How To Kill A Hard Drive

How To Kill A Hard Drive
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  • This is the most hard drive failures I have had in my career, all within the time of using Windows 10.(More…)


  • I formatted the drive and am able to use it again, but lost a ton of time in recovering files.(More…)
  • During this recent drive, the fishermen had an unusually hard time catching the four dolphins and pushing them into the cove.(More…)


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This is the most hard drive failures I have had in my career, all within the time of using Windows 10. [1] I usually end up rebooting and when the system comes back up one of my hard drives is no longer available. [1]

One of my additional data hard drives used since 2016 is 4TB. I manage to make available its full capacity and thus partition it as two volumes and format them by running the computer in IDE not RAID configuration for SATA in the bios. [2] The workaround to partition and format larger than 2TB hard drives running the computer not configured as RAID and then use them running the computer in RAID configuration is useless because I can’t put more than the total of 2TB files on the partitions. [2] I have a computer with this 48X board running on Windows7 64 system installed on a partition of RAID 0 made with two hard drives. [2]

Based on all this, I’m afraid that while Windows 7 and my motherboard recognize the full size of the hard drive, my RAID setup with Intel Matrix Storage Manager is not able to recognize the additional space (partition) on the hard drive making it a potential problem for losing again all files on this hard drive. [2] While external drives used with the PS3 are all FAT32 formatted (or NTFS if you have CFW), the GameOS partition on the internal hard drive is formatted using the UFS2 filesystem with a layer of encryption on top. [3] While its possible to mount a PS3 hard drive in Linux and view its decrypted partitions, unfortunately the tunefs.ufs tool doesnt appear to work. [3] Thanks to dsroche for writing the original nbdcpp implementation that sguerrini97 forked, and thanks to Glevand for the original work on mounting the PS3 hard drive in OtherOS and for the great information here on the PS3 dev wiki: [3]

PC and Laptop Backup: Want to protect your entire digital life — your photos, videos, media, emails, and documents — in one fell swoop? The ioSafe Solo is the simplest and safest way to instantly protect your entire PC or laptop. Never again worry about losing your data when your computer or hard drive crashes. [4] What you really need to do under such circumstances is – finding ways immediately to recover data from hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card or any other data storage devices, like I taught you in this passage. [5] If you have transferred sensitive data from one hard drive partition to a removable disk, you may as well choose to ” Wipe Partition ” to avoid malicious recovery of sensitive data. [5] The next day without a warning the whole drive with both partitions was missing in the My Computer folder and the Disk Management showed it as 2TB hard drive that was not formatted and not partitioned. [2] As I said earlier, if you have deleted a file from computer hard drive (or removable hard drive) and then realized it?s a mistake, you can open the Recycle Bin directly and choose to restore this file, as long as the file is not deleted by ” Shift + Delete ” or the Recycle Bin is not emptied. [5] Using the above method I made the hard drive available again in the same condition but lost the files. [2] File deletion : each file is saved on the hard drive in two parts – header section and data section. [5] Recover lost data no matter it is caused by deletion, formatting, hard drive issues, virus attack, system crash and more. [5] Protect Your Memories: With the ioSafe Solo G3 fireproof waterproof external hard drive you can rest knowing that your priceless memories — your family photos and home videos — are safe no matter the circumstance. [4] Families, businesses, and large enterprises alike turn to the ioSafe Solo and Data Recovery Service for the added peace of mind of knowing their digital lives – their memories, media, portfolios, data, and records – are protected by the ultimate external hard drive and ultimate safety net. [4]

I have an alienware with Windows 10 installed on an SSD. I have a 1 TB empty, unallocated hard drive. [6] I recommend this SSD for anyone looking to upgrade their hard drive for higher performance at the lowest cost possible for a SSD. [7] That said, it is priced well below any other 2TB drive, so if you want a reliable 2TB SSD that offers better performance than any hard drive, at a rock bottom $/GB price, this is my recommendation. [7] Faster than hard drives, but entry-level performance SSD wise. [7]

Now generally having this reserved space is not a bad thing, however the problem is that as drives grow larger, the amount of wasted space becomes larger than some of the smaller PS3s entire hard drives! Clearly that much isnt needed to prevent fragmentation. [3] By default, even on custom firmware, the PS3 reserves 8% of your total internal hard drive space. [3] Huge thanks to sguerrini97 at Playstation Hax for implemnenting PS3 hard drive mounting support for modern Linux kernels. [3] Thanks to anyone else that worked on PS3 hard drive mounting or anything else Im not aware of. [3] Could there be another reason its turning off? Also is there maybe a way to flip the connectors the hard drive connects to to get it right side up? Im afraid it will overheat since the vent on the hard drive is now facing down. [8] I was thinking maybe the guy put it in upside down and it overheated killing the hard drive, but theres no other way i can figure out to put it in. [8] The new hard drive made the old laptop work again but theres one issue. [8] The hard drive goes in upside down in this laptop, and it also does not fit perfectly. [8]

Computer Recycling in Virginia with Dell ReconnectTo protect your privacy, Horizon Goodwill Industries recommends that you back up any necessary data and remove all data from hard drives — with the exception of your operating system — before donating your computer(s). [9] XXCLONE clones your hard drive to another hard drive with the system files, installed applications, and all of your data files. [10] When I changed my hard drive from HDD to SSD I installed new Windows 10 and I already installed all the drivers. [11] I would like to change the group and group permissions for all future USB flash drives and external hard drives. [12] When I plug in an external hard drive or USB flash drive, the drive is automatically mounted. [12]

EASEUS Disk Copy can be used for copy, cloning, or upgrading your original small hard drive to a new larger drive. [10]

Learn how to use your computer better, master the internet while protecting yourself, and know what to do when your hard drive kicks the bucket. [13] Since we have a PC, we are going to focus on external hard drives that are formatted out of the box for Windows. [14] Now, obviously, you are buying an external hard drive to store files. [14] Files add up over the months and years, and 8 times outta 10 we’re left with cleaning out or buying another hard drive. [14] My data was fully recovered from two completely dead hard drives, that data was the last 10-15 years of my life. pictures, documents, music, and so on. [15] Recovered the data from a hard drive that had a mechanical failure and cloned it so we were up and running the day we got the drive back. [15] Got my crashed hard drive from 2001 working again although I couldn’t get 100 percent data back I got 90 percent back better than nothing at all so I am pleased with the results. [15] It?ll fit a full size ATX power supply, a custom water cooling loop with dual radiators, or multiple 3.5″ hard drives if you are stockpiling data. [16] With the right parts, you can fit an SFX power supply, a full-length graphics card, an SSD, a 3.5-inch hard drive, a slim optical drive, and an all-in-one water cooling loop with a 240mm radiator. at the same time. [16] Their diagnosis of my ailing hard drive was fast and spot on, they gave me several choices for resolution of the issue, their repair service was reasonably priced, and turnover time was quite quick. [15] You need to buy an external hard drive that is compatible with your operating system. [14] CPU air coolers will need to be more compact, water cooling radiators will need to be smaller, and you?ll have to choose between two 2.5″ hard drives or one 3.5″ hard drive (and if you have an ATX power supply, that choice is made for you, since it butts up against the hard drive mounts). [16] What are you storing? File size and type can dictate the hard drive you get. [14] Why? Because even though the price will be higher there is nothing worse than filling a hard drive and needing to offload files from it/clean it out. [14] We have both good and bad experiences with external hard drives. [14] You won’t have to head to Walmart for these bad boys! Ready? Let’s get to exploring the top external hard drives. [14] You might not think of Toshiba being a front-runner in the external hard drive world but here we are. [14] There you have it some of the top external hard drives on the market. [14] One of the classic brands in the hard drive world, Western Digital, has been making a name for itself for years. [14] One of the most trusted names in the hard drive game is Seagate. [14]

The Overwolf Game Capture app allows you to capture gameplay videos and screenshots, save them on your hard drive or upload them directly to social networks. [17] The portable version is designed to be run directly from an external USB device (like a thumb drive), without leaving any traces on the computer?s hard drive or Registry, on which it is run. [18] Known as cloud storage, this lets you clear space on your computer by expanding your hard drive capacity into virtual space. [19] This directory works similarly to other lettered drives, except that files stored on it are only kept in the cloud and not on your hard drive. [19] Files added to this folder remain stored on your hard drive but also get sent to the cloud. [19] You can sync and unsync any folder on your drive, but unsyncing folders doesn?t remove files from your hard drive, it just severs the movement of files going forward. [19] You cannot uninstall programs if you do not have administrator privileges because uninstalling programs involves removing files, folders, and Registry entries from various protected system locations on your hard drive and Registry. [18] Crucially, that also means you can?t get rid of it by reinstalling your operating system or swapping in a new hard drive. [20]


I formatted the drive and am able to use it again, but lost a ton of time in recovering files. [1] The first time I had to reload windows on my machine because it killed my primary drive. [1] My computer has killed 3 external ones over the last month, one was brand new out of box that I had only used once! I’m very worried as my 2 1T drives in the computer are WD too, but no one from WD or Microsoft want to know about it and keep blaming the other company. [1] None of these drives will work on other computers either regardless of what OS they are running. [1]

There are third-party tools that can get your data back from a drive in a RAW state, but I can’t really recommend that and if you do it it would be at your own risk. [1] Have in mind that any testing or attempt to get your data back might further damage your drive if there’s any physical damage to it. [1] After losing data on several drives I moved my main media PC to Linux Mint. [1] I formatted each drive that Windows 10 had marked as RAW and unusable and I put them back in the system. [1] I agree it’s a windows 10 issue with western digital drives. [1]

They are all Western Digital drives and they are all of different ages. [1]

I had no drive problems whatsoever when I was using Windows 7 with the same software installed. [1] I would second Pawan’s suggestion to run CHKDSK as it can show you if the drive has problems with its sectors. [1] Have in mind that if the drive has physical problems any testing might further damage the drive. [1]

Check Disk Management of the old system when you plug the drives there if you can do that. [1] This is no coincidence it has happened 4 times with 4 different drives. [1] The first time it happened on my WD 3TB drive that had all my movies and music. [1]

Just a few weeks ago I lost a 1tb drive that was not even a year old, and now its starting again on a 250gb drive that I have. [1]

The hard limit is likely 2TB as the PS3 uses MBR with 512 byte sectors, so hard limit on the drive size as its unlikely we can get it to work with larger sector sizes (its worth at least trying, though there are currently no drives available greater than 2TB that physically fit in the console). [3] Step two : you should specify a location which contains the deleted file, choosing from ” This PC “, ” Removable Disk Drive “, ” Hard Disk Drive ” and ” CD/DVD Drive “. [5]

When the cache isn’t full, which is the vast majority of time, unless you’re working with very large data files (40GB+) or your drive is over 75% full, the Intel 660p write performance is competitive with higher-end TLC drives, such as the ones I recommend below. [7] In all honestly, I think its just a waste of time because two SSDs in a stripped Raid wont improve performance in terms that matter and just causes more of a headache to manage the Raid, especially if one drive dies. [6] I would like to combine the two drives together so that once space runs out on the SSD, it will use space from the HDD. Is there any way to do this within Windows 10 or using a third party software tool? I would like to keep the OS on the SSD bootable if possible. [6] Pop the drive back in your PS3 and enjoy the extra space! Note that I left 1% reserved space rather than going all the way to 0% to ensure that the drive never completely fills up, as Im unsure what problems that would cause for the PS3s operating system. [3] I have a suspicion that a similar, but more complicated, technique could also be used to essentially manually format a 2TB PS3 drive to use the full 2TB. Thats my next project. [3] Plus, USB 3.0 gives you the ability to use your Solo with almost any Mac or PC. Theft Protection: With the ioSafe Solo G3 built in Keningston Lock Slot and bolt down flange you can bolt the drive down to any surface so you’ll never have to worry about your data walking out the front door in the event of a break in or robbery. [4] I?m not near my computer this weekend, but Monday I can dump the data for you from one of my drives. [3] Once the drive was partitioned and formatted running the computer in IDE configuration for SATA it also showed its full capacity (both partitions) when computer is also running in RAID mode. [2] The only real way to do it is by using a Raid to strip the drives together. [6] That is a quick way to kill the drive performance and lifespan. 3. [6] Want to know more about low-level formatting & high-level formatting? This post tells all and it will teach you the way to recover files from a formatted drive after high-level formatting. [5] Drive formatting : actually, formatting refers to the operation of disk initialization and reformatting will delete all files on the target drive. [5] Some people have erased files that are useless currently by deleting them permanently or formatting the drive which contain them. [5] Do you want a SSD for a workstation with a lot of write operations with heavy files, like video editing? Then this might not be the ideal drive for you. [7] For a laptop, a PC boot drive, media drive, or game library drive, the Crucial MX500 is a good SSD at a great price. [7] I believe the pros outweigh the cons though, and have been using this now without issue on my personal PS3 with a 1.5TB drive for a few days now, installing tons of games without a hitch. [3] I think this should be possible to do as a PS3 homebrew app so that it can just be done directly on the device without even removing the drive. [3] I really want it personally, it?s ridiculous that my PS2 can have a larger drive than my PS3! So I?ll just keep picking at it til I get somewhere. [3]

Tip: Even if files are deleted by pressing “Delete” only, as long as they are deleted from SD card or other kinds of USB drives, they?ll go over the Recycle Bin. [5] You will suffer a lot from it if you suddenly found some important files are saved on the wiped drive and you have not made a backup for them in advance. [5]

Now if you were dead set on doing a Raid to strip the data across to make one big drive. [6] I am aware of the dangers associated with this, such as one drive failing will get rid of data on both. [6] I bought new Lenovo laptop. And in my computer there was a drive listed as Lenovo recovery center and it’s for reverting the computer to its original form. [5] Solid State Drives based on the Silicon Motion SM2262 controller offer better performance than lower performance entry-level PCIe NVMe SSDs, based on the Phison E7 (MyDigitalSSD BBX), Phison E8 (Kinstron A1000 and MyDigitalSSD SBX), the QLC Intel 660p or models without a DRAM cache. [7] When it comes to read performance, it is competitive with other lower-end PCI NVMe drives and much faster than SATA III SSDs. [7] NVMe protocol offers the highest performance possible, but requires a PC compatible with NVMe M.2 drives. [7] This is an OEM drive, usually sold to PC manufacturers for prebuilt PCs or enterprise customers. [7]

Since were allowing ourselves to fill almost the entire drive, these instructions also change the optimization mode to space. [3] Not to mention that if I can figure out how to edit whatever info it needs to image between drives it would allow for keeping a raw copied backup drive on hand that could be swapped in if your drive ever dies or gets corrupted. [3] Time optimization is the default–and is used by the PS3–and allows for faster writes at the expense of potentially higher fragmentation (though generally only as the drive reaches capacity). [3] Im going to play around with manually modifying partition tables and the GameOS partition superblock to change the partitions sizes as well as moving partition 3 (the small FAT32 partition) to the end of the drive. [3] I?m going to format the 160GB and dump it to compare the partition headers and other metadata with the 40GB drive. [3]

I highly recommend running the find_ps3_ufs2_byte_locations script anyway just to confirm before making any changes to your drive. [3] I hope that you’ve enjoyed this latest edition of The Best SSDs (Solid State Drives) article. [7] Those might have a tiny 32GB “SSD”, and a 1TB HDD. The SSD is simply a cache for the HDD. It is not an addressable individual drive. [6]

Even if you dont succeed with the 2 TB disk, just being able to easily swap drives for bigger ones wouldve been amazing. [3] It’s available either as a 2.5 SATA III drive, or a M.2 SATA III drive. [7] The Samsung 860 EVO is available as a 2.5 drive, a M.2 SATA III drive and a mSATA drive. [7]

That concludes this list of Video Game Bosses that would drive you into rage play. [21]

With that, here are some of the Video Game Bosses that prove hard to kill. [21] Players who preferred to play the game solo found Skolas hard to beat since Skolas was not meant to be defeated alone. [21] It is hard to tell which player C’Thun would attack since it is seven NPCs forming one entity. [21]

I would never have figured this out if it werent for others hard work. [3] If i touch the bottom of the laptop hard enough it turns off. [8]

While the first one ran without a problem and completed in seconds, checking the second partition with the option “Automatically fix file system errors” got stuck forever at the end of the progress bar and the only way I managed to kill its process was by restarting the computer. [2] That shouldn’t kill the HDD. And you can’t put in a HDD “upside down” in a laptop since SATA is keyed and can only be put it one way. [8]

BTW: If there is any occupied loop slot, createstup failed talking about size beyond bound or something like that (so this kill the idea to use LiveCDVD/USB). [3] It would take hours for a team of hardened players to defeat this boss, so the game developers tweaked him a bit to make him easier to kill. [21]

If there?s no special instruction, hard disk formatting usually refers to high-level formatting while floppy disk formatting can include both. [5]

This HDD Raw Copy tool can make an exact duplicate of a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD hard disk drive. [10] You might need a specific 4K Blu-ray drive in order to rip discs, and there might be a few extra steps to go through, like creating a text file with the decryption keys in it. [22] You can use it to copy all the data from an old drive to the new one. [10] It can clone and restore the raw data of the disk or drive byte by byte. [10] Win32 Disk Imager is a portable app that enables you to create an exact copy of a removable drive and more. [10]

If your computer lacks the proper disc drive, an external DVD or good Blu-ray drive can be purchased for as little as $25. [22] A DVD or Blu-ray disc drive on your computer you won’t be ripping anything without one. [22]

DriveImage XML is an easy to use and reliable program for imaging and backing up partitions and logical drives. [10] WinToHDD can image and install or reinstall your Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP without a CD/DVD or USB drive. [10] USB Killer is a device appearing as a USB thumb drive that sends high-voltage power surges into the device it is connected to, threatening to damage hardware components. 1 The device has been designed to test components for protection from power surges and electrostatic discharge. [23] All the instructions I’ve found so far require editing /etc/fstab, and they require specifying the UUID or device ID of the specific drive, hard-coding the mount-point, and hard-coding both the user name and group. [12]

You forgo a new car for your entire life and drive older, paid-off models the entire time. [24] No matter how much the privilege costs, it feels soooooooooooo good to drive your new car off the lot and cruise down the street. [24] That new car smell? The feeling you get when you drive to dinner in your brand new ride? Those feelings are temporary; they?re fleeting. [24] Once your car isn?t new anymore, it?s just something you drive to your kid?s soccer practice. [24]

Image for Windows is an easy and convenient way to backup your hard drive’s data and operating system partitions. [10] If you work hard and still can?t get ahead, your car payment might be the culprit of your money woes. [24]

SelfImage is capable of making an image of a hard disk partition and writing it to another – useful for making backups. [10]

“This terrifying homemade USB killer will instantly kill your computer”. [23] The idea is that, regardless of who inserts the USB flash drive, any valid user of the system can read the drive, but without having to manually configure each drive. [12]

Portable apps are commonly used on thumb drives and other removable media by people who like to use specific applications but don’t want install the application files on their hard disk drive. [25] They were able to repair one drive and fixed the 2nd one enough to retrieve all the data with the original file structure which was then copied to a new drive. [15] Sent the drives in, they took care of the problem, sent the drives back and all of my data is 100% safe. [15] They got my drive working again to a point that I was able to easily recover all the data off of it myself. [15]

A good firewall, AV, and Malware software, running mostly from the D: drive, is the best you can do for these computers. [26] Some Windows drives can be reformatted to use with a Mac but not all. [14] Since Windows and Mac are different, this can dictate the drive you buy. [14]

With the most recent v1803 update, it gives the opportunity to use that extra drive space in the update process. [26] Some external drives come with the capability to work with both out of the box (Western Digital (WD) products, for example). [14] Send your “personal” folders to the SDcard, or the external drive. [26] Generally, the price isn’t much associated with the quality of the external drive but the size of the drive when it comes to memory. [14]

I have such a device, an Asus Transformer T100T. 32GB eMMC drive. [26] I accidentally plugged a 4 drive array into PCI-E power and borked the circuit boards so the drives no longer powered up. [15]

At $45, it?s hard to complain–especially when the M1 is four times as expensive. [16] You can kill the C: partition, with a number of 3rdParty programs. [26]

During this recent drive, the fishermen had an unusually hard time catching the four dolphins and pushing them into the cove. [27] During my next relationship, I went on the pill to be safe when I finally did engage in sex, but then my drive was gone. [28] The strange this is, it’s like my body still works, but my drive is turned off. [28] Then the hunters will drive the dolphins into the notorious Taiji killing cove and butcher them in the water, often right in front of their family members. [27] I managed to have a second child got back on the pill and my drive was totally gone. [28] I never had any problems on Yaz but since a few months back ive just lost my sex drive completely and I have cramps everyday of the month not just when I am on my period. [28] I have been on the pill for years after becoming pregnant on using the IUD. I came off three months ago and finally.the sex drive is back. [28] Nicole, if you have ANY advice for how to get my sex drive back PLEASE inform me ? This is definitely NOT normal. [28] My main worry though is, Will my sex drive ever come back? Will sex always hurt from now on? Or is there a chance these side effects will reverse? Thank you so much for helping me through this difficult time. [28] However I got on birth control about a month before, and since that time, I have had zero sex drive at all. [28] I am on cerezatte. & have been since I started taking my pill when I was 17, now 24 nearly 25 I am noticing my non existent sex drive may actually be down to not me but my pill. [28] I started taking bc when I was 18 and ever since I have had a decreased sex drive. [28] I’m 39 I have zero sex drive and never have. I’ve been on the pill since I was 21. [28] I had high clitoral feeling and sex drive before birth control and as i was on it i noticed it slowly declined and then ever since i skipped that one month and a half or so i have had no clitoral feeling at all. [28] I even used to watch porn to relieve myself when the sex drive got too high prior to taking the Pillit’s like I have a totally different body now. [28] I am now constantly dry, feel almost sore like I have thrush but I don’t, I have no sex drive whatsoever and OMG, my clitoris has shrunk to barely nothing. [28] I took the pill for about 6 years and like most of you ladies my sex drive was non-existent. [28] My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and I am extremely attracted to him, but when I started the birth control Orthotrycyclen I lost every bit of my sex drive. [28] Thank you so much for this blog!! I have been on the pill for about a year now.My boyfriend, who I have been with for about a year, and I have been noticing extreme differences in my sex drive. [28] I enjoyed reading this article and can fully relate! Im 24 years old have a under active thyroid! And am on the contriception pill!!my sex drive is pretty much non existant! Am am seriously thinking about stopping my pill. [28] I’ve for years wondered about my lack of sex drive, and I’ve recently been experiencing dryness. [28]

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