Largest Tech Companies in Boston

Largest Tech Companies in Boston
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  • Built In Boston is the online community for Boston startups and tech companies.(More…)
  • The 100 biggest tech companies in Los Angeles and Orange County grew their employee numbers 24 percent in the past year, to a 48,000 total.(More…)
  • Boston New Technology Boston New Technology brings entrepreneurs and engineers together into one of the largest tech networking groups in Boston.(More…)
  • Built In NYC is the online community for NYC startups and tech companies.(More…)
  • Boston ranks Number 7 on CBRE?s list of top tech talent markets, though employers are hampered by a 4 percent reduction in the labor pool over the last five years (nearly 5,000 fewer workers.)(More…)
  • Overwhelmed when you hear that the average marketing Team uses 91 cloud services?(More…)


  • We then ranked each company from most to least current employees to determine the biggest companies in Massachusetts.(More…)


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Built In Boston is the online community for Boston startups and tech companies. [1] Are you looking to invent new products and features for a consumer-focused technology company with a global reach? Located just outside of Boston, TripAdvisor is among the largest tech companies on the east coast. [2]

Built In Seattle is the online community for Seattle startups and tech companies. [3] In addition to other work, the agency partners largely with organizations to develop health tech products that have gone on to be used by Osco Drug, U.S. Oncology and Boston University School of Medicine. [4] Working in various types of tech from app and web development to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the team at Raizlabs creates successful products with continued monitoring and maintenance once they?re up and running. [4] As the changing climate manifests itself in more and more extreme weather events, tech entrepreneurs are leveraging new digital tools to cut out the barriers between renewable energy sources and consumers. [3]

The 100 biggest tech companies in Los Angeles and Orange County grew their employee numbers 24 percent in the past year, to a 48,000 total. [5] Built In Colorado is the online community for Colorado startups and tech companies. [6] Built In Chicago is the online community for Chicago startups and tech companies. [7]

Boston New Technology Boston New Technology brings entrepreneurs and engineers together into one of the largest tech networking groups in Boston. [8] Boston AI Tech Talks Group This group boasts multiple engaging talks per month. [8] Tech in Motion Boston Tech in Motion organizes a variety of talks, social mixers, and networking events for the local community. [8] Boston Tech Meetup Guide 2018 – meta name”description” content”The Boston tech community is vibrant, active, and diverse. [8] HackerNest Boston Tech Socials A sharp contrast to the structured, topic-driven groups in this lineup, HackerNest Tech Socials focuses on people instead. [8] A local recruiting agency, WinterWyman, has reported that downtown Boston and Cambridge accounted for more than 60% of recent tech hires in the metropolitan area, compared with just 5% two decades ago. [9] If you’re doing tech in Boston, these are a great place to start. [8]

Our unique expertise in today’s highest demand tech skill sets, paired with our deep networks and knowledge of our local technology markets, results in an exemplary track record with candidates and clients. [10] Just this year, they’ve discussed remote tech teams, cryptocurrency, and AI. They are also currently celebrating reaching the 10k member mark, which makes them one of the largest groups on this list. [8] Thinkful also hosts tech talks and happy hours throughout the year. [8]

Their tech events connect people of all skill levels and disciplines to share their interests, passions, and projects over food and drinks. [8]

The tech giants are expected to gather at Twitter?s headquarters in downtown San Francisco on Friday, just days after Facebook announced it had removed 652 accounts, groups, and pages for coordinating disinformation campaigns. [11] Silicon Valley?s “move fast and break things” ethos has arguably left many tech giants blind to a backlash on issues like privacy, data security, and surveillance. [9]

Built In NYC is the online community for NYC startups and tech companies. [12] Fortune’s 2018 ranking of the world’s top three-year performers in revenues, profits, and stock returns provides a snapshot of the trends driving the global economy, such as the continued ascendance of the technology sector: Nearly one-third of the 100 entrants on the 32nd edition of our list are tech companies. [13]

Boston ranks Number 7 on CBRE?s list of top tech talent markets, though employers are hampered by a 4 percent reduction in the labor pool over the last five years (nearly 5,000 fewer workers.) [5] The city has been all-in on both new construction and tech company expansion in recent years, but there are still a few hold-ups before Salesforce?s move into the tower — which could stand as tall as 950 feet — is a done deal. [7] Salesforce already has a sizable office in River North — 117,000 square feet, to be exact — and was the city?s tenth-largest tech employer last year with a headcount of 1,000 people. [7]

Tech startups abound, earning the area the nickname Silicon Prairie. [5] Building a successful tech startup and putting together a band are more similar than most entrepreneurs and musicians would like to admit. [14]

If you’re a financial advisor, these 7 tech tools are a must-have to grow your business. [14] In this role she crafts finance, tech and business conferences with news makers and thought leaders. [15]

For tech employers, the news is good as well, with a nearly 17 percent increase in local tech talent from 2012 to 2018. [5]

Overwhelmed when you hear that the average marketing Team uses 91 cloud services? We all are, but when Boston Private approached their marketing tech stack, they did so deliberately with a content marketing strategy in mind. [16]


We then ranked each company from most to least current employees to determine the biggest companies in Massachusetts. [17] For this report, we looked at the companies headquartered in Massachusetts with at least 100 employees. [17] Sometimes, startups emerge from the basement of someone?s house into multimillion-dollar companies with hundreds, or even thousands, of employees. [1] As companies scale, they tend to become more top-down, but ezCater still operates like a 50-person startup, where each team member?s input matters and is considered. [1]

What they do: Rightpoint leverages technology to help Fortune 1000 companies create better customer experiences. [4] The power grid is around a century old, and a combination of huge inertia-bound energy companies, complex regulation and margin-raising middlemen have created an industry that is cumbersome and ill-equipped to cut emissions. [3]

Almost half of all U.S. biotech investment is made in these areas, about one-third of the biotechnology employees work for companies in these areas, and about a quarter of U.S. biotech companies are located in one of these clusters. [18] For the second day in a row, big losses for technology companies and for Amazon, the second-largest U.S. company, were partly canceled out by gains elsewhere. [19]

Whether they’re full-service firms or fulfilling very specific company needs, get to know these 11 digital agencies in Boston. [4] During Boston Fintech Week, the Fidelity CEO said she believes it’s imperative for many of her employees to think and act like they work for a startup. [20] The Boston startup is now worth $3.5 billion, more than three times what it said it was worth a year ago. [20]

It is not clear which is the top biotech cluster, but what is clear is that combined, Boston and San Francisco host high concentrations of biotech activity. [18] In a revolutionary place like Boston, innovators and innovations are as common as bad drivers. [20]

Many other companies organize similar visits to New York, London, Boston, Shanghai, and other clusters for their executives or board members. (I myself have organized corporate immersions in Boston, and this article draws on those experiences. [9] Clusters excel when the local community buys into the same priorities and perspectives, such as the deep respect given in Silicon Valley to people who launch game-changing companies. [9] As more companies are learning, communication technology is not a substitute for people flows but a complement. [9] A trusted business partner providing thoughtful strategic counsel and program implementation to technology and innovation companies since 1998. [21] Twenty years ago inventors working in the top 10 cities for patenting activity accounted for fewer than half the patents filed by America?s 50 largest companies; their innovations were developed mostly in corporate labs in smaller cities. [9] Sarah partners with OpenView’s portfolio companies to consult on recruitment strategy and to source and hire the top talent they need to scale teams. [22] With shorter trips, visiting companies need to organize tailored sessions with local experts (such as business leaders and university faculty members) to achieve greater learning. [9] Though a weeklong trip rarely provides the missing piece to a company?s innovation puzzle, it can help executives build a grounded understanding of what?s happening at the frontier and how their companies may need to react. [9] As the influence of a handful of global cities continues to grow, these approaches offer a playbook to companies that find themselves outside the action in today?s concentrated innovation geography. [9] Despite her own path being at large companies to date, Allison is a huge fan of Boston?s startup community and all of the opportunities for professional development and networking that tend to accompany it. [22] Join MassBio MassBio members join an unparalleled network of innovative companies and industry thought leaders with access to opportunities for visibility, professional development and growth. [23] Events Calendar Join MassBio and our member companies at upcoming life sciences events. [23] Blog Read about the people, companies and issues driving the life sciences. [23] Cross-border collaborative teams now account for 13% of the patents of large U.S. companies, up from just 1% in 1975. [9] A physical presence in leading clusters helps companies connect with the most powerful concepts emerging in their sector. [9] They help companies build up their current infrastructure and implement applications through the one transactional service platform. [10] Given the need to stay in touch with multiple clusters, companies may want to try them all. [9] Though cross-state moves grab headlines, companies are also migrating out of less-dense areas surrounding talent clusters and into urban centers. [9]

Veronica Curran has over 10 years of experience staffing and recruiting for companies such as Bain Capital Ventures and Turbonomic, and focused in recruiting for C-Suite and VP level executives for CTPartners’ clients. [22]

Five years before announcing its move to Boston, GE launched an outpost in Silicon Valley to accelerate its digital innovation efforts. [9] Innovation clusters like San Francisco and Boston have long had an outsize impact on the global economy, and their influence keeps growing. [9] Leading cities have long had an outsize influence on the global economy, but today the impact that top talent clusters such as Boston and San Francisco have on innovation is especially pronounced. [9]

One of our teams will give it a careful look for the Technical Lead (.NET Develoepr) for a Global Technology Company located in Boston job, and for every other relevant position we?re working on right now, too. [10] Close Apply for Technical Lead (.NET Develoepr) for a Global Technology Company located in Boston So you know, this isn’t the only job like this we’re working on. [10]

After GE announced job cuts, some of which would affect Boston workers, last fall, a local newspaper columnist wondered, “Was Boston sold a lemon “? GE remains committed to its new HQ but is also rethinking the role of the HQ as it works to realign itself. [9] Docker Boston Local Docker group hosts bi-monthly talks where members and guest lecturers discuss their latest Docker projects and insights. [8] Boston Unity Group (BUG) This monthly meetup group talks about Unity development. [8] Boston Python User Group Enjoy a mix of in-depth presentations, small batches of 5- to 10-minute lightning talks, and informal project nights. [8]

Where is all the action? Here is a list of some of the active technology groups in the Boston area. [8] Even if you are not in the Boston area, fear not! This group live streams their Meetup events for all to enjoy far and wide. [8] Boston Kubernetes Meetup This group brings Kubernetes developers together roughly every 6 weeks. [8] Boston Google Developer Group GDG hosts an average of 1-2 meetups per month on a variety of topics, typically (but not always) Google-centric. [8] Code for Boston A self-described “Civic Technology meetup,” Code for Boston brings together developers, designers, data geeks, and creative citizen activists to solve real-world problems. [8] Women Who Code Boston Women Who Code helps women around the country become leaders in technology, not only as engineers but also as managers and executives. [8] Boston Virtual Reality Meets monthly to host talks on topics relevant to AR/VR. Recent talks include AR Cyberarts exhibits, technology for monitoring physical reactions to AR/VR technology, and numerous member talks with varying topics. [8] Big Data Boston Big Data Boston hosts monthly informal networking sessions and periodic talks for people of all skill levels. [8] GE is moving fewer than 800 people (out of a workforce of more than 300,000) to Boston; only those who are especially focused on innovation and digitization are being relocated. [9]

Taking place from September 10-14th, 2018, Startup Boston brings entrepreneurs, company leaders, innovators, and industry experts together to foster collaboration and fuel growth in Boston’s startup ecosystem. [22] This event is part of the Talent & Training track at Startup Boston 2018. [22]

Serverless Boston If you’re looking to learn about Serverless, look no further! This group covers a broad spectrum of infrastructure serverless technologies including AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions. [8] Boston CQRS ES This group holds monthly meetups to discuss Command Query Responsibility Segregation/Event Sourcing design pattern. [8] Greater Boston UseR Group These monthly meetups teach numerous applications of the R language. [8]

In Boston, organizations relocating to the downtown area include Reebok, Converse, and much of the local venture capital industry. [9] Cutting-edge concepts picked up in Boston or Berlin will benefit a global company only if they improve the productivity of operations around the world. [9] Sarah joined Betts in 2014 to build out their business in Boston, and then went on to lead a team of recruiters in New York. [22] Learn to Code Thinkful Boston Hosts several meetups per month on introductory web development and machine learning. [8] Boston AI Meetup Meets roughly monthly for a combination of talks and hands-on practice You can expect to talk about machine learning algorithms and practice making a chatbot. [8]

Boston Red Hat User Group RHUG provides a place for people to learn about everything Open Source and connect with an expansive community. [8]

Boston (MA), a top-ranked startup city for many years, is number six. [5] Boston Business Journal names Vestmark for the third year in a row to their list. [14]

It is clear that our belief in the need for an early stage focused FinTech VC in the Boston area was well founded. [14] The Boston Company is part of BNY Mellon Asset Management North America, a specialist multi-asset investment management firm dedicated to serving sophisticated investors globally. [24]

It also shows the need to understand what technology can and cannot do for your business — something we dig into with our LPs and portfolio companies on a regular basis. [14] Carol brings an impressive leadership experience in business development for fintech companies. [14] \r\nEarlier in his career, he held assurance, consulting, business development and client service positions at\r\nCoopers & Lybrand, the Berkshire Companies and Putnam Investments. [15]

Dave has many years of experience digging into data to find interesting ideas and companies to build. [14] Built Ins “Best Places to Work” list rates companies based on their employer benefits and employee submitted compensation data. [6] We are excited that we have closed Fund I. It is comprised of corporate partners (51 percent), family offices (28 percent) that recognize the power of fintech and want a stake in companies that are transforming financial services, as well as individual investors (21 percent) who represent a “who?s who” of the industry. [14] This issue we decided to ask our amazing advisory board members for their advice and counsel for startup CEO?s and for executives in established financial services companies. [14] Pete Mattoon- Many established financial services companies have long been flexible and dynamically react to the changing products and client/customer needs. Capital markets evolution and regulatory changes have forced that culture. [14] Dave has been using it for Cogo Labs partner?s companies to create efficient ways to serve clients’ needs in a variety of markets. [14] As a result Dave spends a great deal of time mentoring across the Cogo Labs team and the portfolio companies. [14]

SEPTEMBER 2018: Ready to turn over a new leaf and find a job that?s, well, more than just a job? Check out these local companies where you can build a career. [6]

Feras is a Partner at Lloyd & Mousilli, LLC and specializes in counseling technology companies from start-ups in their early formation and development, through support of multi-billion dollar business operations of the largest companies in the world. [25]

The top companies in entertainment, media, sports, technology, and more. [26] Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together financial services executives at our annual 2018 Financial Services Forum: Marketing & Technology Innovation in Boston. [16] The Charles River separates Boston from Cambridge and its famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [27] With 235+ team members and offices in Boston, Newport, Providence, Shanghai and Waltham, KLR provides a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses. [28] A former NYC tour guide, she is now active in a number of organizations and community groups in the Roslindale and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods of Boston. [16]

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