What Is Ozone Therapy Used For

What Is Ozone Therapy Used For
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  • In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat conditions by disinfecting the area around them, improving the body's intake and use of oxygen, and activating the immune system.(More...)
  • Ozone really should be thought of as supporting numerous biochemical processes rather than simply used for a specific disease.(More...)
  • Ozone therapy, also commonly referred to as an ozone treatment, is a type of alternative medicine that can help improve your overall health with the use of oxygen. The goal of ozone therapy is to increase the overall amount of oxygen in your body to promote proper organ functioning.(More...)
  • Ozone therapy is a type of medical therapy that uses a molecule of oxygen to help naturally treat pain, reverse the effects of aging, and reduce the acidity in the body to ward off disease.(More...)
  • During World War I, ozone was used to disinfect wounds and cleanse blood before blood transfusions.(More...)
  • Ozone use in medical applications is gaining awareness here in the USA. While ozone has been used in medical clinics and dental offices worldwide for some time, the growth of ozone use in the USA has been slower to gain traction.(More...)
  • Ozone is a relatively unstable molecule, once ozone has been generated for medical application, it must be used rather quickly.(More...)
  • Why haven?t you heard about "Intravenous Ozone Therapy"?(More...)


  • For medical use ozone is produced from medical grade oxygen and is administered in precise therapeutic doses, by topical application, injection or mixing directly with patient?s blood.(More...)
  • Done as an outpatient procedure, this therapy helps patients with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or proctitis, diverticulitis, and pouchitis.(More...)



In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat conditions by disinfecting the area around them, improving the body's intake and use of oxygen, and activating the immune system. [1] In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat diseases by limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. [1]

Ozone therapy is a simple treatment that can be used for almost any systemic health issue and to reduce or eliminate localized pain. [2] Ozone therapy may be applied through injection, and can be used to treat a range of health problems. [1]

Gu XB, Yang XJ, Zhu HY, Xu YQ, Liu XY. Effect of medical ozone therapy on renal blood flow and renal function of patients with chronic severe hepatitis. [3] Zaky S, Kamel SE, Hassan MS, et al. Preliminary results of ozone therapy as a possible treatment for patients with chronic hepatitis C. J Altern Complement Med. 2011; 17 :259-263. [3]

The use of ozone (O 3 ) gas as a therapy in alternative medicine has attracted skepticism due to its unstable molecular structure. [3] Inal M, Dokumacioglu A, Ozcelik E, Ucar O. The effects of ozone therapy and coenzyme Q(1)(0) combination on oxidative stress markers in healthy subjects. [3] Martínez-Sánchez G, Delgado-Roche L, Díaz-Batista A, Pérez-Davison G, Re L. Effects of ozone therapy on haemostatic and oxidative stress index in coronary artery disease. [3]

Magalhaes FN, Dotta L, Sasse A, Teixera MJ, Fonoff ET. Ozone therapy as a treatment for low back pain secondary to herniated disc: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. [3] Side effects from ozone therapy can vary depending on what type of treatment someone has undergone. [1] Bocci V, Travagli V, Zanardi I. Randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of ozone therapy as treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. [3] Ragab A, Shreef E, Behiry E, Zalat S, Noaman M. Randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of ozone therapy as treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss. [3] Anyone who has any questions about ozone therapy and the treatment that is right for them should speak to their doctor. [1] Hernández F, Menéndez S, Wong R. Decrease of blood cholesterol and stimulation of antioxidative response in cardiopathy patients treated with endovenous ozone therapy. [3] Tafil-Klawe M, Wozniak A, Drewa T, et al. Ozone therapy and the activity of selected lysosomal enzymes in blood serum of patients with lower limb ischaemia associated with obliterative atheromatosis. [3]

In this article, learn about the uses and benefits of ozone therapy, as well as side effects it may have. [1] Ozone therapy uses ozone, a colorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms. [1] Bertolotti A, Izzo A, Grigolato PG, Iabichella ML. The use of ozone therapy in Buruli ulcer had an excellent outcome. [3] Orakdogen M, Uslu S, Emon ST, Somay H, Meric ZC, Hakan T. The effect of ozone therapy on experimental vasospasm in the rat femoral artery. [3] One review reports that the effects of ozone therapy are consistent and safe. [1] There have been cases where ozone therapy has had adverse effects, some of which were severe. [1] These adverse effects are rare and, under normal circumstances, ozone therapy is considered to be safe. [1] Neimark AI, Nepomnyashchikh LM, Lushnikova EL, Bakarev MA, Abdullaev NA, Sizov KA. Microcirculation and structural reorganization of the bladder mucosa in chronic cystitis under conditions of ozone therapy. [3] If ozone therapy is given, using insufflation via the rectum, the person may experience mild discomfort, cramping, and feeling as if they need to pass gas. [1] If there is a concern about infection in a tooth, ozone therapy is one of the first things a biologic dentist will consider. [4] Bonforte G, Bellasi A, Riva H, et al. Ozone therapy: a potential adjunct approach to lower urinary tract infection? A case series report. [3] Ozone therapy has been found to be useful in several ways in medicine. [1] Those considering ozone therapy should discuss potential risks and benefits with a doctor. [1]

Austin dentist Dr. Griffin Cole is selective in his recommendations for root canal therapy, and only performs this procedure with the inclusion of medical-grade ozone. [4] Clavo B, Santana-Rodriguez N, Gutierrez D, et al. Long-term improvement in refractory headache following ozone therapy. [3] Clavo B, Ceballos D, Gutierrez D, et al. Long-term control of refractory hemorrhagic radiation proctitis with ozone therapy. [3] Clavo B, Gutiérrez D, Martín D, Suárez G, Hernández MA, Robaina F. Intravesical ozone therapy for progressive radiation-induced hematuria. [3] Clavo B, Suarez G, Aguilar Y, et al. Brain ischemia and hypometabolism treated by ozone therapy. [3] Clavo B, Pérez JL, López L, et al. Ozone therapy for tumor oxygenation: a pilot study. [3]

Ozone therapy has been used as a medical treatment for over 50 years. [5] Ozone therapy has been safely used to treat a variety of medical conditions over the past 100 years. [6] Ozone therapy is a type of therapy that can be used to treat a number of medical conditions. [7]

Ozone therapy is commonly used in clinics in Europe, but Americans are becoming aware of the benefits for conditions ranging from Lyme disease to cancer. [5] Some conditions will not get any better unless Ozone is used, and then there are of course many conditions that will be handled without Ozone Therapy. [8] Ozone therapy has been used for decades and has been proven to be highly effective and safe when performed under the guidance of a trained physician. [9] Ozone therapy is also used in dentistry for a variety of purposes. [10] Ozone therapy has been commonly used in Germany since the 1950s. [11]

Ozone really should be thought of as supporting numerous biochemical processes rather than simply used for a specific disease. [2] Ozone has been extensively studied and used in medicine for over 100 years. [2]

Multiple studies have provided evidence that O 3 therapy increased activation of the Nrf2 pathway via the induction of moderate oxidative stress. 15, 24 By doing so, a transient increase in H 2 O 2 and LOPs enhances the number of antioxidants and therefore can be used for a longer time frame to re-establish the balance of the redox system. [3] O2-O 3 therapy was used to increase the antioxidant capacity of rats exposed to CDDP and compared to control groups. [3]

Ozone therapy, also commonly referred to as an ozone treatment, is a type of alternative medicine that can help improve your overall health with the use of oxygen. The goal of ozone therapy is to increase the overall amount of oxygen in your body to promote proper organ functioning. [9] Biochemist Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering that anaerobic cancer cells die in oxygen. This discovery makes ozone therapy an important modality in cancer treatment. [11] The therapy type provides several treatment options using ozone, a mixture of three oxygen molecules. [7] Ozone therapy is a simple procedure that uses a hyperthermic chamber to deliver an oxygen treatment. [9] Dr. Anju Mathur is trained and experienced in the medical use of Ozone Therapy and would ultimately discuss that treatment option with you. [8] Dr. Paukman offers anti-aging treatments, disease therapies, bacteria, virus, & fungi treatments, metabolism treatments, circulation therapies, and cleansing treatments with ozone therapy. [9] By correcting an oxygen deficiency, ozone therapy can help treat these diseases or prevent them from developing. [9] Ozone therapy can help treat this clumping of cells and prevent it from occurring, enabling red blood cells the flexibility they require to help oxygen delivery and absorption. [9]

Enriching the body with high levels of oxygen during ozone therapy has been shown to provide many benefits. [9] Ozone therapy has been shown to have many health benefits and treat a range of medical conditions. [9] While there is a large amount of Ozone Therapy benefits and medical properties, it is important to realize that it is not a guaranteed cure. [8]

The FDA has banned the use of ozone therapy and ozone is not approved by any states as a treatment. [12] I did ozone therapy for 14 years as a treatment instead of medication. [12] Ozone therapy can help patients lead a healthier life by cleansing the body, promoting a faster metabolism, and increasing proper circulation. [9] A cleanse with ozone therapy can help to refresh the body and promote a healthier life. [9] Using ozone therapy can provide quality benefits to the body. [7] Ozone therapy can treat a variety of symptoms that are the result of diminishing oxygen supply that typically occurs with advanced age. [9] Ozone therapy has proven to be a safe alternative to treating disease and even cancer. [7]

Lessons: Although ozone therapy is widely used in the treatment of several diseases, adverse reactions should be given attention in clinical practice, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease. [13] It is used outside the body (on the skin) and inside the body (referred to as "systemic" Ozone Therapy Treatments. [14] Ozone therapy has been used for over 150 years to treat diseases and disinfect. [14] These findings were confirmed by 2015 that found that ozone therapy can be used to treat chronic back pain due to its ability to reactivate the innate immune system and correct the oxidative stress accompanied by typical chronic inflammatory pain disorders (3). [15] These produce only very low amounts and are very different from the types of medical equipment used in ozone therapy. [16] Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. [17] Used in a controlled medical environment, such as in ozone therapy, these two qualities of ozone make it a valuable medical tool. [16] When generated in high enough concentrations, ozone therapy is a powerful tool that can be used to help destroy bacteria, viruses, parasitic elements, amoeba, molds, and fungi. [16] Ozone Therapy is used worldwide in curing and restoring our body. [18] During World War I, ozone therapy was used to treat soldiers with infected wounds. [15] Before the turn of the last century, ozone therapy was used to disinfect drinking water. [15] In recent years, ozone therapy has been used in a wide variety of clinical fields. [13] Having been used for many years across the globe, ozone therapy is being used more and more in the United States. [16] Therefore, ozone therapy is widely used in most public hospitals in India, China, Russia, and Germany. [13] With ozone, three are used to super boost the oxygen, which has healing effects on the body. [7] When used intravenously, ozone creates a controlled and moderate oxidative reaction within the blood that in turn causes the release of secondary products that have a therapeutic physiological effect. [6] Due to its many therapeutic properties, Ozone can be used in combination with a therapeutic plan for almost any disease. [8]

Dr. Paukman is proud to offer a variety of ozone treatments, including ozone therapy for anti-aging, disease, circulation, detoxing, and more. [9] In targeted amounts, oxidative stress from ozone therapy is able to spike a hormetic response, while activating immunocompetent cells, increasing NAD+, SOD, and glutathione peroxidase. [12] Ozone therapy can neutralize dangerous cells through the process of oxidizing phospholipids and lipoproteins. [9] By damaging the viral capsid, ozone therapy successfully defuses dangerous cells by inhibiting their reproductive cycles. [9] By grouping atmospheric ozone gas and ozone therapy together, we?ve turned our backs on the beneficial effects ozone therapy has on certain health disorders. [12] IV ozone therapy takes about 30-45 minutes to inject into a vein, and the effects can last two to three weeks. [10] Overall, ozone therapy works to assist several serious medical conditions. [7] Dr. Paukman is an expert in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, cryotherapy, and ozone therapy. [9] This is the main reason ozone therapy is so effective at treating chronic infections. [6] Following ozone therapy, inflammation is reduced, brain function and memory are improved, nerves are calmed, and chronic pain is minimized. [9] In 33 patients receiving gingival grafts, total healing time significantly decreased compared to a control (gingival graft only) when applying ozone therapy to the graft. [12] In Germany, where ozone therapy is commonplace (over 7,000 doctors in Germany use it daily), there are very few incidences of side effects. [12] Dr. Paukman uses the OCI-10, an innovative chamber that heats up to a comfortable temperature during ozone therapy. [9] When choosing a dentist, ask if the dentist uses ozone therapy in his or her practice. [10] With Ozone therapy many more diseases gets weeded out and internal organs get revitalized. [19] Ozone therapy may be able to clear arteries and veins to improve circulation throughout the body. [9] Uric acid levels in the body also decrease following ozone therapy. [9] For all these reasons, ozone therapy is a medicine of our future--a medicine that is sustainable and can provide greater health and wellbeing to billions of people at virtually no cost after the initial investment in an ozone generator. [10] In countries with universal health care where the focus is on prevention and lowering costs rather than making profits in the billions treating people who are already sick, ozone therapy has already been integrated into medicine. [10] For that very reason, ozone therapy is disruptive to conventional medicine. [10] Viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi parasites, and protozoa are also successfully neutralized with ozone therapy. [9] Dr. Paukman can help you decide the specifics of your ozone therapy to best meet your individual needs. [9] Due to the rise of bacterial antibiotic resistance, ozone therapy is a logical solution for treating bacterial infections. [6] Ozone Therapy comes with a long list of benefits including. [8] Ozone therapy has been proven to slow down the aging process and can even improve the appearance and firmness of skin. [9] If you live in the U.S. and haven?t heard of ozone therapy, it?s because our health care system is a for profit system in which ozone appears to have little value. [10]

Rectal ozone is a common therapy type as well where the ozone flows through the rectum with a cannula. [7] Ozone is a fabulous wonderful therapy and it works very very well. [12]

First of all, bursts of oxidative stress from ozone therapy is very different from other oxidative stressors. [12]

Ozone oil breathing (which creates ozone oil as a byproduct that can be used on the skin). [12] "In Europe, ozone has been used for 50 years by over 10,000 physicians. [20] Ozone can also be used to sterilize equipment and counters. [10] It is now used by top ozone experts worldwide with greater success than traditional MAH. [5]

Ozone therapy is a type of medical therapy that uses a molecule of oxygen to help naturally treat pain, reverse the effects of aging, and reduce the acidity in the body to ward off disease. [15] IV Ozone therapy is administered by the withdrawal of a small amount of patients? blood, then blood is treated with Ozone oxygen molecules which power-boost and absorb into cells, and then reinjection into the body with an IV drip. [15] Ozone therapy provides oxygen to the body which increases the total amount of oxygen available to the tissues. [21]

Ozone therapy is one such treatment with versatile uses that positively impact the mouth and body. [22] There are over 6000 medical papers proving ozone therapy to be effective and safe in the treatment of numerous disease processes. [21] For patients with gum disease, ozone therapy is a beneficial treatment. [22] Ozone therapy is a powerful oxidative therapy that effects last long after the treatment is administered. [21] Buyuklu M, Kandemir FM, Set T, et al. Beneficial effects of ozone therapy on oxidative stress, cardiac functions and clinical findings in patients with heart failure reduced ejection fraction. [13]

Given the potent antioxidant capacity of human plasma and the use of ozone concentrations within the therapeutic range (10-80 mg/mL of gas per mL of blood or 0.21-1.68 mM per mL of blood), the use of ozone therapy during the past 3 decades has been effective with few side effects. [13]

Although ozone is not specifically a cancer therapy, it can support the immune system of individuals with cancer, including those on chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and does not interfere with those treatments. [23] In 1985, after being diagnosed with colon cancer, it's alleged that President Ronald Reagan, bypassing the traditional treatment of Western medicine, went to Germany in order to receive ozone therapy. [24] Ozone therapy supplies the body with oxygen to rid the body of the toxins. [21] Herein, we observed sinus arrest in a hypertension patient with chronic kidney disease (CKD) caused by hyperkalemia after ozone therapy. [13] Diseases characterized by a chronic oxidative stress or chronic inflammation might be benefited from ozone therapy. [13] Diseases that can be treated with ozone therapy include circulatory disorders, infected wounds, macular degeneration, viral diseases, geriatric conditions, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, AIDS and SARS (1). [15] Although a significant effect of ozone therapy has been noted in some diseases, various adverse events have been reported, such as acute coronary syndrome. [13] Ozone therapy and IV ozone therapy have frequently been reported to have a positive effect on some physical and/or neurological symptoms in addition to the original reasons that brought the patient to ozone therapy in the first place. [16] By the late 1980?s German doctors were using ozone therapy to treat patients with HIV. [15] Ozone occurs naturally, but can also be made through generators that produce it for ozone therapy and other medical and scientific uses. [16] Even though ozone therapy and other regenerative medicine methods are so safe and effective, they are still medical procedures that should be administered under the care of a trained professional. [16] The National Stem Cell Institute (NSI), a leading U.S. regenerative medicine clinic, gets questions about ozone therapy on a regular basis as the word spreads about its therapeutic uses. [16] While it's fun to say that sitting on a beach chair and inhaling the fresh scents of the sea is "ozone therapy," the true therapeutic uses for ozone are actually the result of the man-made type. [16] The safety and effectiveness of ozone make it a powerful, beneficial dental therapy. [22]

Ozone therapy can be administered in two ways, by injection to the specific area of pain or by treating the patients? blood with IV Ozone therapy (Autohemotherapy). [15] Ozone therapy is becoming increasingly popular among doctors who treat chronic pain. [15] Perhaps the best news yet is that ozone therapy is much safer than painkillers and surgery when it comes to correcting and healing chronic pain disorders. [15] Yu G, Bai Z, Chen Z, et al. The NLRP3 inflammasome is a potential target of ozone therapy aiming to ease chronic renal inflammation in chronic kidney disease. [13] Many who support alternative medicine believe there are all-natural methods for curing disease ozone therapy being one. [24] To answer those questions, let's take a closer look at exactly what ozone therapy is, how it's applied in medical methods like IV ozone therapy, and how it might benefit you. [16] Medical ozone therapy can be applied either externally -such as on the skin- or internally as with IV ozone therapy. [16] Ozone detoxifies your body In trans-dermal ozone therapy the pores of the skin open due to the gentle heat and steam and ozone enters the body transdermally (via the skin). [14] Ozone Therapy works great by itself only, but you can combine it with other procedures available in our clinic for a stronger effect (e.g. PRP, Stem Cells Therapy ). [18] The National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) offers advice below to help ensure that those interested in ozone therapy, IV ozone therapy, or other regenerative procedures are visiting a legitimate, FDA guidelines-compliant clinic. [16] For people with autoimmune disorders, ozone therapy can help calm the immune system so that it stops attacking itself. [15] One study found that patients with osteoarthritis knee pain who were treated with ozone therapy for eight weeks significantly reduced their pain when compared to a control ground (4). [15] According to Doctor Murphy, ozone therapy is just as effective as surgery for relieving pain that is induced by a herniated disc with a lower risk of side effects and faster recovery times (2). [15] It's more accurate to think of side benefits connected to ozone therapy than side effects. [16] No side effects - There are no side effects or contraindications to using ozone therapy. [22] Ozone therapy is a powerful tool in fighting bacteria and infection. [22] Interventions: The ozone therapy had been asked to stop. Insulin, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium polystyrene sulfonate were administered to the patient. [13] According to interventional radiologist Kieran Murphy, MD, of the University of Toronto, ozone therapy can even help prevent some people from having back surgery (2). [15] For this reason, ozone therapy is classified as regenerative medicine along with stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies. [16] For more information or to inquire about whether ozone therapy is right for you, contact Hawaii Natural Medicine to schedule a consultation. [15] This is one of the distinguishing qualities of regenerative medicine methods like ozone therapy. [16] Effective ozone therapy involves the creation of high concentrations of ozone. [16]

Ozone increases energy You breathe oxygen so that it can be used to create energy in your cells. [14] Ozone is created by using an ozone generator which turns the pure oxygen into a certain concentration used for treatment. [7] Ozone generators are also used in ambulances for treatment of stroke victims. [12]

Vaginal ozone treatments are used to help with a vaginal infection as well as sexually transmitted diseases. [7] The Germans used Ozone treatment as far back as The Great War. [12]

Though it is used as a treatment for cancer by some physicians, the American Cancer Society has advised cancer patients against using ozone therapy. [25] No matter what course of treatment is being used, the addition of Ozone Therapy will provide for better results. [26] Ozone therapy can be used to target pockets of harmful bacteria along the gumline, which reduces the severity of the symptoms a patient is exhibiting. [27] Ozone therapy can be used for many chronic illnesses including chronic infections (Lyme, viral, fungal), autoimmune issues, colitis, allergies, bladder issues, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, acute infections (sinus, skin, etc.), aging process, etc. [28] Ozone Therapy is used to open the pores and to achieve cell renewal at a certain temperature, under the supervision of a doctor who specializes in the technique. [29] In 1870 Dr. Lendar reported that ozone therapy could be used for blood purification. [30] Ozone therapy is used by doctors and sports teams across the globe to treat illness and injury. [31] Ozone therapy was used in Germany in the year 1881 to sterile the wounds. [30] Ozone therapy was developed in Germany and has been used by veterinarians for more than 30 years. [29] When used by naturopaths, ozone therapy is frequently called autohemotherapy. [25]

During World War I, ozone was used to disinfect wounds and cleanse blood before blood transfusions. [24] Ozone has been used worldwide in medicine for over 125 years with dramatic success and safety. [21] If used correctly, ozone is a "wonder drug" that has the potential to revolutionize medicine and anti aging. [14] In dental procedures, ozone may be used as a gas or in water. [22] Ozone could be used to maintain health while one is not suffering from any ailment. [14] In Europe ozone has been used for 50 years by over 10,000 physicians. [21]

Stem cell therapy is only one tool used to help improve patients? lives. [16] Ozone's medical effects are profound and many different conditions can be treated using this tremendous naturopathic therapy. [21]

Ozone Therapy stimulates the body to repair itself by using pure medical oxygen. A small amount of blood is taken from the client and Ozone 03 is added to it, in a sterile and concentrated manner, then it is injected into the body under the supervision of specialists. [29] Ozone Therapy promotes blood circulation to carry renewed life to cells, increasing oxygen in every cell in the body and providing it with energy and vitality. [29] Ozone Therapy works to stimulate cells and get rid of toxins in the body through the use of the ozone sauna or by blood injection. [29] Ozone Therapy uses Ozomed Smart a high precision equipment developed in Europe, that converts oxygen to medical ozone which ismixed with the patients? blood. [29] "Since a lack of oxygen on a cellular level is one of the key conditions for the formation of cancer, it can be argued that ozone therapy helps to create an atmosphere that is hostile for the growth of cancer in the body," says Dr. Simon. [29] They are the batteries of the body?s cells (some individual cells may contain thousands of mitochondria) and they require oxygen to convert sugars, fats and other chemical fuels into ATP. Ozone Therapy can increase mitochondrial function, thereby helping the animal?s body to operate optimally and heal more effectively ( micro.magnet.fsu.edu/cells/mitochondria/mitochondria.html ). [26] If we keep oxygen levels high using ozone therapy, cells and organs can function at peak levels, causing the body to operate more efficiently. [26]

Summarizing the substantial and growing body of study results showing deleterious health effects of breathing ozone, in 1976, and reiterated in 2006, the United States Food and Drug Administration reflects the scientific consensus that ozone is a toxic gas which has, as yet, no demonstrated safe medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy. [25] BALIK PULAU: The Health Ministry will do an indepth study on "ozone therapy" after the Ozone Medical Practitioners Association Malaysia asked that the ban on the treatment be reconsidered. [29] "Ozone therapy is a dangerous treatment as it has a molecule that is unstable and can produce air bubbles in the blood," he told reporters after attending the Jom Cari Siput contest here yesterday. [29]

Ozone Therapy in India successfully treats patients with TB. Great news story out about the use of ozone for the treatment of patients with TB. [29] The bottom line is that no matter what treatment you are giving your patient, the results will be better when adding in Ozone Therapy. [26] Ozone therapy is often combined with laser gum treatments to help bring the infection under control and to eliminate gum tissue that cannot be saved. [27] Ozone Therapy, a new treatment technique, has come to the rescue as it helps to prevent the early signs of maturing and keeps skin glowing without cosmetic intervention. [29] "We use ozone therapy primarily to treat problems of infected skin as it helps in killing the bacterial activity that causes acne or dandruff," Prakash noted. [29]

Robins, an international expert in natural healing, is one of the world?s leading practitioners of ozone therapy, a technique in which a patient?s blood is infused with medical grade oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3). [29] Ozone therapy increases delivery of oxygen to vital tissues and stimulates the immune system, boosting wound healing. [32]

Ozone therapy is a unique treatment that both detoxifies and heals the body. [28] Ozone therapy offers promising treatment options for a wide range of health conditions that impact household pets, including birds, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, rodents and ferrets. [29] Dr. Chen Jibingof Fuda Cancer Hospitalin Guangzhou, China recently introduced Ozone therapy, reputed as the world?s safest cancer treatment method. [29] Other Publications: Magalhaes FN, Dotta L, Sasse A, Teixera MJ, Fonoff ET. Ozone therapy as a treatment for low back pain secondary to herniated disc: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. [33] Ozone therapy is often helpful in the healing process of a laser gum treatment. [27] Worn-out of the conventional medicinal treatments? Try ozone therapy, instead. [29] Treatment with ozone therapy is safe because the animals themselves indicate if they are getting too much ozone by coughing, during treatment. [29] Ozone therapy works to protect against fungal, bacterial and viral infections as well as to treat many diseases that are common among pets. [29] Ozone therapy refers to the use of carefully aimed ozone molecules to treat different parts of the mouth. [27]

The ozone molecules kill the harmful bacteria, and help improve the recovery from laser gum therapy in the process. [27] The country of Malaysia has recently banned ozone in medical applications by blanketly banning "ozone therapy". [29] "Ozone therapy should be avoided in early pregnancy and care needs to be taken in patients with hyperthyroidism, bleeding problems, deficiency of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase--which could lead to jaundice and epilepsy, Sibia concluded. [29] "Ozone therapy," says Dr. Simon, "is arguably the most powerful detoxification therapy available today. [29]

Cancer cells, compromised cells and microbes of all kinds do not have this protection, and are thus destroyed by the oxidative stress provided by ozone therapy. [26] Ozone therapy is especially suitable for cancer patients who are prone to severe side effects caused by high-dosage chemotherapy drug. [29] Ozone Therapy is completely safe and without any side effects, it has been scientifically proven and has treated a number of diseases and skin cases. [29] We'll then specifically focus on how ozone therapy can help in the fight against gum disease. [27] Because of the nature of ozone molecules, ozone therapy tends to be extremely helpful in the fight against gum disease. [27] When performing ozone therapy on the gums, the ozone molecules tend to be added to gas, water, or ointment. [27] Ozone therapy is administered in many different ways in the human body--drinking ozonated water, saunas, rectal means, intravesical, ozonated saline, soft tissue and joint injection and directly ozonating the patient's blood. [29] There are two ways to perform Ozone Therapy, either through injections into the blood stream or through an ozone sauna, which has two phases. [29]

We met up with Dr. Nada Alaaeddine, a specialist in regenerative medicine at Beirut?s Innovi Cell Therapy Clinic, to find out more about Ozone Therapy. [29] Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV), in which oxygen and ozone are directly infused into the patient?s bloodstream. [29] Ozone therapy further aids in the body's resistance to cancer by increasing the production of antioxidants in the animal's body. [29] Adults with symptomatic lumbar herniated disc in whom conservative medical management has failed and: 1) in whom discectomy or microdiscectomy is indicated, 2) have been included in surgery waiting list by the Neurosurgery Department, 3) who meet criteria for potential benefit with ozone therapy and 4) who accept participating in the study by answering/filling in the specific study questionnaires (wether they accept or not the ozone therapy). [33] In the year 1980, study done by German Medical society which consisted of 650-Doctors administered ozone therapy to 400000-Patients. [30] Ozone therapy is taught in the medical colleges of Germany, Europe Russia. [30] Dr. John Simon of Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, Michigan, believes offering ozone therapy is a great way to use the power of nature to heal many conditions that are common to household pets. [29] Ozone Therapy is designed to improve the patients? health condition and their life quality. [29] Many centres offer ozone therapy for aesthetics and against dandruff, acne and a host of other skin conditions. [29] "A large number of people are coming to resolve issues of infected skin and we recommend ozone therapy as it helps to get rid of dry and infected layers," Dr Priyanka Prakash, Dermatologist, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon told IANS. [29] According to proponents, ozone therapy is broadly effective because it attacks and removes disease-causing agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, yeast, and toxic metals. [29] Ozone therapy can also be administered through drinking water route for all TB patients and hospital staffers to boost their immunity, Dr Anande said. [29] Following ozone therapy, patients have healthier and cleaner smiles. [27] The main objective of this study is to estimate the cost-effectiveness of ozone therapy in patients on the waiting list for surgery due to disc herniation. [33] The results of the study will allow a better understanding of the value of ozone therapy in the management of patients on the waiting list for herniated disc surgery. [33] These patients will be treated primarily by ozone therapy: Infiltration of intradiscal O3/O2 + foraminal infiltration of O3/O2 + corticoid + anesthetic. [33] It is these peroxides that mediate the many positive effects of ozone therapy in biological systems. [26] Ozone therapy is therapy with or through a device that generates ozone gas (O 3 ). [25] From 1925 onwards Dr. Albert Wolf started using ozone therapy for colon cancer cervical cancer and all types of ulcers. [30] Many dentists have been using state-of-the-art ozone therapy in many kinds of dental work. [27]

We'd love to tell you more about the health benefits of ozone therapy. [32] The benefits of increased mitochondrial biogenesis and ATP through Ozone Therapy include increases in metabolic function, energy level, exercise performance, cognitive function and lifespan. [26] Among the key benefits of ozone therapy is the way it works. [29] Ozone therapy, however, has turned around his deteriorating condition. [29] Just published Ozone Therapy in Veterinary Medicine by Zullyt Gamora, veterinarian and PhD. It will be available at Ozone Therapies Group. [26] "When people ask why ozone therapy isn?t more available in the United States, I say it?s because it?s not a patentable medicine and the drug companies can?t make any money off it," says Robins. [29] The result of this was Ozone therapy has 0.000005% side effects. [30] Ozone therapy has finally been gaining some mainstream traffic worldwide in the last few years. [29] Bisleri International Pvt Ltd donated the ozone therapy contraption to the Sewri TB Hospital two years ago. [29]

Medical Grade oxygen (O2) is converted into Ozone (O3) using a machine (ozone generator) and this ozone is used to treat various diseases. [30] We report a patient used ozone autohemotherapy to treat her hypertension and diabetes. [13] Ozone gas is used to permeate interior areas of the tooth reaching the dentinal tubules that otherwise cannot be fully treated. [22]

Ozone Therapy is a unique healing tool that is used for many chronic diseases and involves the introduction of ozone into the body through blood infusion, joint injection, or other methods of administration. [34] A single treatment of HOT which requires 10 passes of your blood through the Zotzmann machine is equivalent to 30 to 50 MAH treatments (the current IV form of ozone therapy used here at ICAM). [35] Could Pamela Anderson and Sharon Stone be ahead of their time when it comes to beauty treatment for looking younger, longer? According to reports, both stars have used ozone therapy, a century old medical therapy, for just such purposes. [36] Have you used ozone therapy in any of its forms for medical therapeutic purposes? If so, help our readers by sharing that experience. [36] Ozone therapy has been used on patients with cardiovascular illness and with HIV. If you're looking for ozone therapy in Atlanta or for an Atlanta ozone therapists, or homeopathic ozone therapy Atlanta, these naturopathic ozone therapists in Atlanta are trained practitioners. [37] We have successfully used ozone therapy in many patients in our practice. [38]

Ozone use in medical applications is gaining awareness here in the USA. While ozone has been used in medical clinics and dental offices worldwide for some time, the growth of ozone use in the USA has been slower to gain traction. [29] With careful application, ozone can be used to eliminate these harmful cells and enhance dental health in the process. [27] Ozone was first used in medicine at the end of the 19th century to treat tuberculosis. [29] Ozone has long been used in commercial settings for its disinfecting properties; ozone is commonly used to sterilize the fruits and vegetables we eat and the bottled water and sodas we drink. [32] To this end, Ozone can be used to balance the skin's ph level and lighten its tone. [29] Ozone is sometimes used to stop dental cavities from progressing," he said. [29]

Rectal insufflation with an ozone/oxygen gas mixture is increasingly being used as a systemic therapeutic form, and it is viewed by many as an alternative to Major Auto Hemo Therapy. [39] The existing scientific evidence does not support the use of ozone in dentistry. 12 13 Unfortunately this hasn't stopped certain alternative medicine therapists like the Netherlands -based dentist Jacob Brandsma of actively promoting ozone treatment and the HealOzone device as a therapy (this against current scientific insights and the indication of the manufacturer). [25]

Ozone therapy works by activating the immune system, reactivating antioxidant systems, and through stimulation of oxygen metabolism.1 Ozone therapy also has a powerful disinfectant effect and helps treat infections caused by bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses, and protozoa. [38] Doctors who have been trained in ozone therapy use oxygen generators to create medical grade ozone which can then be applied in externally bagging, into the bloodstream via IV, or directly into the body by means of subcutaneous injections. [36] For those of you that are avid readers of OCW magazine or are patients of ICAM, you are aware of the several articles I have written introducing you to therapies involving OZONE. In a nutshell, ozone is a form of Bio-Oxidative Therapy which simply means that we are introducing oxygen into the body. [35] Ozone has thus proven to be the safest medical therapy ever devised. [40]

Because it has such a wide range of therapeutic applications and is inexpensive and safe when applied by trained physicians, a number of international scientific communities are joining together to establish standards of treatment and to help national associations of ozone therapy gain the legal recognition of the therapy by their own national health authorities. [36] Frank Shallenbeger, MD, of The Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine in Carson City, Nevada is a leading expert in the medical use of ozone in the United States and has trained over 700 physicians in the use of Ozone Therapy. [36] In a 1980 study done by German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy, 644 therapists were polled regarding their 384,775 patients, comprising a total of 5,579,238 ozone treatments administered. [40] Ozone therapy is safe - though detoxification symptoms do occur in some cases as the body throws off disease. [40] Rectal and vaginal ozone therapy is a targeted therapy where we can use a small catheter attached to a bag filled with ozone gas and are able to instill the ozone gas directly in to these areas of the body. [38] One of the main reasons we use ozone therapy is because it activates mechanisms within the body that causes it to heal itself. [38] Basically, ozone therapy helps your body to do what it does best - heal and regenerate itself. [38] Ozone Therapy Naturopaths Ozone therapy is the administration of ozone into the body to treat injury and illness. [37] Soft tissue and joint ozone therapy (Prolozone) allows us to target areas of the body that need immediate inflammation and pain reduction. [38] One of the benefits of ozone therapy is that it allows us to target specific areas of the body that are especially at risk if inflamed. [38] We are pleased to offer ozone therapy as a sole or adjunctive treatment option. [41] Ozone therapy targets abnormal cells and foreign invaders while promoting natural healing processes. [38] Ozone therapy has been proven to be very safe and effective through over 3000 medical references in the German literature. [41] Soft tissue and joint ozone therapy is especially effective for people with injuries/trauma or conditions causing joint pain like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. [38] This ozone therapy is fascinating! What a relief to find alternative methods of treating neck and back pain that don't come with the side effects of steroids. [36] Ozone Therapy provides many powerful health benefits with little or no side effects. [34] Ozone therapy is not something I learned about as a naturopathic medical student, but I wish I had. [36] As a founding member of AAOT (American Association of Ozonotherapists), guest lecturer and presenter of ozone therapy to hundreds of medical practitioners, I feel that it is my duty to further understand and promote this amazing form of medical intervention that has remarkable capabilities and endless possibilities. [35] Ozone therapy stimulates the production of white blood cells, which fight infection. [40] Ozone Therapy has the ability to reactivate your body's innate healing systems. [38] Depending on which method of ozone therapy is being administered there are more specific benefits. [38] We have found ozone therapy to be extremely effective at reducing inflammation. [38] When we combine the steam sauna with ozone therapy it allows ozone to be introduced through your skin via the bloodstream. [38]

To improve the effectiveness of conventional treatment techniques targeted to extinguish oral bacteria, such as root canals, periodontal treatments and dental fillings, ozone therapy can be used as an additional anti-bacterial element. [42] In Germany medical ozone therapy is used pre and post-operatively to prevent infections. [43]

Ozone may also be used as part of sterilizing the empty pulp chambers following root canal therapy or to speed healing of cold sores. [42] How long has Ozone Therapy been around? Ozone therapy has been around for over 100 years and is used in General Practice all over the world. [44] Ozone therapy can be used in conjunction with a number of these interventions. [42]

Ozone is a relatively unstable molecule, once ozone has been generated for medical application, it must be used rather quickly. [40] He presented a different vehicle of administration for ozone through the utilization of the Zotzmann Ozon 2000 machine from Germany that is commonly used in Europe by hundreds of medical practitioners. [35] Of the various vehicles used to expose the body to ozone, the topical, rectal and intravenous routes are the most commonly prescribed. [35] Ozone can be an indispensable addition to a healing protocol, however it is most effective when it is used as part of an integrative plan, which includes testing, nutrition, hormone optimization, detoxification, and other therapeutic modalities. [34] As mentioned before, therapeutic ozone has been used safely for many decades. [38] This causes the bacteria to burst and die, creating a sterile environment where the ozone is used. [45] When pure medical grade ozone is used according to established medical guidelines, it has a safety record that is unparalleled. [36] With the exception of ozone generators that are strictly used for air or water purification, in no case should ozone destined to be used for medical reasons ever be made from room air! The reason is that room air contains 20% nitrogen oxide and nitric oxide, both of which are highly toxic. [40]

Why haven?t you heard about "Intravenous Ozone Therapy"? If not for Ed McCabe?s book in "Oxygen Therapies" in 1988 (followed almost 20 years later by his more complete and accurate book "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" available at Amazon.com) we might still have not known of its use in Europe and it?s past historical medical use in the USA. [43] Ozone Therapy is the use of medical-grade ozone, a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, to stimulate curative and reactive properties in the body. [46]

Recently Gary Null, PhD, made a powerful documentary called "Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine" (available at www.gary.com) discussing the use, safety and medical benefits of it. [43] An empty root canal can be flooded with ozone to eliminate any lingering bacteria that could cause the failure of root canal therapy and create the need for a repeat treatment. [42] Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy including vitamin C. Most people with chronic disease have deficient antioxidant defenses. [47] Ozone therapy by rectal insufflation can be a reliable and economical treatment for most chronic diseases that one can do on a daily basis. [48] What does this therapy do? How can it help the body fight diseases? Below are 4 amazing ozone therapy benefits that will encourage you to consider it. [48] Why haven?t you heard about ozone therapy? Follow the money trail! It may be hard to believe but the pharmaceutical industry along with help from the FDA has suppressed information about it?s benefits and it?s use here in the USA, because of the money that would be lost if the use of antibiotics, antivirals and antifungal medicines were diminished due to it?s amazing benefits. [43] The combined use of ozone therapy and autologous platelet-rich plasma as an alternative approach to foot rot treatment for sheep. [49] The therapeutic scheme consisted of two steps: baseline treatment by local ozone application and then, in the case of non-healing, the application of PRP. We analyzed the effectiveness of the combined treatment, as well as the potential toxicity of ozone therapy to the patients. [49] Ozone therapy is a highly effective tool in efforts to eliminate bacteria so that they won?t continue to cause problems after the treatment. [42] Ozone therapy is an approach that sterilizes the site of certain dental treatments that require the removal of oral bacteria. [42]

If you have a disease or a condition that you haven?t been able to get rid of, Medical Ozone Therapy will most likely be the answer (it doesn?t get rid of genetic diseases) even for people that have suffered for years and have lost all hope. [43] Ozone therapy has a lengthy history of safe use in medical and dental applications. [42] Your patients will love the immediate effects they notice using the HOCATT? and experiencing Ozone Therapy for the first time. [50] Ozone therapy offers patients a number of benefits associated with minimally invasive dentistry. [42] To learn more about the uses and benefits of ozone therapy, contact our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members. [42]

Here in Florida, where I practice, the use of Prolozone in the clinic is termed "Acupoint Injection Therapy with Ozone Sterilization". [51] Ozone injection therapy is especially effective at regenerating the cartilage in damaged knees, shoulders, backs, and hips. [46] It should be known that Ozone is an Adjuvant Therapy and does not take the place of classic medicine. [50] The HOCATT? allows Ozone products to be quickly absorbed by the skin through the action of the Carbonic Acid and Hyperthermia Therapy. [50]

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of ozone therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) in the treatment of acute foot rot. [49] When your dentist makes sure these safeguards are in place, ozone therapy can be a safe addition to your dental treatment. [42] Ozone therapy is effective because pathogens lack anti-oxidants, which means that ozone molecules are able to attack and destroy oral bacteria. [42] While ozone therapy is able to disinfect a tooth that has been infiltrated by oral bacteria, the dentist will still need to place a traditional restoration, such as a filling, after that therapy so that the tooth is made whole again and more resistant to future attacks by oral bacteria. [42] Ozone therapy is an emerging alternative method that has shown amazing potential in fighting disease. [48] Let's have a discussion on our Ozone Therapy today at Integrative Medical Institute. [52] Ozone therapy may also eliminate the need for a preventive course of antibiotics, which many patients are reluctant to take. [42] Existing patients can avail their own ozone therapy kit at the price of $995. [48] Of course, the use of ozone therapy does require certain safety precautions. [42] Ozone therapy is a practice in which ozone is administered via IV to improve cellular function, promote the healing of damaged tissues, support pain management, and kill disease-causing microorganisms. [44] Here's an article on the subject of wound healing using ozone therapy through bagging 15 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3134027/. [51] Answer: There are no known side effects of using Ozone Therapy. [50]

All of the observed fluctuations in oxidative parameters were mild and transitory, antioxidant/oxidant balance (AOB) calculated on the basis of antiradical capacity (AC) indicated a higher value just after ozone therapy (128.69 66.01%), whereas AOB calculated on the basis of reducing power (RP) was lower at this time point, with an insignificant increase in the last measurement. [49] Our results indicated that ozone therapy did not evoke haematological changes, alterations in acute phase proteins and oxidative status. [49] A: You can visit Healing The Eyes' office for a consultation to know if you qualify for ozone therapy. [48] When the average consumer thinks of healing, they probably do not think of Ozone Therapy. [50] Most modern doctors don?t even understand the profound healing and longevity implications of Ozone Therapy. [50] It is recommended to receive Ozone Therapy 3 times a year for prevention. [44]

Ozone is a highly charged, very energetic species of oxygen. These properties enable it to deliver to cells and tissues truly unique healing potential. it was first used in Germany in the early 1950s. [47] He used ozone steam baths to treat his patients who suffered with diptheria and wrote about it in his book : Diptheria: Its Nature, Causes, Prevention and Treatment. [51] Ozone can be used to reduce tooth sensitivity and sterilize teeth prior to root canal treatment or after decayed material has been removed and prior to restoration placement. [42] Ozone, when used in the clinical setting, needs to be generated from oxygen a few minutes before administration. [51] Ozone is used worldwide to disinfect municipal drinking water, because of its bactericidal and fungicidal effects. [52] During the First World War (1914-1918) ozone was used to treat wounds, stops the spread of foot gangrene It was found that infected wounds washed with rain water (containing ozone) heal faster than wounds washed with river water. [50] Ozone and iodine were used to treat bacterial infections prior to the discovery of penicillin in 1928. [51] Medical Ozone has been used since the 1950?s with a variety of medical purposes. [52] During the First World War, ozone was used to treat gangrene. 8 Bocci V. [51] As ozone works on the cellular level, it can be used in many conditions and in different specialties. [50] Ozonated Oils Oils infused with ozone have gained popularity due in part to the ease of administration depending on the oil being used. [51] Answer: Ozone should never be used in Thyrotoxicosis and Fafism. [50]

It is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for over 50 years with dramatic success and safety. [46]


For medical use ozone is produced from medical grade oxygen and is administered in precise therapeutic doses, by topical application, injection or mixing directly with patient?s blood. [2] Bocci V. Autohaemotherapy after treatment of blood with ozone. [3]

Ozone has the same effect on pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other disease-causing cells. [4] Cardile V, Jiang X, Russo A, Casella F, Renis M, Bindoni M. Effects of ozone on some biological activities of cells in vitro. [3] Chang JD, Lu HS, Chang YF, Wang D. Ameliorative effect of ozone on cytokine production in mice injected with human rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblast cells. [3] Exposure to ozone is associated with a significant increase in the risk of death from a respiratory disease, and it has well-known toxic effects on people's lungs when present with nitrogen dioxide in smog. [1]

IV ozone is given 2x/week and about 5-6 weeks into treatment patients typically start feeling better at which point they either continue with regular maintenance IVs or they are well enough to stop ozone. [2] The procedure is quite simple and involves drawing 50-250mL of blood via an IV catheter then mixing the same amount of ozone directly into the blood and finally infusing the ozonated blood back into the patient. [2]

Ozone is a gas made from oxygen. While oxygen in the air we breathe has two molecules of oxygen (O2) bound together, ozone is made of three oxygen molecules (O3). [2] More specifically an electric charge is applied to oxygen, which converts it to ozone. [2]

Kal A, Kal O, Akillioglu I, et al. The protective effect of prophylactic ozone administration against retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury. [3] Ajamieh HH, Menendez S, Martinez-Sanchez G, et al. Effects of ozone oxidative preconditioning on nitric oxide generation and cellular redox balance in a rat model of hepatic ischaemia-reperfusion. [3]

There are thousands of published studies on medical use of ozone. [2] Industrial ozone applications include broad use for water and air purification, food preservation and agriculture applications. [2]

Sweet F, Kao MS, Lee SC, Hagar WL, Sweet WE. Ozone selectively inhibits growth of human cancer cells. [3] Injecting ozone into joints or soft tissue will help stimulate healing and regeneration as well as reduce or eliminate pain. [2] Ozone (O 3 ) gas was discovered in the 1840s, and soon after that, the scientific community began to expand past the notion that it was just another gas of the Earth's atmosphere. [3] Onal O, Yetisir F, Sarer AE, et al. Prophylactic ozone administration reduces intestinal mucosa injury induced by intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in the rat. [3]

Martínez-Sánchez G, Al-Dalain SM, Menéndez S, et al. Therapeutic efficacy of ozone in patients with diabetic foot. [3] Zanardi I, Borrelli E, Valacchi G, Travagli V, Bocci V. Ozone: a multifaceted molecule with unexpected therapeutic activity. [3] Bocci V, Borrelli E, Travagli V, Zanardi I. The ozone paradox: ozone is a strong oxidant as well as a medical drug. [3] Bocci V, Paulesu L. Studies on the biological effects of ozone 1. [3] Bocci V, Valacchi G, Corradeschi F, Fanetti G. Studies on the biological effects of ozone: 8. [3] Re L, Martínez-Sánchez G, Bordicchia M, et al. Is ozone pre-conditioning effect linked to Nrf2/EpRE activation pathway in vivo. [3] Zaky S, Fouad EA, Kotb HI. The effect of rectal ozone on the portal vein oxygenation and pharmacokinetics of propranolol in liver cirrhosis (a preliminary human study) Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2011; 71 :411-415. [3] Antibacterial effect of ozone on cariogenic bacterial species. [1]

Bocci VA, Zanardi I, Travagli V. Ozone acting on human blood yields a hormetic dose-response relationship. [3] The FDA approves the use of ozone for the sanitization of fruits, vegetables, and meat products. [4] These commercial uses of ozone are a testament to the purifying power of this natural ingredient. [4] Dr Rollins is a member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and has done advanced training in the use of ozone. [2]

Even small amounts of ozone can irritate the lungs and throat, resulting in coughing, shortness of breath, and damage to lung tissue that is more susceptible to infections. [1] When possible, infection is treated with ozone and the careful rebuilding of each layer of the tooth. [4]

From chronic fatigue to crippling arthritis, ozone is powerful. [2] León Fernández OS, Ajamieh HH, Berlanga J, et al. Ozone oxidative preconditioning is mediated by A1 adenosine receptors in a rat model of liver ischemia/reperfusion. [3] Chen H, Xing B, Liu X, et al. Ozone oxidative preconditioning protects the rat kidney from reperfusion injury: the role of nitric oxide. [3]

Ozone occurs naturally in the earth?s upper atmosphere as well here on the ground, secondary to UV light striking water vapor and lightning strikes mixing with air. [2] Only when ozone was added to pool water did the games commence. [4]

A single subcutaneous injection of ozone prevents allodynia and decreases the over-expression of pro-inflammatory caspases in the orbito-frontal cortex of neuropathic mice. [1]

O 3 therapy combines a mixture of oxygen (O 2 )-O 3, with a diverse therapeutic range (10–80 μg/ml of gas per ml of blood). 5, 6, 7 O 3 therapy administration is variable based on treatment goals and location of therapy. [3] Verrazzo G, Coppola L, Luongo C, et al. Hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen-ozone therapy, and rheologic parameters of blood in patients with peripheral occlusive arterial disease. [3] O 3 therapy has proven especially beneficial in the diabetic foot, ischemic wounds, and peripheral vascular disease, areas in which O 3 use is most prevalent. [3] Additional Table 3 : Peripheral vascular disease indications for O 3 therapy. [3] Studies have shown that human cancer cells from lung, breast, and uterine tumors are inhibited in a dose-dependent manner by O 3 therapy in vitro. [3] In hopes of attaining a sense of the possible toxic components of O 3 therapy, a study was done to assess the extent of lesions on human hematic mononucleated cells (HHMC), human thymic epithelium, murine macrophages, mouse splenocytes, and B16 melanoma murine cells. [3] Histopathological and morphometric measurements provided evidence that O 3 therapy decreased morphometric changes, disruption of endothelial cells, and hemorrhages that are a result of vasospasm. [3] With its ever-growing ubiquity, O 3 therapy is finding a place in many branches of medicine and medical specialties. [3]

Paoloni M, Di Sante L, Cacchio A, et al. Intramuscular oxygen-ozone therapy in the treatment of acute back pain with lumbar disc herniation: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, clinical trial of active and simulated lumbar paravertebral injection. [3] One of the main side effects people having treatment or therapy can have is known as the Herxheimer reaction. [1] Oder B, Loewe M, Reisegger M, Lang W, Ilias W, Thurnher SA. CT-guided ozone/steroid therapy for the treatment of degenerative spinal disease--effect of age, gender, disc pathology and multi-segmental changes. [3] Wainstein J, Feldbrin Z, Boaz M, Harman-Boehm I. Efficacy of ozone-oxygen therapy for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. [3]

Additional human studies examined the beneficial effects of O 3 therapy employed via O 3 -AHT, in conjunction with coenzyme Q10, administered orally. [3] In vivo, O 3 therapy has been shown to have multifaceted effects when interacting with PUFA. As stated previously, O 3 reacts with PUFA and other antioxidants, H 2 O 2 and varies peroxidation compounds are formed. [3] An animal model examined the effects intravenous O 3 therapy on vasospasms in the rat femoral artery. [3] O 3 therapy can alter the natural history of several disease and disorders, with potentially many more yet untested. [3] This evidence has been further substantiated in clinical trials with O 3 therapy being useful in the cardiovascular, subcutaneous tissue, peripheral vascular disease, neurological, head and neck, orthopedic, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary pathologies. [3] We have conducted a comprehensive review of O 3 therapy, investigating its contraindications, routes and concentrations of administration, mechanisms of action, disinfectant properties in various microorganisms, and its medicinal use in different pathologies. [3] Despite a lack of direct support of O 3 therapy, the current Food and Drug Administration regulations do not restrict the use of it in situations where it has proven its safety and effectiveness. [3] The increase in O2 levels inside the cell secondary to O 3 therapy makes the mitochondrial respiratory chain more efficient. 26 In red blood cells, O 3 -AHT may increase the activity of phosphofructokinase, increasing the rate of glycolysis. [3] Despite the various benefits, O 3 toxicity and clinical utility depends on the concentration and administration to the appropriate site. 1, 2, 4, 5 One of the major contraindications of O 3 therapy is lung inhalation. [3] Upon beginning O 3 therapy, a multifaceted endogenous cascade is initiated and releases biologically active substrates in response to the transient, and moderate, oxidative stress that O 3 induces. [3] Specifically, O 3 therapy induces moderate oxidative stress when interacting with lipids. [3] Additional Table 1 : Cardiovascular indications for O 3 therapy. [3] The study evaluated SOD levels, a powerful antioxidant and catalase enzyme, an additional antioxidant enzyme in a control group, a group of O 3 therapy by itself, and O 3 therapy combined with Q10. [3] Subsequently, trials pertaining to the clinical implications of O 3 therapy were paired by pathology and anatomical system. [3] Further studies have expanded upon this postulation by applying O 3 therapy to renal I/R in rats. [3]

Cisplatin (CDDP), a treatment used in a variety of cancers has been observed to have nephrotoxicity in 25% of the patients as a side effect. [3] What is prolotherapy and what is it used to treat? Learn all about prolotherapy, an alternative form of treatment for joint and back pain. [1] Gua sha: What you need to know Gua sha is a technique used in traditional East Asian medicine that is often used to treat muscle pain and tension. [1]

When it was first used more than 150 years ago, it was to disinfect and treat diseases. [1] It is far more powerful than other sanitizers such as chlorine yet leaves no harmful chemicals or byproducts behind, and when used properly and in the proper amounts, it is completely non-toxic. [2]

Medical ozone generators are very precise and the concentration of ozone is well controlled. [2] Lintas G, Molinari F, Simonetti V, Franzini M, Liboni W. Time and time-frequency analysis of near-infrared signals for the assessment of ozone autohemotherapy long-term effects in multiple sclerosis. [3] Molinari F, Simonetti V, Franzini M, et al. Ozone autohemotherapy induces long-term cerebral metabolic changes in multiple sclerosis patients. [3] Molinari F, Rimini D, Liboni W, et al. Cerebrovascular pattern improved by ozone autohemotherapy: an entropy-based study on multiple sclerosis patients. [3]

A nutrient solution is first injection followed by ozone gas. [2]

Ozone (O3) is a systemic healing agent that has no toxic side-effects and is easily available anywhere you have oxygen. It can?t be patented, costs very little, and can take the place of many conventional medical treatments because of its systemic antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, alkalinizing, immune boosting and detoxifying effects. [10] The immune modulating effect ozone produces has a direct benefit on neurological cells that are damaged in these neuroinflammatory conditions. [6]

With this treatment, a small amount of blood is removed from the patient and mixed with ozone. [7] With Ozone and Oxygen with the above herbal,herbal extracts the treatment time gets reduced to 40 to 50%. [19] When ozone is introduced into the body, it converts into peroxide molecules known as ozonides that last for weeks after treatment. [10] Ozone is found naturally in the body as part of our white blood cell?s immune response when we are ill. [8] Studies show therapeutic ozone, when it is pure, and when it has not been mixed with the atmosphere?s smog, has therapeutic effects on the human body at low concentrations. [12]

When doing the common treatments of ear insufflation, rectal, vaginal and ozone water, the main side effects are with ear insufflation. [12] The area where treatment is needed will be numbed with anesthesia and then the ozone injected close to the affected area. [7] It?s also wise to stop eating 3-4 hours before a treatment, so the ozone doesn?t react with food in your gut. [10] Naturepaths sell ozone services because they do not have a significant degree (Naturapathic schools are notoriously easy to get into and self-accredited) and as a consequence are not allowed to administer real treatments and are taught bogus methods such as homeopathy. [12]

Using ozone boosts our natural immune system or reactivates it, when it?s reduced due to disease or other conditions. [8] The ozone can increase immunity which will assist with a number of medical conditions. [7] Over 6,000 articles on the medical uses of ozone are in the world literature." [20]

Ozone is an unstable molecule, however, unlike oxygen (O2) which is very stable. [10] Ozone is an inorganic chemical compound made up of 3 oxygen molecules bonded together. [12]

You cannot make money on selling oxygen which is what ozone relies on. [20] I?ve had direct IV ozone, and it feels amazing, like a flush of energy and fresh oxygen released throughout your cardiovascular system and lymph, and in your organs and glands. [10]

Ozone is powerful, and helps with many chronic infections, even possibly treating Ebola (from what Dr. Robert Rowen experienced). [12] At Marin Natural Medicine Clinic we use an ozone technique called Ten-pass ozone, or hyperbaric multi-pass ozone. [5] Dr. Frank Shallenberger, who has been teaching doctors how to use ozone for 25 years, explains how the process works in more detail. [10] This approach uses a higher concentration of ozone under hyperbaric pressure than traditional major autologous hemotherapy (MAH). [5]

Once in the body, ozone quickly becomes O2, releasing its extra oxygen atom along with a photoelectrical discharge. [10] Many proponents feel direct IV ozone is better than autohemotherapy ozone, because the discharge of photoelectric energy happens inside the body instead of outside the body. [10]

Since the beginning of 2017 and the inclusion of 10 pass ozone, we are achieving amazing results and reversals with Lyme disease. [12] "Medical ozone saves lives in Europe and many South American countries, but the FDA continues to prevent formal testing in the United States." [20] When bacteria are exposed to ozone, the integrity of the bacterial envelope becomes compromised exposing the inner structure/function of the bacteria to the immune system. [6] The incidence of permanent paralysis is less common in Ozone patients than in similar non-ozone patients. [12] Yes ozone may make you feel better and may treat certain ailments, but I would be very cautious about using it. [12] I activated a OI dysautonomia SNP and vitamin B1 deficiency unknowingly while doing ozone baths it caused oxidative stress from heat and my lack of SOD function does not help mop up oxidation. [12] I retested for Lyme and it was still there, ozone didn't help. [12]

They may opt to do home therapies instead (ear insufflation, rectal and vaginal insufflation, oil breathing, and ozone water) to avoid the high cost of in-clinic therapies, and avoid side effects. [12] Only a phlebotomist, someone who can insert an IV needle into a vein, is needed to deliver IV ozone, and many applications through insufflation or infusion into water for drinking and sterilizing or infusion into olive oil for treating the skin can be done at home, contributing to its incredible cost-effectiveness. [10] Ozone compositions (oils) have the capacity to deliver active O2 and/or useful species deep within lesions without causing primary skin irritation. [12] Ozone can also be provided in the ear canal or vagina, depending on the condition. [7] Ozone is a highly-charged molecule with oxygenating properties. [11] People have died and gotten strokes and ebolisms from this. single pass ozone with UVB along with medicine and herbals is the best approach. [12] Try ozone once and it will change your perception of healing forever. [10] Ozone can shift your consciousness, resulting in a paradigm shift in your knowledge of health, your standards for health care, and your attitude toward wellness. [10] General testicular health was overall improved in the ozone treated group, increasing instances of apoptosis and reducing communication protein activity (NO synthase activity). [12]

Ozone damages the viral capsid of viruses and disrupts the viral reproductive cycle. [6] Ozone has also proven to be effective at killing the fungus candida. [6] Multiple studies have demonstrated there is a significant synergistic increase in antibiotic effectiveness when combined with ozone. [6] If you do this by accident, take a large dose of vitamin C. Large amounts of ozone breathed in directly can be harmful to the lungs over time. [12] I have treated clients successfully with ozone for many years. [12] There are two main points to remember when someone categorizes ozone as evil: all ozone isn?t the same (atmospheric ozone is not the same as pure, therapeutic ozone), and it?s the dose that makes the poison (which can be said about most beneficial therapies). [12] These studies also demonstrated ozone greatly increased white blood cell counts. [6] In our atmosphere, ozone naturally forms when sunlight hits the layer of oxygen surrounding our planet, splitting the bond between two oxygen atoms causing the single oxygen atoms to reform in clusters of three as ozone (O3). [10]

How effective and successful is photodynamic laser therapy for treating breast cancer stage 3? This treatment is supposed to be very successfu. [19] Many of these conditions typically use modern drug therapy which can lead to complicated or unwanted side effects. [7] This side effect always resolves, and when it does you may continue ear insufflation therapy. [12]

An ozone treatment can help deactivate dangerous cells within the body before they cause an infection or disease. [9] When medical grade oxygen and ozone gas (O3) is safely and painlessly injected by trained professionals into a vein, the extra oxygen molecule makes ozone a sort of "supercharged" oxygen and steals an electron from anything in our body that it can latch onto, destroying only bacteria, viruses or microorganisms. [8] An ozone treatment can help to promote proper healing in the body. [9] The heat from the machine is designed to help circulation and ensure that the ozone gas is properly absorbed by your body. [9]

Drugs used to treat medical conditions can have serious side effects and lead to death, in some cases. [7] The treatment type is commonly used in Europe and has only become known in the United States over the past few decades. [7] Serious study was made of it in 1932 by the scientific community when it was discovered that ozonated water could be used as a disinfectant. [8]

Medical ozone is easy to make on the spot with medical grade oxygen and a small ozone generator. [10]

Healthy cells that have enzymes can break down ozone into oxygen. However, unhealthy cells such as cancer cells, viruses and bacteria do not survive as ozone exerts its strong oxidant effect on cell membranes essentially destroying them. [21] Study demonstrating benefits: Medical ozone does not harm healthy cells but it oxidizes and destroys unhealthy cells including cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, fungal cells and other unwanted cells. [21] Studies show that medical ozone provides healing health benefits to suppress infections by killing viruses, bacteria and yeast. [14]

It is one of the most powerfully effective strategies for Supercharging Metabolism & Reinforcing the Immune System--both of which are achieved by Flooding the Body with Ozone that Destroys Pathogens while Accelerating Detoxification--this cutting-edge holistic healing technique delivers an astonishing array of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health/wellness benefits as treatment sessions progress. [14] It helps in treatment of many chronic diseases through the introduction of ozone into the body by various ways. [18] In North America only a small number of Naturopathic and/or Medical doctors currently use medical ozone for treatment of disease. [21] Ozone Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment (OVR) is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body to stimulate vaginal rejuvenation. [14] Ozone (O3) is broken down in the blood to a single oxygen and hydrogen peroxide by normal cells in the tissues of the body by enzymes such as catalase. [21] It?s a colorless molecule that is made up of three atoms of oxygen. The primary function of ozone in the body is to protect against UV radiation (1), but it has also proven to be effective at decreasing blood cholesterol, stimulating antioxidant responses, and support dental caries (1). [15] Ozone enhances circulation throughout the body; stimulates oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organ;, activates the immune system; and is germicidal, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. [21] Ozone is anti-aging For anti-aging it is critical to raise the amount of oxygen in your blood and in your cells. [14] Ozone increases the oxygen level of your cells If we stopped breathing oxygen we would all be dead in 8 minutes or less. [14]

Though, if our immune system suffers from lack of oxygen (while ozone is "enhanced? version of it) it can?t struggle with bacteria, viruses, autoimmune disease and more. [18] Active oxygen / medical ozone also kills HIV and viruses by using the by products formed when it mixes with bodily fluids. [14] In addition to ozone and IV ozone therapies, regenerative methods like stem cell and platelet rich plasma medical procedures often result in side benefits rather than creating side effects commonly associated with traditional treatment methods. [16] The treatment method as described by the patient involved combining 100 mL of extracted blood with ozone (the dose was unknown) at a 1:1 ratio. [13] Ten passes, or ten times the treatment of a single pass, can be given within 60-90 minutes by using a special ozone machine to vacuum the blood into a glass bottle, then returning it rapidly by adding pressure inside the bottle. [23] Compared to other treatment methods, ozone is more effective at treating infections, destroying bacteria, and sterilizing areas of the mouth. [22] It is a powerful therapeutic treatment that combines the beneficial oxygenation and detoxification effects of ozone. [14]

Another, more affordable way to benefit from these healing benefits is to use activated oxygen, known as ozone. [24] Ozone has been known to kill HIV Medical ozone contains large excess of energy which it also uses to kill HIV, viruses bacteria and germs on contact. [14] At right concentration, medical ozone kills 99.999% lipid viruses and bacteria in the test tube, water, bodily fluids and in the air. [14]

Seven thousand European doctors use medical ozone with their patients. [24] Medical ozone is made by passing oxygen through an electrical coil. [18] Ozone (supercharged oxygen) is made by passing a medical grade oxygen gas O2 through a chamber that breaks up the O2 molecules into single oxygen molecule which then quickly reassemble into a mixture of oxygen which is O2 and ozone that is O3. [14] When the UV rays interact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, much of the UV energy is transferred to the oxygen. The transfer causes oxygen molecules to take on a third atom, and the earth's ozone layer is the result. [16] Ozone is often referred to as "activated," because its molecules are more energetic than standard oxygen. [16] Ozone increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells by the Red Blood Cells. [14] We infuse Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with Ozone to increase the oxygen content to the stressed area to stimulate stem cells and growth factors to regenerate heather tissue. [14] Ozone increases oxygen utilization by improving the ratio of NAD/NADH. NAD is a major component of the Krebs cycle, the energy-producing system in mitochondria. [23] Ozone helps to "revitalize? this process so that you can make more energy from that oxygen that you are breathing, just like fine tuning a car engine so that it can get more power out of gasoline. [14] If you have a weakened immune system, ozone can help boost the immune system to fight off diseases and infections naturally. [15] Since it destroys bacteria and infections, ozone can help stop the spread of damaging substances, thus improving the health of your mouth. [22] Ozone resolves infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi by increasing production of cytokines, chemical messengers made by white blood cells to enlist immune support. [23] A sufficient amount of ozone breaks through the cell membrane, and this leads to the destruction of the bacteria. [14] Ozone kills bacteria by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria. [14] Bacteria are destroyed as ozone first oxidizes their fatty cell wall due to bacteria lacking enzymes to break down peroxide. [21] Ozone does not adversely affect healthy cells when injected slowly into the body by intra-arterial, intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, vaginal or rectal insufflation. [21] This delivers the ozone into circulation and every cell of the body has exposure to the mix. [21] An ozone practitioner who wishes to remain anonymous (because the FDA is vindictive) explains that "oxidizing your body provides a deep cellular cleanse for the system in order to oxidize viruses, bacteria metal and mold." [24] As a natural part of your immune system, ozone helps your body heal. [22] Ozone greatly treats joint or muscle pain and it can help to resolve eye conditions and skin problems. [18] Experts agree that ozone injections are safer and more effective than the use of painkillers and corticosteroids when it comes to treating chronic pain due to its proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant boosting mechanism. [15]

Ozone is injected into the affected joint for arthritis treatment and directly into the tumor site if accessible for cancer. [21] Ozone can kill cancer cells The way ozone kills unhealthy cells, and not healthy cells is through enzymes. [14] This has been demonstrated in the prestigious Journal of Science, Vol. 209, Aug 22, 1980 in a paper entitled "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells" Human lung, breast and uterine cancer cell growth was inhibited more than 90 per cent at non-toxic ozone doses. [21] This makes all unhealthy cells, including cancers defenseless to ozone. [14]

Ozone enhances energy production in the cells to help them age in a healthy manner. [15] Ozone destroys unhealthy substances and improves blood flow into the area which helps the gum tissue heal naturally. [22] Injected after mixing ozone and a small amount of blood taken from the patient (Minor Autohemotherapy). [17] In its strongest systemic formulation, we have given IV ozone by what is known as major autohemotransfusion or MAH. Blood is withdrawn through a needle by gravity, heparinized so it doesn't clot, combined with an equal volume of ozone at high concentration, and then infused back into the patient. [23] Ozone reduces acidity Breaks down the level of uric acid in the body which is the cause of gout and damages the blood vessels. [14] Ozone is then delivered to the body in a number of different ways according to the condition being treated. [21]

For years, the medical and dental communities have understood the benefits of using ozone. [22] In Germany, ozone has been applied for human health for 50 years, and in German literature, there are over 3,000 medical references demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of ozone. [24] There are several ways to supplement ozone to our body, and all have excellent health results. [24]

Ozone is an "energized" form of oxygen, which occurs naturally in small amounts in the Earth?s upper atmosphere. [17] Ozone (O3) is a modified form of oxygen, produced from oxygen (O2) in an electric generator. [23] Ozone is formed by UV light from the sun hitting atmospheric oxygen. Since ozone is heavier than air, it is continuously falling towards the earth. [21] In ozone, oxygen is activated when an electrical charge is added to it. [24] In dentistry, oxygen is passed through a special generator to create ozone. [22] You probably already understand that ozone is a particular type of oxygen. The difference between the oxygen we breathe every day and ozone. [16]

Ozone reduces inflammation Ozone alters immune function by causing a controlled oxidative effect, mobilizing the body?s antioxidant defenses, and resolving inflammation. [14] Anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal effects: Ozone disrupts the viral capsid and the viral reproductive cycle by interrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation. [21]

This use of ozone sterilizes the area and eliminates bacteria. [22] Ozone Insufflation to help remove inflammation, and kills pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeast. [14] Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa don?t stand a chance against Ozone. [14] Effective - Compared to other therapies, ozone is the most effective at eliminating bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. [22] Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact Ozone interferes with the metabolism of bacterium-cells, most likely through inhibiting and blocking the operation of the enzymatic control system. [14]

As a cream or stick, ozone in olive oil can treat hemorrhoids or rectal pain, warts, or fungal infection of the toenails. [23] Ozone can be bubbled into saltwater (saline), and this solution can be applied orally, vaginally, rectally, or applied to eyes, skin, or ears to treat infections. [23] Topically with ozonated water or ozone bagging for bums, wounds or skin infections. [17] The client sits in an Ozone Chamber, the steam opens their pores and they then absorb therapeutic amounts of ozone through the skin and it oxidizes toxic metals and chemicals and converts them into a more water soluble form so that they can be sweated out more easily, or eliminated through the liver and kidneys. [14]

When the immune system is overactive (as in auto-immune disease), ozone will calm it down. [14] When the immune system is under-active as in chronic infections, ozone will stimulate it. [14] Ozone helps resolve sinusitis due to infection or allergies. [23] To treat ulcers or infection, the arm or leg is wrapped in a plastic bag, secured with an ace wrap after air is expelled, and ozone is then let into the bag. [23]

By allowing the ozone in and the toxins out, via the sweating process, this method is incredibly effective at detoxifying and oxygenating the body. [14] Ozone cleanses the body by oxidizing (neutralizing) toxins and facilitating the detoxification process in the liver and kidneys. [14] Ozone taken over time will clean all the fluids of the body safely. [21]

While this is one aspect of ozone, this naturally occurring gas has additional uses and properties. [22] This is where the powerful oxidant activity of ozone is put to use. [21] Dentists use low concentrations of dental ozone to cleanse, disinfect, and sterilize. [22]

Malignant cells lack these enzymes and ozone oxidizes the outer layer of their cells and causes tumour cell destruction (lysis). [21] In dentistry and in medical therapies, ozone is safe in low doses. [22] Intravenously after taking patient?s blood and adding ozone to it (Major Autohemotherapy). [17] The practitioner we spoke of believes "topical application of ozone goes deeper in the blood stream than internal ingestion of ozone. [24]

Many patients hear the word ozone and think of the protective layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the sun. [22] Speeds healing - Ozone triggers and works with your body?s natural immune response. [22] Working with the body?s immune system, the ozone speeds and improves the healing process. [22] The involved area is injected with procaine, glucose, vitamins and minerals to support healing, and then with ozone through the same needle. [23] In other cases, ozone may be injected into the gum tissue to improve healing. [22]

Zanardi I, Borrelli E, Valacchi G, et al. Ozone: a multifaceted molecule with unexpected therapeutic activity. [13] Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule in our environment. [21] Olive oil can retain a high concentration of ozonides (ozone derived molecules) indefinitely. [23]

Our white blood cells produce ozone when battling infections. [22] Ozone can be injected along with procaine into the soft gingival tissue, at the base of the canine teeth for sinus infection, or at the base of an infected tooth. [23] Ozone can be very beneficial for liver support and help normalize abnormal liver function tests. [14] Ozone is negatively charged so it is attracted to the positively charged harmful bacteria present in the mouth. [22] Ozone is a gas that was discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century. [15] As a gas, ozone can permeate areas of the teeth, gums, and mouth that otherwise cannot be reached. [22] As with so many other natural medicines and therapies, the FDA manipulates the rare cases where ozone was improperly applied with negative results in order raise fear and persecute ozone practitioners. [24] The FDA and EPA say that ozone destroys 99.9992% of all pathogenic germs and 99.9992% of all pollutants in water. [21] Besides its more energetic state, ozone also has mild oxidative qualities. [16] One of the easiest and most effective ways of getting ozone into your system is to apply it topically, through creams and ointments. [24] Ozone strengthens your immune system Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. [14] Lesser amounts of ozone can also occur here on the surface of Earth. [16] Using ozone in dental procedures adheres to this commitment. [22] The air we breathe has two oxygen atoms, while ozone has three. [16]

In a survey of German ozone therapists, 5,579,238 ozone treatments on 384,775 patients demonstrated a side effect rate of only 0.00007%, and the side effects were uniformly minor and not even remotely life-threatening. [20] With ozone treatment, patients have an alternative to taking medication. [7]

An ozone treatment responds to the unsaturated fatty acids of the cell membranes, creating hydroperoxides. [9] An ozone treatment is delivered to all parts of the body but the head. [9] I like to optimize the effects of an ozone treatment by doing it in the middle of a 10-detox when my colon and intestines are empty and my liver cleansed. [10] A medical professional will be able to determine the right course of ozone treatment for your medical needs. [7] An ozone treatment causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate, which is the degradation of glucose by enzymes. [9] According to Dr. Shallenberger, studies have shown just 7 to 10 ozone treatments can increase antioxidant enzyme production a whopping 300%. [10]

Nerves manually crushed in the laboratory prior to the ozone treatment showed improved nerve health in comparison to the control rats treated with saline, with thicker fatty insulation (myelin sheath) and greater sensitivity (not by a significant figure, but still shows promise of potentially improved health). ( R ) With further treatments, improvements may have been much greater. [12] Any side effects of an ozone treatment are often small and easily prevented. [9]

Done as an outpatient procedure, this therapy helps patients with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or proctitis, diverticulitis, and pouchitis. [23] Even in patients who are not 100% improved by it, Ozone/Prolozone therapy can effectively reduce the effects/symptoms of the patient?s disease and provide them with a higher quality of life. [17] The good news is the National Stem Cell Institute (NSI) has established the most advanced stem cell and platelet rich plasma procedures on the planet which has drawn patients from all over the world as well as professional athletes and celebrities because they are recognized as the best in the world at stem cell therapy. [16]

Oxygen/Ozone therapy helps with many chronic pain issues and is a great alternative to invasive surgery. [17] It is an efficient method of oxidative therapy that Rejuvenates Your Entire Body. [14] Done as an outpatient procedure, this therapy helps with interstitial cystitis and acute cystitis. [23] Oxygen/Ozone therapy in combination with a more effectively functioning immune system provides one with the opportunity to heal naturally. [17]

It is used in patients with infection, inflammation, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and multiple neurologic conditions including Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain and spinal cord inflammation of various types. [23] Prolozone is an injection used to treat tendon, ligament, muscle or joint problems, including low back pain. [23]

It can be used with Lyme disease, shingles, recurrent herpes simplex, influenza and pneumonia. [23] By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. [13] Used as a powerful antimicrobial, it swiftly and effectively kills bacteria. [22] Stem cells, when used properly, are your body?s most powerful means for healing that can repair everything from ligaments, tendons, and cartilage to organs including your liver, pancreas and lungs and even neurological tissue like your brain, nerves, and spinal cord. [16] Many therapies used in conventional medicine can cause undesirable symptoms even as they resolve others. [16] Other PRP Injections It is used for common joint issues and wounds, various back problems such as sciatica or disc problems. [14]

Rationale: Ozone autohemotherapy as an alternative treatment method has been applied to the treatment of several diseases. [13] Upon further inquiry of her medical history, the patient received ozone autohemotherapy to treat hypertension and diabetes for 9 days prior to admission. [13] Ozone autohemotherapy may aggravate renal insufficiency and induce elevated serum potassium in patients with chronic renal insufficiency. [13]

Let?s take a look at what type of role oxygen plays in our health and the reasons why people opt for ozone treatments. [24] It compensates for the pollution and provides us with extra oxygen. It is recommended to have ozone treatments periodically. [14]

Medical ozone is made when medical grade oxygen is electrically activated using an ozone generator to form ozone of a particular concentration. [21]

Ozone promotes the uptake and use of oxygen in the blood and cells of the body, further promoting healing and aiding in the treatment of conditions in which poor circulation or low oxygen levels play a role. [28] "It is safe and is very effective because it attacks and removes disease-causing agents, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and toxic metals," Dr S.S. Sibia, Director, Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana told IANS. Ozone is an element found naturally in the atmosphere and a molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen. It quickly combines with the blood, lymph and other tissues of body and is more powerful than plain Oxygen. [29] Minor and Major Autohemotherapy are methods in which the patient?s blood is drawn and mixed with ozone and medical oxygen before it is injected back into the patient. [28]

Some medical professionals use ozone for a variety of conditions including dental conditions, cancer treatments, and AIDS. [25] The great article below about a study using ozone vs traditional steroid shots is a great example of ozone use in medical applications for the treatment of arthritis in joints. [29]

Autohemotherapy involves extracting blood from the victim patient, infusing the blood with ozone and optionally exposure to high-dose ultraviolet (UV) radiation, then injecting the blood back into the patient. 4 It should be noted that UV radiation is a known human carcinogen based on dermal exposure from the Sun as well as from artificial tanning lights. 5 It would be reasonable to presume that UV treatment of blood would also bear a risk of inducing cancer. [25]

Ozone doesn?t cure these conditions, but it helps the body through better oxygen utilization begin to heal. [28] Ozonotherapy is the use of medical grade ozone, a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, to create a curative response in the body. [30] Ozone reduces swelling and pain, effective in all brain disorders, improves memory, removes all kinds of Tumor cells from your body. [30]

Oxygen/ Ozone treatments have been proven effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically Rheumatoid and Osteoarthrosis, to find relief from chronic pain. [17] Today, there are thousands of ozone generators available to the public to help freshen and clean the air in our homes. [16] Drinking ozonated water is a great way to make sure you?re getting regular supplements of ozone - but you need an ozone generator for that. [24] Around the year 1896, Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone generator in the United States. [15]

Ozone gas can be injected through the nostrils into the sinuses, using a syringe without a needle. [23] Ozone autohemotherapy is equivalent to the input of red blood cells in vitro. [13]

When medical ozone enters the bloodstream, it separates into O2 and O, the healthy cells, armed with antioxidants, absorb the O2 and repel the O, which zeroes in on the diseased cells and neutralizes them, Sibia explained. [29] Ozone (O 3 ) is an activated, trivalent (three atoms) form of oxygen (O 2 ). [26] Ozone is a natural molecule - oxygen as you know it, with an additional atom. [32] Ozone is a strong oxidant that aids the removal of bacteria and viruses, activates the immune system, and improves the microcirculation and oxygen supply. [29] "It involves injecting ozone into the skin, which boosts oxygen levels and helps to deeply cleanse impurities in the skin. [29] Moist heat opens up your pores, as ozone or "activated oxygen" is blown over your skin during a 30-minute ozone steam sauna session. [31]

A cohort study (patients on the waiting list for surgery due to herniated disc) will be carried out, to which the treatment with ozone will be offered, without giving up the planned surgical intervention. [33] Ozone Patients on waiting list for surgery (by discectomy/microdiscectomy) who accept treatment by ozone infiltration during waiting time. [33] Ozone can be injected into and around the joints for the treatment of inflamed and painful joints and is even effective for non-healing ulcers. [29] Ozone has the ability to activate the immune system, causing the body to produce more white blood cells, which makes it effective in combating infection. [28] When the immune system is depleted (chronic infections, cancer, etc.) ozone will stimulate immune messengers called cytokines. [28] The harmful pockets of infection are wiped out thanks to targeted use of ozone molecules in gas, liquid, and ointment forms. [27] Concurrent use of ozone dramatically increases the effects of most hormones, drugs, vitamins, and herbs, by facilitating more complete oxidation reactions. [26]

Healthy cells in the human body, however, have a different type of cell wall, which protects them from contact with ozone. [32] A percentage volume of blood by weight is removed and mixed with ozone or ozonated saline, then reintroduced to the body. [26] Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH), in which blood is drawn from the patient, exposed to ozone and re-injected into the patient. [29] Other industry opinion leaders in the UK and Australia as recently as 2001 also suggest that knowledge regarding the potential benefit and harm of ozone in cancer patients is insufficient. [25]

Because ozone is an oxygen molecule without an electron, it is attracted to electron-rich microorganisms. [29] Ozone peroxides improve oxygen delivery, endothelial function, nitric oxide formation and oxygen utilization. [26]

Europe has been using ozone for decades to speed up wound-healing and to treat a variety of diseases. [32] There are now three U.S. organizations promoting veterinary medical ozone, and over 800 veterinarians in Brazil and 300 in Japan using ozone. (Brazil and Japan have also formed organizations.) [26]

The most commonly reported success stories are of diabetic foot treatment with Ozone. [29] Ozone has an anti-inflammatory effect, which promotes healing in wounds or infected areas due to the reduced inflammation in those areas. [28] Ozone kills these pathogenic bacteria on contact and promotes wound healing. [32] Ozone molecules can be incorporated into liquids, gases, or ointments as a way of helping dentist eliminate harmful bacteria, strengthen existing structures in the mouth, and much, much more. [27] The ozone molecules are applied directly to the affected part of the gum tissue, targeting and penetrating pockets of infection where they currently reside. [27]

Healthy human cells aren?t affected because they produce antioxidants that make them impervious to ozone. [29] At recent IOA conferences, and in the Ozone Journal medical applications of ozone has finally been given, time, space and honest evaluation. [29] Ozone also has the ability to chelate toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and arsenic, a process which transforms the metals into oxides that are excreted from the body in urine. [29] Given as Sub Q or IV fluids, the ozone quickly works in all parts of the body. [26] The reactive properties of ozone stimulates the body to remove many of these impediments thus allowing the body to do what it does best. [30] Insufflation is a method in which ozone is blown into a body cavity, such as the rectum, vagina, ears or nasal cavities. [28]

German doctors were the first to use ozone medically during World War-I to sterilize the battle wounds. [30] Glickman and Findlay use ozone to harden tooth structure and reduce sensitivity in teeth that are weak or worn. [32]

Surgery Patients on waiting list for surgery (by discectomy/microdiscectomy) who reject ozone infiltration during waiting time. [33] Blood Pressure Blood Sugar come under control; Ozone kills all kinds of bacteria, viruses, yeast, and fungus without damaging your blood cells and purifies your blood. [30] When ozone is rectally insufflated, it kills bacteria (more likely anaerobic than aerobic), fungi and yeast even the potentially good ones. [26]

One method is to inject a proprietary mixture of vitamins, natural medicines and ozone can be given as an injection into joints and/or soft tissue, such as muscle. [28] In addition ozone stimulates stem cells to help in tissue regeneration. [28] "They find out ozone exists and that it might have a chance to help them." [29]

Ozone is bubbled through the saline in the "Saline Maker" to saturate the saline with O 2 and O 3. [26] Ozone increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation of the sweat glands. [31] Ozone molecules are negatively charged molecules that are the result of a bond between three oxygen atoms. [27] Ozone molecules are drawn to these negative charged tissues. [27]

During phase two, the ozone sauna is completed with a massage using creams, especially made for each woman from stem cells in the laboratory. [29] Ozone optimizes the function of the stem cells of the colon. [26] Ozone can disinfect surfaces and water if it is administered for at least two hours at a concentration of 1200 parts per million. [25] Ozone accelerates the Kreb?s Cycle in the mitochondria, increasing the amount of ATP produced. [26] When the immune system is activated (autoimmunity) ozone will calm it down. [28] Unlike regular oxygen, Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms instead of two. [31] The addition of the third oxygen atom makes ozone "supercharged" oxygen and gives it all of its remarkable properties. [31]

"We also use it as complementary therapy in treatment of various types of cancers and for general immune-activation for allergic diseases and improve the body's inherent resistance," Sibia added. [29] Gupta said the therapy was helpful in treatment of many other health complications such as heart disease, cancer and Parkinson's disease. [29]

This type of therapy can help treat a wide range of conditions, including: respiratory diseases, feline leukemia, canine malignant lymphoma, fungal infections, allergies, skin infections, infected wounds, ear infections, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease. [29] Among the treatments offered are laser therapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, cryotherapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, wellness care, dental care, surgery for dogs and cats, pet vaccinations, diagnostic services and treatments for a wide range of medical conditions. [29]

The therapy works by getting rid of toxins in the body and invokes cell regeneration that reflects freshness on the skin and makes it more youthful. [29] Oxygen-ozone therapy is emerging as a better treatment option than surgery for people suffering from slipped disc due to its minimally invasive procedure and speedy recovery, doctors say. [29] Among other benefits of the ozone-oxygen therapy is the lesser risk compared to surgery, cheaper than traditional surgery, exact localisation of the disease is possible through image guidance and procedure done under local anaesthesia. [29] It is a natural and effective form of therapy to help heal and detox at the same time. [31] About 40 patients have benefited from the therapy so far," said Dr Anande. [29] "We will need to study the patients who are being administered the therapy at the Sewri TB Hospital to understand how well it works," he said. [29]

Dr. Roman?s integrative practice, Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (M.A.S.H.), offers chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, Reiki, acupuncture, herbs, conventional medicine and more. [26] One study found that a popular therapy, steroid drug injections, do nothing to slow progression of osteoarthritis in the knee. [29]

It is used for the treatment of both oily and acne skin and also reduces inflammation," Dr Chiranjiv Chabbra, Dermatologist, Skin Alive Clinic, New Delhi told IANS. [29] It is used to treat a variety of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, AIDS, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, circulatory disorders, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, Crohn?s disease, and many more. [31] Widely used during World War I to disinfect wounds and which has proved to be useful in treating chronic cases of asthma, chronic obstructive airway disease, diabetic foot ulcers, various cancers and more. [29] The malignant proliferation rate of cells is monitored by the STK1 test, an internationally recognized cancer screening method used in physical examination, clinical screening of malignant proliferation lesions and post-treatment tracking monitoring. [29]

It is used in conjunction with many other approaches offered in this practice to help improve a patients health. [28] He agreed with Roth that "steroid injections should continue to be used for temporary symptom relief in patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis who are trying to postpone knee replacement surgery." [29]

This decreases the number of toxic byproducts used to produce energy in the body. [26] In the fridge, products stay therapeutic for years and can be used topically for ears, wounds, hot spots, etc., to speed healing. [26] "It is also used for treating abscesses and other signs of infections. [29] Ozonised oil is used as an ointment for pain relief and is even used as antiseptic. [29] "It is widely accepted that these injections do not alter the natural progression of knee osteoarthritis, but are used for symptom reduction," noted Dr. Neil Roth, an orthopedic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. [29]

Ozone gas disrupts cell membranes of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, destroying them quickly. [32] Cold sores and canker sores- Ozone gas disinfects the surfaces of these lesions, kills the viruses and bacteria and encourages the speedy healing of these tissues. [32]

The Brazilian trial included 63 patients who received injections of ozone gas into the knee and a control group of 35 who received injections of air. [29] A second, small study found that injections of ozone gas into the joint reduced pain and improved movement for people with knee osteoarthritis. [29]

Restorative dentistry - Once a decayed tooth is prepped for a filling, ozone gas kills bacteria in even the tiniest crevices. [32]

Ozone treatment has been suggested for use in dentistry, and the German-based company KaVo GmbH has brought a device on the market for ozone application. [25] It is generated by combining oxygen atoms via an ozone generator. [31]

Ozone is a naturopathic treatment designed to de-toxify the body rather than treat diseases as such, ozone has been shown to activate the immune system by stimulation production of cytokines. [40] The introduction of ozone into the body provides increased mitochondrial stimulation for energy production and healing, improved circulation by breaking down arterial plaque, enhanced immune system modulation, neutralization of toxins, increased liver cleansing and detoxification, and directly healing many difficult autoimmune and other chronic diseases. [34]

The healing properties of medical ozone mean that it is incredibly effective in destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi, arterial plaque, and cancer cells. [34] And, as those of you who have experienced the current methods of ozone here at ICAM, you know of the miraculous healing effects it has provided hundreds of you for ailments ranging from allergies, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease and everything in between. [35] Ozone increases the body's natural production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor, whichthe body uses to fight infections and cancers. [40] IV ozone or major autohemotherapy (MAH) is a treatment process where we draw your blood, infuse it with ozone, and administer it back into your body. [38] Because the molecule of Ozone (O3) is extremely unstable, when entered into the body, it forms oxygen (O2) and a single atom of Oxygen. [41] The truth is that ozone (O 3 ), which has three atoms of oxygen, is a gas created in our atmosphere by the sun's ultraviolet spectrum. [36] Ozone is an 'activated' form of oxygen where there are actually three atoms of oxygen attached together, forming a molecule that is "O3". [41] The energy breaks apart the molecules as described above, and what emerges from the other side is a mixture of oxygen and ozone. [40]

Cytokines are "messenger cells" such as interferons and interleukins, which "set off cascade reaction of positive changes throughout the immune system." (R. Viebahn Haensler "The Use of Ozone in Medicine" 3rd English Edition pg 132). [40] Ozone was discovered by Fridereich Schonbein and was described in a letter written in 1826 (R. Viebahn Haensler "The Use of Ozone in Medicine" 3rd English Edition, pg. 22). [40]

Ozone is preferable to other antibacterial treatments because it is so reactive that its area of effect is localized to the treatment area. [45] Ozone is not toxic to the body - hundreds of peer-reviewed published articles not only confirm this, but attest to the medical benefits of ozone. [40] In a nutshell, HOT can deliver a nuclear warhead to the ailing body ridding it of nearly every toxin, inflammatory invader, autoimmune disorder or chronic condition the body may develop and do so safely at a concentration of ozone that is more than 10 times what was previously recognized as safe. [35] Once the blood is collected, it is mixed with ozone, then the ozonated blood is then returned to the body via the sterile delivery system. [34]

He uses an injection combining novocaine, prolotherapy, and ozone to treat to treat all types of pain including shoulder pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back and neck pain. [36] Back pain relief is just one example of the remarkable therapeutic effects of medical grade ozone (O3). [36]

Ozone is made by passing pure oxygen gas through a tube through which energy is directed. [40] Simply, oxygen. Three atoms of nature's oxygen. It exists in a very active form for about 30 minutes before breaking down into two atoms of regular oxygen - by giving up one atom of singlet oxygen. Ozone comes from Nature. [40] In the region of the ozone layer, our rising oxygen is bombarded by the sun's photochemical energy in the form of ultraviolet (UV Rays). [40]

Rectal administration of ozone is not limited to treating diseases of the rectum, however, because it can be very helpful for detoxification and liver conditions since the portal vein delivers ozone from the GI tract directly to the liver. [38] My new book Prostate Relief Now!, which will be published next week gives a full chapter to the use of ozone for many conditions. [36]

The using up of the UV rays to create ozone is how the ozone layer shields us from their harmful effects. [40] Ozone gets most of its attention due to its effects in the stratosphere, where it blocks UV rays. [38] When we blow ozone over an area where decay is just starting, it causes several powerful effects. [45]

Ozone can be mixed with water and taken orally, exposed to withdrawn and reinjected into the body, or inserted into a body cavity such as the rectum or vagina. [37] The humid air opens your pores and allows ozone into your body more readily. [38]

It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone "supercharged" and highly reactive which is what gives it all of its remarkable medical and germicidal properties. [36] Medical ozone also has "highly pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal, and virostatic properties. [40]

There are many disease processes in which ozone can assist. [41] Ozone stimulates the immune system and inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa. [36] The primary benefit here is that the ozone attacks and kills bacteria in the affected area. [45] The ozone falls to earth and is all around us purifying our water and air, decomposing bacteria, molds, and fungi. [40]

Through this process, the ozone steam sauna can help you achieve optimal health. [38] After lots of knee pain I decided to go against my doctors advice and fly to Sydney and have ozone injections in my knees for 3 days. [36] Ozone is simply a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. [38] Ozone is just a different form of oxygen. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is in the very stable molecules that contain two oxygen atoms, but ozone has three oxygen atoms. [45]

Suffice it to say that that extra oxygen atom in ozone makes it highly reactive and thus stimulates the healing process in many different ways. [36]

Ozone is not considered traditional western veterinary medicine. [40] Autohemotherapy is one of the most common and effective ways that ozone is administered. [34] What I didn?t know was that I would be one of only fourteen attendees throughout the world that was present for the lecture by Dr. Lahodny from Austria who shared his work and experience utilizing ozone in much higher concentrations than was previously "accepted" as being safe and effective. [35]

Through your skin, ozone enters the bloodstream, fat, and lymphatic system. [38]

Her practice is focused on the treatment of chronic conditions, and the use of Colon Hydrotherapy, Body detoxification, Cells Renewal therapy. [37] As of 1929, more than 114 diseases were listed for treatment with Oxygen/Ozone therapy. [41] Not so with Prolozone therapy, and Dr. Shallenberger will generally schedule only 3-6 treatments to get the incredible results he reports. [36] What was your specific ailment and what treatment was administered? Describe if the therapy was helpful or not. [36]

In many cases, this therapy is combined with UBI Biophotonic Therapy for maximum benefit. [34] My expertise focuses on womens health and hormone therapy, weight management, diabetes care, cardiovascular dysfunction, thyroid disorders and allergies. [37]

The medical use of Oxygen/Ozone became widespread in the early 1900's in Europe when Oxygen/Ozone was used with excellent results for a variety of conditions including skin diseases, gangrene, burns, trench foot and influenza in humans. [41] It has been used in medical and naturopathic medicine since the 1870's. [40] "Are you feeling tired, bloated, have digestive issues, suffer from sleep disorder, depression/anxiety, have weight concerns or thyroid dysfunction? I have used Alternative and Holistic natural medicine to help patients live their healthiest lifestyle. [37]

Cancer is an anaerobic disease, which means it cannot live in oxygen. Ozone is super oxygen. We recommend bi-weekly ozone treatments for cancer for 3 - 4 weeks followed by weekly treatments, for aggressive cancers. [40] Medical Ozone is made when Medical Grade Oxygen is electrically activated (using an Ozone Generator) to form Ozone. [40] Therapeutic ozone is simply three oxygen atoms created by medical grade ozone generators. [38]

Today the use of ozone for therapeutic purposes has been revived thanks to the work of Dr. Frank Shallenberger who in Germany trained in the use of ozone in medicine and after witnessing the healing effects of the gas, decided to bring the techniques he learned to his patients in the United States. [51] Ozone, which is the O 3 variant of the oxygen (O 2 ) molecule, can be administered in gaseous form or can be delivered to the treatment site in an ozonated water spray. [42] Injection: autohaemotherapy: By withdrawal of 100-150 ml of blood, adding a calculated amount and concentration of ozone in oxygen to the blood, then re-infusing the blood. [50] Ozone increases red blood cell glycolysis rate leading to stimulation of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) and accordingly increased amounts of oxygen released to tissues. [50] Ozone is far less stable than its cousin molecular oxygen. Therefore, it is predisposed to ditch its extra atom and revert to O 2. [42] Ozone reduces clumping of red cells and restores its flexibility and oxygen carrying ability. [50]

Dr. Robins is considered by many to be the foremost clinical expert on the use of Ozone in North America with over 21 years of clinical practice and 180,000 treatments performed. [43] We demonstrated that the local application of ozone and PRP proved to be an effective ovine foot rot treatment that does not require the conventional use of antibiotics and disinfectants. [49] A: The alternative medical community has reached a positive consensus that ozone can be a treatment for macular degeneration and glaucoma. [48] The first water treatment plant with ozone was in Holland in 1893. [50] Ozone Limb bagging is an effective treatment and especially useful for diabetics and other persons with wounds and/or ulcers. [46] Ozone in all its forms of delivery has become an indispensable part of periodontal treatment, restorative care and root canal treatment at Lynn Dental Care. [42]

For those with Auto-Immune Disorders, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help to stop it from attacking healthy human cells. [46] Diseased cells, viruses, harmful bacteria and other pathogens carry such a charge and so attract ozone and its by-products. [50] When ozone is introduced into the blood, it reacts with these oxidizable substrates killing viruses, bacteria and fungi. [50] In this method, doctors extract a small amount of blood from a patient and mix it with ozone. [48] The main difference to note is that blood will be withdrawn, treated with ozone and ultraviolet light, and then returned to the body. [44]

As in the lab where electrical current breaks apart the oxygen molecules, the ultraviolet rays of the sun separates the oxygen molecules and creates the protective ozone layer or O3. [51] The levels of ozone yielded are determined by the amount of oxygen delivered from the cylinder and the strength and frequency of the spark. [51] Ozone possesses the third atom of oxygen which is electrophilic. [50] Ozone is generated by the action of sea waves on oxygen at the sea-shore with the characteristic smell. [50] Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the enzyme diphosophoglycerate (DPG). [47] It is created by the action of ultraviolet rays on atmospheric oxygen 20 to 30 kilometers from earth?s surface to form the ozone layer. [50] Activated oxygen, as found in peroxide (H202) and ozone (O3), serves as a powerful "oxidant." [52] By utilizing the oxygen in ozone, the damaged tissues, joint, ligaments and tendons can regenerate. [46]

For many patients, the first impression of ozone is its effects in high concentrations in atmospheric air, which can cause problems for people with respiratory issues. [42] When the immune system is under active as in cancer, aids, and chronic infection, ozone will stimulate it. [47] When the immune system is overactive, as an autoimmune disease, ozone will calm down. [47]

When bacteria reacts with ozone, it weakens because the ozone disrupts the cell envelope's integrity by oxidizing the phospholipids and lipoproteins. [48] Therefore, ozone is able to destroy these cells through its oxidative action. [42] Ozone disrupts the integrity of bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. [50] Ozone inhibits tumor metabolism, oxidizes the outer lipid layer of malignant cells and destroys them through cell lysis. [50] Normal healthy cells can not react with ozone or its by-products as they possess a balanced electrical charge and strong enzyme system. [50]

A dose between 30 and 55 ?g/cc. of ozone can result in an increase in tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-2 output in the body. [48] Ozone Sauna A chamber where the body temperature is raised while low gamma concentrations of ozone flows around the body. [51] This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body. [46]

Introducing fresh ozone into your patient's blood begins a chain reaction of healing events that are noticeable immediately. [50] The use of bio-oxidative therapies (ozone) is powerful adjunct to natural healing methods. [52] The first American therapeutic use of ozone was by Dr. John H. Kellogg in ozone steam saunas at his Battle Creek, Michigan sanitarium during the 1880's. [51] Rectal insufflation This is done by introducing ozone with a use of a catheter to be inserted into the rectum. [48]

Ozone may be applied to gum tissue affected by periodontitis as part of treating the disease as well as reducing tooth sensitivity in the area. [42] When ozone is introduced to decayed tooth material or inflamed gum tissue, it can eliminate the source of the oral disease. [42]

In 1983 first International Medical Ozone Association conference was held in Washington. [50] Ozone is able to neutralize 63 different bacteria, 15 viruses, 25 fungi and mold spores and 13 fungal pathogens. [42] The German scientist C. Lender published an article in 1870 under the title "Ozone purifies the blood". [50] The ozone is allowed to mix with the blood for a period of time and then the ozonated blood is then intravenously infused back into the same person. [46]

Since its discovery, over a century ago, ozone as a therapeutic agent has waned in popularity partly due to the development of pharmaceuticals targeting specific conditions. [51] Ozone can be administered in various ways depending on the condition being treated. [51]

During this bonding, some single atoms attach to an already stable oxygen molecule (remember that an oxygen molecule is made up of two oxygen atoms) and it becomes ozone, or O3. [51] Fifteen years later the first municipal ozone plant for drinking water was established in Nice, France. 5 http://www.biozone.com/ozone_history_timeline.html Since then more than 3,000 installations of municipal water plants have been built worldwide including cities such as Paris, Moscow, and London amongst others. [51] Around 1893 ozone was introduced as a water purifier in Oudshoorn, Netherlands. 4 Suchkov BP -June 1964- [51]

Ozone may eliminate the need for antibiotics that are usually prescribed to prevent infection after certain procedures. [42] Ozone as Janus: this controversial gas can be either toxic or medically useful. [51] That?s because before now, it was extremely difficult to find an effective way to introduce Ozone to consumers. [50] Rectal Insufflation is an extremely effective method of ozone administration through the colonic mucosa. [46]

In addition ozone activates Krebs cycle by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate leading to stimulation of production of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) and accordingly more energy on the cellular level. [50] With viruses, ozone harms the protective layer and peroxidation damages the virus-to-cell contact disrupting their reproductive cycle. [48] If administered at a concentration between 30 and 55 ?g/cc., ozone can increase interferon production. [48] The area is injected with this solution and immediately followed with an injection of ozone at the appropriate concentration and volume for the acupoint area being treated. [51] We believe the most practical, affordable way to do this is through something like the HOCATT?s steam sauna, which opens up the transdermal layers of the skin allowing for easy penetration and absorption of Ozone products. [50] For those with a weakened immune system, Ozone will boost the immune system. [46] Ozone is delivered to the limb for a determined amount of time. [51]

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