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  • FIT strategically partners with renowned schools and universities around the globe with similar curricular offerings in Art and Design, Business and Technology, and Liberal Arts, to provide opportunities for each other's students to study abroad.(More...)


  • The school?s online bachelor of science in industrial technology offers students a concentration in information and computer technology focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of computer networks and systems and foundational leadership and management skills.(More...)
  • Although well-known as a leading university in science and technology teaching, the university also provides courses across the arts and humanities.(More...)
  • Driven students looking to expand their programs can choose from 10 different five-year double majors like Classical Guitar Performance and Music Production & Technology or Instrumental Performance and Music Management.(More...)



FIT strategically partners with renowned schools and universities around the globe with similar curricular offerings in Art and Design, Business and Technology, and Liberal Arts, to provide opportunities for each other's students to study abroad. [1] Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology is a privately endowed, coeducational university emphasizing career education and experiential learning. [2] The degree is part of CityU's Technology Institute, which is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense institution, as recognized by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security. [3] "If there are ways to embrace technology in teaching, you'd be hard pressed to a find a discipline stronger than the humanities," says Sharon Marcus, a former dean of humanities at Columbia who is on leave this year at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. [4]

Boston College officials say the new Schiller institute aims to tackle projects ranging from the development of clean energy to technology that can diagnose and treat humans in poor areas around the world. [5] ATLANTA - August 9, 2018 - The Georgia Institute of Technology has announced a new online cybersecurity master?s. [6]

At the New Jersey Institute of Technology offers online programs range between professional development coursework to graduate degrees. [7] Located on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus, this private non-profit school offers a small college atmosphere, full access to IIT?s amenities and a short drive to the heart of downtown Chicago?s vibrant classical and new music scene. [8]

Apply now for the best summer of your life & discover the exciting world of engineering! Do you have a passion for mathematics, physics and chemistry? Are you a student between 16 and 19 years old? Then you are the perfect candidate to join the Summer Engineering Academy organized by Carl Benz School of Engineering the Mechanical Engineering College of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). [9] The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is one of the leading German universities in Engineering. [9]

Through the institute, Boston College will explore new interdisciplinary courses in integrated and applied sciences, design thinking, implementation science, computer and data science, global public health and other fields that will combine elements of technology, engineering and entrepreneurship through collaboration with BC?s professional schools and its Shea Center for Entrepreneurship. [10] Ranking as the 34th-best university in the nation with U.S. News & World Report, Georgia Institute of Technology (better known as Georgia Tech) is well recognized for its degree programs in engineering, computing, business administration, sciences, architecture, and liberal arts. [10] "Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology: including a Society of Arts, a Museum of Arts, and a School of Industrial Science; proposed to be established in Boston" (PDF). [10] The Littman Family Fellowship is available to female students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology School of Architecture. [11] The primary recipients of donations are the School of Computer Science, the Software Engineering Institute, the Carnegie Institute of Technology, and the Mellon College of Science. [10] MIT alumnus and faculty member George Ellery Hale played a central role in the development of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and other faculty members have been key founders of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in nearby Needham, Massachusetts. [10] The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, is a non-profit private college of engineering and industrial technologies established in 1908 with funds bequeathed in Benjamin Franklin's will. [10] Peace Activism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1975 to 2001: A case study, PhD thesis, Boston: Boston College. [10] At Boston College, officials say the new Schiller institute aims to tackle projects ranging from the development of clean energy to technology that can diagnose and treat humans in poor areas around the world. [10] The facility will be called the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, after Phil Schiller, a Newton native and a senior vice president at Apple, who has been responsible for marketing many of the technology company's high-profile products, from the Mac computer to the iPhone. [10] Boston College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology co-host a Joint Number Theory Seminar, featuring important advances in modern number theory. [10] College Navigator: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Retention and graduation rates. [10] "The rankings suggest that the top six Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Cambridge, University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and the University of Oxford form a group of globally recognised "super brands". [10] California Institute of Technology (CalTech) is ranked as the 38th-best university in the world. [10]


The school?s online bachelor of science in industrial technology offers students a concentration in information and computer technology focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of computer networks and systems and foundational leadership and management skills. [3] Students may customize their studies by adding a minor or certificate from another subject area, or by selecting one of five degree concentrations: information science and knowledge organization, project and knowledge management, information management and health informatics, digital content and information systems, or human language technology. [3] The core curriculum requires students to complete 33 credits in technology courses split between a degree concentration (18 credits) and electives (15 credits). [3] The 35-credit program core offers a sequence of 12 courses that cover foundational and advanced topics in technology and information management. [3] The 72-credit program core includes a total of 16 courses, covering IT servers, local area network management, and information security technology. [3]

The university's bachelor's of science in information sciences and technology stands out as one of the most respected online IT programs in the country. [3] Faculty within this online IT degree program are typically members of professional groups, including the American Society for Information Science and Technology and the Knowledge and Information Professional Association. [3] The school maintains 10 campus locations along with a distance education program that offers a bachelor of applied science in technology development and management. [3] Applicants to the bachelor of applied technology in computer and information technologies must hold an associate of applied science degree either from STC itself or another community college. [3] The school requires applicants to the information and computer technology concentration to hold current Cisco CCNA CCENT, CCNP, or CompTIA Network + certification. [3] Students must choose from one of the following concentrations: enterprise systems, information assurance and security, mobile and web development, and health information and technology. [3] Students must also complete 40 credits of technology courses and 18-24 credits from a concentration. [3]

This 120 credit IT degree online requires 60 credits in the arts and sciences (six of which must be in written English), 48 credits in technology, and 12 elective credits. [3] The IT management program concludes with a capstone that requires students to develop a technology project that addresses an organizational problem. [3] ASU?s technology curriculum requires students to complete a project solution that uses course learning to address an IT issue. [3]

The program core includes business and IT courses, including technology project management; computer ethics; and IT strategy, management, and acquisition. [3] The program concludes with projects in management information science and a three-credit capstone course that applies knowledge from the business core and the information technology core to a real-world project. [3] Intended for students already employed in IT or business and looking to advanced to management positions, the bachelor of science in professional studies with an information technology concentration builds skill in general business and computing practices. [3] Part of the University of Louisiana System, NSULA offers a bachelor of science in computer information systems in an interdisciplinary degree that combines business and information technology education. [3] The University of Minnesota offers a bachelor's of science in information technology management that prepares students to pursue technology, networking, and information careers in a variety of industries, including government, finance, business, and education. [3]

Kennesaw State University serves more than 33,000 students each year and offers more than 70 distance learning programs, including an online bachelor's of science in information technology. [3] Admissions offers the online bachelor's of information technology as a completion program to students with an associate of applied science in a relevant technical field such as information technology, cyber crime technology, computer technology integration, or healthcare business informatics. [3] As a completion program, admissions makes the online bachelor's in information technology available to students with either an associate degree or at least 62 credits from an accredited college. [3] CSU?s online bachelor's of information technology caters to working students, and the school offers multiple alternative credit pathways that allow candidates to complete the degree faster, including military credit and prior learning assessments. [3] This online bachelor's degree in information technology is a completion program, meaning that applicants must complete lower division credits at another institution. [3] After enrolling in the program, students complete 39 credits of upper division coursework in information technology. [3] Students must complete 10 information technology electives and six focus area electives in arts and humanities, social sciences, management, or math, science, and engineering. [3] Educational policy makers, business groups, legislatures and parents have all been pushing students into the STEM disciplines -- science, technology, engineering, and math. [4] Students can customize their degree with one of the following minor concentrations: enterprise technology, computer networking systems and design, and web technology. [3] The school offers a unique bachelor of science in information and communication technology that trains candidates in the design, implementation, and management of computer information systems. [3] The school offers several options for online learners interested in information technology degrees, including a bachelor of science in information technology management and a bachelor of science in information systems. [3] Integrating business and information technology, UAB?s specialized bachelor's in information systems online degree trains students in the implementation and utilization of information for businesses and other organizations. [3] The bachelor's in information systems online culminates in an information technology capstone, a three-credit course that requires students to identify, analyze, develop, and reflect on a business information system. [3]

The 15-hour information technology concentration covers five major areas and requires students to choose one course from each subject: management information technology, software, files/operating systems, database management, and networks. [3] Students fulfill the remaining credits with nine information technology courses of their choosing, allowing them to tailor the degree to their interests. [3] This online IT degree emphasizes both networking and telecommunications and provides students with a deep understanding of how technology supports organizations. [3] Those who pursue this IT degree online are typically IT professionals who want to advance their career or experienced managers who want to deepen their IT knowledge to keep pace with technology advancements. [3]

Graduates typically enjoy careers as systems engineers, information network administrators, and technology project managers. [3] In some cases, "bridge" courses may be required if students are pursuing a specialized technology topic in their graduate studies. [3] Courses cover topics like business and management principles, communication technology, networking, web management, and enterprise systems. [3] The program prepares students for leadership roles in the IT field and emphasizes business and communication skills in relation to technology and management. [3] WGU's College of Business offers the BS in business-information technology management. [3] WGU's College of Information Technology offers several online IT degrees, including a BS in information technology, BS in information technology-network administration, and BS in business-information technology management. [3] A Christian liberal arts college located in Fayette, Missouri, CMU offers two options for candidates pursuing an information technology bachelor's degree online: either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in computer science. [3] The school's eCampus is administered through the Fort Lauderdale campus and offers a variety of distance learning programs, including an online information technology degree. [3] Serving more than 23,000 students, MSU is home to a significant distance education program that includes a bachelor's in information technology online. [3] The program?s accelerated format offers intensive seven-week courses, and students who meet general education requirements can complete the online bachelor's of information technology in 18 months. [3] Regis offers the option to complete the online bachelor's of information technology in tandem with most of the school?s computer and information science master?s degrees. [3] Brigham Young University-Idaho is affiliated with The Church of Latter-day Saints and offers a variety of online degree programs, including a bachelor's of science in computer information technology. [3] A business school based in Troy, Michigan, Walsh offers a professionally focused bachelor of science in information technology that combines business management and technology. [3] Created through a partnership with IBM, the fully-online bachelor of science in information technology service management program combines skills in IT and business to train candidates to manage technology services, systems, and resources. [3] The school?s unique bachelor of science in business with a concentration in information technology explores the intersection of business, information, and people by integrating principles of management with information technology. [3]

With more than 48,000 students, Tampa?s USF operates a substantial online department that includes a bachelor of science in information technology. [3] Today, many students interested in an IT career are choosing to pursue their information technology degree online. [3] An online degree for information technology is a flexible degree that teaches students a diverse set of skills and prepares them for careers as IT professionals. [3] Students earning an online degree in information technology typically enjoy the flexibility of asynchronous coursework, allowing them to work full-time while earning their degree. [3] Today, the school offers a variety of online programs through the Cyberactive Online Classroom, including an online information technology degree. [3] Serving the Rio Grande Valley area of Southern Texas, STC offers an online bachelor's in information technology degree completion program. [3] The school?s online bachelor's in information technology is a degree completion program, and applicants must hold an associate degree from GBC or another accredited two-year or four-year college. [3]

The program core includes 24 courses that cover both business and information topics, including database concepts, network theory and design, information technology and project management, and introduction to macroeconomics. [3] The computer information technology core includes 42 credits of courses covering both technology and business topics. [3] The online bachelor's in information technology requires 63 total credits divided between core business courses and information technology electives. [3] Candidates fulfill the remaining lower division credits with associate courses from any approved degree program, with six degrees officially recognized: information technology, architectural and engineering design technology, business administration, administrative office assistant, legal office assistant, and paralegal. [3]

As part of the upper division curriculum, candidates complete one advanced elective course in software engineering, digital image processing and presentation, management and law, or technology in enterprise management. [3] The program core integrates management and information technology skills through courses such as management information systems, legal aspects of managing technology, and IT services management. [3] The program trains students to serve as information technology leaders who apply IT tools to management practices. [3] Most bachelor?s in information technology programs require students to earn between 120 and 128 credits. [3] The information systems program integrates business and information technology and trains students to manage the technology tools that aid organizations. [3] Emphasizing strategic, organizational, and technology skills, the program examines business and technology issues from a global and Christian perspective. [3] The additional 15-18 elective credits allow candidates to explore subjects in business, technology, or any other area of interest. [3]

Excelsior offers affordable tuition rates, financial aid that isn't based on income, and scholarships that are specifically designed for technology students. [3] These efforts are still only young (which means a couple of decades in academy time), but they allow students to work with technology and analytics software to find deeper meaning in art and literature -- a step in the right direction for sure, because they bring together a cross section of scholars from STEM and the humanities to learn together. [4] Students must complete five core courses in technical writing, technology project management, cost and capital project analysis, industrial supervision, and introduction to statistical process control. [3] Students in the field learn about computing hardware and software, web-based platforms, networks, telecommunications systems, and other forms of modern technology, along with the fundamentals of mechanics and electronics that can lead to new products and innovations in the IT industry. [3] Upon completion, graduates will know how to work in data centers, improve the performance of organizations, create technical communication plans, and design network applications for both Microsoft and Cisco technology. [3] Those who choose the information systems: design and development option learn how to develop applications and software to create advanced technology systems by using innovative tools in project-oriented courses that require team-programming activities. [3] The 120-credit degree requires a 30-credit information technology core that includes 10 courses in IT project management, network enterprise solutions, and applying leadership principles, among others. [3] The program curriculum includes a professional core, an information technology major core, and concentration courses. [3] The 33-credit information technology concentration includes 18 credits of required courses that address IT from a management perspective. [3]

Graduate degree options include information technology management, information assurance, enterprise systems engineering, and data science. [3] Based in the city of Melbourne, FIT focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math education. [3]

ASU?s online bachelor of science in information technology trains students to design, implement, and manage computer information solutions. [3] It?s fully online bachelor of science in computer information systems explores the role of information technology in modern business. [3] The school?s online bachelor of science in information management explores the integration of information technology systems with business practices. [3] CSP?s online bachelor of arts in information and technology management explores the intersection between information technology and business management. [3] GBC?s bachelor of applied science in digital information technology emphasizes organizational, business, and technology skills that prepare graduates for entry-level management positions. [3] The school hosts a bachelor of applied science in business information technology that emphasizes a managerial approach to both information and business systems. [3] The school hosts a bachelor of science in information technology with concentrations in either programming and application development or networking, administration, and information security. [3] The online bachelor's of science in information technology at Liberty University Online helps students develop, strengthen, and apply the skills they need to succeed as database experts. [3] Georgia Southern University offers one of the best online IT degree programs in the U.S. through its College of Engineering and Information Technology. [3] An online degree in information technology prepares students to pursue a variety of careers in applications development, gaming design, information systems, and infrastructure and security. [3] This online information technology degree prepares students for careers as software developers, network engineers, database administrators, and more. [3]

This 120-credit online information technology degree includes 54-55 credits of major coursework, 40 of which must be upper-division credits. [3] Candidates pursuing the online bachelor's degree in information technology complete 71 credits of core courses focused on databases, programming languages, software engineering, and data structures. [3] The degree requires 45 credits of information technology major courses, with 30 credits allocated to core courses and 15 credits to specialization courses. [3] The information technology major requires 40 credits of core courses in both business and computing. [3] The information technology major requires at least 60 total credits divided among a 21-credit professional core, a 15-credit IT concentration, 20-24 credits of electives, and a three-credit culminating project. [3] Comprising 120 credits total, the online bachelor's in information technology includes prerequisites, an IT core, and advanced electives. [3]

Students may take four elective courses in an information technology area of their choice. [3] Candidates also gain in-depth knowledge of ASP, SQL, and XML. Three electives enable students to explore any area of information technology. [3]

All BS in information technology students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 throughout the program. [3] Depending on the program, specialized learning tracks may be available for students interested in specific aspects of information technology. [3] Prior to beginning the major, students complete three support courses: introduction to information technology, spreadsheet applications, and principles of microeconomics. [3] Concentration courses build specialized knowledge in one IT subject area, and GMU offers five unique tracks: database technology and programming, health information technology, information security, network and telecommunications, and web development and multimedia. [3] STC offers two unique learning opportunities for information technology majors: a special topics course and a capstone internship. [3] Candidates may complete one of two special courses as part of the IT concentration: an internship in information technology or a special topics course in information technology. [3] The information engineering technology specialization curriculum includes courses that cover topics like information technology, web presence deployment strategies, technology systems operations, and more. [3]

The curriculum then moves into specialized topics in technical risk management, international economics, and technology transfer and commercialization. [3] Bellevue recently began implementing D2L and its Brightspace technology for its online learning management software. [3]

Through 48 upper division credits, candidates explore advanced topics in digital forensics and incident response, software technology, Windows server administration, and ethical hacking. [3] Projects like these use technology to do what the humanities have always done: contemplate the ways -- sometimes disturbing ways -- in which human beings experience one another and the world. [4] Graduates are prepared to pursue careers as training technology supervisors, website administrators, field engineers, and distance learning technicians. [3] The BS in information technology is a 180-credit program that prepares students for careers as systems engineers, data analysts, computer scientists, and more. [3] CBU?s online bachelor of science in computer information technology prepares students to manage technology issues for businesses and other organizations. [3] The school offers an online bachelor of science in information technology that prepares students for entry- and mid-level positions in IT field. [3] GSU's bachelor's of science in information technology -- also referred to as WebBSIT -- prepares students to analyze and design IT solutions and assess which technologies can drive problem-solving efforts in an organization. [3] The bachelor's of science in information technology covers a variety of IT areas of study including security, networking, and database and software design. [3]

Students choose an information technology management case study and develop a solution to the management issue. [3] This career-focused degree trains students to solve organization problems and improve efficiency using information technology tools and systems. [3] Most online information technology bachelor?s degrees can be completed with four years of full-time study. [3] This information technology degree online was developed by CityU faculty, all of whom has more than 15 years of professional experience. [3] Programming: Another course essential to any online information technology degree program, this class builds fundamental knowledge and skills in Python, Java, and other common programming languages. [3] Most online information technology degree programs can be completed in roughly 150 credit hours, but program lengths and completion times depend on several variables. [3] Online information technology degree programs cover a range of specializations, from app development and computer programming to systems implementation and network architecture. [3] While curricula may differ considerably between online information technology schools, some concepts are integral to any IT degree program. [3] Today, the school offers five bachelor's degree programs, including an online information technology degree. [3] The school offers a bachelor of science in information technology that emphasizes broad education in fundamental computer science concepts, knowledge-based information technology, and management information systems. [3] The 34-credit business information technology core emphasizes an organizational management approach to information systems. [3] The information systems core explores modeling and warehousing, management information systems, information technology policy and strategy, and principles and practice of information security. [3]

The bachelor of science in information technology at Capella offers a specialization in information assurance and security, available through the Flexpath self-guided learning format. [3] A private college in Downtown San Francisco, GGU?s proximity to Silicon Valley makes it ideal for information technology students. [3] During the program?s final two semesters, students undertake a comprehensive information technology capstone project. [3]

Offered as a completion program, the online bachelor's of information technology requires applicants to hold an associate of applied science from an accredited institution. [3] State authorization requirements prevent residents of Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Nevada from enrolling in the online bachelor's of information technology program. [3] Many information technology degree-holders choose to continue their education in a master's program. [3]

Courses include social media in business, database administration, project management, and two courses in information technology for managers. [3] Established in 2007, the school was the first independent, fully-accredited, fully-online university in the U.S. The school offers a highly flexible, fully online bachelor?s in information technology that stresses both hardware and software skills and prepares candidates for certification. [3] The school offers a bachelor of multidisciplinary studies with a concentration in information technology. [3]

The information technology major requires 30 total credits divided between core courses and electives. [3] Core courses build a broad foundation in computer science and information technology skills, with courses including database systems and SQL, computer architecture and operating systems, and concepts of management information science. [3] The online bachelor's in information technology management emphasizes networking and database management practices. [3] The online bachelor's in information technology prepares students for immediate employment upon graduation. [3]

Online learners may complete an internship with a professional information technology organization. [3] During the program?s final semester, candidates complete a three-credit, faculty-supervised senior project that explores an information technology area of their choice. [3]

The 120-credit BS in information technology is perfect for established IT professionals looking to advance their career and gain additional IT training and education. [3] Read on to learn more about what you will study in information technology, and what kind of career opportunities you can look forward to upon graduation. [3]

Graduates enter the workforce equipped with the knowledge to design, deploy, and maintain information technology systems. [3] TESU?s bachelor of science in information technology provides a wide-ranging overview of information and computer science principles. [3]

The IT curriculum overlaps with NMSU?s electronics and computer engineering technology program and emphasizes practical engineering applications rather than theory. [3] NMSU commonly admits applicants with backgrounds in engineering technology, business information systems, computer-assisted design, and computer graphics. [3]

During the rest of your eight terms, then, you?ll cover health science topics that span the globe. [12]

Although well-known as a leading university in science and technology teaching, the university also provides courses across the arts and humanities. [13] The spirit of entrepreneurship in the area was encouraged by the university itself in the early 20th century, and many Stanford students and graduates are involved at the highest levels with the world?s most influential technology companies. [13] The South Dakota Board of Regents approved Thursday a new esports certificate program at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. [14] More than 350 South Dakota School of Mines & Technology freshmen will take part in this year?s Freshmen Day of Service Sunday, Aug. 19, heading to neighborhoods and service organizations to clean, restore and assist with projects. [14]

You'll experience the academic rigor you expect from a top-ranked technology and engineering university. [6]

Schiller, a 1982 graduate of the school, said the institute aims to give scholars from the humanities and the sciences a place to team up on major global problems. [5] The crowning jewel of the 150,000-square-foot facility will be a new integrated science institute named after Apple executive Phil Schiller and his wife, Kim Gassett-Schiller, who donated $25 million for the project. [5]

Georgia Tech has delivered world-class training and degree programs to learners around the globe since 1977, and we partner with leading online learning platform providers to deliver at-scale courses and degrees. [6]

Driven students looking to expand their programs can choose from 10 different five-year double majors like Classical Guitar Performance and Music Production & Technology or Instrumental Performance and Music Management. [8] [email protected] is the country?s only Academy of Contemporary Music, and it is in partnership with the original ACM in Guildford, UK. At [email protected], students can earn a bachelor of applied technology (BAT), a BA in arts entrepreneurship or a AAS with three tracks in business, production and performance. [8] At Syracuse students can study instrumental and vocal performance, conducting, music education, music industry, audio arts, sound recording technology, voice pedagogy and composition to earn a BA, a multidisciplinary Bandier Program (BS) and BM. Music students who complete an in-person audition are automatically considered for one of the school?s scholarships, ranging from $3,000/year to full tuition. [8] About 40 named scholarships are awarded based on student performance and faculty nomination for students looking to major in any of the School?s undergraduate degree programs: the BM with concentrations in performance, jazz studies, music therapy, music education and music composition; the BMA; the BA in music and the BS in multimedia arts technology. [8] UCLA?s School of Music offers three majors to its 318 music school undergrads: a BA in music (with concentrations in performance, composition and music education), ethnomusicology (with concentrations in jazz studies and world music) and music history, as well as two minors in music history and music industry, science and technology. [8]

This selective music school only has 125 openings for the approximately 400 prospective students who apply each year, and all applicants must audition on an instrument or voice, except for those majoring in composition, the BA in music, the minor or the BS in multimedia arts technology. [8] Plus, 98 percent of students receive scholarship assistance on the basis of musical ability, financial need and the school?s current musical needs. The BM degree program at this top music school offers emphases in roots, jazz and American music, technology and applied composition, strings, guitar, voice, percussion, composition, woodwinds, keyboard and brass. [8]

The music industry program includes courses in music production and promotion, music business and technology, all with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. [8]

If you?re a woman looking for a degree in one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) areas of study, finding a quality online school in New Jersey just got a little easier. [7] While enrolling 15 percent of all college students, New Jersey?s independent colleges awarded 20 percent of all degrees in 2013, and are well represented in the degrees awarded by four-year institutions in the fields of science and technology. [7] Advanced Forensic Investigation, Communication Design, and Biotechnology are other programs at the college using increasingly sophisticated technology and attracting an increasing number of international students. [15] U.S. universities and colleges offer a greater variety of programs with a specialized focus in areas such as security, user interface design and geospatial technology. [15] Columbia College offers an incredibly extensive list of different music majors that students can choose from, including unique programs like the BA in audio design and production, BA in live and installed sound, BS in acoustics and BS in music technology. [8]

In addition to Blackboard learning management system, FDU utilizes the technology of Webcampus, Webmail and other virtual media software to provide a virtually community that immerses students in immersing a convenient environment to earn their degree at their own pace. [7] Popular choices include the a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology degree, which offers minors in Energy Systems Technology, Information Technology, Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology and more, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, which is offered in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Human Resources Management/Organizational Management, and Marketing. [7] Online distance learning students at Passaic County Community College can earn an associate in arts in humanities or criminal justice, or an associate in applied science in health information technology or fire science. [7] The campus at McNally Smith College of Music includes three performance venues, six technology labs and 11 recording studios. [8] Those planning to enter the BM in music performance are required to audition, while those in the recording technology or music production majors are expected to complete a technology evaluation. [8] A BFA in jazz and contemplative studies, jazz and contemporary improvisation, jazz studies, jazz studies with a teacher certification, musical theatre and performing arts technology (with either a music or media arts concentration), as well as a BS in sound engineering. [8] Columbia?s facilities like the Digital Music Lab, Game Lab and Media Production Center are unique, full of technology and support the breadth of degree programs. [8] Certificate programs are also available is subjects like accounting, business technology, and small business. [7] To create his company's culture of excellence, Mike Spencer built on the fundamentals he learned while getting his Columbus State associate degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology, and in the Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Certificate program. [16] The Technology and Applied Composition (TAC) program leads graduates to careers in film scoring, video game sound design and more. [8] North Seattle College (NSC) has a Technology Advisory Council that helps the College continually monitor its technology programs to ensure that the education reflects current trends in Seattle technology. [15] The campus is the site of the Pinkney Innovation Complex for Science and Technology at Montgomery College (PIC MC) which includes the Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. [17] NJIT has a faculty who are experts in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. [7] Nowadays the life sciences also require considerable knowledge of new technology. [15]

You can qualify for many careers in technology with a Certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree. [15] The Germantown Campus's academic learning centers offer tutoring, workshops, technology access, review sessions, quiet study areas, and more. [17] Electrical Engineering: Combines the best of engineering and technology in areas such as robotics, simulation, and real-time systems. [15] Uncommon degree programs at Jacobs is the BS in audio engineering and sound production, the AS in audio engineering and the AS in string instrument technology. [8]

Otherwise, undergrads can earn a BM in composition, music and technology, music education, music theory, musicology, performance and performance with a teacher certification. [8]

The Curtis Institute of Music offers beneficial partnerships that involve students in opportunities like the Community Artist Program, through which they receive training for teaching artistry, interactive performance and entrepreneurship. [8] Another benefit of a university as large as ASU is the physical resources and facilities available to all students, such as the Music Therapy Clinic, the Herberger Institute School of Music Jazz Complex, the Music Library, Organ Hall and the approximately 800 performance opportunities that occur on campus annually. [8] The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, the fourth largest academic powerhouse at ASU, is home to the School of Music where 753 students are enrolled as music majors (386 undergrads). [8] Music business, music therapy and performing arts administration are only offered at the master?s level, but the Tisch School of the Arts houses the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, the only program of its kind leading to a BFA in recorded music. [8] Founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art, The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory and the No. 1 music school, according to Hollywood Reporter. [8]

The Avery Arts Center Complex houses the Edith C. Blum Institute, which includes Blum Hall, practice rooms, offices, classrooms, a listening library and studios for recording, editing, computer music, composition and jazz percussion. [8] The Peabody Institute has pioneered its own Breakthrough Curriculum in Music Leadership, which infuses the school?s traditions with newer concepts to address performance, career development and citizen artistry in its core coursework. [8]

Business Management faculty accompanied 15 of their students to Spain earlier this month, where they visited the Franklin Institute, North American studies think tank. [18] The Beasley Radio Talent Institute has selected a Curry student to participate in its intensive summer program. [18]

For over 150 years, Seton Hall University has been offering an immersive education experience, and since 1998 has been reaching students around the globe through their online program. [7] Music majors can take advantage of study abroad opportunities like the Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare?s Globe program in London and the Vienna ConcertoFest. [8]

For those interested in the non-performance side of the music world, degree programs like the BBA in music business, the BA or BS in audio engineering technology, the BA or BS in entertainment industry studies and the BA or BS in songwriting are available. [8] That?s why Columbus State developed a new, multidisciplinary program in Logistics Engineering Technology, which combines coursework from Supply Chain Management, Engineering, and Information Technology. [16] Information Technology (IT): Installing and configuring software and hardware, data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, and the management and administration of entire systems. [15]

Students in this top music school can earn a BM with concentrations in composition-theory, instrumental performance, jazz performance, vocal performance, musicology and open studies, as well as a BME in instrumental education, choral, general or music technology. [8] Other available degree programs include: the BA in general music studies or music technology; the BM in performance or composition; and the BMA in musical arts or performance. [8] This top music school offers a BM degree program with areas in classical performance, composition, conducting, jazz studies, music education, musicology and theory, as well as certificate programs in the Music Program in American Language Studies (MPALS) and music technology. [8] Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, TTU offers majors at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in areas like conducting, keyboard, strings, winds and percussion, voice, theory and composition, music technology, musicology and music education. [8] Available undergraduate degree programs are a BM in instrumental performance, guitar performance, piano performance, harpsichord performance, jazz instrumental performance, jazz vocal performance, jazz composition/arranging, music education (with a variety of specialized concentrations), composition, music history, music theory and music therapy, as well as a BS in music technology or music. [8] Steinhardt?s 13 undergraduate music degree programs include music education, scoring for film and multimedia, music technology, music theatre, jazz studies, music composition and songwriting. [8]

Other music degree programs include popular music, music technology, music teaching & learning, arts leadership and early music performance. [8]

Back on campus, students can take advantage of valuable resources and facilities like the school?s home, the Sam A. Wilson Building, which contains practice rooms, a piano lab, two music technology labs and an organ studio with a small Wicks pipe organ. [8] Music Buildings I and II offer additional resources like the instrumental ensemble library, music technology facilities, practice rooms, and a piano lab consisting of 17 Yamaha Clavanovas, a suite of four recording studios and more. [8]

Programs of interest include a bachelor?s in nuclear energy engineering technology, a bachelor?s in entrepreneurship, a master?s in public service leadership and a graduate certificate in clinical trials management. [7]

Become a marketing leader in a high growth market! NEC and Startup Institute have partnered to offer this innovative Digital Marketing MBA program. [19] New England College and the New Hampshire Institute of Art announce they intend to complete a merger of the two institutions by October 1, 2018. [19] On campus, they have facilities like four state-of-the-art performance halls, the American Organ Institute (AOI), the Ruby Grant Piano Pedagogy Resource Center and the Grayce B. Kerr Gothic Hall, The Hall houses the Mildred Andrews Boggess Memorial Organ, a $750,000 instrument designed by the C. B. Fisk Company. [8]

They can also work toward a BA in music with concentrations in musicology, composition, music technology and Music+. [8] Significant on-campus facilities include the 318,000-square-foot Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSPAC), which houses the performing arts library, the Music Technology Lab, a computer music studio, the Ethnomusicology & Musicology Technology Lab, the 962-seat Elsie & Marvin Dekelboum Concert Hall and more. [8]

Central Michigan University has launched a certificate program in beer fermentation, Dakota County Technical College a certificate program in brewing and beer steward technology, Ferris State University an associate degree in professional brew management, and Lake Michigan College an associate degree in wine and viticulture technology. [20] WPI's Frontiers program is for soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors who are interested in science, technology, engineering, math, and robotics fields. [9] EAC teams with EASI to host "S.T.E.A.M. is Life!" summer science camp Eastern Arizona College and the Eastern Arizona Science Initiative (EASI) partnered once again to offer the "S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mat. [21] Rounding out the academic experience are humanities and arts workshops in areas such as writing, art, music, theater, etc. Learn from outstanding professors utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and enjoy added activities such as evening workshops, field trips, movies, live performances and tournaments. [9] Summer students explore their passions and create dynamic work alongside a talented and engaged community of peers in the areas of Creative Writing, Filmmaking, Social Justice, and Assistive Technology. [9]

At least four colleges and universities in the Midwest alone have added certificate or associate degree programs in beer fermentation, brewing, brew management and wine and viticulture technology, among the 41,446 degree or certificate programs colleges and universities have added since 2012. [20] Engineering is this amazing blend of creativity, science, technology, and problem-solving. [22] Jobs for electrical engineering majors also include work in aerospace, automobile design, high technology, and education. [22]

Course work encompasses development and economics of mining projects, mining analysis, exploration techniques, and smelting technology. [22] Students take the full array of courses required for all engineering majors and then further specialize in their specific engineering technology. [22] Students should expect to spend the first 3 to 4 semesters getting a solid foundation in science, math, engineering technology, computing, and the humanities and social sciences. [22] Students concentrate in one particular area of engineering technology: telecommunications, computers, electronics, construction, drafting, and surveying, to name a few. [22]

Engineering technology is a more practical, hands-on course of study compared to other engineering majors. [22]

The university says faculty are working hard on recruitment and have launched a pre-college eSports institute for high school students to stimulate interest. [20] Millersville University hosts a number of short-term English programs every summer through its English Language Institute (ELI). [9] The 2018 Fordham Academic Preparatory Institute is an intensive language immersion program aimed at equipping young learners with the cultural competency, study skills and language proficiency they need to succeed in American academic settings and beyond. [9]

The engineering major is usually organized in one of two ways: as an offering of a school, department, institute, or center for engineering; or as an "engineering and applied sciences" curriculum. [22]

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