Boston High Tech Corridor

Boston High Tech Corridor
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  • UMass Lowell is located about 25 miles northwest of Boston in the high-tech corridor of Massachusetts.(More…)
  • This location is considered to be part of the Boston-area high tech corridor and is home to a number of technical firms.(More…)
  • Originally a textile city, Nashua has become part of Boston’s high tech corridor.(More…)


  • City Council Committees include Housing, Aviation and Transportation, Economic Development and Planning, City and Neighborhood Services, and a Special Committee on Livable Boston among other issue areas.(More…)


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UMass Lowell is located about 25 miles northwest of Boston in the high-tech corridor of Massachusetts. [1] What does biopharmaceutical innovation look like in the Northeast Corridor? For regions such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, the unique history, culture, academia, science, and money all play their part in the corridor’s biopharma evolution. [2]

Classic work examining the comparative decline of Boston’s high-tech corridor vs California’s Silicon Valley. [3]

This location is considered to be part of the Boston-area high tech corridor and is home to a number of technical firms. [4] According to the MAPC, that bridge reopening, which will provide direct access to the New Boston Street corridor from Atlantic Avenue by Anderson Regional Transportation Center, could prove an even bigger boon for the city, if it is able to convince state officials to add pedestrian-friendly and public transportation routes to the industrial district. [5] In their 14-page report, the agency notes existing roadway infrastructure constraints, particularly traffic gridlock on and around major corridors like Mishawum Road, will be dramatically reduced by the reopening of the New Boston Street bridge in North Woburn by Wilmington. [5] WOBURN – A regional planning agency recently forecasted the re-opening of the New Boston Street bridge will create an upswell of investment interest in and around one of the city’s largest industrial corridors. [5] Our 50-acre campus is located in suburban Newton, Massachusetts-within eight miles of downtown Boston at the heart of the Route 128 high-tech corridor. [6] The New Boston Street corridor, an isolated industrial zoning district that sits in North and East Woburn, is a major contributor to Woburn’s healthy commercial tax-base. [5]

S/he will work on a range of projects and initiatives pertinent to expanding ITDP?s presence in the Boston region, advising on the piloting of BRT elements in 2-3 municipalities in the greater region, pushing government stakeholders to focus on selecting a Phase 1 corridor for Gold-Standard BRT in Boston, working toward better bus service and advancing capacity building of transit advocates and leaders. [7] According to the Boston Globe, “A tower that tall, a Massport official wrote, would interfere with operations at Logan, blocking a popular takeoff corridor and probably leading to more noisy air traffic over Boston?s northern and western suburbs. [8]

Originally a textile city, Nashua has become part of Boston’s high tech corridor. [9] Interlocken Technology Park is a full-service advanced technology business park located in the heart of the high tech Denver-Boulder corridor. [10]


City Council Committees include Housing, Aviation and Transportation, Economic Development and Planning, City and Neighborhood Services, and a Special Committee on Livable Boston among other issue areas. [3] Boston was the center of the minicomputer revolution of the 1970s, and by the 1980s, companies like Digital Equipment Corporation, Wang Laboratories, Data General, and Prime Computer provided tens of thousands of jobs in the Boston metropolitan area. [11] Boston is still an important technology center, of course, but today it lags far behind Silicon Valley. [11] California courts refuse to enforce noncompete agreements at all, and some scholars argue that this difference was a key reason Silicon Valley pulled ahead of Boston in the 1990s to become the nation’s high-tech capital. [11]

The City of Boston has a “strong-mayor” system of government in which the Mayor (elected every four years with no restriction on the number of terms s/he can serve) represents the Executive branch of government and wields a great deal of budgetary and administrativepower. [3] The City of Boston has a Department of Neighborhood Services to assist residents in its twenty-three neighborhoods with receiving city services, communicate with them and coordinate emergency responses. [3] Alongside City Hall, a number of City Commissions and state authorities have an important impact on life and conditions in Boston. [3] Moulder says the decision to locate in the city was easy; he had already been in Lexington, MA, with another company, but says, “We chose Boston for the support and the talent. [2] Cola says the cost of starting up a company in Boston or New York City is expensive. [2] As an old city with many historic buildings, Boston has made conservation of these structures a priority. [3] Not about Boston per se, but has a fascinating first chapter “The Puritan Way of Life” discussing the distinct social/religious conceptions behindPuritan building and town form in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and how this may have widely influenced subsequent American building and planning. [3] The Greater Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is home to a census-estimated 4.7 million people, and the Combined Statistical Area (CSA)commuting region is home to 8.1 million people. [3] Besides government support, the venture capital climate in the Boston area cannot be underestimated, as 80% of all life sciences venture capital is currently funneled into the area. [2]

“Using Boston and San Francisco as case studies, the author shows how urban development programs influenced and were influenced by big-city politics. [3]

Technology has become integral to the South?s economic well-being and is becoming a factor in real estate development in areas that had not been known for high tech. [12] The Dallas area is becoming known internationally as a major medical center destination thanks to Baylor Medical Center being one of the top organ transplantation centers in the world, says Jimmy H. Jackson, IRR senior managing director for DFW. “The UT Southwestern/Children?s Medical Center in the Stemmon?s corridor continues to draw young and old patients from across the entire United States,” says Jackson. [12] Any number of factors could have contributed to Silicon Valley’s success and Boston’s relative decline as a high-tech center. [11]

Home of Kayak and DraftKings, this city has around 3.900 startups and the number keeps growing every year. 80% of Boston’s startup talent pool is made up of experienced software engineers, surpassing the global average of 72%. [13] The Boston startup is now worth $3.5 billion, more than three times what it said it was worth a year ago. [14] During Boston Fintech Week, the Fidelity CEO said she believes it’s imperative for many of her employees to think and act like they work for a startup. [14]

Boston is home to some of the best colleges in the world with MIT, Harvard and Northeastern being in the top of the list, so it was bound to be a business hotspot. [13] Primary Care Physician K.A. Recruiting Chelmsford, MA Full-Time Primary Care Physician needed in Massachusetts! Join a full-service health system providing advanced medical services to more than 3000,000 people in Greater Boston. [4]

The Toronto-Waterloo corridor is a united ecosystem comprised of Canada?s financial center and largest city Toronto, and the Waterloo Region which has the second highest density of startups in the world. [13] Join us in the Tufts Medical Center Wellness Corridor for a variety of health-centered activities designed for the whole family. [15]

Payment provider TransferGo has announced it is launching a remittance corridor to India that uses Ripple technology for near real-time transactions. [16] The payments company cited the “multi-billion dollar” Europe-to-India payments corridor for its initial focus on that market, adding that “high” Ripple adoption in India was a factor. [16]

Columbia Tech Center (CTC) is a master-planned mixed-use development located in Vancouver, Washington within the highly desirable Clark County technology corridor. [17] As the MAPC notes, though the zone technically straddles portions of both North and East Woburn, access to the area is limited to busy East Woburn corridors like Mishawum Road and Industrial Way, a situation which does contribute to commuter-hour backups. [5]

According to the MAPC, though most buildings within the area are single story warehouses and manufacturing buildings, major high-tech and biosicence corporations, struggling to find room to expand within urban areas like Cambridge and Boston, may likely consider Woburn as an attractive alternative to those traditional development hubs. [5] “While the regional location of New Boston Street has been a boon for business attraction, local access to this area has been a challenge due to its isolated nature on the western side of the Lowell Line commuter tracks,” the report’s authors noted. [5] “There are currently no vacant, developable parcels in the New Boston St industrial park, and as such any new construction would need to either be vertical or expand into existing parking areas,” the study authors continue. [5]

Join Boston Cares and Tech Goes Home (TGH) for a fun, community-based Tech Goes Home course working with adult. [18] Come by the Boston Cares office and assist with various office tasks!This week, we are looking for help creating. [18] Dr. Chioma Okwara, an alumna of both UMass Boston and UMass Medical School, is the newest UMass trustee. [19]

Jacobs Engineering Group has an excellent opportunity for a Senior Structural Engineer with at least 10 years of experience specializing in bridge design, load ratings and inspection for the Boston, MA and Providence, RI offices. [7] Our Boston office has an excellent opportunity for a Structural EIT/PE with at least 3 years of experience specializing in bridge and building design and inspection for the New England region. [7]

DHK is an award winning architectural firm with offices in Boston and New York City. [7] It is the only technical vocational high school located in within the city of Boston. [20] Wondering how to get to Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Boston, US? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Madison Park Technical Vocational High School with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station. [20] We make riding to Madison Park Technical Vocational High School easy, which is why over 170 million users, including users in Boston, trust Moovit as the best app for public transit. [20]

As the Vehicle Engineer in Boston, MA you will have the chance to provide engineering support for a variety of transit vehicle projects. [7] This is a full-time position based in our Boston office and will report to the Director, Transportation. [7]

The program is directed at commercial, office, and mixed-use buildings adjacent to main corridors and neighborhood nodes within the City of Lansing that are outside of the downtown area. [21] The Lansing Corridor Façade Program provides targeted assistance for improving the appearance and structural conditions of building façades in highly visible and critical areas of the City. [21]

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