the blockchain or provide an insightful audit of current contracts. [1] Blockchain is not limited to just currency but enlarges to any domain where anything of value is transacted, be it contracts, personal information, health records, business data and much more. [1] We made a framework of blockchain service which successfully takes artificial Intelligence, data analysis, IoT and web security. [1] OpenXcell has the best team on board to develop and design all the services ranging from simple to advanced Blockchain architecture. [8]

The blockchain is the technology which supports the cryptocurrencies and Digital currencies. [1] By using a different set of cryptography based technologies, Blockchain assures that transaction continued into the blockchain database which is stable. [1]

Specialty / Expertise : blockchain financial services, ICO, application development, gaming, fintech, big data, AI, visual production, software outsourcing. [2] Specialty / Expertise: Blockchain consulting, Architecture design, Smart contracts, Services & Applications development, Support and Maintenance. [2] Services cover everything: from smart contracts audit and development, cryptocurrency exchanges, to cryptographic data storages, private blockchains on Hyperledger. [2] Specialty / Expertise : ICO consulting, blockchain, smart contracts, AI, machine learning, tokens, cryptocurrencies, web/mobile app development. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain strategy and development, blockchain design, decentralised applications (Dapps), Ethereum, Hyperledger, BigChain, Stellar. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, ICO, Ethereum, Truffle, Solidity, web development, React, iOS, Android, JavaScript, Symfony framework, custom software, outsourcing. [2] Specialty / Expertise : mobile apps, IoT, web development, marketing, supply chain management solutions, blockchain, e-commerce, wearable devices, Java, Flash, PHP. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, cryptocurrency, web development, crypto-exchange, wallets. [2]

According to such strategy, they provide advisory, lectures and workshops (Oslo blockchain day), as well as development services to clients. [2] We conduct smart contract development process on platforms that are known for their support in making Blockchain Contracts Safe, Disintermediated, Transparent, and Real Time Executionable. [10] Mobile development, design, IoT, cloud computing, AI, Augmented Reality and, clearly, blockchain all these innovative areas of work definitely make IntellectSoft one of the top blockchain companies as of 2018. [2] Ezetech is a web development agency from NY helping founders get their blockchain off the ground. [2] Unlock the potential of open source Blockchains and tools for collaborative development with distributed ledgers. [9]

It works both for private ledgers and public networks, and it is currently used for mobile wallets, a crypto exchange platform, a ride sharing app. Another example is a virtual transaction machine called TxVM also a blockchain ledger service aimed at eligible state changes throughout different blockchains. [2] Providing blockchain services on stages of planning, strategy, architecture and implementation, ArcTouch experts develop proof-of-concept decentralized apps for leading platforms like Ethereum and Hyperledger. [2]

Treehouse Technology Group?s (TTG)?s world class Blockchain services team is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology poised to transform the world of business. [2] VironIT provides blockchain consulting, delivers proofs-of-concept and helps on all levels of a business project to bring clarity and understanding of that complex technology. [7] They employ blockchain experts to help clients build secure business tech products via "ledger distribution? technologies of blockchain and smart contract protocols. [2] ChromaWay, started in 2014 with headquarters in Stockholm houses blockchain experts working with financial institutions, real estate companies, governmental agencies to provide smart contract solutions. [2] One of the largest software companies, literally with over eight hundred people and offices around the globe, Dotsquares? work includes mobile apps, websites, CRMs, blockchain, digital marketing, big data, etc. They service to industries such as automotive, retail and ecommerce, financial sector, healthcare, media, manufacturing, logistics. [2] Offer a private blockchain system of the distributed peers, which replicates the devices data and then confirms the transactions using secure contracts. [10] Kamtor is a Blockchain-focused company which provides advanced solutions based on private and public blockchains such as Hyperledger, R3, EOS, Ethereum, and others. [2] Strategy : From carrying out the ideation sessions to looking out for a range of blockchain business strategies, this company is one stop solution for your requirements. [5] What makes it one of the best blockchain companies? With innovative and creative vision, the company has dived into blockchain and has gotten a dozen of solid projects in distributed applications and launching ICOs under its belt. [2] Nowadays integrating blockchain in business processes is extremely essential for the growth of a company. [5] They follow a streamlined process wherein they help enterprises to start off their blockchain journey by evaluating various aspects of blockchain which can help the company in a particular case. [5] The company you choose should be well equipped to deal with a range of blockchain technologies. [5]

Looking for best blockchain companies to hire or to invest into? Well, as for business owner or chief technology officer in today?s highly digitised world, this could be a proper strategy. [2] Technology areas : Blockchain (Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, DApps), Mobile (iOS, Android, React native), IoT & Analytics, Cloud (Amazon, Microsoft). [2] For instance, they?ve successfully developed apps such as "Virtual Currency" (blockchain-based virtual currency), "Cryptocurrency Wallet" (peer-to-peer payments platform for Ethereum and Bitcoin), "Online E-Commerce Marketplace", a blockchain online marketplace. [2] A cryptocurrency wallet is a software which stores public and private keys and interacts with different blockchain to allow users to send or receive digital currency. [4] If you?re looking to hire a competent agency to implement blockchain, they?ve got all you need: from ICO consultation, tokens, digital wallets, smart contracts to tools like Hyperledger, Parity, Solidity, MultiChain, Ethereum. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, smart contracts, wallets, exchange transactions, DApps, payment systems. [2] Blockchain is the high-end technology that verifies digital transactions. [2] Blockchain allows innovative mobility services, adding traceability and secure financial transactions. [9] Offer custmized service engagements, allowing you to innovate and experiment with the diferent IoT platforms and blockchain technologies. [10] They make use of tried and tested blockchain approaches and mature blockchain frameworks to offer personalized solutions for your services. [5] The consultants of ABES Lab get into the details of customers? business and offer the best blockchain based solution that makes business processes the most effective. [2] ABES experts can handle the intricacies of the blockchain projects very well and offer them a solution according to their requirements. [5] In terms ob blockchain, JatApp experts offer skills in main three fields: ledgers, wallets and smart contracts. [2] Treehouse Technology Group possesses a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts who aim at revolutionizing the workings of blockchain industry. [5] They also provide valuable advice to startups who are thinking to raise an ICO. Our team of blockchain marketers, designers and developers know how to employ the tools to help you work in a decentralized ecosystem. [5] Blockchain is the present day?s most innovative and disruptive technology, but is it right for you? And in what extent? We help you find answers to these questions. [10] Truly one of the best blockchain companies and one of the most devoted to this modern technology. [2] Our mission is to deliver innovative and end-to-end customized solutions in all aspects of the blockchain domain to retail businesses, healthcare providers, financial institutions, B2B companies, and blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. [42] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, tokenization, hyperledger consulting, Agile mobile apps, web apps, Atlassian support, cloud solutions, big data, chatbots. [2] Our Blockchain Healthcare solutions are known to eradicate a number of real world healthcare issues including fragments patient data and the traditional model of drug design. [10] Blockchain data ledgers serve the purpose of improving safety of business operations, protecting critical data, reducing fraud risks. [2] Blockchain ledgers are shaping up as a turning technology of the future. [4] The blockchain reduces the risk of transactional manipulations due to the distributed, permissioned, and incorruptible property of the technology. [9]

Trust : It is a well-known fact that all participants in a blockchain have to authorize the transactions occurring in the chain, as these applications build greater trust with customers leading to increased sales and enhanced client satisfaction. [5] Well known in Singapore for helping startups launch their MVPs and developing customized applications for organisations, they believe a decentralized world with blockchain and it's similar technologies is the inevitable. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain technologies, smart contracts, ICO, Solidity, e-wallets, crypto-exchange, smart tokens. [2] Specialty / Expertise : cryptocurrencies, tokens, public blockchain, private blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto-economy, standard software development. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, AI, big data, custom software development, Java, JavaScript, Hadoop, MongoDB, cognitive computing, SaaS. [2] Specialty / Expertise : blockchain, ICO, crypto exchanges, algorithmic trading, AI, machine learning, financial software development. [2] Believing in open-source technologies, this U.S. agency adopt agile methodology and work on blockchain software solutions, as part of so called "hybrid software development model". [2]

Despite the fact that the whole platform is relatively new and has only been developed a few years ago, Ethereum has taken its place at the forefront in the world of developing platforms for blockchain technologies. [43] Though, to jam it in briefly, Blockchain is a software platform for digital financial assets, where you can store, send and receive cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. [2] The blockchain is an immutable ledger for recording not only financial transactions but can virtually record anything of value. [9]

Their young and agile team is committed to providing a great range of blockchain services to its customers. [5] Since 2010 Empirica team from Poland works in the field of investment software, blockchain, AI and machine learning. [2]

A mix and match of blockchain strategies can help you reach ultimate business goals. [5] Blockchain will help in creating optimized business models. [9] Learn how Techracers can help you with your Blockchain needs. [42] They also need to hold great expertise in developing the kind of commercial blockchain product you need. [5] Some of their other areas of expertise include creating DApps, Hyperledger, Solidity, Ethereum when it comes to the blockchain. [5] Some of their areas of excellence include initial coin offering, smart contract, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, tech audit and IoT in the blockchain. [5] Smart contracts are digital contracts, written in binary code and maintained in a blockchain with pre-defined roles, hierarchies and exchange terms. [10]

Our cryptocurrency wallet developers are highly experienced in elliptic curve cryptography and creating a wallet on the blockchain. [9] Other great work includes E-Krona a brand new e-currency (project by the Swedish Central Bank), SofiWay a blockchain network for immediate and direct payments between individuals, the Universal Identity Hub a project for gender equality and safety, Green Assets Wallet a platform for "green" investors to improve deals on the Paris Climate Agreement, via verification and validation infrastructure, in particular. [2] Ethereum is perhaps the most reliable and widely spread platform for the creation of viable blockchain systems. [43] If you have an idea to disrupt an industry with blockchain, then we will create a value addition in the network through a highly secure BAF platform, consisting of Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric. [9] The blockchain ensures that the data of citizens are secure, protected, and accurate to maintain trust in the government. [9] These technologies are extremely essential to create blockchain products which include EVM, cryptography, distributed ledgers, IoT, web technologies, data securities, P2P networks and more. [5] Each individual 'block' in the blockchain is made up of computer code that contains data and can be programmed to represent anything, at the moment the most popular usage is cryptocurrency. [43] Blockchain is a special kind of decentralized database with identical blocks of data across a P2P network. [3] The blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention, a decentralized database hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, and as its data is accessible to anyone on the internet there is no single version that exists for a hacker to corrupt. [43]

With concerns about security, fraud prevention and faster transactions, companies across various industries are reviewing and evaluating blockchain. [2] Transparency : All nodes in a blockchain have real-time access into all transactions in the chain. [5]

The team of Blockchangers works to promote blockchain and cooperates with private and public institutions to define the future ideology of it. [2] We develop open source enterprise grade distributed ledger and codebase using various distributed ledger and open source blockchain projects such as Fabric, Sawtooth Lake, Iroha, and Blockchain Explorer. [10] The blockchain technologies used are completely safe and secure. [5] EngineerBabu is responsible for implementing, supporting and designing a distributed blockchain based network. [5]

By taking advantage of the robust decentralized platform, we offer a range of blockchain app development services for the businesses who wish to come on an app that is backed by decentralization and security. dApps Development, Smart Contract Development, Ether App Development, and Ether Wallet development are a few of the services we have added in our expertise through Etherium. [10] We provide comprehensive services including development of mobile applications, web-oriented applications, business software solutions, as well as software integration and updating, support, and maintenance of software applications. [7] The mentioned services provide by iMOBDEV Technologies where your business revolutionized with Blockchain Application development. [4] We offer end-to-end custom tailored Blockchain Application Development Services for varying business requirements. [3]

As well as custom application development services based on blockchain technology to various industries including Finance, healthcare and other sectors. [3] At Jouple we provide decentralized application development services based on Blockchain technology. [3]

Here at Hyperlink InfoSystem, we have some of the best blockchain developers who will respond fast and professionally according to your needs. Our team will give you best support in middle of the development and after delivered final product. [1] It explores new monetization methods by using our development services to put collectively a vast crypto exchange for you. [1]

Hire our Blockchain application developers and understand the array of Blockchain services that OpenXcell can offer to increase your business productivity. [8] We help you to develop blockchain technology for your business that would eventually give you easy and secure records of transactions. [1] Businesses having a huge amount of big data can hire Blockchain developers to create new and more efficient business processes. [1]

With our extensive experience in Cryptocurrency development services and a highly proficient team of Blockchain Developers, we aim to deliver the finest Blockchain frameworks at the best market rates. [6] From the Development of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrencies to Auditing the Processes before they go live on the unaltered system and helping start-ups raise an ICO, our team of Blockchain developers, designers, and marketers, know how to employ the tools and languages that develops a decentralized ecosystem for your brand. [10] Smart Contracts Development and Audit : One of the most important parts of our Blockchain App Development Offerings is the creation of blockchain contracts to safeguard your transactions in the platform. [5] An open source platform to create rapid application development and deployment of the blockchain app. Very simple to create apps and provide an unlimited server for cross blockchain apps. [4]

TTG leverages it?s years of enterprise-wide data and application development that supports thousands of users from start-up?s to Fortune 500 companies by developing highly secure and reliable Smart Contracts using Solidity, Ethereum and Proof of Stake Algorithm. [2] The team is already working on the development of applications with decentralized technologies, such as Hashgraph and Direct Acyclic Graph(DAG). [9]

Our services include our in-house platform for creating new cryptocurrency, exchange development and cryptocurrency wallet. [3] Our all round ICO services include preparing your idea for Investors, generation of cryptocurrency for distribution, development of white paper, and lastly Promotion of your ICO. more ? 08 Crypto Wallet Development [10] Organizations that are interested in creating their own cryptocurrency Jouple provides Cryptocurrency development services based on the Bitcoin open source code. [3] Elaborate ICO and Cryptocurrency development services to successfully launch your customised altcoin. [9] This ranges from ICO development and campaigns, cryptographic apps to escrow services, tokens, secured networks. [2] The scope of their services covers initial planning and product scoping, software architecture, compliance, digital strategy, developing MVPs, further product development (iteration), and maintenance. [2] They offer a wide range of token services to companies at any stage of development. [5] TTG also offers comprehensive token services for companies at any stage of development. [2]

They hold expertise in delivering ICO development services for various sectors. [5] Specialty / Expertise : Bitcoin development, SaaS, Groovy Grails, Node.js, jQuery, Apache Hadoop, Mahout, MongoDB, video streaming services, ERP. [2]

Design, development, audit, and optimisation of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes. [9] They are experienced in the development of multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution on blockchain and utility bill generation using blockchain and many more. [2] Transparent supply chain development using blockchain technology is our specialty. [10] LimeChain is determined to help pioneer the development of blockchain technology not only locally but also on a global level. [2] Their sole aim is to help businesses achieve indefeasible feats with blockchain app development. [5] What kind of Blockchain Application can be developed? The blockchain application development includes Finance apps, Order Tracking apps, Healthcare, and more. [4] We are the Blockchain app development agency that has been the pioneer of introducing the mobile app world with the immutable benefits of Decentralization. [10]

This mobile app development agency with a decade of successful experience and hundreds of apps released, started a so called Blockfirst team. [2]

Jouple has created a peer-to-peer (P2P) and cryptocurrency exchange development platform. [3] Our platform choice is what defines the success of our dApp Development process and your dApp success. [10]

They hold expertise in cryptocurrencies, development of a smart contract and auditing the processes before they go live on an unaltered system. [5] All you need to do is book an appointment with their experts in order to get an in-depth idea for your project deployment and development. [5]

These companies not only offer expert consulting services but are also proficient in creating best blockchain technology applications. [5] ABES Lab offers a unique set of integrated blockchain solutions helping to modernize business areas where Blockchain technology has the most value: contracts management and execution; payments inside ecosystem of partners and suppliers; sourcing and tendering; digital supply chain management. [2] However we believe that Digital currency is just the beginning of what is possible with Blockchain technology as newer applications emerge that will challenge and disrupt the way we do business. [3]

This company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. What makes them stand out in the crowd among hundreds of other blockchain technology provider services is their dedication to deliver the best for every project. [5] Some of the detrimental factors will include the ability to access the services provided, contractual models offered and core areas of expertise to evaluate the right blockchain company for your projects. [5]

Blockchain technology is making a mark in a range of industries from retail to 'Fintech' and health care services need it for carrying out processes, storing data and more. [5] Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. [4] A blockchain developer is typically someone who is a software programmer, first, with knowledge of data structures and architectures, plus some of the blockchain tools, like Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, etc. To help you out and save you time, we?ve prepared a list of best blockchain companies as of 2018. [2] It is firmly believed that using blockchain technology in such a manner will help companies reduce food spoilage and prevent disease outbreaks. [43] If you have an idea for blockchain app or curious to know how to boost your business using Blockchain technology, fill out the contact form and our blockchain consultant will get in touch with you within 24 hours. [7] Their enthusiastic and hard-working team of developers is responsible for analyzing the requirements of the client and designing blockchain technology around a certain business model and building and launching a blockchain network. [5] Blockchain Technology will streamline transactions and other business processes with suppliers, partners, contractors, and most importantly with the customers. [9]

While their team has deep expertise in a broad range of technologies, they are nonetheless focused on a given client?s business case, developing the most practical and award winning blockchain solutions. [2] We have flexible and user-friendly models crafted as per the client's requirements and we leverage tailor-made decentralized blockchain solutions that can help expand your business potency. [6] Techracers is a global leader in creating end-to-end blockchain solution and services that help businesses create an everlasting impact for the end user in this new era of digital economy. [2] Architecture : Their expert blockchain team helps you to design secure and scalable blockchain solutions to improvise the workings of your processes. [5]

Irrespective of what your needs are, Our Team of Blockchain App Developers know how to create all types of Cryptocurrency Wallets, which can be used for Storing, Recording, and Transacting the transformative, in demand currency. [10] Other capabilities include evaluating private blockchain networks, building smart contracts, blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platforms, blockchain apps, etc. Among biggest clients are Yahoo, NBC, Salesforce, Skyjet, Audi, while examples of projects are mobile apps for supply chain, UI app design for cyber security platforms. [2] Blockchain technology is extremely useful for digital supply chain management, sourcing and tendering, contracts management and execution, payments inside the ecosystem of suppliers and partners. [5] Blockchain Technology enables digital information to be distributed and not copied, thereby creating a backbone for a new digital age. [9]

Their engineers can build blockchain apps and architecture, integrate 3rd party software, create software for P2P transactions, money transfers, digital currencies, etc. They mostly partner with clients in financial sector, retail, ecommerce, and healthcare. [2] The expert blockchain developers at Mindinventory have gained comprehensive knowledge on blockchain technology, ready to take the financial institutions and economy forward. [43] Their experts are also trying to solve an issue with supply chain automation with the use of blockchain technology. [2]

Our experts will come to know your business specifications and able to create desired blockchain application. [4] We have the best blockchain developers in India providing optimal solutions to your current business problems. [9] You need to check out the type of blockchain developers in the company. [5] The creators are well equipped to build secure products for your company according to your business goals, preferences, needs and budget. [5]

Our sales team or the team of mobile app developers only use this information to send updates about our company and projects or contact you if requested or find it necessary. [10] Company develops distributed systems for financial industry, banking and investment sector, for example multi-signature wallets, exchanges, crowdfunding platforms, auctions, trading back-end systems. [2] This global IT consultancy company lies in the heart of silicon valley and has its offices in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and the UK. With over 300 employees, Altoros works for enterprises by deploying cloud and software solutions of Cloud Foundry ecosystem. [5] There are different approaches which you need to understand to scrutinize whether your chosen blockchain company can build your DLT software or not. [5] You need to have a thorough knowledge of the technologies your blockchain company is using. [5] Initially, Blockchain Company was considered to be immensely useful for carrying out cryptocurrency transactions but now it has entered the mainstream market. [5]

Agile Lab are specialists in developing custom web and mobile applications, blockchain solutions through their Agile thinking, coding and design craftsmanship. [2] JatApp is a small software development agency with the aim to assist startups with mobile, web and blockchain solutions, along with backend and design. [2]

Based on successful projects in 10 key industries, Sphere Software provides end-to-end blockchain solutions. [2] They provide end to end solutions to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. [2] Here at Mindinventory, we have some of the best blockchain developers in the industry on out team, who will respond quickly and professionally to your needs, and provide YOU with ongoing support for all of our products. [43]

Blockchain App Factory?s solutions offer a defence-grade protection against malware and inside attacks. [9] We offer customized Blockchain solutions to integrate in your existing mobile apps, making them dApps. [10]

Our application development helps you with such innovative services using blockchain system. [12] Our Blockchain implementation includes the Blockchain Ideation & Proof of Concept development which increases the success rate of the application. [22] Our blockchain experts provide consultation to clients for the project development and deployment. [22] Then we can build out the proof of concept -- a prototype DApp development project -- and of course, from there we?ll work with you to determine the viability of commercial blockchain deployment. [15] In our recent blockchain hackathon, we had a few development teams build proof-of-concept DApps that really caught my attention. [15] HyperLedger and Multichain Development: We develop decentralized applications using permissioned Blockchains like HyperLedger Fabric and Multichain for Finance,Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. [24]

BlockFirst from ArcTouch helps companies transform their business processes through blockchain decentralized apps and ledger technology. [15] Blockchain-enabled technology is changing the way companies approach commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain, auditing and so much more -- the most significant and valuable business systems in the world will be powered by blockchains. [14]

We have a team of skilled developers who have experience in developing as well as connecting blockchain based technology with other technologies. [23] Our global team is building an ecosystem of consumer-centric products and enterprise solutions using blockchain technologies, primarily Ethereum. [14] A highly experienced and technology-driven team at Consagous is well-versed in working on all Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Big chain DB, Ethereum and IPFS. Consagous rich experience over wide range of industries coupled with strong technical knowledge of the programmers helps it deliver reliable b. [14] We are one of the top blockchain providers for Smart Contracts on Ethereum and other platforms. [22]

With the experience of building 100+ digital platforms for clouds, apps, and blockchain companies, we have tailored our process to match the ongoing blockchain industry changes. [22] Users won't necessarily know that blockchain is the behind-the-scenes technology powering the app. [15] We can help you drive new transformational changes in your existing technology infrastructure with blockchain protocols and core APIs. [16]

Blockchain is just another infrastructure service, one that uses a new open API to access the decentralized record of data, rather than using SOAP, REST, or a proprietary API to access a centralized web service. [15] Of course, we?re also pretty excited about how Blockchain is different, and in many cases better, than traditional web services, enabling new types of applications and functionality. [15]

We combine 10 years of experience in multiple domains including Mobile apps, Web Front End, Microservices, and Smart Contract blockchain to build end to end solutions. [22] Quest Global Technologies is a leading software development organization that works on Blockchain, customized ERP, Mobile Apps, Salesforce and Web Development. [14]

The blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies that offer wide diversity and application. [12] At the heart of it, applications that use blockchain are still apps. [15]

Block Cyper is based in California and provides BlockChain services. [14] Another cross-linking platform which can run under the power of blockchain services offered by Epixel. [12] Shapiro, the driving force behind the new service, believes that blockchain will be every bit as disruptive for today?s businesses as the onset of mobile. [15] That?s where mobile comes into play -- mobile phones and other connected things become the tools to perform these transactions and communicate to the blockchain. [15] The platform handles data exchange and transactions securely over the blockchain platform, ensuring shipments without delays and frauds. [22] A set of protocols created using digital codes in blockchain lets the transactions accurate. [12] A transaction system build using blockchain eliminates third party intermediaries and overhead costs for exchanging assets. [23]

Similarly, a mobile app can query the blockchain, perhaps by scanning a QR code to quickly pull up and verify past records and transactions. [15]

Bitfury develops and delivers both the software and the hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset across the Blockchain. [14] Our enterprise-ready ledger solutions let you reap the rewards of industry disruption and harness the power of blockchain. [14]

We offer you a blockchain multi level marketing business package with advanced and premium features that will enhance your business. [12] The main reason blockchain is a revolutionary concept is because of how blockchain-based apps are decentralized. [15] This is one reason why companies need to be exploring blockchain today. [15] Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main chain, child chain creators won't need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it with enough nodes. [14]

Blockchain is the most promising technologies of the future which facilitates to transfer data in its most transparent form. [24] An individual block of data that is recorded on a blockchain is typically encrypted in the form of a digital signature called a hash. [15] Specifically, with a mobile app, you can add a record to a blockchain with all the data the phone has, such as GPS location, timestamp, or QR code. [15]

Leveraging the same product-development expertise that has generated over $1 billion in revenue for clients from Fortune 500s to unicorn startups, Anchor is the official home for Fueled?s blockchain projects. [44] Get Our Blockchain experts ready to serve you throughout the projects. [24] Blockchain is an open, immutable distributed ledger for recording the history of transactions. [22]

With your own blockchain developers, you could potentially create your own eco-system with new cryptocurrency, smart contracts, wallets, supply chain, Proof of Existence (POE), dApp development etc. And the transparency is not what you?re looking for then, we have a solution for that too. [12] As blockchain technology begins to optimize business systems on a global scale, our international team of innovators has become a top-tier resource for dApp development in New York, London, and beyond. [44]

Codiant is "a revolution, a reliable partner, responsible service provider, loyal friend, and your inspiration" that has donned a big feather for world-class Mobile App and Web App Development, UI/UX Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Application Maintenance Services across various platforms. [14] Due to our unstoppable quest for making perfect mobile and web apps, we have slowly evolved into a one stop destination for all mobile and web app development needs. We have made a stellar reputation in the technology industry by adhering to. [14] We provide dedicated teams of specialists designed for your technology stack, ready to join your software project and development process. [14] React Native is a core technology that we use in mobile development. [14]

From full-engagement creations to la-carte dApp development services, we offer unique solutions to unique problems. [44] Blooming for over 10 years in the app industry, Sphinx Solutions today prides in being one of the best iOS app development companies for delivering secured iOS app solutions to clients all across the globe. [14] Developers of Mobiweb works feasibly with all major development platforms to give you a wide range of possible solutions. [23] Developing a digital platform that keeps your business layer attached is always a point of development. [12] Cryptocurrency Development: We have developed many customized Cryptocurrency Platforms to build custom cryptocurrency that can be utilized for cryptocurrency based projects. [24] A private-project development with open source platform for improving the cross-industry applications. [12]

Smart Contract Development: Our experts develop secure and proficient Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric. [24] Wallets Development: We have developed decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets for Bitcoin,Ethereum and Altcoins. [24] Solidity development is essential for transaction-based dApps and we will ensure the most secure contracts for both our startup and enterprise clients. [44]

We provide full cycle development solutions for Startups and small businesses. [14] We provide you with an altcoin development platform with your own branding. [12] We provide services in Custom Software development, High-end E-Commerce portals, SaaS-based platforms and products, Cloud based solutions and mobile app development in India. [14] We provide the fully manageable offshore dedicated development center service for software companies worldwide and custom software development service for wide range of industries including Business Intelligence, Healthcare, and Education. [14]

POC Development: We build comprehensive mock-ups to test ideas in real business scenarios to identify gaps and test functionalities of the project. [24] Our team will guide you through the coin development process and give you feedback on the best coding choices for your specific project. [44]

We have the expertise to take the development strategy through the mobile product design, development, testing and launch chapters. [14] We are now one of the top mobile app development companies in India by following the success mantra of "Design-led-Engineering". [14] Parangat Technologies stands tall amongst mobile app development giants. [14]

ArcTouch recently launched BlockFirst, a blockchain developer consulting practice to help companies transform their business operations using decentralized apps (DApps) and ledgers. [15] We help businesses in multiple industry domains to create new business models with smarter and more secure DApps built on top of blockchain technology. [16]

The picture ( with Blockchain ) shows you the big difference between the normal way and that of distributer ledger system i.e. blockchain technology! It?s a smart move in online business! Well, apart from its transparency, yet another factor that is going to impact will be "security". [12] Bitfury is the leading full service Blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in the Blockchain ecosystem. [14] Existek is full-cycle software development and outsourcing company with proven track record of IT services for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. [14]

AlphaPoint is a financial technology company helping make illiquid assets liquid. [14] Eric N. Shapiro has spent the better part of the past decade trying to convince business leaders that mobile could transform their business -- an idea he admits is not nearly as hard to get across today as it was when he and his business partner Adam Fingerman started the company in 2008. [15]

A new generation of apps is being built to establish trust, bring transparency and reliability in a business process with blockchain technology. [22] Developcoins offers a highly secured blockchain technology which is flexiable to all kind of business model. [13]

Our blockchain developers have a vast experience in developing Cryptocurrency projects using Blockchain technology. [23] A decentralized application that can run on any platform using blockchain technology. [12] Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform focused on scalability that will allow people to utilize the blockchain technology of Nxt with their own blockchain, known as child chains, that are powered and secured by the Ardor blockchain. [14] Blockchain technology helps to maintain trust between all parties by capturing records from every location to the chain, eliminating paperwork. [22]

Ethereum smart contracts are an integral component of leveraging blockchain technology for businesses. [44] The blockchain technology was initially limited to protection of financial transactions being a global database that does not rely on a centralized administrator. [14]

We provide end-to-end breakthrough services under one roof where we conceive, design and test real-world blockchain applications. [14] LeewayHertz provides end to end solution to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. [14] Experienced in developing multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solution on blockchain and utility bill generation using blockchain. [14]

Epixel blockchain developers help you to advance your business with such valuable efforts. [12] At Mobiweb Technologies, we have a team of some of the best blockchain developers in the industry. [23]

Simple and easy web APIs enable developers to build blockchain applications quickly and confidently. [14]

Space-O is one stop solution for all your mobile software development needs. From concept to development to marketing to ongoing maintenance, Space-O delivers. [14]

From auditing your existing smart contract, writing secure codes to deploying a smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain, our smart contract development services will help you protect your transactions and make your workflow transparent and safe. [17] My co-founders and I are really grateful towards Fuel4Media Technologies, and its team of software developers in India for their development services and assistance in relation to our Blockchain project. [17] Teach your team development on top of blockchain technologies and be prepared for the future. [45]

We help you unleash the potential of open source Blockchains for collaborative development with distributed ledgers. [18]

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology which provides a secure way of making and keeping the track of transaction by enhancing security, transparency in the business ecosystem. [21] Want to establish a private Blockchain to carry out financial transactions through a cryptocurrency of your own? We can use the Multichain technology to build you a completely customizable organization-specific cryptocurrency. [32] The Canadian technology company looks to bridge the gap between blockchain innovation and capital markets through ownership of multiple cryptocurrency mining farms at strategic locations. [25] Previously Long Island Ice Tea Corp., Long Island blockchain raised eyebrows market-wide after the company announced a significant shift in its business focus, including a complete name change. [25] Though the company still actively produces its non-alcoholic beverages and is yet to provide details on its use of the blockchain, the stock price increased by more than 250%. [25]

One of the most visible applications of Blockchain is as the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. are all based on Blockchain. [46] The multinational technology firm first intends to establish a specialty for financial processes specifically, then expand across industries, and finally create a fully functioning, automatic process across systems using new blockchain innovations like smart contracts. [25] We have a team of skilled blockchain experts who have in depth understanding of the industry's technology stack and latest tools that are required to develop and deploy your blockchain dApp. [17] Though known for its bullet trains and enterprise solutions, Hitachi is actually one of Japan?s biggest technology firms investing in blockchain. [25] Blockchain based ledgers, Smart Contracts, Identity solution and a lot more. [18] From marketing your ICO, implementing supply chain on a blockchain to developing blockchain IoT applications, we are your one stop solution for your blockchain venture. [17] Developers use Blockchain to create and deploy Steemit and Ethereum applications that are decentralized. [31] For better transaction handling and supply chain management, we set up private blockchain with secure decentralized databases for enterprises. [19] More importantly, IBM estimates that its blockchain offering will decrease financial service transaction disputes from $100 million each year to $30 million and reduce overall resolution time by 77%. [25] Blockchain is a technology ready to revolutionize the future of financial sector. [31] Blockchain is also often referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). [46] Blockchain, the distributed ledger allows data to be exchanged between two contracting parties directly without the need of any intermediaries within a network.The best part about the open ledger system is that they are immutable and they are cryptographically secured by the Hash functions, hence an extremely secure way to to track the assets digitally. [18] Blockchain and smart contracts can make the process cheaper by cutting out intermediaries that need to manage steps of these transactions. [20] IBM?s Blockchain Platform provides a fully managed, blockchain as-a-service (BaaS) offering delivered through the IBM Cloud, allowing organizations or individuals to record and track any type of complex transaction and recordkeeping network securely. [25] Blockchain platforms have the potential to reduce costs for industries like finance, healthcare, government and more while potentially creating a new revenue stream for firms offering blockchain as a service. [25] was the first client to use Nasdaq?s own Linq Blockchain ledger platform. [25] Blockchain is actually a digital ledger used for keeping records of all types of transactions. [31] Blockchain applies the concept of cryptography and digital signature which results in a secured and more accountable transactions. [18] Blockchain is becoming a crucial part of infrastructure behind financial transactions. [20] Through its Financial Innovation Laboratory (FIL), Hitachi continually works to broaden the application of blockchain using a a three-phase approach. [25]

Enterprise-class systems based on private blockchains that will support core business operations involving covering sophisticated workflows with different parties as suppliers and customers. [20] Bioptix Inc. changed its name to Riot Blockchain last October to reflect a new focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain business. [25] You can have your own cryptocurrency with the help of Ethereum and Blockchain. [32] Build your own cryptocurrency wallet with our blockchain experts. [17] Our blockchain experts create Decentralized Apps for your businesses. [19] Wondering how to turn your Blockchain dream into a reality without running into bottlenecks? Our team of experts will evaluate your project and give you a frank feedback. [32] Our team works endlessly with clients to deliver blockchain driven solutions to their problems. [18] We have already started our second blockchain project with their team. [17]

Blockchain offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a wide variety of business to transform themselves. [46] Eric is the Co-founder and CEO of Blockforce Capital, an innovative asset management firm that offers multiple investment products in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. [25] Hive Blockchain technologies is among our top blockchain stock picks, and one of the most directly involved in cryptocurrency investing. [25]

To achieve complete automation of processes and decentralization of data, we develop Smart Contracts that are linked to Blockchain. [19] Creating reports based on the blockchain allows for the report to automatically update based on what transactions are added. [20] In its essence, blockchain is a self-sustaining, peer-to-peer database functioning as a distributed ledger for managing and recording transactions. [46]

Financial institutions, ranging from banks and insurance companies to investment banks and audit firms are all exploring the potential of blockchain in eliminating the inefficiencies of the financial systems. [20] The bellwether exchange and equity index provider is among the top financial companies devoted to harnessing the power of blockchain. [25] Fuel4Media is one of the best blockchain software development companies in India. [17] We have professional Blockchain developers offer blockchain software solutions and apps development services at competitive price. [21] CoinFabrik provides a full stack of services including Smart Contract development, back-end implementation, RESTful APIs, web Dapp front-ends, and mobile applications written for iOS and Android. [45] Our talented team of developers provide highly secured Cryptocurrency Wallet development services. [18] From documenting complex financial interactions to storing insurance information, we can tailor ethereum apps based on your industry needs. We also have expertise in Ethereum smart contract and wallet development. [17] Ethereum is a blockchain-based distribution platform that helps in development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications. [19] We specialize in Ethereum application development that will enable your business to get a secure, distributed network which will cut both transaction times and costs. [17]

There is a reason why we are one of the most trusted software and app development companies in the world:, we passionately follow the latest developments so that we can provide cutting-edge applications to our clients. [32] We provide you the latest technology, quality development, 24/7 support, and timely delivery. [17]

Our expertise lies in creating multichain transactional processes by deploying private Blockchains. [32] We can license our document registry system built on top of Ethereum for private and public blockchains. [45] Develop Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. private blockchains on Hyperledger. [45]

Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology which is used to build and deploy decentralized applications for broad range of services and industries. [21] Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention, and that?s why, we at Fuel4Media help you develop decentralized application (dApp) using blockchain technology to enable you grow your business in this rapidly changing smart world. [17] We house the team of expert Blockchain developers capable of analyzing your requirements to make sure this powerful technology caters to your business needs. [31] We have expert blockchain developers who can help you create your desired cryptocurrency, ICO, smart contract and other blockchain-based apps exactly the way you want it. [17]

Here at Algoworks we offer fully scalable Smart Contract Development Services. [18] Code Brew Labs has an expert auditor team assesses the overall architecture of your Smart Contracts to ensure that the codebase follows best and updated practices for Smart Contracts Development. [19]

Code Brew Labs has an expertise in Cryptocurrency Wallet Development for storing crypto-assets in a secure manner. [19] Ethereum is a Bitcoin like cryptocurrency but it is a blockchain-based public ledger that allows for the development and deployment of decentralized applications. [17]

Serving in 50+ countries for web, software and mobile app development United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, United Arab Emirates (UAE) etc. [21] We have a great team of programmers adept at all contemporary and future-ready development methodologies and platforms. [32]

Our software development services includes helping customers define product specifications, UI & UX design, applications integration, QA, hybrid cloud environment product deployment, and continued support. [45] Our software development experts can help you develop the most secure, private and reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the market. [17]

Our blockchain-enabled IoT applications can help your company to cope with the growing business needs and customer's expectations. [17] In October, the technology company announced its plan to launch OneCoin, it?s own blockchain-based cryptocurrency. [25] The Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index utilizes this methodology in its construction and is fully supported by an advisory board of blockchain company founders, cryptocurrency executives, and technology thought leaders to guide the strategy for true blockchain impact. [25] Xunlei is a Chinese video-streaming service turned cryptocurrency and blockchain company. [25]

Blockchain technology could not only eliminate these perils but could also pave way for an array of new product segments and revenue streams and provide billions of people access to financial services and instruments that have traditionally been denied to them. [20] We can use the Blockchain technology to implement smart contracts (also known as crypto contracts) to establish a chain of accountability throughout your organization as well as your business partners. [32] Blockchain technology could increase security through embedding regulation into transactions as smart contracts that do not allow to execute transaction when certain criteria are not met. [20] Blockchain technology has transformed the way businesses conduct transactions today! Blockchain is a decentralized technology that is used to transfer cryptocurrencies and other digital assets across a peer-to-peer network. [17] The Nasdaq Private Market was first launched in 2013 to facilitate secondary transactions for private corporations, and two years later Nasdaq announced its first private securities transactions using blockchain technology. [25] It uses blockchain technology to validate cryptocurrency transactions. [25]

Our expert developers, designers and marketers use their skills and blockchain technology to deliver cost-effective, customized, robust, and industry specific dApps, platforms, and other infrastructure support. [17] Throughout our project, the developers of the Fuel4Media team were in active contact with our staff, providing all the necessary guidance on the blockchain technology. [17]

Based on the success of this recent blockchain initiative, Daimler is looking to implement blockchain technology into the full spectrum of its business practices, as well as auto financing. [25] Both Steemit and Ethereum are based on Blockchain technology. [31]

Given the technological progress and potential, it could prove valuable to investors to be able to measure and analyze the companies that are investing in and developing blockchain technology, identifying the companies most potentially able to augment their businesses and generate new revenue streams or cut costs would likely help investors outperform. [25] Unleash your web apps and mobile apps from the confines of a centralised storage system by embracing the Blockchain technology. [32]

Recently, Hitachi incorporated a cryptocurrency and blockchain solution to support its supply chain management and operational strategy service. [25] Our team designs fully customized blockchain solutions for various business oriented problems. [18]

Ethereum helps the process of making the blockchain applications much faster and efficient. [21] Using our blockchain app you can bring greater supply chain efficiency. [17]

If your company is planning to raise money through global distributed share offering you need a strong technological partner for both credibility and valuation reasons. [20]

Ethereum development platform is specifically used to build applications using blockchain that runs without any third-party interface, downtime and fraud. [28] We expertise in the development of blockchain based distribution apps, for mobile and desktop devices. [27] Checkout SAG IPL blockchain cryptocurrency development services to know more. [27] Our expertise in multichain development ensures speedy deployment of blockchains for transactions. [47] We love blockchain and our team is here to provide you with ongoing development support for all of our blockchain products. [34]

Our team of seasoned professionals design tailor-made blockchain oriented solutions for business problems encompassing people, process, operating model, and technology. [30] It?s a Blockchain platform that lets anyone to build their own low-cost, secure, run-anywhere application using Blockchain and smart contract technology. [28] Looking for a distributed peer-to-peer robust system that can process over 100,000+ transactions in a second with an average confirmation time of less than 1 second? We?ve got you covered! Bacancy Technology strives to bring secure, revolutionary and protected blockchain based decentralized applications globally. [28]

We help companies explore applications of blockchain in their business, develop Proofs of Concept and develop and deploy real-world solutions. [38] Our global team of Blockchain Wallet and application developers works with each client on their current problems and potential blockchain driven solutions. [30] Leverage our skillful expertise to validate your business idea and build a blockchain wallet application to achieve your business milestones. [28] We assist businesses to develop their own crypto wallets and help them to incorporate the benefits of blockchain into their business. [35]

The importance and adoption of blockchain for communication service providers, transformation of international trade and supply chain management, new breed for programmable blockchain platforms and "high adoption" of blockchain for payments, smart contracts and digital identities are key factors that have potential to add to that market growth. [33] On May 17 HashChain announced that its blockchain accounting software solution now supports the GDAX Exchange, which is a US-regulated digital currency trading platform supported by the New York Stock Exchange. [33] The blockchain is the largest software platform for the financial system, digital commerce, and industries. [35]

Blockchain is turning all pages of digital sectors whether it is logistics, finance, security and now IoT. Combining benefits of two leading technology will definitely cover each other?s shortcomings. [35] Blockchain, the technology underlying bitcoin, is a distributed ledger that aids transactions among participants in a network without a trusted intermediary. [30] Editorial Disclosure: 360 Blockchain, BLOK Technologies, eXe Block Technology and HashChain Technology are clients of the Investing News Network. [33] It's no secret that the popularity of blockchain has been on the rise thanks to financial institutions adopting it as well as other industries implementing this revolutionary wave of technology. [33]

Waverley implemented a microservice solution to store and read data into/from the Blockchain to integrate it with the client?s app backend and provided a tool for monitoring and managing of the existing multichain nodes. [38] Intelegain gives a simple solution, i.e. blockchain based wallets. [26] Cryptocurrency wallets store your public and private keys and integrate with blockchain for carrying out the required transactions. [34] Along with that, we own expertise in building best cryptocurrency wallets that run perfectly on blockchain. [28] Hyperledger blockchain is not a company, nor a cryptocurrency and even not a blockchain. [29] At the beginning of March, the company announced it had closed the acquisition of Coinstream, which had previously been announced in February, and includes a Manitoba joint venture facility, a Mozambique facility, and a 25 percent interest in Distributed Mining, which is a blockchain software company that enables devices to be able to participate in mining cryptocurrencies. [33] The company has accumulated interest from blockchain companies such as Factom, RSK Labs, Minebox and Indorse. [33]

The company's products include: Bitscore, which defines the measures on transactions connecting any bitcoin to address disreputable networks; graph intelligence, which allows users to "follow the flow" of bitcoin through the blockchain both forwards and backwards in time; and market factors, which is provides a stream of blockchain market factors to power investor trading algorithms. [33] More specifically the company's goal is to provide the opportunity to capitalize on the growth of the blockchain ecosystem between holdings in existing technologies as well as technologies that don't quite exist yet. [33]

Global Blockchain provides investment services and was founded in Vancouver in early 2010. [33] Blockchain enhances trading relations and business transactions with strong & secure business networks on the blockchain. [26] For all the participants in a blockchain it is mandatory to authorize the transactions that take place in a chain as such applications build greater trust, better trust and indeed client satisfaction. [28] Like a regular transaction ledger in accounts, Blockchain is a digital record of the transaction for Crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. [34] Leveraging Blockchain for incorruptible financial data storage and safe transactions. [38] The functions of the Dash Masternodes on the Dash Blockchain include: private peer-to-peer transactions between parties; serving as a government function, voting on treasury disbursements of the Dash-block reward assigned to the Dash DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and providing transactions that are processed almost immediately on the Dash Blockchain. [33] We build personalised private blockchains for business and organizations. [47]

In January, BTL Group announced a European energy trading project where four oil and gas companies and five energy traders will participate in using BTL's Interbit blockchain platform to deliver gas trading reconciliation through to settlement and delivery of trades, called OneOffice. [33] Its wholly-owned blockchain project called Greenstream is a blockchain-enabled supply chain management platform for the legal Canadian cannabis industry. [33]

Blockchain cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that is used to make secure online payments and money transfers. [27] We design, develop and manage custom decentralized Blockchain networks for incorruptible and secure data storage and management. [38] Information stored in a Blockchain is secure as it is difficult for anyone to add, delete or make any changes once the transaction is commenced. [34] We have successfully developed most secure and protected blockchain based decentralized applications globally. [28] It is open source and based on the distributed ledgers with the aim of the betterment of the blockchain industry. [29]

Bacancy Technology is renowned for offering end-to-end custom tailored blockchain application development services to meet the growing demands for cutting edge business needs. Hire blockchain developers from us to embrace the futuristic technology in a seamless manner. [28] As a prominent player in the field of blockchain Application development services, we aim to explore your business needs and deliver customised services while using our vigorous experience. [47]

We hold a pool of skillful blockchain developers, who have hands-on experience on blockchain application development services and have also integrated multi-cryptocurrency as a payment option in various web and mobile devices. [28] To develop secure and reliable cryptocurrencies exchanges trust Intelegain blockchain application development services. [26]

Our smart contract development services include smart contract management, exchange platforms and secure eWallet application for multiple platforms. [28] Get an all-inclusive development support for your ICO. From legal and technological solution to marketing and PR services for your ICO campaign. [28] BLOK Technologies, formerly known as Aida Minerals, invests in the development of emerging blockchain-based technologies in order to provide business solutions to niche industries. [33] Navigate through endless blockchain possibilities as we assist you with end-to-end custom blockchain application development solutions tailored to your business line. [26] The blockchain technology is the spice of the season and our talented team is prepared to provide world class development. [47] Our higher blockchain developers provide both blockchain application development as well as consulting. [26] We provide customised and unique blockchain app development for different businesses. [47]

Waverley is a software engineering company with over 150 technical specialists building distributed development teams in Ukraine and Vietnam to augment your internal team?s capabilities. [38] Our proficient team masters ethereum and smart contracts development using solidity. [47] We likewise have some special expertise in the decentralized application development and smart contract. [28]

Here are some other reasons why you should consider hiring our cryptocurrency development services. [27] Through hyper ledger development, we offer distributed ledger that uses the smart contracts. [47] We take complete responsibility of our customers software projects development, ensuring top quality results at all times. [34]

Techcronus is a global provider of Enterprise Business Solutions and Offshore Software Development Services since 2010. [34] Large corporations in need of state-of-the-art Blockchain technology solutions for their core products or business software solutions for internal use. [38] Hyperledger blockchain technology offer various features like Network Platform, Higher Accuracy, Open source security, Reliable Business Model, Scalability and transparency and Confidential transactions. [29]

The company is the world?s first recognized IPO for blockchain technology company and lists on the NEX Exchange, a recognized investment exchange as per the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. [33] Next on our blockchain technology stocks is BTCS. The company is also the first blockchain-focused public company in the U.S., and was ahead of its time in exploring digital currency ecosystems. [33]

DMG Blockchain Solutions is a cryptocurrency and blockchain company with two main areas of focus: mining public blockchains and applying the technology to address fraudulent behavior through supply chains. [33] Atlas Cloud Enterprises is based in Vancouver, BC whose focus is becoming a top cryptocurrency mining and technology operations company in North America. [33] Case in point, in early November the company announced it will acquire Global Ventures, a digital asset technology company that mines cryptocurrencies. [33]

An international company turned to Waverley to develop a Blockchain-based service allowing users to record all financial transactions permanently, view all other transactions and the time they were made and make sure that they were never edited. [38] Looking for a trusted company for your web and mobile solutions? [27] BTL is a Vancouver-based company that offers blockchain solutions across multiple industries-from banks to energy, and even to fantasy sports. [33]

Ethereum applications are the advanced and high proficient apps, based on the blockchain technology. [35] Cryptocurrency wallets are software programs, created based on blockchain technology, which you can use to monitor your Cryptocurrency balance, send/receive money and conduct other operations. [34]

This technology brings high transparency to your business as due to blockchain technology everything will be having the records and Hyperledger blockchain technology has a characteristic of smart contract it brings transparency to the private business contracts. [29] Hyperledger blockchain technology uses smart contract application which result in the highly beneficial for the enterprises across the globe and it is known as Hyperledger smart contracts. [29] Coinsilium Group is a London-based blockchain technology investor that develops and invests in blockchain technologies, aiding new fintech applications. [33]

We can help you realize the potential of the blockchain technology for creating unique, powerful and highly secure solutions to fit your specific requirements. [27] Discuss your project idea with our Blockchain developers and consultants who have hands-on experience building solutions on top of this emerging technology. [38] While adhering to all the technological concerns, Bacancy Technology have expertise in building the kind of blockchain applications that your users will love to use over and over again. [28]

We offer a complete suite of technical support and consulting services in leveraging distributed ledger with blockchain technology. [30] Hire blockchain developers from us to implement blockchain technology into your business and achieve a new height of success. [28] At Techcronus, we have some of the best blockchain app developers in the industry in our team, who knows blockchain technology in & out. [34] Hire a Blockchain Application Developer or Cryptocurrency Wallet Developer to build your decentralized Blockchain applications and Blockchain wallets. [34]

Consagous helps you to automate data exchange and the processes with Blockchain technology. [30] Blockchain technology enables tracking of high-value data or any other asset moving in a supply chain. [35]

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology which has made digital payments secure, reliable and robust. [47]

We stand out as top Blockchain developer as we are well-versed in working on Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Big chain DB, Ethereum, and IPFS. [30] Our team of blockchain developers are skilled in latest platforms and frameworks to accomplish task and modules with high precision and are fats in responding to any queries. [35]

We develop responsive web and mobile Blockchain apps which are compatible with multiple platforms. [30] Consagous Technologies is a prominent name among the best Blockchain App Developers worldwide. [30]

Developing decentralized applications or building private and permissioned blockchain applications of legal, finance and healthcare industries, Intelegain has done it. [26]

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