Which Airlines Has Airbus A380?

Which Airlines Has Airbus A380?
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  • Airbus subsequently launched a full-length double-deck aircraft, the A380, a decade later while Boeing decided the project would not be commercially viable and developed the third generation 747, Boeing 747-8, instead. 31 The Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8 are therefore placed in direct competition on long-haul routes.(More…)


  • To date, Boeing has secured orders for 78 747-8F and 51 747-8I aircraft with first deliveries originally scheduled for 2011 and 2012 as the 747-8I is only in service with Lufthansa, while Airbus has orders for 318 A380s, the first of which entered service in 2007 and has delivered a total of 152 to customers (as of December 31, 2014).(More…)



Airbus subsequently launched a full-length double-deck aircraft, the A380, a decade later while Boeing decided the project would not be commercially viable and developed the third generation 747, Boeing 747-8, instead. 31 The Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8 are therefore placed in direct competition on long-haul routes. [1]

Frequent delays to the Airbus A380 program caused several customers to consider cancelling their orders in favour of the refreshed 747-8. 82 However, all orders for the A380F freight variant have been cancelled. [1] If there is a success story in the otherwise rocky tale of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, it is with the Gulf carriers. [2] Of the 222 Airbus A380s that have been delivered, fully half have gone to carriers located around the Persian Gulf. [2] Increased tensions, due to the support for the Airbus A380, escalated toward a potential trade war as the launch of the Airbus A350 neared. [1]

Two ex-Singapore Airlines (SIA) Airbus A380s should be dismantled for spares, according to Dr. Peters Group, which had hoped to sell the two aircraft. [3] The company looks at starting its all-A380 airline, but this certainly is a sign of the weak market for second-hand Airbus A380 and not a sign of strength. [4] Portuguese wet-lease specialist HiFly has become the first airline to take on a second-hand Airbus A380 after it Thursday announced it had welcomed a former Singapore Airlines superjumbo into its fleet. [5] The news will be welcome in Toulouse after German leasing company Dr Peters confirmed in June that two other Singapore Airlines Airbus A380s were to be broken up and their components sold. [5] PARIS (Reuters) – An Airbus ( AIR.PA ) A380 jet returned by Singapore Airlines has found a home with Portuguese leasing firm HiFly, marking a respite for Europe’s slow-selling superjumbo after the first two second-hand aircraft looked set to be broken up for parts. [6]

Hi Fly has received the first second-hand Airbus A380, inaugurating a new era for the aircraft, as it had never been operated by a second company after the first leasing contract has ended. [7] In the absence of any other customers committing to the Airbus A380, the Airbus A380 will be even more unlikely to be redeveloped, and Emirates might end up choosing another aircraft type as the backbone of its fleet to support its growth from its Al Maktoum hub. [4] Emirates ended up ordering additional Airbus A380 aircraft allowing Virgin Atlantic to give up its order. [4] At the end of 2017, the Airbus ( OTCPK:EADSF / OTCPK:EADSY ) A380 made headlines as Airbus failed to secure an order from Emirates for the Airbus A380 and suggested that the program might be shut down. [4] The Emirates order was a much needed highlight and HiFly planning on operating 2 second-hand Airbus A380s were the bright spot in the past 12 months for the Airbus A380 program. [4] In a year with a lot of news about the Airbus A380, actually, very little happened, leaving the program with quite some inflation in the order book. [4] Emirates, on demands of its owners, wanted a production guarantee from Airbus, guaranteeing that the European jet maker would keep the Airbus A380 production line open for at least another 10 years and preferably 15 years. [4] A flight-tracking website shows the location of an Emirates Airbus A380 near Harrisburg, Pa., as it makes its final approach toward Washington Dulles International Airport on Feb. 23, 2016. [8] The Airbus A380 is the largest and most advanced airliner flying today and certainly the aircraft of choice for the most discerning air travelers. [7] Super jumbo sales in Asia have been disappointing so far, and British Airways previously had been interested in acquiring either new or second-hand jets, but the approval of a third runway at Heathrow goes against the business case of the Airbus A380 that aims to solve airport congestion. [4] According to Airbus, as of March 31, 2018 there were 223 Airbus A380 jets in service and 13 operators. [7] Three customers with unfilled orders for the Airbus A380 remain. [4] Airbus needs to validate business case for Airbus A380 with commitment from a new customer. [4] The real big question is whether Airbus can find new customer, validating the business case for the Airbus A380. [4]

A Washington Dulles departure board shows flight information for Emirates’ Airbus A380 on Feb. 23, 2016. [8] Lufthansa–which will transfer five of 14 Airbus A380s from its Frankfurt home base to Munich Airport from March 25–may increase the number of Munich-based A380s because of continued quality issues and high costs at Frankfurt Airport. [3] “We welcome the arrival of the Airbus A380 in our fleet, and we are extremely happy with the market reaction so far on this new availability in our wet lease product offering,” said Paulo Mirpuri, Hi Fly’s President, and CEO. [9] “We welcome the arrival of the Airbus A380 in our fleet and we are extremely happy with the market reaction so far on this new availability in our wet lease product offering,?? HiFly chief executive Paulo Mirpuri said in the announcement. [5]

UK long-haul carrier Virgin Atlantic has cancelled the six Airbus A380s that it originally ordered in 2001. [3] Airbus proposed sharing the Airbus A380 program with China. [4]

Hi Fly, a European Airline specialized in widebody aircraft wet lease to other airlines and governments on a global basis, has received its first Airbus A380 on July 5. [10] Another former Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (reg. 9V-SKD) landed in Tarbes-Lourdes for storage and an uncertain future. [11]

Portuguese wet-lease operator Hi Fly has received its first Airbus A380, making it the first operator of a “used” superjumbo. [12] Paulo Mirpuri, Hi Fly President and CEO said: “We welcome the arrival of the Airbus A380 in our fleet and we are extremely happy with the market reaction so far on this new availability in our wet lease product offering. [13]

The Portuguese leasing airline Hi Fly has acquired an Airbus A380s from Dr.Peter Group. [14] The airline also recently announced a US$ 16 billion (AED 58.7 billion) deal for 36 additional Airbus A380 aircraft. [15]

Today, we fly the world’s biggest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, offering our customers the comforts of the latest and most efficient wide-body aircraft in the skies. [15] A mere decade after rolling off the production line, two Airbus A380s will be dismantled and the parts sold after no firm bids were secured for the aircraft–despite the fact that the planes could be expected to fly for at least another 10 years. [16]

In November 2017, Singapore Airlines enlisted Airbus to retrofit the interiors of 14 of its older A380. [17] A Qantas Airbus A380 took a 10-second “nosedive” Sunday evening, passengers said, after flying through the wake turbulence generated by another Qantas A380. [18] A one-off Airbus A380 service to Islamabad on July 8, 2018. [19]

Malaysia Airlines will continue to run their Airbus A380 for an additional two months, offering service to three major cities on the double-deck aircraft. [20] What happens this week? Malaysia Airlines presently cancels several flights daily on their Bangkok rotation and instead uses one Airbus A380 Aircraft. [21] Malaysia Airlines is surprising passengers with expanded service on their Airbus A380 this summer. [20] Interior view of the economy class of the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airlines during a visit at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22] Interior view of the Business Class seats on the second floor deck of the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airways presented at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22] Interior view of the fully lie-flat seat converted into a bed in Premiere (1st) Class in the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airways presented at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22] Interior view of the toilets in the second floor first class section of the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airways during a visit at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22] Visitors climb the staircase to the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airways presented at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22] An Harfang Male UAS drone is displayed in front the Airbus A380 of Qatar Airways at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, Wednesday, June 17, 2015. [22]

You can now explore the 3 cabins inside of an Emirates Airbus A380 on Emirates.com courtesy of “web virtual reality (VR) technology”. [23] On Sunday July 8th MH cancelled 3 flights and moved all the passengers into their Airbus A380 departure MH 780. [21] Launched in 2007, the double-deck wide-body Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner. [24] Effective 1 October, 2018, Etihad Airways will operate the Airbus A380 on its second daily service linking Abu Dhabi and Paris Charles de Gaulle. [25] Photos: Get a look inside the stunning Airbus A380 of Qatar. [22] That’s right you’ve just scored yourself a ride on the new Airbus A380. [24]


To date, Boeing has secured orders for 78 747-8F and 51 747-8I aircraft with first deliveries originally scheduled for 2011 and 2012 as the 747-8I is only in service with Lufthansa, while Airbus has orders for 318 A380s, the first of which entered service in 2007 and has delivered a total of 152 to customers (as of December 31, 2014). [1] Southwest Airlines, who use the 737 for their entire fleet (680 in service or on order), said they were not prepared to wait 20 years or more for a new 737 model and threatened to convert to Airbus. 83 Boeing eventually bowed to airline pressure and in 2011 approved the 737 MAX project, scheduled for first delivery in 2017. [1] Airbus and Boeing publish list prices for their aircraft but the actual prices charged to airlines vary; they can be difficult to determine and tend to be much lower than the list prices. [1] Boeing initially ruled out producing a re-engined version of its 737 to compete with the Airbus A320neo family launch planned for 2015, believing airlines would be looking towards the Boeing Y1 and a 30% fuel saving, instead of paying 10% more for fuel efficiency gains of only a few percent. [1]

Rival performance claims by Airbus and Boeing appear to be contradictory, their methodologies unclear and neither are validated by a third party source. citation needed Boeing claims the 747-8I to be over 10% lighter per seat and have 11% less fuel consumption per passenger, with a trip-cost reduction of 21% and a seat-mile cost reduction of more than 6%, compared to the A380. [1] As of December 2015, Airbus has 319 orders 40 for the passenger version of the A380 and is not currently offering the A380-800 freighter. [1] At Farnborough in July 2016, Airbus announced that in a “prudent, proactive step,” starting in 2018 it expects to deliver 12 A380 aircraft per year, down from 27 deliveries in 2015. [1] “Airbus will lose 4.8bn because of A380 delays”, Time, 3 October 2006. [1]

Will Etihad’s financial problem result in a thinning of the A380 herd? If Etihad puts off the purchase of the 414-seat Boeing 777, the large passenger capacity of the A380 may continue to be valuable to the struggling airline. [2] While many airlines have never owned an A380 (such as all the U.S. carriers), the 555-passenger, $470 million planes have been embraced by the Gulf airlines. [2] The Residence, the only three-room suite on a commercial airline, can only be found on Etihad’s A380s. [2]

For Leeham’s Scott Hamilton, small orders are content with 35-40% discount but large airlines sometimes attain 60% and customers with old ties with Boeing like American, Delta or Southwest get a Most-Favoured-Customer Clause guaranteeing them no other customer gets a lower price. [1] Because many of the world’s airlines are wholly or partially government owned, aircraft procurement decisions are often taken according to political criteria in addition to commercial ones. [1] Both aircraft manufacturers have good safety records on recently manufactured aircraft and generally, both firms have a positive reputation of delivering well-engineered and high-quality products. 62 63 By convention, both companies tend to avoid safety comparisons when selling their aircraft to airlines or comparisons on product quality. [1] Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, the second-largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, operates 10 (as many as Air France) and Qatar nine. [2] A possible panacea for the ailing airline is a merger with bigger, stronger Emirates, which apparently has been discussed amongst the United Arab Emirates? ruling families. [2]

The A320 has been selected by 222 operators (Dec. 2008), among these several low-cost operators, gaining ground against the previously well established 737 in this sector; it has also been selected as a replacement for 727s and aging 737s by many full-service airlines such as Star Alliance members United Airlines, Air Canada and Lufthansa. [1]

The announcement in March 2008 that Boeing had lost a US$40 billion refuelling aircraft contract to Northrop Grumman and Airbus for the EADS/Northrop Grumman KC-45 with the United States Air Force drew angry protests in the United States Congress. 47 Upon review of Boeing’s protest, the Government Accountability Office ruled in favour of Boeing and ordered the USAF to recompete the contract. [1] In July 2004, Harry Stonecipher (then CEO of Boeing) accused Airbus of abusing a 1992 bilateral EU-US agreement regarding large civil aircraft support from governments. [1] It took Boeing 42 years and 1 month to deliver its 10,000 7series aircraft (October 1958-November 2000) and, 42 years and 5 months for Airbus to achieve the same milestone (May 1974-October 2016). 84 Boeing deliveries considerably exceeded that of Airbus throughout the 1980s. [1] When the dollar appreciates against the euro the cost of producing a Boeing aircraft rises relatively to the cost of producing an Airbus aircraft, and conversely when the dollar falls relative to the euro it is an advantage for Boeing. [1] Boeing typically prices its aircraft only in dollars, while Airbus, although pricing most aircraft sales in dollars, has been known to be more flexible and has priced some aircraft sales in Asia and the Middle East in multiple currencies. [1] Most aircraft dominating the companies’ current sales, the Boeing 737-NG and Airbus A320 families and both companies’ wide-body offerings, have good safety records. [1] Airbus and Boeing have wide product ranges including single-aisle and wide-body aircraft covering a variety of combinations of capacity and range. [1] Etihad also has some 40 A350-900 and 22 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft on order, none of which it has yet received. [2] In the 10 years from 2007 to 2016, Airbus has received 9,985 orders while delivering 5,644, and Boeing has received 8,978 orders while delivering 5,718. [1] In terms of sales, while the Boeing 737 Next Generation outsold the Airbus A320 family since its introduction in 1988, it is still lagging overall with 7,033 orders against 7,940 in January 2016. [1] The competition between Airbus and Boeing has been characterised as a duopoly in the large jet airliner market since the 1990s. 1 This resulted from a series of mergers within the global aerospace industry, with Airbus beginning as a European consortium while the American Boeing absorbed its former arch-rival, McDonnell Douglas, in a 1997 merger. [1] Neither Boeing nor Airbus is directly present in the regional jet market. [1] The WTO stated that Boeing had received at least $5.3 billion in illegal cash subsidies at an estimated cost to Airbus of $45 billion. [1] On 1 December 2011 Airbus reported that it had fulfilled its obligations under the WTO findings and called upon Boeing to do likewise in the coming year. 126 The United States did not agree and had already begun complaint procedures prior to December, stating the EU had failed to comply with the DSB’s recommendations and rulings, and requesting authorisation by the DSB to take countermeasures under Article 22 of the DSU and Article 7.9 of the SCM Agreement. [1] Airbus is given reimbursable launch investment (RLI, called “launch aid” by the US) from European governments with the money being paid back with interest, plus indefinite royalties if the aircraft is a commercial success. 111 Airbus contends that this system is fully compliant with the 1992 agreement and WTO rules. [1] These loans are held at a minimum interest rate equal to the cost of government borrowing plus 0.25%, which would be below market rates available to Airbus without government support. 112 Airbus claims that since the signing of the EU-U.S. agreement in 1992, it has repaid European governments more than U.S.$6.7 billion and that this is 40% more than it has received. [1] Airbus received 4,471 orders since the A320neo family launch in December 2010, while the 737 MAX got 3,072 from August 2011 till January 2016. [1] Boeing claimed victory but Airbus countered it is thin with 94% of the complaints rejected, as launch aids are legal but at market interest rates, not lower: violations will be corrected. [1] Engine manufacturers prefer to be single source, and often succeed in striking commercial deals with Boeing and Airbus to achieve this. [1] Airbus sought to compete with the well-established Boeing in the 1970s through its introduction of advanced technology. [1] Industry sources believe that the 737’s design makes re-engining considerably more expensive for Boeing than it was for the Airbus A320. [1] By 2010 little difference remained between Airbus and Boeing in both the wide-body or narrow-body categories or the range on offer. [1] In September 2016, the WTO found that Airbus did not remedy the harm to Boeing from illegal subsidies, and the EU immediately appealed for a final decision in late spring 2018. [1] In the 1990s this lead narrowed significantly but Boeing remained ahead of Airbus. [1] On 12 March 2012 the appellate body of the WTO released its findings confirming the illegality of subsidies to Boeing whilst confirming the legality of repayable loans made to Airbus. [1] The ultra-long-range variants of new types enable new routes between far away city pairs: the 9,700 nmi Airbus A350-900 ULR should start in 2018 and the 8,700 to 9,100 nmi Boeing 777-8 in 2022. [1] In the 2000s Airbus assumed the lead in narrow-body aircraft. [1] In the 1980s Airbus was the first to introduce digital fly-by-wire controls into an airliner (the A320 ). [1] Airbus preferred the A350 program to be launched with the help of state loans covering a third of the development costs, although it stated it will launch without these loans if required. [1] Partly because of its origins as a consortium of European companies, Airbus has had fewer opportunities to outsource significant parts of its production beyond its own European plants. [1] On 31 May 2005 the United States filed a case against the European Union for providing allegedly illegal subsidies to Airbus. [1]

After dominating the very large aircraft market for four decades, the Boeing 747 now faces a challenge from the A380. [1] The four-engined A380 is also among the most expensive aircraft to operate, at an estimated at $26,000 to $29,000 per hour in 2015, before the impact of rising fuel prices. [2] Emirates is the undisputed A380 heavyweight champion, with 102 A380s already in its fleet (and another 60 on order). [2] Perhaps there are some economies of scale that can be achieved by manning and maintaining their respective A380 fleets, although Emirates has its own issues. [2] In its annual report, Air France cites a 149 million ($195 million) A380, a 52% cut, while in an October 2011 financial release Doric Nimrod Air notes a $234 million for its A380 leased to Emirates. [1] Production of the A380F has been suspended until the A380 production lines have settled with no firm availability date. 41 A number of original A380F orders were cancelled following delays to the A380 program in October 2006, notably FedEx and the United Parcel Service. [1] Flying on an Etihad A380 can be a special experience indeed, particularly if you opt for The Residence when you fly. [2] If Etihad is serious about moving toward profitability, it may have to consider grounding its gas-guzzling A380 fleet. [2]

Pricy Residence or no, a load factor of 78.5% on a 550-seat A380 translates into over a hundred empty seats per flight. [2] On 15 May 2018, in its EU appeal ruling, the WTO concluded that the A380 and A350 received improper subsidies through repayable launch aids or low interest rates, like previous airliners, which could have been avoided. [1] Dubai, where the A380 is a common sight, is the busiest international airport in the world. [2]

U.S. carriers have long accused the Gulf carriers of being subsidized by their governments, resulting in an uneven playing field as they compete with U.S. airlines. [2] In general, airlines prefer to have a choice of at least two engines from the major manufacturers General Electric, Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. [1]

For Ascend’s Les Weal, Launch customers obtain good prices on heavier aircraft, Lessors are large buyers and benefit too, like airlines as Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific since their name gives credibility to a program. [1]

The first of the two aircraft that Hi Fly will receive, with registration 9H-MIP and the serial number 6, was the second A380 delivered to Singapore Airlines just over 10 years ago. [7] Should a high-density A380 version materialize, Hi Fly will become the airline offering the most passenger seats inside an airplane, ever. [9] As the wet-leasing business continues to draw in positive results for the Portuguese company, Hi Fly announced that it had acquired two ex-Singapore Airlines A380s in April, which the Asian carrier had retired after a short lifespan of a decade in operation. [9] I believe that DEN is capable but they have never had an airline express who wanted to fly an A380 there. [26] The airline’s A380s are fitted to carry up to 471 passengers in a three-class configuration, the airline said. [9] It has said the same fate may await two more A380s, though industry sources say it is trying to negotiate a deal with an Asian airline to spare those jets from the scrapyard too. [6] The deal comes weeks after German investment company Dr Peters said it would strip two A380s for parts after failing to find an airline willing to keep them flying. [6]

“Some airlines have canceled orders from Airbus, while others have opted for smaller long-haul jets. [5] Hi Fly’s business has also been on the rise, with the airline expecting to take delivery of two brand-new Airbus A330s. [9]

Hi Fly has become the world’s largest wet-leasing company, boasting an all-Airbus fleet of Airbus A330s, A340s, and now A380s. [9] These two A380s will join an existing fleet of six Airbus A340-300s, and two A330-200s at the airline’s Maltese AOC. [9] Airbus and HiFly announced that the leasing firm had received an A380 but did not say where it had originated. [6] New Airbus chief salesman Eric Schulz told reporters at the sidelines of this year’s IATA annual meeting there were still market opportunities for the A380 with existing and new operators. [5]

The Air Accord slots probably are there to avoid cancellation fees, while Amedeo is not successful finding new takers for its aircraft that would come off their first leases and still has 20 orders unfilled with Airbus. [4] It is likely that once Qantas has decided whether Airbus or Boeing will provide its Ultra Long Range aircraft, the order will be scrapped. [4] Airbus reduced production even further to 6 aircraft per year starting in 2020, which will result in what it calls “digestible losses?. [4] MIAMI — Portuguese wet-lease specialist, Hi Fly, has taken delivery of its first Airbus A380-800, becoming the world’s first second-hand operator of the largest passenger plane on earth. [9] The deal for 20 firm orders and 16 options was valued at $US16 million at list prices and allowed Airbus to continue production. [5] We don?t expect Airbus to able to dial back production rates even further meaning that any extension of the backlog has to come from order inflow. [4] In the weeks after Airbus failed to secure an order, there were more and more concerns that the program would be axed, but to the extent possible, we remained fairly positive and shared our expectations with readers. [4] Airbus currently has a comfortable backlog cushion, but it fully depends on Emirates, which is not something they should continue depending on. [4] HiFly and the plane’s owner Doric Aviation formalized the deal in time for this month’s Farnborough Airshow, where Airbus and investors in the world’s largest airliner will be striving to demonstrate that it has a future, industry sources said. [6] As expected, Airbus will be bringing back production to the bare minimum. [4]

“The A380, besides being the largest and most comfortable airliner in the world, is a star and the preferred aircraft from a customer experience perspective, including double first class suites, lounges, extra-large business class seats and individual IFE at each ergonomic economy seat.” [5] The A380 was thrown a lifeline when the world’s biggest operator of the plane, Emirates, signed a deal for up to 36 aircraft to be delivered from 2020. [5] The A380, which HiFly described as its “first”, makes it the fourth European carrier to take the big plane and the 14 th operator globally. [5] Although Hi Fly has not disclosed who the first wet-leasing client will be for the A380, the plane is confirmed to have arrived in Malta for repainting at Aviation Cosmetics Ltd. [9] Hi Fly proudly received today its first @Airbus A380, the world’s largest and most spacious airliner. [7]

For situations like the one Norwegian is going through with the Dreamliner shortage, a high-density A380 might prove useful– mainly because the low-cost-carrier does not offer First or Business Class on any of its flights. [9] A picture taken on May 4, 2014, in Abu Dhabi shows the interior of the business class studios of the new A380 for Etihad Airways. [8] Etihad CEO James Hogan speaks during a press conference to unveil the interiors of their new A380 and 787 aircraft on May 4, 2014 in Abu Dhabi. [8]

The new order brought Emirates? commitment to the A380 program to 178 aircraft worth more than $US60 billion. [5]

As the ‘Super A380’ landed in Luqa Airport, Malta’s Minister for Transport, Ian Borg, announced that “this is the first operational A380 to be flown by a Maltese carrier under the Maltese Flag.” [9] He also argued the concept of being able to better service saturated airports had been proven by the aircraft’s popularity at London Heathrow, where 10 percent of flights were on A380s. [5] The earliest A380s to enter service were overweight and beset with problems over wiring during assembly so it is especially difficult to adapt them for new buyers – a process which can cost $40 million for such a big jet, sources said. [6] READ: A380 faces uncertainty as it marks 10 years in service. [5]

Regarding entertainment, Hi Fly says that each A380 seat will be fitted with “state-of-the-art technology and truly luxurious cabin interiors.” [9] Hi Fly’s A380 will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and truly luxurious cabin interiors, according to the company. [7] A handout photo of Eithad’s new A380 “lobby” for its premium cabin. [8]

The 1st A380 Gate was at the Far end of the E Concourse, But Due to the time the plane go in, all the passenger had to walk to the “F” customs area, As the “E” customs area was closed at that time. (about 3/4 of a mile (1km) From the gate to “F” Customs ). [26] The following airports can handle passenger versions of B747-8i and have the potential to upgraded to handle the A380. [26] NOTE: There are Many airports with main runways that can handle the A380. [26]

It is one of the A380s Singapore handed back after their leases expired. [5] Atlanta is adding a 2nd A380 Gate, (Both gates are multi-use gates, and can be used for other widebody planes also). [26] While both British Airways and Lufthansa have A380s, Denver is not that important a destination to them at this time. [26]

Airlines like Norwegian–who exclusively operate Rolls-Royce-engined 787s–have had to wet-lease aircraft from Hi Fly to keep its operations running while the engine manufacturer finishes repairing the damaged power plants. [9] The carrier is now the fourth European airline to operate the aircraft type and the 14th in the world. [9] A cabin crew gives talks to journalists during a visit at the Innovation center of the United Arab Emirates airline carrier Etihad Airlines on May 4, 2014, in Abu Dhabi. [8] DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Long-haul airline Etihad Airways will loan pilots to competing Dubai-based carrier Emirates under a new program, officials acknowledged Sunday. [8] Etihad to loan pilots to rival airline Emirates Program comes as Emirates faces a pilot shortage and Etihad struggles with its business after posting a loss of $1.52 billion in the last fiscal year. [8] Emirates and Etihad are both government-owned airlines in the UAE, a federation of seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula. [8] The Dubai-based airline did not offer specifics on the program, nor say how many pilots from Etihad would be flying with the carrier. [8]

Please note that the average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from actual figures! Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations. [27] HiFly specializes in supplying aircraft and crew, maintenance and insurance — wet leasing — to airlines. [5] Many airlines are nervous about investing in such large jets because of the challenges of keeping them full all year round, especially at a time when rising oil prices are inflating costs. [6] The airline made a profit of $762 million off revenues of $25.2 billion in the last fiscal year and its name graces sporting events around the world. [8] Copa Announces Nonstop Flights From Panama City to Salta, Argentina MIAMI — Panamanian carrier Copa Airlines will add new nonstop flights from Panama City to Salta, located in northern Argentina. [9] Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde Gebremariam has said the Ethiopian government could be considering equity swaps with other African carriers. [3] The three Asian operators: Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways International, and Asiana Airlines have six; and China Southern Airlines has five. [7] Its strategy of aggressively buying stakes in airlines from Europe to Australia to compete against Emirates and fellow rival Qatar Airways exposed the company to major losses. [8] In a statement, Emirates described the move as “a common practice in our industry which gives airlines more flexibility in managing their pilot resources.” [8] Emirates CEO Tim Clark acknowledged in April that the airline was “a tad short in pilots” and that could affect routes. [8]

“Each seat will have its own in-seat IFE system by Panasonic eX2 providing the passengers with great in-flight entertainment options and an optimized user experience,” explains the airline. [9] The unidentified order for 10 units likely comes from Hong Kong Airlines. [4] Dr Peters said the decision came after intensive negotiations with airlines such as British Airways, Iran Air and Hi-Fly did not result in lease agreements that would satisfy investors? requirements. [5] The results are in for worlds best airlines for 2018 The world’s best airlines for 2018 have been announced with Air New Zealand taking out. [5]

Despite the airport size, the only international destinations outside of Canada and Mexico are London-Heathrow by BA; and London-Gatwick by Norwegian; Iceland by Icelandair; Frankfurt by Lufthansa; and Tokyo by United Airlines. [26]

Together with the plane remarketed by Doric Aviation, these represent the first five aircraft deployed by Singapore Airlines, which gave the double-decker its debut in 2007. [6] Singapore Airlines opted not to renew the 10-year lease on those aircraft, though it has also ordered some new planes. [6] The first plane, originally delivered to Singapore Airlines in 2008, has been appointed the Maltese registration 9H-MIP (ex 9V-SKC ? MSN 006). [9] Singapore Airlines follows with 19 units in service, followed by Lufthansa with 14; British Airways and Qantas Airways both operate 12; Air France, Etihad Airways and Korean Air all have 10; Qatar Airways has nine. [7] Deliveries increased by 18 units reflecting deliveries to Emirates and Singapore Airlines ( OTCPK:SINGY ) and final deliveries to Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. [4]

Singapore Airlines Fleet Details and History This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best user experience. [27]

We are extremely happy to welcome the first A380 to our fleet,” said Paulo Mirpuri, president and CEO of Hi Fly. [7] The first A380s to enter service had severe overweight and wiring problems, so it is extremely difficult for lessors to find new operators, as the cost for adaptation is worth tens of millions. [7]

The EASA and IOSA certified and FAA approved carrier operates a fleet of large widebody aircraft, Airbus A330s, A340s and now the A380s, exclusively available for Wet Lease worldwide. [13] Flight crew show visitors through the bar area for business class passengers aboard an Airbus A380-800 aircraft, operated by Qatar Airways Ltd., on the opening day of the 14th Dubai Air Show at Dubai World Central (DWC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Nov. 8, 2015. [28]

The A380, besides being the largest and most comfortable airliner in the world, is a star and the preferred aircraft from a customer experience perspective, including double first class suites, lounges, extra-large business class seats and individual IFE at each ergonomic economy seat. [13] Lisbon-based Hi Fly will be the fourth European operator of an A380 and will take delivery of one more superjumbo formerly operated by Singapore Airlines — only Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways fly the double decker plane on the continent. [12] The arrival is a major event for the Company, making it the 4th European airline operating the model, the 14th global operator and the first leasing airline to fly the aircraft. [10] Hi Fly has not confirmed if any airline has intended to lease the aircraft. [12] The airlines that do have dedicated booze spots tend to offer them on only a select few plane types-largely double-deckers or other long-range aircraft. [28] Hi Fly is reportedly keeping the seats used by Singapore, so you’ll have one of the top first class products, Singapore Suites, flying around under the guise of other airlines. [12] The aircraft landed in Malta after a ferry flight from Singapore, where it had been stored by Singapore Airlines until ownership was passed over to Hi Fly. [12]

Remember the days when airlines wooed passengers with glamorous offerings like in-flight dining rooms and onboard pianos? Neither do we. [28] Apart from its incomparable efficiency, it also has the quietest and smoothest ride making it a true favorite for both airlines and passengers. [13]

Etihad’s Lobby is a self-service lounge for first- and business-class passengers aboard the airline’s A380s; it’s designed with typical Emirati patterns and motifs, including an electronic Qibla-finder that shows the exact direction of Mecca at prayer times. [28] By producing only about 75 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometer, the A380 minimizes greenhouse gas emissions being capable of carrying more people with less impact on the environment. [13]

In July the Dubai-based carrier will unveil a new concept for the Onboard Lounges on its fleet of flagship A380s, serendipitously alleviating the problem of what to do on a long-haul, Middle East-based flight in the aftermath of the Trump administration’s electronics ban. [28] Hi Fly’s A380 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and truly luxurious cabin interiors. [13]

Hi Fly is the largest wet leasing specialist operating an all Airbus fleet. [13] This first A380 will be operating worldwide and will be powered by one of the most reliable engines in the world, the Rolls Royce Trent 900 model, with 471 seats distributed between three classes. [13]

In January 2018, Airbus threatened to cease production of the plane unless it received a new order from Emirates, which operates the largest fleet of A380s. [16] As a counterpoint to the Emirates agreement, British Airways recently suspended negotiations with Airbus over a deal for additional A380s. [16] E&S Group is excited to announce that its client Hi Fly has purchased the largest Airbus – A380. [29] Airbus believes there is huge potential in China for the A380. [16]

The order for 60 Airbus A220-300s, when added to the order for 75 A220-100s by Delta Air Lines and the anticipated order for 60 A220-300s by USA start-up carrier Moxy Airlines, nearly fills out the new Mobile (AL) production line through 2024, an LNC analysis reveals. [30] “That wasn’t the key driver behind the decision,” says Priest, even though he acknowledges that the A220 order gave the airline to opportunity to amend its Airbus orderbook. [30] Those factors sealed the deal for JetBlue Airways in choosing the Airbus A220-300 after an “incredibly close” battle with the Embraer 195-E2, moving the airline towards becoming an all-Airbus operator. [30]

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 — Dubai, UAE, 3 July 2018: Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, announced today that it will deploy a one-off A380 service to Islamabad on 8 July 2018. [15] Emirates currently has 104 A380s in service and 58 pending delivery, more than any airline globally. [15]

Though it was the one-off A380 flight between Dubai and Islamabad, the airline wants to make it a regular daily flight in future. [19] Regarding allowing Emirates? A380 flights to Pakistan, he said that they were working on the plans keeping in interests of their national airlines. [19] “We need to convince the airlines that they can increase their market share, that they can increase tremendously their image buying the A380 and operating them from big Chinese hubs,” said Chief Executive Fabrice Bregier. [16] Ex-Singapore Airlines A380 got a new life with Hi Fly,a Portuguese leasing airline. [14] No U.S. airline has ever expressed an interest in the A380. [16] Singapore Airlines, the launch customer of the A380, declined to renew its lease on the aircraft. [16]

The Emirates A380 aircraft on this special one-off service will be in a two-class configuration offering spacious seats in Economy Class and fully flat-bed seats in Business Class as well as Emirates’ popular Onboard Lounge. [15] “We are proud to bring our flagship A380 aircraft to Islamabad, and we look forward to showcasing our innovative products on-board this iconic aircraft with the signature Emirates service. [15] “This is our special flight but we want to operate regular daily flight on A380 from Dubai to the new Islamabad airport which is fully equipped to receive the big aircraft,” said Shaikh Majid Al Mualla, Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Centre, Emirates. [19] From left: Javr Al-Azeeby, Emirates Vice President for Pakistan,Shaikh Majid the Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Centre of Emirates, Hamad Al Zaabi, Ambassador to Pakistan, Aadil Al Ghaith, Senior Vice President commercial operations for GMEI, and Raza Jafar Ali, CEO of Enshaa all at the ceremony to mark the arrival of special A380 flight at Islamabad airport. [19]

While this is a special flight, we are very keen to launch a scheduled A380 service to Pakistan and will continue to work with authorities to realise these plans,” said Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Divisional Senior Vice President Commercial Operations Centre, Emirates. [15]

While the Emirates deal provides a lifeline to the slow-selling plane, the future of the A380 remains in question. [16] He said that government of Pakistan is in discussion with the UAE authorities to finalise agreement to allow Emirates to operate A380 to Pakistan. [19]

Germany-based lessor Dr. Peters confirmed in early June that it will send two of its A380 aircraft for teardown where they will be stripped and sold for parts. [17] Hi Fly becomes the fourth European operator of A380, after British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France. [14] The special A380 flight depart Dubai 8.15 am to arrive to arrive at the new plush Islamabad airport at 12.20 pm. [19] The A380 flight departs Dubai at 8am to arrive in Islamabad in 3 hours and 10 minutes. [19] Emirates? special one-off A380 Dubai-Islamabad flight takes off from Dubai on Sunday morning with celebrities, officials and journalists on board. [19]

Emirates’ special A380 one-off flight lands at Islamabad airport overlooking the Magala hills. [19] Islamabad: Emirates? special one-off A380 flight landed in Islamabad on Sunday with celebrities, officials, diplomats and journalists on board. [19] The incident was a result of Flight 94 flying through the wake turbulence generated by another Qantas A380. [18]

“As the Captain explained to passengers at the time, this A380 experienced a short burst of wake turbulence from another A380 flying ahead and above it.” [18] Mike Cazaz, president and CEO of Werner Aero Services, remains unsure about the long-term viability of a secondary market for A380s due to two reasons. [17] By 2027, Aviation Week data forecasts 252 A380s will be in-service across the global fleet. [17] Available engine options for the A380 include the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the Engine Alliance GP7000. [17] A 10-year-old, well-maintained jet should have a natural secondhand market, but there is no such market for the A380. [16]

Sales of superjumbo jets have weakened in recent years as carriers have shown a preference for twin-engine wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A350 XWB, which burn less fuel. [16] The first customer of Airbus A220 orders 60 aircraft valued at $5.4 billion. [14] The first A220 Family aircraft in Airbus colors — an A220-300 version — takes the starring role at Airbus’ reveal ceremony for the newest addition to the company’s commercial jetliner product line. [30] Airbus rebranded the Bombardier C Series aircraft family as the A220-100 and A220-300 on Tuesday and announced a big sale of the planes to JetBlue. [30] Newest aircraft Airbus 220-300, former CS300 owned by Korean air. [30] Airbus marks its commercial aircraft as A3XX, but using A220 as the new family number fits the shift to smaller narrowbody regional jets. [30] With production output reduced by Airbus, discussions have started about the long-term future of the aircraft. [17] The Airbus A220 won its first battle against Embraer’s E2 E-Jets, winning the order to replace 60 Embraer E190s at jetBlue. [30] Despite announcing the order for 60 A220-300s – with an additional 60 options – hours after Airbus officially rebranded the Bombardier CSeries the A220, JetBlue says the Airbus takeover was a secondary factor in its decision. [30] The European manufacturer Airbus designed Airbus 380 to compete with their American competition, Boeing. [29] Boeing to take over $4.75 billion Embraer unit, targeting Airbus. [30] Since the A380’s debut in 2007, Airbus has struggled to secure sales of the massive passenger plane. [16] At the time, Qantas Flight 12, the other Airbus, was flying 1,000 feet above and 23 miles ahead of Flight 94. [18] Delta’s deliveries begin this year from the Airbus Canada Montreal facility, but will shift to the Mobile plant. [30] While Airbus takes a 50.01% stake in CSALP, Boeing’s commanding 80% share of its new entity with Embraer, with future collaborative military program work which Airbus derives none from its Canadian partner, the U.S. airframer has landed a far better deal. [30] The overlap between CSeries-A320neo risks isolating new customers where as an OEM, Airbus is pitching two very different but competing airplanes. [30] Boeing-Embraer’s three existing and broader value airplanes in E195-E2, E190-E2 and E175-E2 alongside the bigger 737MAX shows far better alignment in contrast to the two-family CSeries and A320neo – the latter of which will lose sales as Airbus promotes the former. [30]

The Republic orders are a holdover from when the company owned Frontier Airlines; the aircraft are not expected to be delivered to Republic. [30] You may select either a specific database field (airline, aircraft, etc.), or choose to match your keyword to all database fields. [31] Hi Fly praises itself on its wet lease services, offering short, medium and long-term contracts to airlines, governments, tour operators, companies and individuals. [29] Emirates Skywards, the award-winning loyalty programme, offers its more than 400,000 Pakistani members’ exclusive privileges, including earning Skywards Miles when they fly on Emirates or partner airlines, or when they use the programme’s designated hotels, car rentals, financial, leisure and lifestyle partners. [15] Captain Ejazul Haq who now lives in Islamabad said that he had served Emirates airline from 1987 to 2011. [19] “Emirates is always ahead of other airlines in future planning and adopting technology and equipment. [19]

That’s why airlines tell passengers to always keep their seat belts fastened during a flight, Slade explained. [18] The airline said it wants to make this flight a regular daily service in the future. [19] We are looking forward to introducing an all-Airbus fleet,” the airline Tweeted. [30] Airports have to be fully equipped with adequate facilities to accommodate such airline. [29]

In November last year, Tarmac Aerosave received two of the aircraft from Singapore Airlines which went into storage at its facility in Tarbes, France. [17]

We operated the first flight to Pakistan and now brought the first A380 – the world’s largest aircraft – to Pakistan. [19] The flight gets a warm welcome at the new Islamabad International Airport as the first A380 plane to land there. [19] Arrival of the airline’s iconic double-decker special flight EK2524/EK2525 to Islamabad also made history in Pakistan’s aviation as it was the first A380 ever landed in Pakistan. [19]

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