What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?

What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?
What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important? Image link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Economic_Forum
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  • Sustainability is important because it helps society become self-reliant and it steers us away from utilizing materials that can be harmful to the environment.(More...)
  • The role of business in addressing sustainability challenges has never been more important than it is today.(More...)


  • As a facility manager, you may have heard of different ways to make your facility more sustainable, but have you embraced them yet?(More...)
  • The economic component of sustainability focuses on ensuring the business makes a profit, but also that operations don?t create social or environmental issues that could affect long-term company success.(More...)



Sustainability is important because it helps society become self-reliant and it steers us away from utilizing materials that can be harmful to the environment. [1] Why is sustainability important? This isn't just a million-dollar question, but one that's well worth the future of our planet (and our children's children at that). [2] Now we know why is sustainability important, sustainable living becomes second nature to us. [2] What do you think about sustainable living? We'd be delighted to know about your own take on why is sustainability important. [2] Sustainability is important, because our world may even be lonely after all. [2]

Another important sustainability issue for restaurants are the impacts across their entire value chain, and the types of food products they are purchasing and serving to customers. [3] Sustainability is one of the most important issues currently facing our world. [4] Interdepartmental teams help to break down the silos within an organization and create discussions around important sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by each different department. [3] Develop a comprehensive program to track all important sustainability metrics within the organization. [3] A more-accurate depiction of sustainability is achieved by using concentric circles to symbolize the pillars, with the most important aspect, the Environment, represented by the outer circle. [5] Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment." [6]

Global sustainability is an important issue facing current and future generations. [7] Learn how to analyze earnings sustainability - an important part of making sound investments. [8] The oil and gas industry has an important role in sustainability and achieving a sustainable development. [9]

The role of business in addressing sustainability challenges has never been more important than it is today. [10] An important force behind the growing sustainability movement is the realisation that sustainability leadership can serve as a real source of differentiation, as has been observed with Patagonia, which has earned a large and loyal customer base through its relentless focus on sustainability from product development to innovative campaigns and involvement in sustainability initiatives. [11] "Sustainability, interestingly, it's really important with the young generation," says Levi Strauss's Chip Bergh. [11] Sustainability is important to FedRooms and our partner hoteliers. [12] Here are the top reasons environmental sustainability is inextricably linked with business success today--and why it will become more important every year. [13] BSR's vision for sustainability reporting is the achievement of two important outcomes: informed decision-making by stakeholders (including shareholders) and improved sustainability performance at companies. [10]

The importance of sustainability in food production grew larger in 2018, with 59 percent of people saying it was important that the foods they purchase and consume be produced in a sustainable way, jumping up from 50 percent in 2017. [14] Out of those 59 percent who believe sustainability is important, their top two most important individual factors of sustainability increased significantly over 2017: 33 percent in 2018 said "reducing pesticides" was their top priority, up from 27 percent in 2017, while "ensuring an affordable food supply" increased to 16 percent in 2018 from 10 percent last year. [14] Sustainability in the consumer goods space is particularly important because of the industry?s impact and tangibility. [15] It was clear that helping to implement those practices was important, but I was much more eager to learn about how sustainability had been executed at music festivals than baseball games. [16] "Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for us, and not just for the design of many of our products. [17]

Our Supplier Code of Conduct as well as the "Together for Sustainability" initiative play an important role for the integration and development of sustainability in procurement. [18]

Today, more than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company?s success, and companies develop sustainability strategies, market sustainable products and services, create positions such as chief sustainability officer, and publish sustainability reports for consumers, investors, activists, and the public at large. [19] Sustainability has become more mainstream today with the majority of the Fortune 500 viewing sustainability as important, if not central, to their business strategy, allowing them to reduce costs, minimize risks, attract the best talent, retain and attract customers, and drive innovation and overall growth. [20] The main results of the paper outline that international conferences have become important HEIs? strategies to promote various issues of sustainability, through sharing knowledge, experiences, projects, initiatives and methods. [21] Using less water is an important element of sustainability, especially in areas where water is scarce and restricted. [22] Kristen Howe - Sustainability is certainly an important topic these days. [23] MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group, which have been tracking developments in corporate sustainability for the past eight years, found in their most recent 2017 survey that 90 percent of companies consider a sustainability strategy important to remaining competitive. [20] Will Corporate Sustainability Continue To Be Important? Based on the accolades and initiatives described above, sustainability is alive and well in Corporate America. [20] Why Is Corporate Sustainability Important? So, why has sustainability become a bigger focus in Corporate America over the last decade? For many corporations, the drive was initially cost savings. [20]

You would think that it is already known that ethics is important for sustainability. [24]


As a facility manager, you may have heard of different ways to make your facility more sustainable, but have you embraced them yet? We?re going to give you a few tips and tricks to help you learn more about sustainability. [1] Sustainability not only helps you save money on your costs, but it can have a positive effect on the health of your occupants, and it even contributes to reducing harmful emissions that are detrimental to the environment. [1] Improve Your Recycling: Recycling is one of the backbones to sustainability, and ensuring that the proper things are being recycled helps the wheels of sustainability turn. [1] Directly or indirectly, your decisions after knowing the importance of sustainability can help save life on this planet. [2] With the little that we earn from practicing sustainability, perhaps we can now take a step further to help causes in ending world poverty and hunger. [2]

Sustainability essentially means that everything we need to survive, and thrive, as a society all depends on our natural environment. [1] All we need is love, but I think sustainability isn't far behind. [2]

The second is building internal capacity, resilience, and sufficiency whilst lessening dependence on external resources, which is the essence of sustainability. [25]

Our consulting firm is proud to be a leader in this space by assisting companies that want to realize the numerous social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainability, and the National Restaurant Association?s Conserve program is also a great resource. [3] Over the past several decades, hoteliers have turned their focus to the importance of sustainability in the hospitality industry as it relates to hotel development and operations, including the environmental, economic and social impact. [4] Sustainability for restaurants means operating in a way that protects, preserves or restores the natural environment, promotes social equity, enhances the lives of people and communities and contributes to economic prosperity for shareholders and stakeholders. [3] Sustainability is a buzz word that continues to be thrown around in businesses of all sizes and in all industries, but what exactly does it mean for the restaurant industry? Imagine a restaurant that runs on 100 percent renewable energy, produces no waste, captures and recycles water, supports and helps grow local farms, has a customer line out the door and has local community members eager to get hired. [3]

A supply chain sustainability engagement program can help address issues in the supply chain by collecting information on the current practices of the company?s significant suppliers, and then working with those suppliers to help them implement more sustainable practices and understand the benefits. [3] Many industries are now adopting sustainable manufacturing practices in response to this increased focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. [26] To live a sustainable life and uphold the values of sustainability, recycling must be a step performed in daily life. [6] An understanding of sustainability and recycling and the impacts of living consciously are necessary for the process of leading more meaningful and responsible lives. [6] With a solid understanding of what sustainability and recycling mean, the impact of recycling can now be explored. [6] To get a better grasp on recycling, an understanding of what sustainability means needs to be acquired first. [6] The United Nations, a group of people representing all the countries around the world says that sustainability means "meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." [27] Our planet needs us! Sustainability is a concept new to many people but one that is making the rounds and growing in importance. [28] Next month, leadership from the largest and most impactful restaurant chains in the world will convene at the annual TDn2K Global Best Practices Conference in Dallas, TX. I?m very much looking forward to attending the conference next month and expanding on this article to further communicate the importance and benefits of sustainability in the restaurant industry. [3] Cornell also offers educational programs to inform and drive discussion and critical thinking around significant industry issues like the global challenges of sustainability. [4] Because the topic of sustainability is so broad and all-encompassing, let?s just look at the environmental aspect of sustainability in the restaurant industry. [3] From the environmental standpoint, sustainability in practice describes actions that are taken to continue the life cycle of a behavior, or remove wastefulness from what we do. [28] In the decades that have followed, the emphasis on adopting eco-friendly practices, implementing sustainability measures, and protecting the environment has continued to grow, gaining traction across diverse industries, sectors, and settings -- including the manufacturing world. [26] Realizing true sustainability requires an understanding of the connections between the environment, society and the economy. [5]

Communicating the successes of early sustainability initiatives can motivate employees, keep them engaged in sustainability, create a snowball effect and help build towards a culture of embedded sustainability within the company. [3] Sustainability can also have a major impact on internal stakeholders by helping to recruit top talent, increase employee engagement and help reduce turnover by retaining employees. [3] In their most recent survey report, Winning in the Marketplace and the Workplace, NEEF concludes that a commitment to sustainability positively impacts nearly all dimensions of traditional employee engagement including alignment, pride, discretionary effort and advocacy of the company. [3] Are you making an effort to reach these socially conscious young people? The report also states that consumer brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability outperform those that don?t, growing 4 percent globally compared to less than 1 percent. [3] Producing annual sustainability reports can help communicate your company?s success and help continually evaluate your progress over time. [3] Many sustainability consulting firms offer GHG calculating services, and can also help companies identify GHG reduction opportunities and develop GHG management plans. [3] Services include sustainability strategy development, zero waste planning, GHG emissions calculating and planning, energy/water management, employee engagement and guidance in B Corp, True Zero Waste and carbon neutral certification. [3] Develop a formal program to engage employees in the company?s sustainability efforts. [3] Award programs to recognize and reward sustainability leadership by employees can encourage engagement, and engagement tools such as WeSpire can be very valuable as well. [3] We are a member of the Energy Curtailment Specialists (ECS) program, which has helped us improve how we use energy through various sustainability initiatives. [26] To implement a successful sustainability program, the process typically needs to begin by engaging and receiving input from as many stakeholders as possible. [3] To make sure that future generations enjoy everything that we enjoy today, we need something called "sustainability" in most areas of our lives. [27] Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. [6] Sustainability looks at ways of making sure that these resources last a very long time or even forever - such as the money box that will keep refilling. [27] Recycling, in accordance with sustainability, or even when applied to other aspects of life, has many definitions and ways in which the word is applied to actions. [6] In this definition of sustainability, lies the direct importance of recycling. [6] Unfortunately, the vital role of sustainability and recycling today is often misunderstood. [6] By the very definition of sustainability, recycling is key to making this principle functional and meaningful. [6]

We have developed ten steps that can help guide restaurant businesses that are ready to begin their sustainability journey. [3] "Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. [6] What is Sustainability? sustainable s??st?n?b(?)l/ adjective 1) The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. 2) Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. [5] Sustainability is one of the puzzles that scientists and governments are working together to solve today for everybody?s future. [27] It can be valuable to have this initiative led by an interdepartmental sustainability team consisting of employees from all departments. [3] Sustainability is not just about renewable energy and energy efficiency. [5] Sustainability consultants can be helpful in guiding businesses in this process by bringing forward best practices, new technologies and conducting detailed financial analysis of potential projects. [3] Implementing an effective and authentic sustainability strategy in a large organization is not an easy task. [3] Josh Prigge is founder and CEO at Sustridge, a consulting firm helping organizations become leaders in sustainability. [3]

We must strive to achieve a sustainability state of mind that permeates all aspects of our day-to-day lives in local, national, and international domains. [5] Most major hotel brands have incorporated some level of sustainability platform into their brand definition. [4] In reality there are many pillars required to support true global sustainability. [5] In this area, sustainability means that we ensure local landscapes are not damaged by farming and that we plant enough trees in other places to replace those we have cut down. [27]

That's why sustainable schools are important; we need to give students the educational program, physical place, and organizational culture to encourage the development of environmentally conscious global citizens. [29] If we are to all continue to get along and live happily without running out of the things that we use today, and if people are going to continue to be able to work in some of our most important areas that use and make things, we need new sustainable sources. [27] Recycling is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle and in preserving the resources used by society. [6] Recycling is an important piece in the puzzle of sustainable living and with strong efforts to participate in this action, we can all make a difference in our environment and the resources that we depend on. [6]

As we look toward fulfilling the ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the plan of action for people, planet, and prosperity cannot be met without acknowledging the important connection between educational development and a sustainable learning environment. [29] Politicians, scientists, businesses, and other important people and groups around the world are looking at ways of making this happen so it doesn?t disrupt anyone?s lives. [27] To do that, we've asked some of our Visit.org Ambassadors to tell us why they choose to travel in this way, and why they think it's important for everyone to participate in sustainable tourism activities. [30] Implementing sustainable manufacturing is more important than ever, for many different reasons. [26] Charlie Merchant of Charlie On Travel : Sustainable tourism is important to me because travel shouldn't be harmful. [30] Sustainable travel is about showing we care and I think that's important. [30]

It?s important to start with the development of a comprehensive energy management plan which should include the use of an Energy Management System (EMS) to allow for real-time tracking and monitoring of energy use across facilities. [3] Many of us are aware of the important water security issues facing California and other parts of the country, and recognize that reducing water use is becoming more important to be a responsible business and good neighbor in the community. [3] The resources we use today are important to many areas of our lives including work, transport, schools, government, technology and many more. [27]

These will also be important to people living 10, 50 or 100 years in the future. [27] It?s important to understand the numerous economic benefits of water reduction in restaurants. [3] Recycling is more important to the survivability of humanity that is often accredited to the action. [6] It is important to keep employees and stakeholders informed on this process with constant communication. [3]

Environmental sustainability is essential if we wish to have and continue to have the resources to meet our needs. In the broadest sense of the definition, environmental sustainability involves the entire global ecosystem (oceans, freshwater systems, land and atmosphere). [5] As with environmental sustainability, social sustainability principles can be applied to societies of any size. [5] Economic sustainability takes into account the social and ecological consequences of economic activity. [5] Economic sustainability is about much more than the sustained growth of resources and profit margins. [5] Economic Sustainability is third because a prosperous Economy cannot exist without a healthy and just society. [5]

Don't bite off more than you can chew, but understand the importance of environmental sustainability. [28] It might not be obvious why this is a problem for sustainability at first until we realize just how much we depend on other plants and animals in our lives. [27]

Companies that value sustainability have a strong opportunity to influence the future of business operations and become a leader in their industry. [31] Companies with sustainability at the core of their business strategy readily value innovation in the marketplace. [31] Although there are numerous companies with sustainable strategies in place, numerous business executives are still apprehensive about the benefits of implementing sustainability in their organization. [31] Sustainability is difficult to define and is in basic terms referred to as the process of maintaining a certain level of productivity in an organization, community, etc. It is often used interchangeably, especially in the oil and gas industry, with the term "sustainable development," with the latter being the more accepted of the two. [9] When defined like this, it leads people to think that energy fuels are not part of a sustainable future because sustainability would not be characteristic of nonrenewable resources. [9] Sustainability initiatives will help businesses from a logistical and operational standpoint, as business can be conducted both effectively and efficiency with less resources and higher savings (specifically in terms of energy usage). [31] If the main goal of sustainability and sustainable development is to make sure that the world achieves a balance of economic development, environmental responsibility, and social progress, then there is no way to accomplish this if there are many countries that do not have access to energy to develop, maintain, and improve qualities of life and societal progress. [9] Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental and social - also known informally as profits, planet and people. [8] Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Therefore, stewardship of both natural and human resources is of prime importance. [32]

In the meantime, the industry can work now in trying to improve all areas of sustainability and their impact on the environment, economy, and society. [9] It also led to an agreement to develop sustainable development goals, as well as having strengthened the UN Environment program, but also, more importantly for the oil and gas industry, promoted sustainability reporting and integration, along with making a commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. [9]

Companies embracing sustainability are succeeding, making sustainable investing worthwhile. [8] More importantly, however, is the fact that companies dedicated to sustainability and social values are much more likely to retain their employee base, as studies have indicated higher rates of work satisfaction and loyalty. [31] Companies that value sustainability will systematically foster positive brand awareness, commercial appeal, and brand perception. [31] In the past, companies have initiated sustainability strategies in order to avoid regulatory fines. [31] As evidenced above, there are numerous reasons for companies to engage in sustainability. [31]

When a large company such as Walmart commits to sustainability, producers and suppliers worldwide who supply WalMart must report on their business practices. [8] Sustainable business practices have taken the forefront in the national conversation about sustainability. [31]

A common philosophy among sustainable agriculture practitioners is that a "healthy" soil is a key component of sustainability; that is, a healthy soil will produce healthy crop plants that have optimum vigor and are less susceptible to pests. [32] Green Gauge uses a variety of criteria such as energy and water usage, building material sustainability, indoor air quality, site walkability and landscape ecology in order to determine how "green" a home is. [33] Use of quality germplasm to improve herd performance is another key to sustainability. [32] The EURO STOXX Sustainability Index measures the financial performance. [8]

Management decisions that promote sustainability, nourish the environment, the community and the individual. [32] Sustainability encourages businesses to frame decisions in terms of years and decades rather than on the next quarter's earnings report and to consider more factors than simply the profit or loss involved. [8] Sustainability tends to be narrower in its definition and application toward certain aspects and is often used in conjunction with sustaining renewable resources. [9] Make a difference by investing in sustainability or creating a sustainable business. [8]

There are now four dimensions of sustainable development: economic development, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and good governance including peace and security. [9] OAK CREEK -- IKEA, which was founded in 1943 and now has 416 stores internationally, believes in and practices environmental sustainability and social responsibility. [34]

Equally important are the environmental, social, and economic impacts of a particular strategy. [32] Another important series of events were the Earth Summits (also known as the United Nations Conferences on Sustainable Development or Rio +5, +10, etc.) held by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social affairs. [9]

To be more sustainable over the long-term, labor must be acknowledged and supported by government policies, recognized as important constituents of land grant universities, and carefully considered when assessing the impacts of new technologies and practices. [32] Educating land use planners and decision-makers about sustainable agriculture is an important priority. [32] It is important to realize that each small decision can make a difference and contribute to advancing the entire system further on the "sustainable agriculture continuum." [32]

The most important of these events were the Brundtland Commission and subsequent report (Our Common Future) published in 1987 that defined the term sustainable development. [9] Energy fuels can be included because they are an important source of wealth and creation and to human well-being. [9] Determining the optimal use of farm-generated by-products is an important challenge of diversified farming. [32] These coalitions or other public forums can be important vehicles for clarifying issues, suggesting new policies, increasing mutual trust, and encouraging a long-term view of food production, distribution and consumption. [32] With an older generation of workers leaving the workforce, it will be important to appeal to one of the largest generation of workers today. [31] The concept has since expanded and become increasingly important to the oil and gas industry. [9] During that transition, "the oil and gas industry has an important role to play in managing its operations safely and in reducing emissions, discharges and ecological impact while providing energy at a reasonable cost." [9]

The push for sustainability is evident in areas such as energy generation where the focus has been on finding new deposits to outpace the drawdown on existing reserves. [8] Accounting for sustainability involves linking sustainability initiatives to company strategy, evaluating risks and opportunities, and providing measurement, accounting and performance management skills to ensure that sustainability is embedded into the day-to-day operations of the company. [35]

Corporate sustainability refers to corporations delivering goods and services in a sustainable manner. [8] More often than not, when people hear the term corporate sustainability, large businesses usually come to mind. [31] Everblue's corporate sustainability training was created to educate individuals from all backgrounds on the theories and values of corporate responsibility. [31]

We believe that the sustainability function should reimagine its future in four main ways: as the creator of value for companies, as futurists, as change agents, and as coalition builders. [10] As more clients, consumers, and employees demand companies that care about and for the environment, sustainability has rapidly become a key indicator of future success. [13] Sustainability is a topic of increasing importance, as we learn more about our impact on the environment and as consumers grow increasingly concerned about the sustainability of companies and organizations. [36] Fashion companies have started to embrace the importance of sustainability, with 42 out of 100 fashion brands in 2017 disclosing supplier information. [11] Many of our clients are also committed to sustainability as a business value, and they?re some of the most successful companies in their fields. [13] We believe the best response to this situation is not to continue integrating sustainability into company strategy, but to develop a completely new way of designing business strategy and creating value. [10] We need to focus primarily on how sustainability supports growth--how does solving major sustainability challenges create new revenue opportunities for the company? This means integrating the global Sustainable Development Goals into business planning and ensuring that sustainability teams are focused on business development. [10] The increased attention generated by global sustainability challenges in recent years--everything from the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights--has significantly increased the pool of leaders in the private sector capable of and willing to rise to this challenge. [10]

We need new tools and approaches that prioritize and measure the impact of sustainability in a language that resonates with business. [10] This makes good sense, as we believe that it is the core of business that presents the greatest opportunity to mitigate sustainability risks and maximize the positive impact of business. [10] How will our coastal cities recover faster from the next hurricane? What?s needed to help cities cope with rising sea levels? What do we build right now to prepare for future disasters? This is all part of the sustainability discussion, and business is a big part of it. [13] We?ve been pushed to deeply investigate our own organization with an eye for long-term sustainability and have the expertise and experience to help build resiliency for your future state. [13]

The traditional definition of sustainability calls for policies and strategies that meet society?s present economic, social and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. [37] We need to emphasize long-term value creation and find ways to move beyond short-term performance pressures that can prevent progress on sustainability. [10] As the commercial advantages become apparent, a dedicated group of sustainability champions will lead the way, showing the fashion industry how to drive innovation and value by integrating sustainability across the entire value chain. [11] As fashion's focus shifts to a circular economy, in 2018 sustainability will evolve from being a menu of fragmented initiatives to being an integral and defining part of the entire fashion value chain. [11]

I am a Visiting Professor of Management Practice at Sa Business School, University of Oxford, and author of several books on integrated reporting, sustainability and the role of business in society. [38] Understanding Sustainability & Chemistry?s Role - American Chemical Society × Your browser is looking a little out of date. [37] Explore the resources on this page to learn more about chemistry?s role in sustainability. [37]

For many years, the NFL has been sponsoring an environmental program to reduce the environmental impact of the Super Bowl and other games, and improve its overall sustainability. [36] The MLB supports sustainability by sponsoring volunteer efforts and a number of discrete programs designed to reduce energy consumption, produce renewable energy, recycle waste, and support local communities. [36]

Just as we think about long-term sustainability in terms of business models, succession planning and leadership development, our interactions with the natural world are equally vital to long-term success. [13] The "know and show" model in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights also provides an excellent conceptual foundation for legal and regulatory frameworks for other due diligence and disclosures on sustainability. [10] The era of stand-alone sustainability strategies, with subsequent integration of sustainability into company strategy, needs to end; the creation of resilient business strategies that take sustainability as their foundation needs to begin. [10] The creation and implementation of resilient business strategies will require new types of executive leadership that support organizational leadership on sustainability issues. [10] The creation of resilient business strategies that embrace sustainability requires that boards play a much more significant role in the sustainable business agenda. [10] The creation and implementation of resilient business strategies will also require an overhaul of the sustainability function. [10]

We believe that companies can be bolder in developing a point of view on the company law and regulatory frameworks that are needed to achieve sustainability and be more proactive in advocating for that point of view. [10] Companies can fulfill the purpose of sustainability reporting by deploying a model based on two simple ideas: a triangular reporting framework that targets different types of information at different report users and a much closer connection between "numbers" and "narrative." [10] Many companies continue to struggle to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, governance, and management structures. [10] It builds on interviews with 50 senior sustainability leaders at member companies and our 2017 survey with GlobeScan on the State of Sustainable Business. [10] It focuses on how sustainability is implemented inside companies. [10] In sum, 2018 will bring to fruition the "next level" of sustainability and offer the potential of a competitive advantage for fashion companies who embrace it fully. [11] Depth : The strengthening of expertise on a wide range of sustainability topics--from climate change and human rights to privacy and labor standards--has significantly increased expectations for the level of detail and sophistication provided by companies in their communications. [10]

If your organization is in need of analysis or support on long-term sustainability and readiness for success, please contact us. [13] Sustainability teams need to be story-makers, not storytellers, yet too often reporting reduces bandwidth for half the year and prevents us from doing our job. [10]

As consumer attention on sustainability issues increases, sustainability leaders can use their advantage to promote revenue growth. [11] After recently celebrating its 100 th anniversary, the NHL released a sustainability report with Connecticut-based Scrum50, and uses a Declaration of Principles to support a more positive, respectful, and inclusive hockey culture. [36] The third annual Sustainability in Education report from NUS showed that one-third of respondents reported sustainability as a strategic priority for the institution they work at. [39]

Another player in this movement is the Danish Fashion Institute, whose Global Fashion Agenda raises awareness on sustainability in the fashion industry. [11] LONDON, United Kingdom -- Sustainability will be at the centre of innovation in the fashion industry in 2018, with front-runners harnessing the circular economy to unlock technical innovations, efficiencies, and mission orientation. [11] The industry's growing focus on sustainability is also being driven by passionate industry pioneers. [11]

Future State's Michael Gregor shares four of the top reasons why success + sustainability are inextricably linked. [13] They committed to nurturing sustainability literate graduates and prepared students for future employment and citizenship. [39]

In order to achieve sustainability, social frameworks should be implemented through every stage of education. [39] Emphasize long-term value creation over sustainability oversight and performance scrutiny. [10] Costanza, Gianni, and I are now working on a paper that will evaluate on a performance basis the extent to which the private sector in the U.S. is currently contributing to the SDGs using ESG performance measures from TruValue Labs, a big data sustainability company. [38]

Universities should help their respective local communities with funding for activities and facilities to achieve sustainability. [39] Leverage our Market Insight Advice to help improve sustainability at your institution. [39]

Recruit board members with expertise to understand the strategic implications of sustainability issues. [10] We reach this conclusion using a methodology based on mapping the material ESG issues identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) for its 79 industries aggregated into 10 sectors to the SDGs. [38] Sustainability practices inherently explore solutions that resolve complex problems from a variety of angles. [40] A next-level focus on sustainability has the potential to drive technical and process innovation, strengthen the bottom line by means of radical process reengineering, and improve transparency and risk management. [11] As the commercial advantages become apparent, a dedicated group of sustainability champions will lead the way. [11] Discover ways to incorporate sustainability concepts into chemical education. [37]

Let's recognize why making the shift toward sustainability is so notable for sports brands, in particular. [36] In addition to incorporating sustainability into the end-to-end processes and product lifecycle, H&M has defined the brand concept around longevity, with an emphasis on enduring design and quality. [11]

Embracing sustainability benefits all involved students, communities, staff, and society. [39]

NHL Green, a branch of the NHL, works to support sustainable innovation and community development by protecting natural resources and improving environmental sustainability, specifically. [36] These disruptions are especially challenging for sustainability reporting because they run counter to the prevailing view that companies also need to focus on the sustainability issues that matter the most and reduce the length of sustainability reports. [10]

Since the material ESG issues vary by industry (e.g., access to medicine is material for a pharmaceutical company but irrelevant to a chemical company where carbon emissions is material), it follows that any given industry will be more important to some SDGs than others. [38] The next generation of university students may be doctors, politicians, or even educators themselves in the not too distant future, but it is important not to lose sight of building their social foundations. [39] It is important to note that when Stuart began investing for social impact with financial returns it was a fringe idea, and prudent investors like Stuart have been critical to evolving these investment strategies and bringing the idea of impact investing into the mainstream. [41]

The essence of sustainable business is ensuring positive outcomes for society, and the business voice in critical debates is an important tool that companies have at their disposal. [10] The role of higher education in developing student knowledge and key skills is well known but it is also important to influence student character and morals. [39] We have also shown that the healthcare sector is the single most important one for achieving the SDGs, followed by resource transformation, consumption, and non-renewable resources (all three of which are about the same). [38] In a recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review Professor Costanza Consolandi of the University of Siena and I have identified the three industries which are most important for each SDG based on an analysis at the SDG level. [38]

Companies have an important role to play in the public debate as well. [10]

Although it?s not always the first strategic consideration that comes to mind, environmental sustainability is a critical component of a comprehensive plan for future success. [13]

Sustainability is often described as being made up of the three components of environmental, social, and economic needs, collectively referred to as the "triple-bottom line". [42] With our members, government agencies, communities, and other stakeholders, AF&PA employs advanced practices that benefit the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. [43] Opportunities for improving the pavement sustainability pavement life cycle and have the potential to deliver tremendous economic, environmental, and social benefits. [42]

Join movements: While it can be daunting to transition energy sourcing, manufacturing inputs, transportation methods, and other environmental levers, working with partners that have extensive experience and industry expertise is a powerful way to leapfrog your brand into full-blown sustainability. [15] In today?s world, consumers are evermore conscious of the impact the products they buy have on environmental systems; therefore, it's essential to the long term success of any consumer brand to invest in sustainability. [15] This shows us that, despite widespread acknowledgement of the importance of sustainability monitoring, most brands don?t deploy actionable analysis to truly improve environmental performance. [15] To date, over 80 percent of companies indexed in the S&P 500 report on sustainability ; however, less than a quarter included data-driven metrics, and more than half used generic language to discuss criteria and performance. [15] Unlike the energy sector, consumers interact directly with the products they purchase, which poses a risk for companies with poor sustainability performance. [15]

For the people pushing sustainability forward, the ability to use this platform created by sports allows them to reach people who might not normally be exposed to sustainable ideas. [16] Prior to the rating?s existence, there was no way to evaluate sustainable outcomes either in funds that are consciously incorporating sustainability into their investment approach or in those that do not. [44] New ways of connecting sustainability and sports are coming up every year, and learning about how these events have been made more sustainable is exciting. [16] Listed below are just a few examples of the benefits of being more sustainable with regard to the three pillars of sustainability. [42] Sustainable funds generally have excellent Morningstar Sustainability Ratings. [44] More than 75% of sustainable funds have an average Morningstar Sustainability Rating TM of 4 or 5 globes over the past 12 months. [44]

Trailing behind, 39 percent of people said sustainability impacts their purchase choice. [14] Since sustainability is a broad systems characteristic encompassing virtually every impact a system has, most pavement features and qualities can be argued to support sustainability goals in one way or another. [42] Build a brand around sustainability : An excellent way to build consumer goodwill from the start is to create a brand based on the values of sustainability. [15] Essentially, you can build consumer loyalty and advocacy by putting values first and showcasing your commitment to sustainability via your core messaging. [15]

Here?s an introduction to what everyone in the packaging industry needs to know about on-pack sustainability messaging. [45] In 2011, our members pledged to improve the sustainability of their practices through the Better Practices, Better Planet 2020 initiative, which contains the most extensive collection of quantifiable sustainability goals for a major U.S. manufacturing industry. [43] The Sustainability Consortium reported that over 2,000 suppliers collectively generating over $200 billion annually used the organization?s Key Performance Indicators to communicate their sustainability initiatives to retailers. [15] Together with our members, AF&PA remains committed to sustainability and to advancing our industry's performance on some of the most pressing sustainability issues of our time. [43]

Tools are available to assess pavement sustainability that also help decision makers understand the trade-offs and identify unintended consequences. [42] This summer I was able to work with the City of Eugene on a grant they received from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) to help create a framework for responsible events. [16]

Many people mistakenly refer to these as the "recycling numbers," including some working in packaging and sustainability. [45] With overwhelming amounts of information available online, people are ever more conscious of the products they buy and, with mobile applications like GoodGuide, it is easier than ever for consumers to access sustainability information at the point of sale. [15]

While Walmart?s aggressive sustainability actions are good for the planet, the company?s CEO, Doug McMillon says they are also good for business. [15] Measure impact and set targets: The first step to tackling sustainability is to gather robust data on your strengths and weaknesses. [15] The technology company Continental is continuously increasing the importance of sustainability within the Purchasing function. [17] To select and evaluate its suppliers, the Hanover-based company undertook a multi-stage selection process before commissioning the service provider Eco Vadis to conduct a continuous sustainability evaluation of existing and potential suppliers on the basis of standardized questionnaires. [17]

Therefore, it?s essential for companies to "walk-the-walk? when it comes to sustainability. [15] Recyclable packaging can be low-hanging fruit for companies looking to set sustainability goals. [45]

This is turning sustainability into a major selection and further development criterion in the company?s dealings with suppliers. [17] In Corporate Purchasing at Continental, one of the roles of the Sustainability Management is to coordinate all these sustainability activities in the supply chain. [17] The retail giant actually contributed to the formation of the Sustainability Consortium, encourages its suppliers to use the Consortium?s Sustainability Index, and sets hard sustainability targets. [15] I?m looking forward to utilizing sports in my future sustainability experiences. [16] Brands that champion sustainability will not only be rewarded with consumer loyalty and goodwill, but can also carve out a competitive advantage as a purpose-driven leader and contribute to building a better world. [15] This progress is showcased in AF&PA's 2018 Sustainability Report, released today. [43] To download our 2018 Sustainability Report, view a video of highlights, and get more details on the industry's sustainability progress, visit sustainability.afandpa.org. [43]

Therefore, market forces should be the primary drivers of sustainability initiatives. [43] In order to enhance sustainability within the supply chain, several chemical companies joined forces in the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. [18] We introduced this methodology to the industry initiative "Together for Sustainability" and it was adopted as an industry standard. [18]

In Purchasing, we have also started to increase the priority for sustainable action with our most important raw material suppliers and service providers for freight and capital expenditure," said Nikolai Setzer, who is in charge of Corporate Purchasing and the Tire division in the Executive Board of Continental AG. "The efforts are enormous as we have to cover a couple of hundreds companies currently supplying to our locations. [17] Sustainable funds are often grouped with so-called "socially conscious" or "values-based" funds, but there are important differences between these types of funds. [44] Once you have determined the recyclability of your package, it?s important to give consumers clear, concise recycling instructions. [45]

Not only is maintaining consumer trust an important reason to make sure that you have accurate end-of-life labeling on your packaging, but you could also be putting your company at legal risk if the labeling is misleading or inaccurate. [45] The roadway network is not only important to the nation's overall economic vitality by providing for the movement of freight and commodities, but it also provides societal benefits as well (e.g., access to schools, services, and work; leisure travel; and general mobility). [42] Even most compostable products and packaging are only designed to compost in an industrial composting setting, and it?s important to make sure that the claims on package don?t imply to the consumer that if they throw the package out into the environment that it will simply "go away." [45]

The economic component of sustainability focuses on ensuring the business makes a profit, but also that operations don?t create social or environmental issues that could affect long-term company success. [20] "Sustainability is often presented as an integration of economic, environmental, and social factors that work together to protect the interests of future generations." [20] There are three interconnected spheres of sustainability that describe the relationships between the environmental, economic, and social aspects of our world. [23] When good business practices are combined with the social and environmental aspects of sustainability, you can still have a positive result that is for the greater good of humanity. [23] Instead of waiting for a market shift to create incentives for sustainable practices, companies are creating those shifts to enable new forms of business sustainability. [19] Therefore, the initial indication is that although U.S. companies may face less pressure to be more sustainable in the current political climate, the majority will continue their sustainability efforts for more reasons than one, including the fact that the majority of their workforce and global customer base demands it today. [20] "Sustainable intensification of agriculture for human prosperity and global sustainability". [46] Real sustainability is a property of a system. 7 For example, the notion of an energy company installing a wind farm and calling itself sustainable makes no empirical sense. [19] In general, sustainable components for new development would fall under the same categories as sustainability in its overall context. [23] In this way, sustainability becomes much like any other business threat, where market expectations change and technological developments advance, leaving certain industries to adapt or face demise while others rise to fill their place. [19] Sustainability is the new business model that could ensure that everything we do is done in the best way possible for the long term. [23] Al Iannuzzi, senior director of Worldwide Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability for Johnson & Johnson (#8 on the Forbes list for 2017) has stated, "Johnson & Johnson has long been a champion of environmentally friendly business practices, incorporating them into Our Credo as far back as 1943. [20] To meet this demand, the percentage of business schools that require students to take a course dedicated to business and society increased from 34 percent in 2001 to 79 percent in 2011, and specific academic programs on business sustainability can now be found in 46 percent of the top 100 U.S. master of business administration (MBA) programs. [19] When answering that question, 60 percent of companies with revenues greater than $1 billion said the current administration will have "no impact" on their sustainability strategy and they will move "full speed ahead," while 34 percent said, "It will slow us down but not stop us." [20] People need to realize that everything we do in this world has an impact on sustainability. [23] While business sustainability has been going mainstream, the world has witnessed unprecedented human impacts on the natural environment that threaten the viability of life on Earth. [19] Using the Z-squared approach to sustainability, we can minimize our impacts to the environment. [23] With our recently announced Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals, we?re going further than ever before to integrate sustainability into our day-to-day work, while reducing our impact on the earth." [20] The three spheres of sustainability encompass many concepts which explain how decisions and actions can have an impact on the overall sustainability of our world. [23]

In 2014, we launched McDonald?s Global Sustainability Framework, which established our 2020 aspirational goals across a series of social and environmental topics in pillars we called Food, Planet and Sourcing. [47] To be sure, companies are already disclosing numerous sustainability indicators through established standards, such as the globally recognized Global Reporting Initiative or Carbon Disclosure Project. [19] When insurance companies apply sustainability pressures on the firm, the issue becomes one of risk management. [19] While corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one response to such pressures, companies have sought to improve competitive positioning by linking sustainability and corporate strategy. [19] Social sustainability is based on the concept that a decision or project promotes the betterment of society. [23] Failing to put emphasis on the social part of decision or action can result in the slow collapse of the spheres of sustainability (and society as well). [23] One great example of social sustainability is the passing of the Clean Water Act in 1972 (and amendments in 1977) and the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1974. [23]

Efforts toward more sustainable agriculture are supported in the sustainability community, however, these are often viewed only as incremental steps and not as an end. [46] Corporations rethink their business strategies to play a stronger role in guiding the sustainability of the systems of which they are a part. [19] Market pressures bring sustainability to business attention through core management channels and functions. [19] The first phase of business sustainability, what we at the University of Michigan?s Erb Institute call "enterprise integration," is founded on a model of business responding to market shifts to increase competitive positioning by integrating sustainability into preexisting business considerations. [19] By contrast, the next phase of business sustainability, what we call "market transformation," is founded on a model of business transforming the market. [19] In its first incarnation, business sustainability represents a market shift. [19] Framed in such terms, much of the specific language of sustainability recedes and is replaced by standard business logic. [19]

This is a major move, as according to the Sustainability Consortium, the supply chain of today is responsible for 60 percent of all GHG emissions, 80 percent of all water use, and 66 percent of tropical deforestation. [20] Another U.S.-based company that has a major focus on sustainability includes Walmart, which announced earlier this year an initiative to remove one gigaton (equal to one billion tons) of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from its supply chain by 2030. [20] The successful company can perform this translation process and integrate sustainability into its existing structures and strategies. [19]

When it comes to describing sustainability in our world, we need to be concerned about three main areas of influence. [23] Sustainability can be broadly defined as "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". [23] Great work! However, achieving sustainability agenda then public procurement need to be reformed so that it encompasses the sustainability component and SDGs. [23]

Although U.S. companies are facing less political pressure to continue their sustainability efforts, they will continue to do so in response to workforce and customer demands. [20] Whirlpool and others expect those concerns to continue to grow. 4 One signal of this growth is the LOHAS consumers (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), a segment that considers environmental attributes in purchasing decisions and was estimated to be a $355 billion market in the United States in 2016 and a $546 billion market worldwide. [19] Sustainability affects overall production, which must increase to meet the increasing food and fiber requirements as the world's human population expands to a projected 9.3 billion people by 2050. [46] Sustainability laws, policies, programs MUST be implemented not just by citizens and not just by countries, but by international organizations and megabusinesses. [23] We can no longer allow large, private organizations to run rampant in countries and areas of the world where sustainability is not yet a key operating principle. [23]

Long-term experiments have provided some of the best data on how various practices affect soil properties essential to sustainability. [46] There may be some techniques of farming that are inherently in conflict with the concept of sustainability, but there is widespread misunderstanding on effects of some practices. [46] Monoculture, a method of growing only one crop at a time in a given field, is a very widespread practice, but there are questions about its sustainability, especially if the same crop is grown every year. [46] "Agricultural sustainability and intensive production practices". [46]

To help flesh this out, we can conceive this sustainability revolution as proceeding from two initial phases. [19] The way that crops are sold must be accounted for in the sustainability equation. [46] Some examples of a lack of sustainability in fashion include the water waste produced by the denim industry, and Singapore?s 150,000 tons of textile and leather waste. [48] Keep in mind that when only the economic aspects of something are considered, it may not necessarily promote true sustainability. [23] The use of available city space (e.g., rooftop gardens, community gardens, garden sharing, and other forms of urban agriculture ) for cooperative food production may be able to contribute to sustainability. 51 A recent idea (2014) is to create large, urban, technical facilities for Vertical farming. [46] It can be noticed a high interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary character of these events, illustrated by the multitude of promoted topics and participation, but also an increasing interest to actively involve stakeholders in discussing and promoting sustainability and sustainable development. [21]

Surveys show that 88 percent of business school students think that learning about social and environmental issues in business is a priority, and 67 percent want to incorporate environmental sustainability into their future jobs. [19] Nearly three-quarters of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided with opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues, and 70 percent would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to important issues. [20] It?s important that we listen to our stakeholders so that we can address the social and environmental priorities that matter the most, collaborate to drive action, ensure transparency and strengthen continued dialogue over time. [47]

It is the second most important nutrient for plant after nitrogen, 16 and is often a limiting factor. 17 It is important for sustainable agriculture as it can improve soil fertility and crop yields. 18 Phosphorus is involved in all major metabolic processes including photosynthesis, energy transfer, signal transduction, macromolecular biosynthesis, and respiration. [46] Going organic is an important part of sustainable gardening. [22]

Most of the important health and environmental laws were passed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. [23]

What Is Corporate Sustainability? Sustainability can have different meanings to different people, but it is often presented as an integration of economic, environmental, and social factors that work together to protect the interests of future generations. [20] For many people in the business world, economic sustainability or growth their main focal point. [23] Corporate sustainability is a business approach that embraces opportunities and manages risks derived from those three factors. [20] Despite the current political climate, business leaders commitment to corporate sustainability appears to be on track both in the U.S. and globally. [20]

According to a 2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study According to the GreenBiz 2017 Green Economy survey of more than 400 large companies who answered the question, "What impact will the changes in the U.S. presidency and Congress have on your company?s sustainability strategy?" -- the support for sustainability at the corporate level should continue. [20] Similar to environmental sustainability, economic sustainability involves creating economic value out of whatever project or decision you are undertaking. [23] Economic sustainability means that decisions are made in the most equitable and fiscally sound way possible while considering the other aspects of sustainability. [23]

Using our Scale for Good plays an important role in the Velocity Growth Plan, and is right at the heart of our values. [47]

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