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  • If you?re a pilot, how do you answer the question “What does it take to learn to fly”?(More…)


  • You’ll fly with an instructor who is on his or her way to becoming a commercial pilot. (My first instructor is on her way to Delta, and my second instructor is almost out of the gate.(More…)
  • “Yes, I believe that a civilian who has a thorough experience of flight simulation could indeed start, taxi and take off an aircraft with no real world pilot experience,” Ryan Barclay, the founder and executive director of Fly Away Simulation, an online hub for “at home” flight simulation enthusiasts, said on Sunday.(More…)



If you?re a pilot, how do you answer the question “What does it take to learn to fly”? Do you have any additional insight to potential pilots on what they need to do to learn? Do you have any resources that you point pilots to? Let us know in the comments. [1] Why do you WANT to learn to fly? What is the driving reason that makes you interested in learning to fly? In my opinion, this is the single most important thing about learning to fly. [1] Thanks for pointing out that you can start getting prepared to learn how to fly by finding the lighting, markings, and basic operations of various airports. [1] This is where you really start doing things to learn to fly. [1] What you will discover is that you’ve got the aviation bug and that you want to learn how to fly. (If you’re in New York, I suggest Long Island Aviators. [2] It’s less expensive to learn to fly in places like Iowa or Arizona than it is in New York or the Bay Area, for example. [2] I sold that watch to pay to learn to fly and I’ve never looked back. [2]

If you’re wondering what it takes to learn to fly, visit the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s Learn to Fly page, where you can learn about your options and find a flight school in your area. [3] Learn to Fly month, the brainchild of the Flight School Association of North America, recently published a comprehensive list of PR tactics designed to help flight schools and flying clubs convince potential pilots to explore the possibilities. [4] The efforts will also try to attract new pilots who want to learn to fly because they’re enamored by the idea of sailing along a mile or so above the earth headed wherever they want, whenever they want. [4] When you learn to fly, you’re not only learning how to move the controls of an aircraft. [3] While it can cost a considerable amount of time and money to learn to fly, what you’re really paying for is an investment to create new experiences. [3] EAA, along with Sporty’s, has curated more than 80 Learn to Fly video tips now available to EAA members only. [5] We narrowed our list down–from hundreds of great ones–to the following top four reasons we think YOU should learn to learn to fly. [6] Come along for an in-depth tour of the Learn to Fly Course and learn strategies to get the most from your pilot training experience. [7] Sporty’s 2018 Learn to Fly Course is the most thorough update yet to its award-winning complete pilot training system. [7] Until now, if you purchased Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s Learn to Fly course, you were required to choose whether you wanted the course online or in tablet form. [8] May 1-31 is Learn to Fly month, a month-long effort to help flight training providers attract new pilots. [4] Learn to Fly month offers many opportunities to attract new pilots. [4] Of course, Learn to Fly month doesn?t focus only on career aviators. [4] The Learn to Fly Course includes all three formats for the same price: online, for Apple TV, and for iPads/iPhones. [7]

Perhaps it was a good experience to learn to fly Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with the old gauges. [9] Plus, you can fly a tiny whoop indoors and learn FPV at the same time. [10] One of Foo Fighters’ biggest hits is “Learn to Fly,” and it looks like Grohl was doing that with Novoselic! View the photo below. [9] The flipside Learn To Fly is the deeper of the two tracks, a weighty, futuristic stepper, with striking drums & percussion, and atmosphere by the bucketload, no frills here; just extremely danceable drum and bass. [11]

In our one day UAV Pilot Training course, you will learn to fly a drone for the first time, how to respond in an emergency, and how to utilize the Intelligent Navigation features of your drone. [12] Learn to fly a drone in our UAV Pilot Training courses offered all over the country. [12]

Ready to fly drones? Learn to fly the Mavic, Phantom, or Inspire with our hands-on flight sessions and classroom training taught by our expert instructors in 40+ cities. [12] Learn to fly a drone from the team that has trained thousands of new drone pilots. [12] Learn to fly the DJI Matrice 200 Series in this one day course offered in a few cities across the country. [12]

Discover the art of flying and learn to fly a Cessna under the watchful guidance of a FAA certified flight instructor. [13] Have you always wondered what it would be like to sit in the pilot’s seat of an airplane, take the controls, and soar into the deep blue? This Learn to Fly experience is for you! Your hands-on flight lesson will begin with a one-hour ground school session where you will learn the basics and prepare for your flight. [13] Wanaka is a very unique place to learn to fly, offering some of the most spectacular scenery in New Zealand, with very stable weather conditions ideal for training. [14] Deciding where to learn to fly can be a difficult decision. [15]

Whichever a pilot desires to fly is the one they should learn in. [16] I’m sure there are instructors that would offer four intro lessons, but I think the most important thing to work through is why he (and you) wants to learn to fly and find the instructor that matches that. [16] What should I look/ask for? Does anyone offer, say, four introductory lessons? Must he learn to fly a plane before he learns to fly a chopper? We live in Providence, R.I., and are near several small airports. [16] In this stage, you will learn to fly and gain all the training needed to solo the airplane safely. [17] During the ground portion, learn to fly by going over the gauges of the Airplane and what each control is utilized for. [17] An historic Link trainer on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach campus helps students learn what it was like to learn to fly during World War II. [16]


You’ll fly with an instructor who is on his or her way to becoming a commercial pilot. (My first instructor is on her way to Delta, and my second instructor is almost out of the gate. [2] Let me be clear though, you DO NOT need your medical and student pilot certificate to start learning to fly. [1] Very few of my friends fly so I have the cool factor of being the only pilot in the group. [1] One of the best things I ever did for myself was learning to fly. [1] If that’s not for you, there are plenty of great views to be had once you’ve learned to fly. [2] Written in 1942, it is a clear and crisp primer about how planes fly and how to fly them. [2] If you have any concerns about medications you are taking or your past medical history you can work with the physician to understand what does and does not affect your abilities to fly. [1] The following is a guest post by one of our students who has earned her private pilot’s certificate and continues to fly with us Bobbie Lind. [1]

You don?t have to get specific into aviation forecasting as you will learn that in your lessons, but a basic understanding of weather and clouds will go a long way in your training. [1] Your first step should be to learn about the principles of flight. [2] There are a few things you can learn – or start learning – before you even take your first flight lesson. [1]

You’ll strap into a Cessna 172 or a Piper Cherokee and start to learn from the moment you walk on to the ramp. [2]

Dan Sobczak Dan Sobczak is the founder of Flight Chain app, a mobile app that helps pilots learn from accident chains and improve their ability to recognize and break a potential accident chain in their own flying. [3] EAA’s Flight Advisors program is designed to increase sport aviation safety by developing a corps of volunteers who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas of flying and making them available to EAA members who may be preparing to fly an unfamiliar aircraft. [5] I learned everything I could before I had my first hour of flight training, so I could devote my time in the air to the practical side of learning to fly, instead of just the conceptual side of flying. [3] Our favorite reason for learning to fly is that flying is FUN! Flying a plane is a reward in itself, and you get to experience it. [6] Flying represents a solid career opportunity and of course, learning to fly is one of life?s great adventures. [4] If you’ve been curious about those magnificent people in their flying machines, learning to fly could be your ticket to a whole new world. [3] Learning to fly makes it much easier than flying by airline, or driving by car, to get to nearly any destination in the United States. [3]

Flying near Sugarloaf, my instructor, Longhao Chen, who must have nerves of steel to teach beginners how to fly, tells me that he was on the peak recently and watched a wedding. [18] Longhao, wonderful pilot and brave instructor that he is to fly with “newbies” day in and day out, saved the landing. [18] Learning to fly takes more than just practicing how to safely pilot and land an aircraft. [6] When I was learning to fly, I learned how an airplane’s engine and electrical systems work. [3] My oldest son, Brian, first learned to fly at the end of fifth grade when we sent him to flight camp that the Northampton Airport ran during the summer. [18] Interested in becoming a pilot? Fly with an EAA volunteer pilot and take your first step to becoming a pilot. [5]

I don’t fly much anymore because of time and expense, so I put a flight simulator in my office at home. [3] A podcast for those who fly for the love of it or are simply fascinated by the world of flight. [5]

The Piper Warrior that Lynn Cooper is learning to fly lands at the Northampton Airport after a lesson Nov. 24. [18] The footage of the stage show shows the band performing “Learning to Fly” but features the more colourful light-show used for live performances of ” One of These Days “. [19] Thinking about learning to fly? We could go on for hours about all of the great reasons to embark on flight training, but that might be a bit overwhelming. [6] Driving on rumble strips for a few years told me to make my goal of learning to fly a reality. [18] Learning to fly has produced lifelong friends I can trust for advice. [3] ” Learning to Fly ” is a song by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, written by David Gilmour, Anthony Moore, Bob Ezrin, and Jon Carin. [19] When learning to fly, the destination is your private pilot certificate. [3] It got me when you said that learning how to fly will give you memories and have an idea about places that you never thought existed. [3] In addition to learning more about the world around you and creating memories along the journey, learning to fly builds character. [3]

The trim helps at other times as well, especially when you need one hand on the yoke to fly. [18] I try to fly it every day, and usually get “airborne” 3-4 times a week. [3] My hands steady on the yoke, I keep the plane level as my instructor and I fly to Mount Sugarloaf. [18] I did not expect that the sale would go quickly, in fact, I anticipated that I would have a couple of extra months to fly the plane as we waited for a purchaser to come along. [6] You can?t silently shed tears and fly a plane — too much work to do. [18] You can even jump in a plane and fly to a meeting a few states away–and still make it back home before dinner. [6]

Speaking from personal experience, and yes, I am bitter at my dream of re-learning to fly late in life was wrecked by them and their anachronistic stooge AME. To FAA medical: I hope your lives are nothing but unhappiness in payment for the unhappiness you happily inflict on others. [3] Once the word got out that I was available to fly during The week,not just weekends like most CFI s, I became a VERY popular person ! I flew almost 500 hrs last year. [3] I too learned to fly in Arizona at Falcon Field solo’d in 1973. [3] Here are some resources that will help you fly safely or sell your airplane. [5] Connect with fellow aviators, get resources designed to help you and your projects, save with affinity benefits and discounts, and protect your right to fly. [5]

I fly out of a non towered airport, N30 in NEPA in a new to me BE 35 Bonanza. [3] You can fly for airlines, corporate flight departments, charter companies, government entities, flight schools, and even charitable organizations. [6]

Having the flexibility to learn where you want, when you want is the biggest functional change in the new course, but it’s only one of dozens of updates to what was already a nice learning experience. [8] Each one of us probably has something on our bucket list that we want to learn, experience, or accomplish. [18]

I like a quote from a Brazilian Capt that says: “In life the more you live, more you learn, in aviation is the opposite, the more you learn, the more you live”. [3] It not only saved a ton of money, it allowed me to learn much faster since we never stopped the “training” (it never felt like training to me just loving every minute of it). [3]

To learn more about flight training, visit Sporty’s flight school. [7]

Flying was hands-on from my first takeoff, and as a pilot that learns best from his own mistakes, (as opposed to watching countless demos from the instructor) adapting his teaching method to my style helped me gain confidence and experience quickly. [20] I have been flying X-plane for about 5 years and learned to fly a Boeing 737 on it. [21] That said, nothing beats flying by the rules, along published procedures, or if the weather is so bad don’t fly at all.” [9]

I got my certificate the other day and I was about to order a Mavic Air just hours ago, but then I realized Id never read a word about learning to fly a drone. [10] I love my Garmin G1000 in my Cessna 182T. The craft practically will fly itself and all the pilot has to do most of the time is manage the information system. [9] Whether you want to be a professional pilot or just fly for fun, our training will make you a better pilot. [20]

The actor, who’s made a career of performing high-risk action sequences without a double, learned to fly a helicopter in record time for the upcoming installment of the series, Mission: Impossible Fallout. [22] I can start the plane from cold and dark, taxi, take off, fly through clouds and turbulence, and then execute a perfect instrument landing. [21] Determining which safe altitude to fly is central to pre-flight planing you decide how high to fly over the mountains well before the plane wheels leave the ground. [9]

Despite the ridiculous amount of user assistance, a small drone and a DJI fly in very similar ways. [10] Way harder to fly than my MPP, but way cheaper, that?s kinda the point. [10]

My 9 year old nephew has no problem, but its important to read and fully understand the manual before you fly. [10]

They are now saying that children born this year will never need to learn to drive a motor vehicle. [10] It is pretty technical though, so youll need to invest some time to learn how everything works. [10] As you work through the examples and concepts presented in this lesson, you’ll hopefully learn how to generate your own variations based on a single musical idea. [23]

No simulator can bring up your pucker factor like a real flight issue, so get a “beater” and learn it backwards, then enjoy your Mavic with the knowledge that you can handle an issue regarding GPS dropouts and such. [10]

“Yes, I believe that a civilian who has a thorough experience of flight simulation could indeed start, taxi and take off an aircraft with no real world pilot experience,” Ryan Barclay, the founder and executive director of Fly Away Simulation, an online hub for “at home” flight simulation enthusiasts, said on Sunday. [24] A pilot would also need endorsements from flight instructors for certain skills to fly a Q400. [24] Develop the skills you need to fly, gather, and analyze roof inspection data. [12] You will have learned the skills necessary to fly an airplane on your own. [25]

Get ready to fly your drone at night with this interactive, online learning program. [12] “We have two ladies in our club that are learning to fly right now.” [26]

What’s next? By obtaining your Private Pilot Certificate, you will be able to fly an airplane, carry passengers, and baggage. [25] She was only allowed to fly outside of Saudi Arabia until 2014, when she was officially granted a pilot?s license, years before she could even legally obtain a driver?s license in the kingdom. [27]

Starting your own drone services company? Learn about strategy, marketing, finding customers, operations, legal issues, and insurance. [12] New to photography? Learn to use your drone’s camera like a pro to capture stunning aerial imagery and video. [12]

You may not need to start from scratch–or worse, learn the “hard” way; instead, look online to find out what work has been done on your individual system. [28] It also applies to persons exercising flight instructor privileges when acting as PIC. You cannot use BasicMed privileges to fly as a safety pilot, except when that pilot is acting as PIC. Pilots operating under BasicMed must hold a current and valid U.S. driver?s license and comply with all medical requirements or restrictions associated with that license. [28] The Complete Remote Pilot is designed to not only prepare you for the exam but to teach you about how UAS fly, their components and systems, and the aeronautical knowledge required to fly these systems in the same airspace as large commercial jets. [28]

Fly an aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of no more than 6,000 lbs. [28] Fly an aircraft that is authorized to carry no more than 6 occupants. [28]

The more you fly, the more solid your skill will getOverkill the flying part before your checkride, it will be worth it. [16] You will begin your instrument training by learning to fly the airplane in reference to the instruments only. [17] Learning to fly takes a good amount of time, energy and money (to be blunt). [16] Like many things in life, learning to fly is about relationships. [16] I know that learning to fly would enhance his/our retirement, and perhaps even lead to a new career for him. [16] What else should this women (and her husband) think about when considering learning to fly? Comment below. [16]

You will get the chance to fly cross county flights with your instructor along with completing cross country flight solo. [17] With a commercial license you will be able to fly missions such as tours, photo flights, banner towing, sky diving aircraft, and aerial survey and get paid for your services. [17] View the different types of aircraft that students and instructors fly. [29]

More than 10 years in the making, watching his Privateer fly for the first time was “a highlight” of John Meekins’ life. [16] She is a dream, and I was fortunate to have a spouse who supported me when I learned to fly. [16] This is also a great option for a private pilot looking to build their skills to fly under bad weather conditions and safely give the pilot more options. [17] Fly at least (minimum) twice a week and 4 5 if the weather cooperates. [16]

Perfect for the person that wants to take a short flight and learn the basic helicopter operations, this beginner’s flight training session educates and demonstrates the fundamentals of flying. [17] During your training you will learn what it takes to become a professional airplane pilot. [17] WINGsReality EDU offers an excellent opportunity for pilots to learn in a live classroom environment, no matter where they are. [16]

Students who learn in this manner end up with an accelerated learning path in real flight lessons. [30] Distance students and students in the classroom all participate together in a blended learning environment where all students are brought together into a common space and can interact and learn as one group. [16]

Regardless of how it’s done, ground school is needed right out of the gate, and is an inexpensive way to learn more about aviation. [16] Finding a ground school that is taught in an actual classroom environment is always the best way to learn as it affords the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other students. [16]

Reasons why it is important from the beginning is that it will provide the knowledge needed to make the most out of those expensive hours in the airplane, and it provides a vast array of knowledge that you do not learn during flight training. [16] This can be a very challenging yet rewarding skill to learn. [17]

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