Highest Paying Pilot Jobs

Highest Paying Pilot Jobs
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  • Find your next high paying Corporate Pilot job on ZipRecruiter today.(More…)
  • Wage potential: Highest paying jobs you can get without a college degree Though a bachelor’s degree greatly increases an individual’s earnings potential, there are still many high-paying jobs that do not require higher education but instead value experience, training, and skill.(More…)
  • Since planes have become capable of carrying more passengers on a single flight, this has caused airline and commercial pilot job growth to slow, at an expected rate of 4 percent rate between 2016 and 2026, according to the BLS. While airlines will need fewer new pilots because of this increased efficiency, airline retirement requirements will create openings to replace aging pilots.(More…)
  • This webpage is provided to help students at aviation schools and flight schools find information on Qatar Airways pilot jobs.(More…)


  • Salary estimates are based on 1,555 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Pilot employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.(More…)
  • As for pilot positions, they pay pretty well (ranking No. 15 on the list of the 25 highest-paying jobs, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor), and luckily, millennials might find more job openings to fly for both Delta and Southwest as an all-time high demand for commercial airline pilots takes hold in coming years.(More…)
  • Pilots can pursue part 135 jobs when reaching 1,200 hours though will need to have an Airline Transport Pilot Rating for any airline position.(More…)



Find your next high paying Corporate Pilot job on ZipRecruiter today. [1] To estimate the most accurate annual salary range for Corporate Pilot jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America. [1]

Wage potential: Highest paying jobs you can get without a college degree Though a bachelor’s degree greatly increases an individual’s earnings potential, there are still many high-paying jobs that do not require higher education but instead value experience, training, and skill. [2] To identify the highest paying jobs that do not require a college degree, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed annual median wage estimates for all occupations from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor. [2] Some jobs that do not require a college education, however, pay well more than the median across all education levels. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Bureau of Labor Statistics occupation data to find the 50 highest paying jobs that do not require a college education. [2]

Since planes have become capable of carrying more passengers on a single flight, this has caused airline and commercial pilot job growth to slow, at an expected rate of 4 percent rate between 2016 and 2026, according to the BLS. While airlines will need fewer new pilots because of this increased efficiency, airline retirement requirements will create openings to replace aging pilots. [3]

The highest paying in that category include sales representatives, with an average salary of about $61,100, and postal service clerks, mail carriers and sorters, all earning an average of $49,800 to $61,100, according to Chmura. [4]

This webpage is provided to help students at aviation schools and flight schools find information on Qatar Airways pilot jobs. [5] Students at aviation schools and flight schools may wish to visit the website periodically to keep up to date with the latest recruitment news for Qatar Airways pilot jobs. [5]

Whether you are looking for specific airline pilot jobs or more general information on aviation schools, pilot interviews, type rating requirements, pilot salaries and airlines, this website can help. [5]

Under the partnership, the airlines pay students, train them and give them pilot jobs as soon as they graduate and have 1,000 flight hours. [6] Most professional pilot jobs after that point accumulate around 800 hours of flight time each year. [7] I’d even consider adding “airline pilot job” to its own category, given the experience of many people I knew who graduated college near the same time. [8] Depending on the state of the pilot job market some employers may require a letter of recommendation to get an interview. [7]

Being a successful CEO or business mogul is the highest paying job anywhere in the world. [9] Many aspiring pilots struggle to get started with their first flight job, lose their medical certificate, become disenchanted with the lifestyle, get stuck in lower paying flight jobs, fail out of training, or otherwise don?t make it to the highest-paying echelon. [8] The most common entry level pilot job is to work as a flight instructor. [7] A well crafted cover letter accompanying a resume is an important piece when applying to a pilot job. [7] Pilot job applicants need to be well dressed according to the common standards for pilot interviews and should be carefully groomed. [7] The low cost carrier (LCC) business model is continuing to grow in Europe and pilot job locations are shifting to where the low cost carriers are based. [7] The pilot job application is the first test in the employment screening process. [7] Building a network – many pilot job opportunities are not about what you know but who you know. [7] I have my AP also, my university promoted it heavily as a back up plan, but it unfortunately didn’t get me an interview to one of the scarce corporate pilot jobs during this period, while everyone else was trying to get in at the same time. [8] Some Corporate pilot jobs are within reach at the mid-tier level. [7]


Salary estimates are based on 1,555 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Pilot employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. [10] Being a pilot is also a dangerous job, so it’s not surprising that pilots? compensation is high. [11] The BLS job outlook for Airline and Commercial Pilots is 5%, which is about as fast as the average across all careers. [11] We should say that airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers made SmartAsset’s 2016 list of the Top 10 Jobs for Salary and Growth. [11] The job of an airline pilot has a certain glamour to it, between the uniforms and the extensive traveling. [11]

To help candidates find their perfect job at their desired pay rate, ZipRecruiter estimates the compensation range for job listings where the employer does not state a pay range. [1] ZipRecruiter Compensation Estimates are not verified by the employer posting the job, and the actual compensation range for an advertised position may vary, perhaps considerably, from the estimated range. [1]

Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. [12] The BLS also tracks the job outlook for the careers it studies, measuring how many jobs the career will add between 2014 and 2024. [11]

Have you ever flown out of an airport and wondered what it would be like to be a pilot? With an average annual salary of $102,520, pilots earn a good living. [11] The average salary for a Pilot is $67,639 per year in the United States. [10] The average salary of airline and commercial pilots is $102,520. [11] When it comes to tracking state- and city-level earnings data, the BLS looks at commercial pilots and “airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers” separately. [11] Of the metro areas for which the BLS has data, the top-paying metro area for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers is Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX, with a mean annual wage of $201,100. [11] According to BLS data, the top-paying state for commercial pilots is Connecticut, where commercial pilots earn a mean annual wage of $116,960. [11]

The BLS predicts that the U.S. will add 119,200 airline and commercial pilots between 2014 and 2024. [11]

Commercial pilots must earn a commercial pilot certificate, while airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers must earn the Federal Air Transport certificate and rating for the specific aircraft type they fly. [11] Now let’s take a look at where airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers earn the most. [11]

Is the compensation for airline pilots as high as people think it is, and does it make up for the sleep deprivation? Let’s take a look at the data on the average salary of a pilot and where pilots earn the most. [11] How much does a Airline Pilot make? The national average salary for a Airline Pilot is $113,709 in United States. [13] The average annual pay for a Corporate Pilot in the United States is $70,000 a year. [1] The top-paying metro area for commercial pilots is Santa Rosa, CA, where the annual mean wage for commercial pilots is $135,820. [11] The mean annual wage for commercial pilots is $84,510 per year. [11]

Other high-paying states for commercial pilots are Delaware, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania. [11] Other high-paying metro areas for commercial pilots are Philadelphia, PA; Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX; Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA and Savannah, GA. [11]

Let’s take a look at where commercial pilots earn the most. [11]

Salary estimates are based on 214 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Airline Pilot employees. [13] A Corporate Pilot annual salary ranges from $47,000 to $83,000 nationally. [1]

Flying internationally as a pilot for the American Airlines company is a demanding job, but it also allows you to travel around the world, potentially enabling you to earn some additional money for your extended flight time. [3] In addition to earning more money for their extended time in the air on international routes, American Airlines uses a pay scale system that enables pilots to make lot more money with experience, allowing them to earn a six-figure income as they gain tenure with the airline. [3] While flying internationally means that you have longer work hours and more time away from home, an international pilot’s salary for American Airlines is very generous, and includes bonuses for these extended shifts, as well as significant pay increases based on experience. [3]

Becoming an a pilot for American Airlines requires a bachelor’s degree, pilot training, licensure and mandatory flight hours. [3] International flights can require you to be away from your family for multiple days at a time, and pilot schedules can vary, based on how long you’ve worked for the airline, including different days off each week. [3]

While it did not differentiate between pilots who flew domestically and internationally, PayScale.com reported in May 2018 that pilots, copilots and flight engineers working for American Airlines made a median salary of $157,143, meaning half of them earned more and half earned less. [3] Most American Airlines pilots work for major airports where they fly scheduled routes domestically or internationally. [3] Indeed.com also reported an average salary of $152,461 for American Airlines pilots in April 2018. [3]

When your career depends on it choose ATP, the proven provider of pilots the airlines prefer to hire. [14] The acute shortage of pilots qualified to fly for the airlines is causing regional airlines to offer huge signing bonuses to pilots. [14] Airlines are offering substantial incentives to their pilots to stay at that airline and not leave for other airlines. [14]

How much does a Helicopter Pilot make in United States? The median annual Helicopter Pilot salary in United States is $92,697, as of June 29, 2018, with a range usually between $78,606-$119,220, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors. [15] Whether flying across the United States or internationally, an American Airlines pilot’s job description goes beyond taking off, navigating the plane along the scheduled route and then landing at the destination. [3] You can expect the greatest competition for jobs at major airlines like American Airlines, while you can have a better chance at entry-level piloting work for smaller regional airlines. [3] Delta Air Lines Inc employees with the job title Airline Captain make the most with an average annual salary of $187,042, while employees with the title Airline Reservation Agent make the least with an average annual salary of $30,613. [16] United Airlines, Inc. employees with the job title Airline Captain make the most with an average annual salary of $174,782, while employees with the title Customer Support Representative make the least with an average annual salary of $35,240. [17]

Well-paying jobs that require no four-year or associate’s degree but do demand long-term, on-the-job training include wholesale and retail buyers, purchasing agents, appraisers and assessors of real estate, and plant and system operators, which all earn more than $60,000 on average, the Chmura data show. [4] In lieu of a bachelor’s degree, most police chief positions and other high-paying jobs in such non-academic fields require years of experience, training, and advancement through the ranks. [2] Though a bachelor’s degree greatly increases an individual’s earnings potential, there are still many high-paying jobs that do not require higher education but instead value experience, training, and skill. [2] Many of these jobs require years of on-the-job experience or training, and some require specific credentials or licenses. [2] The salaries dip lower for those jobs that don?t necessarily require a high school diploma but on-the-job training. [4] Jobs that don?t require a four-year degree but will pay well in manufacturing include industrial maintenance and quality control, especially in beverage, food, chemicals and pharmaceutical plants, said Brett Vassey, president of the Virginia Manufacturers Association. [4] Some jobs that do not require a college education, however, pay well more than the median across all education levels. [2]

While these higher-paying jobs do not require a college degree, like a great deal of blue-collar work, these jobs appear to be disappearing. [2] None of these 50 jobs requires a bachelor’s degree, and yet they all make at thousands more than the typical American worker’s wage of $37,360. [2] Some of these jobs are in management roles and higher-ranking positions, accessible to those who worked their way up from low-level positions at jobs that do not require a degree, such as law enforcement or sales. [2] Annual demand is relatively low for that job in the region, at only six positions. [4] Economists agree that higher education and skilled job training are the best way to achieve greater career security and higher pay over time. [4] Air Force spouses looking for meaningful careers may find these jobs to be just the ticket. [18] Though a postsecondary education improves one’s chances of finding a high-paying job, college enrollment has been declining in the United States in recent years, likely due to rising tuition costs. [2] A four-year degree would move her more toward an administrative job rather than direct patient care. [4] The best-paying jobs in the Richmond region requiring an associate’s degree but not necessarily a four-year degree, and also employing at least 100 people in the region. [4] The median income of 10 jobs on this list is more than double the national median. [2] Of the 50 jobs on this list, 16 are projected to shrink between 2016 and 2026. [2] A textbook on how to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a police or fire chief, for example, would be a poor substitute for real-world experience gained on the job. [2] That’s a field where job experience counts for a lot, said Danny Meyer, president of Dallan Construction Inc. in Richmond. [4] AARP Foundation’s Senior Community Service Employment Program funds launch-pad jobs that can lead to permanent positions. [19]

In the Richmond region, air traffic controller is the second-highest paying job requiring an associate’s degree, with an average annual salary of $92,900, according to wage and job-demand data compiled by Chmura Economics & Analytics using federal government statistics. [4]

Current and qualified pilots from any scheduled U.S. or international air carrier are eligible for an additional $5,000 bonus. $10,000 bonus for each successful pilot referral. [14] Captain pay of $55.50/hour for ALL pilots 1 Year after training. [14] Incentives such as Endeavor’s 4-year Pilot Retention Program also pay dividends well past the beginning of a new pilot’s career. [14]

Requires second class commercial helicopter pilot certificate. [15] They may be a copilot or the main pilot for the flight and work with other crew members to ensure a safe flight. [3] To work as a captain, mate, or pilot of a water vessel, candidates must have a license administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. [2]

Pilots must comply with hour requirements for resting and working to ensure safety. [3] Aspiring pilots also complete flight training and obtain a series of licenses, starting with a student pilot license and progressing to obtain credentials to work as a private pilot and commercial pilot; this enables them to gain around the 1,500 mandatory flight hours for obtaining an airline transport pilot certificate to work at an airline. [3] While qualifications can vary among different airlines, working for this major airline requires that you already have significant experience as a private and commercial pilot, such as meet medical requirements and have a thorough understanding of a plane’s components, safe flying procedures and government regulations. [3] Since an airline pilot career requires that you can intensely focus and make decisions quickly, being an observant problem solver is important for safely flying. [3] Working as an airline pilot flying internationally involves fatigue, because of the extended flight time and focus needed to safely navigate the plane for potentially thousands of miles. [3] How much American Airline pilots make on international flights includes their salary along with bonuses they receive for international travel and time spent away from their homes. [3]

In high-paying professions for which there are no degree-granting programs associated with the discipline — gaming manager and commercial airline pilot, for example — there often is a professional association that offers an alternative form of credentialing. [2]

Within the company, workers earn the highest salaries (an average of $98K annually) in Florida. [17] When it comes to location, the highest average paycheck (approximately $76K per year) can be spotted in Newark, N.J.; the company’s headquarter city of Chicago, Ill. ($76K), Denver, Colo. (about $73K), and San Francisco, Calif. ($70K) are the next top-paying cities. [17]

By state, California offers the highest pay at approximately $115K annually. [16]

As for pilot positions, they pay pretty well (ranking No. 15 on the list of the 25 highest-paying jobs, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor), and luckily, millennials might find more job openings to fly for both Delta and Southwest as an all-time high demand for commercial airline pilots takes hold in coming years. [20] Being an airline pilot is more than simply a glamorous job with flight miles. [21]

In a recent study from job site Indeed, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines ranked in the top 10 of millennials’ best-rated workplaces, at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively. [20] Becoming a dentist requires you to pay attention to details, be dexterous and have physical stamina as the job often requires long hours. [21] To help you find a fun job that makes your life more interesting, here I’ve got you a list of 20 fun jobs in the world that pay well. [22] 20 Most Fun Jobs in the World (That Also Pay Well) meta name”description” content”Some jobs, well, most jobs are dull and tedious. [22] The candidate want to go for another job in other institution or company before completing 5year, he has to pay this amount and will be relieved from the organization. [23]

The salary, again, depends on the level of skill, experience and excellence at the job. [21] Doing a job that fetches you a six-figure salary takes hard work. [21] It’s important to remember that any job that brings home a six-figure salary comes with its own compromises and complications. [21] Several technical writing jobs require knowledge in specialized fields like engineering, medicine or computer science, other than a degree. [21] The job would require you to have strong communication skills and have a good read on income statements, balance sheets, etc. [21] The OB part of the job requires one to care for the patient during pregnancy and deliver the baby, the gynaecologist part involves providing counseling and treatment for the overall reproductive health. [21]

Well don?t take it as an stressful job, because you will have adventure, passionate and a good life. [24] The looks would never be this convincing if not for a little prosthetic support and the skilled hand of someone who knows their job well. [21] A Bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient for an entry-level job. [21] Given the rate at which the world is consuming natural resources, reservoir engineers have the most important job. [21] Among tech jobs, software engineers rank toward the higher side in terms of remuneration. [21] The top-10 companies all had several similar features, Indeed said, like offering opportunities for growth and providing good healthcare benefits — the top job benefit desired by millennials. [20] Other than that, you must have good communication skills to be a suitable candidate for a job, as a lot of projects may be collaborative. [21] There are several jobs, outside of this list, that are lucrative and rewarding. [21]

To become a pilot, one needs to train at an aviation school, complete a stipulated number of flying hours and acquire an appropriate flying license, commercial or otherwise. [21] Other than commandeering the controls in the cockpit, the captain is expected to lead the flight crew and maintain calm in case of anything untoward mid-air – this means pilots also have to be good managers. [21] Going in aerospace is a good decision and becoming a pilot is a decision that needs boldness and calm mind to take such decisions one must be that clever. [24]

You can be a military pilot too, which requires you to train in a military school. [21]

You can be a commercial pilot, hired by airlines to fly through various domestic and international routes. [21] The main factor for which a pilot is known as for his reputation and money, if you are a commercial pilot then trust me you won?t have to think for some things software engineers may have to, you can earn easily a 7 to 8 zero figure amount in your bank, but for being a pilot their is some requirements and you have to must fulfill that criteria, in case of more information comment what do you want to know. [24]

The highest 10 percent of technical writers earn more than $102, 250 per annum. [21]

Pilots can pursue part 135 jobs when reaching 1,200 hours though will need to have an Airline Transport Pilot Rating for any airline position. [7] Allan, I flew with some very interesting pilots like yourself, who had very successful other careers, cashed out, and yet wanted a challenge in the form of an airline job. [8] MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — Several airlines are combating a nationwide pilot shortage by partnering with Kansas State University to guarantee jobs to graduates. [6] Most pilot employers will have at least one page on their website advising of job openings and how to apply to open positions. [7] Any job interview will judge a candidate on how they present themselves but this is especially so with pilot employers. [7] Post 9/11 industry shakeup caused many pilots to lose their jobs and change careers. [7] Outstanding job here, and a word in season to many who are making decisions in this alluring time in aviation where pilots have a clearer chance at the dream than ever before. [8] You have your foot in the door, but it is the pilot interview where you earn the job. [7] I appreciate the good words, John, it’s interesting to talk with anyone who has been on both sides of “pilot job” and “normal job.” [8]

I have about 20 years left to work, and thought that flying would be a good job, quality of life and time off were important. [8] If you work 9-hour days in a corporate job for five days a week, you?re nearly flipping the airline lifestyle around – now you?re spending only 25% of your life away from home and 75% of your time where and how you choose. [8] I walk to work each day I’d never do that with an airline job. [8] Then you march along at regional captain pay until getting on with a new job a major airline at the second big bump on the chart near the age of 36. [8] At the time I applied for college, I hadn?t considered the consequences of tuition and flight training loans, or even the ability of the job to pay them back. [8] Any jobs can be very low-paying or high-paying in such broad industries, but this source could be useful for those who want to compare pay in an industry in different states or metro areas. [25] The more than five years spent in medical school to refine skills for saving lives all but calls for exciting pay perks given the nature of the job. [26] My aviation degree and flight experience landed me a job outside the cockpit where I worked for six years. [8] Provide a summary of your flight experience, but also make sure to include hours relevant to the position and any stated minimum flight experience the employer mentions in the job posting. [7] Flying is a difficult, stressful job, interspersed with untold lost hours waiting for airplanes, crews, flights, delays, hotel shuttles. [8] Manufacturing and industry jobs – Hours and earnings This publication “Employment, Hours, and Earnings, United States, 1909-90” shows average hourly or weekly wages in both “current” and “constant” (1982) dollars. [27] Employment, Hours, and Earnings, States and Areas Mostly covers jobs in manufacturing, industry and production. [27]

If you want to compare an airline job to a corporate job, there are a lot more factors to consider. [8] I was always able to find another airline that lowered their standards and offerred me a job! Eventhough some of those “jobs” were awful and darn right abusive. [8] I got a flying degree, but skipped the regional and went and flew C-17s for the Air Force reserve, 4 years later I was MD-11 FO for one of the big guys by age 31 and absolutely love my job. [8] Just over a year ago, I was one of them, paying off student loans for a job I had left 6 years prior, and a university I had left nearly 15 years ago. [8] Other high paying fresh graduate’s jobs in Singapore include Biotechnology $3,082, Process Design and Control $3,055, Corporate Finance 2, 959, Banking and Finance $2,758 as well as IT Software $2,718. [26]

Due to the variance in engineering jobs, salary depends on the area of specialization as well as the amount of experience that one has accrued. [26] We list out today which jobs are best to have in Nigeria when it comes to income or salary. [9] Much more detailed than the entry above, this lists salaries for faculty and administrators by job (college president, registrar, manager of residence halls, director of food services, library director, etc.) [27] Be aware that some jobs accumulate less than the average, particularly in part part 135 cargo or corporate flying. [7] I made a good living, and worked the normal corporate job, slowly graduating from cubicles to an office all the while missing a flying lifestyle. [8] Everyone in the industry was constantly chasing the dream schedule, and I never found it until I left for a corporate job. [8]

At 40years of age I began studying thinking to get into law school while instructing part time to just stay current and at 44 finally landed a FO job at a regional going backwards financially for almost six years including a furlough of 18 months with cost of renting a room and eating out. [8] The below jobs listed are ones we?ve studied have been doing well in recent years. [9] Engineers also earn top dollars given the nature of their jobs that involves coming up with innovations as well as solving problems depending on the area of specialization. [26] Learn how popular a degree is, how much graduates earn, and what the job market looks like for over 200 degrees. [28] Investment banking job comes with a high degree of stress levels given that such professionals are looked upon to come up with brilliant ideas sure to beat ANY market. [26] In your career planning make sure to account for the time needed to change jobs. [7] Job listings Find your perfect career then find real job positions to really kick things off. [28] We provide job listings for most careers through our partners. [28] Having a career plan that includes fallback plans and industry exit plans are important in every industry or job. [8] Determine companies that you would like to work for as well as backup plans – know your dream job. [7] This step usually doesn’t have minimums other than the licenses and ratings needed to work the job. [7] Competitive minimums to advance to this stage vary with the job market but usually range between 2,500 hours total time to 5,000 hours. [7] Watching the market and interpreting the trends – the best time to change jobs is at the beginning of a hiring wave. [7] It was an extraordinarily difficult and stressful time in my life especially with multiple failed job interviews as i tried to escape the sinking ship. [8] Their job is very delicate because the safety of the nation’s aircrafts, military or commercial, rests on their shoulders. [9] Employers will look at incidents that could indicate judgment errors such as being fired from a job, failed check rides, or DUIs. [7] Being a pastor in Nigeria is a great job, most especially if the church is a huge one. [9] Being a successful musician in Nigeria right now is one of the best jobs anyone can have. [9]

Does not break out by job title, but it does show range of wages by size of store, etc. Taken from the Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. [27] Wages for bus drivers, trolley, cable car “gripmen” and conductors (in San Francisco), subway and elevated train operators, platform workers, and other jobs. [27] Tells wages for factory jobs (candymakers) and other workers such as machinist, mechanic, janitor, watchman, etc. [25] For further discussion on earnings for construction worker jobs, we also recommend the BLS publication Compensation in the Construction Industry (1970). [27] Tending to your emotional state will be important during a job loss. [7] Some jobs are known to reward fresh graduates handsomely, as they study them and await them to accrue THE much-needed experience. [26] Training costs are too expensive to justify a reasonable return when entering into starting jobs that paid so little. [7] In a trade job such as flying, a university is a checkbox which must be checked, nothing more. [8] Flying is a job that carries with it a lot of respect and prestige. [8] A couple of residencies later, I now have a summer job flying (fires); and a winter job doing locum tenens. [8] Do not disqualify yourself from a job if you believe you are below the competitive qualifications for that position. [7] It provides data for jobs not found elsewhere on this page, such as jobs in religious organizations, deep sea transportation, mail order houses, gasoline service stations, shoe stores, savings and loan associations, photography studios, hair salons and barber shops, motion picture theaters, museums and zoos, charitable organizations and more. [25] JOB PURPOSE Internal Audit • Provide reasonable assurance to the Audit Risk and Compliance Committee (ARCC) that the organization’s system of internal controls promotes efficiency, minimizes risk, promotes good governance, and ensures compliance with relevant regulations, laws and standards. [29] There is no disputing that there are also those that? envision a job as a passion and not a means of living a comfortable life. [26] In the real world, having a prestigious university on your resume means that you can negotiate a higher-paying job. [8]

Tells salary and wages for pilots, copilots, flight engineers, flight attendants, aircraft inspectors and mechanics, maintenance crew occupations, dispatchers, airline customer service attendants, office clerical workers, and electronic data processing occupations. [25] The number of active pilots in the U.S. declined by about 30,000 from 2008 to 2016, according to data figures from the FAA. The newspaper said big commercial airlines feel the impact if regional airlines fly customers to hub cities such as Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and New York City. [6] Even though I was a Captain for most of my career, I spent more than 5 years of a 6-year airline career as a low-seniority reserve (on-call) pilot, who are assigned the undesirable leftovers of the remainder of the schedule holders on the seniority list for your assigned base. [8] After speaking with many older pilots about my plan to change careers to finance, nearly all of them counseled me in favor of taking an opportunity for another career, if I could, because they said after 20 years, you?ll be completely numb to the airline lifestyle. [8] Regional airlines must now wait several years before they can hire new pilots that have entered the pilot supply pipeline. [7] Stats still say that a hefty percentage of us (I’m a pilot at a major airline) will die before we get more than a handful of years in retirement. [8] When I began commuting, I commuted for 4-8 hours while trying to fly using any open seat on an airline that constantly bumped our pilots from flights for their own passengers and pilots. [8] Mid-tier pilot positions include flying for a regional airline or part 135 cargo operator. [7] The Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Act of 2010 changed requirements for airlines so that all pilots flying for them must have an Airline Transport Pilot Rating (ATP). [7] I consider myself fortunate that I was flying for a miserable regional airline that drove away its pilots, because it took something drastic to force me to redirect my determination. [8] Regional airlines are urgently trying to fill a large number of pilot vacancies that began in 2013 after the Federal Aviation Administration required more time for pilots to get certified, The Kansas City Star reported. [6] The university in the spring signed partnerships with Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines — the American Airlines subsidiary — Republic and Mesa Airlines for the Pilot Cadet Program. [6] This oral evaluation phase will test for technical knowledge and commonly cover subjects found in Airline Transport Pilot certification standards. [7] In the United States regional and national airlines have been the most active in pilot hiring since 1997 though recent trends show this changing. [7] Demand for pilots in the Asia-Pacific region is not consistent crossed countries as some airlines are growing at a rapid pace while others are growing at a more sedate pace. [7] It is anticipated that U.S. airlines will have to replace 30,000 retiring pilots by 2026. [7] I was one of the lucky pilots hired by a major airline in the 60’s that is now only mentioned in some airline history book. [8]

The Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) requires all pilot employers operating under part 121, part 125, or part 135 to “request, receive, and evaluate certain information concerning pilot/applicant’s training, experience, qualification, and safety background, before allowing that individual to being service as a pilot with the company. [7] Employers typically don?t require aircraft type ratings but will favor pilots with one or more type ratings as it shows an ability to learn new airplanes. [7] Employers will be interested in a pilot’s dedication to flying and will look at gaps in pilot employment or deviations from a traditional career path. [7] Setting realistic goals that are commensurate with your experience level – most pilots want to start off their career flying a wide body airplane, but this isn?t going to happen. [7] Know the minimum and competitive experience and qualifications required for each run of the pilot career ladder. [7] The problem with many pilot careers is that it demands everything that is precious in time and relationships, and it doesn?t start paying back in seniority until you?re old and unhappy and wish you had your youth back. [8] The flight department interview is conducted by the chief pilot’s office, often times with the chief pilot present. [7] This role will report directly to the Chief Pilot FW-VIP and will attract a competitive salary plus additional benefits including housing allowance, schooling allowance, 45 calendar days’ holidays per year, medical cover, 1 flight per annum to home country etc.Required candidate profile: Essential Criteria&bull. [29] Among all of the pilots you work with, everyone will eat each other alive if it means getting home sooner, including dumping flights on reserve pilots by faking a sick call and bolting for home, or constantly calling crew schedulers to trade the worst schedule to you, or sticking you with notorious “3 am reserve”, which usually resulted in being called at 3 am. [8] The demand is being driven from commercial operator growth, pilot retirements, and issues in the new-pilot supply pipeline. [7] The commercial aviation industry will need 637,000 new pilots from 2017 to 2036. [7]

Only the top 5% of people who wanted to be pilots and pay for the training actually end up earning what the college recruiters advertised. [8] Reviewing your financial health and planning for points of lower pay as you move up in the career – as you move up in your pilot career, most positions will have probationary pay scales. [7] They pay the pilots and then contract the pilot labor to the operator. [7]

When choosing from applicants, employers will determine the average qualifications of pilots that have applied to them and will then evaluate applicants based on these averages. [7] How long will an upgrade to captain take? Things to consider for upgrade time are upcoming mandatory retirements for pilots at that employer, the status of current and projected hiring, and planned airplane fleet growth. [7] A new method for pilot hiring involves matching employers to pilots based on the pilot’s qualifications and work preferences. [7] These pilots not only crew the operations but are also helping local pilots learn and develop. Aviation employers from this region are creating training programs in an attempt to build long-term programs to staff their operations from local pilots. [7] Most pilot employers weigh recommendations heavily with many believing that having former coworkers willing to write good things about you is a testimony to the type of person you are. [7] It is common for pilot employers in this region to hire experienced expat pilots as contractors. [7] Cons: agencies are less concerned about finding pilots the best fit or best compensation and are more concerned about helping their clients (employers). [7] When evaluating based on competitive criterion, employers won?t usually rule out a pilot for not meeting any single item but will evaluate that pilot as a whole. [7] Pilot employers will make several requests about your history and records. [7] Pilot employers look for candidates that will represent the company in a positive light and will put passengers as ease or relay instructions or updates to coworkers with authority. [7] Pilot employers are often wide spanning companies and are constantly influenced by external factors. [7] If an employer is known for customer service then pilot applicants would want to make their answers customer-centric. [7]

Early in my childhood, I remember reading a biography of Chuck Yeager, the famous pilot who first broke the sound barrier, and as a result I was hooked on any flight game as a kid. [8] A flight attendant has to sit in the cockpit while the remaining pilot awkwardly wears an oxygen mask. [8] Most people imagine that pilots fly one flight to Miami, where they sun themselves at a resort, drinking Mai Tais and enjoy the nightlife. [8]

This is according to a report from Boeing and it averages 87 new pilots needed each day. [7] While pilots are running to the regionals, it makes a life in the corporate and private flying world much better a quality of life. [8] Human Resources personal will interview to determine an applicant’s corporate fit and if the pilot applicant is honest and credible. [7]

Every year from 1994 to 2000 was an all-time record year in pilot hiring. [7] I also applied for Netjets with an inside recommendation and made the hiring pool before they furloughed their pilots and took years to bring them all back. [8] During my time there I jumpseated quite a bit and heard all I needed to hear about how miserable some of the pilots were with their schedules. [8] In fact I would say that the pilot situation is even worse with the apparent multiple times you have to go back down to the bottom of the food chain. [8] I saw pilots never vacation, in fear of taking time off and a few get medical problems they never foresaw. [8]

In a qualifications section mention the highest pilot certificates and ratings you hold and your medical certificates. [7] The impact of increasing retirement age had significant impact on the quality of the profession for younger pilots and many left due to career advancement stalling for a prolonged period. [7] A career as a pilot can be a long and challenging path but the rewards are worth it and stepping up the career ladder is manageable with planning and discipline. [7] Otherwise you may get the golden-handcuffs along the way and not have the option of moving up the pilot career ladder. [7] Pilot furloughs can be a common reality during a pilot’s career. [7]

Work on building a strong support system that can include your spouse, family, friends, and other furloughed pilots and their families. [7] Middle eastern carriers have begun establishing training academies in an effort to build a local pool of pilots. [7] Josh very well written article and expresses obviously what so many part 121 pilots have come to know. [8] Your cover letter is a good place to address any gaps in your pilot employment. [7] Interesting read and a good “worst case scenario” for up and coming pilots. [8]

Hiring follows these patterns with pilots being hired at a furious pace during up-cycles and then pilots being furloughed during down-cycles. [7] Coordinating with your family and getting and keeping them involved with plans – the hardships associated with being a professional pilot are shared by their close family. [7] It is scary how similar the paths to being a physician and pilot are in terms of huge student loans, delayed gratification, challenging lifestyle, etc. [8]

They typically are not during economic downturns, because pilots at the bottom of the seniority lists are furloughed until recall. [8] Pilots are still in demand in other countries with growing aviation sectors even if there is a downturn in the United States. [7]

Our average earnings for my freshman flight class has now dropped dramatically, because only my major airline pilot friend is making the wages promised to his peers by recruiters 15 years ago as we decided to join the freshman class. [8] Imagine paying for the amount of training required and amassing flight hours for nearly six years before being eligible to apply, only to fail out airline training. [8] There are some poor souls out there who are still paying off debt for a profession they left a long time ago. [8] I got my private license while still in high school and paid for it by mowing lawns, which saved me the costs of paying for it in college. [8] Keep in mind that for every person who is lucky enough to get higher seniority from good timing, someone else in lower seniority is paying the price. [8]

Singapore being the financial hub of South East Asia is also home to some of the best paying jobs in the world. [26]

The final career goal for many pilots is to fly at a major airline, as a corporate pilot, or to work for large cargo carrier. [7] For the pilots, the annual pay for my freshman class is somewhere between $40,000 (regional airline first officer) and $110,000 (major airline pilot). [8] I’m home much more than airline pilots out there, and when i’m on the road, I have time to enjoy being where i’m at. [8] I highly recommend that anyone who is making major airline pilot earnings to downsize and start saving enough to retire earlier, at least 50% of your income, if possible. [8] The absolute opposite of a meritocracy is seniority; therefore, if you unfortunately lie at the bottom of a seniority list as an airline pilot, your schedule is entirely made up as you go by the company. [8]

Anesthesiologist’s cardiologists as well as neurosurgeons are some of the highest paid professionals in the broader industry. [26] Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments. [28]

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