Four Seasons Health Care Financial Situation

Four Seasons Health Care Financial Situation
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  • LONDON, Dec 7 (IFR) - Four Seasons Health Care is unable to pay a 26m interest payment due on December 15, which will force creditors led by H/2 Capital Partners to take control of the UK care homes operator unless a deal can be agreed over the next week, according to a person close to the situation.(More...)
  • A Department of Health spokesperson said the Care Quality Commission was monitoring the financial stability of social care providers, adding that "if services stop, the law means local authorities will step in to protect individuals receiving care".(More...)
  • Providers and health care experts said that local governments typically fund little more than half the actual cost, forcing providers to charge higher rates to self-funded residents.(More...)


  • In a national survey around nine in every ten colleagues told us that care of residents is top priority; they find their job rewarding and they are proud and happy to work for their home and for the company We are sorry that the closure of this home has impacted you personally.(More...)



LONDON, Dec 7 (IFR) - Four Seasons Health Care is unable to pay a 26m interest payment due on December 15, which will force creditors led by H/2 Capital Partners to take control of the UK care homes operator unless a deal can be agreed over the next week, according to a person close to the situation. [1] Benefits information above is provided anonymously by current and former Four Seasons Health Care employees, and may include a summary provided by the employer. [2] Glassdoor is your resource for information about Four Seasons Health Care benefits and perks. [2] Glassdoor has 188 Four Seasons Health Care reviews submitted anonymously by Four Seasons Health Care employees. [3] Talks over the future of loss-making Four Seasons Health Care, which looks after 17,000 elderly and vulnerable people, hit a fresh snag after minority bondholders claimed the company?s biggest lender is trying to push through measures that are not in the firm?s best interest. [4] Labour has criticised the role of high finance in social care, as it emerged that a U.S. investment fund could make hundreds of millions of pounds if Four Seasons Health Care, which looks after 17,000 elderly and vulnerable people, goes into administration. [5] Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Four Seasons Health Care is right for you. [3] We are really pleased to hear of your experiences so far! It is important to us that we support and encourage everyone at Four Seasons Health Care to be the best they can be, with greater standards of care being a direct result of these efforts. [3] We were delighted to hear about your positive experience at Four Seasons Health Care. [3] Learn about Four Seasons Health Care, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. [2]

Four Seasons has its own "Care Home Nursing Journal" (CNJ) which is published quarterly and contains nursing journals and articles developed by nurses within the group and external authors. [3] "Given the frequency of warnings from the care sector about the likelihood of major provider failure, the Tory government needs to come forward with plans to reassure residents that they will not be left without care following any restructure of Four Seasons by ensuring local authorities have the resources to meet their statutory duties." [5] Four Seasons also blamed a lack of funding for social care from local authorities under pressure from budget cuts. [6] LONDON, Dec 4 (Reuters) - The owner of British care homes operator Four Seasons has offered to hand over the business to its bondholders for a nominal sum, days before an interest payment deadline that could push Four Seasons into administration. [7] Terra Firma is also locked in a legal dispute with H/2, with court hearings scheduled for 2018, about the future of 24 care homes that sit outside Four Seasons. [7] Concern for the survival of Four Seasons is mounting as talks aimed at staving off a collapse were derailed by haggling between private investors over its most profitable care homes. [5] Nursing within a Four Seasons care home is very challenging, however hand on heart, it?s the best feeling ever?.rewarding is an understatement. [3]

The home in northwestern England, near Liverpool, was run by a private enterprise, Four Seasons Health Care, Britain?s second-largest provider, which in turn was owned by Terra Firma, one of the world?s largest private equity groups. [8] Notable transactions included Four Seasons Health Care, Alcentra and Phoenix IT. [9]

In terms of your Loved One's alert level, mobility and care needs, Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc may provide its residents with entertainment, exercise and a health and wellness program to keep them busy and active. [10] Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc is regulated by the Department of Health, Division of Health Facilities for Basic Care Facilities of North Dakota. [10] Our Medicare-certified Health and Rehabilitation Center plays an important role in the continuum of care at Four Seasons. [11]

Four Seasons offers two major types of financial plans with their residency agreements: continuing care and monthly rental plans. [11] Prior to becoming a resident of Four Seasons, you will have the opportunity to select a residency agreement with the financial plan that best suits your situation and preferences. [11]

Residents who enter Four Seasons under a continuing care residency agreement pay an initial (one time only) entrance fee and a monthly service fee throughout their residency. [12] In keeping with our mission to provide a comprehensive continuum of care to our residents and the community, Four Seasons is proud to offer a specialized setting designed for residents with Alzheimer?s disease and other forms of memory loss. [11] At Millbrow, local officials say they are able to provide better care than Four Seasons had, even on the same budget, because they do not have to squeeze out a profit and be accountable to shareholders. [8] Adult care experts worry about the ramifications if a major company like Four Seasons, which cares for about 17,000 elderly people, should collapse like Carillion. [8]

Residents from both Four Seasons and from the surrounding community are welcomed at The Health and Rehabilitation Center. [11]

Instead last month H/2 said it wanted Terra Firma to retain an equity stake of up to a third in the company alongside itself as part of a wider 135m refinancing that would convert existing debt into equity but also leave Four Seasons with some new debt. [1] The agreement also allows H/2 to force Four Seasons to refinance its debt with an entity nominated by the U.S. company. [4] H/2 would also have the power to stop Four Seasons from paying interest to bondholders holding a higher ranking debt without paying those with lower ranking bonds. [4] Minority bondholders support this but a group holding about 100m of the debt have been angered by conditions attached to the deal, drawn up by H/2 and Four Seasons without their involvement. [4] Four Seasons, owned by private equity group Terra Firma, has said it cannot honour a 26m debt payment due on 15 December, triggering rescue talks with U.S. investment firm H/2 Capital Partners, which owns most of the group?s 540m debts. [5] The row threatens to complicate rescue talks, which are already fraught due to icy relations between H/2 and Terra Firma, the private equity group that still owns Four Seasons. [4] Four Seasons, which had net cash of 24.8m at the end of September, is owned by private equity investor Terra Firma. [1]

Had 4 managers in space of two years what does that say? Last one stated four seasons was a joke she lasted 3 months! Constantly blaming staff when its us keeping the home going I keep looking for alternative employment and soon as a vacancy comes up that suits my needs Im off. [3] Four Seasons said it had been forced to hire more expensive agency nurses, as uncertainty over the status of EU workers choked off the supply of qualified staff from the continent. [6] Cheyne Capital, which has lent money to Four Seasons since 2006, said the standstill agreement includes terms that "prejudice the contractual rights and position of the minority bondholders as well as the company". [4] Four Seasons said it was yet to reach agreement with 22% of local authorities on plugging the funding gap, while 4% had made no offer in relation to fees paid to the company for looking after elderly and vulnerable patients. [6] The offer comes ahead of a Dec. 15 deadline for Four Seasons to make an interest payment on bonds, which the board of the company has said it might not be able to meet. [7] H/2 paid around 260m at a discount rate for the debt it holds and has collected around 50m in interest payments from Four Seasons so far. [5] If Four Seasons were offered new cheap loans as part of the upcoming restructuring effort, it could not accept them unless H/2 allowed it to repay existing loans first, one source said. [4] The dispute revolves around several key clauses, one of which prevents Four Seasons from repaying any other creditors without express permission from H/2. [4] "We have made three offers to Four Seasons to agree a standstill in 60 days and are totally focused on ensuring a transparent, fair and ultimately successful restructuring process for everyone involved," said a spokesperson for H/2 Capital. [1]

A Department of Health spokesperson said the Care Quality Commission was monitoring the financial stability of social care providers, adding that "if services stop, the law means local authorities will step in to protect individuals receiving care". [5] It will consist of 37 luxury three, four and five bedroom residences serviced by Four Seasons employees with many typical hotel-style amenities such as rom service (but it sounds fancier as "in-residence dining"), catering, concierge services, housekeeping, salon and spa services, event planning, childcare, and pet care. [13] For bathing and grooming, caregivers in Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc can assist residents with help in to and out of the shower, dressing assistance, toileting and may provide the services of a travelling barber or hair dresser. [10] Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc provides Assisted Living services for each of its residents and if needed, assists them with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, dressing and much more. [10] In terms of meal preparation, three healthy, home-cooked meals are provided to the residents at Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc. Should residents have high blood pressure, diabetes or other medical conditions, Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc should be able to provide special diet accommodations upon request. [10] Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc aims to provide a safe, nurturing and caring environment to its residents in a facility-style setting that is similar to being in the comfort of their own home. [10]

Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc should be able to accommodate your Loved One with transportation to and from doctor's appointments, shopping and religious worship services. [10] Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc is located in Forman at 483 4Th St Sw and classified as a Assisted Living facility. [10] The license number of Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc is 8070A and the facility is located at 483 4Th St Sw, Forman, ND 58032. [10] Some of these activities at Four Seasons Healthcare Center Inc can include music therapy, pet therapy, board games, and outdoor excursions. [10]

In the last year, at least 13 nursing homes run by Four Seasons have either closed or, like Millbrow, been taken over by local councils. [8] The disturbing revelations of conditions at Millbrow under Four Seasons, described in a recent government report, forced the local Halton Borough Council to rescue the home late last year. [8]

Four Seasons Restaurant co-owners Julian Niccolini and Alex Von Bidder speak with CNBCs Robert Frank about the iconic New York City restaurants re-opening $30 million and two years in the making. [14] The residential neighborhood at Four Seasons offers residents an easygoing lifestyle with every service and amenity designed to enhance the way they live. [11] Residents who enter Four Seasons with a rental residency agreement pay no entrance fee. [12] With this option, should you move permanently from Four Seasons, the potential refund is based on 90% of the entrance fee and declines each month of residency until it is fully exhausted at the end of 48 months, as per the terms of the residency agreement. [12] Under this option, if you should move permanently from Four Seasons at any time, up to 80% of the entrance fee would be refunded to you or your estate as per the terms of the residency agreement. [12]

Four Seasons, the provider, says it had trouble recruiting and retaining staff, forcing it to rely on temporary workers. [8] Saddled with $700 million in debt, Four Seasons is in restructuring talks with an American hedge fund, H/2 Capital Partners, which holds most of the debt. [8] Correction : An earlier version of this article misstated the amount of debt held by Four Seasons. [8] At Four Seasons, everything, right down to the smallest detail has been thought through with the purpose of making your life easier and more enjoyable. [11] Assisted living at Four Seasons is simply an ideal place to enjoy a beautiful lifestyle as well as greater peace of mind. [11]

Providers and health care experts said that local governments typically fund little more than half the actual cost, forcing providers to charge higher rates to self-funded residents. [8] Ramsay Health Care has resisted calls to sweeten its bid for pan-European healthcare business Capio, saying its 661m offer would drive value for shareholders in both businesses. [15]


In a national survey around nine in every ten colleagues told us that care of residents is top priority; they find their job rewarding and they are proud and happy to work for their home and for the company We are sorry that the closure of this home has impacted you personally. [3] These residents are your extended family and the care provided is up to you as a nurse, you have the opportunity to make a difference to people life?s, you lead the good nursing practice, you implement evidence base nursing practice, you lead initiatives. [3] All of our staff are committed to providing the best possible care experience for all of our residents and it is very rewarding to have their efforts recognized. [3]

As you are aware, we could no longer sustain delivering care at a financial loss at the home. [3] Its latest quarterly figures offered some insight into the extent of the financial difficulties faced by a company responsible for the care of 17,000 elderly and vulnerable people across 360 sites. [6]

I have worked in care 15years but never have I been as disrespected as this company has. [3]

It is true, when you work at one of our homes, you are much more than someone who is part of the care team. [3] We are providing more face to face learning than ever before through the Dementia Care Framework and Me and My Care, which Is being rolled out across all of our homes. [3]

The government has also allowed local authorities to increase council tax by up to 3% to meet the cost to the care sector of the national living wage. [6] Tim Hammond, CEO, is energetic and enthuses the teams to deliver greater standards of care. [3]

Private equity group Terra Firma said on Monday it had offered to transfer its interest in the company that runs 343 care homes with some 17,000 residents and 26,000 employees with immediate effect. [7] Shadow minister for social care Barbara Keeley said: "This dispute is symptomatic of our fragmented care home sector, where companies put profits first and the care of thousands of vulnerable residents and the jobs of hardworking care staff are left hanging in the balance. [5]

We also have The Care Home Nursing Journal which was launched in 2016 to share important knowledge and information with our nurses across all our homes. [3] There are many misconceptions about care home nursing, you will lose your skills and they are places for nurses to retire. [3]

Sources close to the situation said this could result in a profit of hundreds of millions of pounds, leaving administrators to secure a future for Four Seasons? less profitable homes, understood to number between 60 and 70 out of 343. [5] U.S. investment firm H/2 Capital Partners, which owns the majority of Four Seasons? bonds, has agreed a "standstill" deal that defers crippling interest payments, allowing time for a restructuring of the debt-laden company. [4] Continuing with the existing terms would limit Four Seasons? ability to secure the best restructuring deal during rescue talks due to continue over the next few months, the lender warned. [4]

The four largest homes are leased to Auckland Home Solutions, while the remaining four are to Falcon Housing Association. [15] At one point, she said, there were only four employees to look after 35 people. [8]

The safety net for older people living at home is "dangerously weak?, with the number of over 65s without proper care and in poor health edging to half a million. [15] LaingBuisson is the UK?s foremost and most highly regarded provider of information and market intelligence on the independent health, community care and childcare sectors. [15] Dr Michelle Tempest and Patrick Bansch of bespoke health and social care strategy and investment consultancy Candesic get a close-up look of the private ophthalmology market to find out if the sector is ripe for disruption. [15] Primary Health Properties (PHP) has bought three primary care centres in the Republic of Ireland, taking the gross value of its Irish portfolio to over 100m (90m). [15]

Last year, Cleeve Link, a major company providing home care in southwestern Gloucestershire, went into liquidation. [8] As conditions deteriorated, both care givers and the relatives of residents said in interviews, a revolving door of managers led to frequent breakdowns in communication, to the point that no one was aware the home was nearing collapse. [8] Because our accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community offers a full continuum of care, residents can also move seamlessly from one level of care to another, based on their needs. This not only removes the stress of planning a more significant move, but also ensures financial predictability. [11] Whether for a short-term stay to recover from surgery or an illness or for long-term skilled nursing, residents will receive the finest possible care in a comfortable, residential-style atmosphere. [11] "Everything revolves around money," said Ms. Riley, the care giver, as she gave a resident her noon meal. [8] Staffing levels on a floor caring for residents with dementia were "horrendous," said Lisa Riley, a 39-year-old care giver. [8]

Last year, Mears Group, another prominent care provider, ended a 15-year contract with the Essex Council, saying the payment rate fell short of what was recommended by an industry association. [8] A third of Britain?s 5,500 care providers are at risk of failure, Mr. Hood said, a rate well above other sectors of the economy. [8] Requesting to be contacted by a senior care facility, affiliate or third party including, but not limited to, phone or email. [10]

"Mears believes that no organization can deliver a care service at the new rate safely or legally," the company said. [8] Available services will depend on the care type of facility. [10]

You explicitly give permission by selecting to "opt-in" when requesting senior care information or during the registration process. [10] Care and rent for Senior Living facilities in Forman, North Dakota will depend on a variety of factors. [10] The average cost of care and/or rent for Assisted Living in Forman, North Dakota is $ 2852 per month. [10] The terms and benefits of the various continuing care residency agreements are the same with the exception of the fees charges and the refund policies. [12] These factors include the resident?s needs (i.e., bathing, grooming, dressing), preferences (i.e., private or shared room) and the resident?s care assessment prior to admission. [10] Care concerns reported to the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) have almost "quadrupled? in eight years, statistics have revealed. [15] Clients in the British system fall into two broad categories: those who are self-financed, and those whose care is paid by the local council. [8] Saving enough money for retirement and care for the elderly are two of the biggest economic challenges facing the country, the former Bank of England (BoE) governor Lord Mervyn King has said. [15] Nowhere are the problems more glaring than in the care of the elderly and those with disabilities. [8] gathers information from various sources including but not limited to state websites, elder care facilities themselves, caregivers themselves, users of the facility, and other sources. [10] This website is meant to provide supplementary information regarding elder care facilities and caregivers. [10]

We welcome you to which is an online community connecting senior care facilities, care givers, seniors, as well as their families with each other by providing a forum for effective communication and efficient distribution of information regarding these groups of people. [10] also provides services to senior care facilities to help improve and organize their facility operations. [10]

For senior care facilities, the following information will also be collected which includes contact name, street address, phone and fax number. [10]

WIDNES, England -- The residents of the Millbrow Care Home were already frail with old age and illness when they started losing weight at alarming speed. [8] Sale of care homes resulted in a fall in revenue to 33m (2017: 35.3m) at provider Custodes Topco in the year ended 31 December 2017. [15] UK-listed investor Target Healthcare REIT has purchased a development site in West Yorkshire and exchanged contracts to buy a care home in Powys for a total of 17.1m. [15]

Acquisition and expansion drove a surge in revenue to 176.8m for mental health provider Elysium Healthcare in 2017. [15] Nurses, who are exposed each day to patient trauma, endoflife situations, and the raw grief of partners, parents, and families, may experience loss more personally than other healthcare professionals. [16]

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