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Thank You Page After Form Submission
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  • In this article, we'll walk you through the process of redirecting users to another page after a successful form submission.(More...)
  • If you use a MailChimp embedded form, after you set up a redirect to your custom thank you page, you'll need to disable JavaScript for your form.(More...)
  • Hi @myonke, if you are using a custom action url (i.e. not sending the forms to Webflow) then the redirect url field in Form settings will have no effect, that is for Webflow form submissions only.(More...)
  • On your form's "Success Pages" page, use the list on the left to select a Success Page.(More...)
  • The email uses the "Successful form submission text" field from the "Alert Messages" tab as the subject line.(More...)
  • In order to add a query string to the end of your form's confirmation page URL, you need to have the Page option selected and a confirmation page selected from the dropdown menu.(More...)


  • Once the form is validated and submitted I would like to hide the form and show a thank you message in the same place without any redirects.(More...)
  • The form submit action defaults to show a "thank you" message which can be edited.(More...)



In this article, we'll walk you through the process of redirecting users to another page after a successful form submission. [1] If you want to only redirect a form submission if a particular radio button is selected, select the radio button field, then select is to evaluate the value of the field, and finally the value you're looking for. [1] Next, navigate to the form that you want to configure form submission redirects on. [1] Performs form submission redirections based on the referrer URL. [1] Replaces post content with the results of your form submission. [1]

Is it possible to pass Contact ID onto URL of "Thank You" page after order form submission? Trying to capture unique field to assign digital key. [2] If you'd like to redirect customers to a thank you page after a newsletter or contact form submission, use this modification. [3] Do you want to redirect users to another page after they successfully submit a contact form? Perhaps you want to send them to a thank you page or a custom landing page? In this tutorial, we will show you how to redirect users after a WordPress form submission. [4]

If you use a MailChimp embedded form, after you set up a redirect to your custom thank you page, you'll need to disable JavaScript for your form. [5] My form is in a custom modal and it would be ideal for the form to disappear and the message appear instead of taking the user to a new URL or reloading the page. [6] Under What should happen after a visitor submits this form, select the radio button next to Redirect to another page. [7] Depending on your product subscription, there are a few ways to redirect visitors to a thank you page after they submit a form. [7]

Now, when someone submits your MailChimp embedded form, they?ll be redirected to your custom thank you page. [5] One question we're frequently asked is how to redirect users to another post or page on their WordPress site after they've successfully submitted a form. [1] If you are using Contact Form 7 plugin, then you probably know that when a user fills a contact form and hit Submit button they will not redirect to any page. [8] Plugin submits the user's data through Ajax and keep the user on the same page where contact form is displayed. [8]

Gravity Forms Chained Selects Add-On v1.1 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page. [1]

What if you only want to redirect certain users, based on what they input in your form? Confirmations also support conditional logic to redirect users to different locations for different submissions. [1] Be sure to save your confirmation and test it by performing a test submission on your form. [1]

In this tutorial I'll show you how to redirect a url after form submission using php. [9] Choose Website to redirect your forms to a website after every form submission is made. [10] You can send form submission users to any web address you'd like. [4] We don't have the built-in ability to conditionally redirect users upon form submission right now. [4] Here's how to redirect users after WordPress contact form submission. [4]

After a form submission, the user is directed to the Google Forms submission success page. [11] After a user submits a form, it can be disorienting for them if they just sit on the same page with no indication that their message was received. [4] You can choose to show them a thank you page, redirect them to a form or a website and also add splash messages for your forms. [10] Here is the full code for the "process.php" page to show the thank you message when they submit their form. [12] Now you can redirect users to another page or URL when they submit a form on your website. [4] Anywhere You can redirect users after WordPress form submit to any page on your site or anywhere online. [4] After you have created your form, you are ready to redirect users to another page once they submit the form. [4]

Because your form action is calling a separate page for processing rather then using itself (we will cover that later), you need to somehow let your visitor know that information has been sent. [12] Through redirection you can actually divert your user after submitting form to land to particular page of your choice in order to perform certain actions. [9] My experience with order form thank you pages is that the only useful data passed on the URL is the OrderID. You have to use the API to pull the ContactId from the Order. [2] The page is a calculator to help their business, would they have to fill out the form every time they access the page? Or can I use this so that they only fill out a form 1 time and they can then access this page anytime they?d like without having to fill it out every time. [4] While creating your form, you can specify a web page on your site to use as your form's thank you page. [13] When the form gets submitted, this message will be displayed for a few seconds till the thank you page or the redirection page is displayed. [10] If the redirected form is deleted, thank you page will be displayed after the form is submitted. [10] WPForms allow you to add your forms in various locations from your blog posts, pages, and your sidebar (widget-ready areas). [4] You'll want to embed the form on an existing page or blog post. [4] Parent Window : The URL opens up in place of the web page in which you've embedded the form. [10] Respondents land on a thank you page once they submit a form. [10] Added: April 22, 2018 The Thank You Page settings had been streamlined for easy access and modification in the Card Form layout. [14] Now test your newsletter form and verify that the thank you page is being shown. [3] Keep in mind that the page still has to have a.php extension for your form to process correctly. [12]

Hi @myonke, if you are using a custom action url (i.e. not sending the forms to Webflow) then the redirect url field in Form settings will have no effect, that is for Webflow form submissions only. [11] Show message after submission: You can use this option to add a custom success message for your form submission. [15] There are many different ways you can use the Emails and Actions interface to manage online form submission data. [16] Simplify the way you handle your form submissions with Formstack's Emails and Actions feature. [16]

This handy interface brings together all the tools you need to have full routing control of your form submission data and form email settings. [16] Managing your form submission data and form email settings is easy with Formstack. [16]

Quickly send online form submission data to the people and places that need it. [16]

If you use the Redirect Query String feature in Gravity Forms, you can create and track different form submission goals on Google Analytics without having to create a different confirmation page for each form. [17] Then you can use Add Choice in Form Editor to choose different TY pages. [18] If the Thank You pages have a predictable URL structure (i.e. based on the LP URL and/or other characteristics/variables on the LP), then I'd do this using the Forms JS API (set the follow-up URL in onSuccess). [18] When you submit your form, you will get thank you page and the POST endpoint will be invoked simultaneously. [19] To this thank you page, we are passing 3 request attributes which will hold the form field values. [19] In the screenshot below, we are submitting the adaptive form to thank you page located at /content/thankyou. [19] The form could then capture the unique value for each page and route to the appropriate thank-you page. [18] I have a simple Mailchimp form embedded on a landing page and I'm trying to get a success message ("Thank you!") to return after the user inserts their email address. [20] If I have 4 different url landing pages (non-marketo) that I want to use the same form on, returning 4 different thank you confirmation pages, can I use the url itself to differentiate? I'm not following the query string part of the response. [18] You cab route to different landing pages based on rules set using the Add Choice/Advanced Thank you Page functionality within the form settings. [18] The form will be on multiple landing pages, but we are running LPs on Adobe AEM. It looks like the TY page setting based on address should work. [18]

The Submit to REST endpoint option passes the data filled in the form to a configured confirmation page as part of the HTTP GET request. [19] A Success Page is the page shown to form users after they've completed your form. [21] If your form has no Success Pages, it will show a default Formsite "thank you" page at the end. [21] When you copy a form, its Success Pages will be copied along with it. [21]

Will this form be on a single landing page or on different pages? If it is on multiple landing pages, you choose a different thank you page within the form area of the landing page where the form is hosted. [18]

To access the After Submission Options, open the Settings tab on your form. [15]

EmailMeForm?s form builder has a basic confirmation page built in for any type of form, with a "Thank you! Your submission has been saved!" message shown on a white background. [22] It was often used for the purpose of tracking form submissions with web analytics services or redirecting to another page after a form submission. [23]

On your form's "Success Pages" page, use the list on the left to select a Success Page. [21] The WordPress Plugin allows you to use the shortcode found here to embed a form in any of your pages or posts. [24] In Unbounce you have the secondary option to use the built-in form confirmation dialogue instead of a separate thank-you page. [25] Since you're not passing any form values to another page or another form, you could also just use the merge tag by itself. [17] I looked for a way to do a redirect but it was by adding it to the functions and by doing that it means that ALL the forms get taken to the same thank you page. [26] By default, visitors who submit a form on your Leadpage will get directed to a generic thank you page. [27] Follow the steps below to customize what happens when visitors submit forms on your pages. [27] This is usually the thank-you page that displays after a visitor submits a form. [25]

You can find out the embed post/page id by looking at the edit URL of any post or page that has that form embedded on it. [17] This includes pages or posts that have the form in a widget, also. [17] Many businesses repurpose thank you pages for websites into email form for auto-responders. [28] When form receives an entry it will trigger this basic thank-you page unless you customize it. [22] Archive: Removes the form from your main active forms page but keeps the form available for new subscriptions. [24] Now, when someone submits an inquiry on this form, the confirmation page URL will be something like "?pid6" added to it. [17] You could use the same confirmation page for as many forms that you want. [17] A lot of forms and landing pages include built-in functionality to display a confirmation message once an action is completed. [29] In one of our previous blog posts we talked about setting up payment forms on your websites, landing pages, and social networks. [22] In EmailMeForm reality, a confirmation page that is generated when your form gets submitted can have many interesting functions and shapes. [22] Hi, I need to do a redirect from one contact form to a thank you page. [26] A Thank You page can follow up any desired action on your site, from filling out a contact form to subscribing to an email newsletter or purchasing a product on your site. [29] Let's say the id of your home page is 17 and the id for your contact page is 33, then you would create two goals (i.e. Home Page Inquiries and Contact Form Inquiries) with two different destination URLs. [17] What I want to do is to make 1 specific contact form to send the people to a specific thank you page and just that one form. [26] Your Thank You page should also confirm any relevant details relating to the conversion, such as how long it will take you to respond after they?ve filled out a contact form, or when they can expect to receive the whitepaper they?ve opted-in for. [29] If you have the same Gravity Form on multiple pages, you can track different goals as well. [17]

If you don't want your page to be reloaded after the successful submission of the form, you can use the AJAX parameter in the Pirate Forms shortcode and in the Pirate Forms widget. [30] You can redirect users to a new page after a successful form submission by setting the AMP-Redirect-To response header and specifying a redirect URL. The redirect URL must be a HTTPS URL, otherwise AMP will throw an error and redirection won't occur. [31] It has its fair share of challenges to be sure but the one I struggle with most is the lack of a thank you page after a form submission in both CDK Global and sites. [32]

The email uses the "Successful form submission text" field from the "Alert Messages" tab as the subject line. [30] Sending forms through JavaScript This article looks at ways to use a form to assemble an HTTP request and send it via custom JavaScript, rather than standard form submission. [33] Store submissions in the database when enabled, you can store form submissions inside your WordPress site (in addition to sending notification emails). [34] When disabled, the only record of form submissions will be notification emails. [34] This allows you to then track Ads on the Facebook side that are responsible for conversions (contact form submissions). [35] You can select a text for successful form submission message. [30] This fires when a form submission has completed successfully, and mail has been sent. [23] If you want to track both contact form submissions on your site (like we showed you above), as well as WooCommerce orders, then a separate single event pixel must be created with Twitter. [35] Store submissions in the database : Should the submissions be stored in the admin area? If chosen, contact form submissions will be saved in Contacts on the left (appears after this option is activated). [30] This setting tells Contact Form 7 to run the ga() (Google Analytics tracker) function when a form submission completes and mail has been sent successfully. [23] In this example, we will be setting up conversion tracking for a lead on a contact form submission. [35] Conversions will now show in AdWords for campaigns that generate a contact form submission. [35] There are a lot of different ways to track conversions, but one of the most common ones is tracking contact form submissions. [35] From newsletter signups, to contact form submissions, and of course sales of products and or services. [35] In this example, we simply choose "contact us," since we are wanting to track a contact form submission, and hit continue. [35]

In order to add a query string to the end of your form's confirmation page URL, you need to have the Page option selected and a confirmation page selected from the dropdown menu. [17] With Gravity Forms, you are able to add a query string at the end of your forms' confirmation page URLs. [17]

"Thank You" URL if you want to redirect people who submit your form to another page on your WordPress site, you can choose that page here. [34] In the Customize tab, simply enter the URL of the page to which you want to redirect and save the form. [23] Successfully submits the form (if you didn't choose to redirect them to a thank you page earlier). [34] In our example we want to track a conversion on our thank you page, which our form redirects to. [35] Once you've configured your form, you're ready to add it to WordPress! You'll use something called a shortcode to add it to your page. [34] "Thank You" URL : Select the post-submit page for all forms submitted. [30] Otherwise, users will stay on the same page after submitting your form. [34] Using a shortcode : Pirate Forms can also be added to any post or page using the shortcode. [30] The rest of the module however is a bit more advanced -- it is easy to put form widgets on a page, but you can't actually do much with them without using some advanced form features, CSS, and JavaScript. [33] You don't want anyone hitting that page unless they fill out a form. [35] You can even capture the GA clientID on thank you page & attach it with form ID. [36] In our example, we are using the thank you page /thank-you/ we created earlier with a redirect in our contact form plugin. [35] Next we need to have your contact form redirect to your thank you page after someone fills it out. [35]

Previously his would redirect the user to the page after submission. [23] To Track Unique Users, you use Unique Submission feature of Jot Form. [36] When the form allows the user to edit the form at a later date, the user is only redirected to the payment gateway upon the initial submission. [37] Add a reCAPTCHA : You can add Google's reCAPTCHA to your form to prevent spam submissions. [30]

Be sure to check out the Netlify documentation for details on how to configure form submission notifications and use tools like Zapier to populate a spreadsheet or send an email. [38] Browsers that use webkit-based engines currently (as of August 2016) do not support invalid form submissions. [31] Without some fancy tag manager code, I am unsure of how to track real form submissions or abandons on our website. [32] Allows you to trigger the form submission on a specific action, for example, tapping a link, or submitting a form on input change. [31] On each form submission, amp-form finds all input inside the form and applies variable substitutions to its value attribute and replaces it with the result of the substitution. [31]

Code an HTML form into any page on your site, add a netlify attribute or data-netlify"true" within the tag, and you can start receiving submissions in your Netlify site admin panel. [38]

Now you should have a thank you page and a contact form redirecting to it. [35] Contact submission recipients when someone submits your contact form, Pirate Forms will send the details to these email addresses. [34] I want the form to be saved and then redirect the user to my second Visualforce page (Thank You Page) without using an apex extension page. [39] Even if you?re using an identical Unbounce page to pull through the same form functionality twice, tag the form completions differently to give you an idea of whether users are more likely to convert at the top of the page before they get distracted, or lower down when they have had time to absorb the benefits of your offering. [40] You could lead with a strong call to action and the form at the top of the page, then follow up further down the page when users have had time to absorb more information about your offering. [40] The solution here is to have your call to action or form obscured during parts of the page, only to reappear at other, more appropriate times (as in the next section). [40]

A common use case is to submit a form on input change (selecting a radio button to answer a poll, choosing a language from a select input to translate a page, etc.). [31] To prevent the page from changing to the JSON response/result we need to submit the form using AJAX. [41] This simple CSS code will fix a form on the right-hand side of a page for screen widths over 800px (that being where Unbounce switches from Desktop to Mobile design, meaning the positioning needs to be different). [40] You can use CSS styling to fix it in place on a screen rather than on a page, then when your visitor scrolls down, the form or CTA will travel with them -- always within easy reach. [40] Here Unbounce use two CTAs (the orange buttons), but don?t rely on having the form on the page. [40] Unbounce can?t track conversions through an iFrame, so even if you use another Unbounce page as the form you draw in, you?re going to be breaking out of Unbounce?s native tracking. [40] This will allow you to offer a full form for users to fill out, at different points on the page, without having to worry about it becoming wallpaper or whether you can marry up external conversions. [40] The form itself functions like a filtered view or visualization, so it'll be shown in your profile page and data catalog. [42] I prefer to offer a form that visually presents each field on an individual page with a smooth progression between pages, so as to lessen the burdensome feeling of completing the form. [40] Create a button further down the page where you would want your second form. [40] It?s worth bearing in mind that one solution is to not have the form on your page at all, and have your call-to-action buttons linking to other pages with forms. [40] I have a Visualforce page that's a form which is linked to my custom object in Salesforce. [39] An option that will keep everything on the same page is a sticky form. [40] This will allow for multiple forms, for each form to be positioned differently on the page, to function in a different way, and for entries to each form to be tagged differently (which will offer insight on the effectiveness of the page). [40] It cuts out a lot of the back and forth of building the form elsewhere and then trying to make that form, within an iFrame, act on your page the way you want it to. [40] Evidence that variables have been passed through the form page you want to measure. [32] Thanks for this post, Robin! I love that you took the time to breakdown how to manage forms on a landing page when there sometimes can be a use case for more than one. [40] Having chosen Unbounce as a one-stop-shop for creating landing pages, breaking out of that to use external forms could be considered a step away from the original purpose. [40] If you don?t know the difference between these two types of landing pages, it?s safe to assume you?re currently using a single opt-in form. [43] It has a more intuitive landing page builder, with robust analytics (including heatmaps built into pages for optimization insights), integration partners with major CRMs, automation, and other marketing tools, plus custom code can be used to implement any of Robin's 1 form workaround ideas. [40] One limitation is that each landing page on Unbounce can only have one embedded form (there are a few community articles discussing the topic, for instance: 1, 2, 3 ). [40]

You will need to also set a name attribute on the form so Netlify can identify which form your submissions are coming from (in case you ever have more than one form on a site). [38] Was this question ever answered? I also would like to know if Form fields can be required before a submission will be accepted. [42] Your form can even submit to a private dataset so that can you can review submissions without making them public. [42] The form is submitted and before the submission is complete. [31]

Markdown allows HTML, which is why we are adding the HTML form directly to the body of this page. [38]


Once the form is validated and submitted I would like to hide the form and show a thank you message in the same place without any redirects. [6] Automatically logs users in and optionally redirects them to other content when a form is submitted. [1]

Within the form confirmation settings, you'll notice a the Confirmation Type option. [1] At JotForm, we want to make sure that you?re getting the online form builder help that you need. [6] Paste it into your website's HTML to replace the current version of your form. [5]

In this article, you'll learn how to redirect the MailChimp-hosted versions of these pages to custom thank you pages on your site. [5] To set up a redirect to a custom thank you page, follow these steps. [5]

We hope you are convinced with the use of thank you page for your website. [8] Depend on your website type you would do the following tactics on the thank you page. [8]

Make sure you replace dummy location above with your actual URL of a page. [8] This will give you the option to select a HubSpot-hosted page from the dropdown menu. [7] In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. [8]

I'm reading your article but if I have more than one contact form, where I need to put the code in the header, and I would loke to know how can I do if I have a lot of contact form. [8] You'll need to have Gravity Forms installed, as well as a form created. [1] Gravity Forms recommends the same system requirements as WordPress: PHP v5.6+, MySQL v5.5+ and the latest version of WordPress. [1]

How to have users redirect from old form URL to new URL when URL of the form is changed. [14] Schedule Appointments If a user submits a request for quote form, you can prompt them to also visit your appointment scheduling system and book a time with you. [4] Now when the respondents submit the form, you can pass the product name from the enquiry form to the website by mapping the appropriate field. [10] To pass the values entered from the current form to the website, check the Map fields to redirected website checkbox. [10] This shows everything but how to get the URL so I can publish my form on my website. [4]

Select Another Form radio button to redirect the respondents to a different form after a response is submitted. [10] Select the Same Form radio button to load the same form after each response has been submitted to collect multiple entries. [10]

Is there a way for the form to submit a message and then redirect/refresh the form after lets say 10 seconds. [4] We hope this article helped you redirect users after a WordPress form submit. [4] Direct your respondents to the next step after they submit your form. [10] Choose the webpage where the respondents will be redirected when they submit the form. [10]

This may have changed since the last time I checked, but that?s how I?ve always done custom order form processing. [2] The forms created by the user can only be used as a redirection form. [10] You can combine your forms with our email marketing addons like MailChimp, AWeber and GetResponse. [4] Sure, you can absolutely customize your forms however you'd like. [4]

Parent Window : The URL opens up in place of the webpage in which you've embedded the form. [10] In case it helps, you can find a list of all fields available in our forms in this tutorial. [4] To map the values entered in the fields of the current form to pass them to the redirected form, check the Map fields to redirected form checkbox. [10] Choose the field alias key under the Redirected Form Field and the field name under the Current Form Field. [10] Enter the value to be prefilled in the Prefill Key and choose the field or enter the field manually in the Form Field. [10]

You might want to check out our guide on How to Create a File Upload Form in WordPress. [4] You need the details of the customer and the product purchased in both the Customer Details Form and the Product Service Form. [10] You have an enquiry form in your website and you wish to know which product has been enquired the most. [10] Instead of entering the details repeatedly in both the forms, the data can be prefilled from one form to another. [10] As far as restricting access to the form, we don't currently have any built-in way to do that. [4] We don't have any way to delay a refresh from within our forms. [4]

Unless you add additional code/a separate plugin to restrict access to this calculator page in some way, the page will be accessible to anyone who knows or finds the URL. [4] If you'd like to add a button on your thank you page, here's some sample HTML code you can use. [3] To do this, you can pretty much use any html page with text as you normally would, and just place the php code at the top of the page. [12] You can use this page to provide more information to your respondents using links, tables, etc. You can choose a plain text or a rich text format and customise your thank you page. [10] Now in PHP, redirection is done by using header() function as it is considered to be the fastest method to redirect traffic from one web page to another. [9] On submit it is not redirecting to the page and it displays "2018-02-22 06:30:43 Connection: opening to, timeout300, optionsarray ( ) etc.," instead of displaying the redirect page. [4] Or, if you prefer to redirect them to a new page and keep the process.php script completely separate and simply send them to a thank you page after the process has taken place, just put this redirect command after the mail function within your php script. [12]

First option is sending the user to a specific page within your website. [4] You might consider sending the user directly to a different page (or the same page, just reloaded), by changing the confirmation settings. [4] On the right preview panel, select Confirmation Type and then Show Page. [4]

Enter the URL of your destination page in the text field provided. [44] If you do not specify a page, we will use a simple page of our site that thanks the person for subscribing. [13] You can send data like this to another page by building out a query string with Smart Tags. [4] Add some content to the page at this point if you like and save the page. [3] To provide a link in the thank you page for the respondents to add a new response, check Include a link to allow respondents checkbox to add another response. [10]

First let?s take a look at the most common post / page embed option. [4]

Redirects are done using the URL of a page, so the unpublished landing pages won't appear in the Redirect to Instapage menu. [44] After this, select the Confirmation Page dropdown and choose which page you want to send the user to. [4]

This file consists of html form with four fields and a submit button. [9] Once you have activated the plugin, let's go ahead and create a new contact form. [4] Hi I've just installed the contact form and when I've tried it the email doesn't come through to me. [4]

Redirect URL: The form user will be sent to the URL you enter. [21] Set up a form redirect link, view logic settings, and edit your integrations. [16] Redirect after submitting is a PRO+ feature that loads a new web address when a form is submitted, no matter what someone responded. [45]

If you don't have the field on the form, you can't use Add Choice on it. [18] You could simply add values like these to your existing links then map the value after the "" sign to a hidden field on your form. [18] Find and connect form fields (like a person's name) to your messages. [16] To add that field to the form requires a little JavaScript. [18] The submitterName is the name of an adaptive form field and submitter is the name of the parameter. [19]

All the tools you need to manage what happens to data after a form is submitted are available at your fingertips in one easy location. [16] I really wanted to be able to use Webflow?s styling along with Google Forms. [11] I have a form on my site, and I changed the form action to link up with my Google Form. [11] In the old version, delivering what was requested in the lead form needed to be done through email. [46] It'd be "set and forget" and you wouldn't have to go into the Form Editor repeatedly. [18]

Flick on the Redirect after submitting button and paste in the URL of the page you?d like to redirect the respondent to. [45] It's common to use Post-Submit HTML to redirect visitors to another page after submitting. [47] Want to take your respondents to another web page once they?re done filling in your typeform? It?s easy to do using thanks to the Redirect after submitting feature. [45] I would like to redirect them to a page on my site instead. [11]

Does that mean that you can either send a user to the thank you page or have the button trigger a download? For that to work, Facebook would need to host the digital content. [46] Sometimes it can be useful to send people to a page on your site or elsewhere on the web, rather than just show them a Thank You screen. [45]

This page is useful for displaying a "thank you" or confirmation message. [21] Custom: A completely custom page built with your own text or HTML. [21] In the thank you page, you can access the submitter parameter using request.getParameter("submitter") to get hold of the submitter name field's value. [19] He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. [46]

Is there a simple function using jQuery that would make this work? I'd also like to stop Mailchimp from opening a redirect success page. [20] If you create multiple Success Pages, you can use Rules to conditionally decide which one to show. [21] After you create your first Success Page, it will become the new default Success Page. [21] If you don't create any more, the default Success Page will simply always be shown. [21]

Another option would be to use a querystring for each landing page to identify which thank-you page people should receive. [18]

Display submissions publicly: This option will show all responses after submission, most commonly used for polls. [15]

The form submit action defaults to show a "thank you" message which can be edited. [48] When a contact submits your form, they will trigger a form submit action. [48] Create a thank you screen to your lead form to keep people engaged with your business after they submit their lead form. [49] EmailMeForm is an online form builder service that helps users of all technical ability to create a variety forms and surveys to collect information, digitize workflows, and receive payments. [22] Call Business, which allows users to initiate a call to your business from your lead form. [49]

Visitors can only be calculated when using directly embedded ConvertKit forms or the WordPress plugin. [24] Note: If you?re using a third party service for forms, visitors and conversion rate won?t be accurate. [24]

Choosing an HTML editor option (as opposed to Plain Text) in Form Settings will allow you to upload a background image; choose font, style, and formatting for your text; as well as to add links, tables, objects, symbols, and emoticons. [22] Yes! You can embed our forms on Squarespace, and any other website builder that allows you to add HTML or JavaScript. [24]

This option allows you to copy the full form code to your site, which can be really helpful if you?d like full control over the code. [24] This option will need to be re-embedded each time changes are made to the form in ConvertKit. [24]

Show a success message: This message will show directly inside the form after a subscription. [24] You can continue to show the form no matter what, hide the form completely, or show custom content. [24]

The topic 'Contact Form 7 Redirect to thank you page' is closed to new replies. [26] To find out how satisfied your customers are after the purchase, link a simple Testimonial Form at the end of your message and ask them to rate your service and write a few words to describe their experience. [22] An example of a lead form set up with the "Call Business" call to action. [49] Most lead generation integrations come in through our Forms, like LeadPages, SumoMe, and OptinMonster. [24] If you create a form with a third party form builder, you'll want to create a Form to match in ConvertKit. [24] This is where your form comes to life! From settings to styles, they?re all here. [24] There are a few really great settings in the advanced menu that help give your form a polished experience. [24] Duplicate: Makes a new form that has the same style and settings of your form. [24]

Your form will auto-update when changes are made in your ConvertKit account and you can embed it anywhere you can embed HTML. [24] Every online purchase starts with an order or payment form. [22]

In order to get the most out of your coveted converted user, you need a stellar thank you page. [28] This functionality generally keeps users on the same page and simply replaces the form/download button/purchase area with a thank you message. [29]

The edit page URL will take the format of where would be your website and 6 would be a post or page id on your site. [17] The goal URLs would be /thank-you/?pid17 for the home page and /thank-you/?pid33 for the contact page. [17] You can send visitors to another Leadpage, a different URL, or choose to have them stay on the same page. [27] Punchbowl uses the thank you page to encourage visitors to follow them on social media via Twitter and LinkedIn, using images to hold the visitor?s attention. [28] I used pid as an abbreviation for page id, but you can use anything you want like ref or refpage. [17] Remember, like all pages on your website, your Thank You page isn?t set in stone. [29] A Thank You page is where a visitor is taken after completing any desired action on your website. [29] Getting visitors to follow you on social media via your website thank you page is another smart strategy, and a great way to further build your relationship. [28] This page not only serves as a way to confirm the action was taken successfully, but it also allows you to continue to engage your visitors, especially while they?re still "warm" meaning they?re more likely to want to interact/do business with you. [29] The first thing your Thank You page should do is confirm whatever action your visitor just took was completed successfully. [29] The visitor may have already completed a conversion, but there?s no reason you shouldn?t reassure them a bit with some social proof via customer testimonials or number dropping on your website thank you pages. [28] Often a website thank you page features - big surprise - a "thank you" message in response to a visitor?s order/download. [28] Don?t pat yourself on the back yet though - you need a thank you page, and it can?t just be any hodgepodge mess that?s thrown up by the nearest website lackey. [28] Why do you need a thank you page at all? First of all, it?s the polite thing to do, and you don?t look like a scruffy rapscallion to me. [28] To do this, you will need to find the id for every page or post that you want to track. [17] They?ve already shown that they consider your offer to be valuable, so there?s a good chance they?d be willing to email, tweet, or post your offer on Facebook via the thank you page. [28] This simply serves as a reminder that you are currently using a thank you page from your email service provider. [27] If your business doesn?t include the opportunity for customers to create accounts, you can still invite converters to be regulars by asking them to opt-in to your email newsletter on your Thank You page. [29]

Use your page as an opportunity to show off social proof, whether it be customer testimonials, the number of social media fans you have, or a quick stat or case study. [29] We also use this as funnels to validate our clients but so far this is the page I'm most concerned about. [26]

This, however, is just the basic function of the confirmation message or page. [22] Add a nice image and personalize the message on your form?s thank you page. [22] Yogi goes with a thank you pop-up message rather than an all-out thank you page. [28] An actual thank you page, as opposed to this thank you message, would provide much more space for additional offers or incentives. [28] By leveraging an individual page instead of a message on the existing page, you have more flexibility and opportunities to increase engagement, share relevant content, and provide additional opportunities to convert. [29] For more about thank you pages vs. thank you messages, check out this article by Hubspot. [29]

Your website's thank you page is where users are taken after completing a desired conversion. [28] More importantly, the thank you page serves as a method to continue your interaction with a user. [28]

It?s also sometimes referred to as a "confirmation" page because it confirms an action was taken. [29] There?s really nothing else happening on this page besides the order confirmation. [28] In order for Google Ads conversion tracking to work, your global site tag with the Google Ads event snippet must be placed on the final page of your funnel. [25] The best thank you pages work to get visitors excited about other offers or pages on their site, rather than let the lead drop off. [28] The first thing you should do on a thank you page is confirm the offer the visitor has taken advantage of. [28] The thank you page confirms the offer through both text and image, reassuring the visitor. [28] Even if your visitor has just completed a purchase, your Thank You page can still be a place of reassurance that you?re as great as you say you are. [29] Your Thank You page should continue to warm your visitors and encourage them either to purchase down the road or to purchase again. [29]

We often focus so much on getting someone to take an action (like purchasing a product, signing up for a webinar, downloading a whitepaper) that we forget how valuable a Thank You page can be, or the effort we should put into it. [29] The Thank You page is one of the most underrated pages on a website. [29] Our first website thank you page example comes from Punchbowl. [28]

Install the global site tag on your page by following the Google Ads conversion tracking instructions. [25] Here are seven Thank You page best practices you can implement on your own site. [29] At the very least, your Thank You page should include your website?s navigation to allow your audience to stick around and explore your site some more. [29]

If your Thank You page is confirming an offer redemption or webinar sign-up, include social share buttons to encourage your converters to spread the word on social media with their friends. [29] An effective Thank You page is a way to further that relationship and keep their interest growing. [29] A Thank You page is the perfect time to ask your audience to become a regular part of your community and an ongoing converter. [29] The secret is? it?s a sales page! Ideally, a modified sales page that combines information about the guide with whatever you?re trying to up-sell. [28] What this means is that you can create truly fun and unique content to engage your customers and get the most out of this page. [22] We?ve put together examples and suggestions for how to set up a great thank you page. [24] Knowing the basics of HTML puts you in full control over this page. [22]

If all these sound like too much to you and you need professional assistance with custom confirmation page design, coding, and other functionalities we just mentioned, our CustomWorks ProServices team can help. [22] Use confirmation page to showcase more products and offers. [22] Here are our knowledge base tutorials that provide essential instructions on DIY confirmation page customization: how to modify and how to have a different confirmation page based on a selected option. [22] Note: This option is great for sharing to someone who?s already interested, but if you?re sharing this to a large audience, we?d recommend checking out our landing pages. [24]

In this article, we will show you how to play with your entry confirmation pages to make them more personal. [22]

Another way to redirect to a custom thank you page is by using the ' woocommerce_thankyou ' hook. [50] If one of the items has the product id you want, redirect to a custom thank you page using wp_redirect. [50] If you want to redirect to a custom page for only a specific product, you can do this by getting the order from order_id parameter & then loop through each item of the order. [50] We saw in point 2 that you can redirect to a custom page with the template_redirect hook. [50] OptinMonster's custom success view and success actions let you personalize your thank-you page or opt-in confirmation message to deliver a targeted message that encourages new leads to further connect with you through your content, social media, and by making additional purchases. [51]

Send email confirmation to form submitter if you want to send a confirmation email to the person who submitted your form, you can add that message here. [34] Contact notification sender email when Pirate Forms sends you notification emails, it will come from this address. [34] Examples of goals include making a purchase (for an ecommerce site), completing a game level (for a mobile gaming app), or submitting a contact information form (for a marketing or lead generation site). [35]

Required users must complete the field to submit your form. [34] Sending form data This article looks at what happens when a user submits a form -- where does the data go, and how do we handle it when it gets there? We also look at some of the security concerns associated with sending form data. [33] Form data validation Sending data is not enough -- we also need to make sure that the data users fill out in forms is in the correct format we need to process it successfully, and that it won't break our applications. [33]

We also want to help our users to fill out our forms correctly and don't get frustrated when trying to use our apps. [33] If the form does not do that automatically, do I have the ability to use some type of conditional logic to calculate only the additional cost? I don't want the user to be charged again for prior payments. [37] ReCAPTCHA requires users to enter the text in an image before they can submit your form. [34] When enabled, users will be able to include files (for example, PDFs or Word Documents) when they submit your form. [34] Form fields contain the input users have provided and all content is editable. [37] In Field Settings, you can manage all the fields of your form, as well as add a reCaptcha to it. [30] While in Alert Messages, you can fill in the alerts which will appear when the required form fields aren't filled. [30]

I've been using it now on a number of lead generation websites I've built where a well-designed form is key to getting customer data submitted. [23] The native form widgets We now look at the functionality of the different form widgets in detail, looking at what options are available to collect different types of data. [33]

If you need more help installing Pirate Forms, we have a whole post on installing WordPress plugins. [34] Many of my clients depend on custom forms and I've had experience with many of the plugins on WordPress. [23] How to build custom form widgets You'll come across some cases where the native form widgets just don't provide what you need, e.g. because of styling or functionality. [33] If you want to add instructions here that need the customer to download a form, you can do that too. [50] If you need more complex forms, you might want to consider a premium plugin. [34] In such cases, you may need to build your own form widget out of raw HTML. This article explains how you'd do this and the considerations you need to be aware of when doing so, with a practical case study. [33] Form validation helps us achieve these goals -- this article tells you what you need to know. [33] CF7 Skins has made life so much easier and allows the ability to quickly and efficiently customize and tailor forms to suit your needs. Highly recommended. [23]

With that plan, if I allow a user to edit the content of the form at a later date, and the edit results in an additional cost, is the user charged only the additional cost? This assumes that the form is linked to a payment gateway. [37] At this point you should find the Basic guides easy to understand, and also be able to make use of our Native form widgets guide. [33] The Form Submit would be tracked as events in Google Analytics. [36] Each Form Submit will have a Unique ID attached to it & it will get reflected in both analytics & jot form dashboard. (So you can verify.) [36]

In Step 3, you chose the fields that are available on your form. [34] Now, you can choose the labels that appear above your form field in the Fields Labels tab. [34]

Create Beautiful forms, with the ultimate drag & drop WordPress form builder. [52] There was an online referral form which needed to be rebuilt to work with the newly designed site. [23] I set up a multi-page form with a little assistance from tech support. [23] Now the wait is over, cause you will be setting up the Jot form tracking in GA within 2 mins. [36] Are you enjoying Pirate Forms? Rate our plugin on [30]

This could, however, cause problems with sites using a page caching plugin. [30] Custom Thank You Pages Per Product for WooCommerce This plugin by StoreApps allows you to set a single custom Thank You page for all products as well as it allows you to set a different Thank You page per product. [50] Custom Thank You Page For WooCommerce This plugin allows WooCommerce Shop Owners to send their customers to a different thank you page. [50] WooCommerce Thank You Page NextMove Lite This plugin allows you to build custom Thank You pages to pull more profits. [50]

Hey Karen, Yes, you could write a conditional statement with filters to show custom thank you page based on the product ID. I'll post a snippet for this shortly today on the post. [50] Hey Karen, I have updated the post with an additional point that talks about the conditional statement to show custom thank you page for a particular product based on product ID. Please check the points 5.a 5.b. [50]

You can create goals for this page, and later on, we will even create custom events for Facebook ads against this page. [35] The first thing you need to do is create a "thank you" page in WordPress. [35] For tracking Facebook conversions you need two kinds of code: a pixel base code that is placed on every page of your WordPress website and an event code, which is placed on specific webpages (these are both part of of the universal pixel). [35] Your Facebook pixel is now running on very page of your WordPress site. [35]

For the URL we will use our thank you page which we created earlier. [35] Select the Universal Tag and input your conversion URL. In our case this is our "thank you" page we created earlier above. [35]

It redirects you to a simple Thank You page (or "Order received" page how is it called sometimes). [50] Redirecting can be a nice option, but at the same time, above page is missing important things such as summary table of the order and some other important information that WooCommerce currently provides. [50] This plugin allows you to set a page from the WooCommerce Settings page that is applicable to all products. [50] It allows you to set a custom Thank You page for individual products as well as globally for all products. [50] WC Custom Thank You This WooCommerce extension allows you to define a custom Thank You page for your customers. [50] Instead of creating a Custom Thank You page as shown above, you might just want to change the title of the page. [50] Extending the above 5.c example, it is also possible to display any custom text on the WooCommerce Thank You page based on the variation id. [50] I have a custom checkout page which is accessible for public which means anyone can access the page. [50]

You must install event code on specific pages of your website where the actions will happen. [35] The placement of your event code depends on how the action takes place on your website: on page load or inline when someone takes an action. [35] This in turn allows you to track visits, events on a web page, ad impressions, and specific conversion actions that you configure. [35]

Then simply use the code below, replacing with your own page. [35] Below is what we would use to track two different ads in AdWords that lead to the same page. [35]

Then you still have the Facebook event code which needs to be placed only on your conversion page. [35] You will need some PHP knowledge if you want to choose this method of customizing your WooCommerce Thank You page. [50] You can go one step forward & also personalize the Thank You page title to include details like the customer's name, or anything else. [50] This question was asked on the Facebook group Advanced WooCommerce as to how to show a different Thank You page for each attribute of a product. [50] This is what will show on the goals page, so name it something recognizable, especially if you are juggling multiple goals. [35]

Next we will create a basic goal that tracks the conversion on the thank you page which we created above. [35] I hope that this post helps you to build the right layout for your WooCommerce Thank You page & get the most out of it. [50]

Personalize your thank-you page, confirmation page, and opt-in success message to deliver a targeted message that unlocks maximum potential revenue from each website visitor. [51] A/B testing even the smallest things on landing pages and your website, such as a green button vs a red button, can affect your conversion rates. [35]

If the user chooses to edit the submission using the provided link, the redirect to the payment processor will no longer occur. [37] Note : Autoresponders and email notifications can be resent when users edit delivered submissions at a later time. [37] If you enable the option of editing delivered submissions, three new checkboxes will show up: Resend confirmation message (autoresponder) every time the submission is edited, Resend notification e-mail every time the submission is edited and Open edit link in the same tab. [37] Check the option Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time in case you haven't done so yet. [37]

Contact submission recipients : Email address(es) to receive contact submission notifications. [30] Users can edit their submissions even after they have sent them. [37] I want to check "Allow respondents to edit delivered submissions at a later time," but it won't let me. [37]

CF7 Skins has proven to be one of the best and easiest to use WordPress plugins, which greatly enhances the functionality and user friendliness of Contact Form 7. [23] Add a nonce to the contact form : Should the form use a WordPress nonce? This helps reduce spam by ensuring that the form submitter is on the site when submitting the form rather than submitting remotely. [30] Don't worry it's easy to add a contact form to WordPress using a third-party plugin. [34]

If you have been using on_sent_ok in your Contact Form 7 forms, you will now need to use Contact Form 7 DOM events to trigger some action when mail is sent via a Contact Form 7 form. [23] To create a contact form you just need to use the shortcode or the 'Pirate Forms' widget. [30] Even though pretty much every website needs a contact form, there's no built-in WordPress contact form feature. [34] Pirate Forms is a simple way to add a contact form to WordPress. [34] That's it! You just learned how to add a contact form to WordPress. [34] Struggling to add a contact form to WordPress? I don't blame you. [34] A shortcode is just a little piece of text that tells WordPress you want it to add your contact form. [34]

In Contact Form 7, there are several Additional Settings available to add extra functionality to your forms. [23] While one option to keep using on_sent_ok is to not update Contact Form 7 beyond version 4.9.3, this leaves you site open to future security vulnerabilities is heavily discouraged. [23] As mentioned earlier in the article, you have an option of using the Contact Form 7 Controls plugin if you do not want to or are not comfortable with working with code. [23] Note: Using the Contact Form 7 Controls plugin, you generally define the options for each specific form. [23] Again, it is fairly simple to do this using the Contact Form 7 Controls plugin. [23] While using on_sent_ok is not itself unsafe, it does open up the possibility of vulnerabilities being introduced to Contact Form 7 or the entire site it is installed on. [23] If you have been using on_sent_ok in your Contact Form 7 forms, your forms may no longer work as expected. [23] Using Contact Form 7 Controls, the task becomes fairly simple. [23] By the end of this article you should be able to use Contact Form 7 DOM events to perform some action when mail is sent via your Contact Form 7 form. [23] Contact notification sender email : Email to use for the sender of the contact form emails both to the recipients below and the contact form submitter (if this is activated below). [30] Contact Form 7's author, Takayuki Miyoshi, now recommends you use Contact Form 7 DOM events to achieve the same result. [23]

HTML forms are a very powerful tool for interacting with users; however, for historical and technical reasons, it's not always obvious how to use them to their full potential. [33] Your first HTML form The first article in our series provides your very first experience of creating an HTML form, including designing a simple form, implementing it using the right HTML elements, adding some very simple styling via CSS, and how data is sent to a server. [33] In this guide, we'll cover all aspects of HTML forms, from structure to styling, from data handling to custom widgets. [33]

Excellent service! Contact form is a must for my websites success. [23] Pirate Contact Forms offers you a great and friendly contact form for your website. [30]

If you want even more options, we put together a big contact form plugin comparison. [34] This is an easy-to-use WordPress contact form with captcha plugin. [30] You can do this in the settings of popular contact form plugins. [35] Remove the "on_sent_ok" line from the Additional Settings tab and save the contact form. [23]

Add a nonce to the contact form put simply, this helps protect you against spam. [34] If you set on_sent_ok: followed by a one-line of JavaScript code, you could tell the contact form the code that should be performed when the mail is sent successfully. [23] Once you install and activate the plugin, a Customize tab will appear in each one of your Contact Form 7 forms. [23]

Styling HTML forms This article provides an introduction to styling forms with CSS, including all the basics you might need to know for basic styling tasks. [33] Advanced styling for HTML forms Here we look at some more advanced form styling techniques that need to be used when trying to deal with some of the more difficult-to-style elements. [33]

How to structure an HTML form With the basics out of the way, we now look in more detail at the elements used to provide structure and meaning to the different parts of a form. [33]

In our example, we really just care that it activates the following feature below, which is the purchase event on the default EDD success page. [35] The single event pixel will now fire on the Easy Digital Download dynamic success page. [35]

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