Coffee House Interior Design

Coffee House Interior Design
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  • Hong Kong-based design agency Studio Adjective has lent its head for urban storytelling to the new Noc Coffee Co. Located in the Western District, the industrial-feel store occupies a ground level space of a new residential development, and aims at impeccable craftsmanship with personality-filled interiors.(More…)
  • It is important to have a great lighting design to enhance your overall interior, and especially the coffee table in your living room.(More…)
  • First opening in 2009, we at Birdcage Coffee House have been serving good brews and excellent customer service to Long Beach locals and visitors, alike.(More…)
  • Laurel McManus Brown is the President and Owner of Brownhouse, an Architecture and Interior Design firm.(More…)


  • ‘Playful elements like this will become the interior focus, heightening the warehouse feel.’ Following the patterns, customers are encouraged to navigate between the bean roasting area, the art-installation-like coffee storage display, and the 7m bar, which acts a stage for the baristas.(More…)



Hong Kong-based design agency Studio Adjective has lent its head for urban storytelling to the new Noc Coffee Co. Located in the Western District, the industrial-feel store occupies a ground level space of a new residential development, and aims at impeccable craftsmanship with personality-filled interiors. [1] The clean lines and flowing spaces of Místo were designed by Edit!, a local architecture and interior design firm, while a colourful mural by up-and-coming illustrator Kateina Kynclová adds a playful feel to Místo’s understated aesthetic. [1]

Shunning coffee snobbery with the belief that good quality caffeine should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, Irish coffee house Bear Market has hit its stride with a fourth Dublin outpost, adopting a new space on the city centre’s Pembroke Street. [1] Pictures of cafe design coffee shop ideas interior small bar magazine decor concepts cafeteria images home software malaysia plans for space house room office is created to be the inspiration of for you. [2] Our expert team of Interior Designers and consultants will transform your house, apartment, loft, or townhouse into beautiful personalized designs that reflect your lifestyle and personality. [3]

At his bicoastal firm BHDM Design (he’s the DM; BH is Brian Humphrey, who has left but still consults), Mazzarini offers full-service interior design packages, which, for hospitality clients, extends to uniforms, key cards, even merchandising their gift shops. [4] A self-professed “old millennial,” Interior Design [email protected] designer Dan Mazzarini is particularly attuned to branding and social media. [4] These cafe decor ideas will be started from the interior design. [2] Transform your surroundings into a beautiful home with our interior design services, ranging from color consultation, full residence design, hospitality design and much more. [3] Our Interior Design services are available in the New York metropolitan area, and parts of New Jersey. [3] The interior design of the cafshould be presented amazingly and comfortably. [2]

It is important to have a great lighting design to enhance your overall interior, and especially the coffee table in your living room. [5] Offering full-service interior design & furniture restoration services all across Eastern North Carolina, the Coastal Fog crew also welcomes neighbors with a well-curated shop & market inside the Blount Harvey building of downtown Greenville, NC. [6]

My boyfriend and I got a coffee and two breakfasts for $13 and enjoyed the interior design of Granola’s. [7] As a local place, it would’ve been nice if the shop could blend it’s interior design with its flavors and sources/types of food. [8] The design team, made up of interior design and architecture, pushed aside cobwebs and stepped over rotten floors but left the home with a vision for something special. [9] “We wanted the space to be functional, aesthetic, engaging, and fun” said the architecture and interior design team. [9] We are a furniture and accessory store in beautiful Egg Harbor, Wisconsin specializing in custom interior design from ceiling to floor. [10]

First opening in 2009, we at Birdcage Coffee House have been serving good brews and excellent customer service to Long Beach locals and visitors, alike. [8] Overall, I feel the Birdcage Coffee House is a hidden gem in Long Beach, just minutes from the heart of downtown. [8]

Laurel McManus Brown is the President and Owner of Brownhouse, an Architecture and Interior Design firm. [11]


‘Playful elements like this will become the interior focus, heightening the warehouse feel.’ Following the patterns, customers are encouraged to navigate between the bean roasting area, the art-installation-like coffee storage display, and the 7m bar, which acts a stage for the baristas. [1] Serving up cups of top-tier coffee from Berlin-based roasters Bonanza, Toki’s Scandinavian-meets-Japanese interior affords a cosy and calm atmosphere to enjoy at any moment of the day. [1] The serene interiors distinguish Toki from the burgeoning Amsterdam coffee scene. [1] With the aim of centring the patron experience on the ‘untold story of Mexican coffee’, the warm texture of the interior reflects the smooth chocolate and coffee offered. [1]

A bright, modern space greets visitors on entrance, provided by Dutch interior and furniture design firm Modiste. [1] Serving up traditional crêpes, savoury galettes and exclusive tea blends’steeped in the perfume of Paris’, the new crêperie draws on the elegance and grace of the swan as its design focus, fashioned by South African interior and furniture designer Haldane Martin. [1] A range of influences, from 1970s Italian design to art deco details, informed designer Camilla Deterre’s interiors for this bar and lounge in Tribeca. [12] Australian practice Ritz & Ghougassian used the worn red brick facade of this cafe in Melbourne as the reference point for the design of its interiors. [12]

Designed by local studio Nordic Bros Design Community, quirky furnishings give the cafe a peculiar energy that has turned it into a hotspot. [1] American studio Parts and Labor Design has used lush foliage, creamy white walls and varied tones of wood to create a West Coast feel inside the new Pacific Standard Time eatery and bar in Chicago. [12]

Caffeine cravers unite – we’re filtering down the best coffee shops for design lovers across the world. [1]

Located in a converted warehouse in Dubai’s manufacturing district, RAW Coffee is a roastery, espresso house and brew bar all rolled into one. [1] The metal coffee bar consists of brushed brass, with tin diamond patterns inspired by fireproofing techniques used in 1930s Tokyo. [1]

Located in a former barber shop, the stripped back Voice of Coffee in Kobe, Japan, features exposed wooden beams and unfinished breeze block walls. [12] The coffee mecca is adorned with relaxing neutral tones and raw wood, and is bursting to the brim with features. [1]

In a move away from their mainstream brand image, the first global Starbucks Coffee Laboratory is a concept store dedicated to testing alternative brewing methods, new products and social media strategies. [1] With the aim of pushing the brand beyond its comfort zone, this experimental store is worth a visit by even fiercely independent coffee lovers. [1] Opened by Mexican gourmet coffee brand Café Garat, Tierra Garat brings quality coffee to the hip neighbourhood Colonia Roma. [1] The latest addition to the scene is Cafezal, a newly launched Milanese speciality coffee brand that takes its name from the Portuguese for coffee plantation. [1]

Sitting fittingly next to Bang & Olufson, Stories serves up speciality coffee from Origin along with a small menu of locally sourced plates including Smörgås, freshly squeezed juices and baked treats. [1] Though the menu offers up a typical coffeehouse fare of homemade sandwiches, coffee and tea, Kafé Nordic is anything but workaday. [1]

Opened in 2015, the highly anticipated cafe by Doubleshot Roastery has garnered a reputation as one of Prague’s finest coffee destinations. [1] Artisan Berlin-based coffee roaster Bonanza has broken new ground by expanding its offering and opening the Bonanza Roastery Cafe – a flagship space nestled in a backyard plot off Adalbertstraße in Kreuzberg. [1] Verdant foliage, handmade tiles and wooden decor give rise to a Colombian-infused atmosphere in this urban cafe, created by LOT Office for Architecture for boutique coffee roaster Devoci. [12]

Architecture Directory ) looked at the prohibiting shape and size of the new space as a design opportunity. [1] The crêperie conjures up traditional notions of French design and feminine symbolism through bistro furniture pieces, romantic imagery (courtesy of Leonardo da Vinci and Jean-Léon Gérôme’s allegories of the ancient Greek tale of Leda and the Swan ) and a colour palette directly inspired by the French flag. [1] Invitingly spacious and genial – the design embodies the brands good-natured ethos. [1] Set in the city’s trendy design district Brera, Cafezal was founded by two Italian-Brazilian friends and engineers who took their inspiration from London’s ‘third wave of coffee’ scene. [1]

Los Angeles-based Studio Unltd has used influences from Morocco to Turkey for the interiors of this Middle Eastern restaurant in the city’s Arts District. [12] New York designer Huy Bui turned to studios and brands based in Brooklyn to create the verdant interiors for this Vietnamese restaurant in the borough’s Greenpoint neighbourhood. [12] A group of designers have collaborated on interiors for Hank’s restaurant in Austin, Texas, transforming an old grocery store into a spacious, bright eatery. [12] Subtle stepped levels and intersecting volumes of grey terrazzo break up this Beijing pizza- restaurant interior, designed by Italian-German architectural practice MDDM Studio. [12] Designed by owner Emily Crocker and Anna Lea Wilson, an interior designer, a neutral interior is adorned with light woods, marble and greys, accentuated with a subtle mix of modern and retro furniture pieces from the likes of Ferm Living, Muuto and Hay. [1]

An inky interior is set against black marquina marble and hints of satin copper, devised by Milanese architects Studiopepe who mixed bespoke furnishings with pieces by AYTM and Atelier Areti, ensuring that the stylish backdrop is as trendsetting as Cafezal’s daily caffeine fix. [1] Elsewhere, copper and brass interior pieces flirt with pink hues and tones, creating a subtly playful environment reinforcing the café’s avian concept. [1]

A curved service bar maximises both customer and serving space, making use of the long and narrow ground floor, accompanied by minimal bare-brick walls and wooden interiors. [1] New York designer Marc Thorpe is behind the interiors of a clubhouse for classic car enthusiasts at Manhattan’s Pier 76, where members can show off their vehicles and drink at an industrial-looking bar. [12]

Opting for basswood plywood as the main material, the interior space exudes woody warmth. [1] The Nordic menu and Scandinavian-meets-vintage interior pours attention and love into the café by focusing on sustainability, provenance, seasonality and ethical supply chains, with a story behind everything that is offered. [1] Eclectic vintage items found at Homeplace in East London add individuality, while ceramics and interior touches finish the airy look and feel. [1] Situated in a quiet residential area of Seoul, a bright yellow, house-shaped façade fixed onto a red brick building ushers you into an equally colourful interior. [1]

Meandering steel tubes wrap around the service counter, flowing upstairs to an elongated steel central table where guests can enjoy Bear Market’s own House Blend (made from Colombian and Guatemala Beans), as well as weekly single origin selections chosen from the world’s best farms. [1] Located on a back street, at a distance from a busy avenue, the coffee shop is adjacent to a sunken plaza filled with lush greenery, offering respite from the city clamour. [1]

It can be also in the ideas of Italian coffee cafdecorating where the colors look simple, dramatic and romantic. [2] It can be coffee caf internet caf kitchen caf Italian cafdesign and more. [2] Any one of these coffee table designs can pull your living room together in an instant. [13] If built-ins aren?t part of your living room design ideas, start with the big pieces, like an entertainment center or TV stand to house any electronics and accessories, or a bookcase to keep books, picture frames and knickknacks in check. [14] While there are a lot of different options in living room designs, you definitely want to have enough seating for those living in the house, plus an extra seat or two for the occasional guests. [14]

Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room, these small space design ideas will save your life. [15] One area of the home to come the furthest in terms of design over the years is the outdoor living space. [16] Inspired by the extremes of space travel, IKEA and NASA develop four collections that will optimize design for urban living. [13] It’s the oldest design trick in the book: Mirrors will make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. [15] Mixing Scandinavian design with bohemian style warms it up and makes it feel more homey and attainable.” [17]

These home decor tips from top designers take good design to the next level. [17] Whether you’re decorating your first home or your fifth, great design is in the details. [17] Macau Roosevelt by Gulla Jónsdóttir Architecture + Design Gulla Jónsdóttir Architecture + Design’s first. [4] When Devoción’s first location opened in Williamsburg, Brooklynites delighted at the roastery’s oasis-like design and authentic Colombian brews. [4] Art Deco isn’t the first thing one might think of when contemplating the current San Francisco design scene, but the Tenderloin’s. [4]

Do you have the ability to do overhead lighting, or will you need to use table and floor lamps? Either one can be design features in themselves, as well as putting the spotlight on other decor you want to showcase. [14] Services like Homepolish and Decorist, among others, make it easy to find decorators across the country, while Allison Harlow of Curio Design Studio uses Skype to work with clients virtually. [17] In the small Hungarian city of Kaposvár, design firm Kissmiklos updated a café that originally belonged to a 1928 chocolate factory. [4] You will no doubt need some seating options incorporated into your living room design, which can range from small accent chairs to a big roomy sectional. [14] When it comes to living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. [14]

The design firm crafted a welcoming, clean-lined weekend retreat for a New York City couple with young children. [13]

Here we have 26 great photos about Cafe Design Ideas Interior. [2] “In a place where there are such cloudy skies, it makes no sense to have a gray interior,” he said. [17]

“You mix things up with old and new,” suggests textiles and interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland, as she did in the living room of her Santa Monica home ; a room where the furnishings include 17th-century French chairs, an 18th-century Mexican console, and a cocktail table from her furniture line. [17] In Josh Groban’s “The Great Comet” dressing room, interior designer Mike Harrison selected this constellation artwork as a clear focal point for the room. [17]

We’ve consulted top designers and scoured our archives to find the best ideas for every room in the house. [17] Cafe design ideas will be great applied by the expert to any type of cafdesign. [2] As you know, the right ideas are the ideas where it looks suitable for the cafdesign and it is comfortable for the customers. [2]

As you start browsing living room decorating ideas for your home, think about the space’s desired purpose and focus on a few staple items, such as a comfortable sofa and a coffee table, then choose the rest of the accent furniture and decor accordingly. [14] If you have the depth for it, an ottoman or coffee table where people can prop their feet up is always a welcome living room decorating idea, but skip out on this if the living room is on the narrow side and go for a deeper sofa instead. [14]

A place to put down drinks or snacks, like side tables or a coffee table, is a must. [14] Use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table. [15] Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are key: Find a table that can function as a desk and a dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table and bonus seats when guests are over. [15]

Although we usually focus on coffee and side tables, this very innovative design deserved our attenti. [5] Next time you find yourself in Copenhagen – as soon as possible! go! now! you won?t regret it! – start your mornings off right or wind down in the afternoon at one of these five design savvy coffee shops. [18]

Danish design classics like the PP130 Circle Chair and Sibast No. 8 chairs in the dining room mix with pieces from leading modern design houses and take pride of place. [18] Walking into one of their five locations ( + a roastery which I’m obessed with ) is like popping over to an old friend’s house, if, say, your old friend went to a prestigious design school. [18]

Adding a cool new design to your living space is the quickest way to jazz things up and make your home feel current. [19] In the back addition, opened in 2015, designers Jonas and Annette Trampedach feature a must-have-it-now collection of furniture, lighting, antiques and posters – including many of their own designs. [18] Today we carefully selected 10 Center Table Designs to inspire you in designing a stunning modern living room. [5] Marble is a rock commonly used for sculpture and as a building material; in our case we are interested in the luxurious twist it adds to a living room design. [5]

From simple designs to incredible works of art, these ideas are bound to make an impression on you. [5] From ambiances to product images, partnerships and design projects, the luxury brand provide us with all kind of knowledge of the int. [5] Cool designs are usually bolder pieces that convey a sense of personality and. [19]

An?l Hac?yusufo?lu: Delicious coffee and an amazing owner who makes you feel like home. [20] You can feel good about dropping some Danish krone at Coffee Collective: they visit their producers annually and pay them at least 25% above the fair trade price. [18] Burn Kermen: One of the few nice, little, cozy places on the Anatolian side of Istanbul with good coffee. [20] Kath Bar: Great place for a coffee, breakfast or a dessert. [20] The money will help Corts and Miller make some much-needed repairs and transform the building into a black metal music venue with a kitchen, coffee roasting area and espresso bar — amenities they don?t have at their current space. [21] Cassie Utt: Awesome coffee! I had an Espresso Julep and a really great chocolate granola bar. [20]

Sultan Felemban: Great speciality coffee place, friendly customers services. [20] Right in the heart of Copenhagen, on Krystalgade, Democratic Coffee is attached to one of the most democratic places of all: the library. [18] Tip to take home: Democratic, Coffee Collective and 108 all sell bags of beans. [18] Frederik Bille Brahe operates the cafe part, where he serves a thoughtful coffee and tea selection with an edited, healthy(ish) breakfast and lunch menu. [18] There are two sides to 108 : the restaurant itself, which opens at 5:00 p.m. and is an easier reservation to secure than Noma, and The Corner, where you can start your day off right with coffee and pastries, in, no big deal, a Michelin-starred restaurant. [18] Why, yes you can get coffee at the little sister of the world’s most renowned restaurant, Noma. [18]

A mix of students, professionals and Copenhageners of all kinds passes through Democratic, looking not only for a cup of coffee – they specialize in a single origin, light roast brew – but also for one of their beloved baked goods, made in-house. [18] Pair your coffee with some delicious dessert and enjoy the calm atmosphere Norm offers. [20] We?re suckers for the comte cheese and soft-boiled egg and matcha tea, though their light roast coffee by Swedish roaster Koppi is also A+. [18] As for that coffee, Tim Wendelboe, a world champion barista and rock star roaster in Oslo, Norway who also transformed the coffee program at Noma, is to thank. [18]

“Every neighborhood that has a residential and a business district deserves a coffee shop. It’s a place to meet that’s fun and comfortable. [21] Melis Ba?araner: Best place among all coffee places in Istanbul, including all third wave coffee shops. [20] Semih: I live in San Diego since 5 years and this place has the San Diego’s corner coffee shop standards. [20] When I visit a new city I always make a point to find the local coffee shops because that is where you find the local people. [18]

Do I spy shiplap done in an exceeding modern way? The brass sconce and ceiling lights, the clean lined coffee tables, and built in seating keeps this room from going too country. [18]

Well, if I knew, my house might be done by now! But in all seriousness, I actually do strongly believe that the way to complete a room is with treasures. [18] While I’m certainly not going to be spending the next few months at an all-white dream house ( like this one or this one ), I figure that if I bring in one or two of these pieces into my house it might start to feel a little more serene. [18] The story of this house from San Mateo, U.S. starts in 2016 when studio Klopf Architecture decided it was time. [19] As soon as I finally finish my the inside of my house, I’m going to be starting on our yard, so I figure it’s never too soon to start banking inspiration. [18] I can certainly drool over this seriously stunning and picture perfectly neutral home from afar ( as well as add this to my future vacation house muse file ). [18] Do you want your house to have that extra touch that sets it apart and really adds to its character? Perhaps you want to enjoy an opulent lifestyle within the confines of your own home. [22]

The way a house looks like on the outside is important and has a lot to do with the curb appeal and the overall impression created in relation to the viewers but also the surroundings. [19] As I’ve worked on our house, (slowly and surely, slowly and surely), I’ve come to appreciate really well-made furniture. [18] An historical classic Balat house with brick walls decorated with turquoise furniture. [20]

The interior of the vacant bank space that Corts and Miller are hoping to transform. [21] Joanna Goodman (Vice President and Director of Interiors) and Chris Reebals (President and Senior Architect) worked collaboratively to design the master bathroom; selecting locally sourced marble and accessorizing with subtle accents to soften the space. [9] With this transitional home, the design team worked tirelessly to create a cohesive and symbiotic relationship between the interiors, architecture, and landscape. [9] We want to combine our design experience and love for interiors to bring accents that are fresh and livable. [23] Our staff of Interior Designers and Flooring Specialists are here to help you find that special something for your new design or remodel. [10]

Our goal is for Austin Design House to be a resource and a place of inspiration for the modern and refined homeowner. [23] The design team added a second level, windows, roof, created a spectacular rear courtyard, and transformed the detached garage into a carriage house with conditioned access to the main residence. [9]

Such an amazing unique find in downtown. was craving a good coffee and happened to look up good coffee in the area and this place was literally right around the corner from my house and I had no idea. [8] I always feel like I?ve just a. rrived at a friends house and love to enjoy my coffee in house when I can. [24]

Glad I found this Hidden gem on yelp! The cafis so relaxing, the staff is nice, if you like smoothies you pay a flat fee and you get to pick your ingredients without extra charges (fruits and veggies for me ), plenty of yummy coffee and cold drink options, including but not limited to Mexican chocolate and beer to make a few Full of great art pieces, Mexican antiquities, and comfy seating indoors and outdoors. [8] My daughter and I fre. quent this establishm ent often and the food and coffee is amazing and the atmosphere is like no other. [24]

If you’re looking to feel at home while enjoying a cup of coffee, this is definitely a spot you need to check out. [8] Home is where the heart is and birdhouse coffee is fall of heart. [8]

Living on the other side of 92, I was also really happy to sit down to do some Saturday morning work with a coffee that was actually a good size and a perfectly cooked bacon, egg, and cheese bagel–for about $10 rather than something closer to $20. [7] The iced latte ( large -$4) was super good! They also have a variety of other coffee / teas / smoothie drinks as well as a breakfast menu. [7] They serve coffee, tea, Italian sodas, smoothies, and baked goods. [7]

Pros- very cute space with a variety of seating options and decent coffee Cons- unbelievably slow, and the staff was actually quite rude and unapologetic about it. [7] Overall, a nice place to take a quick coffee break and have a chat with a friend but not much else. [7] As far as the coffee and food, I give this place a 3 but if I had to rank for the ambiance alone, this place gets a 5. [8] Hubby and I had large (20oz) regular black dark coffees, refills only $1 Great place to spend a Saturday afternoon, and sitting out front we were in the shade all day. [8] I find that most places in SoCal have sub-par coffee to be honest, it’s either over roasted, poorly brewed, or just poor quality. [8] Steven G. said “If you already know that Starbucks coffee is mediocre and that coffee made by syphon or chemex is so much better that it’s truly worth the added expense, this is the place for you. [8] Since then they have had a lot of competition move into the area there Recreation Coffee, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Lord Windsor, Brass Lamp, Rose Park Rosters. [8] Coffee menu is awesome and they make their own granola ( hence the name? 😀 ). [7] I got the Ethiopian pour over, which was a single origin coffee and deelish! I also got the granola cereal with coconut milk and a protein cookie. [7]

Super cute little coffee shop in Half Moon bay! First I will start by saying, the exterior definitely does not match the interior at all. [7] Perched on a hill, the drive leads you around the house allowing small glimpses to the beauty of the interiors. [9] Connecting the interior so closely with the exterior allows the entire experience to seamlessly communicate one clear idea: beauty and warmth through innovative design.” [9]

Children’s rooms are the perfect place for creative, whimsical and colorful design. [25] Our design team was able to save all existing foundation elements, basement and first level walls. [9]

The Breakfast Room offers a custom banquette, custom ceiling applique and views of the courtyard nestled between the house and carriage house were provided. [9] Cash only. and you feel las though you are at your tias house in Mexico. [8] The carriage house features a kitchenette and comfortable furnishings. [9]

Cute little coffee shop at Half Moon Bay, great place to hangout over a good cup of coffee. [7] We waited over 45 min for a bagel with some lox TO GO and yes, the place was busy on a Saturday morning, but I can’t imagine the number of customers was unusual for a coffee shop this size. [7] I never had options for baked goods at a coffee shop, that is what motivated me to create an allergy aware atmosphere. [7] It adds nice characters to this already interesting coffee shop. If you are in the area, stop by here. [7] The coffee shop is quaint and offers a quiet and somehow nearly hidden locale. [8] Mixed materials and the simplest of shapes offer a dramatic centerpiece for any space with the Crosby Round Coffee Table. [25]

Great local coffee shop! Love the environment, it screams community. [8]

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