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  • As humans develop increasingly intelligent systems while simultaneously backward-adapting themselves the result may be that machines and humans of the future meet somewhere in between today’s concepts of natural and artificial intelligence, through an unfortunate evolutional proxy.(More…)


  • One significant practical problem today is that the endeavor to advertise products dramatically distorts scientific information on the subject by equating machine learning with AI. For example, if you Google “artificial intelligence frameworks” you will get hits on Theano and TensorFlow.(More…)


Artificial Intelligence Results Viewer
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As humans develop increasingly intelligent systems while simultaneously backward-adapting themselves the result may be that machines and humans of the future meet somewhere in between today’s concepts of natural and artificial intelligence, through an unfortunate evolutional proxy. [1] Artificial intelligence is the field of study devoted to making machines intelligent. 3 Intelligence measures a system’s ability to determine the best course of action to achieve its goals in a wide range of environments. 4 The field of AI has a number of sub-disciplines and methods used to create intelligent behavior, and one of the most prominent is machine learning. [2] Artificial intelligence is a vast field of theories and methods, and to be perfectly clear: despite advertising exaggeration and hype, machine learning as it is today amounts to a small part of AI. [1] Artificial intelligence and machine learning, a method of AI, make it possible to build special-purpose machines to perform useful cognitive tasks, in some cases better than humans. [2] We are in the midst of an ever accelerating and expanding global revolution in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, with enormous implications for future economic and military competitiveness. [2] SAN DIEGO, CA, and PARIS, FRANCE – May 23, 2018 – Mitek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MITK, ) today announced that it has acquired A2iA, S.A.S, (“A2iA”), a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and image analysis, for 42.5 million in cash and shares of Mitek’s common stock. [3] It is intended as an introduction to the impact of advances in artificial intelligence for national security and an initial exploration into how AI may change the international security environment. [2] It provides the intellectual vector for the CNAS Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and National Security, which I co-chair with Dr. Andrew Moore of Carnegie Mellon University. [2] As part of the Society’s ongoing work to provide insight into the critical issues that are transforming the media and entertainment (M&E) technology industry, the survey examined artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), immersive media, professional media over managed IP networks, and the Better Pixels Project. [4] About CorStem ( ) Corstem is a machine learning and artificial intelligence software developer specialized in medical imaging analysis and computer vision. [5] The more practical point is a realistic appraisal of the difference between artificial intelligence as an advanced field of computer science and the implementations of machine learning which are commonplace in open source frameworks now. [1] Clarifying the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence reveals important distinctions regarding many of the popular buzzwords in the field today. [1]

This report is part of the Center for a New American Security’s multi-year Artificial Intelligence and Global Security Initiative. [2] Nations with access to the best data, computing resources, human capital, and processes of innovation are poised to leap ahead in the era of artificial intelligence. [2] We are committed to redefining advanced visualization by leveraging artificial intelligence, and to improving radiology workflow through personalized automation features that increase efficiency. [5] Nearly every aspect of national security could be shaped by artificial intelligence. [2] The series examines the potential consequences of advances in artificial intelligence for the national security community. [2]

SIIM attendees can take part in hands-on demos of Fujifilm’s line of Enterprise Imaging solutions including Synapse 5 PACS, 3D, VNA, Enterprise Viewer and RIS. In addition to presenting its comprehensive product portfolio, Fujifilm will re-introduce its newest brand, REiLI, which represents the company’s global Medical Informatics and Imaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology initiative. [6] It’s ridiculous to think that in the coming two decades, artificial intelligence will replace radiologists, says AI expert Eliot Siegel, M.D. Even if AI got good at reading medical images, “radiologists do much more than that,” he says. [7] He also offers examples of artificial Intelligence in medical imaging. [7] If artificial intelligence is the overall concept of building solutions that allow computers to learn and make decisions without explicit human instruction, machine learning is the method by which developers create those abilities. [8] Machine learning is deeply rooted in statistics, which is why you would use machine learning tools and services to build artificial intelligence applications and systems. [8] Agency is collaborating with VA to improve care by leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics through Big Data Science Initiative. [9] Artificial intelligence is the ability to sense, learn, reason, act, and adapt to the real world without explicit programming – broadly, it can be defined as any system capable of exhibiting some level of human-like intelligence. [8]

Movies such as The Terminator or Blade Runner or Ex Machina present a future in which artificial intelligence (AI) makes life inevitably bleak and violent, with humans pitted against machines in conflicts for survival that bring devastating results. [10] A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), because of the strong emotional connection between AI and a human, which evoked a strong emotion in this viewer. [10] Artificial intelligence is a broad term used to describe everything from machine learning, such as product recommendations on, to “strong AI,” or efforts to build devices with the intellectual ability equal to a human’s. [11] Many Americans are already applying artificial intelligence to their everyday lives, in the form of innovations such as Apple’s personal assistant, Siri; Amazon’s purchase recommendations based on customers? interests; and smart devices that regulate heating and cooling in homes. [10] We work with artificial intelligence companies and developers and help them deliver their image analysis or diagnostic algorithms to radiologists in an easy and streamlined way. [12] An intelligent feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos by the objects that appear within them. [13] Our technology uses artificial intelligence to simplify the backup and data management process by automatically structuring and analyzing billions of files – from any data source. [13] Acobot’s conversational artificial intelligence reduces website bounce rates by using personalized messages to greet visitors with a human touch. [14] This year there were a couple of relevant additions considering China’s push to become the global leader in artificial intelligence: ” The Master Algorithm ” by Pedro Domingos and ” Augmented ” by Brett King. [15] QUEBEC CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jun 21, 2018–Mirego, a Canadian digital transformation leader, announces the creation of Hectiq.AI, a new joint venture in the field of artificial intelligence. [16] Martin Laprise is a physicist by trade and has nearly a decade of expertise in the artificial intelligence field. [16] Artificial intelligence helps local businesses become more competitive and it helps teams perform more efficiently,” notes Martin Laprise, Chief Scientist and Founder of Hectiq.AI. [16] “As a Catholic I don?t believe that so-called artificial intelligence will ever be intelligent,” Chiang said, although he acknowledged, “It’s really an article of faith for me (rather) than a well-worked-out philosophical position.” [11] Implementing artificial intelligence to business processes represents an important shift that companies must take. [16]

SIIM attendees can take part in hands-on demos of Fujifilm’s line of Enterprise Imaging solutions including Synapse 5 PACS, 3D, VNA, Enterprise Viewer and RIS. In addition to presenting its comprehensive product portfolio, Fujifilm will re-introduce its newest brand, REiLI, which represents the company’s global Medical Informatics and Imaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology initiative. [17] A Marketer’s Guide to AI and Machine Learning will demystify artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), provide an update on the current adoption of AI and ML and explain how organisations can use AI and ML in marketing, ecommerce and customer experience. [18] AI: Alexa’s artificial intelligence could significantly reduce the amount of busywork for doctors and accelerate the adoption of in-home telehealth. [19] One thing is certain; this demand is powering a continuous string of innovations, especially around the issue of streaming, and the most recent of these embraces artificial intelligence (AI). [20] It has positive and negative feedback loops that not even the most complex artificial intelligence can or will be able to control or even predict, fundamentally because the actors who make up the system, the vast networks of human bodies and minds, are not atoms with set, determinate properties. [21] If the masters of artificial intelligence are looking for a project, finding a way to effectively schedule operative cases for patients and physicians would be welcomed. [22] The Perfect Tense API is an artificial intelligence powered spelling and grammar API. All you have to do is provide a piece of text and the Perfect Tense API will automatically return a proofread. [23]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision and robotics will ultimately enable retailers to provide frictionless customer experiences, streamline archaic processes, and increase diminishing product margins. [24] Marketers are hearing about artificial intelligence everywhere, and many technology providers are claiming some form of AI capability in their products — and for good reason. [25] Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities will handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. [26] Mintigo, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for marketing and sales, today announced the launch of MintigoAI, a comprehensive intelligent customer engagement platform powered by AI. This full-stack suite. [24] Bloomberg today announced the launch of a new price forecasting application for investment professionals powered by artificial intelligence (AI). [27] There is a massive opportunity in machine learning and artificial intelligence, that is powered by both intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. [28] For all the developments in artificial intelligence, one of the consistently worst uses of it is with chatbots. [29] With radiologists given larger caseloads coupled with decreasing reimbursement, adding artificial intelligence software to the acquisition and interpretation phases can change the profession’s future for the better. [30] A convergence of breakthrough technologies-analytics, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and more-enables mass customization with smart, connected products, in real-time. [26]


One significant practical problem today is that the endeavor to advertise products dramatically distorts scientific information on the subject by equating machine learning with AI. For example, if you Google “artificial intelligence frameworks” you will get hits on Theano and TensorFlow. [1] AI has applications for defense, intelligence, homeland security, diplomacy, surveillance, cybersecurity, information, and economic tools of statecraft. [2] The latter is a level of intelligence not yet on the AI horizon. [1] The result is an “idiot-savant” form of intelligence; AI systems may perform far better than humans in some areas while simultaneously failing to exhibit common sense. [2] The new Northstar features are the latest in a rapid progression of technological achievements made as the product evolves from a results viewer to a more powerful and integrated AI interaction and observation portal. [5] The new Northstar AI Explorer? provides the ability to not only accept or reject certain images and reports created by AI, as Northstar has done previously, but now empowers physicians to fine-tune findings and interrogate the clinical assumptions that underlie the results in AI-generated reports. [5] To demonstrate the potential of these AI-assisted workflows, the company is previewing an end-to-end cardiac magentic resonance (MR) analysis workflow in partnership with EnvoyAI ( ) and Corstem ( ) that provides highly automated results while keeping the physician informed and in control. [5] Dr. Way continued, “Having these results readily available and nicely integrated into our PACS and reporting workflows is vastly superior to what we are doing now.” [5] The survey results highlight the importance of engaging with technologists in emerging areas of innovation to build new business relationships and the value of developing technical standards and workflow conventions that ensure the industry can effectively absorb new technologies into its operations. [4] The AI system learns that some moves result in a higher score; over time, this can improve the system’s behavior to optimize pursuit of a goal, such as winning the game. [2] One way is if the goal does not take into account some important factors and, therefore, pursuit of the goal results in some negative side effect or harm. [2] The physician can make further adjustments and send the results to the permanent archive, such as the PACS or VNA. [5]

Hopefully, it is now apparent that machine learning is not intelligence. [1] This strategy may reveal surprising forecasts that a company can profit from immediately purchasing a fleet of vehicles, but it will not cause the machine to choose the decision not to buy the vehicles on the longer term basis that it is destructive to the environment; the former is a common machine learning task and the latter requires actual intelligence. [1]

The narrow nature of current AI systems can make their intelligence “brittle.” [2]

Humans are now backward-adaptive, which means that humans are changing their goals and altering their behavior to compensate for inadequacies of machine intelligence! Humans are effectively lowering the standard definition of intelligence to equivocate the current definition of machine intelligence. [1]

The artificial neural networks are pattern matching algorithms used for regression as well as classification problems. [1] Some deep neural networks used for image recognition can have hundreds of thousands of artificial neurons. 8 Neural networks can learn via supervised learning, unsupervised learning, or reinforcement learning, depending on whether the data used to train the neural network is labeled, unlabeled, or comes from environmental feedback. [2] Input data flows into one end of the network, then signals cascade across the network through the artificial neurons to an output layer. [2]

Neural networks are loosely inspired by biological neurons and use a series of artificial neurons connected in a layered network. [2]

“My expectation is that the Northstar viewer is going to simplify the experience for my radiologists. [5]

With machine learning-enhanced video workflows, content providers can now seamlessly insert personalized advertising based on a variety of factors, such as the type of device being used by the viewer, demographic information about the viewer, or even information about the content being streamed; this is known as content-aware advertising insertion. [8] Personalization and monetization: To optimize revenue opportunities for streaming video, content providers must equip their infrastructure to furnish advertising that is targeted to individual users and delivered in a way that is tailored to each viewer, such as through personalized ads. [8]

To identify new insights and discoveries, the application of machine learning systems offers content providers new ways to optimize every aspect of the video workflow, including workflow performance, use of network resources, monetization results, and much more. [8] The result is that machine learning is revealing new insights, discoveries, and efficiencies from the systems, processes, and information technologies that drive daily business. [8] After the young Frankenstein’s turned the AI into Norman, they served up the same Rorschach Tests (ink blots used to gather a viewer’s immediate recognition, often used to detect thought disorders) to both corrupted Norman and the standard image captioning AI. The results were predictably terrifying. [31] The result is an AI properly named after Psycho’s Mr. Bates himself, who reads the following phrase into a benign Rorschach ink blot test: “Man gets pulled into dough machine.” [31]

Synapse 5 PACS powered with Synapse Communications features an enhanced suite of tools including a native chat, emergency department findings, results escalation and tracking, and radiologist peer review–all of which help create a tailored workflow and a closed loop of communication between the radiology department and enterprise clinical departments. [6] The results are striking, and the games can be watched with a 3D viewer or through an AR device anywhere in the world. [32] Using a deep network trained on video game data, we reconstruct per-player depth maps on the playing field, which we can render in a 3D viewer or on an AR device. [32]

Synapse RIS is a full-featured workflow management system that is fully integrated with Synapse 5 PACS. It features an advanced scheduling intelligence engine, a patient portal, business intelligence analytics and productivity-boosting tools such as a universal worklist and paperless consent forms. [6] William Hall, M.D., radiation oncologist in the Department of Radiation Oncology at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Wash., discusses study results presented at theAmerican Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 2016. [7] Real-World Projects Industry-designed projects, actionable feedback, portfolio-ready results. [33]

He cited IBM’s chess-playing robot Deep Blue to illustrate how most AI programs — while impressive in terms of results — utilize “brute force” methods as opposed to more sophisticated processes used by the human brain. [11] Machine learning is something new under the sun: a technology that builds itself. and at its core, machine learning is about prediction; predicting what we want, the results of our actions, how to achieve our goals, how the world will change. [15] Sending specially crafted %variable fields could result in exce. [34] Tapes are seldom encrypted, which could result in further data loss. [13] The reduced bounce rate consequently results in increased sales leads and conversions from the business websites. [14]

“Bill has been an inspiring voice in the field of AI ethics, in part because he is a rare voice who takes artificial superintelligence seriously, and then goes on to make logical, rational arguments as to why superintelligence is likely to be a good thing for humanity,” says Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, who is also chief scientist at Hanson Robotics and chair of the Artificial General Intelligence Society. [10] In a conversation in Rome facilitated by the Vatican last year, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, reportedly weighed whether or not the phrase “artificial intelligence” is an oxymoron and criticized AI scientists? use of the term “electronic person.” [11] He believes that the most pressing issue as we march toward an Artificial General Intelligence (the point where a machine can perform a task as well as a human) relates to moral principles. [10]

Says Molly Steenson ?94, an associate professor at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design, we?re distracted from more practical issues by too much buzz around the singularity (the belief that one day soon, computers will become sentient enough to supersede human intelligence). [10]

“There are enormous questions about natural law for AI,” Checketts said, noting that Aquinas and other classical Christian thinkers have put intelligence at the center of personhood. [11]

In 2002, Hibbard published Super-Intelligent Machines, which outlines some of the science behind machine intelligence and wrestles with philosophical questions and predictions about how society will (or won?t) adapt as our brains are increasingly boosted by computers. [10]

We?ll go deep into how artificial neural networks use statistical models (modeling biological neural networks) to process relationships and then use learning algorithms and optimization techniques to learn from observed data and improve their models toward an optimal solution. [35]

Maybe some company that figures out artificial general intelligence. [19] The result is content adaptive streaming which uses AI to compute all the necessary information, such as motion estimation, to make intelligent allocation decisions. [20] The study did not answer the question of whether all of those consultations were necessary and there is no information on how the echocardiogram results altered management. [22]

Therefore, a scene cut before a chunking point results in a major compression inefficiency as the image is encoded twice. [20] There is good evidence to show that expeditious surgery, within 24 hours of the injury, results in fewer medical complications and lower costs. [22]

This, however, is an even more provocative piece that forces the viewer to imagine what could happen if nefarious programmers made an AI that went rogue. [36] The API provides developers with a variety of methods and options for integrating the viewer functionality into applications or website pages. [23] In order to figure out what these companies were paying for, we broke out the contract price by year, looked at the number of games the contract included and found or estimated the number of viewers. [19] According to Nielsen, 36.5M viewers tuned in to the NFC Championship Game in 2017. [19]

As viewers, we?ve grown to value choice and flexibility – and thanks to the explosion of competing on-demand and over-the-top (OTT) services we now take anytime, anywhere, any device viewing for granted. [20] This gave us a price per viewer per game for each contract. [19] Verizon has paid a much higher price per year, as well as per viewer per game, than Twitter or Amazon. [19] During the 2017 NBA Finals, Tencent saw an average of 12.2M unique viewers per game. [19] While there is no TV comparison, the cost per viewer per game is on par with TV contracts for traditional sports but lags behind streaming contracts for traditional sports. [19]

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