Do Self-driving Cars Use Fuzzy Logic?

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  • AUDIENCE MEMBER : : Leilani, I am curious about, when watching your presentation, some of the ideas, it sounded interesting that a lot of the logic you describe sounds like exactly the logic that the car itself has to use to drive in the first place.(More…)
  • Adhesion control method based on fuzzy logic control for fourwheel driven electric vehicle.(More…)
  • Autonomous-vehicle makers are desperate for cheaper lidar technology – the laser-radar detection system that sits atop many of today’s self-driving cars like a turret.(More…)
  • A fuzzy logic system that maps the input space into an output space using a list of if-then statements referred to as rules is known as the fuzzy inference system.(More…)



Do Self-driving Cars Use Fuzzy Logic?
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AUDIENCE MEMBER : : Leilani, I am curious about, when watching your presentation, some of the ideas, it sounded interesting that a lot of the logic you describe sounds like exactly the logic that the car itself has to use to drive in the first place. [1] I know everybody in this room knows it, but you can?t take a self-driving car to a car wash, right? Nobody actually thinks you can maintain these vehicles by just sort of squirting soap and water on them from time to time or buffing with the wax and soft cloth. [1] Lidar is this laser-based technology that basically comes out of self-driving cars. [1] Known as the spinning thing atop self-driving cars, lidar is the technology that could unlock autonomy for everybody. [2] The rise of self-driving cars is set to dramatically alter the way we move around cities in the future. [3] It’s your chance to ask about self-driving cars before we drive them all off the road. [1]

Adhesion control method based on fuzzy logic control for fourwheel driven electric vehicle. [4] Regenerative braking control strategy for fuel cell hybrid vehicle using fuzzy logic. [4] Other forms of AI include: neural networks, evolutionary or genetic algorithms, computational game theory, Bayesian statistics, inductive reasoning, fuzzy logic, analogical reasoning, and hand-coded expert knowledge, to name just a few. [5] Tayfur G (2012) Soft Computing in water resources engineering: artificial neural network, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. [6] The past two decades witnessed the development of artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic programming, and wavelet models (Kumar et al. 2006 ; Ross 2010 ; Sen 2010 ; Tayfur 2012 ). [6]

Autonomous-vehicle makers are desperate for cheaper lidar technology – the laser-radar detection system that sits atop many of today’s self-driving cars like a turret. [7] If you?re going to lead the lab that launches moonshots like self-driving cars and balloon-powered Internet, you need to be incredibly ambitious and intelligent. [7] A user may not be able to predict precisely when a self-driving car will change lanes or perform other maneuvers. [5] As technology futurist Sudha Jamthe says for her Stanford Continuing Studies course The Business of Self-Driving Cars, “We are witnessing a historic moment in car manufacturing and the birth of new business models.” [7] “We felt that this new approach to making self-driving car brains would actually lead to a solution that’s more scalable, safer, and ultimately could be deployed a little bit quicker,” said Co-Founder and CEO Sameep Tandon. [7] In addition to the self-driving car and Google Glass, other well-known innovations out of X include Project Loon, which is providing Internet access through stratospheric balloons, and Project Wing, a fleet of next-generation drones intended to deliver goods ranging from consumer products to emergency medicine. [7]

A fuzzy logic system that maps the input space into an output space using a list of if-then statements referred to as rules is known as the fuzzy inference system. [8]


What about all the ordinary data? The ordinary data, the data which you would think of as the baseline for all the judgments about what is reasonable or not reasonable, and what really happens on roads is going to be subject to ownership rules and control rules that we haven?t talked about today because we were only thinking about software governance in cars. [1] AUDIENCE MEMBER : : On that note, I was wondering, when a human being is in a car accident, they?re presented with a lot of raw sensory data and they often confabulate, sometimes unintentionally, an explanation for what happened that puts them not at fault. [1] I also don?t want to lose the skills that human beings have built up over the past hundred years in driving cars. [1] Right? Many of the cars, as I understand it, the Teslas and many of the cars that are being developed with that kind of goal, actually, they are surprisingly based on heuristics instead of just network, neural networks, and so on. [1] MILINKOVICH : So I?ve been, I have been in a car in the parking lot at Bosch in Bangalore being driven by a Raspberry Pi. [1]

Imagine what happens when in addition to all the social graph data Facebook has been keeping on him, including the contact information of all his exes, it also contains all the information coming out of his car. [1] Understand why it is that if the user isn?t allowed to modify the information, to modify the software in the car, that information will go where somebody else wants it to go. [1] What we can be pretty sure of is that whatever Mr. Musk’s programmers are doing, they?re throwing away most of the information she is keeping because it would take too long with any economically feasible set of machinery inside the car to consider everything all the time. [1] Police in a Phoenix suburb say a self-driving Waymo vehicle was among five cars involved in a collision, but no serious injuries were reported. [3] Rule-based systems (as I have commented elsewhere) continue to play important roles in such fields as self-driving vehicles and military weapon systems and these roles will not go away soon. [9] It’s very hard to process that type of data, so when you think about the amount of computing power that’s just going into self-driving and then the sheer amount of computing that’s going on just to process the Lidar and then also to process the video. [1] In this way, autonomous shuttles have become something of a self-driving Trojan horse: an unexpected way to bring self-driving tech into the most guarded cities. [2]

At this point though, all of these fields are deeply influenced by machine learning and use it in innumerable ways. [9] All the classical AI based on inference rules amd state machines/Markov chains do not use deep learning or even learning of any kind. [9]

The second case is for actually the system that you were describing is, can we take the evidence that we?ve created in this explanatory model and then feed that back into the system and say, “Don?t use this information as much,” or “Do use this information,” or “We think this doesn?t make sense.” [1] As it becomes the case that we are the product of the mobility services we use, the product is knowledge about us, everywhere we go, how we get there, what we?re doing while we?re moving, what we do when we arrive, all of which at the end of the day is control somebody exercises over people. [1] The companies working in this space are verging on commercialization, and that means they can?t wait to figure out how people use, and feel about using, their products. [2]

These small surveys also show that riders are willing to regularly use autonomous vehicles only if they can get from A to B quickly, reliably, and in comfort. [2] MOGLEN : Now we are back again to one of the reasons we care so much about users? ability to modify and improve the technology they use, because there is a feedback in the system, unquestionably. [1] Maybe they keep track of the one they thought was the most important in that decision, but we really keep track of that from step 1, and then we use our reasoning system to figure out who is at fault. [1] While no one has launched the sort of go-anywhere, Uber-like service many envision as the best use case for driverless tech, less ambitious autonomous shuttles been running a variety of short, limited, and low-speed routes in the U.S., Singapore, and Europe since at least 2014. [2]

Assuming that there are, let us say, 10 to the fourth hackers who really want to do this, and 10 to the eighth cars out there for them to do it to, it would be really a good idea to allow an awful lot of diversity before we create technical monocultures of any kind, let alone lock them down or keep them secret or in other ways make it harder for us as a species to improve this stuff upon which our future does indeed depend. [1] I mean, basically, you can control the car by sending instructions on the CAN bus. [1] We are worried about their insurance rates and the nature of whether they?re going to own a car or rent a mobility service, and behind that I want to say we are worried about what the effect is upon the autonomy of people, at the deepest level. [1] I think what you?re bumping into with the Uber thing right now is that though cars that are on the road right now are owned by Uber or Waymo or these companies. [1] At least in that area, it sounds like the car already has to make a decision, the car has to explain to itself that this sense while given those sensors, this is why I?m drifting. [1] It looks very clearly like the car is just centering it between the lines. [1] Like two computers and one computer to drive the car and the other computer do nothing but explain why it did what it did later. [1]

A fuzzy logic-based algorithm is employed in the first-level clustering, and a Q-learning algorithm is used in the second-level clustering to tune the number of gateway nodes. [3] Application of fuzzy control algorithm for electric vehicle antilock braking/traction control systems. [4] Study on braking force distribution based on fuzzy control algorithm. [4] Robust regenerative charging control based on T-S fuzzy sliding-mode approach for advanced electric vehicle. [4] Intelligent fuzzy control for antilock brake system with road-surfaces identifier. [4]

A review of fuzzy methods in automotive engineering applications. [4] Performance evaluation of an anti-lock braking system for electric vehicles with a fuzzy sliding mode controller. [4]

In the midst of this chaotic atmosphere where smart city technology has become the centre of action for urban planners, urban administrators, real-estate companies, private technology firms, human-centricity has gone fuzzy. [10] In 1956, the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed a method, now called SCS-Curve Number (CN) method, based on a large amount of data, for computing the amount of runoff generated by a rainfall event, taking into account abstractions, antecedent soil moisture condition, hydrologic condition of land use and land cover, and soil type through curve number. [6] The use of GIS permits integration of spatial, non-spatial, and ancillary data into hydrologic models and thus significantly strengthens hydrologic modeling capability (Mujumdar and Nagesh Kumar, 2012 ). [6] More specifically, one can obtain for hydrologic modeling synoptic data of meteorological inputs; soil and land use parameters; inventories of water bodies, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, etc.; snow cover and ice fields; and water quality parameters. [6] Pathak et al. ( 2017 ) edited a special issue of Journal of Hydrologic Engineering on radar rainfall and operational hydrology that contains papers dealing with radar rainfall data estimation, improvement, and validation; application of radar rainfall data; and use of radar rainfall for flood forecasting. [6] These attacks, which use specially generated adversarial data, can succeed even if the attackers do not have access to the training data or source code of the targeted neural network. 52 In such a case, a local model is trained based on the observed behavior of the neural network, such as classifying a particular image. [5] Because GIS is a data processing tool, tools that provide or record information, such as digital elevation model (DEM), topographic surveys, land use and land cover maps, can be dealt within the GIS environment (Maidment 2002 ). [6] The book illustrates the advantages gained from the use of a model and the use of previous experience in the form of recorded data through simulations and experiments. [11] The modelling stage will require the use of complexity reduction techniques in order to get models that can be used both for simulation and control. [11] Machine learning is one approach for building intelligent machines, but it is not used in all forms of AI. For example, the poker-playing AI system Libratus that defeated top human poker players in 2017 uses computational game theory and does not use machine learning. [5] Reinforcement learning uses feedback from the environment to train machines. 7 Just as humans learn from touching a hot stove, AI systems can learn from environmental feedback whether their actions are helpful or harmful in accomplishing their goals. [5]

Machines – at least for no – lack the general-purpose reasoning that humans use to flexibly perform a range of tasks: making coffee one minute, then taking a phone call from work, then putting on a toddler’s shoes and putting her in the car for school. [5] Over 5,000 teens are injured in car accidents every year across the nation during prom and graduation season, and one-third of teen driver accidents involve alcohol use. [12] Achieving full autonomy has broad implications for land use, car ownership and industrial-scale transport such as cargo shipping. [7] Several self-driving Tesla car accidents have occurred over the last few years, and the company keeps blaming drivers for the mistakes. [12]

Self driving cars are incredibly good at handling such situations, much better than humans are. [13]

Hydrologic models will become so user-friendly that little hydrologic knowledge will be needed to operate them, just like one does not need to be an automobile engineer to drive a car or an electrical engineer to operate an electrical system. [6] Stuff like adaptive cruise control in a car or the various emergency braking systems are pretty much an expert system and techniques like neural nets are going to have hard time to outperform them at these specialized tasks they were optimized for. [13] We believe that your car will be the smartest device you own and we are designing for the best user experience from the wheels up. [11] The bottom line is, smart cities need to go beyond just thinking about flying cars, robots or other sophisticated technology. [10] Unlike the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards – which regulate the design, construction, performance and durability for all cars in the country – the automated vehicle policy isn?t mandatory. [7] “Every vehicle will be autonomous, eventually, and there are distinct opportunities in personal mobility – cars and drones – as well as cargo on land, sea and air,” Jurvetson explains. [7] The founders of Zoox are focused on “autonomy as a service,” targeting people in crowded cities who would rather not deal with the hassles and costs of car ownership. [7] A full one-third of people under age 21 who die in accidents do so during graduation season, and many of them die in car accidents. [12] “The fact is, 40,000 Americans are dying every year in car accidents. [7] Since almost 85 million visitors come to enjoy Florida every year, you may end up with injuries from a car accident with them. [12]

Unsupervised learning uses unlabeled training data – like the same images of apples, tomatoes, or dogs, but with no name attached to them. [5] A newer version, AlphaGo Zero, did not use any initial training data from human games; it learned to play Go by playing against itself. [5] On a more human level, it helps form meaningful relationships with those in our network — and possibly, compels us to volunteer our time and talents in order to serve those beyond who could really use our help. [7] AI Accuracy is a shell game that people use to fool themselves into thinking an AI is smart when it’s really just been given a +5 to hit. [13] Like many people at the, I get in regular arguments about what design thinking is, how it ought to be applied, and the times when it isn’t right to use it. [7] It is logical to say that smart cities are not shaped by the technology but by the people who use the technology. [10] They are pursuing a “full-stack” strategy, partly to minimize risks and dependencies associated with the use of components and technology made by others. [7] Our knowledge is of use everywhere where there is advanced technology with integrated electronics. [11]

Most NASA satellite land measurements can be found in the NASA Land Measurement Portal ( ) which includes data products in four categories: surface radiation budget, vegetation parameters, land cover/land use changes, and land hydrosphere. [6] Safety problems can also arise from the data machines use to learn. [5] With the use of bias correction techniques, radar rainfall data are usually scaled to match data being observed at rainfall gauging stations. [6] Even though radar rainfall data in many cases are available on web, their use with quality control/assurance and bias correction is recommended. [6] Smith DD (1941) Interpretation of soil conservation data for field use. [6] Intuitive Surgical, Inc. produces the da Vinci® Surgical System, a minimally invasive highly-complex robotic surgery system that uses proprietary control software, advanced mechanics, and enhanced visualization to extend surgical technique and precision beyond the limits of the human hand. [11] Browning GM, Parish CL, Glass JA (1947) A method for determining the use and limitation of rotation and conservation practices in control of soil erosion in Iowa. [6] They use age-old methods that they?ve been using for centuries. [10] The method was meant for small urban watersheds which are in use for urban drainage design to date. [6]

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses neural networks. [5] The problem of unpredictable behavior can occur even in systems that do not use machine learning. [5]

Physically based surface runoff modeling was based on the St. Venant equations and simplifications thereof whose solutions required the use of numerical algorithms and became popular in the 1960s and the ensuing decades. [6] We are building a new platform that uses remote sensing satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to actually inform farmers ahead of time if there’s a pest infestation in a neighbouring village, or when they can expect rain.” [10] Taking the time to put oneself in the shoes of another and experience the problems they encounter everyday reveals unique opportunities to use our own energy and talents to help others and better connect with them. [7]

AI systems that outstrip human abilities in one task may suddenly perform poorly if the context for their use changes. [5] In real-world settings, however, this means that AI systems can suddenly and dramatically fail if the environment or context for their use changes. [5]

The United States must not only anticipate these developments, but act decisively to prepare for uses by competitors and take advantage of the opportunities AI presents. [5] The information that deep neural networks use to identify images is encoded within the strength of connections within the network, for example, not a set of explainable rules. [5] New frontiers of hydrology will unfold with the use of cell phones and newly emerging information technologies. [6]

All are ways to test a product or service with minimal build-out, use of resources or emotional attachment. [7] We made the assumption that the AI’s primary goal was to be given the same tools as the player, and to use those tools to defeat the player in an intelligent way. [13] Every day, every individual uses and experiences the urban facilities in different ways. [10]

Even terrorist groups like ISIS successfully use it, unfortunately. [7] “One of the most invigorating things about Steve’s class is getting proven that you?re wrong,” said Su, who expects to earn a joint master’s degree in business and land use and agriculture at the end of the 2014-15 school year. [7] As clashes between political parties, socioeconomic classes and ethnic factions dominate current events, it’s clear that we could all use a lesson in empathy. [7] The commercial use of aerial robots is mainly restricted within the photography-filming industry, but its growth is rapid, investing nowadays in applications that require autonomous inspection and environmental interaction. [11] Neural networks are loosely inspired by biological neurons and use a series of artificial neurons connected in a layered network. [5]

From a business perspective, they decided to build self-driving vehicle systems – the “brains,” as they like to say – specifically for businesses. [7] “We also believe that self-driving vehicles will be the efficiency engine of the transportation network.” [7]

Beginning with preliminaries on sets, logic, relations, and functions, this book covers all of the major topics in matrix theory, such as transformations and decompositions, polynomial matrices, generalized inverses, and norms. [11]

The focus as shifted from reasoning with logics to use machine learning and data mining techniques. [14] I have learned to use OWL and RDF during my studies, and it was complicated as OWL is actually based on formal logics. [14]

Based on these ontologies, a software program could use reasoning engines to reason about the knowledge in webpage and perform various tasks based on this knowledge such as finding all car dealers in a city that sell second-hand blue cars. [14] Since the number of vehicles is increasing hugely every year, the process of controlling and tracking those cars forms a significant human challenge. [8] It might be the color of a favorite fabric in the fashion industry or the amount of lithium required to build the batteries you need for your electric car, but an AIs System can pick up the relevant data so that you can assure the supply of your raw materials before the season even begins. [15] I?ll echo what you say, but add that Tesla is willing to put all the hardware in so they get a fleet of cars on the road providing data. [16] There’s been a surprising amount of discussion about the supposed ethical issues; should the car save the lives of the occupants if doing so involves killing a greater number of bystanders? I think some people have spent too long on trolley problems; these situations never really come up in practice, and “try not to have an accident at all? is probably a perfectly adequate strategy. [17] Anyway, this is a perfect example of where I people could learn how the car thinks before taking the keys. [18] Being pounced on when looking around a garage for a car is a huge pain point for most people. [19] By putting all the expensive hardware and computers into the car, Tesla is gambling that most people will want to pay for it, at least eventually. [16] Many streets had been closed, and from what I have heard, even several days of holidays were given to workers to reduce the number of people in the city so that less cars would be on the roads, to ease transportation for people attending the conference. [14] Whenever I rapidly approach a stationary car I get a loud audible warning from my Model X and Model 3 (It hates it when I tailgate!). [18] I read a few days ago that Waymo is buying 80,000 cars to increase the input for their models. [16] The car in front of the Model S moves out of the lane quickly, in my experience, AP2 reacts very quickly (sometimes its too sensitive) to cars moving into and out of lanes in front of you. [18] Im guessing the Model S in the video it did slow a little bit when the car quickly pulled out, which would have alerted the driver. [18] If appears that the Model S stopped very soon after hitting the foam car, is that from the automatic braking or the driver? If it is automatic braking, it did its job well. [18]

Like an insurance policy, it could be money spent that never gats you anything during the time you own the car. [16] The drivers need more cost and time during finding a car space. [8] The automatic recognition of those cars can help in solving this problem and save much effort and time. [8] Next time you pass a police car, take your hands off the wheel, roll down the window and wave them to the officer. [16] Various negative impact may appear in traditional parking systems i.e. traffic congestion, pollution, fuel consumption, time consumption and car accidents. [8] When a car is delivered to the customer – it is assumed that these “issues” have been worked out and the product has been fully tested and developed. [18] Of course, just as a wheel can come off of your car if the mechanic doesn’t install it correctly, the lousy programming can compromise an AI. There are many checks and balances to remind us to do our jobs well as we create new intelligence. [15]

The study developed a web-based recruiting system using CSS, HTML, Javascript and MyQSL. System block design and a use case diagram was used to model the web-based systems which are presented in screen shots in this study. [8] The proposed algorithm uses a best and most efficient splitting strategy for attributes and at the same time a semi-honest third party is also used. [8] It doesn’t need training per se, but instead uses algorithms for iterative observation to teach itself from the data. [15] It uses the experience to extrapolate future data, similar to how human beings assess data. [15] Cleansing data for use in Analytics is essential, but with the sheer quantity of data we are now creating every day, there is simply no possibility that a human being can keep up with it. [15] We can, for example, use it to pick out the single human being that is your immediate female progenitor. [17] I?ve pointed out before that the idea that self-driving machines are safer than humans sits oddly with the fact that current versions all use the human driver as the emergency fall-back. [17] I will talk about how it has been replaced today by the use of data mining and machine learning techniques. [14] They use machine learning, to increase product selection, lower prices, reduce delivery times to improve customer experience, and maintaining customer trust. [14] Set of statistical measurements are measured to use as input to train the Support Vector Machine and used them in classification of the signal. [8] Innovative ICT tools can be used to complement traditional methods in use in the construction industry so as to enhance the delivery of construction projects. [8]

It enables the users to make commercialized use of computation, storage, data and services across the world. [8] It interprets incoming data of a particular kind and uses statistical analysis to draw conclusions about the data. [15] Analytics uses that data and knowledge to create reports to enhance business operations and strategies. [15]

In general, user acceptance can be viewed as the intention of user to use a new technology, together with an understanding of how to find it and how to use it. [8] Phishing attacks use to target email users traditionally but now, target to Online Social Networks (OSN)s typically Twitter. [8] The HIS users dimension includes the following factors: user requirements, user need, intention to use and user satisfaction. [8] After installing a plugin, the features of the plugin will be automatically added to the software and the user will be able to use it. [14]

This is the same mechanism that humans use to learn, where objects are identified and classified because humans are experts at Deep Learning. [15] Learning OWL required a training and it is very easy to use the language in a wrong way if we don’t understand the semantics of the provided operators. [14] He further thinks it’s a reasonable speculation that the brain might be structured in ways that enable it to use similar techniques, but neither this nor the details of how exactly his approach wraps up the philosophical issues is set out fully. [17] You might think its use is confined to First and Second World nations, but because of the nature of technology and how it is evolving, there is far less infrastructure required in third world nations, such as thousands of miles of copper wire for communications. [15]

The proposed model uses game theory to find a compromise between the propositions of the seller and those ones of the buyer. [8] The AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that can do what a human can do such as strategize, plan, learn, use so-called “common knowledge,” and solve problems. [15] The post took a long time to put together, so hope its of use. [19] One of the best uses in Finance for AI is forensic accounting. [15] A vision of the Semantic Web that was proposed in the years 2000s was to use various languages to add metadata to webpages that would then allow machines to understand the content of webpages and do reasoning on this content. [14] Next, you must have a clear plan for getting from point A to point B, using a real business Use Case that they are going to be able to relate to. [15] I know eventually, you will be able to use voice controls to say “Drive me to the nearest Starbucks” & off you go. [16] Unsupervised mode uses an iterative approach (Deep Learning) to draw conclusions. [15] This journal uses a blinded review process; please remember to include all your personal identifiable information in the manuscript before submitting it for review, we will edit the necessary information at our side. [8] Phishing can be defined as a form of social engineering crime that uses to deceive victims by directing them to the fraudulent websites that appear legitimate which will then collect their personal and sensitive information. [8]

One pitfall for those trying to build robot consciousness is the temptation to use the power of computers in non-human ways. [17] They are not really all that different from techniques that have been in use since the early days. [17]

Some terms used to describes autonomous vehicles are “Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs), “Unmaned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)” (autonomous, self-driving, driverless vehicles), and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs). [14]

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