Why Do People Like Tesla Cars?

Why Do People Like Tesla Cars?
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  • Some people like EV’s but don’t like the way Tesla does it in the same way some people like ICE motors but might not like the way Ford does it.(More…)
  • Those people have followed up with Tesla and simply can’t get their cars fixed.(More…)
  • This forces luxury car makers like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar to finally give Tesla a real competition.(More…)


  • Most of the cars Tesla sells today are priced to compete with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.(More…)
  • Now you can attempt to turn it into a “moral” issue all you like and the simple Fact is that I wont EVER be dropping $60K to $100k on a used anything which cant haul my +2300 pounds of tools, equipment, and parts, at least 400 miles on a tank/charge.(More…)



Some people like EV’s but don’t like the way Tesla does it in the same way some people like ICE motors but might not like the way Ford does it. [1] This creates more available space than other vehicles and lets Tesla add a front truck, or a Frunk as people like to call it. [2]

Not all electric cars can improve over time like Teslas will, this is still something largely unique to the company. [2] Tesla plays with the amiguous meaning of “autopilot”, I don’t like that because will be blurred, but they advert seriously that the system doesn’t allow the car be driven by itself without human supervision, so every accident is a bad use of the system, and a driver’s fault. [3] Like the other two, it handles final assembly, when trim and other finishing touches are put on the car. (Tesla did not include the tent on the tour of the plant.) [4] Where can I purchase accessories for my Tesla? You can visit the official Tesla shop to purchase items like Wall Connectors, charging adapters, roof sunshades, trunk organizers, pedals, car covers and more. [5] The result is that when you completely let off the accelerator, like you might in a gas car to coast, a Tesla will slow down very quickly. [2]

Tesla tried this tactic with previous cars, and lots of people on the Model 3 waiting list probably would be happy to make what amounts to a downpayment to get their cars within two to four months, as Tesla is promising with this new move. [6] There is one special kind of super rich people who claim to care about environment but fly private jets and waste a lot of consumer good including cars (including Tesla). [7] They to a large degree techno-libertarians so love that having a Tesla lets them be smug and pretend they are better then the little people because they can pretend to care about the environment for a minute or because they have a really fast car to 60. [7]

Tesla has accomplished something no other automaker can claim: It’s made a relatively affordable electric car, the Model 3, that hundreds of thousands of people are lining up to buy. [8] I the context of Tesla I would define rich people as those who can afford to buy a car just for fun. [7] Teslas are quick, have more available room, and are packed with technology, but plugging in a car to recharge it, versus filling it with gas, is still the item most people get hung up on. [2]

It’s expensive as fuck and people who can afford it usually own a car (or two) already, but that’s how introducing a new technology looks like: first it’s a cool, but otherwise impractical gadget for the rich, second it becomes usable, but it’s still beyond the reach of average customers, and finally price drops to a point an average Joe can afford it. [7] The Tesla car isn’t actually trying to stop, because just like every (or almost every) production car with ABS, it’s not designed to detect or react to stationary objects. [3] After a few months and plenty of miles with a Model 3, here’s an overview of what owning an electric car is really like and explanations of Tesla features for those not familiar. [2]

You can add “Being a Tesla fan doesn?t prevent me from praising Jaguar for its exceptional BEV, the I-Pace” all you like, you’re still saying people mustn’t like EV’s if they don’t love Tesla. [1] What was the purpose of writing and passing this new bill? In reality, it’s most likely because General Motors, as well as the other Big Three feel threatened by direct-to-consumer manufacturers like Tesla. [9] Sperling: Well certainly in the near term it’ll be fine for China and maybe even good because it means that it favors their domestic companies making electric vehicles and that means that it makes it more difficult for companies like Tesla. [10] And, they certainly don’t ACCELERATE into the crash, like Tesla will do as it resumes back up to cruise control speed. [3]

The problem isn’t that Tesla’s ABS isn’t as good as other auto makers’ ABS. The problem, I think, is that people expect Tesla’s ABS system to be much better than others, because Tesla’s cars are so much more advanced in many ways. [1] Someday I’m going to be rich and I don’t want to pay all those taxes to help poor people like myself. [7]

Scott is absolutely correct to question whether the Doppler radar used for ABS systems in pretty much every production car, including Tesla cars, will react to a lightly built mockup of fabric around a wooden frame, in the same way it would react to an actual car. [3] In the same way your mobile phone will get updates to add new features and fix bugs, Tesla cars benefit in the same way. [2] It’s all very well to say “Well, the Tesla car should have braked even for this very low-mass dummy car”, but if the sensitivity of the ABS system was turned up too far, then the car would be constantly braking when it doesn’t need to. [1] Not only do Tesla cars get software updates, but the Tesla phone app does as well. [2] He is right to question this, because I don’t think the hardware installed in current Tesla cars is adequate for Full Self Driving. [3] Ummm Tesla not making compact cars with inadequate rear seat air bags and inadequate front crumple zones is about as far away from “got very lucky” as it’s possible to get! Superior design and build, not “luck”, is what has made the fatality rate in Tesla cars so very low. [3] The statistics which the NHTSA reported actually show that Tesla Autopilot + AutoSteer reduces the accident rate in Tesla cars by significantly more than 40%. [3] Tesla cars won’t stop for a dummy made of styrofoam and cardboard. [1]

Those people have followed up with Tesla and simply can’t get their cars fixed. [11] Relax everyone, it’s not like Tesla is making people build the entire car, they have the option to construct a bumper. [12] You might think a company like Enterprise will be swept away by the industrial revolution that’s sweeping through transportation, but the rental car folks could have a role to play in a future where people don?t drive or own cars, but still want them kept clean and fueled and whatnot. [13] It sometimes reads like a terrible love story, the relationship between Consumer Reports and electric car company Tesla. [14] On most occasions, it sounds like Tesla Norway has difficulties getting parts on time and on other occasions, it sounds like they might actually be understaffed. [11]

With followers like her, Elon Musk — the South African-born multibillionaire known for high-profile, risky investments such as Tesla (electric cars), SpaceX (private space travel), the Boring Company (underground travel), and Neuralink (neurotechnology) — has reaped the benefits of a culture in which fandom dominates nearly everything. [15] I need to get a new car, and ideally would like a sedan; either a Tesla Model 3 or a Honda Accord. [16] Now, before you jump at the prospect of Tesla literally using customers to help build cars and boost production, it’s not like that. [12]

Even if Tesla fails and the government contracts that fund SpaceX dry up, they will have still existed, and they will have made electric cars that were real to people and will have begun to humanize the stars. [15] It takes time and expertise from the people designing the processes to build the car, programming the robots, making parts, and definitely the people assembling the vehicle on the line and it’s something that Tesla appears to be genuinely trying to improve. [17] If Tesla management reads these reviews, please give him a HUGE Kuddos! People like Sean are the reasons why Tesla is my favorite company. [18]

Some people like an actor, or sports person, others cant stand that person. [19]

This forces luxury car makers like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar to finally give Tesla a real competition. [20] Cars 10 of the most expensive electric cars in the world 10 of the world’s most expensive electric cars from the likes of Rimac, Faraday, Rolls-Royce and, of course, Tesla. [21]

Do people on public roads have a constitutional right to drive 116 mph in 35 mph zones if they feel like it? How fast is too fast? On another thread on the Tesla Reddit forum, drivers are complaining that their Teslas slowed unexpectedly when the GPS data suddenly decided they were driving too fast. [22] Probably the group of people most excited about the Tesla cars all around the world are environmentalists, as the car is indeed eco-friendly, if ever there was one. [23] Tesla cars run on battery power, using a very heavy battery that takes up a lot of the weight of the vehicle. [23] Teslas Autopilot system has been involved in multiple crashes of Tesla cars with stationary objects. [20]


Most of the cars Tesla sells today are priced to compete with luxury models made by Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. [8] If Tesla can?t figure out how to make more cars soon, it could open a lane for rivals from Detroit and overseas to establish the high-volume market for a $35,000 electric car–one that Tesla has had in its sights from its very beginning. [8] Whether “investing in” Tesla (aka: buying one of their cars) is “about an inevitable revolution in transportation” or not is a moot issue for the VAST majority of folks in the U.S. because most of us ordinary folk cant even afford a $500 unexpected bill. [24] Created a welcoming environment by providing professional photography services to ensure every customer feels the difference between buying from an old-fashioned car manufacturer versus a world-leading eco-friendly all electric car of Tesla. [25]

We will continue to make adjustments to the model as Tesla publishes new production figures at the end of each quarter. [8] Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants his electric-car company to become a dominant mass-production player that eventually extends its reach to electric trucks and beyond. [8] I began at Tesla like most: bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed, ready to make a difference. [25] I think that many people believe that investing in Tesla is supporting a revolution. [24] You can find a dozen accident reports of people saying their Tesla accelerated while their foot was on the brake pedal. [24]

Those figures, and the charts below, represent Bloomberg’s latest estimates and will automatically update to reflect changes in the data. (Tesla reported on July 2 it had made 5,031 Model 3s over the previous seven days, the first time it passed the 5,000 milestone.) [8] Back in 2010, Tesla became the first publicly traded carmaker to emerge in the U.S. in 54 years. [8] The Bloomberg Model 3 tracker relies on data from official U.S. government resources, social media reports, and direct communication with Tesla owners. [8]

Now its market value rivals Ford and General Motors, companies producing orders of magnitude more vehicles than Tesla. [8] Tesla, Inc. is the living proof that you can run a company on hype for quite a while. [24] Fast paced working environment, set to change the world!! Tesla has a plan to help the environment and we work to being that idea to life by getting solar power to the customers. [25] Tesla has a highly innovative, employee-driven environment that empowers you to be the best you can be while thinking outside the box. [25]

Our best estimate is that Tesla has manufactured 6,145 Model 3s so far, and is now building approximately 572 a week. [8]

We built our own model to estimate weekly output of the car that could make or break Elon Musk’s master plan. [8] It’s a crude way to track the rollout because not all VINs are produced sequentially, deliveries can be delayed, and even the most enterprising Model 3 sleuths will inevitably miss some newly released cars. [8] The guys at A know their deal, they have been manufacturing cars for a really long time and know the industry well. [24] Customers are encouraged to “invest in the future” but they get a car they?ll have a difficult time finding parts for and one with far less than ideal dealership support. [24] That plan only works if the company can figure out how to make exponentially more cars. [8] We?ve removed 400 VINs from the total database to account for Tesla’s test cars. [8] Blaming “the media” and saying “all cars catch fire” only works for so long. [24] As early cars began to trickle out in 2017, fans began reporting any chance encounter on roads and in parking lots. [8]

While investor optimism has remained high — Tesla’s market capitalization puts it neck and neck with General Motors as the most valuable American car company — its bonds are rated in junk territory, and the delay in bringing in revenue from Model 3 sales has analysts worried Tesla will continue to use up cash and face the prospect of having to raise additional capital later this year. [4] Tesla engineering executives acknowledge that the company overestimated the rate at which it could produce cars, and designed a production system that proved to be too complicated — a problem that Mr. Musk lamented at the company’s June shareholder meeting. [4] The willingness to experiment with the production process even as cars are rolling off the line is perhaps the most significant way Tesla is defying the industry’s conventional wisdom. [4] Combined, their global sales add up to about 100,000 vehicles a year — too few to offset the billions Tesla has been spending to build its gigantic battery factory in Nevada, develop new cars and a semi truck, and equip its car plant. [4] This week Tesla said it will open a plant in Shanghai to eventually build 500,000 cars a year without the import taxes. [10]

Not only is the Tesla Model S P100D the fast production car, going from zero to sixty in 2.23 seconds, but it’s also astonishingly safe. [9] I get the initial fascination with Tesla – Model S was the first EV with a range and performance that made it a viable alternative to ICE cars (granted, for those customers with deep pockets). [7] The Tesla Superchargers can charge your Tesla in as little as 30 minutes, you can go roughly four-hundred fifty-five miles in the Model S, and you can even have your car arrive at your home with the “Summon” function. [9] The test car appropriately follows the lead car, the lead car veers out of the lane to avoid a stopped car and the Tesla slams into the stopped vehicle. [3] Why didn’t the Tesla have GoPro cameras aboard? Would they show that it was lined up to face mostly past the angled barrier? -Why did they pick only two cars for this test with one of them being an older Tesla that was from a rental company. [1] A bunch of cars, with far more cars in the installed base in the U.S., (this is according to ACTUAL IIHS data) have had ZERO fatalities in the time period wherein Tesla have had over a dozen. [3] The consensus view of everyone working on autonomous driving outside Tesla (which is doing little actual work) is that it required LIDAR sensors, which currently cost multi-$10K per car. [3] They didn’t show verification that the Tesla would stop for the “faux” car without the other car suddenly moving out of the way. [3] While the Tesla didn’t stop for the dummy car at the slow speed, the S90 stopped at 60 km/h (~37 mph). [1] I.E., if the faux car is stopped in the lane, and the Tesla simply encounters it there, would it stop. [3] Tesla has always been clear that Autopilot doesn?t make the car impervious to all accidents and the issues described by Thatcham won?t be a problem for drivers using Autopilot correctly. [3] Now regarding the objects hit while on autopilot (3 trucks and one concrete barrier if not mistaken), Tesla got very lucky that those were not compact cars with the back seat full of kids under 10. [3] Where can I get my car repaired? Visit Tesla Body Shop Support to find Tesla approved body shops near you and Tesla Service to learn more about over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics. [5] Tesla uses radar to establish ranging with other cars in front. [3] Tesla had trouble mass-producing both battery packs and cars. [4] The dashboard only has one visible vent that spans the width of the car and it’s very different from other vents, even in other Teslas. [2] There are tons of luxury cars with emergency braking systems yet they pick only these two and invite the media to the event which is never done from impartial standards testing companies. -Foam barrier from pictures and video show that it is slightly tilted away toward the crowd from the oncoming Tesla. [1] If Tesla falters that’s bad for all of the international car company’s investments in electric vehicles: GM, Ford, Mercedes, all of them. [10] If you?re wondering how you find these Superchargers, Tesla shows these locations on its maps in the car. [2] The Tesla app can perform nearly all car functions remotely, such as honking, blinking lights, locking and unlocking, starting the car, and opening trunks. [2] The car computer will then silently compare when it would have braked to the driver action and upload that to the Tesla database. [3] You can prep your Tesla for cold temperatures from your mobile app or car touchscreen. [5] Because Tesla sells their cars directly to consumers, they control everything. [9] Tesla is an automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. [26] Not only is Tesla an impressive automaker, smashing all the conventions, but they?re also an incredible electric car, produced in a time when renewable energy is immensely popular ( as it should be ). [9] Tesla is looking for a place to build and sell lots of electric cars. [10]

By the end of nearly three months of production after Tesla started assembling the Model 3 last summer, just 260 had rolled off the line, and Mr. Musk said the company faced a prolonged period of “manufacturing hell.” [4] Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times Mr. Musk doesn?t have an office at the plant, but Tesla says he has been sleeping there — on the floor in someone else’s office, or on a couch — while working to streamline Model 3 production. [4] Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times Max Warburton, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, estimates that Tesla spent about $2 billion to set up the Model 3 production line. [4] Credit Justin Kaneps for The New York Times Beneath the peaked canvas, Tesla has hastily set up a third Model 3 production line. [4]

Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times Michael Catura, a 33-year-old battery-pack line worker who has been with Tesla for four years, said he had suffered hand, shoulder and elbow injuries because the company had sometimes dispensed with rotating workers to different jobs around the factory floor. [4]

The two things people notice when actually driving a Tesla for the first time is the acceleration and the braking. [2] I doubt anything a company does can negate all those youtube videos showing people driving their Tesla inappropriately. [3] According to the study, the problem with Tesla Autopilot and virtually all current semi-autonomous driving technology is that people become too comfortable with it. [3] People hear that Teslas are electric, but I still get the followup question quite a bit, double checking that it doesn?t use any gas. [2] The flip side of this is that there are well documented groups of people who intentionally use attacks on Tesla as a proxy to attacking the whole EV industry in an attempt to somehow prove Tesla (and therefore all EV’s) are a failure. [1] There is this bizarre Tesla hater meme, a Big Lie which has been repeated so often that people don’t question it, that people become fans of Tesla thru some cult-like attraction of Tesla’s PR. No: We became fans of Tesla because of what Tesla has actually accomplished in building and selling compelling EVs. Being a Tesla fan doesn’t prevent me from praising Jaguar for its exceptional BEV, the I-Pace. [1] What do you mean? Tesla is offering people to buy FSD as an extra-cost option on top of AP, although it has no idea when the SW will be working or when legal jurisdictions will allow it (I’m certain no developed country will allow it in the next 20 years). [3] It’s easy for people to say to ignore it, but when you read an interesting story or feature and look to the comments for good discussion and all you can find is two groups of people arguing about how good/bad Tesla is its pretty hard to ignore. [1] The problem is that current semi-self-driving systems, such as Cadillac Super Cruise and Tesla Autopilot/AutoSteer, are not designed to do things that people think they are. [3] I don’t “hate” Tesla, I find it really, really weird that people become so personally invested in a product that they start losing objectivity. [1] You had to take it a step further and compare people who dislike Tesla to Nazi’s. [1] Owning a Tesla comes with a fair bit of curiosity and questions from people. [2]

It is an interesting development that may surprise some would-be Tesla buyers, as well as one that illustrates Elon Musk’s tricky position as his company tries to ramp up production of the Model 3. [6] Mr. Musk reaffirmed his confidence that Tesla was nearing the elusive goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 sedans a week, a pace he has said is needed for the company to turn a profit. [4] Whether that remains the case as Tesla speeds up production will be revealed in a few months if the company reports a profit, as Mr. Musk has promised. [4]

Shit, maybe if Tesla made like an electric civic sort of thing they would do way better. [7] You paid a thousand-dollar deposit to reserve a Model 3? Now Tesla would very much like another $2,500 from you to “confirm” your order. [6] No, you need to compare it with other auto makers’ ABS systems, most of which are also not designed to detect stationary objects like parked fire trucks just like Tesla’s ABS. (If Volvo uses an optically-based ABS, rather than Doppler radar based like almost everyone else including Tesla, then that may be less of a problem for Volvo’s cars.) [1] Articles like these on Tesla AP should really post the instructions on where and when to use AP and instructions. [3] Holding it in front of a press corps, and not sharing the specifics with Tesla first or after? Stinks like a pile of manure. [1] Another thing that is interesting is that Tesla did not stop for something that radar passes through, like a floating garbage bag. [1] Like Pushmi says above me, Tesla is most certainly selling FSD as an extra-cost option, with the caution that it has no idea when it’ll be available. [3]

As many might ask, why wouldn?t Tesla just comply with Michigan law and sell their vehicles through dealerships? Why maintain this direct-to-consumer model? The answer is control. [9] Having established the brand’s cachet with high-end offerings — the Model S luxury sedan and the Model X sport-utility vehicle — Tesla would begin churning out more affordable Model 3 sedans. [4] At 3 a.m. on Thursday, the time Tesla made him available for a telephone interview, he said he was trying to fix a glitch in the part of the plant where the Model 3 is painted. [4] In another bid to push the limits of technology, Tesla at times pulls robots off the line and tests them operating at speeds greater than specified by the supplier, said Charles Mwangi, Tesla’s director of body engineering. [4] Consumer Reports found a flaw with Model 3 braking, shared their findings with Tesla, and reran the test after Tesla came up with a fix in days. [1] That means the company’s future hinges on the assembly lines Tesla has set up to produce the Model 3 — and whether the company can make them hum. [4] To speed production at its Fremont, Calif., assembly plant, Tesla created a third assembly line for the Model 3 under a huge tent. [4] Robots can do only so much: Tesla aims to hire about 400 employees a week to help accelerate Model 3 production. [4] Jose Moran, a five-year Tesla veteran who for the last 10 months has worked as a Model 3 quality-team lead, said the already taxing production demands of previous models had intensified. [4] Mr. Musk, in contrast, has promised investors and customers that Tesla will be able to produce the Model 3 in high volumes, sell versions for as little as $35,000 and ring up hefty profits. [4] In early June, Mr. Musk said Tesla was making 3,500 Model 3 sedans a week, and vowed to reach 5,000 a week by the end of June. [4] Two assembly lines inside the plant already exist to handle at least some of those tasks but they have proved troublesome and perform the work more slowly than Mr. Musk had hoped, in part because Tesla used robots for tasks that are better left to human workers. [4] Mercedes is just one of the supporting vehicles the Tesla is following, it is not part of the test, it is not indicated it is part of the test. [3] Interestingly, this test was performed using a 2015 Tesla Model S with first-gen Autopilot hardware. [1] A European automotive testing authority reports that the Tesla Model S failed to stop in its braking simulation. [1] Tesla has also improved the braking distance and shortened the time it takes to stop when slamming on the brakes, from a software update. [2] The thing is this kind of videos should have come from Tesla long time ago as part of an effort to make Tesla owners aware of this system limits and not over rely on it the wrong situations. [3] Credit Justin Kaneps for The New York Times Since then, Tesla has raced to iron out kinks in the assembly process, mainly by scrapping some complicated robotic machines that proved ill suited to certain tasks, and hiring hundreds of workers to replace them. [4] Tesla did the opposite, with highly automated production lines populated by more than a thousand robots and other assembly machines. [4] In a very tangible sense, Tesla views its production line as a laboratory for untested techniques. [4] Tesla, by contrast, is tinkering with its production lines on the fly, and the tent is a stark illustration of that approach. [4]

The foundation of Tesla is its electric motor and battery power. [2] In the final assembly area, for example, Tesla originally used robotic arms to install the Model 3 seats. [4] Tesla has already spent heavily on the Model 3 assembly process, and modifications mean machinery purchased for hundreds of millions of dollars is likely to be discarded. [4] A recent daylong tour of the Fremont plant revealed how Tesla is trying to break with standard auto-industry practices all along the Model 3 assembly lines. [4] I think everyone got on the Tesla train when the promise was a $35k Model 3. [7]

It is your responsibility to drive safely and remain in control of your Tesla at all times. [5] For the Tesla AP to BOTH miss the reaction time window AND actually accelerate toward the crash is a bad combo. [3]

Tesla have never advertised their vehicles as fully self driving and particularly not with the quotes as you suggest. [3] There are a lot of Tesla AP vehicles out there, how many of the other manufacturers vehicles are there with this suit of system? If it is similar 200,000+ then that tells us something compared to if it is only a few thousand. [3] While I understand the critics who believe Tesla should be more accountable for accidents that occur on Autopilot, I believe there is a shared responsibility for operators of their vehicles, too. [3] When I use autopilot in my Tesla, I treat it as a dumb system that makes it possible for me to focus while I watch the road. [3] How do I use the mobile app? The Tesla mobile app is available on iOS or Android. [5] Silly, LOL! The “dummy” is made out of cardboard! So silly! While Mercedes only uses Video-Cams, Tesla uses Infrared and Video-Cams. [3] You can use my referral code to get additional savings if you do buy a Tesla at some point. [2] To learn how to use the app, view the following instructional video: Tesla Mobile App Walkthrough. [5] Sperling: Well if you look at it in terms of Tesla, Tesla is the most important electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. [10] If there’s one thing Tesla can be credited for it’s changing this perception, by making a fully electric vehicle that is suited for driving beyond city limits. [7] Where should I place a transponder / toll pass? Tesla recommends placing transponders and toll passes in the following locations to ensure best results and minimize any obstruction to your driving view: Model S: against the windshield just to the right of the sensor housing above the rear-view mirror. [5] In the meantime, Tesla raised prices in China — a Model S now costs about 70 percent more there than it costs in the U.S. Dan Sperling is the founding director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis. [10] For now, Tesla generates most of its revenue from the Model S and the Model X, which are priced at about $70,000 and up. [4]

Each afternoon, line workers in matching black pants with a white Tesla logo on one leg stream out of the plant and descend upon packed parking lots in the sprawling, bayside suburb. [4] A line set up hastily, in an untested environment, might not achieve the quality Tesla promises. [4] I think there’s even an argument to be made that the giant battery style Tesla popularized is actively bad for the environment compared to a hybrid system that has a small battery for daily commutes and ICE for long hauls. [7] Even now with this push for order confirmations, Tesla is making Model 3s with the 310-mile long-range battery only; the standard battery is listed as still six to nine months away. [6] How can you possibly be a real EV supporter and not be a fan of Tesla? Tesla is the one company doing far more than any other to support and accelerate the EV revolution. [1] The company spokesperson went so far as to say that Tesla users are aware that if you don’t pay attention, you will crash. [3] It’s also the same attitude which has steered Tesla from a company that nearly all financial analysts said had very little chance of surviving, into the fastest-growing auto maker outside China. [3]

They need to have a look at the data why it failed and if there is a bigger issue with Teslas. [1] The agency released photos of the testing, but reportedly did not forward details of the test to Tesla. [1] The previous test, of which there was a video, clearly showed it was CLOTH ONLY because the Tesla ran through it. [1] Tesla not there to test sensors and cameras to make sure they are in working order. [1] Still you are right, just because Tesla failed a test doesn’t mean the test was biased. [1] Anyway I doubt there is any data to send to tesla as I doubt it was set up as a test. [1]

Surely the model year of the car doesn’t explain why the test results were negative, but it’s an important detail to divulge. [1] Automakers like Toyota, Honda and G.M. engineer manufacturing lines that can churn out cars or trucks at a rate of about one a minute, and essentially lock in the basic assembly process once they start production. [4] It failed because, just like all or nearly all ABS systems in production cars, it’s not designed to detect or react to stationary obstacles. [3] It doesn?t look like there’s a huge battery powering Tesla’s cars, but there is. [2] My favorite example of how the Model 3 is more like a gadget than a car is its rear heated seats. [2] This feels a lot like the car is driving you–and I suppose it is. [2] USA autorities, must obligate the makers to fit a system like in Europe, that if you take off your hands from the wheeldrive for a seconds, the car alerts the driver and if he doesn’t put the hands on, disconect the system and goes on manual driving. [3] Not sure what it’s like other places, but usually if there is a vehicle stopped in the lane there are a few other indications before the car in front suddenly changes lanes. [3] The barrier is also flat and 2-dimensional unlike every other test carried out like this that has a foam barrier car with 3 full sides. [1] Even if you live in the U.S. PNW which is heavily renewable, you’re causing like 1/3rd the carbon output of the average gas car on a day to day basis, which, while better, is not saving anything. [7] Routine tasks that require no intelligence like keeping equal distance between the lanes and a set distance from the car in front are handled by the autopilot. [3] The car is powered only by the battery built in and recharges just like your mobile phone. [2] Specifically, they are not designed to do things like detecting large stationary obstacles in the path of a semi-self-driving car. [3] I mean, comments like yours annoy me because you keep comparing the car to what a human driver is capable of. [3]

The litany of $1,000 deposits people paid to get on the Model 3 waiting list became many millions of dollars of working capital to build cars. [6] Not to mention that the most polluting part of any car is the car itself, they take a lot of materials to produce and often do not last long, if people actually gave a shit about the environment they would use public transport. [7] It pisses me off that I paid a lot of money for my car and you people are trying to take it away from me. [3] The rich people I know live in gated communities and drive one of their many cars to work. [7] Some people either need or want large cars that are arguably at least a little bit more comfortable than a Zoe or Leaf. [7] The speed being displayed on the center screen with nothing visual in front of the driver has been a complaint for many people considering the car. [2] If semi-self-driving cars were programmed to respond to every situation which might possibly be a harbinger of an accident, then they would constantly be slowing drastically or stopping, and people would just shut off the system in frustration. [3]

The semi-permanent structure houses a third assembly line — part of a desperate effort to speed up production of the Model 3, the car that Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, has said is critical to the company’s financial health and immediate future. [4] “It’s a constant “How many cars have we built so far?? — a constant pressure to build, especially with the Model 3,” he said. [4] The latest, wildest example of that madness is the temporary tent outside Tesla’s Fremont, CA factory that workers threw together so they could have a third line to build the car. [6] Yep, which makes Tesla’s (and their diehards) constant harping about the NHTSA saying cars with AP were 40% safer than non-AP cars was total crap. [3]

This is modern Mobileye hardware on over 250 car models, and many semi trucks today. [1] Of course you can find models of cars which are made in such small numbers that no fatal accident has yet occurred in them. [3] What’s covered under Roadside Assistance? Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365 during the first four years, or 50,000 miles for cars covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. [5] What I don’t understand is that, while the best experts around all agree that full self driving cars are far from ready yet and won’t be for at least another 10 years, Elon Musk still insists to declare every now and then that full self driving is just around the corner. [3] With those numbers, the CO2 output of the manufacturing process for batteries puts EVs about 10,000 miles behind – at U.S. average driver mileage, it takes about a year for the typical EV to break even with the typical gas car before one is permanently ‘better for the environment’ than a gas car. [7] Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times Established car companies master the process with assembly-line workers, and then find ways for machines to take over some of the work. [4] Credit Christie Hemm Klok for The New York Times “It’s unusual to be doing that at this point in time when the car is already launched,” said Mr. Harbour, a veteran manufacturing expert who has visited most of the world’s major auto plants. [4] We aren’t adding emergency braking to cars so that they can stop in the same time a human can. [3] That’s not going to stop at any time, so their should be cars made for them even if all cars are using batteries. [7] The time when the obstruction became visible to the time of impact was just over 2 seconds and in that time the car made almost no effort to brake. [3] The lady who crashed her car into the back of the firetruck was texting at the time. [3] Installing an update can take as many as two hours, depending on the strength of the connection and the size of the update, but connecting your car to a strong Wi-Fi network ensures the quickest download time. [5] At the time, everyone took Enron at his word that it would be faster, with longer range, and less recharge time, than any other car out there. [7] I think that, if the car could slow a bit when the car ahead change lanes, it would call the driver’s atention and give him more time to brake. [3] It’s built on the electric foundation with similar software features as the company’s other cars. [2] After a few months with it, it’s hard to go without the connectivity and mobile app other cars don?t have. [2] “The carrier that the car is on is coming out of the paint booth slightly too fast for the sensor to recognize it, and it’s tripping the sensor even though everything is fine,” he explained. [4] How does Automatic Emergency Braking work? If your car is equipped with Autopilot hardware, Automatic Emergency Braking automatically applies full braking in situations where a collision is considered imminent by the forward-looking camera and the radar sensor. [5] If several cars drive safely past a given radar object, whether Autopilot is turned on or off, then that object is added to the geocoded whitelist. [3] Can I drive my car during a software update? Software updates prevent your car from driving as a safety measure. [5] Most human drivers? brains have found ways to link those reflexes to swerve/brake circuits we will likely do that while driving even before our higher level cortex recognizes the shape as a parked car. [3] The air in cities would also improve a lot by cars emitting nothing during driving. [7] You would still need another car for long distance driving – wasting space and money for maintaining 2 cars. [7] Not nearly as much as not driving, or not buying a new car until your current one dies. [7] This annoys me with the ACC in my current cars, if the car is driving far to one side of the lane sometimes it follows too closely so I find myself also going to one side to get the car to react appropriately. [1] We are in autonomous driving level 2. 3 in the most advanced cars. [3] According to the Luxembourg testing and standardization authority (ILNAS) as reported by Luxembourg Wort the Model S was unable to stop for a dummy car while traveling only 30 km/h (~19 mph). [1] I own a 2015 Model S. I have also had a nose tail accident when the car simply didn?t stop. I was traveling at about 30 kmh. [1] As a bonus, most Model S and Model X cars don?t pay for Supercharging. [2] This is especially true since it’s a used car and the 2016 and 2017 Model S both received the top rating of ‘Superior’ for front crash prevention from the U.S.-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). [1]

Car companies usually start with assembly-line workers, and then find ways for machines to take over some of the work. [4] If you plug the car into a regular (110v) U.S. house outlet it won?t charge fast, but it will work. [2] Certainly, but The U.S. was basically designed for the car, so its gonna be hard to shift the car-centric mentality. [7] The U.S. is in a trade war with China and right now there’s about a 40 percent tax on American-made cars being sold in China. [10]

Scott, are you daft? The test revealed a situation where the car failed to react. [3] Using your argument VW could have asked the same regarding emission tests “why do they test a 3years old car, how unfair, this is sketchy”. [1] You would think that an agency of “Standards” would’ve tested the cars in the same years. [1] Now in this particular case, I do agree with you: Fully developed self-driving cars are not going to arrive in 5 years or less. [3] You’re not gonna save the environment buying another car, especially if you drive more because you think you’re being green. [7] Once you get the hang of pressing down to go and easing off to slow down, it makes it hard to drive a non-electric car. [2] This is what gives the car its quick start (referred to as torque) and quiet drive. [2] Regenerative braking refers to the car capturing energy from the wheel rotation and putting it back into the battery. [2] If the car you’re following suddenly veers out of your lane, chances are, most braking systems are not going to stop if a parked car is revealed immediately in your path. [3] If it’s braking gently, it’s probably because the car in front of it was braking before it suddenly changed lanes. [3] It will perform auto acceleration and braking based off the car in front of you. [2] When the data shows that false braking events would be rare, the car will begin mild braking using radar, even if the camera doesn?t notice the object ahead. [3] If a General Motors dealer attempts to sell a car to a customer, but the car salesman is a Class A jerk, the buyer may swear off all General Motors cars. [9] A well working AEB is what I would priotize in a new car and not more an less wothless gimmicks. [3] As it is a public service belonging to a small state with no car industry I doubt it is manipulated by the infamous “shorts” or by anything else. [1] Uses taxpayer dollars to make cars that the tax payer can’t afford. [7] It isn’t a car you can use to visit your family in the country. [7] It makes the button-filled cabins of other cars look outdated to me. [2] The car owner – centric mentality is already switching to a ride share centric mentality in a lot of mid size cities. [7] The mobile app can also control when charging takes place, how full you let the car charge, and if you want to stop it charging. [2] “Tesla’s (and their diehards) constant harping about the NHTSA saying cars with AP were 40% safer than non-AP cars was total crap. [3] Amazingly, cities that build up local trains move away from car centrism and towards public transport. [7] Charge your car while preconditioning to reduce the amount of energy loss from your battery pack. [5] There’s not a typical combustion engine in the front of the car, so there is no spark plug, timing belt, and other mechanical parts. [2]

Now you can attempt to turn it into a “moral” issue all you like and the simple Fact is that I wont EVER be dropping $60K to $100k on a used anything which cant haul my +2300 pounds of tools, equipment, and parts, at least 400 miles on a tank/charge. [24] In order to replace it with a new, like kind and quality, truck would cost well over $60k (likely closer to $70k) and would entail me taking on additional debt such that my monthly vig would be in excess of $600 a month just for the truck, PLUS it would drive my insurance from almost $2000/year to nearly double that. [24] I like working at Tesla Motors it is a good working environment. [25] Or, for that matter, concepts that go broke and are eventually are picked up and turned into revolutionary enterprises, as very nearly happened to Tesla Motors before Elon stepped in to run it. [24]

Almost a half-million people with $1,000 reservations are waiting, in some cases with fraying patience, for their chance to buy a Model 3. [8] Investing in Apple used to be similar, but even though I hated Steve Jobs, he knew a lot about tweaking, product design and stressing people out to deliver results. [24] Most people just look at the dividends or growth of a,stock not what it is doing in the,world. [24]

Pedestrian test targets (done in a separate test) are made to look and move like people. [1] The Model 3 base model, however, is designed to more affordable to more people and could likely be a lot of people’s first electric car. [2]

Tesla is indeed selling a “Full Self Driving” option, altho it’s not claiming that it can be implemented yet. [3] Do you realize that the “Full Self Driving” option is not active yet? Tesla site: “It is not possible to know exactly when each element of the functionality described above will be available”. [3] Tesla NEVER sold a “Full Self Driving” option, nor made it available to the public. [3]

Through this, Tesla builds not only an impressive reputation, but also an intimate relationship with their customers. [9] For months, Tesla engineers struggled to get a robot to guide a bolt through a hole accurately to secure part of the rear brake. [4] Worker safety at the Fremont plant has come under scrutiny after a nonprofit news organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting, cataloged a series of injuries suffered by Tesla factory workers. [4] After G.M.’s bankruptcy, the factory closed in 2010 and the site was acquired by Tesla. [4] No realistic environment! So this is a Fake-Test to show how good Mercedes is and how bad Tesla. [3] In the U.S. Tesla provides native access to Tune In and Slacker Radio. [2] For those of us interested in electric vehicles, Tesla is hugely important. [10]

As I’ve said in earlier comments, the problem is that people don’t understand that automatic braking systems, including Tesla’s, are not designed to react to stationary objects. [3] The problem is that most people unfortunately including the writer of this article don’t understand that automatic braking systems even including Tesla’s are not designed to detect or react to stationary obstacles. [3]

It a source for rich people eating avocado two times per day? Chipotle and Taco Bell are going through a lot more avocados for their restaurants than the wealthy are going through for their toast. [7] Asking people to keep full attention at all time in such circumstances is unrealistic and thus hypocritical. [3] People get into this exact type of accident ALL THE TIME. Just watch dashcam videos on youtube. [3]

After a complaint was tweeted to Mr. Musk about people leaving their Tesla’s at Superchargers after they?ve already been charged, Mr. Musk immediately responded, and took only six days to turn the complaint into policy. [9] Therefor I am inclined to give little credit to this test as it could likely be that it was more of an entertainment for these people than actual work. [1] This was a test done by Volvo in 2015, I’m sure many people remember this one. [1] That’s why people are complaining about this test, because there are few details given. [1]

Where people used to bust through the windshield, only to have their throat cut down to the bone, or their stomach eviscerated to the spine and die, or be ejected from the vehicle and die on impact, now some people break their neck and die hitting the windshield. [1] People say it can’t sense stopped vehicles, but it sure senses vehicles around it, so there must be some delta speed difference that it can sense. [3]

“Everyone I talk to has only been here for two weeks, a month, and those people don?t last long,” said Jonathan Galescu, a Model X body repair technician who has worked at the plant for four years. [4] Very poor people don’t care about environment but they usually don’t have means to cause a lot of pollution. [7] Because most people with money don?t want to drive subcompacts and most people without money are too poor to care about the environment. [7] What is unreasonable about asking people to not text and drive? Hello? They have ads about it on TV. [3]

There has been a well funded campaign against public transport in this country and part of it is propagandizing people to believe they don?t really want it. [7] I can also understand if people don?t care for it at first. [2] Lots of examples of people using their systems incorrectly. [3] Lots of people notice that the rear, middle seat has more space than they would expect. [2]

Most people would love a Technivorm Moccamaster if you just gave them one – It never really breaks down, it looks good and it’s easy to clean. [7] “We need to make sure people are thoroughly trained,” he said, and not just getting “cookie-cutter training.” [4] Those are just two of the things that Elon Musk has accomplished which many people said was impossible, or at least couldn’t be practically achieved. [3] It’s not rich people that keep the fast food burger places profitable and expanding. [7] The problem is that most people, even those reading and posting to InsideEVs, don’t understand how limited automated lane-keeping systems are, and what they are not designed to do. [3] Rich people in the U.S. tend to. eat more carbon polluting diets. [7] “It does everything that the other assembly lines do but with fewer people, lower labor costs and much higher uptime,” he said. [4]

Again, why could the U.S. not be at the vanguard of tech? You?re acting like it’s silly to expect this country to advance without the help of daddy Musk. [7] When a fifth-grader, a Detroiter aspiring to be a politician, mailed Mr. Musk a letter about advertising, it took Mr. Musk an hour to respond to her father’s tweet, with his own, saying “That sounds like a great idea. [9]

While there’s not a place to charge an electric car on most corners, like there are gas stations, the reverse is that you might never need to make inconvenient stops, always recharging overnight. [2] There are so many low cost electric cars like the Renault Zoe (22k), Nissan Leaf (32k), Peugeot iOn (22k), etc. [7]

You’re gonna go through like 6 of these things by the time coal’s on its way out. [7] Next time, make sure she goes out wearing a t-shirt that looks like the back of a car.” [1] If Elon really wants to improve the world and make it a better place from an ecological perspective he should definitely work on improving public transportation in USA. But he wont because it isnt cool or sexy and it wont make him look like a visionary. [7] They also make it so the back looks like a vehicle (for visual based systems). [1] Offhand, this looks a lot like Europe pulling a hatchet job to help out Volvo. [1] They are forced to reuse things, take public transportation, can’t afford a ton of meat, don’t buy dirty manufactured goods like consumer electronics, they don’t spend a lot of money on utilities. [7]

There is an option to schedule charging to start at certain times, like when the electricity rates go down to off-peak hours. [2] The fact that the systems are good enough that we are testing edge cases like this shows how far this technology has come in the past 10 years. [3] Test targets with other materials that youtubers have used (like cardboard or styrofoam) do poorly as a substitute. [1] These types of bodies dont do their actual tests like this in front of media. [1] They do stuff like this to show what they do or why a test is useful. [1]

There’s no reason you couldn?t get use to it, however, like the layout of any new car’s controls. [2] While I don’t disagree with you, I think Americans put too much weight in the NHTSA. It’s nowhere near as in-depth as some other safety/testing bodies like Euro NCAP. Way, way less thorough. [3] The target used looks like one of the standard targets used for this type of testing (and yes, they usaually have radar reflecting material). [1] Humans have built in reflexes like the looming reflex that automatically makes us close our eyes, look away and crouch when an object suddenly increases in size (for example, a fist coming towards our face). [3]

Actually it functions a bit like some very rich Gulf state (Qatar etc) meaning that the majority of its workforce is foreign with Luxembourg citizens often occupying very well paid and “comfortable” jobs in the administration. [1] Others argue that the system like that of just about any other automaker’s like technology is not designed to stop for stationary objects. [3] A third assembly line, outside the walls of a plant? “I?ve never heard anything like this, ever,” Mr. Harbour said. [4]

Scrambling to turn out its first mass-market electric car, the automaker set up multiple assembly lines and is changing production processes on the fly. [4] Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors (whose salary is only $1 ) has turned Tesla’s electric car into the stuff of legends. [9] With electric cars, I believe we are 2-3 years from the final phase, where a fully electric car would be the only one you need. [7] That hurts all automakers, but if you’re trying to become the dominant electric car maker in the world you need to sell cars in China. [10] The automaker has always been behind its stated deadlines for building the more affordable electric car, and Musk’s company is now furiously racing to meet a target of 5,000 Model 3s per week. [6] Or why dont they make affordable trains/subways for everyone in the US? That would be way more friendly to the environment than everyone buying expensive electric cars. [7] I have a feeling that once others experience the benefits of electric cars, they will feel the same way too. [2] General Motors, Nissan, BMW, Ford and others have produced electric cars, but have been unable to shrink costs enough to make them both affordable and profitable. [4] Twizy (and pretty much every electric car that came in the 2000s and early 2010s) has a range of 80-100 km, so it isn’t practical for anything more than driving in city. [7] Oil will dry up, get expensive as fuck and we hopefully will use ore renewable energy in the future, f.e. in norway electric cars are a bit better CO2 wise than regular cars. [7]

What would be a most interesting test if the cars’ radar systems would stop for a glass fiber light pole. [1]

Now, you are also correct to say that this test does point to a flaw in ABS systems not just Tesla’s ABS system but you being right doesn’t mean Scott is wrong. [3] Some assert that this is a problem specific to Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving system and automatic emergency braking features. [3] All the while, Tesla’s with all the hype they can muster will keep running into barricades, and emergency vehicles. [1] Your “point” is just more trollish FUD. Tesla’s AEB works every bit as well as AEB systems from other auto makers and has the same limitations. [1] Mr. Musk is well known for being in complete control of Tesla Motors, steering it towards satisfaction and success. [9] The start of summer has not been a chill time for Tesla Motors. [6]

Most ABS systems, including Tesla’s ABS, use Doppler radar for their sensors. [1] A natural reaction to these incidents is to assume that there must be something seriously wrong with Tesla’s Autopilot system. [3]

Tesla’s cars are victims of what I call The Tesla Effect; every Tesla is trapped in a garage of mirrors, surrounded by fans/investors who believe in the Tesla/Musk vision, and foes betting against the stock. [27] Production started ahead of schedule, and on July 28 of last year, Tesla delivered the first 30 cars during a special event at its headquarters. [28] Nearly a year after starting production of the car, it has yet to meet that goal, which CEO Elon Musk originally said Tesla would hit before the end of 2017. [29]

Running out of room inside its Fremont, California factory, Tesla set up a tent-like structure in its parking lot to crank out Model 3 cars. [29] A Tesla rep says the line can also build cars with the single motor setup. [29] It complicates an assembly line, however, to have some cars get two motors, and others get one, which is why Tesla didn?t let customers order that option until a month ago. [29] Tesla has reviewed my car logs several times, but has been unable to fix this problem. [30] Aart-Jan van Wijngaarden owns a Tesla Model S 85D. He doesn’t live close to a Tesla service center so he started accumulating a few issues with the car before bringing his car into service. [11] To this day, the other issues, and now new ones emerging, have still not been fixed and he can’t get a solid date from Tesla to bring his car into service 6 months after first bringing up the issues with Tesla. [11] The first cars went to reservation holders who work at SpaceX or at Tesla. [28] It’s true that Tesla has had quality control issues, but a spokesperson says Elon didn?t pitch the tent to fix up cars. [29] He insisted that Page let him run a Google-owned Tesla for eight years, or until it began pumping out such a car. [31] Already 4 months into trying to get his car into service, he called Tesla again and they told him it would take another few months. [11] Tesla says the service will “cost less than the price of filling up a comparable gas car,” though rates haven’t been announced yet. [28] Tesla would need to average closer to 360 cars per shift to hit Musk’s weekly goal. [32] True fact: Tesla was selling cars before Autopilot was available. [27] He’s selling narrative, but Tesla makes cars, and those cars are based on one idea: cars can be better. [27] Except for Morgans, all future cars will be based on the Tesla template. [27] While they negotiated, Tesla started selling enough cars to earn a profit. [31] My wife and I loved everything about this car except for the gross overestimation by Tesla regarding the range that it would achieve on a full charge. [30] Time is running out for Elon Musk and his electric car company, Tesla. [32] Tesla Inc. ( TSLA ) defines itself as a leading American electric car company. [33] Tesla designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and energy storage systems across the world. [33]

We have received a dozen other similar examples with wait times of over a month and it looks like it’s not only anecdotal since the Norwegian Consumer Council received over 100 complaints about Tesla during the first half of the year. [11] Tesla is like a new computer-company – they still have to work out the glitches. [30] I’d like to say take your blinders off, but given the BS levels around Tesla, you need to put them on to truly understand them. [27] Tesla was losing sales, and it was looking like it might go bust. [31]

Nearly half a million people have put down a thousand dollar deposit for a Tesla Model 3 they may not get for years. [29] Over the last few weeks, we started getting reports from Norwegian Tesla owners about having difficulty reaching service people and getting quoted ridiculously long wait times to get service. [11] In what universe would we better off without Tesla? What happened to the spirit of ingenuity and innovation? Would anyone be happier waiting for the people behind Dieselgate or Takata or GM’s ignition switch scandal to actually take a business risk on our behalf rather than at our expense? Hundreds of thousands of people have died from crashes tied to OEMs glacial adoption of safety technologies. [27]

Not real enough to deter hundreds of thousands of people from placing deposits on Model 3’s, and for the overwhelming majority of them to wait years for their cars. [27] I don’t know how people commute in/out of SF by car without Autopilot. [27]

Once the early production bugs are ironed out, the Model 3 feels like it’s going to be a great everyday car. [29] Musk expected his employees would be more tolerant of the issues that often plague new cars early on in the production run than customers coming from brands like Audi and Mercedes-Benz. [28] If you drive distances, and especially if you like to put the pedal down which this car practically begs you to do, my advice is to STAY AWAY. [30] This car is not reliable and not safe at all when it malfunctions like this. [30]

Current reservation holders who don’t want a rear-wheel drive car will be first in line to get an all-wheel drive model. [28] The all-wheel drive, dual-motor model will arrive when production reaches 5,000 cars per week. [28] The most important car since the Model T is brilliant–with one big caveat. [27] The second use case makes more sense, given that at least one car that rolled off the new line was the first Model 3 with a dual motor setup. [29] The Model S is in many ways a great car. just don’t expect all the functions to work all of the time. [30] Unlike Model S and Model X owners, they need to pay every time they plug their car into a Supercharger. [28]

Musk didn?t say how many cars are being built in the tent, how that work differs from the assembly inside the factory, or what makes this setup any better. [29] They?re mostly used for “cross car” installations, putting together things that run the width of the vehicle, since that’s work more easily done from above than from the side. [29] Bonus assembly lines are an established, if uncommon, way for car makers to do one of two things: make fixes to vehicles that have gone through the regular assembly process, or build vehicles that come with special features, which are hard to integrate into an existing line. [29] Nearly three years after the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that Volkswagen was cheating emissions tests on its diesel cars (and a year after a $15.3 billion settlement in the US), Germany fined the automaker $1.2 billion. [13]

To keep things simple, Tesla will only manufacture the rear-wheel drive variant of the Tesla Model 3 for the first year of the production run. [28] Musk first promised Tesla would roll out 5,000 Model 3s per week before the end of 2017, but in the last week of the year, the company made just 800. [32] Musk needs to reach his production goals to keep Tesla profitable, something it has achieved in only two quarters since going public eight years ago. [32]

According to Autocar, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the Tesla Model 3’s battery packs 50 kWh and 70 kWh. [28] Considering the Model 3 weighs 400 pounds less than the Model S, the right battery could make the Model 3 even faster than the fastest Model S. Tesla previously confirmed the P100D’s 100kWh pack will not be available in the 3 because its wheelbase is too short, but the 3 will be available with the Ludicrous mode that cemented the Model S’s spot as one of the quickest vehicles on the planet. [28] The Tesla Model 3 benefits from advances in battery technology that were recently inaugurated by the ultra-quick P100D versions of the Model S and the Model X. The company’s newest battery pack is much denser than its predecessor, and it gets a comprehensively updated cooling system. [28]

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles of all time. [28] The Tesla Model 3 is the company’s most important model because it will make or break the brand; getting it right the first time is crucial. [28] Although this may have made sense a few months ago, the executive is likely changing his tune, and sources have told Electrek that Tesla is “starting to build” its test drive fleet across North America, and offering incentives to dealers that are selling the Model 3 in Performance trim. [28] Tesla has opened the Model 3 waitlist floodgates, inviting all reservation holders in the U.S. and Canada to order the electric sedan that’s inextricably tied to its survival. [14] The Model 3 should already be crisscrossing the nation’s roads, but significant production problems have forced Tesla to delay volume production. [28] Tesla hit a key milestone in the second quarter, managing to hit a 5,000-per-week production target for its important Model 3 electric vehicle. [14] News about Tesla heavily revolves around Model 3 production. [33] Tesla appears to have produced nearly 5,000 Model 3 electric vehicles in the last week of June, coming within hours of hitting a target CEO Elon Musk initially planned to meet by the end of 2017. [14] Tesla has reached a deal with the Shanghai government to build a factory capable of producing 500,000 electric vehicles a year. [14] The 2018 Tesla Model S, which still looks great 7 years and 1 refresh since launch. [27] In the five years since Tesla started delivering the Model S, it’s become almost impossible to have a rational conversation about anything they make. [27]

A Tesla spokesperson told Electrek about several service initiatives in Norway including a doubling of the size of the service team by the end of the year versus the last year. [11] Tesla claims that it has already grown the service team in Norway by 30% this year and the increase in service throughput has been aligned with the growing staff and additional shifts. [11]

Tesla has 11 service centers servicing this fairly large fleet of vehicles. [11] Though the big tent is classified under California’s building code as a “repair garage,” Tesla says it’s most definitely an assembly line, where the major pieces of the vehicles come together. [29] This week, Tesla appeared to be behind schedule, despite the company’s running two 12-hour shifts per day to make the vehicles, assembly line workers told Reuters. [32] A Tesla sedan running on Autopilot mode collided with a parked vehicle belonging to the Laguna Beach Police Department today. [14] The federal government is stepping in to end the use of an aftermarket product designed to let Tesla owners skirt a safety feature from the electric automaker’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system. [14]

The entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000 before the $7,500 federal tax credit and local incentives are factored in. [28] That’s because the all-electric Model 3 is what electric-car fans from all over the globe have been waiting for since the launch of the original Roadster a Tesla designed and built for the masses. [28] Tesla raised $1.2 billion to launch the Model 3 and it went to great lengths to avoid costly delays it all looked good on paper, too, but things haven’t exactly gone as planned. [28] Tesla made 2,025 examples of the Model 3 during the last week of March. [28] According to a new EPA document (via Electrek), the Model 3 achieved an EPA-cycle range of 334 miles, meaning Tesla might be underselling the vehicle’s performance to keep its customers happy with their real-world results. [28]

The serial entrepreneur promised investors that Tesla would be making 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of June, and now all eyes are on Musk. [32] If this is the move that finally puts Tesla across that near-mythical 5,000-car-per-week mark, maybe Musk should consider setting up Sprung 4–and using it for a whopping big party. [29]

Tesla has finally ramped up production to 3,500 units per week, and now, we’re getting a look at how it managed to increase production numbers. [28] He proposed that Google buy Tesla outright–with a healthy premium, the company would have cost about $6 billion at the time–and pony up another $5 billion in capital for factory expansions. [31] In the past, Tesla had similar temporary problems in other markets, but the company managed to maintain the highest level of owner satisfaction in the auto industry. [11] We contacted Tesla about what appears to be a growing issue and the company claims it is on top of it. [11] Tesla may be the only automaker that would consider throwing together such a setup in so little time (a City official says Tesla notified it of the project in late May, filed its permits on June 11, and was up and running about a week after that). [29] He told Electrek that he got a call from Tesla on April 17th telling him that he had an appointment the next day, which he wasn’t aware of, but it had to be canceled anyway because they didn’t have the parts to fix the issues he had with his Model S. [11] Tesla might need a restructuring of its parts division as it expands its fleet. [11] It’s not doom and gloom, but certainly something Tesla needs to address. [11] Should it have a real Driver Monitoring System? Yes, and Tesla needs to resolve this ASAP. [27]

My salesperson told me that most Tesla buyers had never paid more than $40,000 on a vehicle. [30] Tesla was burning through about $1 billion per quarter last year and ended 2017 with about $3.4 billion in cash, The Wall Street Journal reported. [32] Elon Musk insisted Tesla would roll out 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of June, but it’s not looking good. [32] As CEO Elon Musk has noted in the past, Tesla is a real drama magnet. [14] Elon Musk almost sold Tesla to Google in 2013, according to Ashlee Vance, author of a new book on Musk. [31]

Tesla has laid off about nine percent of its employees, Electrek first reported. [14] He later revised his target down to 2,500 per week by the end of the first quarter of 2018, but Tesla built only 2,020 during the final week. [32] He told Electrek that he went to the Tesla Service Center at Kokstad (Bergen, Norway) and they gave him a new cable. [11] A new and bigger service center is also planned in Oslo, where there’s the biggest concentration of Tesla owners. [11] Can solve quickly with Tesla mobile service vans, but awaiting govt permission to do so. [11] To be fair, Tesla also has different service efforts in different regions. [11] Founded in 2003, Tesla now offers a range of energy products that incorporate solar, storage, and grid services. [33]

Of course, Tesla has never been one for flashy marketing or ostentatious offers, and generally depends upon its stores and word of mouth to drive sales. [28] It’s the third such structure Tesla ordered from San Francisco-based Sprung Structures, and its official name is Sprung 3. [29] Tesla apparently created a so-called “tent,” another building that contains yet another general assembly line. [28] The National Transportation Safety Board has released a preliminary report detailing the fatal crash involving a Tesla Model X in March. [14] Tesla has some major bottlenecks to address before hitting its previously stated goal of 5,000 Model 3s per week. [28]

You won’t find that many car enthusiasts, who should be Tesla’s biggest supporters. [27] Wired adds production totaled 9,766 examples during the first quarter of 2018, which averages out to about 800 cars per week. [28] The first parts of the process, where the parts are stamped and the core of the car comes together, still happen inside the factory. [29] Noise levels around Elon Musks divisive EV company make it almost impossible to appreciate the cars. [27] The company will continue to burn through the same amount until it reaches its goal of 5,000 cars per week, which would generate about $1 billion in capital in the short term. [32] At the time, Aart-Jan was told that they probably wouldn’t be able to get to his car until April or May. [11] Something called the “marriage gantry” joins the underbody of the car (where you?ll find the battery, suspension, and motors) to the top bit. [29] Now 11 weeks and several phone calls and emails later, Petter has been told that the battery pack has now arrived in Norway, but he doesn’t know when it is going to be installed in his car. [11] If you do not do a lot of high speed, open road driving such as on turnpikes and parkways, this would be a great car for you. [30] Chinese electric-car maker Byton rolled out its second concept car, the sleek K-Byte, wearing all the sensors it needs to drive itself. [13] The car was behaving weird and I was scared to drive it after after a week of my recent service.i had it in drive mode and it just reversed and hit the garage. [30] On the bright side, the car is stylish, the acceleration is very quick and the customer service reps are polite (even if they can’t fix the problems). [30] For the other issues, he was put on a “waitlist” to get his car into service. [11] A few weeks later, he hadn’t heard anything and the door handle on his rear door stopped working so he called the service center again to get an update on when he could bring his car in for service. [11] Happy that something was happening, I delivered the car to the service center.” [11] That’s already better than Aart-Jan’s case since the car was actually in service, but that’s only when the wait started. [11] Petter Baardsen got a used Model S 85 in April and it stopped working a week into owning the car. [11] He’s also been trying to anti-sell the car, worried it will cannibalize Model S sales. [28] Back into a Model S. But you won’t hear anyone saying that, because the S is allegedly “old news” and the discourse has shifted to the 3, which, unless you’re deaf and/or blind, is either terrible or the best car ever made. [27]

Two days after I took delivery, there was a computer glitch that prevented my car from moving and stranded me at work. [30] Not real enough for me to want anything else when I need a car on the West Coast. [27] Now, the second quarter of 2018 is winding down and investors are asking questions : The need to crank out more cars has gotten even more dire. [29] I custom ordered my car on Sept 1, from the factory and it was delivered on Sep 30, 2017. [30]

He also wanted guarantees that Google wouldn’t break up or shut down his company before it produced a third-generation electric car aimed at the mainstream auto market. [31]

In the first week of March 2013, Musk reached out to, say the two people familiar with the talks. [31] “Getting pretty annoyed, I read about people sending complaints to Elon Musk on Twitter. [11] They introduced new apps and suggested hard but necessary ways to keep people safe. [13]

This horror story might sound like a freak case, but it actually appears to be somewhat common for Tesla’s service in Norway. [11] Is it dangerous if you don’t? Yup, just like driving without Autopilot. [27] How do you like your lung cancer? Take a look at the Diesel smoke-stained exterior walls of every major urban center in Europe and Asia. [27] Things like the sunroof having issues and AC not performing well. [11]

Model 3 owners can use Tesla’s network of Supercharger stations, but there’s a catch. [28] By that point, so many customers were deferring orders that Musk had quietly shut down Tesla’s factory. [31] Who is filling up Tesla’s garage of mirrors? Pretty much everyone, including Musk himself. [27]

It sells vehicles under its Tesla Motors division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its Tesla Energy division. [11] On May 21, 2010 Toyota Motor Corporation ( TM ) agreed to invest $50 million, or a 2.5% stake, into Tesla Motors and announced a strategic joint venture to build electric vehicles. [33]

After driving Honda Accord for 3 years, Lexus rx350 for 2 and tesla model 3 for 5 months of ownership. Model 3 hands down man. Each car has it own perks but tesla is a beauty. I agree with other posters. I would save the money and rather get a model s or x in future. [16] The restructuring appeared to pay dividends, as it was announced that Tesla had met its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 cars per week by the end of June, while churning out another 2,000 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs. “We did it!” Musk wrote in an celebratory email to the company. [34] Tesla Inc. increased the prices of its Model S and Model X in China by about $22,600 to $37,600 over the weekend after the imposition of tariffs on imported cars, the automotive news website Electrek reported on Monday. [35]

Taking its biggest step yet into an overseas market, electric carmaker Tesla inked a deal Tuesday to begin building a manufacturing plant in China capable of producing 500,000 cars a year. [36] Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk appears on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, with members of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to sign an agreement for Tesla to build a manufacturing facility in Shanghai capable of producing 500,000 cars a year. [36] “Was thinking of offering an extended Tesla factory tour option where you could help build part of a car & understand how they come together. [12] Having hundreds of customers flood a Tesla factory trying to build their own cars could get out of hand very quickly. [12] If Tesla did not have room in its Fremont plan to build capacity for 5,000 cars a week, how will it manage 10,000, the analyst asked. [35] The Tesla Model 3 quickly became one of the most anticipated cars in automotive history. [37] Tesla wants Model 3 customers to think differently about their car. [38] Tesla has sold about 10,000 Model 3s since it launched the car last year. [38] In April 2017, Tesla announced that it surpassed General Motors to become the most valuable U.S. car maker. [34] Elon Musk almost single-handedly revived the domestic and global electric vehicle (EV) market when Tesla introduced its high-end EV sports car a decade ago. [37] It is a car news site for car needs. I am fine with whatever the opinion of each writer is about Tesla, they are entitled to that, and I dont have to be affected by any of them. [19] They get tired of the greenies talking about EVs. Myself Im a car guy and love Tesla not because I think Im saving the planet, but because the cars are really awesome. [19] Tesla said the cars produced by the plant will be built for sale in China. [36] The Chinese plant announcement comes just after Tesla raised prices on its cars in China by more than 70 percent higher than those it sells in the United States. [36] The $35,000 version of the car isn’t yet being made, but Tesla is manufacturing a $78,000 dual-motor, high-performance trim level. [38] Tesla finally met the production goal for its mass-market Model 3 electric car — producing 5,000 in one week. [37] Shares of Tesla Inc. slumped 4% in active morning trade Tuesday, as selling continued in the wake of the electric car maker’s second-quarter production update. [35] Bold promises have been met with skepticism, but after driving the Tesla Model S we?re left wondering if the era of the electric car has arrived. [39] Tesla’s first effort, the Tesla Roadster, was somewhat crude, but provided massive thrills in a working package and proved that the idea of an American-built electric car could be not only feasible, but fun. [39]

In a statement from the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government that was translated into English and which Tesla provided to this news organization, Musk said the Shanghai operation “will be a state-of-the-art vehicle factory and a role model for sustainability.” [36] Why is it so hard for you to believe they have a Tesla? 4 people on my team own Model S/X. [16] While he does wish that Musk’s products were a little cheaper — “I wish he would come out with a Tesla for people who have not so much income” — he feels Musk’s spirit of exploration more than makes up for it. [15]

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says he is considering an extended factory tour that would allow customers to help build parts of a Tesla model. [12] This extended factory tour would simply provide Tesla customers and owners with a hands-on experience into what it takes to create one of the brand’s models. [12]

Tesla Inc. workers celebrated Sunday as the company produced 5,000 Model 3 sedans in a single week for the first time. [35] Early this year, we spent some time getting to know the hotly anticipated Tesla Model 3. [38] The news was an obvious boon to Tesla, which was looking to ramp up production and release its Model 3 sedan later that year. [34] The stock had rallied as much as 6.4% intraday Monday, after Tesla said it hit its target of producing 5,000 mass-market Model 3 vehicles in the last seven days of June, but the stock reversed ground to close down 2.3% amid Wall Street skepticism over the sustainability of that production pace. [35] Martin Tripp, who Musk fired last month and then sued for allegedly hacking the company’s computer systems, leaking information to the press and stealing secrets, has told the SEC that TEsla had pushed for potentially damaging measures in order to meet production goals, including allegedly placing batteries with puncture holes into vehicles and reusing scrapped parts, the paper reported. [35] After signaling that the company would reorganize its management structure, Musk in June announced that Tesla was laying off 9 percent of its workforce, though its production department would remain intact. [34] Their story yesterday about Tesla meeting its 5,000 Model 3 production target was rather negative. [19] The key issue facing Tesla Inc. is not production of the Model 3 but profitability, Bernstein analysts said Tuesday. [35] The Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt are your two main choices if you’re in the market for an all-electric vehicle with a range of at least 200 miles. [38] In the final analysis, I think the Model 3 is the best-looking Tesla: sportier than the Model S, but less spaceship-like than the Model X. [38] Tesla (TSLA) raises prices of Model X and Model S and also, inks a deal to build its first factory outside the United States. [35] Tesla is pioneering the American development of electric vehicles, and founder Elon Musk went as far as to purchase a factory to build the brand’s Model S luxury sedan. [39]

I’m used to the big touchscreen on the Model S and the Model X. But new Tesla owners will have to spend some time getting up to speed navigating among the various menus. [38] Musk issued a voluntary recall of 123,000 Model S Teslas because of faulty power steering. [37] Musk put his pen to what was called a “cooperative agreement” with the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government to jointly work on building the plant, which a Tesla spokesperson called “Gigafactory 3.” [36] Musk added that he wants the Tesla factory to add to what he called “the beauty and energy of Shanghai.” [36] Musk had been talking for awhile about the possibility of Tesla opening a plant in China, but had held off due to laws on Chinese ownership of new carmaking facilities that would have forced Tesla to give up 50 percent of its ownership in any manufacturing operation. [36]

Not for nothing, the Bolt hit the market a year ahead of the Model 3, demonstrating that big slow GM could, to a certain extent, beat Tesla at its own game and deliver a less expensive long-range EV, at least initially. [38] We haven’t yet properly reviewed the Tesla Model 3, but we will later this year. [38] The Model 3 has no key! Instead, you use a Tesla smartphone app or this valet key card. [38] While the Model 3 is in many ways an objectively more impressive machine and carries with it that special Tesla something, the Chevy Bolt is far easier to obtain and wins on price, even without dealer discounts. [38] The Bolt has numerous disadvantages relative to the Model 3, but the Tesla has problems relative to the Chevy. [38] Tesla built its 5,000th Model 3 sedan in about a single week, reaching a long-delayed goal that should ease some scrutiny on the auto maker in its bid to become a mainstream provider of electric vehicles. [35] Right now, you can have any Model 3 you preordered after a long wait — as long as it starts at $42,000. (Tesla isn’t manufacturing the $35,000 base vehicle.) [38] Read on to find out what we thought about the Tesla Model 3 vs. the Chevy Bolt. [38] Tesla model 3 is pretty ugly TBH. I put a high expectation on it before. [16]

He even shipped an extra battery production line in from Germany, which Tesla put under a tent. [37] Tesla said its additional production line, which was built in a tent, produces the same quality as its regular line. [35] The major challenge for Tesla now is ramping up production to meet that demand. [38]

As The Washington Post reported, Tripp left his job with a medical device company and moved his family to Nevada to work for Tesla. [15] As one company, Tesla (storage) and SolarCity (solar) can create fully integrated residential, commercial and grid-scale products that improve the way that energy is generated, stored and consumed,” read a statement on Tesla’s website about the deal. [34] A Tesla spokesperson downplayed concerns that the company could be making the facility announcement now in response to an ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China. [36]

In November, Musk made another splash with the unveiling of the new Tesla Semi and Roadster at the company's design studio. [34] Outside of his roles at SpaceX and Tesla, Musk has continually attempted to make his innovative ideas a reality. [34]

In 2015, the Los Angeles Times attempted to sum the amount of money Tesla, the now-absorbed Solar City, and SpaceX took from the government; the total came to $4.9 billion. [15] Ive been reading Jalopnik for years. since before Tesla was even vaporware. [19] Tesla shares were up about 1% in premarket trade, but are down 0.8% in the year through Friday, while the S&P 500 has gained 3%. [35] For years, the key question for Tesla was could it deliver consumers a more affordable EV for the masses. [37]

That’s speedy enough for anybody, and the quality of that speed is very Tesla — and very EV. Electric cars have 100% of their available torque at 1 rpm, meaning potentially neck-snapping velocity. [38] Say you are the perfectionist in your daily life, but hey, like mostly all of us, you don?t have the automotive engineering or quality control experience, so you wouldn?t know where to start really right? There’s actually a thought in some people’s minds after reading Musk tweet that maybe I can build my car better or maybe I could speed up the process of my car if I help build. [12] This will only add fuel to the fire that they can?t build cars fast enough because employees are dropping like flies, so they need customers to start helping ( perception can become reality). [12] Just like some Jalops love brown Volvo diesel wagons, others just dont get it. but everyone on the site loves cars. [19] That isnt just limited to something as mundane as cars, but also really important topics, like politics. [19]

Last July, when rolling out the first production cars for customers, Musk said the Model 3 would have an extended range version — 310 miles — for $44,000. [37] As cool as it would be to help build a part of your actual car on the production line, Musk said doing so would be difficult. [12] At the same time, Musk told employees that simply delivering all the cars it had pre-sold would require at least six months of “production hell.” [37] Steven Armstrong, the CEO of Ford for Europe, the MidEast and Africa, tweeted at Musk, noting that Ford builds 7000 cars in a lot less time than seven days. [37]

You could draw a line from the headlight to the tail light along the Model 3’s beltline — and it would be a clean yet expressive line that gives the car a core shape and provides a basis for the smoothly curved roof and the crisp kink of the rear window trim. [38] No car before it had a half-million people each paying $1,000 to reserve a car -more than a year before they would even be delivered. [37] People read and contribute to the site because of their love of cars. people just dont always love the same thing about cars. [19]

In March, Tesla’s stock dropped to its lowest point in a year, and Moody’s downgraded its credit rating after one of its self-driving cars crashed and the company failed to hit production targets. [15] Five years after its formation, in 2008, the company unveiled the Roadster, a sports car capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, as well traveling nearly 250 miles between charges of its lithium ion battery. [34] Capable of covering 265 miles between charges, the Model S was honored as the 2013 Car of the Year by Motor Trend magazine. [34] When Ben Sullins says that the Model S is a better car than the model 3? It’s rigged. [19] While the Model 3 has buzz and flash and sizzle and the full weight of Musk’s charisma behind it, the Bolt is a car that you could drive home from your local Chevy dealership on the same day. [38]

The Roadster, set to follow in 2020, will become the fastest production car ever made with its 0 to 60 time of 1.9 seconds. [34] It said car production there should begin about two years later, and that it should then be another two to three years after that for the plant to reach its 500,000 annual car-production capacity. [36] Just as mass-market cars need mass-market prices, they also need mass production to achieve those prices. [37] From my experience, time is money with luxury consumers. the last thing they?d probably want to do is help build their car. [12] I have mixed feelings on the site, some times its just a parade of articles glorifying cars from the 80s and 90s that, by todays standards, are pieces of crap. [19] Are you single? Do you have access to another car that with range? If not, I would not go electric. [16] President Donald Trump has threatened Europe with tariffs on auto imports, even though relatively few European cars are sold in the U.S. Of the 17.3 million cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. last year, fewer than 7% came from Europe. [35] Recent tariffs on imports announced by President Donald Trump have led to cars and other products from this nation being slapped with 25 percent retaliatory tariffs in China, and caused motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson to recently say it will start marking some of its motorcycles for sale in Europe outside the U.S. in order to avoid new European Union tariffs on American-made products. [36] Many U.S. cars exported to Europe are exempt from EU duties, because they include a requisite percentage of parts made n the Continent, as MarketWatch’s Jeffry Bartash has reported. [35] Did You Know? In April 2017, Musk’s Tesla Motors surpassed General Motors to become the most valuable U.S. car maker. [34] Shares of U.S. car makers were higher in premarket trade Thursday, tracking gains for their European rivals after a U.S. official said it would be prepared to back off stiff tariffs on cars imported from the EU if the trading bloc eliminates duties on U.S. cars. [35]

Because there are few all-electric long-range vehicles in the market, if you’re shopping today, you’re basically looking at these two cars. [38] I’m accustomed to it from other GM vehicles, but I hate it (though it is safe — you can’t accidentally leave the car in neutral or shift to the wrong gear). [38] Last year, we were so impressed by the Chevy Bolt that we named it a 2017 Car of the Year runner-up. [38] I love the reliability of Japanese cars, and the specs of the Honda Accord EX look really great. [16] The rockets land, the cars drive, and the contracts to dig tunnels get signed. [15] With two seats, a high sticker price and a range that is still somewhat limited, Tesla’s sports car isn?t a mainstream solution to high-emissions motoring. [39] Why not offer a factory pick up of their brand new car with a lavish dinner and hotel, VIP style tour before their delivery. [12] Sure you can continue to just read Electrek, thats not really a problem, its just cars. [19]

Tesla announced plans to build a factory in Shanghai, a move expected to boost sales in the world’s largest auto market but comes amid a broader U.S.-China trade dispute. [35] Tesla, which announced last June that it was in talks to build a plant in China, said it expects construction on the Chinese plant to begin “in the near future.” [36]

 For the test launch, the Falcon Heavy was given a payload of Musk's cherry-red Tesla Roadster, equipped with cameras to “provide some epic views” for the vehicle's planned orbit around the sun. [34] General Motors Co. was up 1.6% in recent trade, while Ford Motor Co. was up 0.8% and Tesla Inc. was up 0.7%. [35] Among the companies with shares expected to trade actively in Monday’s session are General Motors, Ford, Tesla, Dell Technologies, Facebook and Target. [35]

“Today’s announcement will not impact our U.S. manufacturing operations, which continue to grow,” said a Tesla spokesperson. [36] Brundige was impressed by Musk’s first Tesla Powerwall, but it was that same 60 Minutes interview from 2012 that hooked Gomez that really got Brundige. [15] Tesla owners are familiar with this level because they can use the company’s Supercharger network for longer journeys. [38] It was hard to ignore the amount of injuries in the Tesla factories, as well as the anti-union sentiments,” he wrote. [15] The Bolt has one gear and can access all 266 pound-feet of its torque at exactly one revolution per minute, and when you step on the “gas” — well, it doesn’t have the same pickup as a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode. [38] The Tesla employee who has been engaged in a corporate legal dispute with Chief Executive Elon Musk has formally filed a whistleblower tip with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing his attorney. [35] Elon Musk Launches Tesla Roadster Into Space, Streams Live Views of ‘Starman’ The launch will commence at 3:45 p.m. ET. [39] Even as a Tesla supporter, she has been hit with the same kind of harassment detailed in science journalist Erin Biba’s piece about being attacked by Elon Musk fans. (Norman says Biba’s coverage drew ire for being “negative.”) [15] Tesla CEO Elon Musk at a press conference in Beijing, China October 2015. [37]

He’s still wary of the press that brought those offenses to light, especially when it comes to headlines about Tesla autopilot. [15] I get the feeling he wants the Tesla not because it’s green but because it’s a Tesla. [16] Tesla, Inc. engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric vehicles, energy generation and storage systems. [35] “However, we question whether Tesla can really evaluate customer satisfaction yet, when 11,166 Model 3s (likely including a majority of those manufactured on GA4) still remain undelivered in transit,” said the note. [35]

Elon Musk is the co-founder, CEO and product architect at Tesla Motors, a company dedicated to producing affordable, mass-market electric cars as well as battery products and solar roofs. [34] His Tesla Motors Inc. announced an all-stock deal purchase of SolarCity Corp., a company Musk had helped his cousins start in 2006. [34] Elon Reeve Musk (born June 28, 1971) is a South African-born American entrepreneur and businessman who founded X.com in 1999 (which later became PayPal), SpaceX in 2002 and Tesla Motors in 2003. [34]

That group got together in person at parties like Norman’s, but they also congregate online on the Tesla Motor Club forums. [15] Thats like saying Stephen King just wants people to buy his books. [19] I guess some people cant understand why not every site is reporting like Electrek. [19] “I?m not a think he can do no wrong kind of guy, but you know, he reminds me of people from the pages of history like Ernest Shackleton,” Ocean explains, referring to the famed British explorer who led several expeditions to the Antarctic. [15]

The Model S is stable, sporty, and fast off the line, but the Bolt, hardly a slug, affords a kind of video-game-like driving experience, especially when zipping around a city like New York. [38] While that level of sales might make it look as if the Bolt is beating the pants off the Model 3, don’t forget that the Model 3 has something like 400,000 preorders. [38] “I?ve been through that many times in my life ? that passion what I felt when I first saw Star Wars when I was, like, six.” [15] His behavior is such that not only do I no longer like him, I?m ashamed for ever having liked him in the first place,” Sanders wrote. [15]

The most vocal of those fans have an impact: they?re an army of irregulars waiting to be marshaled via a tweet and sent on the digital warpath against anything Musk decides he doesn?t like, the iron fist in Musk’s velvet glove. [15] Like Gomez, they self-identify not as “fans,” but as “followers,” as level-headed acolytes deeply inspired by what Musk has accomplished. [15]

It has plenty of passing power, but compared with, say, a Model X P100D SUV, it can’t rocket away from traffic like a spaceship spooling up its warp drive. [38] If someone who doesnt like tomatoes has to write an article about tomato soup, it will look different than an article written by one loving tomatoes. [19] Perhaps the most in-depth experience currently offered by an automaker like this is the Corvette Engine Build Experience that Chevrolet has available. [12] Recently, 65-year-old musician and producer Jim Ocean commemorated the maiden voyage of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket with a song called ” The Future Smells Like Elon Musk [15]

Musk’s fringe is different because the center is morally righteous, which means the outliers are even more fervent than other fandoms. (Musk is not known to take criticism particularly well, and sometimes his fans concern-troll him by pointing out when he should maybe stop replying to random people on the internet.) [15] In September 2017, Musk presented an updated design plan for his BFR (an acronym for either “Big Fing Rocket” or “Big Falcon Rocket”), a 31-engine behemoth topped by a spaceship capable of carrying at least 100 people. [34] In 2017, it was also revealed that Musk was backing a venture called Neuralink, which intends to create devices to be implanted in the human brain and help people merge with software. [34]

Ideally, the system would make broadband service more accessible for people in rural areas, while also boosting competition in heavily populated markets that are typically dominated by one or two providers. [34] Sure an author will use some tricks to get more people reading the story, its their job. [19] “We need to have that exploratory spirit instilled in us, especially with young people, because the world feels very full,” Ocean says. [15] The successful campaign of information warfare that’s been waged since the late 1990s, in large part by prominent conservative media organizations, has warped both the definition of news and shifted the boundaries of what people consider newsworthy. [15] After people touch it, “it’s not neutral anymore because everybody has a different preference.” [15]

Assembled at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, the Model 3 has been behind schedule since last fall and isn’t expected to catch up to full-production targets until the middle of this year. [38] Musk signed the agreement at an event in Shanghai Tuesday, where the facility is slated to be Tesla’s biggest, other than its factory in Fremont. [36]

As for self-driving, Tesla’s Autopilot is an impressive advanced cruise-control feature — just don’t ever take your hands off the wheel — but GM is using the Bolt as a platform for its Cruise fully-self-driving technology, and some of that might trickle down into consumer versions of the vehicle. (Cruise is using Bolts only in a fleet capacity right now.) [38] Tesla’s plans for the Shanghai-based plant come amid a burgeoning trade war between the United States and China, and also raise questions about just how the company will pay for the massive manufacturing facility. [36] With a stake in the company taken by Daimler and a strategic partnership with Toyota, Tesla Motors launched its initial public offering in June 2010, raising $226 million. [34] Formed in 2006, Tesla Motors Club ( TMC ) was the first independent online Tesla community. [19] South African entrepreneur Elon Musk is known for founding Tesla Motors and SpaceX, which launched a landmark commercial spacecraft in 2012. [34]

Next comes ‘production hell’ as Elon Musk’s mass market electric car rolls out. [37] The race to build a solar road that wirelessly charges electric cars. [37] According to The Guardian, an average gas-powered car costs 5.6 tons of CO2 to make, while an electric car takes 8.8 tons — half of which is used in producing the battery. [15]

The true test of Tesla as a “real car company” will be whether Musk can consistently increase that production rate — especially given how difficult it was to get here in the first place — while building high-quality vehicles without sacrificing worker safety. [40] Their critique was so bad, they were actually so bold as to question how the Tesla company could actually have released such a vehicle in the first place! Others have claimed that the cars have given up on them at the most inopportune times. [23] The company is located in California and its top cars include Roadster, Tesla Model S, and Model X. This page features the latest Tesla news and updates as well as reviews of Tesla vehicles. [20] He’s recently taken up living at a Tesla factory for stretches while the company endures “production hell” to meet an important, self-imposed goal to produce 5,000 of its Model 3 cars in a week. [40] Tesla reaches 5000+ goal weekly production numbers on Model 3, invites all North American reservation holders for Model 3 to order their car now. [20] With the introduction of the new executive car, the Tesla Model 3, combined with the dynamic of the aging of the first generation of the current flagship sports saloon, the Tesla Model S, Tyler Hoover of YouTube’s Hoovie’s Garage capitalizes on this dynamic to find an excellent example of a 2012 Model S for a small fraction of the price of a Model 3. [20] Despite the hype from Tesla, the company delivered less Model 3 cars last month than it did the month before. [20] As Musk would have it, Tesla just became a real car company. [40] Very different from hybrid electrical cars, which use hydrocarbon fuel as well as accelerated battery power, Tesla vehicles operate on battery power alone. [23] Porsche has announced that the recently named Taycan electric sports car will be on the roads in 2019 – in the same price bracket as the Tesla Model S. [20] Sean has a warm genuine approach to helping Tesla customers, because of Sean, I now have a Model S. Without him I’d probably wouldn’t have gotten my car. [18] He tweeted that he was thinking of offering an extended Tesla factory tour option where you could help build part of a car & understand how they come together. [20] If Tesla or any other manufacturer wants to build a car that travels at the speed of light, more power to them. [22] Tesla If Tesla is going to join the ranks of the world’s biggest car companies, it has to get a lot better at making a lot of cars. [40] The fact that Tesla doesn?t offer this option has caused a few problems to arise amongst car dealerships. [23] For $85,000 my new car has been is the Tesla Service twice and the issue is still not fixed. [18] It allows owners to use the Tesla app to remotely set the maximum speed of their cars at between 50 and 90 mph. [22] With any Tesla, it’s black or white, the car either works or it doesn’t move an inch. [18] Stay away from a Tesla if you expect your car to work correctly. [18] It’s a milestone worth celebrating for Tesla, which is trying to make the difficult transition from a luxury car maker to the mass market. [40] Tesla is an electric car company with a goal and vision, which is to make quality electric vehicles affordable to average drivers. [20] Since they began deliveries in 2014, Teslas Model S has been the most affordable and practical electric car available. [20] Electric car sales are growing in China, but the United States comes the second and in 2017 Tesla Model S topped the list of top selling EV sales per unit sold in the United States. [20] Around the water cooler here at the posh CleanTechnica headquarters, we have been having a conversation among ourselves lately about whether electric cars in general, and Teslas in particular, have too much power. [22] Neither Porsche Mission E Nor any electric car can be a Tesla killer. [20]

Tesla is currently at a stage in Model 3 production where it feels that it physically needs to have each and every Model 3 that rolls off the line driven on an actual test track to make sure that power, torque, brakes, alignment, and of course squeaks and rattles are within spec. [17] Business Insider recently published a piece titled, ” Elon Musk ordered Tesla engineers to stop doing a critical brake test on Model 3s,” in which it lambasted the company for reducing the stringency of its Model 3 testing procedures by eliminating the brake-and-roll test. [17] Case in point: Sandy Monroe, CEO of Munroe and Associates, a benchmarking company located in Detroit says that their vehicles, particularly the Tesla Model 3, are actually quite flawed to say the least. [23]

We, along with many other publications, regularly ding Tesla in particular on things like fit and finish, panel gaps and so forth because that stuff is incredibly difficult to get right on a new production line. [17] Like any other product out there, Tesla has its ardent followers and their passionate detractors as well. [23] Like the EV contender Tesla, Porsche has been making substantial promises about future developments. [20] Why can’t they be nice like when u were about to buy a new Tesla. [18]

The Tesla Model Y has been under wraps for quite some time, but it may not be too much longer before we get more information about the upcoming EV. [21] If companies switch to the electric powered semis that Tesla has unveiled, then they can save big time. [23]

In a recent email, Teslas Elon Musk stated that skeptics who doubted that the Model 3 would have strong production were “in for a rude awakening.” [20] Here you can watch the live recording of Teslas 2018 annual shareholder meeting in which Tesla showed a new image of model Y. Lots of investor eyes, Tesla owner eyes and Model 3 reservation holder eyes were on CEO Elon Musk who faced scrutiny at the shareholder meeting. [20]

In summation, things in Fremont might not be all sunshine and umbrella drinks, but it doesn’t appear that Tesla has cut any corners relative to safety in its quest to ramp up Model 3 production to 5,000 units per week. [17] Teslas upcoming Model 3, the which has already been delayed in delivery, has been further hindered in production by employee sabotage. [20] The subject came up this week because Tesla announced it will soon start building the performance version of the Model 3. [22] While every Model 3 currently being produced gets driven on a track, Tesla doesn’t expect that policy to continue either. [17]

It was mainly an education of the Tesla and what is “nice to have” and what “you should have”, given our wants/needs. He offered a test drive to me, and 30 min later, I was behind the wheel of the Model S and on the road. [18] How could you expect less than 5 star from Tesla? We had an appointment to test drive a Model S as the 3 is not currently available. [18]

At that point, Tesla will change over to the same spot checking policy that it uses on Model S and Model X, both of which are by now well established in terms of manufacturing. [17] Here is my referral code to copy and paste for you Tesla buyers to get unlimited charging and $1K off a Model S or Model X ts.la/kathy1045 I LOVE my Tesla. [18]

Here are our listings for all model years of the Tesla Model S. [41] One consumer even compares his Tesla to his Ford Mustang, stating that his experience with the Tesla vehicle is far greater than his experiences with the Ford classic that has been rated at the top of consumer lists and voted one of the most powerful for years now. [23] The Tesla vehicles run for about quite a few hundred kilometers before drivers need to recharge, which can be done at recharging stations, which aren?t all that easy to find on a long road trip. [23] I spoke with some Tesla Model S owners and here is what they said Tesla needs for them to switch to Teslas own insurance program. [20] Fire! Fire! Read All About It! Tesla Model S Catches Fire In Florida! We at CleanTechnica have tried to walk the always fine line between sensationalism and journalism. [22] In May, a Tesla Model S crashed into a concrete barrier in South Florida, killing the teenage driver and a passenger. [22] Apparently, the new software capability is dedicated to the driver of the Model S in Florida who died in the crash, so congratulations to Tesla for making this important safety update quickly. [22] The latter showed strong preference for the Jeep Wrangler (81%), while the former went for the Tesla Model S (63%). [20] Actor Mary McCormack recently tweeted about a burning Tesla Model S in which her husband was an occupant. [20] During my process of purchasing my Model S, which lasted several months before I decided to bite the bullet on my Tesla. [18]

The company makes two different kinds of motors: an inductor motor with three phase, four pole AC copper rotor (interestingly enough, this is where the Tesla logo comes from) and secondly, permanent magnet motors. [23] What did we expect? After all Tesla has not only moved electrical technology forward, they have bounded forward, and their battery technology is no doubt an example of how far and how precise this company can get. [23] Later in 2018 Alex Tsetsenekos, Head of North America for Teslas new Managing General Agency, InsureMyTesla, will be joining the discussion to deliver the closing keynote presentation, Building a Customer Centric Insurance Company for Tesla, on October 3. [20] Designer Richard Kim is the man behind the BMW i3 and i8, the company has poached staff from Tesla and BMW, and it has 550 staff working at the company now. [21] Sabotage of the companys Manufacturing Operating System is one of these allegations, but in addition, Tesla cites the theft and dissemination of confidential proprietary information. [20]

It’s probably a matter of time before Rimac tops that record, or even Tesla if it wants to turn up the wick on the P100D. [21] It’s astounding, yes, but when it comes to Tesla, nothing should really surprise us anymore. [23]

Alois Ruf is an environmentalist, though, and was one of the leading lights of the electric scene before Tesla was even a thing. [21] It instantly went viral and caused such a frenzy on the Internet to bring to the imagination the possibilities of such a vehicle that Tesla could make. [20] Hey, maybe you?ll be inspired to purchase your very own Tesla vehicle. [23] With the aforementioned hybrid vehicles, drivers don?t have to worry about recharging as they do with the Tesla vehicles, as they recharge themselves as they run. [23] This is an added advantage in sales, as the world is getting more environmentally conscious–it is in fact more environmentally conscious than ever before, so many more households will be thinking about purchasing a Tesla vehicle. [23] I think the media has to abandon the “Tesla Killer” (or any car-killer) phrase and give each new vehicle its due esteem. [20]

Very different from other auto companies, Tesla doesn?t simply use a single battery cell. [23] Pretty much the only accusation you can level at the Tesla is that it looks, well, a bit too ordinary for its performance. [21] Tesla also went to great lengths to achieve it, including constructing a tent to accommodate an additional assembly line outside of the factory. [40] Happy Driving! Old Review: 4.5 stars I had a wonderful purchasing experience with Tesla Buena Park, once I took over the custom ordering process from my husband. [18] Three trips to Tesla Buena Park service dept and my issue is still not fixed. [18] All in all Tesla could learn a thing or two about service at their “service” center. [18]

If you are thinking about a Tesla, you may want to ask lots of questions. [18] Of course, with the installation of the Tesla Destination Charging network, which is a group of businesses that have installed wall connectors, this has made long distance traveling a lot easier to accomplish. [23]

Trust me, if you want to get a Tesla, you need to talk to John Park. [18]

In May, Musk said base-model Model 3 production would need to wait another three to six months — after reaching the 5,000 cars per week production rate — if the company wanted to survive. [40] Launching a boutique car company is a rocky road, but we thought twice about including it here just because it is starting to look like vaporware. [21] It isn’t a tuner, the cars get their own plates, but they sure look like Porsches. [21] Heritage is the company’s calling card, so it needs to actually build and sell cars exactly like this. [21] Many have said that the car acts just like a cell phone for that matter and well, that couldn?t be more of an accurate statement. [23]

There are people that absolutely love this product, claiming it was better than any other vehicle they ever owned, and there are many consumers who believe that the car is more of a disappointment rather than an answer to the world’s environmental woes. [23] It doesn?t make the car any faster, but it does give it a touch of flair that some people will love. [21]

The eRuf Model A concept hit the streets back in 2008 and Ruf wanted to make zero emissions cars the core of his business. [21] If Elon is so determined to cut highway deaths, why build cars that are capable of ungodly speeds any time the driver gets a sudden urge to show off? Isn’t there some degree of hypocrisy at work here? Be safe, but go stupidly fast any time you want? Certainly a car, any car, with a sophisticated suite of electronic controls should not be able to go 116 mph on a city street. [22] It’s a technical masterpiece, a car that challenges the way you think about cars, and a tiny company in Croatia made it all work. [21] Mercedes put the car into production in 2014, and it’s a stark indication of how far the technology has come in just two years. [21] As of 2017, the company had sold 250 000 cars in that year alone. [23] It also garnered Motor Trend ‘s prestigious car of the year award back in 2013. [23] Elon Musk has actually claimed that the modern driver will be able to sleep in his/her car in the next two years. [23] If Tesla’s struggle to produce the Model 3 in significant quantities has taught the general populace anything, it’s that manufacturing a car is complicated. [17] The point of this review to to state Tesla’s quality of car is extremely sub par. [18]

Probably above all other comforts that the Tesla Motor company offers its consumers, is the fact that the car can be charged in the comforts of your very own home. [23] The company announced it produced 7,000 cars in total, including 5,031 Model 3s. [40] A recent survey by a company called Gold Eagle asked participants about their dream cars. [20] A new all-electric race series is being developed – the Electric GT Championship – and the first car has been delivered. [20] Tina A. said “Buying a car for the first time can be intimidating. [18] Took my model x twice for service and each time rental car Buick and Chrysler as loaner. [18] Mercedes was brave enough to go public with this car and actually put it on sale at a time when Audi was teasing us with R8 e tron concepts and BMW could only offer hybrids. [21] This is a car that can humble bonafide sporting legends on the drag strip thanks to its four-wheel-drive system and 713lb/ft of torque on tap that gives it a 2.8s 0-60mph time. [21] Brought the car back in for 2nd time for the remaining issues. [18] I’ve had some software updates a few times now and each update makes the car much more fun to play with. [18] At the same time, the cars aren?t the most affordable out there. [23] This is the future of the world’s most luxurious car manufacturer, though: traditional craftsmanship with electric power. [21] If Ruf could have made a success of his electric venture, then the car would have been exponentially better today. [21] Classic cars that have been converted to electric power are about as cool as it gets. [21] They?ve just revealed the first pictures of the Concept One S. That car will have 1384bhp, it will hit 60mph in 2.5s, top out at 227mph, and it will be even more expensive. [21] Part of the reason I am is because my parents insisted my first cars were all Chevrolets powered by the trusty Blue Flame six an engine with barely enough power to pull the skin off custard. [22] Now, 6 weeks after that horrific crash, the first preliminary data from the car has been made public. [22] One of the topmost rated cars of 2017 by Consumer Reports and it got a perfect 5.0 safety rating, the Model S is a car as good as it looks and as practical as any other. [23] A nice smooth look, except all of my door would randomly not slide 4 The AC makes weird noises when I am driving and have it turned on high After getting my car back, the doors still do not close. [18] WOW! I was blown away by the technology, the features, the sporty look of the car and most definitely the drive!! Soon there after, I was hooked.convinced. sold. drinking the kool-aid. [18] Why order a car which takes 3 months to get and it not drive straight. [18] Once this car was unveiled, the skeptics grew fewer and fewer as the vehicle proved itself. [23] This car is not just sexy, it has the power to take on plenty of race cars, and it is said to be quicker than any street-legal production car to-date. [21] My wife is getting her new car and Sean is the man who is making everything happen from the production point to the delivery date and upgrades the customer satisfaction it’s amazing The professionalism this young man carries. [18] For years gearheads have been obsessing over engines from their favorite cars. [23] Our professional team of reporters have many years of experience covering the latest cars, trucks, upcoming new-car launches and car shows. [20] Lightning needs to stop launching this car and start producing it. [21] Manufacturers will need to address the issue of cars going too fast and cars going too slow before drivers can have complete confidence in electronic controls. [22] Very happy with experience picking up my new car! John was friendly and informative — opportunity to review paperwork and pay the balance on line was great. [18] Teenagers do stupid things, whether they are driving a car or not. [22] I am not even a car person, BUT I can no longer imagine driving anther car. [18] I love that level of service! Our car was finished ahead of schedule, and I love it. [18] The customer service that they provide is above and beyond that of any other car manufacturer. [18] The British firm launched a traditional petrol-powered version of this very car all the way back in 2008. [21] TorqueNews.com offers a new look at the world’s love affair with cars! The mission of Torque News is funded by advertising, hosted on the website. [20] The car contains a 100 kWh battery pack and the consumption of energy is 200.9 watt hours per kilometer. [23] According to ZDNet, firefighters in Florida had little difficulty extinguishing the battery fire at the scene, using about 300 gallons of water and foam to do so, but the battery reignited later on two occasions once when it was being loaded onto a car carrier and again 5 days later while in a storage yard. [22] It has a massive 737lb/ft of torque, too, but the 1200lb battery pack slows the car down. [21] Economies of scale work in reverse being what they are, the handful of cars he created were just too expensive for the market. [21] When they finally get to my car after a day sitting in their lot, they run the AC for hours, without plugging the car in, draining about 40 miles of range. [18] When I finally picked up the car, the tech neglected to put the wheel well liner back in place, drove a few blocks dragging the liner against the tire. [18] Apart from the odd crazed concept car, they have left well alone. [21] At a top speed of 250 miles per hour and a mile range of 620, the car competed well with any and all muscle cars of the last century. [23] It’s actually four-wheel torque vectoring that you can tweak with the onboard computers to make the car oversteer, understeer or four-wheel drift. [21] It’s the car we wanted the next generation Bugatti Veyron to be. [21]

As we?ve established, there are many positive aspects to these cars, and the awesomeness doesn?t stop there. [23] The Rimac One is already here and the problem with a halo car is that it can?t be “quite good?. [21] The weight distribution is 50/50 front/rear and the U.S. outfit will take the car to the Nurburgring in Germany to prove its handling chops soon. [21]

The NTSB has issued a preliminary report on the latest fatality in a string of Tesla Autopilot crashes. [20] Regarding the future of Tesla there are both concerns and appreciation for Elon Musk. [20] Tesla has further cemented its name in the marketplace, become the premier marque for electric vehicles. [20] My mother in law recently received her Model X Tesla and she was in love with it right away! But not with the alignment issue straight off the back. [18] Its followed by Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3. [20]

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