How To Measure Digital Marketing Success

How To Measure Digital Marketing Success
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  • Digital Marketing KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable goals which help you to track and measure success.(More...)
  • Whether you make it a task in your calendar to blog bi-weekly or you hire a digital marketing agency to handle it for you, adding content to your site will only help your digital strategy.(More...)
  • Our clients receive a detailed report on the first of the month with accurate numbers to help them understand their marketing success.(More...)


  • By utilizing sales as a metric, in addition to more granular marketing data points, you can better frame your conversations with superiors and stakeholders from different departments when it?s time to advocate for additional investment in your digital campaigns.(More...)



Digital Marketing KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable goals which help you to track and measure success. [1] This is startling considering the importance and prevalence of analytics in marketing success and proving ROI. According to ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, 74% of marketers can't measure or report how their efforts impact their business. [2]

In this blog, I?ll cover how to measure digital marketing metrics and ROI for email, social media, and website landing pages. [3] The aim of this post is to help you set digital marketing KPIs to measure what really matters in a way which all parties can agree on. [1] With nearly 10 years of advertising experience, Experian is familiar with the challenges advertisers face as they prepare for their first digital marketing campaign. [4] Using the SMART model all your digital marketing KPIs will be time-bound so you?ll know what you need to achieve and by when. [1] The chart below shows examples of KPIs and Leading Indicators for 6 typical digital marketing channels. [1] Are you new to digital marketing? If you answered yes, then you may already know this is a complex world made up of cookies, pixels, attribution, and unique KPIs. [4] I recently attended a Workshop called How to Build your Digital Strategy presented by a man from Indus Net Techshu, a very successful Digital Marketing agency from India. [1] The Marketing Minds series share real-world stories from marketers showing how digital marketing has helped them develop their careers or businesses. [1] With the rise of digital marketing, there?s no longer an excuse for failing to keep up with data. [2]

We?ll talk about how you can create a robust analytics process to measure and prove ROI for your digital marketing campaign, giving you the chance to show success from start to finish. [5] Return on investment, or ROI, helps assign a value to the success of any digital marketing campaign. [6] The starting point for assessing the success of any digital marketing campaign is to find out how many people visit your website as a result. [7] How can you know what?s working? Chris Robinson, the Managing Director at leading digital marketing agency Adtrak, gives us his six tips for measuring success. [7] For this reason, not all digital marketing can be measured equally: success is determined on an individual basis. [6]

Then head over to your Google Analytics account and set up those dashboards! And of course, if you?d like help with your digital marketing campaigns or the measurement and fine tuning of them, give us a call. [8] Using Google Analytics will move you away from a guessing game and help you to understand who is coming to your website, and the ways in which you can make data-driven improvements to your digital marketing strategy. [9] Inbound Links : Effective digital marketing campaigns will naturally result in an increase in inbound links or backlinks from other websites. [6] Digital marketing gives you the power to track, measure, and analyze data. [5] Since 2010, we?ve helped thousands of small businesses create profitable digital marketing campaigns. [9] As someone who's grown up in the world of digital marketing, I've kept my eye on the evolution of mobile and digital metrics and how they impact business. [10] Schedule a call with a Marketing Advisor to learn how digital marketing can help grow your business. [9] An Entrepreneur Magazine Top 10 Online Marketing Influencer, Heidi Cohen is the Chief Content Officer of the award winning Actionable Marketing Guide, focused on social media, content and digital marketing. [11] Often, when a company first starts thinking about digital marketing, they rush to thinking about what target audience they serve and what tactics they should use ( SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content marketing, etc.) [8] The best application of digital marketing analytics? Doing something that many marketers have traditionally struggled with: proving ROI. [5] Digital marketing analytics allows you to do this in a way that ordinary marketing and advertising just can?t. [5] Prior to joining W2O, Aaron spent time as the CMO of Powered Inc. (now part of Dachis Group), VP of social media at online community provider, Mzinga, and as director of digital marketing at Fidelity Investments. [10] Paul Potratz is a business consultant, news talk radio show host, founder and owner of Potratz Digital Marketing. [11] One of the most insightful aspects of digital marketing is the ability to understand exactly how customers are finding you. [9] That said, when using many forms of digital marketing, it can be difficult to assess the specific factors that contributed to these results beyond the last site or landing page touched. [11] When it comes to digital marketing, your endgame is an increase to your bottom line - more sales, more bookings, more dollars. [6] Main Street ROI is a digital marketing agency based in New York City. [9] In this article, I'll fill you in on key steps to using Google Analytics to make sure your 2018 digital marketing plan is successful. [9]

These days, success in digital marketing hinges on the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. [12] They are useful for monitoring the success (or failure) of your digital marketing activities. [13]

Our analytics experts can help lay out a roadmap to marketing success. [14] To make matters worse, according to the Content Marketing Institute in 2015, 55% of B2B marketers admitted they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness even looks like. [12]

As we help customers with their marketing plans and implementation, we?ve identified a framework for the digital marketing age that leads to more revenue for your business. [15] It tells you how many of the leads generated by your advertising or digital marketing strategy actually became current customers. [13]

The only way to navigate the digital marketing environment is to accurately determine what campaigns are gaining traction and what strategies are simply not working. [14] Imagine that, after implementing your digital marketing campaigns, you obtained $600 USD of profit and you invested only $100 USD. [13] Their focus is on helping clients to grow internationally through integrated digital marketing campaigns. [16] You just need to identify how many customers were generated by your advertising or digital marketing efforts during a specific period of time and compare that with those that didn?t come from your online marketing activities. [13] Most digital marketing platforms allow you to schedule content so you don?t have to spend a lot of daily time to have a presence. [15] One of our clients operates in a highly-commoditized sector with little to no brand loyalty, so measuring brand impressions over time is a valuable KPI. It can reveal where digital marketing investments will deliver the strongest return. [16] Now you know the most important KPIs that you should monitor for your online advertising or digital marketing strategy. [13] A survey of Belgium-based marketers conducted by The Reference discovered that 60 percent of respondents could not conclusively state how much of their revenue could be attributed to digital marketing. [14] The way to calculate your CAC is by dividing your total digital marketing investment for a specific period by the number of clients you?ve acquired during that same period. [13] To clear up any confusion and find a way forward through the digital marketing landscape, reach out to Clarity Insights. [14] More than 8 years creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that helped local and international brands achieve a high ROI and a sustainable growth. [13] Dennis, whose legal name happens to be just Dennis (it's quite common from where he came from), is a content and digital marketing addict. [17] This ratio tells you the percentage of customers that have been generated by your online advertising or digital marketing activities. [13]

Measuring how many site visitors convert into a lead or sale delineates your digital marketing success. [18] The success of a digital marketing campaign is contingent upon how well your website and content converts traffic into leads at a minimal cost. [18]

Whether you make it a task in your calendar to blog bi-weekly or you hire a digital marketing agency to handle it for you, adding content to your site will only help your digital strategy. [19] You need the best digital marketing strategy for your business. [20] Considering the incredible power of social media in your total digital marketing program -- it?s critical for your business. [20] Influencer marketing has been around since the late 1800s, but it?s only recently become a crucial strategy in digital marketing. [21] Even if offline marketing offers a better way to connect with clients, it will never provide data and analytics as good as digital marketing can. [22] Are you reaching your revenue goals? Looking for digital marketing tips to boost sales? As our society is becoming ever more mobile and connected,. [20] While calculating true marketing ROI for B2B digital marketing programs can be a challenge, assessing value and contribution to revenue is essential for marketers. [23] About The Author: Betsy is the social media lead and a digital marketing expert with Blue Corona. [19] Your 2018 digital marketing strategy should be no different. [19]

Brandpoint share their guide to measuring content marketing success in this infographic. [24] In the world of digital marketing, not all metrics used to measure success are created equal. [18] Measuring your digital marketing success and proving that you?re getting a high return on your investments is all about choosing the right metrics. [25] Digital marketing success remains elusive to most small business owners. 46 percent are unsure their marketing strategies work, 17 percent know they aren?t working. [26] These seven tips right here can help to lead your digital marketing campaign on the path to success, whether you are a growing digital pioneer or just getting started. [27] While it can be difficult to track the success of a traditional marketing campaign like a radio advertisement or mailer, every digital marketing tactic that you use is measurable. [28]

Our clients receive a detailed report on the first of the month with accurate numbers to help them understand their marketing success. [29] This metric will also help you identify which area in your digital marketing campaign is driving sales and revenue, and which areas need attention or improvement. [18] Email has been proven as the single most effective digital marketing channel -- yet it remains complex in the sense that you could pick and measure a multitude of metrics. [30] Engagement is the most important metric for any digital marketing strategy. [31] Here are nine important digital marketing metrics and why they matter for your business. [18]

Our digital marketing team will help you to implement robust marketing automation, allowing you to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. [32] From foundational elements like KPI identification, audience development and performance benchmarking to dashboard builds and advanced attribution reporting, we help make sense out of the results driven by your digital marketing. [32] Knowing where your site traffic is coming from and which keywords brought them there can provide insight as to what you should focus more on for your digital marketing campaign. [18] Are you a seasonal business struggling to figure out the best digital marketing strategy to keep your business in front. [18] If executed correctly, email marketing can still be one of the most effective and efficient pieces of your digital marketing strategy. [32] ReachLocal helps local businesses around the world get more customers online through our total digital marketing system. [18] Our digital marketing team excels at partnering with clients to identify their differentiators and segmenting their customer personas. [32] With over four years of digital marketing experience, Tara is very involved in her clients' portfolios and enjoys aligning new strategies to further develop their brands. [18]

Though there are certainly ways to increase your chances of success with traditional marketing tactics, it just doesn't offer the same targeting capabilities as digital marketing. [28] Savvy business executives and marketers know it?s important to stay on top of your digital marketing metrics, but do you know which ones matter the most? By measuring your results and adjusting your strategy accordingly, you can elevate your digital marketing metrics to a science by taking out the guesswork. [25] It's important to have a sound digital marketing strategy before you jump into creating and distributing content or launching digital ad campaigns. [28] If you need help developing a strategy or creating content, the digital marketing experts at LYFE marketing are here to help. [28]

Once you have identified ways to measure your digital marketing ROI, the next step is to set some goals. [33] In a March 2018 survey of 50 CFOs in the U.S., 36% of respondents said one of their biggest concerns about the digital marketing at their organization is that they measure in vanity metrics. [34] "The first thing that jumps out to me from this report is that 46 percent of small business owners don?t know if their marketing efforts are effective, but only 24 percent of them plan to spend more on analytics in 2018," said Sujan Patel, an internet marketing expert who has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Salesforce, Mint, Intuit and many other Fortune 500-caliber companies. [26] From there, you can use the information to further refine your digital marketing strategy, develop new and improved goals, or justify your budget to business leaders. [35] What is a digital marketing goal and how do you define it? For that matter, what is the purpose of setting a goal in the first place? Well, goals keep your campaigns and marketing activities aligned towards achieving a common objective. [36] While traditional marketing tactics may require you to wait weeks or even months to determine which strategies are working, digital marketing allows you to view the real-time results of your campaigns and adapt your tactics to improve results as you go. [28] Considering that digital marketing is the only medium where you can achieve brand building, brand awareness, sales and even results, you must be sure about the goals. [27] "The challenge they face is knowing how to effectively measure the impact of digital marketing, which is why 30 percent plan to get by in 2018 with the same investment as this year. [26] Your customers are on social media, and digital marketing helps you reach them. [28] With these tips in hand, you will be on your way to maximizing your digital marketing ROI. This will help ensure that you get the most value possible out of every dollar you spend on digital marketing. [33] Learning how to calculate and increase your digital marketing ROI will help you to maximize your profits. [33] In order to get a strong digital marketing ROI, you also need to analyze your data. [33] One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it is the most cost-effective ways to market your business. [28] Using digital marketing tactics is the most cost-effective way to market your business. [28]

When it comes to measuring digital marketing, it?s important to remember that your small business clients only care about the impact your actions are having on their business. [37] "Most entrepreneurs didn?t start a business to become digital marketing experts, but they understand its importance because customers are online," said Paul Rosenfeld, vice president of marketing at Infusionsoft. [26] Digital marketing tactics has proven to be the most cost-effective way to reach potential customers. [28] Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers. [28] You'll want to create customer avatars, determine which digital marketing strategies you will use, and develop a plan for implementation and measurement. [28] If your business is not limited to a specific location, you can use digital marketing to reach your target audience across the globe. [28] Consider what your overall business goals are and create digital marketing goals that align with these objectives. [28] Sadly, most of the digital marketing relies on tactics and techniques rather than strategies and goals. [27] In part one, we?re going to show you how to create digital marketing goals. [36] Map out your digital marketing plan to align with your goals. [36] There's a lot to consider when planning your digital marketing goals. [36] From too much reliance on vanity metrics to the belief that digital marketing isn?t worth its cost, the CFOs? concerns boiled down to dissatisfaction with how marketing is measured and reported. [34] Digital marketing helps to level the playing field by allowing smaller brands to remain competitive online. [28] In some cases, a customer will first encounter a brand through digital marketing, and then decide to visit the company's physical location. [33] Even if the customer converts offline, it can still be calculated into your digital marketing ROI. [33] If you would like to learn more about how to improve your digital marketing ROI, contact us. [33] Ready to learn how to improve your digital marketing ROI? Here are some of our best tips. [33] The first step to improving your digital marketing ROI is ensuring that you are recording accurate measurements. [33] Before we dive into strategies for growing your digital marketing ROI, let's start off by defining some terms. [33] Even if your current digital marketing ROI is decent, you can always work on making it better. [33] Digital marketing analytics allows you to more effectively use your resources and allocate your marketing budget. [28] Digital marketing, then, is any marketing effort that uses digital tools and technology. [33] With sophisticated targeting abilities, digital marketing tactics allow you to take comfort in knowing that you are focusing your marketing efforts on strategies that actually work. [28] The ability to capture consumer's mobile IDs, allows marketing companies to quantify digital marketing efforts for a brick and mortar store. [38] The biggest issue CFOs had with their organization?s marketing efforts was that they saw digital marketing as a cost center. [34] When you're ready to jumpstart your digital marketing efforts, give us a call now (404) 596-7925 or schedule a call when it's convenient for you. [28] With digital marketing, you can ensure that the right consumers are viewing your content. [28] Another one of the many benefits of digital marketing is that it allows you to connect with consumers who are browsing and consuming content on their mobile devices. [28] Your approach to digital marketing will be much more successful if you've outlined a comprehensive strategy for how you plan to expand. [33] If you're reading this, chances are that you are planning your digital marketing strategy and thinking, "What will work this year"? Well, last year, I helped you guys with a handy checklist to handpick an ideal digital marketing agency, today I'm going to talk about the points you must bear in mind while approaching your digital marketing strategy this year. [27] A sizable minority of small business owners will try to get by in 2018 without increasing their spend on digital marketing. 28 percent won?t be spending more in 2018 on digital marketing tactics - a whopping 56 percent increase from 2017. [26] Digital marketing levels the playing field, allowing your business to be more competitive. [28] Digital marketing can help you reach people on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. [28] Digital marketing analytics takes the guess work out of determining whether your marketing is actually working. [28] Most businesses with digital marketing strategies use a multi-pronged approach. [33] While traditional marketing tactics also often come with various hidden costs, the only cost to digital marketing is time. [28] Once you've mapped out your digital marketing plan it's time to put it into action. [36] Now in its third year, the report shows small businesses lack the time and resources to keep up with all the changes in digital marketing. [26] First, let's learn more about what digital marketing is and why it's important in 2018. [36] Understand what digital marketing is and why it's important. [36] Why, then, is goal-setting so overlooked when it comes to content marketing? Part of the problem lies in the fact that digital marketing hasn't always been recognized as a legitimate part of a business' marketing plan. [35] This benefit is every reason why you need to invest into digital marketing. [28] Digital marketing is any online channel used to market a good or service. [36] I would bet that most small businesses would double down on digital marketing if it was easier to assess and track return on investment. [26]


By utilizing sales as a metric, in addition to more granular marketing data points, you can better frame your conversations with superiors and stakeholders from different departments when it?s time to advocate for additional investment in your digital campaigns. [39] As leaders in the evolution of the advertising landscape, Experian Marketing Services can help you identify your customers and the right potential customers, uncover the most appropriate communication channels, develop messages that resonate, and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and campaigns. [4] Aligning your KPI tracking to your particular marketing approach will help to ensure you?re tracking what matters rather than just what is easiest to measure. [1] Spreadsheets are an essential tool for marketing from advanced calculations for budget forecasts to reviewing marketing KPIs Every marketer loves data! Whether they are numbers, feedback results or leads, this is what marketers dream about. [1]

With Facebook ads, in particular, coming to a wild west shootout between brands, where bullets are replaced with four bits (look it up), it?s going to be very important that your marketing campaigns take precise aim rather than a good ol? shotgun blast. [3] You can use soft metrics like impressions, engagement, and visitors which are essential for shaping your marketing strategy into a winning game plan. [3] Back-end metrics like pipeline and revenue show you not only how your marketing efforts have been hitting the company card but also how much revenue you?re receiving in return. [3]

Across business of all sizes, 93 percent are poised to increase their marketing investments in 2018, most prominently in social media, content creation/distribution and company websites. [39] There are plenty more KPIs that marketers live and die by (mostly die) that do not correlate to ROI and that are likely misinforming your concept of marketing effectiveness. [39] While analytics dashboards are great for marketing data, they may be too good at it, at least for the purposes of novice marketers who aren?t yet familiar with all the terms or features. [39] About Experian Marketing Services At Experian Marketing Services, we use data and insights to help brands have more meaningful interactions with people. [4] HubSpot is a marketing automation tool that can tie together all of your analytics and help you develop insights based on individual contacts and user engagement. [2]

You can learn how to calculate every sales and marketing metric that matters to your organization. [39] A leading indicator is useful in marketing as it can show that your time and effort is starting to have an impact even if it hasn?t yet had significant results. [1] As marketing continues to evolve, it?s increasingly important to evaluate and improve your efforts. [2] It?s uncertain whether this stems from lack of resources or lack of knowledge on using marketing analytics. [2] For marketing analytics to be useful, they must be tracked, watched and measured. [2]

A marketing dashboard like Cyfe or Klipfolio can also help organize tools in a single place. [2] Statistics on consumer mobile usage and adoption to inform your mobile marketing strategy mobile site design and app development "Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014" was the huge headline summarising the bold prediction from 2008 by Mary Meeker, an …. [1] Signing up for a newsletter or filling out your contact form can become a potential lead for you to continue your marketing. [3] Inbound marketing can often take six months before ROI materializes. [39] If you prefer not to receive marketing emails from Marketo, you can opt-out of all marketing communications or customize your preferences here. [3]

It?s normally easier to measure progress for a digital campaign than an offline one. [1] What metrics do you measure for your digital channels? How have you adjusted these as innovation happens in the digital space? I'd love to hear about your best practices in the comments. [3] Amazon's business strategy, revenue model and culture of metrics: a history I've used Amazon as a case study in my books for nearly 20 years now since I think all types of businesses can learn from their digital business strategy. [1]

What is This? Forbes CommunityVoice ? allows professional fee-based membership groups ("communities") to connect directly with the Forbes audience by enabling them to create content - and participate in the conversation - on the Forbes digital publishing platform. [2]

Now that you have your target audience, you need to determine how to measure the success of your campaign. [4] This ensures your campaign?s target audience and optimizations support the metric that will ultimately determine the success of your campaign. [4] Those challenges include: determining a target audience, justifying data fees for targeting, sending a consistent message to every channel and measuring the success of a campaign. [4] You?ll want to look and pull reports from both Facebook Insights and your web analytics platform to get the full picture of your paid social campaign ?s success. [3] If your campaign?s goal is to bring in pipeline (expected future business) and revenue (dollar dollar bills), the success of these metrics depends on bringing in as many conversions as you can to generate a monetary return. [3] Most digital marketers will judge the success of a campaign by online events, such as site visits, form completions, or online purchases. [4] Though these are important metrics, they may not be your campaign?s sole reason for success. [3]

Thanks to new advances in technology and email marketing services, we now have more efficient ways to carry out campaigns and access to various ROI metrics. [3] A knowledgeable agency partner will tell you that your content marketing investments should be understood through the lens of annual return some campaigns won?t pay off for a year or more. [39]

Consider your website as a digital Disneyland: it?s where the magic happens. [3] Measuring your digital campaigns? ROI can be difficult if you don?t know what you?re looking for. [3]

KPIs are a useful way for Digital Marketers to set expectations and prove that their work is having a positive impact. [1] Being able to choose suitable KPIs is a key skill for digital marketers and one which takes some practice to perfect. [1]

What this means for the average digital marketer is that measuring effectiveness becomes all the more paramount. [39]

Overall, creating a relevant target audience saves media spend by focusing on targeting tactics that have a higher potential for success. [4] Regardless of the secondary calculation a company uses to define success, whether total return on investment (ROI), or customer lifetime value (CLV), or customer acquisition cost (CAC), or the total number of sales opportunities created (SQLs not MQLs), marketing leadership must think in terms of tangible business value (bottom-line revenue production), rather than fluffy engagement/brand awareness metrics, when constructing new campaigns. [11] If you aren?t sure how your marketing campaigns are directly relating your business's? bottom line you should start from square one and consider what key metrics you need to hit in order to make your business a success. [40]

Because this particular part of marketing is so critical, and because it can be such a judgment call sometimes, we thought it would be interesting to get the input from several marketers in the field on how they measure the success or failure of a campaign. [11] He shared a few key areas and stats we should be looking to benchmark our success and create a future-ready marketing strategy that measures up to, or even exceeds, our competitors' plans. [41]

I start by setting clear goals for my marketing campaigns; this way when the campaign is finished, I know exactly what I need to measure in order to determine its effectiveness. [11] My favorite way to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is simple: measure the amount of direct sales revenue the campaign produces. [11]

Any reputable marketing agency will be happy to share the secrets of your campaigns with you, make recommendations based on your business objectives and talk you through how they measure the results. [7] While a certain marketing campaign might not directly lead to an immediate increase in sales volume, it can still help grow your business through an increase in impressions and brand awareness. [42] Conversion Rate : This incredibly important metric essentially represents how effective your marketing efforts are (in terms of converting recipients into customers), by tracking how many website visitors, email newsletter recipients, blog visitors, etc. convert to leads and/or sales. [6] Conversion metrics help you track how web visitors engage with and respond to your various marketing efforts, whether from ads, email, social, or other sources. [6] Cost Per Lead (CPL) : This financial metric links lead conversion to its associated cost, providing insight into the profitability of your marketing campaigns. [6] Tying these metrics to lead growth ultimately demonstrates the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. [11] Marketing campaign effectiveness can be measured by many different metrics, depending on the goal of the campaign. [11] To measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you must first have an objective. [11] To show the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns we'll use a combination of Google Analytics data and Salesforce lead tracking. [11] To get a better sense of the ways in which we should be looking at our own, (and our competitors' data) to help inform our marketing decision-making, I spoke to Brian Honigman, a marketing consultant and author of Digital Current's SEO study. [41] Chuck Hemann not only is one our senior analytics leads, but is also co-author of a book titled, "Digital Marketing Analytics" (a second version of which is expected in 2018). [10] Ardath Albee is CEO and a B2B Marketing Strategist for her firm, Marketing Interactions, Inc. She's the author of Digital Relevance and a frequent industry speaker. [11]

If you are a newer brand, or simply looking to reach new audiences, brand awareness campaigns are an important strategy to incorporate into your overall marketing mix. [40] Lastly, the promise of bringing together paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) data into a cohesive story about our audiences or the performance of our marketing campaigns holds tremendous promise. [10] Call tracking software may not be something you?ve considered before, but it can give you a real insight into the success of each marketing campaign. [7] The best metric to gauge the success of your marketing is the number of sales you make. [7] However, there's one metric that's historically and universally measured the success of all marketing - sales. [11]

Having a single KPI does make it easier to evaluate whether the marketing program has succeeded every good marketing practitioner knows that the success or failure of a program is far more complicated than that. [10]

What is the point of running a marketing campaign in the first place? What results do you expect to receive from that campaign? What are your KPIs? Once you establish objectives, measuring effectiveness becomes much easier. [11] While specific metrics depend on the type of marketing used, the key to effective tracking is to start before you develop your campaign. [11] Track them faithfully over the long-term, and observe how they help you refine and improve your marketing campaigns. [6] If you depend on phone calls from potential customers, you?ll want to dynamically track these calls and be able to attribute them to your marketing campaign. [5] When crafting your marketing campaigns, always focus on the customer behavior you are trying to motivate and how you plan on measuring it. [42] Ensure you have a proper communication channel between the marketing and analytics teams to ensure complete understanding of the campaign and what?s possible from the analytics standpoint. [10] Running a successful marketing campaign takes time, money, and effort. [42] Social Media : If you run social media campaigns, you?ll want to know which visitors arrive at your site via your social accounts and marketing. [6] By now, you know how much social media marketing can contribute to brand awareness, customer engagement, building meaningful relationships, and even driving traffic to your website. [6] There are so many marketing metrics to track but, at the end of the day, the most important is website traffic. [6] Mobile marketing is here to stay and growing every year, which means that it?s one of the most important metrics to track. [6]

While there?s still no definitive answer on how to measure a marketing campaign?s effectiveness - and there never will be - every one of these answers shows how smart people prioritize what?s important and what?s not. [11] Without being able to analyze your website traffic, how will you be able to effectively assess your current marketing strategy and know how to move forward? Through using Google Analytics, you can uncover massive amounts of data about your website and your users, gaining valuable insights that can be used to enhance your marketing strategies. [9] If you use the aforementioned platforms and incorporate other analytics and reporting into your marketing strategy, you can tell where your money is going and how it?s being put to good use. [5] A John Hopkins-trained data scientist, Kevin has applied true buyer intent data, predictive analytics, and data mining to the sales and marketing process for more than a decade to gain a strategic marketplace advantage for leading brands worldwide. [11] Conversion Funnel Rates : A more detailed version of the metric above, this shows you which steps of your marketing process need strengthening, to better direct leads through the conversion funnel. [6] Cost Per Conversion : Like CPL, this is a double-down metric that compares the cost associated with marketing, to your rate of lead-to-conversion. [6]

You?re reviewing the results of your latest marketing campaign. [11] The path to that endgame is not always a straight line: not every marketing effort will result in your end goal; some marketing simply inches consumer through their customer journey, directing them toward your ultimate goal. [6] If we accurately understand the spend, potential reach, potential engagement, historical benchmarks and goals across PESO, we can build some extremely accurate ROMI models that lead to effective and efficient marketing spends. [10] Lead Source : You always ask your leads how they heard of you, right? This metric provides definitive insight into the efficacy of your marketing. [6] You need to know how to choose the best marketing metrics right from the start. [9] This vital element of Google Analytics allows you to determine which marketing efforts are working and what needs to be revised. [9]

There are many powerful ways to prove that your marketing dollars are being put to good use which is what any marketing exec or business owner wants. [5] Simply put, call tracking software allows you to allocate a different phone number to each marketing channel or platform you use. [7] To understand whether new marketing tactics and channels are worth testing for your brand, you should look at the number of companies in your competitive set who are adopting that tactic or platform. [41]

Similar to the marketing organization point I made above, having an analytics team within one group across PESO helps to achieve many of the things I listed above. [10] Whilst you may be looking for creativity from your marketing team, it?s essential that the content is effective, not just attractive. [7] As with e-mail marketing, it?s a numbers game: The more people you have following you, the more you reach. [42]

Specifically, spikes and craters in total traffic, especially to landing pages, provide insight into the efficacy of various marketing efforts. [6] In the absence of any quantifiable benchmarks of direct revenue attribution, your team?s marketing efforts not only yield questionable measurable valuable to your organization, but will also be devoid of the assessments and critical indicators necessary to dictate further action. [11] Determine which will deliver the best insights to you, depending on your marketing efforts. [6] Whilst paid advertising should provide a fairly fast return on investment, not all marketing efforts will pay off immediately. [7]

Better measurement is the key to making the most of any marketing strategy. [9] With our services and training, we help small businesses succeed with marketing regardless of their budgets. [9] Only then will you know if your marketing is working to get the right customer and if your messaging and landing pages are effective. [8] A few are bonafide analytics experts; a couple are major marketing influencers. [11] The latest SAP Anywhere " Best Practices in Social Media Marketing " webinar goes into this topic in far more detail. [42] Don?t make this common mistake--there?s more to marketing that just driving immediate sales. [42] The key denominator of this group is that these people all do measurable marketing: Marketing that has to prove results. [11] Being able to recognize which pages are gathering the most conversions is vital when analyzing marketing performance. [9] Make sure that your marketing team isn?t organized by channel. [10] A firm believer in data-driven marketing, Jeff?s training programs have turned over 10,000 digital marketers into Google certified professionals. [11]

He plans, builds, executes and measures digital campaigns for companies across many industries, including real estate, healthcare, hospitality and SaaS companies with 8-figure valuations. [11] This means you can easily report on the number of leads you receive and measure the success of each campaign, allowing you to refocus your strategy and gain maximum return. [7] If you want to measure the success of a campaign, define your goals for it from the beginning. [11] The types of goals you will set will vary greatly depending on the overall goals of your business and how you measure success. [40] Once you know what the goals are, it?s easier to identify the right tactics and set up the tracking to measure the success of those tactics. [8]

Beyond easily tracked ROI metrics, like Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Conversion (CPC), others will help give you a big-picture view into the success of your efforts. [6] There are many different aspects of campaign results that can be measured to accurately gauge if your efforts are bringing about the needed success. [42] When measuring the success of your revenue-oriented campaigns you can of course start by looking at the revenue directly attributed to these campaigns. [40] Sit down today and write up the goals for your website and start thinking about what metrics will show success toward those goals. [8]

For the ability to really understand how effective a digital website campaign has been, to review SEO performance, or to find out how well users are interacting with your new website, Google Analytics (GA) is the go-to tool. [9] Columnist Aaron Strout sits down with Chuck Hemann, a senior analytics lead at his company, to discuss best practices for mobile and digital measurement and ways to improve your analytics program. [10] The digital analytics industry has a long way to go in this area, unfortunately, and it?s something many industry associations recognize. [10]

Our AI-powered CDP and Digital Transformation Services put people at the center of every business via Customer DNA, which continuously learns from behavior to deliver compelling experiences for brands across the globe. [6] You can probably do it, too! Many digital marketers get stuck with measurement, because they think in terms of tools and technology, not in terms of what the business really needs. So instead of settling on a KPI or metric of value, and then choosing the easiest technology solution to measure this point, we get stuck on bolting those objectives on to our existing tools. [11] The Digitalist Magazine is your online destination for everything you need to know to lead your enterprise?s digital transformation. [42] Roughly 50 percent of that time is spent on digital media and nearly 3.5 hours of the 12 are spent on mobile. [10] In addition to his time at W2O (our employer) and several other global agencies, Hemann most recently spent three years leading digital analytics at tech giant Intel. [10] Fortunately, I happen to work with someone who has plenty of experience in the world of mobile and digital analytics. [10]

One of those reasons is because you can track and prove results with digital better than you can with any other medium. [5] To better understand the current landscape, I sat down with Hemann to discuss the state of mobile and digital measurement as well as his recommendations on best practices for companies wanting to hone their measurement efforts. [10] "The addition of Power Digital has had a marked impact on our online presence and the strategies we use to reach our guests. [40]

Here at Main Street ROI we highly value Analytics, and use the tool in many ways on a day to day basis both for our own business and for managing our clients' SEO, AdWords and Email Marketing campaigns. [9] Start with your core business KPIs and then work backwards from there to determine how online marketing can help support your efforts. [40] Smart, effective online marketing for small to mid-sized businesses that need help getting in front of the right audience online. [8]

She is a speaker, lead conversion expert, content marketing & social media specialist. [11] She works with businesses to focus on content strategy and content marketing that will resonate with a specific target audience on a consistent basis, to produce results. [11]

Deliverability/Delivery Rate : This basic metric compares Sent emails to Delivered emails, showing you what percentage of your email marketing even makes it into customer inboxes. [6] Email marketing averages one of the highest returns on investments (ROI) out there - as of a 2015 survey, a startling $38 return for every $1 investment - so this is one effort you want to track, refine, hone and improve. [6]

According to Digital Current's analysis of the top 50 e-commerce leaders, the average mobile load time is 9.52 seconds and the average desktop load time is 2.94 seconds, faster than the industry average. [41] Are female New Yorkers aged 25 34 buying most of your products? You can use this kind of data to help target your audience through digital advertising more efficiently. [9] Dynamic call tracking will become more commonplace in 2018 as digital marketers figure out how to maximize its use. [5] Google Analytics is a vital tool for digital marketers, SEO analysts and webmasters alike. [9]

When we optimize on a channel-by-channel basis, we will likely break the customer journey in unexpected ways that only become clear once we?re evaluating overall success. [10] Never before has there been so many different metrics to determine success rates for how we market. [11] With the business of the holidays looming just around the corner, it's important to start putting plans in place to set your business up for success in 2018. [9] Keep in mind that new sales are not the only sign of a campaign?s success. [42] It's easy to get lost in big companies, so shout about your success stories and needs as often as it might make sense. [10] The key denominator to their answers? What "success" looks like varies. [11]

As online marketing continue to get more and more competitive it?s important to educate users on the value of your product. [40] Aaron has 20 plus years of social media, mobile, online marketing and advertising experience, with a strong background in integrated marketing. [10]

Google Analytics allows you to hone in on the performance of different marketing channels to evaluate everything from SEO performance to email marketing. [9]

Whether you are already working with social influencers or you are developing your marketing strategy, these metrics and marketing tips will help you measure engagement, followers, reach, brand awareness, key metrics and so much more inside your marketing campaign. [43] Part of that confusion can be tied to the fact that marketers are unsure of which metrics to measure for different marketing campaigns. [17] If you have determined that one of your KPI?s is your cost-per-lead rate, then you want to be sure this is an accurate measure of your marketing campaign success and that it?s up-to-date. [12] To address blind spots and anchor measurement in what is important for the success of the marketing plan -- and the business as a whole -- metrics should focus on consumer responses to any given marketing opportunity (i.e., a stimulus designed to elicit a response). [44]

To measure your social media engagement and the number of people who actually liked, shared, or commented on your content, you can measure it against the percentage of your followers via marketing tools and metrics. [12] Perception metrics measure the impact of exposure to a marketing message or other brand content. [44]

Without a clearly defined approach to measure marketing effectiveness, campaigns will flounder and businesses will be stuck without any indication of what direction they should be taking their strategies. [14] When it comes to measurement and optimization of multichannel marketing campaigns, marketers struggle to clarify how all the streams of data and multitude of channels and campaigns drive business outcomes. [44] The whole purpose behind your marketing campaigns is to increase sales and revenue for the business you?re helping. [17] How can you accurately determine how successful your marketing campaigns are if you have no way to draw direct connections between your strategies and your results? KPIs should be analyzed on a macro and micro scale, digging into specific strategies, campaigns and markets. [14] This is also measuring the effectiveness of your influence marketing strategy, campaign and ROI. [43] Knowing your conversion rate helps you find out whether the traffic and prospects you generate g using your marketing or digital advertising campaigns are qualified or not. [13] Conversion rate is a fundamental digital advertising and marketing metric. [13]

Once you?ve determined what your end marketing goal is, you?re ready to dive into the specific marketing metrics that matter for each different strategy -- from White Walker cold traffic to Dragon?s breath hot. [17] Setting specific goals is important for assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but be careful not to fall into the trap of letting historical data dictate your benchmarks. [14] To keep track of this figure, simply divide the number of website visitors gained from the marketing effort, by the number of sales conversions created through the CTAs on your landing page. [45] Unless you run a massive multinational corporation, and employ every analytics tool known to man, it can be extremely difficult to track conversions directly to social media marketing efforts. [45] Simply put, the analytics data provided by these platforms is insufficient to foster any real understanding of the revenue generated by social media marketing. [45] For CEOs, this metric provides the most effective measurement of investment against return, showcasing the actual revenue created by the company's marketing efforts. [45] If businesses are not tracking the right metrics, they may be getting the wrong impression of how engaging their marketing efforts are. [14] Marketing metrics and tools exist to meet the demands of the content you work hard to produce and manage. [12] You know where you want to get your message out, but what are you going to say? Your content could be considered the most important part of your marketing strategy. [15]

Companies that our unable to accurately measure their marketing effectiveness could waste resources on poor strategies. [14] Gone are the days when scattershot advertising and vague measurements could produce a successful marketing campaign. [45] Understandably, the lack of clear value offered by these campaigns would often leave CEOs wary about investing in any further marketing. [45]

We employ a range of analytics tools and ally them with industry-leading insights to create data-driven marketing strategies that can help your organization gain the competitive advantages it needs. [45] Editorial calendars help keep your marketing content organized and on-schedule. [15]

The ability to directly relate the number of customers acquired to a specific marketing investment has only become possible very recently with the arrival of user tracking tools that can follow a prospect from lead to revenue. [45] It is calculated by dividing the total marketing and advertising costs (including salary) incurred over a specific time period, by the number of customers acquired over the same period. [45] If the average customer lifetime was 3 months, the CAC would be higher than the expected profit? so your marketing strategy wouldn?t be profitable. [13] While they aren?t useful as a final determiner of the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, they are effective as guiding lights to tell you if you?re moving in the right direction. [17] You don?t want to use them to determine how effective your marketing strategy is (or isn?t). [17]

It might sound simple, but you?d be amazed how many marketing organizations are reporting against the wrong metrics (and making important decisions based on them). [16] For digital marketers, attribution models are becoming more important than ever as business leaders demand demonstrable returns on marketing investments. [16] Engagement behaviors: Measurable actions in response to marketing that indicate interest, but can't be tied directly to business outcomes. [44]

Every B2B marketing initiative, including social media, must demonstrate the ability to generate high quality leads. [46] Those inaccuracies could lead them to invest in poorly performing marketing strategies, wasting time, money and manpower in the process. [14]

At Oban, we interpret the data based on our knowledge of the market and create a narrative to guide our clients on how to adjust their marketing efforts for better returns. [16] Before the advent of big data, marketing functions were largely focused on creating brand awareness through mass-market promotional efforts. [45]

Focus on three different categories of metrics around marketing opportunities. [44] In order to make sense of the sheer volume and variety of information now available, CEOs must pay close attention to the marketing metrics which make a real impact on the profitability and competitiveness of their organizations. [45] This marketing metric shows the cost of acquiring a new prospect. [12]

Google Analytics' Model Comparison Tool allows B2B marketers to compare how different attribution models impact the valuation of marketing channels. [46] Google Analytics, for example, is a great marketing tool for measuring the number of visits to your website and its respective web pages. [12] Instead of trying to draw precise cause-and-effect conclusions, he recommended looking for correlations and trends to help guide marketing strategies. [14] Measuring marketing effectiveness without the right KPIs is an exercise in futility. [14] Remember, a KPI is only representative of the value it inspires from real action in regards to your marketing objectives. [12]

It?s essential work if you?re going to use reports to form educated hypotheses and steer your marketing in the right direction. [16] Without really digging into the relationship between marketing tactics and customer traction, though, it's impossible to know precisely why consumer behavior changed. [14] These are the little steps that people take toward actually accomplishing your marketing end goal. [17] I?m willing to bet that these top priorities are similar to your own marketing goals. [17]

Fast forward almost 10 months later and challenges are similar despite the rapid adoption of marketing technology to aid in these efforts. [46] If you invested $15,000 USD on marketing during the first quarter of the year and generated 100 clients during that time, CAC would be $150 USD. [13] Measuring marketing effectiveness is essential, but there are plenty of roadblocks that are easy to run into. [14]

Measuring the success of a B2B social media strategy requires a combination of performance benchmarks, from lead generation all the way down to productivity metrics, which help assess campaign effectiveness. [46] In this post, we will outline a series of performance metrics that will help marketers demonstrate the success of social media strategies, campaigns, and tactics. [46]

Define the strategic goals for your campaigns and identify the right metrics to measure success or failure. [16] In this blog, we will explain how to track and measure the success of your influencer marketing strategy and campaign. [43] The way to know how and when to pivot should come from how you measure the success or failures of your content marketing campaigns. [12] The ability to attribute social media activity with top performing acquisition channel results, like SEO and content marketing, is another way to measure program success. [46] For KoMarketing's B2B social media programs tied to SEO and content marketing, we use the following performance benchmarks to measure program success. [46]

UTM parameters are tags you add to a URL, which measures the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. [43]

For digital campaigns, a conversion rate measurement based on the number of sales created through referral links will give you directly attributable information about the ongoing success of the campaign. [45] Do you have challenges measuring the success of your global digital campaign? If so, you can find us here. [16] If you focus on analyzing and optimizing the KPIs we just explained, rest assured that your digital strategy will be a definite success and your ROI will be more than guaranteed. [13]

Objectives like increasing customer engagement and traction sound good on paper, but if you can't measure outcomes, how can you effectively determine if you're meeting those goals or not? Teams should lay out precisely how they measure success, whether that be a specific increase in sales, conversions or site traffic. [14] If the campaign will have a social component, what analytics are available to monitor? Shares? Likes? Comments? If you?re having trouble figuring out what data to look at, imagine what success would look like and work backwards from there. [12] When it boils down to measuring the success of your content marketing campaigns, having a well-defined strategy and corresponding KPIs is essential. [12] As the technology advances, marketing metrics will only continue to become more sophisticated, enabling content marketing professionals to get even more granular when it comes to measuring the performance of a campaign in real-time across numerous digital channels and platforms. [12] As we move deeper into the Digital Age, we?re presented with an even more complexity to online content marketing campaigns that wasn?t possible ten, five, or even two years ago. [12]

With an expanded list of channels, touchpoints and consumer platforms to account for, comprehensive and quality marketing can be difficult to achieve. [14] When it comes to measuring lead generation pay off (in terms of content marketing campaigns), you can monitor the cost-effectiveness of your channels and customer acquisition by a variety of lead-oriented metrics. [12] By monitoring the number of your leads and conversions generated from social media efforts, you?ll be in a better position to increase effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns. [12] To measure effectively, you want to add up the time, resources, and money you have spent on content marketing activities and compare your results to your number of monthly leads. [12]

Before you begin your marketing campaign, make sure your influencer marketing strategy aligns with your most important key metrics and goals. [43]

This metric is useful to find out which digital media are offering the most convenient CPC-CAC (the customer acquisition cost ratio), which also ensures a good return on investment. [13] Fortunately for use Digital Age marketers, data of is highly trackable and can be used (even in real time in some cases) to analyze the amount of money, traffic, and conversions you may expect from your investments. [12] In our digital world, content is produced and consumed at alarming rates--to the point where content shock is becoming a known challenge marketers need to overcome. [12]

The introduction of multiple new digital touchpoints in the customer journey has created a far more complex sales cycle and brought a massive influx of data into the enterprise alongside. [45] All of these digital channels allow companies to cast a wider net in terms of customer touch points. [12]

Converted Audiences: Targeted audiences that connect with an organization?s social presence or digital assets. [46] The digital age has ushered in a new set of challenges for marketers. [14] When marketers roll out international digital campaigns--in completely different languages and cultures--the questions soon begin to pile up. [16]

These metrics are important because they help B2B digital marketers to recognize patterns in success and opportunity. [46] Now that we?ve gone over a quick run through of the important steps to measuring campaign success, let?s discuss the types of KPIs you?ll want to consider for your next campaign. [12] If your organization is struggling to measure the success of a B2B social media strategy, you are not alone in this challenge. [46] With a well-informed content marketing strategy and well-defined measurements of success, you?ll be efficiently prepared to make the most crucial decisions regarding your evolving business and brand. [12] Marketers will get the most success if they track and report analytics along the way. [43] To understand the factors behind success and failure in international campaigns, you must be able to consider the cultural factors of each market when interpreting the reports. [16] One important factor to keep in mind here is to get everyone's input on what metrics they use to determine success. [14] More often than not, repeated attempts and revamped tactics, based on lessons learned, will also lead to ongoing success and the development of high quality leads and connections through social media channels. [46] SEO Link Building Success: Overall inbound links acquired via social media activity. [46] How has your B2B organization done at demonstrating the success of your social media programs? I would love to read your perspective via comments below. [46] Consider the following elements of network analysis when demonstrating B2B social media program success. [46] It's worth acknowledging that a single performance benchmark rarely, if ever, tells the success of a social media program. [46] Establishing data-driven customer engagement strategies can be difficult on its own, but accurately measuring the success of those initiatives just adds further challenges. [14] The more people you can reach in your target audience, the more success you have with brand reach. [43]

Your first step to measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) for your content marketing campaigns is by defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). [12] Succinct, clear, and relevant information regarding your KPIs can make or break your content marketing campaign(s). [12]

One method is to use email marketing drip campaigns with a personalized sequence of messages that is valuable to the contact. [15] Use an email marketing service to ensure deliverability, automate your processes, and measure your results. [15]

Google Analytics is a powerful influencer marketing platform that reports and tracks reach, engagement, new followers, page views, referral traffic, leads, sales and time spent on site. [43] Landing pages receiving traffic: The number of web addresses and specific content marketing assets that received traffic or impressions from social media activity. [46] Not only do you need to have a solid content marketing strategy in place, it?s imperative to know what?s working and what?s not. [12] It?s no longer about whether or not you should have a content marketing strategy (because you absolutely, 110% should). [12]

When targeting customers as good as old friends with your email marketing, here are the metrics that matter most. [17] 80% of retail professionals claim that email marketing is their best resource for customer retention. [17]

Coredna is a world-class, true multi-tenant Digital experience platform (DXP) - giving digital teams all of the developer tools, hosting, scaling, performance, personalization, innovation and automation they need to build world class digital assets. [17] Facebook?s paid content promotion is used by digital marketers quite regularly in order to drive traffic to content. [12] While all modern digital marketers are accountable for the way they decide to spend their budgets, the solution won?t ever be the same for any two organizations. [16]

Solutions like Adex AI make it easy for you with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to digital advertising. [13]

Percentage of traffic from social media platforms: This percentage varies based on the different online marketing strategies an organization utilizes in its B2B marketing mix. [46] With influencer marketing, impressions tell you how many people saw your content. [43] In the content marketing world, it's no surprise that compelling content attracts an engaged audience. [12]

Paying attention to social media can also help you measure traditional marketing ROI. When your campaign is launched or promoted (such as in the time right after a TV or radio ad airs), look at what people are saying on social media. [22] To measure traditional marketing ROI, create unique email addresses for each campaign to measure how many messages are brought in from a specific initiative. [22]

Success (or failure) of marketing campaigns help determine changes in strategy, messaging, spend allocation and channel distribution. [23] How is your marketing going? Do you know how to measure social media success? To be competitive (and thrive) in today?s technology-driven, mobile, economy --businesses need to have a comprehensive, engaging social media marketing program. [20]

Whenever possible, use your traditional marketing materials and messages to drive interested audiences to digital platforms where you can collect and track more detailed data. [22] It?s a way to combine traditional and digital to create a hybrid marketing effort. [22] While digital has become the driving force behind most marketing strategies, there is still plenty of room for traditional marketing. [22]

Using these KPIs, our own marketing team found that in one quarter, target accounts that were shown Terminus ads engaged with our website at over 4X the rate of target accounts that weren?t in a Terminus campaign. [47] You can add unique QR codes to each of your marketing campaigns. [22]

While true marketing ROI calculations can be somewhat elusive, B2B marketers must find ways to assess the value and impact their programs are having on the business. [23] B2B marketers often struggle with calculating the ROI of their marketing programs. [23]

Marketing ROI and performance measurements are only as good as the data being tracked into systems such as marketing automation platforms, analytics platforms, and CRM platforms. [23] One of the top editor?s pics from PC Magazine, Sysomos is influencer identification and social listening tool that makes it easy to gather social data and use that info to make your social media marketing better and better. [20] With 91% of advertisers already having a data management platform (DMP) or planning to use one in the next year, the marketing world is taking decisive steps to capture, unify, and activate consumer data. [48]

If your marketing strategy isn?t engaging at these early touch-points, some other company will be in the position to talk to that "sales ready" lead instead of you. [23] As with all marketing, the chief goal is always driving growth and sales, and that?s where your conversion rate KPI comes in handy. [21] In an ideal world, marketers could compare a timeframe of sales and revenue of the company without any marketing activity (a baseline for revenue generation of the company) to a timeframe of sales and revenue of the company with marketing activity, to illustrate marketing?s contribution to revenue generation. [23] Marketers must prove the money invested in marketing has a positive impact on the revenue generation capabilities of the company. [23] Marketing programs not only influence revenue generation now, but they also strengthen brand equity and customer relationships overtime, adding exponential value to the health and profitability of a company in both the short and long term. [23] Track the touchpoints that occurred before the lead was acquired and all of the touchpoints through the closed deal and lifetime of the customer to really understand the value of marketing programs. [23] By using unique coupon codes on each of your marketing materials, you can track which marketing messages have attracted the most customers. [22] QR codes are another way to monitor which marketing materials are sending customers to you. [22]

By proactively driving engagement from the right people at the right accounts, your marketing team can support sales like never before. [47]

It?s just as important to be able to measure the success of your influencer campaigns accurately, and KPIs like conversions, traffic, reach, engagement, and audience growth can help you do that. [21] These KPIs will help you track your progress, measures success in meeting your goals, and help you stay on track with your influencer marketing campaign. [21] That being said, it?s also important to know how to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign, and for that, you need key performance indicators. [21]

For digital publishers, or any brand that puts content on its own website, page views and unique visitors have traditionally been used to measure success. [49] Often, content marketers look at numbers that are easy to measure thanks to modern digital technology. [50]

Remember: digital advertising alone is not a complete account-based marketing strategy. [47] This baseline is hard to establish as most companies have an ongoing, dynamic marketing strategy and plan. [23]

As a business owner, you've probably already identified your company's marketing goals for 2018. [19] This will allow estimations of ROI and business impact for marketing programs that are still in progress. [23] Join 10,000+ marketing professionals, founders and business owners. [20]

This, in turn, leads to the account progressing through the marketing and sales funnel toward closed-won. [47] Ensuring end-to-end consistency is essential to extracting useful data to inform any assessment of marketing efforts. [23] The answer to this simple question can help you gather insight into which marketing strategies are working and which ads are catching attention. [22] Social Media Today The must-read news, updates, and insights into all things social media marketing. [24] The popularity of social media and its impact on marketing has driven a boom in tech entrepreneurs, and it can be hard to wade through the products. [20] Have you considered hiring an outside social media marketing agency ? Agencies have the skilled personnel and dedicated tools for comprehensive social media management programs. [20]

Video Marketing : technologies like VR, AR, and 360-degree videos are already the mainstay for Fortune 500 companies, and soon the trend will trickle down to the rest of us. [19] Inbound marketing offers limitless possibilities to capture audience attention, build relationships, and propel action. [20]

If you want to measure content marketing in a way that enhances your business and helps it grow, you need to do more than just look at the numbers. [50] Other forms of ways to measure content marketing can provide you with much more useful information which helps you develop and grow your business. [50]

This list covers a majority of the types of data that you should be monitoring to understand the most effective ways on how to measure social media success. [20] Internal Post & Engagement Metrics -- important for social media health and growth, this data highlights the success of your content in likes, shares, reblogs, repins, retweets, etc. [20] As B2B marketers ditch leads as their core KPI, the focus has shifted to a new measure of success: account engagement. [47] Since the "Like? button in all its various guises was invented, 'engagement' has become the most commonly used measure of success by marketers on social. [49]

To determine success with this goal, you'll want to track how many people you reached with your campaign, how many new prospects became aware of your brand, and how well the campaign reinforced your brand with pre-existing prospects. [21] The reason for this is that referral traffic will give you a good idea of the campaign?s reach, but also because it can tell you a lot about the overall success of the campaign. [21]

When she?s not managing Blue Corona's digital content campaigns she?s urban exploring, hiking with her dog, or teaching horseback riding lessons. [19] As one example, Hunt?s, a brand owned by ConAgra Foods, Inc., measured a 200% brand lift through its digital content efforts by targeting environmentally conscious consumers with sustainability messages. [48] In addition to monitoring social channels, 18% of advertisers are starting to measure brand lift in relation to their digital advertising efforts. [48] With the growing number of influencers who are popular on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and other social channels, digital marketers who want a successful and comprehensive strategy to grow a business cannot ignore this important tool. [21] I?ll let you in on a secret--there is a playbook that will make your digital strategy execution run like a well-oiled machine. [19]

When optimizing ad effectiveness, 19% of advertisers say that ad impressions and web traffic as a result of digital ads are important considerations. [48] These small touches can help separate your company from the rest and ultimately create a trustworthy digital presence for your business. [19] Econsultancy's Digital Transformation helps the world's biggest brands accelerate their journey to digital excellence. [49] Econsultancy's Digital Transformation programme helps companies identify the gaps between where they are and where they need to be, then closes them. [49] Econsultancy subscriptions are designed to help individuals and teams make the most of digital. [49]

Marketers must consider the entire digital ecosystem and touch-points that happen before, during and after prospects enter the sales cycle. [23] Econsultancy's Digital Cream is one of the landmark industry moderated roundtable events for marketers. [49]

These are the numbers you can bring to your executive team to prove that your digital ads are having a real, measurable impact on pipeline and revenue. [47] Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important in the digital age, but this isn't really a surprise. [21] Although the conversion KPI is important to track with influencer marketing, it?s not the only thing that matters, and the amount of traffic the campaign drives to your site is also worth monitoring. [21] An easy way to track conversions generated by the influencer marketing campaign is to track sales before, during, and after the campaign, and comparing any changes in sales that happened when the campaign was running. [21]

Here are five ways you can improve the way you measure content marketing. [50] Plus you can "go global", and you can measure everything you do in fine detail, unlike with traditional content marketing. [50] All too often people measure the wrong things when it comes to content marketing. [50]

There are many KPIs that serve a purpose for different elements of your strategy, but when it comes to influencer marketing, the five essential ones to focus on are conversion rates, reach and awareness, referral traffic, audience growth, and engagement. [21] Influencer marketing has a number of goals, including increasing your reach, growing your audience, driving engagement, and increasing traffic to your site. [21]

That?s insane--the cost of keeping a customer vs. the cost of acquiring a new one just doesn?t compare! Use email marketing, social media, and videos to stay connected with your customers even when they don?t need your services. [19]

It dissects every aspect of both you and your top competitors' digital presences and spits out an easy-to-understand summary of the playbook you need to adopt and execute. [19] The best way to establish a baseline and get a good handle on where you stand compared to competitors is to have a digital competitive analysis done. [19]

They first have to identify which metrics to pinpoint and understand how to capture those metrics during digital advertising campaigns. [48] Based on the Salesforce Digital Advertising 2020 report, we?ve compiled the top three metrics that matter to many digital advertising leaders. [48]

Sales teams often prefer leads at the bottom of the funnel that are ready to make a decision or purchase?but how did the lead get to the bottom of the funnel? The touch-points that helped a lead along their journey from top of funnel to bottom of funnel are very important to business success. [23] Again, this is where the audience growth KPI is so important because it gives you a fuller picture of your success. [21] There are a wide variety of tools and targeted areas to cover to get the full picture of the impact (and success!) of your social media efforts across platforms and over time. [20] There are three stages of this engagement journey, each with its own distinct metrics for measuring account-based advertising success: target, engage, and accelerate. [47] According to reach and traffic KPIs, this would have been a success. [21]

People have always trusted word-of-mouth advertising, and influencer marketing is simply a more sophisticated version of this that leverages the pull and popularity of certain people to help you spread the word about your brand. [21] Your ads should complement other tactics like email marketing, direct mail, and one-to-one outreach from your sales team. [47]

The Digital Advertising 2020 report mentions, "The value of impressions and web traffic indicates that advertisers also remain dedicated to acquiring new business." [48]

Many marketing initiatives can have repetitive tasks, with implementing emails, social media, drip campaigns, and other digital engagement activities. [32] When it comes to gauging the overall success of a marketing campaign, programs like HubSpot are great places to start, as they offer marketing and sales tools to help your business start a marketing campaign. [51] Whether your marketing strategy is inbound, account-based or more traditional, agencyQ is ready to assist you in developing a content strategy that ensures your leveraging the written word to maximize your success. [32]

Let's look at 5 ways you can measure marketing ROI--even those hard-to-measure marketing campaigns. [52] Jonathan Bacon, vice president of marketing at SureCall, noted that some audiences are still very tactile, meaning that they like to touch and feel the publication, and provided some additional ways companies can track those non-digital marketing campaigns. [51] The community often wonders the best way to track the response to a marketing campaign. [51]

Marketing campaigns can be the difference between breaking even and surpassing your sales goals. [51] An enterprise-level CRM with website integration, sales tools, and report center will help you get a live time ROI on your marketing spend vs revenue delivered and will allow to get an accurate, in-depth data of all your clients, prospects and missed opportunities. [52] Calculating ROI manually for each marketing campaigns takes time and access to company financials. [53] Keep in mind that achieving a 10:1 ratio every time is unrealistic, and shouldn?t be the expectation for your marketing campaigns. [53]

We understand that measurement and accountability in your marketing is key. agencyQ works to ensure our clients are setup up to understand the impact their digital efforts have on their bottom-line. [32] There are somewhat successful ways to track non-digital marketing efforts, such as keeping an eye on website traffic, cross-channel pollination and press interest, said Valerie Hamm Carlson, vice president of marketing at Simple. [51]

She is also a firm believer that a successful marketing campaign for her clients will lead to a positive experience for ReachLocal. [18] "Our customer base is at the core of everything we do at MOO, so listening to their feedback is crucial to any successful campaign," said Gina Cothey, vice president of global marketing at MOO. [51] By monitoring your CVR you can gain insight as to what aspects of your marketing campaign are delivering the best results. [18] Every $1 spent on marketing campaigns should yield approximately $5 in revenue. [53] While not all marketing campaigns are fully trackable - even in today's hi-tech driven era - they can be very successful in building brand awareness," Olson said. [51] Julia Olson, CEO and founder of Treehut, said that when online tracking is not available, tracking overall performance through geographical location and timing of the marketing campaign is a good tool. [51] When calculating your ratio, a marketing cost is any incremental cost incurred to execute that campaign (i.e. the variable costs). [53]

For one, calculating ROI for marketing can be tricky, depending on how you measure impact and costs. [53] A few years ago, we struggled with new marketing channels that were virtually impossible to measure. [52] This is where "difficult to measure" marketing strategies really start to shine. [52]

Much of social media, content, and inbound marketing is focused on customer retention and lifetime value. [52] Knowing exactly how your content and marketing strategies are performing will help you help you adjust course when necessary and know where to allocate more of your marketing resources. [29]

Implementing a ratio, and treating it as the "golden metric" for marketing activity, will focus the team on the ultimate outcome: growing the business. [53] "Brand awareness is huge in terms of warming your prospects, but it's not an easily trackable metric, nor is it something your marketing execs are going to jump for joy over." [51] Let?s shelve the complex formulas and algorithms and focus on one simple metric: the revenue to marketing cost ratio. [53]

In large B2B companies, each marketing channel and activity need to be tracked (in most cases with UTM codes and landing pages) and the lead quality assessed on a lead-by-lead basis. [52] Companies with higher gross margins (their COGS are LESS than 50% of the sales price) don?t need to achieve as many sales from their marketing before they become profitable. [53] Companies with lower margins (their COGS is MORE than 50% the sales price) need to stretch their marketing dollars further before it becomes worth doing. [53]

A 2:1 revenue to marketing cost ratio wouldn?t be profitable for many businesses, as the cost to produce or acquire the item being sold (also known as cost-of-goods-sold, or COGS) is about 50% of the sale price. [53] Five dollars in sales for every one dollar spent in marketing yields a 5:1 ratio of revenue to cost. [53] Marketing software platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot do a good job of connecting early engagement to a final sale, but they are not perfect. [53] "Marketing initiatives that go viral feel successful to a consumer, like when one of your sassy tweets reached a huge retweet audience and makes its way around the Twittersphere," she said. [51] When I ask this question, I want to know if your marketing is effectively generating business in a profitable way. [53] In a nutshell, calculating marketing ROI the "traditional" way isn?t always practical. [53]

Bisset also says that even with all those tools and marketing materials, success is subjective. [51] Brand mentions are more efficient to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and will give a better understanding of the success of your social media strategy. [31] Monitoring general web traffic during a campaign run isn?t an exact measure of a campaign?s success, but a spike in traffic could indicate effectiveness. [54]

By imbedding tracking links into social media posts and monitoring resulting traffic using analytics tools, you can measure how the influencer marketing campaign is affecting your website traffic. [31] A survey conducted in November of 2017 by the Association of National Advertisers revealed 75% of agencies currently leverage influencers in their overall marketing strategy, and 43% of respondents indicate they would like to increase their influencer budget in 2018. [31] Take the first of the month to deep dive into your marketing goals and results. [29] This does depend on your overall marketing goals, but we?ll dive into each avenue and provide some examples. [29]

Marketing automation tools can help with this -- and we certainly recommend that you implement the sort of tracking that these tools make possible -- but even if you aren't quite ready to make that commitment, there are adjustments you can make to the tracking you are doing. [55] Don?t keep throwing money at marketing avenues that you think you?re supposed to! Allocate marketing dollars to avenues you know work for your business. [29] Even though you?ll be interacting with customers offline, your marketing should still be distinctly "you." [54] For these businesses, if you spend $100 in marketing to generate $200 in sales, and it costs $100 to make the product being sold, you are breaking even. [53] For billboards and flyers, however, measuring ROI can be a little trickier, said Kathleen Bisset, director of marketing at public relations firm, SSPR. [51] There are a few challenges with calculating ROI for marketing activities. [53]

"If you feel a flyer or a billboard is a must-have in your marketing efforts ? offer a coupon code that's only available on that collateral," Bisset said. [51] There is no lack of brands competing for consumer attention, and no budget too large for marketing purposes. [31] Whether you?re an agency trying to sell your services, or a middle manager trying to get a piece of the marketing budget, you need to take this opportunity cost into account. [52] Before any marketing activity is started, everyone understands what it needs to generate to be successful. [53]

Typically, tracking codes are automatically attached to email links by your marketing automation platform. [30] The revenue to marketing cost ratio represents how much money is generated for every dollar spent in marketing. [53] It is not easy to calculate revenue generated for all marketing activity. [53]

There will always be variables that you can't track in marketing. [52] Marketing tactics such as those mentioned above, while still popular with a niche market, have been taken over by more targeted digital advertising that is easier to quantify. [51]

A veteran content marketer, web developer, and digital strategist, Andrew founded Andigo New Media to help firms encourage audience engagement through solid information architecture, a great user experience, and compelling content. [55] Now you need to measure and analyze your digital performance. [29] Michael Becker is the Digital Content Manager at Emarsys where he manages the enterprise editorial strategy and content marketing program. [30] Don?t blindly throw marketing dollars where you think they should go! A few months of analyzing your online marketing presence will help you correctly allocate your digital spend. [29]

While nothing is a replacement for the direct connection between content consumption and sales, tracking the engagement-based process metrics mentioned above is a much more accurate way to assess your content marketing's health and effectiveness than relying on those metrics that measure just an initial interaction. [55] This is another way to measure how your influencer marketing campaign is affecting revenue. [31] It isn't always easy to measure the impact of your content marketing or attribute sales, leads or lead quality accurately. [55] How do you know which key metrics to focus on, and how to measure each? Quit wondering whether you?re judging your email marketing performance with the right metrics -- experts clear the air on what, exactly, to start measuring. [30]

Optimize - measure key success metrics and identify opportunities to improve the solution. [32] In a constantly evolving age, the necessity to measure data is a key factor in determining success. [18] Arrange to have regular analytics reports to assess campaign success more accurately. [31] We can help you to engage your audience, demonstrate your thought leadership and drive your success through your content. [32] Open rates are often misleading but are nonetheless a widely popular (albeit sometimes "vanity") metric which deserves inclusion on this list, and should be at least considered when evaluating overall success. [30] Bacon noted that ultimately success is the generation of something, whether that's brand affinity, repeat business or new market awareness. [51]

Twenty years after that, in 1991, the very first commercial email was blasted out from a computer company called Digital Equipment Corporation (now a part of Hewlett-Packard). [30] Is your digital platform increasing your operational efficiency and growing your revenue faster? If not, the experts at Q are waiting to hear from you. [32]

Not every influencer marketing campaign aims to increase sales. [31] Many businesses turn to influencer marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness in an untapped market segment. [31]

Influencer marketing is growing in its popularity and recognized as an effective marketing strategy to target a specific demographic and increase customer acquisition. [31]

Continue to measure and analyze your online marketing each month. [29] Here are 12 crucial email marketing metrics -- divided, for organization?s sake, into the following categories: Deliverability & Device, Response & Engagement, and Action, Purchase & Financial. [30] Editor?s note: huge thanks to both Adam Q. Holden-Bache for helping me gain clarity around most valuable metrics and for offering recommended categorization; and Kath Pay for sharing this comprehensive email marketing guide she created in conjunction with Econsultancy and allowing me to share miscellaneous insights from it. [30] Picking one metric as the Holy Grail of email marketing is simple, but it misses the point." [30]

Content Marketing: Better Metrics Mean Better Measurement - Target Marketing Continue to your page in 15 seconds or skip this ad. [55] Certain tactics like social media, content marketing, video, and display ads target users long before a purchase takes place. [53] If you?re like me, you?ve heard the term "bounce" thrown around often when talking about email marketing. [30] Email marketing should be at the center of your e-commerce strategy. [30] Many email marketing teams are starting to reduce friction and steps required by customers to complete a desired action. [30] As many e-commerce marketers know, successful email marketing doesn?t happen overnight. [30]

Marketing hires are also up 44% this year compared to 28% last year, according to a survey of 300 marketers conducted by McKinley Marketing Partners. 56% of those hires required some degree of digital experience. [36] They also took issue with how transparent marketers are in presenting their successes and failures and that their marketing teams don?t judge success based on concrete outcomes like sales. [34] Whenever you use offline marketing efforts, make sure to use modeling to track their success. [33] Once you start measuring the success of your marketing efforts, it can be tempting to get obsessive. [33]

There?s no question that it?s important to measure your marketing activities, but without knowing the business impact you?re providing, it?s tough to evaluate which marketing activities are working best and for the client to feel confident in the services you provide. [37] These are the marketing metrics today?s CEOs care about, and they will help you grow your business. [25] Now that you've identified your metrics and set some SMART goals, it's time to develop your marketing strategy. [33] Usually, business goals are simply too big and complex for one single marketing strategy to successfully achieve. [35]

Tailor your marketing campaign and preferred marketing channels based on the needs of your target market. [33] Consumers are being exposed to messages on multiple channels, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. [38] For instance, let's say that you want to create a social media marketing campaign for a new product. [28] Small businesses rely on social media marketing to get new customers. 71 percent of small businesses plan to use social media content in their quest to acquire customers. [26] Use a report like Top Conversion Paths in Google Analytics to help visualize how your marketing channels work together. [37] There's no sense in investing money in marketing campaigns that don't produce more conversions. [33] Assessing whether a marketing campaign was successful has become increasingly difficult because of the complex consumer purchase funnel. [38] We'll work with you to develop a marketing campaign that builds your profits and grows your company. [33]

Ecommerce candle company, Nidhi increased their sales by 714% over a 3-month period using social media (with a little help from LYFE marketing). [28] You can turn your online leads into sales and customers by using this figure to determine what is driving consumers to make a move and which of your marketing tools is falling flat. [25] Divide your total sales and marketing spend for a given period by the number of new customers for the same period. [25]

Breaking down marketing measurements into high quality web traffic and in-store traffic are two easy ways to assess marketing efforts. [38] You can only know if your marketing efforts are successful if you have a reliable way of recording your gains from your investment. [33] "My guess is that some business owners don?t know the tools at their disposal to track their marketing efforts, so they throw up their hands and keep doing what they think is working. [26] Marketing is an effort or action by a business to promote its products or services. [33] For this reason, a marketing effort that drives visitors to your site can still be beneficial, even if it does not lead directly to conversions. [33] Of course, the ultimate goal of marketing is to increase your conversions. [33]

This will help prevent you from falling into a rut with your marketing strategy. [33] Test new marketing strategies frequently, and compare them to current metrics. [33] For the first time, small businesses and organizations with little resources are able to invest in a more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers results. [36] Small business owners don?t have the time or resources for marketing. [26]

Liyya Hassanali is a seasoned Orlando-based content creator with expertise in SEO and marketing. [35] If you launch an expensive new marketing effort, the ROI might be negative for a while before it starts delivering significant returns. [33]

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