Create New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day

Create New Coaching Clients In 15 Minutes A Day
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  • Part of this 3-week journey (where we connect live in a private Facebook group for 15 minutes a day) is learning the art of focused energy so you can play full-out every day.(More…)
  • With over 15 years of coaching experience, Clark’s clients range from managers and CEOs to students of CTI’s Certification program.(More…)
  • I now have 21,000 on my page (with single posts that reach over 5000 people!)(More…)
  • Yoga Health Coaching is a 15 month training to take your career to the next level.You?ll learn how to be an outstanding Yoga Health Coach, and accelerate the wellness path of your clients.(More…)
  • Creating the Self-discipline to set aside 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a day in which you focus your attention on calling forth your Divine nature is the greatest investment you can make.(More…)


  • In addition to your weekly coach training session, you have access to more than 15 coaching calls per month, designed to serve your needs as coach, leader, entrepreneur and woman on a mission.(More…)
  • The change you’re after happens with interaction and connection…. with Coach Greg!(More…)
  • Through his work, Ed feels privileged to have the opportunity to help increase success for his clients and fellow entrepreneurs through his coaching and mentoring systems.(More…)
  • Record reps for second 6 minute AMRAP and record first 6 minute AMRAP in training notes.(More…)
  • You must trust your purpose and function, which of course is to FLOURISH and CREATE BEAUTY in your own unique way.(More…)



Part of this 3-week journey (where we connect live in a private Facebook group for 15 minutes a day) is learning the art of focused energy so you can play full-out every day. [1] That’s a great return on an investment of just 15 minutes a day. [2]

Journaling for 15 minutes at the end of the day has always been a useful tool for keeping track of your activities and thoughts. [2] Whichever method you choose, this 15 minutes is likely to become the most important part of your day. [2] With just 15 minutes of reflection a day, you can boost your career, your productivity and your effectiveness. [2] Even 15 minutes of moving my body can make all the difference to the rest of my day. [3]

With over 15 years of coaching experience, Clark’s clients range from managers and CEOs to students of CTI’s Certification program. [4] You can expect awesome results! Coaching clients have gone on to change careers, manifest romantic relationships, healing food and body image issues, clear financial fears and create mind-blowing abundance. [5] Fernando Lopez is president of an executive coaching firm that specializes in helping clients create the space for powerful collaboration. [4]

His coaching clients are primarily fathers who recognize that being a winning executive, a solid leader and a great dad needn’t be mutually exclusive. [4]

Prior to founding her coaching practice in 2000, Jeaneen spent 15 years as a leader and executive in the corporate world productively building businesses and motivating employees to create success for themselves and their organizations. [4]

I now have 21,000 on my page (with single posts that reach over 5000 people!) and am selling online classes, getting paid coaching clients through social media and finding new, more effective ways to help people fulfill their calling and make a difference in the world. [6] “I had coaching clients before I even launched my business, and a month after our graduation I’d matched my senior lawyer’s take home salary. [7] Juggling between emails, texts, social media messages, coaching clients, and content creation leaves me scattered and the opposite of present. [8]

As a rule, the first contact between client and coach takes place over the telephone and lasts about 15 minutes. [9] Here is to your success in business and life Karen Briscoe, author “Real Estate Success In 5 Minutes a Day” “Commit to Get Leads 66 Day Challenge” and Podcast host, “5 Minute Success”. [10] Question No 4: In terms of being the author of “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a day” share the gaps and the chasms prevalent across the real estate business niche. [10] Hal Elrod, Miracle Morning, has endorsed the book “Real Estate Success in Five minutes a day” as part of the Miracle Morning program which is if you start your day right then the rest of the day tends to follow suit. [10] Karen: Yes, I thank everybody who has been a part of The Real Estate success in 5 minutes a day’s success and also Commit to Get Leads: 66 Day Challenge as well. [10] So, I was like “Well, do have 5 minutes a day?” and everybody pretty much said that they did have 5 minutes a day. [10] We?re all allotted 525,600 minutes a year and an equally finite number of hours each day. [11] S stands for Silence/meditation, A: Affirmations, V: Visualization, E: Exercise, R: Reading and that’s where the “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day” comes into place and S for subscribing or journaling. [10] One of the components of “Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day” is the success thinking activities and vision and it encompasses everything that we do. [10]

Reading, even if it’s only 15 minutes, takes you away from it all and gives you a chance to get out of work and mom mode. [12] I could make progress on a creative project if I worked on it for 15 minutes here or there. [12] I could benefit greatly from spending 10 or 15 minutes journaling. [12]

Yoga Health Coaching is a 15 month training to take your career to the next level.You?ll learn how to be an outstanding Yoga Health Coach, and accelerate the wellness path of your clients. [13] The ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer course discusses nutritional coaching which is about personal trainers listening to their clients to find out the needs and goals; learning the client’s current lifestyle; discovering what’s important to them; and working alongside each client to create an approach that’s unique — a plan that fits into their lifestyle and helps them achieve their results. [14]

Creating the Self-discipline to set aside 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a day in which you focus your attention on calling forth your Divine nature is the greatest investment you can make. [15] People are happy to give advice and won’t balk at giving you 15 minutes of their time. [16] Set the timer on your cell phone to ring 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. [17] There’s something you have been avoiding? Then set a timer and work on it for just 10 or 15 minutes. [17]

That’s a BIG vision! And it only took me 15 minutes to get from start to finish. [18] In walking through these four steps over 15 minutes I think you?ll be surprised to discover just how far your Vision can reach. [18]

I encourage you to choose ONE thing you will do to upgrade your Body environment and commit to spending 15 minutes to take immediate action. [19]


In addition to your weekly coach training session, you have access to more than 15 coaching calls per month, designed to serve your needs as coach, leader, entrepreneur and woman on a mission. [20] Many coaches out there begin a business with a general understanding of coaching in theory, but none of the experience necessary to truly show your client that this isn’t your first rodeo. [21] There are four self-paced training modules, plus a library of master class coaching demos, done-for-you templates and advanced training bonuses so you can feel confident working with paying clients and getting outstanding results. [21] Clients who are committed to their own success and to the process of coaching. [22] She mixes her education and business background with coaching skills to help her clients move powerfully past the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that keep their businesses and lives from reaching full potential. [20]

Here’s a sneak peak into day 1 of The Art of Creating Your Life where I’m holding the doors open for just 24 hours longer to grab a seat in this live group coaching program exploring your relationship with YOU, your body, your money, and your relationships with others. [1] What did we find? More than half of business coaches, life coaches, health coaches and success coaches never fully launch their coaching businesses because the entrepreneurial piece remains so underaddressed. [20] The question, “Does life coaching really work?” comes from a frame that a life coach will tell you what to do and voila! You’re well set on your path to everlasting happiness, fulfilment and success. [22] Upon completion of the program, you will receive an Inner Glow Circle Professional Coaching Certification, as well as a total of 62 ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) should you wish to also pursue ICF ACC Credentials. [20] Created by a professional coach, entrepreneur and educator, IGC’s Coach Training addresses both the dance of coaching and the art of business. [20]

Our six month personal and professional development program provides a high-level training experience for coaches and leaders who wish to enhance their coaching practice, leadership skills and business development. [20]

I bring 18+ years of business and marketing expertise, backed with a solid knowledge of health sciences and brain-based transformative mindset coaching. [23] Health coaches trained by the Health Coach Institute achieve “habit change” via coaching and do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. [21] You will have several coaching calls with a HCI Success Coach during your training. [21] A highly important and valuable core competency that includes how to listen actively, clarify, reflect and coach based on both what’s said and what’s not said during the coaching call. [20] Deepen into what’s behind a “no” on a coaching call or a sales call and understand how to coach through your client’s? objections. [20] A little while ago, I came across this fantastic resource by The Coaching Institute ; they recently released this infographic and a 2,000+ words report in their beginner’s guide to getting started as a life coach. [22]

Rapid Transformation is a business coaching service that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs get unstuck and rapidly grow their business. [3] The second half of the call, we will dedicate to business coaching on integrating essential oils into your business. [23]

You?ve completed another coaching program like Institute of Integrative Nutrition, IPEC, Accomplishment Coaching or Holistic MBA and want to close the gaps in your training. [20] An in depth look at the ICF’s Code of Ethics and Core Competencies as they relate to the content of the training program and the art of coaching. [20]

How to develop and maintain a coaching plan based on your client’s goals and desires as well as create opportunities for ongoing learning during coaching and in work/life situations. [20] Glow Coach Training, not only develops an inner sense of confidence, it also gives me practical skills to create my own successful coaching business. [20] IGC Coach Training teaches you how to access your highest level of being so you can create your coaching practice and uplevel as a leader. [20]

There is also a separate forum for students of our coach training where you can connect and create just around your new coach training insights. [20]

How to create clients, make money, set up simple systems, and all the groundwork for earning over 6 figures while working about 25 hours a week. [23] She guides clients to step into their zone of genius and create businesses that thrive and ultimately, change our world for the better. [20] Effectively communicate with your client by using language that has the greatest positive impact, while also weaving in varying gradients to create lasting change. [20]

You wake up every morning, do a 3-second commute to your home office and start your day with a cuppa, glancing through a list of clients booked in throughout the day, feeling deeply fulfilled with what you get to call “work”. [22] I have come to call this your Golden Hour Primer. (More on this if you’re new to me!) You’ll need about 15 min, most every day, to tidy up your mind and organize your thoughts before you start your work day. [23]

I’ve been quietly using them this past year in specific routines of my work day, and with my family life, and it’s become such a source of rejuvenation. [23] We know how important it is to keep up with every day life while participating in any training. [21]

The daily habit is as simple as they come–making time every day for reflection will help boost your leadership. [2] Usually, it’s an early start as I’m onstage in front of 50-400 people for 2-4 days at a time. [3] Yes! If you’re serious about doing this, but want to go slow, then join as a Wholesale Customer and reach out to me when you’re ready to start integrating into your business as an income stream, ideally within 90 days of exploring and experimenting. [23]

This is your 24/7 tribe no matter where you live or what time of day it is. [21]

IGC Training is one of the best investments I have made! Coming from a celebrity styling background, I knew from my time involved in the personal development space I had the opportunity to go deeper with my clients. [20] A series of powerful questions you can use with yourself or your clients to help to distinguish your unique being and motivation for your personal development and your brand creation. [20] It’s now up to the client to tap into these resources, and the coach helps them navigate that by playing the role of a mentor, listener, challenger, brainstormer — whoever the client needs them to be in the moment. [22] In order to grow into the coach and leader you are meant to be, you must learn how to show up powerfully for your clients, your career and your life, regardless of circumstances. [20] A life coach really has one job: To close the gap between where the client is right now and where they want to be. [22] How to be fully present as coach and when to set boundaries when clients experience grief, loss and/or trauma. [20] This will help you attract clients quickly, get organized and easily facilitate a smooth, professional experience that turns your clients into raving fans. [21] The coaches I speak of have created a thriving business by staying committed to their passion and by showing up to serve their clients everyday. [22] They work based on a deeper assumption that the client already has everything they need in that moment. [22] Kelly guides her students and clients to connect with their own intuition on a deep level and get in touch with their soul in order to do the work that they are truly meant to do in this world. [20] You’ll also get a chance to BE coached by your partner so you’ll undergo exactly what your clients will experience while satisfying your own inner self-help junkie. [21] “I had been working with clients in the nutrition counseling field for over 4 years, but something was missing. [20] The weekly skills lab is the place to apply what you?re learning in a safe (and private) environment so you hone your coaching skills and feel complete confidence when working with paying clients. [21] Designed to help your clients build their intuition about nutrition, get quick results and reset their bodies for optimal health. [21]

Knowing that in 10 or 15 years they won’t even want to talk to me, and I’ll have all the time in the world to grow the business!! Also, having a brilliant team who are empowered to make decisions and are on board with me being a good Mum, and support our family life, really helps. [3] I’ll be sharing my thinking with my doTERRA team so you too can think ahead for your retirement, making money outside of your coaching services, by multiplying your efforts with your own team. [23] After decades of coaching powerful executives around the world, Lolly Daskal has observed that leaders rise to their positions relying on a specific set of values and traits. [2] Coaching is about helping people discover their blind spots, especially (but not limited to) when they are stuck at a fork in the road by empowering them to think differently than they have all their lives. [22] The Mastermind provides a safe space and live forum for you to practice our core coaching concepts. [20]

Therefore, we teach you all of the foundational coaching skills and you work with your trainer to specifically decide how to use these skills in the business you desire. [20]

I think this gives me plenty of time to create a new essential oil income stream within my business. [23] I’d really love to acknowledge your bravery in going wherever you know is going to create more for you and the people on your calls. [1] Soon enough, you create your own online course helping people apply actionable advice while you make passive income from this. [22]

The first half we’ll leverage each other’s specialties and together we’ll create a playbook of what helps us, and our families, feel our best, think our best and do our best. [23]

Which is why each of our training videos is broken down into short, absorbable 15-20 minute lessons so you can assimilate, implement, and take action in the most pleasurable way possible. [21] On top of Liv’s extensive background in coaching and training, she maintains a thriving private coaching practice, coaching entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their lives and the lives of others by creating and purposeful businesses. [20]

Now, after more than 15 years of coaching professional athletes, recovering addicts, international business leaders and inner city homeless, Ron works 1-on-1 with individuals committed to living the uncompromised version of their lives. [4] Dorcas has a driving passion to transform the world of coaching, one coach at a time, by helping each one discover their power and confidence as a leader in their coaching work, business and life. [4] She uses the Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership models as a foundation for her work as an executive coach, the design and facilitation of teen leadership programs and as a coach in the health and wellness field. [4]

Without any prior nutrition education or coaching experience, I started taking on paying clients only 3 months into the ITN program! Within another 6 months, I quit my corporate career and earned five figures in my very first month as an entrepreneur! This program taught me how to get results with clients, connected me with inspiring and supportive peers, and gave me all the skills it took Cynthia years to discover on her own. [24] Jessie has worked in the consulting and training industries for over 20 years and conducted successful training and coaching at multinational clients across all industries in China. [4] After being engaged in the mastermind program, coaches report that their coaching becomes more alive, bold, and creative, and offers greater insight, intimacy and wisdom to their clients. [25] Coaching involves “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. [26] She loves coaching her clients to come out from the places where they have been hiding and claim their place in the world. [4]

Over the last 25 years, Kelly has helped her clients increase revenues from thousands of dollars into the millions, creating profitable high end, high value programs and online trainings, hosting live events, refining message to market, land speaking engagements, automate their business and scale while repositioning as a brand leader in their marketplace. [27] Clients are visionary CEOs, executives, and business owners who grow with good leadership – the art and science of working together to create great results. [28] She currently focuses on individuals and leaders born between 1954 and 1965, also known as “Generation Jones,” and she finds that her clients want to create meaningful work and make powerful transitions from traditional employment to entrepreneurial livelihoods that are viable for the future. [4] She helps clients to manage change, enhance performance, discover solutions, and create their own sustainability. [4] Explore the 6 basic elements of spiritual rituals and how you can coach your clients to create their own with zero guesswork. [24]

This unique relationship between coach and coachee becomes one of approaching the client as someone to work with in tapping into the client’s own sense of unfolding growth and potential. [26] Hope is a seasoned trainer, manager and master coach who lives in upstate New York, and works with clients all over the world. [4] Doug is passionate about finding how to make things work, especially the lives of his executive clients and the teams that he coaches. [4] He worked for 15 years as a Manager and Executive in the transportation and logistics industry in various European countries and Canada and brings a wealth of intercultural experience to clients. [4] Özlem has been working as a strategic planner and client relationship expert in advertising and marketing communications for over 15 years. [4]

She has been developing and leading workshops in personal development, wellness, leadership and coaching for the past 15 years. [4] In addition to training and supervising coaches all other the world in Co-Active coaching, Nina is the founder and owner of her own coaching and training firm, where she designs and leads a variety of leadership and team development programs with outcomes that range from developing emerging leaders to building trust within a cross-functional team. [4] Chuck is the creator of a training program for leaders that uses storytelling as a platform for personal, professional and organizational transformation and co-founder of a consulting firm that provides coaching and training in persuasive communication, leadership and conflict management. [4] This professional experience combined with her life experience as a mother of three, who has lived abroad for many years with the family, come together in her coaching and leadership training for corporations and individuals. [4] She has more than 20 years of global working experience in the fields of law, IT, business, coaching and training. [4] Susan Valdiserri is a dynamic business professional with extensive years of executive coaching, leadership development and learning design, combined with engineering, sales and consulting experience. [4] Leslie has provided over 5000 hours of professional coaching to small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and coaches for over 14 years. [4] As a professional coach, trainer, and accomplished leader, Randy combines over 20 years of leadership expertise with more than 10 years of Co-Active coaching. [4] She is a full-time coach and leader, and in her private practice focuses on organizational coaching, women in leadership positions, and personal and system development. [4] She brings this to her work as a coach, course leader, leader of Leadership Program, and curriculum designer for CTI. She has a passion for work that serves the disenfranchised such as bringing coaching to prisons and leadership development to non-profit leaders. [4] Still yearning for something more, he discovered coaching, became certified, attended CTI’s life-changing Co-Active Leadership Program and embarked on a career as a Co-Active coach. [4]

With 10 years of experience offering executive coaching and corporate leadership programs in Norway and internationally, Anne has broad and profound experience in the field. [4] Christie coaches high-performing, senior and executive leaders, designs and delivers coaching and leadership programs inside Fortune 500 companies. [4] She provides executive coaching to high potential educational leaders as part of the Doctor of Educational Leadership program. [25] In addition to serving on CTI’s faculty as an examiner and supervisor, Eileen provides coaching and consulting internationally, most recently with PEPFAR-funded agencies in Mozambique combating HIV/AIDS. She is the co-designer of, and lead trainer for, a public health leadership institute’s peer coaching program for emerging public health leaders. [4]

This 16-day training has been designed specifically for people who not only wish to gain advanced knowledge in NLP, but also wish to learn to apply these skills in personal coaching for therapy, business, work-life, health, and fitness. [29] Eva brings to her coaching a rich variety of personal and international business life experiences. [4] Emma blends her past experiences as an educator, British Embassy commercial officer, senior manager, and corporate ambassador with powerful coaching to create transformation within people at all levels of life experience. [4] Connie blends her past managerial experiences in Sales Marketing, Group Communications, Human Resources and General Management with powerful coaching to create transformation within leaders and executives. [4] Joni excels in coaching both executives and emerging high performers to be intentional decision makers, create a Co-Active culture, generate more impactful results and leave a meaningful legacy. [4]

He designs and delivers corporate leadership development and training programs, conducts team development off-sites, and provides executive coaching. [4] Troy is the creator of an advanced training program that blends coaching, leadership, and relationship systems through a wide array of innovative applications that greatly enhance individual and team coaching, therapy, facilitation, mediation, and conflict resolution. [4] In 2002 he founded a coaching and leadership training company that works with teams, individuals, and organizations. [4] Ronnie delivers leadership training and personal development coaching for IBM UK, working at all levels within the organization to maximize the human potential that is available. [4] In addition to his management, mentoring and interpersonal skills, he is committed to comprehensive training programs in leadership, protocol and coaching. [4] In addition to offering programs designed for pioneering breakthrough women leaders, as well as customized individual retreats, Cat offers coaching programs that include ceremony and ritual, physical wellbeing and healing and strategic business savvy. [4] He facilitates programs in coaching and communication skills, as well as provides one-on-one coaching to mid-level leaders and corporate executives. [4] Marie-Caroline specializes in coaching and training leaders, executives, and teams across a range of industries both multinational and international. [4] She coaches leaders/managers to grow into fully aware, grounded and engaged leaders, guides teams to work towards common results, and facilitates workshops for leaders/managers in how to use coaching as a management style. [4] Before coaching, Anne-Marie’s 15 year career in communications consultancy included team and project management. [4]

In 2010, after more than 10 years of coaching and teaching around the world and studying countless personal growth philosophies, Ron decided it was time to stop talking and start writing a book that captured his philosophy for living an extraordinary life. [4] Coaching has been part of all Angelique’s professional life: first as a medical doctor and an acupuncturist and now in her own coaching and training company. [4] After working at IBM for 10 years, she listened to her heart’s calling and founded her own training and coaching company in 1995. [4] She now provides training and business coaching to coaches and entrepreneurs who are meant to make a difference in the world. [4] He teaches coaching, communication, and leadership skills at several business schools and universities, and is a certified facilitator in many psychometric tools such as MBTI, Firo B, and Insights Discovery. [4] She is certified in several business and relationship coaching programs, and also offers business consulting. [4] His background serves him well in his practice, which includes coaching entrepreneurs, bankers, business owners, and senior managers. [4] Ken focuses on three areas: relationship coaching – helping people find and enhance healthy relationships; business building – using social media to simplify marketing and leverage results; and somatic learning – accessing the wisdom of the body. [4] Considered a passionate pioneer in the coaching industry, Cynthia is a playful and inspiring coach who works with all kinds of people to move them past limitations, and into action and fulfillment. [4] Fully understand what the Transformational Nutrition Coaching Method is and how you can use it to coach anyone, anywhere, with any condition – no guesswork required! Plus, discover how it can help you stand apart from other coaches. [24] You?ll get business and mindset coaching you won?t find anywhere else given by someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to help you reach your full potential – our founder, Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia. [24] Pamela’s coaching style combines her immense entrepreneurial and business experience with her intense compassion and powerful intuition. [4] She has extensive experience in life, executive and team coaching. [4] Sam provides customized, experiential-based leadership development programs and coaching to executives, managers, teams and individuals around the world. [4] He specializes in executive, team, entrepreneurial, and relationship coaching, as well as leadership development. [4]

Her background includes over 25 years of corporate leadership in international organizations, and coaching teams and individuals. [4] Inge brings close to 20 years of international corporate experience to coaching and training engagements and is currently running three companies. [4] Each week of the program covers one training video, and our live sessions complement each video with discussion, Q&A, application and coaching. [25] Working in three different languages and using those skills to translate CTI’s course material into Dutch, his mother tongue, Alex was instrumental in introducing CTI’s first Dutch Intermediate coaching program. [4] She was one of the first course leaders for CTI and delights in traveling the world to train others in the skills of Co-Active Coaching. [4] She has trained alongside leaders in the field of adult development, metatheory, and transformative learning, and she is versed in many of today’s most innovative tools for transformation and collaboration, including: Immunity to Change, Sociocracy, Holacracy, The Natural Change Process, Evolving Worldviews, Way of Council, Permaculture Design, Integral Theory, and Presence Based Coaching. [25] Juhree calls on her work in strategic planning, policy development, systems work and coaching to support individual and organizational change and find new ways to manage conflict, while increasing productivity. [4] She comes to coaching after careers in non-profit management, employment law, and higher education administration, always favoring work with individuals finding their way. [4] Deeply rooted in her Chinese heritage and the desire for connectedness, Jing is passionate about integrating the theory and practice of coaching and team/system work to address organization and leadership development challenges. [4] After being introduced to CTI and Co-Active principles, she has transformed her work, marriage and family, and is driven to inspire others to do the same through her boutique Coaching and Leadership Development company – Whole-Life Leadership. [4] Previous to coaching, her most compelling work was as a performance artist and mixed-media artist; in Mentoring, Intuition, and Leadership Development at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; and as a parent to two daughters. [4]

Susan partners with coaching and consulting firms to roll out leadership development and coaching programs for high potential professionals; leveraging certifications in Co-Active Coaching, Co-Active Facilitation and the Leadership Circle 360 Assessment. [4] We are also an approved and/or accredited program by and with several organizations including the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and many others. [24]

The overarching premise of professional coaching, in fact, is that people have more control over their life circumstances and satisfaction than they typically realize. [26] Jeaneen thrives on coaching female executives and professionals who are committed to realizing and achieving their deepest potential in their professional and personal lives. [4] Alberto is the co-founder of a multicultural executive coaching and leadership training company. [4] In her training work within corporate and business environments, Camilla engages executives, front-line managers and team leaders hungry to embrace Co-Active coaching skills and enhance their personal communication effectiveness. [4] He works as an executive coach in a business school and is one of the founders of an organization that teaches coaching skills and provides tools for parents, families and schools. [4] Eric is an internationally recognized executive coach, trainer, keynote speaker and pioneer in the coaching profession. [4] With an extensive background in human resources, Sookgi primarily works with high-level executives for one-on-one coaching and managerial level employees for group coaching. [4] Dori specializes in Executive Coaching, working closely in one-on-one settings with executives in order to hone their skills. [4] A Palestinian-Canadian living in Dubai, she grew up in Germany, Palestine, Egypt, Canada, and gained her professional experience in Kuwait and UAE. Salma’s coaching also draws on her experience working for one of the leading banks in the Gulf region, the world’s largest building materials supplier and cement producer, and being a partner at one of the top immigration consultancy companies in the Middle East. [4] Alex considers himself an awareness builder and a transformation evoker, working with professional service providers and higher management with an additional passion for coaching CTI Certification students. [4] Eva is particularly skillful in creating learning, and then supporting actions using her real, authentic coaching style – where she evokes her clients’ inherent leadership qualities, while operating within codes of strong professional ethics, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. [4] Prior to coming to the world of coaching and leading for the Co-Active Leadership Program, Jeff worked in the field of language teaching and Chinese/English interpreting. [4] She developed a self-coaching awareness program she calls Living Masters, combining her wisdom in expanding consciousness with her love of coaching. [4] After returning to live in the Middle East in 2008, she fell in love with Co-Active coaching and leadership. [4] To be trained by such a capacity as Rob McNamara that embodies this cutting-edge transformational take on coaching–I Love it! It was such a joy to experience how we got more and more space in our reflections and coaching moves, loosening up the knots to make us even more flexible in relation to the humanity that we serve as coaches. [25] Global NLP Training is the principal training institute of ” Shading the Limelight ” (a celebrity coaching agency), several TED and motivational speakers, the therapists of the U.S. armed forces (for PTSD), the International Criminal Court, and some of the top coaches around the world. [29] The Developmental Coaching Mastermind is a 10-week online training for practicing coaches. [25] Rob’s expertise focuses on the application of developmental theory to the field of coaching, and includes the intersection of integral practice, adult development, human performance and integral strength training. [25] This includes time to review the training content and relevant bonus materials, study what you?ve learned, and complete the lesson’s test or coaching assignment at the end. [24] There are many health coaching schools that are operating illegally and if you graduate from these schools and they are shut down, you will have wasted your precious time and money. [24] Discover the Gut-Brain-Axis and the critical role this “secret weapon” plays in health coaching as well as overall transformation (and how you can master this in just minutes!). [24] The most comprehensive health coaching certification program available. [24] Each month, we award 10 full scholarships to our Certified Transformational Nutrition Coaching program to veterans so they can discover how to heal their bodies and hearts and help others do the same. [24] Due to the intimate nature of this coaching, you need to apply and be accepted by Aimee to join this program. [30] Fr.McCallum serves as a facilitator for non-profit and educational strategic planning, provides developmentally informed coaching, and delivers leadership development programs and spiritual retreats internationally. [25] Pam provides coaching and consulting in the following areas: visioning, executive level leadership development, on-boarding, 360 administration/action planning, transition and change, and organizational development. [4] As one of the most results-proven executive coaches in Korea, her mission is to bring Co-Active coaching into the corporate world. [4] Erin is inspired by the opportunity to grow people – whether it’s through executive coaching, facilitation or having meaningful conversations. [4]

She crossed over to leadership coaching, understanding its deep transformation on leaders who impact communities, organizations and nations. [4] Being able to recognize and support the emergence of new developmental capacities is a bright line in coaching — and an increasingly critical skill for today’s leadership challenges. [25]

Prior to coaching, María spent over fifteen years in industry as a senior human resources manager, where she specialized in talent management and development. [4] Health coaching has risen 38 percent in the last few years and is continuing to grow. [24] Before following her intuition and committing to the profession of coaching and leadership development, she worked for more than 16 years on strategic consultancy projects in multinationals and public institutions all over the world. [4] Ursula is an expert in leadership development, team development, and coaching. [4] A proud member of CTIs Faculty and Organizational Coaching Teams, delivering courses and coaching leaders in over 22 countries. [4]

When not coaching or training, she loves rollerblading, hot yoga and cruising in a vintage speedboat with her husband and their beagles. [4] He loves the interplay between the art and science of coaching, and leads CTI’s core coaching curriculum, as well as advanced courses which make connections between neuroscience and the practice of coaching. [4] In her coaching and consulting practice, she is committed to supporting new coaches in developing visionary businesses through spiritual entrepreneurship. [4]

Prior to his coaching career Chuck worked in such diverse fields as information technology, public relations, public health, technical writing, journalism, event planning and child development. [4] Coaching enhances self-awareness, drawing on individual strengths, questioning self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, examining new perspectives, and aligning personal values with professional duties. [26] Salma focuses on providing professional career and leadership development coaching. [4]

Coaching that changes lives is coaching that moves us, steadily, from where we are today, to who and what we must become. [25] In his coaching practice, he supports his clients to purposefully lead societal changes with integrity and audacity. [4] We?ve done the work for you so you can stop worrying about how to build and run your business and start focusing on your clients and doing the work that matters to you. [24] She coaches and trains in English, Spanish and Hebrew, all of which she speaks fluently, and her clients include executives from different companies ranging from family business to corporations. [4] As a coach, his client roster attracts industry leaders and professionals on the cutting edge, including performers, artists, and executives. [4] A coach helps their clients to clarify values and align them with professional and personal goals, an objective of known importance in decreasing burnout. [26] As an internationally experienced coach and consultant, Pam provides the tools and spark to help her clients articulate their vision, and improve their performance as well as their quality of life. [4] Discover the Transformational Trauma Technique and how you can coach your clients through the pain so they can find their power, get healthy, and experience happiness in all areas of their life. [24] As a leadership development trainer and coach in the corporate world, she designs customized and experiential programs, inviting clients to walk the land of courage, growth, and accountability. [4] As a coach, Randy leverages his passion and aptitude to be a catalyst for creative and positive growth, development, and evolution in service to his clients. [4] Uncover the secret to overcoming “Imposter Syndrome” for good so you can coach clients with confidence and never have to feel like you?re not good enough or you don?t know enough. [24]

Knowing that shifting into and sustaining a new way of being is not always easy to do on one’s own, David coaches clients to bring consciousness and intentionality to their relationships and work in the world. [4] We work passionately with various non-profits and teach coaches to gain clients through doing the same. [29] Through his private practice in Boulder, CO, he works with a broad range of clients including executives, professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions. [25] Her keen insight, wit, and compassionate heart combine to help clients and students live and work with integrity, joy, and purpose. [4] She works with clients who want to make a life rather than just a living. [4] Her clients credit her with helping them get unstuck, become more deeply connected to themselves, and find a flow of action to achieve both their personal goals and those of the organizations they work within. [4] As an American and French dual national, MJ is passionate about helping people acclimate to new country and business cultures and her global clients hail from over 100 countries. [4] John brings a broad academic background and 17 years management experience to working with clients. [4] Cécile brings to her clients a broad experience of multicultural and multi-functional backgrounds and a deep understanding of the dynamics of corporate life. [4] He implemented strategies landing 2 corporate clients, without experience, and extreme success. [27] Focusing on leveraging capabilities, leadership presence, and relationship management, her executive clients become more influential and inspiring leaders fueled by their passion and purpose. [4] She also coaches corporate clients around the world in their purpose and leadership to develop, focus and sustain their ultimate quest. [4] Discover the 2 most important questions to ask your clients (that most health coaches ignore). [24] Rather than as sign uninspiring to-do lists, coaches build motivation by eliciting solutions from clients, thus increasing personal investment, and making next steps obvious, possible, and even invigorating. [26] In her spare time she practices yoga and continues to expand her language skills by learning spoken Arabic to better connect with her Arab clients and neighbors. [4] Understand consciousness and the science behind it as well as the four hidden barriers and upper limits that keep your clients unhealthy and “stuck” in their own lives (and how they can break through them for good!). [24] Explore the 5 basic spiritual needs and how you can help your clients meet them. [24] Clients compare working with her to swinging from the monkey bars: just the right degree of challenge, new ways of looking at your situation, and a rubber mat of compassion creating safety beneath. [4]

As an executive coach and leadership trainer, Alex is passionate about his clients’ development and loves to combine curiosity, humor, playfulness, and rigor to empower meaningful lives for them. [4]

LAUREN TENNEY is the Director of Program Development at Ten Directions, where she is privileged to partner with faculty, trainers and thought leaders to create new programs in leadership development, coach training, and integral facilitation. [25] As an innovative coach and clinician and former non-profit leader, Shannon brings full-range authenticity to the circles of belonging she creates as a leader of transformational personal and professional growth seminars. [4] As a facilitator and team coach for Microsoft’s Foundations of Management residential, Nina helped managers of managers develop new leadership capability to create sustainable and systemic change in their teams. [4] Elizabeth’s specialty is working with individuals and teams to develop effective communication and leadership skills to consciously create their desired results using practical tools for a fast-paced and rapidly evolving world. [4] Sue designs and delivers leadership and team programs to transform awareness and behavior, create greater fulfillment, and improve performance. [4] Her mission is Fulfillment at Work and she promotes this by partnering with multinational corporations, and organizations to create aligned teams and inspiring leaders. [4] As a team leader at an organization whose aim is to create the framework where young, creative minds become leaders, David enjoys the opportunity to support young people stepping into their dreams. [4]

She combines the power of fun, faith and ease to create and re-establish focus and balance in people’s personal and business lives. [4] Davina’s believes that the world we create and the lives we lead are a personal expression of who we are fundamentally. [4]

Her work shows people how to unleash their powerful potential and create opportunities for growth. [4] She also creates retreats and teleclasses open to people who want to reconnect to themselves and the natural world in these chaotic times. [4]

The things you will learn in 6 months will help you create unlimited success. [5] Mary Beth is a dynamic teacher who inspires deep transformation with a playful, practical approach that creates both personal and professional alignment. [4] How do I stop making the same mistakes and repeating my old patterns? I?m ready to create long-term change. [5] Zeynep leads talent management, leadership development and change management projects in corporate environment and creates experiential workshops. [4]

VIP Private One:On:One Day is for companies, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs that desire a highly targeted, customized solution with a very high level of individual attention and confidentiality in your working arrangement. [27] Prior to becoming a coach in 1996, she worked as a counselor in a variety of settings including a women’s prison, secondary schools, and a mental health day treatment facility. [4]

For the past ten years she has run her own coaching practice and prior to that worked in-house as a career coach and HR manager for a blue chip organization, having transitioned from an earlier career in public relations. [4] She has run her own coaching practice since 1998, inspiring people to cultivate and express creativity in business and personal arenas. [4]

Hope offers customized program design, coaching and mentoring to business leaders and professionals in other fields who want to incorporate coaching skills into their repertoire. [4] With the demeanor of a sage, leavened with a strong dose of animation, Andrea brings over three decades of leadership development experience to her work developing leadership strategies in organizations, training coaching skills in both large and small organizations, and mentoring. [4] Since 2000, Chuck had been a faculty member of The Coaches Training Institute, maintaining a private life coaching practice and training Co-Active coaches throughout the world. [4] With a professional background of 15 years working as a manager and trainer in international top consulting firms, he started to run his own coaching practice in 2010. [4] He currently has a thriving psychotherapy and life coaching practice in Boston working primarily with men. [4]

In her private coaching practice, Milne works with executives and managers at all levels of corporations, lawyers, physicians, symphonic conductors (people who are expected always to be right); poets and artists (who try to be true); scientists (who test for truth), and entrepreneurial people who purposely don’t pay attention to “true” or “right”. [4] You can network and make connections, collaborate, and stay up to date with the latest in health coaching practices and business building techniques. [24]

As an international course leader for CTI, he leads the core curriculum of Co-Active coaching skills for new coaches as well as corporate leaders. [4]

She specializes in what she calls “life leadership” and is deeply committed to her clients’ success, happiness, and wildest dreams. [4] He firmly believes in total commitment to his clients’ leadership development, as well as their personal growth. [4]

Her background includes 15 years of experience in large organizations with a variety of leadership and personal development roles. [4] Dori is a certified behavioral coach, who has worked in training and development for the last 15 years. [4]

With a diverse background as a business lawyer, tourism expert, and actor, Alex also has 15 years of corporate experience at national and international organizations. [4] She is the author of two books: Fired for Success and Scrappy Startups: How 15 Ordinary Women Turned their Unique Ideas into Profitable Business. [4]

Cécile brings 15 years of People Transformation Strategy with broad experience across sectors and corporate cultures. [4]

The change you’re after happens with interaction and connection…. with Coach Greg! Having coached numerous clients through the Healthy Foundations nutrition program, Coach Greg has found “coaching” means many different things to his clients. [31] At this point, client and coach, respectively, will decide whether the establishment of a trustful relationship is likely a prerequisite for a successful coaching process. [9]

“I joined IHC to specialize in coaching, and came away with so much more amazing friendships with high-vibe women around the world, personal breakthroughs, and game-changing high-performance habits that have literally changed my life not to mention a growing biz that I adore! Now I?m coaching incredible clients around the globe, traveling to exotic destinations and living my bucket list. [7] No need to reinvent the wheel we’ve included all of the scripts, checklists, funnels, onboarding materials, before and after coaching documents (to name a few!) you need to stand out online and serve your clients while saving you precious time and energy. [7] Maybe the client isn?t ready to commit to a three-month coaching program with a $2,997 investment. [32] The hourly rates for individual coaching vary depending on the client: Institutional clients e.g. company senior staff members, employees, or medical doctors in private practices will be charged different hourly rates vis-à-vis direct payers. [9]

“Within just a few weeks of a soft launch of my business, I signed six clients, and I didn?t even have a website! I now wake up excited every day because I get to work in my zone of genius all day long.” [7] I do business development, lead generation every day and I talk to customers and clients every day. [10] When faced with a decision of whether to spend your day doing bookkeeping or recruiting clients, ask yourself: What activity offers more value? What activity drives my business? Can one of these activities be outsourced? My choice would be to send the bookkeeping to someone else. [11] The bottom line is, no one is teaching how to attract swarms of new clients every day, how to close a sale, get repeat sales, referrals and ultimately build a sustainable business that can be run from anywhere in the world. [6]

” I’ve created my first 12 week program, grown my social media following, set up a beautiful website that I receive so many compliments on, and even got my first paying client with two months still left in the program! Most importantly though, the personal growth that I have experienced on top of the business growth can not be overstated. [7] Within hours of launching my business on social media (no website!) I had my first two clients. [7]

When you need new clients fast, cold pitching is the best way to take matters into your own hands! People often try to avoid doing this, but it’s part of how I quadrupled my business revenue in just a few months. [32] That’s why I invest so much time, energy, and money into having my own coach and continuing to do the work on myself that my clients are doing. digging deep to know myself better and become the women I was created to be. [12] When a consulting relationship is, then, established, client and coach will meet for a preliminary consultation either at a location determined by the client or at the coach’s business location. [9] Serving as a neutral observer, a life coach enables the client to evaluate individual personal wishes, fears, concerns, worries and other feelings without restraint. [9] In taking a step-by step approach, the client will, then, elaborate upon the problems, which have been throwing his or her everyday life off balance, with the guidance and support of a coach. [9] In the Healthy Foundations program, Coach Greg has worked with and helped over 100 clients lose hundreds of pounds and inches, increase their daily energy, improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as develop a healthy and positive relationship with food. [31] It helps the client imagine what it’s like to work with you, and it helps them visualize achieving success with you. [32] What do you find? Is it something you?d be happy with your potential clients finding? If you have a forgotten Instagram account with photos from parties or a neglected Twitter account that has nothing to do with your business, either delete them, make them private, or better yet–start afresh by posting articles and tips that help solve your ideal client’s problems. [32] By breaking through my limiting thoughts and being truly honest to my desires I’ve picked up a 10-figure client (they turnover $5.6bn to be exact) who I LOVE working with, have worked with women across the UK and U.S. and continue to reach out to and advise 1,000s of women on growing their business online each month.” [7] It’s possible for you too – especially if you already have a business, and it just needs some tweaking to support you in bringing in more clients. [7] Tips for Surviving Business Change When you have a business secret that you can’t tell clients, or prospects (maybe even your employees) about, but you. [33] Let’s say a client wants to hire you as a business strategist to set up systems for their business, and your going rate is $2,997 for a three-month consulting package that includes four strategy calls, a detailed systems manual, and project management software setup. [32] Over the next six month, you’ll get your business up running and start getting clients. [7] I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in this program, and one thing I know is that success is possible for everyone, but we all start at the beginning. [7] “In the third month of the program, I started working with my first client. [7] From A to Z, Emily and James walk you through every step of the process: choosing your ideal client, developing your first program, and marketing that program. [7] Many new consultants leave their desk jobs to pursue consulting full time, and then neglect their most likely first client–their former employer! That was how I got my first client, actually, and it’s quite common. [32] So when you look at these chance encounters I have many clients people that I have met through the years that I find to be fascinating because there are many that live a similar lifestyle as I do and have similar backgrounds and there?re very varied, so this has been definitely an inspiration. [10] My husband calls it air in my helmet because I do find that when we are working with clients, customers and colleagues in the real estate transactions many people are under a lot of stress. [10] After working as a marketing consultant for the past five years, I?ve learned a lot about how to get consulting clients. [32] There are four main things I always recommend my clients do to gain the clarity they need to create meaningful goals that they will stick with. [12] As a new consultant, you may be champing at the bit to get out there and find clients, but hold your horses! Before you even begin looking for prospects, you need to figure out who your ideal clients are, and then create an online presence that attracts them. [32]

Why did I choose coaching to make a difference? Because it creates RESULTS ! Don’t be fooled by some people out there calling themselves “coaches”- make sure they have experience and can help you achieve what YOU really want. [33] Executive Coaching is an efficient, high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time. [33] When I started my business I had to learn to how to juggle my time between family, running our home, being on coaching calls, creating content, planning out my marketing, and all the other big and small things required of being a business owner. [12] For the first time, we’re giving you access to real-life recorded group coaching calls from this program so you can deepen and fast-track your learning. [7] That’s why you’re doing this in the first place! One of the best ways to learn how to coach is by being a part of the group coaching calls and listening to me coach your I Heart Coaching sisters. [7] Life Coaching is a method in which psychologically, healthy adults – supported by an advisor, namely a coach – openly tackle sizable problems in their everyday life. [9]

Varying, all-inclusive rates will be charged for the following services: all-day coaching (individuals and teams) and coaching projects lasting several days. [9] She hosts 5-minute success podcasts weekly and has completed the John team certification program for training, speaking and coaching. [10] Now I do have the books, I have the podcasts, training, coaching, speaking and online courses are coming out and so those systems strategies that I learned in order to lead generates and to build a business are actually transferable and that’s why, like Frank Sinatra said, “If I can make it in New York, I can make it anywhere”. [10] “I signed up for I Heart Coaching expecting to simply learn the in’s and out’s of business, but what I left with was a community of strong women cheering me on, experiences that introduced me to new passions and the tools I needed to propel my business forward. [7]

The Healthy Foundations nutrition coaching program at Orange Shoe is all about developing hands-on, real-world practices and skills that will help you make positive nutritional changes for good. [31] It’s given me the information, inspiration, motivation and courage to create an info product and group coaching program. [6] “Going through the I Heart Coaching program with Emily drastically up-leveled my life. [7] “Working with Emily Williams through her course I Heart Coaching has changed my life in every way. [7] “I did I Heart Coaching last year and since then my husband and I both have left our jobs It’s amazing when you are shown that it is possible and there’s a better way to live. [7]

“I Heart Coaching is THE best training I’ve experienced for people looking to become online coaches. [7] I found that the mindset work was essential to my success so that is a core component of the unique I Heart Coaching method. [7] The topics of Life Coaching are, for example, stressful private and professional relationships, painful separations from a life partner, career stagnation, lack of self-confidence and other demanding personal crises. [9] Recently, Life Coaching has become an indispensable asset for many professionals in coping with the increasing demands of everyday life. [9]

You’ll also get access to an extensive library of scripts, templates, tools and resources including real life group coaching calls, sales calls and the templates you need to get started. [7] Despite the diversity of applied methods to the individual problems, a common denominator can be identified for all coaching processes at “Fearless Wind”: namely, the approach generally finds direction from the concept and practice of Life Coaching as depicted by Schmidt-Lellek and Buer (2011). ? [9]

” I?ve run a group course “discover the mindset? that had 21 participants and I?ve also been coaching awesome women one-on-one, empowering them to build their own unique online personal brand as well.” [7] Because of this sliding scale pricing, the exact amount charged for an individual coaching session, an all-day coaching, or a team counseling session, can be determined, at the earliest, during the initial telephone call or during the complimentary consultation. [9]

In a simple, step by step program, you’ll work on your goals, one day at a time, by practicing healthy habits and working through daily lessons to help you learn how to make these changes for good. [31] I?ve grown my Facebook page from zero to an incredible 19,830 as of today!!!! When I started with her I worked as a Senior Corporate Director, I have since been able to leave my very lucrative full time day job and follow my passion as a coach, helping others create a fulfilling life using practical and productive tools. [6] When you create some quiet time in your day and you can be alone with your thoughts, you will begin to notice a small whisper of a voice. [12] Takeaway: Create space to get clarity and make time to plan every day. [8] It also creates unproductive days, a reactive business mindset, and employees who depend on you for everything. [11] Legacy is important to me, and I want to make sure I?m living each day in a way that creates the legacy I want to leave behind. [12]

When you make these changes in your approach to business and life, you start each day from an empowered vantage point that leads to less frustration and more effectiveness and growth. [11] I suggest that the first order of business each morning after arriving at work should be closing the office door and creating a game plan for the day. [11] Many business leaders shrink back in horror at the idea of only visiting their inboxes three times per day. [11] Business leaders who operate under the discipline of a strict calendar avoid getting tossed into the endless loop of emails, phone calls, and impromptu visits because they have a structured timeline keeping them on course throughout the day. [11] People are trying to decide: Do I really want to get up an hour earlier every day? Is this really making an impact? Is doing lead generation everyday really going to help my business. [10] Those habits people who are rainmakers or lead generators, who generate business and ideas they are always going to be business because the one that can do that there is always going to be demand for and I want to share just a bit about the Commit to get Leads because it is a 66 days challenge. [10]

Does it feel more like a tugboat than the jet boat it’s supposed to be? The challenge serious business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals face is that there are so many things they can do in the course of a day that they frequently fail to do what’s most important. [11] If a suitor asks you out on a date and you have a great time together, but they never contact you the next day or the day after that ? you?ll start to wonder if they really like you, right? Not only that, but people are busy. [32] That is the first 22 days many times people are evangelists about their new habits. [10] The first step is to schedule (yes, on your calendar) three specific blocks of time throughout the day to review incoming messages. [11] It is not a matter of being a morning person it’s a matter of investing in yourself first and putting your own personal development prior to starting the day. [10]

In between your day job, you’re up at 4am and until 11pm working on your business you question whether you’re actually capable of doing this. [7] I?ve been leaning into having more fun, too! I?ve also been wanting to better understand who I am without all the roles I play each day (like mom, wife, coach, daughter, etc), who I am when I?m alone to just be me. [12] Adding new stitches every day changes the look of the piece as I go, so it still comes up from time to time, but I?m not nearly as intimidated as I once was. [12] I?m experiencing decision fatigue big time, and some days I want to crawl in a hole and answer to no one. [12] I?ve been starting my day reading and journaling, and I?m making time to be in my craft room, too. [12] I?m doing 100 days of embroidery stitches, and I?m loving it so far! While I am happy I?m learning more about embroidery, I?m being stretched (my word of the year) to become more comfortable with not having an exact plan for the stitching. [12] I?ve committed to participating this year, and as I write this, I?m 30 days in. [12]

Well, several years ago she started a creative movement called The 100 Day Project. [12]

If you believe this myth, you?ll always feel like nothing is getting accomplished, even if you work twelve-hour days. [11] January 25, 2018 / Jennifer Levin I love my work! I get to work with awesome women every day. [12] I know you?ll love hearing how Sara makes time to be creative even though she has a day job. [12] Because I want you to make sure you?re making time in your day for the things you love. [12] I used to feel like I had to rush from one thing to the next but now I know that I have all the time in the world for what I desire most, and I know how to take action every day toward my goals. [7] Days can go by and I feel like I haven?t done much, but if I hit the applause button every time I accomplished something I?d be hearing that little bell all day long. [12]

I was spending a DISGUSTING amount of time mindlessly scrolling social media! And the worst part is that it was how I was starting my day. [12]

I want to practice having fun every day and encourage you to add more fun into your life. [12] I?m even wearing earplugs to drown out the city construction outside my NYC apartment window (true story), and I?ve written this in minutes versus the entire day my other blog post took when I wasn?t focused. [8] I?m trying to keep it around 30 minutes (less than 45 minutes for sure!) so you can easily fit watching it into your day. [12]

Actually working on the business as much as they work in the business is how people go on to achieve a great level of success and then the 5 minutes of success thinking activities and vision which leads to the sweet spot of success. [10] We?ll spend 30 minutes diving into your life, setting some goals and talking about what the accountability and support of working together would look like. [12]

This program is the turn-key you?ve been looking for in order to create the life and business you?ve always wanted. [7] You can learn to build on your business successes & personal triumphs, tackling what you REALLY want without holding back? You can allow yourself to ENJOY life, while you are ALSO getting shit done, creating results, and making a difference? You can create a life FULL of awesomeness and leave a legacy that ripples out what you intend. [33] She tells us what she says “no” to so she has time to create and what she says “yes” to to keep her business moving forward! I definitely could?ve talked so much longer with Sara. [12]

Get all the tools you need at your fingertips to create wealth that lasts – meditations, reading lists, and top money practices from a 7-figure Success Coach. [7] We give you everything you need to be successful as a coach and get clients. [7] A coach supports the client in pinpointing problems, defining possible solutions, identifying personal potential and finding motivation in making a change. [9] I am here for you! I love sitting with my clients in the mess the same way my coach did for me. [12] The client will have to find a solution on an individual basis, which was worked out on his or her own with the coach. [9]

In your partnership, you could have an agreement to refer work to the other when a client is in need. [32] To me, all the hustle is worth it to work with clients you love and pursue a career that you enjoy. [32] “How will you measure success?” I love this question because, in order to make a client happy, you need to know what makes them happy. [32] I need to be living and doing the very things I help my clients to do. [12] What does it look like?” This question is great for two reasons: Like the above question, it helps you to understand what’s really important to your client. [32] You don?t have the time to wait around! But having a stellar online presence is important before you start reaching out, because potential clients will be Googling you, and you want them to find more evidence that they should hire you. [32] Expect to start working with clients and bringing in money in the final two months of the course. [7] When I?m working with my clients on goal setting and follow through, one of the things I ask them to do is to know how they?re going to celebrate having completed the action items that are part of their goal and how are they going to celebrate the big goal when it’s accomplished. [12] Below, I?m going to get really detailed with actionable steps for the entire process of landing clients–not just simply where to find clients, but how to send them a pitch they can?t refuse, get them on a call, convince them to sign on the dotted line, and eventually, give you awesome testimonials and refer you to others. [32] If that weren?t enough- I?m also a social media manager for 2 clients! In under 10 hours per week I?m able to earn an additional $1500+ per month. [6]

My clients are so good at taking care of the people they love, but it’s not always as easy for them to love themselves. [12] The first key is everybody lead generates, it is called commit to get leads for a reason because everybody needs either clients or customers or for example, dentists they need patients or attorneys need clients. [10]

I love helping women discover what their top values are guiding them toward the clarity they need to create goals that are in line with their big picture vision of their life. [12] Getting clear on what your big picture vision is for your life helps you create a life you love. [12] I want to help you begin to have the life you want NOW and start planning the legacy you want to create. [12] “Through Emily’s program I learned to create a new money story and what action to take to create the life I truly desire. [7] It is truly the future, I find that the more we embrace the future then the more we can create success in not just my life but your life and others. [10] If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled, I’d love to talk about how you can create a life you LOVE. [12]

Emily and James attract high caliber women to their programs, and thus create a community that helps and supports one another. [7] I got everything I needed to explore, create, then build my coaching business website, opt-in, email list, all of it! The support is so strong, I even launched my business and was making money before the course was finished! And two weeks out from that launch right now I only have 2 more spots available in my program! It is very much the beginning of my story and already my hindsight for the last 6 months is so clear that this was the perfect fit. [7]

When you commit to performing high-leverage activities, and to create positive emotional experiences, your focus is sharp and on-point; your strategy is directly linked toward your goals of success and growth. [11] The main mission of Healthy Foundations is to create lifelong changes and habits to help you create a healthy relationship with food and get the results you’re looking for. [31]

When you can include more of what you love in your day, you feel happier, more joyful, and like a more complete person. [12] A big way to love yourself is to know what you want to say yes and no to each day. [12]

Whatever is personal is universal so you will experience massive transformation plus this is the best way to also improve your own coaching skills. [7] Coach Greg Smith has been with Orange Shoe Personal Fitness for over 10 years and recently spent a full year crafting his coaching skills while earning his Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master coaching certification. [31]

Over the six months, you’ll engage with 24 modules as well as an extensive resource library of bonus materials, templates, checklists, video trainings, funnels and more all designed to give you the life and coaching business of your dreams. [7] I?ve taken everything that’s worked for me in my 7-figure business and made it a one-stop shop for your coaching business needs. I?ve enlisted guest experts, coaches and amped up the resources to give you everything you need to start and grow your coaching business. [7] Get access to templates, tools and resources in 24 modules containing everything you need to start and grow your coaching business. [7] I’ve helped hundreds of women start and grow their coaching business and you can be the next success story. [7]

If you?re a complete beginner, I?d recommend having a side job as you build your coaching business as, like anything, it does take time to get that momentum going. [7]

Plus, you’re getting access to recorded coaching and sales calls so you can nail those discovery calls and improve your own coaching skills. [7]

Eliminate “short” interruptions, such as emails, phone calls, etc., and you can get an amazing amount of high-quality work done in fifty minutes. [11] Successprenuers, for one thing, they only have limited amount of time and so knowing that you are going to get in 5 minutes segments in these little components you are going to get a success story, commit to get leads, consul to sell, connect to build and grow, success thinking activities and vision, sweet spot of success in 25 to 30 minutes that is a great run or most people’s commute. [10] Karen: The ideology behind 5 Minutes Success is information and inspiration that transforms businesses and lives. [10] At the bare minimum I knew I could be happy reading for 15 or 20 minutes. [12]

Through his work, Ed feels privileged to have the opportunity to help increase success for his clients and fellow entrepreneurs through his coaching and mentoring systems. [18] One thing I often hear from new clients is that their work and their life feels like Groundhog Day. [34] I only do client calls two days a week, and most of my client work for the week happens on those two days as well. [35]

I used to do programs where I had to have a pre-scheduled phone call with each client once a week for 6 to 12 weeks and that eventually burned me out and made me hate my business. [35] LinkedIn groups are excellent places to find clients and partners for your online personal training business. [36] In the professional profile, it’s best to make it brand-centric and display what makes your fitness business uniquely positioned to help your ideal clients. [36] Spring is an especially great time to help clients clean out what’s not working for them so they can build new skills and practices that allow them to thrive. [34] As a life coach it’s nice to have clients excited about rapid change, and indeed it can happen I even teach some rapid change techniques to coaches for certain issue, but in the main they are less likely to be sustained. [37] The connection you create with clients, your personality and your communication style are important factors that clients look at when choosing a coach. [38] How can you create Awesome experiences that ensure that both of the parties transitioning have clarity, purpose, and excitement around the changes? Our 5-Step Transition Plan provides clients with an easy-to-follow guide through the process. [34] This course will help your position yourself as an expert in your niche and youll create deep connections with current and potential clients. [38] Blogging and podcasting are similar options, but online video is superior for coaches who want to create strong connections to potential clients. [38]

Ask her about her favorite local wines! Winn coaches clients on how to be more Awesome at work and at home – as a leader and a teammate. [34] A awesome reminder worth remembering not only when we coach clients but in our own personal development. [37] You can use your personal profile to talk about the type of fitness coach you are in a way that your ideal clients can relate to you on a personal level. [36] Today, she leads Wellbeing Coaches and continues to coach clients from around the world. [39] Your equipment suppliers, active wear brands you or your online clients use and deem good quality, athletes, coaches and nutritionists, and even other personal trainers and gyms you know in person are some of the people you can endorse. [36] With a lifelong career as an entrepreneur and over a decade of experience, she helps her clients build healthier, happier, more successful lives and companies. [34] Clients say we?re doing some serious truth-telling in our sessions which has allowed them to gain insights into big and small changes they need to make in order to move forward in their lives. [34] If you are willing to work hard to become a valuable resource for your clients, potential clients and referral sources, it might as well be you. [40] I don’t do client work, check emails, texts or social media) until 1 p.m. in whatever timezone I’m in. [35]

I?m so excited to be part of the Awesome Institute team! One-on-one coaching with busy professionals is work I love and it’s fantastic to be able to collaborate with other passionate, experienced coaches. [34] Prior to founding Wellbeing Coaches, she worked with HMC HealthWorks where she developed new wellness coaching procedures and policies, created new training manuals, and managed a team of coaches. [39] If you run a company and have partners and a coaching team, create a place where you introduce them and their skills to your audience too. [36] Coaching sessions can involve exploring your business and life goals along with the practical application of new skills and mindsets to reach those goals. [34] Having been a coaching student and a life coach myself for many, many years, the idea of creating a vision is not a new one for me. [18] He is the founder and coach of Summit Journey Coaching, has his own financial planning practice, and is a partner at Hearthstone Wealth Management. [18]

The Leadership Coaching Group brings a small group of six to twelve leaders together to explore the challenges of real-life leadership over six months. [34] To help combat these barriers we put on ourselves, my Summit Journey Coaching team and I created the “Big, Bigger, Biggest” exercise. [18]

At the end of the day, nothing will ever work in your business if you’re not making yourself and how you like to do things and what you want a number one priority. [35] How to create a massive, enjoyable, sustainable online business that positions you as the expert and makes you happy every day. [36] This is a long post, but I promise you that if you read it and fully take it in, it will save you so much frustration, cut years off the time it takes for you to build your dream business, and you’ll create more success a lot faster. [35] I urged you to define what success you want to achieve, create a plan to get there in 3-5 years, work the plan and create a system to be accountable. [40] Over my many years, I would wake up in the middle of the night and worry about continuing to create a pipeline of work to keep myself and others in my practice group busy. [40]

The way to create ease and flow and to have everything you’re doing in your business work better, is to feel good. [35] Whether you are a longtime Burner or are just not interested, take a moment to think about how these three learnings from Burning Man – Living Authentically, Trying New Things, and Shared Values – can all help you create a more Awesome business. [34] I had enough and was ready to fully create the business I actually wantedthe one I quit my damn job for in the first place. [35]

Your Hidden Mind this is a memory reconsolidation program that helps you create new habits and ways of being by reprogramming your subconscious mind. [35] As a leader, you can choose to create a culture that helps your team reach their potential. [34] This course teaches DIY video – it’s not for people who want to hire someone to create videos for them (although it can help with content.) [38]

I?m able to be more effective and efficient, to prioritize my personal life and create balance. [34] How can you stretch this Vision? Where can friends, family or colleagues fit in to increase your total success? Take a few minutes – you may even want to close your eyes – and let your mind create visual images from the thoughts streaming through your mind. [18]

If you can accept this early on in your business and commit to working on your mindset every day, you’ll achieve greater levels of success so fast it might make your head spin. [35] I know without a doubt that is the reason I’ve been able to achieve the success I have over the last few years, which includes writing and publishing 10 books, hitting #1 in my category on Amazon multiple times with multiple books, making $82,707 in one year, manifesting $15,000 in 45 days and MORE. [35] The pro athlete’s job is to perform at the top of his game, day after day, week after week, year after year — and he doesn?t feel guilty about taking time to care for himself physically. [34] They also agree to discuss how the meeting frequency, length, day, or time are working for them at the first couple of meetings and make changes as necessary. [34] When I first quit my day job to take my side business full-time, I said yes to everything and everyone. [35] I feel high-vibe every day thanks to making these changes in my business. [35] I got to my desk at 8 a.m. and more or less stayed there ’til 5 p.m. And even years later, I was still forcing myself to skip out on social events to work all day and night, because I thought that’s what I had to do to be successful. [35] At first, you tell yourself you will work day and night to finish the course and achieve its purpose. [18] “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” [18]

It’s my time to do my mindset and energy practice, to do my soulwork and to get myself into a high-vibe, feel-good state before I go about my day. [35] I honestly felt like I was working another shitty day job, even though I was still working for myself. [35] Take the first step by (almost) never skipping breakfast, which health nutritionists consider as the most important meal of the day. [18]

I used to work 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day on my business, spending all my time giving to my clients and my business….until I realized the rest of my life was suffering. [16] I use a variety of tools based on each clients needs. For a business geared client we may do more planning, coaching, and manifestation work. [41] Regardless of the needs of a client, I most often use as combination of intuitive coaching, shamanic energy work, manifestation work, and spiritual teaching. [41]

Coaches who work with this vulnerable population must be specially trained to provide the support and education experiencers need to ensure the coach does no harm to the client. [15] After a career in legal marketing and business development with law firms in Beijing, New York, and Vancouver, I was trained as a coach in 2004 at Royal Roads University and coach clients from across North America. [17] We will also offer our professionals an action they can take each day, such as taking a client service self assessment, calling on a client to thank them for their business, writing a positive review for someone that provides them great service, or recognizing a co-worker through our internal recognition system. [42] This will also be a day where all DFA ambassadors will be coming together as a team to celebrate our passion for providing the best experience to every one of our clients in every interaction with them. [42] We are engaging clients through the day and taking pictures with clients letting them know we love them. [42]

While I would love to help every one of you to create their “life in the sweet spot” I can only give specific advice to those who have completed the intake form and are working with me as clients. [43] Empathy, on the other hand, allows the listener to feel how the client is feeling, and stays outside the experience enough to be able to be present, create space, and give the client permission to talk about it if they want to. [15]

I am the founder of AWAL and a lawyer coach with over a decade of experience helping clients overcome challenges and achieve success however they define it. [17] This is the time a coach builds trust and rapport with the client. [15] The coach does not agree with any judgement a client may make about people or situations in empathetic listening. [15]

As I look back on my progression from fledgling entrepreneur to successful entrepreneur, I’ve noted a number of lessons I’ve learned about investing in my business that I now share with the clients I work with who are just launching a business. [16] It is also great for business development – connecting with contacts over email, scheduling lunches, or sending a client a useful article. [17]

In practice this can be many things from helping a law firm partner get more “dad time” with his young family, to coaching a lawyer on the business development strategy, skills, and implementation to grow her legal practice. [17] I’ll be coaching some of the sessions as Uptown Cycles on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and riding with members of the RCC Team at Huntersville Business Park for workouts in the evenings. [44]

The Yoga Health Coaching Blog helps people find a coach, become a Yoga Health Coach, and become a better Yoga Health Coach. [13] Personal wellness and health coaching will help you transform your life. [43] This is part two of a blog series on The Nine Environments of You a powerful coaching model designed to create balance in your life. [19] Instead of invalidating a client’s experience and taking the risk of catapulting experiencers into a longer and darker process of integration than necessary, the method modeled in my blogs, and in the ITTC Spiritual Emergence coaching curriculum beginning in April 2017, can create powerful transformation for experiencers. [15]

The transpersonal-transformational coaching model provides an effective way for the coach to get to the essence of an experience and empower the experiencer to develop understanding and meaning. [15] While it is possible to diagnose up to 50 types of emergence experiences for the coaching process, we will look at the work of Dr. Stansilov Grof and his wife Christina, who have identified 10 states of spiritual emergency (Grof, S., & Grof, C. (1989). [15] I accepted the offer from my professional coaching supervisor, Dr. Rosie Kuhn, to work on my personal psycho-spiritual challenges. [15] I was drawn to retirement coaching because I wondered what I would do with my own retirement, But as I learned more about how it works, the gift of helping others find meaning and fulfillment in their retirement pushed me ahead as I earned my certification. [16] Here is my list of suggestions from my years of coaching and my own self-improvement. [16]

Yes, as I work with my clients, helping them to define what their retirement looks like, I can look ahead to my own with anticipation and joy. [16] To help protect this time – which one of my clients calls “the vortex” – get your assistant involved. [17] A reading will be made by local managers focusing on the importance of placing the client in the center of everything and thanking for all the projects and improvements made throughout this year that improved customers life. [42] On CX Day we will recognize the 2 employees (1 client facing and 1 non client facing) with the most service recognitions year to date. [42] DHG professionals will join in celebrating CX Day through a focus on our cornerstones of client service and recognizing outstanding contributors. [42]

We look forward to sharing best practices and educational content with our clients and Customer Experience professionals. [42] Joining clients in sympathy does not give the client room to explore the issue more deeply, it simply keeps the client running in the same emotional circles without giving them the opportunity to discover an empowering way of being in the situation if it cannot change, as in the situation of death. [15]

We are planning a week long event with a couple of days focused on our colleagues involving fun superhero-themed activities and food; a couple days focused on our customers and thanking them for their business; and a day focused on our community partners inviting them in to talk to colleagues about their programs, how NAB is currently helping and other ways that our colleagues can get involved and help. [42] You are able to spend your days the way you want, building your business, doing what you love, BUT you also have to MANAGE your business. [16] Cotemporaneous time keeping – that is, entering time as the work is done – is the best way to handle time keeping when you consider just how much cognitive resources are required to reconstruct time at the end of the day, or worse, days later. [17] Choose a time during the work day when you are most productive. [17] We learned last year that one day was not enough! We will use this time to reinforce CA’s commitment to our customers both internally and externally. [42] This year, I’ll be starting it on June 25th, the day after BSG 100, and I’m hoping it’ll keep me from slumping as I’m planning on doing Pisgah Monster Cross in September! I’d also rather not do it alone so I”m making it available to all in the Training Peaks Store. [44]

We are celebrating this day because our customers are the reason our business existed in the first place. [42] For 14 days straight I didn’t ride longer than 75 mins, but each ride included 15 – 20 mins of killer intervals. [44] It’s living a vibrant, active life doing what I choose, spending my days as I choose, working as much or as little as I choose. [16] We have a new understanding of what it means to live up to our potential day by day, one step at a time, focused on the here and now. [15] Employee Experience empowers employees to be the best that they can be and to “live” the company’s CX principles every day. [42] All day long there will be thank you cards and colored pens in the break room for employees to use to thank others in their day to day lives who provide exceptional service experiences to them whether it be their dry cleaner, favorite waiter, or clerk at the local car wash. [42] Sometime before 2:00 a.m. on Valentine’s Day, my father expressed his final wishes that each of us experience love, joy, and peace. [19] It’s ironic that my father died from a heart attack on Valentine’s Day a day that we plaster hearts all over everything as a way to recognize those we love. [19] Inspire and promote a colleague recognition initiative leading up to the day where each employee is encouraged to show recognition and/or gratitude to someone else in the company through their own creative way. [42]

Finances? Well, lo and behold; all those years I stashed money into my retirement accounts, Roth accounts, and IRAs have provided me the means to ‘retire’ when that day comes. [16] Well, one day Marsha got me to make a commitment that I would find an organizational consultant that would come in and help me “get it together.” [19] There is nothing like letting the creative juices flow to help you feel renewed after a tough day at the office. [16] The bonus? Three days away will feel like 7! You need downtime away from all the cares of the world. [16]

If you feel a call to work together we will hop on a call to chat about it and I will create a 4 month, 6 month, or one year program to fit your needs, send you a proposal, and then we will dive in. [41] Helping people develop new understandings and focus to create new life experiences that support their happiness and joy continues to be my life work and will continue on. [15] Once you have made the shift you will then have more mental clarity to move forward and take actions that will eventually help you create a new life experience. [15] This type of dialogue helps create authentic and organic changes that will lead to growth over a period of time. [15]

Conceptualized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, CX Day is a global celebration honoring the companies and people that create premier experiences for their customers. [42] CX DAY 2016, our Actsoft Global Customer Experience Center will focus on “leveraging teamwork to create exceptional customer experiences.” [42] On October 3, 2017, FINCA Impact Finance will celebrate its 3rd Annual CX Day, a global celebration of our customer-centric culture and recognition of colleagues who create exceptional experiences for our customers every day. [42] On CX Day in Victoria, BC Canada our intent is to create “Random Acts of CX” where we are going to recognize what we believe are CX leaders in the community. [42]

Three of these articles were teasers for our CX Day contest in the weeks leading up to 10/5 and one was a summary on CX Day of key success stories in Care, Retail, and our Outer Loop teams this year. [42] Join us this year to celebrate our 6th Annual CX Day on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 CX Day is a global celebration of great customer experience and the professionals who make it happen. [42] We run it several times a year, and this October it ties in with CX Day and National Customer Service Week. [42] “Last year, Temkin Group had a great time celebrating CX Day. [42] Given it was our first time running a full CX day we were really happy with how it went and feel energised as a team.” [42] We are starting to build CXPA network in Peru and in this first month that coincides with the arrival of CX Day we are planning to start small by visiting our customers to introduce CXPA and tell them about the impact of holding CX Day in their organizations. [42]

For CX Day, we want to celebrate how we support our customers and partners, and how we help them deliver excellent service to their customers using our software to build a lifetime of experience. [42] “We will celebrate CX Day with our customers by posting tips and raising awareness about customer experience on our social media and blog. [42]

Record reps for second 6 minute AMRAP and record first 6 minute AMRAP in training notes. [45] What have you accomplished? What timeframe are you looking at? This first iteration of your Vision may pop into your mind right away or it may take a few minutes to start forming. [18]

Video Marketing for Professional Coaches will teach you how to use the power of online video to market your coaching practice. [38] If you want to grow your professional coaching practice and share your talents and skills with the world, online video is a great option. [38]

You must trust your purpose and function, which of course is to FLOURISH and CREATE BEAUTY in your own unique way. [15] Or just start to work on it for thirty minutes and when you have to put it aside take some notes to remind you of where you left off and what you were planning on doing next. [17]

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