What Phone Does Barack Obama Have

What Phone Does Barack Obama Have
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  • U.S. President Barack Obama yawns as he attends an East Asian Summit Plenary Session at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh on November 20, 2012.(More...)


  • Obama acknowledges that there are certain things he misses about being president, like being able to avoid traffic.(More...)
  • The Obama Justice Department did target journalists using the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, claimed Fox News reporter James Rosen was a "criminal co-conspirator" and prosecuted New York Times reporter James Risen for refusing to name their sources, seized the phone records of The Associated Press, and Attorney General Eric Holder committed perjury in testimony to Congress about these actions.(More...)



U.S. President Barack Obama yawns as he attends an East Asian Summit Plenary Session at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh on November 20, 2012. [1] President Barack Obama handed over his White House phones every 30 days to be examined by telecommunications staffers for hacking and other suspicious activity, according to an Obama administration official. [2] As noted by Politico, President Barack Obama used a BlackBerry phone while in office, but it was extremely locked down. [3] One is just for making calls, and is regularly swapped out, although unlike the super-secure phone used by President Barack Obama, it has a microphone and camera. [4]

"President Barack Obama takes debt battle to Twitter, loses more than 40,000 followers in one day". [5] U.S. President Barack Obama, who won a second term in office by defeating Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, waves with his daughters Malia (R) and Sasha and wife Michelle (L) before addressing supporters during his election night victory rally in Chicago, November 7, 2012. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama waves to the media as he returns from his Hawaiian vacation to the White House with first lady Michelle (2nd L) and daughters Malia (L) and Sasha (R) in Washington, January 4, 2011. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (R) hold hands with daughters Malia (L) and Sasha as they walk from the White House to St. John's Church for Sunday services, in Washington, October 27, 2013. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama with his family sing at the "Christmas in Washington" celebration at the National Building Museum in Washington December 11, 2011. (L-R) First lady Michelle Obama, their daughters Sasha and Malia, President Obama, singers Jennifer Hudson and Victoria Justice. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama (L), with daughters Sasha (C) and Malia (R), join volunteers singing Happy Birthday to first lady Michelle Obama (TOP C) as they arrive to volunteer in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day at Stuart-Hobson Middle School on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 17, 2011. [6]

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks alongside his daughters Sasha (L) and Malia, during a turkey pardoning ceremony for "Courage", the National Thanksgiving Turkey, on the North Portico of the White House in Washington, November 25, 2009. [6]

U.S. President-elect Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) embraces his daughters Sasha (C) and Malia (R) during his election night rally in Chicago November 4, 2008. [6] Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Democrat Barack Obama (2nd R), wife Michelle and their daughters Malia (R), 3, and Sasha (L), 6, spend time in their Chicago hotel room, November 2, 2004. [6] Democratic presidential nominee U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) walks with his (L-R) daughter Sasha, daughter Malia, and wife Michelle after his speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado August 28, 2008. [6] Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia (R) listen as her husband Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) speaks during a campaign stop in Oskaloosa, Iowa, July 4, 2007. [6] Malia and Sasha Obama arrive prior to their father U.S. President Barack Obama at the Edmund Pettus Bridge March 7, 2015 in Selma, Alabama.US President Barack Obama and the first family joined others to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday where voting rights marchers attempting to walk to the Alabama capitol clashed with police at the base of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Dallas County. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd L) presents the first family's new Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Bo, on the South Lawn with his family at the White House in Washington April 14, 2009. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama (R) and daughter Malia make their way across the South Lawn upon return to the White House on January 4, 2015 in Washington, DC. Obama and his family returned to Washington after spending the holidays in Hawaii. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama congratulates his daughter Malia on her birthday during the Independence Day celebration at the White House in Washington U.S., July 4, 2016. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama jokes with his daughter Malia during a Fourth of July celebration with military families on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington July 4, 2009. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama greets his daughter Malia as his wife Michelle(R) and duaghter Sasha(L) look on as he arrives to take the oath of office during the 57th Presidential Inauguration ceremonial swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol on January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC. The oath is to be administered by Chief Justice John Roberts. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama and daughter Malia make their way to board Air Force One before departing from Chicago OHare International Airport in Chicago on April 7, 2016. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama and daughter Malia make their way to board Air Force One before departing from Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles on April 8, 2016. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama laughs with his daughter Malia as they leave Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on June 16, 2013 after attending the Obama's youngest daughter Sasha's dance recital. [6]

President Barack Obama made a surprise half-hour visit to the social news website Reddit on August 29, 2012. [5] Because what they want is for Barack Obama to be president, and he is not. [7] Barack Obama in the first presidential Twitter town hall meeting with service creator and moderator Jack Dorsey looking on. [5] Twitter activity of Barack Obama from his first tweet in April 2007 to September 2017. [5] U.S. President Barack Obama is visiting Berlin for the first time during his presidency and his speech at the Brandenburg Gate is to be the highlight. [6] U.S. President Barack Obama sits with his daughters Malia (L) and Sasha as they wait to collect an order of takeout food at Nancy's Restaurant in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, August 26, 2009. [6] While at least one report from August said that the former president?s eldest daughter will have a Secret Service detail, the move would be an exception to a bill former President Barack Obama himself signed into law more than four years ago. [6] Barack Obama's Twitter account ( @BarackObama ) is the official account on social networking site Twitter for former President of the United States Barack Obama, and has been used for his election efforts. [5] Barack Obama embraces the First Lady after she had introduced him at a 2012 election campaign event in Davenport, Iowa. [5] Barack Obama was six months into his post-White House life when Donald Trump found a new way to grab his attention. [7] U.S. President Barack Obama and his daughter Malia walk in the rain from Marine One to board Air Force One upon their departure from Los Angeles, California April 8, 2016. [6] A string of leading figures, including former U.S. President Barack Obama, jump to make an order. [8]

Trump took to Twitter to defend himself by pointing out that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, had also congratulated Putin after his successful presidential run. [9] "If Donald J. Trump decides as president to throw a whistle-blower in jail for trying to talk to a reporter, or gets the F.B.I. to spy on a journalist, he will have one man to thank for bequeathing him such expansive power: Barack Obama," Risen wrote shortly after Trump's election. [10] Back in May of 2015, before David Letterman ended his three decade career in late night television, President Barack Obama appeared on the Late Show for the last time. [11] Former President Barack Obama was notoriously irked with the BlackBerry he was required to use for years, and security concerns prevented him from using an iPhone for some time. [12] White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said Thursday that former President Barack Obama did not call Kelly's family when his son was killed at the age of 29 while serving in Afghanistan in 2010. [13] WASHINGTON Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle,. [14] Former U.S. President Barack Obama arrives on stage with former first lady Michelle Obama at the first Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. October 31, 2017. [15]

"We have a system in Cook County where one serves one time a year on the jury, and that time has arrived for President Barack Obama," county Chief Judge Tim Evans told NPR on Saturday in a phone interview. [16] President Obama Summoned For Jury Duty In Illinois : The Two-Way Barack Obama is to report next month in Cook County, Ill. If selected, he wouldn't be the first high-profile juror -- Oprah Winfrey served in a murder trial in 2004. [16] We must resist the urge to demonize those who are different," said then-current President Barack Obama. [17] Former President Barack Obama had some choice words for both Republicans and Democrats at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California. [18] Former President Barack Obama reported for jury duty at the Daley Center Wednesday. [19] Former President Barack Obama will report for jury duty in Cook County, Ill., in November. [16] This is one of eight, and Former First Lady Michelle Obama joked with Ellen DeGeneres on her television show, saying that Barack Obama isn't happy with the living situation: "He got so short-changed on this whole deal. [20] Apple has been developing a slew of original television shows, and a deal with Michelle and Barack Obama would have been a big win. [21] Barack Obama returned to Chicago Wednesday to perform a civic duty. [19] Donald Trump was mad that Barack Obama continued carrying out his duties. [17]

NEW DELHI (AP) -- When former President Barack Obama spoke to a leadership forum in India's capital on Friday, he never once used the words "Donald Trump" and was careful to avoid any direct reference to his successor in the White House. [22] Former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama at the unveiling. [23] Last year, Penguin Random House landed a deal to publish two books by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, with one volume to be written by each. [24] From left: Artist Kehinde Wiley, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and artist Amy Sherald. [23] Former president Barack Obama addressed 500 young leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists from 60 nations and 27 states at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago yesterday. [25] Artist Kehinde Wiley (left) and former president Barack Obama at the unveiling. [23] In a Facebook post Sunday morning, former President Barack Obama shared five books that he's been reading this summer "when things slow down just a bit, whether it?s on a vacation with family or just a quiet afternoon." [26] Days after the 2016 election, Barack Obama was racked by self-doubt. [27] Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a leadership summit in New Delhi, India, Friday, Dec. 1, 2017. [22]

Washington (AP) -- President Donald Trump has pulled bereaved military families into a painful political fight of his own making, going so far Tuesday as to cite the death of his chief of staff's son in Afghanistan to question whether Barack Obama and other presidents did enough to honor the military dead. [28] "The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, will address the 2018 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on February 23, 2018 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center," a description of the ESPN-sponsored event says. [29] President Barack Obama meets with veterans and Gold Star mothers in 2015. [28] Those are just some of the topics President Barack Obama discussed during the ATD 2018 Opening General Session on Monday morning. [30] President Barack Obama said in a keynote address at a global health care conference on Monday that politics and ideology must be pushed aside in the quest for true, lasting solutions for health care reform. [31] WASHINGTON - Former president Barack Obama, who has kept a low public profile since leaving the White House a year and half ago, is wading back into politics ahead of the November elections. [32] Michelle Obama and Barack Obama might be two of the most-missed former residents of the White House. [33] Michelle Obama wished Barack Obama happy birthday with a thoughtful photo and message to Obama on Instagram. [33] They're proud that former President Barack Obama was giving a speech at their get-together, but they didn't want anybody to talk or post on social media about it. [29] Former president Barack Obama has emerged back onto the political scene. [32]


Obama acknowledges that there are certain things he misses about being president, like being able to avoid traffic. [1] Everything you do every day, you know can affect millions or billions of people," says Obama. [1] Obama says that he cares about kids all over the world receiving a decent education, people being able to find jobs that pay a living wage and conserving environmental resources for the next generation. [1]

"Now when I wake up, I can make my own decisions about how do I want to spend my time," says Obama. [1]

I am pretty sure it is a secured, private phone number unlisted in directories simply because he is a former president to the United States. [34]

"I get the thing, and they're all like, 'Well, Mr. President, for security reasons. it doesn't take pictures, you can't text, the phone doesn't work. you can't play your music on it,'" Obama joked in 2016. [3] "I get the thing, and they're all like, "Well, Mr. President, for security reasons. it doesn?t take pictures, you can?t text, the phone doesn?t work. you can?t play your music on it,?" Obama told Jimmy Fallon in 2016. [2]

"This would be the case of a president overruling literally the most rudimentary advice given by the communications agencies," said Andrew McLaughlin, who served as deputy chief technology officer under Obama and helped develop the former president?s specialized phone. [2] Eight years later, Obama begged advisers to find a way for him to keep his beloved BlackBerry after his election and said publicly he used the phone as a way to reach beyond the Washington bubble. [2] A notorious text and email junkie who was frequently spotted on the campaign trail with headphones plugged in his ears listening to music streaming from his phone, Obama tasked his transition team with developing a phone that complied with the White House?s stringent electronic security guidelines. [2] The FCC has also encouraged major internet providers to provide high-speed broadband to the very same people that qualify for the Obama Phone. [35]

While Trump expressed openness to Obama?s guidance when they first met in November 2016, that fizzled almost immediately as the new president and his allies became obsessed with the idea that Obama and his holdovers were trying to undermine them. [7] President Obama congratulated Vladimir Putin for Russia's election results in 2012, a diplomatic move for which President Trump was criticized in 2018. [36] In both scenarios, Presidents Obama and Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin on an electoral "win" despite international and domestic objections about the integrity of Russia?s elections. [36] After President Donald Trump was criticized for congratulating Vladimir Putin on the results of Russia's election, claims appeared that Obama had done the same in 2012. [36]

Addressing a crowd of roughly 40,000, who were expecting the usual talk about citizenship and service, the president uncorked a political diatribe packed with jabs at Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Washington, D.C., "cesspool"; reminders about the importance of saying "Merry Christmas"; and reminiscences of Election Night 2016 and the pundits he embarrassed. [7] The following day, a number of readers asked whether it was true that the action for which Trump was criticized was one in which President Obama engaged in 2012. [36] Tweets from the President are signed -bo." 28 29 Although his staff does most of his tweeting, Obama became active on the account in June 2011, tweeting under his own initials, beginning with the father's day message "Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job [5]

Obama, who relied on email and text messages, was the first president to speak publicly about his desire to hang on to his cellphone in office and to be photographed repeatedly with it in hand. [2] President Obama leaves office on Friday, January 20, 2017, a fact has many of our readers worried that the ObamaPhone program will end then. [35] Not since Harry Truman?s icy handover to Dwight Eisenhower has the country experienced anything close to the distance between the outgoing and incoming president as there is now between Obama and Trump. [7] With Obamacare open enrollment starting on Wednesday and President Donald Trump trashing the law, Obama returned to a familiar role: insurance pitchman. [37]

"He?s recognizing that the party and our country will benefit from other voices having an opportunity to weigh in, and that opportunity would be all but completely obscured if he were regularly sharing his opinion on these issues," says Josh Earnest, who joined Obama in the early days of his first presidential run and who finished the administration as Obama?s last White House press secretary. [7] After leaving office, the Obamas were open about their interest in creating content and aware of the positive reaction they received to their recommended book lists and playlists during the White House days, say people familiar with the discussions. [7] The connections between Obama and Netflix go deep: Sarandos?s new chief of staff is Ferial Govashiri, who served as Obama?s personal assistant in the White House. [7]

In the months after the inauguration, Obama referred publicly to the new president only sparingly -- but still more than he expected to. [7] In Washington, where the former president still works and lives with his wife, Michelle, and his younger daughter, Sasha, Obama stewed. [7] It is unknown if Mr. Obama followed his predecessors? lead in requesting extra coverage for his eldest child, but, the Washington Post wrote last year that "for Malia, the decision to delay school one year may mean she will not have to be accompanied by the Secret Service contingent that would be required if she college." [6]

The Obama transition team produced a military-grade phone without a microphone, camera, or location tracker that could not make or receive calls. [2] The opinions expressed in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial will come as a huge surprise to millions of Americans who depend on their Obama Phones. [35] Enemies of the Obama Phone program make no secret of the fact that they want to kill this valuable, important program that helps millions of needy Americans. [35] Not everyone qualifies for the Lifeline Assistance Obama Phone program. [35] As the vote on the repeal effort neared and Trump grew more animated, however, Obama made a few private, strategic phone calls. [7]

In private conversations, Obama rarely mentions Trump at all. [7] To Obama, the Women?s Marches and the wave of gun-control activism after the Parkland school shooting are more influential than anything he might do to alter the news cycle, especially since his presence as a Trump counterweight often consolidates the otherwise fractured GOP base. [7] Obama believes more than ever in his capacity to spark an immediate backlash among Trump fans and to make any policy matter far more partisan. [7] Trump even accused Obama of wiretapping him, against all evidence. [7] No one close to Obama expects the finished product to look anything like other White House memoirs, given his history as a writer. [7] Obama also used the White House's Twitter account ( @WhiteHouse ) for his presidential activities. [5] Trump?s call-capable cellphone has a camera and microphone, unlike the White House-issued cellphones used by Obama. [2]

The former president and the former governor, now an Obama Foundation board member, have spoken multiple times in recent months, just as Patrick?s curiosity about a nationwide run has become common knowledge in political circles. [7] Kids their age are the most impressionable group there is, Obama reminded friends at the time, likening them to sponges. [7] At the National Portrait Gallery, Obama stared out at a room full of friends, political allies, and former staffers. [7] The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which Obama helped Holder launch, is his primary attempt to do it. [7]

Jenna and Barbara Bush and Chelsea Clinton were in a slightly different situation than Malia Obama because they had become college students while their fathers were still in office. [6] Modeling his political engagement out of office after George W. Bush?s, of all people -- privileging the customs and traditions of our democracy rather than upending some in order to fight for others -- may be among the most optimistic choices Obama has ever made. [7] Looking over the crowd, Obama saw people who had stood with him for eight years and were now, largely, waging the resistance. [7] Multiple people familiar with the fund-raising conversations said it?s currently aiming to bring in between $500 million and $1 billion, and that when Obama meets with major potential donors, his asks can sometimes reach $10 million or $20 million. [7] "It only takes a few minutes," Obama says in the video, "and the vast majority of people qualify for financial assistance. [37] The people around Obama are living in Trump?s America, too, they remind skeptics of his approach. [7] The two speak fewer than once per month now, according to people close to both of them, and Obama has not actively monitored the group?s reform efforts after 2016?s bruising primary fight, which has turned into an identity crisis for the party. [7] As he travels the world for speeches and vacations, Obama has included on his itinerary meetings to gather ideas for the foundation from civically engaged young people in India, Indonesia, and Brazil. [7] People around Obama tend to sigh when asked about his progress -- more than one said, "Well, you know, he works best under pressure." [7]

When asked about the presidential election, Obama talks about his own experience. [7] "What Obama was brilliant at in 2012 was making that election with Romney all about an economic contrast, making Romney be the candidate of the economic elites and making Obama be the candidate of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. [7]

Obama faces Republican candidate Alan Keys in the first Senate race with two African American candidates. [6] Earlier this month, weeks after news first came out of thousands of immigrant children being held apart from their parents at the border, and after Laura Bush had published an article excoriating her party?s policy, Obama and his team chose to make a rare foray into the news cycle. [7]

The hard turn against Obama was probably inevitable from a man whose rise to political prominence was fueled by a conspiracy theory about Obama?s birth certificate. [7] The walls are decorated with memorabilia, including a framed American flag presented to Obama by the Navy seals who killed Osama bin Laden; Norman Rockwell?s painting of Ruby Bridges, signed by Ruby Bridges; and a photograph of one of Obama?s ancestors that was presented to him by the Irish government. [7]

There is speculation about whether or not 19-year-old Malia Obama has a Secret Service detail at Harvard University where she attends school. [6] BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 19: Malia Obama visits the Berlin Wall memorial at Bernauer Strasse on June 19, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. [6]

In Washington, Obama frequently meets with the architects of the space. [7] D espite not wanting to engage directly in Washington politics, Obama has played a significant behind-the-scenes role in one battle: saving Obamacare from Republicans intent on destroying it. [7]

In conversations with political allies, Obama insists that today?s domestic mess is a blip on the long arc of history and argues that his own work must be focused on progress over time -- specifically on empowering a new generation of leaders. [7] Obama is monitoring the destruction, but he spends the bulk of his time on two projects, building his foundation and writing a memoir. [7]

Obama has given well over a dozen paid speeches, earning at least $300,000 for each, sometimes far more, including ones to financial institutions like Carlyle, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Northern Trust. [7] In the days before Trump?s inauguration, Obama shouldered a piece of the blame for his party?s sad shape: "I take some responsibility on that," he told George Stephanopoulos. [7] Where is Obama? It is a question much of the country has been asking over the last two years, sometimes plaintively. [7] Beyond the anguish is, often, simply bafflement: How did the most ubiquitous man in America for eight years virtually disappear? Over the course of his presidency, Obama cast himself as the country?s secular minister as much as its commander-in-chief, someone who understood the moral core of the nation and felt compelled to insist that we live up to it. [7]

Obama receded while organizations founded and run by his administration?s alumni sprang up to lean on lawmakers and lead a public-facing campaign to generate support. [7] Obama followed at a distance, weighing requests for his input and support and discussing tactics with leaders of the campaign. [7]

This includes both Sanders and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, potential progressive presidential front-runners who have had difficult relationships with Obama. (They both criticized his paid-speaking tour early in his post-presidency.) [7] The NDRC is Holder?s baby, but it?s given Obama a tidy way to occasionally step back into politics with an eye to long-term reform rather than short-term partisan gain. [7] The Obama Foundation is designed to be a grand, global convening zone for younger generations of leaders, physically on its Chicago campus but also through international programming and an ambitious online presence. [7] "And most, if not all, of them were previously Obama supporters, and we?re counting on them for something more important right now than a library in Chicago. [7]

Obama has said nothing about his three friends in public, but some of his top allies have sent signals about their own preferences. [7] In May 2017, Jarrett was invited to join Jeb Bush on a panel at a hedge-fund conference in Las Vegas hosted by Robert Wolf, a close Obama friend and former bank executive. [7] "He is engaged in reflection, and he also cares about writing," says Tim Kaine, the Virginia senator and an Obama friend. [7] Friends who?ve spoken with him about the process say Obama, who is working closely with speechwriter Cody Keenan and other aides, is still thinking through the central thrust of the book, which he?s been scrawling out, longhand, on yellow legal pads at his desk. [7] Obama is open with friends about the new comforts of his life: the games of Words With Friends on his iPad, the rounds of golf, the slower-paced international travel. [7]

Kaine said that once, last year, Obama asked him to come over and talk when he was clearly supposed to be writing. [7] The pair sat down in February to extensively discuss the group?s 2018 targets and strategy before Holder announced them, and when Obama campaigned in Virginia?s gubernatorial race last year, he made a point of specifically mentioning redistricting on the stump. [7]

On July 4, 2011, Obama was the subject of a death hoax on Twitter when Fox News's Politics Twitter account (@foxnewspolitics) was hacked. [5] "Britney, Obama and Fox News' Twitter accounts get hacked". [5]

The president, who relies on cellphones to reach his friends and millions of Twitter followers, has rebuffed staff efforts to strengthen security around his phone use, according to the administration officials. [2] While aides have urged the president to swap out the Twitter phone on a monthly basis, Trump has resisted their entreaties, telling them it was "too inconvenient," the same administration official said. [2]

Trump, who doesn?t use email in office, entered the White House eight years later with a long-established Twitter habit and a lifelong attachment of doing business, dealing with the press and gabbing with associates over the phone. [2] Trump reportedly won't let White House staff members check the "Twitter phone" to make sure it hasn't been hacked. [3]

The president has kept features at risk for hacking and resisted efforts by staff to inspect the phones he uses for tweeting. [2] The president has gone as long as five months without having the phone checked by security experts. [2] President Donald Trump talks on the phone aboard Air Force One during a flight to Philadelphia on Jan. 26, 2017. [2] "President Obama called Russian President-elect and Prime Minister Putin to congratulate him on his recent victory in the Russian Presidential election," the White House said in a late Friday afternoon statement (read: news dump) about the Friday morning phone call between the two leaders. [36] U.S. President Barack Obama's daughters Sasha (L) and Malia listen to their father during the pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey "Cheese" at the White House in Washington November 26, 2014. [6] "Barack Obama's vulgar Twitter spamming campaign is a classless act of desperation by the U.S. president". [5]

On the same day that Obama's video was released, Trump took to Twitter once again to attack the law and call for its repeal, a sharp break from Obama's routine use of his White House pulpit to remind people to buy insurance. [37] On January 5, 2009, Obama's campaign account @BarackObama was among several celebrity accounts that were hacked and domain hijacked. 12 38 The hacker phished the password of a Twitter administrator's account, gaining access to other accounts to which he then changed the passwords, and subsequently offered access to accounts upon request at Digital Gangster. [5] "Obama's Twitter influence beats Romney's with women, young users". [5]

"President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed to continue discussions on areas where the United States and Russia have differed, including Syria and missile defense," statement read. [36] "President Obama and President-Elect Putin agreed to continue their efforts to find common ground and remove obstacles to better relations." [36]

With Obama are first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha (R). [6] U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (C) and her daughter Malia joke with children during a lunch at the United States and Nato military base in Vicenza, northern Italy, on June 19, 2015. [6]

Its impact grew significantly that as many tweets are sent in 8 minutes as were sent on all of Election Day 2008. 17 As of May 25, 2010, 48% of Obama's followers resided outside of the United States and 47% were female. [5] Obama's usage of the wider Internet has often since been compared to Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy's adaption of the radio and television mediums respectively in the history of communication between the White House and the American Public. [5]

The White House declined to comment for this story, but a senior West Wing official said the call-capable phones "are seamlessly swapped out on a regular basis through routine support operations. [2] At the time, according to a senior administration official, he was told to replace the phone -- his own personal device -- though he didn?t do so until October, after POLITICO reported the potential hacking. [2]

Trump reluctantly surrendered his Android phone upon assuming office, due to the security concerns of those around him. [4] According to the Politico piece, Trump has rebuffed his aides' attempts to have him swap out the Twitter phone on a monthly basis, as protocol demands, because doing so would be "too inconvenient." [4] Just because Trump has a phone dedicated to tweeting doesn't mean he's the one typing all of his tweets. [3] The memo was sent after Kelly?s own phone was apparently compromised during the Trump transition. [2]

The former president picked up the phone again, this time to thank his old rival for the decisive vote. [7] One of the phones apparently has only Twitter and news apps installed, while the other can only make calls. [3] Almost every national security official polled by Politico said phones remain vulnerable to hacking and surveillance. [4] A West Wing official told the publication that regular swaps are not needed "because of the security controls of the Twitter phone and the Twitter account," adding: "Due to inherent capabilities and advancement in technologies, these devices are more secure than any Obama-era devices." [4] Because of the security controls of the Twitter phone and the Twitter account, it does not necessitate regular change-out." [2]

Keeping those components creates a risk that hackers could use them to access the phone and monitor the president?s movements. [2] Though it was unclear whether Kelly?s phone was compromised by a foreign government, cybersecurity experts pointed to sophisticated adversaries like Russia and China as the biggest threats, and expressed shock over the president?s refusal to take measures to protect himself from them, particularly when engaged in delicate negotiations. [2] The West Wing official refuted the idea that the presence of a camera and microphone on the president?s phone posed any risk, telling POLITICO, "Due to inherent capabilities and advancement in technologies, these devices are more secure than any Obama-era devices." [2] How secure is the iPhone? It is certainly the case that forensics companies such as Israel's Cellebrite claim the ability to hack into Apple's devices due to knowledge of hidden bugs in them, but that hacking requires physical access to the phone in question. [4]

"I get the thing, and they?re all like, "Well, Mr. President, for security reasons. it doesn?t take pictures, you can?t text, the phone doesn?t work. you can?t play your music on it,?" Obama told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon last year when he was allowed to upgrade his then-old BlackBerry. [12] While the Obamas say they won?t use their powerful perch at Netflix to snipe against President Trump or conservative outlets like Fox News, we can now look forward to even more TV programs and films that?ll be skewed to promote the destructive policies his administration pursued. [14] The AP spoke Tuesday with family members who have lost loved ones in U.S. military operations and asked them about their interactions, if any, with the commander in chief at the time - President George W. Bush, Mr. Obama or Mr. Trump. [38] "I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also)," Trump tweeted March 21. [9] Kelly's comments come after President Trump, facing backlash for falsely claiming that Obama did not call the families of fallen soldiers during his presidency, suggested that reporters "ask General Kelly, did he get a call from Obama." [13]

The first way is to use the contact form on President Obama's website, the method preferred by the Obamas. [39] Of his first day waking up not as president, Obama told Letterman plainly, "It was later. [11] He ended the interview by telling Obama, "Without a question of a doubt, you are the first president I really and truly respect." [40] "That was just to simply say I don?t believe President Obama called." [13] Though President Obama isn't president anymore, he can still be a difficult person to get in touch with. [39] The aging comedian turned reflective, thinking back on the March to Selma - the 50th anniversary of which Obama celebrated as president back in 2015. [11] Fill in the box with what you want to say to President Obama. [39]

It was a rare appearance for Obama, who's kept a low profile since leaving the White House, toiling away in private on a book about his time in office, his foundation and plans for a presidential library. [11] Shortly before he left office, the Obama White House was credited with dramatically upgrading the executive branch?s technology, including the installation of new computers and faster internet. [12] An archive of the the Obama White House website shows Obama did in fact talk with Putin on March 9, 2012, following his election win. [9] The White House said the president's chief of staff, John Kelly, did not get a call from then-President Obama when Kelly's son, a Marine lieutenant, was killed in Afghanistan. [38] "Obama did not call my family," Kelly said during a somber appearance in the White House briefing room, according to tweets by the Wall Street Journal's Rebecca Ballhaus and other reporters ?. [13]

"For Michelle and myself, no selfies," the former president told the audience Tuesday during opening remarks of his two-day Obama Foundation Summit aimed at stoking the passions of the next generation of community organizers, according to DNAInfo Chicago. [15] Obama poses with fellow statesmen during the memorial service of South African former president Nelson Mandela in 2013. [15]

The presidential campaign was just gearing up - both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would formally announce their candidacies a few weeks later - and, with his imminent departure in mind, Letterman asked Obama about his retirement plans. [11] Did the Obama administration's record-breaking use of an arcane century-old law -- the Espionage Act -- which it used nine times to pursue leakers. [10] Risen told me that he had thought, for a time, that the Obama administration would drop the efforts to pursue him that were begun during the George W. Bush administration, but that never happened. [10] Sessions has said that his department has opened three times as many leak investigations as were open at the end of the Obama administration. [10] Appropriately for a politician who was so closely associated with hope, Obama also offered some optimism: "I think it is a solvable problem, but I think it?s one that we have to spend a lot of time thinking about." [40]

"It was like open heart surgery," Obama said about moving Malia into her Harvard dorm room last fall. [11] Returning to civilian life, Obama says, "Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion." [11] Obama doesn't think he's like, really smart - he thinks he was lucky. [11] The episode has plenty of funny moments, like Obama ribbing Letterman about his nearly Biblical beard. [40] "They approach me either like this, or like this" Obama added, mimicking phone-waving selfie-takers. [15]

Instead of snapping, Obama suggested using the close encounter to have "actual conversations" with the former First Couple, "which would be nice." [15] "When I met him in Washington he was again very gracious and he and Mrs. Obama were very genuine in their compassion. [38] For a man who owed his own election largely to the power of social media organizing, Obama is increasingly concerned about the impact similar technology is having on our politics and on our elections. [11] Obama adds, the Russian government couldn't have manipulated the election if Americans weren't already so divided. [11]

The Obamas prefer that you use their website to contact them, but you can still mail them a letter. [39] Keep in mind that the Obamas get thousands of letters every day, and you may not get a response at all. [39] In what may or may not have been a dig at the current occupant of the Oval Office, Obama asked Letterman about luck toward the very end of their conversation. [11] His parents were "kind of" waiting for a phone call from Mr. Obama, and not getting one has bothered them since. [38] "Media so dishonest," tweeted conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, who linked to a March 2012 Weekly Standard article, which noted that Obama phoned Putin from Air Force One to extend his congratulations. [9] "President Obama called Russian President-elect and Prime Minister Putin to congratulate him on his recent victory in the Russian Presidential election," according to the official summary, or "readout" of the call. [9] The second way is to mail a letter to President Obama's offices in Washington, D.C. [39] Put President Obama's mailing address to the right, starting at about the center point between top and bottom. [39]

He isn?t the first president to have phone security issues. [12] The outlet first reported Thursday that Kelly brought his phone to White House tech support this summer after it stopped working properly. [12] The White House said Kelly?s phone stopped working last year and that he has since stopped using it, although officials did not specify when use of the device ended. [12] An official in the Trump administration told Politico Kelly didn?t frequently use his personal phone, relying primarily on a government-issued one, and has since switched to a new personal device. [12] Trump?s own cell phone use came under scrutiny during the campaign and in the early days of his administration, as he reportedly used a Samsung device running an Android operating system that was unsecured. [12]

White House chief of staff John Kelly?s personal phone was likely compromised, possibly for months, according to several government officials Politico interviewed. [12] Kevin Lamarque / Reuters White House chief of staff John Kelly turned in his personal phone to tech support after complaining it wasn't working properly for months, according to reports. [12]

Staff reportedly discovered a suspected breach on the phone that has since raised concerns hackers may have been able to access the data on Kelly?s phone for months. [12]

Lee said her husband, Eddie, did all the talking with Mr. Trump as she listened on a speaker phone along with her son, stepson, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. [38] The Army Ranger's parents in Snellville, Georgia, in metro Atlanta never heard from Mr. Trump by phone or by letter. [38]

"I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning, and brokenhearted, at what I saw a member of Congress doing, a member of Congress who listened in on a phone call from the president of the United States to a young wife, and in his way tried to express that opinion that a brave man, a fallen hero," Kelly said. [13] The president has also been accused of being insensitive in a phone call to the widow of a Green Beret killed in west Africa earlier this month. [38]

As part of the new investigation, law enforcement officials seized years' worth of phone and email records of Times reporter Ali Watkins, who had previously dated the Senate staffer. [10] The seizure of a New York Times reporter's phone and email records has sent a chill down the spine of every reporter concerned about protecting his or her sources. [10]

Politico first reported Kelly's personal phone may have been breached for months. [12] While you can't call him on the phone, you can contact him in one of two ways. [39] "Last December, Gen. Kelly?s personal phone stopped working and he discontinued its use," Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said in an email. [12]

One account of their phone call said Bush "appeared to stop short of offering the customary White House congratulations to the president-elect." [9]

The Washington Post and other outlets have reported that, according to White House records, Kelly and his wife were invited to a "Gold Star" breakfast in May 2011, and sat at then-First Lady Michelle Obama's table. [13] Obama's own State Department, while congratulatory, noted concerns about "the conditions under which the campaign was conducted, the partisan use of government resources and procedural irregularities on election day." [9] Sitting across from Letterman in front of a studio audience at the City University of New York, the former president was chatty but relentlessly on-message, sticking to non-controversial subjects like his family, his legacy and the importance of protecting and expanding voting rights, one of the top priorities of Obama's post-presidency. [11] Later in Obama's second term, perhaps aware of how history would judge this unsavory part of his presidential record, the administration backed off its aggressive pursuit of reporters' sources. [10] Trump's defenders also drew attention to Obama's outreach to Putin following his win. [9]

Conservatives aren?t the only ones with reasonable gripes about the news that Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a multiyear production deal with Netflix. [14] He and former first lady Michelle Obama veto all such requests. [15]

Address him as "President Obama" or "Mr. President," as even former presidents are referred to this way. [39]

Throughout his transition into becoming the next president of the United States, Trump was not shy about his feelings towards Obama. [17] Obama has said that he does not plan to use Netflix to wage a public campaign against current president Donald Trump or to fight against conservative media outlets. [21] Obama also took shots at Republicans, although he never mentioned President Donald Trump by name. [18]

The lobby of the Daley Center was packed with extra security and people hoping to catch a glimpse of President Obama. [19] When he traveled as president, Obama often made it a point to meet with young people who might form the next generation of leaders, and he'll do so again this week in South Africa. [41] According to Netflix, the Obamas will create "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features" that are meant to highlight the issues and themes the president worked on during his eight years in office. [21] Obama waves as he boards a Marine helicopter during a departure ceremony on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol after President Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017. [18] This handout picture released by the Indonesian Presidential Palace on June 30, 2017, shows Indonesian President Joko Widodo chatting with Obama on the lawn of the presidential palace in Bogor. [18] Obama waves to reporters as he walks with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, left, upon arrival for their meeting at the Bogor Presidential Palace in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, on June 30, 2017. [18]

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri speaks with Obama during their meeting in Bella Vista, Argentina, on Oct. 7, 2017. [18]

In 2016, T&C revealed that the Obama family was moving into an 8,200-square-foot house they planned to rent in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. after they left the White House. (Their neighbors include Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.) [20] Despite his clear intention to get the presidential ball rolling, Trump was upset at Obama for carrying on with his duties in his final days, according to New York Magazine. [17] Read on to learn why Trump still resents Obama so much to this day. [17] As if continuing to do his job wasn't enough of an insult, Obama made a statement about Pearl Harbor that Trump felt was a direct attack. [17] To add insult to injury, Obama said he's sure he could have defeated Trump were he able to run for a third term. [17]

The couple's 16-year-old daughter, Sasha, "actually killed in this house," Obama told DeGeneres. [20] Keep in mind that these photos are from before the house sold in 2014, so it probably looks quite different now that the Obamas have made it their own. [20]

Cell phone video shows Obama signing a copy of his book for a would-be juror and shaking hands with everyone in the room. [19] Because calling out someone (a president, no less) on Twitter isn't the most mature way to handle a disagreement, the two spoke on the phone after Trump tweeted about his unhappiness with Obama's behavior. [17]

CNN surmised the reason could be that, to really win over the Republican Party, Trump doesn't need to just fight for the Republican agenda, but continue to fight against Obama. [17] Who encourages thugs to shoot cops? Who hires a painter that depicts the decapitation of white women to also paint his self-portrait? Who brings a Muslim kid who built a clock that looked like a bomb to the White House? Answer to all, Obama. [21] Just like every citizen, Obama was paid $17.20 for his day of service. [19] Obama meets competitors from Team USA on day 7 of the Invictus Games 2017 on Sept. 29, 2017, in Toronto. [18] Obama will receive the same salary as any other juror -- $17.25 for each day he serves -- a bit of a pay cut for someone who reportedly earned $400,000 for a single speech to a Wall Street firm. [16]

Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama pose with a group of golfers' wives and girlfriends during opening ceremonies for the 2017 Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, N.J., on Sept. 28, 2017. [18] Obama joins fellow former presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to address the audience during a hurricane relief concert at Texas A&M University on Oct. 21, 2017, in College Station, Texas. [18] Former President Obama was apparently willing to give up the name "Obamacare? for the sake of Healthcare. the Hill reports. [18]

If chosen, Obama wouldn't be the first high-profile person to sit on a jury in Cook County: Oprah Winfrey sat on a jury for a murder trial in 2004. [16] Obama speaks at a community event on the Presidential Center at the South Shore Cultural Center on May 3, 2017, in Chicago. [18] Last May, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Obamas had decided to buy it for $8.1 million (they have reportedly held onto their Chicago home as well), and now TMZ is reporting that they are in the middle of installing an in-ground swimming pool. [20] Obama speaks at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Nov. 1, 2017. [18] Obama arrives for Cook County jury duty at the Daley Center on Nov. 8, 2017, in Chicago. [18] Just last week, at his foundation summit in Chicago, Obama extolled the values of public service. [19]

Obama and former attorney general Eric Holder leave the funeral mass for longtime Pittsburgh Steelers chairman, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former U.S. ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney on April 18, 2017. [18] Obama is also looking beyond the United States and the next election. [41] While Apple did not secure a deal with the Obamas, the company has more than a dozen original television shows in the works at the current time. [21] "A majority of the American people prefer a country that comes together rather than being divided, " Obama said. [18] It's safe to say Obama was one of the highest-profile people to report for jury duty in the county's recent history, and likely the only one to come with a Secret Service details. [19] Obama Fellow, Keith Wattley, started Uncommon Law to provide people convicted of serious crimes the counseling and support they need to get back on track after release. [42]

"But if I'm feeling either really good about my case or really bad about my case, I might actually want a high-impact juror like Obama on my jury, because I know I can tailor my arguments to that one juror, hoping that he or she can carry the day." [16] The Obama Foundation unveiled plans for the former president's lakefront presidential center, showcasing renderings and a model. [18] Obama has generally kept a low profile since leaving office and has avoided criticizing his successor directly. [41] Obama walks with his daughter Malia, left, during his visit to Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on June 29, 2017. [18] Last year, Obama told a large crowd near the Brandenburg Gate in Germany that in a modern, interconnected world, "we can't isolate ourselves. [41]

Result #5 - President Obama's Bio from the official White House site. [43] Because the President and his team have done everything right in terms of online reputation management, President Obama's online reputation takes far fewer hits than his off-line reputation. [43]

Obama's critiques of Trump and his party are likely to grow more frequent this fall, when the former president is expected to campaign actively for Democratic House and Senate candidates. [41] It was one of Obama's most high-profile appearances since leaving the White House 18 months ago and a preview of what could be an active campaign schedule for the former president before the midterm elections this fall. [41]

Donald Trump and Barack Obama's relationship has had its fair share of ups and downs. [17]

That included meeting with the prime minister of Japan, canceling two U.S. military projects, and speaking with the president of Taiwan by phone. [17] "President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. [17] Obama, accompanied by former first lady Michelle Obama, waves as they leave the National Gallery of Art in Washington on March 5, 2017. [18] Obama's deal with Netflix will allow for him to create content that will reach millions of people both in the United States and internationally through a new production company he created alongside Michelle Obama called "Higher Ground Productions." [21] Evans said that he has been in contact with Obama's staff and that the former president's security will be a high priority throughout his service. [16] Evans wasn't willing to disclose the exact date or location of Obama's service, but he did confirm that the former president will be serving in Cook County in November. [16]

The Obama Justice Department did target journalists using the Espionage Act more than all previous presidents combined, claimed Fox News reporter James Rosen was a "criminal co-conspirator" and prosecuted New York Times reporter James Risen for refusing to name their sources, seized the phone records of The Associated Press, and Attorney General Eric Holder committed perjury in testimony to Congress about these actions. [44] In 2013 the Obama administration obtained the records of 20 Associated Press office phone lines and reporters? home and cell phones, seizing them without notice, as part of an investigation into the disclosure of information about a foiled al-Qaida terrorist plot. [45]

The two-day conference is the first major event hosted by the Obama Foundation, Barack and Michelle Obama?s big initiative since leaving office. [25]

Obama will not use his Netflix shows to respond to President Donald Trump or conservative critics, and has instead talked about producing shows highlighting inspirational stories, the newspaper said. [24] In March, 2012, Obama was caught on a hot mic telling the president of Russia that after he wins re-election he would have "more flexibility" to give Russia what it wants. [44] According to Politico, Obama won’t get involved in midterm endorsements until this fall, and is not expected to endorse anyone for president until after the party coalesces around a nominee. [27]

The Obama day, being marked for the first time Saturday, was created by the Democrat-led state legislature in Springfield, passing unanimously, and signed into law last August by Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican now in a battle for political survival against Democratic gubernatorial nominee J.B. Pritzker, his fellow billionaire. [46] The responses often drew laughter from the audience at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, which was part of a three-country tour Obama is undertaking in one of his first global outings as a private citizen after leaving office. [22] A House for Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul, which Obama said he reread after the author's recent passing: "The Nobel Prize winner's first great novel about growing up in Trinidad and the challenge of post-colonial identity." [26] A spokeswoman for Obama, according to a USA Today report, said the former president planned to celebrate his birthday Saturday with a family dinner in Washington, where the Obama family has remained at least until younger daughter Sasha finishes high school. [46] Amid an inflammatory reaction by Trump to racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Obama tweeted a Nelson Mandela quote that became the most-liked tweet of all time. [47] THE FACTS: Trump may use extraordinary rhetoric to undermine trust in the press, but Obama arguably went farther -- using extraordinary actions to block the flow of information to the public. [45] Obama praised India for helping forge the Paris climate agreement, which he signed last year but which Trump said he planned to withdraw from. [22] Obama has given Trump noticeably wide berth, despite the palpable appetite from fans for Obama to play a continued role in their lives. [47] The Trump presidency shouldn't cloud our judgment of the Obama presidency. [44] Despite his restraint, Obama has spoken out when Trump has made a particularly painful stab at his legacy. [47] THE FACTS: Obama is cherry-picking survey results, overlooking a recent estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found the number of uninsured Americans basically unchanged under Trump. [45]

"Appealing to tribe, appealing to fear, pitting one group against another, telling people that order and security will be restored if it weren't for those who don't look like us or don't sound like us or don't pray like we do, that's an old playbook," Obama said. [44] Obama said he could have a debate about climate change with people who said fossil fuels were necessary for growth in poorer nations like India or people who said humans should adapt. [22] "It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say we don't target certain groups of people based on what they look like or how they pray," Obama continued. [44] Obama also made a problematic claim that Republican "sabotage" has cost 3 million people their health insurance. [45] Nearly 12.7 million people signed up during the 2016 open enrollment season, the last one fully under the Obama administration?s control. [45] The Obama administration used the 1917 Espionage Act with unprecedented vigor, prosecuting more people under that law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous administrations combined. [45] Had the administration “pushed too far” in its promotion of cosmopolitan values, neglecting and underestimating the simmering anger of Rust Belt workers, white identitarians, and other culture warriors who worried their country was changing too much, too fast? “Maybe,” Obama said, “people just want to fall back into their tribe. [27]

Mark Updegrove, a former director of the LBJ presidential library and the author of Second Acts: Presidential Lives and Legacies After the White House, said that Obama had showed admirable reserve. [47] Updegrove pointed out that a new US$50 coffee table book by former White House photographer Pete Souza, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, is selling so fast the publisher can?t keep up. [47] Obama concludes the final press conference of his presidency in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on Dec. 16, 2016. [46] Obama also angrily harangued reporters in off-the-record profanity-laced tirades for reporting on White House scandals. [44]

Behind the scenes, however, Obama has been quietly re-entering Democratic politics, asserting his role as presidential kingmaker ahead of the 2020 election. [27] During the 2012 election, Obama ran an issue-less campaign, preferring instead to demonize his opponent, Mitt Romney, even implying Romney was responsible for a woman's death. [44] Many of the conversations have circled around Obama holding forth about how much Democrats should be heading into the midterms talking about the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election versus focusing on kitchen-table issues. [27] With his return to the political donnybrook on behalf of Democrats in the November elections, Obama has brought a once-familiar style back into the discourse. [45]

OBAMA: "And by the time I left office, household income was near its all-time high." -- Illinois rally. [45] Early this year, Gallup-Sharecare estimated the uninsured rate among adults was 12.2 percent in the last three months of 2017, an increase of 1.3 percentage points from the same period in 2016, just before Obama left office. [45] In some ways, Obama isn?t giving himself enough credit: The strongest year for job growth since the recession was 2014, when employers added more than 250,000 on average every month. [45] "In so doing, President Obama has observed this unwritten rule among former presidents to let their successors find their way in the office." [47] The Obamas personally selected their artists, both African-Americans: The former president chose Kehinde Wiley, while the former first lady tapped Amy Sherald. [23] Obama also joked that he knew Wiley was wont to portray his subjects in a regal manner, and that the former president told the artist no scepters or horse-mounted scenes. [23]

“The 2020 race and what Biden’s going to do haven’t come up in those discussions,” people briefed on those conversations said, with Obama “waiting on his friend to make a decision. [27] While Obama has steered clear of the upcoming midterms, Politico reports that he has met with at least nine possible Democratic presidential candidates in recent months, including the nominal democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders, former Massachusetts governor and close friend Deval Patrick, and financial-reform crusader Elizabeth Warren, among others. [27] In May, the Obama foundation announced the creation of a "presidential centre" on Chicago?s South Side, to accommodate a presidential library, a museum, an educational facility and the foundation itself. [47] Obama was asked if Pakistan was hiding Osama bin Laden or was unaware of his presence and therefore incompetent ahead of the U.S. raid in May 2011 that killed the al-Qaida leader at his compound. [22] While a U.S. senator, Obama voted against a compromise immigration bill because it didn't have everything he wanted. [44]

Obama made plenty of veiled references, from climate change to the perils of using Twitter. [22] Obama joked during the unveiling that he knew Wiley tended to elevate ordinary people and put "them in these elaborate settings" -- and noted that he asked the artist to "bring it down just a touch." [23] After Congress, the body closest to the will of the people, debated and rejected legislation for unauthorized immigrants who arrived as children, Obama implemented the basics of the bill anyway via executive order, which federal judges declared illegal. [44] The former president’s advice, per people briefed on the meetings, is classic No-Drama Obama: stick to the issues that matter to people, don’t get distracted, and don’t define yourself in the negative. [27]

During his welcome speech, "in true dad fashion," Obama presented a set of four rules he encouraged everyone to follow that he believes will help elevate civic culture, rules we can use to effect change in our everyday lives. [25] "It should not be a partisan issue to say that we do not pressure the attorney general or the FBI to use the criminal justice system as a cudgel to punish our political opponents," Obama said. [44]

Really? "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it," Obama said often about his healthcare plan, "Obamacare." [44] Those interesting new Obama portraits, explained Globe Staff What’s the symbolism? What do art critics think? Heck, what do the Obamas think? We break down what you need to know about the portraits unveiled Monday. [23] THE FACTS: Obama is correct, though many economists are surprised that hiring has continued at such a solid pace after more than nine years of expansion. [45] "If you're saying it's a hoax, then there's no way for us to bridge our differences in a constructive way," Obama said. [22] It will also serve as headquarters for the My Brother?s Keeper Alliance, the organisation founded by Obama in 2014 to expand opportunities for boys and young men of colour; and it will serve the national democratic redistricting committee, an initiative to reverse Republican gerrymandering led by former attorney general Eric Holder. [47] OBAMA: "Their sabotage of the Affordable Care Act has already cost more than 3 million Americans their health insurance. [45] Obama has attracted controversy in the last year for one of his most public post-presidential activities: fundraising. [47]

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Barack Obama?s recent denunciation of President Donald Trump?s treatment of the press overlooks the aggressive steps the Justice Department took to keep information from the public when he was president. [45] Saturday is not only former president Barack Obama?s birthday -- his 57th -- in his adopted home state of Illinois. [46]

According to Cotter, Barack Obama's will be displayed permanently in the National Portrait Gallery's presidential collection, while his wife's portrait will hang in a spot dedicated to temporary displays -- something he argued against in the #MeToo movement's era. [23] Much of Obama's analysis of the Trump administration and the current state of the Republican Party was on target, but also hypocritical given the source. [44]

He remains close with former vice president Joe Biden, who is reportedly leaning toward running, and the two talk on the phone frequently. [27] The family has maintained its home in the Kenwood neighborhood -- near the University of Chicago, where both the former president and former first lady Michelle Obama, a native Chicagoan, were previously employed -- on Chicago?s south side. [46] That is on top of the reported US$65 million advance he and Michelle Obama received as part of a package deal for their respective memoirs. [47]

"President Obama, given his enormous worldwide popularity, has an opportunity to be perhaps our most successful former president, in terms of his ability to raise money, in terms of the global reach that he has," Updegrove said. [47]

For Michelle Obama's portrait, Kennicott noted that Sherald used a technique she typically employs "to introduce a heightened sense of the surreal." [23] Obama's use of executive orders was even mocked by NBC's comedy show "Saturday Night Live." [44] The different flowers symbolize Obama's personal background: There are African blue lilies, a nod to his father's birthplace of Kenya; jasmine, which represents Obama's birthplace of Hawaii; and Chicago's official flower, chrysanthemums. [23] Obama's pose itself also has echoes of Robert Anderson's official 2008 portrait of George W. Bush, Kennicott wrote. [23]

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45. (1) Where can I find Barack Obama?s personal phone number? - Quora

46. (1) Welcome to the Obama Foundation

47. (1) Barack Obama Orders World's First "Mindful? Smartphone -- ShamashAlidina.com

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