Global Engineering Leaders

Global Engineering Leaders
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  • During Spring Break 2018, students will participate in EOE?s Global Leaders Week Abroad in Rome and Sicily, Italy, for an intense experience as a global engineering leader.(More…)
  • Our College of Engineering is committed to your training and development as a global leader in engineering.(More…)


  • Strengthen your engineering degree and make a bigger impact on the profession with valuable international and leadership learning experiences offered by the Clark School.(More…)
  • With your support, we will empower and strengthen our ecosystem of students and faculty as they spearhead a future where engineering plays an essential and transformational role in advances that will benefit global communities for years to come.(More…)



During Spring Break 2018, students will participate in EOE?s Global Leaders Week Abroad in Rome and Sicily, Italy, for an intense experience as a global engineering leader. [1] The engineering industry requires leadership to be exercised at all layers of an organization and today?s engineering leaders need to lead with a global vision and be knowledgeable of how to effectively lead global teams. [2] Its author, Dr. Ruth Graham, interviewed 50 global thought leaders in engineering education to identify the world?s most highly regarded undergraduate engineering programs and characterize the approach taken by these top-ranked institutions. [3]

The minor in global engineering leadership is designed to develop the skills necessary to lead with a global vision, work effectively with others to address social issues, and engineer solutions that improve communities and organizations. [2] Send engineering students to Italy for Global Leaders Week 2018! You are using an outdated browser. [1]

With its origins in a single room in 1997, today this passion resonates, as 10,000 Questians across thirteen countries make us what we are a trusted, focused, and global engineering solutions leader. [4] Supports cooperative education, global engineering, dual-degree programs, industry relations team and pre-K-12 activities. [5] Aurecon – Global Expert Consulting Engineers Aurecon is the global leader in consulting engineering. [6] The Master of Global Engineering Leadership (MGEL) is a degree for practicing engineers who want to increase their technical expertise as well as their management acumen. [7] Increase your management and leadership skills with the online Global Engineering Leadership Certificate. [7] The Global Engineering Leadership minor is offered through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering but is open to all College of Engineering majors. [8]

The vice president, area lead for CH2M’s South Florida offices, a global engineering firm, will kick off the Fall 2017 “Leaders Up Close” seminar series for UCF engineering and computer science students. [9] Prior to McAfee, George was Vice President Global Engineering and CyberThreat Intelligence – DXC Security Services at DXC. George also served as Vice President Managed Security Services & Global Enterprise Security Services Engineering at Hewlett Packard Enterprise leading the managed security services business and global engineering for the Enterprise Security Services division and held several leadership roles at Symantec. [10]

A regular in the Top 25 Global Leaders, Harry Seah serves as the chief engineering and technology officer of PUB, Singapore?s national water agency, leading PUB?s water R&D programme. [11] PORTLAND, Ore., April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ESCO Corporation (“ESCO”), the Portland-based, recognized global leader in ground engaging tools for mining and construction markets, has entered into an agreement to be acquired by The Weir Group PLC (“Weir”), one of the world?s leading engineering businesses, for an enterprise value of $1.285 billion. [12]

Anjul Bhambhri Anjul Bhambhri Anjul Bhambhri is vice president of Cloud Platform Engineering at Adobe, where she leads a global engineering team of over 300 people. [13]

Developed based on input from engineering leaders in the corporate, government and academic sectors, the mission of eli 2 is to inspire students to be creative, innovative, collaborative and accountable to emerge as leaders capable of delivering world-changing solutions. [9] View the Engineering Leaders Under 40 page for more information, including Official Rules and tentative program schedule. [14] The 2018 CFE Media Engineering Leaders Under 40 are in a class by themselves, but they also have plenty of experience in a class. [14] Karen Casella Karen Casella is the engineering leader of the Edge & Playback Access teams at Netflix. [13]

Our College of Engineering is committed to your training and development as a global leader in engineering. [15] EASi is one of the fastest-growing global leaders providing critical services in engineering and sciences. [16]

Maxim Castelino, who serves as director of delivery operations for North America, has more than 20 years of global engineering experience in providing high value technical and business solutions. [16] This US-based frontrunner in global engineering services simplified access to 1.6+ million industry standards and 100+ million trusted technical publications from authoritative sources by relying on a single platform. [17]

Together, Knowledge Collections and Engineering Workbench uniquely meet the information and decision-making needs of today’s technical enterprise, helping engineering leaders better meet their business goals for growth, cost control, and risk mitigation. [17] E.g., we worked with the engineering leaders visiting from HQ to define the product roadmap. [18]

Develop understanding and implementation framework of Engineering Execution System in conjunction with global PLM leader and local site leaders in Product Inspection groups. [19] Global Engineering Outreach is a student organization on the Northern Arizona University campus located in Flagstaff, AZ. Our goal is to organize the cooperation of students, professors, professionals, and community members to approach a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and the members of our organization have global perspective. [20] We also have professionals from many disciplines, and many amazing faculty members from the engineering department and anthropology department who are also supporting the work of Global Engineering Outreach. [20] Promote Ingersoll Rand global engineering processes that result in value creation in the form of increased speed to market, reduced costs, improved technologies and innovative products. [19] He was named Vice President of our Raleigh Design Center in 2008 and became Senior Vice President of Global Engineering Solutions in 2013. [21]


Strengthen your engineering degree and make a bigger impact on the profession with valuable international and leadership learning experiences offered by the Clark School. [22] The Clark in Madrid Program offers approved engineering coursework in all nine engineering majors allowing for Fall, Spring and Full-Year study abroad opportunities. [22] Learn more about how study abroad and leadership and service opportunities can add a whole new dimension to your engineering education. [22] Engineering leadership and service opportunities are designed to promote student leadership development and enhance the skills employers are most looking for. [22]

These include a shift in the global axis of education leadership to emerging “powerhouses” in Asia and South America, and a wide-ranging movement toward socially relevant engineering curricula that emphasize student choice. [3] Crawley and his colleagues in the NEET program have just released “Global state of the art in engineering education.” [23] The Engineering Exchange is a global educational networking community for engineers. [24]

The Emerson Engineers in Leadership Program provides a unique opportunity for recent engineering degree recipients to gain exposure to, and experience in, a range of functional roles and assignments, including engineering, product development, supply chain, operations, and sales and marketing. [25] Who we are looking for The Engineers in Leadership Program is looking for recent college graduates with a Bachelor of Science in engineering degree. [25]

Here in our eleventh annual issue on Leadership in Engineering, we announce the winners in the Leadership Awards Program that we have been promoting throughout the year. [24]

Rotational program for recent engineering graduates We aim to hire the best technical talent to help our company solve some of the world?s toughest challenges. [25] The study identifies institutions considered to be the current leaders in engineering education; Olin College and MIT were cited by the majority of experts who were consulted, along with Stanford University, Aalborg University in Denmark, and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. [23] A new MIT study has named Olin College of Engineering, along with MIT, as the top leaders in engineering education globally. [3] The purpose of the Industry Forum was to provide a platform for engineering education and industry leaders to come together to discuss and build viable solutions to develop the engineering experts and leaders for the future and understand better each other’s needs. [26] The study anticipates “the emergence of a new generation of leaders in engineering education that delivers integrated student-centered curricula at scale.” [27] For one, Graham notes, “Many political leaders outside of the U.S. are making major investments in engineering education as an incubator for the technology-based entrepreneurial talent that will drive national economic growth.” [23] It is informed by interviews with 178 thought leaders with knowledge of and experience with world-leading engineering programs, combined with case studies from four different universities. [23]

Engineers who successfully become strong leaders learn to avoid getting lost in the weeds. One coachee I worked with micromanaged his team so much around technical details (he used spreadsheets to document their every move), he was almost removed from his leadership position. [28] While most leaders, male and female, face similar challenges in that pursuit, I?ve noticed that technical leaders (specifically, engineers) fall prey to a unique set of mindsets and behaviors that block them from becoming the compelling, effective leaders they?re capable of being. [28] Engineers grow in leaps and bounds as leaders when they recognize (and embrace) that making time to lead people well is the most important work they do in a day. [28] I?ve coached my fair share of engineers struggling to find their footing as people leaders. [28] The idea that engineers don?t make great people leaders is a myth. [28]

The minor will position students to be more competitive in the job market and help students develop the skills necessary to be an effective leader and manager. [2] To avoid feeling awkward as they learn, tech leaders often just default to: “People skills just aren?t my thing.” [28] The program is designed to help participants develop a broad base of knowledge about our company and grow into well-rounded leaders. [25] Tech leaders can end up burying their head in the sand when issues on their team first arise, preferring to focus on technical decisions and tasks instead. [28] Our leaders are bold thinkers with an impressive range of experiences, achievements, and backgrounds. [29] Rising to your full potential as a leader is challenging no matter what industry you hail from. [28] Among the pedagogical features shared by the current leaders in engineering education are multiple opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning throughout the curriculum, the application of user-centered design principles and partnerships with industry, all of which characterize the learning program at Olin. [3] Four institutions among the current leaders also appear on the emerging leaders list, with Olin and Singapore University of Technology and Design most frequently cited for the potential to lead engineering education reform in the future. [3] A new report from MIT puts a spotlight on worldwide trends in the changing landscape of engineering education, pinpoints the current and emerging leaders in the field, and describes some of its future directions. [23]

This realization, Crawley says, is what prompted MIT?s engineering faculty to rethink how they were approaching their own offerings on campus, and to launch NEET. “We?re targeting MIT education at the industries of the future rather than industries of the past,” says Anette “Peko” Hosoi, associate dean of engineering and Crawley?s co-lead at NEET; Hosoi is also the Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering. [23] Olin was cited specifically for its “multidisciplinary student-centered education that extends across and beyond traditional engineering disciplines and is anchored in issues of ethics and social responsibility.” [3]

Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action. [25] During the week, students will visit local companies, city centers, and universities to learn more about regional engineering challenges. [1] Multiple challenges were addressed, such as the skills gap in the engineering and IT fields, which are attributable to a confluence of megatrends such as increased globalization; digitalization; and the blending of technical, economic, and societal structures, which have pushed the world into the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. [26] O ver 50% of our participants are women, reflecting our goal to encourage more women to pursue degrees in engineering. [1] Campus visits and how to apply Emerson representatives regularly visit a number of engineering schools in the United States each year. [25] The study argues that engineering curriculum worldwide will shift toward a more student-oriented approach with greater social and societal relevance for 21st century problems. [27] One of my coaching clients, the VP of Engineering at his company, had a reputation for being “bad with people.” [28]

It argues that a global shift in engineering education leadership is likely to occur in the near future, moving from institutions based in the “developed world” to South America and “emerging economic ‘powerhouses’ in Asia.” [27] The first is a tilting of the global axis of engineering education leadership so it is less focused on U.S. and northern European institutions. [23] The study, “The global state of the art in engineering education,” commissioned by MIT in support of its New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) initiative, was conducted in 2016 and 2017 and released this week. [3] MIT News announced the publication of a new report, ” Global state of the art in engineering education,” by Ruth Graham in the Department of Engineering. [27] The report, authored by Ruth Graham, is a global review of cutting-edge practice in engineering education. [23]

What you will work on Participants can expect a wide range of work experiences over the two-year period, as well as the opportunity to contribute to a multi-billion-dollar global company. [25] Want to achieve your career goals in an exciting and dynamic global work environment? Check out opportunities for recent graduates and MBAs. [25] We work hard to create a global workforce that supports diversity and embraces inclusion. [25]

Global Environmental Politics (3 credits) Consideration of global problems such as the growth controversy, agricultural productivity, pollution, resource depletion, the energy crisis, and the general impact of science and technology on the world ecological, socio-economic, and political system with particular emphasis on such matters as objects of public policy. [2] Global Poverty and Economic Development (3 credits) (D) (HS, UP) Examination of public policy toward poverty in countries around the world. [2]

They will use their recently acquired skills from the seminars to showcase their academics, professionalism and cultural experiences, and begin their development into future global leaders. [1] Support at this level will endow a Global Leader with full program and flight coverage to Italy. [1] Support at this level provides a scholarship for a Global Leader to assist in airfare cost to Italy. [1] Lots of support at this level will help a Global Leader prepare their attire for professional interactions in Italy. [1] Support at this level will ensure a Global Leader has necessary health coverage while in Italy. [1] Support at this level will ensure that all institutional fees are covered for a Global Leader before leaving for Italy. [1] Support at this level will secure a Global Leaders spot to Italy. [1]

Among the top 10 current leaders are Stanford University, Aalborg University in Denmark and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. [3] The study focuses on current as well as emerging leaders in the field, with Olin and MIT appearing as first and second most frequently cited, respectively, in the current leaders category. [3]

The purpose of the report and the study that informed it is to provide insight into how engineering education is currently being practiced at the undergraduate level worldwide and how it is likely to transform in the coming years, especially considering the fundamental shifts occurring in “machines, materials, and systems.” [27] The report is meant to “inform MIT’s New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET), an initiative charged with developing and delivering a world-leading program of undergraduate engineering education at the university.” [27] The report paints a rich picture of successful innovation in engineering education as well as some of its opportunities and challenges. [23] According to Graham?s report, three trends are likely to define the future of engineering education. [23] We should fundamentally rethink how we educate engineers for this future,” says Ed Crawley, the Ford Professor of Engineering in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and faculty co-director of the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET) initiative at MIT. [23] The study also looks at future trends in engineering education. [3] The report also identifies some key challenges facing engineering education, and in some cases higher education as a whole. [23]

The Equal Opportunity in Engineering program believes in the transformative nature of having a study abroad experience, and is committed to ensuring that our unique abroad program is affordable and open to a diversity of students. [1] In the longer-term, the world?s leading engineering programs may be those that blend off-campus personalized learning, accessed online as students need it, with experiential learning both in work-based placements and on campus. [23]

Anthropology of Global Health (3 credits) (HS, UP, IS) An overview of the growing field of global health including health care systems, medical practices, ideas about illness in cross-cultural contexts, issues of health development, global health inequity, and human rights issues. [2] The course will focus on the history of global health, the critique of major international health agencies and their development paradigms, and the political economy of social inequalities and health. [2]

With your support, we will empower and strengthen our ecosystem of students and faculty as they spearhead a future where engineering plays an essential and transformational role in advances that will benefit global communities for years to come. [30] The partnership between SWE and CAE will not only make a positive and tangible impact on the engineering profession within China and the United States but also on a global scale. [31]

Through this partnership, we will host a symposium to convene, support, and highlight the dynamic work of women leaders in engineering from China and the United States. [31] SWE and the Chinese Academy of Engineering will host a symposium to convene, support, and highlight the dynamic work of women leaders in engineering. [31]

As a diversified engineering company, Parker is a market leader in aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing, and shielding. [32] “Duke ECE faculty are recognized leaders in data science, advanced computing and intelligent systems, consistently ranked at the top of their fields,” said Ravi Bellamkonda, Vinik Dean of the Pratt School of Engineering. [33] Our vision, Columbia Engineering for Humanity–a Sustainable Humanity, a Healthy Humanity, a Secure Humanity, a Connected Humanity, and a Creative Humanity–is a central guiding principle for all of our endeavors, ranging from confronting grand challenges to pioneering the frontiers of knowledge and discovery, to transcending disciplinary boundaries, and educating responsible leaders and innovators. [30]

The MEng in ECE program is unusual in that its students learn business and industrial management fundamentals as well as core engineering skills. [33] Students enrolled in the two-year program will spend their first year at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) and their second year at Duke in the Pratt School of Engineering. [33] “We view the training and mentoring of master’s students as an integral part of our educational mission, and we have no doubt that our master’s graduates will move on to leadership positions in industry,” said Duke ECE Department Chair and William H. Younger Distinguished Professor of Engineering Krishnendu Chakrabarty. [33] DETECH’s expertise in the automotive industry and QuEST’s proven engineering capability and scale will create advanced service offerings for our customers providing value unmatched in the industry.” [4]

The Professional Development Lab for Engineers is a course taught jointly by the Case School of Engineering and the Weatherhead School of Management. [5] The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) to host a SINO-US Women in Engineering Symposium in April 2018. [31]

The symposium will provide a forum for productive and collaborative dialogue over the next few years to further the advancement of women in engineering. [31]

Across the world, Questians organize and participate in various events that promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. [4] It combines engineering, technology, and design with the social sciences and humanities to solve practical problems in the developing world. [8]

The MGEL degree makes this possible in a single degree through a distinctive, comprehensive curriculum taught by Ohio State faculty from the colleges of engineering, business, and public policy. [7] Anu has held several engineering management roles where she implemented large scale Big Data Platforms, Data Engineering products, and establish Data Quality, Governance and Security solutions. [34] A variety of intentionally designed programs with specific missions in mind give you a chance to apply your engineering talents across disciplines, across the campus and beyond. [5] Parker has been helping solve some of the world?s greatest engineering challenges for 100 years. [32] The Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice also helps administer 3+2 Global Master’s Programs–partnerships with specific universities across the globe for international students to spend three years at their home institution and two years at Case Western Reserve, earning their undergraduate and master’s degrees in five years. [5] To help students gain an edge in industry, academia or wherever their career endeavors take them, the Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice ensures that all of its programs and activities integrate various aspects of professional and personal development. [5] The Case School of Engineering’s Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice connects students with opportunities to integrate the fundamentals from the classroom into the real world. [5]

Students learn and apply analytical skills and practical problem-solving techniques, gain technical competence, become conscious of variations in local cultures and social conditions, and master the ability to collaborate across disciplines to solve problems in Global Development. [8] The objective of this minor is to help create engineer-leaders who have the technical expertise, global awareness, and leadership skills to solve 21st century societal grand challenges. [8] The curriculum is designed to develop engineers who have the knowledge, leadership skills and creative problem-solving abilities necessary to thrive in the global tech sector. [33] Enriched with the intellectual resources of a global university in the City of New York, we push disciplinary frontiers, confront complex issues, and engineer innovative solutions to address the grand challenges of our time. [30] “The new program offers an opportunity to expand the global impact of their work and our collaborations with Duke Kunshan University to meet the growing need for high-quality education in these transformative areas.” [33] Consider internationalizing your program of study by pairing your degree program with a foreign language and/or global academic program. [8]

Melissa leads Global IT?s Business and Customer Digital Solutions, focused on developing technology solutions that drive business growth, enable innovation, ensure a strong customer experience, and can scale rapidly and efficiently. [34] From a one room, one customer office in 1997, we have come a long way with 10,000+ passionate Questians belonging to 13 nationalities, operating out of more than 42 locations making a positive business impact to our global customers. [4]

“It is increasingly important for our students to gain a global perspective so that they can benefit from opportunities in the U.S., China and elsewhere. [33] We hope to train the next generation of engineers to build bridges and advance technology on a global scale.” [33] The International Plan (IP) is a challenging and coherent academic program that develops global competence within the context of a student’s undergraduate major. [8] Members of the global Community network organize local events and provide one another with resources to navigate careers in tech. [34] Like-minded global talent seamlessly coalesces to form a Local-Global engineering team for effective delivery of these solutions. [4] We’re always looking for innovative, passionate individuals to join our global teams. [6]

The City & Regional Planning Program at The Ohio State University provides this 100% online course to introduce appointed and elected municipal leaders to city planning concepts, municipal governance, and public service. [7] As an organization, we believe in diversification, and over the years we have serviced Fortune 500 market leaders in various industries. [4] They?re a leader in their field, and really understand the value that technology can bring to drive efficiency and effectiveness in managing and analyzing contracts,” said Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO of Seal Software. [32]

Parker is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies, with over 50,000 employees and 13,000 distributors, together serving customers in 104 countries. [32]

“The onset of the master’s program in Electrical and Computer Engineering marks an important transition at DKU, as it represents our strong commitment to bring Duke’s advanced engineering education and pedagogy into the mainstream of our university campus here in China,” said Denis Simon, Duke Kunshan’s executive vice chancellor and an expert on Sino-US science and technology relations. [33] Participate in specialized study abroad programs designed for engineering students. [5]

Provides leadership, management, and administration to the Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice. [5] Being a pure-play engineering services provider, we have always been able to attract like-minded engineers and entrepreneurs, be it customers, employees or those looking to join hands with us. [4] While the integration of Interface – a Spanish company, helped us to establish a center of excellence for Technical Data Services, taking on the engineering arm of GKN Aerospace brought in rich engineering talent from the UK. With the Cincinnati based ASE joining hands with us, we were able to offer high-end engineering services to our customers. [4]

We try to understand the emerging needs of our customers and delight them with best-in-class and novel engineering solutions. [4] We sustain delivery of flexible and customized engineering solutions to our customers with the same single minded focus that we invest in acquiring customers. [4] In understanding our customer needs and engineering solutions for them, we act with agility. [4]

We offer a diverse range of mechatronic engineering solutions spanning the entire product development, production, and operations engineering life cycles. [4]

Some of our recent integrations include the Houston based Beeken, which fortified our Oil and Gas capabilities, NeST Software that enabled our foray into Medical Devices and other emerging industries and the EDF, a German automotive engineering services organization. [4]

The new team members bring decades of experience in the areas of engineering, product development, talent acquisition and employee refinement — critical elements as the company continues to focus on global growth and leadership in cybersecurity and managed security services. [10] This role will report to the Global Business Engineering Manager (BEM). [35] General Motors Alicia Boler Davis is leading GM’s global manufacturing operations and its manufacturing engineering and labor relations organizations. [13]

The eli 2 “Leaders Up Close” Seminar Series provides practical and engaging advice to CECS juniors and seniors enrolled in the course, “Engineering Leadership I.” [9] These are women with engineering backgrounds who are running big business units at important companies, are building impressive up-and-coming technologies, or acting as leaders and role models in the tech communities. [13]

Civil engineering alumnus Didier Menard, ’99, will speak about his experience in small business development and community involvement, and give students advice on how to build successful careers. [9] Get valuable hands-on experience in design and development engineering. [36]

Goforth is also in charge of hiring engineering talent, and she’s active in the Society of Women Engineers creating internship programs for women in STEM. [13] In honor of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, take a look at our picks of the most powerful female engineers of 2018. [13] Prior to these roles, she was vice president of Central Engineering for VMware and before that, she was an engineer in R&D. [13] Back in her MIT days, she even helped lead a project to engineer E. coli to smell like bananas and wintergreen as a proof of concept of an extremely difficult “odor” engineering project. [13] Judy Priest Judy Priest Judy Priest has earned Cisco’s highest engineering honorarium as a distinguished engineer. [13]

He started his career with 20 years engineering and international project management of water treatment for municipalities and industry. [11] Last year, she was awarded an honorary doctorate of engineering from Michigan State University, where she earned her MBA in supply chain management in 2001. [13] He holds an MSc in civil engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University and an MBA from IESE Business School. [11] WWi: For young professionals finishing university or engineering training and considering their options, why should they join the water market? CC: The water market is not only about water or engineering, it is about sustaining the principal resources humanity needs to exist: energy, water and food. [11] Wallis-Lage earned her bachelor?s degree in civil engineering from Kansas State University and her master?s degree in environmental health engineering from the University of Kansas. [11] Lovell holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and a Masters of Environmental Engineering Science from the University of Sydney. [11] The seminars are available to students of the UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science. [9]

Lattner is not only a role model for her own work, but her foundation has launched programs that encourage more women to try their hand at this type of engineering. [13] Her work has made her a prominent figure in the chemical engineering world and a role-model for other women scientists in the developing world. [13] That’s one reason why she won the Society of Women Engineer’s “Advocating for Women in Engineering” award last year. [13] Years later, she earned a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford and worked for NASA in the 1970s. [13] Prior to GoDaddy, Murphy was vice president of engineering at Yahoo and spent 13 years at Microsoft. [13] Sandy Carter Sandy Carter is Amazon Web Services’ vice president of Enterprise Workloads Engineering and Product Management. [13] Red Hat’s VP of engineering Denise Dumas Red Hat Denise Dumas is the vice president of Operating System Platform at Red Hat where she is responsible for the company’s flagship product Red Hat Enterprise Linux. [13] Working her way up — and never leaving Microsoft — she eventually became the director of development, director of engineering, and then corporate vice president for the Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) division. [13] She’s responsible for a large portfolio of some of VMware’s most prominent and fastest-growing products, including product development, engineering, and sales. [13]

Kalinowski has led the team responsible for the design of the Oculus Rift, Touch and Gear VR and is tasked with solving pressing engineering and design challenges, like fitting a massive amount of technology into a small headset. [13] When she was getting her PhD in aerospace engineering from Stanford, she worked at NASA to create new technology that helps land missions to Mars. [13]

An engineering graduate from the University of Manchester, UK, he started his career with a British Consulting Engineering practice, before moving onto Black & Veatch. [11] He has a diploma in civil engineering from the University of Karlsruge in Germany. [11]

Google Elissa Murphy is vice president of engineering at Google Cloud, the company’s cloud computing platform that competes with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. [13] Tomic joined Trustwave from McAfee where he served as Vice President Management & Cloud Platform Engineering. [10] George Tomic joins Trustwave as Senior Vice President, Engineering. [10] Pinterest Li Fan is senior vice president of engineering at Pinterest. [13] Corrinne yu Corinne Yu is vice president of Cruise engineering at General Motors working on autonomous vehicles. [13]

As they advance in their careers, technical managers can benefit from eli 2 resources to emerge as executives who will ultimately shape and influence the next generation of engineering up-and-comers. [9] Get experience in manufacturing, engineering, operational excellence, supply chain, quality control, lean manufacturing, supervision and more. [36] Get experience in our application engineering and sales engineering functions. [36]

Compiler engineering is a niche that other programmers view with awe and it hasn’t yet attracted a ton of women. [13] Erica Baker Erica Baker is the senior engineering manager of Patreon, a startup helping artists, musicians and other creative people get paid for their work by selling subscriptions. [13] Their degrees include 10 in mechanical engineering, seven in chemical engineering, and two each in industrial engineering and electrical engineering. [14] The big change from engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) to build-ownoperate- transfer (BOOT) that we accomplished with Abengoa Water was unique at the time. [11] Velastegui, who holds several patents and sits on the board of Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, joined Microsoft in December 2017. [13] She was a homeless teen who studied engineering in college because she heard it led to good-paying jobs and worked herself up from there. [13]

Airbnb Carol Leung leads engineering for the “guest side” of Airbnb’s new Plus initiative, where Airbnb will be adding more types of properties to its network. [13] He joined MIT immediately after completing his PhD in the Applied Mechanics and Engineering Science Department at UC San Diego. [11]

Now in it?s fourth year, the WWi Top 25 Global Water Leaders initiative continues to grow in popularity as a barometer of the industry?s thought leaders. [11] While Amir switched from the classic hi-tech industry to build the first data analytics leader in water TaKaDu, he also helped drive non-profit Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) into a global hub for the smart water sector, bringing together utilities and system providers. [11] The new executive hires follow on the heels of several recent company milestones including industry analyst accolades naming Trustwave a market leader in managed security services, global expansion across the Asia Pacific region and new threat detection and response offerings. [10]

ESCO is recognized as an industry leader delivering innovative products and custom engineered solutions that enhance customer productivity and safety. [12] Our customized development curriculum includes leadership training, personal coaching, and networking with senior leaders. [36] The final shortlist for the UK?s premier initiative for celebrating data leadership and excellence, the Data Leaders Awards, has been revealed. [37] Since the seminar series’ launch in Spring 2011, more than 1,000 students have learned from dynamic leaders within commercial and government organizations. [9] This year the focus is on active leaders whom are driving companies forward into the digital water age with a focus on innovation. [11] They were clearly the pioneers and leaders of the international water industry. [11] WWi: Which other leaders, both in and outside of the water market, inspire you and why? CC: I had the good fortune to begin my career working for a man that to me was a great leader. [11] The Data Leaders Awards honour the people at the forefront of data – those transforming organisations and enhancing decision-making through its use, managing and controlling its proliferating growth, and driving new business value. [37] “Julie and George add to an already impressive roster of senior leaders at Trustwave who are driving the cybersecurity business forward,” said Art Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Trustwave. [10] The Fall 2017 series – offered by the Engineering Leadership & Innovation Institute (eli 2 ) at UCF – features five accomplished leaders from diverse fields and includes two UCF alumni. [9]

Abbott Corlis Murray is responsible for Abbott’s engineering services including regulatory, quality assurance and global security for all of the company’s businesses in more than 150 countries. [13] Students will graduate fully prepared to collaborate and work effectively in teams, communicate with polished speaking and writing skills, make compelling presentations, and contribute with ethical responsibility and knowledge of global issues. [9] DowDuPont (NYSE: DWDP) is a holding company comprised of The Dow Chemical Company and DuPont with the intent to form strong, independent, publicly traded companies in agriculture, materials science and specialty products sectors that will lead their respective industries through productive, science-based innovation to meet the needs of customers and help solve global challenges. [35] Decker joined Xylem from Harsco Corporation, a global industrial services company where he was president and CEO since 2012. [11] Privately held, ESCO is headquartered in Portland, Ore., and maintains a global network of more than 70 manufacturing plants, supply & service facilities and offices in 20 countries. [12]

The combined businesses will provide a unique offering to global mining customers with a range of premium, market-leading brands focused on increasing customer productivity and reducing total cost of ownership. [12] “With ESCO we?ll be joined by a world-class team and add another leading global brand. [12] ESCO?s Portland headquarters will continue to serve as a global center of excellence for ESCO products. [12] Hein Molenkamp has helped to position the Water Alliance, based at WaterCampus Leeuwarden, as one of the leading global water clusters, bringing together public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes to help new businesses develop into the international water market. [11] Author of 200 peer reviewed publications and holding more than 20 U.S. patents, Professor Lienhard is a global thought-leader on water purification and desalination. [11]

Prior to the job at Bechtel, Zierhoffer was global CIO at Xerox and at that time she explained that her mission was to create IT systems that simultaneously protect a company while making it easier for people to share and use information. [13]

ISEN is committed to empowering future global leaders in sustainability and energy. [38] She hold six patents and won the Society of Women Engineers Emerging Leaders Award in 2017. [13]

She runs the business and engineering teams for Windows on AWS, VMware on AWS, the server migration businesses and product management for the Compute Cloud unit. [13] Gupta runs the engineering teams behind LinkedIn’s homepage, feed and sharing products, making sure that relevant content is served to users during every visit. [13]

Her promotion as the lead of this engineering team has marked her as a rising star at the company. [13]

The engineering industry now looks for technically competent engineers with leadership, management, critical thinking and business skills, like adaptability and communication, to effectively lead teams of engineers and scientists in global ventures. [15] Upon successful completion of a Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad program, students will enhance their engineering career profiles to succeed in a competitive global job market. [15] Ravi Chilukuri, director of global practices since 2013, has years of engineering design experience in automotive, transportation, high tech, aerospace and consumer products. [16]

The GLCM program is fortunate to have industry support and exceptional CEE faculty in educating tomorrow?s leaders in construction engineering. [39] The Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Program (SLP) is a comprehensive, competency-based global program designed to develop the next generation of Stanley Black & Decker leaders. [40] The Weidman Center develops tomorrows leaders by promoting excellence in the teaching, learning and practice of leadership in a global context. [41] Suzanne is a qualified engineer and leader in our Global Manufacturing and Supply organisation. [42] Join a global business leader that is dedicated to helping businesses make the right decisions. [17] One of the world?s largest energy companies – a Fortune 100 leader in global oil, gas and chemical markets – turned a potential business disruption into a new opportunity to drive efficiency and innovation by providing 9,000+ worldwide employees with easy access to a major catalog publication via a single online platform. [17]

Entering its 4th year, the Global 100 Program is a 15-month MBA leadership program providing selected applicants with an opportunity to shape their future careers at Wipro over the course of 4 to 5 placements across our business. [43] At the end of the Program, based on their interests, career plan and performance to date, each Global Business Manager is deployed in a leadership role in Sales or Program Management to drive business growth at Wipro in their home countries. [43]

Joining as a Global Business Manager, each selected participant is put through a rigorous 15-month program involving four to five, 10 to 12-week placements in Delivery, Sales, Digital and in an additional field of their choice (e.g. CEO or COO office, Wipro Ventures, Finance, Strategic Marketing, etc.) both at home and internationally. [43]

Students will meet with their program groups regularly leading up to the global site visit. [15]

To encourage more U.S. students to obtain their passport and begin planning for study abroad early in their academic career, the MU College of Engineering is offering a $135 scholarship — the current cost of a U.S. passport (2017) — to be used toward any MU College of Engineering study abroad program. [15] Students must be a first-time participant of the College of Engineering Study Abroad Programs in order to be eligible for this scholarship. [15]

The mission of Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad is to encourage students to pursue academic, leadership and service opportunities around the world. [15]

Demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts in the MU College of Engineering, MU campus, and/or the Columbia community. [15]

[email protected] brings together current and future students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends of women in engineering and technology. [41] The Advancement Council for Engineering and Technology provides guidance, mentoring, resources and connections to help BYU students. [41] Knowledge discovery: When you’re unsure of where to look, Engineering Workbench uses patented knowledge discovery technology to act like a “virtual subject matter expert” to rapidly guide you to the best answers and solutions. [17]

These centers no longer focus only on scale and lift-and-shift of existing work from the HQ; rather, they are smaller and more focused entities, driving core engineering for products that are completely new to the organization. [18] We now have a healthy number of Product Managers; but hiring them early on, along with Head of Engineering and Quality, would have forced us to answer the questions of Why/What we are building, and then get into the “How”. [18]

Kick-off key programs, i.e., our progress on the engineering roadmap, especially as we didn?t take anything from the U.S. and everything was brand new. [18] We are trying to build a deeper sense of ownership across our data platform, data engineering, and social intelligence teams. [18] Content Details The total Knowledge Collections library contains 36,000+ engineering and technical titles, including manuals, handbooks and dictionaries, organized into engineering disciplines and subject areas within disciplines. [17] These collections provide access to a robust set of engineering titles and journal articles. [17] Browsing: When you need to get up to speed on an issue quickly, or you simply want to explore a particular topic, Engineering Workbench lets you browse through content organized into disciplines (such as Earth Sciences or Electronics) and subject areas within a discipline (such as Minerals and Natural Resources or Optics and Photonics). [17]

John E. Ambrose brings more than 25 years of leadership and management experience in the engineering services and staffing industry to his role of. [16]

Our leaders bring a diverse array of perspectives, business experience and technical expertise, working together to provide constantly improving services to our customers. [16] As a site leader, I traveled to the U.S. at least 2-3 times in the first 100 days to meet our teams in the HQ. This helped me gain a strong understanding of our customers, partners, and products. [18] Davidson, NC 28035 You will work with the transportation mode leaders, transportation planning team, and optimization program team to effectively drive and implement world. [44] I look forward to continuing to work with our industry partners, faculty, alumni, and students as we develop new and innovative techniques in educating tomorrow?s leaders. [39] This marks a paradigm shift in the role of a GIC leader from delivery excellence to transformational leadership. [18] Program members participate in a comprehensive learning curriculum, developed to strengthen skills and tools to become a results-driven leader. [40] Each placement guarantees hands-on learning, mentoring from senior leaders and opportunities to discover the latest technology solutions such as Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AI & Automation. [43] We need leaders with vision and the ability to accomplish goals at a rapid pace, who look upon challenges as opportunities, are comfortable with change and ambiguity, and can adapt to varied roles as we scale. [43] Organizations of the future will demand a new breed of dynamic and enterprising leaders who will radically reshape our notion of ‘change’. [43] We needed to focus on the behaviors of the leaders, the employees, the team dynamics as well. [18] A major part of my time was spent meeting with core business leaders to convince them that we had a one-time shot to impact change, and that we needed to make it count. [18] Since 2005, the GLCM alumni continue to leave their mark as industry leaders throughout the country and world. [39] We are on a quest to identify the next generation of leaders and are looking for people who demonstrate agility, innovative outlook and collaborative work ethics. [43]

I am delighted and extremely proud to serve as Director of the Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM) program. [39] Aerotek is an Allegis Group company, a global leader in talent solutions. [16]

For us, 247 availability and managing scale of operations is paramount; we focus on providing a complete set of solutions for social customer engagement, along with deep analytics to ensure global brands can build strong customer relationships through a great digital experience. [18] The India center is in its third year of operations, and in a relatively short time, has demonstrated that its local teams can truly own and deliver end-to-end world class products for global customers. [18] We are a global company delivering billions of healthcare products a year. [42] In a typical year, we select close to 35 Global Business Managers worldwide. [43] Each year, a new cohort of Global Business Managers joins Wipro in July, shortly after their graduation from Business School. [43]

Today, we stand at the cusp of a bold new future – one that holds the promise of infinite opportunities and is defined by new global paradigms, disruptive technologies and unconventional business models. [43]

Using a combination of industry practice and academic theory, with a global perspective of the construction industry, our students are able to achieve success far beyond their time at Illinois. [39] We will help you build a global resume after you complete your study abroad program. [15] Lithium is a Bay Area-based company, that has enabled global brands such as AT&T, Fitbit, Samsung, Airbnb, Sephora, etc., to digitally engage with their customers through online communities and build strong, trusted relationships. [18] We are a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. [42]

Our engineers get to visit the global sites of companies such as General Electric, 3M, Boeing, Black & Veatch, Audi, among others. [15] Atlanta, GA Reporting to the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Vice President Diversity and Inclusion develops and leads the company?s global D&I strategy and. [44] A global team of industry-recognized experts contributes incisive and thought-provoking analysis. [17] No other global center did a report out, and we were no different. [18]

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide engineering students with financial assistance for participation in MU College of Engineering-sponsored study abroad programs. [15] Students must be active members in good standing with one of our recognized Engineering Student Organizations and/or enrolled in the Leadership Academy and actively accruing points toward the Dean?s Certificate in Leadership and Engagement. [15] Active membership in a MU Engineering Student Organization with diversity focus, community service, campus-wide diversity organizations and/or social justice centers (RSVP, Women?s Center, Green Dot, Diversity Peer Educators, Multicultural Center, LGBT Center, Veterans Center, etc.) [15] Simply present your valid U.S. passport to the Engineering Student Services Office in Lafferre Hall W1002 or notify your study abroad advisor that you have uploaded your passport to your MyStudyAbroad account by February 23, 2018, to receive the scholarship. [15]

Leading engineering services firm announces addition of sciences business line. [16] Delivery Manager Eldon Brasche brought more than two decades of experience in engineering and engineering services when he joined EASi in 2015. [16]

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