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  • A supply chain sustainability engagement program can help address issues in the supply chain by collecting information on the current practices of the company?s significant suppliers, and then working with those suppliers to help them implement more sustainable practices and understand the benefits.(More…)


  • As environmental concerns and the popularity of eco-friendly practices like green meetings continue to increase, it?s important for meeting and event planners to continually expand their own knowledge of sustainability, particularly as it relates to the venues, vendors, and the work of other event services professionals.(More…)
  • In 2014, UMass Amherst Dining Services was selected as a gold recipient for procurement practices in the 2014 Sustainability Awards given by the National Assoc. of College and University Food Services — just one way national experts were taking notice.(More…)



A supply chain sustainability engagement program can help address issues in the supply chain by collecting information on the current practices of the company?s significant suppliers, and then working with those suppliers to help them implement more sustainable practices and understand the benefits. [1] Just a few years ago, RockResorts, along with its director of environmental affairs decided upon ten initiatives to adopt within Vail Resorts? hotels and properties as their sustainable practices starting point. [2] Within the restaurants, sustainable practices will benefit a business?s bottom line by reducing operating costs. [1]

From hybrid bikes to worm droppings, the third annual Green Business Summit held by the Institute for Sustainable Practice, had a little something for everyone. [3] Create an interdisciplinary governance structure supported by Institute leadership that helps implement the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice. [4] The Institute for Sustainable Practice has established a monthly lecture series to explore the conservation legacy of Phil Bredesen’s gubernatorial administration. [3]

To create a greener, cleaner economy for future generations and to address a growing need for skilled professionals in the workforce, the University of Colorado Boulder?s Sustainable Practices Program is proud to offer our 100% online Professional Seminars in Sustainability Management. [5] Clearly, the impact of sustainable practices on not only the campus, but potentially the world, through the continued efforts of alumni, is reward enough for the university?s broad sustainability efforts — but the STARS recognition is nice too, Goodwin admitted, as it showcases UMass Amherst in the top 10 among some 600 participating institutions. [6] The overarching mission of Sustainable Practices is to facilitate a culture of sustainability as defined by reducing the human-made impact to the planet and its ecosystems. [7] Sustainable Practices Sustainability Film Series, a documentary screening series started in the fall of 2017 that we host along with our partner, the Chatham Orpheum Theater. [7]

The Nashville Post recognized a green business as one that provides goods or services intended to improve the sustainability of their surroundings as well as one that employs sustainable principles in their facilities and practices. [3]

Because its region is so environmentally conscious, UMass Amherst would appear to be fertile ground for sustainable practices like green energy, eco-friendly buildings, and a buy-local ethos in food service. [6] Seana Lowe Steffen served on the faculty of the Sustainable Practices Program for several years, while dedicating the majority of her work to the Restorative Leadership Institute. [5] Georgia Tech?s 2020 – 2030 Strategic Plan for Sustainable Practice is a 10 year roadmap to create a sustainable campus. [4]

Lipscomb University’s sustainability institute is introducing three new bachelor’s degrees in fall 2011 in high-demand career areas: conservation and sustainable ecology, environmental management and technology and sustainability. [3] Continue to embrace and adopt the values of sustainability into the administrative and business practices of the Institute. [4]

All financial donations to Sustainable Practices are used in their entirety to support the organization’s focus on raising awareness and promoting civic action to improve human and environmental health. [7] Professionals with a true understanding of the latest techniques in sustainable practices and the ability to assess, plan, and implement them are in demand across the globe and different sectors of the economy – from government agencies, to health care, to school districts and colleges, and to companies large and small. [5] This song is a great resource which is about taking care of the environment and sustainable practices in centres. [8]

Instead of waiting for a market shift to create incentives for sustainable practices, companies are creating those shifts to enable new forms of business sustainability. [9] Today?s focus needs to be on sustainability, the idea of putting into place long-term, sustainable practices that will help alleviate further damage to the planet. [10] When asked what?s next at Sustainable Pittsburgh, Gould replies “continuing to accelerate the sustainability trend, and making the business case for sustainable business practices, whether in a government body, a small business, a restaurant, a large corporation, a university or college, or a neighborhood development organization.” [11]

Tensie Whelan, director of the Center for Sustainable Business at New York University’s Stern School of Business, talks about the growing bottom-line case for sustainable practices. [12] “Today?s CEOs for Sustainability understand that for Pittsburgh?s economy to thrive into the future, its business community must continue to take the lead in advancing even more sustainable business policies and practices for the benefit of individual companies, as well as the region as a whole,” says MacCleary. [11] Co-chaired by founding participants WindStax Energy CEO Ron Gdovic and Covestro LLC President Jerry MacCleary, CEOs for Sustainability provides a forum for CEOs of the region?s leading companies to share best practices in sustainable business and collaborate in growing the ranks of businesses around the region that pursue sustainability. [11]

We integrate sustainable practices across our business with an eye on using resources responsibly and maintaining healthy, vibrant communities. [13] The goal of this event is to promote sustainable practices and community interaction. [14] Existing farmland conversion patterns often discourage farmers from adopting sustainable practices and a long-term perspective on the value of land. [15] The term “sustainability” has made a major impact in the restaurant industry over the past decade, yet many businesses are unsure how to fit sustainable practices into their daily operations. [16]

How can your company serve as a shining example and light the way to environmental sustainability? At Gensuite, we offer EHS software and sustainable solutions that help our users engage in sustainable practices, which is why we?ve put together these best practices that your company can engage in to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. [17] Environmental sustainability requires everyone to practice sustainable living, not only at home but even at work or at school. [18] As we approach the 2020 deadline for many corporate sustainability pledges, plus the commitments made in the New York Declaration on Forests, sustainable business practices are front and center in the minds of decision-makers. [19]

Here are the essential practices for sustainable improvement. [20]

The goal of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is to bring the two together without sacrificing one in favor of the other. [21] Our commitment extends to citizens of the advanced energy communities, such as NREL, Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, NextGen America and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. [22]

Program Coordinator, Graham Oberly talks about how they implement sustainable practices for over 90,000 students and faculty, the modernization of 485 campus buildings and the University?s impact on the City of Columbus, Ohio. [23] They work with specialized vendors that follow ethical standards and sustainable practices, such as those recommended by the Ocean Wise seafood program. [16] Along the way we picked up some valuable insight into how restaurants can start incorporating more sustainable practices into their business today. [16] In addition to legal services, we help businesses implement sustainable practices by connecting them with capital, employees, partners, and advisers. [22] We?ve come up with an infographic that will help you commit to these sustainable practices at home, for a long-term goal. [18]

We are proud to launch the new World of Sustainability, a platform entirely dedicated to telling you about our sustainable practices and our journey to operating as a modern and responsible business. [24] The Bachelor in Applied Science in Sustainable Practices expands upon the Cascadia?s longstanding commitment to sustainability as both a cultural value and an academic discipline. [25]

Our commitment to excellence drives us to exceed standards outlined by a variety of sustainability metrics, including the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s ENVISION rating system. [26] Even if your company is small, you can realize significant savings as you grow from adopting economic sustainability practices, which is one-third of the sustainable manufacturing pie. [27] We are your resource for sustainability on campus and we create a campus environment in which sustainable practices and policies are visible and evident to all. [28] Across McDonald?s biggest beef sourcing regions, our goal is to promote beef sustainability programs that take sustainable farming practices to scale. [29]

The results of this study provided recommendations for sustainable asset management and capital improvement plans, and established sustainability goals for groundwater recharge in Oakland County. [26] The Company helped create the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and plays a big part in supporting the local roundtables and groups working on beef sustainability around the world.” [29] As a founding member of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, we are working to advance beef sustainability through industry engagement, collaboration with ranchers and the full value chain, support for scientific inquiry and recognition of ranchers leading on sustainability. [29]

With several LEED AP, ENV SP, and ISSP-certified professionals trained to evaluate and rate environmental, social, and economic impacts, we successfully integrate sustainable practices in design, construction, and maintenance. [26] By blending coursework in natural sciences, social sciences, management, and technology, Cascadia?s Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Practices provides a pathway to careers in the green industry. [25] Dozens of organizations – including Puget Sound Energy, Waste Management, Washington State Department of Ecology, King County Wastewater, City of Bellevue, O?Brien & Company, and McKinstry – have invested time to help shape Cascadia?s Sustainable Practices degree to meet their actual employment needs. [25] Cascadia?s Sustainable Practices degree program will prepare you for a variety of green careers that are in high demand throughout the Puget Sound area. [25] We encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through initiatives such as our Flagship Farmers Program, which showcases farmers leading sustainable practices and equips them to share those practices with their peers to encourage wider adoption. [29] The development of this framework created a streamlined process that aligns the plan with the UC Merced Visioning and Change Alignment Map, Long Range Development Plan, Strategic Academic Focusing Initiative and UC Sustainable Practices Policy. [30] Other available certifications to pursue are LEED certification and ENERGY STAR. By implementing sustainable practices, guests will admire your property. [31]

The Office of Campus Sustainability & Planning integrates environmentally sustainable practices into institutional operations and helps connect campus operations with student learning. [32] To keep these tropical oases beautiful, we have put in place innovative sustainability practices at our resorts, adhering to internationally-accepted criteria for the sustainable operation and management of hotels and resorts. [33]

The VentureWell Sustainable Practice Impact Award honors companies that develop clean technologies or implement sustainable practices, or faculty who provide exceptional educational opportunities to university students. [34] This Reinvestment Fund supports projects that can be replicated across the university, working in support of GVSU’s goal of becoming a national leader in sustainable practice. [35] The Sustainable Office Certification Program is designed to recognize, support and promote offices that are engaging in sustainable practices. [32]


As environmental concerns and the popularity of eco-friendly practices like green meetings continue to increase, it?s important for meeting and event planners to continually expand their own knowledge of sustainability, particularly as it relates to the venues, vendors, and the work of other event services professionals. [2] Our consulting firm is proud to be a leader in this space by assisting companies that want to realize the numerous social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainability, and the National Restaurant Association?s Conserve program is also a great resource. [1] Sustainability for restaurants means operating in a way that protects, preserves or restores the natural environment, promotes social equity, enhances the lives of people and communities and contributes to economic prosperity for shareholders and stakeholders. [1]

Sustainability is a buzz word that continues to be thrown around in businesses of all sizes and in all industries, but what exactly does it mean for the restaurant industry? Imagine a restaurant that runs on 100 percent renewable energy, produces no waste, captures and recycles water, supports and helps grow local farms, has a customer line out the door and has local community members eager to get hired. [1] We have developed ten steps that can help guide restaurant businesses that are ready to begin their sustainability journey. [1]

Many sustainability consulting firms offer GHG calculating services, and can also help companies identify GHG reduction opportunities and develop GHG management plans. [1] Services include sustainability strategy development, zero waste planning, GHG emissions calculating and planning, energy/water management, employee engagement and guidance in B Corp, True Zero Waste and carbon neutral certification. [1]

Another important sustainability issue for restaurants are the impacts across their entire value chain, and the types of food products they are purchasing and serving to customers. [1] Because the topic of sustainability is so broad and all-encompassing, let?s just look at the environmental aspect of sustainability in the restaurant industry. [1]

Develop a formal program to engage employees in the company?s sustainability efforts. [1] Develop a comprehensive program to track all important sustainability metrics within the organization. [1]

To implement a successful sustainability program, the process typically needs to begin by engaging and receiving input from as many stakeholders as possible. [1] Award programs to recognize and reward sustainability leadership by employees can encourage engagement, and engagement tools such as WeSpire can be very valuable as well. [1]

Communicating the successes of early sustainability initiatives can motivate employees, keep them engaged in sustainability, create a snowball effect and help build towards a culture of embedded sustainability within the company. [1] Interdepartmental teams help to break down the silos within an organization and create discussions around important sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by each different department. [1] Sustainability can also have a major impact on internal stakeholders by helping to recruit top talent, increase employee engagement and help reduce turnover by retaining employees. [1] In their most recent survey report, Winning in the Marketplace and the Workplace, NEEF concludes that a commitment to sustainability positively impacts nearly all dimensions of traditional employee engagement including alignment, pride, discretionary effort and advocacy of the company. [1] Are you making an effort to reach these socially conscious young people? The report also states that consumer brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability outperform those that don?t, growing 4 percent globally compared to less than 1 percent. [1]

Producing annual sustainability reports can help communicate your company?s success and help continually evaluate your progress over time. [1] Next month, leadership from the largest and most impactful restaurant chains in the world will convene at the annual TDn2K Global Best Practices Conference in Dallas, TX. I?m very much looking forward to attending the conference next month and expanding on this article to further communicate the importance and benefits of sustainability in the restaurant industry. [1] Sustainability consultants can be helpful in guiding businesses in this process by bringing forward best practices, new technologies and conducting detailed financial analysis of potential projects. [1]

Many hotels, from the more budget-friendly to the more luxurious, are taking steps to make their practices and business more sustainable. [2] From property-wide initiatives to guest rooms, food, and beverage or spas, event planners should be asking their hotels about what specific efforts are being made to be more sustainable in order to make more informed choices. [2] These ten initiatives have since become the norm for hotels looking to offer more sustainable services. [2] About three in four Millennials (74 percent) and Generation Z consumers (72 percent) are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services, according to The Nielsen Company. [1]

Food sustainability: Over $34 million in food spending (20 percent of UC food purchases) came from local and sustainable food sources. [36] It can be valuable to have this initiative led by an interdepartmental sustainability team consisting of employees from all departments. [1]

A shift to more sustainable and healthier cuisine offers travelers unique opportunities to experience a greater connection to the locations they are visiting in a more sustainable way. [2] As our world continues to address the pressing issue of water scarcity and security, businesses will be wise to develop efficient practices that mitigate risk against future water regulations and build long-term resiliency within their operations. [1] The goal is to continually improve your practices over time, continue to reduce costs, continue to build resiliency and continue to contribute to a better world for everyone. [1]

According to the World Resources Institute, approximately one-third of all food produced in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted. [1]

In 2014, UMass Amherst Dining Services was selected as a gold recipient for procurement practices in the 2014 Sustainability Awards given by the National Assoc. of College and University Food Services — just one way national experts were taking notice. [6] From the food we serve in our dining halls all the way down to the recycled paper used in our napkins, FGCU?s Campus Dining program is committed to real food, reusable products, sustainable living education, recycling and other green practices. [37]

Lipscomb is highlighted in the Post’s September/October edition, now available on newsstands for its continual efforts to promote sustainability education and sustainable operations in the region. [3] As a student, you?ll develop skills that will help you create and execute high-level sustainability programs and policies, guiding a business, nonprofit, or civic organization to not only a decreased environmental impact, but increased operational efficiency – knowledge that can make you an indispensable part of any team. [5] “eco-reps? are students who are specifically trained around issues of sustainability and are responsible for a floor of a dorm, to help students understand the impact of their day-to-day activities. [6] It?s an example, Goodwin said, of the ways university leadership and the student body are often in alignment on issues of sustainability, both locally and globally. [6] On an academic level, Goodwin said, sustainability has made its way into the curriculum of nearly every program on campus. [6] When Kumble Subbaswamy became chancellor in 2012, Goodwin said, he ramped up those efforts by forming an advisory committee specifically around sustainability, which helped to raise the awareness of green issues around campus. [6] Numerous people on campus are tasked with making sure UMass continually improves its efforts, including the creation of a new position, sustainability manager, seven years ago. [6] Those early years of UMass Amherst?s new sustainability focus also saw a reduction in water use — by using recycled water where appropriate — and partnering with Johnson Controls to incorporate energy-saving devices on much of the campus lighting. [6]

They range from the obvious — an environmental science course, for instance — to a social justice course where they?re making connections back into sustainability and how that impacts the way people experience their communities.” [6] Around the same time, the university?s sustainability staff and faculty team from Environmental Conservation, the Physical Plant, Dining Services, and University Relations won the state Department of Energy Resources? Leading by Example Award. [6] Sustainability education is woven into the very fabric of the FGCU curriculum, from addressing environmental concerns within each major to “University Colloquium,” a required semester-long class examining sustainability issues and how to rectify them. [37]

Every facet of the online sustainability management Seminars was exhaustively designed by veteran CU-Boulder faculty, nationally and internationally respected sustainability leaders along Colorado’s Front Range, and leaders within the renowned Environmental Center. [5] Create sustainability-focused communications and marketing communications targeted to both financial and operational sustainability: process mapping, stakeholder communications and targeting, risk management, sustainability action plans, and corporate social responsibility. [7] “It covers so many aspects — the academic side, the financial side and investments, energy use, and the social side of sustainability. [6]

Develop a coalition of community partners that support the Institute?s sustainability efforts and leverage learning and action for greater collective impact in our neighborhoods and region. [4] He stressed repeatedly, however, that raising up a culture of sustainability has never been a solely top-down effort, and that students have long been engaged on these issues. [6] The former Sustainability Certificate Program is no longer enrolling new students. [5] We hold ourselves accountable, in part, by engaging in national programs measuring sustainability outcomes in areas such as carbon emissions, food production, recycling, tree planting and more. [37] We invite you to explore the program and the ways in which it can prepare you for an incredible, impactful career in sustainability. [5] “Since then, the sustainability committee has really taken the lead for the chancellor, and made it more of a campus-wide thing,” Goodwin said — in ways that continue to expand and raise the university?s green profile on the national stage. [6] “But to me, it was always a way of thinking: “OK, yes, we have a set of decisions to make; let?s make sustainability a part of that decision-making process.? [6] Download our Sustainability Highlights brochure to learn more about how we?re finding ways to add value through sustainability – for our customers, our communities, for society and for Georgia-Pacific. [38]

Protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability aren?t political or economic issues. [37] They?re living within an environment in which sustainability has a higher priority, so now we hope that impact will increase as they go out into their communities and spread the impacts of sustainability.” [6] At Caesarstone, minimizing our impact on the environment is top managerial priority, involving all of our employees and departments to assure our sustainability leadership. [39]

RT @IanKlineCadmus : I’m looking forward to speaking at the @CornellMBA Executive Forum on Sustainability next week! Join me and other business leaders to discuss sustainability and the role of private sector leadership in a populist era. [40] The plan was developed by an interdisciplinary campus cohort facilitated by the Office of Campus Sustainability and nominated by executive leadership. [4] Sustainability is a core mission of the university and the greater city of Boulder at large, which allows us to attract experts in the field to our passionate learning community. [5] The University of Colorado has a long history of global leadership in sustainability. [5] It?s still remarkable how broadly — and effectively — the university has cast its net when it comes to sustainability. [6]

The contemporary wood structure, which houses the Building and Construction Technology program, the Department of Architecture, and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, includes sustainability features such as LED lighting, motion sensors, ample natural light, electro-tinting glass, heat-recovery systems, bioswales, rain gardens, low-flow faucets, and public-transportation access. [6] The Bonkers Beat programs have a focus on sustainability and showing children how to take care of the planet, as well as each other. [8]

With 400 acres of protected nature and LEED-certified buildings, FGCU is a living environmental lab with sustainability at the core of our mission. [37] FGCU is ahead of most universities in terms of environmental education and sustainability, not just in the U.S., but all over the world [37] Our Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education also promotes the cause through lectures, grants, scholarship and action. [37] “Being from the Amazon, it is impossible not to consider sustainability and environmental protection.” [40]

Provide training and professional development opportunities about sustainability topics available to all staff at least once a year. [4] With the help of volunteers, we organize community-building and educational events on the values and benefits of conscious consumption for long-term sustainability. [7] Develop and implement high-performance standards and protocols for building maintenance and operation that comprehensively integrate sustainability principles by FY 2022. [4] Develop sustainability criteria for the maintenance, operation, and occupancy of buildings. [4]

Sustainability encompasses social justice, race, equality, and indigenous rights. [40] A recipient of a Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship (Philippines), she has contributed to numerous books and journal articles on the subject of sustainability and economics. [7] Her present academic interests include the integration of sustainability into the economics curriculum. [7]

Steve Goodwin says buy-in from students has been key to UMass Amherst?s sustainability successes. [6] “So it?s been a balance of having sustainability in the curriculum, having demand from the students, and also having the central administration realize the importance of sustainability university-wide. [6]

Bonkers Beat Music Kinder in Aspendale was filmed by VEA for training purposes on how to incorporate sustainability into early childhood services. [8] At Georgia-Pacific, sustainability means helping people improve their lives through the products and services we provide. [38]

“It gained a lot of acceptance early on because a lot of sustainability is doing what you do and meeting your mission with very high efficiency,” Goodwin said. [6] “Sustainability means a lot of different things to different people,” Goodwin said. [6]

This category supports the empowerment of our campus community and recognizes sustainable operations require education, awareness, communication, and accountability of our students, faculty, and staff in partnership toward shared goals. [4] Vision : The Georgia Tech community of students, faculty, and staff is empowered and engaged to contribute to sustainable outcomes on campus and understands the importance of sustainable actions. [4] Review and expand upon the sustainable commuting incentives program with feedback from the campus community by 2025. [4] Inspires the Tech community of faculty, staff, and students to support action toward sustainable outcomes. [4] Incentivize the Georgia Tech community to use sustainable and/or active commuting options such as carpooling, public transit, biking, and walking. [4] Accessibility is critical to creating a more just and sustainable community, where all people can thrive. [40]

Success is also based on transparency and integration of sustainable principles into every facet of business practice and decision-making. [4] The Green Business Summit at Lipscomb University announces the first annual Green Business Leadership Awards, presented by Waste Management, to recognize businesses, individuals and organizations demonstrating exceptional leadership in sustainable business practices. [3]

Steve Osofsky works on the deeply intertwined relationships among sustainable conservation, system resilience, economic development, and human health. [40] This is also a focus area for the National Quality Standard, with Standard 3.3 of the NQS stating: ‘The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future [8] Set a sustainable thermal set-point standard for campus buildings by 2025. [4] Define standards for sustainable spend and integrate into vendor guidelines by FY 2021. [4] Create visual identity of on-campus education and messaging for sustainable action that is consistent, constant, and reportable. [4] You?ll participate in seminars guided by multiple industry experts with real-world experience in the implementation of sustainable initiatives. [5]

Rachel Bezner Kerr works on the broad themes of sustainable agriculture, food security, health, nutrition and social inequalities. [40]

Scope : This category includes any campus operational practice that uses energy and emits airborne emissions. [4] Vision : Georgia Tech is a world class leader in water conservation practices, proven through consistent performance and reduction of potable water use on campus. [4] Scope : The operational practices associated with this category include all material goods purchased with Institute funds and all waste stream processes by which materials leave campus property (reuse, recycling, disposal, compost, etc.). [4] “Lipscomb is also arguably the leading voice for sustainability practices in the Nashville area from a practitioner level,” stated the Post article. [3]

Develop curriculum to teach and incorporate sustainability into an operating structure: general curriculum (i.e. company-wide, school system-wide), economics curriculum (i.e. university economics curriculum, including online platforms); non-profit and government operations (e.g. development of comprehensive operationalized sustainability programs and strategy initiatives focused on resident and visitor environmental sustainability education). [7] A big #CornellWelcome to the #1 Ivy League institution for sustainability in the country! Think big, live green – that’s our motto. [40]

Create an adaptive campus biodiversity plan to establish best practices, benchmarks, standards, goals, and strategies to meet and measure performance by FY 2021. [4] The Institute takes responsibility of materials that enter campus and ensures material streams support human and ecological health, and have a way to be recycled, reused, and repurposed rather than sent to a landfill. [4] Develop and implement a space use policy that improves utilization of existing Institute buildings and plans for maximum efficiency and flexibility in new and renovation projects by FY 2022. [4] Lipscomb University has been named the second university in the nation to affiliate with the Biomimicry Institute, a Montana-based not-for-profit established by science writer and consultant Janine Benyus, who touched off worldwide interest in biomimicry with the 1997 publication of her book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. [3]

Develop programming in support of cultivating a healthier, happier, and more sustainable campus community. [4] We did it! ? @Cornell ranked top performer in the 2018 Sustainable Campus Index, including #1 in the U.S. for #sustainability planning and a spotlight on @AnabelsGrocery, the student-run grocery promoting healthy, accessible, affordable food. [40]

Today, more than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company?s success, and companies develop sustainability strategies, market sustainable products and services, create positions such as chief sustainability officer, and publish sustainability reports for consumers, investors, activists, and the public at large. [9] Real sustainability is a property of a system. 7 For example, the notion of an energy company installing a wind farm and calling itself sustainable makes no empirical sense. [9]

Some are only willing to do business with companies that actively practice sustainability. [10] In many cases, depending on the geography, their license to operate is increasingly threatened when they don’t take care of sustainability issues, but companies are starting to pay more attention and adopt good practices. [12] “We have reached a time internationally and domestically where investors, portfolio managers, consumers, and trustees of companies, are readily gathering information about a company’s sustainability performance, or ESG, which stands for environmental measures, social measures, and governance measures.” [11] While corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one response to such pressures, companies have sought to improve competitive positioning by linking sustainability and corporate strategy. [9] From a business perspective, sustainability shouldn?t just be another progressive marketing strategy but a rallying cry that more and more companies, big and small, need to get behind if large scale change is to be effective. [10] Sustainability is more than just a shrewd business move that companies can promote on their websites and in their marketing literature, among other avenues. [10] In this way, sustainability becomes much like any other business threat, where market expectations change and technological developments advance, leaving certain industries to adapt or face demise while others rise to fill their place. [9] Market pressures bring sustainability to business attention through core management channels and functions. [9]

The voluntary performance recognition program helps municipalities achieve their sustainability goals to save money, conserve resources, and encourage innovation. [11] How many of these things do you already do? Now imagine if you were continuously thinking of new ways to expand your sustainability goals. [10]

When insurance companies apply sustainability pressures on the firm, the issue becomes one of risk management. [9] We’re looking at what happens when companies embed the financial elements of sustainability into quarterly calls to acquaint analysts with issues relevant to sustainability for that company in terms of strategic planning. [12] To be sure, companies are already disclosing numerous sustainability indicators through established standards, such as the globally recognized Global Reporting Initiative or Carbon Disclosure Project. [9] Framed in such terms, much of the specific language of sustainability recedes and is replaced by standard business logic. [9] Corporations rethink their business strategies to play a stronger role in guiding the sustainability of the systems of which they are a part. [9]

Management decisions that promote sustainability, nourish the environment, the community and the individual. [15] “Sustainability concentrates on energy/water/waste, community, heritage and corporate social responsibility. [10] LCC Sustainability Committee organizes the event and encourages the participation of all community members. [14]

We don’t really know why, because companies are not tracking the ROI on their sustainability investments; although they do track operational efficiencies like energy savings. [12] While some companies may take advantage of the next four years, international companies just cannot afford to go back on their sustainability commitments. [12] “According to our in-house data, certified companies reduce operating cost by 6.8% per year and are able to reach on average a million more consumers with communicating sustainability in the correct way.” [10] Through its years of engagement with businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits, Sustainable Pittsburgh has maintained a finger on the pulse of the region?s sustainability challenges and opportunities. [11] A common philosophy among sustainable agriculture practitioners is that a “healthy” soil is a key component of sustainability; that is, a healthy soil will produce healthy crop plants that have optimum vigor and are less susceptible to pests. [15]

Whirlpool and others expect those concerns to continue to grow. 4 One signal of this growth is the LOHAS consumers (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), a segment that considers environmental attributes in purchasing decisions and was estimated to be a $355 billion market in the United States in 2016 and a $546 billion market worldwide. [9] When you’re embedding sustainability and you have a significant greenhouse-gas emission commitment, that drives innovation because you’ve got to develop new processes, products and services. [12] Almost all successful and profitable businesses have real sustainability measures in place, some have it even certified,” Guido Bauer, the CEO of Green Globe, a Los Angeles-based company that provides sustainability certification for the travel and tourism industries in more than 80 countries, told me in an email. [10] Fortunately, there are plenty of businesses who took sustainability to a new level, and they profiting from it tremendously. [10]

To help flesh this out, we can conceive this sustainability revolution as proceeding from two initial phases. [9] Consumers and retailers concerned with sustainability can look for ” values-based ” foods that are grown using methods promoting farmworker wellbeing, that are environmentally friendly, or that strengthen the local economy. [15] Companies aren’t looking at this in its entirety and monetizing it, but we are working on the monetization so CFOs can begin to better account for, and make better decisions around, sustainability investments. [12] Unfortunately, there are still many companies that have not yet taken sustainability seriously, according to Bauer, “as they are unaware of the advantages.” [10] The Sustainability Report Big companies report their profits in quarterly earnings reports. [41] A 2016 survey by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group reported that more than 70 percent of investors say sustainability is central to their investment decisions. [11] Equally important is the way the High Line operates–every day, we strive toward sustainability with the same level of care reflected in the park?s design. [42] We monetized sustainability benefits for the retailers buying the beef: McDonald’s and Carrefour. [12] Cargill, for example, until six to seven years ago, was not interested in sustainability. [12] 21% of those polled by Unilever said, “they would support brands that clearly conveyed the sustainability aspects of their products through their marketing and packaging.” [10] Use of quality germplasm to improve herd performance is another key to sustainability. [15] Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance. [15]

To be more sustainable over the long-term, labor must be acknowledged and supported by government policies, recognized as important constituents of land grant universities, and carefully considered when assessing the impacts of new technologies and practices. [15] Sustainable production practices involve a variety of approaches. [15] In addition to strategies for preserving natural resources and changing production practices, sustainable agriculture requires a commitment to changing public policies, economic institutions, and social values. [15] In combination with other strategies, sustainable agriculture practices and policies can help foster community institutions that meet employment, educational, health, cultural and spiritual needs. [15] This page is an effort to identify the ideas, practices and policies that constitute our concept of sustainable agriculture. [15] Many inputs and practices used by conventional farmers are also used in sustainable agriculture. [15] There are many practices commonly used by people working in sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems. [15] Sustainable agriculture is more than a collection of practices. [15]

Is “sustainable consumption” an oxymoron? The World Business Council for Sustainable Development doesn?t think so, calling on businesses to “abandon the existing consumption paradigm” and move toward “transformations in mainstream lifestyles and consumption patterns.” 10 Several businesses and activists have sought to put such an idea into practical use. [9] In each of these examples, business took a responsible position in bringing about a sustainable shift in the market through policy. [9] In total, these participants took 2,009 green and sustainable “actions,” including switching out less efficient light bulbs, implementing a recruitment policy to encourage diversity and inclusion, offering employees paid time off to volunteer in the community, establishing recycling programs, and encouraging carpooling. [11] A herd health program is critical to sustainable livestock production. [15] We?re not totally sustainable just yet – we need to invest in programs that actually replace what we?ve used and spent. [41]

Fabric To keep our supply chain as sustainable as possible, we make sure our suppliers take social and environmental standards seriously. [41] He is also a faculty affiliate and past director of the University of Michigan?s Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. [9] A more sustainable energy system incorporates the whole grid, encompassing generation, transmission, distribution, use, and mobility. [9] In sustainable agricultural systems, there is reduced reliance on non-renewable energy sources and a substitution of renewable sources or labor to the extent that is economically feasible. [15] Sustainable approaches are those that are the least toxic and least energy intensive, and yet maintain productivity and profitability. [15]

Preventive strategies, adopted early, can reduce inputs and help establish a sustainable production system. [15] We’re committed to using resources responsibly and designing our operations, products and services to be sustainable and circular. [13] Even a few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference for planet, so we offer products, services and incentives that make it easier for guests and team members to incorporate more sustainable choices into their lives. [13]

Every person involved in the food system–growers, food processors, distributors, retailers, consumers, and waste managers–can play a role in ensuring a sustainable agricultural system. [15] It is important to realize that each small decision can make a difference and contribute to advancing the entire system further on the “sustainable agriculture continuum.” [15] We build our stores with the most sustainable stuff we can find so we make the least impact possible. [41] We also give back through sustainability-focused collaborations like our Earth Day sweatshirts whose sales went to support TreePeople, and our No Red Carpet Needed Collection of which 25% of the revenue went to support sustainable education at the MUSE School, CA. In 2017, we created Action Tees–for each tee purchased, we donated $30 to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or EDF. [41] There may be situations where the use of synthetic chemicals would be more “sustainable” than a strictly nonchemical approach or an approach using toxic “organic” chemicals. [15] Sustainable farmers, however, maximize reliance on natural, renewable, and on-farm inputs. [15] He proudly adds that 97 restaurants have earned certification in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program and 235 small businesses have earned a level of designation in the Sustainable Small Business Designation program. [11] Another initiative being promoted by Sustainable Pittsburgh is the development of a regional energy plan and strategy in order to rise to the imperative of combating climate change while creating jobs and boosting the economy through smart energy innovations that deliver cleaner more healthy and just communities that enable all to live and work to their full productive potential. [11]

“The project to develop a regional energy efficiency plan and strategy is moving forward in the hands of the Tri-University Energy Alliance, which has a special committee led by Deborah D. Stine, professor of the Practice, Engineering and Public Policy at CMU.” [11] “CEOs for Sustainability provides a place for companies whose leaders are embedding a culture and practice of sustainability throughout management, operations, facilities, product development, customer satisfaction, and more,” adds Gould. [11] Commodity and price support programs could be restructured to allow farmers to realize the full benefits of the productivity gains made possible through alternative practices. [15] We always screen suppliers for negative social and environmental practices. [41] These will range from specific and concentrated efforts to alter specific policies or practices, to the longer-term tasks of reforming key institutions, rethinking economic priorities, and challenging widely-held social values. [15] A growing movement has emerged during the past two decades to question the role of the agricultural establishment in promoting practices that contribute to these social problems. [15] A variety of philosophies, policies and practices have contributed to these goals. [15] Adoption of some technologies or practices that promise profitability may also require such intensive management that one’s lifestyle actually deteriorates. [15] The actual management practices will, of course, be quite different. [15] This was the common practice for centuries until the mid-1900s when technology, government policy and economics compelled farms to become more specialized. [15] An emphasis on the system allows a larger and more thorough view of the consequences of farming practices on both human communities and the environment. [15] Factory life Our factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices available. [41] The decline of ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean region, Pre-Columbian southwest U.S. and Central America is believed to have been strongly influenced by natural resource degradation from non-sustainable farming and forestry practices. [15]

New ideas of corporate purpose are beginning to grow within business practice and education. [9] Recent audit failures are bringing new scrutiny to the dominance and business practices of the Big Four accounting firms. [12] Bottom line: Sustainable business practices are your social responsibility and, if you stay within your means, not as costly as you might imagine. [10] Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals — environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. [15] Not only does sustainable agriculture address many environmental and social concerns, but it offers innovative and economically viable opportunities for growers, laborers, consumers, policymakers and many others in the entire food system. [15] Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems directory is a catalog of UC’s programmatic activities in sustainable agriculture and food systems. [15]

Each group has its own part to play, its own unique contribution to make to strengthen the sustainable agriculture community. [15] Today this movement for sustainable agriculture is garnering increasing support and acceptance within mainstream agriculture. [15] Through the uptake, particularly of sustainable agriculture, ranchers saw a 2.3 times increase in productivity, a sevenfold increase in profitability, and the quality beef went from zero to 70%. [12] Existing federal, state and local government policies often impede the goals of sustainable agriculture. [15] Educating land use planners and decision-makers about sustainable agriculture is an important priority. [15] For farmers, the transition to sustainable agriculture normally requires a series of small, realistic steps. [15]

In another positive move for the region, 76 municipalities in the region — representing almost 3 million people — have been certified, through the state-wide Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, a project of the Pennsylvania Municipal League and Sustainable Pittsburgh. [11] Court Gould, executive director of Sustainable Pittsburgh, says there is “optimism” in terms of the acceleration point for sustainability. [11]

Surveys show that 88 percent of business school students think that learning about social and environmental issues in business is a priority, and 67 percent want to incorporate environmental sustainability into their future jobs. [9] To meet this demand, the percentage of business schools that require students to take a course dedicated to business and society increased from 34 percent in 2001 to 79 percent in 2011, and specific academic programs on business sustainability can now be found in 46 percent of the top 100 U.S. master of business administration (MBA) programs. [9] The first phase of business sustainability, what we at the University of Michigan?s Erb Institute call “enterprise integration,” is founded on a model of business responding to market shifts to increase competitive positioning by integrating sustainability into preexisting business considerations. [9] While business sustainability has been going mainstream, the world has witnessed unprecedented human impacts on the natural environment that threaten the viability of life on Earth. [9] Recognizing the strong link between business sustainability performance, financial performance, and regional quality of life, corporate CEOs from throughout the Pittsburgh region have recently established the CEOs for Sustainability executive council. [11] By contrast, the next phase of business sustainability, what we call “market transformation,” is founded on a model of business transforming the market. [9] In its first incarnation, business sustainability represents a market shift. [9]

Whelan: The financial case for sustainability is the high correlation between good environmental and social governance performance in a company and good stock performance, lower cost of capital and better operational performance. [12]

Stewart Thornhill, ED, Zell Lurie Institute, University of Michigan, visited Global Finance New York office to talk about the difference between entrepreneurial ecosystem in the U.S. and the rest of the world and how cultural issues impact entrepreneurial mindset. [12] Open-access to this article made possible by The Regents of the University of Michigan on behalf of the Erb Institute. [9]

Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) reveals the most peaceful countries in the world. [12]

Today, consumers can buy sustainable products, stay in sustainable hotels, eat sustainable foods, and use sustainable cleaning products. [9] A wide diversity of strategies and approaches are necessary to create a more sustainable food system. [15]

Governments and companies are increasingly using the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) to guide their sustainability work: 9,500+ companies have joined the UN Global Compact in support of the SDGs. [19] As Chief Sustainable Supply Chain Officer at Rainforest Alliance, Britta is responsible for the development of the sustainability standards, the assurance as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the program and institutional partnerships. [19] While certification can serve as a powerful tool on the sustainability journey, it is most effective at catalyzing sustainable transformation when implemented within a larger context of collaboration between companies, NGOs, governments and others. [19]

The Sustainability Coordinator works collaboratively with administration, faculty, staff, students and community members to develop, coordinate, and promote effective sustainability initiatives to improve environmental, energy, economic and social sustainability across all functions within the college. [43] Gensuite offers an entire Sustainability & Energy Management program to measure and track resource usage, set environmental goals and drive program improvements. [17]

Every restaurant has its own set of challenges and opportunities, which is why the initial step in designing a sustainability plan is to think about what goals make sense for your restaurant, and lay out which areas could benefit from better practices. [16] How sustainability practices fit into your enterprise depends on your business and industry. [22] Sustainability is the practice of changing habits so that humans and nature can coexist without damaging the environment. [21] If you aren?t aware, our daily practices and choices do affect the sustainability of our environment. [18] We made a decision to manage all aspects of our practice with sustainability in mind as part of our operating philosophy. [22]

Many companies are turning to certified sourcing programs as one of the key tools to achieve their sustainability goals — and to help them demonstrate independently verified results. [19] A 2017 joint report by WWF and the ISEAL Alliance illustrates how sustainability standards can help accelerate progress on many SDGs, while delivering direct benefits for companies and small-scale producers. [19] The Accountability Framework, an initiative being developed by a coalition of leading environmental and social organizations (including Rainforest Alliance), will provide a clear pathway for companies on the sustainability journey — including key milestones and benchmarks to evaluate their progress. [19] Companies are embracing sustainability because it is good for business and good for the environment. [22] While accountability is core to helping businesses ” walk the talk,? it?s often unclear for companies which tools to use to get the sustainability results they want, or how to use them effectively. [19]

Figure out ways to authentically talk about sustainability efforts and how to connect with the food experience as part of the identity of the restaurant itself. [16] We spoke with the team from Chase Hospitality Group, which runs seven restaurants around Toronto; Ryan Lowe, General Manager of Ore House Restaurant in Durango, CO; and Chris Cochran, Executive Director of ReFED, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing food waste, to learn more about their approaches to sustainability. [16] Chase Hospitality Group set out to define sustainability for their restaurants in three main pillars : sourcing, society, and environment. [16]

Moye White helps established and start-up enterprises develop sustainability policies and provides guidance that helps them achieve their corporate goals as quickly and economically as possible. [22] Often, calls for economic development can conflict with sustainability goals. [21]

Sustainability certification programs in the medium term will have to master data management. [19] Ore House’s sustainability page on their website educates guests on their efforts to create zero waste, their purchasing decisions and their commitment to benefiting the community. [16] By being transparent and sharing your dedication to sustainability online, you can earn the respect and business of guests that appreciate your commitment. [16] Mobile apps and drones are already making it easier to map and better understand sustainability challenges, and address them in a more targeted way. [19] Here at Level Green Landscaping, sustainability is a top priority. [44] Of course, no label can offer a 100 percent sustainability guarantee, because it?s impossible for any viable global system to monitor every producer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. [19] We?ve carefully selected these nonprofits because they?re actively working toward sustainability and protecting the environment. [21] They will be able to invest more efficiently in sustainability, avoiding a double administrative load of working with two standards and certification systems. [19] I hope this will be the beginning of a new consolidation trend in the sustainability standards sector. [19]

Certification supports farmers with knowledge, training and opportunities to increase their income through better and more sustainable agricultural practices, and by becoming more efficient and better connected. [19] Even the simplest sustainable living practices are actions of love and concern. [18] SB newsletters will help you create and maintain your company’s competitive edge by adopting smarter, more sustainable business strategies and practices. [19]

All of their restaurants feature 25% plant-based menus (at minimum), which provide more dining options and help create meaningful relationships with sustainable farmers. [16] The Rainforest Alliance aims to preserve forests and their ecosystems and help people find sustainable ways to use land and produce food. [21] In this conscious-minded environment, there are ways of creating greener, more sustainable holidays. [18]

There is also a Business Commission for Sustainable Development, consisting of key industry leaders aiming to make the business case for achieving the SDGs. [19] The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) works to move the world away from fossil fuel demand and toward sustainable, low-carbon energy sources instead. [21] These gardening tools will help you get your sustainable garden set up, in no time! We made sure to cover most of the basic gardening tools you might need. [18] The best way to celebrate this holiday of gratitude with your family is by promoting a sustainable Thanksgiving. [18] Some issues CI focuses on include making coffee production more sustainable and keeping an eye on sharks in the oceans. [21] Efforts to make things more sustainable can be global and local. [21] Green America believes sustainable solutions can be put into action by using economies as a driving force behind them. [21] Take advantage of the fresh opportunity of a new year, and make better changes in our lives by having a more sustainable new year. [18] Having a sustainable holiday is a challenge, but it?s achievable! We need to be mindful of the environment, despite the hustle of the holidays. [18] We all depend on the planet?s natural resources to survive, but humans have been draining them at a rate that?s not sustainable. [21]

Using your website and social media to share your mission in adopting better practices not only attracts guests who value these efforts, but can set a precedent in your community and encourage other business to make the same impact. [16] You can extend your environmental stewardship by encouraging green practices at work. [17] Rainforest Alliance works with the agriculture, forestry, and tourism industries to change their practices. [21] By minimizing confusion and duplication, ensuring the availability of equipment and supplies, and making sure that staff know what to do — and when and how to do it — standardization provides a stable support “platform” upon which clinicians can practice their craft. [20] Here are 5 workplace practices for better environmental sustainability. [17] It also encourages businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices. [21]

Early last year, Rainforest Alliance launched its Farmer Training App, allowing farmers across Africa, Asia and Latin America access to training modules and videos, and to connect with other farmers to share best practice. [19] Privacy remains a challenge: All data management has to respect the personal details of individuals, confidentiality of commercial data, and data security laws and best practices. [19] All important restaurant infromation such as recipes and best practices are saved and made accessible through a shared Google Drive cloud storage system. [16]

Start responsible recycling today! This is one of the few things you can actually do to support environmental sustainability. [18] These issues include climate change, pollution, and the need for sustainable food production and ocean conservation. [21]

Working alongside the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner (OCWRC), our team of sustainability experts created an Integrated Sustainable Asset Management Plan – focused on four sewage disposal systems as part of Michigan?s Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Grant program. [26] We are now working with a pilot group of farmers to understand how we can more effectively use farm data to benchmark key sustainability metrics including carbon through the Sustainable Beef Network. [29] While sustainability often means using more environmentally friendly processes, that is only one part of the puzzle in sustainable manufacturing. [27]

The exact course you take toward sustainability will depend on your business’ current needs. Over time, though, you should adopt practices in economic, environmental and social sustainability. [27] It’s vital to adopt sustainability practices and communicate them to your hotel guests. [31]

McDonald?s sustainable beef club program in the UK and Ireland demonstrated significant greenhouse gas emission reductions by working with beef farmers on animal health and nutrition, breeding strategies and soil management practices between 2008 and 2014. [29] We?re one of the world?s biggest buyers of beef, so – although we don?t own farms or rear animals directly – it?s no surprise that we take seriously our responsibility to help lead the industry toward more sustainable production practices. [29]

We aim to engage key industry stakeholders to help develop initiatives aligned with the principles and criteria of the GRSB. We believe this will help build and accelerate the adoption of good practices throughout the beef sector. [29]

The Impact Report brings together students and faculty in Bard?s MBA in Sustainability program with leaders in business, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. [45] Students do real sustainability work as part of the program including internships, capstone projects, and creating sustainability plans for local businesses. [25] As one of the largest purchasers of Irish beef, we work closely with Bord Bia (the Irish Food Board), which runs the Origin Green program, the only sustainability program in the world to operate on a national scale. [29] Born and raised in Wyoming, Truman’s been handling sustainability work at Allagash for over five years, and running the program for 2.5 years. [45] In addition to adding these sustainability champions to the Flagship Farmer Program, we?re also focused on providing them with resources and tools that better enable and equip them to engage with other farmers and industry influencers. [29] In 2016, we purchased a portion of our beef from a fully verified supply chain sustainability pilot program in Canada. [29] Source a portion of our beef from suppliers participating in sustainability programs aligned with the GRSB principles and criteria, and that meet McDonald?s requirements 1 for each applicable market. [29] We buy around 2.5% of all beef produced in the European Union, sourced from approximately 470,000 farms, and are benchmarking the SAI Platform?s Beef Farm Sustainability Assessment tool against quality assurance programs throughout Europe. [29] Through these programs we are currently sourcing beef in two out of our 10 top beef sourcing countries from sustainability programs. [29]

UC Merced has a new Sustainability Strategic Plan to help the campus further advance its sustainability goals. [30] From those workshops, the new Sustainability Strategic Plan was developed to provide a high-level overview of campus sustainability goals through 2022 and define the roles of campus stakeholders. [30] UC Merced reveals its new, comprehensive Sustainability Strategic Plan to further advance it goals, including reaching its Triple Zero Commitment. [30]

OHM Advisors, in collaboration with several partner agencies, developed a master plan built on a foundation of sustainability and resiliency to fully prepare the city to meet the challenges of the future, handle potential shocks to community system,s and develop ways to become self-sufficient. [26] Volunteering on campus is a great way to learn more about sustainability, as well as to market yourself. [28] The Sustainability Fee funds small, short-term projects to help to subsidize larger, long-term projects on campus. [28] We work with a whole network of collaborators who help us achieve our sustainability goals and ambitions for a restorative economy. [24] “The integration of this holistic approach was essential for us to guide the campus? sustainability progress to maximize the utilization of resources through identified cost-effective strategies that aggressively support goal achievement,” McCormick said. [30] The CCSE is a voluntary committee that works to promote sustainability on UIC?s campus. [28] Discover various aspects of sustainability through this self-guided walking tour of the east side of campus. [28]

Reliant on tourism as its primary industry, the community underwent a planning effort through a resiliency and sustainability lens, as a commitment to upholding the strength of its local economy and the integrity of its beautiful, unique landscape. [26] For manufacturing, sustainability means ensuring the safety of your products, employees and the local community. [27]

Social sustainability focuses on your company’s relationship with people. [27] Basing your decisions on a future-focused mindset can go a long way toward stepping into sustainability. [27] Economic sustainability establishes your company as a critical part of the local economy. [27] Everything’s led us to be proactive on sustainability issues. [45] Sustainability and the environment are synonymous in many minds. [27] In 2016, the Chancellor?s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS), and the Department of Sustainability (DOS) initiated a strategic planning process for the campus? sustainability initiatives. [30] The Bard MBA’s Carolyn Pincus spoke recently with Allagash’s sustainability lead, Luke Truman, about the brewery?s many initiatives — and about how the company manages its relationship with industry regulators. [45]

“We took a comprehensive approach to engage as many stakeholders as we could through the process to build a dynamic, robust plan,” sustainability Director Colleen McCormick said. [30] We believe that sustainability is the key to helping create and maintain thriving, successful communities. [26] Our graduates have secured sustainability jobs at the following organizations: Recology, Department of Ecology, Swedish Medical Center, Farmer Frog, Barn2Door, Artisan Electric, Carlsbad Parks and Recreation, and more. [25] Sustainability is wholly integrated into our holistic mindset; it?s simply what we do and how we work. [26] There is a tangible element of fantasy in Viviane?s work – evident in the new film shot as part of our World of Sustainability. [24]

Graduates will learn the skills necessary to plan and implement sustainable approaches to how we live and work by managing complex projects for government agencies, private and non-profit organizations, water, energy, and agriculture industries, construction management firms, and educational institutions. [25] Environmental focuses include using sustainable energy and materials, generating less waste and preserving the environment. [27] Today?s quickly changing social, environmental, and economic conditions require thoughtful and impactful responses from local governments to achieve a more sustainable future. [26] With several LEED AP and ENVISION Sustainable Professionals trained in evaluating and rating the social, environmental, and economic benefits of infrastructure projects, we successfully implement sustainable solutions to design, construction, and maintenance. [26]

We have pioneered various programs in partnership with our suppliers to support knowledge sharing between farmers, such as BEST Beef (Germany), McDonald?s Sustainable Beef Network (U.K. and Ireland), the Agro-Ecological Strategy (France) and the Young Farmer Program (in several countries), and actively participate in other programs including the Novo Campo project (Brazil). [29] Since 2011, we have worked closely with industry leaders as a founding member of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), which brings together stakeholders from across the supply chain – from farmer and rancher to packer-processer, retailer and the consumer, as well as non-governmental organizations. [29] This initiative is now being led by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. [29] “Participation in a McDonald?s Sustainable Beef Club and the realization that steps to minimize our impact on the environment would actually put more money in our pockets really made us sit up and take notice.” [29]

Adopting sustainable manufacturing can help maintain your business. [27] Our proven experience designing and building sustainable solutions means you can trust us to develop long-term, cost-effective, environmentally-conscious solutions to your toughest challenge to help move your community another step closer to being both sustainable and resilient. [26]

There are numerous ways to make your business more sustainable and profitable. [27] From using non-leather alternatives to integrating recycled nylon into our designs and innovating new ways of creating silk, you can now read everything about the sustainable materials we use. [24]

Sustainable manufacturing companies work hard to produce more sales and higher profits — but not at the cost of their employees. [27] Sustainable materials have the lowest impact on our planet. [27] At the University of Illinois at Chicago, it’s cool to be sustainable. [28] At OHM Advisors, we strive to develop sustainable solutions that are not merely delivered on time and on budget, but that are also thoughtfully crafted, meticulously inspected, and successfully implemented. [26] Our future-focused experts incorporate sustainable design across our multidisciplinary services. [26] We strive to innovate and bring sustainable solutions to all of our projects to exceed client expectations and deliver better solutions – for the greater good, the communities we serve, and the environment. [26] Since the release of our global commitment to sustainable beef in 2014, we?ve released a Beef Sustainability Report (pdf, 19.8MB), which sets out our strategy, aims and achievements so far. [29] Working closely with farmers, ranchers and our beef suppliers, we support the development of industry resources to help measure, benchmark and demonstrate advancements in beef sustainability that add value to all of our businesses. [29] It?s easy to use terms like beef sustainability but what does it actually mean? For us, it?s about beef production that?s environmentally sound, protects animal health and welfare, and improves farmer and community livelihoods. [29]

The SIP is a hands-on learning experience for UIC undergraduate students that advance the overall mission of greater social, economic and environmental sustainability in the campus community. [28]

The farming community has a vital role to play in informing the development of industry tools for benchmarking, decision-making and measuring progress, as well as inspiring other farmers and developing new practices. [29] We?ll then identify and engage progressive farmers to trial the cutting-edge practices and help scale them up. [29] As of December 2017, three of our top ten beef sourcing countries have recognized one or more beef producers as Flagship Farmers to work with peers and share their industry-leading processes and practices. [29] McDonald’s is not responsible for the opinions, policies, statements or practices of any other companies, such as those that may be expressed in the web site you are entering. [29] Using agricultural and scientific expertise, we?ll assess and validate the impact and benefits of these new practices and solutions. [29] Your actions can also inspire hotel guests to try energy saving practices at home. [31]

Our Flagship Farmers Program showcases progressive farmers and producers, and offers an online resource for producers worldwide, so they can learn from those farming sustainably and share best practices. [29] Following standard legal and ethical business practices is only the beginning. [27]

Sustainability’s been part of the company’s business plan from the beginning. [45] We are actively collaborating with key national stakeholders to develop beef sustainability programs in our remaining eight markets. [29] In 2016, we completed our first beef sustainability pilot program in Canada, the industry?s first initiative to bring the GRSB principles and criteria to life. [29]

It?s designed to empower beef producers to broaden their beef sustainability efforts within and beyond our supply chain, while strengthening beef farming communities. [29] As a part of our broader strategy, we have launched a new set of ambitious beef sustainability goals for 2020. [29]

The materials we use are key to our efforts in operating as a sustainable business and supporting the transition to a circular economy. [24]

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