Does Elon Musk Drive a Gasoline Car?

Does Elon Musk Drive a Gasoline Car?
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  • The semi-permanent structure houses a third assembly line — part of a desperate effort to speed up production of the Model 3, the car that Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has said is critical to the company’s financial health and immediate future.(More…)
  • “Elon Musk: Model S not a car but a’sophisticated computer on wheels ‘ “.(More…)


  • Tesla engineering executives acknowledge that the company overestimated the rate at which it could produce cars, and designed a production system that proved to be too complicated — a problem that Mr. Musk lamented at the company’s June shareholder meeting.(More…)
  • The problem mainly affects cars in cold harsh weathers, but Tesla is recalling every model, nonetheless.(More…)



The semi-permanent structure houses a third assembly line — part of a desperate effort to speed up production of the Model 3, the car that Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has said is critical to the company’s financial health and immediate future. [1] The company is led by billionaire technologist Elon Musk, who has said its cars are safer than gasoline-powered vehicles, according to Reuters. [2] Tesla’s Elon Musk recently said, “If somebody said you’re gonna pour the liquid remains of dinosaurs into your vehicle and burn them in order to move from one place to another, releasing toxic fumes – and by the way, you better not have your car on in a closed room cause you’re gonna die – you’d say, ‘Why are we doing that?’ People drive basically parked in traffic with the air inlet for their cabin right in front of the exhaust pipe of another car. [3] Car companies are banking on lithium-ion batteries–but even Tesla founder Elon Musk has said that the ultimate price/performance potential for this technology may soon be reached. [4]

As Tesla approaches a crucial production milestone for the Model 3, CEO Elon Musk warned his employees of a saboteur in their midst. [5] Image: Tesla Last week, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced bold plans to combine the technologies of his two biggest companies by placing rocket thrusters on future specialized models of Tesla’s Roadster. [6] Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned company employees of a saboteur who, according to Musk, had exported large amounts of company data to unknown parties and had also altered Tesla’s proprietary manufacturing operating system, according to a company-wide email obtained by CNBC. [5] In a tweetstorm that could at times be mistaken for the work of a troll who had hijacked his account, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unleashed a stream of criticism at his detractors, mostly in the media, amid. [5] Elon Musk is a master at digital disruption, and this is another example of him bringing together two powerful forces in buying trends–word of mouth and social media recommendations–to further sales and brand awareness. [7] Why? Because Elon Musk has just unveiled two of Tesla’s most awe-inspiring electric vehicles yet. [8] The truck is, according to Elon Musk, a big contributor to pollution. [8]

On the evening of March 31, CEO Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest car. [9] Elon Musk liked an illustration of a unicorn farting electricity so much that he integrated it into the operating system of his high-tech cars – but he’s refusing to credit the artist. [10] Tesla CEO Elon Musk is celebrating the company having reached its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 electric cars a week by the end of June. [10]

Driven by a compelling vision and a passion for quality, Elon Musk has managed to do what most industry observers thought impossible–start a large-scale car company from scratch. [4] Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Tuesday landed a deal with Chinese authorities to build a new auto plant in Shanghai, its first factory outside the United States, that would double the size of the electric car maker’s global manufacturing. [11]

According to Autocar, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the Tesla Model 3’s battery packs 50 kWh and 70 kWh. [12] Tesla uses only 3.6% cobalt in the batteries for the model 3, and Elon Musk has said the next Tesla generation of batteries (made by Panasonic) will use virtually no cobalt at all. [13] In 2011, at the end of the production run of the original Tesla Roadster, Elon Musk suggested that a new version of the Roadster, without the Lotus chassis, would return to production by 2014. [14] Elon Musk took to Twitter to say that those numbers were of the base model and the company will offer more potent variants of the Roadster with even more outlandish performance specs. [15]

Musk explained the concept as: “The point of doing this is to give a smackdown to gasoline cars. [14] A tweet by Elon Musk in December 2016 reconfirmed a second Roadster was in the works, but still “some years away”. [14] In June 2018, Elon Musk revealed a possible “SpaceX” package for the Roadster. [14] Tesla to build China factory Tesla CEO Elon Musk is close to announcing plans to build a new factory in China that’s expected to build electric vehicles and batteries. [16] Tesla CEO Elon Musk has no tolerance for anything “boring.” [17] Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email at 11:57 p.m. on Sunday to his employees alleging an employee “had conducted extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations,” according to CNBC, which obtained a copy of the memo. [18] As someone with a reputation for both interacting with regular people and making sudden, surprise announcements on Twitter, what Elon Musk says and does on the site is news in today’s world. [19]

“Elon Musk: Model S not a car but a’sophisticated computer on wheels ‘ “. [20] While Tesla managed to achieve a Model 3 production rate of 5,000 units during the last week of the second quarter, it doesn?t mean that they are out of “production hell”, which is what CEO Elon Musk has been calling the difficult part of the. [10] Is Elon Musk really in dire straits based on such an abundance of negative Tesla press? Motley Fool’s Daniel Sparks argues that, while there “are items that might look like good reasons to be skeptical. one facet of Tesla’s business investors shouldn’t be concerned about is Model 3 demand.” [21] Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla motor company, is accusing an employee of tampering with the company’s operating system, according to an internal email from Musk to employees obtained by Reuters. [10] Elon Musk is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and chairman of SolarCity. [10] Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. (TSLA), made a promise via Twitter to offer aid to Flint, Mich. Since 2014, residents of Flint have been dealing with water that’s been exposed to lead. [10] A Tesla journalist who recently caught the ire of CEO Elon Musk on Twitter defended her coverage in a recent interview. [10] Martin Tripp, the fired Tesla technician fighting a corporate legal battle and a war of words with CEO Elon Musk, has formally filed a tip with the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging the automaker lied to investors and used dangerous batteries in. [10] As Elon Musk alludes to battery breakthroughs at Tesla, a larger question arises: will batteries really “fuel” our automotive future? According to Bloomberg, “For an energy source that’s been around for three decades, the lithium-ion battery is only just hitting its stride.” [21] Elon Musk is still adding to his position in Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), according to a new SEC filing. [10] “With Tesla’s Model S now Hong Kong’s top-selling sedan, chief Elon Musk predicts city to become world leader in electric vehicles”. [20] CEO Elon Musk has admitted the Model S isn’t selling as well as expected. [20] CEO Elon Musk shared statistics from Amanda Tobler, one of the first people to receive a solar roof for her San Jose house back. [10] Deepak typically provides a calm, soft-spoken counterpoint to company CEO Elon Musk. [21] The company was founded by Elon Musk and Martin Eberhard in 2003 and went public in July 2010. [22] According to Elon Musk, the Model S was designed to be a computer on wheels: “We really designed the Model S to be a very sophisticated computer on wheels. [20] FLINT, Mich. – Residents in Flint whose homes still may need new water lines due to lead contamination may have a new benefactor in Elon Musk. [10] Tesla CEO Elon Musk set off a tweet storm Wednesday by suggesting he’d be willing to put some of his fortune on the line to help out families that has been dealing with contaminated water in Flint, Mich. “Please consider this a commitment that I will fund. [10] FLINT, Mich. – Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that he is committing to helping Flint residents get clean water. [10] Tesla CEO Elon Musk vows to ‘fix’ tainted water in Flint, Mich. [10] Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offered his help to secure clean drinking water for homes in Flint, Michigan, where lead contamination in 2014 created a public health emergency. [10] Billionaire Elon Musk wants to help the people of Flint, Mich. with the tainted water crisis. [10] FLINT, Mich. (WJBK) – Billionaire Elon Musk has committed to fund efforts to fix Flint homes that still have contaminated water. [10] FLINT, Mich. – American business magnate, investor and engineer Elon Musk has promised to fix the water in any Flint house that has contaminated water above the allowable federal levels. [10] Elon Musk is taking on the Flint water crisis and has pledged to get clean water to every house in Flint, Michigan that does not currently have it. [10] Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he will fund fixing the remaining homes in Flint, Michigan that are still without safe and clean running water. [10] Elon Musk said on Wednesday he will help pay to fix the water in every house in Flint, Michigan, that has contamination levels above FDA guidelines. [10] Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, said in a tweet Wednesday that he will pay to fix every home in Flint, Mich., that has water contamination. [10] Billionaire Elon Musk appears to have joined the effort to help Flint with its ongoing water crisis. [10] Billionaire Elon Musk pledged to pay to secure clean water for homes in Flint, Michigan, the city that fell into economic depression amid the decades-long decline of Detroit’s auto industry and is still recovering from a major public health emergency. [10] After attempting to rescue boys trapped in an underground cave in Thailand, Elon Musk is onto his next deed: fixing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. [10] FLINT, MI– Tech billionaire Elon Musk says he’ll call Flint Mayor Karen Weaver to discuss his offer to help fund water cleanup efforts in the city. [10] Elon Musk said at the unveiling of the Model 3 that that number would be doubled by the end of 2017. [20] After Tesla’s latest quarterly earnings call in which Elon Musk turned his back on Wall Street analysts in favor of questions from a 25-year old YouTuber, analysts are turning their back on Tesla’s CEO. Almost across the board, analysts disliked Musk’s comments (or lack thereof) on Tesla’s recent earnings call. [21] In our new series “Mother Knows Best,” NBC special anchor Maria Shriver sits down with Maye Musk, mother of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who’s also a star in her own right. [10] In a casual interview a few years ago, Elon Musk dropped what he called his “single best piece of advice.” [10] Baillie Gifford, Tesla’s fourth-largest shareholder, says it wants Elon Musk to put away the distractions and focus. [10] Armchair analysts, bitter bloggers, and snarky shorts continue to take shots at Tesla’s Elon Musk. [21]

Sabotage at Tesla? Given that Elon Musk is mentioning a confession, I buy it completely. [23] Tesla CEO Elon Musk said recently the company will honor its “obligation” to deliver a $35,000 version of the Model 3 sedan sometime in the next 10 months. [24] This could prejudice a trial too. now a judge might need to find a jury who hasn’t heard of Elon Musk and hasn’t heard such a statement. [23]

Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal that he’s considering allowing car owners to build their own Tesla vehicles. [25] With Elon Musk in the throes of “production hell” and other mainstream manufacturers rolling out their own takes on the all-electric car, machines powered solely by electrons occupy an increasing number of driveways across the nation. [26]

Elon Musk finally announced the highly anticipated dual-motor, all-wheel drive, and performance versions of the Tesla Model 3. [25]


Tesla engineering executives acknowledge that the company overestimated the rate at which it could produce cars, and designed a production system that proved to be too complicated — a problem that Mr. Musk lamented at the company’s June shareholder meeting. [1] The company-wide email was also leaked ahead of yet another important production milestone for the Model 3 sedan, which Musk had predicted will reach the 5,000 cars per week rate by the end of June 2018. [5] With the Roadster, Musk has a different idea: he wants to use them as thrusters, where they blow air out of the back end or front of the car to help propel and stop the vehicle. [6]

Combined, their global sales add up to about 100,000 vehicles a year — too few to offset the billions Tesla has been spending to build its gigantic battery factory in Nevada, develop new cars and a semi truck, and equip its car plant. [1] While investor optimism has remained high — Tesla’s market capitalization puts it neck and neck with General Motors as the most valuable American car company — its bonds are rated in junk territory, and the delay in bringing in revenue from Model 3 sales has analysts worried Tesla will continue to use up cash and face the prospect of having to raise additional capital later this year. [1]

The willingness to experiment with the production process even as cars are rolling off the line is perhaps the most significant way Tesla is defying the industry’s conventional wisdom. [1] For one, the Tesla Roadster already accelerates and brakes incredibly quickly, and the new Roadster is supposedly one of the fastest cars in the world, with a 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds. [6] Tesla continues to be committed to its quest in educating the automotive community and general public on the need to preserve the environment by encouraging less gasoline-fueled cars on the road. [7] Like the other two, it handles final assembly, when trim and other finishing touches are put on the car. (Tesla did not include the tent on the tour of the plant.) [1] Tesla had trouble mass-producing both battery packs and cars. [1] Tesla could combat this by blowing the bottles down more slowly, but then the thrusters won?t have as big of an impact on the car. [6] If the COPVs are going to have any significant force on the Tesla, they?ll also have a significant force on the cars surrounding the Tesla. [6] There are regulations in place about the amount of pass-by noise a car can have, and it’s doubtful the thruster-outfitted Tesla will meet those. [6] Yes, these are more powerful than the Superchargers for the Tesla cars. [8]

Musk just unveiled what is possibly the most powerful, highway-legal truck in the world and what could soon be the fastest production car in the world. [8] Musk did say the car is not recommend for urban environments. [6]

By the end of nearly three months of production after Tesla started assembling the Model 3 last summer, just 260 had rolled off the line, and Mr. Musk said the company faced a prolonged period of “manufacturing hell.” [1] Mr. Musk doesn?t have an office at the plant, but Tesla says he has been sleeping there — on the floor in someone else’s office, or on a couch — while working to streamline Model 3 production. [1] Whether that remains the case as Tesla speeds up production will be revealed in a few months if the company reports a profit, as Mr. Musk has promised. [1] Mr. Musk, in contrast, has promised investors and customers that Tesla will be able to produce the Model 3 in high volumes, sell versions for as little as $35,000 and ring up hefty profits. [1] In early June, Mr. Musk said Tesla was making 3,500 Model 3 sedans a week, and vowed to reach 5,000 a week by the end of June. [1] Two assembly lines inside the plant already exist to handle at least some of those tasks but they have proved troublesome and perform the work more slowly than Mr. Musk had hoped, in part because Tesla used robots for tasks that are better left to human workers. [1] The thrusters won?t actually combust, according to Musk; instead, they will expel highly pressurized cold air, giving the Tesla an extra boost in acceleration. [6] This included making direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System under false usernames and exporting large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties,” Musk wrote in the email obtained by CNBC. [5] “As you know, there are a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die,” Musk continued. [5] The Tesla boss’ email follows several weeks of sustained skirmishes with journalists and ordinary users on Twitter, and the announcement of a creation of a crowdsourced credibility ranking website that will rate news outlets and individual journalists, which Musk named Pravda, after the longtime Soviet newspaper of record. [5]

Image: NASA Many car manufacturers have looked at ways to use compressed air to power vehicles, though. [6] Some automobiles use COPVs, too: buses and trucks use them for storing compressed natural gas, and cars with hydrogen fuel cells also rely on COPVs. But the air inside these tanks is used as fuel for the motors inside these cars. [6] Automakers like Toyota, Honda and G.M. engineer manufacturing lines that can churn out cars or trucks at a rate of about one a minute, and essentially lock in the basic assembly process once they start production. [1] What we didn?t expect was what is possibly the most powerful, highway-legal truck in the world and what could soon be the fastest production car in the world. [8] The Roadster is not ready for production yet but even at this stage, puts every other gasoline-powered car to shame. [8] The air has the potential of sending fast-moving debris at a nearby car or even pushing on surrounding vehicles. [6] In 2013, French car manufacturers Peugeot and Citro”n announced plans to build a hybrid vehicle that used pressurized air as a source of energy, though the development has been put on hold. [6] Compressed air cars are hailed as environmentally friendly, since they don?t burn gasoline. [6]

Experts argue that could significantly drain the battery voltage needed to drive the car. [6] “It’s a constant “How many cars have we built so far?? — a constant pressure to build, especially with the Model 3,” he said. [1] “It’s unusual to be doing that at this point in time when the car is already launched,” said Mr. Harbour, a veteran manufacturing expert who has visited most of the world’s major auto plants. [1] Then there are the multitude of big gas/diesel car company competitors. [5] The more pressure you want in a commercial car, the sturdier your tanks need to be. [6] Established car companies master the process with assembly-line workers, and then find ways for machines to take over some of the work. [1] Commercial cars have never used COPVs this way before, and the idea raises a lot of questions about safety and efficiency. [6]

Depending on how fast the air is blasting, the thrusters could pose risks to other cars on the road. [6]

Scrambling to turn out its first mass-market electric car, Tesla set up multiple assembly lines and is changing production processes on the fly. [1] Then there are the oil & gas companies, the wealthiest industry in the world — they don’t love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power & electric cars. [5]

Musk claims that the air will be replenished in the COPVs using an electric pump, which would draw from the Tesla’s power pack. [6] I applaud Musk for his efforts in using the power of incentives to not only help raise Tesla’s profile. but also adding more environmentally-friendly vehicles to the roads. [7] Musk claims that the vehicle will give you 400 miles (643 km) of range after 30 minutes of charging via one of Tesla’s new Megachargers. [8] Musk claims that the vehicle can hit 60 mph in 5 seconds when unladen, and that it will hit that same speed in 20 seconds even when fully laden (around 36 tonnes, according to various highway codes in America). [8]

Mr. Musk essentially acknowledged this point after the earnings announcement when he said he did not expect the gross margin on the Model 3 — the share of revenue retained after the cost of goods sold — to reach the 25 percent target until early next year, six to nine months later than previously forecast. [1] Mr. Musk said the capital costs of the line in the tent were minimal because the company used equipment it already owned. (On Twitter he had called it “scrap we had in warehouses.”) [1] Musk also did not specify which model’s production line had been affected by the saboteur’s actions. [5]

Specifically, Musk is talking about incorporating a key piece of hardware from SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket — a tank known as a composite overwrapped pressure vessel, or a COPV. These bottles are made out of a thin metal liner that’s wrapped in carbon fibers, and they?re a great way to store a lot of pressurized air in a very small space. [6] Musk did not indicate how the company had discovered the alleged saboteur or if any legal action had been taken against him. [5] Just two years ago, Mr. Musk envisioned 2018 as a breakthrough moment. [1] Mr. Moran, Mr. Galescu and Mr. Catura are involved in efforts by the United Automobile Workers — a group reviled by Mr. Musk — to organize the plant. [1] The COPVs that Musk wants to use are upgraded ones certified for the Falcon 9 rockets that will carry crews to the International Space Station. [6] “Could just be a random event, but as Andy Grove said, ‘Only the paranoid survive'” Musk wrote, referring to the late CEO of Intel. “Please be on the alert for anything that’s not in the best interests of our company.” [5] After Tesla’s most recent earnings announcement in early May, Mr. Musk said he hoped eventually to have three shifts a day, essentially running the assembly line around the clock. [1]

The company stated it realizes its “true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.” [7] General Motors, Nissan, BMW, Ford and others have produced electric cars, but have been unable to shrink costs enough to make them both affordable and profitable. [1]

“Gasoline vehicles can?t make too much noise,” says Sullivan. [6] These designs typically work by releasing air from a container in a controlled manner to drive an engine’s turbines or pistons. [6]

Current reservation holders who don’t want a rear-wheel drive car will be first in line to get an all-wheel drive model. [12] The all-wheel drive, dual-motor model will arrive when production reaches 5,000 cars per week. [12]

Production started ahead of schedule, and on July 28 of last year, Tesla delivered the first 30 cars during a special event at its headquarters. [12] Tesla’s billions of miles of actual driving data shows that a gas car in the United States is five times more likely to experience a fire than a Tesla vehicle. [2] Tesla says the service will “cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car,” though rates haven’t been announced yet. [12] Tesla dropped new-car braking test in final days of production goal The electric-car maker, which recently announced it had met its 5,000 car per week production goal for Model 3, says the ‘brake and roll’ test is redundant as every Model 3 is road-tested on a track. [16] Tesla programs the smartphones of Model 3 owners to unlock their cars via Bluetooth signal. [27]

Tesla hasn’t confirmed whether or not there will be a mechanical way of entering the car if the power is drained. [27] The first cars went to reservation holders who work at SpaceX or at Tesla. [12] Last month, Tesla topped a list of best-selling electric vehicles in the United States, selling three of the five most popular cars. [17] Watt Fun! Tesla owners have clever plates Playing off Tesla’s notoriety in the electric vehicle market, license plates have poked fun at the concept of gas-powered cars, which depend on oil. [16] He followed that up with a cryptic tweet which indicated that the upcoming Tesla performance car will be a rocket for the roads. [15] This particular issue will thus be resolved for Tesla, although all car makers must retain scrutiny of their supply chain to prevent ethical problems. [13] In a prior statement, Tesla told Newsweek, “Serious high-speed collisions can result in a fire, regardless of the type of car. [2]

Musk expected his employees would be more tolerant of the issues that often plague new cars early on in the production run than customers coming from brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. [12] Musk and three other board members remain in their positions, despite doubts as to whether they are fit to lead a car company. [19]

That’s a lot of supposedly solid information for a vehicle that’s still just a gleam in his eye–and it’s also reminiscent of last fall, when Musk responded to early reports of Tesla Model 3 production woes with a splashy event unveiling both the Tesla Semi and the new Tesla Roadster, each with their own superlative stat lines. [19] In various statements in public and recently to Tesla employees, Musk has said that he routinely lives around the clock at the manufacturing plant while the company tries to increase production of the Tesla Model 3, a mass-market sedan that currently starts at $44,000. [18]

Musk dropped some surprise details on the promised Tesla pickup–just as the NTSB dropped a report on battery fires. [19] Was Musk just trying to change the subject with his Tesla pickup tweetstorm? The timing certainly lines up–and for the most part, whether or not he meant to, it worked. [19] In the memo, Musk offered no evidence nor implied such about outside involvement, but did note, “We need to figure out if he was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations.” [18] In the memo, Musk wrote that the employee fabricated user names to change the software code for the company’s Tesla Manufacturing Operating System, a term that Tesla hasn?t used in public, but appears to describe the in-house system that ties together its manufacturing operations. [18] Musk regularly asserts that an array of companies and individuals want Tesla to fail, which is likely the case. [18]

Unlike Model S and Model X owners, they need to pay every time they plug their car into a Supercharger.Tesla says the service will “cost lessthan the price of filling up a comparable gas car,” though rates haven’t been announced yet. [27] This would add cold gas thrusters to the car to improve maneuverability; it would comprise an electric pump to recharge an air tank used to provide compressed air flowing through propelling nozzles to generate a jet thrust. [14] The claimed performance figures of the electric sports car were absolutely crazy. [15]

Elon said recently the intent of the new roadster is to “beat gas sports cars on every performance metric by far” So, of course, I had to dig into the data. [14] Coal and gas fired power plants generally have some level of pollution controls, and so put out less pollutants than petroleum burning cars, in terms of particulates, SOx and NOx, but still put out lots of carbon dioxide. [13] To put this in numbers, a power plant is about 60% efficient, while engines in car are, at most, 25% efficient. [13]

If the car knows this charge will not be required it can allow the grid to use it at the time and recharge the battery later when peak demand is over or more renewable generation is available. [13] A recent study by VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) shows that lifetime CO2 emissions from electric vehicles in Poland, whose grid is mainly powered by coal, are 25% less than from diesel cars there. [13] Installation of renewables in grids currently powered by fossil fuels will reduce pollution and CO2 emissions significantly within the lifetime of a car bought now. [13]

He often couples that with expansive statements, such as in the sabotage memo, in which he mentions oil and gas companies, and gasoline- and diesel-powered car manufacturers as opponents who are “sometimes not super nice” and “maybe. willing to cheat in other ways” than on emissions tests. [18]

The car will retail for upward of $200,000; test rides were given at the event for those who immediately paid the first $5,000 of a $50,000 deposit to pre-order the vehicle. [14] Wired adds production totaled 9,766 examples during the first quarter of 2018, which averages out to about 800 cars per week. [12] It first reignited as the car was being loaded onto a flatbed, then a second time after it was delivered to the tow yard. [19] Information released to first responders suggests the risk of electrical shock if the car ends up in water isn’t greater than in other luxury cars, like the BMW 3 Series. [27] Driving a gasoline sports car is going to feel like a steam engine with a side of quiche.” [14]

He’s also been trying to anti-sell the car, worried it will cannibalize Model S sales. [12] How good is an electric car, e.g. Tesla Motors Model S, for the environment, given the CO2 emissions from production & the rare elements in t. [13] A Tesla Model S electric car at its dealership in Seoul, South Korea, on July 6, 2017. [2]

The other is that the NTSB released a preliminary report on the fatal crash and fire of a 2014 Tesla Model S revealing the electric car’s battery pack reignited twice in the hours after the accident. [19]

The 3’s design hasn’t changed much in its transition from a concept to a production car. [27] That’s all the information that has been made public as of yet, but it sure is a wild, wild idea that might prove to be the knockout punch for gasoline-powered cars if it makes to production. [15] Bloomberg News estimates that current production levels are just above 1,700 cars weekly. [18]

Caught in traffic? Self-driving cars could help Drivers can reduce traffic jams by using cruise control according to a study by Ford Motors and Vanderbilt University. [16] By contrast, once a car run on fossil fuels is purchased, it will continue to produce similar pollution and CO2 emissions per mile or per km until it is scrapped. [13] It is much easier and cheaper to control pollution and monitor pollution emissions in a large central generating plant than in millions of individual cars. [13] It is cheaper to install and properly maintain large-scale pollution controls on a large coal or gas plant than on millions of cars. [13] Pollution produced centrally, even at coal plants, is much easier and cheaper to control than from millions of individual oil-fuelled cars. [13]

Playing off Tesla’s notoriety in the electric vehicle market, these license plates poke fun at gasoline-powered cars and trumpet their own eco-friendliness. [17] Obviously, gasoline-powered cars are quite capable of exploding, and do so far more often than electric vehicles. [19]

The report continued, “During the loading of the car for removal from the scene, the battery reignited and was quickly extinguished. [2] Washington Post Economics Correspondent Heather Long spotted a car mocking the use of the dominant energy supply. [17] Why you should wrap your car fob in foil Wrapping your car key fob in foil is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid the cyber threat, says Holly Hubert, a former FBI agent in New York. [16] Just Cool Cars: ’65 Pontiac is wide-track heaven It’s long, low and wide — and Johnny Steur wouldn’t want it any other way. [16] Just by filling up your car, there are going to be organic vapors in the air and spills on the road. [13] The cars that get good mileage are becoming less popular due to their smaller size and weaker engines. [13] That includes the emissions from making the cars, as well as from running them. [13] Tariffs could add $5,000 to price of new cars U.S. new-vehicle prices could jump by several thousand dollars if President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to raise tariffs on imports. [16]

To keep things simple, Tesla will only manufacture the rear-wheel drive variant of the Tesla Model 3 for the first year of the production run. [12] Although this may have made sense a few months ago, the executive is likely changing his tune, and sources have told Electrek that Tesla is “starting to build” its test drive fleet across North America, and offering incentives to dealers that are selling the Model 3 in Performance trim. [12]

Of course, Tesla has never been one for flashy marketing or ostentatious offers, and generally depends upon its stores and word of mouth to drive sales. [12]

This week, Tesla announced that it had reached Musk’s goal of manufacturing 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week. [17] Musk has just a few days left until the end of the fiscal year, and to meet his 5,000 per week Model 3 production goal. [19] Series production started on July 7 of last year, and posting on his personal Twitter account, Musk predicted about 1,500 would be assembled in September, and 20,000 in December. [12]

It’s “a smaller, more affordable version of the Model S with less range, power, and features,” according to Musk. [27] Twitter is certainly an invaluable public relations tool in this day and age, and Musk wields its power more effectively than most. [19] Musk recently wrote an email to employees noting that a number of areas in the company are in need of “radical improvements.” [12] Delivery wait times are getting very long, and Musk warned that buyers who want one before 2019 need to make a reservation as soon as possible. [12]

Musks team built the new Model 3 assembly line in just three weeks. [19] Apparently, the temporary building was constructed in just two weeks, and the assembly line was created “using scrap we had in the warehouses,” Musk said. [12]

Sunday’s memo was followed Monday morning by Musk alerting staff to a fire a day earlier in what he referred to as the “body-in-white production line.” [18] Musk insinuated the potential for sabotage there as well, calling it a “strange” incident while no one was in the area, and which halted production for several hours. [18]

Most importantly, Musk promises it “will” look like a proper truck. [19] Until early yesterday afternoon, that is, when Musk began tweeting about the truck. [19]

In 2015, Musk suggested a new Roadster in 2019, capable of faster acceleration. [14]

Nobody read too much into that tweet until the recent Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting where Elon teased an optional package for the Roadster which is outright crazy. [15] Many Tesla owners embrace the same notion when it comes to the personalized license plates for their electric cars and SUVs. [17] A further advance is V2G (vehicle to grid), whereby the smart grid can call on the stored charge in the electric car battery when grid power is scarce. [13] That is particularly true if the electric cars are used for V2G (vehicle to grid) storage. [13]

For electric cars which have charging flexibility at that moment in time, the smart grids can instruct the smart chargers to charge when renewable power is widely available, rather than at times when it is scarce. [13] Each time wind, solar, hydro (or nuclear) generation replace coal or gas generation, all the electric cars, on average, use cleaner electricity. [13] Electric cars make very efficient use of electricity and the emission are produced outside cities at a large generating plant which can have high efficiency (e.g. gas generation over 60% compared with petrol cars of 25%), and to which it is easier to fit pollution controls. [13] There are a number of reasons why electric cars can produce lower life-cycle emissions than fossil-fuelled cars, even when the local electricity grid is mainly powered by coal or gas. [13] A more important consideration is that, once the electric car is purchased, changes to the grid to produce less pollution and CO2 emissions immediately benefit the electric car and the atmosphere. [13] The presence of significant numbers of electric cars on the grid makes the installation of further grid renewables easier and less expensive – reducing the need for grid storage. [13] One consideration, often overlooked, is that the cheaper the electric car, or the electric car battery, gets, the less energy and thus CO2 (and usually other pollutants) will have been used to produce it. [13] Reputable electric car makers are now vetting their sources of cobalt, most of which are still from DRC. Further, the trend is now to use less cobalt. [13] That’s why it is always important to use up-to-date figures when evaluating emissions of electric cars versus petrol or diesel cars. [13] The average emissions of an existing electric car are bound to go down as time goes by. [13] Even when a grid is powered by coal, “well to wheels” CO2 emissions from electric cars are likely to be lower than from petrol or diesel cars (which must include the refinery and transport losses). [13] It applies equally well to making the electric car, and to the emissions which are produced by the electricity grid which will be charging it. [13] With smart grids and smart electric car charging, the grid benefits from the electric vehicles. [13] As the penetration of renewables in the grid increases, all electric cars automatically pick up the improvement. [13]

Pre-orders are now open to every American and Canadian reservation holder, and the company has been able to cut the prices of certain options and get a little closer to that magic $35,000 mass-market electric car. [19] Short answer, its not clear that electric cars are better for the environment at this time. [13] If you have an electric car, theres at least the possibility that some of your power will come from non-fossil sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear). [13] The bottom line to all of this is that electric cars have a strong potential to be of key importance to a low-carbon future, but as things stand, the question of whether theyre clearly better is ambiguous. [13] The affordability of an electric car with the required range may also be a factor. [13] Since most electric cars have a bigger range than the average daily commute, there is considerable flexibility in when most can be charged. [13]

A big advantage of electric cars is reducing petroleum use in cities. [13] Actually its a half truth that electric cars use clean energy. [13]

All in all, if pollution and CO2 emissions are your primary consideration, there is no reason not to buy an electric car right now, unless you would not be able to get a charge point installed to charge it at home. [13] Unfortunately, the battery packs in electric cars tend to contain minerals that are often mined in countries with very poor safety and environmental regulations, so the creation of these batteries carries the risk, at least, of creating serious environmental problems. [13]

Details about the performance edition are nil, but if the Model S is any indicator, it will use a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup. [12] Calling it “SpaceX option package,” Elon claims that it will equip the new Roadster with multiple small thrusters which will not only make it faster but also aid in handling and deceleration. [15] In the sage words of Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility, and Musk’s behavior on the platform over the last year makes it a little harder to give him the benefit of the doubt. [19] At about $2.86 as of Tuesday morning, according to AAA, the national average price of gasoline is about 63 cents higher than a year ago. [16] In 2015, Tesla introduced a 70kWh battery to replace the existing 60kWh batteries and base 60kWh Model S vehicles, as the 60 was low margin and not sufficiently welcomed by customers. 125 126 All 70kWh cars can be had with rear-wheel drive or all wheel drive. 127 The 60 was re-introduced in 2016 as a software-limited 75, upgradable to 75. [20] On April 8, 2015, Tesla introduced the Model S 70D as its new entry-level car, with all-wheel drive and an improved range of 240 miles (385km); an 5kWh battery improvement could be purchased with a software unlock. 88 The 70D replaced the 60 and 60D in the Model S lineup, with the latter two models no longer being available for purchase. [20]

The Tesla Model S ranked as the third best selling all-electric passenger car and as the seventh among highway-capable plug-in electric vehicles. [20] Tesla doesn?t just make electric cars–they make sexy, futuristic vehicles that outperform nearly all of the cars on sale in America today. [9] As of December2016 update, the Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling plug-in car in history with more than 250,000 units delivered, followed by the Tesla Model S with over 158,000 sales, the Volt/Ampera family of vehicles with 134,500 vehicles sold. [20] Model S global sales totaled 12,420 units during the first quarter of 2016. 277 Sales during the second quarter of 2016 were lower than anticipated by Tesla, with 9,764 Model S cars delivered worldwide during the quarter. [20]

The Tesla Model S was the 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, Time Magazine ‘s Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012, and Consumer Reports ‘ top-scoring car in road testing. [20] A few years ago, Tesla outfitted the Model S with additional underbody protection after a series of cars caught fire when their batteries were punctured by objects on the road. [28] “Tesla Model S: the most important car of the last 20 years”. [20] “Tesla sold its 200,000 Model S in the fourth quarter of 2017, in October or early November, becoming the second plug-in car to cross this sales threshold after the Nissan Leaf (300,000 units by early 2017). [20] In October 2015, two months after naming the Tesla ‘the best car ever tested,’ Consumer Reports declined to give the Tesla Model S a “recommended” designation, citing too many complaints from owners. [20] While the domestic market continues to be its most important target market, Tesla was able to successfully tap into the Chinese and European markets, as well: The Model S became Norway’s most popular car in March 2014, ahead of second-ranked Volkswagen Golf. [22] On August 19, 2013, based on NHTSA safety ratings, a Tesla press release claimed that the Model S had achieved the best safety rating of any car ever tested. [20] Tesla sold sold 3,025 Model S cars in China from January to September 2015. [20] “Tesla recall: 123,000 Model S cars may have a steering problem”. [20] “AAA ranks Tesla Model S P85D best green car of 2015, Versa is best value”. [20]

Thought Tesla was meant to be an EV company, not a rocket powered car manufacturer. [28] Whether it’s attacking the media over negative coverage of his car company Tesla, offering to help in the Thai cave rescue, or poaching staffers at satirical site The Onion, it’s hard to. [10] “Tesla no longer biggest U.S. car company by market cap as stock plunges briefly into bear-market territory”. [20] In 2013, Tesla canceled a 40kWh version of the car due to lack of demand, saying that only 4% of pre-orders were for the 40kWh battery option. [20] The weather was about 10F (6C) warmer and CNN did the trip in one day; the Times let the car sit overnight without being plugged in. 491 A reporter from CNBC also recreated the trip in one day without incidents. 492 One week later, a group of Tesla owners recreated Broder’s trip without problems. [20] It’s mostly high powered cars (Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche and Tesla), pretty common to overheat and burn down vs. normal family cars and glitches like in case of the Hyundai and Kia. [28] Tesla responded by publishing logs of the vehicle’s charge levels and driving speed that contradicted Broder’s account on several factual details. 489 Tesla implied that Broder’s behavior forced the car to fail. [20] “Tesla blev Danmarks mest solgte bil i december” Tesla was Denmark’s best selling car in December. [20] For the European market, Tesla assembles and distributes from its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 53 Cars are built and tested in Fremont, California. [20] Tesla sells its cars directly to consumers without creating a dealer network, as other manufacturers have done and as many states require by legislation. [20] “Bill to allow Tesla to sell cars in Texas dies in committee”. [20] “Tesla-brannen: Kortslutning i bilen, men vet ikke hvorfor” Tesla fire: Short circuit in the car but do not know why. [20] “Tesla Supercharger Fire: Authorities are shutting down the investigation and report indications that the fire originated in the car”. [20]

The first widely reported Model S fire occurred several minutes after the vehicle hit metal debris on the Washington State Route 167 highway in Kent, Washington on October 1, 2013. 423 The driver “was able to exit the highway as instructed by the onboard alert system, bring the car to a stop and depart the vehicle without injury”. 424 He then contacted authorities and, while awaiting their arrival, smoke began coming out the front of the vehicle. [20] The Model S topped the monthly sales ranking for a third time in March 2014, with 1,493 units sold, breaking the 28-year-old monthly sales record, surpassing the Ford Sierra, which sold 1,454 units in May 1986. 374 375 Sales totaled 2,056 Model S cars during the first quarter of 2014, making the Model S the best selling new car in Norway during this period. [20] “Tesla’s new Model S P100D is not only quick, it’s the first all-electric car with over 300 miles of range”. [20] He’s a TSLA investor, pre-ordered the Model 3, and loves driving the family’s Model S and Model X company cars. [21] Consumer Reports found the Model S to be ‘Best Overall’ for 2014 across all 10 categories of cars, light trucks and SUVs, chosen from more than 260 vehicles the organization has recently tested. [20] Beginning in September 2014, Model S vehicles come equipped with a camera (supplied by Mobileye ) mounted at the top of the windshield, forward looking radar (supplied by Bosch ) 168 169 in the lower grille, and ultrasonic acoustic location sensors in the front and rear bumpers that provide a 360-degree buffer zone around the car. [20]

The car attempted to drive full speed under the trailer, “with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S.” [20] Recently, John Beltz Snyder at Autoblog got his chance to test drive the Model 3 and provide a critique of the much-anticipated car. [21] This results in an AWD car with comparable power and acceleration to the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version. [20] “No, the car the world can?t wait to drive is an all-electric sedan from a startup automaker called Tesla.” [21]

Dubbed the “Model III,” this car is a compact sedan with more storage space that some larger SUVs. It will be able to travel a minimum of 215 miles per charge, have a 5-star crash safety rating, carry five (American) adults, and travel from a stop to 60 mph in under six seconds. [9] All 100 units of the flagship model have a piece of the original crankshaft taken from Walter Owen’s 8 Liter car. [28] “Neuzulassungen von Personenkraftwagen nach Segmenten und Modellreihen im November 2015” New registrations of passenger cars by segments and models in November 2015 (PDF) (in German). [20]

This lineup includes a two-seater sports car that established their innovative electric technology, a super sedan with superfluous sex appeal and the 2013 Car of the Year Award, and the world’s fastest SUV with doors that will rival a Lamborghini. [9] The battery pack, the electric motor and parts are disassembled and shipped separately to Tilburg, where the cars are reassembled. 54 The center occupies a 203,000sqft (18,900m 2 ) industrial building that also serves as a workshop and spare parts warehouse. [20] Its only news because its electric there’s gas cars catching on fire every day for one reason or another. [28] Volvo announced that it will abandon conventional car engines by 2019, and make only electric and hybrid cars. [29] McCormack claims that her spouse was driving the electric sedan on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles when a fellow motorist flagged him down and said the car was on fire. [28] In 2016, the “Electric GT World Series” was promoted in preparation for a 2017 racing season using the P85+ as a race car on certain traditional tracks. [20] In 2012, a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that an electric vehicle in the United States with similar efficiency to the Model S is responsible for the production of the same amount of CO 2 as a gasoline-powered car that gets 34 to 115 MPG, depending on the source of electricity in the region in which the car is being charged. [20] In terms of range, Tesla’s Model S remained the cream of the crop in April 2017, and it is little surprising that the Model S was one of the best-selling all-electric cars in the United States in 2016. [22] According to, between January and August 2013 the Model S achieved a high market share of new car sales among the U.S. most expensive ZIP codes, as rated by Forbes, led by California. [20] Global cumulative sales since June 2012 totaled 56,782 Model S cars by the end of 2014. [20]

This figure corresponds to eligible vehicles for the plug-in car and van grant schemes as licensed in the UK at the end of Q2 2017 (not cumulative sales). [20] The energy-saving sleep state powers off the display and other vehicle electronics, after the car goes to sleep. [20] Hannah Elliott reports (via Bloomberg), “When marketing luxury vehicles, “electric? is no longer a bad word. feeling good about your car is the new feeling cool about your car.” [21]

The Model S has independent coil spring suspension on all four wheels front double wishbone, virtual steer axis control arm and rear independent multilink. 67 As an extra-cost option, the car is available with self-leveling, height-adjustable air suspension. [20] A total of 1,805 Model S cars were sold in the Netherlands in 2015″. [20]

U.S. carmaker Tesla Inc has hiked prices on its Model X and S cars by about 20 percent in China, the first automaker to do so in the world’s top automotive market in response to mounting trade tensions between the countries. [11] I get the initial fascination with Tesla – Model S was the first EV with a range and performance that made it a viable alternative to ICE cars (granted, for those customers with deep pockets). [30] Fortunately I lived in a country where the regulator had teeth and they forced GM to not only tow and fix the car but also re-imburse me for the rental costs for delaying me as long as they did). – Tesla invested in a mobile repair fleet sending people out to customer’s houses for this kind of stuff. – A consumer reports came out with a sub par rating for the Model 3 brakes. [23] Tesla so far has made cars that are affordable only to an upscale niche market, (it sold only 50,000 cars last year ); meanwhile, its entry-level Model 3, intended for the masses, is largely stalled. [4] Once cars like the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and Nissan Leaf begin to hit the mainstream, the car buying public might (finally) envision a brighter future. [3] Australia’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel says Once cars like the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and Nissan Leaf begin to hit the mainstream. [3]

The approach of “make the profitable car now and the stripped-down one later” affirms the views of Business Insider transportation writer Matthew DeBord, who argued way back in February 2017 that Tesla shouldn?t even bother with the Model 3. [24] For instance, if the Tesla Model 3 debuts with fully autonomous capability, it will effectively become the most affordable car on the road. [31]

If Tesla hits its production quotas in 2019, they should sell about 500,000-750,000 cars. [23] While car companies in Europe and China are preparing to switch entirely to electrics and hybrids, Ford in the U.S. is discontinuing production of nearly all its sedans –including its Focus electric–and shifting toward an all-SUV and truck lineup, simply because these larger (and thus inherently less efficient) vehicles generate more profit. [4]

Then you won’t want to ever buy a car from companies such as Honda or Toyota (or any car company for that matter), provided it is the first model year of a new engine, new body, or both. [23] Every car company has issues with the first year model of a new model or engine, guaranteed. [23] I the context of Tesla I would define rich people as those who can afford to buy a car just for fun. [30] They to a large degree techno-libertarians so love that having a Tesla lets them be smug and pretend they are better then the little people because they can pretend to care about the environment for a minute or because they have a really fast car to 60. [30] Now that’s a lot of ifs, but really all it depends on Tesla being able to make cars (not that hard) and people being willing to buy them on-line (which probably has already been proved). [23] There is one special kind of super rich people who claim to care about environment but fly private jets and waste a lot of consumer good including cars (including Tesla). [30] I remember the flat-out lies newspaper testreports told about the range of Tesla cars and that were uncovered by the logs the car had recorded about how it actually had been driven. [23] Tesla does have sales locations you can bring your car to for service -they are just not 3rd party dealerships. [23] If anything, Tesla allows manufacturers to delay rolling out their own EV, since they can just buy ZEV credits from Tesla instead (many low-volume high-end exotic car makers are choosing to do this). [23] The problem is Tesla are building cars in a completely new way, and those machines have to be tuned and revised before they hum. [23] Tesla stepped up and fixed it. – Telsa recalling cars with actual faults quickly and voluntarily. [23] Tesla didn’t lose because the judge found that Clarkson had performed a fair test of their car. [23]

Although Musk promised a $35,000 price point for the car, so far only versions heavily weighted with expensive options–and thus selling for $50,000 or more–have been delivered. [4] An example; there is no performance penalty, a car with a powerful electric drive train can be just as efficient as a weak one. [3] We are now proud electric vehicle (EV) owners, and we love our plug-in, battery-powered car: some days we almost fight over who gets to drive it. [4] The rich people I know live in gated communities and drive one of their many cars to work. [30] Most people people want to be able to do those long drives occasionally. $35k is a lot of money for a car that is only a commuter car. [23] You’re not gonna save the environment buying another car, especially if you drive more because you think you’re being green. [30]

For three years we?ve been hearing about plans for the Model 3, a sedan billed as the first “mass market” car in the Silicon Valley luxury EV maker’s product line. [24] With those numbers, the CO2 output of the manufacturing process for batteries puts EVs about 10,000 miles behind – at U.S. average driver mileage, it takes about a year for the typical EV to break even with the typical gas car before one is permanently ‘better for the environment’ than a gas car. [30]

The automotive industry is approaching a profound inflection point: by 2022 the demand for electric vehicles1 (EVs) will begin to outpace that for gasoline powered cars. [31] The Volvo car company, now owned by the Chinese car company Geely, announced last year that starting in 2019 it will phase out conventional gasoline and diesel engines altogether in favor of hybrids and EVs. [4] I can expect it to be reliable, durable, have good resale value, be low in CO2 emissions and “conventional” pollution, and have no use limitations compared to any similar gasoline only powered car. [3]

Even leases are now being steeply discounted: BMW has recently been leasing its model i3 plug-in car, which sells for $50,000, for a mere $54 a month. [4] They know what car you have, and what version of what model it is. [23]

It’s expensive as fuck and people who can afford it usually own a car (or two) already, but that’s how introducing a new technology looks like: first it’s a cool, but otherwise impractical gadget for the rich, second it becomes usable, but it’s still beyond the reach of average customers, and finally price drops to a point an average Joe can afford it. [30] The first cars to roll out of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, in July 2017 did indeed carry the $35,000 base price. [24] We bought a volt first to replace a tdi and I found it was a great car until the battery ran out which was pretty quickly. [3] An extended battery, capable of propelling the car 310 miles on a charge, cost another $9,000. [24] Even worse AC charging of all types is dependent on the internal charger of the car, which is sized to the battery of the car, and not the power of the EVSE. Both of these reasons are why I’m campaigning for the deployment of medium power DCFC as the basis for the public non-travel charging infrastructure. [3] With current battery technology, EVs are more expensive than comparable gasoline-powered cars. [4] This is partly because buyers want the latest battery technology, and partly because they don?t want to purchase a car with batteries that are already somewhat degraded. [4]

We transport goods, including food (the weight of which exceeds the weight of people moved in cars by 800 times ) with trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes, and these transport modes (with the partial exception of rail) will be a challenge to electrify: batteries would be extraordinarily and often prohibitively heavy. [4] At the time, everyone took Enron at his word that it would be faster, with longer range, and less recharge time, than any other car out there. [30] According to a recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report, electric vehicles will be less expensive than comparable conventional cars in just five years. [4] Volkswagen plans to start offering car sharing services using fully electric vehicles in German cities next year as part of efforts to serve consumers who don’t want to buy their own vehicles. [11] In 10 years no one will want a gas car, by then it will be obvious that they are inferior. [3] Even if you live in the U.S. PNW which is heavily renewable, you’re causing like 1/3rd the carbon output of the average gas car on a day to day basis, which, while better, is not saving anything. [30] Even when over half of all light vehicles being sold are EVs, perhaps by 2040, the overwhelming majority of the world’s existing cars will still be petro-burners. [4] For those that grant payment and entry by car, any accompanying passengers in a private, non-commercial vehicle with a fourth-grader will be allowed to enter at no charge. [32]

In the analysis that shaped our whitepaper, “Mobility-as-a-Service: Why Self-Driving Cars Could Change Everything,” ARK forecasted first, that commercial autonomous taxis would arrive in 2019 and second, that in the U.S. one out of every thousand miles, or 0.1%, would be driven autonomously by 2020, as shown below. [31] “I don’t want a brand new car that needs to be repaired because it wasn’t adequately QCd in the first place.” [23] Some people either need or want large cars that are arguably at least a little bit more comfortable than a Zoe or Leaf. [30] Not to mention that the most polluting part of any car is the car itself, they take a lot of materials to produce and often do not last long, if people actually gave a shit about the environment they would use public transport. [30] I think the other manufacturers are happy to have poor charging options because it’s another way to keep people buying ICE cars for a little while longer. [23] There is no way the Leaf or the Bolt EV will ever be “mainstream”, and even the TM3 is rather overpriced for a truly “affordable” car. [3] The process of assembling an EV isn’t wildly different from a car with an internal combustion engine. [23] The EV market will one day be as large as the ICE car market. [23] 30% of buyers have said that they are looking at an EV for their next car. [23]

It wasn?t the introduction of a new car, but the increase in production efficiency that changed the industry dynamics. [31] That’s a little too far for comfort with a car that has 200 miles of range. [23] In the winter here in New England we lose about 50% of the range, so the car could barely get there on one charge. [23]

Maybe it’s because they are dealing with a company that stands behind their products, repairs and upgrades them, and resolves issues if they are discovered, and are not dealing with a car manufacturer. [23] Tesla’s problem was they decided to build a brand new car in a brand new plant in a stupidly ambitious timeframe. [23] Because every little part works? If their mentality is “either buy a car from us or don’t buy at all”, it’s not inconsistent with trying to delay Tesla’s progress as much as possible regardless of circumstances. [23]

Looking at the recent roundup of press surrounding Tesla’s Model 3, it’s clear that the car is making waves. [21] Tesla’s resulting investigation was unable to identify a root cause for the failure, and the company decided to examine every single car. [20] The company is heavily involved in the development of driverless cars. [22]

Musk is the CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla, and is the founder of aerospace manufacturer. [10] “Elon Musk: Tesla boss on EVs with 500-mile range and colonies on Mars”. [20] “Tesla delivered 2,650 Model S EVs last year, Musk confident of profit in Q1 and beyond”. [20] “We did it!” Musk wrote in an email to the company, as reported on the website Electrek, which follows Tesla closely. [10] “Musk: Tesla “unlikely” to pursue battery swapping stations”. [20] Back then, Musk cautioned those betting against Tesla stock that a “tsunami of hurt” was coming their way. [21] Musk went after Business Insider’s Linette Lopez asking her if she’s ever provided him short seller Jim Chanos with material non-public information about Tesla? and also asking her in an earlier tweet if she “compensated or promise to compensate Martin. [10] CNBC had a few high-profile guests discuss their views on Musk and his leadership at Tesla. [21]

Tesla global electric car sales totaled 11,603 units during the third quarter of 2015, including six Model X units. [20] “In a Silicon Valley milestone, Tesla Motors begins delivering Model S electric cars”. [20] The top selling electric cars were the Renault Zoe (18,727), the Tesla Model S (15,515), and the Nissan Leaf (15,455). [20]

In October 2015, Tesla announced the company is negotiating with the Chinese government on producing its electric cars domestically. [20] “Tesla delivers its first electric cars in China; delays upset some”. [20]

Commercial vehicles already pay mileage-based user fees, and something has to change to pay for road construction and maintenance costs as electric vehicles and better-mileage cars replace gas-guzzlers. [33] According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and its latest Global Electric Vehicles Outlook report, “The number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world’s roads exceeded 3 million in 2017, a 54% increase compared with 2016.” [21] “Norges mest solgte bil i september er en elbil” Norway’s best selling car in September is an electric vehicle (in Norwegian). [20]

Broder replied to the criticism in a blog post and suggested that the speed discrepancies may have been because the car had been equipped with 19-inch wheels rather than the specified 21-inch wheels. 490 In the midst of the controversy, a CNN reporter recreated Broder’s trip without exhausting the battery. [20] Catching on fire out of the blue you say? Well, it’s not like that hasn’t happened to any other car, but just out of curiosity: Did the battery pack reignite by any chance? I’m asking for a friend. [28] People who don’t care about there car catching on fire haha. [28] The Nav on the instrument panel is loaded on the car and does not need Internet access to function. [20] The plug-in car segment achieved an all-time high market share of 0.90% of new car sales in 2016. [20] Cumulative sales totaled 3,590 units as of December2015 update, and ranks as the second best-selling plug-in car in the country ever after the Chevrolet Volt (5,415) and ahead of the Nissan Leaf (3,198). [20] As of December2016 update, cumulative sales totaled 570,187 plug-in cars since 2008, with the Chevrolet Volt as the all-time best selling plug-in car with 113,489 units. [20] December sales totaled a record monthly volume of 23,288 units and also achieved a record monthly market share of 1.39% of new car sales. [20] “Bilsalget i november OFV AS” Car sales in August (in Norwegian). [20]

“UCS: Well-to-wheel, EVs cleaner than pretty much all gas cars”. [20] “Tesla’s car comes with a 3G chip, so it can be tracked and shut down remotely”. [20]

The success of Tesla (TSLA) is proof-positive that the investment community believes electric cars could be the future. [21] The chief executive of Tesla Inc. had been camping out at his electric car factory in Fremont, Calif., for much of the past week. [10]

In February 2008 it was reported that Tesla, Inc. (then Tesla Motors) was planning to offer a range-extended version of its Model S. This version would have included a gasoline engine to extend the driving range of the vehicle, 33 but it was removed in later revisions. [20] The EPA rated the 2017 90D Model S’s energy consumption at 200.9watt-hoursperkilometer (32.33kWh/100mi or 20.09kWh/100km) for a combined fuel economy of 104 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (2.26L/100km or 125mpg imp ). 17 In 2016, Tesla updated the design of the Model S to closely match that of the Model X. [20]

“Drive by Numbers – Tesla Model S is the vehicle of choice in many of America’s wealthiest zip codes”. [20] “Tesla Model S road trip drivers find success along NYT’s failed drive route w/video”. [20] “Tesla adds Model S 70D with all-wheel drive to lineup for $75k”. [20]

Tesla said the 85D has a 2% (5-mile) range increase and 11% increase in top speed over the 85. 91 In the P85D, the high-power rear drive unit is retained, while a new front drive motor boosts the total power by about 50%. [20] If you haven?t heard of Tesla, they are an automaker that focuses solely on building premium electric vehicles that don?t look or drive like a Prius. [9] “Note: If the battery limits the maximum 30 minutes power, the maximum 30 minutes power of an electric vehicle can be less than the maximum 30 minutes power of the drive train of the vehicle according to this test.” [20] The Model S P90D has a top speed of 155mph (249km/h) and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 97km/h) in 2.8 seconds, despite the lower total motor power, in part due to the improved traction of the all-wheel drive powertrain. [20] What this means is that it is now attainable to drive an electric automobile made solely on Red, White, and Blue soil that can carry you and four of your friends over 200 miles between charges while also dominating at the dragstrip. [9] “2017 (Full Year) Germany: Best-Selling Electric Car Brands and Models”. [20] Tesla’s first mass-market electric car, the Model 3, just came off the assembly line. [29] Officially founded in 2003, the company now offers a full product line of sleek, sexy, electric cars. [9] Companys told me that electric cars are safe and wouldn’t burn under any circumstance. [28]

The average new car purchased in America costs around $33,500, and when you buy an electric car you receive up to $7,500 in tax incentives for helping pave the way to a sustainable car industry (gasoline won?t be around forever). [9] Profit margins on gasoline are even thinner in the United States, with gross margins averaging less than 20 cents a gallon, according to the Oil Price Information Service, so it’s a model that could translate. [34]

According to Zero Hedge, “Elon Musk’s feud with Tesla shorts is not business, it’s just personal.” [21] “Elon Musk vs The New York Times: battle escalates Thursday with dueling blog posts”. [20]

In 2012, the EPA range for the 60kWh battery pack model was 208mi (335km) 98 and the 85kWh battery was 265 miles (426km). 99 100 According to Musk, the Model S has a battery with twice the energy density of that on the Nissan Leaf, but the difference in range is more than double. [20] After Dylan Shea, a Seattle musician, tweeted at Musk to confirm a rumor saying he would help the people of Flint get clean water, Musk responded. [10] Musk responded to a tweet that said there was “no way” he could get clean water to Flint. [10] Will Musk really be bringing buckets of cash to Flint soon? “Please. [10] Flint officials have invited Musk to contact them directly or even visit the city if his interest in. [10]

Last year, when the stock was surging, Musk taunted shorts on Twitter, “Stormy weather in shortville.” [21] In a tweet sent Wednesday, Musk was prompted by a tweeter user saying that people believe. [10]

Musk isn’t stupid and knows well that any company-wide email like this is going to leak so you can’t exactly blame him for using the opportunity to hype the idea that Tesla is finally going to reach the goal of making 5k Model 3’s per week. [23] Lately Tesla has been going in the opposite direction of affordability: Last month, Musk took to Twitter to announce that a new high-performance version of the Model 3 would be available for order at $78,000. [24] I think Musk gets it and his job is just to keep the cash flowing until Tesla can get their production system scaled up and stable. [23] Now, CNBC has learned that Musk also sent an e-mail to all employees at Tesla late on Sunday night alleging that he has discovered a saboteur in the company’s ranks. [23] In the email, Musk said “the investigation will continue in depth this week” to “figure out if was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations.” [23] Musk didn’t start Tesla because he thought EVs were the future and wanted to get in on it early (he may believe that, but that’s not the reason he started Tesla). [23]

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA ) has been credited for beginning the shift toward electric vehicles, but over the last year or so companies like Nissan (TSE: 7201 ) and General Motors (NYSE: GM ) have announced major plans for electric cars. [35] More expensive and newer electric cars do better in this department (the current Tesla Model S will travel up to 337 miles on a charge, while the 2018 Chevy Bolt hatchback can go a maximum 238 miles). [4] The thing most people don’t realize is that Tesla is not the reason the industry is pushing towards electric cars. [23]

A) The cars have to get priced so that 100% of people buying new cars will buy one. [3] Same for the cars, once they become cheap enough people will buy them period. [3] For decades, sustainable transport experts have pointed out that cars are inherently inefficient (so much metal, glass, and plastic needed to transport what is usually a single occupant); that highways destroy landscapes and neighborhoods ; and that people are happier in communities that are walkable and bikable, and that have robust public transit systems. [4]

He has also said that if fuel cell cars gain traction in Europe, platinum demand could hit 6.6 million ounces that year. [35] Soon, the dark days of dinosaur-juice cars could come to a close it’s time to turn on the lights. [3] That’s not going to stop at any time, so their should be cars made for them even if all cars are using batteries. [30] It will take time for the trend toward EVs to result in a corresponding decline in oil consumption, especially if the number of cars on the road–like global population–continues to rise. [4] It isn’t a car you can use to visit your family in the country. [30] Uses taxpayer dollars to make cars that the tax payer can’t afford. [30]

I assume, you took the appropriate car to the appropriate dealer and either waited around or got a loaner or something like that while they fixed the problem. [23] There are things I don’t like about the car (over-reliance on the center screen, door handles, etc.). [23]

The only way the BEV was practical for me was because I also still had my ICE car. [23] The air in cities would also improve a lot by cars emitting nothing during driving. [30] You would still need another car for long distance driving – wasting space and money for maintaining 2 cars. [30] You’re sucking up the toxic gas from the car in front of you.” [3] ARK believes the advent of autonomous electric vehicles will change the economics of car ownership as we know it. [31] Just because they produce less cars doesn’t mean they aren’t influential. [23]

Tesla Inc has delivered 200,000 electric cars in the United States, a spokesperson said on Thursday, resulting in lower tax credits for future buyers. [11] To me there is no doubt that behind the scenes specialised agencies and perhaps even darker machinations are at work to throw monkey wrenches into Teslas attempt to build an market feasilbe electric car. [23]

While EV owners like their vehicles, the resale value of electric cars is abysmal: many five-year-old Leafs, which cost $30,000 new, sell for less than $10,000. [4] By 2020 there will be 1 million electric cars out of the 230 million cars on the road in the U.S., an estimated 17.3 light vehicle sales will occur in 2020 about 5 to 10% will be EVs. It’s going to take a generation or two before EV’s make up 50% of the market, 35% is predicted market share for 2040. [23] A recent AAA survey found that 20 percent of Americans want their next vehicle to be an electric car. [4]

In this department electric cars deliver: even if the electricity to charge an EV’s battery comes from a typical combination of coal, natural gas, and hydro sources, the high efficiency of its electric motor means that its full lifecycle carbon emissions will likely be lower than those from a conventional gasoline-burning internal combustion engine. [4]

A plug-in isn’t going to be efficient as a pure EV (less regeneration because the battery is smaller), it’s going to need maintenance of the ICE, and it’s not as much fun to drive (small electric motor and small ICE). [23] The model S was the first EV that even petrolheads actually got exited about: a practical vehicle with good range, performance and looks, rather than something only a tree hugger would want to drive. [23]

I have had my Tesla model 3 for one month and let dozens of my friends and family drive it and ride in it. [3] Tesla are leaders in the industry and are responsible for the recent drive to get ecars in the mainstream. [23]

As I’ve argued many times here before, a lot of what’s stopping people form buying EVs now is a mix of psychology they’re comfortable with fossil fuel vehicles and they fear change and plain old ignorance they STILL think EVs are underpowered toys that can’t drive at highway speeds or in snow and ice, or will cost more to recharge than would buying gasoline for a roughly equivalent vehicle. [3] EVs are still a long way from offering the utility of a similarly priced gasoline powered vehicle. [3]

Hell, from a TCO point of view, a Model S can be cheaper than a Leaf after a sufficiently long distance driven (if you’re, say, a professional driver), if the difference between gasoline price and electricity price is large enough since the Model S will pay for itself completely ($6/gal vs. $0.1/kWh in case of my country). [23]

Musk assured them that a $35,000 Model 3 would be delivered by the first quarter of 2019. [24] Musk took the opportunity of his announcement about the $78,000 Model 3 to assure buyers about the $35,000 version. [24]

You can send out a message about finding a potential saboteur, stating your suspicions that they aren’t alone, reminding people of the need for security and confidentiality, and providing the line to allow whistleblowing, without mentioning half the details Musk has. [23] Arson? Arson is a common refrain from Musk? The company has had some problems, to be sure, but this is not a standard excuse. [23] This is a perfectly normal looking company email from Musk. [23]

I want to know why socialists fell in love with Musk first only to hate him now. [30] Again, why could the U.S. not be at the vanguard of tech? You?re acting like it’s silly to expect this country to advance without the help of daddy Musk. [30]

There are so many low cost electric cars like the Renault Zoe (22k), Nissan Leaf (32k), Peugeot iOn (22k), etc. [30] Why would they? Every other automotive company is already working on electric cars, and cars such as the Nissan Leaf (with its 172km/107 mile rage and $28,550 price) are already very close to being feasible for the mass market. [23] As the market share and popularity of electric cars rise, platinum demand is expected to struggle and prices could fall. [35] It’s this move toward increased market share for electric cars that may put downward pressure on platinum demand and prices. [35]

With electric cars, I believe we are 2-3 years from the final phase, where a fully electric car would be the only one you need. [30] The rise of electric cars is expected to heavily impact the platinum market in the years to come. [35] Get rid of them, and electric cars can be stalled for another 10 years. [23]

The problem for platinum is that it isn?t required in the production of electric cars. [35] Derailing Tesla’s hype train would in no way stop the development of electric cars. [23] The future of new technology is notoriously difficult to predict, and electric cars still have a long way to go before large-scale adoption can be achieved. [35] Or why dont they make affordable trains/subways for everyone in the US? That would be way more friendly to the environment than everyone buying expensive electric cars. [30]

Speaking in 2017 at an industry event, Bodo Albrecht, chair of the International Precious Metals Institute, said the use of platinum-heavy fuel cell technology in the electric car market is “growing much too slowly to offset falling autocatalyst demand.” [35] Oil will dry up, get expensive as fuck and we hopefully will use ore renewable energy in the future, f.e. in norway electric cars are a bit better CO2 wise than regular cars. [30] Accounting for transmission losses, an electric car powered fully by coal puts out about as much CO2 as a 25-30 mpg gas car. [30] Finkel notes, “I think of the gas lamp when I hear arguments against electric cars let’s look at lifestyle and convenience. [3] When will that ‘light bulb moment’ happen with the car buying public? When will they pivot en masse from fossil fuel powered cars to electric vehicles? Australia’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel, owns two electric cars and says, “You just touch the accelerator and the car responds, whereas in a petrol car there is a lag of two tenths of a second There is something magical about the responsiveness of it.” [3] Twizy (and pretty much every electric car that came in the 2000s and early 2010s) has a range of 80-100 km, so it isn’t practical for anything more than driving in city. [30] BNEF expects electric car sales to top 1.6 million in 2018, expanding to 11 million annually by 2025 and 30 million by 2030. [4] As an afterthought, there’s a good argument to be made for electric cars, and for making the EV transition now rather than waiting for the perfect car to arrive. [4]

That’s how much the newest mainstream electric car will cost you, putting it squarely in the range of the average American consumer. [9] Plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. totaled 157,181 units, up 37.6% from 2015 (114,248). [20]

France, in an attempt to meet its goals under the Paris climate agreement, said Thursday they will phase out the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040. [29] The following table shows the EPA’s official ratings for fuel economy in miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPGe). [20] Although electric vehicles don?t run on gasoline, they do run on electricity–and in many places, much of that electricity is still generated from fossil fuel sources. [29] There could be an opening yet for gasoline retailers to expand their offerings into EV charging, too. [34]

On February 18, 2013, The New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan published an editorial stating that Broder took “casual and imprecise notes” of his test drive and did not use good judgment, but she maintained that the article was written in good faith. [20] In the 85D, the rear drive unit is replaced by a smaller one to save on cost and weight, while a second motor of similar size is added to the front wheels. [20] Complaints ranged from minor, such as misaligned doors and squeaky body, to severe – things like total drive train replacement and inoperable door handles. [20]

Elon Musk’s efforts to aid in the rescue of 13 people trapped in a Thai cave were ultimately unneeded, but the billionaire is confident his “kid-size submarine” could be used at some point in the future. [10]

If Elon really wants to improve the world and make it a better place from an ecological perspective he should definitely work on improving public transportation in USA. But he wont because it isnt cool or sexy and it wont make him look like a visionary. [30] Obviously some people drive a lot more or a lot less than the average. [3] Because most people with money don?t want to drive subcompacts and most people without money are too poor to care about the environment. [30]

I quickly realized that on a cold winter day I might need 25-30kwh to make my simple daily drive. [3] Who drives to a gas station to fill it up? Filling up is something you do when you drive by a station. [3]

It’s not just the 5 minutes it takes to fill up; it’s the time and gasoline you waste driving to and from the station. [3]

The problem mainly affects cars in cold harsh weathers, but Tesla is recalling every model, nonetheless. [25] Tesla issued a worldwide recall of its Model S cars due to a possible issue involving the power steering bolts. [25]

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