What Is Sustainability? Sustainable Business

What Is Sustainability? Sustainable Business
What is Sustainability? Sustainable Business Image link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_management_in_Greater_Mexico_City
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  • Are you interested in greening your business?(More…)
  • Businesses that thrive in the future will be those that figure out how to harness these changes to address real human needs–placing sustainability at the heart of business strategy.(More…)
  • Join the Sustainable Business Program to demonstrate your commitment to a strong, proactive approach to environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic vitality for Longmont.(More…)
  • Tony Gourlay, CEO of Global Initiatives, said, ” DSM Singapore is a leading example of a company that prioritizes the responsibility of businesses to address the challenges posed by global megatrends and puts great effort into working with the right people and organizations to realize their business and sustainability goals.”(More…)
  • As businesses become more aware of the need to be sustainable, being green will be the future, and professionals need to help companies with marketing sustainable business practices.(More…)
  • To further extend the reach and impact of the summits, we launched our first Sustainable Business & Finance survey, which was completed by nearly 400 investors and corporate executives, and published two white papers : “Seizing the Opportunity: How Industry Can Lead a New Era of Sustainable Development” and “The Business of a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Canada.”(More…)


  • The practice of stakeholder engagement emerged to help companies build greater trust with societal groups that might negatively affect the delivery and success of their business strategies in a material way.(More…)



Are you interested in greening your business? NJDEP’s Office of Sustainability has developed a series of Sustainable Business Guides to encourage NJ businesses to adopt sustainable practices, and reduce their environmental impact. [1] The creation of resilient business strategies that embrace sustainability requires that boards play a much more significant role in the sustainable business agenda. [2]

We need to focus primarily on how sustainability supports growth–how does solving major sustainability challenges create new revenue opportunities for the company? This means integrating the global Sustainable Development Goals into business planning and ensuring that sustainability teams are focused on business development. [2] The increased attention generated by global sustainability challenges in recent years–everything from the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights–has significantly increased the pool of leaders in the private sector capable of and willing to rise to this challenge. [2]

BSR has launched a new Sustainable Futures Lab, which will enable foresight-driven engagement with a broad spectrum of changes across various domains that are reshaping the context for business and sustainability. [3]

We live in an age of major public debates of huge significance to sustainable business, such as the future of privacy in the age of big data, the future of work in the age of automation, and a changing energy system needed to tackle climate change. [2] The sustainable business movement has focused much of its attention on ensuring that environmental, social, and governance issues have been integrated into business strategies and operations. [2] Create resilient business strategies, governance, and management approaches that ensure achievement of sustainable business goals. [2] We have outlined this approach in great detail in our report, Redefining Sustainable Business: Management for a Rapidly Changing World. [3] While the nature of company engagement in these venues is often quite different, the common thread is being more assertive in developing a point of view on the importance of sustainable business models and more confident in communicating that perspective in external forums. [2]

He routinely works with companies of all sizes around the topic of sustainable business practices and each year he takes students to study abroad in Scandinavia to meet with sustainability leaders from companies such as Unilver, Siemens, Akzo Nobel and Ikea. [4] On an episode of Business Insider’s ” The Bottom Line,” Hollender said that sustainability is about more than the environment, and that sustainable business practices are good for business. [5]

Businesses that thrive in the future will be those that figure out how to harness these changes to address real human needs–placing sustainability at the heart of business strategy. [3] We believe the best response to this situation is not to continue integrating sustainability into company strategy, but to develop a completely new way of designing business strategy and creating value. [2] We need new tools and approaches that prioritize and measure the impact of sustainability in a language that resonates with business. [2] This should include areas where sustainability issues have converged with business issues and where new topics have emerged, and it should allow for the reinvention of sustainability to meet the needs of a new reality. [3] This makes good sense, as we believe that it is the core of business that presents the greatest opportunity to mitigate sustainability risks and maximize the positive impact of business. [2] The “know and show” model in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights also provides an excellent conceptual foundation for legal and regulatory frameworks for other due diligence and disclosures on sustainability. [2] The role of business in addressing sustainability challenges has never been more important than it is today. [2] The era of stand-alone sustainability strategies, with subsequent integration of sustainability into company strategy, needs to end; the creation of resilient business strategies that take sustainability as their foundation needs to begin. [2] Helping companies navigate the emerging world means building and contributing to resilient business strategies, not simply integrating sustainability into business strategies built by others. [3] The creation and implementation of resilient business strategies will require new types of executive leadership that support organizational leadership on sustainability issues. [2] The creation and implementation of resilient business strategies will also require an overhaul of the sustainability function. [2]

It is time for business and other partners to embrace new issues, new ways of pursuing sustainability, and a new–and more assertive–voice. [3] These conditions create three big issue sets that we believe need to be front and center on the business agenda–not only for sustainability reasons, but because these questions will be increasingly central to business performance. [3]

In 2017, we collaborated on several sustainable financing firsts: the first loan linking the interest rate to the borrower?s sustainability performance and rating (the better the rating, the lower the rate); the first green hybrid bond ever, raising EUR 1 billion to fund wind energy in the Netherlands and Germany; and the UK?s first green bond in the public utilities sector (water). [6] Pass along our Sustainability Infographics to inspire others to take a first step towards a sustainable future. [1]

This can include policy, but also business practices that can support sustainable development. [2] Instead of waiting for a market shift to create incentives for sustainable practices, companies are creating those shifts to enable new forms of business sustainability. [7] This report provides a guide for sustainability practitioners to create resilient business strategies, governance, and management so that their companies are fit for a disruptive world. [3] The report draws upon insights from multiple sources, including: lessons learned from thousands of projects with hundreds of BSR member companies, 50 detailed interviews with sustainability leaders, results of the 2017 BSR/GlobeScan Survey on the State of Sustainable Business, and a review of key literature. [8] The awards celebrate companies which are leading the way in sustainable business by instilling sustainability into their long-term business strategy. [9] The Sustainable Business Awards, which is the region?s leading sustainability awards, showcases the most innovative and impactful sustainable practices and green solutions among organizations in the country. [9] For more information or questions about the Sustainable Business Program, please contact our Economic Sustainability Specialist. [10] The Sustainable Business program falls under the Sustainability Plan adopted in 2016. [10] City staff, in collaboration with sustainability partners, will provide one-on-one assistance to implement sustainable business practices at no cost to the business. [10]

In a dramatic shift the fastest growing environmental issue in 2018 is sustainable business practices. [11] The definition of sustainability in business evolved quickly — the topic in executive suites now covers a wide range of issues that address how a company navigates environmental and social challenges. [12] Surveys show that 88 percent of business school students think that learning about social and environmental issues in business is a priority, and 67 percent want to incorporate environmental sustainability into their future jobs. [7]

My company works with 7,000 companies each year, from single-person shops to Fortune 500 brands, all of whom have made sustainability core to their business model. [13] To meet ever-rising expectations, and drive business value, companies will set more and more aggressive sustainability goals. [12] For other companies, sustainability means answering hard questions about the how and why of their business practices that could have a serious, if gradual, impact on their operations. [14] The importance of sustainability and its impact on business practices has become undeniable. [4] In an interview with Business Insider Editor-at-Large Sara Silverstein on an episode of ” The Bottom Line,” Hollender defined sustainability as “a systematic approach to thinking about the total impact a business has on the planet, as well as society.” [5] In this way, sustainability becomes much like any other business threat, where market expectations change and technological developments advance, leaving certain industries to adapt or face demise while others rise to fill their place. [7] Sustainability encompasses the entire supply chain of a business, requiring accountability from the primary level, through the suppliers, all the way to the retailers. [14] Green Building Law Update is published by attorney Stuart Kaplow as a resource on sustainability and environmental law for the business community,. not just for lawyers. [11] He is the principal at the Baltimore law firm that bears his name, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. where he represents a broad breadth of business interests concentrating in real estate and environmental law with focused experience in sustainability and green building. [11]

We don?t disclose clients, but in recent months we have added to our sustainability practice, including clients that range from a large agricultural business to a retailer and an apparel firm to another law firm as well as cannabis industry members and a pharmaceutical company. [11] Businesses around the world are shifting to conserver-based cultures, and a focus on sustainability appears to be a necessity for successful business models moving forward. [4] In practical terms, all the strategies under sustainability have been co-opted from other business movements like Kaizen, community engagement, the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), talent acquisition and so on. [14] Or maybe it’s something more basic: maybe we all need reminders now and then on why we’re in this business of sustainability in the first place. [15] Market pressures bring sustainability to business attention through core management channels and functions. [7] Drobny is a lecturer on sustainability and corporate responsibility at Ohio State University?s Fisher College of Business. [4] Corporations rethink their business strategies to play a stronger role in guiding the sustainability of the systems of which they are a part. [7] A group of high -profile business leaders offered their thoughts on the sustainability agenda right here at HBR (I am also an adviser to that effort). [12] A former Department of Justice deputy told a state bar group this month, “voluntary business sustainability is “the? fastest growing area of environmental law and maybe among all law practice areas.” [11] To meet this demand, the percentage of business schools that require students to take a course dedicated to business and society increased from 34 percent in 2001 to 79 percent in 2011, and specific academic programs on business sustainability can now be found in 46 percent of the top 100 U.S. master of business administration (MBA) programs. [7] While business sustainability has been going mainstream, the world has witnessed unprecedented human impacts on the natural environment that threaten the viability of life on Earth. [7] The first phase of business sustainability, what we at the University of Michigan?s Erb Institute call “enterprise integration,” is founded on a model of business responding to market shifts to increase competitive positioning by integrating sustainability into preexisting business considerations. [7] By contrast, the next phase of business sustainability, what we call “market transformation,” is founded on a model of business transforming the market. [7]

This type of competition is not just expected, it is encouraged by sustainable businesses because it improves their positive environmental impact and forces them to continue their effort towards more eco-friendly ways to do business. [13] Is “sustainable consumption” an oxymoron? The World Business Council for Sustainable Development doesn?t think so, calling on businesses to “abandon the existing consumption paradigm” and move toward “transformations in mainstream lifestyles and consumption patterns.” 10 Several businesses and activists have sought to put such an idea into practical use. [7]

Today, more than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company?s success, and companies develop sustainability strategies, market sustainable products and services, create positions such as chief sustainability officer, and publish sustainability reports for consumers, investors, activists, and the public at large. [7] Sustainability provides a larger purpose and some new deliverables for companies to strive for and helps them renew their commitments to basic goals like efficiency, sustainable growth and shareholder value. [14] Just in time for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, an annual assessment of the world?s most sustainable companies emerges, highlighting large firms from around the world whose sustainability in various categories puts them in a league of their own. [16] That’s according to Jeffrey Hollender, cofounder and former CEO of the sustainable consumer product company Seventh Generation, current co-CEO of Sustain Natural, and professor of sustainability at NYU Stern. [5] Real sustainability is a property of a system. 7 For example, the notion of an energy company installing a wind farm and calling itself sustainable makes no empirical sense. [7] There?s a budding movement in the EU to encourage markets to think longer-term, to encourage pension funds to act in the best interest of sustainability and to improve disclosure to help investors understand which investments are sustainable and which probably aren?t. [17] The double-barrel impact of the Paris climate agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, both enacted in 2015, is finally being felt as companies begin to align their sustainability goals and, ultimately, their operations with these global commitments. [17] Most investors believe that the balance of risks and opportunities is more favorably balanced in companies with a strong sustainability agenda as reflected by formal sustainability reporting or by alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals released in 2015. [4]

With younger people driving the bus, sustainability is an opportunity for corporate American and small business alike that they had best get on board with now,. or risk missing the bus entirely. [11] Unilever is the consensus corporate leader on managing sustainability for business and societal value. [12]

Join the Sustainable Business Program to demonstrate your commitment to a strong, proactive approach to environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic vitality for Longmont. [10] Plenty! Regardless of your industry, adopting sustainable business practices can improve your bottom line–in both the traditional and the environmental sense. [18] ACT : Create resilient business strategies, governance and management approaches that ensure achievement of sustainable business goals. [8] A sustainable business will implement changes that reduce emissions, improve air quality, and identify products that reduce concerns about health and safety liability. [18] Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, today received Best Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Award at the Sustainable Business Awards 2018 ceremony organized by Global Initiatives. [9]

The M.A. in Global Sustainability concentration in Sustainable Business will provide a foundation for designing sustainable organizations and businesses. [19] Unity College?s B.S. in Sustainable Business Management is a transdisciplinary program that prepares students for a variety of professions in which business leaders advance the sustainable movement and make the case for applicable sustainability innovations. [20] This course introduces students of sustainability management to the data analysis techniques and statistical methods that are indispensable to sustainable business management. [20]

Culver City partners with local non-profit, Sustainable Works, and local consulting firm — Balanced Approach Strategic Sustainability Services to administer Culver City?s premiere Sustainable Business Certification Program. [21] Learn traditional business skills and become a leader in the sustainability movement by studying with leaders in sustainable business practices from across the country. [20] As we approach the 2020 deadline for many corporate sustainability pledges, plus the commitments made in the New York Declaration on Forests, sustainable business practices are front and center in the minds of decision-makers. [22]

Tony Gourlay, CEO of Global Initiatives, said, ” DSM Singapore is a leading example of a company that prioritizes the responsibility of businesses to address the challenges posed by global megatrends and puts great effort into working with the right people and organizations to realize their business and sustainability goals.” [9] You may be wondering, what is a green business? Green products and services directly reduce the environmental impact when compared to other products and services– sustainability is a broader concept. [18] Internalize the idea that sustainability within your business means managing your triple bottom line: your financial, social and environmental impacts, obligations and opportunities. [18] A business impacts communities and resources, so taking these steps to sustainability is in the best interests of the environment, the business owner and the consumer. [18] We anticipate many more sustainability innovators from the Business School to be the impact investors and entrepreneurs of the future.” [23] Enablon, a Wolters Kluwer business, is the world?s leading provider of Sustainability, EH&S and Risk Management Software. [8] The new award recognizes leadership and best practices in environmental and business sustainability for North Carolina enterprises, with a focus on exceptional commitment to initiative, innovation and impact. [23] A business sustainability plan is simply something an organization develops to achieve goals that create financial, societal and environmental sustainability. [18]

“At SJF Ventures we invest in companies with sustainable and positive-impact business models which drive great investment results. [23]

The program will provide resources and support to businesses and industries interested in enhancing the sustainability of their facilities and operations, as well as to encourage their employees and customers to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. [10] How can businesses that lack procurement and sustainability departments compete with bigger brands with access to this expertise? How can they unlock the potential created by being sustainable? Using renewable power is one option. [24] “The Center for Sustainable Enterprise has been a thought leader in sustainability for almost 20 years,” said Albert Segars, PNC Distinguished Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and CSE faculty director. [23] The makers of a synthetic fiber made from recycled plastic bottles and the co-founder of a venture capital firm at the forefront of impact investing were honored at the 2018 UNC Sustainability Awards hosted by the Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) and the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise May 10, 2018. [23] Use your resources wisely! There are many guides out there that offer suggestions on sustainability as well as renewable and sustainable energy. [18]

The visionary thinking and passion behind your business sustainability plan will be remembered–and will yield dividends–for years to come. [18] Small businesses can easily scale these practices and implement them in their own organizations through a small business sustainability plan. [18] From installing ENERGY STAR products and appliances to using LED light bulbs and automatic taps, if you reduce waste, you will increase your business?s efficiency, potentially save money on energy and contribute to overall small business sustainability. [18] You can use green language in your small business sustainability plan and campaign using green goals to measure your total sustainability success. [18] This will guide what small business sustainability goals you set in terms of improvement. [18] This will help you identify opportunities for more small business sustainability. [18] If you?re ready to develop your small business sustainability plan, we?re here to help! With these five steps to sustainability based on going above and beyond mere regulatory compliance, you?ll be equipped to make your business more up to date and efficient. [18] Start embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and asking yourself the hard questions: check out these opportunities for creating the best small business sustainability plan possible. [18]

As businesses become more aware of the need to be sustainable, being green will be the future, and professionals need to help companies with marketing sustainable business practices. [20] Culver City?s Sustainable Business Certification Program (“CCSBCP”) is designed to help businesses operate sustainably and receive public recognition for their efforts. [21] SB newsletters will help you create and maintain your company’s competitive edge by adopting smarter, more sustainable business strategies and practices. [22] Becoming a Certified Sustainable Business means implementing practices and forming policies that reduce energy and water consumption, prevent pollution, diverts waste from landfills, and enhance socially-responsibility. [21] Sustainable Business Strategy is for individuals who work at for-profit organizations who are interested in learning how business can effect change, and in becoming a purpose-driven business leader. [25] The case protagonists in Sustainable Business Strategy represent executives from leading companies including Walmart, King Arthur Flour, and Unilever. [25] In Sustainable Business Strategy, you will learn how businesses can thrive and grow while simultaneously playing a major role in solving some of these big problems. [25] Sustainable Business Strategy consists of approximately 15 to 20 hours of material developed by Professor Rebecca Henderson and delivered over a three week period with a flexible program structure. [25] Participants in Sustainable Business Strategy are eligible for a Certificate of Completion from HBX and Harvard Business School. [25] We are global thought leaders, consultants, software developers and service providers in sustainable business and supply chain management. [26] The Unity College B.S. in Sustainable Business Management is for those who understand the value of core business skills, but don?t mind getting their hands a little dirty. [20] Upon completion, students will be able to interpret and apply principles of financial management to develop sustainable business solutions. [20] The course covers the processes of starting a small business from ideation to implementation, with an emphasis on designing a sustainable business model, writing a business plan, learning forms of ownership, and exploring funding opportunities. [20]

Bloomberg’s Sustainable Business Summits bring together C-suite executives, influential investors, and innovative thought leaders to discuss how companies are using sustainability as a driver of business value. [27] Strategy for Sustainability: In this module, students will be gain a foundational understanding of how a firm?s strategy is an important component to its success as a sustainable business. [28] Designed in partnership with GreenBlue, an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society, this online course is designed to help working professionals, students, and other interested parties acquire a significant understanding of the fundamental challenges and business opportunities arising from our current sustainability crisis and learn business through the lens of social, environmental, and fiscal responsibility. [28]

By using case studies from a variety of organizational contexts such as business, government, non-profit, community, and education, students explore concepts of organization behavior and culture, consensus building, and project management to lead effective change towards environmental sustainability. [20] Since business plays an important role in developing environmental financial solutions for future generations, this course considers how the tools of finance can address environmental challenges and how market processes can be used to ensure long-term sustainability. [20] Treehugger Articles and stories in sustainability practices and green news are divided into the categories of design, technology, transportation, science, business, living, energy, slideshows, and social. [29] In its business model, sustainability is accentuated in all processes from innovation and product development to logistics and sales. [30] In some, this integration of sustainability into their business models is more tentative. [30] It is clear that this is a new process for them and they are still working on efficiently integrating sustainability at the heart of their business model. [30]

Environmental accounting is increasingly being used in business and government to support the development of sustainable global solutions and government policy. [20] As Chief Sustainable Supply Chain Officer at Rainforest Alliance, Britta is responsible for the development of the sustainability standards, the assurance as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the program and institutional partnerships. [22] While certification can serve as a powerful tool on the sustainability journey, it is most effective at catalyzing sustainable transformation when implemented within a larger context of collaboration between companies, NGOs, governments and others. [22] Governments and companies are increasingly using the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) to guide their sustainability work: 9,500+ companies have joined the UN Global Compact in support of the SDGs. [22]

Introduction to the complex legal and regulatory system of Environmental Law and society’s mechanisms for long-term planning for business and sustainability students, the discussion based course covers a critical examination of opposing views of timely issues that affect us all. [19] I?m armed with talking points proving that sustainability is good for business, the environment and its people. [25]

There is also a Business Commission for Sustainable Development, consisting of key industry leaders aiming to make the business case for achieving the SDGs. [22] These databases have reports specifically dealing with business sustainability, green businesses, and sustainable development, and corporate sustainability. [31] On November 1, 2, and 9, the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners will offer its 4th annual GSI Operation and Maintenance Course for landscape professionals to learn best practices and advance their. [32] Economic profit- A sustainable business needs to be economically viable. [33]

The Sustainable Business Workshop Series is a sustainability curriculum offered to businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and schools. [34] Long Beach is a member of the California Green Business Network, which means all LB businesses have the opportunity to join their network of over 4000 businesses across California committed to sustainability. [35] Sample topics and courses include Why Buildings Matter to Business, Green Building Design and Workplace Sustainability. [28] Each year, the Sustainability Council organizes and hosts a business and design conference on the campus of FIT. The purpose of the event is to inform, involve, and inspire the entire FIT community about sustainability and how to incorporate sustainability as a model into all aspects of what we do. [36] The summits leverage Bloomberg?s unrivaled business and markets expertise to convene conversations on the risks and opportunities around sustainability for corporate executives and innovative investors. [27] We are growing our business by integrating sustainability into our strategy, inspiring our people and building purpose-led brands. [37] His actions led the way in “bringing good times from a good place?, inspiring today?s 18,500 employees to be? createurs de convivialite?, driving sustainability and responsibility in all parts of the business today. [27]

We stimulate and support companies with sustainable innovations and business models to enter into international markets. [27] All businesses that become certified will receive a certificate, a window decal or sticker, rights to the Green Business logo, a listing on the California Green Business Network directory, promotion through City website and social media pages, and access to a network of like-minded sustainable businesses. [35] The Business Case: Businesses are embracing sustainable practices to seize opportunities from greater efficiencies and increased demand, to respond to changing external pressures and threats, and from a sense of responsibility for their activities in the greater society. [28] Let’s have a look at some ways you can tackle business planning from a sustainable mindset. [33] We believe that sustainable and equitable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders is the only acceptable business model. [37] We are realising the business opportunity from the Sustainable Development Goals. [37]

Marketing Sustainability: In this module, students will explore effective approaches to marketing sustainable products, services, and behaviors. [28] Sustainability and Finance: Finance has an important role to play in achieving a sustainable future, providing a framework for evaluating productive opportunities and guiding capital towards more environmentally and socially desirable ends. [28] This is a VERY broad overview (I’ve written a week long course in ‘what is sustainability’ that will be launched with Eco Style Insiders in the near future), but the basic and most widely referenced definition of sustainability comes from the Brundtland Commission report and it’s focused on sustainable development. [33]

To further extend the reach and impact of the summits, we launched our first Sustainable Business & Finance survey, which was completed by nearly 400 investors and corporate executives, and published two white papers : “Seizing the Opportunity: How Industry Can Lead a New Era of Sustainable Development” and “The Business of a Low-Carbon Future: Spotlight on Canada.” [38] The summits drew more than 940 senior business leaders, investors and top government officials for conversations on how companies are innovating with sustainable business models and adopting practices that prioritize sustainable value. [38] The mission of the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum is to promote business practices which demonstrate environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility. [39] Adopted in 2018, the Sustainable Business scorecard helps identify and recognize the environmentally-sustainable accomplishments of participating businesses. [40] Bloomberg?s Sustainable Business Summits bring together leaders in sustainable business and sustainable finance to discuss risks and opportunities in our evolving 21st century economy. [38]

Online University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management programs provide the technical, environmental, and business knowledge you need to start or advance your career as a sustainability-minded manager. [41] Sustainable management courses cover the subjects you would get in a typical business degree program (e.g. accounting, marketing, economics, and strategic management). [41]

What is your company doing to turn business development into something sustainable? Increasingly, the data shows that organizations taking initiative to address climate change are positioning their business to succeed both in the market and as advocates for social change. [42]

We can help organisations understand which areas pose the greatest sustainability and climate change risks to their business, form strategies to address them, and support organisations through the necessary organisational changes and reporting processes. [43] The Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce and the City of Cedar Park have partnered to form a Green Business Initiative encouraging all businesses to strive for long-term environmental sustainability. [40] • Promote sustainability as business practices that encompass the environment, economy and social responsibility. [39]

An interdisciplinary curriculum covers topics including systems thinking, triple-bottom-line accounting, the economics of sustainability, ecology, natural resource management, environmental science and policy, facility operations, and more–preparing you to balance profitability with the needs of the environment and lead sustainable change in any organization. [41] Sustainable Singapore is a ground up movement aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, economic vibrancy and active citizenry. [43]

Our Sustainability Monetization Methodology identifies sustainability drivers of financial performance and competitive advantage and monetizes the benefits of sustainable practices. [44]

The Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore is a CEO-led business association that aims at creating a sustainable future for business, society and the environment in Singapore and South East Asia. [43]


The practice of stakeholder engagement emerged to help companies build greater trust with societal groups that might negatively affect the delivery and success of their business strategies in a material way. [2] Whether it is new energy systems, disruptive technologies, new business models, changing demographics, hyper-transparency, or rising geopolitical uncertainty, the operating context for companies is evolving. [2] We believe that innovation in stakeholder engagement offers the potential to integrate new ideas into business strategy, enable the business opportunities of the future, and support the development of more inclusive societies. [2] Effective stakeholder engagement will require innovation in three main areas: using systems-based approaches that capture more diverse voices; altering the purpose of engagement from consultation to collaboration; and reforming internal company engagement mechanisms to ensure that stakeholder perspectives support business strategy. [2]

The starting point for these topics is the need to face head on the three systemic changes affecting business: climate change, technological innovation, and the structural economic change. [3] Business has much to gain through these innovations, and many technologies can also unlock solutions to climate change and other societal issues. [3] Business has a key role to play in proactively considering these issues and building social consensus around best practices. [3] Attending to this issue will mitigate risk, ensure business continuity, and involve business in parlaying its skills and knowledge as part of the overall climate solution. [3] Artificial intelligence (AI)–and the big data business models underpinning it–is disrupting how we live, work, do business, and govern. [2] We have within our grasp the ability to reorient business and turn the tide on climate change, deliver economic opportunity for all, and build connected societies in which all people can live in dignity and with respect. [3]

We believe that the sustainability function should reimagine its future in four main ways: as the creator of value for companies, as futurists, as change agents, and as coalition builders. [2] We need to emphasize long-term value creation and find ways to move beyond short-term performance pressures that can prevent progress on sustainability. [2]

Many companies continue to struggle to incorporate sustainability into their strategies, governance, and management structures. [2] Companies can fulfill the purpose of sustainability reporting by deploying a model based on two simple ideas: a triangular reporting framework that targets different types of information at different report users and a much closer connection between “numbers” and “narrative.” [2] We believe that companies can be bolder in developing a point of view on the company law and regulatory frameworks that are needed to achieve sustainability and be more proactive in advocating for that point of view. [2] Depth : The strengthening of expertise on a wide range of sustainability topics–from climate change and human rights to privacy and labor standards–has significantly increased expectations for the level of detail and sophistication provided by companies in their communications. [2]

Check out our Sustainability Case Studies to learn how NJ businesses and organizations have embraced sustainability. [1] Sustainability teams need to be story-makers, not storytellers, yet too often reporting reduces bandwidth for half the year and prevents us from doing our job. [2] These disruptions are especially challenging for sustainability reporting because they run counter to the prevailing view that companies also need to focus on the sustainability issues that matter the most and reduce the length of sustainability reports. [2] We don?t need to put more effort into certification and accounting for sustainability; we need to meaningfully change how we manage and engage with supply chains. [2]

BSR? is a global nonprofit organization that works with its network of more than 250 member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world. [2] These guides are composed of simple actions you can take at work to help create a more sustainable New Jersey. [1]

ING Real Estate also teamed up with ING Groenbank on a green loan to convert a former power plant into a sustainable “A? energy label innovation hub. [6]

It also serves as an invitation to join us as we work to shape a new agenda, new approach, and a new voice for business that will help companies to anticipate the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the future. [3] BSR has developed a new framework to help guide companies looking to adopt resilient business strategies. [2] The payoff for business is substantial: the opportunity to help build support for progress on crucial issues, the creation of a more predictable operating environment, and, ideally, the restoration of trust. [3] The wave of changes sweeping our world is coalescing to create a new operating environment for business. [3] The world is changing, with massive implications for business strategy and value creation. [2] All too often stakeholder engagement remains a limited reputational risk exercise that misses opportunities to support resilient business strategy. [2]

Industrial and consumer products company Ricoh has concluded that by 2050, there will be an insufficient supply of many reasonably priced raw materials to support its manufacturing needs. As a result, the company is revising its business model using life-cycle analysis as the basis for decision making and establishing a series of what it calls “Resource Smart Solutions” for product design and manufacturing, reuse, collection, maintenance, and materials recovery. [7] Shared value is aimed at redefining capitalism by arguing that the competitiveness of a company is closely tied to the health of the communities in which it is embedded. 12 Conscious capitalism is a model of business that serves the interests of all major stakeholders–customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment. [7] The report, in its fourteenth year, is compiled by Corporate Knights, a Canada-based financial information company and magazine whose focus is how business and societal and ecological benefits can go hand in hand. [16] Therefore, companies can remain agnostic about the science of particular issues (such as climate change) but still recognize their importance as business concerns. [7] Today, environmental, social and governance is the fastest growing area of our business (. and that work, law and non-law, is much more than only SEC climate change disclosures). [11] Changing the way we do business is essential to addressing the challenges of environmental degradation. [7] Market transformation not only compels more systemic business strategies but also challenges traditional ways of conceiving business itself. [7]

Blog posts track Stuart Kaplow?s business model of “environmental risk as an opportunity.” [11] Market transformation calls for optimizing supply-chain logistics to reduce risks from numerous factors such as disruptions due to increased storm severity caused by climate change; current and future resource availability and price volatility; accelerating emissions and concerns for public health and the environment; and the future resilience of business and civil society. [7] Any remaining business leaders who don?t understand climate as a systemic risk and opportunity will have to get on board. [12] Here?s more on that, plus nine additional developments business leaders need to pay attention to. [12] On a global social scale, a business needs to be aware of how its supply chain is being filled. [14] This does not mean that only business can generate solutions, but with its unmatched powers of ideation, production, and distribution, business is best positioned to bring the change we need at the scale we need it. [7] This involves translating the issue into the core language of business management: operational efficiency, capital acquisition, strategic direction, and market growth. [7] Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock (with $6 trillion in assets under its management) asked business leaders to focus on “long-term value creation” in his third annual letter to S&P 500 CEOs. [12] One group of business leaders faced a tough decision this year: stay in the president?s CEO advisory councils or protest his policies by pulling out. [12]

It demands new conceptions of corporate purpose, notions of consumption, and models and metrics of business success. [7] New ideas of corporate purpose are beginning to grow within business practice and education. [7] Business is responsible for producing the buildings we live and work in, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the automobiles we drive, the energy that propels them, and the next form of mobility that will replace them. [7]

Taken into account were innovation expenditures, taxes paid, the diversity of leadership, leadership compensation, suppliers the companies work with, pension fund health, safety ratings, employee turnover and the link between sustainability targets and senior executive pay. [16] When insurance companies apply sustainability pressures on the firm, the issue becomes one of risk management. [7] While corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one response to such pressures, companies have sought to improve competitive positioning by linking sustainability and corporate strategy. [7] In compiling its report, Corporate Knights looked to publicly-disclosed data–financial filings, sustainability reports, etc. –from some 6,000 financially healthy companies across the globe, in all industries, with a minimum annual revenue of $1 billion. [16] The quickening pace at which companies of all sizes are finding ways to be transparent and report their sustainability agenda is another indicator of commitment to the consumer-to-conserver transformation I mentioned earlier. [4] A surprising number of big brands used the most expensive, most viewed advertising time in the world to do something different this year: Instead of pitching products the old-fashioned way, focusing on how great it tastes or will make you feel, they chose to say something about an important aspect of social sustainability. [12] To ensure you are really thinking big and long-term, assess your business’s current environmental impact and try to imagine the kind of company you could be in 10 years if you made a concentrated effort towards sustainability goals. [13] According to Corporate Knights, the company bested all others in the sustainability ranking by having strong female representation on its board, having a smallish gap between the pay of its CEO and its average workers, and paying more than 26% of its earnings in taxes over the past five years. [16] Corporate sustainability has become a buzzword in companies big and small. [14] To be sure, companies are already disclosing numerous sustainability indicators through established standards, such as the globally recognized Global Reporting Initiative or Carbon Disclosure Project. [7]

“The truth is you will perform better financially by doing things like having a great sustainability program, by having women on your board and in your senior management and by treating your employees well and ensuring that they’re owners of the company,” he said. [5] I’m intrigued: our readers are pretty sophisticated and advanced when it comes to understanding sustainability and environmental management. [15]

The economic pillar of sustainability is where most businesses feel they are on firm ground. [14] It is the inclusion of the economic pillar and profit that makes it possible for corporations to come on board with sustainability strategies. [14] The successful company can perform this translation process and integrate sustainability into its existing structures and strategies. [7]

Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. [14] Noteworthy: moral stands by famous CEOs; China’s increasing clean tech advantage; and the failed corporate takeover of Unilever, arguably the corporate world’s leader when it comes to sustainability. [12] Investors woke up about climate risk and benefits of sustainability. [12] A political pollster, that works regularly with Republican candidates, just weeks ago distributed a blog post, “Sustainability Isn?t Red or Blue it is the Way to Women Voters.” [11]

If you treat your employees well, if you allow them to be owners of the company, they’re more loyal, they’re more productive, there’s less turnover, and Harvard has done a study that actually shows that this translates all the way down to earnings per share in companies that are sustainable that treat their employees better.” [5] Among the results of its analysis, Corporate Knights discovered that companies on its list of 100 most sustainable had three times as many female top executives than the average multinational firms generating over $1 billion. [16]

Barron?s earlier this month published an article about environmental, social and governance issues, “The New Allure of Sustainable Investing.” [11] Sustainable brands truly believe that climate change, unchecked resource consumption and pollution are some of the most pressing issues facing us today and that businesses are critical to reversing these trends. [13]

At the Harvard Business School, an immensely popular course called “Reexamining Capitalism” explores “the evolution, power, and limitations of our current capitalist systems” and “how the “rules of the game? by which capitalism is structured should change” to address the social and environmental issues of our day. [7] This line of thinking is reflected in a Harvard Business Review (July-August 2018) article, which argues, with numerous examples, that when a sense of purpose is embedded in an organization, employees perform at higher levels and are motivated to embrace aspirational goals. [4]

The irony is that going green is really only great for business when you stop thinking about its impact on your bottom line and instead make eco-practices a deep and authentic thread in your vision and strategic plan. [13]

A Columbus, Ohio based B-Corporation that has sought out my classes for sustainability project work is Jeni?s Splendid Ice Cream for whom students developed a sustainability scorecard. [4]

“We are pleased to present the 2018 Distinguished Alumni in Sustainability Award to someone who has had such positive influence on the growth of companies that in-turn have a positive impact on the world,” said Olga Hawn, professor of strategy and entrepreneurship and the Sustainability Distinguished Fellow. [23] SJF Ventures has invested in more than 50 companies that innovate in technology, sustainability and resource efficiency, from brokers of pre-owned laboratory equipment to manufacturers of natural cosmetics and cleaning products. [23] After you?ve taken the five steps to sustainability, make sure you can substantiate your sustainability claims before going public with the environmental advantages of your products or services. [18] In essence, to sustain is to continue our capacity to live life on this planet — to endure — but because that definition doesn’t quite encompass the full meaning behind environmental sustainability, it’s important to look at the ways different organizations and experts view the topic. [45] Governments, industry, non-profits, and environmental agencies all have different definitions of environmental sustainability and approaches to the issue. [45]

They classified 45 SBM patterns, assigned these patterns to 11 groups along ecological, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability and evaluated their potential to contribute to value creation. [46]

Its goal is to empower business leaders in their quest for shareholder value while exercising environmental stewardship and promoting economic development and growth. [23] In 2017, DSM ranked 2 nd place on Fortune Magazine?s 3 rd annual Change the World list, out of 56 companies that induced positive social impact through activities that are part of their core business strategy. [9] Switching to renewable electricity can be good for any business in terms of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but there are often bigger priorities to worry about. [24] “Unifi is honored to be recognized by UNC as a leader in developing innovative, environmentally-friendly practices as part of our business model,” said Kevin Hall, CEO of Unifi, based in Greensboro, North Carolina. [23] The BusinessGreen Leaders’ Summit will bring together some of the UK’s top green executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, campaigners, and politicians to explore how the pace, reach, and adoption of green business innovation can be accelerated, and the barriers to adoption overcome. [24] SustainableBusiness.com is a global news and networking website dedicated to the growth of green business and a green economy, online since 1996. [47] If you want to meaningfully reduce waste and energy consumption, you?ll need to innovate, whether you?re a start-up or a thriving business. [18]

Bring in employee ideas and support; employees will take responsibility for things like energy efficiency and come up with solutions that will help you implement and improve sustainability. [18] The Program Associate (PA) is responsible for program and grants-administration support to the foundation?s sustainability program team. [47] While most tasks will focus on the water program, the PA is expected to be familiar with and support other programmatic initiatives in the sustainability program. [47]

In coordination with the VP, POs, and additional PAs, prepare a series of written products for the sustainability program in advance of numerous deadlines, including program updates for board committees, grants reports, newsletter and annual report for the Board of Directors. [47] Your cost savings, reduced risk, positive brand association, improvements to the environment and public health, and ability to meet demands for eco-conscientious products and services will more than offset the costs of up-front integration of sustainability initiatives. [18] UNC Kenan-Flagler recognized the firm for its earth-friendly products and enterprise-wide sustainability practices. [23]

Definition No.1: Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. [45] The company supported nation-wide World Environment Day activities and participated at the Sustainability Solutions Expo in June 2018 to speak about the importance of having a Circular Economy.” [9] This is the definition of sustainability as created by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development. [45]

It focuses on how sustainability is implemented with regards to strategy, governance and management. [8] Exclusive half-day conference on the subject of TCFDs, offering sustainability executives, financial directors, investors, and other stakeholders the opportunity to access cutting edge guidance on how best to navigate the fast-evolving trend for more sophisticated climate risk disclosure. [24] Learn more about what AVANGRID is doing to support biodiversity in our Sustainability Report. [48] Download and read the full BSR report to learn more about putting sustainability at the center of your organization. [8]

In China, DSM was named ” 2016-2017 Most Respected Companies in China ” by The Economic Observer, one of the major local economic-focused newspapers that recognizes companies that demonstrated excellence in areas of financial performance, operations and management, innovation, corporate social responsibilities, providing a sustainable, trusted value system for today?s economic world. [9] Just take it from the many companies around the world that generate at least $1 billion a year in revenue from sustainable products or services. [18] “There are also many businesses in North Carolina that have been innovative leaders in sustainable enterprise, in some cases for much longer than 20 years. [23] It won’t be long until other businesses are judged by their commitments to bettering the environment and promoting sustainable practices. [24] Reappraising economic sectors (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture ) or work practices (sustainable architecture). [45] From local development laws to self-regulation in your industry to international treaties, many standards are already on the books in terms of sustainable practices. [18]

Honored were members of the MBA Class of 2018 who graduated with an enrichment concentration in sustainable enterprise and student leaders of Net Impact and the Energy Club. [23] We are committed to a sustainable energy model and protecting the environment. [48] We thought it was time to highlight the positive stories of those organizations and highlight their leadership in building profitable as well as sustainable models of business.” [23]

Each country has to work on its own concrete policy to ensure that sustainable development is carried out as a global objective. [45]

According to BSR, resilient business strategies will be most effective if they are based on an ” act, enable, influence ” approach to strategy, governance and management. [8]

This course introduces students to business with a focus on an organization?s environmental and social impact. [20] SB events are designed to inspire, engage and equip business professionals to fully leverage environmental and social innovation to drive business and brand value. [22] Volvo?s business model is built on three pillars: economic, social and environmental. [30] This is done by disclosing their efforts to integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns into their business practices. [30] From the financial year 2017, a new EU directive requires every so-called “public interest entity” to report on the social and environmental impact of its business model. [30] Examines ethical and legal responsibilities of business for triple bottom line performance of prosperity, social justice, and concern for the natural environment. [19] Swedish companies offer inspiration to others that there is a business case to put ethical concerns on the same plain as economic ones. [30] You don?t have to choose between your environmental values and your business career. [20] Students will also explore why environmental marketing is a key aspect in business today. [20] Students will learn an overview of business financial management, with an emphasis on financial statement analysis, management of cash flow, risk and return, and sources of finance. [20] IHS Markit partners with customers to help them identify new trends, size growth opportunities, monitor risk and opportunity ratio, conduct market assessments, plan for alternate scenarios and secure their business continuity. [49] Join a global business leader that is dedicated to helping businesses make the right decisions. [49]

Students will obtain knowledge about how small businesses and corporations integrate corporate social responsibility models in order to identify new markets and opportunities, communicate with their stakeholders, compete in a global marketplace, and address social and environmental sustainability expectations and requirements. [20] Students will learn how to craft values-based communications to persuade stakeholders to support for social justice issues such as sustainability, environmental law, and wildlife conservation. [20] The Accountability Framework, an initiative being developed by a coalition of leading environmental and social organizations (including Rainforest Alliance), will provide a clear pathway for companies on the sustainability journey — including key milestones and benchmarks to evaluate their progress. [22] The more recent reports show that several companies have also started relating their sustainability goals to risk management. [30] Many companies are turning to certified sourcing programs as one of the key tools to achieve their sustainability goals — and to help them demonstrate independently verified results. [22] A 2017 joint report by WWF and the ISEAL Alliance illustrates how sustainability standards can help accelerate progress on many SDGs, while delivering direct benefits for companies and small-scale producers. [22] In these sustainability reports companies communicate how they take responsibility for their impact on society. [30] There is an increasing trend among companies across the globe to report on their sustainability. [30] Having recently studied sustainability reports from the 30 largest listed Swedish companies over the period 2008-2015, there?s a lot to be learned from them. [30] While accountability is core to helping businesses ” walk the talk,? it?s often unclear for companies which tools to use to get the sustainability results they want, or how to use them effectively. [22] For years Swedish companies have been regarded as among the best in corporate communication – in general and in sustainability reporting in particular. [30] For example in 2012 Skanska was named Green Company of the year by The Sunday Times and both Molson Coors and United Utilities have been named as sector leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. [26] At IHS Markit, we continue to develop multi-faceted information solutions to help industry leaders and non-profit agencies around the globe meet their sustainability challenges while also strengthening our own corporate sustainability efforts. [49] Our aim is to extend the boundaries of best practice in sustainability by working with leading international clients who are recognised by their peers as leaders in their class. [26]

Students will learn how to develop strategies to promote social change and the sustainability movement. [20] We advise and support our global customers in the development and implementation of their sustainability strategies and the delivery of their strategies through their supply chains. [26] We aim to continue to offer services and tools that enable our global customers to be at the leading edge of sustainability practice. [26] Of course, no label can offer a 100 percent sustainability guarantee, because it?s impossible for any viable global system to monitor every producer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. [22]

Chemical consulting IHS Markit Chemical consulting assists clients with economic, commercial and regulatory issues around sustainability technologies in chemical products and processes. [49] Sustainability issues no longer represent risks to manage – they are opportunities for growth and innovation, to strengthen brand loyalty and win trust. [50] Sandvik, SEB, and Volvo are good at relating their sustainability goals to risk management. [30] Relating sustainability to the bottom line is critical for any company – not least because shareholders often use this against their company having a focus on sustainability goals. [30] I found there were many that failed to realise how engaging in various sustainability activities can help their bottom line. [30] Our triple bottom line approach of economy, sustainability, and society means return on investment for people and the environment. [20]

Sustainability certification programs in the medium term will have to master data management. [22] This course develops the student?s understanding of the design, control, and operation of supply chains through the lens of sustainability management. [20] Our unique cloud based tool enables real time performance measurement of sustainability issues within your supply chain. [26]

Mobile apps and drones are already making it easier to map and better understand sustainability challenges, and address them in a more targeted way. [22]

This course explores the range of planning and development processes associated with creating sustainable communities including issues around land use, transportation, ecological planning, green design in the built environment, resource utilization in the critical areas of water and energy consumption, climatic factors that influence sustainable community planning, and how sustainable community planning contributes to livability and economic resilience. [20] Upon completion, students will be able to critically assess these issues and provide models for making more sustainable choices. [20] A course designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities with respect to marketing an organization that strives to be sustainable. [19] The goal of this concentration is to provide participants with the knowledge, literacy, skills and tools they need to create more sustainable organizations. [19]

Certification supports farmers with knowledge, training and opportunities to increase their income through better and more sustainable agricultural practices, and by becoming more efficient and better connected. [22]

It is crucial for business professionals to understand key environmental and social issues, risks, and opportunities to help companies drive innovation, improve efficiency, and create new markets. [20] The course will cover what environmental accounting is and why is it useful to business, how can environmental accounting help decision-making, what are key policy questions in relation to accounting, and what are the practical considerations professionals need to address to make environmental accounting an enduring reality for business and governments around the world. [20]

The HBX Learning Model centers around the Harvard Business School case method, featuring interviews with business leaders and executives from companies around the world who candidly discuss challenges they’ve faced or obstacles they’ve overcome. [25] She serves on the board of several public companies and her MBA course, Reimagining Capitalism, is one of the most popular elective courses in the Harvard Business School MBA Program. [25] Rebecca Henderson is the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University, where she has a joint appointment at the Harvard Business School in the General Management and Strategy units. [25]

Possible topics will include environmental monitoring, impact assessment, environmental valuation techniques and analyses of sustainable development. [20] Working with industry leaders or non-profit agencies – on both paid engagements and pro bono projects – we provide solutions that harness information, analytics and expertise to achieve Sustainable Development Goals throughout organizations around the world. [49] This course introduces students to the economics of sustainable development, focusing on the policies and constraints to promoting economic growth and development. [20]

Sustainable businesses really need to consider the fact that waste of any kind represents a financial loss (an example may be when you have to throw away products), lost opportunity (an example may be throwing away fabric offcuts), or environmental degradation. [33] Environmental bottom lines- Sustainable businesses operate in a way that is environmentally responsible. [33] Whatever way you choose to adopt more sustainable businesses practices one of the best things about doing so is that you get to tell everyone about what you are doing. [33]

GRI helps businesses and governments worldwide understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, governance and social well-being. [27] With over 20 years of experience in sustainability, we help clients big and small reach their environmental objectives. [51]

Innovation Stations: Visit interactive displays by FIT students who will demonstrate sustainability projects that have been featured at the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), BioDesign Challenge, etc. [36] Students will acquire a fundamental understanding of the sustainability challenges associated with land, food, and forests. [28]

We challenge and support the business community to build profitable enterprises that serve community needs, share wealth, and protect the environment. [32] Needs: Consumer and business needs, and social and environmental needs. [33] Our mission is to inspire, connect and accelerate companies and organisations towards climate neutral, circular and inclusive business. [27]

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” [33] Sustainable Communities: This module investigates the principles and triple bottom line of sustainable community development–environmental quality, economic health, and social equity. [28] There is no point in having a sustainable waste mindset if you are the only person who knows about it! Let your colleagues know and tell your customers about your environmentally positive strategies and how they are saving the environment and money. [33] Sustainable Structures: In this module, students will acquire an understanding of the profound effect that the built environment has on natural resources and human health. [28]

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