Artificial intelligence: Construction technology’s next frontier

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  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new technological frontier over which companies and countries are vying for control.(More…)


  • HackNotice brings threat intelligence to everyone, even us mere lay people mortals.(More…)
  • Beyond their use in operations, the information generated by these various applications was collected in data warehouses, and a variety of business intelligence tools were used to analyze the data and generate management reports.(More…)
  • Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is where machines can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human can do – sometimes referred to as "strong AI", or "full AI".(More…)



Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new technological frontier over which companies and countries are vying for control. [1] Banks and other financial institutions (FIs) around the financial services ecosystem are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. [1] Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being allocated to artificial intelligence technologies. [1]

Alibaba is teaming up with SenseTime, the world?s highest-valued AI startup, to launch a not-for-profit artificial intelligence lab in Hong Kong in a bid to make the. [1] If you?re unaware of what Artificial Intelligence is, it?s the study of making machines super intelligent, and giving them the capability to problem solve. [2] Artificial Intelligence is like the wild west in marketing there?s so much to explore, and to experiment with. [2] Apples artificial intelligence strategy continues to be focused on running workloads locally on devices, rather than relying heavily on cloud-based resources, as competitors Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. [1]

When combined with advanced data analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, these existing and frontier technologies can identify new patterns and trends, inefficiencies, and hazards, helping contractors build safer, smarter, and faster than ever. [3] The summit covers Artificial Intelligence and features Computer Vision among other disciplines of AI. It caters to top executives, technologists, developers, entrepreneurs, and other frontier technology professionals, as well as enthusiasts and the curious-minded. [4] The Loup Frontier Tech Index follows a smart beta indexing methodology designed to track the performance of companies that are influencing the future of technology in areas including artificial intelligence, computer perception, robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual/mixed/augmented reality, and other similarly disruptive innovations. [5]

Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies like blockchain are a new frontier where you can collaborate. [6]

This report studies the global Artificial Intelligence in Construction market size, industry status and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity. [7] Regional and country-level analysis of the Artificial Intelligence in Construction market, by end-use. [7]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a topic that only exists in science-fiction novels and blockbuster movies that make people dream about the future. [8] Black in AI is a place for sharing ideas, fostering collaborations and discussing initiatives to increase the presence of Black people in the field of Artificial Intelligence. [9] This has also included developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). [10] "Technology leadership in artificial intelligence for drug discovery and biomarker development, academic excellence, extensive collaborations with pharmaceutical and consumer companies, novel methods of attracting top talent, and increasing global reach have allowed Insilico Medicine to build a credible and sustainable business model in the nascent longevity biotechnology industry," noted Neelotpal Goswami. [11] Insilico Medicine, Inc. is an artificial intelligence company headquartered at the Emerging Technology Centers at the Johns Hopkins University Eastern campus in Baltimore, with R&D and management resources in Belgium, Russia, UK, Taiwan and Korea sourced through hackathons and competitions. [11] "Machine learning is experiencing a renaissance in the cloud," said Dr. Matt Wood, GM of Artificial Intelligence at Amazon Web Services at this week’s AWS Summit in New York. [8] An example of this trend, Google is using liquid cooling for its latest hardware for artificial intelligence, as the heat generated by its new Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) has exceeded the limits of its previous data center cooling solutions. [8] Today, Kayla Matthews examines the impact of artificial intelligence, and how its adoption will shape the world of IT hardware and data centers. [8] Microsoft is proud to be a Silver sponsor of the 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence July 13 – 19 in Stockholm, Sweden. [9]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), defined as the capability of machines to imitate intelligent human behavior and learn from data, is considered by many to be the final frontier of computing. [12] "Artificial intelligence is getting ready for business, but are businesses ready for AI?," asks McKinsey in a recently published report – Artificial Intelligence: the Next Digital Frontier. [13]

The first such Study Panel recently published Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030, a report that examined the likely impact of AI on a typical North American city by the year 2030. [13] These questions were addressed in Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030, a report that was recently published by Stanford University?s One Hundred Year Study of AI (AI100). [13] The report was developed by a study panel of AI experts convened by the One Hundred Year Study of AI (AI100), an initiative launched at Stanford University in December, 2014 "to study and anticipate how the effects of artificial intelligence will ripple through every aspect of how people work, live and play." [13]

A few weeks ago I discussed whether AI is finally reaching a tipping point, mostly based on a recently published report, – Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030. [13] On December 20, the White House released Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy, a new report that investigates how AI will likely transform job markets over time, and recommends policy responses to address AI?s impact on the U.S. economy. [13] And, t his past June, a panel of global experts convened by the World Economic Forum (WEF) named Artificial Intelligence, – Open AI Ecosystems in particular – as one of its Top Ten Emerging Technologies for 2016 because of its potential to fundamentally change the way markets, business and governments work. [13] Last month I attended AI and the Future of Work, a conference hosted by MIT?s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and its Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE). [13] How about artificial intelligence? Beyond its use by leading edge technology companies, w e?re still in the early stages of AI deployment. [13] Members of Congress have shown tremendous interest and leadership on AI by creating an AI caucus, sponsoring hearings, and drafting legislation on a National Commission on Artificial Intelligence. [14] Anna Roy, Industry Advisor at the NITI Aayog, offered her perspective on India?s Artificial Intelligence policies and presented a future-focused discussion on what India can do to harness the power of AI. [15] The United States is only one of many players in artificial intelligence, and many nations are taking steps to ensure their competitiveness in AI. [14] The Trump administration is now beginning to consider how to approach AI. In the defense sector, the U.S. Department of Defense, given warnings from the Defense Innovation Advisory Board and the Defense Science Board, appears interested in more systematically determining how to integrate artificial intelligence. [14] As machine-learning and artificial intelligence, undoubtedly delivers on its hype by creating innovative and valuable solutions for organisations and governments, there are enough success stories out there to encourage and develop AI systems. [15] If we look at the past 10-15 for guidance, we?ll find that productivity growth has significantly declined over this timeframe, notwithstanding huge technology advances like smartphones, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. [13] By using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to make decisions like a human brain, Zurich?s. [16] Education – The development of appropriate human capital will be critical to economic and military leadership in an era of artificial intelligence. [14] After many years of promise and hype, artificial intelligence is now being applied to activities that not long ago were viewed as the exclusive domain of humans. [13] During the last year of the Obama administration, the White House released several papers designed to move the United States toward a more coherent approach to artificial intelligence. [14] Unlike China, the United States does not currently have a structured national strategy for how to approach artificial intelligence. [14] I based my discussion on the Mind and Machine section, which I found to be an excellent explanation of recent advances in artificial intelligence. [13] "The rise of artificial intelligence is the great story of our time," notes What to Do When Machines Do Everything in its Preface. [13] This report is part of the Center for a New American Security?s series on Artificial Intelligence and International Security. [14] This series is part of the Center for a New American Security?s multi-year Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Initiative. [14]

Understanding what artificial intelligence "is" from a historical perspective is critical to assessing the ways that it will likely impact the international security environment and the future of international competition. [14] Artificial intelligence is a general-purpose enabling technology with a wide variety of applications, akin to electricity. [14] Greg Allen is an Adjunct Fellow with the Technology and National Security Program, where he focuses on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, an. [14] Artificial intelligence technology is a noteworthy exception. [14] With this backdrop, Vasant Dhar, Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University, discussed the ascent of Artificial Intelligence and its uses and implications for nation-states during a Development Seminar at Brookings India. [15] WHY SCHEDULE STANDARDIZATION IS CRITICAL FOR AI & INTEGRATED CWP & LOOK-AHEAD SCHEDULES The advantage of using Work Package and LEAN Look-Ahead Schedules We’re entering the next revolutionary age, the age of Artificial Intelligence. [17] The clever cover highlights the issue?s main theme, artificial intelligence and robotics, – a set of technologies that some fear could one day threaten our very existence. [13] Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. [13] AI100 was launched in December, 2014 "to study and anticipate how the effects of artificial intelligence will ripple through every aspect of how people work, live and play." [13] Last month, Google said it would open Africa?s first artificial intelligence lab in Ghana?s capital, Accra. [18] The June 25 issue of The Economist includes a special report on artificial intelligence. [13] Education policy increasingly will become a national security issue in an era of artificial intelligence. [14] The series examines the potential consequences of advances in artificial intelligence for the national security community. [14] Nearly every aspect of national security could be transformed by artificial intelligence. [14] Now some argue that advances in automation and artificial intelligence are causing us to take yet another world-historical leap into the unknown." [13]

Photo by Norbert von Niman Computational innovation has moved far beyond developing the next killer app. The new frontiers of information technology are in artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computation. [19] NEW YORK & LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug 2, 2018– iHeartMedia, the leading audio company in America which also has a greater reach in the U.S. than any other media outlet, and Super Hi-Fi, a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) platform that delivers innovative audio solutions, announced today the launch of an industry-first technology that provides an optimized digital music listening experience unlike any other. [20] Super Hi-Fi is an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on providing digital music services next-generation technology to bring incredible music-listening experiences to market. [20] As we embark in using emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, the Internet of Things (IoT) for accelerating the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, GSR is as relevant as it was when it was created. [21] Diabetes is a disease that trifles victims on a world-wide scale and as big data and artificial intelligence (AI) become more innovative, so are methods of treating diabetes. [22] The year 2018 was supposed to be the one where companies made revolutionary strides in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). [22] Disruption from artificial intelligence (AI) is here, but many company leaders aren?t sure what to expect from AI or how it fits into their business model. [23] As the world is swept over by a new round of industrial reform, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key driver for this reform and is playing an important role in our economies, the way our society progresses and in our lives. [24] Here is what a recent whitepaper by Dataiku reveals about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning emphasising the role of data scientists. [22] Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence are powerful tools for improving the reliability and functionality of systems and speeding time to market. [25] The Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy initiative explores the growing use of artificial intelligence in the business landscape. [23] The cutting-edge in artificial intelligence allows companies to formulate new challenges and solve them in new ways. [26] Early adopters of artificial intelligence will divvy up a global profit pool valued at $1 trillion. [23] When artificial intelligence is used to expedite certain legacy processes, it can act more like a Band-Aid than a cure. [23] Glasswing Ventures, an artificial intelligence early-stage venture capital firm in Boston, has raised $112 million, reportedly the largest AI-focused fund on the East Coast. [27]

The next frontier is what some experts call "strong AI", so that artificial intelligence not only extracts patterns in data but can also be creative. [28] At the beginning of 2018, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s "The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence" report warned that AI can be exploited by hackers for malicious purposes, including the ability to target entire states and alter society as we know it. [29] Amid Beijing?s push to turn the country into an artificial intelligence (AI) powerhouse and embed the technology in all facets of life, some Chinese entrepreneurs are taking the expertise to a new frontier: sex dolls. [30]

Enkr8ia P/L is a Melbourne based tech startup discovering how artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Machine Learning can help empower people to achieve their potential. [31] The company, which is already a member of the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence including dozens of tech firms committed to AI principles, had faced criticism for the contract with the Pentagon on Project Maven, which uses machine learning and engineering talent to distinguish people and objects in drone videos. [28] Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly popular in smart home systems, allowing home automation applications to adapt to their environments. [32] SAN FRANCISCO: Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Bonsai, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup based in San Francisco, to boost its AI and machine learning capabilities. [28] We are just at the start of tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) for marketing, but there are already a number of great ways that this technology is improving our jobs, not killing them. [28] As artificial intelligence capabilities continue to grow at a rapid pace, AI technologies are becoming ubiquitous for both protecting against cyberattacks and also as an instrument for launching them. [29] The conference will feature African thought-leaders in Artificial Intelligence and showcase diverse talents including strong contingent of African Women Tech leaders and AI ethics panel discussion. [33] If you believe the hype, then Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to change the world in dramatic ways soon. [28] From retail, industry, finance and security to local government, agriculture, hospitality, health and logistics to name a few, Artificial Intelligence & IT possesses the inherent ability to transform all business environments, streamline workflow, efficiently analyse Business Intelligence data and improve profitability. [33] Artificial intelligence promises to use the power of data to solve some of the biggest problems of our time. [28] Google announced Thursday it would not use artificial intelligence for weapons or to "cause or directly facilitate injury to people," as it unveiled a set of principles for these technologies. [28] Several technology firms have already agreed to the general principles of using artificial intelligence for good, but Google appeared to offer a more precise set of standards. [28] Chalmers argued that a machine, one more advanced than we have today, could become conscious, but Koch disagreed, based on the current state of neuroscience and artificial intelligence technology. [28] Artificial intelligence and machine learning are (not that) new technologies that have been recently boosted thanks to hardware improvements. [28] Coupled with this, they are increasingly turning to the latest augmented or artificial intelligence technologies to build a better picture of consumers and how they are likely to behave in their decision making. [28] Artificial intelligence has the potential to draw insights from tremendous volumes of real-world data and apply it to the design of clinical trials, which could reduce significantly the cost. [28] The ability for a computer to not only persuasively compete in a debate against a live person, but to actually win the argument, is only likely to feed into fears expressed by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the late cosmologist Stephen Hawking that artificial intelligence could spell doom for human civilization. [28] Mr Pichai set out seven principles for Google’s application of artificial intelligence, or advanced computing that can simulate intelligent human behaviour. [28] The first obvious application of artificial intelligence is to automate the tasks that we humans don?t want to do — those repetitive, low- skill tasks. [28]

Using artificial intelligence to pick out inconsistencies and unusual patterns has quickly become standard for insurance companies, whether they?re looking for sophisticated rings of fraudsters rigging auto accidents or just individuals embellishing how much their damaged property was worth. [28] Therapixel, a startup specialized in medical imaging, is using artificial intelligence to deal with this issue by performing automated mammography analysis. [28] In Switzerland, Sophia Genetics is using artificial intelligence to pinpoint gene mutations behind cancer to assist doctors in the prescription of the best treatment. [28] While we may be decades away from interacting with intelligent robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning has already found its way into our routines. [28] Watch highlights covering artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligence engineering, and more. [34] Machine learning is one example of artificial intelligence in practice. [28] One of his main strategies is to get more app developers to use artificial intelligence tools such as recognizing objects in front of an iPhone?s camera. [28] RPA typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks. [31] How many times in the last year have you heard the question, "Is artificial intelligence going to take over our jobs?" For marketers, this question is just as relevant, but I?m here to tell you that robots are our marketing friends. [28] We haven?t found satisfactory definitions in the 70 years since artificial intelligence first emerged as an academic pursuit. [28] Beran gave the example of works of art generated by artificial intelligence. [28] One of its key areas of development is around its Watson artificial intelligence platform. [28] Take, for example, an article recently published on BBC, which tried to grapple with the idea of artificial intelligence with a soul. [28]

A report from McKinsey & Company asserts that the construction and engineering industry is behind the curve in implementing artificial intelligence solutions, and that AI proliferation will be modest in the immediate future because relatively few firms have the personnel, processes and tools to manage it. [35] As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shift behaviors in homes and in the consumer space, the next frontier that emerges for AI is the workplace. [36] In an article from CMSWire titled 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Lighten Employee Workloads, Skuid chief technology officer (CTO) Mike Duensing is quoted with his insights on how AI will change the way we work. [36] BERKELEY, Calif., July 31, 2018 Technology company Continental has announced that it is expanding its international network for artificial intelligence (AI) in Silicon Valley. [37] The same applies to data scientists and their ability to extract valuable insights from artificial intelligence (AI) models. [37] Building high-quality artificial intelligence (AI) is hard work. [37] Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the face of the business process both online and offline. [35] Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a predominantly transnational phenomenon for most of this decade. [37] As technology continues to mature enhancements in artificial intelligence and IoT combined with massive amounts of real time data is the fuel to bring Augmented Cognition to the public sector. [38] TechEmergence conducts direct interviews and consensus analysis with leading experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence. [39] The project, in partnership with IBM, uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence platform to identify exploration targets at the Ontario mine. [35] His team?s development and deployment of artificial intelligence has brought down the language barrier for government services. [38] Thanks for staying in touch we’re glad to keep you ahead of the curve on the applications and implications of artificial intelligence. [39] June 28, 2018 – Scientists have shown that an artificial intelligence program called a Convolutional Neural Network can be trained to categorize volcanic ash particle shapes. [40]


HackNotice brings threat intelligence to everyone, even us mere lay people mortals. [2] While some detractors aren?t too keen on the idea of a robot listening to our personal conversations, the facts are simple more and more houses will integrate AI into their construction and remodels thanks to their demand and proven ease of use. [2] In regards to construction and contraction, the system is useful for scheduling workers and assigning tools and machinery. [2]

During this dynamic live webinar, leading solutions providers Triax Technologies and will dive into the technologies that are here today as well as some of the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of the construction industry. [3] Germany?s unique system affords high adaptability and explains why the country came second on the Economist?s Intelligence Unit Automation Readiness Index despite the absence of a national AI strategy. [10] National AI strategies are important because market-based responses are insufficient to address the range of ethical, security, educational and regulatory challenges associated with AI. Moreover, the umbrella organisation of the German digital economy, Bitkom, has rightly argued that political leadership in AI is necessary if Germany wants to thrive at the new economic frontier. [10] Frontier Technology Summit (FTS) is San Francisco?s first and seminal frontier technology summit series covering frontier technologies. [4] The paper explaining one of the simple models for applying the age predictors developed using several machine learning techniques was published in Frontiers in Genetics. [11] Innovator Capital Management announced it will launch a new ETF based on Loup Ventures’ indexing methodology to help investors access the next frontier in technological developments. [5] The Loup Frontier Tech indexing methodology is based on technological advancements that are most likely to disrupt consumer and enterprise businesses over the next several decades. [5]

Germany?s aptitude for engineering and IT has long been part of the global technological frontier. [10] Data Center Frontier is edited by Rich Miller, the data center industry?s most experienced journalist. [8]

Most recently he was co-founder of Vela Systems, a pioneer in the use of web and tablet workflows for construction and capital projects. [3]

Beyond their use in operations, the information generated by these various applications was collected in data warehouses, and a variety of business intelligence tools were used to analyze the data and generate management reports. [13] AI has applications for defense, intelligence, homeland security, diplomacy, surveillance, cybersecurity, information, and economic tools of statecraft. [14] Given the breadth of AI, with its ability to influence defense, diplomacy, intelligence, economic competitiveness, social stability, and the information environment, falling behind in AI development and implementation would present a risk for U.S. global economic and military leadership. [14]

"Machine intelligence is, in its essence, a prediction technology, so the economic shift will center around a drop in the cost of prediction." [13] Automation fears have understandbly accelerated in recent years, as our increasingly smart machines are now being applied to activities requiring intelligence and cognitive capabilities that not long ago were viewed as the exclusive domain of humans. [13] A few weeks ago, Malone published Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together, – a book that nicely explains the concept of collective intelligence and how our increasingly capable machines are now complementing the intelligence of groups of people. [13] Instead of trying to explicitly program intelligence, this new approach was based on feeding lots and lots of data to the machine, and then letting the algorithms discover patterns and extract insights from all that data. [13] They were trying to do so by somehow programming the machines to exhibit intelligent behavior, even though to this day we have little idea what intelligence is about, let alone how to translate intelligence into a set of instructions to be executed by a machine. [13]

Malone is the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, and has authored and co-authored a number of seminal articles on the subject. [13] Such a data-driven, machine learning approach produced something akin to intelligence or knowledge. [13]

Current levels of investment within Russia, estimated at 700 million rubles ($12.5 million), are quite low relative to private sector and governmental spending in the United States, China, and even India, though private sector investment is projected to increase to a level of 28 billion rubles ($500 million) by 2020. 66 Russian President Vladimir Putin?s dramatic and oft-quoted remark, "Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind. [14] These moves illustrate that Russian investments are following Vladimir Putin?s 2017 statement that "artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia, but for all humankind. [14]

"Artificial intelligence has left the laboratory (and the movie lot)? It?s pervading all the institutions that drive our global economy.? And this is just the beginning." [13] "Artificial intelligence is suddenly everywhere? it is proliferating like mad." [13]

How does human intelligence work, in biological as well as in engineering terms? And how can we use such an understanding of human intelligence to build wiser and more useful machines? On February 1, MIT launched the Intelligence Quest (MIT IQ), – an initiative aimed at addressing these big questions by advancing the science and engineering of both human and machine intelligence. [13] MIT IQ aims "to discover the foundations of human intelligence and drive the development of technological tools that can positively influence virtually every aspect of society." [13]

The trend in both secondary and college environments is to favor science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) over the humanities, and that trend is likely to accelerate in an era of AI. Nations with strong cadre of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers will be better prepared to compete on the global stage, advancing the frontiers of AI and designing new AI applications. [14] On Nov 3 at AI Frontiers Conference (, Director of Amazon Alexa, Ruhi Sarikaya, will join a panel with Dilek Hakkani-Tur, who is part of the brain behind Google Home. [41]

The goal for AI professionals hence becomes trying to move most things to the automation frontier where the risk appetite to trust machines exists as does the need to innovate and invest in AI. [15] Even as the firm takes measure of its latest product launch, executives already have their eyes set on the next frontier for AI-driven technologies — a tool that could give advisors recommendations on how to handle emotionally-charged situations. [42]

Huge amounts of resources and work go into major construction projects and of course this means that huge volumes of data are generated. [17] We will also be discussing about how onTarget is integrating with Procore to empower construction jobsites with BIM data for 4D scheduling, document linking and analytics. [17] Have you heard of ConstructionOS? Want to know more about Procore and their app marketplace ? If you want to learn more, join Mikael Reckley and myself as we discuss how to enable construction companies to leverage technology to mitigate risk of cost overruns and time delays, improve productivity and collaboration. [17] Number crunching has always been a big part of construction – a commonly heard phrase is that construction companies are accounting companies which happen to erect buildings. [17] Gilbane is reportedly just the latest of New York’s large construction companies to rethink expensive union collective bargaining agreements. [17] Through hard work, perseverance, laser-sharp focus and the help of investors and advisors, onTarget, a startup providing mobile and visual collaboration solutions for the construction industry, has been winning new customers every month. [17] Disrupting boundaries, shapes and design in the construction sector ? the future of construction wil. [16]

For instance, construction management and civil engineering. [22] Containing microfluidic channels with living human cells and mechanical mimicry of an organ?s microenvironment, the Wyss Institute?s organs-on-chips can serve as micro artificial hearts, lungs, intestines and kidneys, among many other organs. [43] The topics will feature the frontier of AI technologies, industry trends and other hot issues. [24] The VC firm invests in the next generation of AI startups and frontier technologies focused on technologies that connect consumers and businesses and create intelligent platforms. [27]

The rapid growth of the Big Data ecosystem has pushed the frontiers of technology, and our expectations, further than ever thought possible. [22] Using a group of noninvasive sensors that collect data on vital signs, body chemistry, and biological functions, Final Frontier integrates this data in their powerful, AI-based DxtER diagnostic engine for rapid, high-precision assessments. [43]

As regulators, you need to keep pace with advances in technology and address the new regulatory frontiers. [21] This is the next frontier for innovation and growth in the digital music industry, and we are excited to be working with iHeartRadio to roll out the first phase of these cutting-edge products." [20]

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is where machines can successfully perform any intellectual task that a human can do – sometimes referred to as "strong AI", or "full AI". [28] Max Tegmark in his recent book Life 3.0, describes AI as a machine or computer that displays intelligence. [28] Machine learning has been called "the part of AI that works," but more important, the label "machine learning" steers clear of notions like general intelligence. [34] Those people may treat it as such, since they will view the AI system?s intelligence, emotional expression, behavior, and perhaps even a belief in a god as signs of an internal something that could be defined as a soul. [28] "To me it doesn?t matter whether an AI system has real intelligence, or real emotions and empathy. [28]

Bonsai said on its official website that it is building "the world’s first deep reinforcement learning platform that empowers enterprises to build intelligence into real-world systems." [28] Discussing intelligence augmentation in "How to Become a Centaur," Nicky Case argues that computers are good at finding the best answer to a question. [34]

Incorporation of powerful statistical processes, unprecedented computational power and Fuzzy Logic have the capability to generate astonishing and highly useful results; but those results come from a new kind of collective human intelligence – nothing artificial about it. [29] Artificial intelligence’s potential to help investors and traders was one of the most hotly debated topics at the recent Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago. [28]

Compared to the technology that would be required to create artificial sentience — whatever it may look like or however we may choose to define it — even our most advanced engineers are still huddled in caves, rubbing sticks together to make a fire and cook some woolly mammoth steaks. [28] Signals act like artificial neurons and move across thousands of arrays to particular cross points, which function like synapses. [28]

One can find many works with artificial neural networks, the backbone of deep learning. [28] Artificial neural network approaches such as deep-learning are ideal for exactly this type of work. [28] Artificial neural networks continued to fall short of expectations not just in medical imaging, but in computer vision in general. [28] In a computer simulation of their new artificial neural network design, they provided thousands of handwriting samples. [28] At a media gathering here Monday afternoon, a black, artificial intelligence-infused IBM computer with a screen for a face more than held its own debating seasoned human debaters. [28]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is the next frontier for businesses looking to streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately improve the bottom-line. [31] Edge computing may be the next frontier for data centers, especially as IoT and decentralized workforces grow. [32]

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