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New Blockchain Projects
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  • The ethical implications of effectively banning Blockchain projects from its advertising service and at the same time working on two such platforms of its own have not yet been commented on by the company.(More...)
  • In the past year, several blockchain projects have emerged that aim to perfect the path paved by Bitcoin and Ethereum.(More...)


  • "Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain but it's way too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans," a spokesman told the publication speaking in more general terms.(More...)



The ethical implications of effectively banning Blockchain projects from its advertising service and at the same time working on two such platforms of its own have not yet been commented on by the company. [1] Other uses for bank-backed blockchain projects would include secured global currency exchange rate speeds and increased transaction security, among other benefits, eventually allowing for an overhaul of the banking industry, replacing traditional back-office clearinghouses and other outdated mediums that exist between asset sellers and buyers. [2] The Ethereum project is one of the largest blockchain projects, as well as one of the year?s most talked about cryptocurrencies. [3] ImpactPPA is creating the SmartPPA (PPA stands for power purchase agreement), a platform that connects the blockchain community with environmentally concerned and socially impactful projects that fuel the development of sustainable solutions. [4]

Cryptocurrencies are just digital assets native to a specific blockchain and projects in this category are using these digital assets to represent either real world goods (like fair tickets) or data. [5] Through financial incentives provided by blockchain based projects, we?re witnessing the single most impactful technological catalyst which will open up numerous markets, except the value no longer will accrue to the aggregator but rather to the individuals and companies that are providing the data. [5] This project is designed to be highly scalable, allowing for multiple entrants to easily integrate into the entire financial supply chain process through the secure blockchain, allowing for an unprecedented amount of transaction transparency. [2] Besides writing for Invest In Blockchain, Daniel also works on several other educational projects including Coins2Learn, a cryptocurrency market simulator platform. [6] The IBM -backed Hyperledger Fabric project is a trade finance platform aimed at international payments utilizing blockchain, with seven of its largest supporters including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KBC, Natixis, Rabobank, Societe Generale and Unicredit. [2] The venture arm of the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is focused on a buy-and-hold strategy for projects that it thinks might become the next "it" blockchain, and the team believed this startup had potential. [7] By presenting credible potential resolutions of current-day issues, these projects represent large-scale efforts by the banking industry to fully embrace and integrate blockchain into their current infrastructures. [2] Instead, Gupta believes the Brooklyn Project, an initiative led by blockchain startup ConsenSys, will create a new framework for token issuers that is based on set deliverables, yet keeps with the ethos of ICOs that anyone and everyone can invest. [7]

With most blockchain projects - especially those staging ICOs that provide investors with tradable tokens in exchange for financial capital for future development - a working product or service remains months or even years away. [8] In its report, titled E volution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform, Deloitte claimed that the number of blockchain projects by both organizations and individual users at the development platform in 2016 is the biggest so far. [9] The Chinese government recently ranked global blockchain projects based on technology, application and innovation. [10] CAICT big data executive He Baohong recently commented on the failure rate of blockchain projects at an industry conference in Guizhou city. [10] In the 'Global Public Chain Assessment Index', the 28 blockchain projects will be rated based on their technological capabilities and practical use cases. [11]

Since inception roughly ten years ago, the blockchain industry has witnessed the launch of 80,000 projects, according to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). [10] GitHub is a development platform that houses codes for more than 86,000 blockchain programs, including large projects such as Bitcoin. [9] IBM has unveiled a new blockchain product that lets start-ups and developers build their own distributed ledger projects. [12] While there?s a hot debate about how to define a blockchain, most projects using the term try to create a single database that is shared and maintained by a group of people or institutions. [13] The project comes from  Blockchain for Change, a New York City startup that has developed a mobile app called Fummi that’s preloaded on the phone. [14] It is worth reminding yourself of what problems blockchain actually aims to solve, and then to verify whether a specific project can deliver a solution in the real world. [8] "The new plan is perfect for pilot projects and early stage development work for those who want to build solutions on the IBM blockchain platform which currently has over 250 active blockchain networks," Marie Wieck, general manager of IBM Blockchain, told CNBC in an email on Wednesday. [12]

Reuters has found several blockchain projects launched by major financial institutions that have been shelved, as development of the technology enters a hype-meets-reality phase. [15] Accordingly, in an effort to better understand the development of blockchain and its ecosystem, we have conducted an extensive data analysis of blockchain projects in an open-source environment. [16] We used both data sources to identify and build our blockchain projects universe. [16] When exploring the aforementioned interactive graph, keep in mind that the initial projects of Ethereum and Bitcoin are maintained by organizations (foundations), and that a vast amount of blockchain projects and applications in GitHub are actually built on top of these two projects. [16] SIX is working on a blockchain project with Nasdaq ( NDAQ.O ) and Australia's stock exchange ASX Ltd ( ASX.AX ) said in December that DA will help replace its registry, settlement and clearing system, in one of the most ambitious projects to receive a green light. [15] Far, IBM has worked on 400-plus blockchain projects spanning retail, financial services, healthcare, media, the supply chain, and more. [17]

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), also has a language used to write the instructions of the smart contracts (Solidity), and a token (Ether, or ETH) is used to pay for transaction fees and computational services on the Ethereum network. 19 The fact that Ethereum is not centered in cryptocurrency could partly explain why this project became one of the cornerstones of the evolving broader blockchain ecosystem. [16] A new study of the global open-source platform, GitHub, offers key lessons on blockchain development--how projects have grown, what's likely to come next, and the implications for financial services firms. [16] It is our hope that these findings can arm the financial services industry with the data it may need to not only better identify successful projects and opportunities based on how the blockchain ecosystem is evolving, but to become influential participants, themselves, in how blockchain evolves. [16] This uncertainty has contributed to the general bubbliness of the industry by inflating the number of "blockchain" projects and exaggerating the capabilities of the technology. [18] As some projects were developed, companies pulled back for various reasons - from costs to industry readiness, underscoring that, for all its potential, blockchain is still in its early days. [15] We found that projects coming from San Francisco are diverse; they include solutions for exchanges, wallets for cryptocurrencies, interfaces for different blockchains (for example, Ripple, Hyperledger, and Ethereum), and payment tools for cryptocurrencies, to name a few. [16] We found that tools for enabling crowdsales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) are often connected to projects in large blockchain subcommunities: projects developing content for smart contracts, escrow accounts, and the core code behind Ethereum in the Go language. [16] Their findings reveal the wild growth of the Bitcoin-generated blockchain industry and the subsequent projects yielded. [19] Our analysis reveals that many projects that specialize in particular industries or types of applications in the blockchain space that are enriching the ecosystem have strong community affiliations. [16] Our findings could help firms improve their ability to identify successful projects and opportunities based on how the blockchain ecosystem is evolving. [16] The bank stopped work on the project, and will instead team up with other financial institutions on another blockchain initiative called LiquidShare, said a source familiar with the matter. [15] Organization-owned projects also tend to be updated more frequently than those developed by users, and are reportedly five times more likely to be copied, implying that the blockchain community has deemed them most relevant. [16] Ironically, some of blockchain's most successful companies are fairly centralized middlemen, and many new projects are " dogfooding " the buying and selling of blockchain-based currency by putting the whole exchange on a blockchain. [20] The Ethereum project is a decentralized platform for blockchain applications based on smart contracts. [16] In December 2017, San JosState University's School of Information received a $100K grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to fund a year-long project exploring the potential of blockchain technology for information services. [20] Perhaps not surprisingly, projects developed by users tend to have shorter life spans and to be stand-alone blockchain technology applications rather than foundational libraries that enable the creation of multiple applications. [16]

In the past year, several blockchain projects have emerged that aim to perfect the path paved by Bitcoin and Ethereum. [21] With more than 1,500 dedicated blockchain experts, and the full backing of many more across IBM, we?ve undertaken more than 400 blockchain projects representing the most mature blockchain business consulting practice to date. [22] Suggested regulations pertaining to anti-money laundering and the idea of digital currencies supported by government that fuel a lot of fears and anxiety among the cryptocurrency community, IBM has treated more like an opportunity to further development of their blockchain-based project in less competitive environment, since financial analysts expect the business value of blockchain to grow drastically up to $176 billion by 2025. [23] The project fuses blockchain and AI technologies in a manner which affords it the ability to construct a revolutionary cryptocurrency capable of supporting incredibly fast transaction speeds while, at the same time, being accessible to general users. [24] As project scales, our plan is to move the exchange transactions on our own blockchain. [25] The project boasts a robust team of leading minds in the machine learning and blockchain space, which is facilitating the democratization of AI technology to the world. [24] Earlier this week on its blog-post the company unveiled a new blockchain product that lets start-ups and developers build their own distributed ledger projects. [23] The company has hosted several blockchain community events over the last four years and has built several partner projects including Jaxx, which attracts over 750,000 monthly users from around the world. [26] Deblock will serve the purpose of enabling all interested users in easily pitching their projects via Deblock blockchain incubator, while the most interesting projects would be funded, analyzed and supported. [27] Based on hundreds of projects across industries such as retail, banking and financial services, transportation, government, healthcare, media, supply chain and logistics, IBM Blockchain Services has developed methodologies and practice models to support all types of organizations at different phases of the blockchain adoption journey. [22] Canadian blockchain venture Decentral Inc. and its multi-currency digital wallet Jaxx announced the upcoming release of the new " Decentral Project," along with some of its primary initiatives. [26] The current valuation is quite justified given, the big potential that this project has as compared to other industry based blockchains. [25] The chosen participants would be able to enjoy all the perks included in the blockchain incubator which means that the best projects would get marketing coverage, support, relevant advising, promotion and aid in development. [27] The plan provides a low-cost entry point ideally suited for pilot projects, early and iterative development, and startups that want to build new solutions on the IBM Blockchain Platform which currently has 250 active blockchain networks. [22] During the process of pitching and leading projects to realization, all participants will be advised on the main points of their projects with the idea of developing blockchain technology and contributing to mass adoption and mass use of blockchain technology and blockchain-based products and services. [27]

April 26, 2018 - Hyperledger announced the newest members of its open source blockchain project, including two health IT companies, Ehave and CareiQ. Healthcare blockchain hopes to solve interoperability and data exchange issues. [28] In this circumstance, governments globally are accelerating their efforts to establish unified standards in order to help blockchain projects to achieve real-life applications. [29]

The new blockchain video projects usually provide coins or tokens that advertisers can use to buy exposure on these decentralized channels. [30] A number of new crypto projects have cropped up that use either existing blockchains or completely new blockchains as infrastructure for decentralized video streaming. [30] Connecting the most promising crypto and tokenization projects to a network of blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, and contributors from around the globe. [31] Adding blockchain to other innovative developments and projects is a way health IT companies can enhance their tools and better integrate them into healthcare organizations using the Hyperledger standard. [28] Healthcare blockchain continues to improve as Hyperledger adds two more health IT companies to its open source project. [28] While most energy-based blockchain players offer a token for trading, Manhattan Beach, California-based ImpactPPA has two: one to fund projects and one to consume energy. [32] In-house projects designed to drive the future of financial systems, improve the crypto ecosystem, and push the boundaries of blockchain technology and tokenization. [31] The company is rolling out pilot projects for its blockchain platform, built to support a broad range of energy market applications, in Australia and New Zealand. [32]


"Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain but it's way too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans," a spokesman told the publication speaking in more general terms. [1] The U.S. patent meanwhile details plans of a more technical nature, revolving around information integrity tracking via use of two independent blockchains. [1]

Designed to provide safer, more secure online transactions for individuals and businesses alike, Civic uses decentralized blockchain architecture to provide multi-factor authorization without the typical username, password or physical token required by other security platforms. [3] In mid-February, software giant Microsoft ( NASDAQ:MSFT ) announced, via a blog post, its intention to use blockchain to develop decentralized IDs within its Authenticator app, which is already being used by millions of people. (An authenticator is simply a token or code that's used as an additional layer of security for a returning user or device.) [33] Tip Blockchain is currently working towards solving different problems people face while using cryptocurrency for their daily transactions through innovative decentralized solutions. [34] As a decentralized network -- one where data is stored on computers all over the globe, as opposed to in a central hub -- blockchain ensures that no single entity will ever be able to gain majority control and cripple a platform. [33] Through a network of smart contracts that operate utilizing decentralized information on a ledger, blockchain is able to provide unmatched security and speed for data transfers. [4] CEDEX is building the first ever decentralized diamond exchange on top of Ethereum?s blockchain and smart contract technology. [6] The technology behind these tokens, blockchain, has far more applications than just cryptocurrencies. [4] While blockchain gained its fame in the financial realm, the technology could be used as the foundation for game-changing applications in a wide array of other arenas. [33] Apps such as Casa and OpenBazaar are already making use of Blockstack technology, giving it a more established presence in the blockchain ecosystem than many yet-to-be-developed tools. [3] Best of all, there are no transaction fees on the IOTA platform, removing one of the biggest barriers to the use of blockchain. [33] It goes beyond the conventional blockchain to use the blockless Tangle ledger, allowing it to settle transactions with zero fees on demand. [3] The UTC specifically tackles the use of blockchain technologies by traditional banks, utilizing it as a tool for more efficient transactions. [2] Why, for sensitive data or markets for goods which have traditionally been rife with fraud, it would make sense to use a blockchain to assure the user of their integrity. [5] In order for many of the blockchain use cases we?ve been promised to come to fruition such as fully decentralized autonomous organizations or a Facebook alternative where users have control of their own data, foundational, scalable infrastructure needs to grow and mature. [5] There?s also a wallet side to Ethereum the Ethereum Wallet, which allows users to access the full range of decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain while storing both ether and other crypto-assets. [3] A technological descendant of Ethereum, IOST is a blockchain with the purpose of serving as infrastructure for developers to create decentralized applications. [4] Augur is a decentralized prediction market that uses the Ethereum blockchain. [3] MEvU uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to store players' funds and information, providing players with confidence that their wagers will be executed securely and quickly. [4]

Almost every list I've read that aims to share information about the top crypto and/or blockchain companies to keep an eye out for, almost always includes Bitcoin and Ether. [35] Factom is a blockchain protocol that creates an extra data layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain to record specific information. [3]

The immutability of public blockchains allows network participants to be confident in the fact that the data written to them hasn?t been tampered with or changed in any way and that it will be available and accessible far into the future. [5] Transactions made using Zcash are completely shielded, hiding data such as a transaction?s value, sender and recipient on the blockchain. [3] In shared data blockchain protocols, users can take these types of datasets with them as other applications hook into shared data protocols, reducing barriers to entry; increasing competition and as a result ultimately increasing the pace of innovation. [5] Blockchains are both stateful and immutable so because previous interactions are stored on chain, users can be confident that the data that comprises their individual history hasn?t been tampered with. [5]

ThinkCoin is the new digital token that will power TradeConnect, a multi-asset trading platform hosted on the blockchain. [36] That makes Stratis a more accessible platform for the average company that doesn?t employ any blockchain developers. [6] KyberNetwork is a Singapore-based blockchain company that?s built around the Kyber Network Crystal, or KBC, token. [3] TraDove is developing a light, fast and trustable B2B blockchain payment network for international transactions. [35]

In addition to companies like Softbank and IBM, blue chip brands such as SAP, BP, Samsung, and shipping giant, Maersk, are also exploring decentralized ledger systems and new blockchain technologies. [35] The global blockchain market is anticipated to grow to over $60 billion by 2024 as more companies adopt distributed ledger technology and mass-use cases appear. [35] Well, maybe your thirst for crypto! PATRON is one of Japan?s leading blockchain companies. [35] While ICOs and token-based blockchains have been touted as a way to circumvent the often tricky venture capital process, speakers like Linda Xie, managing director of crypto hedge fund Scalar Capital, went so far as to advocate for the industry and its decades-old approach to best practices. [7] The UTC is definitely a sign of fintech adoption in the banking industry, ensuring the eventual wide-scale use of blockchain technologies on a standardized level across the globe. [2] Verge Currency is built on the original Bitcoin blockchain and uses Tor and I2P to offer a higher level of anonymity. [3] The Bitcoin Cash and canceled SegWit 2X hardforks in 2017 were the culmination of years of debate and fracturing among the Bitcoin community, and the Decred team experienced firsthand the problems with decentralized blockchain governance while working on Bitcoin. [6] Photochain is a decentralized stock photography platform built on the blockchain. [4] Agrello combines their legal training with the transformative power of the blockchain to create a platform for legally binding smart contracts. [36]

Providing individuals with a means to store ID information on an immutable blockchain, and giving them access through a digital key, would put every person in control of their own digital identity and give them a way to verify their identity whenever necessary. [33] Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that aims to establish a "true digital commonwealth." [3] At the core of both technologies is the cryptographically secure digital ledger known as the blockchain. [2]

The blockchain ecosystem flourishes due to tokenized economies, developers, service providers and entrepreneurs who are breaking the mold. [35] Decred was founded by former Bitcoin developers with the mission of solving the problem of blockchain governance. [6] Led by TED fellow, Matthew Nolan, a successful entrepreneur and blockchain developer who worked on Ethereum voting mechanisms after the 2016 DAO hack, Menlo One has solid credentials and their ICO is a must watch. [35] ShipChain is member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) alongside Microsoft, and the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), alongside UPS and DHL. The company recently announced a pilot program with Perdue Farms. [4]

The event features more than 250 speaks, 4,000 attendees, and a cadre of industry leaders from around the world who are gathering for one of the largest collectives blockchain development gatherings in the world. [36] By applying blockchain, Fr8 helps to streamline and organize the industry in a trustworthy manner. [4]

Tip Blockchain, a Canadian startup that just started at the beginning of this year has one of the fastest growing communities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. [34] The website is built on top of the Steem blockchain database and powered by a cryptocurrency called STEEM, designed specifically for content publishers. [3] Ripple is an enterprise blockchain solution built around XRP a crypto-asset designed to offer fast, scalable online payments without the fees, delays and security issues of traditional money transfer systems. [3] This year, one of the major movements in crypto integration is enterprise solutions for blockchain integration. [36] Next week, thousands of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts will descend on New York City for the 4 th annual four-day Consensus Conference at the New York Hilton Midtown. [36]

With the huge amount of attention cryptocurrencies have received in 2016 and 2017, it?s no surprise that plenty of new startups have appeared aiming to capitalize on the potential that blockchain offers. [3] Tip Blockchain has a professional team ranging from senior software developer and tech entrepreneur, experienced investment banking/management consultant, senior information security advisor, to experienced full stack developer and UX designer. [34]

Aligning with this interest in securing people using crypto, Xie also mentioned privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies (projects like zcash and monero), which are getting quite a bit of attention of late as the technology used in those projects attracts developers from the top two cryptocurrency projects - bitcoin and ethereum. [7] Projects within this category are primarily used by developers as the building blocks for decentralized applications. [5] Both Xie and Huo mentioned decentralized exchange projects, which many in the industry believe are the way forward in stopping large repositories of customer information from catching the eye of hackers. [7] While there?s a lot of innovation happening across all of these categories, the projects just getting started that I?m most excited about are enabling the web3 development stack by providing functionality that?s necessary across different use cases, sovereignty through user access control of their data, as well as fungible value exchange. [5] Longer-term, I"m excited about projects enabling entire ecosystems to benefit from shared data and the bootstrapping of networks (non-fungible value exchange). [5] Like many other cryptocurrency projects, Datum is still in its early stages, with a demo version of its test network and mobile app available, as of November 2017. [3] By opening up latent supply and allowing anyone to join the network (which will become easier through projects like 1Protocol ) this no longer becomes a daunting task, once again collapsing margins towards zero. [5] The network is in its early stages now, but the team behind the project plan to enter phase one of development in early 2018, with plans for the Aion Network Economics Paper and third phase of project development by 2019. [3] After announcing new partnerships with the automotive marketplace platform Gluon and the strong developer community C# Corner in January, Stratis followed it up by adding Microsoft Regional Director and CEO of Mindcracker Inc. Mahesh Chand to the project team at the end of February. [6] With Identity Wallet support for cryptocurrency transactions coming before the end of Q1, March is shaping up to be another strong month for the project. [6] The goal of this approach is to create a more balanced cryptocurrency, where users have just as much of a say in the project as miners. [3] The aim of the project is to incentivize users to hold coins, thus creating a decentralized store of value as a result. [6] The project is currently in its Alpha stages but is available for use by the general public. [3] The project sold its Enigma crypto token (ENG) to the public in an ICO earlier this year, but was set back by ICO scammers that took advantage of a security compromise to target investors. [3] That's why the company now looks to invest primarily in token projects that instate some sort of lockup process for the tokens they raise. [7] Rather than finding and hiring people to collect these datasets, a project could be started that allows anyone to collect and share this data, annotate the data, and build different models to extract insights from the data. [5] These projects aren?t in a "winner take all" area in the same way that say a cryptocurrency might be as a store of value. [5] While Bitcoin was the first and is the most prominent project in the category, many of the other projects set out to improve upon a certain aspect of Bitcoin?s protocol or tailor it towards a specific use case. [5] For the most part, these projects were created with the intention of building a better currency for various use cases and represent either a store of value, medium of exchange, or a unit of account. [5] At the heart of this project is the idea of the smart contract -- a series of protocols designed to verify, facilitate, or enforce the negotiation of a contract. [33]

Qtum is a blockchain application platform built on Bitcoin Core infrastructure and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM. Designed to help developers build decentralized applications, Qtum is designed specifically for improved stability, interoperability and modularity. [3] What's blockchain technology ? The simple definition is that it creates a digital, distributed, and decentralized ledger that logs transactions and data in a transparent and immutable (i.e., unchanging) manner, without the need for a financial institution to act as an intermediary. [33] Using the power of blockchain technology and its smart contract-based payment platform, ODEM will enable students and professors to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries. [4] BitShares offers exchange and banking using blockchain technology, with SmartCoins designed to provide price-stable cryptocurrencies with value pegged to assets such as U.S. dollars, gold or other materials. [3] Here are 10 companies on my radar using blockchain technology as a core piece of their business to make a difference. [35] DreamTeam is an esports and gaming recruitment and management network that?s built using blockchain technology. [3]

Aventus is a B2B ticketing startup that uses AI and blockchain technology to reduce fraud and black market activity, reduce costs and standardize the process of purchasing event tickets. [3] Here are twelve of those startups, each of which are utilizing blockchain technology in new ways. [4]

Blockchain technology has an application in nearly every industry where value is exchanged. [4] Very much still in the infancy stage, blockchain technology is currently being explored and adopted by global industry titans such as IBM and Softbank. [35]

Along with smart contracts, blockchain technology makes all diamond pricing and transactions fully transparent and trustless. [6] Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and token sales are all the rage right now. [5] Like many other blockchain startups, Civic funded its operations with a token sale, raising $33 million from the sale of CVC smart contract tokens. [3] CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. [7]

Lisk is a blockchain application platform and cryptocurrency that launched in 2016 as a fork of Crypti. [3] Using Factom, developers can build blockchain applications to store specific data, ranging from votes to other important records. [3]

IBM?s blockchain platform will run through the IBM Cloud, allowing for interconnectivity between all parties in a particular secure transaction. [2] It wasn?t too long ago that founders and VCs were mainly focused on centralized exchanges, enterprise or private blockchain solutions, wallets, amongst several other popular blockchain startup ideas that dominated the market from 2012 to somewhere around 2016. [5] Earlier in October, Ripple reached 100 mainstream clients, indicating that its blockchain network has real potential to reach traditional banks and financial services companies. [3]

Blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology, is a massive distributed database that maintains a growing record of transactions or other data. [12] SMBs may not be driving enterprise blockchain adoption, but large enterprises could be the force that pull their small business partners into using distributed ledger technology. [37] Vice President of Food Safety and Health at the retailer, Frank Yiannas, said this week at the MIT Technology Review?s Business of Blockchain conference that it could reduce the time it takes to track products in the supply chain from six days to two seconds. [37] Walmart began testing IBM blockchain tech in 2016 but said it is ready to use the supply chain management solution for its live foods business. [37] According to the report, 54 percent of SMBs said they are either evaluating, using or planning to use blockchain, saying it is beneficial to their business, but not necessary. [37] A number of companies have built their own private blockchains for corporate and government use from the ground up, without using an existing blockchain as a starting point. [13] Making an appearance in this week?s Blockchain Tracker are players interested in wielding blockchain for regulatory purposes, including an effort to use the technology for GDPR compliance in the U.K. [37] According to the official World Wire website, the two financial institutions will be able to connect to the blockchain service use their existing payment systems. [10] The company partnered with blockchain start-up Stellar and currency exchange service KlickEx in October to develop a platform that allows banks to rapidly clear and settle payments. [12] Amazon ?s latest initiative with blockchain involves Amazon Web Services (AWS), which now enables users to access AWS Blockchain Templates to build their own Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric cloud-based networks. [37]

Many new cryptocurrencies are like Bitcoin and record all transactions on public blockchains that anyone with a computer can help to update, without requiring permission from anyone. [13] It was originally used to underpin the digital currency bitcoin -- although cryptocurrencies are not what IBM is focusing on with its blockchain endeavors. [12] IBM has been at the forefront of blockchain innovation, having announced several initiatives to incentivze digital currency adoption. [10]

Some big businesses are more at ease with the idea of permissioned blockchains like IBM's as they are designed to be tamper proof and keep transaction data private. [12] The company designed a blockchain tool that alerts individuals when a third party is using their personal data, reports said. [37] Working with R3, Finastra said this week its blockchain lending platform designed for financial institutions is now live. [37] Fummi is a new app from Blockchain for Change that lets people on the streets access financial and government services. [14] The competition will aim to identify blockchain solutions that can be used to improve public sector services and processes. [38] Given that blockchain is such a new technology, as well as the fact that it is open to the wider public (and thus accessible to unaccredited, often less sophisticated investors), a slew of misleading or downright false information can too often render online resources a veritable minefield. [8] Is there evidence that the team contains competent, experienced technology professionals? Personnel with proven blockchain development experience should be observable at an absolute minimum. [8] Then there are those companies simply trying to capitalize on the blockchain craze with no clear justification for adopting the technology in the first place. [8] Though blockchain hasn’t, until now, been used for serving the homeless, various agencies have used the technology for international aid payments and helping refugees. [14]

Reports in CNBC this week said Pitbull announced the launch of Smackathon, a blockchain coding competition encouraging coders to use Ethereum to address challenges in the music industry. [37] Ethereum goes beyond Bitcoin to allow people to write so-called smart contracts into its blockchain, with the goal of creating a shared global computing system. [13] The original blockchain created by Bitcoin has inspired thousands of other attempts to record information in the distinctive fashion the cryptocurrency pioneered. [13] "The blockchain, being visible and public, shows a receipt for the information used," said YouGov CEO Stephan Shakespeare in a statement. [37]

He told reporters at TheStreet that Nasdaq wants to use blockchain to facilitate its own transactions and support third-party marketplaces. [37] It’s hoped that blockchain, which provides a permanent, distributed record of transactions, can help cut corruption and waste. [14] Speaking at CoinDesk's annual blockchain conference, Consensus 2018, which was attended by Business Insider Intelligence, Patchett said the initiatives are designed to help establish the city as an accessible center for blockchain innovation in the future. [38] It will promote education on the subject and connect blockchain entrepreneurs to business support, mentorship, and advisory services. [38] The new service, called IBM Blockchain World Wire, utilizes the Stellar protocol to settle cross-border payments in seconds. [10] "Blockchain represents the future of the financial industry, government contracts, stock certificates and more," the press release said. [37] Supply chains are a $60 trillion industry containing juggernauts like Foxconn and Walmart--both who are digging into blockchain for transformative implementations. [39] The vast majority of blockchains involve new virtual currencies like Bitcoin. [13] It will include workshops to educate the local government about blockchain, and strive to find meaningful use cases to solve challenges like security and achieving efficiency. [38]

The ledgers for these coins were inspired by blockchains but rely on new data structures. [13] California is the U.S.? latest state to explore a blockchain bill that would aim to promote innovation and use of a distributed ledger. [37] That could make it easier for the many financial services companies exploring blockchain to launch their solutions. [38] That would surely not be the only acquisition of a blockchain company by a major digital conglomerate. [39] With blockchain, people (along with physical and digital objects) can possess unique, immutable identities in a "digital black box." [39]

A blockchain competition will be held in New York City.The NYCEDC started accepting applications for its blockchain competition yesterday. [38] James Patchett, president and CEO of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), has announced that the nonprofit organization will launch two blockchain initiatives in New York City in the coming months. [38] These initiatives show that New York City is getting serious about blockchain development. [38] That's good news for the sector in New York City, and could increase blockchain activity in what is arguably the US' financial epicenter. [38]

These private blockchains are designed to be shared among groups of computers, but are not open to the public. [13] There will be hacks--in exchanges, wallets and applications--but overall blockchain and crypto robustness will grow. [39]

If the project can solve a problem using distributed ledger technology that was previously unsolvable, then clearly such a project is likely to be in high demand once it is up and running. [8] Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens continue to flood the market. with hundreds of projects raising more than $5 billion this year alone. [10] The app includes a digital wallet that can hold both dollars and a cryptocurrency created for the project called Change Coin. [14] Why has Bitcoin?s price managed to reach tens of thousands, while Ripple?s has only hit a few dollars at best? The answer is down to the number of tokens each project has issued: There are around 16.9 million Bitcoins currently in circulation, while there are a whopping 39 billion Ripple ( XRP ) tokens. [8] As Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg point out in one of our projects, supply chains are poised to become cognitive machines with a "network state," enriched with knowledge, and imbued with "machine trust." [39] Either way, being able to show investors that big ticket institutional names are interested in the project undoubtedly helps to boost its future potential. [8]

The initiative, which uses blockchain technology, may be the first time a distributed computer ledger has been employed to help a homeless population. [14] Several well-established companies have been piloting blockchain technology with IBM's platform. [12] In January, the firm said it looked to establish a new company with Danish shipping firm Moller-Maersk aimed at using blockchain technology to simplify global trade between the two companies. [12]

"IBM's bet is on the blockchain technology underneath cryptocurrencies since it powers new multi-party transactions and business models," she told CNBC. [12] In a new survey released by business software information firm Capterra on Tuesday (April 24), small businesses (SMBs) revealed their interest in blockchain technology -- though not enough to make the leap into adoption. [37]

Different to the public blockchain network that underpins bitcoin, IBM's technology only allows a certain number of trusted parties to access it. [12] Walmart, one of Amazon?s largest rivals, wants to deploy blockchain for its own operations as it explores using IBM-run blockchain technology to manage its supply chain, according to Bloomberg reports. [37]

The idea of a blockchain, the cryptographically enhanced digital ledger that underpins Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies, is now being used to describe everything from a system for inter-bank transactions to a new supply chain database for Walmart. [18] Google?s definition of "blockchain" is "a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly." [18] In order to achieve this effect, the Bitcoin blockchain consists of a digital ledger that records all transactions from the beginning of time to the present. [18]

As startups use blockchain to drive greater transparency and veracity across the digital information ecosystem, they're boosting awareness of the technology in sectors ranging from infrastructure to public policy. [20] In doing so, the legislature wrote a definition: ""Blockchain technology? means distributed ledger technology that uses a distributed, decentralized, shared and replicated ledger, which may be public or private, permissioned or permissionless, or driven by tokenized crypto economics or tokenless. [18]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street has been much more excited about the system underpinning bitcoin than the cryptocurrency itself, but the global financial industry has not yet been able to do much with the technology known as blockchain. [15] These were among the wave of blockchain tests touted by the financial industry over the past few years, as firms bet the new technology would displace much of the sector's infrastructure, cutting out middlemen, speeding transactions and reducing costs for things like securities and payments processing. [15] A significant chunk of new blockchain proposals, like those proposed for the financial industry, are so-called "private" blockchains. [18]

The startup aims to use blockchain to make it easier for individuals to find work on the fly and be rewarded for their labor through a decentralized framework via cryptocurrency, without the involvement of traditional financial institutions. [20] Believing that decentralized organizations can solve the world?s worst problems, Aragon is developing tools to help companies use blockchain to manage their entire global workforce. [20] Japanese IT giant Fujitsu launched on Tuesday a blockchain consultancy service that would help companies assess whether their blockchain ideas and concepts are worthy of consideration. [40] The management of public services is yet another area where blockchain can help lessen paper-based processes, minimize fraud, and increase accountability between authorities and those they serve. [20] The potential uses for blockchain in libraries include helping libraries expand their services by building an enhanced metadata archive, developing a protocol for supporting community-based collections, and facilitating more effective management of digital rights. [20] Blockchain designs have also been proposed by over 200 governments for use in various applications including voting, property records, and digital identity. [18] Sony Global Education, for example, has developed a new educational platform in partnership with IBM that uses blockchain to secure and share student records. [20] Big Blue has developed a blockchain software platform built on open-source Hyperledger software from the Linux Foundation; IBM also helps clients set up and manage their blockchain systems. [17] There are interesting questions around who owns the data and what they are able to do with it, he says. (IBM operates the network upon which the blockchain systems run, but the "nodes" of that networkthe distributed machines that record each transaction in the ledgerare controlled by the various members of that network, he says.) [17] While the application of blockchain would not completely remove these challenges, it would make it easier to identify factual information, provide verifiable transaction data, and dismiss claims that are without merit. [20] Some big businesses are more at ease with the idea of permissioned blockchains like IBM?s as they are designed to be tamper proof and keep transaction data private. [41] "In general, if the transactions are gathered together in blocks, and it is blocks that are secured on the chain using cryptography, and it is designed to be tamper-resistant and produce immutable records, the system qualifies as a blockchain," she said in an email. [18] The benefits of using blockchain for smart contracts and verifiable transactions can also be applied toward making business accounting more transparent. [20] "Since 2007 Estonia has been operating a universal national digital identity scheme using blockchain," the Harvard Business Review wrote last year. [18] It was originally used to underpin the digital currency bitcoin -- although cryptocurrencies are not what IBM is focusing on with its blockchain endeavours. [41] Blockchains underpin Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the ledger technology could be useful in a variety of sectors, supporters say. [17] This time, that means blockchain: the distributed ledger technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible. [42] IBM?s definition says, "Blockchain technology is used in a peer-to-peer network of parties, who all participate in a given transaction." [18] Blockchains are shared online ledgers used to record transactions across a network of distributed computers, making it difficult to tamper with the record. [17] Blockchain is essentially a global public ledger capable of automatically recording and verifying a high volume of digital transactions, regardless of location. [20] While most people would agree that a blockchain is a digital ledger, many blockchains do not have an associated cryptocurrency and are not recorded publicly. [18] Investopedia says, "A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions." [18] There are many highly publicized instances of blockchains being altered: Bitcoin was forked multiple times, including in 2010 when an "integer overflow" error in the software led to the creation of 92 billion bitcoins and the entire network had to roll back the ledger. [18] Bitcoin was designed to be public and allow anyone to join, and its blockchain was born out of the need to keep people honest in the absence of a central authority. [18] Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies have entered the mainstream discourse, but they?ve also been joined by a concept that is widely circulated, but poorly understood: "the blockchain" or just "blockchain." [18] They term San Francisco "diverse," giving way to "solutions for exchanges, wallets for cryptocurrencies, interfaces for different blockchains (for example, Ripple, Hyperledger, and Ethereum), and payment tools for cryptocurrencies." [19] JAAK, which provides an operating system for content, is developing a platform that allows media owners to convert their repository of media, metadata, and rights into "smart content" that can self-execute licensing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. [20] Gyft, a First Data -owned online platform for buying, sending, and redeeming gift cards, partnered with blockchain infrastructure provider Chain to run gift cards for thousands of small businesses on the blockchain, in a program called Gyft Block. [20] Due to Europe?s General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into effect in May and says users must have control over their data, developers are now exploring ways to delete data from blockchains. [18] Other potential applications include using blockchain to provide massive scale data authentication. [20] Blockchain cloud storage solutions allow storage to be decentralized -- and therefore less prone to attacks that can cause systemic damage and widespread data loss. [20]

It?s worth tracking because the Armonk, NY-based tech firm is considered one of the early leaders in this emerging sector, and the traction of its blockchain business might help signal whether the technology is living up to the hype. [17] Xconomy sat down with Gopinath on Monday at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA, where he was attending MIT Technology Review?s Business of Blockchain conference. [17] "For us, blockchain is all about trust in business transactions," Gopinath says. [17] DTCC, known as Wall Street's bookkeeper, recently put the brakes on a blockchain system for the clearing and settlement of repurchase, or repo, agreement transactions, said Murray Pozmanter, head of clearing agency services at the DTCC. [15] With blockchain, as products change hands across a supply chain from manufacture to sale, the transactions can be documented in a permanent decentralized record -- reducing time delays, added costs, and human errors. [20] Startups like OpenBazaar are developing decentralized blockchain utilities to connect buyers and sellers, without a middleman and the associated charges. [20] A number of companies, like FarmaTrust, are using the blockchain to improve daily life. [43] Aragon is going even further, using blockchain to "disintermediate the creation and maintenance of companies and other organizational structures." [20] Our study appears to be the first empirical attempt to understand the evolution of blockchain using metadata available on GitHub, a global software collaboration platform. [16] Tcom, a subsidiary of Overstock, wants to enable stock transactions online using blockchain tech. [20] Blockchain can be leveraged for flagging certain kinds of transaction patterns -- giving police a heads up when an individual engages in suspicious financial activity. [20] Startup Arcade City, for example, facilitates all transactions through a blockchain system. [20] In July a partnership between settlement provider Euroclear and startup Paxos to develop a blockchain service was dissolved. [15] Gopinath declined to share how much revenue IBM is generating from its blockchain products and services. [17] IBM (NYSE: IBM ) and other advocates praise blockchains for their ability to enhance security and transparency, thereby strengthening trust among the parties using the systemsor that?s the goal, at least. [17] Another startup, Loyyal, is innovating to make loyalty incentives more easily exchangeable across different sectors (think multi-branded "Airline/Retailer/Consumer" rewards) by using blockchain to support and verify their value. [20] One blockchain voting startup, Follow My Vote, has released the alpha version of its stake-weighted end-to-end blockchain voting solution. [20] Some blockchain companies, such as UBIQUICOIN, are creating global solutions to crypto volatility. [43] The Boardroom app, for example, provides a governance framework and app enabling companies to manage smart contracts on the public and permissioned Ethereum blockchains. [20] "What is a "blockchain?? The word is a buzzword that is increasingly ill-defined," David Gerard, author of Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain : Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts, said in an email. [18] The Bitcoin system is considered the first blockchain -- the epiphany that launched the blockchain industry that proponents say will revolutionize money, government, and beyond. [18] Blockchain could have multiple applications in the publishing industry, from breaking into the industry to rights management to piracy. [20] Swiss bank UBS and UK-based Barclays are both experimenting with blockchain as a way to expedite back office functions and settlement, which some in the banking industry say could cut up to $20B in middleman costs. [20] In this way, Monero "miners," the people who contribute computing resources to maintain the Monero blockchain, should be able to lend their CPU power to Tari with minimal extra effort, while earning Tari tokens for the additional work. [42] Blockchain offers a way to reduce the need for paper-based record keeping and speed up transactions -- helping stakeholders improve efficiency and reduce transaction costs on all sides of the transaction. [20] Long-term, other opportunities exist in creating public-private partnerships around such information, such as linking existing No Fly List information to blockchain transaction records to more effectively prevent unlawful gun purchases. [20] "That said, in general usage, blockchain is often a term that encompasses a broad range of distributed ledgers, even if transactions are not organized into blocks." [18] Some U.S. states are taking it upon themselves to realize the benefits of blockchain: the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, launched in 2016, aims to create an appropriate legal infrastructure for distributed ledger shares, to increase efficiency and speed of incorporation services. [20]

Partnerships with existing trading networks and exchanges will help blockchain take off in the space. [20] LenderBot, which allows people to enroll in customized micro-insurance by chatting through Facebook Messenger, enables blockchain to serve as the third-party in the contract between individuals as they exchange high-value items through the sharing economy. [20] Wills are a highly specific kind of contract, providing an ideal use case for a blockchain smart-contracts solution. [20] This idea implies that records are accurate, "which is not something typically in scope of a good number of blockchain solutions" and exaggerates their reliability, which is an "issue if you have poorly written smart contracts or novel and untested consensus algorithms." [18] Entertainment entrepreneurs are turning to the blockchain to make content sharing fairer for creators using smart contracts, whereby the revenue on purchases of creative work can be automatically disseminated according to pre-determined licensing agreements. [20]

The digital admission slips will be tracked and logged on a new, to-be-developed blockchain, also called Tari, complete with its own native, as-yet-unreleased cryptocurrency, dubbed "Tari tokens." [42] The movie BRAID became the first major feature film to be financed through a token "crowdsale" on the Ethereum blockchain through its $1.7M campaign on Weifund. [20] Augur, built on the Ethereum blockchain, allows users to forecast events and be rewarded for predicting them correctly. [20]

Joichi Ito, Neha Narula, and Robleh Ali, “ The blockchain will do to the financial system what the Internet did to media,” Harvard Business Review, March 8, 2017. [16] Again, many blockchains are not public, and many others are not decentralized. [18] With ADEPT, a blockchain would serve as a public ledger for a massive amount of devices, which would no longer need a central hub to mediate communication between them. [20] Blockchain could help streamline the public assistance system, which is often bogged down by bureaucracy. [20]

Here are the latest innovative ways companies are harnessing the power of global blockchain. [20] From this effort, we have learned that financial services firms are involved in blockchain development on GitHub. [16] As a digitized, secure, and tamper-proof ledger, blockchain could serve the same function, injecting enhanced accuracy and information-sharing into the financial services ecosystem. [20]

The company is currently working with Land Records Bureau in Brazil, among other stealth clients, to input property information and record documents through the blockchain. [20]

In 2013, Vitalik Buterin, an active Bitcoin developer, proposed the idea that became Ethereum; his goal was to help create applications that use blockchain technology beyond the cryptocurrency sphere. [16] Of particular significance, some projects that organizations have developed have resulted in new platforms (such as Ethereum, Ripple, Corda, and Quorum) which some developers now use to build applications. [16] These projects have given rise to a wide variety of applications, such as identity management, crowdfunding and investment platforms, payments and remittances, new cryptocurrencies, and decentralized lending platforms. [16]

The project, which had successfully tested with startup Digital Asset Holdings (DA), was shelved because banks and other potential users believed the same results could be achieved more cheaply using current technology, he said. [15] The ecosystem in London is also varied, but features more projects connected to the Ethereum community, which would also imply more projects around accompanying technologies, such as digital identities, smart contracts, and open APIs. [16] Another project called BananaCoin offers tokens that can be bought with Ethereum or Bitcoin and the price is tied to the price of 1 kilogram of bananas on the international market. [20] Under this rubric, some of the most central projects have been developed and maintained by organizations: Bitcoin core, the C++ and Go implementation of Ethereum, Python clients for Ethereum, and the Bitcoin Improvements Proposal. [16] The two dominant projects all build upon are Bitcoin and Ethereum, and both are supported by foundations of one kind or another. [19] For the heavy lifting behind cryptocurrency projects (Bitcoin included), C++ is still the favored language. [16] In both of these cities, most of the projects pertain to cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges, with an emphasis on scalability. [16] Blockchain-based processing projects like Golem are allowing users to rent out their CPU capacity and be rewarded with tokens. [20] Spagni and Jain previously collaborated on Project Coral Reef, a 2017 holiday season initiative that enabled people to shop at online stores for artists like Weezer, Sia, and Mariah Carey, using Monero. [42] To build the network, we identified users who copied a repository, joining his or her projects with the project that he or she copied. [16] To build the network, we identified users who followed a given repository in our universe and joined these users? projects. [16] To identify communities in our network, we implemented a commonly used community detection algorithm for large graphs known as fast greedy community detection algorithm. 23 The algorithm iterates through the different network connections, adding projects to a community until a local optimal value is reached. [16]

John Pleasants, ex-CEO of Ticketmaster and a former top executive at Samsung, Disney, and Electronic Arts, commended the project in a statement, saying it could "help all parties in the entertainment industry recover billions in lost revenue by better enabling how tickets are sold and re-sold." [42] For potential developers, the question that often surfaces first is, "How should we start?" To help answer that question, it can be important to find out what?s under the hood of existing projects. [16] Participants in New York appear to be specializing in projects that are geared toward traditional financial services. [16]

To that end, startup Gem has launched the Gem Health Network, a blockchain network for the global companies across the continuum of healthcare. (Gem is using Ethereum blockchain-enabled technology to create a secure, universal data-sharing infrastructure for the space.) [20] Different to the public blockchain network that underpins bitcoin, IBM?s technology only allows a certain number of trusted parties to access it. [41]

Use of blockchain technology could allow hospitals, payers, and other parties in the healthcare value chain to share access to their networks without compromising data security and integrity. [20] Transactive Grid uses Ethereum blockchain technology to enable customers to transact in "decentralized energy generation schemes," effectively allowing people to generate, buy, and sell energy to their neighbors. [20] Individuals may soon invest in real estate using "crypto crowdfunding," as well: Singapore-based Real Estate Asset Ledger (REAL) intends to use blockchain technology to inject greater liquidity and transparency into real estate investing. [20] is one startup using blockchain technology to make business credit reports more accurate, transparent, and shareable. [20] Some startups are looking to build blockchain technology into an IoT platform as well. [20] Several well-established companies have been piloting blockchain technology with IBM?s platform. [41] "IBM?s bet is on the blockchain technology underneath cryptocurrencies since it powers new multi-party transactions and business models," she told CNBC. [41] IBM has been working on blockchain technology for about three years, and it officially launched a blockchain business about 16 months ago, Gopinath says. [17] Bitcoin, which debuted in the wild in 2009, "is the first implementation of blockchain technology," according to IBM. [18]

By encrypting down to the hardware level and leveraging blockchain technology, Filament's decentralized network stack allows any device to connect, interact, and transact independent of a central authority. [20] Companies like Xage, for example, are employing blockchain's tamperproof ledgers to sharing security data across industrial device networks. [20] With the Visa-DocuSign tool, prospective customers choose the car they want to lease and the transaction is entered on the blockchain's public ledger. [20]

Together with blockchain startup Stratumn, which helps developers build trustworthy applications enabled by Blockchain features, professional services firm Deloitte and payment services provider Lemon Way recently unveiled a blockchain-enabled solution called LenderBot. [20] "Developing a more precise understanding of what blockchain technology is will help us address its shortcomings and improve upon it so that it can better be used to in the transformative ways that its proponents envision," she said. [18]

Banks are among the growing number of financial services giants investing in blockchain startups such as R3 CEV, which is working with an 80+ member consortium of banks, regulators, and technology partners to develop Corda, a blockchain platform designed to be the "new operating system" for financial markets. [20] Tierion is another blockchain startup that has built a platform for data storage and verification in healthcare; both Gem and Tierion recently partnered with Philips Healthcare in the Philips Blockchain Lab. [20] Several blockchain startups are innovating into this sector: Provenance, for one, is building a traceability system for materials and products, enabling businesses to engage consumers at the point of sale with information gathered collaboratively from suppliers all along the supply chain (and thus substantiate product claims with trustworthy, real-time data). [20]

In the other, IBM has formed a joint venture with Maersk, the European shipping and logistics company, that is developing blockchain applications for supply chains. [17] LenderBot is a micro-insurance proof of concept for the sharing economy that demonstrates the potential for blockchain applications and services in the industry. [20]

Tech startup Ubitquity offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) blockchain platform for financial, title, and mortgage companies. [20] Blockchain startup Chain (which is also mentioned below) is a leader on that front: the company helped orchestrate a live blockchain integration that successfully connected Nasdaq's stock exchange and Citi's banking infrastructure. [20]

Companies use blockchain and other so-called digital ledgers to securely record transactions and process other data over the internet -- a service Google could use, for example, to reassure customers that their information is protected when stored on the giant network of computer servers that power its cloud services. [44] GV, Alphabet’s venture capital arm, has invested in wallet service Blockchain Luxembourg, financial transactions network Ripple, cryptocurrency asset management platform LedgerX, international payments provider Veem and the now-defunct Buttercoin, according to CB Insights. [44] Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that establishes a shared, non-alterable record of all the transactions that take place within a network and then enables permissioned parties access to trusted data in real time. [22] A blockchain is a public ledger that verifies, secures, and stores data across a decentralized network of computers. [45] Blockchain Innovation Services - business innovation services provide the consulting and technical expertise to create new applications and business models on top of established networks. [22] Blockchain Acceleration Services - works to commercialize networks and produce tangible business outcomes by providing the essential governance and commercial models, systems integration, and process reengineering to help entire industries address specific business challenges. [22] Together, we will build bridges, help educate and create real job opportunities for NYC as this technology grows and becomes the next trillion dollar industry," said Sandra Ro, CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and former Executive Director, Head of Digitization, CME Group. [45] These inputs define the core objectives of the GLITZKOIN diamond blockchain and crypto currency project.The technology team is headed by Shashank Agarwal, a blockchain expert with over 10 years of experience in the technology industry. [25] Neblio believes that blockchain is the future of technology and most people will be using it in the future. [21] Sentigraph is an exciting new blockchain and AI-powered platform used to gauge the sentiments of users? reactions to future events by using an enhanced algorithm and leveraging the cognitive abilities of IBM Watson. [24] IBM Blockchain Ecosystem initiatives include a Digital Mentorship program, no-cost access to the platform, and a collaboration with MState, a blockchain growth lab focused on scaling early stage, enterprise focused start-ups. [22] Digital ledgers like blockchain power Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. [44] There are different kinds of digital ledgers -- blockchain is only one. [44]

Last year, the company collaborated with blockchain start-up Stellar and currency exchange service KlickEx in order to jointly develop a platform that allows banks to streamline payments and rapidly clear settlements. [23] While the process can accept diamond listings and purchases from both, professional and novice diamond traders, our strength lies in the big dollar B2B transactions that we can attract to our blockchain trading platform. [25] Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s advertising chief, said at a recent conference that his division has a "small team" looking at blockchain, but noted the existing core technology can’t handle a lot of transactions quickly. [44] The blockchain hype is here and though some organizations are realizing the immense value these ecosystems and networks can bring to their businesses functions, it is important to choose the right problems to solve with the technology. [22] To catalyze blockchain innovation and source government use-cases for the technology, NYCEDC will also launch a public blockchain competition. [45] In the coming months, the City will launch two initial efforts to build a foundation around the technology and position New York City as an accessible center for blockchain innovation. [45]

Crypto Angel will work by synchronizing the experiences and knowledge from millions of personal mindest data files in a "Mastermind" realized through the use of machine learning and processing algorithms and blockchain concepts, including hashing security and versioning control. [24] As part of Blockchain Week NYC, NYCEDC and GrowNYC co-sponsored a hackathon on May 12-13, challenging technologists to use blockchain technologies to create solutions that improve trackability and transparency of the City?s GrowNYC food supply chain, tracking food from farm, to warehouse, to retail outlet, to consumers, especially those in our underserved neighborhoods. [45] More companies have started to use blockchain for better transparency and security. [21] For broad business and government use, enterprise blockchains are needed which meet fundamental requirements. [22] Blockchain Starter Services - helps organizations understand their key challenges and prioritize appropriate business use case for blockchain. [22] The competition will include a series of workshops to educate those in government about blockchain and identify meaningful use cases to solve challenges like security, efficiency, and turn-around-times for government services. [45] Therefore, the best thing about ICON is that it will be able to integrate blockchain with real life services such as finance, education, healthcare and insurance, which will transform blockchain?s future like today?s internet. [21] "Today?s new services we are announcing will provide the right consulting expertise and technologies to support the adoption of blockchain throughout the maturity of the network including blockchain starter services, blockchain acceleration services, and blockchain innovation services." [23] To support the increasing demand for a skilled technical workforce trained in blockchain, IBM is sharing its blockchain expertise by provide education and network access with as many as 1,000 universities in the IBM Academic Initiative. [22] For self-guided learners, there is the IBM Blockchain developer program available on Coursera where nearly 20,000 active learners are already enrolled. [22] In 2016, Google started a trial for developers testing blockchain services on its cloud. [44]

"The blockchain industry is booming in New York, and with these new initiatives, the NYCEDC is seizing on its potential to revolutionize the way we do business and create new jobs in the process," said Julie Samuels, Executive Director of Tech:NYC. [45] That?s why blockchain is quickly moving mainstream as an important new way to instill trust into transactions and entire business processes. [22] “Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain but it’s way too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans,” a Google spokesman said. [44]

"What Jaxx is creating is like the browser for the internet -- a single place to discover and enable the blockchain journey," Coinberry president Andrei Poliakov said to Bitcoin Magazine. [26] The rapid growth of the blockchain and crypto industry and its impact around the globe can only mean that more shows will materialize. [46] NEW YORK - Kicking off CoinDesk?s annual flagship Consensus conference as the opening keynote, NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett today announced plans to plant a flag in New York City?s growing blockchain industry. [45]

ICX will be the cryptocurrency used on ICON Republic blockchain. [21] Several people in Google’s infrastructure group, which reports to cloud chief Diane Greene, have been tinkering with blockchain protocols in recent months, according to another person familiar with the company. [44] It also works to combine other advanced technologies such as AI, automation, IoT and cloud to extend blockchain into new business use cases and ecosystems. [22] Financial services accounts for 30% of established blockchain use cases, according to a recent Cambridge study. [45]

This project will not only affect Icon Foundation in a positive way but may also lead to further development of blockchain-based technology and contribute to the overall expansion of the world of digital assets and decentralization. [27] As far as the project concerned, Deblock will work similar to the way business incubators are working, which means that there will be opportunities for all ICX users who would like to launch their project and potentially get it funded and launched eventually. [27] Deblock project is made possible thanks to a collaboration between Icon Foundation and a marketing company called AD4th which is in the business with digital advertising. [27] According to a company statement, "The core objective of Decentral Project is to empower the ecosystem with unparalleled tools, enabling the masses to take control of their digital lives. [26]

The generally conservative industry now looks forward to the trading platform and crypto currency that is part of the GLITZKOIN project. [25] On this matter, this project should definitely lead to the expansion of Icon Network given the fact that Deblock as a project has the main goal of making Icon the biggest decentralized application network in South Korea, which is a pretty flattering status. [27] It is important to keep in mind that this project will debut on Twitter, Reddit, etc., thus, increasing and enticing other DApps developers around the world - it will also advertise Tron to the world and expand its network globally. [27] Best of all, DateCoin is backed by the proven dating service Denim, lending more legitimacy to the project than is often found in the broader cryptocurrency space. [24] The project uses AI to recognize an influencer as performed the advertiser?s task, then commands the execution of payment via a smart contract. [24] "Any time there’s a paradigm shift like this, there’s an opportunity for new giants to emerge -- but also for incumbents to adopt the new approach," said Elad Gil, a startup investor who worked on early mobile projects at Google more than a decade ago. [44]

To support clients at every stage in their journey, today we?re launching three new consulting services offerings and the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, an inaugural, low-cost plan for clients, developers, and startups to quickly develop, operate, and govern networks on the IBM Blockchain Platform. [22] With these new services underpinned by the IBM Blockchain Platform, we will help many more organizations embrace and adopt enterprise blockchains to transform their industries. [22]

The center will serve as a physical hub for the industry, building public awareness for blockchain technology through education, and connecting entrepreneurs to business support, mentorship, advisory services, and a community of peers to help them launch and scale new ventures. [45] Maersk and IBM are forming a joint venture to use blockchain technology to help digitize, manage and track the paper trail of tens of millions of shipping containers across the world by digitizing the supply chain process from end-to-end to enhance transparency and the highly secure sharing of information among trading partners. [22] DateCoin uses blockchain technology to take care of the one problem which plagues the online dating industry -- user identification and verification. [24] Instead of running targeted ads, Brave uses blockchain technology to pay websites when people spend time there. [44]

"The New York City Economic Development Corporation's support of blockchain technology will go a long way in cementing New York?s position as the financial capital of the 21st century. [45] On the early stages of blockchain development, IBM was intuitive enough to recognize the bright future behind it and made huge strides towards the all-important real world application of blockchain technology. [23] "There is an enormous potential for applications and growth of blockchain technology," said Council Member Paul Vallone, Chair of the Committee on Economic Development. [45]

Reportedly in 2016, the company already began testing blockchain technology "on themselves", using Blockchain in their financial services business to "optimize reconciliations from vendors to suppliers." [23] MATRIX is an open source public intelligent blockchain platform designed to usher in a new generation of blockchain technology by leveraging the latest AI technological advancements to resolve the industry?s challenges. [24] With the new IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, smaller scale businesses can quickly learn, build and try out their own blockchain network in an environment designed for development and testing. [23] IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan is currently in beta and provides the same experience as the production ready IBM Blockchain Platform enterprise plan, plus a quickstart network configuration, sample apps and The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 and Composer which make it easy to develop, govern and operate a blockchain network in minutes. [22]

For this we have created the IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan, which is the easiest way to get started. [22]

Notably that IBM's blockchain platform differs from the Bitcoin-backed public networks, as it only allows a certain number of trusted parties to access it rather than a sizeable population in case of public blockchain platforms. [23] Built on the foundation of the City?s successful NYC BigApps contest, the City today released a request for proposals (RFP) for an organization to operate a public competition aimed at developing blockchain applications that help improve public sector services and processes. [45] Cloud’s 800-pound gorilla, Inc., helps companies build blockchain applications, and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg is looking at cryptocurrencies, encryption and other decentralized computing approaches. [44]

Keeping with our focus to help our clients get started, we know that enterprises, startups, developers and even students that want to begin quickly building their own blockchain networks want an entry point as well. [22] ICON is a huge and revolutionizing platform, which would link different blockchain networks with each other via smart contract. [21]

Neblio is an open source blockchain platform, which is built to offer business blockchain solutions. [21] Blockchain applications have the opportunity to revolutionize the way we conduct business and government. [45]

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