How To Create A Twitter Link

How To Create A Twitter Link
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  • Important: In order to create a custom short link on Twitter please first ensure that you are logged into a Rebrandly account.(More…)
  • Twitter is where news is broken, links are shared, and memes are born.(More…)
  • For instance, if you look through your analytics and notice that your tweets including a video get 50% more engagement than tweets with just a link, take it as a sign that you should start implementing more videos into your Twitter content strategy.(More…)
  • This is nothing which SocialPilot can handle, so if the link generates a preview at SocialPilot and not at Twitter, don’t freak out!(More…)
  • The leader of the social media giant said in an interview that aired on CNN Sunday that the company is “ready to question everything” in its efforts to create a healthier platform.(More…)




Important: In order to create a custom short link on Twitter please first ensure that you are logged into a Rebrandly account. [1] You can create a Twitter website card in the Twitter ad platform. [2] You can use a Cover Page to display tweets and create a landing page, dedicated Twitter page, or single page site. [3] How to make Twitter channel compliant with GDPR? Any user can mention us, which will create a ticket. [4] This wikiHow teaches you how to create a Twitter account on both the Twitter website and the Twitter mobile app. [5] “This quite concisely answered my questions on how to create a Twitter account and how to make it private.” [5]

Twitter is where news is broken, links are shared, and memes are born. [6] A lot of Twitter users are accustomed to finding links in the Tweet copy. [2]

Hi Matt, I was able to create a card following your instructions, but I can’t find the opportunity to compose a Tweet using the card. [2]

For instance, if you look through your analytics and notice that your tweets including a video get 50% more engagement than tweets with just a link, take it as a sign that you should start implementing more videos into your Twitter content strategy. [7] If the link generates a preview here, that means; it will, when shared on your Twitter profile, but if the validator doesn’t crawl the meta-data and shows an error or something, then the link is not validated by Twitter itself and your content & link will be shared as a plain text tweet only. [8]

If, for example, you wanted to create separate views of each of the Twitter source types, you simply choose the Ticket Channel condition and then select the type. [4] This guide will walk you through how to create custom short URLs directly on Twitter with Rebrandly. [1] From that point forward, when someone creates a ticket with you via Twitter, it will be associated with that end user account (which contains both their twitter handle and their email address now). [4] Automatically create tickets from public tweets that contain your Twitter account’s handle or direct messages from Twitter users that you follow. [4] In this guide, we show you exactly how (and why) to use Twitter ads, including how to create and launch your first campaign. [9]

If you prefer, you can choose to create a new tweet specifically for your ad. [9] When you organize everyone into lists, you can start to create a workflow. [7]

This is nothing which SocialPilot can handle, so if the link generates a preview at SocialPilot and not at Twitter, don’t freak out! Just check using the Twitter Card Validator. [8] The challenge with creating links that look like this is that showcase Twitter’s domain rather than your own. [1]

If you have Twitter followers who might want to receive your email content, you can tweet a link to your signup form. [10] A desire to save content for later reading is something people have asked for because of how much news circulates across Twitter, often including links to longer articles you don’t have time to read in the moment, and an increased desire for privacy around their saves. [11] In the Twitter window or pop-up modal, type in additional text to appear with the shortened link. [10]

On Twitter you have to create different JavaScript tags for each thank you page. [12] For instance, here’s a list of users who shared my post here on SEJ about content marketing and SEO : After completing this step, you can export those users and, with the help of Listpedia, create a new list in a few seconds. [13] If your company is taking part in a conference, then it wouldn’t hurt to create a list of users who are planning to attend. [13] What’s more, you can create a list of current industry blog contributors, which is another way of perfecting your outreach campaign. [13] Pro Tip: Similar to Instagram, you can create a hashtag especially for your campaign. [14]

Here’s how to to create Twitter lists, and five genius ideas for how you can use them. [13] Just like you would do with your leads, you can create your Twitter lists of people who gave you their contact details. [13]

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey said in an interview that the company is “ready to question everything” in its efforts to create a healthier platform. [15] As evidence of how this approach can create unintended outcomes, he points to an instance in which Twitter temporarily shut down the account of a German humor magazine after it tweeted satirically in the voice of Beatrix von Storch, a leader of a far-right party. [16]

The App Link property is a very versatile tool that can help you link to apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more from your app. [17] You can send a share link via email, text message (SMS), Facebook, Twitter and more. [18] Campaigns allow you to automatically generate unique links for each channel (such as Facebook or Twitter), stack the results against one another in one view, and drastically increase the level of insight you have into your links’ data. [19]

The leader of the social media giant said in an interview that aired on CNN Sunday that the company is “ready to question everything” in its efforts to create a healthier platform. [15] In this tutorial, we?re going to show you how to create a simple IoT Twitter bot in five simple steps using PubNub Functions. [20] Twitter also sells promoted tweets to marketers, and these then appear in users’ Twitter feeds. The company creates tailored advertising opportunities by using an algorithm to make sure promoted tweets make it into the right users’ timelines. [21]

A trick is to create a fake Twitter account, follow only the people you want to monitor, and connect that account with Nuzzel.) [22] To get the keys and values, go here and create a Twitter app. [20]

The link wrapper tool will create a unique link which contains VigLink code. [23]

Keep in mind you can shorten via straight from the Bookmarklet and optionally post your newly-created VigLink Anywhere link to Twitter or Facebook. [23] Next, follow this link to access the Twitter BLOCK, which allows you to access Twitter’s REST API through your own PubNub Function. [20]

At PubNub, we have created a Twitter BLOCK that automatically creates a Twitter bot for you in PubNub Functions. [20] Create the link by combining your Workspace URL with members? User IDs. [24] Workspace Owners/ Admins and Org Owners/Admins can create links to a teammate’s profile using the Slack API. [24]


Who to follow? What to tweet? Does this show up on my Twitter page? Am I missing things my friends post? What’s an RT? Follow our tips to get started on Twitter, and set yourself up for a more fulfilling experience. [6] The idea of Twitter isn’t to catch every single thing someone tweets, it’s to be on the internet at the same time as other people. [6] This will help with the next step, which is where Twitter will give you suggestions of people you can follow. [6] Step 5: Twitter will provide you with some accounts you can follow based on your interests. [6] Step 3: Twitter will continue to offer suggestions for who to follow as you use it. [6]

If you’d like to make Twitter a place where you privately interact with friends, just set your account to private. [6] Twitter allows you to Direct Message with people who have that feature turned on. [6] This will help Twitter recommend good profiles for you to follow. [6] Follow our tips to get started on Twitter, and set yourself up for a more fulfilling experience. [6] This immediacy has made Twitter the go-to place to watch protests unfold around the world, follow and comment on sports games or TV shows as they happen, and make fun of celebrity missteps right when the news is hot. [6]

Add a credit card (again, you don’t have to pay for anything, but it has to be there) and then you can access the Creatives section to start making your Twitter website cards. [2] Astrophysicist and ‘StarTalk’ host Neil deGrasse Tyson uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about our universe. [6] This may help you find Twitter followers you know, but if you don’t want to, just hit “not now.” [6] If Facebook is the dinner table with your family and friends, Twitter is a rousing bar. [6]

At this point, the Twitter card is created and you can use it as many times as you like to post new tweets with the card. [2] Use Tweetdeck, a more customizable Twitter app. You can make private lists with only a few people on it that you can check to make sure you catch everyone’s tweets in that list. [6]

If you don’t have a Twitter Ads account yet, you’ll land on a page where you can choose the Promote Mode or Twitter Ads option and you want to choose Twitter Ads then set your country and time zone. [2] These instructions must be incredibly out of date NOTHING you show appears in my Twitter account I made a PDF copy of the page so I could follow along step by step. [2]

Step 4: Sharing a link your Tweet will decrease your character count by 23 characters. [6] Links have a maximum character # I think 150, but that could be wrong. [2] Otherwise it may include the entirety of the link in your character count. [6]

You should be able to create the card without running an ad and tweet that out. [2] You can create and tweet website cards without promoting them. [2] Again, now that the card exists, you can always go back and create more Tweets with different copy. [2] I do think you have to enter your credit card info (but don’t have to actually pay anything) to create the cards. [2]

I am having some issues with having my Twitter cards point to a specific blog post and then have the url under the title in the card be the main website for the company I work for. [2] Once I did that, the “Creatives” menu popped up in the header of the Twitter Ads website, and from there I was able to follow these instructions. [2] Step 2: Speaking of a Twitter thread, if you have more than 280 characters to say about a subject they are easy to make. [6]

When a Tweet is converted to a ticket, it comes in under the customer’s Twitter name so that ticket isn’t associated with any other tickets they already have or with their normal Zendesk profile that is linked to their email and their actual account. [4] Twitter estimates that accounts using Twitter Promote Mode will reach an average of 30,000 additional people and gain 30 extra followers per month. [9]

Twitter is a social networking platform where users share news, thoughts, and other content in 140 characters or less. [3] Somewhere along the line, brands appear to have forgotten that Twitter is a social network, not just a content distribution tool. [7] Twitter trolls are accounts who will try to bait or attack your brand for no real reason or cause, outside of just wanting to get your attention. [7] You can use the trigger condition Ticket Channel, which has the following three Twitter sources: Twitter, Twitter DM (direct message), and Twitter Like. [4] In order to provide your customers with a seamless transition from Twitter to a deeper level of customer support, you can use a social media management tool like Sprout with built-in Zendesk integration. [7] Which approach you take might be based on your overall Twitter traffic or the number of administrators who are available to monitor and convert tweets, or the number of agents you have available to deal with support requests. [4] With 280 character Tweets and official support for Tweetstoms, Twitter is definitely changing. [25] When are public tweet replies going to have the 280 characters? This is already available in the open Twitter API so it should be available in any 3rd party platform. [4] Twitter will show you a list of your existing tweets that you can choose to promote. [9] Promoted tweets are simply tweets that an advertiser pays to display to people who are not already following them on Twitter. [9] Once you turn it on, your first 10 tweets each day are automatically promoted to your selected audience (as long as they make it past the Twitter quality filter ). [9] Convert tweets outside of Zendesk Support by liking them in your Twitter client. [4] If you already know which tweet you want to promote and you don?t want to get into detailed targeting options, you can try Twitter Quick Promote. [9] From avoiding embarrassing Twitter fails to getting engagement or just figuring out what to tweet, we’ve got you covered. [7] With hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, it can be easy for your brand?s Twitter marketing to get lost in the noise. [9]

Connecting Twitter is a great way to encourage users to engage with you. [3] Non-app users can still access Twitter via a smartphone’s web browser. [5]

To learn more about pushing content to Twitter and customizing your posts, visit Sharing content on social media. [3] If you?re new to social media advertising, you?re not sure how much you can afford to spend, or you have a very small team with limited time, you might want to consider Twitter Promote Mode. [9] Too many brands make the mistake of spending little to no time getting to know the Twitter ecosystem. [7] If your aim is to build your audience or use Twitter for something beyond just spreading brand messaging, you have to engage. [7] One of the most popular uses of Twitter for brands is customer service. [7] One of the best strategies to achieve that is to use Twitter video. [7] People use Twitter to voice their opinions, issues and pain points about everything going on in their life. [7] This guide explores different ways you can use Twitter with Squarespace. [3] “Doing and teaching are two different aspects! I had to learn to teach, and the article was so descriptive and clear that I now feel equipped to teach how to use twitter! Thanks [5]

A number of conditions are available to manage your Twitter tickets using business rules. [4] Replies to tickets from Twitter retain the original inbound format. [4]

Most of the spam on Twitter is self-promotional unsolicited messages like this automated DM. [7] Major sporting or television events like the Superbowl, a series finale, or the World Cup draw people to Twitter. [9] This makes it easy to direct people to your Twitter page from online and offline, even verbally. [1] Since people scroll through Twitter quickly, you?ll need get to the point fast. [9]

Twitter offers a number of targeting options to help you choose the right audience for your ad and maximize your budget. [9] According to Twitter’s data, native Twitter videos drive 2.5 times replies, 2.8 times retweets and 1.9 times likes compared to third-party videos. [7] If you’re looking for ways to boost your engagement, start sharing more videos on Twitter. [7] In the early days of Twitter before we had access to all the data and analytics tools we have today, one of the most common ways brands measured success was by follower count. [7] This is a good way for new Twitter advertisers to get started and learn how Twitter bidding works. [9] One of the best ways to get acclimated and participate in the community is to get involved with some relevant Twitter chats. [7] That way, if you need to escalate a customer complaint from Twitter to another department or rep, none of the context from the original conversation gets lost. [7]

To allow Twitter to access your contacts, tap Sync contacts, then follow the on-screen instructions (depending on your smartphone or tablet, this step will vary). [5] Zendesk Support receives a consistent response from Twitter indicating that we are not authorized to access your Twitter account?s content. [4] One point we stress a lot is that Twitter isn’t just a content distribution tool. [7] Want to get some user-generated content on Twitter? Start by creating your own branded hashtag. [7]

Twitter has bare minimum software requirements if you want to install the app on your smartphone. [5] While Twitter can be a great platform to connect with your audience, provide customer support and network, it also has its fair share of trolls. [7] Twitter has recently embraced the feature, integrating them into the platform and making them easier to do right. [25] You can simply tap Don’t Allow or Not now on each of these prompts to deny Twitter access to these features. [5] You need to be aware that your followers don’t all check Twitter at the same time. [7] Twitter is a great place to get the initial contact, but when it’s time to dig into the details, move the conversation to a more private channel. [7] One of the biggest challenges of Twitter is the mass amount of information thrown at you at a single time. [7]

Note: After connecting Twitter to Squarespace, the social icon will automatically display in most templates, but not all of them. [3] Take Hootsuite’s Advanced Social Advertising course to become an advertising pro on all the major social networks–not just Twitter. [9]

The key to using Twitter automation well is to be selective about what and how you automate. [7] It does look like there was an issue where the Twitter authorization was having some issues, but they have since be resolved. [4] We already like storing their twitter ID without any consent. [4]

We?ll spend most of this guide talking about building your own customized Twitter campaigns based on specific business goals. [9] As we mentioned earlier, customers often look to Twitter as a customer support channel. [7] In 2017, Twitter made the decision expand it’s character limit from 140 to 280. [7] The Profile URL is automatically set to lead to your Twitter profile. [3] Start by thinking of what your brand hopes to accomplish on Twitter. [7] Our Product team is aware that customers are anxious to get the 280 character limit added to the Twitter integration. [4] Here’s what’s happening: in order for us to be able to accommodate the new 280 character limit, we need Twitter to update their text library. [4]

You can find out whether you?re eligible to work with a Twitter Sales representative to purchase Promoted Trends by sending a direct message to @TwitterAdsHelp. [9] Currently, at this time, you can’t use a filter with the automatic ticket creation based on your account handle or direct messages from Twitter users that you follow to filter out tickets that contain certain phrases or words. [4] If you respond to any of those tickets trying to use that Twitter account, the tweets won’t go out. [4] If you enable these, the option to manually convert tweets to tickets will no longer be available for that Twitter account. [4] Zendesk Support can monitor one or more Twitter accounts and convert tweets to tickets as needed. [4]

Twitter Cards attach information, like images and product prices, to tweets, letting users preview content within their feeds. Squarespace Commerce sites are optimized for Twitter Cards. [3] Once the user’s Twitter handle is added to their main user profile, any future tweets will be associated with that profile. [4] I believe that if you proactively associate twitter handles with end user accounts then it will automatically associate twitter-created tickets with the correct end user. [4] If the ticket was created from a direct message (DM), then the agents reply from within Zendesk will also be a DM. If the ticket was created from a tweet mentioning your Twitter handle (for example @Zendesk), then the agents reply from within Zendesk will be a reply tweet, threaded to the senders original mention. [4] Once a Twitter user has access to the ticket page, they can add a longer comment than they could have in Twitter given the 280 character limit of a tweet. [4] All tweet activity between agents and Twitter users is added as ticket comments. [4] This automatically converts any public tweet containing your Twitter account handle (for example, @mondocam) to a ticket. [4] This allows the Twitter user to access the ticket page in the Web portal via their Twitter account. [4] Promoted Accounts (also known as Followers campaigns) allow you to promote your Twitter account to targeted Twitter users who don?t yet follow you but might find your content interesting. [9]

The first two conditions help you to determine how active and potentially influential a Twitter user is, which may influence how you manage their tweets. [4] Twitter ads can help you get your message in front of the users who are most likely to be interested in your products, and your brand. [9] We’ve just tried to add a couple of new twitter accounts to Zendesk, but each time we’ve been faced with this error message. [4] If you disconnect that Twitter account from your Zendesk, nothing will happen to the tickets. [4] This setting allows agents to use this Twitter account when replying to a Twitter ticket. [4] Knowing that a Twitter account has been verified may be important to you in determining how to handle Twitter tickets. [4]

The Twitter account no longer permits Zendesk Support to view its timeline and tweet on its behalf. [4] Zendesk Support constantly monitors your Twitter accounts for new public mentions and direct messages. [4] If you receive notification that your Twitter channel has become deauthorized, you need to reauthorize the affected Twitter account in Zendesk Support. [4]

Note: You must be an administrator on your Zendesk account to perform the steps required to set up your Twitter channel. [4] Doing so will add the selected accounts to your “Following” tab; at this point, your Twitter feed will load. [5] Once you complete this section of the setup, you’ll be taken to your Twitter feed where you can begin enjoying your new account. [5]

If you?ve never used Twitter ads before, you?ll need to set up an account. [9] Of course, many of the best practices that apply to organic tweets also apply to Twitter ads–so make sure you incorporate what?s already working for you on Twitter into your Twitter ads. [9] The plant-based food company Lightlife targeted Twitter ads using an audience of people who followed the specific grocery stores in which their products were available. [9] To help guide you, the interface provides an estimated audience size that changes as you add more Twitter ads targeting options to your campaign. [9] As you get more comfortable with Twitter ads, you can split up your campaign to target different audiences, use different creative, or test different budgets and timing. [9] For your first Twitter ads campaign, you?ll probably want to stick to one ad group. [9] Twitter ad campaigns are based on specific business objectives, so the first thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve with your Twitter ads. [9] Factor in the new ultra-simple Twitter ad formats, and it?s a great time to consider running your first Twitter ad. [9]

I’m not 100% sure if all image links are truncated the same way once they make it into Zendesk, but using the first portion of the link (ie: ) could work. [4] This article will detail how to add an image or Media Center trackable link to your social posts. [26] SharpSpring’s social media tools enable you to add images and trackable links directly in the posting window. [26]

Copy the link of the older tweet and paste it under the new thread as if you were going to compose a whole new tweet. [27] If you include a link, be sure it?s clear what the link points to: for example, an article, a product page, or a download. [9] In order for metadata to appear when posting a link in a social post, you must include http:// or https:// in the link. [26]

If you?re using video ads, make sure they?re sharp and compelling–use your video to tell a story that creates interest in your brand. [9] It can be something relevant to what your brand stands for or just something funny and quirky that you can create content around. [7] Effortlessly plan, create, manage and deliver content and campaigns as a team. [7] This will take you to the Create your campaign screen, where you can name your campaign, choose how to pay for it (debit or credit card), set your campaign budget, and choose whether to start the campaign right away or schedule it for later. [9]

I would like an option to create tickets automatically, but with a filter. [4] Now use the template to create the matching three quote graphics. [7]

Type in the password that you want to use for your Twitter account, then tap Next to proceed. [5] Whether you’re just starting out with a fresh Twitter account or have been tasked with growing an account for an established brand, it’s never a bad idea to learn some new tips and tactics to set yourself up for success. [7] It can be an extremely helpful way to be more productive, or turn your Twitter account into a complete chatbot that nobody wants to deal with. [7] To start, you need to add at least one Twitter account to your Twitter channel. [4] You can remove a Twitter account from your Twitter channel by deactivating it or unlinking it. [4]

We have recently set up our Twitter channel and I have a question about user profiles. [4] Use one or more triggers to monitor new support requests that originate from your Twitter channel. [4] Don?t assume it?s a good idea to use all 280 characters–short and to-the-point ad copy can definitely be your friend on the Twitter feed. [9] For a preview of a Twitter Card, use Twitter’s URL validator. [3] That means the Twitter Cards for that tweet is not properly defined. [8] A Twitter thread means that “a series of connected Tweets from one person”. [27]

Twitter lists allow you to organize accounts of interest into groups. [7] Trending topics on Twitter are the most talked about subjects on the social network, appearing on users? timelines, on the Explore tab, and on the Twitter app. Promoted Trends allow you to promote a hashtag at the top of that list. [9] This can happen if the Zendesk Support Twitter app has been removed from your Twitter account?s list of allowed apps. [4] If Zendesk Support cannot connect with your Twitter account, it will send an email notification to all admins on your account. [4]

Half of Twitter users planned to use Twitter while watching the 2018 World Cup. [9] You might want to set Twitter tickets from more highly visible Twitter users to Urgent so that you respond as quickly as possible. [4] Depending on your Twitter settings, you can either receive direct messages from anyone or only from Twitter users you follow. [4]

Twitter ads are a great way to learn what resonates with your audience–from ad format to length of copy and tone of voice. [9] The key to any good ad is a great call to action, and Twitter ads are no different. [9]

When you’re using Twitter for customer care, it’s important to know when to take the conversation off of your Twitter feed and into DM or email support. [7] Your company may have different Twitter handles for different aspects of the company (sales, support, operations, and so on). [4] As a bonus tip, if your brand has multiple Twitter handles, you can include them in your bio as well so people can quickly navigate to them. [7] You can use the Form Block to collect visitors’ Twitter handles. [3]

That’s why we decided to compile a list of some of our favorite Twitter tips for beginners. [7] Here’s another Twitter tip that can help you get more traffic or leads. [7] While these Twitter tips might be geared towards beginners, brands of all sizes can benefit from them. [7]

The University of Manchester?s video views Twitter ad campaigns average view rates over 50 percent. [9] Before you go any further, make sure you have solid social media goals in place and even more specific objectives for this specific Twitter ad campaign. [9]

Make sure you comply with the Twitter ad image sizes for the best results. [9]

For instance, you might check your “Customers” Twitter list first, then your “Influencers” list next. [7] Recently Twitter introduced a new feature called Twitter Thread, its also known as Tweet-storm. [27] This feature only available on the Twitter app for Android and iOS. [27] You can easily break the Twitter’s 280 character limit by this feature. [27]

It’ll help protect sensitive customer information, avoid having conversations from irate customers on your Twitter feed and give you the opportunity to get more details on the situation. [7]

To comply with Twitter?s new stance on tweet automation, we have made changes to how users can schedule social messages to Twitter. [28] On February 21, 2018, Twitter announced a change in their policy on tweet automation in an effort to stop users from artificially amplifying certain messages. [28]

Even if you have not signed up for Twitter, you can browse and read posts from a specific public account by adding the user name after in the address field. [29] If something looks like an ad on Twitter, users will ignore you! That means lower engagement and 2-4x higher costs. [12] Tweet engager : This is a brand new option – it’s kind of like remarketing for Twitter. [12] The original poster is alerted that you’ve liked their tweet, your favorite itself is visible to anyone on Twitter who interacts with that tweet, and your list of Favorites is accessible to everyone from your Twitter profile. [11] Lists help you spend your time more effectively on Twitter because you can more easily find, monitor, and interact with the right people. [13] Once you’re done, sharing your published piece with the right people is going to be a great deal easier, because you’ve already created a list that is easily accessible via Twitter. [13] It works, thanks to a notification that Twitter sends if a user has been added to a list. [13] In this post, you’ll discover my unusual six-step strategy for using Twitter lead generation cards for ludicrously successful lead gen. [12] This simple yet efficient feature allows you to easily group the people and brands you want to follow on Twitter. [13] Regardless of whether the conversation is professional or casual, people communicate and develop relationships on Twitter. [13] Twitter lets you publish very short blurbs quickly and have them syndicated to people following your profile. [30] If you think it’s time for a name change whether to add a level of professionalism to your online persona or you’re just tired of the old name here is our quick-hit guide on how to change your Twitter name. [31] That?s it! You can change your name on Twitter as many times as you?d like following these instructions. [31] Basically Twitter determines if your ads show or not based on your effective CPM. (Your max bid times applicable predicted engagement rate). [12] Luckily, it?s easy to change both your username and display name on Twitter, and there is no limit to how many times you can change them. [31]

Twitter will love taking your money, but these campaigns won’t help you achieve any of your marketing objectives as you waste your budget. [12] You can refer to the Twitter Help Center for more details regarding username restrictions. [31]

Twitter can generate qualified leads at a lower cost than most of the other major ad platforms. [12] All the major platforms, except for Twitter, have a “universal tag” – where you put in one tag on your site so you can figure out the conversions just by typing in the URL. [12]

Whichever way you look at it, Twitter is a great way to collect and share information. [13] Twitter, of course, doesn’t need to complicate its product with sentiment buttons, but it did need a way to save things you don’t “love.” [11]

Twitter today is publicly launching its “Bookmarks” feature, which has been in testing since late last year, following the company’s HackWeek project dubbed #SaveForLater. [11] Twitter is a place where you’ll be rewarded if your brand shows it can have a bit of fun (within good taste, of course), or you’ll be ignored if you go all corporate. [12] When YouTube sensation, Je Jarre, created a GoFundMe, he made sure to promote his GoFundMe frequently on Twitter. [14]

With or without an account, it is possible to write posts and follow other Twitter users over S.M.S. text on a feature phone that has texting capability and a data plan. [29] Twitter users sometimes found it uncomfortable to use the Favorite button for saving tweets because of the nature of the tweet’s content. [11] Twitter users have worked around the problem of not having a way to privately save tweets by doing things like DM’ing tweets to themselves, saving them in Notepad, emailing them, opening them in a new tab, and other tricks. [11] When you want to view your saved tweets, you’ll tap your Profile icon to reveal the menu where the Bookmarks list will be found alongside other options like Twitter Lists and Moments. [11]

If you use multiple Twitter accounts in CoSchedule : You will only be able to schedule a social message to one Twitter account at a time. [28] To add a different Twitter account to your social message, you will first have to deselect the original Twitter account, then add the new account. [28] When creating a social message, if you already have a Twitter account selected and then select another, you will receive an error message. [28] Because of this, tools like CoSchedule will no longer allow publishing the same message to multiple Twitter accounts. [28]

Adding a new Twitter account works the same way here as it does on the “List Settings” page. [30] Your new username can only contain alphanumerical characters and must omit both the words “Twitter” and “Admin” unless you?re using an official Twitter account. [31] A. Using the Twitter app on a smartphone or a computer is a popular way to keep up with the state of the world in 280-character posts. [29]

Again, if you wish to get a list of users who are associated with any certain Twitter list, don’t waste a minute and use ScoutZen. [13] For instance, I use Twitter lists to support our speakers’ content, because our perpetually flowing Twitter feeds make it easy to miss something important. [13] Another great way of utilizing Twitter lists is to use them to track potential leads for any kind of event. [13] If Twitter lists aren’t the best way of informing a target audience about your brand, then I don’t know what is. [13] Now that you’ve got yours, here are some ways you can put Twitter lists to work. [13] Twitter lists are a way for you to gain someone’s trust in order to nurture a meaningful professional connection, as you will always be there to give a shout-out to a newly published piece. [13]

Twitter has a set of S.M.S. commands, described in its online help guide and a frequently asked questions page, that let you perform basic actions, like following or unfollowing another Twitter user. [29]

To share the link to your signup form in a tweet, follow these steps. [10] To share your signup form link in a Facebook post, follow these steps. [10] Depending on your needs, you may want to embed a signup form on your Facebook Page or just share a link to your form in a Timeline post. [10]

This can be linked on your page by using either the social media buttons which can added in a block on the page or in the social media icons which can be placed in the header, side, page links or footer of the page. [32] In this article, you’ll learn how to copy and paste your signup form URL to share on social media, your website, or anywhere else you can add a link. [10] You?ll then want to add your campaign link into your bio, so your friends, family, and community know how to find your campaign. [14]

Recently, Snapchat added a new feature that allows users to easily share links. [14] When sending your GoFundMe link, make sure to add a relevant photo or video to your Snapchat. [14] You can post your GoFundMe link as a LinkedIn status to share with your network. [14] When sending the link, you can include a bit about why your campaign is so important to you and even ask them to share on your behalf with their networks (if they feel comfortable doing so). [14]

Twitter ad campaigns can deliver a great return on your investment once you master the Twitter ads quality score algorithm. [12] If you’ve never tried tailored audiences on Twitter, then you’ve never actually used Twitter ads campaigns to their full potential. [13]

If you have duplicate messages in a ReQueue group that are sending to multiple Twitter accounts, we recommend removing any of the duplicates to guarantee that you are being compliant with Twitter’s new automation changes. [28] What makes Twitter lists even more exciting is that you can view content shared by members of a particular list. [13] Twitter lists are a wonderful feature – one that’s often overlooked by marketers, even though Twitter lists been around since 2009. [13]

Never, ever use Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards for lead generation. [12] Luckily, there are various tools that can assist you in finding people’s Twitter handles using their email address. [13] Note: This can also be done using the Twitter app on your phone or tablet. [31]

Adding users’ Twitter handles or direct profile URLs, separated by a comma. [13]

Twitter also looks at other information like who reported the tweet, and whether or not the offending user has a history of abuse or harassment on the platform. [33] Twitter can hide your tweet from users in a specific country, assuming that the content of the tweet violates local laws. [33] The enormity of this quality-control conundrum helps explain why Twitter frequently fails, at least initially, to remove tweets that users report for harassment–some including allusions to death or rape–even though they would appear to violate its community standards. [16] We want our help our users avoid any problems with Twitter that could lead to their accounts being suspended or blocked. [34] In addition to crackdowns on certain users, Twitter has been deleting so-called “locked accounts” as part of its larger initiative to cleanse the platform of bots. [15] Twitter has also been more proactive since the election in banning accounts and removing verifications, particularly of white nationalists and alt-right leaders such as Richard Spencer. (The blue check mark signifying a verified user was originally designed to confirm identity but has come to be interpreted as an endorsement.) [16] If you are creating a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter post, you can use the @ symbol to mention or tag other accounts. [35] For instance, Twitter previously blocked identical posts to the same account only if the posts were attempted within the same 12 hour period. [34]

“Please can someone smart make a new website where there’s only 140 characters and no Nazis?” one user tweeted shortly after Twitter introduced 280-character tweets in November. [16] The punishments range in severity, from generally painless (Twitter will use its algorithm to show your tweet to fewer people) to the particularly painful (a lifetime ban). [33] Twitter can use its algorithm to ensure that your tweet reaches a smaller audience. [33] This limitation applies regardless of whether the Tweets are published to Twitter at the same time, or are scheduled/queued for future publication. [34] “No court would have judged these tweets illegal, but a Twitter employee under pressure did,” Hohmann says. (The company apparently even deleted an old tweet by one of NetzDG’s architects, Heiko Maas, in which he called another politician an idiot.) [16] Twitter largely tolerated automated accounts on the platform; a knowledgeable source recalls the company once sending a cease-and-desist letter to a bot farmer, which was disregarded, a symbol of its anemic response to this issue.) [16] Using technology to identify nefarious bots is a thorny matter, but Twitter could label all automated accounts as such, which wouldn’t hobble legitimate feeds but would make it tougher for Russian bots to pose as heartland Trump supporters. [16] Twitter can temporarily lock you out of your account until you verify your identity — using either a phone number or email. [33] The company’s handling of political figures was tested last week after Twitter restricted the account of right-wing media personality Alex Jones. [15] Twitter rules prohibit duplicate updates on a single account. [34]

That was until recently, when Twitter rewrote its user guidelines to help people understand what will and will not get them banned. [33] It also enhanced its muting and blocking features and introduced an opt-in tool that allows users to filter out what Twitter has determined to be “lower-quality content. [16] Twitter can block you from sending another user a private message if you?ve sent messages to that user that violate company rules. [33] As the video continued, his feed filled with anti-Semitic and homophobic insults, caustic complaints from users who fear Twitter is silencing their beliefs, and plaintive cries for the company to stop racism. [16] Recode Twitter hasn?t always been clear about why it punishes its users — as a formal policy, the company refuses to comment about individual users, and its rules have historically been vague. [33] Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey believes he has not been transparent enough about his goals for the company, even as it reviews its policies on disciplining users for violating the platform’s rules. [15] Getting a Twitter bot up and running takes minimal effort, which is why it’s important that services like Twitter protect its users from evil-doers. [36] These are profiles that Twitter locks if they exhibit suspicious behavior like tweeting a large amount of unsolicited replies or mentioning users en masse. [15] The stakes are particularly high for Twitter, given that enabling breaking news and global discourse is key to both its user appeal and business model. [16] Though Twitter was rocketing toward 100 million users during 2011, its antispam team included just four dedicated engineers. [16] Twitter’s trust and safety group, responsible for safeguarding users, was run by Del Harvey, Twitter employee No. 25. [16] Twitter verifies users of public interest so that you know you?re hearing from the real celebrity or athlete (or journalist!), not an imposter. [33] These punishments aren?t new, but a quick poll in Recode ?s office confirmed that most people — even Twitter diehards — may not be aware of how many different techniques Twitter uses to try and keep people in line. [33] Twitter could also do more to discourage people from creating objectionable content in the first place by making its rules more visible and digestible. [16] Twitter is now poised to enforce this policy much more aggressively by restricting all duplicate content posting, even if it the posts are made even days or weeks apart. [34] Warner suggested several broad policy prescriptions, including antitrust and data privacy regulations, but the one with the greatest potential effect on Twitter and its rivals would be to make them liable for the content on their platforms. [16] For all the ways in which the Imposter Buster saga is unique, it’s also symptomatic of larger issues that have long bedeviled Twitter: abuse, the weaponizing of anonymity, bot wars, and slow-motion decision making by the people running a real-time platform. [16] Learn how to market via Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and more advertising platforms! This must have course has a 4.7 rating out of 1,226 ratings with more than 12 thousand students enrolled. [37] Twitter is not alone in wrestling with the fact that its product is being corrupted for malevolence: Facebook and Google have come under heightened scrutiny since the presidential election, as more information comes to light revealing how their platforms manipulate citizens, from Cambridge Analytica to conspiracy videos. [16] It began with Twitter but later spread to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. [37] If you’re posting to Facebook or Twitter, you can post up to four images in one social post. [35] You can publish social posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. [35]

Twitter did not fully appreciate the novelty of the 2016 attack against comedian Leslie Jones, which virally spread screenshots of fake, Photoshopped tweets purporting to show divisive things she had shared. [16] Twitter removed this option from TweetDeck and all apps must follow by March 23. [34] You can use a wide array of Instagram and Twitter tools to get the most out of our hashtag strategy. [37] By the time Dorsey’s tenure got under way, Twitter had gotten a better handle on some of the verbal pollution plaguing the service. [16] This is a great introduction, however I must say that coming up with useful ways to utilize the Twitter API with these bots is the harder part. [36] Update: Here?s another way Twitter can punish you: It can remove your verification badge. [33] To that end, we?re making some changes to and the way we handle posting to Twitter. [34]

How did Twitter get into this mess? Why is it only now addressing the malfeasance that has dogged the platform for years? “Safety got away from Twitter,” says a former VP at the company. [16] Twitter can put you in time-out — what the company calls “read-only” mode — if it thinks you are going on a bit of a rampage. [33] Rosenberg, who considers his effort good citizenship rather than vigilantism, still isn’t sure why Twitter found it unacceptable; he never received an explanation directly from the company. [16] “We are committed to making Twitter safer,” the company pledged in its February shareholder letter. [16] Twitter, meanwhile, had just 3,317 employees across the entire company at the end of 2017, a fraction of whom are dedicated to improving “information quality. [16] Hundreds of bots were used in Brazil’s 2014 presidential election to spread political propaganda on Twitter, leading a company executive to visit the country and meet with members of its National Congress. [16] “They’re drafting!” The company was the only one to miss the January 8 deadline for providing answers to the Intelligence Committee’s inquiries, and, making matters worse, Twitter disclosed weeks later that Kremlin-linked bots managed to generate more than 450 million impressions, substantially higher than the company previously reported. [16]

The few engineers in Harvey’s group had built some internal tools to enable her team to more quickly remove illegal content such as child pornography, but they weren’t prepared for the proliferation of harassment on Twitter. [16] It might do this if you post something in violation of the rules, something that Twitter wants you to delete. [33] Twitter can hide your profile if you post photos or information that violate its policies. [33]

Their targets continued to file harassment reports, and last December Twitter once again blacklisted Imposter Buster, this time for good. [16] Many people who worked for Twitter want not a metric but a mea culpa. [16] Now Twitter is saying, formally, that it will take away that verification if people violate the company?s rules. [33]

The occasional cries from financial analysts for CEO Jack Dorsey to sell Twitter or from critics for him to shut it down look more and more out of step. [16] Twitter can also block you from tweeting if you?ve sent someone a private message that violates its rules. [33] When Twitter landed massive ad deals from the Republican nominee, left-leaning employees complained to the sales team that it should stop accepting Trump’s “bullshit money. [16] Animated GIFs will play on Twitter and Google+, and will not play on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. [35] He saved his harshest words for Twitter, which he said has dragged its feet far more than Facebook or Google. [16]

The ongoing, unresolved disputes over what Twitter should allow on its platform continued to flare into the fall. [16] There are many things Twitter can do to protect its platform. [16]

Although Twitter made some progress in releasing new products, including Moments and its live-video features, it struggled to refresh its core experience. [16] Working with Neal Chandra, a San Francisco–based developer he’d never met, he created an automated Twitter bot called Imposter Buster. [16] ” It invited other organizations to participate in this process, and Twitter says it will reveal its first partners in July. [16] One week later, Dorsey continued to acknowledge past missteps during a 47-minute live video broadcast on Twitter. [16]

The company told CNBC that Jones’ Twitter account now has temporary “limited functionality,” meaning the account can’t be used to tweet or retweet, but it can still be used to read others’ posts. [15] If you are like many major brands, and recycle the same tweet more than once on a single Twitter account – you?re now in danger of suspension or termination from Twitter. [34] If you?re used to simultaneously publishing or scheduling tweets across multiple twitter accounts, you?ll no longer be able to do this. [34]

If you manage more than one twitter account – you can no longer post the same or similar original content to those accounts. [34]

There are a couple strategies that can be used for the Default URL. If the content in the app is also available on a website, one option is to include the link to the website so users can still view the content from a browser. [17] Another option is to the take iOS users to the Apple App Store page for the third-party app. This will make it easy for users to download the app. You can find this link by navigating to the store page for the app in iTunes or on the web. [17] This can also be a link to the Google Play store page for the third-party app. This will make it easy for users to download the app. This link can be found by navigating to the store page for the app on Google Play or on the web. [17] Follow App to App Linking allows an app user to open another app on their device from a Bluebridge app. This link can simply launch the other app or open to a specific section within the app. App to App Linking is especially powerful because it recognizes what operating system the user has – iOS or Android – and adjusts the link accordingly. [17]

If you own a branded short domain on Bitly, you can connect your Bitly account to HubSpot to use your branded short domain for links in social posts. [35] Start by finding the member id of the account you would like to link to. [17]

Any images or videos inserted into the post will replace the image generated in the post preview if you have a content link. [35] Once you’ve added the content link, a post preview will be generated from the content metadata. [35] The Android Default URL can link to a website if the content is also available online. [17] The App Scheme URL is the link that will launch the third-party app. App Scheme URLs have the capability to not only launch an app, but also open to a specific section of an app depending on the functionality that is supported in the third-party app. [17] Select copy link and paste this link into the Mobile App Studio for the iOS Default URL. [17]

On the web – Open the iTunes Preview page for the app (this can be found by Googling the app) and copy the link in the web browser. [17]

A share link is an easy way for you to invite people to join your group. [18] This will insert the title and link of your content directly into your social post. [35] If you want to share content that isn’t hosted on HubSpot, enter the link to the content directly into the text box. [35]

You can read the company?s formal list of punishments at the link above, but we?ve also summarized them below. [33] By default, the HubSpot social tool will shorten links in your social post to a link. [35]

Use HubSpot’s social tool to create and publish social posts to p romote your blog content or landing page offers on social media, i ncrease traffic to your website, and reap the SEO benefits of being active on social media. [35] Bitly isn?t specifically designed for users to create multiple Bitlinks for a single long URL, unless you have the campaigns feature. [19] ” It took just seconds to create an account to harass someone, but reporting that abuse required filling out a time-consuming form. [16]

Starting in December 2016, it inserted itself into the same Twitter threads as the hoax accounts and politely exposed the trolls’ masquerade (“FYI, this account is a racist impersonating a Jew to defame Jews”). [16] The CEO highlighted political dialogue on the site as some of the most contentious, but added that other Twitter users, like those about sports or music, tend to be more civil. [15] Rosenberg, a senior writer for Jewish-focused news-and-culture website Tablet Magazine, had become a leading target of anti-Semitic Twitter users during his reporting on the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. [16]

The following summer, in the U.K., after activist Caroline Criado-Perez campaigned to get a woman’s image featured on the 10-pound note, her Twitter feed was deluged with trolls sending her 50 rape threats per hour. [16]

Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. [21] How long until Twitter expands user handles from 15 characters to. well, longer? It?s a move that might not happen for a while, though, given today?s mixed response to the news, combined with the fact that verified users lose their tick when they change their usernames. (The service has decided to halt verifying accounts for now.) [38] Promoted accounts are those paid for by an advertiser that Twitter places in targeted users’ “Who to Follow” list. [21] The next, and final, step on the list here is to breathe deep, because you?ve now put into a place a nice little safeguard against the malicious users out there who often make Twitter such an unpleasant place to be. [39] Twitter ( TWTR ) is a social media company that provides a network connecting users to people, information, ideas, opinions, and news. [21] Many users embraced the change, though some also questioned why Twitter was adding somewhat gimmicky features when it could be working on tackling its more serious issues on the platform (particularly as it?s facing backlash for verifying Jason Kessler, the organizer behind the United the Right rally in Charlottesville, which resulted in the death of protester Heather Heyer ). [38] Twitter quietly rolled out a feature that punishes users if they direct curse words at a lawmaker. [21] Twitter is a microblog which allows users to publish short messages of 280 characters of less. [40]

Twitter bookmarks will let you save tweets — maybe something with an attached video or long read — that you don?t have time for right at that minute. [41] The update today comes hot off of Twitter doubling the amount of characters you could have in a tweet to 280. [38] Twitter has named four companies “official data resellers,” and these companies have direct access to all tweets. [21] If you?re on Twitter period, it?s a good idea to take precautions around your tweet history. [39] Before you settle on a service to wipe your Twitter history, you might want to consider archiving your tweets. [39]

@m0rinskiMD pls report. if only reporting in twitter could block people to use the internet wholly and permanently. [40] If you have a super long name or just want more room for all your seasonal-themed display names, Twitter now lets you use up to 50 characters in your name, up from the original 20. [38] Find out how small- and medium-sized businesses around the world use Twitter to gain new business. [21]

Vague Questions and Vaguer Answers from Twitter and Facebook on Capitol Hill The first step is articulating the problem. [41] @MetricButtload logged in to twitter on my laptop for the first time in months. totally unusable. text runs off the screen. meh. [40] Twitter has continued to court controversy in recent times due to its enduring harassment problems. [38] In the event you?ve only tweeted less than 3,200 times, or you?ve now set into motion the blissful obliteration of your Twitter history, you need to settle on an automatic delete schedule. [39]

Television shows and digital media brands are heavily invested in Twitter data, often promoting live tweeting as a means to gauge interest and response during event coverage or a broadcast. [21] On June 7, 2018, S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that Twitter would replace Monsanto Company ( MON ) in the S&P 500’s top U.S. index of public companies, effectively retiring the Monsanto brand name. [21]

Sometimes we still find Twitter occasionally enjoyable, like when we all get to watch a rocket launch together. [39] Which is good news if you, like Ted Cruz, enjoy watching porn on Twitter. [41]

Twitter and Facebook have both had a meteoric rise, but the firms have used different strategies to achieve success. [21] Twitter Finally Bans Alex Jones Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify did this weeks ago. [41] Analysts are predicting Twitters stock price to halve as Facebooks popularity for advertisers grows. [21] We do have a separate product, Reply, which allows you to engage with your audience on Twitter & Facebook. [42]

There are many services out there designed to help you manage your Twitter history and wipe it clean. [39] Twitter now offers its advertising platform in 200 countries. [21] If you?re a Twitter diehard, this feature might sound familiar to you. [41] In just six years, Twitter has not only revolutionized social media but also the relationship between consumers and businesses. [21]

You sign in with your Twitter account, authorize the app, and then check the box that reads, “Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule.” [39] The first hurdle that must be acknowledged is that Twitter?s application programming interface, which is the software toolkit that allows developers to access your Twitter account and tinker with it, only allows the mass deletion of up to 3,200 tweets for reasons I cannot explain. [39]

Twitter users are able to post their tweets from from numerous devices and platforms, including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone devices and traditional computers. [40]

You can link your Facebook account to your existing account. [41] When you add og:image:width and og:image:height to your existing Open Graph tags, it gives Facebook just enough information to generate the preview you want, even the very first time a link is shared. [43] Facebook stores that info, and then when you get around to actually sharing the link, they’re able to generate the preview even the very first time you share it. [43]

The reason it didn’t generate an image is because that link had never been shared on Facebook before. [43] If you want your Facebook links to look as good as possible, then you’ve gotta know how certain parts of your metadata work. [43]

The link that we want to use in our HTML code is the Direct link. [44] The first method is to add an additional piece of information to your OG tags: the height and width of the image you want to use in your link preview. [43] As for the image that shows up in your link preview, WordPress gives you the option to add a Featured Image to your post. [43] Facebook wants to make sure that it only pulls the most accurate information when generating link previews, including images, which is why it generates the previews it displays in the News Feed using information it gathers from your site’s metadata. [43] Now, whenever we publish a new blog post, we just plug the URL into Facebook’s Sharing Debugger as soon as it’s live, and we know that the link preview will generate without a hitch when anyone (including us!) shares that URL on Facebook. [43] OG tags are what allow Facebook to take a boring ol’ URL and transform it into a beautiful link preview. [43] When you plug a URL into this tool, it pre-loads all the information Facebook needs in order to generate a link preview in the future. [43]

We do this so that each icon will link to the social media pages that we want. [44] The second method for making sure your link previews work is to use Facebook’s Sharing Debugger. [43] If you want to customize the different elements of your link previews, like the image or the meta description, you can do that by hand by editing your OG tags. [43] Now, let’s say you plug your link in the Sharing Debugger, but the link preview doesn’t look the way you want. [43] In the past, this has been about as complicated as it got but in 2017 and 2018, Facebook has made changes to how link previews and tags work. [43]

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