I Want A Facebook Account Now

I Want A Facebook Account Now
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  • If you don’t want Facebook keeping your data, and you’re sure you won’t be back, go all the way and delete your account.(More…)
  • If you want to represent your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can use your personal account to create and manage a Page.(More…)
  • For folks who wish to stop using Facebook for a while or who want to completely delete their account, there is a way to do that.(More…)
  • You need to keep in mind that you will not be able to retrieve anything once the account is deleted so you may want to download a copy of your info from Facebook.(More…)


  • Once you’ve downloaded your data and unlinked all third-party ties with Facebook, it’s time to actually delete your account.(More…)
  • Since the Nearby Friends feature uses the Facebook app to gather location, removing the app from your phone after deactivation will make doubly-sure your location can no longer be tracked by Facebook.(More…)
  • Social media outlets make money off of you and your information, so it shouldn?t come as a surprise that they don?t want to let you go.(More…)
  • Make sure to delete the app everywhere–on your phone, your tablets, smart TVs, fridges, or whatever other crazy places you?ve logged into Facebook over the years–and it wouldn?t hurt to delete all the apps you have connected to Facebook (that could still have data on you) before you delete your account.(More…)



If you don’t want Facebook keeping your data, and you’re sure you won’t be back, go all the way and delete your account. [1] If you want to retain a record of your activity (photos, posts, etc.) on Facebook even after your account is gone, you will likely want to download your activity before you delete your account. [1] If you don’t want to be found on Facebook, consider deactivating your account. [1]

If you use Spotify and want to delete your Facebook account, you’ll need to create a new Spotify account. [1] If you want to delete your Facebook account, you need to follow the instructions in the article above. [2]

Ever think about deleting your Facebook account? Perhaps you don’t want to worry about the privacy threat you and your spouse pose when posting. [2]

I set up a Facebook account for my business but I did it as a personal page. [3] Jenny opened a Facebook account and has progressed from a personal profile to a business page. [3]

Third-party apps you’ve previously linked to your Facebook account — such as Instagram, Spotify and Twitter — will automatically log you into Facebook, regardless if you’ve chosen to delete your account. [4] I usually avoid having apps use my Facebook log-in but even so, I had 82 apps listed as linked to my Facebook account. [1] Now that you have a local copy of your Facebook account, you can move to delete it from the social website. [4] Not clear why you would set up 8-9 Facebook accounts, but you will need to know the email address or phone number associated with each of them (and be able to access that email) in order to regain access to the account for deletion. [2] Facebook did not respond to HuffPost?s request for statistics about how many users have deleted, deactivated or abandoned their Facebook accounts. [5] Deleting your Facebook account doesn’t have to mean you’ll drop of the face of the Earth. [4] It?s not obligatory to have a Facebook account, and plenty of people survive without one. [3] Unless you created multiple accounts with multiple email addresses, you should only have one Facebook account in your name. [2]

With Facebook currently under a magnifying glass, I’m expecting, or hoping, that every developer creates a more seamless detachment process for users who delete the Facebook account but want to keep data and access to the apps that are connected to it. [6] If you just want to take a step back, Facebook gives you the option to deactivate your account temporarily. [7] If you want to temporarily suspend your account temporarily, follow our guide on how to deactivate Facebook. [8]

One thing that most users want to know is how to delete Facebook account permanently. [9] People around the world are deleting their Facebook accounts this week in the wake of a privacy scandal involving recent U.S. elections, a personality survey and users’ personal data. [10] Similar to your personal Facebook account, you can use the Page to promote your business or products by posting status updates, links, event announcements, comments, or photos and videos. [11] Amidst the #deletefacebook furor, I decided now was as good a time as any to delete my ghost town of a Facebook account. [6] It is also possible to permanently delete your Facebook account. [9] Be careful, you won’t get the chance to change your mind after you’ve deleted your Facebook account permanently. [9] Mae Turner, who lives in northeast Texas, initially deactivated her Facebook account in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after being alarmed at how the company collected the call history information for her Android smartphone. [12] Blogger Jax Austin said deleting his Facebook account turned out to be difficult. [12] If you follow these steps you will no longer have a Facebook account. [8] You might be aware of the fact that you can gain access to your Facebook account after you’ve deactivated it. [9]

If you want to represent your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can use your personal account to create and manage a Page. [13] Of course, if you’re going to set up a fresh Facebook account then you probably only want to tell those people you actually want trying to friend your new account. [14] Don’t want to delete your Facebook account? If you are feeling queasy about Facebook right now but aren’t sure you want to rid it from your life forever, deactivating is your best bet. [15] You’ll then be taken to a departure survey asking you to explain why you want to delete your Facebook account. [14] Whether you’re someone who’s tired of the Facebook drama on your feed, someone who is 100% not down with this recent Cambridge Analytica stuff, or someone who just genuinely wants off of all social media for a while (we don’t blame you at this point, TBH), then here’s how to get rid of that pesky Facebook account. [16]

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, many feel that it’s time to finally delete their Facebook account. [14] There’s even a burgeoning and trending #deletefacebook campaign that’s encouraging people to delete their Facebook accounts outright. [15] Make sure to check the box at the bottom so you don’t get follow up emails from Facebook after you delete your Facebook account. [14] To permanently delete your Facebook account, meaning it can never be resurrected, you have to specifically request Facebook to do this. [14] Updated April 2018: Added steps for troubleshooting not being able to delete your Facebook account. [16] Don’t just delete your Facebook account without warning anyone first. [14] Deactivating your Facebook account is easy to do and can be reversed by merely signing into an app or browser again. [16] We also cover the more permanent solution of deleting your Facebook account for good. [14] For more details on the difference between deactivating and deleting your Facebook account, visit this link. [14] I guess the next best thing that I should do, after deleting my Facebook account, and should probably be at the very top of my list after this, is taking a giant sledgehammer to my smartphone, and be done with the internet altogether once and for all. [14] That?s because deactivating your Facebook account is not the same as deleting it. [17] This is the weirdest part of deleting your Facebook account: It doesn’t happen right away. [15] If you create a new Facebook account with a fake name, for example, your Youtube Channel they will block your account since it’s a breach of the T&C. [13] That’s it! Your Facebook account will be scheduled for deletion! Before doing this we highly suggest downloading an archive of your Facebook data so you have it. [16]

For folks who wish to stop using Facebook for a while or who want to completely delete their account, there is a way to do that. [18] While there are location settings to disable, if you want to make sure Facebook can’t track your new account, the best thing to do is install a VPN. [19]

Before you actually delete your account you may want to download a copy of your personal data from your Facebook account. [18] For those who don’t want to delete their Facebook accounts, but also don’t want to wait for the new-and-improved menus to become available in app updates, here is a step-by-step guide to finding, downloading and deleting your Facebook data. [20] You probably found this post because you want to use Tinder, but you neither have a Facebook account, nor a desire to create one just for Tinder. [21]

Like the burner email and phone number, the important thing here is that you only use this user space to access your anonymous Facebook account. [19] The company has struggled in recent weeks following the news that a company called Cambridge Analytica was able to use the data of over 50 million Facebook accounts to try to influence the 2016 election. [22] If you create a Facebook account on your Android device, it’s very possible that Facebook will be able to pull from personal data stored on your phone to glean your real identity. [19] Wait a few minutes until you receive an email (at the email address connected to your Facebook account) with a Facebook link to your data. [20] He then downloaded years’ worth of private Facebook messages, records of friends he’d deleted, events he’d attended, photos of his children that he’d forgotten even existed, and even a list of contacts from his phone — including phone numbers of contacts that he is not Facebook friends with or do not have Facebook accounts. [20] How to delete your Facebook account, once and for all : Are you absolutely tired of using Facebook? Here’s how to disconnect from it. [23] There are two ways to remove an app from your Facebook account. [23] You can choose whichever email service fits you best — the point is to make sure its only use is for your new Facebook account. [19] Due to the fact that essentially all of us have a Facebook account it is a great chance for criminals to gain access to the private accounts belonging to their enemies and then ruin his or her social lives. [24] Most of the time the hyperlinks will probably be harmless but there is however the possibility that your contacts Facebook account got compromised. [24] If a hacker attempts to hack a Facebook account he will typically try to be friend with you on Fb before actually hacking. [24] The most obvious pro here would be that you don’t need a Facebook account. [21] Tinder will now remember you by your phone number instead of by your Facebook account. [21]

You need to keep in mind that you will not be able to retrieve anything once the account is deleted so you may want to download a copy of your info from Facebook. [25] Can I ever get back my girlfriend?s deleted Facebook account if I contact any higher authority, in case if I want to check my girlfriend?s det. [25]

Whenever you change your Facebook password, all apps associated with your Facebook account cannot access your information until you re-enter the latest password. [26] No retrieve once you permanently delete a Facebook account by yourself. [25] Nothing gets Deleted from the internet and in the same fashion your facebook account if permanently deleted can be revived by using the same email and password. [25] Deleting facebook account permanently means, you dont need the account anymore. [25] The Mevo app will default to whichever Facebook account is logged into your mobile device’s browser. [27]

The most common reason for this issue is if the Facebook account you want to use has already been linked to another AQWorlds account. [28] If you never want to use those services again, you can disable them from your Facebook account by turning off Facebook Platform applications. [29]

You might want to archive your Facebook data before you delete your account entirely. [29]

He felt it would be too extreme to delete his Facebook account entirely. [30] Deactivating your Facebook account doesn?t delete it, it just hides it from everyone until you re-activate. [31] We can’t help with these kinds of issues from here, but you if you try logging into your disabled Facebook account, you should get more information about why your Facebook account was disabled and if there’s anything you can do about it. [32] The game will display the information of whichever Facebook account is logged in on AQWorlds. [28] Hey, my Facebook account was disabled for “being ineligible to use Facebook” a couple of days ago. [32] I have submitted appeal lots times but still no reply. wat should I do to get back my Facebook account. [32] “Permanent disable” means you?ll never get back your Facebook account. [32] Irish lene is my profile name in facebook account, but my real name is Arlene dela rosa hernandez. [32] My Facebook account got disabled, as I have 2 different accounts on FB. One is my personal account and other is for sharing my recipes. [32] Before you do so, though, it?s worth noting that getting rid of your Facebook account also means you?ll be cutting yourself off from a large chunk of your online social circle. [29] You?ll receive an email at the address used for your Facebook account when the review has been completed. [32] Finally when I am trying to enable the account, it says “The email address you entered is not associated with a Facebook account. [32] I am a little confused, since I’ve never created facebook account for this email address. [32] I know that this might not be answered but i really need help to retrieve my Facebook account. [32] Each Facebook account can only be linked to a single AQWorlds account, so you will need to unlink the original AQWorlds account before you can link the new one. [28] You will need to unlink your AQWorlds from its current Facebook account, then relink it. [28]


Once you’ve downloaded your data and unlinked all third-party ties with Facebook, it’s time to actually delete your account. [4] Keep in mind that messages you’ve sent to other people or posts you’ve shared with groups remain on Facebook even after you delete your account. [2] The difference is that most sites allow or even encourage pseudonymous or anonymous users – get thrown off Twitter and you can be back in seconds – whereas Facebook does what it can to tie your account to your personal identity. [3] It was more like suspending an account, which meant a person could get their account and all the information back anytime they decided to join Facebook again. [5] Before permanently deleting your account Facebook recommends that you download a copy of all the data Facebook has on you. [2] When you delete your account, Facebook permanently removes it. [2] If you prefer not to be a ghost on Facebook after you yourself are gone, you can request that Facebook delete your account as soon as someone notifies the company of your demise. [1] Until 2007, Facebook never completely deleted a user?s information even if their account was deleted. [5] Step 4: In the following pop-up window, Facebook will state that the account will be deleted within 14 days. [4] You can take a short break from facebook by deactivating your account, rather than the final step of deleting it. [33] Whatever your reason for ditching Facebook, you should know that deleting your account is a relatively easy thing to do. [2] Take note that by default, even when your account is deactivated, Facebook will go right on sending you emails whenever someone invites you to an event or tags you in a photo. [1] Facebook says “the name on your personal account will become the page?s name.” [3] That’s the only way Facebook can verify that the accounts belong to you. [2] Step 5: Avoid Facebook at all costs until account deletion. [4] Choose General Account Settings if Facebook doesn’t take you there by default. [1] There is a third option, of course, which is to just do nothing ? you abandon your account and stop signing on to Facebook ? which Egelman and others think happens quite a bit. [5] For something with few consequences, deactivating your account on Facebook ought to be easier than it is. [1] You can take a break from Facebook and temporarily deactivate your account. [34]

The real business of Facebook is collecting data, Egelman says, and for years now, the site has made it hard for users to delete theirs ? not that the internet allows erasures anyway. [5] The latest accusation that Facebook misbehaved came over the weekend, when U.S. and British lawmakers demanded to know why the site didn?t warn 50 million of its users that a political data firm with links to President Donald Trump?s 2016 campaign had harvested their private information for something called a “psychographic voter model.” [5] Sure, it?s more convenient to use Facebook to sign on to other apps, because who can remember a gazillion passwords for all those different sites? But when you do it, you are giving the other app permission to access your information on Facebook. [5]

Today, Facebook basically offers its users two divorce options: deactivation, which leaves room for a user to come back with all their data intact (and makes that data available to Facebook even if the user doesn?t return); and deletion, which permanently removes a user?s data from Facebook but requires that the user contact Facebook and engage in a multi-step and time-consuming process for that to happen. [5] Facebook doesn’t delete any of your information just in case you want to come back into the fold. [2] While were deleting this information, its not accessible to other people using Facebook. [34]

As I understand it – which is always fuzzy, given the way Facebook keeps changing things – every page must be linked to a personal profile. [3] Facebook therefore makes it easy to convert personal profiles into pages. [3]

Facebook now has more than 2 billion monthly active users, and losing access to that market could be a blow to many of those who operate business pages. [3] Facebook has previously been accused of breaching the trust of its users: It allowed itself to be used as a tool for disinformation and admitted to running fake political ads designed to mislead voters. [5]

If you’re concerned that a prospective employer or date will look you up on Facebook and find embarrassing information or photos, logging out won’t change that either. [1] Is it that some stranger will be able to learn where you live and what your kids? names are from Facebook? Certainly there is the risk that collecting information from multiple online sources ? Facebook being just one ? could lead to a bigger compilation of information about you, your health conditions, your finances, etc. [5]

When Facebook has finished gathering up your data, it will send you an email with a link to download it. [1] Just to make deactivation tougher, it will remind you that your (however many) Facebook friends will no longer be able to keep in touch with you. (Facebook assumes you don’t have their email addresses or phone numbers and they don’t have yours.) [1] In general, I think Friends is the best setting for small and personal businesses, assuming you are active on Facebook. [3] Your Facebook friends who are accustomed to communicating with you there won’t know what’s become of you so you might want to post on your news feed that you’re going away for a while (or forever). [1] The recent fiasco with Cambridge Analytica is a perfect example of how Facebook slithers through the lives of every individual whether they know it or not, and why many people simply want to be done with the social network. [4] Here are your options for getting out of Facebook, depending on exactly what you want to have happen and, frankly, how much time you have to invest in the process. [1] If you want to have your coffee in peace, make sure that your Facebook privacy settings are as per your requirements. [5] Perhaps deactivating isn?t far enough, and you want to leave Facebook permanently. [33]

This process is by now pretty much automated at Create a Page, where Facebook offers set-ups for local businesses, companies and organisations, brands and products, artists and public figures, entertainment, and community causes. [3] In an online answer, Jade from the Facebook Help Team says : “We will never release your name to the general public stating that you are linked to the Page. [3]

If you’re concerned about all the data Facebook is holding onto about you. well, all that data will still be there. [1] Of course, Facebook will go right on keeping all your data. [1] Facebook isn?t interested in giving away your data when it can make money off it. [5] When you open the Facebook door to strangers, you are handing over the keys to your data. [5]

OK, so let?s say you have wisely heeded the advice to only friend people on Facebook who you actually know in real life. [5] You will continue to appear to friends on Facebook in places where they can message you. [34] You’ve likely built up a wealth of Facebook content since you stumbled onto the site all those years ago, a good deal of it in the form of candid photos, messages and other content that speaks highly (or not so much) about you as an individual. [4] Deleting messages from Facebook Messenger is almost as easy as scrolling through your News Feed. [4]

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the go-to social network. [4] We all get a ton of requests to like something on Facebook ? a group, a post, a movie, book or place. [5] Facebook says the deletion process typically takes about one month although “some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days.” [2] You will not be surprised when courses encourage you to spend money on Facebook promotions, but there?s enough information to make them worth a look. [3]

I’ve actually used this option in the past and it’s an easy way to take a break from Facebook and then later switch the lights back on. [2] Facebook, the world?s number one social media platform, and subsidiary Instagram are apparently taking some holiday breaks on Labor Day. [4] Be mindful of what you say on all social media sites, including Facebook. [5]

Chief among these is that you’ll also be shut out of any apps you’ve linked to Facebook for your sign in. [1] Step 7: Facebook will send a link to the archive via email when it’s ready. [4] That’s a drastic step: one that Facebook intentionally buries within its Help Center. [4]

There are even more guidelines for developers who use Facebook as a platform. [3] The fact that early executives say Facebook was deliberately designed to suck up as much of your time as possible. [1] Facebook places lets your friends know where you are and what you are doing. [5] If you do deactivate Facebook, this should deactivate your location visibility for your prior friends, as well. [2] Jot down those birthdays and ask your online friends for contact info outside of Facebook. [4]

There is also really no reason to post to Facebook with the location tagger working. [5] Always bear in mind that, like it or not, there is no viable alternative to Facebook, unless you live in Russia ( VKontakte ) or China ( Renren ). [3] Facebook was launched in 2004 as a social networking website, initially for students at Harvard University. [3] Facebook will delay for a few days (as though you were purchasing a gun?) to make sure you really, really mean it. [1] Since Facebook knows who you are, it may not be easy to create a new one. [3] If your main concern is to avoid having a prospective employer or your ex find you on Facebook, deactivation may be the best option. [1] In 2008, Facebook began offering the option of permanent deletion. [5]

This fundamental concept was maintained as Facebook expanded to other universities, schools and colleges, then to work networks, and eventually to everyone aged 13 and over. [3]

One way to separate your personal profile and your business pages it to use Facebook?s Business Manager, which covers both Facebook and Instagram accounts, and Facebook apps. [3] Whereas deactivating your account will only put some of your information on temporary hiatus, deleting it indefinitely will permanently rid the site of your data, from photo albums and Likes to status updates and timeline info, with no option for recovery. [4] Some information, like messages you sent to friends, may still be visible to them after you delete your account. [34] Regardless of what got you to this point, you need to know how to delete your account and what happens to your data once you take that final step. [33] Those last three words are a link that takes you to a page to delete your account and asks you one more time if you’re sure. [1] If you delete your account, it’s gone forever, along with all of the information in your account. [2] After 14 days, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you wont be able to retrieve your information. [34] You are right that information tied to others’ accounts (e.g., comments you’ve made on other people’s posts, messages you’ve sent to others) don’t disappear. [2]

If you want to continue using your linked apps, you may have to adjust your account settings on those apps to use an email-and-password log-in, or use some other platform to sign in, such as Google or Twitter. [1] You may need to contact the apps and websites to recover those accounts. [34]

All that data sits there, waiting for you to log back into your account, and once you do, all your links and friendships are active once more. [33] This isn’t so someone can “dig stuff up on you”, but because that data is controlled by the other account, not yours. [2]

While this may sound convenient should you change your mind within the two-week span, it’s not exactly convenient if you’re trying to delete your account once and for all. [4] To delete your account, visit https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_formdelete_account. [2] Once you’re finally ready to delete your account, your next challenge is to figure out how to do it. [1] After jumping through multiple online hoops, those wishing to delete their account must wait about two weeks for the deletion to be processed. [5]

Your account and information won?t disappear immediately from the site. [33] Your account will be permanently deleted after the given amount of time. [4] You can change your mind and reactivate your account at any time, and everything will be right where you left it. [1]

Business Manager enables multiple people to manage multiple accounts, under your control. [3] If you deactivate your account, it disables your profile and removes your name and photos from most things you?ve shared. [33] Again, there’s no going back once the 14-day grace period expires, so make sure deleting your account is the right decision for you. [4] Please can you advise how I go about permanently deleting these accounts there are about 8-9 accounts. [2] Deleting your account really isn’t easy and comes with a couple of extra drawbacks. [1]

You should know, however, deactivating your account does not remove your name from your friends’ lists of friends. [2] If its been less than 14 days since you initiated the deletion, you can cancel your account deletion. [34] Some messages might linger on friends? accounts, but that?s it really. [33] Thank you for the article but suggest you show how to get to General Account Settings, I had to Google it to find mine. [2] Assuming that’s not enough to change your mind, it will ask you to fill out a short survey explaining why you’re deactivating your account. [1] Deactivating your account puts it on hold and hides your timeline on the site. [2] After your account has been deleted, you wont be able to retrieve anything youve added. [34] That being said, it’s best to remove any linked accounts from the social network prior to deletion. [4]

The company says it can take up to 90 days to fully delete your account and the information associated with it, but it notes that your account will be inaccessible to other people using Facebook during that time. [35] Of course, there?s no way to scrub yourself completely from Facebook, even after you?ve permanently deleted your account: Messages you?ve sent to friends will still be visible in their inboxes, for example, and any posts you?ve made in groups will remain unless you delete them before opting to end your ties to Facebook. [7] If you?re really serious about quitting Facebook, remember that the company owns several other popular services as well, like Instagram and WhatsApp, so you should delete your accounts there as well. [35] If you?re not ready to give up on Facebook, you can curtail third-party data collection by disconnecting from apps, plug-ins, games, or websites linked to your account. [7] When it was first revealed that the U.K. -based campaign strategy firm Cambridge Analytica used millions of Facebook users? personal data without their permission, many consumers said they planned to deactivate their accounts. [12] The decision won?t take effect immediately; Facebook delays erasing your account for “a few days” to give you time to change your mind. [7] Once your account is deactivated, your profile won’t be able to be viewed by Facebook friends. [36] Austin settled for no longer logging into Facebook and turned his account into a fan page. [12] Facebook lets you deactivate or delete your account, only the latter of which is permanent. [8] It made me realize how I’m sentenced to use Facebook until there’s some way to safely detach my accounts. [6] To reactivate your account, all you need to do is log back in to Facebook, and everything will be just as you left it. [37] Facebook will let you recover your account for two weeks, but it’ll get to work on its 90-day process of scrubbing you from the site. [10] Some of the things you do on Facebook aren’t stored in your account. [8]

Since the Nearby Friends feature uses the Facebook app to gather location, removing the app from your phone after deactivation will make doubly-sure your location can no longer be tracked by Facebook. [2] You can turn off nearby friends in the setting of your Facebook app. So it’s not necessary to deactivate Facebook to turn off this feature. [2]

Facebook’s come in for a lot of criticism lately, and one of the biggest is that it collects a massive amount of personal information on each of its users and uses that information for its ad targeting. [1] Most importantly, do not access the website using your desktop browser, mobile device or through any third-party app or service that’s still active using Facebook’s credentials. [4] While some information, such as your name and your messages to others may remain on the social network, most of the personal information about you will finally be off Facebook’s servers. [1]

The reality is that most of this data is being collected by companies that want to target the ads they send your way. [5] Or maybe you’d like some time back in your life and simply want to spend less time online. [2] Do you really want the lout from your college fraternity to be sharing remembrances, like the time you both woke up in the trash dumpster? “Good times, man, good times.” [5]

There are two ways to quit–one that’s reversible in case you change your mind, and the other permanent, for those who are certain they want out. [2]

Thankfully, deleting your Facebook profile can be done in a matter of minutes. [4] Select the down arrow, select “Settings” and then select “Download a copy” of your Facebook data. [2]

Dating apps such as Tinder IAC, -1.21% and Hinge, and services like Spotify SPOT, -2.30% can all use Facebook to create user profiles. [12] The recent Cambridge Analytica debacle has reinforced the notion that Facebook could be misused to profile users and sell their data. [9] If you want to protect your data but you’re not positive you want to take the radical step of totally deleting Facebook, you can try reviewing your app permissions or using a third-party program to scrub your activity. [10] While we are deleting this information, it is inaccessible to other people using Facebook. [8] Facebook now requires local business or place to provide all the information above before allowing you to create a page. [11] The good news is that having your business listed on Facebook (and other online directories like Yelp and Google My Business) increases your chance of your business having a spot on the first page. [11] It will take 90 days for Facebook to delete all your photos, videos, posts, likes, comments, messages, and everything else. [9] Before you delete all of those pictures, posts, and Likes, you should download your personal information from Facebook first. [35]

In a blog post signed by by Ime Archibong, Facebook VP of product partnerships, the company pushed back against the Times’ reporting, arguing that the data shared with hardware makers was “tightly from the get go.” [7] Consumers have a fresh reason to wonder whether it’s time to quit Facebook, with revelations emerging about how personal data was shared with third-party device manufacturers. [7] Before saying goodbye to your Facebook life, you should backup your data in case you need it at a later point in time. [9] On a less significant level, I’d lose access to Hinge, my favorite dating app to waste time on, since the platform populates matches with mutual Facebook friends. [6] Now it?s time to scrub the Facebook posts that won?t be deleted when you axe your profile. [37] It can take a while for Facebook to compile all this information, so make sure you?ve set aside some time, or don?t plan on using Facebook while it compiles the report. [37] After the report went live, Facebook dropped the third-party service, which reportedly violated the social network’s privacy terms after reportedly lying about deleting users’ information. [36] “So much of social life is tied to Facebook I can?t even get the location information I need for an event I RSVP-ed to for next weekend, since it?s solely on Facebook,” she said. [12]

If she finds a social network that does not monetize user data? “I?ll bid Facebook a not-so-fond farewell in a heartbeat,” she said. [12] Facebook FB, +0.59% in July reported a drop of 3 million daily users in Europe alone since the first quarter, when the European Union?s General Data Protection Regulation first went into effect. [12] Below, a guide on how to better your user experience on Facebook while keeping a low profile. [36] You can always turn it back on if you change your mind, but you may lose access to the profiles you created using those services once you disconnect them from Facebook. [7] The plugin downloads your Facebook albums as webpages and saves them to your local drive so you can still access them after deleting your profile. [37] Although you can create a new Tinder profile without Facebook, you will no longer have access to your old profile. [37]

This also gives you an opportunity to delete all those third-party apps you have on Facebook. [36] Any post you?ve shared on Facebook using those apps will also disappear once you?ve disabled this feature. [7] The problem is that my access to each of those apps is based on my Facebook identity. [6] Because these third-party apps most likely can access your location due to its syncing up with Facebook, it’s best to keep the two separate, thus allowing for added security measures. [36] It may also mean losing access to apps that you?ve signed up for with Facebook, such as Tinder. [37]

We have a 3-step strategy for advertising your small business on Facebook that you should read about now that your page is set up. [11] If you follow the steps above, your business page on Facebook should now be ready! Note that you can easily customize your page should the need arises. [11] If you absolutely insist on personally sending your contact information to all 5,420 of your Facebook friends, this isn?t too hard to do. [37] You’ll lose some functionality but still be able to use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. [7]

The data sharing, which began more than a decade ago in the early days of the smartphone, was designed to let device makers add Facebook functionality to their products. [7] Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with around 1.4 billion active users per day. [9] That stoked concerns among analysts that Facebook, the world?s largest social network with some 2 billion users, may not be as attractive to users as it once was. [12]

Odds are you don?t even talk to most of your “friends? on Facebook, so this might involve sending a few direct messages to the people you want to stay in touch with, but haven?t exchanged phone numbers or email addresses with. [37] You have a choice to make if you want to get off of Facebook: deactivate or delete. [10] If you?ve finally given up on the world?s most popular social media network and want to get rid of Facebook, it?s not too complicated to remove yourself from the service. [35] You already spend 50 minutes a day on Facebook, but the company wants even more of your attention. [37] Facebook will email you a copy of your entire activity log if you want it. [37]

Facebook announced they hired a digital forensics team to investigate Cambridge Analytics and the alleged data breach. [36] Facebook has insisted the Cambridge Analytica news doesn’t amount to a data breach. [10] Jax Austin, a travel video blogger who travels the U.S. in a converted school bus, made the decision to delete his Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. [12] Although there?s a strong argument to be made for Facebook reform over abolition, there?s no reason you can?t delete your own Facebook while helping improve the platform for those who depend on it. [37]

I?ve been contemplating deleting my Facebook for years, but every time I?d come close to making the jump I?d come up with some excuse about why it would be impossible. [37] In the meantime, your data will not be accessible to others on Facebook. [7] This includes all the posts that aren?t stored in your profile, such as posts to Facebook groups. [37] Many people post almost all of their life activities on Facebook. [9] Nick Vecore said he grew tired of reading others? posts on Facebook. [12]

Facebook also says that copies of certain items like log records will remain in its database, but notes that those are disassociated with personal identifiers. [35] If you’ve been worried about some of the deep knowledge Facebook has on you, however, then this is the best way to get everything removed, save for log records that Facebook says will stick around in its databases “but are disassociated from personal identifiers.” [8] Facebook will generate a copy of your personal archive and send it to you via an email with a link to a.zip file. [7] She has few people?s recent email addresses or phone numbers, and she can no longer rely on Facebook for contacting them. [12]

Companies such as Hibu can provide personalized service to maximize the results from your page; they?re an official Facebook Marketing Partner, a designation only earned by tried and true companies that meet Facebook?s highest standards. [11] “While this raises questions around user growth rates and expenses necessary to improve security and screening, our survey of Facebook and Instagram users leaves us confident that most are unfazed by the negative news flow,” analyst Michael Olson wrote, according to CNBC. [12] It’s preferred to keep details under wraps, or at least available for you and your Facebook friends (not the public, which is also an option on Facebook). [36] Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there that allow you to scrape all the photos from your Facebook albums. [37]

Mark Maitland, a 44-year-old writer in Brighton, England, who quit Facebook last week, still uses Twitter and Instagram, but rarely. [12] Maybe think about deleting Instagram, because Facebook owns that, too. [10] There’s really no set “right amount” for small business Facebook advertising, If you can craft very shareable content, you can garner more attention with little expense. [11] I needed Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family while living out of the country. [37] Boosted posts are regular Facebook posts that allow you to pay for increased and targeted audience reach. [11] Facebook keeps a record of all your posts, which you can view by selecting “Activity Log? from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your homepage. [37]

Just in case you’re not aware, Facebook isn’t a social networking website. [9] Facebook doesn?t make it easy to send a mass message to all your contacts to prevent spamming, but there?s a simple workaround. [37] “Who knows what kind of protections are in place at Facebook or the hardware companies themselves?” says Justin Brookman, director of consumer privacy and technology policy for Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports. [7] Facebook also says that you have a couple of delays to change your mind after placing a deletion request. [8] Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Harvard University at its 2017 366th Commencement Exercises on May 25, 2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [8] Anastasia Ashman, 53, an adviser for start-ups and investors who lives in San Francisco, said she quit Facebook when she became uncomfortable after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. [12] It’s a type of paid advertising that appears more native in readers’ Facebook feeds. Ads can appear in different sponsored presentations. [11]

Even if you delete your account, that won’t guarantee that data shared in the past with third parties, websites, and apps will be erased. [7] Certain things, like comments you?ve made on a friend?s post, may still appear even after you delete your account. [35] Think of deactivation as a test run of what it would really be like if you were to permanently delete your account. [36] Chances are, your account is tied to other apps like Spotify, OpenTable, and Tinder profile. [10] While he can still do that if people have relatively public profiles, in most cases he can?t access their accounts because he no longer has one. [12] She only uses the desktop version and does not allow any third parties to access her account information. [12]

The only signs that you were ever there will be data that isn?t stored in your account, such as messages to your friends. [37] A friend may still have messages from you even after you delete your account. [8] You need to decide whether you want to deactivate or delete your account. [37] Thinking about deleting your account? Here are the steps you need to take. [7] Upon figuring out how best to go about deleting it, I found 72 apps linked to the account, some of whose content I shudder to imagine disappearing forever. [6] Deleting your account, on the other hand, will make your profile inaccessible forever. [37]

Get the first few followers on your Facebook business page by inviting friends from your personal account. [11] Do remember to download a copy of your Facebook data before deleting your account. [9]

Just remember it takes about a month for your account to get deleted and up to three months for your all your information to be wiped off the platform. [36] Android users can do the same by heading to “Account Settings”, followed by “Location”. [36] Just be sure to save that file before you delete your account. [7] After you?ve finished downloading your archive, you can now delete your account. [35] Beware: once you delete your account, it cannot be recovered. [35]

The text messages, images you’ve sent to your friends via chat will reside at their end because they’re a part of their account also. [9] Less than two weeks after deactivating her account, Turner revived it, because she felt isolated from friends and family. [12]

After that, there will be no way to access your account ever again, for better or worse. [37] #deletefacebook is trending and it’s high time you get rid of your account. [9] If that happens, you can log back in to your account during that stretch and your deletion request will be canceled. [7] Maybe you’re ready to take a break from the social media giant, or shut down your account for good. [7]

Even if you don?t care about your personal data being sold to third parties that might use this information to, say, manipulate a national election, there are plenty of other reasons why you might want to delete your Facebook profile. [37] It?s important to note, however, that deleting your Facebook doesn?t delete your data from any third-party services you may have connected to using your Facebook profile. [37]

The Times reported that device makers could also access data from users’ friends, even those who had explicitly opted out of third-party data sharing, potentially running afoul of Facebook’s 2011 consent decree reached with the Federal Trade Commission. [7] The New York Times reported that the social media giant forged partnerships to share Facebook user data with at least 60 device makers, including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung. [7]

People that are interested in your business Facebook page can easily link to your site or find your store from the information on your page. [11] Use a high resolution profile picture when creating your Business Facebook page. [11] Different types of buttons to use on your business Facebook page. [11] Having a Facebook page for your business only helps more people locate you when looking for your type of business on Google. [11] The controversy has understandably upset many people, particularly daily Facebook users who are now asking themselves, “Should I delete my Facebook?” amid privacy concerns. [36] Pew asked 4,594 people about their Facebook habits in late May and June, about two months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed that millions of Facebook users had their personal information compromised. [12] The #DeleteFacebook movement kicked off in earnest after a series of reports broke that a U.K. -based firm called Cambridge Analytica had obtained information from roughly 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge. [10] These new reports, coming three months after the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in March, might cause even more Facebook users to scrutinize their Facebook privacy settings. [7]

“But generally you should be leery about any site or app that wants access to your, and your friends?, Facebook data. [7] Before you hit “delete,” you may want to save much of that data by downloading your personal information. [7] If you weren?t posting much in your groups, or only want to delete selective posts, this option will be fine. [37]

Even if you?re ready to jump ship, you probably don?t want to leave all those photos behind or have no way to contact your friends and/or that one person you met that one time at that one place. [37] If you were the top commenter in your favorite Furry groups and want these posts to disappear, you?re going to have a harder time. [37] This allows you to reactivate any time you want, simply by logging in to the site. [7]

You want your cover photo to be visually appealing and representative of your business. [11]

A Facebook page for your business is a powerful way to connect with your customers and reach now ones. [11] No matter your marketing goals, you will always have full control of the content in your business Facebook page. [11] Now that you have created your business Facebook page, make sure that you manage it and constantly engage with your followers. [11] There are many factors to consider when creating your business Facebook page, and successful marketing should certainly be a top priority. [11]

You won?t be able to move on to the next step without the information above, so have it handy when creating your Facebook business page. [11] Basic business information required to set up your Facebook business page. [11] Once you upload your profile and cover photos, the initial setup is done, and you will be taken to your new Facebook business page. [11] You will be able to create a new Facebook business page directly from your profile. [11] If you?re not artistically-minded, you can hire a graphic designer to help you create a professional Facebook business page. [11] Now, let?s look at how to create a Facebook business page in detail. [11] Once you create a Facebook business page, you?re all set to advertise on Facebook. [11]

This deletes all of your Facebook data from Facebook’s servers, save for anonymous log files. [8] Make sure you’ve downloaded a copy of your Facebook data before deactivating or permanently deleting it. [9]

Phone Number: Include your phone number so people can call your store directly from your Facebook page. [11] Choose “Create Page” from the drop down arrow located at the upper right corner of your Facebook page. [11] We recommend following the steps below to fully complete the setup of your new Facebook page. [11]

Boosted posts and ads can cost as little as $10 to $20 to reach a large audience, and can help you build an audience and reach targeted Facebook users faster than an organic approach. [11] Other Facebook users won’t be able to visit your profile during the deletion process. [9]

If you?re anything like me, a decent portion of the last decade or so of your life is probably stashed in your Facebook profile. [37] Once you complete the steps in this guide, your Facebook business should be ready to start bringing more business in. [11]

Facebook also gives you 14 days to change your mind, which is great if you’re super indecisive! Signing into your account from any app or other service within the 14 day grace period will automatically cancel the deletion. [16] You actually have two options to get rid of Facebook: you can deactivate your account (meaning it can be reactivated anytime afterward by logging back in), or you can deploy the nuclear option of permanently deleting your account, as recently recommended by WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton. [14] Deleting your account means permanently erasing everything you’ve ever put on Facebook. [15] In order to delete your account permanently you will have to request to facebook support. [14] The only way to be truly secure on Facebook is to delete your account. [17] You can disable the Facebook and delete your account from the phone, however, the Facebook services continue to run and the phone and they communicate with the Internet. [14] Like Facebook, navigating through Instagram?s settings will only give you the option to temporarily disable your account. [17] It’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. [13] If you ever decide to change your mind, Facebook will be more than happy to help you repopulate a new account with all your old digital furnishings. [15] By doing this, you will no longer be able to sign in to your account through Facebook. [38]

Brands can buy different types of customer data sets from a provider, like contact information for people who belong to a certain demographic, and take that information to Facebook to serve targeted ads, said Michael Priem, chief executive of Modern Impact, an advertising firm in Minneapolis. [39] Last month, Facebook announced that it was limiting its practice of allowing advertisers to target ads using information from third-party data brokers like Acxiom. [39]

Kogan then gave Cambridge the data coughed up by some 270,000 people in 2013 — including details about their Facebook friends, an option that Facebook ended in 2014 and which allowed that app?s reach to hit that 50 million figure. [40] More important, the pieces of data that I found objectionable, like the record of people I had unfriended, could not be removed from Facebook, either. [39] How Facebook collects and treats personal information was central this week when Mark Zuckerberg, the company?s chief executive, answered questions in Congress about data privacy and his responsibilities to users. [39]

Facebook allows apps to access much of users’ profile information but has tightened up some controls. [40] At a minimum, they all get what any stranger logged into Facebook would: “your name, profile picture, cover photo, gender, networks, username, and user ID.” [40] Facebook did not, however, say if it had individually notified users of Kogan?s app about this treachery. [40] Ever downloaded an app through Facebook? Time to check your privacy settings. [40] Upon closer inspection, it turned out that Facebook had stored my entire phone book because I had uploaded it when setting up Facebook?s messaging app, Messenger. [39] Here’s how to protect your personal info on Facebook Consider reports that election intelligence firm Cambridge Analytica used 50M Facebook users’ info as a wake-up call to lock down your privacy settings. [40] As a parting gift, Facebook allows you to download all of your personal data. [15] The advertisers can take some pieces of data that they have collected with trackers and upload them into the Custom Audiences tool to serve ads to you on Facebook. [39] There are many different trackers on the web, and Facebook offers 10 different trackers to help brands harvest your information, according to Ghostery, which offers privacy tools that block ads and trackers. [39] Your credit card loyalty program, for example, could share your information with a hotel chain, and that hotel chain could serve you ads on Facebook. [39] The information you share in your profile is a mere snippet of what Facebook and its partners really know about you. [39] Facebook said unfamiliar advertisers might appear on the list because they might have obtained my contact information from elsewhere, compiled it into a list of people they wanted to target and uploaded that list into Facebook. [39] What Facebook retained about me isn?t remotely as creepy as the sheer number of advertisers that have my information in their databases. [39] Once those three months are over, Facebook should have removed all your information: Every status, picture, anniversary and relationship will vanish from the internet, as if it never existed. [15] Let?s be clear: Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what information tech companies have collected on me. [39]

Unlike existing global single sign on solutions like the ones from Google or Facebook, ID4me does not track and analyze the internet surfing habits of its users. [14] When it comes to Facebook, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide, anything regarding the social media site is likely to make a difference in your life. [15] Beth Gautier, a Facebook spokeswoman, put it this way: “When you delete something, we remove it so it?s not visible or accessible on Facebook.” [39] I recently asked Samsung why I was unable to delete the Facebook application from my S8+ – the answer: ‘it is a core application’. [14]

Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. [13] SoundCloud can only be directly connected to a Facebook personal profile. [38] I’ll assume you’ve thought long and hard about the impact deleting Facebook will have on those with which you primarily communicate through the social platform. [14] Facebook has given some users notifications telling them that the password they entered is wrong, when in reality, it’s 100% okay. [16] Before you’re completely off the hook, Facebook shows you photos of all the “friends” you’ll miss (“Callie will miss you”, “Phoebe will miss you”, “Ben will miss you”) followed by a survey asking you to detail your reasons for leaving. [17] Facebook will throw some rather desperate attempts at you to convince you to stay (choose “I don’t find Facebook useful” and it’ll suggest you find more friends on the social network, for example). [14] Having so many friends on the same platform is what makes Facebook so hard to leave. [14]

In either mobile app, tap a “Logged in with Facebook” banner. [40] Facebook also kept a history of each time I opened Facebook over the last two years, including which device and web browser I used. [39] Facebook also had my entire phone book, including the number to ring my apartment buzzer. [39] That Facebook dialog lets you hide your email, although the Guardian ?s own site will then ask you to provide it anyway. [40] When your download is ready, Facebook will send you an email with a link to download. [17] For instance, in addition to recording the exact date I signed up for Facebook in 2004, there was a record of when I deactivated Facebook in October 2010, only to reactivate it four days later — something I barely remember doing. [39] Facebook kept the entire list, including the phone numbers for my car mechanic, my apartment door buzzer and a pizzeria. [39] Digging through your Facebook files is an exercise I highly recommend if you care about how your personal information is stored and used. [39]

If you want to delete your account but don’t want to lose all your account information, download all your crucial data first. [17] The major social networks don’t want you absconding with your precious data, so deleting your accounts requires some determination. [17]

If you are looking to delete any of your numerous accounts, the best places to start are in your user settings, or on the company?s support/FAQ page. [17] Now, to permanently delete your account, you’ll need to learn where the delete option resides. [17] From here, the final steps are clear: Enter your password and solve the security captcha, and your request to permanently delete your account is underway. [17]

In my account it showed that the Amex Offers app had access to my friends list, Likes and current city. [40] For my personal email account alone, Google?s archive of my data measured eight gigabytes, enough to hold about 2,000 hours of music. [39] Since the whole Cambridge Analytica news broke, some users have had issues with deleting their accounts in regards to password issues. [16] In the past, Instagram users have reported that they are prompted to enter their phone number when deleting their account. [17] It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a well-curated Twitter account, but the good news is that deleting your account doesn?t require as much work. [17]

Disabling your account will hide your profile, photos, likes, and comments from the platform. [17] Like Twitter, Snapchat allows you 30 days to reactivate your account before it?s deleted forever. [17] Once the 30 day period is up, Twitter will begin deleting your account. [17] Incredibly, the whole process of deleting your account will take up to 90 days. [15]

You can delete your account, dust your hands, and never go back. [15] Because of this, the biggest networks have made it overly complicated to delete your account. [17] Before you delete your Twitter account, you may want to download your archive. [17] Wanting to delete your account is one thing, but actually being able to hit the delete button is another story. [17] In any case, if you decide to delete your Snapchat account, here?s how. [17]

Although nothing is visible on the site, your account information remains intact on Facebook?s servers, eagerly awaiting your return. [17] Members can monitor the statuses of their requests from their account pages. [41] Once you’re finished with these steps, try deleting your account again with the new password. [16] Once you have your downloaded copy, you can proceed with deleting your account. [17] Follow this link to start the process of deleting your account. [14] From there you?ll be able to find the necessary path to deleting your account. [17] The first thing to know is the difference between deactivating your account and deleting your account. [15]

To recover the photos, you must access the account, since you can’t, the answer is no. [41] You can now sign into your SoundCloud account with your personal Facebook profile. [38] Tap Continue and confirm that you’d like to deactivate your account. [16] Logging into your account during this 90 day period will cancel your deletion request. [14] Your account is still there, hoping you’ll come back and show it some love. [15] In Android, tap the three-line button at the top right, select “Account settings,” then “Apps.” [40] In iOS, that button is at bottom right, after which you tap “Settings,” “Account Settings” then “Apps.” [40]

Familiarize yourself with the other options: temporarily suspending your account, for example. [14]

Facebook shares have fallen around five per cent after media reports that a political consultancy that worked on President Trump’s campaign gained inappropriate access to data on 50 million Facebook users. [40] Facebook’s data privacy scandal has driven many to contemplate ditching the social network for good. [42] In a statement forwarded by Facebook’s corporate communications, vice president for global operations Justin Osofsky said, “We actually reject a significant number of apps through this process.” [40]

Now, just uninstall the Facebook app from your Android and enjoy all the spare time you have to actually, you know, talk to your friends in person. [14] Apps used to be a big deal on Facebook, leading to the huge popularity of Farmville and Words with Friends, meaning that even if you haven’t downloaded a Facebook app, you may already have given an app developer leeway to access your details. [40]

If you’re committed, grab your phone and launch the Facebook app for the last time. [14]

Brands can upload their customer lists into a tool called Custom Audiences, which helps them find those same people?s Facebook profiles to serve them ads. [39] My Facebook data also revealed how little the social network forgets. [39]

According to Consumer Reports, “there?s no way to scrub yourself completely from Facebook, even after you?ve permanently deleted your account: Messages you?ve sent to friends will still be visible in their inboxes, for example, and any posts you?ve made in groups will remain unless you delete them before opting to end your ties to Facebook.” [18] To secure their account, Facebook is asking the Page manager to secure their account using two-factor authentication. [43] You can simply stop using Facebook for a little while and keep your account the way it is right now. [18] “Our goal is to prevent organizations and individuals from creating accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they’re doing,” reads a Facebook announcement about the new process. [43] For some people Facebook has become a major part of their lives, and deciding what to do with your account can be a tough decision. [18] Even with a Facebook Fake Account I am ask for verification with my mobile number. [21] Update 2018-07: This point no longer matters, as Tinder asks for your phone number too again when creating a Facebook based account. [21]

To “sanitize” your phone, you should use your new Facebook in a new user space — much like the burner email or phone number, this will effectively be like using an entire burner phone to access Facebook. [19] The app split off a while back, and doing this allows you to keep using Facebook for one of its primary uses, which is a kind of Rolodex, or a place where you can get in touch with people you know if you don?t have their phone numbers or email addresses. [22]

The Facebook logo circa 2012. (Matt Rourke/AP) Facebook has announced some of its plans to combat the ongoing controversy surrounding how it uses user data. [22] The Guardian reported that Cambridge Analytica had possession of the data in 2015, at which time Facebook asked Cambridge Analytica to delete it all. [20] This lets the hacker to find out loads of your private data like phone number and so on.He may utilize this info to at some point crack your Facebook account.Thus always be rather skeptical with regards to whom you accept as your friend on Fb. [24] Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded questions from news outlets about whether he would testify before Congress about Facebook’s collection and distribution of user data. [20] Facebook is ramping up efforts to clarify privacy controls and help users find exactly what information Facebook knows about them. [20] There are steps we can take when creating a new profile that can severely limit the information Facebook has access to. [19] From now on, you can switch between the regular user space you normally use and this “burner” user space whenever you need to access Facebook. [19] Facebook will have banned these apps already, so now you just need to focus on the apps you don’t use. [23] In a post on Facebook April 4, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would make app permission settings on Facebook easier to find and use. [23] You won’t be able to share posts from apps, play a lot of the games provided by Facebook and the photos you published to your timeline using apps may be deleted. [23] The best way to do this is by using either the Facebook mobile site or a Facebook wrapper app. [19] You can delete Facebook and keep Facebook Messenger as a separate app. [22]

Social media outlets make money off of you and your information, so it shouldn?t come as a surprise that they don?t want to let you go. [17] Social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram (also Facebook-owned) allow you to share images and videos, if that?s the main reason you use Facebook. [22] Even before Facebook rolls out the new privacy and security page, it is still pretty easy to adjust your settings. [22] Facebook will also show a list of countries of the people who manage the Page, and how many managers hail from each country in that list. [43] Under Page History, Facebook will show when a Page has merged with another. [43] This will then be set as the Page’s primary country and display in the new Page Info tab Facebook introduced in June. [43] This problem resulted from old, less strict rules about data collection by developers that Facebook updated in 2014, but Facebook shared the data with Kogan before that. [20] Facebook just announced that managing your data will soon get even easier. [20] Amid this controversy, Facebook is reportedly putting the brakes on a smart home speaker it’s been developing — such devices that recorded users’ speech in their homes and send it to cloud servers for processing are often suspect of spying and data misuse. [20]

In the meantime, here’s the best way to manage app permissions on Facebook. [23] Disconnecting an app from Facebook is only your first step. [23] Today, despite the fact that Facebook has promised further crackdowns, many still fear that Facebook and all of the apps connected to it know too much about them. [20]

While Facebook still has plenty of ways to abuse your privacy after the fact, changing these settings gives you some armor against them. [19] Consumer Reports states that “Facebook will generate a copy of your personal archive and send it to you via an email with a link to a.zip file. [18] Once you decide, Facebook will either send you an SMS code if you provided a phone number, or a verification email if you entered an email. [19] While you do need to link your real phone number to the fake one on Google’s end, Facebook will only be getting your burner digits. [19] The second thing to remember is that often try to be careful when installing Facebook applications.Certainly there are a bunch of fantastic applications on Facebook and there isn’t any reason to not use them. [24] Next, add a name, preferably fake so neither Android nor Facebook can use it, then tap “Next.” [19] If you use Facebook for messaging, there are other choices. [22] If you’re on iOS and are missing the Metal experience, consider using the Facebook mobile site instead. [19] Even with totally false credentials, Facebook can still track your location when using its service. [19]

Under the intimidating circumstance that you or maybe your friends have been the victim of a Facebook hack make sure to replace the password immediately. [24] Between the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the revelation that Facebook logs your phone and text history on Android, many are considering joining the #DeleteFacebook movement. [19] The changes follow the recent news that Facebook had found evidence of possible Russia-linked influence campaigns on its network, whose goal was to influence the U.S. midterms. [43] The option now appears alongside Facebook on the mobile version too. [21] These reports followed news that Zuckerberg would send deputies to speak with British lawmakers on behalf of Facebook regarding privacy issues. [20] Mastodon and Vero are both being billed as sites that could potentially “replace” Facebook in your life. [22]

Your personal data includes things like photos, posts, and videos you have shared with others in addition to other information your account contains. [18] The company has said it will soon roll out a streamlined privacy and security settings page that will make it easier for users to change settings on their accounts. [22] The problem with having a phone number associated with my account, personally, is that I’ve had to change numbers or cancel accounts if I’m spending time abroad and I won’t need it. [21] You can use a phone number instead of an email account if you’d like. [19] You still need to (passively) agree to the terms of their Account Kit, which Tinder uses to log you in. [21] Interestingly, you don’t actually have to use the new browser version to make use of this feature; Not even to create your account. [21] Once you have taken the above steps into account, whether on iOS or Android, it’s now time to create that new Facebook profile. [19] Please note that deactivating or deleting your Facebook profile will prevent you from accessing your Tinder account. [44] This makes it more difficult for their account to be hijacked by a third-party, and is a best practice that all Facebook users not just Page admins should follow. [43] The company removed 8 Facebook Pages, 17 Facebook profiles, and 7 Instagram accounts as a result of its findings. [43] If so, you?ll need to disconnect your Facebook profile from the GoFundMe account it?s connected to. [45]

Type the code here then tap “Confirm,” or verify your account via Facebook’s email. [19]

This is stuff you may want to save before you actually delete your account. [18] This will require the Page managers to secure their accounts and verity their location. [43] The wall of the account will often contain links and adverts in contrast to the account of a regular user. [24] You’ll choose your main profile picture, and hit “DONE” to create your account. [21] There are plenty of elements that is able to reveal whether or not a profile is fake.The vital thing you can examine is at what date the profile was made.If for example the profile is under a month or two of age then it’s likely that the Fb account was made precisely to contact you. [24]

Your account’s privacy settings by default aren’t perfect, and will only hurt your standing the longer you use your account. [19] According to their help site, Tinder doesn’t currently allow for account recovery or changing the number associated with your account. [21] You must provide your number anyway, you can just provide a FB account on top of it. [21]

This means resetting your account is now easier with a phone number based Tinder account, because there’s one fewer step. [21] This will make it inconvenient to reset your account later, as it is much easier to set up a new throwaway FB account than it is to get a new phone number. [21]

Tap “Create New Account,” then enter a name, ideally something fake. [19] I receive the account kit code fine, then enter it only to receive the message ‘Oops! An error occurred while validating the token for text validation. [21]

On March 27, a group of Facebook users filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the social media giant’s Messenger app collected information about their phone calls and text messages. [20] It also explained a new section called Access Your Information, a more user-friendly interface for finding, downloading and deleting personal Facebook data. [20]

As Mark Zuckerberg testifies at the joint committee hearing questions about your own personal privacy on Facebook have probably come to mind After it was recently revealed that Cambridge Analytica obtained misappropriated personal information from of up to 87 million people Facebook users, proactively protecting your data is more important than ever. [23] They also plan to roll out a tool which will make advertisers confirm that they obtained email addresses with the consent of users before they are able to match that data up with Facebook user data to create targeted ads. [22] It’s a Facebook wrapper meant to replace the official Facebook app, and among other things, it blocks ads and uses less power than the official app. While it might not provide foolproof security, Metal won’t request or use sensitive device permissions like its official counterpart. [19] Facebook profiles are hacked much too often these days which explains why this text was published.All of us who visits FB each day need to put these routines to use. [24] If you sign in to Tinder with Facebook, you need an active Facebook profile to be able to use Tinder. [44]

The hacker is not likely to use portraits of themself for the imitation Facebook profile. [24]

Despite Facebook’s best efforts, some users worry, the company might not be able to secure information they share on the platform or keep it anonymous. [20] Plus, Facebook’s app will drain your battery — if nothing else, using the mobile site will extend your iPhone’s lifespan. [19] Just note that once you delete something, it takes 90 days to disappear from Facebook’s servers. [20]

Facebook today announced it’s implementing a new measure to secure Facebook Pages with large U.S. followings in order to make it harder for people to administer a Page using a “fake or compromised account.” [43] Separately, the Facebook Page managers will need to verify their location. [43]

I don’t want to have to create a new Tinder profile each time that happens. [21] Now when I open the app it asks me to verify my number and I really don’t want to do that. [21] If you want to keep in the loop without sacrificing your privacy, you’ll want to follow the steps below. [19] Just because you took the precautions in the steps above, that doesn’t protect you from some privacy infringements on Facebook’s part. [19]

Make sure to delete the app everywhere–on your phone, your tablets, smart TVs, fridges, or whatever other crazy places you?ve logged into Facebook over the years–and it wouldn?t hurt to delete all the apps you have connected to Facebook (that could still have data on you) before you delete your account. [46] Facebook says it can take up to 90 days for all your data to be deleted from its servers, and to avoid logging back into the site for a few days after you?ve requested deletion, as it will, bizarrely, reinstate your account. [46] Facebook is also requiring that individuals who manage pages with large follower count are verified by Facebook, making it much more difficult for people to use fake accounts to admin big Pages. [47] In the latter, you blast your account into oblivion and the only way to use Facebook again is to create a new profile. [48] Here?s Facebook?s definition: “Deactivating your account will disable your profile and remove your name and photo from most things you?ve shared on Facebook. [48] If you do prefer to cut the problem at the roots and remove Facebook altogether, you have two options: deactivate or delete your account. [48] The first account was created in 2011, in total the network had 168 Pages and 140 accounts on Facebook, and 31 accounts on Instagram for a total of 813,000 followers. [47] That’s why, even if it is not strictly marketing oriented, we’ll start this edition of our updates with one of the biggest Facebook investigations (at the moment) and consequent removal of more than 650 Pages, groups and accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. [47] Today we removed multiple Pages, groups and accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram. [47] Now, users can have a little more power, and consistent bad shopping experiences from customers may cause Facebook to shut down specific ads, limit a brand’s reach, or ban their account entirely. [47] Post-Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has been overwhelmed by a negative media blitz, citing fake users and troll accounts and Zuckerberg?s inability to prevent these accounts from being created. [47] Facebook is not just doubling the 5-point score to get the new 10-point ranking–Facebook own algorithm is taking into account more data for calculating these newfound scores. [47] When you deactivate your account, Facebook only hides your information. [48]

Asking users to review how Facebook uses their data to display ads and giving them the option to opt out of targeting like partner categories or personal profile information like relationship status or political affiliation. [47] Ever since Facebook has allowed ads to be targeted using custom audiences there has been a game of cat and mouse where unscrupulous advertisers have developed tools and apps to scrape user data and Facebook has been doing it?s best to shut these down. [47] The “Partner categories” targeting feature has previously allowed advertisers to use info obtained from third-party data companies to target users through Facebook Ads. [47]

If you signed up with Spotify directly, and then connected your account to Facebook, then this is an easy 3 step removal process. [49] The first network of “Liberty Front Press” accounts Facebook found were created in 2013. [47] Some of the things you do on Facebook aren?t stored in your account. [25] If Facebook continues to get the negative reviews, though, the untrustworthy ad account will be at risk. [47] Our own Adespresso customers are reporting recent escalated activity in disabled ad accounts for violating the new policies a sure sign Facebook is taking the recent Cambridge-Analytica scandal quite seriously. [47]

Facebook will need to directly approve all apps that request information like check-ins, likes, photos, posts, videos, events, and groups. [47] All third-party apps will need approval from Facebook directly and a group admin before being able to access a group?s members list, and other information they could access like conversations is being kept off the table. [47] Apps will need Facebook approval before being able to access the Pages API, which allowed them to read posts or comments from any Page. [47] You can still use some Facebook features without using the main mobile app. Use Facebook?s Groups, Pages Manager, and the Messenger apps. [48]

Facebook tests the limits of people’s tolerance for use of private information, as well as over regular changing of privacy settings for their users with little or no notice. [50] Giving users more control of their own data is a far better option than governments imposing restrictions on advertisers so the privacy check that Facebook is rolling out should be welcomed”. [47] Custom Audiences : When Facebook matches your CRM data to their user database and creates a Custom Audience for your advertising campaigns, Facebook is the data processor. [47] Facebook is proving exactly how much they want to shut down data sharing that violates their policies by offering bounties to users who report data abuse. [47] If advertisers want to target certain users, they’ll have to use Facebook’s behavior targeting, interest targeting, or custom audience, with email addresses obtained “Facebook legally.” [47]

Basically, today Facebook uses signals like how many people react to, comment on or share posts to determine how high they appear in news feed. [47] Writing this, I realized I’ve done that with my accounting firm I’ve referred them to other people at least five or six times on Facebook but haven’t liked their Page or left a review. (I’m going to fix that as soon as this post is done). [47] This is just terrible because those if us who chose to not become Facebook members are being left out of the information loop. A public business, or civic page should be just that public, with no information held. [47] Facebook is redesigning Page Insights to make it easier for us to find the most important information at a glance on mobile directly. [47] As part of this process, Facebook is also telling users if their information may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica. [47] Facebook is also testing a new feature that will let users find out more information about an article’s author so they can evaluate the credibility of that exact article in addition to the publication. [47] Facebook is having to talk about cracking down on abuse of user data. [50] They benefit from users having huge histories of data, and benefit from users feeling locked into Facebook. [50] Moving forward, Facebook will be restricting data access to apps on Facebook. [47] As for the second one, instead, it?s official: starting March 1st, news publishers will be able to use their paywalls inside Facebook?s iOS app. Facebook started testing paywalls on Android in October, but at the time it couldn?t come to an agreement with Apple about how subscription revenue would be taxed, they said. [47] It was only a matter of time before Facebook worked to monetize its on-platform marketplace, which lets users post products, goods, and services with the hopes of selling them to other users. [47] Unsurprisingly, many of the now billions of users on Facebook have over a decade?s worth of photos, videos, and posts on the social network. [46] In this special edition to our Facebook Updates post, we?re going to be taking a look at the new “Facebook 2.0” and what it means not only for users but for the advertisers trying to connect with them. [47] In recent months, most of the new Facebook updates have focused on increased security for users and transparency from the Pages they’re exposed to. [47] Facebook is taking big steps to protect users against misinformation that has a tendency to spread like wildfire on most social media platforms. [47] Facebook is updating their current video ad metrics to better align with how users actually watch video ads on the platform, focusing more on how much total time a video is watched. [47] In addition to the feature above, which could result in users spending less time on the platform, Facebook has released two additional features that are designed to help reduce exposure to certain aspects of the platform. [47] Unsurprisingly, Facebook has made changes to this, making it easier for users to find and adjust their privacy settings. [47] The messages Facebook is sending to people whose privacy could have been affected by the app “This Is Your Digital Life.” [47] One of the first announcements that came out regarding the privacy changes was that Facebook was putting a hold on app reviewing. [47] Since Facebook made these recent changes I am unable to share posts from different pages to my group page. [47] I’ve been using the Facebook AD manager to promote my facebook’s page posts on Instagram since last summer. [47] We all know the importance of split testing in Facebook Ads, so the recent discovery of Facebook’s experimentation with a new A/B testing tool for Page posts is great news. [47] Facebook recently dropped a new feature that allows Pages to crosspost single-image posts directly to Instagram. [47] Job posts will appear in multiple places on Facebook, including on a business? Page, in the Jobs dashboard, in Marketplace, and in News Feed. [47] On Pages, Facebook was previously defining reach as a person refreshing their News Feed and the post being placed in their feed. [47] What Facebook have done by preventing the sharing of posts from different pages to other group pages is to provide a wall around views that may be misleading. [47] Facebook has since tackled a lot of the loopholes some Pages were using and found new ways to improve the platform for everyone involved. [47] If you have an automatic Live crossposting relationship established with a Page and each broadcast has different targeting, Facebook suggests using manual crossposting. [47]

Above “enhancing the user experience across Facebook, Instagram and Oculus, and enabling people to communicate and express themselves using the music they love.” (Ole Obermann, Chief Digital Officer, Warner Music Group), this partnership also bears positive and important implications for advertisers as it opens the chance to add Music to shared Memories and Moments. [47] In a nutshell: this is a great update, as the agreements will allow users across Facebook, Instagram and Oculus, to use Universal Music in the videos they upload and share. [47] Facebook, among others, gets that data and uses it to their own advantage. [50] Waiting for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to become effective (as of 25 May 2018) Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp, will take all the necessary steps to make sure that their products and services comply with the GDPR (a regulation that creates consistent data protection rules across the EU). [47] Facebook, in this case as well, processes personal data in order to provide this service to you. [47] It’s also worth noting that Facebook has restricted third-party scheduling of posts to personal profiles. [47] You don’t need Facebook having huge amounts of information with which to profile you. [50] Malicious actors have also abused these features to scrape public profile information so Facebook has disabled this feature. [47] Moving forward, if businesses are going to be sharing customer information through partnerships, they must establish an audience-sharing relationship through the Business Manager and agree to Facebook Custom Audiences Terms. [47] To keep users? information safe and secure, Facebook is changing the way advertisers can target their adverts. [47] According to what Facebook?s Chris Cox declared during Facebook F8 developer conference (in May), Stories are set to surpass the News Feed as the primary way to share content on social some time this year. [47] The motivation behind the downvote button is to create a lightweight way for people to provide a signal to Facebook that a comment is inappropriate, uncivil, or misleading. [47] Since introducing job postings on Facebook in the U.S. and Canada last year, they have built new features for businesses like the ability to create job posts on mobile, manage applications, and schedule interviews. [47] No one likes spammy posts on Facebook, especially the ones that ask you for a certain action, like “comment & share this post” or “like this post if you are xyz”. [47] A single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments you’ve shared with family and friends, including posts and photos, friends you’ve made, and major life events.” [47] You get a copy of everything you shared on Facebook, such as posts, photos, videos, messages and chat conversations, and a lot more. [48] User call and text history will be limited, and Facebook confirmed it does not collect the content of messages and that logs older than one year are deleted. [47] Facebook notes that these changes are made after looking at how users are watching different types of video across the platform. [47] Facebook has made a lot of big changes lately, and it?s generated a ton of conversation and questions from both users and businesses on the platform wondering exactly what this will mean moving forward. [47] They?ll improve Facebook Ads for users and marketers alike, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. [47] Facebook recently released a new Info & Ads feature for Pages. [47] The merging of Power editor and ads manager in a new Facebook Power Editor is probably the news that is directly affecting many of you, and we’ll cover it, along with the improvements to Page Insights, the so much awaited “downvote” button and, of course, Facebook Fourth Quarter reports and full year 2017 results. [47]

Non-profits can also create their own fundraisers for causes thanks to this extension, as most exist on Facebook as Pages. [47] Facebook suggest selecting this option only for trusted Pages. [47]

Although you removed the app, you can still access Facebook on your phone from the browser. [48] One lady from Facebook said in a forum that it’s best to use it if you’re advertising your app and trying to up your installs, but not in other cases. [47] Trouble is how many like me have older devices? Can no longer use Facebook on my iPhone & home laptop from YESTERDAY! Yikes!!! Maybe not, NOT really missed it after the first few hours! GOODBYE FB from me. [47] The bad news is that Facebook scrubs all the metadata from the photos, meaning if you were to upload them to Google Photos or Apple Photos, it?ll look like they were all taken the day you got your download from Facebook. [46] Musk doesn’t mind if he turns off Facebook in the face of 2.6 million likes, where other people might. [50] By enabling people apply to jobs directly on the platform in more than 40 countries, Facebook becomes a central role-player in the Business field helping local businesses hire the right people on one side and bringing people closer to the job of their dreams on the other. [47] Bringing people together is given a brand-new shade this month with Facebook helping people not only to connect with friends and family but to find the job of their dreams. [47] In the next few months, Facebook will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. [47] You should check your Privacy settings – the general ones and also the ones assigned to every individual Facebook post. [47] In this post, we’ll go over all the Facebook updates that you need to know in July. [47] In this June edition of our Facebook Updates post, we’re going to discuss all the new changes that have happened in the past month. [47] This means that the way Facebook reports organic reach will change from February, 12th 2018, therefore you should expect those numbers to drop. [47] All the previous steps covered ways of adding friction to using Facebook and enhancing your experience when browsing. [48] Nothing! Businesses will keep on using Facebook services in the same way they do today, but just as they are responsible for compliance with the laws that apply to them today, companies are responsible for ensuring their own compliance with the GDPR. [47]

At Facebook, preparations are well underway to ensure that our products and services comply with the GDPR. Besides being committed to transparency, control and accountability, we’re also expanding our Dublin-led data protection team to support these efforts, and will hire a Data Protection Officer.” [47] Right now we’re still being fueled by the data breaches all while Facebook is continuing their typical pace of adding new features to the platform. [47] There are some key instances, listed below, in which Facebook may serve as a data processor. [47]

Vidpresso was a social video company containing 7 people and technology that makes live videos more interactive on multiple platforms, and Facebook recently acquired the team and the people (but not the actual company). [47] During Facebook Communities Summit Europe, they announced the launch of “Facebook Community Leadership Program”, a global initiative that invests in people building communities. [47] When Facebook and music come together, we have the power to bring people closer together. [47] This partnership with Facebook reflects the ongoing commitment of Major League Baseball and our clubs to connect with people around the world.” [47] “By hosting original programming, Facebook could boost ad revenue and give people a reason to frequently return to the News Feed for content they can?t get anywhere else. [47] Facebook will commit tens of millions of dollars to the program, including up to $10 million in grants that will go directly to people creating and leading communities. [47] Lots of people would love to leave Facebook, but find it very difficult to do so. [50] Under the partnership, WMG and Facebook will continue to work together to develop new products that enable users to personalize their music experiences across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Oculus. [47] Facebook Stories is testing a new sticker type, which will allow users to “tap to react” when viewing them. [47] As we already mentioned, Facebook is releasing more and more features and updates to encourage meaningful interactions between users. [47] Users can give feedback on products that are being advertised on Facebook. [47]

Facebook is starting to test the ability for viewers to Rewind Live videos from Pages while they’re still live. [47] Facebook is making two big updates to Page Insights to help businesses better understand how their Pages are performing. [47]

With Facebook looking to create a newsfeed with less sensational content this is a good time for advertisers to evaluate their style of ad creative. [47] Facebook has decided to publish their enforcement numbers for the first time. [47] Now that we have kicked most of the habit of logging into Facebook, it?s time to take out of each session exactly what we want. [48] Now every time you browse Facebook you?ll only notifications about things you truly care about. [48] Be patient: If you?ve been on Facebook for a long time, it?ll be a large file. (I joined in 2005, and my archive was 925 MB.) [46] Before, I was sure that I didn?t spend a lot of time browsing Facebook. [48] There are many benefits in reducing the time you spend on or removing Facebook. [48] The deal marks the first time a major U.S. sports league has granted exclusive rights to Facebook. [47] It’s convenient, but at the same time it gives more control to Facebook. [50] Keep in mind that Instagram and Facebook have different sets of best practices, including hashtag usage and even potential peak usage times. [47] This is the winning move pushing Facebook towards the future and leaving conventional TV Networks a step back. [47] Facebook launched the Watch platform back in August actually, as a way to compete more directly with other video distribution platforms online. [47] As a way of helping the community adopt and grow their Facebook Live strategies, Facebook has released 2 new feature for Live Persistent Stream Keys and Live Crossposting. [47] Together, Facebook and the music industry are bringing the songs you love into the way you express yourself on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger. [47]

The revolutionary decision announced by MarkZuckerberg to change Facebook News Feed algorithm to prioritize news from friends and family at the expense of public content, news publishers, and marketers, is “The Thing” everyone is talking about. [47] With the new changes Facebook will now be in the driving seat, this means that ethical advertisers will no longer be at a disadvantage to the spammers, creating a level playing field will help a majority of advertisers. [47]

Facebook is working for us, they have reviewed and categorized hundreds of thousands of posts to create a machine learning model that can detect different types of engagement bait. [47] Thanks for sharing this article on Facebook recent updates and these are amazing, from 3D posts to merging of power editor and ads manager each one is very interesting and inspiring to give those a try. [47] Advertisers should choose this option if they are less familiar with all the components of Facebook advertising campaigns, or if they preferred the previous Ads Manager’s guided creation flow. [47]

This acquisition could give Facebook the edge it needs to offer the most compelling live video platform, with increased interactivity like on-screen polling, graphics, and more. [47] With Pagevamp, we run our site from Facebook and there?s no need to update it. [51]

Otherwise, you replace the habit of checking Facebook on the app to checking in on Chrome. [48] This past May, Facebook mandated that all apps undergo an app review process by August 1st. [47] Facebook is testing a new area of its app called “Today In,” a mix of city-specific events, announcements and local news. [47]

As someone who uses professional groups on Facebook a lot, I can attest that they’ve long been a resource to partner up mentors and mentees. [47] Trov is an insurance company that uses Facebook single sign on. [50]

That?s why the first step to remove Facebook is tackling using the platform on your smartphone. [48] Follow steps 1 to 6 to learn how to turn Facebook into an enjoyable experience. [48] The second step to remove Facebook is to make life harder for this one. [48] The third step to remove Facebook from your life is to log out after each surfing session. [48]

Sadly, deleting Facebook is a lot more complicated than it looks. [49] We are delighted to partner with Warner, its artists and songwriters, and welcome them to our platforms.” (Tamara Hrivnak, Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships, Facebook). [47] Grouping with Warner Music Group, Facebook not only recognizes the value that music creates on social networks but it also empowers songwriters to reach audiences around the world. [47] The goal of Facebook was to create an experience is now explicit, more visual, and easy-to-find. [47]

With the newest Facebooks? releases, richer and higher-quality 3D content can now be shared with Facebook supporting the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format with 3D posts. [47] Hey Gang,I Love the post and have a lot to work on, Thx! But I have a question about the new call to action button “Continue with Facebook”. [47]

Although GDPR only covers the rights of European citizens it applies to companies worldwide if they have customers or prospects in Europe, therefore for a global platform like Facebook it?s good news that they are now compliant. [47] Facebook contact 1 844 444 4189 There is no real way to recover a record that was erased forever. [25] Facebook has just released new ways for gaming marketers to connect with potential players. [47] The ability to offer exclusive, paid content to certain groups is a great way to monetize an active Facebook community that you’ve built. [47] Plus, user-generated content can be a way to work around the annoying limitations to Facebook advertising. [47] It?s no secret that video is one of the best ways to grab a user?s attention on Facebook. [47] Using the new Open Graph tag, developers can enable 3D content from their website to automatically appear in 3D when shared on Facebook. [47] There have been lots of rumors about these numbers and the possible implosion of Facebook. [47] I always joked that one day Disney was going to rule the world, but maybe it’ll be Facebook instead, at least when it comes to the communication world. [47] After RAICES (refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) raised more than $20 million in just 11 days, Facebook knew they had to offer new capabilities. [47] In the last 10 days, you?ve heard a lot of “rumors” on how the Facebook algorithm changed and how this will affect your News Feed. [47] Now here’s the problem, as of about 5-6 days ago the entire Facebook “look” has changed. [47]

After you press the OK button, Facebook will then email you to confirm the deletion process has started. [46] Some of these changes will impact your Facebook advertising strategy, so our Facebook round up this month focuses just on the recent updates that affect marketers. [47] Big changes are on the horizon both for Facebook as a company, and for us as advertisers. [47] In all of these changes, Facebook is directly addressing one of the biggest issues they’ve faced: the political controversy. [47] This change of focus on local news is taking effect in the U.S., and Facebook is planning to expand it to more countries this year. [47] During this conference, Campbell and Adam talked about the direction Facebook is taking, with all the improvements and changes that have been recently made to the News Feed and the algorithm itself. [47] Thanks for sharing this awesome compilation, it serve as reminder for me and as well as very helpful in planning my next Facebook plan for 2017, although there might be some more changes soon or a bigger change is coming. [47] Yep, as Google is going changes timely FaceBook too is getting to change its update timely. [47]

From Facebook live updates to political and issue ad rollouts, we’ll cover them one by one to give you the info you need to know to survive in the ever-changing ad landscape. [47] If you need to adapt your Facebook ad strategy to the new rules, just take a look at the ideas we collected here. [47] Facebook ads is the place to be for anyone doing digital marketing. 89% of Facebook ad revenue is from mobile. [47] Some ads might still be visible, but most have been blocked since the launch of Facebook political ads transparency tools. [47] They totalized more than $6,000 in spending for ads on Facebook and Instagram, paid for in U.S. dollars, Turkish lira, and Indian rupees. [47] At the 2018 F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced that they’ll be testing augmented reality ads in Messenger with select brands, and this week they announced that something similar would be showing up in users’ feeds. [47] Facebook has just launched an eCommerce review tool inside the Recent Ads Activity dashboard. [47] Selling was never processed through Facebook, only listed there, so their means of monetizing the marketplace is with new ads and boosted listings. [47] Facebook has also finally released their newly updated format for political and issue ads. [47] Evidence of this can be found in the increased transparency and procedures around issue ads, engagement baiting, and the well-known Facebook banhammer. [47] The process is similar to what Facebook already does with your ads inside the same AdSet: depending on the ad?s performances, it will allocate more budget to the “winning” ads. [47]

Despite all the controversy and concerns over privacy and election rigging, Facebook as an enterprise has continued to grow in the past months. [47] Nonprofits have more good news, as Facebook has recently rolled out new fundraising options. [47] As some of you may have noticed, Facebook does not allow advertisers to ask for users’ gender preferences anymore (the “Interested In” field in Advanced Options). [47] In the age of social media, the old say “New Year, New Me” has become “New Year, New Facebook”! At least for MarkZuckerberg, whose New Year?s resolution is to fix Facebook. [47] Many businesses no longer have updated websites and appear to rely on Facebook to advertise. [47]

I am not a facebook user, do not even have an account, however, my dog’s day care uses it to post photos of the pups as they play during the day. [47] Now that you have all your data, you can deactivate or delete your account. [48] The only option to have everything truly removed is to delete your account permanently. [48]

Accounts and Pages linked to “Liberty Front Press” typically posed as news and civil society organizations sharing information in multiple countries. [47] This will make it much harder for people to administer a Page using a fake account. [47] The last set of accounts and Pages that facebook’s investigation uncovered, largely shared content about Middle East politics in Arabic and Farsi. [47] If you have never taken the chance to read Facebook’s full Ad Policies, now is the time to do it to prevent your account from being disabled. [47] The investigations started this past July, when FireEye, a cybersecurity firm, gave Facebook a tip about “Liberty Front Press,” a network of Facebook Pages as well as accounts on other online services. [47] In total, they had 74 Facebook Pages, 70 accounts, and 3 groups on Facebook, as well as 76 accounts on Instagram. [47]

Most of your information will be hidden and you can always activate your account back when you want. [48] If you want to take rest, then you can simply deactivate your account for some days. [25]

Used to be I could access the photo albums of the daycare to view my doggy, but now it won’t even let me do that without logging in which means I would need an account. [47] When you are ready to reactivate your account, all you need to do is log back in. [48] How can I get a permanently deleted Google account back? It was deleted many years ago. [25] There is no way to retrieve an account that was deleted permanently. [25] The only way to keep the same email is to completely close your previous account. [49]

Another set of accounts and Pages, the first of which was created in 2016, not only they posed as news organizations, but they also engaged in traditional cybersecurity attacks, including attempts to hack people?s accounts and spread malware. [47] If you wish to stream while logged into a different account, launch the browser app and navigate to facebook.com. [27] In the first, you can reactivate your account when you decide to use the service again. [48] In that case, the only way to extricate yourself is to start a new Spotify account. [49] Also: you might need to give Spotify a few minutes (or more) to completely close your previous account. [49] For us, this was a several day process, because on the account we tested it on, there are 11 years of history to clean up. [50] It will be open to anyone with a Workplace account and will help them to create and manage their own online communities. [47] And, even if they do, you have to decide for yourself if you wish to lose that history and create a new account, or keep them around. [50]

There is a deactivation stage which is roughly for 2 weeks that allows you to retrieve your account in case you change your mind. [25] They’re also making changes to account recovery to reduce the risk of scraping as well. [47]

They used similar tactics by creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they were and what they were doing. [47]

This could be a play to encourage users to keep the mobile app and not delete it, so it may not be entirely self-sacrificing on Facebook’s part. [47] One of the biggest complaints users had about Facebook’s privacy settings was that they were too difficult to find. [47] There is now a prototype version of a “Your Time on Facebook” tool, which will show users how much time they spend on the mobile Facebook app. [47] Users in test markets will be able to access the feature through the bottom-right menu button (the three horizontal lines) in the core Facebook app. [47] For legitimate advertisers this is a good move, the more trust there is in Facebook pages the more users are likely to trust and engage with Facebook advertisers. [47] What matters marketers the most, is that Facebook Pages are getting a new look for mobile users. [47] Pagevamp connects with your Facebook Page, pulls all of your information, photos and videos, to automatically build a beautiful website in seconds. [51] Your new website is synced with your Facebook Page, so all your Facebook news posts, events, and photos will be updated automatically on your Pagevamp website. [51]

When you?re ready to apply for a role, you can create an application, which will populate with job history and other information in your Facebook profile. [47]

If you’re using the Ads Manager mobile app, there’s a good chance that you need to create content on-the-go and don’t want to use multiple apps to edit your images before creating campaigns. [47] International Woman?s Day is just behind us, and we want to celebrate it mentioning #SheMeansBusiness, a project started in 2016 that, on March 8th, launched Community Finder a new way of bringing people (Women in this case) together using the power of social connections to create a powerful and future-oriented community. [47]

If you still use find the network valuable for some things (which I do), I?ll teach you how to spend only a few minutes per day browsing only what you want. [48] I don?t want ads, photos of people I don?t know or political debates full of hate. [48] Underneath Optimization for Ad Delivery, choose how you want us to deliver ads to people based on what you’re trying to achieve. [47]

Even after unfollowing all your friends, there are people you once added as friends that you simply don?t want to know about. [48]

This means if your small business wants to hire an ad agency to run your campaigns for you and utilize custom audiences from your customer lists, you’ll need to set this up. [47]

To create a website with Pagevamp, you need to be an admin of a Facebook Page. [51] Elon Musk is an extreme example of this: SpaceX had a Facebook page with 2.6 million likes, and he wasn’t aware they even had a Facebook page. [50]

Under “Settings”, there appears to be an option called “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. [49] Whichever option you choose, I recommend that you download a copy of all your Facebook data first. [48]

We are in full support of these changes because we believe they are critical to maintaining trust between advertisers and Facebook users. [47]

Here?s how to control your data on Facebook, and, if you?re particularly fed up, how to delete your account entirely. [29] My ID matches the information on my account and I haven’t heard back from the Facebook team. [32] I’m from Brazil and my profile account was disabled by Facebook in 2014, and I need it back. [32] My account was Disabled 3 days ago. And after 2 days I just received a message from Facebook team. I wanna know if there’s still hope if they will give me back my account. [32] Once you submit your proof, wait until facebook reactivates it, it may take 2-7 days time for them to reactivate an account in general. [32] On the website, a user has to put in a request to Facebook to have an account deleted. [30] Accordingly, your account has been disabled and you are no longer permitted to use Facebook. [32] Your account was disabled because we determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook. [32] If i write to Facebook and explain the error will they accept it was an innocent mistake ( i have evidence that i own the business) or will they permantly suspend the account. [32] Of course, if you?re completely at the end of your rope when it comes to Facebook, you can simply choose to erase your presence from the service by deleting your account. [29] I received an email today from Facebook and they reinstated my account. [32] How can I contact the Facebook team? I need to know the reason that my account got disabled, I need at least an explanation about my case. [32] Today I got again a new message from facebook in which they apologize for this inconvenience and they unlocked my account. [32] It means you should wait until facebook mail’s you and in that mail, you will know whether you will get back ur account or not. [32] Your account has been permanently disabled for not following the Facebook Community Standards. [32] Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards. [32] Fb staff don’t restore accounts that were disabled for severe violations of the Facebook Community Standards. [32] Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, invented the word BFF. To make sure your account is safe on Facebook, type BFF in a comment. [52] A Facebook status update meme claims that a green “BFF” in typed comments is an indicator of account security; it isn’t. [52] That’s good to know, I’ve read some places that once they disable your account you can’t never join Facebook anymore because you’re not eligible for it. [32] Your account was disabled for violating the Facebook Terms. [32] There’s no reply from Facebook and I can’t still able to log-in my account. [32] For certain violations, facebook won?t even issue a warning too before disabling your account. [32] We can’t say the exact reason about why facebook has disabled our account. [32] Your account has been disabled because we have determined that you are not representing yourself authentically on Facebook. [32]

Facebook can also use data like your date of birth, location and other information to provide you with ads you might find relevant, and improve the site itself. [29] Facebook lays out exactly what data it collects to craft a profile about you that can be used to target you with specific ads on its Data Use Policy site. [29]

You can manage one Facebook fan page, create one custom tab for it, use Cover Photo designer, find great content with posts suggestion tool, and schedule one Facebook and one Twitter update per day. [53] People who are logging into Facebook less often—but aren’t fully disconnected—are noticing more and more frequent prompts to come back, sometimes multiple times a day, via emails or text messages reminding them what they’re missing out on, according to screenshots and reports from users around the world. [30] It could take up to 90 days for Facebook to fully delete all of the information you?ve uploaded to its servers. [29]

It?s important to note that Facebook isn?t the only company that collects and uses your data like this. [29]

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