Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

by Regina Sutton

Using mobile devices haven't been any easier. Especially since modifications to listen and respond to some of our needs. You can get information on almost anything and make schedules among a lot of other things. Here are some of the best assistant applications on Android.

List of Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Google Assistant - App Link


Google Assistant from Google debuted in 2016 during an annual Google Developers Conference.

This virtual assistant was only available on Google devices at first. These were the Pixel phones which were Google's line of Android phones. It was also available on Android Home at the time .

Now, Google Assistant can work on all Android phones. The virtual assistant is available for download on the Google Play Store. You can download it onto any Android device.

It is also built into more android phones than around the time when it first launched. It is also available on iPhone.

Google Assistant has the ability to recognize your voice. The artificial intelligence allows the assistant to get used to your voice. This way, it can respond effectively to your commands. The assistant can help you do a lot of things on your Android phone. It can help in making calls, scheduling alarms and events on calendars. You can search the internet by telling Google what you are searching for.

You can train the Google Assistant to recognize six different voices on one device. This feature is good for devices that are available to the family. The assistant would respond to each person's commands.

The Google Assistant voice is customizable. You can choose varieties of voices for your Google Assistant. When more than one Google devices detect a voice, the closest one responds. Google Assistant seems to be by far the best virtual assistant on Android devices.

Microsoft Cortana - App Link


Cortana is Microsoft's own virtual assistant. It can serve as a third-party application on Android devices. It is available in the Google Play Store. Microsoft Cortana is a big part of the windows OS latest version; Windows 10.

The app can help to search for anything on the computer when you interact with it. It can also search for stuff online if you connect your PC to the internet. You can access this assistant from the search area of the Windows 10 operating system.

The digital assistant makes life easy for its users because it is very helpful. It can assist you in making sure you are on schedule with the things you have to do.

Microsoft Cortana can sync with your calendar and help make proactive choices. It can make decisions based on happenings ranging from holidays to traffic congestion.

Cortana can work across all your devices where it is enabled . Microsoft is working on making Cortana smarter. That way, you can have more natural and conversational interactions with the digital assistant.

Robin - App Link


The Robin virtual assistant was created as a competition with Apple's Siri in mind. This is one virtual assistant that has been around for a long time.

Robin is a beta application; it is under development. Its developers have made it known that they still have more work to do on the application. True to the developers words, the application isn't there yet. Although it is bound to become a top virtual assistant since they are working on it.

You can operate Robin hands-free; when you tap on the microphone, Robin will be all ears. You can send texts by voice, set reminders and alarms. You can also get information from Robin on different categories. You can get information on sports, health, business, lifestyle, technology and entertainment.

For proper functioning of the application, Robin will need you to allow it work. Allow it permission in your device so that it can work at an optimal level.

Since Robin in a development phase, it will need you to give feedback.

Lyra Virtual Assistant - App Link

 Lyra VirtualAssistant
Lyra VirtualAssistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant was earlier known as Indigo virtual assistant. It is available on Android and iOS devices.

The Lyra virtual assistant isn't top-notch when compared to the others. Yet, it is a decent one . It can do the basic functions of a personal digital assistant. It doesn't promise any function out of the ordinary. You can talk to Lyra like you would talk to a human. She might even share her opinion with you if she can.

Lyra is a cross-platform virtual assistant that can work across all your devices.

Lyra is free and doesn't contain any in-app purchases. You won't have annoying ads disturbing you.

Lyra's functions include making calls, sending text messages and emails. This virtual assistant will also manage your schedule for you with less input from you. It will interact with your calendar, diary and set alarms and reminders.

Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant - App Link


This here seems to be a replica of Iron Man's personal assistant; Jarvis. If you're a fan of Marvel, you'll know that Jarvis is a jovial yet intelligent digital assistant. Well, that's definitely what the developers of this app had in mind while creating it.

Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant is capable of listening and operating in other languages too. It supports English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, French and German. Other languages include Breton, Catalan, Tamil, Indonesian and Portuguese.

When you do need information about anything, you can ask Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant. The assistant can interact with Google Maps to find locations and directions.

This Jarvis-like assistant can help you make and receive phone calls. You can also send text messages and emails.

The Extreme assistant guards your privacy. All stored information and conversations with the assistant are secure on your device.

DataBot Assistant - App Link

DataBot Assistant
DataBot Assistant

DataBot is a very good Android assistant. It is free to download and it has in-app purchases. One downside to this assistant is the ads that come with it. Asides that, it will give you all you need from an Android personal assistant. You can interact with DataBot by typing or voicing over your device's microphone.

The assistant is a cross-platform software it would sync across all your devices. The more you use Databot , the better it gets. The assistant gets to understand you better and tend to your needs better over time as you use it.

Databot will help you make searches online for any information that you need. The assistant presents feedback to you via image, voice or text as appropriate. The Databot assistant is available in these languages; English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Databot will help you schedule events, make calls and send messages using your voice. It functions like any other virtual assistant.

You can chat with the assistant when you're bored. It promises you a good time as it can also provide jokes.

Dragon Mobile Assistant - App Link

 DragonMobile Assistant
DragonMobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a virtual assistant powered by Nuance. It will help you through all tasks you have to complete using your Android device. Dragon Mobile is ever attentive to your needs. The assistant has a high rating on Android app stores and reviews have been very positive.

You can send and receive messages hands-free on your messaging and social applications. It can help you check for traffic situations and weather condition to plan your movement.

Dragon Mobile Assistant allows you to personalize your voice print. With this, you will be able to unlock your device using your voice alone. Asides, from unlocking your device, you can train the assistant to listen to your voice only.

You can also customize the word you want to use in waking up your personal assistant.

Jarvis - App Link


Jarvis is one of the best artificial intelligence assistants around. With this app, you will experience a smooth interaction with your device. Jarvis can help you stay updated with information about things going on in the world. You can use Jarvis hands-free without any restrictions. This Android assistant can help you get up-to-date information about weather conditions globally. Want to have news from around the world at your fingertips? Jarvis has you covered.

Jarvis can help make phone calls and also notify you of incoming phone calls. You can send messages and emails using your voice.

The Jarvis assistant can control your phone by turning on your Wi-Fi. The assistant will also open applications and play music. Jarvis can especially recognise your voice. This makes the assistant answerable to you alone. The application also has a very cool interface

This digital assistant only supports the English language. Jarvis is free to use but contains ads.

AIVC(Alice) - App Link


This Android assistant definitely cannot stand the top providers of digital artificial intelligence. But if you are looking for an application that will listen to you, this is it. It can help perform simple tasks on your Android device.

AIVC means Artificial Intelligent Voice Control. It provides you with an easy and fast interaction with your Android device.

AIVC has two versions of the application. The free version contains ads but it can perform basic functions. It can make phone calls, send SMS and emails. You would be able to open applications and get help with navigation as well . You will also be able to search the web and get up-to-date weather reports.

The PRO version allows you to do much more. You enjoy features like the TV receiver control, playing music and the wake-up mode. The application supports two languages; English and German. You can give commands to Alice by typing or voicing.

Conclusion of Best Android Personal Assistant Apps

Virtual Assistant apps have proven to be so helpful in our daily tasks. Back in the day, it was difficult achieving maximal productivity without help. But since their introduction, virtual assistants have been widely adopted across the globe. More and more people now see how they have made life easier by experiencing them.

We now have virtual assistants that can book flights and schedule appointments. They can book hotel lodging and arrange for tables at restaurants miles away from you.

If you have used any of these virtual assistants on your Android device, please share with us. We want to know what you think of this list we created. Also, help us share this article on your social media platforms.

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