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George Church Ted Talk

George Church Ted Talk Image link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:St_George_Bloomsbury_02.jpg C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS Professor George Church is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of PersonalGenomes.org, the world’s only open-access information on human Genomic, Environmental & Trait data.(More…) George Church of Harvard University, […]

Number Of Physicists In The World

Number Of Physicists In The World Image link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Portrait_of_Albert_Einstein_and_Others_(1879-1955),_Physicist.jpg C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS Gisin, of the University of Geneva, debates the physical reality of real numbers: Do they appropriately represent nature?(More…) We realize that physicists pioneered the pivotal discoveries of the 20th century which […]

Robots for Drug Delivery

Robots for Drug Delivery Image link: http://science.dodlive.mil/2017/06/30/navy-divers-stand-watch-during-international-submarine-races/ C O N T E N T S: KEY TOPICS “Smallest medical robot for the Guinness World Records: Nanorobots to tackle drug delivery for cancer treatment.”(More…) POSSIBLY USEFUL Sep. 22, 2016 – The R2-D2 robot from Star Wars doesn’t communicate in human language […]