How Is a Tesla Different from Regular Electric Car?

How Is a Tesla Different from Regular Electric Car?
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  • Bold promises have been met with skepticism, but after driving the Tesla Model S we?re left wondering if the era of the electric car has arrived.(More…)
  • It’s all part of his master plan to create an affordable electric car with a high-density battery that can store solar-generated energy.(More…)


  • In 2015, Tesla introduced a 70kWh battery to replace the existing 60kWh batteries and base 60kWh Model S vehicles, as the 60 was low margin and not sufficiently welcomed by customers. 125 126 All 70kWh cars can be had with rear-wheel drive or all wheel drive. 127 The 60 was re-introduced in 2016 as a software-limited 75, upgradable to 75.(More…)
  • The I-Pace has permanent magnet synchronous electric motors both front and rear, generating a total of 394 hp and 512 pound-feet of torque, good for a flat-out 0-60 run of 4.5 seconds.(More…)
  • Globally, Tesla delivered around 26,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2017, after fiscal year 2016 deliveries amounted to around 76,000 units.(More…)
  • Tesla has sold about 10,000 Model 3s since it launched the car last year.(More…)



Bold promises have been met with skepticism, but after driving the Tesla Model S we?re left wondering if the era of the electric car has arrived. [1] The top selling electric cars were the Renault Zoe (18,727), the Tesla Model S (15,515), and the Nissan Leaf (15,455). [2] “Tesla Model 3: The Road & Track Review: Can Tesla’s most affordable model kick-start the electric car revolution?”. [3] Tesla global electric car sales totaled 11,603 units during the third quarter of 2015, including six Model X units. [2] “Tesla delivers its first electric cars in China; delays upset some”. [2] Tesla’s first effort, the Tesla Roadster, was somewhat crude, but provided massive thrills in a working package and proved that the idea of an American-built electric car could be not only feasible, but fun. [1] Around the water cooler here at the posh CleanTechnica headquarters, we have been having a conversation among ourselves lately about whether electric cars in general, and Teslas in particular, have too much power. [4] In October 2015, Tesla announced the company is negotiating with the Chinese government on producing its electric cars domestically. [2]

The Tesla Model S ranked as the third best selling all-electric passenger car and as the seventh among highway-capable plug-in electric vehicles. [2] “In a Silicon Valley milestone, Tesla Motors begins delivering Model S electric cars”. [2] “2017 (Full Year) Germany: Best-Selling Electric Car Brands and Models”. [2] For the past nine years, NFPA has run an EV safety training program for emergency responders and created guides for responding to fires in a vehicle that uses an alternative source of fuel, meaning electric cars, natural gas cars, and hybrids. [5] A good percentage of people intending to purchase a new vehicle are starting to consider the option of an electric car. [6] We have gone out of our way to point out there are far more gasoline fires in the U.S. every day than electric car battery fires. [4] Plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. totaled 157,181 units, up 37.6% from 2015 (114,248). [2] There are problems for sure, the charging network, the service industry, the speed of charge, the cost etc etc, but it’s so incredibly obvious electric cars are so vastly ahead as a mass market product, there’s simply no question where the world will be in 30 – 40 years. [6] Although recharging points for the electric car grow on the map of cities every year, it is true that they are still insufficient. [6] We’re also boosting the importance of battery powertrains, service and warranties, which will strongly tip the scales in favor of electric cars versus gas-powered cars. [7] CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis website in the U.S. & the world, focusing primarily on electric cars, solar energy, wind energy, & energy storage. [4] Electric cars are less efficient in very cold climates, and consume more energy. [6] It became the most sold car of any kind in Denmark in December 2015, with 1,248 cars delivered that month, out of 1,573 electric cars sold in December. [2]

Tesla has burned through more than $1bn in cash while struggling to ramp up production of its all-important mass-market Model 3 electric car. [8] Tesla is to open a new electric car production plant in Shanghai, its first outside the U.S., chief executive Elon Musk said from the city on Tuesday. [8] Whereas Tesla has an electric sedan, BYD has electric cars, buses and delivery vans in production with plans to develop a sports car. (They also have plenty of hybrid cars as well as gas-powered vehicles.) [9] Tesla has accomplished something no other automaker can claim: It’s made a relatively affordable electric car, the Model 3, that hundreds of thousands of people are lining up to buy. [10] What sets the $36,000 Bolt apart from its fellow pre-emptive strikes (yes, including the still-too-expensive Tesla Model 3 ) is that it really is an electric car for the masses. [11] When he’s not trying to commercialize space travel, billionaire physicist Elon Musk is pulling out all of the stops on his electric car company, Tesla. [9] Porsche’s Upcoming Electric Cars Could Soon Set the Standard July 11, 2018 Tesla gets a lot of news coverage. [12] If Tesla can?t figure out how to make more cars soon, it could open a lane for rivals from Detroit and overseas to establish the high-volume market for a $35,000 electric car–one that Tesla has had in its sights from its very beginning. [10]

While Tesla’s automobiles revitalized the 21st-century electric vehicle market, the first electric cars were invented more than a hundred years earlier. [13]

The names likely to come to mind include the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and of course the company and car that injected the momentum into the electric car industry?–?the Tesla Models (S/X/3). [14] Electric cars accounted for nearly 3 percent of all passenger vehicles sold in Canada in June, thanks to a surge of Tesla Model 3 deliveries. [15] A new National Transportation Safety Board report on the fatal Florida crash of a Tesla Model S highlights the unique fire safety challenges posed by the batteries that power electric cars. [16] After a few months and plenty of miles with a Model 3, here’s an overview of what owning an electric car is really like and explanations of Tesla features for those not familiar. [17] Not all electric cars can improve over time like Teslas will, this is still something largely unique to the company. [17] Shares of Tesla Inc. slumped 4% in active morning trade Tuesday, as selling continued in the wake of the electric car maker’s second-quarter production update. [18] The discounted prices from local manufacturers is attracting a crowd of well-off young drivers who want an electric car but can?t quite afford a Tesla. [14] That’s speedy enough for anybody, and the quality of that speed is very Tesla — and very EV. Electric cars have 100% of their available torque at 1 rpm, meaning potentially neck-snapping velocity. [19] All of this is to say that, essentially, Porsche is very serious about its electric car ambitions and it will be important for Tesla to nail its execution if it wants to stay afloat as other high-end automakers enter the space. [20]

It’s all part of his master plan to create an affordable electric car with a high-density battery that can store solar-generated energy. [9] By far the biggest stumbling block to mass adoption of electric cars is the question of range, and the Bolt answers it with a bold claim of 238 miles of it. [11] Electric car advocates don?t like it, but most people still have range anxiety. [12] Like a storm cloud roiling in the distance, the specter of electric cars looms large on the horizon. [11] What you should take away right now is that Porsche electric cars not only will be fast in a straight line, they?ll also carve up the road. [12]

While EVs may pose challenges for first responders during fires, experts say there’s no reason for consumers to be any more concerned for their safety in an electric car than in a gasoline-powered vehicle. [16] Tesla’s latest unveiling of the Model 3 ?–?designed to be a “smaller, simpler, more affordable” electric car comes with a price tag of just $35,000 and saw over 325,000 preorders in the first week of its announcement. [14] The Model 3 base model, however, is designed to more affordable to more people and could likely be a lot of people’s first electric car. [17]

The biggest turn-offs to buying an electric car? The cost of the vehicle, limited driving range, and of course those savvy consumers who refuse to be early-adopters and instead choose to wait for the industry to level off and advance appropriately. [14] At the close of 2017 there were over 300 electric car ventures, with 59,000 “new energy vehicles” being sold in Beijing?–?more than any other city in the region. [14] The electric car market may have struggled (and practically disappeared according to the documentary ” Who Killed The Electric Car? ) for some time, but it’s making a huge comeback. [14] While there’s not a place to charge an electric car on most corners, like there are gas stations, the reverse is that you might never need to make inconvenient stops, always recharging overnight. [17] Byton’s CEO, Carston Breitfeld, was a leading engineer for the BMW i8 electric car and spent 20 years with the auto manufacturer. [14] Chargepoint maintains a networking of charging stations for electric cars. [14] We?ve been talking about electric cars and renewable energy sources for decades, and the volume of that conversation (and number of participants) has grown dramatically in the last decade. [14]

Tesla and the Shanghai government have left out a crucial detail in announcing a groundbreaking deal for the biggest name in electric cars to build vehicles in China: how much it’s all going to cost. [21] Scrambling to turn out its first mass-market electric car, Tesla set up multiple assembly lines and is changing production processes on the fly. [22] Tesla broke the luxury car market wide-open with its Model S in 2012, the first electric mass-market car able to comfortably seat five people and get a decent amount of range between r. [23] Summary: Auto Insurance for Tesla or other electric or hybrid fueled cars differ from that of traditionally gas-fueled vehicles. [24]

Wall Street was busy ogling flashy electric car manufacturer Tesla ( TSLA, $315) and didn?t have time for stodgy old-school brands, such as Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet. [25] Of late, Tesla and other electric type cars have gotten a great deal of publicity. [24]

Mercedes to unveil the final production of its first proper volume electric car (EQC) this fall, with mass production to be underway in 2019. [26] Model 3 orders for Asia and Europe have been delayed, so don?t expect the electric car to arrive until early or mid-2019. [27] General Motors, Nissan, BMW, Ford and others have produced electric cars, but have been unable to shrink costs enough to make them both affordable and profitable. [22]


In 2015, Tesla introduced a 70kWh battery to replace the existing 60kWh batteries and base 60kWh Model S vehicles, as the 60 was low margin and not sufficiently welcomed by customers. 125 126 All 70kWh cars can be had with rear-wheel drive or all wheel drive. 127 The 60 was re-introduced in 2016 as a software-limited 75, upgradable to 75. [2] On April 8, 2015, Tesla introduced the Model S 70D as its new entry-level car, with all-wheel drive and an improved range of 240 miles (385km); an 5kWh battery improvement could be purchased with a software unlock. 88 The 70D replaced the 60 and 60D in the Model S lineup, with the latter two models no longer being available for purchase. [2]

Within a week of unveiling the Model 3 in 2016, Tesla revealed they had taken 325,000 reservations for the car, more than triple the number of Model S sedans sold by the end of 2015. [3] Model S global sales totaled 12,420 units during the first quarter of 2016. 277 Sales during the second quarter of 2016 were lower than anticipated by Tesla, with 9,764 Model S cars delivered worldwide during the quarter. [2] The Tesla Model S was the 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, Time Magazine ‘s Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012, and Consumer Reports ‘ top-scoring car in road testing. [2] “Tesla Model 3’s design praised by famed car design critic Robert Cumberford”. [3] For what it’s worth, Tesla claims that — based on reports from their 300,000 vehicles on the road — its EV is 10 times less likely to catch fire than a gas car. [5] That kind of launch power in a petrol car is a major event, it means launch control, good grip, no wheelspin, good weather, dry road, even road surface etc. In a Tesla it’s business as usual, all day every day, every time you floor it you?re flying, you don?t even think about it, it feels like you?re playing an unrealistic PC car game. [6] Tesla cars cannot run over 130 MPH for extended periods of time (like 30 minutes) without having to slow down to 100 cool the battery. [6]

“Tesla Model S: the most important car of the last 20 years”. [2] Tesla sold sold 3,025 Model S cars in China from January to September 2015. [2] In October 2015, two months after naming the Tesla ‘the best car ever tested,’ Consumer Reports declined to give the Tesla Model S a “recommended” designation, citing too many complaints from owners. [2] On August 19, 2013, based on NHTSA safety ratings, a Tesla press release claimed that the Model S had achieved the best safety rating of any car ever tested. [2] “Tesla recall: 123,000 Model S cars may have a steering problem”. [2] “AAA ranks Tesla Model S P85D best green car of 2015, Versa is best value”. [2] Production started ahead of schedule, and on July 28 of last year, Tesla delivered the first 30 cars during a special event at its headquarters. [28] I predict that the resale value of a Model 3 after three years is going to hold up extremely well, assuming that the car itself has the same quality build as Tesla is known for. [6] Popular Mechanics named the Tesla Model 3 the magazine’s Car of the Year. [3]

During 2015 Tesla Models S sales in Western Europe totaled 15,787 units, while Mercedes-Benz S-Class sales totaled 14,990 units. [2] As of December2016 update, the Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling plug-in car in history with more than 250,000 units delivered, followed by the Tesla Model S with over 158,000 sales, the Volt/Ampera family of vehicles with 134,500 vehicles sold. [2] “Tesla sold its 200,000 Model S in the fourth quarter of 2017, in October or early November, becoming the second plug-in car to cross this sales threshold after the Nissan Leaf (300,000 units by early 2017). [2]

If Mercedes is the most incompetent car brand of all time at post sales, Tesla is the very best there ever was. [6] With a Lambo/McLaren/F Car, you know you spent the money at all times, and at all speeds, it just feels amazing and even going to the supermarket is an occasion, in a Tesla it’s just too boring, which makes buying a top end Tesla even more unjustifiable. [6] On a 700 mile journey in a petrol car, you might do 1000+ in a Tesla, not even accounting for the charge time. [6] The Tesla is pretty spot on at all times, and I?ve done 2000 miles plus in a single journey on autopilot, taking over only for roadwork areas, where lane markings are confusing, and I?ve done it at 95mph/150kph, the car can be trusted. [6]

In 2013, Tesla canceled a 40kWh version of the car due to lack of demand, saying that only 4% of pre-orders were for the 40kWh battery option. [2] Tesla responded by publishing logs of the vehicle’s charge levels and driving speed that contradicted Broder’s account on several factual details. 489 Tesla implied that Broder’s behavior forced the car to fail. [2] If Tesla or any other manufacturer wants to build a car that travels at the speed of light, more power to them. [4] Torque ratio evaporates at higher speeds. Basically, beyond 60mph, it takes a lot more power to reach higher speeds. In that scenario, the good old sports cars will easily outperform a Tesla. [6]

The first cars went to reservation holders who work at SpaceX or at Tesla. [28] “Tesla Supercharger Fire: Authorities are shutting down the investigation and report indications that the fire originated in the car”. [2] “Tesla-brannen: Kortslutning i bilen, men vet ikke hvorfor” Tesla fire: Short circuit in the car but do not know why. [2] “Tesla no longer biggest U.S. car company by market cap as stock plunges briefly into bear-market territory”. [2] In an I-Pace, you owe it to yourself to storm along a dirt road, crawl up a steep hill, ford a stream (not too deep), and then ask your Tesla-chauvinist friends, “Can your car do that? By the way, have you read the Tesla warranty exclusions?” That will make your day, if not theirs. [29] The I-Pace combination of ACC and lane centering assist is not as encompassing as Tesla Autopilot; you can’t, for instance, let the car change lanes for you. [29] The weather was about 10F (6C) warmer and CNN did the trip in one day; the Times let the car sit overnight without being plugged in. 491 A reporter from CNBC also recreated the trip in one day without incidents. 492 One week later, a group of Tesla owners recreated Broder’s trip without problems. [2] Regardless of their theoretical performances, Tesla cars are not performance sports cars on par with Ferraris, Porsches, BMW M’s and the likes. [6] This explains why Tesla show acceleration performances on par with cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more. [6] This is offset by the Tesla car needing less service, and the Tesla Ranger mobile repair units that come to your home or place of work for most anything that doesn?t require putting the car on a rack. [6] The consumption in a Tesla increases far more than in a petrol car depending on your driving. [6] You won?t get a fancy car, if that’s what you?re after don?t spend that kind of money on a Tesla, ever, go half the price and get a Lexus hybrid instead. [6] Tesla says the service will “cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car,” though rates haven’t been announced yet. [28] It allows owners to use the Tesla app to remotely set the maximum speed of their cars at between 50 and 90 mph. [4] “Tesla blev Danmarks mest solgte bil i december” Tesla was Denmark’s best selling car in December. [2] For the European market, Tesla assembles and distributes from its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 53 Cars are built and tested in Fremont, California. [2] Tesla sells its cars directly to consumers without creating a dealer network, as other manufacturers have done and as many states require by legislation. [2] “Bill to allow Tesla to sell cars in Texas dies in committee”. [2] Not that it is any worse than most luxury cars, but if you are thinking of buying a Tesla to save money?.wrong reason. [6] Not really the biggest problem in the world, but if you buy a toy for the entertainment value and smiles per gallon, Tesla is the very last car you should ever buy. [6] “This is going to be a much, much higher-volume car, and if there are any quality issues, that could overwhelm the service centers and undermine the Tesla brand.” [3] In a petrol car, I can be wild all day long on a track, in a Tesla I?d be out of juice in one lap. [6] If you?re a real car fanatic/adrenaline junkie, you might want to skip buying a Tesla, for now. [6] The term “Autopilot” also suggests to some careless Tesla owners that the car is capable of more autonomy than it delivers. [29] “Tesla puts pedal to the metal, 500,000 cars planned in 2018”. [3]

Considering the Model 3 weighs 400 pounds less than the Model S, the right battery could make the Model 3 even faster than the fastest Model S. Tesla previously confirmed the P100D’s 100kWh pack will not be available in the 3 because its wheelbase is too short, but the 3 will be available with the Ludicrous mode that cemented the Model S’s spot as one of the quickest vehicles on the planet. [28] Industry experts were dubious when, in May 2016, Tesla announced its decision to advance its 500,000 total-unit build plan (combined for Model S, Model X, and Model 3) to 2018, two years earlier than previously planned, in order to accelerate its target for Model 3 output. 32 33 34 As predicted, there were “production bottlenecks” and “production hell”. [3] Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) delivered just over 25,000 vehicles in Q1, of which approx 13,450 were Model S and approx 11,550 were Model X. ^ “Update – Tesla Q2 2017 Vehicle Production and Deliveries”. [2] On April 20, 2017, Tesla issued a worldwide recall of 53,000 (~70%) of the 76,000 Model S and Model X vehicles it sold in 2016 due to faulty parking brakes. [2]

The lowest capacity option became the 75 kWh, and at the same time Tesla significantly reduced the software upgrade options for facelifted 60 and 70 models to be upgraded over-the-air to 75 (and rebadged at their next visit to a Tesla service centre). [2] On April 16, 2017, Tesla removed the model 60 and 60D options, since most customers pick the larger 75-kwh battery option. [2] “Don’t expect the very first Tesla Model 3s to cost $35,000”. [3] According to Autocar, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the Tesla Model 3’s battery packs 50 kWh and 70 kWh. [28] “Tesla Model 3’s design will be finished in six weeks, Elon Musk says”. [3]

In July 2015, Tesla introduced its 70, 90, 90D and P90D variants along with a “ludicrous mode” for the performance model. [2] Tesla has some major bottlenecks to address before hitting its previously stated goal of 5,000 Model 3s per week. [28] “Tesla Model 3 first drive experience: a smaller Model S with a minimalist look”. [3] To keep things simple, Tesla will only manufacture the rear-wheel drive variant of the Tesla Model 3 for the first year of the production run. [28] As of February 2017, Tesla planned to ramp up production to exceed 5,000 vehicles per week in Q4 2017 and reach 10,000 vehicles per week in 2018. 97 However, Tesla missed their Q4 production target by far, as only 2,425 vehicles were produced during the entire 3-month period. 103 104 5 months before, Musk claimed on Twitter that Tesla would be able to produce 20,000 Model 3 per month by December of the same year. [3] As of August 2016, the company intended to make release candidates for testing prior to actual production. 98 99 Tesla began building Model 3 prototypes in early February 2017 as part of the testing of the vehicle design and manufacturing processes. [3] In October 2016, Tesla said its production timeline was on schedule. 100 101 102 Again in February 2017, Tesla said that vehicle development, supply chain and manufacturing are on track to support volume deliveries of the Model 3 in the second half of 2017. [3]

The autonomy functions of the Model S, including Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, have limitations that have led to collisions when the driver becomes inattentive. 520 Tesla warns in the owners manual that drivers always must be aware of road conditions and not rely on the cruise control to prevent a collision, 521 as the system may not detect stationary vehicles or obstacles, bicycles, and pedestrians. [2] Tesla delivered approximately 22,200 vehicles in Q4, of which 12,700 were Model S and 9,500 were Model X. ^ a b c Schmitt, Bertel (2017-03-04). [2] The Tesla Model 3 benefits from advances in battery technology that were recently inaugurated by the ultra-quick P100D versions of the Model S and the Model X. The company’s newest battery pack is much denser than its predecessor, and it gets a comprehensively updated cooling system. [28] The top selling model for the second year in a row was the Tesla Model S with 29,156 units sold in 2016, followed by the Chevrolet Volt (24,739), Tesla Model X (18,028), Ford Energi Fusion (15,938), and the Nissan Leaf (14,006). [2] Tesla reported 520 reservations for the Model S during the first week they were available 243 and by December 2012, a total 15,000 net reservations (after deliveries and cancellations) had been received by year-end. 244 The special edition Model S Signature model was sold out before deliveries began in June 2012, and according to Tesla all models were sold out for that year shortly after. [2]

“Drive by Numbers – Tesla Model S is the vehicle of choice in many of America’s wealthiest zip codes”. [2] On November 20, 2015, Tesla announced a voluntary worldwide recall of all of its 90,000 Model S vehicles, in order to check for a possible defect in the cars’ front seat belt assemblies. [2] “NHTSA closes Tesla fire inquiry as Model S gets new battery shield”. [2] “Tesla will update the Model S software for safer charging following a Supercharger fire”. [2] Sales of the Model S began in July 2014. 259 According to Tesla, as of June2015 update, Hong Kong has the world’s highest density of Tesla superchargers, with eight stations comprising a total of 36 supercharger stalls. [2] As of December2017 update, Tesla reported global sales of 212,874 Model S cars.” [2]

The Model S 75D and I-Pace are roughly equivalent on range, but the Tesla also goes as far as 335 miles miles with the 100D. Tesla also has a great one-hour charging network already in place and the 17-inch portrait display in the center console. [29] The 2019 I-Pace is a compact four-door crossover, 12 inches shorter than the Tesla Model S, with a 240-mile range that equals the Model S 75D. In our tests, it showed outstanding performance on racetracks, dirt roads, through water, and on public roads. [29]

“Tesla Model S road trip drivers find success along NYT’s failed drive route w/video”. [2] “Italian Tesla drivers set distance record after driving Model S 670 miles on a single charge”. [2] “2015 Tesla Model S P85D – Driving 40,000 miles, 250 miles at a time”. [2] The EPA rated the 2017 90D Model S’s energy consumption at 200.9watt-hoursperkilometer (32.33kWh/100mi or 20.09kWh/100km) for a combined fuel economy of 104 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (2.26L/100km or 125mpg imp ). 17 In 2016, Tesla updated the design of the Model S to closely match that of the Model X. [2] “Tesla introduces new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X”. [2]

Tesla is pioneering the American development of electric vehicles, and founder Elon Musk went as far as to purchase a factory to build the brand’s Model S luxury sedan. [1] The 2012 Tesla Model S Performance model has a three-phase, four-pole AC induction 416hp (310kW) and 443ft?lb (601N?m) rear-mounted electric motor with copper rotor. 67 The base model uses a 362hp (270kW) and 325ft?lb (441N?m) motor. [2] With the $82,800 Model X 75D, Tesla promises its 75-kwh battery back and twin electric motors can propel its crossover SUV to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, to a top speed of 130 mph. [7] Automotive industry analyst Toni Sacconaghi of AllianceBernstein said after driving the latest Tesla vehicle in November 2017 that “Overall, we found the Model 3 to be a compelling offering, and believe it is likely to further galvanize the overall Electric Vehicle category.” [3]

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles of all time. [28] “Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk confirms the branding will be numeric – resulting in ‘S3X’ vehicle lineup”. [3] “Tesla Model 3 – Elon Musk confirms first production unit built”. [3] “Tesla Model 3: pictures of the very first production unit at the factory”. [3]

“Tesla Model 3 production specs revealed: up to 310 miles range, 140 mph top speed, and more”. [3] According to a new EPA document (via Electrek), the Model 3 achieved an EPA-cycle range of 334 miles, meaning Tesla might be underselling the vehicle’s performance to keep its customers happy with their real-world results. [28]

“Two Tesla fanatics just drove a Model S for a record 560 miles on a single charge — here’s how”. [2] Tesla also explained that apart from the P90D the Model S has its main battery conductor protected by a fuse rated for 1,300A and that this rating is somewhat conservative given the uncertainty of the exact conditions under which a fuse melts. [2] “Tesla announces Model S Ludicrous upgrade, 90-kWh battery”. [2] “Tesla Model S Recycles Waste Heat to Warm the Battery”. [2] “Report: Tesla Model S was designed with battery swaps in mind”. [2] NTSB Last week, federal investigators reported that the battery of a Tesla Model S reignited twice after the car’s fiery crash in May. [5] “Tesla delivered 2,650 Model S EVs last year, Musk confident of profit in Q1 and beyond”. [2] Road and Track ‘ s Bob Sorokanich said the “Model 3 proves that Tesla is thinking far beyond the edges of the Model S and X. Stepping out of the 3, you realize that, as far as the S and X pushed the envelope, they were always meant as intermediaries, stepping stones designed to draw people away from comfortable convention and into the future of the automobile. [3] “Tesla Model S – Plus de 22.000 ventes dans le monde en 2013” Tesla Model S – More than 22,000 sales worldwide in 2013 (in French). [2] “Tesla Model S – Slik vil Tesla gje slutt prekkeviddeangsten” Tesla Model S – How will end the Tesla range anxiety. [2] Apparently, the new software capability is dedicated to the driver of the Model S in Florida who died in the crash, so congratulations to Tesla for making this important safety update quickly. [4] In May, a Tesla Model S crashed into a concrete barrier in South Florida, killing the teenage driver and a passenger. [4] In April 2016, Tesla made minor changes in the Model S. The front fascia has a similar design as the Model X, adding adaptive LED headlights. [2] The 2018 Tesla Model X sacrifices a big, square shape for reduced aerodynamic drag; the result resembles an overinflated Model S. [7]

The Tesla Model S ranks third with an estimated 92,317 units since its inception in 2012. [2] Tesla Model S registrations in Norway totaled 2,051 new units in 2016. [2] “Tesla adds Model S 70D with all-wheel drive to lineup for $75k”. [2] Fire! Fire! Read All About It! Tesla Model S Catches Fire In Florida! We at CleanTechnica have tried to walk the always fine line between sensationalism and journalism. [4] “Tesla to start replacing passenger airbags in all 2012 Model S sedans due to industry-wide Takata recall”. [2] “Tesla adds new “Glass Roof” Model S option; discontinues P90D”. [3] Construction of an assembly factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico (a central location for shipping) was supposed to begin in April 2007, but was cancelled. 35 A factory to be built in San Jose, California was also announced. 36 37 38 In May 2010 Tesla announced it would produce the Model S at the former NUMMI assembly plant in Fremont, California, 39 now known as the Tesla Factory. [2] Tesla manufactures the Model S at the 5,400,000 square feet (500,000m 2 ) 52 Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. [2] Tesla struck out on a different path here than it did with the minimalist, handsomely drawn Model S hatchback-and faltered. [7] On January 20, 2017, Tesla recalled Model S from 2012 in January 2017 due to defective Takata airbags. [2] “Our Tesla Model S gets a third-row seat and now seats seven”. [2] “Supercharging Tesla Model S 60 kWh Versus 85 kWh – Video + Graphs”. [2] “Tesla Model S 85 kWh ‘Fairly Priced’ From $121,000 in China”. [2] “Tesla Model S deliveries down 52% in Norway during the second quarter”. [2] “Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S ‘Best Overall’ 2014 Top Pick”. [2] “A Tesla Model S with autopilot and cruise control activated crashes van”. [2]

“Tesla Model 3: Exclusive first look at Tesla’s new battery pack architecture”. [3] The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s most important model because it will make or break the brand; getting it right the first time is crucial. [28] “Tesla Model 3 on track for H2 2017, Model X production ‘inconsistent’, says TSLA analyst after meeting with management”. [3] The Model 3 should already be crisscrossing the nation’s roads, but significant production problems have forced Tesla to delay volume production. [28] “Tesla Model 3 progress: production line layout completed, Tesla now testing subsystems”. [3] ” ‘ We understand what needs to be fixed,’ Tesla says after missing Model 3 production goals”. [3] “A look at all Tesla Model 3 production colors”. [3] “Everything you need to know about Tesla Model 3, which is starting production today”. [3]

Supercharging hardware is a standard on all vehicles sold by Tesla, except the original Roadster. 225 226 227 In November 2013, Tesla reported that 90% of its customers had opted for supercharging capability. 228 As of April2016 update, there are over 620 operating Superchargers around the world. [2] As of June 2017 update, 861 Supercharger stations, with 5,655 chargers, were operating worldwide, 221 and Tesla planned to have 10,000 chargers installed by the end of 2017. 222 The Tesla network is usable only by Tesla vehicles, which are engineered for compatibility. [2]

The 2018 Tesla Model X is fairly well equipped, and offers a few unique features no other luxury vehicle can match. [7]

Tesla said the 85D has a 2% (5-mile) range increase and 11% increase in top speed over the 85. 91 In the P85D, the high-power rear drive unit is retained, while a new front drive motor boosts the total power by about 50%. [2] “Tesla Model 3 boasts 500 km driving range (but not for $35,000)”. [3] Although this may have made sense a few months ago, the executive is likely changing his tune, and sources have told Electrek that Tesla is “starting to build” its test drive fleet across North America, and offering incentives to dealers that are selling the Model 3 in Performance trim. [28] The subject came up this week because Tesla announced it will soon start building the performance version of the Model 3. [4] “Tesla plans $2 billion stock sale to accelerate Model 3 program”. [3] “Elon Musk: Tesla is developing a special kind of glass for its Model 3”. [3]

It takes at least 2,600 gallons of water to put out a battery fire, according to Gorin, and handling the battery or moving it can make it more prone to reigniting. (This is why the Tesla first responders guides suggest letting the batteries burn out.) [5] Tesla described its July 2015 introduction of the 90kWh battery as a “range upgrade” of the 85kWh battery and explained that the 6% energy increase was due to “improved cell chemistry” 83 and the introduction of silicon into the cell’s graphite anode. 129 Tesla additionally announced its expectation of an annual improvement in battery capacity of about 5%. [2] “Tesla Pulls 85 kWh Battery Option From U.S. Design Studio”. [2] On June 9, 2016, Tesla reintroduced the 60 and 60D, which has a 75kWh battery, software locked to 60kWh 92 and there is an option to purchase an unlock for the 75kWh capacity. [2] In April 2017, Tesla ceased offering the 60 kWh software limited battery option. [2] “Tesla Model 3 specs – 220-mile standard with 310-mile option for $9k”. [3] “Tesla Model 3 will debut with only two options: color and wheels”. [3]

Futuristic: The most amazing realisation when you own a Tesla is that electric will become standard. [6] “Tesla has 80% market share of Hong Kong’s growing electric vehicle market, German automakers are not happy”. [2]

Initially Tesla expected to reach global sales of 35,000 units in 2014, but in November 2014 reduced its sales target to 33,000 units due to a deficit in production of 2,000 units during the third quarter of 2014. [2] “Tesla is building new ‘drive unit production lines’ at the Gigafactory, will not only manufacture battery packs”. [3] Tesla has finally ramped up production to 3,500 units per week, and now, we’re getting a look at how it managed to increase production numbers. [28]

The all-wheel drive, dual-motor model will arrive when production reaches 5,000 cars per week. [28] Current reservation holders who don’t want a rear-wheel drive car will be first in line to get an all-wheel drive model. [28] The car attempted to drive full speed under the trailer, “with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S.” [2] You will drop $10,000/year on a typical Model S/Model X. It is just what cars do, with or without the gas. [6]

The first widely reported Model S fire occurred several minutes after the vehicle hit metal debris on the Washington State Route 167 highway in Kent, Washington on October 1, 2013. 423 The driver “was able to exit the highway as instructed by the onboard alert system, bring the car to a stop and depart the vehicle without injury”. 424 He then contacted authorities and, while awaiting their arrival, smoke began coming out the front of the vehicle. [2] The Model S topped the monthly sales ranking for a third time in March 2014, with 1,493 units sold, breaking the 28-year-old monthly sales record, surpassing the Ford Sierra, which sold 1,454 units in May 1986. 374 375 Sales totaled 2,056 Model S cars during the first quarter of 2014, making the Model S the best selling new car in Norway during this period. [2] “Tesla’s new Model S P100D is not only quick, it’s the first all-electric car with over 300 miles of range”. [2] Like in no other car, you get to feel first hand how changes in weather conditions, elevation/incline, road surface changes, affect “fuel economy”, because Tesla is kind enough to give you a live rolling chart. [6] You get used to it after 1 – 2 months, but 0 – 60 in 2.28s seconds or whatever makes all other cars obsolete in city driving, and unlike sports cars, it doesn?t cost you a small monthly fortune to be naughty in a Tesla all the time. [6]

Do people on public roads have a constitutional right to drive 116 mph in 35 mph zones if they feel like it? How fast is too fast? On another thread on the Tesla Reddit forum, drivers are complaining that their Teslas slowed unexpectedly when the GPS data suddenly decided they were driving too fast. [4] Tesla has had notable difficulty in managing the use of the Autopilot system that promises driver assistance in long-distance driving; Jaguar doesn’t even talk about the adaptive safety systems in the I-Pace in terms of semi-autonomous driving. [7] We have sent your request for price quotes on the 2018 Tesla Model X and 2019 Jaguar I-Pace to the dealers you requested. [7] The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace tackles the Tesla question with a direct challenge: it’s a better-looking Model X rival with a more traditional kind of prestige attached. [7] The 2018 Tesla Model X is the only all-electric SUV you can buy this year. [7] “Tesla Motors ends year with higher sales but still a big loss”. [2] In the three years since my purchase, Tesla has added five charging stations within 150 miles of my home. [6]

Tesla stated that the debris punched a 3-inch (76mm) diameter hole through the.25-inch (6.4mm) armor plate under the vehicle, applying force of some 25 tons. [2] “Tesla will assemble, distribute vehicles in Holland for European market”. [2]

“Musk: Tesla “unlikely” to pursue battery swapping stations”. [2] “Elon Musk: Tesla boss on EVs with 500-mile range and colonies on Mars”. [2] A lot of it applies to all the Tesla range, but it’s a review coming from someone after easy to own sustainable performance, not an economically sane family sedan, where I honestly think the Tesla would come off a lot better. [6] In a Tesla, it’s the same cardboard box with slightly more range and acceleration. [6]

The company announced that by November 2013 the first Tesla Supercharger stations would open between Munich and Stuttgart, Munich and Zurich, Switzerland, and Cologne and Frankfurt. [2] The first Tesla Superchargers in Europe opened in Norway in August 2013. 232 Tesla next focused on Germany and the Netherlands were covered by mid-2014. [2] Tesla also opened its first store and service centre in St Leonards, and its first Supercharger station at Pyrmont in December 2014. [2]

“Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode”. [2] If you skid in a Tesla, you?ll be the first, that’s how insane the power delivery/traction system is. [6] The instrument cluster and the infotainment panel are driven by separate Nvidia Tegra 3 3D Visual Computing Modules. 183 184 Tesla was the first company to ship this technology. [2] Gorin estimates that, of the one million firefighters in the U.S., they?ve trained about 250,000. (A spokesperson for Tesla confirmed that its batteries comply with NFPA standards, and added that first responders can reach out to the company via a hotline.) [5] I was shocked to only get 23k from my first set on the Tesla, and a Tesla weighs less than my truck did. [6]

“Tesla Model 3 release date 2017 – When is Tesla Model 3 coming out in the UK?”. [3] “Tesla Model 3: data shows that Tesla and SpaceX employees made over 10,000 reservations”. [3] “SpaceX employees are now able to reserve the Tesla Model 3 early”. [3] “Tesla Model 3: Tesla is ordering enough parts for a fleet of ~300 prototypes”. [3] “Every Tesla Model 3 comes with Autopilot, but you’ll have to pay extra for those ‘convenience features ‘ “. [3] “Tesla now averaging more than 1,800 Model 3 reservations a day”. [3] “Exclusive: Tesla hits Model 3 manufacturing milestone, hours after [3] That’s because the all-electric Model 3 is what electric-car fans from all over the globe have been waiting for since the launch of the original Roadster a Tesla designed and built for the masses. [28] The entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000 before the $7,500 federal tax credit and local incentives are factored in. [28] Tesla raised $1.2 billion to launch the Model 3 and it went to great lengths to avoid costly delays it all looked good on paper, too, but things haven’t exactly gone as planned. [28] Tesla made 2,025 examples of the Model 3 during the last week of March. [28] “Tesla Model 3 reservations will begin early for employees, without discounts (Updated)”. [3] “Tesla received 132,000 Model 3 reservations with deposits within just 24hrs – worth over $4 billion in backlog Updated”. [3] “Tesla Model 3 reservations begin with long lines in Australia Pictures & video”. [3] “Tesla shifts focus to Model 3 as engineers prepare to start work at the Gigafactory”. [3] “Tesla sets July 1st 2017 as deadline for Model 3 parts with suppliers and internally”. [3] “Tesla Model 3 will not arrive until ‘very end’ of 2018, says once TSLA-cheerleader Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas”. [3] “Tesla sends out Model 3 Delivery Event invites to select few owners”. [3]

Of course, Tesla has never been one for flashy marketing or ostentatious offers, and generally depends upon its stores and word of mouth to drive sales. [28] Jaguar thoughtfully, and for the sake of inviting comparison with Tesla, laid out a drive route that included the racetrack (photo above), dirt roads, a hill-climb (photo right), and a stream about a foot deep (main photo). [29] Below is a video of me doing 150kph with the Tesla autopilot, intentionally driving at the max speed possible, on a completely empty road and perfect weather conditions. [6] AUTOPILOT IS CUTTING EDGE / RISKY. The automated driving aids in a Tesla are remarkably helpful, safe and effective when paired with an attentive, responsible driver. [6] The 2018 Tesla Model X gets excellent ratings from the NHTSA, and the Autopilot feature now demands drivers pay attention. [7] The all-electric 2018 Tesla Model X gets our highest rating for energy efficiency and environmental impact. [7] Supercharger network aside, the Model X is about to become outdated, and there’s no indication Tesla can redesign it anytime soon. [7] In 2012, Tesla began building a network of 480 volt charging stations, called Tesla Superchargers, to facilitate long-distance travel. [2] All Tesla Supercharger stations were originally planned to be assisted by solar power. [2]

Unlike Jaguar’s battery pack, the Tesla pack can be upgraded to 100 kwh, which sends 0-60 mph times plummeting, but also sends the price soaring to more than $100,000. [7] Unlike Nissan, Tesla does not specify a limit for battery loss, but some early battery packs have been replaced. 117 118 A separate battery replacement guarantee takes effect after the eighth year for the 60kWh and 85kWh batteries. 119 Lithium-ion batteries operate best at certain temperatures. [2]

Despite everything you can read from enthusiasts, the fact is Tesla powertrains are designed with a no-transmission system that is highly efficient in the first stage of acceleration. [6] “Ny Tesla f brugt-salget til at eksplodere” New Tesla makes second-hand sale explode. [2] “Tesla to Sell $1.4 Billion in Shares for Expanded Production”. [3] Tesla recommends that the primary method of charging be overnight charging at home, “just like your mobile phone”. [2] Fast charging stations are not as ubiquitous as gas stations (but then you can plug a Tesla into a 120V AC outlet available everywhere and charge it, albeit slowly). [6] An optional upgrade for a second 10 kW onboard charger supports a total of up to 20 kW charging from an 80 amp available Tesla Wall Connector. 111 The North American connector uses a proprietary Tesla design. [2] The Tesla Destination charging network is a network of businesses that have installed Tesla Wall Connectors. [2] “Tesla expands its Destination Charging network to over 5,000 locations”. electrek. 9to5 Network. [2] “Tesla g Ke til knudepunkt for hurtigopladning” Tesla makes Ke a hub for fast charging (in Danish). [2] “Norsk Tesla bryder i brand under opladning” Norsk Tesla ignites during charging. [2]

Whether the I-Pace more closely competes with the Tesla sedan or wagon is for individual buyers to decide. [29] Head-to-head against Tesla, the Jaguar I-Pace is the choice today for most premium, sporty EV buyers, especially if they want to go off-roading. [29]

The 2018 Tesla Model X combines excellent roadholding, a smooth quiet ride, and remarkable acceleration in a practical family crossover. [7] The 2018 Tesla Model X would have scored higher but for its falcon doors, a gimmicky idea that’s striking but has more drawbacks than advantages. [7] “Tesla says it reduced Model X issues by 92% amid criticism from Consumer Reports”. [3]

“Tesla tok fyr under hurtiglading” Tesla caught fire while supercharging. [2] Sometimes an event becomes news only because it is being covered extensively in the news and Tesla fires tend to get press attention. [4]

“Upstart Tesla wins top U.S. safety rating; what will competitors do?”. [2] It’s a straight up vanity purchase, no two ways about it, especially in the higher echelons of Tesla pricing, but it’s missing any kind of excitement whatsoever. [6] If I got to undo it, I?d buy a mid range Tesla and save me half the price-tag, and still get all I have except the acceleration. [6] Prior to owning a Tesla, I would get 60k miles from a set of tires on a 4,500 lb truck. [6] These are the roads a Tesla should not or cannot traverse, and the Tesla warranty expressly forbids going on unpaved roads. (To be fair, some other automakers have the same prohibition.) [29] “Norske Bjn kjte 728 kilometer i en Tesla – p lading” Norwegian Bjorn ran 728 kilometers in a Tesla – on a single charge. [2] According to Tesla, “neither autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor-trailer against a brightly lit sky, so the brake was not applied.” [2] Running multiple racetrack laps in succession is something that challenges a Tesla, not that this is something everyday drivers do. [29]

The Tesla Supercharger network is an enviable ally in long-distance electric-car trips. [7] “Tesla is making a big expansion to its Supercharger network”. [2] “Hong Kong now has highest density of Tesla superchargers in the world”. [2] In a Tesla, you?ll be stopping for about 45 minutes at each of the 5 superchargers along the way so add almost 4 hours onto your trip. [6] SOME DESTINATIONS ARE OUT OF REACH. We were forced to leave our Tesla behind when planning a trip to North Dakota, one of the few states without superchargers. [6]

“Tesla partner Panasonic says 30% energy density increase in lithium-ion batteries possible”. [3] Inside, it’s more like other Jaguars, and a marked notch or three above the Tesla. [7]

“Neuzulassungen von Personenkraftwagen nach Segmenten und Modellreihen im November 2015” New registrations of passenger cars by segments and models in November 2015 (PDF) (in German). [2] A word of caution : This review is written by a man child with more love of fast cars than sense, the very audience for the P models. [6] When a car model is brand new or “completely redesigned,” that can mean new parts, new systems–and new problems. [3]

Beginning in September 2014, Model S vehicles come equipped with a camera (supplied by Mobileye ) mounted at the top of the windshield, forward looking radar (supplied by Bosch ) 168 169 in the lower grille, and ultrasonic acoustic location sensors in the front and rear bumpers that provide a 360-degree buffer zone around the car. [2] Consumer Reports found the Model S to be ‘Best Overall’ for 2014 across all 10 categories of cars, light trucks and SUVs, chosen from more than 260 vehicles the organization has recently tested. [2] In 2012, a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that an electric vehicle in the United States with similar efficiency to the Model S is responsible for the production of the same amount of CO 2 as a gasoline-powered car that gets 34 to 115 MPG, depending on the source of electricity in the region in which the car is being charged. [2] Unlike Model S and Model X owners, they need to pay every time they plug their car into a Supercharger. [28] According to, between January and August 2013 the Model S achieved a high market share of new car sales among the U.S. most expensive ZIP codes, as rated by Forbes, led by California. [2] Global cumulative sales since June 2012 totaled 56,782 Model S cars by the end of 2014. [2] He’s also been trying to anti-sell the car, worried it will cannibalize Model S sales. [28] “Elon Musk: Model S not a car but a’sophisticated computer on wheels ‘ “. [2] “Elon Musk wanted to name his Model 3 Model E so Tesla’s brands would spell SEX. This and other secrets about his newest car”. [3] Tesla’s resulting investigation was unable to identify a root cause for the failure, and the company decided to examine every single car. [2]

Tesla cars are expensive, although with the release of the Mode 3, they have become competitive with other cars. [6] Tesla is a software company as much as it is a hardware company. [2] Tesla responded to the claims with concern and, a few days later (over a weekend), released an over-the-air (OTA) update fixing the anti-lock braking algorithm. [3] Actually, most articles about Tesla performances are usually about one metric alone: acceleration to 60mph. [6] Elon Musk Launches Tesla Roadster Into Space, Streams Live Views of ‘Starman’ The launch will commence at 3:45 p.m. ET. [1]

The first step is identify the vehicle — not only that it’s an electric vehicle, but also the model so they know where the battery is and how to shut down the vehicle, says Michael Gorin. [5] It is true that they spoil little, but if we need to take it to a workshop specialized in electric models it is very possible that we do not find it near our neighborhood, maybe even in our locality. [6] In 2016, the “Electric GT World Series” was promoted in preparation for a 2017 racing season using the P85+ as a race car on certain traditional tracks. [2] Charging an electric vehicle takes longer than filling a gasoline tank (unless you?ve stopped for a meal in which case charging is faster since you don?t have to stand by the car while it charges). [6] “Norges mest solgte bil i september er en elbil” Norway’s best selling car in September is an electric vehicle (in Norwegian). [2]

A total of 1,805 Model S cars were sold in the Netherlands in 2015″. [2] The Model S has independent coil spring suspension on all four wheels front double wishbone, virtual steer axis control arm and rear independent multilink. 67 As an extra-cost option, the car is available with self-leveling, height-adjustable air suspension. [2]

On most new mid-range price cars, you would easily expect to lose 60% of the value in five years, which means that if you can sell the Model 3 for anything north of 14k, you beat the net cost of whatever other new gas car you could have purchased. [6] “Confirmed: Our Gen III car, due out after Model X, will be named Model 3” (Tweet). [3]

The performance is inconsistent, after you floor it a few times and accelerate all the way to motorway speeds, the car will cut you back significantly to prevent battery overheating. [6] If Elon is so determined to cut highway deaths, why build cars that are capable of ungodly speeds any time the driver gets a sudden urge to show off? Isn’t there some degree of hypocrisy at work here? Be safe, but go stupidly fast any time you want? Certainly a car, any car, with a sophisticated suite of electronic controls should not be able to go 116 mph on a city street. [4] Many EVs run silently, so there’s a risk that a firefighter won?t realize the vehicle is still on and will try to help the driver while they?re still in the car. [5] The energy-saving sleep state powers off the display and other vehicle electronics, after the car goes to sleep. [2]

At this rate, and even calculating a more rapid degradation after 8 years, I think this battery could potentially last 12-15 years, essentially the life of the car. [6] According to ZDNet, firefighters in Florida had little difficulty extinguishing the battery fire at the scene, using about 300 gallons of water and foam to do so, but the battery reignited later on two occasions once when it was being loaded onto a car carrier and again 5 days later while in a storage yard. [4] Broder replied to the criticism in a blog post and suggested that the speed discrepancies may have been because the car had been equipped with 19-inch wheels rather than the specified 21-inch wheels. 490 In the midst of the controversy, a CNN reporter recreated Broder’s trip without exhausting the battery. [2] Driving a Lambo like car through the city at that speed of flow is impossible, any car with anywhere near the performance to 60mph would be too low and too compromised to compete. [6] Musk expected his employees would be more tolerant of the issues that often plague new cars early on in the production run than customers coming from brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. [28] Wired adds production totaled 9,766 examples during the first quarter of 2018, which averages out to about 800 cars per week. [28] Part of the reason I am is because my parents insisted my first cars were all Chevrolets powered by the trusty Blue Flame six an engine with barely enough power to pull the skin off custard. [4] The straight line speed is fun for the first month, but the truth is 6 figures on a car will never ever make any financial sense, unless you?re buying a big semi-truck and your name is DHL. [6] Now, 6 weeks after that horrific crash, the first preliminary data from the car has been made public. [4]

In May 2018, Consumer Reports Model 3 testing found “big flaws — such as long stopping distances in our emergency braking test and difficult-to-use controls”, finding the braking distance worse than a Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck, and causing it to not recommend the car. [3] What a sales pitch to the new owner! If they buy it for 16k, and keep it 8 years, they would have saved the entire cost of the car in gas savings alone. [6] December sales totaled a record monthly volume of 23,288 units and also achieved a record monthly market share of 1.39% of new car sales. [2] Find compact cars, subcompact cars, family sedans, luxury cars, sportscars, exotics, hybrids SUVs, trucks and crossovers for sale in your area. [1] “Bilsalget i november OFV AS” Car sales in August (in Norwegian). [2]

Interior space compares favorably, with 80-plus cubic feet in the I-Pace, and 88 cubic feet in the Model X. Interior quality does not: the I-Paces we’ve driven feel like luxury cars, while the Model X leaves much to be desired in its materials, their fit, and their finishes. [7] It’s not possible to call your service technician directly, they never have a replacement car, and when they do it’s not even supplied by Mercedes, but a third party company, etc. If you want to get things done fast, they tell you to come at 8AM, you turn up and you?re casually told service technicians are not in until 11AM, things like that. [6] The sound system is pretty bad too, in spite of the Dolby Digital surround sound etc, it’s not on par even with the entry level sound systems in cars of similar price(S Class Coupe, Range Rover Autobiography, Aston Martins, Bentleys etc etc). [6] With two seats, a high sticker price and a range that is still somewhat limited, Tesla’s sports car isn?t a mainstream solution to high-emissions motoring. [1] A typical gasoline car has longer range between refueling stops (500+ miles vs 300+ miles). [6] This is a fabulously good-looking car, cat-quick, capable of one-pedal driving when the regenerative braking mode is set to high, and capable even in my non-expert hands of hitting 120 mph at the end of the longest straightaway at the Algarve International Circuit track (2.9 miles, 17 turns, a potential Formula 1 venue). [29] It’s really convenient, and you do feel the car has great light permeability, the sunroof is really fun, and the really big windscreen is pretty cool, there are barely any blind spots when driving, and it’s a great feeling of openness. [6] If you?re in a busy city it’s a dream, you have on tap the launch power of a 1m+ exclusive hyper car for run costs of a Toyota Prius. [6] This results in an AWD car with comparable power and acceleration to the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version. [2] We have, for the moment, the option of own garage (or convince neighbors to allow you to install a power socket for the car). [6]

It is one of the recommendations of battery manufacturers, which indicate that repetitive rapid recharge can affect the life of car batteries. [6] It can be as much as 2 -3 times the toll charges in a normal car, if you do this very often it could be meaningful. [6] The Type 2 connector on the car directly accepts “Mennekes” IEC 62196 charging from public stations at up to 400V, and included adapters allow the car to charge from standard continental European outlets and IEC 60309 230 volt (blue 3-pin) or 400 volt (red 5-pin) outlets, depending on region. [2] She got the house, and his new apartment had no charging apparatus, so she got the car as well. [6]

Seriously: List of fastest production cars by acceleration – Wikipedia. [6] This car knows no weather, and does not care much for road conditions either, you can floor it all the way whenever you feel like it. [6] The car feels like its made of cardboard entirely, and the door feels like it weighs 500 grams, but not in a good way. [6]

“Tesla’s car comes with a 3G chip, so it can be tracked and shut down remotely”. [2] “Tesla’s deliveries are still tracking close to Ford’s Model T revolution”. [3] In early July 2017, Musk forecast at least six months of serious production difficulties. 110 Tesla’s announced goal at that time was to produce 1,500 units in the third quarter of 2017, increasing to 20,000 per month by December 2017 111, but only 260 vehicles were manufactured during the third quarter. [3] During the second quarter of 2016 Tesla Motors delivered 14,402 new vehicles consisting of 9,764 Model S and 4,638 Model X. Production during 2Q 2016 totaled 18,345 vehicles. [2] In February 2008 it was reported that Tesla, Inc. (then Tesla Motors) was planning to offer a range-extended version of its Model S. This version would have included a gasoline engine to extend the driving range of the vehicle, 33 but it was removed in later revisions. [2]

The Model S has been a hit since day one, and the forthcoming Model 3 will provide a more affordable electric sedan. [1] The Model S comes equipped with a different charger and connector in North American versus other markets, derived from differences in the local electric grid systems. [2]

The advances of automotive sector brands are continuing to draw new and more advanced models of electric vehicles. [6] The battery pack, the electric motor and parts are disassembled and shipped separately to Tilburg, where the cars are reassembled. 54 The center occupies a 203,000sqft (18,900m 2 ) industrial building that also serves as a workshop and spare parts warehouse. [2] If you?ve never trusted your car to drive itself before, it takes some getting used to, but you?ll never go back. [6] If you drive at 150kph in autopilot and press the acceleration, auto-steering is also automatically disabled, so the car will penalise you for trying to be too naughty. [6]

That doesn?t mean EVs are inherently more dangerous; after all, there are plenty of gasoline car fires, too. [5] Note, it’s a good looking car, and I don?t want to try and account for taste. [6] The car has out of the box LTE internet/connection, but it’s really poor, and as soon as you?re out of the home country, good luck. [6]

Motoring the 600 miles from KC to Denver takes about 8 hours in a gasoline powered car. [6] Now that the newness has worn off, and I no longer jack rabbit the car from standing stop just to feel the acceleration, I think I may get another 5-7k miles, but that is still pretty abysmal. [6]

Teenagers do stupid things, whether they are driving a car or not. [4] One-pedal driving is possible with the car set to high regeneration; the moment you’re off the throttle, the car slows noticeably. [29]

With competitive price quotes from multiple dealers, you will be prepared when you meet your local car dealer. [7] In spite of its very generous price tag, the quality of everything you touch is on par with a car 1/10th of its price or less. [6]

One driver says his car braked hard without warning and for no apparent reason on Interstate 5 near Seattle, leaving him vulnerable to a high-speed rear-end collision. [4] Manufacturers will need to address the issue of cars going too fast and cars going too slow before drivers can have complete confidence in electronic controls. [4] There is a gentler mode for drivers who prefer the car to coast down, albeit still with some regeneration. [29] An Intelligent Phone Reminder tells the driver if he or she left the phone in the car. [29] Driver assists add surround cameras and adaptive cruise control with steering assists to center the car. [29]

The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace proves out the packaging wonders that battery-electric cars promise. [7] Included adapters allow the car to charge from a standard 120 volt outlet, a 240 volt NEMA 14-50 outlet, a 208 volt leg to leg of a 208Y/120V 3-phase configuration, a 277 volt leg to neutral of a 480Y/277V 3-phase configuration and SAE J1772 public chargers. [2] It easily keeps up with the BMW 3 Series, which was once considered the gold standard in the sports sedan segment and among the best sports cars available. [28] It reveals the car reached speeds of 116 mph shortly before the crash, then slowed somewhat as it approached the turn where the crash occurred. [4]

There’s a vehicle fire on a U.S. roadway about every three minutes, Gorin says, but we don?t know how many of those are electric. [5] The study estimated that nearly half of Americans lived in regions where an electric vehicle would result in less emissions than a 50 MPG hybrid vehicle. 213 A 2015 study by Union of Concerned Scientists found that in the U.S. regions where the Model S is popular, the 68% higher manufacturing emissions are offset within a few years of average driving. [2] The Model S was the best-selling electric vehicle in the U.S for the first half of 2015. [2] “With Tesla’s Model S now Hong Kong’s top-selling sedan, chief Elon Musk predicts city to become world leader in electric vehicles”. [2] As of July2014 update, Norway ranked as Tesla’s largest overseas market, with an average of 436 Model S sedans sold per month since August 2013. [2] “With a registration in Jackson, Mississippi, Tesla’s Model S now has sales in all 50 states”. [2] “Tesla’s Model S outsold Mercedes S-Class in Europe last year”. [2] Norway was the largest Model S overseas market in 2015, and China ranked as Tesla’s most important market behind the U.S. in 2016. [2] “Potholes and Tesla’s Model S: Never the twain shall meet”. [2] “Switzerland’s status-conscious rich dump conventional luxury saloons for Tesla’s Green-Halo Model S”. [2]

The first deliveries in the country occurred on August 22, 2013, at Tesla’s European Distribution Center in Tilburg. 54 A total of 1,194 units were sold in 2013. 292 After the end of the registration tax exemption, sales fell significantly, and only 262 units were sold during the first four months of 2014. 362 In April 2014 the Schiphol Group announced that three companies were selected to provide all-electric taxi service in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. [2] “Tesla’s Model 3 will be shown on March 31st, ‘on schedule’ for 2017 production”. [3] “Tesla’s new Model 3 sedan has test drivers swooning – but quality issues lurk on the horizon”. [3] “Nearly a quarter of Tesla’s Model 3 reservation deposits in the U.S. have supposedly been refunded”. [3] Model 3 owners can use Tesla’s network of Supercharger stations, but there’s a catch. [28] DeMuro blew his Model 3 review by ignoring Tesla’s biggest secret. ? If you want to understand the Model 3, read retired auto exec ? Bob Lutz’s screed on the future of the auto sector. ? The Model 3, both in design and marketing, is beyond genius. [3] “Exclusive: Suppliers question Tesla’s goals for Model 3 output”. [3]

The price will be $70,000 to $95,000 when it arrives late summer or fall 2018 in the U.S. And you want one, even if the I-Pace center stack display is smaller than Tesla’s, the back seat is not as roomy, and there is no 300-plus-mile version yet to match the 100D. [29]

In October 2015, the Danish Parliament approved to phase out the tax exemption for electric vehicles, and customers rushed to order the Model S before the price increase. [2] In contrast to most earlier battery electric vehicles including the Roadster, the battery pack of the Model S forms the floor of the vehicle between the axles, providing the vehicle with several advantages. [2]

This isn?t the first time an electric vehicle battery has caught fire again after being put out. [5]

“Electric vehicles in the EU from 2010 to 2014 – is full scale commercialisation near?” (PDF). [2] In the 4,784-pound I-Pace, the bounty of torque off the line gives the enthusiast rush that will convert a whole generation of gas-car shoppers to electric. [7] Performance measures pit the Model X 75D more directly against the I-Pace, which has a 90-kwh battery and identical electric motors front and rear to deliver 394 horsepower and 512 pound-feet of torque through torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. [7] “Note: If the battery limits the maximum 30 minutes power, the maximum 30 minutes power of an electric vehicle can be less than the maximum 30 minutes power of the drive train of the vehicle according to this test.” [2] The lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles are basically the same as the ones in your phone, says Joshua Lamb, a principal investigator at Sandia National Laboratories? Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory. [5]

In October 2014, the upgraded Model S P85D, D for dual, was introduced. 191 The upgraded version has two electric motors, one driving the rear wheels as in prior versions, and one driving the front wheels. [2] “We just have 100 years of trial and error with gasoline fires that we don?t have with modern electric vehicles,” he adds. [5] “Elbilsalget i mars slo alle rekorder” Electric vehicle sales in March broke all records (in Norwegian). [2] An optional folding third row becomes a rear-facing two-place child seat with a five-point harness. 155 159 Consumer Reports said that the 7-passenger capacity afforded by this option is larger than any other electric vehicle, though not really the same as a full-size SUV that seats 7 adults. 189 The two extra seats are only for children over 37in (940mm) tall and weighing between 35 to 77lb (16 to 35kg), which the magazine described as “a narrow size range. [2] The solution is simple: to promote and promote more the use of renewable energy (solar, wind, tidal. ) for something as ecological as charging electric vehicles. [6] One of the aspects that most emphasize the users of electric vehicles is the savings, since the price per 100 km round the euro, whereas in the case of a vehicle of fuel would be between 6 and 8 euros per 100 km. [6]

This figure corresponds to eligible vehicles for the plug-in car and van grant schemes as licensed in the UK at the end of Q2 2017 (not cumulative sales). [2] Cumulative sales totaled 3,590 units as of December2015 update, and ranks as the second best-selling plug-in car in the country ever after the Chevrolet Volt (5,415) and ahead of the Nissan Leaf (3,198). [2] As of December2016 update, cumulative sales totaled 570,187 plug-in cars since 2008, with the Chevrolet Volt as the all-time best selling plug-in car with 113,489 units. [2]

The plug-in car segment achieved an all-time high market share of 0.90% of new car sales in 2016. [2]

Amazing to drive, very poor quality car in terms of luxury, compared to other cars in its price range. [6] Other cars in this price range will always have soft close, so you?ll never ever slam the door. [6] This is about comparing a 6 figure priced car with other cars in a similar range. [6]

Other cars for the same money would either give you serene luxury you would enjoy every time(S Class, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera etc), or full on boy racer noise and performance, as well as insane luxury(Mercedes C63S/E63S/S63 Coupe). [6] Tires will wear out because of the acceleration, but they already behave much much better than other cars I?ve owned, and 4 tires every 2 years is something I?m happy with. [6] Cry me a river I know, but these are all common features in other cars of similar price. [6] Autopilot-enabled cars receive software wirelessly, the same as other car software updates. [2]

On February 8, 2013, The New York Times published a review by John M. Broder about a trip between Washington, D.C., and Boston using Tesla’s Supercharger network. [2] Download the pdf file “Kfz-Neuzulassungen Jner bis Dezember 2014” for Tesla’s monthly sales during 2014. [2] “Analysis – Sleepless nights, broken robots and mounting pressure: Musk offers rare glimpse inside Tesla’s ‘production hell ‘ “. [3] The I-Pace has a 10-inch center display surrounded by piano gloss plastic, so it looks larger, but it’s clearly not the Tesla’s 17-inch display that is the entire center stack. [29] “Tesla’s new 60kWh pricing option is a software revolution, here are the exclusive details”. [2]

Tesla motors, for its part, reported that the P100D battery is ready, able to travel 600 km. [6] According to the Tesla Motors Reddit forum, Tesla introduced precisely such a feature in its latest software update that rolled out this week. [4]

Most of the cars Tesla sells today are priced to compete with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. [10] While the domestic market continues to be its most important target market, Tesla was able to successfully tap into the Chinese and European markets, as well: The Model S became Norway’s most popular car in March 2014, ahead of second-ranked Volkswagen Golf. [30] Tesla said the first cars would roll off the Shanghai production line about two years after construction begins on the factory. [8]

Those figures, and the charts below, represent Bloomberg’s latest estimates and will automatically update to reflect changes in the data. (Tesla reported on July 2 it had made 5,031 Model 3s over the previous seven days, the first time it passed the 5,000 milestone.) [10] We will continue to make adjustments to the model as Tesla publishes new production figures at the end of each quarter. [10] Our best estimate is that Tesla has manufactured 6,145 Model 3s so far, and is now building approximately 572 a week. [10]

As of 2016, Tesla’s model range includes the Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. [30] A month after opening orders for the Model 3 Dual Motor and Performance versions, Tesla has yet to deliver the vehicle. [31] Tesla recently hit its 5,000-a-week production target for its Model 3 and opened up its configuration system to those with vehicle reservations, of which it has over 450,000, requiring a further $2,500 (1,886) deposit from each buyer. [8] While Tesla managed to achieve a Model 3 production rate of 5,000 units during the last week of the second quarter, it doesn’t mean that they are out of “production hell”, which is what CEO Elon Musk has been calling the difficult part of the production ramp. [31]

Tesla and other electric carmakers have invested a significant amount of time and money into developing long-lasting battery technology. [13] Tesla invested heavily in its Supercharger network to help bridge the gaps and make an electric road trip a real possibility, but no such infrastructure exists for the Bolt. [11] Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants his electric-car company to become a dominant mass-production player that eventually extends its reach to electric trucks and beyond. [10] Whether or not the Tesla battery pack makes sense for you depends on the way that your electric utility structures its rates, as well as your reasons for installing a solar battery. [13]

The I-Pace has permanent magnet synchronous electric motors both front and rear, generating a total of 394 hp and 512 pound-feet of torque, good for a flat-out 0-60 run of 4.5 seconds. [29] Some experts support a theory of conspiracy that has, moreover, been commented on by lifelong writers: that the oil industry is slowing the advance of renewable energy in transport, and that in this case it is the traditional brands of automotive, which Control the manufacture of thermal engines, which stop the proliferation of an electric motor that could build anyone and take away their hegemony. [6]

Of course, what matters most to regular electric-car drivers is the convenience of charging. [7]

Globally, Tesla delivered around 26,000 vehicles during the third quarter of 2017, after fiscal year 2016 deliveries amounted to around 76,000 units. [30] Now its market value rivals Ford and General Motors, companies producing orders of magnitude more vehicles than Tesla. [10] Ever since, Tesla has been on top of the trend towards alternative powertrains in the passenger vehicle industry. [30] That’s a pretty solid number–less than the long-range Tesla Model 3, sure, but still more that the base Tesla and almost every other electric vehicle out there. [11] Tesla also has its own powertrain segment, and Toyota’s RAV4 electric vehicle is equipped with a Tesla-produced battery and electric powertrain. [30] While Teslas have wowed people with their amazing straight-line acceleration, semi-autonomous drive capabilities, and crazy falcon wing doors, Porsche will add a different flavor to electric vehicles. [12] Tesla, Nissan, GM, and even BMW are churning out an increasing number of electric vehicles. [12]

A qualified EnergySage-approved company can give you the best recommendation about the Tesla home battery and other energy storage options available to homeowners today. [13] The Tesla Powerwall may represent the first time in history that everyday homeowners are truly excited about the potential of storing energy at their home. [13] Back in 2010, Tesla became the first publicly traded carmaker to emerge in the U.S. in 54 years. [10] The Bloomberg Model 3 tracker relies on data from official U.S. government resources, social media reports, and direct communication with Tesla owners. [10] Unlike the still-forthcoming $35,000 Tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt is the present. [11]

The list price for a new Tesla Powerwall 2.0 battery, which offers twice the storage capacity of the original Powerwall, is $5,900. [13] A single Tesla home battery will only provide backup power for a few hours – not nearly enough to cover you if you have an entirely cloudy day, let alone several days or weeks of inclement weather. [13] In July 2014, Tesla and Panasonic announced to participate in the construction and operation of the world’s largest battery factory in the United States. [30] Tesla describes the Powerwall as a “rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control.” [13]

The announcement came as the price of Teslas made at the company’s U.S. factory and sold in China rose as a result of the new 25% tariffs imposed by the Chinese government in retaliation for Donald Trump’s increase in duties on Chinese goods. [8] The Tesla Powerwall battery is currently available through the company’s certified installer network in the U.S. Whether you want to install a Tesla Powerwall or other home battery pack, you will most likely need to work through a certified installer. [13] Tesla shares were up 1.5% in early U.S. trading, even as some analysts questioned where the loss-making company will get the capital required to build and staff such a large plant. [8] After refusing to confirm the timing of the federal tax credit phase-out for months, Tesla has now confirmed that it has hit the 200,000th U.S. delivery threshold, which triggered the phase-out period. [31]

Tesla predicts its Shanghai factory will double the firm’s global production. [8] How does Tesla’s battery pack measure up against all the other home energy storage options ? Read on to learn more about Tesla Powerwall’s cost, technology, and warranty coverage. [13] As with other energy storage products, the Tesla battery pack is sized for day-to-day use at your home, and is usually paired with a home solar panel system. [13] Normally, this process happens over the course of a day: when the sun is high in the sky and your solar panels are producing more electricity than you can use, the surplus energy is stored in your Tesla Powerwall. [13]

A solar storage solution like the Tesla Powerwall allows you to maintain a sustained power supply during the day or night. [13] Tesla likes to throw things out there, then perfect them, much like how Microsoft did business in its heyday. [12]

We built our own model to estimate weekly output of the car that could make or break Elon Musk’s master plan. [10] The most important car since the Model T is brilliant–with one big caveat. [11] The Porsche Mission E, which will be known as the Taycan when the car is expected to hit the market in 2019, will be the renowned automaker’s first fully electric Porsche. [12] Cars aside, it’s surprising — and also great news for cities — that BYD has four electric-bus factories and shipped 10,000 electric buses already this year with 7,000 more on order. [9] Later this summer, Roborace will make history by sending their electric, autonomous car to the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb. [32] Then we switched cars at the summit, and bounding down those switchbacks on grippier tires, it wasn?t hard to imagine myself in an electric hot hatch. [11]

In terms of range, Tesla’s Model S remained the cream of the crop in April 2017, and it is little surprising that the Model S was one of the best-selling all-electric cars in the United States in 2016. [30] The new auto plant is slated to produce 500,000 cars a year, taking Tesla’s total global manufacturing capacity to 1m vehicles a year. [8] It’s a crude way to track the rollout because not all VINs are produced sequentially, deliveries can be delayed, and even the most enterprising Model 3 sleuths will inevitably miss some newly released cars. [10] It’s a tad mean to assume EV buyers automatically don?t care if their car drives well, but it’s also true that it probably wouldn?t matter if it didn?t. [11] That doesn?t mean it’s not workable for a vast swath of the population, given that many of us drive far less than that in a day and often return to the same place at night where the car can be charged. [11]

It’s worth noting that if you?re into giving up control, the Bolt lacks the semi-autonomous systems available on Teslas and Nissan’s Leaf. [11] If you accelerate hard in a Tesla, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, etc. range becomes greatly reduced. [12] Tesla battery packs are an ideal pairing for solar panel systems, especially in the case of off-grid projects where homeowners need or want to become fully independent of their utility. [13]

Analysts have predicted the company will raise capital to fund a list of new projects, including launching an electric semi truck, a pickup truck and a compact SUV, as well as new battery and vehicle production facilities that Musk has proposed for China and Europe. [8] An enduring concern of American car buyers is that electric vehicles don’t hold enough charge, and that they could be left stranded along the roadside as a result. [13] Have you ever been stranded by a car that ran out of gas? I haven?t, but on road trips I don?t like my fuel level to dip too much below half a tank because quite frankly I have range anxiety. [12] Overall, its comfort and convenience features are outclassed by a number of cars in the $30K-$35K range, not to mention the alternatives at the Bolt’s $44,000 price ceiling. [11] It’s a high-riding hatchback that packs a 240-mile range into the kind of unremarkable package that’s simultaneously familiar, affordable, and eminently practical to the average new car buyer. [11]

As a means of harnessing the extra power, Porsche has created a special charging station that has a voltage of 950 V and can provide charging performance up to 350 kW. That means recharging a car in under 20 minutes. [12] Alex Roy joined owner Dan Zorrilla in one of the first customer cars off the assembly line. [11] I?ve known numerous Porsche 911 owners who drive their car every day with few problems. [12] As early cars began to trickle out in 2017, fans began reporting any chance encounter on roads and in parking lots. [10] The company is heavily involved in the development of driverless cars. [30] That plan only works if the company can figure out how to make exponentially more cars. [10]

In the epitome of teasing a vehicle release, BMW didn’t release actual sketches of its upcoming electric Mini. [31] Over in China, Shenzhen-based Build Your Dreams, run by CEO Wang Chuanfu, is well beyond Musk in the electric vehicle/battery/sustainable energy realm and it’s high time you finally heard about them, reports Green Tech Media. [9] That isn?t an indicator of a product flaw – all batteries lose some of their ability to hold a charge over time, whether it’s an electric vehicle battery, a home energy battery, or a rechargeable AA battery. [13] That was two years ago and BYD recently landed more than $15 million in contracts to build 64 electric trucks for environmental and energy agencies in California. [9] The upcoming, 100% electric Mercedes SUV is set to be revealed early next year. [32]

It then says that automakers who have a reputation must produce electric powertrains that “guarantee the highest possible driving performance over long periods of time.” [12] They?re working on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) so getting future EVs on the market will cost less money and time. [12] Electric bicycles are usually quite heavy, though recent design innovations have been pushing the envelope to reduce motor weight. [31] When your solar panels produce more electricity than you can use in your home, the excess is stored in the battery pack instead of being sent back into the electric grid. [13]

No matter how you spec it, the pulsing heart of the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt is a 60-kilowatt lithium-ion battery connected to a permanent-magnet electric motor. [11] Admittedly, the lack of charging options and slow nature of replenishing batteries is the biggest challenge facing electric vehicle adoption right now. [12] By taking its time, Porsche is working to ensure its electric vehicles live up to high standards. [12] In the past, Tesla Motors has been praised for making high-quality electric vehicles, as well as for their ability to reimagine and successfully rebrand existing technologies. [13] Back in 2015, automaker Tesla Motors set its sights on the home energy storage market and announced the launch of its home battery product, the Tesla Powerwall. [13]

On a household setup, 240 volts will charge the battery in 10 hours, while a regular old 110-volt plug needs 30 hours to get it done. [11] Instead of tying the system to the regular disc brakes, its engineers settled on two options: a special drive mode that enables “one pedal driving” by activating the regen braking as soon as you lift off the throttle, and a steering wheel paddle that gives you that power on demand, thus functionally doubling as a finger-operated brake. [11]

Thanks to the nature of electric motors, the all-wheel-drive system can send power to individual wheels in different ways that isn?t possible with combustion engine setups. [12] In the past, heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames, dense battery packs and bulky electric motors all helped tip the scales on these hefty metallic steeds. [31]

Credit where credit is due: Elon Musk did a lot of the heavy lifting to raise electric vehicles into the mainstream passenger vehicle market. [11]

Tesla has sold about 10,000 Model 3s since it launched the car last year. [19] In the meantime, Green Car Reports has estimated about 1,850 Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Canada in June, along with deliveries of about 295 Model S hatchbacks and 382 Model X crossovers. [15] Tesla Inc. increased the prices of its Model S and Model X in China by about $22,600 to $37,600 over the weekend after the imposition of tariffs on imported cars, the automotive news website Electrek reported on Monday. [18]

Tesla wants Model 3 customers to think differently about their car. [19] The result is that when you completely let off the accelerator, like you might in a gas car to coast, a Tesla will slow down very quickly. [17] The dashboard only has one visible vent that spans the width of the car and it’s very different from other vents, even in other Teslas. [17] If you?re wondering how you find these Superchargers, Tesla shows these locations on its maps in the car. [17] Not only do Tesla cars get software updates, but the Tesla phone app does as well. [17] In the same way your mobile phone will get updates to add new features and fix bugs, Tesla cars benefit in the same way. [17] The Tesla app can perform nearly all car functions remotely, such as honking, blinking lights, locking and unlocking, starting the car, and opening trunks. [17] The $35,000 version of the car isn’t yet being made, but Tesla is manufacturing a $78,000 dual-motor, high-performance trim level. [19] If Tesla did not have room in its Fremont plan to build capacity for 5,000 cars a week, how will it manage 10,000, the analyst asked. [18] Teslas are quick, have more available room, and are packed with technology, but plugging in a car to recharge it, versus filling it with gas, is still the item most people get hung up on. [17] Tesla cars can show this type of Supercharging information because each one has cellular data built-in. [17]

“However, we question whether Tesla can really evaluate customer satisfaction yet, when 11,166 Model 3s (likely including a majority of those manufactured on GA4) still remain undelivered in transit,” said the note. [18] Planting your right foot lacks the stomach-turning shock of the Tesla Model S’s Ludicrous mode. [33]

The Tesla Model S, considered the gold standard in electric driving, may finally have a competitor. [20] GM’s main goal is create a service of both electric and autonomous vehicles tied to a rideshare service similar to the Tesla Network announced by Tesla in 2016. [14]

The Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt are your two main choices if you’re in the market for an all-electric vehicle with a range of at least 200 miles. [19] The stock had rallied as much as 6.4% intraday Monday, after Tesla said it hit its target of producing 5,000 mass-market Model 3 vehicles in the last seven days of June, but the stock reversed ground to close down 2.3% amid Wall Street skepticism over the sustainability of that production pace. [18] In the final analysis, I think the Model 3 is the best-looking Tesla: sportier than the Model S, but less spaceship-like than the Model X. [19] Tesla (TSLA) raises prices of Model X and Model S and also, inks a deal to build its first factory outside the United States. [18] I’m used to the big touchscreen on the Model S and the Model X. But new Tesla owners will have to spend some time getting up to speed navigating among the various menus. [19] The last time we put a Model S on a track, the Tesla couldn?t complete a full lap without reducing power output. [33] Tesla Inc. workers celebrated Sunday as the company produced 5,000 Model 3 sedans in a single week for the first time. [18] Tesla shocked the industry in 2017 when it announced that it’s fleet of EV production modules were already prepared for full autonomous self-driving, which positioned them as the first automaker to future-proof their vehicles. [14] Martin Tripp, who Musk fired last month and then sued for allegedly hacking the company’s computer systems, leaking information to the press and stealing secrets, has told the SEC that TEsla had pushed for potentially damaging measures in order to meet production goals, including allegedly placing batteries with puncture holes into vehicles and reusing scrapped parts, the paper reported. [18]

Whether they hit this milestone or not, if the industry’s plug-ins were treated as a single model, June sales data compiled by Good Car Bad Car suggests they would have been Canada’s fourth best-selling vehicle in June, behind the Ford F-Series, Ram pickups and the Honda Civic. [15] You could draw a line from the headlight to the tail light along the Model 3’s beltline — and it would be a clean yet expressive line that gives the car a core shape and provides a basis for the smoothly curved roof and the crisp kink of the rear window trim. [19]

While Tesla Inc. ( TSLA ) is making strong progress in its production of the Model 3, other car companies aren’t sitting by idly. [20] The key issue facing Tesla Inc. is not production of the Model 3 but profitability, Bernstein analysts said Tuesday. [18] Early this year, we spent some time getting to know the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3. [19] We haven’t yet properly reviewed the Tesla Model 3, but we will later this year. [19] Not for nothing, the Bolt hit the market a year ahead of the Model 3, demonstrating that big slow GM could, to a certain extent, beat Tesla at its own game and deliver a less expensive long-range EV, at least initially. [19] Tesla built its 5,000th Model 3 sedan in about a single week, reaching a long-delayed goal that should ease some scrutiny on the auto maker in its bid to become a mainstream provider of electric vehicles. [18] Tesla, Inc. engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric vehicles, energy generation and storage systems. [18] People hear that Teslas are electric, but I still get the followup question quite a bit, double checking that it doesn?t use any gas. [17] The foundation of Tesla is its electric motor and battery power. [17]

Tesla offers many of those same warnings to first responders in its Emergency Response Guide (PDF), in which the automaker advises that battery fires can take up to 24 hours to extinguish. [16] The NTSB is also currently investigating a fire involving a Hollywood director’s Tesla Model S on June 15 in Los Angeles. [16] Lucid Motors has former Tesla executives, including Peter Rawlinson (Tesla Model S chief engineer), building the Lucid Air. [14]

This creates more available space than other vehicles and lets Tesla add a front truck, or a Frunk as people like to call it. [17] The two things people notice when actually driving a Tesla for the first time is the acceleration and the braking. [17] While the Model 3 is in many ways an objectively more impressive machine and carries with it that special Tesla something, the Chevy Bolt is far easier to obtain and wins on price, even without dealer discounts. [19] Read on to find out what we thought about the Tesla Model 3 vs. the Chevy Bolt. [19] The Model 3 has no key! Instead, you use a Tesla smartphone app or this valet key card. [19] The Bolt has numerous disadvantages relative to the Model 3, but the Tesla has problems relative to the Chevy. [19] Right now, you can have any Model 3 you preordered after a long wait — as long as it starts at $42,000. (Tesla isn’t manufacturing the $35,000 base vehicle.) [19]

Chevrolet warranties the Bolt EV’s battery to 60 percent health, and Tesla doesn?t define a minimum acceptable performance. [33] It starts at $10,205 less than a Tesla Model X 75D, which earns a 238-mile range estimate from the EPA. The I-Pace also offers style, luxury, and an allure that has heretofore been a Tesla exclusive among EVs. The segment is about to get a lot more crowded, though. [33] While this isn?t far below the $79,500 MSRP of the Tesla Model X crossover, the cost of a Tesla after import can exceed $100,000. [14]

“Tesla paved the way, now we?re taking this a step further,” Padmasree Warrior, the head of the U.S. arm of Shanghai-based electric vehicle startup, NIO, told The Wall Street Journal. [14] The Chevrolet Bolt EV already has proved that Tesla acolytes won?t be baited by a more affordable and better-built electric vehicle. [33]

Unlike General Motors, Chrysler, and Tesla going all in on EV and autonomous driving, Ford is focusing on hybrid technology for autonomy. [14] General Motors Co. was up 1.6% in recent trade, while Ford Motor Co. was up 0.8% and Tesla Inc. was up 0.7%. [18] Among the companies with shares expected to trade actively in Monday’s session are General Motors, Ford, Tesla, Dell Technologies, Facebook and Target. [18]

Tesla said its additional production line, which was built in a tent, produces the same quality as its regular line. [18] Porsche also is slugging through multiple controversies and shouldn’t face the same production headaches as Tesla either. [20] The major challenge for Tesla now is ramping up production to meet that demand. [19]

Tesla has also improved the braking distance and shortened the time it takes to stop when slamming on the brakes, from a software update. [17] Tesla announced plans to build a factory in Shanghai, a move expected to boost sales in the world’s largest auto market but comes amid a broader U.S.-China trade dispute. [18] The Tesla Supercharger network generally offers the fastest and cheapest (next to your home) charging. [34] Tesla owners are familiar with this level because they can use the company’s Supercharger network for longer journeys. [19]

Tesla shares were up about 1% in premarket trade, but are down 0.8% in the year through Friday, while the S&P 500 has gained 3%. [18] Tesla and Elon Musk created a significant disruption in the automotive industry with his bold vision for the future of driving. [14] The Tesla employee who has been engaged in a corporate legal dispute with Chief Executive Elon Musk has formally filed a whistleblower tip with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing his attorney. [18]

In the U.S. Tesla provides native access to Tune In and Slacker Radio. [17] One manufacturer, NIO, clearly stated its intention to undercut Tesla with it’s eS8 SUV retailing at $71,000. [14] There may be hundreds of startups pushing alongside the incumbent auto brands but despite all the competition it’s still clear that Tesla is leading the pack. [14]

Elon Musk’s accomplishments with Tesla are nothing to shake a stick at, and have paved the way for expansive growth in the market. [14] That’s good news for drivers and maybe not such good news for Tesla. [20]

As a bonus, most Model S and Model X cars don?t pay for Supercharging. [17] Green Car Reports has offered preliminary estimates for non-reporting automakers? June vehicle sales (link, above), and will update figures when vehicle registration data arrives. [15] General Motors had the EV1, which it rolled out in 1996 in response to a 1990 California law requires car makers to produce zero-emission vehicles if they wanted to continue selling conventional gasoline vehicles in the state. [14] After the fire was out and the vehicle was loaded onto a tow truck, the car caught fire again. [16] Some are even saying they expect the vehicle to start around $75,000, although added options and high-end versions of the car will likely run its top costs over $100,000. [20] I’m accustomed to it from other GM vehicles, but I hate it (though it is safe — you can’t accidentally leave the car in neutral or shift to the wrong gear). [19] Because there are few all-electric long-range vehicles in the market, if you’re shopping today, you’re basically looking at these two cars. [19]

If you?re still anticipating that the arrival of any new electric vehicle will undo a 15-year-old car company, it’s time to let go of that fantasy. [33] With Canadian new car sales of 200,156 vehicles in June, a total of 6,005 plug-in electric vehicle sales would be required for the sector to achieve 3-percent market share. [15] According to Andrew Klock, emerging technologies program manager at the National Fire Protection Association in Quincy, Mass., electric vehicles (EVs) aren?t inherently more prone to fires than conventional gasoline cars. [16]

The I-Pace is not only Jaguar’s first pure-electric model, it also sets a new standard for luxury electric vehicles. [33] Companies who produce or import more than 30,000 vehicles in China must ensure that electric, fuel cell models, or electric vehicles make up at least 10% of their sales volume. [14]

Remember that Audi’s A8 should be the first production car to feature Level 3 autonomous driving. [20] While the Model 3 has buzz and flash and sizzle and the full weight of Musk’s charisma behind it, the Bolt is a car that you could drive home from your local Chevy dealership on the same day. [19] My favorite example of how the Model 3 is more like a gadget than a car is its rear heated seats. [17] It doesn?t look like there’s a huge battery powering Tesla’s cars, but there is. [17] The car is powered only by the battery built in and recharges just like your mobile phone. [17] With the ground clearance of a car and a 1329-pound 90.0-kWh battery anchoring its heft, the I-Pace plants itself in corners with nice body control. [33] Regenerative braking refers to the car capturing energy from the wheel rotation and putting it back into the battery. [17]

President Donald Trump has threatened Europe with tariffs on auto imports, even though relatively few European cars are sold in the U.S. Of the 17.3 million cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. last year, fewer than 7% came from Europe. [18] Its 1,398 combined May and June sales alone exceed its previous best year in Canada; 2016 saw Nissan sell 1,375 first-generation Leafs to Canadian car buyers. [15] Last year, we were so impressed by the Chevy Bolt that we named it a 2017 Car of the Year runner-up. [19]

If you want the car to charge faster, you can have a 220v or 240v outlet installed (typically in the garage) to get 20-30 miles of range per hour. [17] If you plug the car into a regular (110v) U.S. house outlet it won?t charge fast, but it will work. [17] The car comes with a wall plug, and you can plug it in to a regular outlet, anywhere, and it will start charging. [17]

The mobile app can also control when charging takes place, how full you let the car charge, and if you want to stop it charging. [17]

After that fire was extinguished and the car was in the storage yard, it ignited a third time. [16] In theory, the relative simplicity of a battery-electric car should help Jaguar boost its subpar reliability ratings, but only time will tell how the I-Pace holds up. [33] The challenge of lithium-ion batteries in cars is that there hasn?t been nearly as much time to study the unique properties of battery packs, Risser said in an interview with CR. And when things go bad, there’s a chance for them to go bad in a dramatic fashion, he said. [16]

This feels a lot like the car is driving you–and I suppose it is. [17] Moving to the Teutonic automakers, BMW sold 35 i3 hatchbacks, 8 i8 sports cars and 26 X5 plug-in hybrid SUVs. It also sold 18 330e sedans, 25 530e sedans and 21 plug-in hybrid Mini Countrymans. [15] Nissan’s Alliance partner Mitsubishi sold 479 Outlander PHEVs, down slightly from 490 in May but in line with its own four-month average of 502. (Canada’s car buying season starts in March, so four-month averages will generally offer the most representative comparisons.) [15] That doesn?t mean consumers are completely sold on giving up gasoline and regularly turning over a portion of every paycheck to fueling their car. [14]

One car reported a high-voltage short and refused to power on when a driver thumbed the start button. [33] The speed being displayed on the center screen with nothing visual in front of the driver has been a complaint for many people considering the car. [17]

Once you get the hang of pressing down to go and easing off to slow down, it makes it hard to drive a non-electric car. [17] This is what gives the car its quick start (referred to as torque) and quiet drive. [17]

Conventional car fires can be smothered with water and foam, and they don?t usually reignite once they?re extinguished. [16] Shares of U.S. car makers were higher in premarket trade Thursday, tracking gains for their European rivals after a U.S. official said it would be prepared to back off stiff tariffs on cars imported from the EU if the trading bloc eliminates duties on U.S. cars. [18] Many U.S. cars exported to Europe are exempt from EU duties, because they include a requisite percentage of parts made n the Continent, as MarketWatch’s Jeffry Bartash has reported. [18]

It takes longer than putting gas in a car, but it makes road trips much more viable. [17] These Superchargers are much faster than home chargers and, on average, could recharge a car from near empty to full in 45 minutes. [17] The car will do nearly everything to make sure you can?t accidentally run out of power. [17] Side note I actually did this in Hawaii recently where I ran a 50-foot extension cord from our hotel room to our car across a garden area to charge our Kia Soul EV at night. [34] A few weeks later a software update gave the car new functionality and the rear seats were able to be heated from the touchscreen. [17]

It’s built on the electric foundation with similar software features as the company’s other cars. [17] The biggest feature of the Model 3 and the reason to buy it is that it’s electric. [17]

In this configuration, two identical electric motors–one to power each axle–give the I-Pace all-wheel drive and the easy speed that comes from 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. [33] Volkswagen sold 53 e-Golfs, while 43 Canadians purchased Smart Electric Drives. [15]

Another local brand, Singulato Motors, is significantly cutting the MSRP with the sale of its iS6?–?the first vehicle in its production line as it enters the electric vehicle market. [14] General Motors has linked autonomous vehicle technology with it’s drive to manufacture electric vehicles, specifically stating that electric vehicles are “the foundation for autonomous vehicles”. [14]

The Focus Electric added 67 units to the Blue Oval’s electric total. [15] Lots of malls, businesses, and parking structures have electric charging available. [17] It knew electric vehicles and charging stations were a chicken and egg problem, one needs the other, so it just started building lots of fast charging stations around the world. [17] During the first quarter of 2018 alone, electric vehicle startups managed to raise more than $2 billion in the United States?–?a staggering increase over the $650 million raised over the whole of 2017. [14] One article from the South China Morning Post listed 10 startups boasting both the manufacturing capabilities and the financial backing to lead the race both in electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle production. [14] Early in 2018 Reuters reported that the top automakers were committing in excess of $90 billion to convert some of their most popular vehicles to electric in addition to the production of new hybrid and electric vehicles. [14]

While the auto industry as a whole is embracing a shift toward electric vehicles, not all are sold on the combination of EV and autonomous driving. [14] On initial impression, the Jaguar I-Pace sets the new standard for luxury electric vehicles with its competitive pricing, impressive refinement, and sharp driving dynamics. [33] That’s true even as the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace –a $70,495 five-seat crossover with an estimated 240 miles of range–establishes itself as the most complete electric vehicle yet. [33]

The Automotive segmeng includes the design, development, manuafcture and sale of electric vehicles. [18] No single electric vehicle, whether it’s built by a century-old automaker or a West Coast startup, will inspire tens of thousands to cancel their reservations, abandon their Tesla-centric Twitter handles, and turn their backs on Elon Musk. [33] It’s been theorized that GM deliberately sabotaged the program for fear that electric vehicles would undermine its conventional business. [14]

Not likely, though, that they?ll mention names like Evelozcity, Karma Automotive, Fisker Inc., or Independent Electric Vehicles. [14] Ford has been the most outspoken, insisting that electric vehicles aren?t good enough for the demands of autonomous driving that are on the horizon. [14]

Assembled at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, the Model 3 has been behind schedule since last fall and isn’t expected to catch up to full-production targets until the middle of this year. [19] As for self-driving, Tesla’s Autopilot is an impressive advanced cruise-control feature — just don’t ever take your hands off the wheel — but GM is using the Bolt as a platform for its Cruise fully-self-driving technology, and some of that might trickle down into consumer versions of the vehicle. (Cruise is using Bolts only in a fleet capacity right now.) [19]

With two electric motors and all-wheel drive, it provides punchy acceleration and thrilling handling, augmented by spaceship-style whirs emanating from the speakers; thankfully, you can switch off the fake sound effects. [33] The electric motor is really small and sits behind the rear passenger seats. (There’s a second, small motor in the front for all wheel drive versions.) [17]

After a few months with it, it’s hard to go without the connectivity and mobile app other cars don?t have. [17]

The problem mainly affects cars in cold harsh weathers, but Tesla is recalling every model, nonetheless. [27] Combined, their global sales add up to about 100,000 vehicles a year — too few to offset the billions Tesla has been spending to build its gigantic battery factory in Nevada, develop new cars and a semi truck, and equip its car plant. [22] While investor optimism has remained high — Tesla’s market capitalization puts it neck and neck with General Motors as the most valuable American car company — its bonds are rated in junk territory, and the delay in bringing in revenue from Model 3 sales has analysts worried Tesla will continue to use up cash and face the prospect of having to raise additional capital later this year. [22] GM introduced a mid-market all-electric car with a 200-mile range nearly a year before Tesla debuted its Model 3. [25]

Tesla issued a worldwide recall of its Model S cars due to a possible issue involving the power steering bolts. [27] The NTSB has opened an investigation into a fatal car crash involving a Tesla model S that killed two teenagers in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, May 8. [27] Elon Musk took to Twitter to reveal that he’s considering allowing car owners to build their own Tesla vehicles. [27] Tesla engineering executives acknowledge that the company overestimated the rate at which it could produce cars, and designed a production system that proved to be too complicated — a problem that Mr. Musk lamented at the company’s June shareholder meeting. [22] The willingness to experiment with the production process even as cars are rolling off the line is perhaps the most significant way Tesla is defying the industry’s conventional wisdom. [22] GM sold an estimated 3 million cars in 2017–about 30 times more than the 100,000 cars Tesla hoped to deliver. [25] Like the other two, it handles final assembly, when trim and other finishing touches are put on the car. (Tesla did not include the tent on the tour of the plant.) [22] Tesla had trouble mass-producing both battery packs and cars. [22] Basically, Tesla made the battery pack, the powertrain and the associated electronics for this car. [26] To be fair, there are plenty of reasons to be impressed with Tesla and skeptical of GM. Indeed, Tesla was formed partly in response to GM’s lamebrain decision to get rid of its all-electric car, the EV1, in 2003. [25] However, the main competitor for each of these cars will be Tesla ( TSLA ). [26] No matter that neither the Model S, Model X and Model 3 line up perfectly in size, price or shape with the Mercedes EQC and the two other cars: The simple reality is that Tesla is the incumbent in this broader segment of premium EVs, and many or most customers will look beyond the traditional narrow segment definitions in terms of body style and price – at least in the initial stage of this market’s competitive set. [26] Having established the brand’s cachet with high-end offerings — the Model S luxury sedan and the Model X sport-utility vehicle — Tesla would begin churning out more affordable Model 3 sedans. [22]

A Tesla model S in Autopilot mode crashed into a parked Laguna Beach Police Department vehicle on Tuesday, May 29. [27]

Sales of the Chevy Bolt, GM’s plug-in electric vehicle, recently surpassed sales of the Tesla Model S. [25] The driver in the latest Tesla Model S crash revealed that Autopilot mode was activated, but admitted that she was looking at her phone at the time of the accident. [27] For now, Tesla generates most of its revenue from the Model S and the Model X, which are priced at about $70,000 and up. [22] Tesla Model S vs Karma Revero Compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs at a glance. [23]

With great fanfare and a lot of investor money, Tesla produced its first vehicle five years later, in 2008. [25] Like Tesla, it’s figuring out new ways to power heavy vehicles. [25]

With production difficulties in assembly line problems solved, Tesla is now promoting sales of the Model 3. [27] By the end of nearly three months of production after Tesla started assembling the Model 3 last summer, just 260 had rolled off the line, and Mr. Musk said the company faced a prolonged period of “manufacturing hell.” [22] Mr. Musk doesn?t have an office at the plant, but Tesla says he has been sleeping there — on the floor in someone else’s office, or on a couch — while working to streamline Model 3 production. [22] Tesla confirmed that its Model 3 production is now at 3,500 units every week. [27] Beneath the peaked canvas, Tesla has hastily set up a third Model 3 production line. [22] Jose Moran, a five-year Tesla veteran who for the last 10 months has worked as a Model 3 quality-team lead, said the already taxing production demands of previous models had intensified. [22] Max Warburton, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, estimates that Tesla spent about $2 billion to set up the Model 3 production line. [22] After working around the clock for weeks on end to surpass a production goal, Tesla is pausing some Model 3 production this week. [21] The Tesla Model 3 is already facing delays, and its production is now temporarily halted again. [27] Elon Musk finally announced the highly anticipated dual-motor, all-wheel drive, and performance versions of the Tesla Model 3. [27] In early June, Mr. Musk said Tesla was making 3,500 Model 3 sedans a week, and vowed to reach 5,000 a week by the end of June. [22] Mr. Musk, in contrast, has promised investors and customers that Tesla will be able to produce the Model 3 in high volumes, sell versions for as little as $35,000 and ring up hefty profits. [22]

At 3 a.m. on Thursday, the time Tesla made him available for a telephone interview, he said he was trying to fix a glitch in the part of the plant where the Model 3 is painted. [22]

The Tesla Model S and the Dodge Challenger going head-to-head in a drag race was captured on video by YouTube channel Wheels. [27] The Tesla CEO is thinking about offering a factory tour where owners can help build part of the vehicle. [27] Whether that remains the case as Tesla speeds up production will be revealed in a few months if the company reports a profit, as Mr. Musk has promised. [22] That means the company’s future hinges on the assembly lines Tesla has set up to produce the Model 3 — and whether the company can make them hum. [22] Tesla has already spent heavily on the Model 3 assembly process, and modifications mean machinery purchased for hundreds of millions of dollars is likely to be discarded. [22] A recent daylong tour of the Fremont plant revealed how Tesla is trying to break with standard auto-industry practices all along the Model 3 assembly lines. [22] In the final assembly area, for example, Tesla originally used robotic arms to install the Model 3 seats. [22] Tesla ditches Model 3 reservations; Daimler, Bosch to test robotaxis in Calif.; Ex-Apple worker accused of stealing AV secrets; Help for future FCA dealers; Nissan’s backwards move. [21]

By the end of next year, it plans to have 500 fast charging stations in place across the U.S. (Tesla had nearly 400 about a year ago, when it announced a plan to double the size of the Supercharger network.) [35] Tesla reached a preliminary agreement with the Shanghai government to build a factory that’ll rival production from its lone U.S. assembly plant, as Elon Musk takes his biggest step yet to expand overseas. [21]

Ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber drove the Porsche Mission E for the first time, giving car enthusiasts a peek at the electric car’s performance. [27] Conventional Hybrid cars are powered by gasoline or diesel and electric combination that offers more fuel efficiency than traditional vehicles. [24]

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