Why do many solar energy start-ups fail?

Why do many solar energy start-ups fail? Image link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_updraft_tower
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  • A first of its kind dataset from kWh Analytics ranking production at individual solar power plants around the country, indicates that California and the Southwest still have the upper hand in solar energy output.(More…)


  • For years, they have been invested in cleantech companies, often manufacturers of solar or energy storage technologies.(More…)
  • Energy technology and alternative energy companies from solar ideas to water treatment can now raise up to $1.07M from both accredited and non-accredited investors.(More…)
  • According to the latest statistics from the Clean Energy Council (CEC), there are 42 wind and solar projects totaling 6239 MW worth close to $10 billion currently in construction or due to start soon across Australia.(More…)
  • If for some reason, solar generation drops and we need a gas or coal power plant to immediately respond, machine learning and AI help to determine the best way to ramp up quickly and supply the missing megawatts.(More…)



A first of its kind dataset from kWh Analytics ranking production at individual solar power plants around the country, indicates that California and the Southwest still have the upper hand in solar energy output. [1] In the announcement of the group?s formation, Mendelsohn — previously of the Solar Energy Industries Association — said “the industry needs to find new and larger sources of capital, and to do so, improve investor confidence that solar assets produce energy and long-term cash flows as originally projected.” [1] With Ireland under growing pressure to meet its climate targets, the government here is due to announce a new Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS), which will include measures to incentivise communities and promote solar energy, which has been a slow burner here. [2] Daly said solar energy has been a focus of FPL?s sustainability efforts for many years, even before the amendment became a topic of debate. [3]

The Genesis Solar Energy Project is an operational 250 MW solar thermal power station located in Riverside County, California. [4] In 1991, the 354 MW Solar Energy Generating Systems plant (located in San Bernardino County, California ) held the title until being bested by the 392 MW Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a solar thermal plant located in San Bernardino County near the Nevada border. [4]

These non-utility scale estimates project that, California, generated the following additional solar energy. [4] The Genesis Solar Energy Project, is a 280MW parabolic trough concentrated solar power station located in the Mojave Desert completed in 2013. [4] While some of the projects (such as biomass generation or solar energy capturing) require substantial funding, others can be developed by simply putting together a team of enthusiasts and working productively towards a common goal. [5] The history of solar energy covers 175 years of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy technology and includes extraordinary advancements in the solar energy field. [6] Too with solar energy: solar power can afford to compete directly with traditional sources because it brings the benefits of the new technology closer to those who will profit from it. [7] California has invested extremely heavily in solar energy, and energy storage is becoming a more prominent issue. [4] In 2012, the Bureau of Land Management gave priority status to 5 solar project proposals in California. 30 The 750MW McCoy Solar Energy Project was proposed by NextEra, though only 1/3 of that wattage was ever installed. [4] Predictions of the slowed growth of solar energy may point to theoretical limitations in the materials being used to make solar panels. [7] Take our two minute quiz to find the right Solar Energy Companies for you. [8] Many companies and individuals can’t benefit from country’s solar energy potential. [5] The Solar Energy Generating Systems, is a 361MW (was 394MW until 2014) parabolic trough concentrated solar power station located in the Mojave Desert completed in 1990. [4] As a company, esaSolar is dedicated to changing the future of energy by providing simplified solar energy solutions. [9] Nowadays there are a lot more choices out there for solar energy, don’t get caught up with SolarCity like I did. [8] Solution: Relectrify develops battery packs that combine used battery cells with their own technology to store solar energy. [5] View Profile Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, and his key areas of focus are solar energy and electric vehicles. [8]

The company?s platform will manage credits generated by the use of solar energy in electric vehicle charging. [10] ” Duke Energy Carolinas achieved a major milestone last week in its support of solar energy, as more than 5,000 of the company?s South Carolina customers have installed solar panels on their homes and businesses, reaching a legislative goal for customer-owned solar capacity.” [11] In addition to warnings about the perils to the economy of aggressive climate policy from conservatives, we have also heard claims that wind and solar energy were expensive baubles that could not compete with fossil fuels without subsidies. [12]

Companies such as Tesla are helping Puerto Ricans shift to solar energy as troubles persist with the power grid. [13] A scattering of hardware stores, barbershops and corner stores across the island are embracing solar energy, trying to wean themselves off a state-owned power company that remains heavily dependent on imported petroleum. [13] While Adjuntas is dotted with solar-powered islands, a community of 12 homes in the mountain town of Las Piedras still lacks central power and is operating exclusively on solar energy provided by Tesla, the high-tech maker of electric cars and other power products. [13] CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the U.S. & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. [14] This year, the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) ranked Georgia 10th in solar nationwide, up from 22nd in 2017. [15] As a company, we?ve hosted Women In Solar Energy (WISE) events to introduce women to the vast opportunities within the industry and show a familiar face. [14] “Our utilization of solar energy for electricity generation has grown exponentially,” Chan explained. [16] Solar energy shouldn’t be treated any differently than other types of industry. [15] There are many women leading the way for other women in solar, whether through traditional business routes or nonprofit, advocacy avenues like Women in Solar Energy. [14] As scientists find ways to make solar energy more efficient, the less expensive it will become. [16]

Without subsidies, solar energy plants have historically been unprofitable – but this is changing and “grid parity” (i.e. electricity from said source costs as much as electricity from the national grid) is either within reach or has been reached in the 2010s, depending on the country. [17] Plants also utilize solar energy in order to perform many energy costly chemical reactions, which later in the food chain are broken down by life for energy. [17] Although solar energy plants do not emit CO 2 when operated, they require a lot more to set up – This is partially due to chemical reasons, Silicon is refined from SiO 2, commonly known as Quartz, The other partner in the reaction are carbon anodes, which “burn” up, creating CO 2. [17] Solar energy is the energy of the Sun shining on the Earth, originating from entropic fusion reactions at the heart of the star. [17]


For years, they have been invested in cleantech companies, often manufacturers of solar or energy storage technologies. [18] In order to spur revenue, the company moved into downstream energy services such as solar installation and insulation installation and found itself in a low-margin business with a high rate of cash burn. [19]

With the advent of perovskite solar cells, large generation plants at the grid scale, with panels on factory roofs or in the middle of the desert, will become cheaper to build and operate, making it easier to supply everyone with green (yellow?) power. [20] Even industry heavyweights such as China’s Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd and U.S.-based First Solar Inc are struggling with dwindling profits, while small, up-and-coming solar companies are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. [19] Edds first became hip to solar in 2000 when a friend asked if he could use Edds’ Master Electrician?s license to comply with state requirements for a renewable energy startup. [21]

“We need fusion energy to be deployable at a scale of tens of gigawatts at many power plants in the 2030s to tackle carbon emissions,” says David Kingham, executive vice chair of Tokamak Energy, a fusion start-up in Oxfordshire, England. [22] A group of start-up companies hopes to capitalize on the potential of nuclear fusion to turn abundant fuels into carbon-neutral energy. [22] They are buying into start-ups to boost their internal innovative capabilities and to foster a fresh perspective on the changing energy world? it can be really hard to change the DNA of companies with a 100 years of history. [18]

I’m a co-founder of NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC., a consulting firm that helps companies connect assets to power grids. [18] With costs coming down and markets continuing to evolve to accommodate utility scale renewables as well as transactive energy from customer sites – going largely from on-sitesolar, with batteries growing in number as well – the astute companies have for some time realized that this rapid change would create threats and opportunities. [18] In recent years, many of these larger companies have specifically made investments in storage companies offering solutions for integrating distributed energy storage. [18] “Even though rules on scheduling and forecasting got initiated in 2010, the real pace has started coming in the last couple of years,” said Vishal Pandya, director of REConnect Energy, a company that provides such forecasting and scheduling services to power producers and utilities. [23] Produce net energy by 2025 and generate power on the electrical grid by 2036. [22]

Startups – which were creating innovative solar panel, battery, biofuel, and other energy solutions – received investment. [24]

The scale of solar roadways would help with the business case, but engineers have yet to figure out how to replace failed panels without disrupting traffic, or how to easily dig up the roads for pipe work underneath, for example. [20] That business failed as well, but Edds continued to find new partnerships that allowed him to keep installing solar without having to hunt for the next project himself. [21]

Angelo Campus, founder of BoxPower (a current Echoing Green fellow) deploying modular solar microgrids, ran into trouble when his university?s priorities and the market?s needs didn?t line up: “My first prototype funded by my university developed functionality like speed of deployment, which I later realized was not a market need, and so I had to make later iterations.” [24] The company bringing the design back as the Karma Revero has updated the solar setup, and says it can now make 200 watts of electricity per hour. [20] His friend moved on to work for a larger solar company that continued to subcontract with Edds. [21] By partnering with multiple solar companies, Edds has enough work to hire their crews and take over their installations as well. [21] Electric Distribution & Design Systems mainly partners with companies that only do solar marketing and sales and then subcontract out for engineering and installation. [21] He?s also installed thousands of solar modules since he started Electric Distribution & Design Systems ( No. 371 on the 2018 Top Solar Contractors list ) as an electrical contracting business in 1982. [21]

That’s why Toyota bills the optional solar roof on the plug-in Prius Prime as a way to top up the car’s battery. (It doesn’t offer the setup in the U.S., saying American buyers haven’t shown much interest.) [20] “I said yes, but only if he taught me everything he knew about wind and solar,” Edds said. [21]

The generation patterns of wind and solar are weather-dependent, making it necessary to find additional sources of power to meet energy and grid reliability needs when those resources are not around. [25] To really nail the energy transition, and increase the buildout of wind and solar, renewables and storage will have to substitute for conventional generation in increasingly technical ways. [25] From its establishment of the first statewide renewable portfolio standard way back when, to its strong push to show how solar could work even in northern climes, to its prominence in energy efficiency, to its nation-leading commitment to offshore wind in 2016, the Bay State has blazed trails for others to follow. [25]

Feo said he grasped the concept quickly and deployed for Power Purchase Agreements to sell the output of its 10 MW Martin Palmer Solar Center to the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (commissioned May 22) and power from its 20 MW Essex Solar Center to Dominion Energy in Eastern Virginia. [1] Florida Power & Light is installing solar trees and canopies in public places such as airports and museums to increase its harnessing of energy from the sun. [3] With wind and solar prices beating the cost of fossil-fuel generation in many places, we have a great opportunity to replace and modernize our energy supply with more renewables–and we can do so reliably. [25] Invest in more energy storage that saves excess solar generation for use after sundown. [25] That?s why at CEJA we promote community-owned energy resilient systems as a critical step towards retiring natural gas plants — both by large-scale solar and storage models, as well as decentralized and distributed energy systems. [25] We must increasingly demand public investment and prioritization of community-owned energy resiliency systems such as microgrids, solar and storage, and emergency energy systems in disadvantaged communities. [25] Coronal Energy used the product when it secured tax equity from PNC Bank for a 30 MW solar portfolio in Virginia early this year ( PFR, 1/30). [1] The survey report calls ” obust support for expanding solar and wind power? a rare point of bipartisan consensus in how the U.S. views energy policies.” [25] The number one product from wind and solar today is Energy. [25] When confronting the challenge of expanding the role of wind and solar in the energy supply, the revenue model used by other technologies that provide services other than commodity energy will be useful. [25] Dave, our CTO who worked at the DOE?s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, came in with this religious fervor about what was happening in the energy space, particularly with distributed solar. [1]

A multinational, multi-billion-dollar, multidecade project called ITER promises to demonstrate net energy production from nuclear fusion after its reactor turns on in 2025. ( Iter means “the way” in Latin; the project was originally called the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor.) [22] A multi-billion-dollar international science project called ITER wants to demonstrate net energy generation from fusion by 2035, leading to commercial reactors in the 2050s or 2060s. [22] The international effort, initiated by the U.S. and Soviet Union in 1985, consists of 35 countries banding together to mitigate some of the risks in building what many believe will be the first reactor to demonstrate net energy generation from fusion. (The only human-made fusion reactions that release more energy than they consume are hydrogen bombs, in all their frightful variations. [22] Since that time, no one has yet shown that a fusion reactor can produce more energy than it consumes–let alone run stably for years or decades. [22] After about a year of this data collection and analysis, TAE engineers will have gathered enough information to build their next-generation reactor, which Binderbauer expects will generate net energy from fusion. [22] These are some of the groups trying to develop fusion reactors that can generate more energy than they need to operate. [22] This dream of clean, abundant energy from nuclear fusion has been echoing in basement labs like the one at MIT since the 1950s. [22]

People investing in these endeavors should consider hedging their bets with a tiny percentage into Brillouin Energy Corp. We have multiple completely independent versification of our technology by SRI. We got that far with less than $15 million and are likely less than 15 million dollars and 3 years away from technology that can be licensed to many companies. [22] I’m also a former Senior VP of Energy Technology Services for Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., and have 20+ years of experience in the energy industry. [18]

Even if current investments in existing cleantech solutions doubled, fossil fuels would still provide two-thirds of our energy needs by 2030, according to the IRENA?s REthinking Energy 2017 Report. [24] Wade says the field needs help from materials scientists to do experiments on what will happen to materials when they?re bombarded with uncontrollable neutrons, each carrying a potentially atom-shaking 14 MeV of energy. [22]

They can be broken down into oil and gas companies, energy holding companies/utilities, and a third catch-all category. [18] Mayr also mentioned chemical companies investing in energy storage to move into the battery materials space such as binders, membranes and electrolytes. [18] E.On also picked up a stake in Autogrid, which offers a variety of services including energy storage and demand response on its suite of energy software applications. [18] There is investment opportunity as the cleantech sector grows alongside global energy demand. [24]

By the time NSL tried to return to its core home energy audit skills and jettison its downstream installation businesses, many of the VC investors had chosen to stop investing in NSL, despite their earlier entreaties for growth at all costs. [19] We have spent a lot of time and energy on developing the show. [19] If all goes well, these ultrastrong magnets will lasso and wrangle a roughly 100 million C hydrogen plasma, driving its protons to fuse and releasing tremendous amounts of energy over sustainable time periods. [22]

The company plans to build an experimental reactor based on these new magnets in three years–and they expect that reactor to produce twice as much energy as needed to run it. [22] The company also found itself confronted by conflicting energy program mandates and regulations. [19]

NorthBridge Energy Partners, a consulting firm providing expertise and market intelligence to companies navigating today’s complex energy landscape. [18] The basic rationale is the same: to de-risk and adjust to a changing energy world, but the pressure is higher for utilities versus oil and gas, where the traditional business model is still working for now. [18] Typical acquisition targets are manufacturers of these materials, but also energy storage system providers to strategically push potential off-taker segments and to learn about their requirements. [18] Instead of encouraging plasma to form a doughnut shape, Tokamak Energy uses magnetic fields to shape plasmas into a thicker toroid that looks like an apple with the core taken out. [22] Tokamak Energy in England is also banking on new magnet materials, though its reactor has a slightly different design. [22] Some of those neutrons in turn strike nuclei in the plasma, transferring some of their energy and encouraging more fusion reactions. [22] Fusion reactions involving those hydrogen isotopes take the least amount of energy to initiate, and the neutrons produced are highly energetic. [22] Commonwealth Fusion Systems plans to produce net energy from fusion by 2025, not 2021. [22] “Fusion has the features you want in the ideal energy source,” Dennis Whyte, director of the MIT center and a cofounder of Commonwealth Systems, says. [22] “Their investors want to make fusion a reality, and this demonstrates trust in fusion as a better energy supply for the world in the middle and long term.” [22] Others invoke miracles, talking about non-neutronic fusion and direct energy conversion, not a single bit of which exists. [22]

In addition to its VC investors, the startup was heavily backed by a loan from the U.S. Department of Defense and a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. [19] The energy injections from TAE?s particle accelerators help make the plasma stiffer, so the magnetic fields don?t have to be so strong. [22] The Tesla Model 3 isn?t just a new electric car, it?s the culmination of over a decade of careful strategic planning to achieve Elon Musk?s goal: to accelerate humanity?s transition to sustainable energy. [20]

Fusion reactors should use less land than renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and provide continuous power as coal plants do but without greenhouse gas emissions. [22] Although due in part to falling gas prices from fracking, a glut of solar from China, and a lack of exit opportunities for investors, these losses cannot be solely blamed on the cleantech sector. [24] China claims to have opened the world?s first solar road in Jinan, at 1.25 miles long. [20] The real focus would have been on the Sun overhead–the only source of fuel and the key to taking first place in the 2018 edition of the American Solar Challenge–a 1,700-mile race from Omaha, Nebraska to Bend, Oregon. [20]

As work ebbs and flows, Edds and his partner have finally decided to try other lead sources to smooth the “solar coaster.” [21] That could provide a new way to coat an entire car with solar generating material. [20]

For nearly 30 years, races like the American and World Solar Challenge have been proving cars can use solar panels to generate all the power they need. [20] The share of renewable energy in India?s overall power capacity has shot up from around 13% in 2015 to around 20% this year. [23] While this works well for India?s broader climate goals and financials– renewable energy is now cheaper than thermal power –this is a challenge for the country?s power-transmission infrastructure for multiple reasons. [23]

Apricum plays in the transaction advisory and strategy consultancy arena, among others helping with corporate and project financing on both the sell side and buy side, as well as undertaking fundraising and performing due diligence for companies, with an exclusive focus on clean energy technology. [18] These companies want to commercialize fusion by the 2030s to feed growing global demand for energy while addressing climate change. [22]

He noted that the traditional utility business model, the one-directional supply of centrally generated electricity under a monopoly, had worked successfully for over a century, but then “the liberalized market was the first hit and then a rise of distributed and increasingly competitive renewable energy” came along. [18] The problem was that while GE greatly accelerated getting its gas turbines to market, with the rise in renewable energy, its customers were no longer buying gas turbines. [26] These include frequent switching between conventional and renewable energy and forecasting demand and supply. [23]

Skeptics of the start-ups say the companies may be overlooking serious challenges, particularly with regard to finding suitable reactor materials, that the more science-focused ITER project will explore. [22] Fusion entrepreneurs at these start-up companies say things are different now. [22] Commonwealth Fusion Systems and other fusion start-ups hope to build commercial reactors and realize this vision in the next decade or two. [22]

There are skeptics who think these start-up companies? promises are unreasonable–at least on the aggressive time frames they?re promising. [22] That?s why Enel created EnelX as their “e-solution division,? to include start-ups without destroying what made them attractive as acquisition targets in the first place. [18] ITER?s slower pace might be needed to work out some problems these start-ups aren?t fully appreciating, the skeptics say. [22]

How about those miles and miles of blacktop on which cars drive? Idaho-based Solar Roadways is among those hoping to put some of that area to work making electricity, using heavy-duty solar panels that could self-defrost and contain lights for road markings. [20] While works for college competitions, covering vehicles in solar panels isn’t the best way to roll around on sunshine. [20]

We are mapping each and every wind farm and each and every solar panel,” Awadhesh Kumar, CEO of Quenext, said. [23] For one, wind and solar power generation can often be erratic and limited in supply, given that they depend entirely on the weather and solar cycle. [23] The next generation of solar materials will be applied like paint, turning a whole vehicle (or just about anything else) into a solar panel. [20]

Even such advances are unlikely to make enough power for the average driver’s commute–cars will always have small surface areas compared with their heavy-duty power needs. The good news is that there are other ways to integrate solar power and transportation to make driving greener. [20] While the Mars Curiosity rover got an onboard nuclear generator, its predecessors, Spirit and Opportunity, pootled around Mars on solar power alone. [20]

His friend complied and contracted Edds to do electrical work for solar projects. [21]

Cut the fossil generation, use the curtailment of the renewables, and thereby increase the demand for more wind and solar. [25] The figure below shows how wind and solar resources have come to dominate MISO?s interconnection queue–the backlog of electricity generation projects waiting to be approved to connect to the grid. [25] The UCS analysis also found that without an alternative to natural gas to meet evening electricity needs when the sun goes down and solar generation subsides, plants not retired are likely to turn on and off much more frequently. [25]

We must continue to hold the line and say no more to air pollution from gas fired power plants, and yes to a future that is clean, renewable, rooted in the leadership of our communities, and that creates a worker-centered transition to a new energy economy. [25] In the evening, as the sun sets, gas plants will have to be turned back on to meet evening electricity demand, unless cleaner technologies like other renewables, energy storage, and shifting load to reduce demand are substituted. [25] Investing in energy storage, to strengthen our electricity grid and position us to deal with the peak demand times–and to keep the dirtiest power plants firmly in the OFF position. [25] We have the technology to run a flexible and efficient grid with even more renewables, and the cost of investment and energy storage are coming down. [25] Energy storage – Another bill passed by the house aims to ” improve grid resiliency through energy storage,” boosting the state?s investment in storage innovation, and requiring Massachusetts utilities to assess and improve their electricity transmission and distribution systems, including through consideration of “non wires alternatives” like energy storage. [25]

After years of struggle, the proposal for the Puente power plant was suspended in January 2018 by the California Energy Commission and effectively died, granting the community a chance to reclaim their beach and breathe easier. [25] Florida Power & Light is putting up the creatively designed solar panels to increase its harnessing of energy from the sun. [3] Studies consistently show that wind and solar technologies could produce far more electricity than we currently demand, but questions loom about the transmission system?s ability to enable this transition to clean energy and maximize its potential benefits. [25] As the grid supply changes, and wind and solar are a larger fraction of the supply, the buyers and sellers of renewable energy will want to maintain the highest values for the renewables installations. [25] This latest data raises the question of whether MISO should update its assumptions regarding the ratio of wind and solar in the renewable energy portfolios that its examining. [25] Our examination identified practices that can lower the curtailment of wind and solar as renewable energy becomes a larger part of the energy mix. [25]

“More transparency into actual asset performance across multiple owners and project types is welcome and necessary to ensure that solar continues to actualize its promise as a long-term clean energy generation source.” [1] Massachusetts has been a major solar success story for most of the last decade, and solar has been a major driver of clean energy job growth in the state. [25]

Among the top ten solar states by highest performing projects, 43 of the 70 plants were located in California. [1] These capabilities in wind and solar have been demonstrated by technology providers, illustrated by industry experts, and even narrated by the California ISO to its Board. [25] Any new supply, (gas, wind, solar, coal, or nuclear), has integration and transmission needs which are managed with a range of strategies. [25] The Union of Concerned Scientists congratulates grid operators who have demonstrated that replacing old generation with wind and solar does not cause reliability problems. [25] As the sun sets, solar generation decreases and natural gas plants must be turned on–or, if they’re already operating, they must ramp up generation to meet the evening demand spike. [25] One village in Rhein Hunsrueck has used the money it has earned from leasing communal land to wind parks to build a solar thermal and biomass district heating plant. [2] When MISO began this process just over a year ago, the mix of wind and solar resources being developed was significantly different than where we are today, as solar continues to improve in both availability and cost-effectiveness across MISO?s system. [25] While more than half of all new resources entering the queue in 2018 are solar resources, MISO?s current assumption about the ratio of wind to solar in its RIIA study is 75 percent wind and 25 percent solar, based on data from just one year ago. [25] More Discussions Around Shorter PPAs and Merchant Risk: Over the past year, we have been observing more discussions regarding shorter PPAs (10-15 years) among tax equity and debt providers, especially as 20-year wind and solar contracts are now below $20/MWh (wind) and <$25/MWh (solar) and cheaper than other technologies/merchant markets. [1] Market prices for wind and solar beating fossil fuel prices demonstrates technology advances. [25]

Status: The solar bill in the house hasn?t made it through the full chamber yet, but the conferees should adopt the senate language that does away with the caps, nixes unfair utility practices that hurt customers who use less electricity, and expands access for low-income solar. [25] The utility expects solar to generate more than 5 percent of its power by 2023, she said. [3] Here are some of the public solar installations Florida Power & Light has built in South Florida. [3] Solar suddenly is in a position to help fill the void created by the failed construction of two nuclear reactors in South Carolina and utilities? struggles to maintain the viability of their nuclear fleets. [1] “This report provides investors critical insight on solar technology performance and can help lower the cost of capital for the broad solar sector.” [1] Rates have now fallen to as low as 4 cents at auctions, because of the staggering drop in the cost of wind and solar. [2] Transactions strengthen solution portfolio and global reach to create a worldwide leader with over 18GW of solar PV, wind and storage assets under management. [27] According to BNEF, the tally by the end of second quarter of 2018 for wind and solar combined was 1,013 gigawatts (GW), or 1.013 million MW. [25]

“We are the only guys in the industry with this actuarial perspective so we set out to convince insurance companies how solar works,” Matsui said. [1] To be really specific, we actively work against the idea that we?re a solar company, because that industry is painted with a slow-to-develop, hard-to-scale brush. [1] “Alta Devices goal is to continue to lead the industry in solar technology and to enable a broad range of autonomous systems. [27]

Catching me off guard was the sheer number, almost 50 banks, that made it into the “solar lendscape? which explains the competitive cost of capital that is being found by project owners. [1] Solar developers can buy solar puts on their systems to persuade banks and other institutions to help finance the siting, permitting, construction and deployment costs. [1]

In terms of next steps, the nearest term to-do on clean energy for the house is to pass something on solar, as called for in the Smizik letter. [25] In a deal announced Friday, China-based JinkoSolar Holding Co. agreed to produce 7 million solar panels over four years for FPL-parent NextEra Energy. [3]

According to the UCS analysis, California does not need to build any additional gas generation capacity in the CAISO territory to meet 2030 energy or grid reliability needs. In fact, nearly 24 percent of both CCGT and peaker capacity could be retired without negatively affecting grid reliability. [25] Reaching our long-term energy and climate goals means ramping up renewables and at the same time turning down our gas. [25] As the costs of renewables and energy storage keep plummeting, the ever more accessible these benefits-generating, resilience-boosting, risk-mitigating win-win-win solutions will be. [25] OE?s Energy Storage Program partners with industry, utilities, and state energy organizations to advance multiple storage technologies, improve performance, and reduce costs, and has a strong track record. [25] Energy storage – The state needs to figure out how to get 1,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy storage online by 2025 (up from the current 7 MWh and the state?s “aspirational” target of 200 MWh by January 1, 2020). [25] For these reasons, it?s critical that the state shift to cleaner sources for all of its energy needs including electricity. [25] SB 64 would also require state energy agencies to conduct a study that plans for how the state will reduce natural gas generation and accelerate the eventual retirement of gas plants, placing a priority on reducing natural gas generation in communities most impacted by air pollution. [25] Energy efficiency – The house also passed bills that would help the #1-in-the-nation Bay State up its energy efficiency game even further. [25] The FY19 House bill surprisingly increases appropriations for OE?s energy storage program by $10 million, indeed a modest, but much needed increase, whereas the Senate bill keeps funding at FY18 levels. [25]

At present, we are only spending $41 million in fiscal year 2018 on the Department of Energy?s (DOE) flagship Energy Storage Program at the Office of Electricity (OE). [25]

More than half of Africa?s population isn?t connected to the energy grid and has no access to reliable power. [28] Made energy so much more affordable because of the power of energy efficiency and our ability to do more with less. [25] When studies and decisions consider new energy supplies, they start with the present power system. [25]

Lily Bello, a youth leader at CAUSE is one of many youth who testified before the California Energy Commission in October 2017 to oppose the building of the Puente Gas Plant in Oxnard. [25] The American Wind Energy Association reports that the U.S. wind industry just passed 90,000 MW, and has another 19,000 MW under construction. [25] Some landowners here are now “energy farmers”, who can make up to 40,000 per turbine per year by leasing their land to wind developers. [2] Massachusetts has been the #1-ranked state on energy efficiency policy for 7 years in a row, and it?s ready for the next level. [25] Ben Downing, the former state senator who was an architect of Massachusetts?s impressive 2016 energy bill, had some choice words on the process itself, the end-of-session crunch that he points out gives “special interests defending the status quo? an outsized voice.” [25] On Massachusetts? journey toward a clean, fair, and affordable energy future, the energy bill that just passed is an important waystation. [25] Sen. Michael Barrett, a champion of carbon pricing, made it clear that this bill isn?t the endgame –and that energy now needs to be an every-session kind of thing. [25] Now a range of smaller, innovative companies can provide these services and consumers can go “off-the-grid” for both their energy and financial needs. [28]

The airport panels are expected to generate 65 kilowatts of energy when the sun is shining. [3] Three important points of unanimous agreement at the outset of the convening: 1) Energy storage RD&D across the federal government is underfunded relative to the strategic importance of innovation in this technology. 2) “The U.S. is no longer the global leader in energy storage technology.” 3) The private sector is not making the needed investments in energy storage RD&D to achieve transformational change. [25] How do we regain our leadership in this critical technology, and how can we increase the development and deployment of energy storage here at home? The answer is innovation. [25]

Understanding how this will affect the flow of energy across the system and how to maintain reliability under these dynamics, are the central questions being explored in MISO?s Renewable Integration Impacts Assessment study. [25] Because that flexibility is only available with the unit producing at or above those levels of energy, running combined cycle units at 70% will crowd out renewables, causing more curtailment. [25] The future of energy will be closer to the customer, using cleaner, renewable sources and leveraging digital technologies. [29] UCS took up analysis of several scenarios with over 50% annual energy from renewables to find how to reduce predicted curtailment. [25]

Use load shifting and increased energy efficiency to reduce evening electricity demand. [25] Shift more evening electricity demand to daytime hours and target energy efficiency to lower evening demand. [25] Energy efficiency – Our state?s nation-leading energy efficiency policies have now been updated to take into account new technologies and approaches (energy storage, demand management, “strategic” electrification ). [25] The brief highlights important ongoing work on energy storage across the federal government. [25] By creating more transparency and accountability about our natural gas plants, we can both better hold our regulators and energy producers accountable, and work toward cleaner air for communities of color. [25] By the spring, it had become clear that Energy Secretary Rick Perry would be the front-man in leading the charge for a federal bailout of coal and nuclear plants. [25]

The widely scattered residents of the largest state are looking for alternatives to reduce their onerous energy costs. [30] Big state, big energy costs, and big consumption – Alaska has it all! Small population, small microgrids, and small barriers to market access – these, too, Alaska has. [30] Not coincidentally, there was already a debate within grid operators and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission about the practices of individual states making payments for the operational characteristics that lawmakers in those states approved. [25] If the United States and other industrialized nations had begun the necessary transition to low- and no-carbon energy back then, the likely consequences of climate change would be significantly less dire. [25]

The rest of the year, use energy payments to maximize production. [25] Debt coverage ratios improving: Debt coverage ratio for large scale solar projects has come down from 1.3x last year to 1.25x without any insurance, and to 1.1x for P50 insurance (which guarantees energy production).” [1] Green party leader and former minister for energy Eamon Ryan welcomes the fact that solar is likely to take off in Ireland under the new scheme, but says large-scale solar parks shouldn?t gobble all the investment. [2] Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent solar coating, ClearView Power?, selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light (ultraviolet and infrared) to electricity while transmitting visible light. [27]

Some clarifications about what kinds of charges Massachusetts electric utilities are (or aren?t) allowed to hit solar customers with (given bad decisions earlier this year). [25] An analysis of the data indicates the number of active solar lenders has increased nearly 25-fold over the past 11 years, according to kWh Analytics. [1] We had to spend two years getting up the curve on some pretty complex topics to gain solar expertise. [1]

Massachusetts fell from the #5 state in new solar in 2017 to #9 in the first quarter of 2018. [25] I had some knowledge of how software applied to lending, and Dave had experience as an engineer and spent some time at the DOE. We are software people first who only had a few relevant solar experiences. [1] As outsiders coming in trying to figure out this market, the first thing that struck us was just how much paper and legal work is required in order to get a C&I solar deal done. [1]

There?s a broad and mistaken belief from many solar startups that are thinking like traditional software companies: We?re going to sell software licenses to installers. [1] For solar and wind it?s hard to imagine the number doing anything but growing. [25] The broad support for solar and wind shows up among governors of all stripes and in Congress, with lots of bipartisanship in favor of keeping up wind power?s momentum, and against letting the president?s ill-conceived trade taxes, for example, hurt solar?s. [25] With the World Cup over, it?s great to have teams we?re all cheering for: Team Solar, Team Wind. [25] Thanks, solar and wind, for guaranteeing our barbeques some common ground. [25] Across the MISO system more than 86 percent of new resources looking to connect – nearly 80,000 megawatts of new capacity (bottom right) – are wind and solar resources. [25] When the fossil units are being used for ancillary services, and wind or solar is curtailed, let’s make the problem become the solution. [25]

More solar generation will be available in the middle of the day, making natural gas generation less needed. [25] The project will also tie into a solar presentation at the Museum. [3] Richard Matsui : From our experience developing the Solar Revenue Put, we have gained some insight into what small scale project developers value most. [1] Solar puts helped develop the 10 MW Martin Palmer Solar Center for the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative. [1] We had a total of 53,000 MW of solar as of the end of 2017, double what we had at the end of 2015. [25]

We also need the legislature to knock down barriers that are keeping low-income households from adopting solar. [25] We need to make sure that we?re not only your financing partner, we are also your partner in cracking small commercial solar through the sales funnel. [1] “To meet the extraordinary challenge before us, solar needs to be on every rooftop in the country,” said Mendelsohn in a statement. [1]

The directory–the brainchild of kWh Analytics ceo Richard Matsui–also highlights more than 20 lenders that are prepared to give credit to the solar revenue put, an insurance product underwritten and distributed by kWh Analytics? own licensed insurance brokerage subsidiary, Kudos Insurance Services, and backed by investment grade insurance carriers. [1] Said Richard Matsui, founder and CEO of kWh Analytics, “banks can provide better financing terms to the solar developer and help the developer get more money out of their asset.” [1] According to a new database called Solar Lendscape, launched by risk management and data firm kWh Analytics, as many as 10 lenders are already valuing a merchant tail that goes beyond solar projects’ contracted revenues. [1] The great team at kWh analytics is sharing some data about lenders interested and active in solar. [1]

Homeowners who are solar enthusiasts are helping foot the bill. [3] Opponents said the amendment would have opened the door to new fees and costs to rooftop solar users. [3] It cited a mission to lower the cost of capital and encourage new investors in the solar space. [1]

Lenders modelling amortization scheduled would eschew the traditional 1.25 times debt service coverage ratio for uninsured utility-scale solar in favor of higher DSCRs of 2 to 2.5 times, he said. [1] The Young at Art Museum in Davie got one of the first solar canopies in 2015. [3] The first one is that we understand the solar asset well enough that we?re not going to ask for additional assets from the borrower. [1] The report is the first from the Solar Finance Council, which announced its formation just last week. [1]

The Tile Replacement Mount provides a fast and easy way to install solar on tile roofs while protecting against water intrusion. [27] “We think the canopy is a great way to educate the public about solar,” he said. [3]

In this interview, Birsic discusses finding purpose in solar finance, cracking the C&I market, and the wrong approach for solar startups to take. [1] If a solar startup thinks of itself as pure-play software, an honest assessment of the total addressable market will usually be small. [1]

Mosaic?s also done some really interesting work along these lines in residential solar. [1]

In making sales calls and speaking at various solar power conferences, Matsui said he kept running into Ed Feo, president of Coronal Energy. [1] In the energy industry, the costs of decisions are often very substantial. [25] These decisions have enabled the fossil fuel industry to exert undue influence over federal energy policy. [25] To be sure, ExxonMobil is not the only fossil fuel company plying the halls of Congress, and Koch Industries and Murray Energy are definitely not trying to sell a carbon tax to anyone, so perhaps ExxonMobil lobbyists — no matter how hard they try — are overmatched. [25]

Other pieces make even more sense now, as technologies and markets have evolved (think energy storage and electric vehicles, for example). [25] Energy storage experts from across the country meet with UCS staff to discuss the role of the federal government in supporting energy storage. [25] These aspirations can become reality with advancements in energy storage. [25] Most importantly, it contains recommendations for policy-makers on how the federal government can best foster and support innovation in energy storage. [25]

There’ll be waypoints along the way, steps forward–like the new Massachusetts energy bill. [25] The FY19 House Energy and Water Appropriations bill cuts ARPA-E?s funding by 8 percent, but the Senate bill increases funding by 6%. [25] The typical Florida house uses 1,092 kilowatt hours a month, according to the non-profit Inside Energy. [3]

The consumers? perspective, as the user of energy, needs to be included. [25] I suspect this is the result of a lack of maturity of the infrastructure supporting the ecosystem, as well as the poor understanding of what we need to translate the energy of new entrepreneurs and innovators into productivity and business success. [28]

Solutions for critical development challenges, such as online payments and access to energy in off-grid areas, have emerged from Nairobi and India?s ingenious start-up scenes. [28] For decades, these communities have unjustly carried the burden of powering our state and paid the highest price — their health — for dirty energy. [25] A new project combining skills across the World Bank Group and IFC is taking advantage of disruptive advances in the energy and finance sectors to address these longstanding challenges for SMEs. [28] Whereas both energy and finance are traditionally provided by large-scale, centralized service providers–state-owned electricity utilities and large commercial banks, respectively–new solutions have effectively decentralized and democratized the provision of these services. [28] Most of the electricity is used right here on site, but the rest is sold through a community energy co-operative, UrStrom, which owns and operates the PV installation on the roof. [2]

Due to its weather, terrain and lack of adequate infrastructure, Alaska has the highest cost of energy in the nation behind Hawaii. [30] UCS?s president Ken Kimmell said, “Massachusetts scored with the energy bill passed today, but this game is far from over.” [25] Recent World Bank investment climate surveys find that the top two constraints for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa are access to finance and access to energy. [28] It was developed by kWh Analytics in Silicon Valley for Coronal Energy and its clients Dominion Energy and the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative. [1] DOE requests one of its National Labs, the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), to write a story (masquerading as a report) about how coal saved the day and prevented massive blackouts. [25] The administration didn?t exactly hit the ground running after the 2016 election–no one bothered to show up at the Department of Energy until after Thanksgiving of 2016, even though career staff were readily available and prepared to brief the incoming administration on the important work of the agency. [25] The RIIA study is a step in that direction–one that will help all of us keep pace with the energy evolution going on around us. [25] We are on mission to deploy startup solutions in corporate environment and contribute to energy sector transformation. [29] We curate for you weekly innovative startups, which are disrupting the energy business of today. [29]

Heating is a massive part of final energy demand, as is transport. [2] For context, DOE is spending $1.2 billion in FY18 on nuclear energy RD&D. [25] According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, it?s about 1.1 million MW. [25] There?s no way we should accept any suggestion that, because the legislature dealt with energy in one term, they shouldn?t the next term. [25]

If cleantech investors learn to identify the right talent, provide the right capital and support in the right ways, a 100% clean energy future could actually be possible. [24]

While we need to phase out natural gas power plants by bringing more renewable energy onto our electricity grid, we must not allow the transition to unjustly impose further burdens on communities that have been polluted by our energy system. [25] For a while, renewable energy generation and natural gas power plants largely coexisted on the California grid. [25] The UCS analysis found that many more peaker plants could be retired if clean energy investments–like energy storage–were strategically located in certain areas on the grid that need local generation capacity to keep the grid reliable during power plant or transmission line failures. [25] Allow California?s grid operators greater access to clean energy generation resources outside the state to help further reduce the need to cycle in-state gas plants. [25] Invest in a more diverse portfolio of renewable generation technologies to spread clean energy generation evenly throughout all hours of the day to reduce evening ramp needs and the need to cycle in-state gas plants. [25]

To make sure California?s clean energy transition also reduces criteria air pollution from natural gas plants, UCS is proudly co-sponsoring legislation– Senate Bill 64 by Senator Bob Wieckowski –with the California Environmental Justice Alliance and the Clean Power Campaign. [25] The California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) and our member organizations work with communities that are the most affected by natural gas power plants: they must be prioritized in the clean energy economy. [25]

It?s crucial that air quality regulations limit these poisonous spikes and we prioritize clean energy alternatives and phase out all fossil fuel power plants as soon as possible. [25]

Ralph Cho, co-head of North American power at Investec, described the steps banks would take when sizing debt based on merchant revenues when he spoke on a panel at the 15th Renewable Energy Finance Forum in New York. [1] These systems can create opportunities to build wealth through ownership, clean and renewable energy for the neighborhood without the need for firing-up a gas plant, and badly needed jobs to implement these solutions. [25] A new “clean peak standard” aimed at bringing clean energy to bear (and avoiding the use of dirty fossil fuel-fired peaking plants) to address the highest demand times of the year. [25] The bills on clean energy, energy storage, and clean transportation before Ways and Means and before the full house need your support to get over the finish line, in the strongest forms possible. [25] Status: The house and senate agree that it?s in need of an increase–it?s unfinished business from the otherwise impressive clean energy bill from last session–so all they need to do is agree on how much. [25] Then we need the house and senate, which passed its own clean energy package last month, to hammer things out between the different bills. [25]

That?s just the latest payoff of the state?s admirable clean energy investments, thanks to plentiful solar power and strong policies like the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS). [25] With the costs of wind and solar power falling dramatically and a historic shift away from fossil fuels, it is critical that we double down on this clean energy momentum. [25]

The new panel breaks fresh ground for REC and the industry: this is the first solar panel to combine n-type mono half-cut cells with a twin-panel design, and promises excellent power output of up to 330 watt peak allied to lasting performance. [27] Here on the hills between the Rhine and the Moselle, the sun not only helps the grapes to grow, it powers the winery through dozens of solar panels installed on the roof. [2] The ninety-nine solar panels supplying 25,000 watts of power is made possible by an FPL educational grant. [3] The next time you?re chatting up your neighbor, or a stranger, at a summer barbeque, and aren?t interested in talking politics or religion or sports (or fossil fuels), just know that solar panels and wind turbines are likely to be pretty safe ground to tread. [25] The airport project, including the canopy with 200 solar panels, is among many projects FPL is installing around the state. [3] In what has been the solar-challenged Southeast U.S., solar puts are poised to help developers overcome the still somewhat stubborn culture favoring monopoly utilities? preference for natural gas and nuclear generation and early financing hurdles which are now further complicated by tariffs on steel and solar panels imposed by the Trump administration. [1] A recent survey shows yet again that solar panels (and wind turbines) have a level of bipartisan popularity that would be the envy of any politician. [25]

Travelling across the rolling hills of Rhein Hunsrueck the proliferation of wind turbines is staggering Up to now most renewable energy projects in Ireland have involved developer- led schemes focusing on wind, but the new scheme, which is expected to be technology neutral is also expected to give communities a greater role. [2] The senate?s version takes us to getting half of our electricity from new renewable energy by 2030, the same level that leading states, including California, New York, and New Jersey–are headed toward. [25] More analysis is required to understand how changing gas plant operations will impact air pollution and public health, in order to avoid a potential unintended consequence of more air pollution from natural gas plants as the state strives to reach future renewable energy and climate change goals. [25] The bad news is that as California increases its reliance on renewable energy, an unintended consequence is that existing natural gas plants could get dirtier. [25]

Many renewable energy studies also look 20 or more years into the future premised on assumptions about policies that may be enacted or how the cost and performance of various technologies may change over time. [25] Our clean energy future depends on the ability to accommodate increasing levels of renewable energy without threatening reliability or incurring excessive cost. [25]

Target specific locations for clean energy investment so that new generation resources can meet local capacity needs, which can hasten the retirement of natural gas. [25] California?s deep commitment to addressing climate change and transitioning away from fossil fuels has helped establish the state as a worldwide hub for clean energy investment and innovation. [25] On June 13th, the Union of Concerned Scientists worked with the California 100% Clean Energy Coalition to bring more than 100 Californians to Sacramento to lobby in support of Senate Bill 100 (De Le) and California?s transition away from fossil fuels. [25] California has led the nation in the transition from coal to clean energy resources and demonstrated that a cleaner economy need not come at the price of a growing economy. [25] I?m directing this note to the three of you because you?re particularly well positioned, as the #1, #2, and #3 in the House of Representatives, to make a difference on some really big opportunities (and needs) having to do with climate and clean energy. [25] Renewable energy – The house unanimously approved an increase to the state?s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), to boost it from its current requirement on utilities of 25% renewables by 2030 to 35% by 2030, and drive clean energy for Massachusetts households and businesses. [25] The economics of power contracts, renewable energy credits, and production tax credits all reward maximized energy production. [25] The state?s requirement that utilities use increasing amounts of new renewable energy (the main class of the renewable portfolio standard, or RPS) is currently set at 13%, and set to grow 1% per year. [25] In addition to shifting away from coal, Swiss Re underscored its support this week for sustainable energy projects, including insurance coverages and investments in renewable energy sources. [1] If these inflection points can be identified, they can help inform MISO of both when and what investments or operational changes may be necessary to maintain reliability while enabling increasing levels of renewable energy. [25] MISO can?t eliminate all the uncertainty from this study (more on that below), but this approach helps maintain focus on identifying when investments in the transmission system (or changes to how we operate that system) may be necessary as renewable energy grows. [25]

It makes no sense to turn back the clock on the nation?s transition to clean energy, especially when the nation is facing worsening climate impacts–including flooding, heat waves, and wildfires–and the renewable energy industry is providing one of the fastest-growing sources of employment. [25] Driven by clean energy policies, customer demand, and simple economics, renewable energy technologies are becoming the dominant part of our energy future. [25]

Today, clean energy advocates, including UCS, are supportive of 100% clean energy goals that would push renewables even higher. [25] With just one week remaining in this legislative session, where we head on clean energy is up to a polydactyl handful of lawmakers tasked with coming up with shared language in the next few days for a bill that takes the state to the next level on climate and energy. [25] The top states for energy storage, though, are up at 1,500 megawatts (MW) by 2025 (New York) or 2,000 MW by 2030 (New Jersey), and the NJ level of ambition is what the Massachusetts senate?s bill would have gotten us. [25]

You set in motion a strong push for renewable energy, but the final version of the 2016 energy diversity bill failed to include the pull of the renewable portfolio standard that should have been paired with it. [25] Even in Germany gaining support for renewable energy projects isn?t always easy. [2] San Francisco, Calif. — In an effort to recognize the up and coming rock stars of the solar industry, Renewable Energy World is pleased to announce its first “class” of 40 under 40 changemakers in the solar industry. [1] Renewable Energy World?s Solar 40 Under 40 recognizes these individuals and their unparalleled accomplishments within the solar industry. [1] The final package should include a strong RPS increase; removal of barriers to solar for low-income customers, customers as a whole, and our solar industry; energy efficiency?s next act; a push for energy storage; and, given carbon pollution, a boost for transportation electrification. [25]

DLS, a national label converter, finds a cost-effective waste management solution that saves 2 million pounds of label matrix annually from reaching landfills while providing a clean burning fuel source for energy companies. [27] Decentralised systems, clean energy and digital technologies are the building blocks for energy companies of the future. [29]

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed clean energy bills, and a group of three representatives and three senators is working on hammering out a version that represents the best of each. [25] Rounding out the committee are Sen. Patrick O’Connor (Weymouth), the sole Republican member of the senate?s global warming committee, and House Minority Leader Brad Jones (North Reading), who has led his fellow Republicans to unanimous votes on virtually every major climate and clean energy bill of the last decade (and co-signed a recent house letter urging clean energy action this session). [25] Yesterday the house took up a pack of legislative bills that have the potential to move clean energy forward for Massachusetts and the region. [25] The new clean energy bill missed the chance to tackle transportation, for example, which accounts for 40% of our state?s emissions. [25] Where?d we end up, in terms of clean energy? The best news is that we got a bill (even that was in doubt). [25] Sen. Marc Pacheco, the lead author of the very strong senate bill that fed into the compromise, promised that “The day after the session ends, my office will be beginning again to pull together clean energy legislation for the next session.” [25]

At the state level, as elsewhere, progress on climate and clean energy is a journey, not a destination. [25] To get Massachusetts as quickly as possible to its clean energy future, for our clean energy economy and clean energy jobs, for cutting pollution and addressing climate change, we need leadership from our representatives and their counterparts in the senate. [25] If you?re a Bay Stater, and particularly if your senator or representative is on the conference committee or in leadership, now?s the time to make your voice heard on clean energy. [25] The Massachusetts House of Representatives is moving on clean energy, and that?s really important. [25] The lead conferees are Rep. Tom Golden of Lowell, the house head of the joint senate-house energy committee and an advocate for energy storage, and Sen. Michael Barrett of Lexington, a strong, tireless voice for climate action economy-wide. [25] Storage and renewable energy technologies can provide essential services, ancillary services, or reserves. [25] Regional record for use of renewable energy in a single hour. [25] MISO?s RIIA study responds to growing recognition that the current pace of renewable energy development will drive rapid and unprecedented change across the electric system. [25] Our transition away from fossil fuels and toward a renewable energy economy must be smart and just. [25]

“The success of our energy policy depends on it being locally owned and decentralised,” says the state secretary for energy and environment, Thomas Griese. [2] Contracts for energy storage are emerging for capacity and performance, with revenues separated from total hours of utilization. [25] For instance, in Kenya, M-Kopa is addressing the demand for energy in off-grid locations, a major issue in the country’s rural areas. [28]

Solar fixes – Rooftop solar systems larger than residential ones (think businesses, municipalities) are stuck in much of the state because of the caps placed on how much can “net meter”, set as a percentage of each electric utility?s peak customer demand. [25] Another may be when there is enough solar on the system to require increased flexibility during evening hours as solar systems go offline and other resources need to ramp up. [25] Tax equity is money that for-profit companies are willing spend in buying solar systems and the tax credits that come with them to offset their tax liability. [1]

Angelo has developed a mobile solar power plant with batteries, back up and software all packed in a self-contained shipping container. [30] Diving in even further doesn?t do much to dispel the sense of bipartisanship (figure 3); even self-described “conservative Republicans” overwhelmingly favor expanding solar farms (80%) and wind farms (71%). [25] It has also invested in a new product with kWh Analytics, dubbed the Solar Revenue Put, which drives down investment risk by guaranteeing solar project performance, making these projects cheaper to finance. [1] A new analysis from kWh Analytics provides a benchmark for solar project output around the country. [1]

To highlight accomplishments in the solar industry, avail stakeholders of quality performance benchmarks, and encourage adoption of data best practices, kWh Analytics partnered with the Solar Finance Council to present the industry?s first “Asset League Tables” report, published today. [1]

For most of us, when the power fails, the lights stay out until the grid gets fixed. [25] That’s critical, as it needs access to the best companies to make its program profitable since so many early-stage startups are destined to fail or end up generating paltry returns as acqui-hires by bigger corporations. [31] When it comes to the grid, the vast majority of us solely rely upon a massive centralized system, which means we benefit from economies of scale when it works, and stagger under catastrophes of fail when it doesn?t. [25]

We have witnessed in recent years the emergence of technology start-up ecosystems across the world. [28] New technology trends are reducing the costs as well as the barriers of access to markets and resources for developing technology start-ups. [28] We wanted to hear diverse perspectives, so we included a broad cross section of technical experts from different states and regions, including university professors, start-ups, the national labs, small rural electric co-ops and big utility representation, conservative political voices, the defense community, former state and federal officials, and financial analysts. [25] West African start-ups and innovative young SMEs are indeed facing the classic “valley of death? — the space between where the entrepreneur?s own resources from family and friends (“love money”) gets depleted and when the company is financially viable enough to attract later-stage investment and financing available on the market. [28] Established companies tend to offer good structures for marketing, distribution, processes, scaling up products, etc., but, compared to start-ups, they often have a weakness in generating and rapidly applying creativity to develop new products and services. [28] Indian, Chinese and Indonesian start-ups, such as Lu.com, Flipkart or Go-Jek, have reached this valuation, and African Internet Group from Nigeria is poised to be the first African unicorn. [28] Today, a technology-based start-up develops a functioning prototype with as little as $3,000, six weeks of work, and a working Internet connection. [28] I joke about this, but it?s true: Dave, Sam, and I were basically having a bitch session about how difficult it is to motivate yourself and others to work at the kinds of start-ups where we previously worked. [1]

“We use physics modeling and our data repository of solar project data.” [1]

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (392 MW), located 40 miles (60km) southwest of Las Vegas and developed by BrightSource Energy and Bechtel, is the world’s largest solar thermal power project. 35 36 The project has received a $1.375billion loan guarantee from the United States Department of Energy. [4] Unlike with nuclear power or coal, which require long-term up-front investments far from view of those who pay for them, solar is a source of energy consumers and businesses can own themselves. [7] Beginning with the 2014 data year, Energy Information Administration has estimated distributed solar photovoltaic generation and distributed solar photovoltaic capacity. [4] There have been several days in this period when 50% of UK energy demand has been met with wind and solar. [32] Problem: Solar and wind energy generators are able to work only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. [5] Decision (D.) 06-01-024, in collaboration with the California Energy Commission, with the goal of installing 3,000 MW of new solar facilities in California’s homes and businesses by 2017. [4] We?d also need to know where all the energy was coming from – rooftop solar is hard to track and measure. [32] The majority of Californians in desert country support large-scale solar development, according to a 2012 survey conducted on behalf of BrightSource Energy. [4] There are many financial incentives to support the use of renewable energy in other U.S. states. 60 CSI provides more than $2 billion worth of incentives to customers for installing photovoltaic, 61 and electricity displacing solar thermal 62 systems in the three California Investor-Owned Utilities service territories. [4] Homes with solar power use less energy, reducing the overall demand for electricity and thereby cutting back on the need to build expensive new power plants. [33] These types of vehicles add to the demand and burden placed on the electrical grid, which was not designed to support the larger electrical loads required by electric vehicles. 86 One potential solution is to bypass most of the grid with the installation of rooftop solar panels for daytime charging and making use of home energy storage at night. [4] When contemplating a solar power system installation on your home, the first question most people usually ask is, how much does a solar installation cost? This is closely followed by, how long do solar panels last? The answers to these questions help you determine whether your monthly energy bill savings is worth the upfront cost and helps us make more accurate long term solar savings forecasts. [6] Solar is a more periodically available power source than natural gas and coal; photovoltaic solar panels can only operate during daylight hours and thermal solar installations cannot operate at peak efficiency throughout the entire night, thus there is a window in which a large portion of the state’s energy production must be picked up by other types of utilities. [4]

This is often supplemented by rooftop solar and wind power to reduce harmful emissions, as electricity shortfalls would be made up by power from coal-fired plants. [34] The California solar deployment has increased its duck curve (power demand for traditional power plants) to the point where large power plants are turned down to minimum during the day, while requiring large and fast power ramping by load following and peaker plants to supply peak demand in the evening when the sun has gone down. [4] The Desert Stateline Solar Facility is a 300 MW power plant near the Nevada border in San Bernardino County. [4]

America?s power system will continue to rely on multiple fuels — including natural gas, nuclear, coal, hydro, wind and solar for decades. [35] This combination of nuclear, wind and solar means that on several occasions this year the contribution from gas and other fossil fuels has fallen to about 20% of the national demand. [32]

This did not come at a surprise to us because solar companies must deal with a myriad of power companies who have their own internal processing rules and issues. [9] Gold marks denote PV power plants, while red marks represent solar thermal power plants. [4]

Photovoltaic (foreground) and Solar water heating (rear) panels located on rooftops in Berkeley, California. [4] Included in it is the Million Solar Roof Initiative. 51 In 2011, this goal was expanded to 12,000MW by 2020. 52 As part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Million Solar Roofs Program, California has set a goal to create 1,940 megawatts 53 of new, solar-produced electricity by 2016 — moving the state toward a cleaner energy future and helping lower the cost of solar systems for consumers. [4] In May 2018, the 5 commissioners of the California Energy Commission (CEC) voted unanimously to require that nearly all new homes in the state be built with solar panels. 12 Starting in January 2020, all new homes under 4 stories will have photovoltaic solar panels installed. [4] This house on Golfview Drive on James Island include solar panels that make the property more energy efficient. [33]

By eliminating the need to send power over long distances and recycling energy from the power generation process, such systems are more efficient due to their higher overall energy utilisation rates. [34] The nuclear power industry currently provides one-fifth of America?s energy, hardly a trifling percentage. [35] Natural gas distributors ENN Energy Holdings and China Resources Gas Group have been working with mainland industrial estates to help build self-sufficient energy supply systems so that they do not have to rely on local power grids. [34] We are innovators, we are problem solvers; We are engineers with a mission to power your life with clean, affordable energy. [9]

The Saudis also are developing a wind plant in northwest Saudi Arabia and plan to have renewables produce 9.5 gigawatts of energy by 2023. [35] Considering the environmental damage caused by fossil fuel exploitation, wind and nuclear energy should receive the same degree of federal government support as that given to the lobbyist-intensive fossil fuel industry. [35] Against such lobbying efforts, a federal assistance boost to wind and nuclear energy in Pennsylvania and other states is critical. [35]

In the 1800’s scientists started experimenting with PV energy and how to create electricity using the sun, but they never produced a usable amount of power. [6] The partnership is fitting, as DirectPeople works with companies and startups to realize innovative new projects, building teams around new ideas and executing them for banks, energy companies, and telcos, as well as smaller firms. (Full disclosure: Petr Sidlo, CEO at DirectPeople, is our mentor, and Phillip Staehelin their Innovation Evangelist is our mentor and investor.) [7] Regular cleaning ensures your panels continue to absorb sunlight effectively and efficiently which helps to prevent a dip in your energy production. [6] Panels were shut down in height of energy season and service scheduled for July 3 from 12-2. [8] I called 12 months after we had our panels installed because we weren’t saving as much energy as they promised they would. [8] The original installation left us generating over 3000 kw’s SHORT of our needed annual energy needs. I then had a SDGE monthly bill, settled on an annual basis, PLUS the SolarCity bill. [8] Since 2006, SolarCity has strived to be the national leader in clean energy services and has become America?s largest solar provider. [8] Problem: While Chile is considered to be a leader of South American renewable energy sector, there’s still a transmission problem since solar installations often were built quicker than a transmission network. [5]

As of July 2014, California had 7,808 MW 48 of solar and 5,830 MW 49 of wind farms. [4] According to the CPUC, homeowners, businesses, and local governments installed 158MW of solar photovoltaics (PV) in 2008, doubling the 78MW installed in 2007, giving California a cumulative total of 441MW of distributed solar PV systems, the highest in the country. 57 As of August 2016, 4,216 MW have been installed in 537,647 projects. [4]

In 2016, California reported a total of 19,783 GWh in solar electricity generation, approximately 9.97% of all electricity produced. [4] “California to become first U.S. state mandating solar on new homes”. [4] “Assembly bill could lower cost of residential solar in California”. [4] Over the last 20 years, California has been home to a number of “world’s largest” solar facilities, many of which are located in the Mojave Desert. [4] The figures used for a solar cost calculator or solar savings calculator are also based on a working life of 25 years. [6]

SolarCity is by far the largest residential solar installation company in the United States. [8] Again, the onus is on SolarCity to fully disclose ALL known information. and this fact IS KNOWN by solar companies. [8]

Utilities argue that net metering amounts to a subsidy for solar households on the backs of customers who can?t or won?t install their own panels. [33] It wasn’t until around 2012 that things really got going in the U.S. when the combination of lower panel prices, utility level rebates, net metering and a federal tax credit made solar affordable to the masses. [6]

Expectation is that the program will be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and implemented by existing Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program administrators who asked to implement the program using California greenhouse gas auction funds beginning in the fourth quarter 2017. [4] Part of the 354 MW SEGS solar complex in northern San Bernardino County, California. [4] In December 2017, the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. [4] South Belridge Oil Field, near Bakersfield, California, a solar EOR facility that is projected to eliminate 376,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. [4] “New survey finds most in California desert support solar”. [4]

At midday on Saturday June 30, solar supplied 30% of the national demand for electricity. [32] The ISO reported that solar was providing approximately 17.2% of the total electricity. [4]

Market share: With 26 percent of the residential solar market in 2013, SolarCity had more than 3 times the market share of #2 Vivint Solar and about 4.5 times the market share of #3 Verengo Solar. [8] I leased solar from this SolarCity (Tesla now) in January 2015; service was okay until I requested transfer to my new house. [8] Good job team ESA Solar, you help make my house goes green. [9]

This changed in 1954, when Bell Laboratories built the first solar cell that used silicon and a modern era of PV technology began. [6] Even when solar was not at cost-parity with traditional fossil fuels (which is no longer true), it was cost effective for those who adopted it, because they saw the benefits personally, and over the long term. [7] Cleve Hill, and other large scale solar facilities, are controversial because of their potential environmental impact – the lowest cost installations will always involve finding huge areas of land that can be exploited cheaply and there will always be an environmental cost in construction. [32] The monthly cost of solar service has risen significantly during your inaction. [8]

A legislative bill, AB 693 (2015 Eggman), provided for the low income solar Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Rooftops (MAHSR) program to be implemented by program administrators in recognition that disadvantaged and low income customers should experience the benefits of solar, despite the potential lack of community resources. [4] Various financing options: Homeowners, businesses, or organizations can get solar leases, PPAs, loans, or pay for their systems in cash with SolarCity. [8] Leasing: SolarCity has a strong preference for solar leasing and PPAs, as it makes more money from these options. [8]

Solar associates at The Home Depot claim they work for Tesla. [8]

In reference to solar power, he used Nuclear energy as a counter-example. [7] We offer state-of-the-art field-proven solar power and energy saving solutions. [9] The graph shows a classic exponential curve in the electrical capacity of solar power from roughly 1998 to 2014, along with the World Energy Organization predictions of future growth. [7] In April 2018, The San Diego Union Tribune reported that Recurrent Energy (a subsidiary of Canadian Solar ) had proposed the world’s largest battery, a 350 MW system, be installed alongside the proposed Crimson Solar Project. [4]

Wind energy, of course, does not carry all the environmental risks associated with oil and gas, and the presence of wind is pretty much eternal. [35] At a time of rising electric costs, homeowners like you every day are choosing to invest in their home, invest in their energy, and invest in their future. [9] Attempts to bail out Pennsylvania?s faltering nuclear energy sector met with fierce opposition from state capital fracking lobbyists in Harrisburg, who have managed to ensure that a nuclear energy bailout package is dead-on-arrival. [35] Nuclear energy alone accounts for half of Illinois?s energy production. [35]

The so-called distributed energy systems in industrial estates typically supply electricity by generating energy locally with cleaner-burning natural gas. [34] Workers at hundreds of factories that produce wind turbines could lose their jobs if the wind energy sector collapses. [35] In the long term we would like to create an image for E.ON that represents us as a strong independent partner for the development of MVPs and use cases with startups, as well as to create a pioneer network in the CEE region around energy innovation and sustainable development. [7] I was saving practically nothing. in fact, I had to pay SDGE $760 MORE for use of their energy for 2017. [8]

Digital technology allow greater transparency and predictability of demand and supply, enabling energy to be traded to various counterparties. [34] California Center for Sustainable Energy – SDG&E customers. [4] “California is taking a cooling off period after generating too much energy from the sun”. [4]

We have an issue with our internet provider regarding SolarCity monitoring the energy produced. [8]

Solar batteries allow you to store the excess energy your panels generate for use at night or during other times your panels aren?t operating at peak efficiency. [36] If you remember from a few weeks ago, Vistra, which is a traditional IPP, won an RFP for a 1.2GWh battery to be installed at Moss Landing after announcing a 42MWh battery in Texas with our friends from FlexGen. So here is the CEO of Vistra making the quiet case for why there is a need for more energy storage, too much solar. [11] An energy production and trading scheme designed for the Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide will incorporate one of Australia?s largest rooftop solar arrays to provide energy to businesses and homes within the growing precinct. [10] The Swiss investment manager and the Australian renewable energy developer stand ready to deliver a total of over 1.3 GW of solar, wind and battery projects across New South Wales within the next four years. [10] Renewable energy now provides more electricity than nuclear power in over half of the U.S. Community solar is fueling the renewable energy revolution, helping bridge the renewables accessibility gap for those who lack access to rooftop solar. [37]

From The Wall Street Journal to the Los Angeles Times, electric grid operators to economic analysts, natural gas producers to renewable energy advocates, Democrats to Republicans — it?s hard to find anyone who supports bailing out unprofitable coal and nuclear plants at the expense of consumers. [35] On May 13, 2017, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) reported that the state had broken a new renewable energy record, with non-hydro renewables providing 67.2% of the total electricity on the ISO’s grid, with another 13.5% being provided by hydro. [4] Renewable energy sectors like wind and nuclear employ some 500,000 people around the United States. [35] Reliance on substitute renewable energy sources like wind and nuclear is the only feasible alternative to fossil fuels. [35]

It makes sense for the federal government, working in partnership with the states and private industry, to focus its attention on boosting the renewable energy sector, especially when it is facing financial decline. [35]

Installing solar panels helps keep power bills lower for everybody. [33] Solar power can help homeowners cut their electricity bills year round, of course, but only thanks to a provision known as “net metering.” [33] Solar power in California has been growing rapidly because of high insolation, community support, declining solar costs, and a Renewable Portfolio Standard which requires that 33% of California’s electricity come from renewable resources by 2020, and 50% by 2030. 1 Much of this is expected to come from solar power via photovoltaic facilities or solar thermal power facilities. [4] At the end of 2016, California had a total installed solar capacity of 18,919.8 MW, making it the highest solar power generating state in the nation. 3 In April, 2017, this capacity generated 5,045 GWh, or 13.78% of the total electricity generated that month 4 SEIA currently estimates that California’s solar capacity powers 4,885,000 homes in the state, and employs 100,050. [4] The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power initiated a program on January 11, 2013 to pay up to 17 cents/kWh for electricity generated by up to 100 MW of solar power in a feed-in tariff program. 20 MW is reserved for small projects of less than 150kW each. [4]

In Hong Kong, although end users with rooftop solar panels or wind generators will be able to sell their output to the city?s only two electricity suppliers at prices several times higher than current retail prices, peer-to-peer trading is not possible as the market remains regulated. [34] Solar panels on roofs make sense to the public because electricity generation is happening at the point of use. [32] California has the technical potential to install 128.9 GW of rooftop solar panels, which would generate 194,000 GWh/year, about 74% of the total electricity used in California in 2013. [4]

As the installation of rooftop solar panels gain popularity in the mainland, factories and even some households become both power consumers and generators. [34] From a grid control point of view, a 350MW solar farm with a battery store is the perfect solution – the power flows will be monitored and easy to predict as any additional generation will be stored onsite. [32] The Topaz Solar Farm is a 550 MW power station located in San Luis Obispo County. [4] The Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is a 550 MW solar power plant in Riverside County, that uses thin-film solar CdTe-modules made by First Solar. [4]

As chairman of Solar Investments Inc and chairman of the largest solar panel installation company in South Australia, Andy is passionate about solar power. [6] My electricity bill went from $259 budget plan to 78.06 for Dec. and $82.72 for Nov. The solar panels themselves have to be paid for but that will not add up the the amount I was spending monthly for electricity. [9] Why is this such a landmark moment for the UK?s electricity supply? Well, there are now nearly a million solar systems in the UK, which includes everything from solar panels mounted on roofs to farms occupying entire fields. [32] Solar panels come with different warranties, including an equipment warranty to certify against manufacturing defects and a performance warranty to guarantee panels will produce a certain amount of electricity. [6] Solar panels are highly durable and manufactured to withstand high winds, heavy snow, and the impact of airborne debris, including hail. [6] “California is requiring solar panels on all new houses: here’s what that means”. [4] SolarCity installed solar panels on my house in January 2017. [8] Roofers cannot get the job done until SolarCity goes and removes the solar panels. [8] Over 8 months ago, I inquired about adding some solar panels to our existing SolarCity system and through delay after delay, 8 months worth, I am informed, “We won’t; be able to add any panels to your roof”. [8]

We?ve made it easy to replace your electric bill with a simple fixed monthly payment for your solar panels. [9] As a general rule of thumb, your solar panels should last at least 25 to 30 years, based on manufacturer testing. [6] Some premium brands of solar panels now offer a 30 year warranty. [6]

“Rules prevent solar panels in many states with abundant sunlight”. [4] The largest solar power plant ever proposed in the UK will be reviewed by the secretary of state within the next six months. [32] California has several large concentrated solar power plants. [4] California adopted feed-in tariffs, a tool similar to what Europe has been using, to encourage the solar power industry. [4] “sPower secures 100 MW solar power PPA with California aggregator”. [4]

The Imperial Valley Solar Project is a 99 MW power station, located in Imperial County. [4] The Blythe Solar Power Project is a partially completed 485 MW photovoltaic power station which is located in eastern Riverside County. [4]

The justification for the smaller size of the systems is due to the high amount of clean energy in the grid during the day, much of which is attributable to California’s extensive use of utility grade solar systems. [4] Solution: Fenix International leases off grid solar panels and batteries for as little as 35 cents per day. [5] These incentives allowed solar panel manufacturers to reach scale and lead to a precipitous drop in the cost of solar panels. [6] Degradation rates vary from one brand to another, so these rates are important for a comprehensive solar panel comparison and solar cost calculation. [6] Don’t just compare solar panel costs to decide which solar panels are best for your home. [6]

Compare consumer reviews of solar companies, solar panels and solar inverters. [9] This makes breakdowns due to wear and tear highly unlikely, but the chemicals used to make solar panels can deteriorate and breakdown over time. [6] “Regulator OKs solar panel mandate for new California homes”. [4] How long you can expect your solar panels to last is an obvious concern when contemplating a large investment. [6] I please urge any perspective solar panel buyer not to purchase from this company. [8] From start to finish we had the best overall experience with the purchase, design, installation and use of our solar panel system. [8]

ESA Solar during the sales process gave us a very good understanding of how their company would evaluate our specific needs & determine size & configuration of our solar system. [9] California governor Jerry Brown signed a streamlined permitting bill (AB 2188) for residential solar systems on September 22, 2014. [4] The California Solar Initiative is a 2006 initiative to install 3,000MW of additional solar power by 2016. [4] In 2014, the 550 MW Topaz Solar Farm became the new “world’s largest operational” solar facility went online in San Luis Obispo County, California. [4] A second 550 MW facility, Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, also went online in Riverside County in 2014 and was constructed by First Solar. [4]

They would prefer to build, say, a $9 billion nuclear plant than a $1 million solar farm. [33] Consider the fate of nuclear vs. solar power in that context. [7] Using a 20-year property assessment known as PACE financing, the city of Berkeley had a successful pilot program from 2008 to 2009 as the first city in the country to allow residents to obtain solar power without any initial payment. [4] As part of California’s legislative and regulatory strategy there will be an additional 300 MW of solar power for disadvantaged and low income communities. [4] Hourly graphs of total electric load (blue), solar power (grey) and the difference (red) which is known as the duck curve. [4] Solar City actually told me, the electric company doesn’t understand solar, they just send guys out to stand around for 20 minutes. [8] Forward a year later the house has not been able to sell and I tried contacting Solar City to pay the $3000 and was told I am on a 20 year contact. [8] I took bought a house last year with a 1-year old system installed by Solar City. [8] Not a big deal but over a year later I called Solar City representatives again inquiring when I would get a new monitor. [8] My escrow closes soon! What happens now? Obviously, Solar City/Tesla doesn?t care! What happened to all the friendly faces, happy sales reps, people eager to take our money but not eager to help solve my problem? I am so unhappy with Solar City/Tesla?s lack of customer follow-up, incomplete solar system parameters for optimization of the system and will never recommend Solar City or Tesla. [8] Solar City and Tesla. all fine until you need a roof replaced. [8] By now it’s June and Solar City tried telling me payment was not received until some time later (resulting in interest charges) and I had to chase it through escrow and verify that yes, the funds were immediately distributed. [8] We first started the paperwork with Solar City in February. [8] Solar City said, not their problem, “It’s your electric service.” [8] Now we can?t sell our house because no one wants to take over two Solar City contracts. [8] In July 2015 we decided to lease a solar system from Solar City because they partnered with Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD). [8] These incentives, combined with federal tax incentives, could cover up to 50% of the total cost of a solar system. [4] Our electrical system needed a complete upgrade & was after a few days presented in the overall cost of the solar system. [9] After a few messages left, I received a call from my rep, given my options (with the omission of solar system removal costs). [8]

Solar farms make sense to investors because they are cheaper to install per unit of electricity but also bigger – so finance can be accessed in larger chunks and investors can make more money. [32]

Julius Tan Chie-how, 29, co-founder and chief executive of the one-year-old start-up, the city state?s first digital peer-to-peer marketplace for retail electricity trading, is in talks to enter the mainland market and will explore potential opportunities in Hong Kong. [34] Our new :agile startup accelerator program is able to give up to six start-ups per year the chance to accelerate their businesses with selected top specialists in the field. [7] We currently run two batches per year with an acceleration phase of three months and a budget of up to 10.000 per start-up for selected trainings, travel expenses and office space. [7]

According to a National Renewable Energy Laboratory study, premium manufacturers may offer degradation rates as low as 0.3% per year. [6] This way companies can immediately benefit from using renewable energy source. [5]

Some of the public support for energy generated by photovoltaics (PV), the technology that converts sunlight into electricity, comes from its easy integration into the built environment. [32] We provide energy at a lower cost than paying for energy generated by burning coal, oil and natural gas. [8]

The representatives fail to tell you if your home is all electric you will receive massive bills from your current carrier (mine being PEPCO), in addition to their bill, when using your heating system. [8] The survey of more than 1,000 people was conducted throughout Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Riverside, San Bernardino counties in California, where many utility-scale solar projects are underway or planned. [4] The Mojave Solar Project, is a 280MW parabolic trough concentrated solar power station located in the Mojave Desert completed in 2014. [4]

On July 19th, LaRusso notes that around the 2 PM solar peak two gigawatts of behind the meter solar was pumping out power, and met over 11% of New England?s total electricity demand. [37] Solar PV capacity is set to grow 17-fold, and wind six-fold, by 2050, to account for nearly half of global electricity generation, predicts BNEF, while investments will reach US$11.5 trillion. [10] Clean energy is not limited to solar and as part of our smart building-integrated energy plan, we provide holistic solutions by stacking solar, LED lighting, wind, daylighting and other energy efficiency systems combined with storage. [11] The state also gets lots of sun, which is why many experts think that solar panels will, over time, become another major source of energy there. [12] We are happy to provide solar panel recommendations and to help you choose the right solar panel for your roof, budget, and energy needs. [36]

In 2015, to keep track of the startups and public-sector projects working on trying to provide low-carbon energy with safer, cheaper, and cleaner nuclear power, the centrist think tank, Third Way, started mapping all of the advanced nuke projects across the country. [38] A recent report by BP, the energy company, showed that the world has not reduced its reliance on fossil fuels over the last two decades, in part because developing countries are using more coal while industrialized nations are moving away from nuclear power. [12] We hear these phrases used so often now as political buzzwords, the term “renewable” is so watered down that states can use workarounds to prop up fossil fuel energy under the guise of the green revolution. [39]

A recent study from the nonprofit Energy Innovation Reform Project estimated that the latest batch of nuclear startups could deliver electricity somewhere between $36 and $90 a megawatt hour. [38] Implementing policies that increase the production of these sources in state or require their utilities to sell electricity from these sources, not merely buy unbundled RECs to cleanwash their ongoing reliance on dirty energy. [39]

It builds power systems for big-rig air conditioning, lift gates for straight and semi-truck trailers, safety lighting for emergency vehicles and telematics systems that require an energy source to ensure batteries are always charged. [37] This comes as the power sector has reduced carbon dioxide emissions during that period by 28 percent, according to the Energy Information Administration. [12] In its annual reports, the Australian Energy Market Commission has proposed a number of changes to tighten Australia?s power system and improve reliability and regulation, reflecting on opportunities and challenges created by a significant increase in the uptake of distributed energy resources. [10]

If you notice a sudden dip in energy production, it?s most likely to be an issue with the panel materials. [36] The Energy Show: By Barry Cinnamon California continues to lead the country when it comes to clean and inexpensive energy. [11] “Cleanwashing” is the term we?re using to describe the common phenomenon of counting dirty energy as renewable. [39] Irish saw that countries around the globe needed to build a boggling amount of clean-power projects to replace their fossil fuel infrastructure, while also providing enough energy for rising demand from China, India, and other rapidly growing countries. [38] Not only do no states support policy as aggressive as Food & Water Action?s Off Fossil Fuels initiative, but also most RPS reports are lax enough that they won?t affect fast enough change in the state?s energy infrastructure to keep up with climate change. [39] “The most recent builds in the United States have been a disaster, largely due to poor on-sight construction practices,” said John Parsons, codirector of MIT?s Low-Carbon Energy Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems. [38] “Hopefully these designers will come up with much more radical reductions in cost you would like energy to be more accessible to a billion more people so that nuclear becomes a cheap alternative that can beat natural gas even if there’s no carbon price,” Parsons said. [38] There has been an intense public debate about energy prices, in particular, and whether efforts to cut emissions of greenhouse gases would send the cost of electricity soaring. [12] How has the relative contribution of various energy sources to the state?s electricity market changed over the past decade? Take a guess. [12]

Wind energy production has increased by 645 percent, while coal decreased by 9 percent. [12]

In Irish?s telling, he was in the middle of explaining Terrestrial?s reactor design when the man stopped him and said, “”Hold on, this can deliver heat! The industrial sector needs heat, and wind and solar aren’t making any dent in that at all.? [38] “I think we ought to be trying I’m not optimistic,” Bunn said, noting that the pace at which we?d need to build solar and wind to quit fossil fuels is just as daunting. [38]

We possess 25 years of project experience with over 120 MW of solar installed on rooftops, carports and on unused land nationally. [11] A 25-year warranty protects your solar investment for 15 years longer than a more standard 10-year warranty. [36] The original years of the GEA had feed in tariffs at some pretty high rates, but I?m sure there are better ways, conservative ways, to keep solar in business in Ontario. [11] Most battery brands offer a warranty of five to 10 years, and you can expect top solar batteries to last around 15 years. [36] “There are other competitors in view on the straight solar side that 10 years ago sounded like science fiction space-based solar, transparent solar films on every window. [38]

Utilities achieved those reductions by steadily moving away from polluting fuels like coal toward cleaner sources like natural gas, wind and solar. [12] Your warranty is that Plan B. The better the warranty, the more protection you get on your solar investment, so consider paying a little more for top industry warranties. [36] Founded in 2016, Sono Motors is a youngster in the automaker industry, however, this has not stopped them from moving ahead in developing a fully electrically driven car which has solar cells integrated into the bodywork. [40]

Munich – A Munich-based start-up has taken advantage of the strong Bavarian sun this summer to test the final development of the charging system of its Sion car, an all-electric solar vehicle that lets you charge as you drive. [40] The Australian arm of German project developer juwi is looking to acquire utility-scale solar PV projects in New South Wales and Victoria. [10] Its 330 solar cells are attached to the roof, bonnet and sides and its battery system will offer a range of around 250 km (155 miles) before it needs recharging. [40] It used to be the most vibrant place to work in solar, I spent many weeks there myself. [11] Community solar is a potential way to grant access to 50 million U.S. households that are classified as low-to-moderate income (LMI) residences. [37]

The cost of renewable energy from wind and solar farms is often much lower than electricity from new coal-fired power plants and in the same ballpark as efficient natural gas plants, according to an analysis by the investment bank Lazard. [12] Nearly a decade later, Irish is the CEO of New York City-based Terrestrial Energy, a company that expects to have a molten-salt reactor online before 2030. [38] In Massachusetts, an energy bill passes but fails to lift net metering caps. [37] Thanks to the technology of bidirectional charging the Sion can not only generate but also provide energy. [40] The new recommendations are likely to encourage network development towards P2P energy trading, VPPs and electric vehicle charging. [10] If Maryland is to ever meaningfully reduce its fossil fuel consumption, it must make an effort to restructure its RPS to exclude dirty energy sources — especially RECs. [39]

Perth-based blockchain startup Power Ledger has announced its first carbon credit project as part of its partnership with Chicago-based startup Clean Energy Blockchain Network and in collaboration with California?s municipal utility Silicon Valley Power. [10] It could easily take the advanced nuclear projects 30 years to get through regulatory review, fix the unexpected problems that crop up along the way, and prove that they can compete, said Dan Kammen, who studies clean energy at the University of California Berkeley. [38] He knew that nuclear power, the only existing form of clean energy that could fill the gaps, was too expensive to compete with oil and gas. [38]

Mapping local renewable energy and how states help or hinder local power. [37] The fact that the United States has been able to reduce emissions from the power sector while keeping prices low shows that the world can address climate change by ushering in an era of abundant, affordable and clean energy. [12]

Those who support renewable energy said those sources would become cheaper over time as more wind farms and solar panels came on line. [12] Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming cheaper every year, even as the federal government phases out tax credits for the use of those technologies. [12] Last year, solar panels contributed less than 1 percent of the electricity generated in Texas. [12] Each year, a typical solar panel loses about 0.7% of its efficiency. [36] Even though Panasonic and KYOCERA solar panels both offer an 80% production warranty over 25 years, Panasonic?s maximum efficiency rate is 21.6%, while KYOCERA?s max efficiency rate is only 16.1%. [36]

Energy technology and alternative energy companies from solar ideas to water treatment can now raise up to $1.07M from both accredited and non-accredited investors. [41] As an example of one of the many successful women in solar, Tanya Strickford grew up through the ranks of SunPower by Positive Energy Solar to COO, progressing from a field installer to crew lead, crew manager, and operations manager. [14] Positive Energy Solar has also had a strong commitment to our community, supporting STEM education throughout New Mexico and encouraging women to get involved.” [14]

Many homeowners have already begun adopting solar electricity, large-scale power generation facilities have started to offer solar?s advantages to thousands of customers, and companies are turning to solar in quests to call upon 100% renewable power. [14] Currently, renewables represent 4 percent of generation at Puerto Rico’s power company, against a U.S. national average of 15 percent, so it likely will be years before solar could account for a significant share of Puerto Rico power. [13]

He said the government should consider going solar and dumping the current “archaic” power grid. [13] Another corporation, German-based sonnen, helped donate and install at least 15 solar microgrids across the island to help power laundromats, schools, community centers and medical clinics. [13] Facebook and Walton Electric Membership Corp. are pairing up to power a 150-megawatt data center in Newton with solar. [15] “I don?t think the power of this can be overestimated,” Strickford said, expanding upon the impact that role models have for women in solar. [14] Strickford wants to bring her peers to the industry by leading through example, showing women how they, too, can be building large-scale solar arrays in the desert or hauling and installing residential rooftop panels. [14] Or, three, Georgians can demand smart solar siting: growing the industry, boosting local economies, and still protecting what makes the state special. [15] One text that helps is The Solar Workforce Development Toolkit, which fills in the clear need for solar businesses to engage with the broader industry and other workforce development stakeholders. [14] This industry can be hard on women, so women in solar need both women and men to champion their success.” [14]

According to the latest statistics from the Clean Energy Council (CEC), there are 42 wind and solar projects totaling 6239 MW worth close to $10 billion currently in construction or due to start soon across Australia. [10] “To supply a tenth of the clean energy we need by 2050, we have to add 30 gigawatts to the grid every year,” he said. [38]

This means Maryland is counting some of the indisputably dirty energy it creates as renewable simply because it uses subsidies for energy producers that are often located in different states like Virginia and Illinois. [39] Maryland uses unbundled RECs all the time, and counts them toward the state goal for renewable energy. [39] Just what are RECs? As Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility describes them, the term refers to credits that utilities can use “to claim credit for renewable energy produced and sold elsewhere while continuing to buy electricity generated from fossil fuels and nuclear power.” [39] In their new study Unbundled: How Renewable energy Credits Undermine Maryland?s Transition to Clean, Renewable Energy, the Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility looked at RECs specifically within the broader scope of Maryland?s RPS. The study did a deep dive into Maryland?s uses of RECs to offset dirty energy consumption. [39]

Your starting point for building local power for renewable energy. [37] Clearly, as one of the lowest-scoring states in the study, Maryland has a lot of work to do regarding its renewable energy standards. [39] Maryland — and many other states — capitalizes on the public?s misunderstanding of renewable energy to encompass dirty energy sources within its scope. [39] In our recent study Cleanwashing: How States Count Polluting Energy Sources as Renewable, we found a shocking phenomenon: d ozens of states across the country count blatantly filthy, polluting energy sources as “renewable” under their respective renewable energy initiatives. [39] Plus, the RECs aren?t even being used to finance new renewable energy in the state. [39] The study concluded that Maryland?s RPS has significant structural flaws pertaining to RECs that must change if the state is ever to reach renewable energy targets that aren?t just smoke and mirrors. [39]

It?s time to check in on what has happened — whether those costs have changed in the way critics and advocates for clean energy had predicted. [12] Presented by Pfister Energy – Pfister Energy is a turnkey design-build renewable energy provider for commercial, industrial, utility, and community projects with an emphasis on energy efficiency and energy management. [11]

If your panels fail, or if their efficiency quickly diminishes over the years, then you?ll never get the savings you expected. [36] Technologies often fail for a long time before succeeding: 45 years of tinkering passed between the first electric light and Thomas Edison?s patent for an incandescent bulb. [38]

If you notice that a solar panel or multiple solar panels aren?t working, your first step should be to contact your solar installation company. [36] At Semper Solaris, we work with a wide variety of solar panel brands (unlike many other installation companies that only offer one or two brands). [36] Top solar panel companies like Panasonic and LG both offer 25-year product warranties. [36]

A typical solar panel would cost you a small amount to replace out-of-pocket. [36] The two more common types of warranties are the product warranty, which covers all the parts of the solar panel and the performance warranty, which guarantees a certain level of performance over time. [36] If they determine that a solar panel is faulty, then it?s time to reach out to the manufacturer. [36] As with almost all technological products, solar panel performance degrades over time. [36] Inverter warranties tend to cover a shorter time than solar panel product warranties. [36]

It isn?t exaggerating to say that a solar panel system is a multi-decade investment. [36] It?s always a good idea to reach out to your original solar panel installation company if you notice a problem with your system. [36] The vast majority of solar panel systems can operate for decades without a problem, but that doesn?t help if you happen to be in the small minority of customer to receive a faulty panel. [36] Investing in top-rated solar panels with the best warranties won?t help you one bit if you do something that voids your warranty. [36]

A solar panel warranty is a guarantee that your solar system will operate as advertised so that you can enjoy the savings you were promised. [36] The tradeoff of an upfront investment in exchange for net savings over time depends upon a solar system that functions as promised. [36]

When accounting for 866 MW of grid tied solar power, that value increases to 15% of demand. [37] A data center, which will be used for crypto and Bitcoin mining, will be powered by a combination of solar power generated at an adjacent 20 MW solar PV farm and coal-fired generator. [10]

The Sion can be charged using solar power, from conventional power outlets or other electric cars. [40]

Electric utilities spent nearly $523,000 from January through May to hire more than three dozen lobbyists to advocate for them at the State House as lawmakers decided what to do about solar incentives. [42] Adopting solar-specific standards in these jurisdictions can ensure land use requirements make sense for solar development, rather than trying to fit rules for old industry onto the technology of the future. [15] Communities can agree to new solar proposals with the comfort that they are making an informed decision; industry can move forward with projects with a concrete understanding of the community’s expectations. [15]

The numbers remain small — a few dozen or hundreds out of millions of power users — but power industry officials and environmentalists are closely watching this as a test of whether Puerto Rico can make a large-scale switch to renewable, off-grid energy. [13] Authorizing 1,000 megawatt hours of energy storage be available by 2026, which will allow us to use stored energy instead of dirty power plants. [43] Storage is generally a key component here, as it can absorb excess power (at least until the battery is full) and help smooth out the energy flow. [42]

Energy companies in need of startup or growth funding can use the EnergyFunders’ equity crowdfunding platform to raise or attract much-needed project capital without the hassles and difficulties associated with traditional fundraising. [41] The technology platform is based on the latest technology to provide investors and Energy Companies with access to energy projects and innovative energy startups. [41] EnergyFunders is a financial technology platform for equity and debt-based funding and investments into energy production, operations, and technology projects and companies. [41] Our customers are oil and gas exploration teams, accredited investors looking to make direct investments into energy investment opportunities, energy technology companies, and accredited and non-accredited investors looking to make investments into energy technology companies. [41] By opening up investment access to leading energy, environmental, and tech companies through our crowdfunding platform, EnergyFunders is changing the way the $1.2 trillion energy industry is funded, produced, and distributed. [41] Diversity in your energy portfolio: You can diversify across multiple companies with lower cost investments. [41] Investments in environmental leaders and tech companies that help to make energy more sustainable. [41] We build goods and service delivery organizations, companies, social enterprises and projects in the face of a failing incumbency to address the conditions of over a billion people waiting for modern energy services. [44] Rather than just consuming the energy products and retail stocks and funds offered by the dominant mega-corporations, you can now have a direct influence over which energy projects and innovative energy startups will succeed in the marketplace by directly funding their growth. [41]

Remember, there is no grid out there to absorb excess energy, so you need a way to throttle the output of the array up and down to avoid over production. [42] EF Resources Marketplace is a cutting edge Financial technology platform dedicated to disrupting the way people from all over the world invest directly into energy investments. [41] EnergyFunders? blockchain technology anticipates broadening the energy investment market to include all legally permitted users around the world with built-in regulatory and legal compliance as appropriate for each user?s country of residence. [41] With an extensive background that encompasses 15 years of experience across technology, commercial real estate and energy, Casey brings deep knowledge and experience growing early-stage ventures into hyper-growth scalable organizations. [41] In 2017, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that energy sectors employed roughly 6.4 million Americans, up nearly 5%, or 300,000 jobs, from the prior year. [14]

Exclusive invitations to special VIP events held at our corporate office in Houston, and at energy industry conferences and meetups throughout the United States. [41] There is a significant funding gap for companies raising under $10 million in the energy industry. [41] We provide more jobs than the fossil fuel industry per unit of energy and we feel proud in taking real actions for a sustainable world. [44] We educate investors on oil and gas and energy investments on our platform. [41] The new energy economy is going to be a $120 trillion opportunity space according to some forecasts in the time period of the Paris agreement – strategic investment will favor the bold. [44] EnergyFunders is democratizing energy investments to make energy more sustainable. [41] Our mission is to provide investors from all backgrounds and geographies access to various types of energy investments. [41] Direct access to energy investments: You’ll discover opportunities to invest with entrepreneurs throughout the energy space. [41]

Demand for oil and gas and energy, in general, is expected to increase dramatically until 2050 as developing countries’ populations enter the middle class. [41] The energy sector has a high barrier to entry due to the complex nature and skills necessary to put a project together. [41] This project is led by Volker Sick, an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and professor of mechanical engineering, and includes nine faculty collaborators from engineering, environment and sustainability, the U-M Energy Institute and the Center for Entrepreneurship. [45]

One day the production of energy is isolated in discrete parts of the state; the next, someone wants to install it in your neighborhood. [15] Expanding MassSave energy efficiency programs, which will help families and businesses save both energy and money, while providing a low-cost way to reduce carbon pollution. [43] By offering benefits in speed, access, and efficiency compared to traditional transactions, EnergyFunders is becoming a leading way to finance and invest in energy. [41] Gone are the days when the only way to invest in energy was through retail stocks and funds. [41]

Energy companies with new ideas and technologies are unable to get their concepts to market fast enough or even off the ground. [41] The energy sector is recovering from a depression, capital for companies and operators is needed, and the opportunities come to us. [41]

Additional site visits to correct residential installation errors may cost solar companies up to $7,500. [14] The result of all that lobbying? The effort to lift the net metering cap was defeated – and local solar companies are going to be laying off employees (if not closing altogether) while affected residents will either have to forego solar, or find it far less financially viable. [42] She encourages companies to hire and mentor a diverse workforce that includes women in solar. [14] Quality training of all employees female and male can save solar companies money. [14] Gilbert said it?s important for solar companies to allow female employees to explore new jobs and discover unknown passions and skills. [14] That’s what happened to Ivy Gilbert, who worked as a business consultant when she was asked to help a solar start-up. [14] Starting today, we are modifying our solar installation contracts to provide an opt-in checkbox for new clients to be signed up for the Solar Rights Alliance, with Run on Sun making a donation in their name to help support the important work of organizing solar clients statewide. [42]

What can you do about it? How can you keep your solar investment running even when the grid fails? The answer is in a microgrid which requires two key features: isolation and self-starting. [42] We become complacent at our peril – both to the jobs of those in the industry as well as the investment value of all of those solar installations out there. [42] One, Georgia can reject new solar development: giving up the lead in the industry, shutting down businesses, and continuing to dirty the air with fossil fuels. [15]

“Puerto Rico can be an experimental workshop for solar and wind,” Rep. Darren Soto, a Florida Democrat, said at a congressional hearing Wednesday. [13] According to the 2017 Solar Jobs Census from The Solar Foundation, solar labor increased by 168% in the past 7 years, from about 93,000 jobs in 2010 to more than 250,000 jobs in 2017. [14] Produced annually, the Top Solar Contractors list celebrates the achievements of U.S. solar developers, subcontractors and installers within the utility, commercial and residential markets, and ranks contractors by kilowatts installed in the previous year. [42]

That is a fight that we need to take on, and the Solar Rights Alliance (along with our wonderful trade association, CALSSA ) is key to winning that fight. [42] We wanted to make the best data readily available, and we wanted to tailor it to Georgia’s specific needs. Counties and cities now have a Georgia-specific tool to start adopting their own informed standards of where and how solar development should occur in their communities. [15] It’s true that not every community needs standards for solar development. [15]

We’ve spoken to interested parties from all over the state about solar development. [15] Two, Georgia can build, build, build: inundating the state with any and all solar development, and creating an industrial landscape where farms, forests, and communities once flourished. [15] As portions of the state edged closer to the existing 2% cap on net metering installations, the legislature was working on a compromise to lift the cap, allowing more residents the opportunity to install solar and take advantage of net metering. [42] What we do have is tens of thousands of happy solar owners all across the state. [42]

Those of us involved in solar in sunny Southern California generally think that we have it pretty good. [42] Running Tuesday-Thursday of this week (in cool San Francisco, thank you!), Intersolar is bringing together solar and storage manufacturers as they demonstrate their latest and greatest gear. [42] Early hurdles for women to gain fair access to solar careers are not as evident for this next generation of women with STEM aptitude, however. [14] GRID Alternatives offers non-traditional solar workers opportunities for career training. [14] To make sure we don’t get misdirected, clear land use standards and good information about solar development are necessary. [15] Desperate that one county adopted land use standards designed for solar facilities in Utah. [15] If a county or city doesn’t already have general land use standards, it shouldn’t adopt some just for the sake of solar. [15]

To fill this information gap, representatives from Emory University Law School, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Georgia brought their respective expertise together and published the Georgia Model Solar Zoning Ordinance and accompanying educational guide. [15] The Georgia Model Solar Zoning Ordinance we just published paves the way. [15] It outlines ways to better align education with regional job markets, streamline training and hiring practices, and increase public awareness of diverse solar career opportunities. [14]

Kristin Underwood, co-owner of Planet Earth Solar, was working for the EPA when she realized she couldn?t work behind a desk for the rest of her life. [14]

Your solar system is now its own “island” of energy production, and it could pose an extreme hazard to the unwitting linespeople. [42] For an industry expanding at such a rapid clip and promising to transform the energy landscape, having a still male-dominated workforce means the solar industry is missing out on opportunities to expand and deepen its impacts across multiple sectors of society. [14]

Following FINRA’s acceptance of EnergyFunders Marketplace in January 2018 as one of the first energy-focused equity crowdfunding platform in history, investors of all backgrounds can now invest in all types of energy with well-vetted operators on the groundbreaking EnergyFunders Marketplace platform. [41] Of course, access to technology and employment in the energy sector is only the beginning. [14] We are different because we built our technology in-house and we are a fintech platform for all parts of the energy sector. [41]

The idea here is to require utilities to use renewable energy during those times when demand for electricity is highest to avoid relying on our most polluting power sources. [43] The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) reports that the rate of adoption of clean energy must accelerate six-fold for us to meet our Paris commitments, which means we need many millions of companies to start and scale up solutions – fast in years to come. [44] We need the financial sector to align their portfolios with a well below 2C-or-better future and invest at three or more times the rate into the new companies and asset classes of clean energy, especially in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa. [44]

Boosting the Renewable Portfolio Standard, which mandates that utilities buy a certain amount of clean energy, to 3 percent per year. [43]

They’re part of a small but growing movement to provide the U.S. territory with sustainable, renewable energy independent of the decrepit power grid. [13] Together we can provide cooling, heating, steam, cooking and water treatment for rich and poor using renewable energy, energy efficiency across traditional industries, biogas displacing fossil alternatives, performance materials inspired by nature, and infrastructure and power for zero emissions transport. [44]

We are forerunners in all areas of daily life, providing solutions that address human needs for shelter, mobility, food, water, heating and materials powered by clean, renewable energy. [44] This project is led by Zetian Mi, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and includes 11 U-M faculty collaborators from engineering, chemistry and physics, as well as external collaborators from Michigan State University, Sandia National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab and the National Renewable Energy Lab. [45] Our solutions enable super-efficient buildings so they can produce more energy than they consume, ever more efficient renewable energy production, energy storage, remanufacturing, optimization of the growth of plants, removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and agriculture based negative emission solutions and much, much more. [44]

Mary Cauwels: Where a utility or a power generator has a mixed fleet whether they self-dispatch or bid into a competitive market the more energy that can be put onto the grid from wind and solar impacts the role of thermal plants. [46] Enel now operates more renewable assets by capacity, making it the biggest owner of wind and solar plants after two state-controlled companies in China, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. [47] With wind power, solar radiation is the ultimate energy source that drives the Earth’s weather and climate, including the winds harnessed by turbines. [17] When you?re sitting in Puerto Rico paying 20-plus cents per kilowatt, some of the cost effectiveness of wind and solar actually become economical,” he said, noting that Energy Department modeling “the most sophisticated in the world” takes into account both energy costs and other market factors. [48] In an effort to spread decentralized renewables around the island, Casa Pueblo is trying to proliferate energy oases and has hosted several workshops on how to install your own solar arrays. [48] Were the U.S. to switch into a centralized solar generation from sunlit states, it would require the overhauling of the current, decades old energy distribution systems. [17] Echoing Walker, from the DOE, Bhatia repeatedly made the case Wednesday that the island?s energy system should look to start shifting away from fossil fuels, urging in his opening statement that the “time has come to evolve from fossil fuels into solar and hydroelectric energy. [48] Large energy companies are moving into the regions to build both microgrids and solar, among them Engie, Enel and Shell. [49]

Deep-pocketed power companies outspent the solar industry nearly $3 to $1 as part of an intensive lobbying effort during an S.C. legislative session that included efforts to curb rooftop solar?s expansion in the state. [42] Last week we outlined what our legislators needed to do : Boost the amount of clean energy powering our homes and businesses, bolster solar power across the state, and create the path to achieving our mandated goals for cutting carbon pollution. [43] Increasing this will help boost local jobs and bolster our electricity grid with more clean energy. [43]

In off-grid systems that involves a bank of batteries and a special battery inverter that can use the power of the battery bank to start-up and create what appears to be a grid. [42] He has been a part of three successful start-up companies, most recently growing startup iWowWe from zero to twelve million dollars in revenue in less than 2 years. [41] Derrick has founded two successful Oil & Gas companies and has over a decade of experience in both Oil & Gas and technology start-ups. [41] Venture Capital investments by banks, private equity, and venture capital firms, have declined by 30% in this sector over the past 5 years, leaving a void in energy-focused start-up capital funding. [41] Equity crowdfunding investments in private placements, and start-up investments in particular, are speculative and involve a high degree of risk and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest in start-ups. [41] In the most sensible investment strategy for start-up investing, start-ups should only be part of your overall investment portfolio. [41]

GCAS comes a year after wind and solar project finance more than doubled the finance flowing into coal, oil, gas projects globally but that is not enough. [44] What does the utility do? They shut off power in that area – causing any grid-tied solar systems to shut off – and then they send a crew out to restring the line. [42] The nonprofit environmental group Casa Pueblo has installed solar systems at two hardware stores, one barber shop and several corner stores that activists hope will serve as a power oasis where people can charge their phones and store medications during a storm if needed. [13] The inverter that forms the grid must also be able to match the output of the solar system precisely to the needs of the house. [42] Torres recently joined nearly two dozen other people at a three-day workshop to learn about the costs and lifespans of solar systems, the equipment required and precautions they need to consider. [13]

I know nothing about electricity,” said Felix Torres, who recently installed nine solar panels on the roof of his home, perched on a mountain in the eastern city of Caguas. [13] Error 38: First disconnect the solar panels and disconnect the battery. [50]

The Top Solar Contractors list was developed by Solar Power World to recognize the work completed by solar contractors across the United States. [42] After a narrow miss last year, Run on Sun has rejoined the ranks of Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors list for 2018. [42] Improved training procedures for both gender diversity and skills expansion could lead to a 1% decrease in the rate call-backs; it could save the solar industry more than $10 million per year. [14] Of those, about 374,000 hires work full- or part-time in the solar industry. [14]

Our recent heatwave is a potent reminder of a sad solar fact: generally speaking, if you have a solar power system and the grid goes down, or even just drops really low as it did in Altadena this past weekend, your solar power will also go out, leaving you sweltering in the heat with everyone else. [42] Run on Sun also offers solar consulting services, working with consumers, utilities, and municipalities to help them make solar power affordable and reliable. [42]

Among them was Jose Barreto, who set up a makeshift solar system at his house in the mountain town of Guavate. [13]

Some form of each of these was part of the Senate?s original, and more ambitious, clean energy bill, but vanished as House and Senate came together to find consensus. [43] Passing this bill was our legislature?s attempt to do as little as possible on clean energy and climate, without punting entirely. [43]

Those willing to actively share the risk in exploring better ways of doing business in an efficient and fully renewable energy based future, whilst reaping the rewards in lower costs and increased revenue of getting there before others. [44] According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, renewables will supply most U.S. energy needs by 2050. [14] The gender disparity in wages could become more equalized if women select some of the fastest growing career paths within the renewable energy industry. [14]

Our ingenuity and sweat will be poured into the problems of our times, We will hasten our progress to the destination, which has gone from being impossible to one which is now inevitable – a world powered with clean energy. [44] Scalable quantum engineering and manufacturing: Today’s electronics and clean energy technology rely on the control of electrons–discoveries from the 1950s and ’60s that are reaching their limits. [45] If you undo the distortions protecting the incumbents and at the very least get out of our way and ideally get on our good ship of clean energy we will make it happen. [44]

If for some reason, solar generation drops and we need a gas or coal power plant to immediately respond, machine learning and AI help to determine the best way to ramp up quickly and supply the missing megawatts. [46] In a solar tower’s focus point there is usually some kind of heat absorbing liquid, which is heated and used to turn turbines, similar to the way conventional power plants generate electricity. [17]

Photovoltaic cells, a.k.a. “solar panels”, convert solar radiation into electricity through the use of the photovoltaic effect. [17]

Project Desertec 3 is a similar scheme involving huge solar arrays in the Sahara desert which would then transmit low-loss DC power to Europe. [17] “We?re hearing a lot about renewables, presumably wind and solar. [48] GE is also using AI to predict failures ahead of time at wind and solar plants, and this can bring about significant savings for the customer. [46] It all started when we were in 2nd year B-Tech manufacturing an Electric Solar car for the first time. [51] Mona Hall (product marketing lead of digital solar): At one customer?s 20-megawatt solar plant in North America, we?re expecting benefits of improved performance and reduced O&M cost to translate into about $200,000 in value per year. [46] In the last five years, the cost of solar has fallen 48 percent. [52]

Power plants based on boiling water to create electricity, such as coal, gas or nuclear, require some electricity or other energy to run the pumps to begin, and may have a (relatively inefficient) diesel generator for black starts. [17] About 30 percent of its power generation capacity comes from two privately owned plants, and PREPA management have awarded generous contracts out to private contractors post-Maria most infamously a $300 million deal with the novice Montana-based firm Whitefish Energy. [48] After Maria, those same panels meant that Casa Pueblo was one of the only places in the area with power an “energy oasis,” as Massol calls it. [48] Iberdrola SA ’s Chief Executive Officer Ignacio Galan said selling power directly to environmentally-conscious companies and running grids that earn a predictable return are at the heart of the strategy for Spain’s biggest energy supplier. [47] Due to the relatively unpredictable output, other sources of energy are needed to back up wind power. [17] Indirect methods would include hydroelectric power, wind power and energy crops. [17] Sometimes an artificial upper reservoir is constructed – the facility generates no net power and is dedicated to energy storage. [17] A new $120 million settlement doesn?t help meet summer or winter energy demandor settle the Southern California gas storage hub?s uncertain future. [52]

In 2014 the total installed wind capacity of China was 114,763 Megawatts, almost double that of runner up USA at 65,879 MW and nearly triple that of third placed Germany at 39,165 MW. 13 In 2014 alone, China added 23351 new Megawatts of wind energy capacity, which not only equals slightly over 45% of the worldwide added capacity of that year but is also more than the total capacity of all countries except Germany the U.S. and China itself. [17] John LaFleche (senior director of data and analytics): We have a huge installed base of wind energy where we?ve been building digital twins around performance and major components for many years. [46]

Several multinational energy companies, primarily from Europe, are already partnering with startups on such projects. [49] “The country has to define the role of PREPA. PREPA shouldn?t be deciding what Puerto Rico?s energy landscape is going to look like,” he added, explaining the importance of making it easier to generate power at the point of production, rather than running it through costly transmission lines that are vulnerable to heavy weather. [48] Energy sourcing is just one of many challenges facing PREPA, the island?s monopoly public power provider. [48] Microgrid are integral to initiatives that aim to strengthen the economy, save lives during natural disasters, and make our energy supply more sustainable and our electrical power more secure. [49]

Walker noted the fact that high-voltage transmission lines in Puerto Rico currently have to cross the mountainous center of the island, to bring it from centralized coal- and oil-fired plants in the south to where most of the energy demand is in the north, around San Juan, at tremendous cost. [48] There are essentially two ways to “trap” tidal energy – to build generation plants that are run by large amounts of water flowing in and out of large estuaries, and to build open ocean devices that somehow tap the energy by letting the tides (and perhaps waves, too) force a floating object up and down relative to an anchored one. [17] There are two main ways of directly getting useful energy from sunlight: either directly converting it to electricity with photovoltaic cells, or using it to heat stuff in various ways. [17] Spain’s top natural gas utility renamed itself Naturgy Energy SA last month and said it plans to push deeper into electricity. [47] Bishop, who oversaw yesterday?s hearing, this spring suggested turning Puerto Rico into an “energy hub” for the Caribbean, a base from which U.S.-based fossil fuel companies could ship imported natural gas out to the region. [48] One report estimates that Puerto Rico could get 40 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2028. [48] While “renewable energy” may not be infinite, they are practically unlimited. [17] Human civilisation is constantly producing waste of one type or another, providing a renewable resource for many things including energy. [17]

In this edition of Industry Perspectives, Schneider Electric microgrids business leader Andy Haun, explores how to address the challenges of today’s energy demands. [49] Ather Energy is an Indian startup that built Indias first smart electric scooter. [51]

To meet the energy demands for the U.S, an area 5 times the size of the land area of this planet would be needed. [17] The local energy output will wax and wane from maximum to virtually zero four times a day, and this time slowly changes from day to day. [17] “The start-ups that have garnered a lot of interest have three things in common: they leverage data connectivity, focus on deployment and retail distribution, and turn energy into a product rather than a service,” he said. [49] Galan, 67, who has been CEO of the Bilbao-based utility since 2001, is unperturbed by the new competition and determined to keep working at his effort to make Iberdrola a global energy business sensitive to the need to protect the environment. [47] A ground source heat pump is often confused with geothermal energy but is not actually geothermal but a way of making heat pumps more efficient than air source heat pumps since most of the heat is actually from the sun or from the heat pump have been operated in the other direction in the other season (in summer pump heat from the house into the ground, then in winter pump heat from the ground into the house). [17] Plant-based energy consists of allowing plants to fix carbon in sugars and cellulose via sunlight, and then to either produce liquid fuels (such as alcohol) from them or burn them directly. [17] While technically true, it’s displacing other energy sources that also produce carbon dioxide, and more importantly, biological waste in landfills break down into methane, a gas which is far, far worse than carbon dioxide. [17] By installing pumps that return water upstream, the dam can act like a gigantic battery – in fact this is the cheapest most reliable and most efficient large scale energy storage in existence. [17] We can drive annual energy production up 3-5 percent, and reduce costs for maintenance by around 2 percent, year-over-year. [46] Assistant Energy Secretary Bruce Walker responded flatly, “Your assertion that it?s the most expensive generation would assume that you?re sitting in Arizona paying 1.6 cents per kilowatt. [48] Energy Data”. http://www.nea.is/the-national-energy-authority/energy-data/data-repository/.Retrieved 22 Dec 2015. – in 2014, hydroelectric generation was 71.03% and geothermal generation was 28.91% of total generation. [17]

The new energy industry is working to categorize the various types of microgrids and business models. [52] She has been writing about energy for more than two decades for top industry publications. [49]

The use of geothermal energy may require living close to volcanic and seismically active areas near hot spots and plate boundaries, though people already do that and have been for centuries as volcanic soil is very rich in nutrients. [17] Our incredibly dedicated, international team comes from diverse backgrounds spanning the technology, automotive, energy, and electronic industries. [51] This relatively new technology is designed to obtain energy from tidal movements or from waves. [17]

Many hydroelectric schemes are also designed to store energy, as water is pumped into the dam when energy is cheap at night and then allowed to run out when demand is higher during the day. [17]

Our vision was to develop a solar car with most efficient solar tracking though we failed, I told you before that if we came across any impossible thing we start with 2X performance, we failed but it thought us a lot, the project was a perfect combination of team, management and technical skills. [51] Cauwels: We?ve been working with Invenergy on their thermal fleet, in addition to their wind and solar fleet. [46] Madhuri Adettiwar (chief digital officer of digital solar products): We are using AI in three different ways – digital twins, comparative analytics and predictive analytics. [46]

“We need to adapt the thermal fleet to this new world, to allow it to still serve a purpose on the grid and help to incorporate more renewable energy,” said Mary Cauwels, product marketing manager of application performance management at GE Renewable Digital, in an interview with BNEF. AI can be used to “adjust how the power plant equipment runs in real time to help achieve more efficiency, flexibility and capacity”, she explained. [46] Clean energy advocates, power plant owners and states fear FERC overstepped its bounds in demanding a remake of country?s biggest capacity market. [52] We need to invest in what is missing, and what is missing is clean energy power generation in Puerto Rico.” [48] Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., used his time at the hearing Wednesday on the future of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to try and paint several of the panelists? recommendations to expand clean energy on the island as politically motivated. [48]

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