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  • She participated in Aerospace GAMES camp to learn more about aerospace and aeronautical engineering.(More…)
  • Each student will learn the basic structures and syntax of the Python programming language while designing and coding a game of her choice.(More…)
  • The Union College Summer Program gives talented international high school students the opportunity to live, learn and think like a college student in a welcoming, supportive environment.(More…)
  • Champions can be recognized for their achievements, longtime players can revisit the glories of past competitions, and new players can learn more about the game, its strategies, and the people who have set the bar for future challengers.(More…)
  • Baseball Camp Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Roadrunner Field, Main Campus Campers will cover throwing, hitting, fielding, fly balls, base running and bunting in this youth camp designed for players ages 5-14.(More…)


  • Remember building and flying a kite as a kid?(More…)



She participated in Aerospace GAMES camp to learn more about aerospace and aeronautical engineering. [1] Learn 2 Fly -You learned how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. [2] No programming experience at all is required – just an interest in creating a game in Unity, the same software used to create Pokemon Go and so many other best selling games! You?ll painlessly learn the basics of scripting too, because the videos introduce scripting as necessary along the way. [3] Its not really a game on its own since there are no goals and missions and such, but its certainly fun and a relatively good way to learn the very basics. [4]

While the highlight of the week is launching one?s aircraft on Friday afternoon, before students can even begin to design them, they must first learn some of the principles of flight during sessions about flight mechanics, aerodynamics, aerospace structures, orbital mechanics, and propulsion systems. [1] In this second part of the Unity Interface Basics lesson, we learn how to create and save layouts, create some project folders, create a new scene, and then load each scene with more cartoon characters. [3]

I actually fabricated on the fly a modular hydrogen engine array that could be clipped on/off to my own or any of my factions mining ships as we didnt have the resources or time to make new ones and needed to get to/from orbit on the moon to get enough platinum to make our capital ship we could use to get a foothold in the power of the system. [4] Why cant we have a mars air race where we fly through gates, like in a real air race? Or better yet, flying through a tunnel in a mountain? All that shit would be incredibly fun, except maybe setting up for it. [4] Campers will learn the ins and outs of level design and game design while learning to engineer in Minecraft by using Redstone. [5] Each should feature a case study or two that can show deconstruction of a real game, for those who like to learn by deconstructing and looking at inner workings. [6]

Take a week (or more) to do what you love the most! JCC Specialty Camps, held at the JCC Squirrel Hill provide campers entering grades 1-6 opportunities to learn, engage, create and have fun! Before-and after-camp care is available for all camps. [5] Guided by a Union Project teaching artist, campers will learn a variety of ceramics skills to create a collection of sculptural and functional clay objects including figurines, mugs, dishes, boxes, and more! Campers will be introduced to hand-building techniques such as pinch, slab, and coil construction as well as various surface decoration techniques for applying color and texture. [5] Campers will learn the basic principles of how to code drones to fly. [5]

Each student will learn the basic structures and syntax of the Python programming language while designing and coding a game of her choice. [7] Players begin the game with nothing and must learn to use the environment around them to hunt, craft, farm, fight, and find a way back home. [8]

Want to join us for an entire week? We’ve planned some fun, off-campus activities, including 2 nights in a hotel and tentatively a baseball game and a day at an amusement park! Stay for a full week for a total cost of $500 (camp costs included). [9] Not only is this game super fun, but the graphics were also created by a visual effects artist who worked on the award-winning films Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which makes it very nice to look at as well. [8]

The Union College Summer Program gives talented international high school students the opportunity to live, learn and think like a college student in a welcoming, supportive environment. [9] This program is ideal for high school students who want to explore different facets of a subject area, in order to learn more about the approaches and issues involved, and to determine what about it they want to study further. [9]

The CBS Summer School is the perfect opportunity for you to gain a first impression of studying engineering, to learn more about a possible future career in the field and to get to know our CBS Campus. [9] They come from across the country and around the world to learn engineering, digital photography, molten metal casting, and more–all in an adventurous, fun, and hands-on way. [9]

Students will learn about how anxiety can become problematic and the different ways that high levels of anxiety can be expressed in young children (e.g., Social Phobia, Separation Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Panic, General Anxiety). [7] Students will first learn standard microbiological techniques such as aseptic work, isolation streaks, making and inoculating liquid cultures, and plate counting. [7] Students learn from highly regarded AU faculty in small, interactive classes while obtaining college credit. [9] University of Chicago: Chicago, IL College Pathway Programs June 17-July 5 and July 8-26 Learn what makes UChicago one of the most innovative and impactful universities in the world through the Pathway programs. [9]

Students learn key concepts of lift and drag, stability and control, and sound structural design through teamwork, rapid prototyping, data collection, and creative problem solving. [7] Students will use their own bodies to learn about topics including the tissues and joints of the body, energy expenditure, energy systems, and applied biomechanics. [7] Students will not only learn about childhood anxiety, but also about the methods that clinical psychologists use to study these problems. [7] Students explore cutting-edge technologies, learn the ethical and cultural ramifications of technology, and develop essential oral and written communication skills. [9] International Academy students of accounting will gain exposure to the practice business in the U.S., learn from business experts, make company visits, and gain skills in business English and U.S. culture. [9] Students in this course will learn about how neurons (cells of the nervous system) communicate through a fascinating array of mechanisms and networks to generate complex human behaviors. [7] They will also learn HTML and use it to create their own web pages, which will serve as a record of their progress in the course. [7]

“The built environment is the single most important part of our daily lives – the way we get to and from places, where we sleep, how we learn – and its engineers who create this environment. [10] SSEP participants learn how scientists and engineers formulate questions, work on amazingly sophisticated scientific instruments and develop valuable critical thinking and analytical skills. [7]

Rounding out the academic experience are humanities and arts workshops in areas such as writing, art, music, theater, etc. Learn from outstanding professors utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and enjoy added activities such as evening workshops, field trips, movies, live performances and tournaments. [9]

Saint Michael’s College: Colchester, VT Saint Michael’s College English Language Programs May 14 – July 6; July 2 – August 10; July 9 – August 10 July 9 – September 30 The English Language Programs of Saint Michael’s College offer several short-term summer academic language and culture programs for international students aged 17 and up. [9] English Language Development Summer Camp July and August (students can attend between 1 to 8 weeks) – A mix of English classes and west coast Canadian activities For students who need to improve their English Language skills 2. [9]

Struggling with basic Chinese? Want to improve the Chinese language you have already learnt? Never have time during the semester? Why not use some of the summer to give a boost to Chinese and your life in Suzhou? The Language Centre is running Chinese language short courses from July 2nd to August 10th for 2, 4 or 6 weeks. [9]

Reportedly, the B-2 has a radar cross-section (RCS) of about 0.1m 2 (1.1sqft). 102 The bomber does not always fly stealthily; when nearing air defenses pilots “stealth up” the B-2, a maneuver whose details are secret. [11] Approximately 80 pilots fly the B-2. 64 Each aircraft has a crew of two, a pilot in the left seat and mission commander in the right, 7 and has provisions for a third crew member if needed. 72 For comparison, the B-1B has a crew of four and the B-52 has a crew of five. 7 The B-2 is highly automated, and one crew member can sleep in a camp bed, use a toilet, or prepare a hot meal while the other monitors the aircraft, unlike most two-seat aircraft. [11]

Experience life on a U.S. college campus (including UCLA, UC-Berkeley, Northwestern, Fordham, Harvard Medical School, Yale, American, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Rice, Vanderbilt, and U. of Washington); 2. [9]

Champions can be recognized for their achievements, longtime players can revisit the glories of past competitions, and new players can learn more about the game, its strategies, and the people who have set the bar for future challengers. [12] Learn why Ferris State University is the first choice for its alumni, faculty, staff and students. [13] “You learn about the anatomy of it, you fly it, and you also get to program it.” [14] How does this information add to the discussion? – Trainers: Why the hell is it not centralized? Having to fly from one continent to the other just to learn different schematics is not fun, not enjoyable and is a complete waste of time if you are not a mage with portals. [15]

Learn more from the 86th Maintenance Squadron at Ramstein Air Base, Germany on what it takes to correct issues so aircraft can stay airborne. [16] Airmen at KadenaAirBase use past technology to help learn how to work with the undefeated Raptor. [16]

Station 2: Catapult Uses math and engineering to build the catapult using glue, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks. [17] When I?m not playing card games, I work at a game shop in Louisville called Something 2 Do, where I?ve been working for about two years now. [12] Now that?s how weathermen work! Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters fly weather. [16] DYK: Aircraft have lifespans! Like humans, they require check-ups in the form of maintenance inspections to prolong their ability to fly. [16]

Baseball Camp Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Roadrunner Field, Main Campus Campers will cover throwing, hitting, fielding, fly balls, base running and bunting in this youth camp designed for players ages 5-14. [18] This UTSA tradition is a fun, engaging opportunity for Roadrunners to learn about the facilities, recreation programs and wellness services offered at the Main and Downtown Campuses while also enjoying tons of games and activities with new and old friends. [18] Learn more and apply for the Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program. [19] Learn more and apply for the U.S. Bank Scholarship Program. [19] Learn more and apply for the UNCF/KOCH Undergraduate Scholarship Program. [19] Learn more and apply for the Buddha Teas Fair Trade Scholarship Program. [19] Learn more and apply for the Horatio Alger National Career and Technical Scholarship Program. [19] Learn more and apply for Discover Student Loans Scholarships. [19] Learn more and apply for the Lincoln Forum Student Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Return to College Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Thurgood Marshal College Fund Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Reservation Counter College Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the National Hazing Prevention Poster Design Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Taylor’s Gift National Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Absolutely Outdoorsy Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Devconhomesecurity Annual Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the DogCollarZone.com Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the LeadQuizzes Entrepreneur Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Soft Surroundings Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Top Running Shoes Fitness Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Drive Smart: No Distractions, No Excuses Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Future of Assisted Living Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the CardRates.com Financial Futures Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Oklahoma Tour Guide Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for a Catholic Foundation of Oklahoma Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Spread the Word on Safety Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Seth Okin Good Deeds Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the P.L.A.Y. Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Broadcast Music Inc. Founders Award for Radio Broadcasting Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the MacDowell Club of Allied Arts Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the MoolahSpot $1,000 Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Phi Delta Kappa Prospective Educator Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Anthem Essay Contest Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Vinyl Fence Wholesaler Hockey Essay Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Paradigm Challenge Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Wpromote Digital Marketing Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Sharps Compliance Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the TypologyCentral Personality Type Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Christian Studies Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Flavor of the Month Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Geraldine “Polly” Bednash Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Scott Alan Turner Personal Finance Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the NetWaiter Collegiate Scholarship. [19] Learn more and apply for the Sertoma Scholarships for the Hard of Hearing or Deaf. [19] Learn more and apply for the Maryknoll Student Essay Contest. [19] Learn more and apply for the World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest. [19]

By learning how to install, repair and maintain cooling and heating systems, students will learn a set of skills they can use anywhere around the globe. [19]

SAC’s Scobee Education Center hosted the fourth annual Girls STEM Summit for some 100 young girls to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. [20] Third grade through 5 th grade will take part in engineering week and learn about Sir Lance-a-Bot. [18]

Learn more and apply for Glamour’s College Women of the Year. [19] This camp will provide a great opportunity for athletes from 9 th grade through college to learn from the top UTSA football coach and staff. [18]

Announced at Google I/O, Adaptive Battery is a new feature that will use AI to learn your habits and restrict apps from running intensive processes when you don’t need them. [21]

Softball Camp Monday and Tuesday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Roadrunner Field, Main Campus Campers from age 5 through 6 th grade will get instruction on infield, outfield and hitting techniques. [18] Chunky, easy-to-handle parts let kids build and rebuild on their own before embarking on imaginative journeys to far-off destinations–blast off to distant stars aboard a rocket, fly through the air above a make-believe city with a helicopter, or chug down the tracks toward the station with a train. [22]


Remember building and flying a kite as a kid? Remember the exhilaration you felt as you watched it soar way up high? Even more rewarding is the feeling participating 9-12th grade high school students are getting this summer as they launch the gliders and rockets they designed and built during Aerospace Engineering?s (AeroE) three residential camps: Aerospace Engineering GAMES and two Illinois Aerospace Institutes (IAI). [1] For instance, 26 high school girls ranging from incoming freshmen to incoming seniors and mostly from Illinois (plus one from Florida and one from Texas), got a chance to explore aerospace engineering and aviation during the 7th GAMES (Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, and Science) camp, a one-week camp for girls only from July 8-14. [1] Another Aerospace GAMES participant, Evelyn Ashley from Bethany, Illinois (about an hour south of Springfield), a rising freshman at Okaw Valley High School, is pretty sure that she?s going to do some type of engineering. [1] Another camp instructor, Jessica Hart, who just graduated from Aerospace Engineering in May, also agreed to help with GAMEs camp. [1] It maybe makes their decision a little easier to come here or not?Then it also gives them a little exposure to the different engineering fields we have here at Illinois, depending on what GAMES camp they do. [1]

While it?s his 7th GAMES camp, Woodard?s been involved with IAI for even longer–he began helping out as a grad student at Illinois, way back in 2006. [1] One student who particularly enjoyed the observatory visit was GAMES camper Bailey Vincer, a rising freshman at Hononeghah Community High School, who called visiting the observatory “awesome!” She adds, “We got lucky because it had just rained earlier in the day, but it cleared up. [1] Perfect for Middle and High School students and just about anyone else who wants to get started developing games. [3]

Based on the impact Aerospace GAMES had on her career choices, she hoped to have a similar impact on some of today?s students. [1] A GAMES camp junkie, (Peterson had attended five, including Aerospace), as a high school senior, looking back at all of her GAMES camp experiences, she said to herself, “If I were to pick one of these tracks to go into for the rest of my life, it would have to be aerospace.” [1] “I really enjoyed my time at GAMES camp and I feel like I learned a lot from the lab assistants that taught the classes and sessions, and I’m really passionate about outreach and I would like to, maybe, be that for somebody else.” [1] For the first time ever, one little success story–ex-GAMES camper Suzanne Peterson–will be working alongside Woodard this summer as part of the GAMES staff. [1] The first half of gives you new parts in each chapter, and I thought the teleportation puzzles in the second half of the game were pretty interesting too. [4]

One of the reasons I stopped playing – I was more busy fixing and running after things of any number of anons, not rarely being cussed out or getting incomplete information, than spending time with my buddies playing this game. [4] I turned because I refused to kill other players while playing Elite Dangerous with them and they tried hunting me down, only to be killed on by one because none of them were good at that game. [4]

“The GAMES camps especially–I feel like a lot of these girls have never been given the opportunity to build stuff and do these projects. [1] Jessica Hart (right) watches as a aerospace GAMES camper tests her rocket. [1] Two aerospace GAMES campers show off their rockets they’ve built. [1]

Space engineer should be treated as abandon-ware because none of the updates are going to fix the amount of shit that was coded into this game. [4]

When her mom told her about this aerospace camp, they decided that it would be a really good experience for her to get exposed to aerospace, which could eventually lead to astronautical engineering. [1] “There’s a stigma going around an engineering camp rather than an outdoors camp, and people will call you a nerd, but it’s worth it, I don’t care what people call me because it’s really fun being out here.” [1] Her dream job? “I really want to build, design, and test spacecraft–which is really what astronautical engineering is–there’s many jobs within it, but that’s what I want to do.” [1] A couple years ago, she found out about astronautical engineering, which she found “really interesting.” [1] Subha Samaskadan, a rising junior at Stevenson High in Lincolnshire, Illinois, has always been interested engineering, “but not really with aerospace,” she explains, “so I just wanted to try it out.” [1]

Problem is that most people settle for good enough because engineering some better way to do it requires brain work, and thats hard. [4]

Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. [23] Space Engineers is one of my favorite games! You can create massive cruisers or small fighters! Planetary Bases the size of cities and Rovers to traverse the terrain! [23]

These are developers or students that have never touched game development for the most part. [6] Providing a good user experience is a key part of making compelling games, and doing so on mobile has added challenges. [6] Mozilla’s work on technologies such as ASM.js, Emscripten and WebGL has shown that open standards have got what it takes, and playing such games in a Web browser is perfectly possible. [6]

The camp is a hands-on academic enrichment program focused on presenting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts. [24] Stony Brook runs a 2-week summer program for international high school students where our students are immersed in English instruction, exciting academic lectures, demonstrations and labs taught by Stony Brook faculty in courses such as engineering, pre-med, marine science, math, etc. In addition, we offer U.S. admissions projects including college campus tours at Ivy league schools and cultural activities in New York City and Long Island. [9] High school students in the Pre-College Program spend a summer in Washington, D.C., taking advantage of GW’s expertise in global development, international relations, public policy and administration, politics, diplomacy, history, biomedical engineering, museum studies and the arts. [9]

Apply now for the best summer of your life & discover the exciting world of engineering! Do you have a passion for mathematics, physics and chemistry? Are you a student between 16 and 19 years old? Then you are the perfect candidate to join the Summer Engineering Academy organized by Carl Benz School of Engineering the Mechanical Engineering College of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). [9] If your students are aged 16-17 years old, excel at science and maths and have strong English language skills, our two-week residential experience in the heart of London is a great way to develop their subject knowledge in science, engineering or medicine and add weight to a future university application. [9] It is a physics-based engineering puzzle game whereby players must use their skills to design and test ships in preparation for defeating their enemies. [8] Another great example a survival game that includes civil engineering is Fallout 4, in which players must collect everything they can find in a post-apocalyptic wasteland to build settlements, towns, factories, machinery, power generators, and conveyors. [8] Whether you’re into construction, space, civil engineering, or physics, there is a computer game for every type of engineering out there. [8]

If there’s one thing that physicists are great at, its overcoming logical challenges; this is why Kerbal Space Program is one of the best games for physics buffs. [8] Campers in the Junior and Intermediate divisions will choose from a wide variety of one-week day camps: soccer, golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, robotics, space, coding, game tech, theatre, dance, visual arts, debate and public speaking. [9] Space Engineers is another great sandbox game; players are required to explore and survive in space–and on alien planets–by building space stations, space ships, and outposts. [8] Engineers who dream of using their skills in space should check out the early-access game Space Engineers. [8] There are also times when destroying things is much more fun than constructing them, which is why Demolition Engineer is such a great antithesis to construction games. [8] One of the first games that comes highly recommended by engineers across the board is Minecraft. [8] Civil engineers will love INFRA, a super-fun PC game based on the need to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure around you. [8] Along the same lines is Battlefield Engineer, a game based on great spaceship design, fleet composition, and battle tactics. [8] Developed by Zachtronic Industries, this design-based puzzle game can often be super-challenging, so it is not for those days when you just want to switch off! Players assume the role of a Reactor Engineer whose task is to construct factories that can synthesize chemicals and turn raw materials into valuable end products. [8] Eventually the hard work pays off, and players become industrial powerhouses who can collaborate with friends and even contribute to the design of features within the game. [8] Those who like their multiplayer games would do well to check out Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat, a first-person smasher in which players must rely on speed and the environment around them to beat their opponents. [8] While its unfinished state might put some players off, the great thing about early-access games is that they are continually improved and updated with regular bug fixes and content optimizations, which makes their gameplay really interesting. [8] The added bonus of playing survival games is that the tactical approach needed to navigate them overlaps with lots of other kinds of strategy tournaments, which means they are a great way to sharpen the brain and get it prepared for all kinds of competition. [8]

Stories like this one demonstrate the power of engineering and the importance of the NEF mission to find solutions to the challenges facing American engineering – the 3C?s – how many engineers our country needs (capacity), what skills they require (capabilities), and how they affect our way of life and world leadership (competitiveness). [10] Florida International University Mechanical Engineering Major Steven Castano says, sometimes more is better, “If you?re feeling like you are not doing a lot of meaningful work, ask other engineers if they need help and expand your commitments.” [10]

Each College Pathway program provides a broad overview of how scholars at the University of Chicago articulate problems and apply solutions in a particular field of study – Economics, Human Rights, Molecular Engineering, and Neuroscience. [9] Fields of study include Business & Entrepreneurship; Medicine & Health Care; Engineering; Biotechnology; Architecture; International Diplomacy; Psychology & Neuroscience; Journalism, Film, & Media Arts; Law; Theater; and many more! In addition to our U.S.-based programs, we also offer an International Business program at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. [9] In 1999 Smith became the first women’s college in the nation to establish its own program in engineering science, the Picker Engineering Program. [7] Continuing his work and interest with adolescents, Jaffe has taught in the Smith Summer Science and Engineering program for many years. [7] Thacher taught astronomy for five years in Smith’s Summer Science and Engineering Program before becoming its academic director. [7] The Smith Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) is a four-week residential program for exceptional young women with strong interests in science, engineering and medicine. [7] Our Summer Programs stand out due to their unique combinations of practical and theoretical course programs in engineering as well as leisure activities. [9]

Voss? SSEP course is adapted from her Smith course “Engineering for Everyone: Energy and the Environment”, which guides students to apply engineering principles to design, build and analyze model passive-solar buildings. [7] This course is for students with interests in engineering, field sciences, photography, and filmmaking. [7] Others can opt to take a course for college credit, while the remainder explore exciting hands-on experiences through our noncredit college-like seminars that reflect Rochester’s areas of study in the fields of the arts, engineering, history, humanities, medicine, modern languages, music, and sciences. [9] WPI’s Frontiers program is for soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors who are interested in science, technology, engineering, math, and robotics fields. [9] Students can join in an intensive three-week program in engineering, film, medicine or business. [9] Darren Bruner, aerospace engineering student at the University of Colorado Boulder, says, “Study something you are passionate about and that you feel will have a meaningful impact on the world. [10] Participants at the Nov. 9 NEF Orlando regional dialogue will hear more about the life-changing power of engineering as Manero, who is a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Central Florida, delivers the keynote at the dialogue hosted by UCF. [10]

International Academy students of engineering will get hands-on experience identifying and solving engineering problems and improve their scientific written and oral communications in English. [9] Columbia’s School of Professional Studies offers a variety of opportunities for high school students to explore academic topics across Columbia’s liberal arts and engineering departments. [9] Of course, engineering students have heavily-loaded majors, so there is understandably little room to incorporate enough humanities classes to turn them into great storytellers. [10] Areef Chaudary studies mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut and says, “At times during your engineering courses, you will get lost and won?t understand how what you?re learning is applicable. [10] Engineering requires teamwork, and I feel fortunate to work with talented professionals from different backgrounds throughout each project, which provides me with excellent learning opportunities every day,” Pehlivan told us in August. [10] The 2018 Summer Engineering Academy will give broad exposure to engineering disciplines (chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical) by getting involved with hands-on projects dealing with real-life engineering issues. [9]

In UT’s Cockrell School of Engineering, nine undergraduate programs are internationally recognized as top-ranked. [9] A small, highly selective independent college in upstate New York, Union College has world-class programs in the liberal arts and engineering. [9] Paul Voss is an associate professor at Smith College where he teaches Aerial Vehicle Design, Fluid Mechanics, Atmospheric Processes, and Introduction to Engineering. [7] There are two paths for the study of engineering at Smith College, both of which are based on rigorous plans of study integrated with the liberal arts and sciences. [7] Clemson?s College of Engineering and Science is following a strategic plan for “innovation through translation” meaning “transforming knowledge that creates high impact on society.” [10] Voss received her B.S. in engineering from Brown University, her M.S. from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, and her Ph.D. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. [7] This course teaches the science and engineering of flight through hands-on experimentation and design. [7]

We need to help them understand how exciting a career in engineering can be and fuel their dreams and aspirations with compelling stories such as self-driving cars, land, air and space robotics, medical devices, and smart urban infrastructure.” [10] “We need to demonstrate that engineering is one of the best ways to help people and make a major difference in the world. [10] “We need to be thinking of ways to improve a student?s awareness of the wonders of engineering, and create viable opportunities to act on their interests. [10]

This year, we interviewed people involved in many various aspects of the engineering, from those who are on a mission to get kids excited about STEM to early career engineers, to entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans. [10]

Equipped with engineering notebooks, campers were also taught about engineering design and were challenged to put their hands-on skills to the test in different games and activities. [14] How on EARTH can this be possible when the max skill in northrend is 75 and there is no single expansion with a skill of 375? This leads to my third point: – I am surprised beta testers didn’t pick these issues up? My guess is that they did but Blizzard didn’t listen to the suggestions of the people playing the game? Professions were already in pretty bad shape in Legion and they have been deprecated even more in the pre patch era. [15] At the time, he was reading A Storm of Swords in A Song of Ice and Fire, and as soon as a friend mentioned the game, his first question was: “Can I play Lannister?” Since, then varo has been a very active player, playing tournaments every week and traveling to any international tournament he has the possibility to attend. [12] We split the first two games but the third game he was able to cast End Times on turn two when I had nothing for it. [12] I first learned about A Game of Thrones from the HBO television program. [12] My plan was the same as before, and just like in the Swiss rounds we split the first two games. [12] I work primarily on the PS3, PS4, and PSVita systems on games like Uncharted 3, LittleBigPlanet, and MLB The Show. [12] I have a History degree from the university, and I work as a teacher in a school, but my dream job would be designing games! I very much enjoy travelling, archeology and trying food from all over the world. [12] It was a completely different type of game, and I felt I was playing against the player rather than his deck. [12] All of them are a lot of fun, and testing every faction gives a player a wide spectrum of possibilities for playing this game. [12] Brandon, despite being new to the game, is a top-notch player who was playing a strong deck. [12] Air Force and U.S. Army coed softball teams render military honors during the playing of the National Anthem during the All-Star Armed Services Classic Championship softball game, Washington, D.C., July 13, 2018. [16] Check out some shots from yesterday& #39;s All-Star Armed Services Classic Championship softball game in Washington, D.C. This event, part of MLB?s All-Star Week, pays tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces. [16]

Ryan Jones first began playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game four years ago as a member of the rapidly-growing South California meta. [12] Steve Simoni began playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game on August 24th, 2012, just a few months before his first big tournament at the 2012 World Championships, where he took his Stark deck into the Top 16 in Melee and the Top 8 in Joust. [12] He first started playing in August 2012 and has quickly earned a place among the elite of the Chinese A Game of Thrones: The Card Game community, where he is also known by his nickname, “K.” [12] Colin Liang first began playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game in October of 2011, when a friend needed a distraction. [12] Oliver Franke began playing Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game when the game was first released. [12]

Though I am a numbers guy and prefer to rely on the results of the data, I also have ten years of experience playing card games competitively to assist in the final decision. [12] I?ve been playing various card games for over ten years and love competing at tournaments. [12] I’ve been playing card games competitively since about the time I started high school. [12] I’ve spent the most time playing Magic: The Gathering, but I’ve been to events for World of Warcraft TCG, Versus System, and most recently the Fantasy Flight Living Card Games. [12] After several times playing, I fell in love with the game, and I have since come to know a lot of good friends because of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. [12]

I have played card games like Warhammer: Invasion for almost twenty years. [12] My name is Colin Liang, I?m 23 years old, and I?m not a card game player. [12] I have had a good deal of success in tournaments, including winning the first World Championship for the UFS collectible card game and various team championships along the way. [12] In the 2013 Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game North American Championship Finals, Tom Capor played against newcomer Brandon Hulings, who had managed to win his way to the top table with a control deck built around three factions: Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and Miskatonic University. [12]

The School provides a rigorous education in math, science and engineering with an emphasis on problem-solving, creative thinking and teamwork. [25] Anytime can be the right time to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). [26] “My background is in engineering and secondary science education, so I make a real effort (to make sure) that they?re learning stuff the whole time.” [14]

The areas of study that can be considered for the scholarship are: art, animation, programming, engineering, game direction, game design, sound design, law, marketing, and business administration. [19] We employ a “home team, away game” sort of model — engineers have a “home team” with an engineering manager aligned to their skillset like frontend, but play “away games” by working with a PM for medium and long term projects. [27]

They will put those skills to use at the end of the camp during practice games. [18] Campers will compete in games daily and in the Roadrunner Olympics on the final day of camp. [18]

To apply students must be within two years of earning a B.S. or B.A. in a field of science and engineering. [19] Throughout the summer, UTSA offers more than 60 camps in science, engineering, architecture, sports, music, writing, language, culture and more. [18]

Around this time last year, Android’s engineering team hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit, to discuss the Android O release. [21]

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