What Do You Think About Bitcoin?

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  • Interestingly, I don?t actually think that Bitcoin will be used as a medium of exchange, which means that it is used as an everyday currency like U.S. dollars.(More…)


  • I just know Bitcoin, in its current state, is not able to replace fiat, it’s having a hard time at busy times already. (yeah LN and all that isn’t really fit for mass adoption either) and also things like this won’t magically happen overnight and will probably take many months or years to implement.(More…)
  • Many people say that lightning networks segwit would actually make the Bitcoin more centralized and actually make it controllable by a company or entity like a government or a bank right.(More…)


What Do You Think About Bitcoin?
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Interestingly, I don?t actually think that Bitcoin will be used as a medium of exchange, which means that it is used as an everyday currency like U.S. dollars. [1] I think that Bitcoin will die off in some decades in the future, and then maybe a new crypto currency scheme will roll in. [2] I think Bitcoin has special properties that make it suitable to become the new form of money of the future, others don’t even come close. [2] I think, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can ruin a country in terms of dividing the power of the government. [3] I think that Bitcoin will always be the most trusted and stable cryptocurrency of them all. [1] I honestly think bitcoin will be the dominant internet currency. [2] Arizona I believe ? and I think Florida offers bitcoin as an option for paying for certain services. [2] It will implode eventually (probably sooner than we think) and Bitcoin will take its rightful place at the table of fair and just transactions. [2] I?ve been asked the question “What do you think of Bitcoin,” as much as any question I?ve received about my website www.yoursurvivalguy.com or my series on the S&P 500. [4] Now that you know some of the real-world events that could affect its price, in the next part of this Bitcoin price prediction 2020 guide I am going to give you my opinion on whether I think it’s a good investment or not. [1] What do you think of the Bitcoin price predictions I have listed above? Do you agree with them, or are you still not convinced? If you’re looking for more of an insight, then the next part of my Bitcoin price prediction 2020 guide is going to look at some events that could affect Bitcoin’s price. [1]

In December, everybody was like “Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin,” and then “Oh my god, my transaction has been sitting there for 12 hours, what’s going on, this thing sucks!” People learned how it works and we actually saw the fee market working and all that, so I think it’s really exciting, but I have no idea on how it’s gonna go, I think it’s really interesting to watch. [5] I think the Lightning Network is definitely the goal there, to bring more usability to people, because it really does enable instant payments, and Bitcoin payments are not instant. [5] People think Bitcoin is dying every year, and time after time it proves them wrong. [6] I think people go wrong in even comparing Bitcoin and others to ripple, they both have equal value in different races. [7] Confused why supply has such an affect on the value of bitcoin? The simplest way to think of a currency is as a “pie”. [8] You may think that you have never heard of Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida-based programmer working for online retail company GoRuck, but you’d probably be wrong — Hanyecz was behind the inspirational purchase of two pizzas from Papa John’s for 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) back on May 22, 2010, making this week a celebration of Pizza Day’s eight year anniversary. [5] I think Bitcoin was kind of destined to get big, and I didn’t know everything about Bitcoin back then – I mean, I had only been playing with it a couple months, and I figured out how to mine, I actually wrote the first GPU miner – and that’s how I got all those Bitcoins that I was kind of giving away. [5] I think that’s where it’ll become more interesting to actually spend bitcoins face-to-face. [5] I think that Bitcoin, Ethereum, Factom and Maidsafe all do something very different and they complete each other. [7] Government regulations, according to Rogoff, will pop the Bitcoin bubble but a Bitcoin pioneer on Wall Street thinks along very different lines. [9] “Bitcoin, I think will get to $1 million per bitcoin?Right now it’s 10,000, it will go 100,000 and then 200,000, 500,000.” [9]

I think it’s like cryptocurrency itself, the Bitcoins and some of the altcoins around them, it’s already a working use case that has billions of dollars of uptake. [10] The fluctuation in bitcoin’s price merely reflects the extent to which people think bitcoin will serve a useful role from now on into the future. [11] So I think a lot of people misconception is associating blockchain and bitcoin with scams, from drugs and to crazy stuff. [12] Another reason — I honestly think the best Bitcoin and blockchain applications would be invisible to the everyday consumer, but it’ll essentially be the internet of money that’s powering all these transactions, similar to what Paypal did to digital money. [12] That’s why we invited Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, to address us this year he thinks bitcoin and blockchain are revolutionary. [13] I think that bitcoin and blockchain, specifically, are going to be slow and outdated. [12] Bitcoin I think has kind of painted itself into a corner a little bit as a store of value that you can?t easily transfer competing stores of value you can easily transfer. [10] Another part of the appeal—I  still think  the  dominant part —was that they would provide a convenient way for  institutional investors to get  long  Bitcoin. [14]

Tchir: I don’t think it’s big enough quite yet, but if you go back, there was a spike in credit card default rates earlier this year, and shortly after you saw a lot of the big banks stop allowing people to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on their credit cards. [15] Yeah, I think there were actually people speculating with credit card money to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and that’s, I think, very problematic for those individuals. [15]

One merit that savers and investors had by What Does Bill Gates Think About Bitcoin Ethereum Transfer Coins banks to handle their money was that interest rates normally guaranteed a certain percentage of profit. [16] They think they can gain control of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain movement, by hijacking Bitcoin, by using block stream to hijack Bitcoin in its development progress. [17] You have to ask yourself why right? Some of the biggest names in tech, Bill Gates who obviously invented Microsoft and founded the company, you think would understand Bitcoin and Blockchain technology right. [17] We think Bitcoin is starting to bottom off some very key support around $7,000 and we think it’s going to start a recovery process here,” Robert Sluymer, head of technical strategy at Fundstrat Global Advisors, told CNBC’s ” Futures Now ” on Thursday. [18] Which’serious problem with crypto currencies’ do you think it highlights? This was a journalistic institution who decided for ethical reasons that they couldn’t use or donate the bitcoins they got from a miner that was given them, and after several weeks of deliberation they decided to destroy the key permanently, and write an article about it at the time. [19] It doesn’t mean that you can’t like bitcoin, that you can’t think it’s going higher, but I think you have to be aware of that. [15] What do you think about celebrities talking about bitcoin? His many YouTube videos educating people on various Bitcoin subjects are also available, providing quite a resource of knowledge, and the foundation for this new release. [16] You would think this guy would be smart enough to go in short Bitcoin. [17] Many people think that Bitcoin was like this and Bitcoin cash kind of split off as this offshoot from Bitcoin right. [17] Those that are confused think kind of the same thing that think that Bitcoin cash kind of forked out and started right when Bitcoin you know the fork was in August right. [17]

If you think that the war between Bitcoin core and Bitcoin cash is simply for fun you are absolutely wrong big, big, big our interests and financial interests are at stake here. [17]


I just know Bitcoin, in its current state, is not able to replace fiat, it’s having a hard time at busy times already. (yeah LN and all that isn’t really fit for mass adoption either) and also things like this won’t magically happen overnight and will probably take many months or years to implement. [2]

The Bitcoin project has been an amazing success — when it was first released in 2009, its price was less than 1 cent. 8 years later in 2017, it reached an all-time high of around $20,000! Not only this, but the creation of Bitcoin has encouraged more than 1,600 different cryptocurrencies to enter the market to date. [1] In this Bitcoin forecast, Fran Strajnar believes that its price will reach new highs of $200,000 by the year 2020. [1] This is a good argument because as more people buy and use Bitcoin, its price will of course increase. [1] If the guy puts his buy order for 100m in BTC’s and A LOT of Bitcoins are up for trading, then it will, indeed, have a lesser impact on price. [2] I also discussed some of the future developments that could affect the price of Bitcoin, including an upgrade of its technology, regulations, future partnerships and its competition. [1] The current price is the value traders are agreeing upon on whatever volume of bitcoins is currently being traded. [2] Within 10 years, the Bitcoin network will hold enough value to rank it among the top 10 banks in terms of total assets held. [2] If a really popular app decided to start accepting Bitcoin as its main currency, this would also give the coin more value. [1] As more and more companies start to accept Bitcoin, it will allow people to start using it as an actual currency. [1] Today, people tend to view the world of blockchains as inhabited by two broad factions: One favors “permissionless” ledgers like Bitcoin, where anyone can join, while the other camp, backed by many in the business community, prefers a pre-approval, or “permissioned,” system. [20] The technology that supports Bitcoin is called a blockchain, which is like a giant accounting book. [1]

More smart services layered on top of the bitcoin mainnet (payments like lightning network, taxes, insurance, registration of a business attached to wallets and vanity addresses for them, banking, family oriented wallets). [2] If the Lighting Network is successful then it should have a very positive affect on the price of Bitcoin. [1] There appears to be a theory that when governments start regulating it, the price of Bitcoin will be negatively affected. [1] Moving forward to 2020, Lee believes that the price of Bitcoin will be valued at $91,000. [1] In terms of a currency, bitcoin, may be the store of value its followers believe it to be. [4] As a “store” of value, bitcoin the currency is trading on its reputation. [4] In the first world Bitcoin will probably take over for gold as a store of value and hedge against inflation. [2] Bitcoin is risky for people and businesses to invest in because of the extremely unstable market value. [21] Bitcoin allows people to send and receive funds without a third party intermediary and as such, it is a decentralized payments system. [1] Not only would this mean that people start to trust Bitcoin more, but it could also allow large financial institutions to start investing. [1] A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome. [2] I only said that bitcoin has a serious problem in most peoples eyes. [2] I said bitcoin isn?t replacing fiat. it’s just a means to make transactions over the internet with out using a bank. [2] The beauty of bitcoin it’s self governance system, which records all digital actions within its own protocol, essentially acting as a bank, with out using a bank to keep track of every address assigned to every divisible 21 million bitcoin block. [2]

Various central banks and governments are considering releasing their own cryptocurrencies too, which could be in direct competition with Bitcoin. [1] Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. [2] The Japanese government classes Bitcoin in the very same way as its Yen currency. [1] Even if bitcoin somehow fails, the technology is here to stay. a future where bitcoin is a reliable international/borderless currency and other cryptocurrencies are credits used to serve other purposes/ecosystems. [2] I believe the intention of bitcoin is not to replace fiat, but essentially give another means to currency. [2] I am, and I can tell you Bitcoin in its current state WILL with absolute certainly replace and destroy all fiat currency. [2] I?ve been in the weeds studying bitcoin (the currency) and Bitcoin (blockchain tech) and I?ll tell you, I haven?t had that “Aha!” religious-like moment experienced by, I?m told, its cult of followers. [4] Every single transaction that has ever been processed on the Bitcoin network is available to view on the blockchain. [1] It takes 10 minutes to confirm a transaction on the Bitcoin network. [1] Known as the Lighting Network upgrade, it is believed that the protocol could allow the Bitcoin network to increase its maximum transaction limit to millions per second. [1] Although Bitcoin is number one cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, reputation and real-world usage, the performance level of its transactions are actually quite poor. [1] Timing is everything in the cryptocurrency markets, because if you invested in Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 and sold at the end of the year, you would be in profit by more than 2000%. [1] Simply buying bitcoin and selling it after an year will give you more profits(if market is good). [22] Even though Bitcoin has been trading for almost 10 years, regulation is still in its very early days. [1] The Bitcoin you know today won’t be the same Bitcoin you know 5-10 years from now. yet, it’ll still be called Bitcoin. [2] In my opinion, although Bitcoin has been around for 9 years, it is still very early days. [1] Shares of Apple typically have a volatility of 20-30% a year, as compared to Bitcoin which has a volatility closer to 100%. [23]

The price of Bitcoin needs to keep pace with the difficulty level in order for mining to be profitable. [22] In 2012 it went from 50 BTC to 25 BTC and then in 2016 it went from 25 BTC to 12.5 BTC. The historical price chart shows that when these two events happened, the price of Bitcoin experienced new heights shortly after. [1] If few Bitcoins are being traded, it’ll impact the price much harder. [2]

Maybe the exception would be a future platform for dApps such as Ethereum, but even that can be built on Bitcoin via sidechains. [2] Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and a handful others might very well be a part of that future. [24]

This prediction is based on the fact that in 2020 the Bitcoin mining reward will be halved from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. [1] Unless you already have cloud mining contracts I?d recommend mining another currency and simply selling it for Bitcoin. [22] The idea of currency being replaced with crypto is plausible but extremely unlikely that it will be Bitcoin. [2] A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. [2] Although Bitcoin has always been the number one cryptocurrency, it is important to remember that there are more than 1,500 different coins in the market. [1] Bitcoin was created in 2009 by an anonymous developer called “Satoshi Nakamoto” and was the first and original cryptocurrency. [1] Bitcoin is probably the only cryptocurrency that you can do chart analysis for. [1] No. Bitcoin is nowhere near a ‘perfect’ or ‘final’ cryptocurrency. [2]

When we all wake up from the slumber that bitcoin is something you buy and sell for fiat and demand our own personal payment in it. [2] You can pay taxes in bitcoin in Arizona and other governments are using bitcoin as government payments. [2] NEO and Ripple are able to confirm thousands of transactions per second, so if Bitcoin is to become a global payments system then it must improve technically. [1] When sending Bitcoin to another person, a transaction normally takes about 10 minutes. [1] Thirdly, and probably most importantly, Bitcoin can only confirm 7 transactions per second. [1] A company called Lighting Labs (which has received investments from senior individuals from Twitter, PayPal and Litecoin) are very close to releasing a protocol that will significantly improve the performance of Bitcoin transactions. [1]

Bitcoin, or something quite like it, will be the wide and commonly accepted standard, much like gold is now. [2] You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. [2]

How high can bitcoin go? Anyone who’s familiar with Metcalfe’s Law appreciates the power of the network–its value is proportional to the square of the number of connected users to the system or (N 2 ). [4] If you lack understanding of monetary economics and havent studied what currencies economies use and what properties those currencies have, you are not qualified to judged whether bitcoin in its current state can replace fiat. [2] When a society notices that bitcoin has so many features that makes your economic life easier and safer than using banking or fiat, they will switch in a blink. [2] I keep saying we chose one fiat to control or markets. bitcoin gives all fiats another competitor a decentralized one. [2] Bitcoin is eventually going to flat or move up very slowly. a well managed fiat can outrun Bitcoin’s growth, which means some fiats will become more attractive than bitcoin. [2] If only two bitcoins are being traded and a guy buys one for 100m, then automatically Bitcoin’s market cap will be 100m x number of coins. [2] Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy. [2] If you believe in the ideology of the project, then it is best to hold your Bitcoin long-term, because at the moment the markets are still very volatile. [1] I believe some states will let you pay your taxes in bitcoin. [2]

Bitcoin, the technology, or blockchain, is here to stay (more on that later). [4] The downfall of Bitcoin is the downfall of all blockchain based technology. [21]

Yup, Bitcoin is homing in on a long-term/permanent exchange rate around 7k USD per BTC. [2] In return, miners are rewarded with additional Bitcoin for contributing to the network. [1] In 2017, Japan became the first nation in the world to completely regulate Bitcoin in the same way as its financial services industry. [1] In countries such as Japan, there are more than 200,000 stores that you can spend Bitcoin in the real-world. [1] As mentioned above, there are more than 200,000 stores in Japan that accept Bitcoin. [1]

If you bought Bitcoin in late 2017 and held it at the time of writing in June 2018, you would be around 65% down. [1] What matters is the float: the number of Bitcoins being traded at a given point in time. [2]

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. [2] Anyone who feels edgy about bitcoin should read Andreas Antonopolous’ book “Internet of Money”. [2]

Once other major nations follow the same regulation policy as the Japanese government, it will give Bitcoin far more legitimacy. [1] At minimum bitcoin is a decentralized, global, trustless banking system and payment gateway. [2] CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer, Meltem Demirors, discusses bitcoin and how the retail investor can consider investing in cryptocurrencies. [23] Cloud mining is not more profitable than just buying bitcoin. [22] In 2017, Cloud mining gave 70% less profit than busying and selling bitcoin. [22]

Although Bitcoinist don?t actually give a specific Bitcoin future price for 2020, their analysis predicts that its value will reach new all-time highs in 2020, which will be at least $20,000. [1] If his Bitcoin future price of $1 million comes true in 2020, that would give it a total market capitalization of $15 trillion. [1] I mentioned earlier that one of the most important things to consider when looking at the Bitcoin future price are real-world events, such as technical advancements and regulations. [1]

If more countries start to regulate it like Japan did, then I think it has a really good chance of increasing its price by 2020. [1] “I really think that nomenclature just isn?t helpful,” Baldet says, referring to the commonplace partitioning of public versus enterprise blockchains. [20]

In the very near future, I think the biggest event could be the installation of the Lighting Network upgrade. [1] I think there should be some kind of service company that shops can hire and pay, who will install a lightning network payment system in those shops and maintains it for them (aka technical installation + support contract). [2]

I think many altcoins will uncouple from it and eventually Ethereum or another coin will take the lead as the coin with the higest marketcap. [21] The illusion here is how many people think the USA is the center of the world and that the us financial systems runs the world. [2] Now ask yourself whether China or the U.S. would think it is worth putting a few billion USD to work in order to destroy crypto markets? Total crypto marketcap is less than one third of that of Apple Inc – it is peanuts compared to the amount of traditional assets in circulation. [2]

In this Bitcoin price prediction 2020 guide, I will first give you a quick overview of what Bitcoin actually is, followed by a brief explanation of the things to consider before you invest heavily based on a price prediction guide (just like this one!). [1] Now that you know a little about what Bitcoin actually is, in the next part of my Bitcoin price prediction 2020 guide I will quickly discuss the things that you should consider before acting on somebody else’s price predictions. [1] That’s the end of my Bitcoin price prediction 2020 guide! If you have read it from start to finish, you should now have a really good understanding of what Bitcoin is and what it plans to achieve. [1] The next Bitcoin price prediction 2020 I wanted to talk to you about is a really interesting one, performed by the analyst Osato Avan-Nomayo from Bitcoinist. [1] The next Bitcoin price prediction 2020 that I wanted to discuss is by an analyst called Tom Lee. [1] Now that you know what to consider when reading predictions, the next part of my Bitcoin price prediction 2020 is going to analyze some well-known Bitcoin predictions. [1]

Bitcoin prices might be down and out, but the outlook for blockchain remains promising. [23]

For now, I?ll let bitcoin owners worry about ethereum, ubiq, bitcoin cash, etc., until at least I can tell you I?m a true believer just like them. [4] If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. [2] Almost all Bitcoin wallets rely on Bitcoin Core in one way or another. [2]

As bitcoin is an alternative currency, and because national governments tend to use stimulus policies that deflate the value of their national currencies during economic crises, bitcoin could start to look like a very attractive safe haven. [8] Like I use blockchain for bitcoins and coinbase for ethereum. [7] Sturdivant also noted that he’s also continued to buy and sell pizza in cryptocurrency using Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), and that he prefers pizza with meat and red onions, although “for a little controversy, I like ‘Hawaiian’ pizza quite a lot.” [5] Developers at the startup Abra and elsewhere are using established, decentralized blockchains such as bitcoin and ethereum to settle futures contracts that are denominated in different currencies or tokens. [25] Cointelegraph covers Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of money. [5] The impact of institutional money flowing into Bitcoin remains a popular narrative tied to shoring up lackluster price performance so far this year. [26] Mind you, I’m not the only one arguing that bitcoin will rise in price over the coming years. [8] I showed them how to multiply their little thousandth of a Bitcoin by the price and things like that. [5] The price of Bitcoin will double within six months and regain the astonishing heights it reached before its value plunged in the recent “cryptopocalypse?. [9] Popular Bitcoin forecaster Tom Lee expects Bitcoin to reach $25,000 by mid-2018, more than double its price of about $10,000 in January when the prediction was originally made. [9] If we go by his prediction and do some quick math on prices, Bitcoin turns out to be worth more than $100,000. [9] Speaking in January at the World Economic Forum in Davos, experienced cryptocurrency fund manager, Jeet Singh predicted that the price of Bitcoin will go as high as $50,000. [9] Digging deeper shows that bitcoin is just starting to pickup steam, and several underlying factors suggest that the cryptocurrency will only continue to gain value in the future. [8] The value proposition of Zcash is not met by the 2 leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin or Ethereum. [7] U.S. financial company Susquehanna International Group announced it will offer Bitcoin trading to 500 clients following two years of offering the cryptocurrency in “private deals,” the New York Times reports. [26] Respected cryptocurrency consultant Richelle Ross is predicting that bitcoin will hit $650 dollars this year, a reasonable prediction. [8] Apart from the economics behind the limited supply of Bitcoin, his prediction considered the factors like the increased adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain as well as a total cryptocurrency’s market cap around $162 billion which gives large room for growth. [9] Rogoff’s prediction is based on his long-held belief that governments will rise against anonymous virtual currencies like Bitcoin. [9] I’ve bought many things over the years with it, I play around with the Bitcoin software and things like that, but I try to kind of keep it as a hobby. [5] Over the past 5 years Bitcoin outperform any other investment like gold, stock market or real estate. [7] Bitcoin has proven a store of value over the past few years and it is currently trading at 410$ today. [7] That’s why it’s important to understand the underlying factors that could cause bitcoin to increase in value in the weeks, months, and years to come. [8] Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, believed that by reducing the number of new bitcoins entering the market over time, bitcoin’s value would rise over time. [8] If you look at the value of bitcoin, it has generally trended upwards over time. [8] Once upon a time, you would have been able to use your home PC to create blocks and be rewarded 50 plus bitcoins in exchange. [8] If you want to buy Bitcoin, Coinbase is the exchange I personally use. [7] Ever since the fateful first-ever recorded transaction of Bitcoin for a physical good, the use case for the currency has taken off, with customers now able to use Bitcoin for real estate deals, online shopping, airplane bookings and, of course, pizza. [5] LH : If everybody wanted to pay for pizza with Bitcoin right now – it wouldn’t work — they would try it, they’d realize that their transactions aren’t confirming, and they’d lose interest. [5] Meet Laszlo Hanyecz, the first person to conduct a Bitcoin transaction for a physical item–10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas back in 2010. [5] The transaction did not involve only one person: Jeremy Sturdivant, also known as Jercos, participated in the original Bitcoin pizza deal as the recipient of those 10,000 BTC that he turned into two pizzas. [5]

The lightning network is one solution which resolve the problem of scaling Bitcoin to process more transaction. [7] Bitcoin has the network effect and most people have heard of Bitcoin. [7] Some people are worried that bitcoin has peaked and that investing now would be like investing in fool’s gold. [8] The more that people use bitcoin as money, the more difficult it will be to use. [27] When Bitcoin was invented, it only mattered how many people recognized Bitcoin as money. [28] Because if I can buy food with it, then it’s it’s as real as any other money, right? Food is a basic necessity — if I can eat from Bitcoin, I can live off of Bitcoin. [5] You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and receive Bitcoin payment directly into your bank account. [7] Ethereum is the only crypto-currency that I believe has the capacity to overtake Bitcoin Market cap in the near future. [7] Draper gives us at least three reasons in his very brief interview why he believes that Bitcoin is the future of currency. [9] He warned of heavy price fluctuations which he believes is only normal for a Bitcoin market that is still maturing. [9] Many observers believe that outside factors which affect the adoption of bitcoin will ultimately dictate the price in the short-term. [9] I actually tend to believe that Bitcoin will give up its position to Ether eventually. [7] They actually have their own paper wallets, they own like a thousandth of a Bitcoin or something like that. [5] My kids are fairly young, I can’t really explain market forces and things like that to them yet, but they understand that more is good, and Bitcoin is good, and that I’m involved with Bitcoin somehow. [5] What about storing MAID coins on a Bitcoin wallet like Copay? Then one could use Omniwallet to withdrraw it when required. [7] It is a fact that the technology behind bitcoin is less sophisticated when compared to many other projects like ethereum. [9] Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies are famously volatile, meaning that foolproof predictions are impossible. [9] I completely agree with you about Ethereum and Bitcoin predictions. [7]

Bobby Lee, CEO of China’s first Bitcoin exchange speaking at the London Blockchain Week went overboard with his prediction. [9] Factom store information in their own blockchain and then create a hash of that data and stores it into the Bitcoin blockchain. [7]

While bitcoin will likely worth a lot more in the future, it’s advisable to invest just as much as one can afford to lose. [9] In 2013, bitcoin was receiving a lot of hype, and a lot of new people were joining the bitcoin community. [8] Just recently at my job, I kind of convinced people here to accept Bitcoin, and, being a developer, I integrated it on our website. [5] Lightning’s payment channels point to the kind of low-fee, fast-paced payments that bitcoin early on promised but failed to deliver. [25] Lightning’s payment channels were originally designed for bitcoin transactions, but it supports interoperability and has certain smart contract capability. [25] I haven’t really used Bitcoin much in face-to-face payments. [5] In some businesses that’s perfectly fine, but that’s not really the spirit of Bitcoin, you shouldn’t have to trust anybody, you should be able to say “Hey, I have this Bitcoin, and here’s the cryptographic proof.” [5] What I was trying to do was make it clear that I didn’t want somebody to send me a Papa John’s gift card, or a Domino’s credit or anything like that – I wanted food and I wanted to pay Bitcoins for food. [5] Just like Lee, Singh expects Bitcoin to be adopted not just in the black market but by institutions and entire countries. [9] Those unique ones disrupt their industry just like bitcoin did with the financial sector. [7]

If bitcoin gains just 15 percent each year between now and 2020, coins will be valued at $717 per one Bitcoin. [8] The number of bitcoins awarded for solving a block is cut roughly in half every four years. [8] In January of 2015, bitcoin was valued at $215, but by November of the same year it it had risen to over $300, a substantial increase. [8] In 2014 with bitcoin at only $413, popular VC, Tim Draper predicted bitcoin to reach $10,000 in three years. [9] For reference, he’s the guy who predicted in 2014 that Bitcoin would hit $10,000 in three years. [9] Llew Claasen who is the executive director of Bitcoin foundation recently stated that he expected Bitcoin to hit $ 40,000 by the end of this very year. [9] Though he didn?t categorically, predict a $100k Bitcoin in 2018, He said he expected the Bitcoin to continue its growth in an interview with Bloomberg last year. [9] According to him, by the end of this calendar year, Bitcoin will be trading around $ 40,000. [9] Bitcoin has been buffeted this year by a series of negative headlines centring around increased scrutiny by global regulators. [9] It will take a ride similar to the one we witnessed last year for Bitcoin to reach this mark. [9]

European Central Bank executive board member Yves Mersch used a speech in Paris to warn that Bitcoin is not a currency, but a speculative digital asset, according to a Market News International report. [9] Bitcoin was originally designed as an alternative currency to bank the unbanked. [9]

I’m not making this claim based on wishful thinking, but instead am considering the slowing supply of bitcoin in combination with the increasing legitimacy of the currency and its widening adoption by users and investors. [8]

Last month, Llew Classen made a bold statement to reassure Bitcoin believers that the cryptocurrency is on the right track -specifically, on track to reach the $40,000 mark. [9] Bitcoin mining, the process of creating new units of the cryptocurrency, is notoriously a huge energy-suck. [27] Bitcoin is the gold standard when it comes to cryptocurrency. [7]

CT: In the photo of your family eating the “Lightning Network Pizza”, your children are wearing “I <3 Bitcoin” t-shirts. [5] Cointelegraph got the chance to speak to both Laszlo and Jeremy this week about their views on Bitcoin, how they feel about the legacy of the “Bitcoin Pizza” and their favorite type of pizza. [5]

Bitcoin is different from other currencies in that it has been designed from the code up to appreciate in value, rather than depreciate. [8] History generally has a way of repeating itself but bitcoin has a lot of history which makes it an equal challenge predicting which history will be repeated. [9] Famous Venture Capitalist Tim Draper was on Bloomberg two days ago, sharing his thoughts on why Bitcoin will be worth a lot more than what it is today. [9]

I am Rajesh from India, I am 100% new,In india selected5 to 6 exchange of bitcoin & 1 exchange of ethereum. [7] My top 5 is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monroe, litecoin and Ripple. [7] Bitcoin, ethereum, zcash, zclassic are all solid holds as well, and have gained tremendously. [7]

“Bitcoin is actually fixed in supply so it’s better than scarce ? it sort of equals a better gold across the board. [9] It’s not going to be a case of “which altcoin will overtake bitcoin” rather how they will impress with their special use cases. [9] Though bitcoin may have a limited use case, it has been tipped to remain the king of all cryptocurrencies. [9] At this stage, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will be greatly affected by speculations. [9] Do not invest your life savings in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies generally. [9]

Bitcoin wont die, but other projects will assuredly continue to make steady hands and keen eyes money. [6] “Doing independent contract work brings money in a variety of forms, and I’ve been paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin, even Dogecoin. [5] Due to the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions, it has been used to conduct illegal activities giving Bitcoin a general bad image. [9] One problem with bitcoin is that it’s block size limit reached the maximum amount of transaction it can process. [7]

Bitcoin has turned out to be perhaps the hottest investment commodity of all time. [8] He said: “Bitcoin recoveries take 1.7 times the duration of the decline and this implies that 85 days are needed to recover prior highs. [9] Once upon a time you could pickup bitcoins for less than a penny. [8] Daniel Masters, a co-founder of the Global Advisor’s multimillion dollar bitcoin fund, is predicting that bitcoin could test its all time highs in 2016 ( the all-time high so far is $1,124.76 dollars), and could reach $4,400 by 2017. [8]

Right now, bitcoin isn’t being hyped, at least outside of reason. [8] The only thing stoping bitcoin right now is slow rate of adoption. [7] Maniacal right? That’s exactly how Draper feels about Bitcoin prospects. [9] I was around early, when it was just Bitcoin, and to me, the copycat coins or whatever you want to call them – you know 90% of these things are simply a copy-paste of Bitcoin, and they changed the logo, or they changed something. [5] He further added that there will be a significant amount of volatility before Bitcoin actually hits those levels. [9] It’s going to be a bumpy ride getting to wherever Bitcoin is headed by the year’s end. [9] The company already trades “millions of dollars” in Bitcoin using a team of a dozen traders, having expanded from just one trader in 2014. [26] As already mentioned, many bitcoin experts believe that bitcoin will reach far higher heights. [8] With their app you can pay to any gulden bitcoin and iban/sepa adress (no exchange). [7] Not only is the total number of bitcoins capped, but the supply of new bitcoins entering the market is slowing as bitcoin mining becomes more difficult. [8]

From futures, the company will thereafter to allowing buying and selling of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with “a few other” cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash, the Times adds. [26] Again, predicting the future is difficult, but should stock markets suffer a big hit in the near future (which is very possible), bitcoin prices could spike. [8] Finder.com sought opinions of 13 cryptocurrency experts and concluded that Bitcoin price will witness a 300% growth to land at $43,000 by the end of the year. [9] The plunge began Sunday, with several factors possibly feeding into it, including a cyber-heist that hit South Korea’s Coinrail cryptocurrency exchange–even though no bitcoins were stolen–and a U.S. regulatory probe into Bitcoin price manipulation. [29] As bitcoin price rise, all other cryptocurrency will likely rise. [7]

Bitcoin prices in 2018 have been marked by volatility which has made bitcoin price prediction in short-term a bit of a challenge, even for the experienced analysts. [9] Bitcoin Price Prediction Tracker portal, Bircoin.top, did the maths and explain that Bitcoin needs to grow daily at 0.4840957034310259% per day.to meet McAfee’s prediction. [9] He predicted that Bitcoin price will hit $1 million by 2020 following last year’s prediction of $7000 which was well surpassed. [9] Analysts, enthusiast, and industry figures have very diverging opinions and bitcoin price predictions for both long and short-term. [9] It is more common to have bitcoin price predictions for 2020 or a 10 to 20-year outlook. [9]

In the meantime, however, we?re turning our focus to the longer term to predict which way Bitcoin prices will be journeying next. [9]

I really think they can revolutionize the internet so their price should reflect that in the long term. 600$ in a few years. [7] We think regardless of the price moves in the last few weeks, it’s still a very underappreciated asset.” [9]

I think it can reach 1200$ before the end of the year if they don’t get overtaken by Ethereum. [7] I didn’t think it would get as popular as it has, but it’s gotten to be a really catchy story for people. [5] This is the reason why investors are again turning bullish on cryptocurrencies and think that, they will increase in value further. [9] Zcash raised a lot of money and they have a talented developer team who I think can help bring Zcash to a mass adoption. [7] I currently think that most other cryptocurrency are overvalued. [7] If it became very popular and worked exactly as described with no compromises made to the functionality it promises, then I think in the long term MAID/SAFEcoin could even dwarf that prediction crazy as that may sound to the uninitiated. [7] I think that cloud mining contract is not a valuable thing to do. [7] “We believe that this technology and this asset class is going to change some facet of financial services, and we think it is going to exist forever,” head of Susquehanna’s digital asset group Bart Smith revealed. [26] We think that it will start to support the real world economy, and to build more than this financial market on the Internet. [28] Do you think that MaidSafe has the potential to reach $600 per coin? It is currently hovering at 30-40 cents USD. [7] You will need to find a wallet for each coins you want to hold long term. i think the next one could be zcash. [7]

Bitcoin’s price fell from more than $7,600 on Sunday to little over $6,100 on Wednesday, marking a four-month low for a virtual currency that has already fallen precipitously from its almost-$20,000 high last December. [29] Susquehanna’s announcement follows plans from Wall Street heavyweight Goldman Sachs, along with New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange, which have both signalled their intention to offer Bitcoin futures. [26]

Just as with oil, if you are an institution, you can buy Bitcoin synthetically in the form of futures, and be exposed to its price movements, and let someone else—the person on the other side of the futures trade—worry about how to store the Bitcoins. [14] There are basically two reasons why an individual would want to buy bitcoin: to use it as a form of payment, or as an investment to store value. [12] Of course, most who say that bitcoin’s price is driven by speculation really mean that it is a bubble; that the price of bitcoin is greater than its fundamental value. [11] If they don’t trust each other, they have the blockchain or Bitcoin (essentially) network, so they can still interact or trade value without trusting each other. [12] A network of tech-savvy users called miners keep the system honest by pouring their computing power into a blockchain, a global running tally of every bitcoin transaction. [12] That said, JPMorgan is starting to use the underlying technology behind bitcoin, known as blockchain, as a potential way for banks to more accurately track trading and assets. [12] Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not tied to a bank or government and allows users to spend money anonymously. [12] Obviously with government regulations and banks not banking people in the cannabis industry, if people create tokens for that, that then can be traded to Bitcoin or other coins too, in order to cash out. [12] Would you say this is geared more towards people who are already in the space and are looking for more avenues to function, or would you say the average layman could walk in and say, “I’m looking to get into Bitcoin or a different cryptocurrency, what do you got?” I’d say it’s more so for people who are trying to get more in the industry or the business or technology; less about trying to find out about what the next coin is. [12]

What’s my preferred explanation? It’s simple: some people believe bitcoin serves a useful purpose — or, has the potential to serve a useful purpose in the future. [11] Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by a person or group of people operating under the name Satoshi Nakamoto (above). [12] The far right column which indicates that NiceHash only has 2% of the hardware required to attempt an attack on the Bitcoin network shows that the service could successfully be used to attack smaller networks like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, MonaCoin, Bytecoin, and many others. [30] The bitcoin network works by harnessing individuals’ greed for the collective good. [12] As a medium of exchange, bitcoin is subject to network effects. [11] @landonmutch — traveling, trailer-dwelling, software developer, writer, geologist, autodidact, traditional hacker, subversive, Bitcoin maximalist, contributor to Lightning Network protocol. [31] The hardware required to attack the Bitcoin network would cost over $1 billion, and hourly electricity costs over $500,000. [30]

Youmust report your total W-2 wages in dollars, even if earned as a cryptocurrency. (Your employer is required to report the value of the Bitcoin in your W-2 wages.) [32] How can they be so sure? If pressed, they usually say that bitcoin must be overvalued because there is no way its value could have risen so quickly. [11]

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