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by Regina Sutton

2020 has turned into a year of disasters and horrible calamities attacking the whole humanity one after the other. This year, the whole world for the very first time after the age of depression experienced something they never had witnessed before. The COVID-19 initially starting from Wuhan, China has now been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why a Need for Relaible Information Sources for about the Coronavirus ?

According to the statistics and analysis of WHO, this virus has become a global emergency and is continuously spreading from country to country. Till we have written these lines, there are almost 2.97 million cases reported on a global scale. Since, we all know how serious this issue has become for the whole mankind, that the whole world is under lock down. The lockdown imposed by the governments is affecting every single aspect of life. We are well aware that the governments all across the world have put severe restrictions upon all our extra activities. The quarantine is getting stiff with every single case. No doubt, this time is the toughest time in the history of mankind when no army can beat down this enemy. We all are once again living in a state of depression created by this pandemic. As it is in human nature that we get curious about every single piece of information regarding a new subject. COVID-19, as many of the experts claim, is the new and powerful kind of virus being exposed to man. Now the question arises that if it is such a killing disaster, what are we required to do? The vaccine of this virus is still under development which has created some more difficulty in its treatment. But, in such conditions, every sort of information circulates on different platforms. 

Since the virus is new, no one has much idea about its mode of action. Every expert proposes their own ideologies regarding it and lists the most common symptoms reported so far. But, if it's even enough to tell all the world about the seriousness of the situation? Will it guide a person to maintain suitable hygienic activities and require social distancing ? Probably, no, a big no! Because we always learn from our surroundings. We all know that many of us are careless enough to ignore hygiene practices and symptoms. We never pay a heed to the precautionary measures until and unless our home gets infected with it. Finding the COVID spread is one important way in order to prevent it. This is important because it not only makes people aware about the overall cases all around the world but there is another thing too. It also helps people to avoid it reaching their doorstep. But, finding genuine sources is very difficult these days. We can't rely on every single source of information over here on the internet because of the lack of validity. Many of the sources are becoming a major source of malware attacks as complained by many. It is very difficult to find out the real and genuine virus detection maps but it's a requirement too. So, in this article we are going to inform you about the best COVID-19 dashboards which can help you a lot.

COVID-19 Dashboards and Their Important Roles

A COVID-19 dashboard is basically an information containing board. It consists of all the basic information about the virus, its origin, the symptoms one develops. It is also known for reporting the right number of cases and areas infected with the pandemic. It is a source of finding out the latest areas infected by the cases alongside the death cases. A dashboard might be in different forms. Some dashboards have a graphical representation along with the map. This helps the viewer quickly get the ratio of the virus spread. Not all the dashboards are reliable and genuine. Some of them are fake. These kinds of dashboards not only put your device at a high risk of breaking into privacy but also spread panic because of unreliability. Therefore, it is very necessary to note down the proper kind of dashboards which can give you the best and up to date reports from time to time. 

You must be wondering that if we have claimed that many of the boards are not trustworthy then which ones are actually reliable? No need to think a lot and burdenize your mind with this pain. We have the list of some up-to-date and extremely reliable dashboards solely providing COVID-19's latest information. These dashboards not only inform you about the global spread but they have a very intelligent system of localized tracking. If you are wondering what is the localized tracking, then we must tell you that it's the latest development in order to control spread on a wider level. It involves your personal tracking system about the spread. In other words, you can find out the spread in your local area with the help of these tracking dashboards. So, without building up your excitement any further, let us provide you a list of some of the really amazing tracking dashboards.

World Health Organization's COVID-19 Map - COVID-19 Information Link

World HealthOrganization's COVID-19 Map
World Health Organization's COVID-19 Map

The World Health Organization, or WHO, a subsidiary of the United Nations was the first to declare the spread of novel coronavirus-19 as a" pandemic". Since then, it has been really active in devising measures and steps of its control. The best measure adopted by WHO so far is its development of a specified COVID-19 section on its website which clears out all the queries regarding the virus's spread, symptoms and preventions. With the development of a specified COVID-19 section, it had also developed the COVID-19 Emergency Dashboard.

This dashboard is very detailed and accurate. It has mapped all the regions of the world according to their spread level. It provides colourful indications according to the level of spread and also keeps on informing about the new cases each day. If you are thinking that is this up from WHO? So, we should better inform you that it's tracking system is very extensive and that it also gives you the number of recovered cases on its side chart too alongside each country. Surprised? Well that's the power of the World Health Organization. Amazing, though!

NBC New York's COVID-19 Map - COVID-19 Information Link

NBC New York'sCOVID-19 Map
NBC New York's COVID-19 Map

If you are looking for a map that gives you detailed information but in a much easier way, go for NBC New York's Map. This map is very simple and yet detailed. Wondering how? Let us tell you. It has many interesting features that help make it the simplest map found yet. The best feature of this map, which I personally liked a lot was indication of global spread in a bubble like pattern. Yes, it tells the spread with the help of a big red bubble formed around the infected area. The colour of the bubble is bright red which is quite easy to detect from a distance. This measure is done by the map developers in order to make it approachable to those who have some colour impairment issues. This simple and intelligent approach makes it stand as second in our list.

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map - COVID-19 Information Link

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Map

When we hear the name, Johns Hopkins, perfect reliability on health issues comes automatically. Johns Hopkins University is providing the best health related information from many years. So, you can expect to find some really genuine COVID-19 related information on the site. It also has its personal help portal which helps you get more of the COVID-19 information. One of the best efforts done by the website is that it provides you with its very own tracking map. The tracking map not only tells the spread on a global level but it also helps you track COVID-19 cases in the locality nearby you, which is its most interesting feature. The personalized tracking system makes it the best of the dashboards available on the internet plus the total number or recorded cases on global level and country level are some of the additional services it offers.

HealthMap - COVID-19 Information Link


HealthMap comes up with some really fantastic animated features. Wondering what is the link between animation and mapping of a deadly virus spread? But HealthMap doesn't believe so. They have developed an interesting colour combination which tells about the spread of the virus alongside the reported number of cases. The dark mode of the map is quite a great attraction for a number of people because in this mode the colourful animated dots continuously move as you move to different locations. Yup! you got that right, just as in Sherlock Holmes, the footprints extend to the exact location. In the very same manner, the dot combination of different coloured-scheme cases work. So, be Sherlock Holmes and follow the footsteps of the criminal COVID-19 and stop it on your own.

NextStrain - COVID-19 Information Link


NextStrain is quite a scientific map meant for people who are keen to get detailed information about the spread of the virus. This virus not only gives the information of spread on a global level but it further has some important characteristics. It tells about the actual path of the strain. In other words, it not only tells the number of COVID-19 cases in any country, but also informs the sequence of virus spread that how it spreaded from one specific country to the other. So, for all the researchers, this can be a great source to collect data from.

Hope you will like these top-5 dashboards for getting much of the required information. Besides, information seeking is a great habit, you should seek it but don't forget to wash your hands and maintain social distancing because together we have to fight with it and end this lethal virus completely.

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