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  • Since 2011, Chris has led the tech and startup group, Boston New Technology, growing it into one of the largest in the world.(More...)
  • With an eye for fresh funding, top talent and innovative technology, Built In Boston has carefully selected 50 young companies -- all less than five years old -- that we believe will make a significant impact on tech over the next 12 months.(More...)
  • "In Boston, and to an extent in New Jersey and New York, we have a concentration of some of the most well known data scientists in this field, some of whom were part of inventing this technology which made hiring a lot of talent in one place easier."(More...)
  • With an eye for fresh funding, top talent and innovative technology, Built In Boston has carefully selected 50 young companies -- including CYBRIC -- that they believe will make a significant impact on tech over the next 12 months.(More...)
  • Boston startup such as biotech-heavy startup haul is now second only to the Silicon Valley ventures.(More...)


  • In October 2016, the cybersecurity company raised $6.3 million in funding to expand its Boston team and scale its product.(More...)



Since 2011, Chris has led the tech and startup group, Boston New Technology, growing it into one of the largest in the world. [1] Once each year, Built In Boston hand-selects startups that have the vision, team, focus and funding to drive innovation within the tech community. [2] Another day, another new cybersecurity startup based in Boston. [2]

We're a booming technology startup in downtown Boston close to the orange line, green line, and red line. [3]

Built In Boston is the online community for Boston startups and tech companies. [2] Local government is playing an important role as well: "City Hall has built programs that support startups to help Boston evolve into a world-class tech ecosystem, including the hiring of the first "Startup Czar,? an advocate for the city?s entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses," The Next Web continues. [4] Companies like Techstars Boston, MassChallenge, and Startup Institute Boston provide guidance and other resources to first-time founders and entrepreneurs. [4] There are many elements that make Boston an ideal place for entrepreneurs and startups. [4] Boston has regained its longstanding place as the second-largest U.S. startup funding hub. [5] Top 100 startups founded within the past five years employ a total of 1,519 people in Boston. [6] Boston recently ranked first among the top 25 startup hubs in America. [4] Not only is the city of Boston a startup hub, next-door neighbor Cambridge is thriving, thanks in part to the plethora of world-class universities located nearby. [4] From examples like these, it?s clear that startups in Boston are thriving. [4] Boston has a positive startup climate for women, with female-led startups in mobile, health care, finance, and other industries. [4] Its status as a startup hub makes Boston highly attractive to investors. [4] " Boston has topped the charts alongside California for the most venture capital per capita invested in the U.S.," according to the Startup Institute. [4] The following are just a few of the many startups that call Boston home. [4] The 19-story, 453,768-square-foot office tower at 145 Broadway will be the new home of Akamai Technologies. (Jesse Costa/WBUR) Boston has a well-earned reputation as a hub for high-tech startups. [7] In the past, Boston has been an underestimated player in the startup scene. [4] Boston is also home to a vibrant tech startup scene with clusters of companies popping up all over the city. [8] The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Boston, Massachusetts. [9] In addition to high quality of life ratings and a welcoming regulatory environment for startups, Boston has a lot to offer. [4] The CEOs of Boston startups like Baroo and are female, and more than 10 percent of companies "invested in by some top venture capital firms are women founded in Boston," according to Alice Rossiter, founder of Alice?s Table. [4] Professional services like legal, public relations, and finance abound, so Boston startups have access to the support they need. [4] Considering the average is 3 percent, this statistic is indicative of the important role women play in the Boston startup culture. [4]

Due to the city?s dense population of startups and the consistent capital that flows to tech talent, Boston earned the top spot on this year?s Innovation that Matters list. [10] Boston -- For the second year in a row the City of Boston has been ranked the top "startup community? in the U.S. according to the new " Innovation That Matters " Report, released by the national organizations 1776 and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. [11] "This new ranking solidifies Boston and the Commonwealth?s standing as the best place to start and grow an innovative technology-focused business, whether it?s a startup emerging from one of our top academic institutions, or a major global company looking for next stage growth," said Governor Charlie Baker. [11] The report?s authors lauded Boston, Massachusetts for being "home to a high number of next-wave startups" that are backed by the region?s world-class universities, which generate top talent that power innovation. [11] While Boston often doesn't attract the same press attention as Silicon Valley, it certainly hasn't stopped being a hotbed for innovation and is argued to have it's advantages (in addition to it's disadvantages) over the Bay Area for both science and startups. [12] With "machine learning" excitement in full swing, Boston is buzzing as always with it's own batch of startups, accelerators, and VCs, and I decided to do a deep dive into the local artificial intelligence ecosystem. [12] Zimmermann organized the Boston branch of global Israeli startup community TechAviv. [13] Boston, MA As a growing adventure travel startup, we are inviting everyone to apply for an internship with us. [3] Boston, MA This is a great opportunity to join a rapidly growing startup. [3] Boston, MA Preference for candidates who have worked at a startup before. [3]

The third factor that helped to create a strong foundation for startups was the establishment of a new meeting place in South Boston and a new "accelerator" program for student ventures at MIT, both in 2016. [14] The Tech Tribune staff has compiled a list of the 10 best tech startups in Boston, Massachusetts. [15]

With an eye for fresh funding, top talent and innovative technology, Built In Boston has carefully selected 50 young companies -- all less than five years old -- that we believe will make a significant impact on tech over the next 12 months. [2] One example he cites is coUrbanize, a Boston startup founded by two MIT alumni to help real estate developers and cities gather input -- and yes, complaints -- from citizens about projects being built in their neighborhoods. [14] In the Boston startup ecosystem you can be a lawyer or a doctor or a scientist and not feel bad about yourself. [12]

The Boston Tech Guide describes how tech influences the city beyond the products themselves, with podcasts and media channels all centered around startup and business growth. [16] Taking place from September 10-14th, 2018, Startup Boston brings entrepreneurs, company leaders, innovators, and industry experts together to foster collaboration and fuel growth in Boston's startup ecosystem. [17] We'll also consider what skill-building and community needs aren't being met by existing meetups or professional groups, where entrepreneurs in the space can turn to find the right kind of talent and mentorship, and how we can best connect our existing consumer startups, assets, and strengths to build an effective consumer cluster in Boston. [17] The Startup Weekend Boston team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible. [18] Glantz says Boston has, for years now, had a quieter pool of local investors who were helping startups get off the ground. [19] This event is part of the Tech & Industry Trends track at Startup Boston 2018. [17] TechCode is a global entrepreneurship platform with 24 offices globally, supporting startups in innovation hotspots such as Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Seoul, Helsinki, and now Boston. [20] Techstars Startup Weekend Boston is 100% led by volunteer community leaders. [18] "For my money, Boston is the best place to build a software startup in the country. [16] For the first time since 2012, venture capital investment in Boston is on track to exceed New York City's, making Boston?s startup scene second only to Silicon Valley?s. [19] Startup Institute Boston works with young professionals and recent college graduates to prepare them with the abilities needed to have an immediate influence when joining a start-up company. [20] This past November, Boston hosted a startup weekend event where top minds brainstormed on ways to improve education. [16] Get the latest on Techstars Startup Weekend, Boston, and other local events through Techstars Startup Digest. [18] Clement Cazalot is currently Managing Director of Techstars Boston, leading the expansion of one of the most prestigious, impactful and founder-friendly startup accelerator and early stage investor in the world. [18]

If you have a startup in Boston and need to scale it, connect with us for technology support and services. [21]

Besides Moderna, other big rounds for companies with a deep tech bent went to TCR2, which is focused on engineering T cells for cancer therapy, and Starry (based in both Boston and New York), which is deploying the world?s first millimeter wave band active phased array technology for consumer broadband. [5] JLL?s 2015 Technology Office Outlook report found that Boston is second only to Silicon Valley. [4] By entering the event premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording and its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction by Boston New Technology and its affiliates and representatives. [1]

By eliminating these hurdles, startups are able to accelerate product development efforts to create solutions that address financial inclusion, emerging technology, and digital identity. [1] Join us for a panel discussion with Boston's top community organizers and get an exclusive inside look into the startup culture that?s rapidly growing in the city. [1]

Active in the Boston startup community for the past ten years, Jay has been a Startup Weekend participant, winner, and coach; a Startup Institute instructor; and organizer of the BarCamp Boston tech conference. [18] Currently Jay runs Boston Startups Guide, a community resource site dedicated to bringing more attention to Boston startups and resources for them. [18] He recently lead and mentored the startup founding team at SafeDispense to take 2nd place at the last Techstars Boston Startup Weekend. [18] Specialties: Integrated marketing, including: Public Relations (PR),strategic alliances, marketing programs, Web-based marketing, social media marketing, SEO/SEM, COPPA compliance, email marketing, and navigating the Boston startup and entrepreneurial scene. [18]

With a mix of millennial aged people and old city values, Boston is an interesting combination of new and old which is enticing for European based startups and entrepreneurs. [22] Startup Boston is a five-day series of events celebrating, educating, and connecting entrepreneurs in Boston. [23] A great startup ecosystem requires places where all facets comes together, and Boston has multiple hubs where these interactions take place. [22] Boston receives a lot of praise for the extent to which its startup ecosystem is connected, and the government has played an important role in the process of bringing the right parties to the right tables. [22]

"In Boston, and to an extent in New Jersey and New York, we have a concentration of some of the most well known data scientists in this field, some of whom were part of inventing this technology which made hiring a lot of talent in one place easier." [12] Business, life sciences, and technology news -- covering Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Detroit/Ann Arbor, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh-Durham, Boulder/Denver, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, and beyond. [24] With more government agencies taking an interest in the private sector and its innovations, Techstars is excited to announce our second defense-focused accelerator and our second accelerator in Boston - Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator with the U.S. Air Force. [25] The venture capital firm Borealis Ventures says it is tracking more than 70 companies in the Boston area that are focused on construction, real estate technology, and "smart cities," a term for applying software and sensors to gather data from the urban environment. [14]

Talla, a Boston-area startup developing a business chatbot platform that runs on blockchain technology, raised $4 million through a mechanism called a "Simple Agreement for Future Tokens" (SAFT), CEO Rob May said in an e-mail. [24]

At CoTo Travel, we offer groups of students, entrepreneurs, officials and scholars the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of Boston?s tech scene through the eyes of those building the fabric of the community, one line of code at a time through Boston Tech Tours Startup Tour Boston. [26] There is a collaboration among the entrepreneurs, which allows the startups in Boston to innovate and create better technologies, and business products. [21] The best way for visitors to explore and understand the city?s burgeoning tech and innovation scene is through our Boston Tech & Startup Tours. [26] We work with each individual group to personalize programming to the interest and experience of the attendees taking one of our Boston Tech Tours and/or Startup Tour Boston. [26] The city of Boston is gearing up when it comes to startups and funding them. [21] Headquartered in the United States with locations in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, Texas, and the UK, MassChallenge strengthens the global innovation ecosystem by accelerating high-potential startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world for zero-equity taken. [27] While Boston does not get noticed often, it is definitely one successful place when it comes to creating and establishing successes with startups. [21] Let?s understand what makes Boston an excellent place for the startups. [21] Boston has a lot to offer to the startups, which includes an incredible regulatory environment and high quality of life for the startups. [21] Here we will discuss why startups in Boston is the most preferred land. [21] The reason being the status of Boston being the startup hub. [21] Boston is a heavily growing startup market, with potential and extreme levels of competency. [21] For Startup Incubator Accelerator Programs: curated discussions with local venture capitalists and accelerator programs to understand how to succeed and scale in the Boston market and beyond. [26] For more information about our Boston Tech Startup Tour programs and to request a quote, complete the form below. [26]

With an eye for fresh funding, top talent and innovative technology, Built In Boston has carefully selected 50 young companies -- including CYBRIC -- that they believe will make a significant impact on tech over the next 12 months. [28] Last week, Boston Children?s Hospital?s Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) had the privilege of hosting a Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC) panel discussion on the path from academia to entrepreneurship. [29] Read ThriveHive Reviews "Boston has become a flourishing technology and innovation hub, so we knew we needed to create something that would really stand out and make a difference. [16]

Venture Development Center is designed to accelerate the startup of technology and life science companies. [20] The MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge showcases emerging technology, inspires innovation and is dedicated to providing coaching programs and 1-on-1 mentoring for those market makers who are taking the risks to found, or invest in, new startups today. [20]

The program is a full-time, two month experience that will catapult you into Boston's technology sector that ranges from web and business development to marketing, sales, and design. [20]

Boston startup such as biotech-heavy startup haul is now second only to the Silicon Valley ventures. [21] Over the past five years, Boston startups have been slowly catching up with the NYC ecosystem, and are slowly acquiring more funds and innovating more as compared to the NYC startups. [21]

Once the best-kept secret in the area, Boston's startup ecosystem -- led by a couple of breakout companies and hundreds hoping to follow in their footsteps -- has dramatically changed the landscape of Boston, helping to turn acres of parking lots on the waterfront into one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country and redefining Boston's long-held corporate power structure. [30] The city of Boston focuses on topics such as life sciences, digital health and biotech, and with MIT just around the corner, technology has become the underlying theme of these companies with a preference for deep technology. [22] Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen W. Wilson, left, and Dr. William Roper, assistant secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, center, discuss the April 20 TechStars Autonomous Technology Accelerator for the Air Force Demo Day at the Westin Hotel in Boston with John Beatty, right, executive director of the Massachusetts Military Task Force. [31] Austin Delorme, addresses attendees at the TechStars Autonomous Technology Accelerator for the Air Force Demo Day at the Westin Hotel in Boston, April 20. [31]

The Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator for the Air Force Demo Day was packed with potential investors, Airmen, tech sector experts, government employees and small startup companies with ideas of how to improve the Air Force's drone systems. [31] Deep technology startups are defined as companies that are founded on a scientific discovery or true technological innovation. [22] Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson attended a Techstars event during her early April visit to Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, and Dr. William Roper, assistant secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, expressed his interest in formalizing a process to use grants to quickly inject funding into startups. [31]

Leila founded ReviveMed Startup Company to commercializes this technology, and enable developing the right therapeutics for the right patients by leveraging machine-learning and metabolomics.? [32] Boston Scientific's Mahoney said the company usually gets a seat on the board of companies it invests in, which offers an inside view of how a new technology could complement Boston's internal R&D -- or not. [33] The idea of Smarter In The City was to look at ways that we could diversify Boston's tech sector, by reaching out to entrepreneurs who were interested in doing technology start ups that would be coming from those less traditional backgrounds and those less traditional neighborhoods. [34]


In October 2016, the cybersecurity company raised $6.3 million in funding to expand its Boston team and scale its product. [2] Soofa benches have been deployed in over 75 cities including Boston, Miami and Los Angeles, and the company recently unveiled another "smart? product: the Soofa sign, which offers a platform for neighbors to share events, artists to share their work and businesses to engage with customers. [2] Founded in Israel in 2014, cybersecurity company Namogoo opened its Boston headquarters in September 2017. [2]

For our 50 Startups to Watch in 2018 list, we chose local companies founded within the past five years that we believe have positioned themselves for rapid growth and scaling in the year to come. [2] The Newton-based startup raised over $2.5 million in funding in May to grow its product and expand its partnerships with staffing firms, including Lifebridge and Autumn Lake. [2] The startup raised $15 million in July -- with total funding at $21 million -- to accelerate the deployment of its warehouse products and handle the rising tide of e-commerce orders. [2] In December 2016, the startup raised over $4 million in funding led by Skywood Capital. [2] The startup, which offers more than 100,000 heart-pumping tours, is on a mission to connect travelers with cool activities wherever they go -- and it has raised $14 million in funding since its launch in 2015 to do so. [2] Thanks to a $7 million Series A round of funding in July, the startup will continue to improve its photo and video management software, which is used to help management of construction sites and other industrial settings. [2] With $15 million in funding under its belt, stealthy startup Tidelift plans on making open source software more user- and developer-friendly by making sure the code users rely on is "secure, supported, easy to integrate and properly maintained." [2]

In October, the startup raised over $5 million in Series A financing led by VC firm Matrix Partners. [2] Lucky for them, Boston-based startup (which secured a fresh $23 million Series C round in November) is up to the challenge, thanks to its AI-powered log analysis capabilities. [2] Nearly $3 trillion of the U.S. economy?s GDP is at risk to weather every year, but Boston-based startup ClimaCell hopes to change that. [2] That?s why Cake, a Boston-based startup, aims to help you do just that. [2] The young startup helps customers find items in stores near them, discover discounts and buy products from multiple stores in a single checkout. [2] Skillist, a startup connecting underserved talent to in-demand jobs, traces its roots to Harvard Business School. [2] Founded in 2016, Forge.AI is a stealthy startup that hopes to "transform the world?s unstructured data" into streams of structured information that can be used by intelligent machines. [2] The startup, which has pioneered an on-demand, non-emergency health care transportation platform, aims to be more than just a ride to appointments. [2]

In November, the company raised $11 million in a Series A round led by General Catalyst Partners to expand its team of 15 and to grow its technology, with total funding at more than $15 million. [2] Though much of Forge.AI?s business is still shrouded in mystery, the company has hinted that its technology could be used to structure information for things such as news stories or television programming. [2]

Some accidents can?t be prevented, but companies like are trying to use technology to make construction sites as safe and smart as possible. [2] By leveraging big clinical data and machine learning technology with information gathered from millions of patients, OM1 helps healthcare stakeholders make better decisions and deliver more precise care -- for example, understanding which patients may respond better to certain treatments. [2]

Boston?s tech giants, top-tier universities, and medical centers are constantly driving new developments in technology, energy, culture, politics, education, health care, and more. [4] Built In Boston?s Top 100 is a ranking of the largest digital tech employers in the Boston metropolitan area based on local, full-time employee count as of September 1, 2017. [6] Competition to make the Top 100 list, which ranks the Boston area?s biggest local digital tech employers by employee count, was tight, with ZeroTurnaround, Genuine and Jibo tied for 100th place reporting 103 employees each. [6]

Cybersecurity, a fast-growing industry in Boston, also saw a large portion of the list, with at least 10 cybersecurity companies making the Top 100 with a total of 4,102 employees. [6] We were curious " so, using company scores from websites that aggregate reviews like GlassDoor and Indeed as a baseline, we created our own list of some of the best companies to work for that were based within a 30-mile commute of Boston, MA. [8] Companies like Amazon and Twitter have opened headquarters on the East Coast or established offices in Boston. [4] Boston companies are going public and getting acquired at a brisk pace too this year, and often for big sums. [5] Venture investment in the Boston metro area hit $5.2 billion so far this year, on track to be the highest annual total in years. [5] "Boston earned the top spot by having clear emphasis on next generation tech companies specializing in education, energy and healthcare industries," according to the Boston Business Journal. [4] The Yard offers flexible, month-to-month memberships for entrepreneurs and creatives across Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and DC. Members have access to high-tech conference rooms, lounges, monthly events and hundreds of business amenities. [1] Callum Borchers Twitter Reporter Callum covers the Greater Boston business community for Bostonomix. [7]

Marie also manages ?Greenhorn Connect ?- an online platform supporting student access to the Boston Innovation Ecosystem outside of their universities. [1] Why it Matters? In Boston, new tech solutions are emerging every day to improve our lives, spanning industries from biotech and real estate to wellness-tech and social impact. [1] Discover some of the elements that make Boston an ideal place for entrepreneurs. [4] "Boston has been the center of the biotech universe forever," said Dylan Morris, a partner at Boston and Silicon Valley-based VC firm CRV. [5] "The bar to get a series A done is way higher than it's been," said Vivjan Myrto, managing partner at Hyperplane Venture Capital in Boston. [7]

This ranking is compiled by submissions to the Built In Boston website and market survey as well as press releases, news coverage and other publicly available data. [6]

At least seven metro-area startups have sold for $100 million or more in disclosed-price acquisitions this year, according to Crunchbase data. [5] A total of 17 Boston-area venture-backed companies have gone public so far this year, of which 15 are life science startups. [5] Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC ), founded in Cambridge?s Kendall Square, supports more than 1,000 companies in the startup community by providing infrastructure and co-working space. [4] A collaborative approach to entrepreneurship means that more established enterprises continue to drive innovation, working with local talent and smaller startups to create what The Next Web calls "a tech mecca." [4] Fresh capital is piling up in the coffers of local startups with all the intensity of a New England snowstorm. [5] For companies looking for access to startup funds, the city is ideal [4] Twenty-nine percent of startup founders in the city are female -- second only to Chicago, which has 30 percent female founders, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking report. [4] In the interest of rivalry, we are also showing how the Massachusetts startup ecosystem compares to New York over the past five years. [5] Because of critical factors like a collaborative community and innovative business concepts, its growth as a startup hub is expected to continue. [4] The New England city?s startup scene is broad and has deep pockets of expertise in biotech, enterprise software, AI, consumer apps and other areas. [5] It was founded in 2009 and was cofounded by Michael Sheeley, who later began working with another area startup, Mobee. [4] A few blocks from Azoulay's MIT office, the Barismo coffee shop is a popular place for entrepreneurs to get some much-needed caffeine -- and maybe even strike up a conversation with a prospective investor or a startup veteran with a piece of advice. [7] Prior to joining FinTech Sandbox, Michael led client development for the Financial Services vertical of a global IT services firm, and also launched a startup with the Co-Founder & former President of Rosetta Stone. [1] Cape Ann Development Partners - Enterprise-class software, app and web development for startups! We offer the best value for early-stage companies who are not ready to hire full-time technical staff or need to quickly augment their existing IT staff. [1]

Company Description: The first company on our list is PatientPing, a health technology company whose main product is a platform which allows healthcare providers to coordinate with one another, receive care guidelines, and deliver higher quality care for less money. [8] It goes without saying that the home city of MIT has a particularly strong reputation for so-called deep tech -- using really complicated technology to solve really hard problems. [5] GreatHorn has a great team of people, building new, interesting technology on a great tech stack. [8]

To be eligible for inclusion, a company must be based in the Boston area and its primary business and industry must be digital technology/innovation, including web and mobile applications, software, IoT, e-commerce, VR/AR and digital agency work. [6] For years, a lack of amenities made Cambridge's Kendall Square and Boston's Seaport District affordable places for cash-strapped entrepreneurs to get going. [7]

I don't have any data on the number of Boston companies leaving for West Coast funding and whether than number has increased or decreased in the last 5 years, so I'm unable to back up that perspective. [12] There are companies that need lots of funding that might stay in Boston. [12] Vlad Sejnoha is CTO at Nuance Communications, one of the Boston area's best-known AI companies (known to most consumers via their Dragon Dictation product). [12] In Boston, innovators like Cybereason, which helps companies protect critical assets, and PatientPing, which creates a healthcare provider network, fit the bill. [10] "There are reasons why the Bay Area is preferable to Boston; in terms of the tech scene I like Boston better, but access to capital and enthusiasm around new technologies is higher out there in the general population." [12] While it's feeble to suspect a lack of virtue in Bay Area employees, it's not to say that if Boston companies were "cool enough" they'd all move to the valley. [12] "We mastered the art of how you grow companies with very little money," Stern told the Boston Business Journal. [13] Instead of re-hashing what's been said before, I'll address the classic points often brought up in the Boston vs SF debate, and then I'll add a series of factors that might be specifically relevant for business leaders working on AI. [12] "Boston actual has some pretty robust venture capital, the volume maybe one third of SF, but there are VCs focused on AI here now, so if you have a market fit, there is really no shortage of funding. [12] Marco Lagi is a PhD who spent years applying AI at various organizations, an is now Senior Software Engineer Machine Learning at Hubspot in Boston. [12] Today, BU, UMass, MIT, Harvard, and others have thriving artificial intelligence programs for both grad students and undergrads, and many Boston locals believe that this strong academic base (Boston has about 35 colleges in the area) combined with industry expertise will make Boston uniquely poised to produce scientific and commercial successes in the years to come. [12] Boston, MA Partner with ASICS regional offices to support global marketing strategy. 3+ years of overall work experience in a marketing focused role. [3] Boston, MA Provides back-up coverage to Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Manager. [3] The overlap and clustering of so many colleges and universities in Boston, MA and Cambridge, MA is said to have less of a wide sprawl (like that of the Universities in Atlanta, for example) than other college cities. [12] The ecosystem is also about the corporates like GE opening offices here I think Boston is still playing catch-up when it comes to the full ecosystem, though it's getting better." [12] The fresh infusions of young, bright, ambitious young people to Boston schools is a massive advantage to the Boston ecosystem, and more or less every single person I spoke with echoed the same. [12] "If you look at it from an ecosystem perspective, most of the long standing Boston venture funds made all their money in the 70s and 80s in the mini-computer revolution, they did not adapt to the consumer internet. [12] Andrew Antos and Nischal Nadhamuni from Boston-based Klarity Law are still early in their venture, and considering whether to make Boston their HQ or not. [12]

For two decades, Izhar Armony has been general partner at Charles River Ventures (CRV), an American venture capital firm founded in 1970 in the Boston suburb of Cambridge. [13] Most of the Boston firms I spoke with mentioned that talent has gotten more expensive. [12] "As an ecosystem Boston is really unique in that there has always been lot if talent in AI because the systems around robotic and drug manufacture have existed for a long time. [12] Many of the recordings of those interviews are up on our artificial intelligence podcast now (with some still to be published), but I got in a lot of lengthy one-to-one chats outside of the podcast format focusing entirely on the pros, cons, and trends in the AI ecosystem in Boston. [12]

The report states that Boston is the "city best positioned to succeed in the next-wave digital economy" and led it to the top of the rankings, besting 24 other cities & regions including the rest of the "top ten? - the Bay Area (#2), Philadelphia (#3), San Diego (#4), Austin (#5), Atlanta (#6), Dallas (#7), Seattle (#8), New York (#9), and Portland (#10). [11] While the city attracts some of the world's brightest students, their gusto to "change the world" often involves leaving Boston cultures that value innovation over tradition. [12] Innovation in Boston didn't stop, but its baton was in large part passed along to the San Francisco Bay Area. [12]

"The Boston Israeli community is very talented and accomplished," says Dan Trajman, president and CEO of the New England Israel Business Council. [13] A Boston company website and an SF company website will often reflect this kind of local social pressure and level of expertise. [12] As mentioned is the "Disadvantages" section, Boston leaves much to be improved upon in the eyes of its local entrepreneurs. [12]

Exceptionally bright and exceptionally wealthy people have been filling their brains at Boston schools for a long, long time, and the luster and austerity of the area keeps it's magnetic pull strong. [12] Boston has been Crane City for the last five years or more: construction everywhere you look, and detour signs, too. [14]

Mayor Marty Walsh has shown strong support for budding companies, and the city partnered with IBM in 2015 to launch StartHub, an online platform to connect members of the startup community. [10] In addition to nabbing the top spot overall in the innovation rankings, the Chamber of Commerce also recognized the city for connecting its broader economic engines to the startup community. [10]

Boston-based edtech startup Ellevation, which makes software that helps people learn English, said it raised more than $10 million in a Series B funding round led by Reach Capital. [24] Sheprd, a Newton, MA-based startup that runs an app-enabled private service for transporting children to school and other activities, said it raised $1 million from Jaguar Land Rover?s venture capital arm, InMotion Ventures. [24]

Rising from Boston?s building boom, a new kind of startup Globe Correspondent Companies are finding tech opportunities in the frenzied real estate and construction activity. [14] The report also showed "the share of next-wave startups--sectors spanning health, energy, education, and smart cities--grew 29 percent from last year," critical growth given that nearly half of all startup investment is going to these types of companies, according to the report. [11] For cities looking to improve their ranking, the report?s authors suggest embracing unique characteristics and to establish " industry-specific startup clusters that capitalize on your city?s distinct advantages," while also bridging the gap between a city?s startups, investors, public officials and other business leaders. [11] We can?t hear you over the innovation that?s booming from Boston?s nation-leading startup culture. [10] TechCode, a global network of startup incubators and entrepreneur ecosystems, is launching the second cohort of its AI+ Accelerator today. [25] Other local startups like HqO and Beco are trying to let building managers and tenants communicate more efficiently using those handheld computers we carry around with us all day. [14] Sort of like "well you can win at soccer but we're better at baseball" kind of way of getting out of direct competition with Silicon Valley when it comes to startups. [12] Borealis is raising money for a new venture capital fund to invest in startups focused on "the built environment," in Devitte's words. [14] Ready capital is always a factor in spurring entrepreneurship, but there are three other things that have created a strong foundation here for startups addressing the built environment. [14]

"Working on behalf of the Commonwealth and the Baker-Polito Administration, we?ve been pleased to spearhead economic development programs which bolster our talent pipeline, provide mentoring opportunities for new entrepreneurs, and invest in high-value R&D projects which spur increased engagement and interaction between our universities and top global companies," said Tim Connelly Executive Director/CEO of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative [11] Kanner contends that if a new technology "helps with quality, safety, productivity, or cost, construction companies are very interested. [14] Endurance International Group empowers millions of small businesses with products & technology to help them grow their online web presence. [3]

She mentioned that business leaders realize they need to "wake up" the the technology, and that on the aggregate that has led to a lot more inbound prospects. [12] It was noted on a few occasions that while machine learning is a useful technology, it is often not necessary to deliver business results and merely serves the purpose of marketing. [12]

AI makes absolute technology you have deep technology as a focus, you have a lot of talent and a lot of businesses, you have the right industries so I just feel like it makes a ton of sense." [12] Surely there is an absurdity to the yearning for the new and different but there's also no doubt that it's paid dividends for Bay Area, and has built its repute as the world's technology hotbed. [12]

The new year has ushered in a flurry of venture funding deals in the Boston area, including investments from Jaguar Land Rover, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and a company founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. [24] About 250 Israeli-founded companies in the greater Boston area contribute significantly to the Massachusetts economy and innovation ecosystem. [13] These are simply aggregated ideas and preferences from dozens of AI investors, execs, and founders in the Boston area put into a chart. [12]

While Boston has some well-known consumer companies, the biggest business is in robotics, AI, software, biotech, and healthcare IT. [19] Here?s a rundown of other Boston B2B software companies with their founded dates and total funding. [16] We have compiled data on the state of the Boston B2B tech scene that includes all of the top-rated products on G2 Crowd which have parent companies headquartered in Boston. [16] For any questions about the methodology or data included in this piece, or to request that your Boston B2B tech company be added, please reach out to Editorial Team Lead Jakub Rudnik at [email protected] [16]

The guide goes on to describe learning opportunities in Boston beyond Harvard and MIT. Many organizations situated in this city exist to make tech more accessible to the community, including prime examples such as Girls Who Code and Launch Academy. [16] A key city in one of the original 13 colonies, Boston was founded back in the 17th century, and retains much of its New England influences. [16] Cogo Labs was originally founded in 2005 as Adverplex and has incubated some of the Boston area?s fastest-growing web companies. [20]

Phil has worked with aspiring CEOs and young professionals from Boston to Korea to bring minimum viable products (MVPs) to realization, secure business funding, and get accepted into accelerators such as Y Combinator and MassChallenge. [18] Along side his business partner and childhood best friend, Jon opened the first B.GOOD in Boston in 2004. [18]

For our customers to rank us among the top of Boston and Cambridge tech companies is all the more flattering, given that this area is home to the most innovative tech companies in the world." [16] In November 2017, ThriveHive was named one of Boston?s top 100 tech companies by BuiltIn Boston. [16] Tamir currently heads up Boston based start-up Skillsquare, which is working with top incubator and accelerator schemes to create the world?s largest learning platform for entrepreneurship. [18] Kayon?s management team and investors have influential professional networks and resources from New York City and Boston with complementary resources that are in the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts. [20] While we recognized only the 25 best-reviewed software exports from Boston, there are still an abundance of other B2B tech companies impacting the region?s tech scene. [16] Examples of these are popular online home goods retailer Wayfair, and inbound marketing solution HubSpot, according to Built in Boston. [16]

After a few years of management consulting and software development, Howie entered the startup scene by becoming one of the first product managers at Akamai Technologies, and later went on to head product, engineering, marketing, and business development at a variety of startups in many different verticals including content delivery, networking, data storage, IT security, compliance, financial services, mobile, and most recently, ad-tech. [18] For 17 years our 300+ engineers, across multiple global delivery centers, have been helping Fortune 100s, Marcom Agencies, and Startups with custom software design and development. complex system integration. mostly the hard stuff. [18]

Chuck has coached, mentored, and trained hundreds upon hundreds of startups and his ground-breaking communications model and workshops have helped emerging companies redefine their business strategies move reach investors and markets to action. [18] GFSA takes the best teams with an interesting idea or proof of concept focused on creating impactful, innovation-driven startups and helps them to identify their beachhead market, build the right product, and secure initial customers or partners, culminating in pitching their ventures to investors in three cities at Demo Days in mid-September. [20] Valley Venture Mentors provides support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by uniting carefully selected startups together with high quality business mentors at structured monthly pitch and planning sessions. [20] Prior to joining Highland, Bob was the CEO & Founder of Lycos; a startup he took from inception to $2 million in venture capital funding, to it becoming the most visited online destination in the world. [17] Supported by over 75 venture capital firms and angel investors who are keen on the success of startups. [20] Clement Cazalot is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor, and now focusing on working and advising early stage startup. [18] Flo is San Francisco based startup that has raised a $5M Series A, which was announced on August 11, 2017. [35] BloomLife, a San Francisco based startup, raised a Series A in October 2017, and received a $2.3M grant announced on November 7, 2017. [35]

Cape Ann Development Partners Enterprise-class software, app and web development for startups! We offer the best value for early-stage companies who are not ready to hire full-time technical staff or need to quickly augment their existing IT staff. [36]

C2I provides companies with access to state-of-the-art laboratory space, shared/private office space, mentoring, business development services, as well as a host of complementary technology and development services. [20] In November 2017, the company was named one of the fastest- growing companies in North America by Deloitte?s 2017 Technology Fast 500. [16] He built the company from its inception in the south of France, until the point where their technology was deployed to 99% of the Fortune 1000 in the U.S., four years later. [18] Alley Cambridge, powered by Verizon Alley powered by Verizon locations are developed by Verizon, the world?s leading technology company, in collaboration with Alley, a membership-only community workspace for creators. [36] The Venture Forum is a not-for-profit community for technology entrepreneurs at any stage. [20] Greentown Labs plays a role in helping support local clean technology ventures by providing the facilities, services, and resources early stage entrepreneurs find crucial in order to develop. Located at 28 Dane Street, in Somerville, MA. idea - Northeastern's Venture Accelerator [20] Formerly the WPI Venture Forum, they have offerred a foundation for learning and networking essential for launching and growing a successful technology business since 1990. [20] He studies the relationship between operations design and business model innovation to stimulate technology commercialization and growth. [18] The Business Growth Center at Springfield Technology Park helps the businesses that come through its doors become more successful more quickly and, by extension, contributes to a vibrant, revitalized economy in Springfield and beyond, with its programs, services, and facilities. [20] The Website may also contain coding from our business and technology partners that generates third-party cookies. [28] Third-party cookies allow our business and technology partners to store non-Personally Identifiable Information they can access when you visit this or other Websites. [28]

The company plans to expand their offerings to include more functionality in their wearable technology as well as apply AI machine learning to identify new predictive biomarkers; this technology is currently being validated in a clinical study. [35] The company will only succeed if the people working the long hours next to you are excited and motivated to advance the science behind the technology. [29] Juan Pablo Segura, Co-founder and President of Babyscripts says, "Babyscripts is a digital health company focused on transforming how pregnant women receive their prenatal care through technology. [35] CEO and Co-Founder Eric Dy says, "Bloomlife is a women's health company designing the future of prenatal care with technology to improve the health of moms and babies globally. [35] This presents a great opportunity for technology developers who wish to improve women?s health directly through direct to consumer apps and products, and there is a growing proliferation of solutions now available to address everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding." [35] Through the most advanced combination of technology, medical expertise, and data science Bloomlife translates maternal and fetal health parameters into actionable information to better predict and manage pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth." [35]

Using smart technology and a network of top fertility specialists, Progyny?s mission is to become an industry leader in comprehensive and inclusive fertility. [35] To do this, we developed a one-of-a-kind platform that combines human guidance with easy-to-use technology to make marketing more understandable, effective, and affordable for SMBs. [16] Previously, Rob was a venture capitalist at Spark Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on the intersection of media, technology, and entertainment. [17]

Boston's consumer tech industry may fly under the radar compared to Silicon Valley, but with companies like TripAdvisor, Wayfair,, iRobot, and Drizly, B2C is hardly "dead." [17] Note: Only software vendors on G2 Crowd with headquarters currently in the Boston area are included in graph. [16]

Boston may be known for the Red Sox, but the city's top 10 fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 5000 this year are banking substantial revenues from a variety of industries, including chickpea snacks and hard cider. [37] TiE Boston Angels provide funding and advice to early-stage companies. [38] Some of the most successful companies in the world were started in major hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Boston, and for good reason. [39] Therefore, investors in Boston can certainly be described as more conservative than their West Coast counterparts, who are generally more willing to invest huge amounts of money into companies that are targeting the consumer market. [22]

While doing so, we?ll name the top five reasons we believe Boston should be the next city that Dutch entrepreneurs should consider when looking to expand their businesses abroad. [22] For the second year in a row, the United States Chamber of Commerce named Boston as the best city for fostering entrepreneurial growth. [22]

Finding creative ways to trade that value for something that can help your startup survive another day is a great way to take advantage of living in a big city with its endless people, resources, and opportunities. [39] The center of the city is currently home to over 500 Bostonian startups and is often referred to as the most innovative square mile on the planet and Kendall Square is Boston?s main startup hub. [22] Now that we are back in Amsterdam, it is time to reflect on this programme and share our insight on why Boston?s startup ecosystem is unique. [22]

The Air Force acquisition community has, as a result, been trying to calibrate the bureaucracy to successfully access startup ideas that are viable in the market without turning the fledgling companies into defense-sector reliant contractors. [31] BOSTON-- An idea that sprang from the minds of four captains at Squadron Officer School led to 10 startup companies pitching their ideas to Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen W. Wilson, April 20 here. [31]

When you look at one of the top reasons startups fail, a lack of cash, you start to wonder how any business can get off the ground in such an expensive place to begin with. [39] Many startups choose to launch in big cities because of access to top talent. [39] TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a startup competition that prepares the next generation for success as leaders of industry and community. [38] Another example is the collaboration with IBM to design an online platform to connect, support, and grow the city?s startup community. [22]

The city and its surrounding areas account for over 50 institutes, with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology being world-class. [22] "We didn't think what the Air Force needed was a competition like that, at least to solve the underlying problem," said Benson, who holds a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Forecasting from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [31]

Both tech and business graduates in Boston contribute to the creation of new businesses, as well as providing improvements for existing tech giants such as Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber whom all also have locations in the Boston area. [22]

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