How To Like Comments On Facebook

How To Like Comments On Facebook
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  • The importer can grab the Facebook User ID number, name as it appears on Facebook, and the content of comment (including photo) of every user who Comments or Likes.(More…)
  • Some users believe that brands delete negative comments from Facebook to save reputation, so they post feedbacks at personal pages.(More…)
  • It is on the same line as the Like, Comment, and Share buttons and will have a dropdown arrow next to it.(More…)
  • It’s likely Facebook is toying with using comment rating buttons to encourage a more broad crowdsourcing effort to help it with the myriad, complex content moderation challenges associated with its platform.(More…)
  • Pay attention to how you write Facebook comments on behalf of your brand.(More…)
  • Reduces friction because most people will already be signed into Facebook and can, therefore, leave a comment without needing to input any information like the native WordPress comments form.(More…)
  • Learn how to add a Facebook comments section to the bottom of your Blog Posts.(More…)
  • Facebook will then combine this new signal with signals of how relevant the story might be to each individual, to predict if they might like it.(More…)
  • Facebook Comments boost engagements by allowing visitors to share their thoughts on your content.(More…)
  • Whenever you have a positive interaction with someone offline which I hope you have from time to time ? – this is an opportunity to ask for an online favor such as a Facebook like or review.(More…)
  • Showing Christina?s stats and saying that getting your targeted audience to follow & like your post on your Facebook page is better than getting mobs of people that?s just interested in that one post or place.(More…)


  • Aforementioned content types will engage consumers and make them want to interact with your Facebook brand page.(More…)
  • Developing a track record for posts with high engagement tells Facebook they should show your posts to more people which will help you bring in a larger audience and new customers.(More…)
  • I would reinvent a wheel if said that different content types could help your Facebook page find new lease of life; however, it’s so.(More…)
  • Leads – After you?ve established a Facebook fanbase via your page, you can post offers occasionally that will result in a direct response.(More…)
  • In the case of Lawrence?s company Great Black Speakers, many people undoubtedly like the page because it expresses the inspirational ideas of black leaders and famous figures from African-American history.(More…)
  • The absolute best way to get likes for your Page without spending a penny is to post content that your fans will LOVE (sounds so obvious, but keep reading!).(More…)
  • Marsha, thanks for sharing this case study: it’s very interesting especially considering that Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive thus getting organic reach is a more valuable skill.(More…)



The importer can grab the Facebook User ID number, name as it appears on Facebook, and the content of comment (including photo) of every user who Comments or Likes. [1] Use the Comment/Like Importer to import a Facebook Status Update?s Comments and Likes into a ShortStack list. [1] Viral publishers again claim the most comments on Instagram (even outranking the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner), but they are more focused than their Facebook counterparts. [2]

Some users believe that brands delete negative comments from Facebook to save reputation, so they post feedbacks at personal pages. [3] Did this post help you? Have you found a different way to comment personally on your Facebook company page? Let me know in the comments. [4] That?s it! You may get a notification that will take you directly to the post if you have a new comment on your Facebook ad, but it?s good not to rely on this completely. [5] At the time of this update, the Android version of the Facebook app doesn’t allow you to comment as yourself. [4] I’ll show you how to comment as yourself personally and as the Facebook company page that you are managing, and I’ll show you how to do this from a desktop computer and from a mobile phone. [4]

As a marketer, you need to advocate buzzing about your business; for that, do your best to communicate with the Facebook audience so they could trust you, like you, and talk about you. [3] It?s important for advertisers to engage with potential customers, respond to comments, and invite those who “like? the post to like their page. [5] Facebook’s machine learning algorithm, based off of a derivative of Edgerank, is going to reward businesses that post great content that leads people to react, Like and comment on it. [6] Facebook will be down-ranking Pages that share posts goading the user into interacting with likes, shares, comments, and other actions. 6 Facebook, 2017. [7] On Facebook especially, it’s essential to post things that people want to share, like and comment on posting links rarely gets much engagement. [8] Facebook will show fewer posts that explicitly ask for Likes, comments, or shares 39 Facebook, 2014. [7] Facebook found that many people don’t feel inclined to Like, comment on, or share a video even when they enjoyed the video. [7] Encourage sharing! Facebook frowns on using a call-to-action with the words Like, Comment, or Share. [8] Likes and comments are great, but the most valuable interaction you can get on Facebook is a share. [8]

A simple Like or comment on another brand?s post can help draw their attention and open up opportunities to work together to cross-promote your businesses so you both gain more Facebook Likes. [9] Responding to comments and messages on Facebook from customers with support questions can be a great way to increase Facebook likes. [10]

Facebook has quietly given users the ability to “react” to people’s comments on the social network, in the same way they can react to posts. [6] People are going to notice when you have a Facebook account with a million fans and only 2 or 3 comments on your latest post. [6] If someone comments on a post you made and you’d rather not have the comment there or you make a comment on Facebook you later want to delete, you can delete it from Facebook. [11]

Even though Facebook no longer allows your business to require contest entrants to Like your page to enter, Instagram and Twitter have no such barrier. [10] It?s about getting more likes by being a good Facebook citizen and working to create content that has real value for an audience that will provide plenty of value for your brand in return. [9] You can, for instance, analyze job titles, education, common likes of your Facebook fans or any other audience like people with a specific interest or part of a custom audience. [6] Great conversationalists know that people often just want the chance to talk about themselves… so treat Facebook followers like real friends. [12] Remember the more likes you have, the better Facebook will find similar people so if this tactic is not working for you currently, you may want to try it again a year from now when you’ll have a higher number of Likes. [6] Designer Ana Bermejo uses the same handle across social networks and includes the icons on her business cards so contacts know where to find and Like her on social, including Facebook. [9] Facebook makes it easy to invite personal Facebook connections to like your business Page, but be careful about how you use this feature. [9]

Just like with other types of communication on Facebook, the best live videos engage members of the audience and encourage them to interact. [12] You should also encourage employees to like your Facebook Page–both so that they can stay up-to-date with what you?re promoting as a brand, and as part of a larger employee advocacy strategy. [9] There?s no getting around it: getting more Likes is a critical part of your Facebook marketing strategy. [9] Simply aiming for “more Likes” is not really a great Facebook marketing goal–how will you know when you?ve achieved it? Instead, you should create goals based on S.M.A.R.T. principles, meaning they?re specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. [9]

It is on the same line as the Like, Comment, and Share buttons and will have a dropdown arrow next to it. [4] Here are some contest ideas for your Facebook page : caption contest, comment to win, selfie contest, Q&A contest, etc. Choose those syncing with your brand strategy most. [3] Frustrated that you can’t find the comments on your Facebook ads? I was too. [5] For business pages, it’s crucial to understand how to write Facebook comments so consumers would respond and feel the loyalty of a brand. [3] To trigger positive feedback on your product or service, you might want to learn how to write Facebook comments on behalf of your business page. [3]

It’s likely Facebook is toying with using comment rating buttons to encourage a more broad crowdsourcing effort to help it with the myriad, complex content moderation challenges associated with its platform. [13] To wit: Facebook is currently testing arrows to let users ‘up’ vote or ‘down’ vote individual comments in some of its international markets. [13]

On Facebook, viral publishers like UNILAD, the LAD bible, and VT get followers talking, while on Instagram, more niche publishers like the Shade Room, Worldstar Hip Hop, and 9gag have the chattiest followers. [2] Try posting every hour, every two hours, etc. Look at the data in your Facebook analytics and watch the number of ‘net likes’ you are getting each day – this measures the number of likes you have gained, minus the number of unlikes. [12] Sending that traffic to Facebook can result in massive spikes in your total number of Likes. [10] While Facebook has changed a lot recently, most of these findings are still very actual as like ads have not changed much since then. [6] You can?t get so focused on Likes that you lose sight of what Facebook is all about. [9] Understanding the Facebook algorithm is key to increasing your organic reach–in other words, getting your Page and your posts in front of more people who could potentially give you a Like. [9]

A post like this is highly relevant, increases the overall quality of your audience’s news feed and creates Likes, shares, and comments. [6] Any users share or post anything like status,photos or comment with their wish or they like it in the first place on their mind. [14] If you say Liking the Status Update is worth five points and Commenting is worth 10 points, a user who Likes the post and Comments twice would have 25 points. [1]

With recent algorithm changes diminishing organic reach, getting your audience to engage with your content, comment on it, share it and Like it is actually more critical than ever. [6] While the entire video is close to 30 seconds long, Everlane delivers its CTA in text right at the outset, including date, time, and location: “The stage is set. 5/13-5/22; 11am-7pm daily; 83 Wooster St., NYC.” 171 Likes, 11 comments, 6 shares, and 7.9K total views reflect viewers’ strong level of engagement. [6]

Notifications alert a Facebook user every time a page makes a post, just like a user is alerted to a post on their wall or a comment a friend makes on their posts. [15] This post was pivotal for Buffer, netting them 1,000+ new Facebook followers, 872 shares, 281 comments, 8,362 likes, and a reach of 211,631 users. [16] While posts asking outright for comments, tags or likes was once the norm, Facebook recognizes how these posts often serve as spam. [17] In order to do well, a post on Facebook must now encourage “meanful interactions?, which means that Facebook-ers must like it enough to write a sentence or two in the comments about it. [18]

You must be a moderator, editor, or administrator to comment or like as your Facebook Business Page on another Facebook Page?s post. [19] If you navigate directly to a Facebook Page to comment, you will continue to Comment or Like as your page selected on step 3 until you repeat step 3 or navigate away from the Facebook page. [19] You can comment and like as your Facebook Page directly from your Newsfeed, or by navigating to a specific Facebook Page. [19] To get started, simply open the Facebook page and select Reply underneath the comment you would like to respond to. [20] Leave it in the comments!” Or: “This is a Facebook page like thread. [21]

Pay attention to how you write Facebook comments on behalf of your brand. [3]

Facebook contests are the easiest way to get people excited about your brand, your products, and draw new users in to Like your Facebook Page. [10] This can be a great option for a post that?s already proved to be compelling by bringing in a large number of Facebook Likes from people who already follow your Page. [9] Since this post is about how to get Facebook Likes, we?ll focus on the Engagement objective, which is designed to expose your ad to a wide audience to increase the number of post or Page Likes. [9] You?ll also start to get a sense of how many Facebook Likes you can aim for–both for your Page and for individual posts. [9]

The people you already communicate with through channels like email or an opt-in newsletter are a great potential audience for your Facebook Page. [9] If you want more people to like your Facebook Page, you need to engage with those who already do. [9] This is a simple concept that deserves repeating: people can?t like your Facebook Page if they can?t find it. [9]

Respond to each comment in a personal way, like you would a friend. [12] Check the Import Comment Likes as Votes box to count each “Like” a user comment receives as a vote. [1] If you?re importing Comments or both Comments and Likes in step 4, use the drop-down menu to choose whether you?d like to import the Comments into an Entry Description or Text Area field. [1] I mean for god?s sake, you share things on your wall so others could like, comment, appreciate. [14] Check the Award Extra Points/Votes box to enter a custom number of “points” to assign to Comments and Likes. [1] Select whether you?d like to import Comments and Likes, Comments only, or Likes only. [1] Note: If you checked the Import Comment Likes as Votes box, the Like count for a comment will be added to any bonus points. [1] Focused publishers like E! News (617,000 comments) and Complex (475,000) were more successful. [2] Well to be honest i haven?t like any of my photo or comments. [14]

When we looked at the top Facebook Pages which are creating original content and driving actual, non-spam comments, the Pages that focus on relatable memes drove the most comments in January 2018. [2] Unanswered comments or questions on a Facebook Page can be a huge deterrent for potential new fans. [9] Rather its focus is on giving users more granular controls to rate comments on Facebook posts. [13] It’s not certain whether the company will commit to rolling out the feature in this form a spokesman told us this is an early test, with no decision made on whether to roll it out for Facebook’s 2.2BN+ user base but its various tests in this area suggest it’s interested in having another signal for rating or ranking comments. [13]

The only downside is that you could be targeting some Facebook Pages that bought fake Likes thus targeting thousands of fake users. [6] A “Like” on your Facebook Page is not just a vanity metric – it signifies a real person showing interest in your business and wanting to learn more and hear more from you. [10] By utilising these methods (and some others) i have been able to get millions of likes and shares on my Facebook page. [6] Select the Facebook Page of the Status Update you?d like to import. [1] Adding another interest, such as “running” or “swimming” — or the name of a particular Facebook page, like “TCS New York City Marathon” could narrow the field down even further. [6] Using a Facebook ads manager like AdEspresso, select “all of these” instead of “any of these” after adding a short list of user interests (here, we tested Adidas and Nike). [6] With more than 60 million active Facebook business Pages on the network, there?s also a lot of competition for those all-important Likes. [9] Be on the leading edge of Facebook’s updates by following their media updates and blogs like Mashable, Ad Week, eMarketer, and Moz. [12] Facebook Likes are still an extremely valuable asset for your page or business. [6] Last year, we dove into campaign data to show you the best ways to get more Facebook Likes –because, let’s face it, it’s pretty embarrassing when your posts have zero reactions. [6] This post isn’t about your getting more engagement, but rather increasing Facebook Likes. [10] To start collecting more Facebook Likes with a contest of your own, check out our post on how to run a successful Facebook contest. [9] The main methods that I have utilised in the past to increase the amount of Facebook likes that I get on my page. [6] On that note, if you seriously want to increase Facebook Likes and you don?t already have a Facebook video strategy, it?s time to create one. [9] Facebook only like real likes and users so that’s why it?s important to get real Facebook like for Facebook page. [6] We tested 5 of the most effective ways to get more Facebook Likes with advertising in a real-world scenario and, below, we analyze how you can use each one of them to grow your Facebook Page. [6] We wrote another post to outline what’s changed, what it means for your Like campaigns, and why you (still) shouldn’t be buying Facebook Likes. [6] A study published in the journal Management Science found that posts with photos receive significantly more Facebook Likes than text-only posts. [9] How many Facebook Likes does your business Page have? If you?re immersed in social media marketing, you probably know this number off the top of your head. [9] If you’re now convinced that it makes sense for your business to acquire new, targeted Likes, you’ll be happy to know that we tested with our own money 5 of the most effective way to target users with Advertising to get more Facebook Likes. [6] Learning from your mistakes, amplifying your successes, and giving your followers content you know they?ll enjoy are key ways to boost the quality of your content, and lead to–you guessed it–more Facebook Likes. [9] Putting your brand in front of your ideal audience is a great way to pick up more Facebook Likes. [9] Overall, targeting your customers through Custom Audiences to get more Facebook Likes is highly suggested, especially if you have a business with a lot of repeated purchases. [6]

Reduces friction because most people will already be signed into Facebook and can, therefore, leave a comment without needing to input any information like the native WordPress comments form. [22] Understanding potential benefits, many renowned sites like IMDb use Facebook Comments. [23] Facebook used to only look at the total number of Likes on a post when ranking it in the News Feed. [7] Facebook to update the way Page likes are counted, removing the likes of memorialized accounts and deactivated accounts 29 Facebook, 2015. [7] Don?t expect to use it to hide your likes on Twitter or friends on Facebook from the casual social media user. [24]

On a normal Facebook or Instagram post, if someone leaves a comment, you?ll get a notification on the platform or within your social media management tool. [25] On Instagram, the comments section is the new frontier in the app?s evolution from a platform once attractive for its immediacy and relative purity to something a lot more akin to its parent application, Facebook. [26] We then provide actionable instructions on how to reply to comments on Facebook, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn and Twitter. [20] How about you – what has worked well for you on Facebook? What catches your eye in the News Feed and gets you to share? Comment below. [8] While leaving comments on your website, visitors can check the box to share their comments with Facebook friends. [23] Thanks so much for your kind comment, Kathy! I’m glad you found the information on how to get Facebook shares helpful. [8]

Learn how to add a Facebook comments section to the bottom of your Blog Posts. [27] Having your Facebook business Page resemble a ghost town sucks, doesn’t it? So when it comes to generating a buzz on your Facebook Page, there is palpable pressure and stress to get more Facebook Likes. [6] Hootsuite?s social media marketing specialists have found that doing so increases engagement, including Facebook Likes. [9] Read through the ideas below instead, and start implementing these powerful tips to build or update your fan base, create a loyal and engaged following, and increase your Facebook Likes in 2018. [6] Top Tip: If you’re going to do another Facebook Like prompting email, be sure to exclude the people who received your first one. [10] Simply sending out mass invites is more likely to get you unfriended than to bring in Facebook Likes for your Business Page. [9] Let’s write it big and bold: Buying Facebook like is wrong and can damage your business! So we won’t even mention it here ( all the details are in our experiment, here ). [6] You have shared so many things about increasing facebook likes and you are right content is the king of SEO world. [6] We created 5 campaigns to get more Facebook Likes for AdEspresso’s Facebook page and check which one performed better. [6] In 2016 we took a deep dive into campaign data to show you the best ways to get more Facebook Likes. [6] Shared Facebook posts increase your organic reach, giving you a better chance of getting more facebook Likes. [9] Overall to get more Facebook Likes at a reasonable price you need a pretty big reach. [6] Having more Facebook Likes is a symbol of your business’ legitimacy, as well as giving you a platform to speak to customers and prospective customers alike. [10] This article will give you 10 actionable strategies to increase Facebook Likes, both on the platform and off it. [10] This section will give you my top 5 strategies to increase Facebook Likes on Facebook itself. [10] Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of how you can increase Facebook Likes. [10] From my point of view, it’s still extremely important to growing a highly targeted, engaged fan base and spend money to get more Facebook Likes. [6] With the help of this effective guide, we can get Facebook likes. [6] Nowadays you can get more Facebook Likes pretty easily, even on tight budgets! And we’ll show you how. [6] Not so with increasing Facebook Likes on the platform itself. [10] Facebook Like sellers have definitely gotten better at marketing but the results are still the same. [6] I totally agree with you spending money on facebook likes or twitter followers, etc. is waste of money. [6]

Facebook will then combine this new signal with signals of how relevant the story might be to each individual, to predict if they might like it. [7] Here?s the still semi-secret sauce: Instagram decides what comments to make “sticky” based on–what else?–a mysteriously defined algorithm that the company tells me is determined by verified users, number of likes, people you follow, and your history (just like how your history influences what appears on your “popular” page). [26] These are the kind of spammy posts from pages just trying to game the system, asking you to vote with comments or likes or the different reactions you can use. [21] While many people might not Like, comment on, or share a post that they found meaningful, they would likely spend more time on it than other posts. [7] Some Pages try to game the News Feed algorithm by explicitly asking for Likes, comments, and shares. [7] What kind of posts inspire comments and shares? What posts have a lot of likes? You need to be much more intentional now than ever. [21]

That is why, visitors are less likely to leave spammy comments because it?s tied to their Facebook profiles. [23] Some of them have clearly noticed the value of having their comments, no matter how benign or even non-verbal (aka just an emoji), stickied on the page of someone who gets millions of visitors, like Kim Kardashian West or Chrissy Teigen. [26] It?s especially fun with celebrities who fall closer to the Z- than the A-list, like, say, the cast members of Bravo?s Vanderpump Rules, who routinely jump into the comments on each other?s photos to fight and make up. [26] If you want to receive alerts about some activities (like comments) and not others (like retweets), then delve into the options inside the app in question. [24] You can then tap that notification, read the comment, and reply like normal. [25]

One tip to help drive your customers to your Facebook page and increase interaction is to use Facebook ads to retarget people who visit your website to Like your Facebook page. [28]

I like this plugin because, in addition to helping you add Facebook comments, it can also help you lazy load them for faster page load times. [22] We already have a myriad of ways to “upvote” content on Facebook, be that through liking or loving or laughing–why upvote when you can thumbs-up? Comments that receive thousands of likes will presumably still be given prominence. [29]

Navigate to the Facebook Page post you want to comment on or find it in the news feed. [19] To reply to comments on your company?s Facebook page, you will need to be the page’s Admin, Editor, or Moderator. [20] If you want to reply to comments on your Instagram ads, open your Facebook Ads Manager. [20]

Choose which one of your Facebook Business Pages you want to use to Like it. [19]

The Ads with your social actions option prevents Facebook from using your Likes as ads to your friends. [30] A challenge for AutoGrow (and maybe your business, too) on Facebook is finding an angle that?s not just agreeable to your target audience (like famous quotes, for instance), but finding one that has some emotional root. [16] Think of it like this: Facebook is the new TV for many people. [16] They found that up to 39% of Facebook users surveyed will follow or like a brand for these offers. [16] Contests, sweepstakes and raffles in particular are an excellent way to grow your Facebook engagement and get more likes. [16] Like Buffer above, Wishpond is another major marketing company dealing with a sagging organic reach on Facebook. [16]

Annoyed with too many notifications of posts updates on Facebook after leaving a comment? Thinking of deleting your participation from the thread or topic involved? Actually, we have another idea. [31] While there were once allowed only in Facebook’s chat and Messages apps, the usage of emoticons on Facebook has proliferated to status posts, comments, and other places, too. [32] Gives you a chance to boost your social shares because visitors can easily share their comment with their Facebook friends. [22] There’s actually a way to escape from following comment updates on Facebook, and it doens’t need any extensions and isn’t even a trick. [31] If you’re using the mobile Facebook website (not the app), you might have to scroll down to find the comments section. [32] This places the sticker package icon in the sticker menu for easy access when you’re adding Facebook stickers to comments. [32]

Facebook Comments boost engagements by allowing visitors to share their thoughts on your content. [23] Step 1 : First of all, you need to install WpDevArt Facebook comments plugin. [23] Today, we will show the whole process with WpDevArt Facebook comments plugin. [23]

They will be one of the first people to like, comment, share, and react to your posts Which, again, will boost your engagement to other people that have also liked your Facebook Page. [33] There?s no likes, no comments and no engagement on their page, and they?re over it. [18] In addition to the stock emoticons that are available to you when you post your status, the comments field gives you access to stickers on a huge range of topics that work just like emoticons. [32] The key metrics you want to pay attention to on Audience Insights are net organic likes per day and overall engagement rates under the “Likes, Shares, and Comments” graph. [16]

If you want a bit more of a surgical approach, I’ll show you how to add Facebook comments to individual posts or pages that you design with a page builder. [22] It’s not going to completely replace your native WordPress comments sitewide, it’s just going to let you add Facebook comments to posts or pages that you design with Elementor. [22]

Are you planning to develop a stronger Facebook presence after reading this article? If you already have a robust Facebook page, which tactics are producing the best engagement results for you? Let me know in the comments. [16]

There can be a lot of pressure to show “social proof” and get a lot of Likes on Facebook Pages. [34] I?ll also cover the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business, what types of businesses it works well for, how to grow your Facebook page likes organically and–best of all–how to measure results so your effort isn?t wasted. [16] Like or not, the ever-changing Facebook algorithm requires brands to rethink their content strategies. [17] Great idea for Facebook page like it’s help me alot for grow my blog with Facebook page. [16] This has provided an initial advantage whereby these existing Facebook pages could be leveraged to drive likes for the Great Black Speakers page. [16] Then you install the app on your Facebook Business Page (and website or blog as well, if you?d like). [16]

Facebook offers this Page Plugin that allows you to embed your Facebook timeline, to show people what you?ve been posting and encourage them to like your page without leaving the site. [35] The only catch is that the people you invite must already be a Facebook Friend in order for you to invite them to like your page. [33] Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to increase Page engagement and overall Page likes. [36] Many of them had spent thousands of dollars on Page Like Ads, then Facebook changed its algorithm, and suddenly all of those likes were worthless. [33] Be sure to post about the event on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even send an email to your mailing list. [37] Great article about getting likes in Facebook although Facebook is changing the algorithm and it promotes quite better sponsored posts. [36]

Once someone comments on your Facebook element on your funnel, it will automatically post onto their Facebook newsfeed with the comment message and the link to the page URL. [38] Another thing to remember is that comments not only drive up Facebook engagement (thus, helping your posts get more visibility in the newsfeed), but also allow people to connect with your brand directly. [35] Not only that, but Facebook has also stated that posts with longer comments will be weighted more heavily than those with short ones, as longer comments indicate a greater level of engagement with the content. [39]

When viewers take actions like switching to full-screen mode, turning on the audio, or enabling HD, Facebook will deem your post more worthy of sharing. [37] In order to get more likes, you would want to run a Likes campaign to the Facebook users who fall under that ideal customer. [36] It makes sense for Facebook to provide streamlined features for a popular app like Instagram, especially given the social media giant bought the platform for $1 billion in cash and stock nearly six years ago. [40] Now, Facebook, just like Instagram, wants you to be active on the platform. [35] To share a previous Instagram pic on Facebook, choose the image you’d like to share from your Instagram profile and tap the ellipsis in the upper-right corner. [40] If you?re someone who enjoys getting likes on Instagram and who doesn’t? that will translate to Facebook, too. [40]

With Facebook, serious problems arise when you just “use it as you go”, replying to comments as they come, posting articles when you’ve published them, randomly sharing things whenever you feel like it. [41]

In this post, I’ll show you how to add Facebook comments to your WordPress site via two easy methods. [22] Old posts will either display native comments alongside Facebook comments, or you’ll have to hide all the native comments on old posts. [22] If you want to moderate your comments sections, you’ll need to follow the guide to use the Facebook comments moderation tool. [22] No matter which Facebook comments plugin you choose, you’re going to have to create your own Facebook Application ID in order to use it. [22] Depending on how you want to use Facebook comments on your site, you might look at that as an advantage or disadvantage. [22]

People have created a business “selling” Fans to people but also, business owners can get cheap fake fans by advertising for Facebook Likes in those countries. [34] In this article, I?m going to teach you a few of the tactics I?ve learned from Lawrence on how to grow organic Facebook likes for your business page. [16] OR keep it simple and use Facebook live (because Facebook LIKES you doing that) and keep it fast paced and packed with value. [18]

If you’re using Elementor and Elementor Pro, you actually already have access to Facebook Comments in the form of the Facebook Comments element. [22] I think using Facebook comments on your WordPress site is one of those things that works for some niches and not for others. [22] I’ll show you a plugin that will let you completely replace the native WordPress comments sections on your site with Facebook comments. [22] Unfortunately, the up-until-now most popular plugin to help you add Facebook comments is no longer being updated. [22]

Viewers can jump in at any time, and use Facebook reactions and comments to engage with the presenter, while also watching how other viewers are reacting. [37] The purpose of the feature, as Facebook told Mashable, is to allow users “to push those thoughtful and engaging comments to the top of the discussion thread, and to move down the ones that are simply attacks or filled with profanity.” [29] Were the comments ill-intentioned or disrespectful? It?s not clear what exactly Facebook means by that. [29]

Posts that generate “interactions” such as comments and shares will be weighted more heavily than post that generate just likes or reactions. [39] Posts that generate comments, shares and messages will be prioritized more than posts that only generate likes. [39] How do you measure things like improved customer relations? In cases like this, you?ll want to measure things such as likes, comments, and shares. [37] No one had upvoted or downvoted these comments: They were unrated content, like fresh cement, waiting for a plus or minus–for my plus or minus. [29] Let’s say out of those 6 who get exposed to the content, only 4 will engage (like or comment). [42] Funny, inspirational, educational or motivational images are great for increasing likes, comments and shares. [36]

This one simple action will ensure that those pictures will be shared in the tagged person?s feed and the likes that share will accumulate will show up on your Facebook Page as well. [35] When inviting people to like my Facebook Page, I always change the copy. [33] Is it possible to get Facebook Page likes without buying ads? Unfortunately, many frustrated business owners don?t think so. [36]

You may also want to embed a Facebook Like Box on your page to entice your website visitors to come participate in conversations taking place on your Page (to show current posts and conversations in the Like Box widget, be sure to select “Show Posts? when creating your box.) [36] If you take one thing from this post, it is this: Remember that when you regularly share amazing content that your audience loves, your Facebook likes will grow completely organically, without any additional effort on your part. [36] What types of posts are most likely to result in shares, and therefore new Facebook likes? Here are two of my favorites. [36]

Using the strategy above will inevitably result in increased Facebook likes for your Page, however you need to do it on a regular basis to keep your Page growing. [36] When he started actively working his Facebook page, Steven was using quotes from other writers for his image quotes, just like everyone else. [42] E-mail those who left a positive score, asking them to like your Facebook page or to give a review. [35]

Make sure it is easy for them to like your Page by adding Facebook like and share buttons on every page of your site. [36]

“Readers come back for more when they know they?ve got access to the Facebook page owner, who?ll respond to comments when you?re on Facebook Live, or shout out their name or respond to messages,” he said. [42] You want to get as many comments and interactions on your Facebook Live video as possible. [37] It is not a comment feed directly from live comments on a Facebook post. [38]

Using post comment auto-responders is a Facebook Messenger Marketing hack that grows your Messenger opt-in list. [43] Lets visitors post comments without logging into a Squarespace, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook account. [44] When someone comments on your post, you can chat them directly through Facebook Messenger. [43] The reaction will be very similar to the the comments you read under a political post on Facebook. [45]

Facebook social plugins, namely the Like Box, are a very effective way of getting more likes for your page. [46] Using the Facebook tagging system is a great way to promote your page and get more visitors and likes. [46] Then to organically grow your page, I suggest adding some calls to action on your blog like “have you liked us on Facebook?” etc. to build your numbers up. [41] If you?re a DUI attorney, no one on Facebook is Liking pages that say “Hey, I like to drive drunk.” [47] I hope facebook can also have likes and dislike so the seller will also know how bad is their post. [48] Just like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook has extended its business model to include an online marketplace feature which lets you discover, buy, and sell items to the people in your area/community. [48] Feedough meta name”description” content”Just like Ebay and Gumtree, Facebook marketplace lets users to discover, buy and sell items with people in their community, but with added socialness [48] Looks like the current user data information available to Facebook isn?t enough to carry on its revenue generation through ads. [48] When it comes to Facebook strategy, let?s face it: most of us are running around like headless chickens. [41] The days of using a contest to get likes are coming to an end with the Like-Gate being removed by Facebook. [46] If you don’t yet have announcements in your Group, sit tight: like most new Facebook features, it’s being gradually rolled out to all Groups. [49]

Today we use signals like how many people react to, comment on or share posts to determine how high they appear in News Feed. [50] Facebook makes it easier than ever to respond directly to each comment and acknowledge the comment, by favoriting it. [51] Did we miss something? Come on! Tell us what you think of this article on Facebook Marketplace in the comment section. [48] Hi Anna, Facebook marketplace doesn?t come with a comment section yet. [48] This tweet got over 400 comments so I knew it was a unicorn with a shot at getting a bunch of comments on Facebook. [43]

Whenever you have a positive interaction with someone offline which I hope you have from time to time ? – this is an opportunity to ask for an online favor such as a Facebook like or review. [35] You have shared exellent way for facebook likes. i am really feeling good to learn from here. [42] Despite millions of followers and Facebook Likes, Aitchison said because of the type of person he is, his head is never in the clouds. [42]

Showing Christina?s stats and saying that getting your targeted audience to follow & like your post on your Facebook page is better than getting mobs of people that?s just interested in that one post or place. [41] Lastly, you can use the power of social proof in your ads by running ads targeted to Friends of people who Like your Facebook page. [47] FACEBOOK STRATEGY TAKEAWAY: Before you can create content for your Facebook page or attempt to grow its likes, you need to understand the audience you are trying to reach. [41]

This allows you to comment on and “like” content as your own brand and really helps to extend your reach and peak the interest of others. [46] They?ll often leave comments like, “great pic! Follow me back!” or “awesome photo. let?s connect”. [51]

A lot of the time, people look at their Facebook page and think it?s a numbers game? that growth should be concentrated on growing likes. [41] I?ve had great success getting likes on my travel blog Facebook page, specifically through the use of Facebook square videos which help rack up likes on autopilot ( learn to make them here ). [41] FACEBOOK STRATEGY TAKEAWAY: Like with all other aspects of your business, consider why your Facebook page is worth following (vs. the thousands of other pages out there). [41] I started out posting my blog articles to my private facebook page but started to feel like I was harassing my friends and family. [41]

I made a Facebook post with the same riddle and asked people to guess in the comments. [43] What’s so exciting about Facebook post comment auto-responders? Just everything. [43]

The etiquette of how to respond to Facebook comments isn?t cut and dry, but with a few simple principles you can acknowledge your fans and grow a community. [51]

This ad shows me that some people I?m connected to on Facebook Like HubSpot and displays an image of one of them. [47] Contrary to what many people think, Facebook likes don?t come with the territory. [46]


Aforementioned content types will engage consumers and make them want to interact with your Facebook brand page. [3] Speaking about Facebook, engaging content and positive feedbacks from consumers can drive business results as well as cultivate brand advocates among followers and influencers. [3]

Steps on how to post on Facebook company page as yourself on an iPhone. [4] Such posts build trust and let consumers know you are on Facebook to serve and delight them, not simply promote your product. [3]

Nothing influences Facebook engagement better than content aimed at entertaining your consumers but, at the same time, compelling them to respond. [3] Put it to the latest update of Facebook feed, and it happens that we marketers have to forget about brand communication with consumers in this social network. [3] Facebook users do love when brands talk with them! What’s in there for you? Expanded brand loyalty. [3]

You have that favorite quote resonating your inner self, don’t you? So do consumers of your Facebook content, and it’s scientifically grounded why. [3] They don’t trust ads but their friends and influencers they follow on Facebook. [3] Facebook is not my power and that’s why every article about Facebook marketing is very useful for me. [4] The core factor of marketing success on Facebook is two-way communication. [3] When I say “Facebook company page”, I am referring to any Facebook company page in which you have an admin role. [4] Commenting on your Facebook company page as yourself does not require going into your settings or switching back and forth between your company page and personal profile. [4] Tap the small dropdown arrow right next to your Facebook company page name. [4]

I can comment on existing posts as my personal profile but cannot publish a new post to the pages main line as myself. [4] Given that 88% of people read reviews to decide if a brand is worth their attention, 72% say they trust business with positive feedbacks, and 65% are more loyal to brands responding to customers on social media, you might want to consider working with both positive and negative comments for better business results. [3] Daniel, when you comment as yourself, you’re technically a visitor, so that is why the post gets sent to the visitors’ post section. [4]

Keep sharing amazing and meaningful posts with us same like this one. [3]

Comments are one of the best ways to engage consumers in communication with brands. [3] A palmary example is Chips Ahoy!, answering each comment, including those negative ones, and engaging consumers in conversation that syncs with their overall brand strategy. [3] Do your best to monitor brand mentions in order to reply consumers’ comments and reviews there, as well. [3] Reply comments in a way to trigger extra feedback and, therefore, influence your organic reach. [3] You’ll notice that thumbnail image by the new comment will change to the profile that you selected. [4]

If you can, you will need to remove the page from the Facebook Business Manager. [4] When you add a page to the Facebook Business Manager, that page is removed out of your personal Facebook account. [4] If you only have one page on the Facebook Business Manager, you won’t be able to remove it. [4]

Developing a track record for posts with high engagement tells Facebook they should show your posts to more people which will help you bring in a larger audience and new customers. [12] You?ll also be able to identify the kinds of posts that have the highest average reach and engagement, and use that information to create more of the content your audience wants from you on Facebook. [9] Facebook wants people to enjoy browsing their News Feeds, which means it wants to surface the best content to the top. Invest the time to produce valuable posts, and don?t be a spammy jerk. [9] Facebook itself notes that “being consistent in the quality and types of posts you create can help people know what kinds of messages to expect from you and how they tie into your business.” [9] Create a content calendar and schedule posts in advance to help keep your Facebook content organized and consistent. [9]

Engagement is a metric Facebook uses to judge the quality of your page and the strength of your Facebook users or Facebook audience. [12] Doing this shows other Facebook visitors that you?re helpful, your page is active, and that you?re using social media as a platform to genuinely connect with your customers. [10] Manage your Facebook presence by using Hootsuite to schedule posts, share video, engage with followers, and measure the impact of your efforts. [9] How they work: Bloggers and content creators share their highest-engagement posts (that they have already shared on Facebook) in the private group once or twice a week. [12] When you post often, you give different segments of your Facebook audience more chances to engage with relevant content. [12] This is the social proof Facebook uses to decide whether your content should be shown to more people, so look to photography best practices. [12] Facebook, more than any other social network, has a history of promoting content that uses their newest functionality in the news feed. [12]

While Instagram is visual by nature, we noted last week that the most commented posts on Facebook tend to be video. [2] Creating posts which your Fans (and your Fan’s friends) love is the #1 challenge facing Facebook marketers. [10] If you post something on Facebook, you may not want it to be visible to all of your friends on the platform. [11] That’s a massive amount of content, and it makes sense for Facebook to put some limits on how much businesses can pop up in users’ Newsfeeds. Plus, people on Facebook’s platform have been sharing personal updates less and less. [6]

While Custom Audiences (uploading customer emails or phone numbers, website visitors, or mobile app users to Facebook, then targeting them specifically with ads) is an effective campaign tool, the strategy has a low reach. [6] Our Page Lookalike performed better than the Customers’ Lookalike, likely because Facebook had more users to find Lookalike patterns. [6] You can choose any Page that your personal Facebook profile has admin privileges to. [1]

According to Coschedule (who sourced 20 independent studies), the best time to post on Facebook is 1-4 p.m. late into the week and on weekends. [10] Facebook specifically highlights authentic posts that inform and entertain as having value recognized by the algorithm. [9] There are two different types of Facebook advertising: boosted posts and ad campaigns. [9]

With more social platforms emphasizing meaningful engagements, we explored which publishers have the most actively commenting audiences on Facebook and Instagram. [2] With more than two billion users, Facebook offers a huge potential audience for your business. [9] A well-defined, smart Facebook strategy based on your business goals will help you craft a cohesive brand presence on Facebook that speaks to your brand personality and values. [9] This is a key Facebook marketing strategy that will help you know how your audience best engages. [12] Here are seven ways to quickly ignite your engagement on Facebook and significantly improve your marketing strategy and growth. [12]

Your Facebook videos don’t have to be completely professional (though having good sound is important) – sometimes people will respond better to a candid, casual live video than a professional, studio-created one. [10] How do you know what type of content people want from you on Facebook? By listening to them. [9] People no longer have to leave Facebook to view content from participating publishers – it can be syndicated right to Facebook. [12]

Facebook’s new algorithm just takes into account a huge number of other variables that relate to how people use Facebook. [6] A username that?s consistent with your handle on other social channels will make it easier for people who already follow you elsewhere to track you down on Facebook. [9] People who are already interacting with your brand in real life understand the value you have to offer–make it easy for them to connect with you on Facebook to access more of that value. [9] Take advantage of the following you?ve built on other social channels by cross-promoting your Facebook content. [9] Remember that Facebook is primarily a social network–so get social and start engaging with other brands that are relevant to your niche but not your direct competitors. [9] Remember, Facebook is a social network, and being sociable is a key way to make your brand–and your Page–more likeable. [9]

You need to know who you?re talking to in order to use the right tools and tone, rather than trying to appeal to all two billion Facebook users. [9] When using this tactic, remember: Facebook needs a good amount of data to run its algorithms and find relevant common patterns. [6]

In the past couple years, Facebook has pushed hard to compete with Snapchat and even YouTube – social media platforms based around video. [10] Your profile and cover photos create the first visual impression of your business on Facebook, so it?s important to choose wisely. [9] While in the past you could only create a Lookalikes of a Custom Audience, today you can create Lookalike audiences also from a Facebook Conversion Pixel or from your Facebook Page’s fan. [6]

I would reinvent a wheel if said that different content types could help your Facebook page find new lease of life; however, it’s so. [3] Facebook wants Newsfeed content to not only be of good quality but also highly relevant to viewers. [6] Did you know that there are secret groups where content creators join forces on Facebook? Its not a trick, just better networking…and it gets unbelievable results. [12]

Facebook can be a leading source of traffic, customer data, and sales for your local business, small business or bigger business. [12] Facebook will handle everything for you, analyzing your customers for common patterns and returning a list of new users very similar to them. [6] With 2 billion users, Facebook still comprises the largest collection of prospective customers in the world. [10]

This can be extremely useful if you don’t have many customers but already invested time in creating a lively community on Facebook. [6] Taking advantage of Facebook Insights can help you connect better with your customers. [10] Thanks for sharing the information.Will try to use these strategies to get more Facebook engagement. [6] While we found that right-column ads could be useful (primarily for campaigns with an extremely large reach) we definitely found Newsfeed ads to be the most powerful Facebook placement option. [6] You might be surprised to hear that it’s actually easier to drive Facebook Fans from your website, email and blog than it is on the Facebook platform itself. [10] A great strategy to turn your blog readers into Facebook Fans is to add a popup or opt-in bar. [10] Even a million fake Facebook fans are not going to bring you success because Facebook can easily suss out who is a real follower and who is fake, unengaged, and inactive. [6] Here are five actionable strategies to turn your website and blog traffic, as well as email contacts, into Facebook Fans. [10] She has grown her one woman start-up, Craft Weekly, to nearly half a million fans on Facebook and has authored a how-to guide on the subject called The Formula, available May 16th, 2016. [12]

Facebook offers campaign objectives relevant to every type of business. [9] Facebook recommends you share “short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to get attention.” [9] Facebook will then analyze this Source list for common patterns and return a list of new users very similar to them. [6] Why not just schedule everything? Facebook still wants you to be an active user on Facebook. [12]

Targeting users’ specific interests, building custom audiences, and Facebook ad placement were among the top tips we delivered. [6]

By boosting a post, you can extend the audience beyond people who already like your Page. [9] Understanding the people who like your page – and the content that best resonates with them will help you shape your content strategy in the future, meaning you can optimize engagement. [10] The upside is that these users already know your brand so they’re very likely to like your page and engage with the content shared in the future. [6] This may sound obvious, but sometimes the most important points can be easy to overlook: If you want to collect Likes, you?ve got to have a great Page and consistently great posts. [9]

To that end, we’re running a small test in New Zealand which allows people to upvote or downvote comments on public Page posts. [13] If the majority of the comments on your Page are customer service inquiries, try creating content that focuses on helping followers use your product better. [9]

Facebook recommends you use a cover photo that?s 851 x 315 pixels and less than 100KB. [9] As with any marketing platform, you?ll only get out of Facebook what you put into it. [9] None of us are machines, and none of us have time to get on Facebook every hour. [12] It’s no coincidence that better engagement for you equals more Facebook advertising dollars for them. [12] Emotions, especially positive emotions, equal powerful engagement on Facebook. [12] I do admit though it is very hard to brand yourself when you’re just starting out on Facebook. [6] Facebook recently released a new, extremely interesting way to target precise interests. [6] If you can get your followers talking, Facebook will reward you. [12]

Wasted Ads : When you want to capitalize on your increased page presence and run ads targeting your fans in the future, your fake Likes are going to come back and bite you in a big way. [6] Note: Be sure you’ve excluded people who already Like your Page (at the bottom under “Connections.” [10] Don?t add unnecessary keywords–these will just make your Page look spammy rather than like a legitimate business presence for your brand. [9] Targeting a cross section can allow you to capture otherwise disparate audiences that share a common interest, expanding the possibilities for who could potentially like your page. [6] Don’t use this strategy if your Page doesn’t have at least 5,000/10,000 likes, or the Lookalike won’t be reliable. [6] The lure of a big prize (one that?s relevant to your specific target market) makes it an easy ask for your target customers to also “Like” your Page and become your Fan. [10] Customers who have received good support, or who may need it in the future, will probably Like your page. [10]

You can change your pinned post as often as you like, so make sure to keep it fresh, always featuring your best-performing content in this high-visibility location. [9] Questions and other interactive ad content have benefits beyond generating Likes, including spurring repeat visits to a single post and enhancing your company’s credibility by bringing a deeper, more intelligent element to your work. [6] Its awkward for liking it by oneself as we post anything to share to others and other will determine whether they like it or not. [14] Again, people like to share quotes more than any other type of content. [10] Getting more Likes requires you to share content that is truly likeable–and engage in ways that make your brand likable, too. [9]

All of this information helps build your credibility and convince potential followers that your Page is worthy of a Like. [9] You have to know your audience – know what they’re thinking about, what they like, when they are most likely to engage with a post, how much they want to know about your products (and how little), and a dozen other little variables. [10] If you have a post that?s garnering a particularly high number of Likes, you can pin it to maximize its lifespan. [9] What does that look like in practice? Incorporate these strategies to develop posts that are inherently likeable. [9] Viewers can like the post itself directly from the embedded post, without leaving your website or blog. [9] I have never done it because there is no point – you post something because you like it, liking the very post defeats the point of posting. [14]

And, while you can’t require them to Like your page to enter, you can still prompt them to visit it. [10] You will gain a competitive advantage (and many more Likes!) if you stand out from the crowd with content that inspires and emboldens people. [6] Books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and classes like Master Your People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards will show you exactly how to do it. [12] In the first example we’re targeting people that like either Nike or Adidas and we’re potentially reaching 17,800,000 users. [6] Awareness : Since Instagram became popular and brought the concept of “buying Likes” to the masses, people have become very savvy about identifying accounts that have manipulated their social media presences. [6] Your strategy should aim to collect Likes from the followers who have the most potential to bring value to your business through regular engagement, rather than one-off Likes from online passers-by. [9] We’ve said this before, social ads on mobiles performs really well and constantly deliver Likes and engagement at a very cheap price. [6]

You have a strong opportunity to increase your relevance score and generate a slew of Likes if your content is evocative and valuable for your target audience. [6] What you want is 1,000 Likes from highly engaged users that will buy your products and share your brand rather than 1,000,000 Likes from users who barely know your name. [6] It’s about getting real users to engage with your brand and become customers! So steer clear of buying your Likes and instead, pour yourself a shot of espresso (or two!) and get to work on updating your ad campaigns with the strategies above. [6]

Using the standard precise interests targeting you’ll reach any user that likes at least one of the pages/interests you selected. [6] In the second example we’re targeting only those users that like both Nike and Adidas with a much lower (but more focused) reach of 5,200,000 users. [6] A Lookalike audience has enormous potential for generating Likes from a population of users you have yet to tap into. [6] Many people think that without the Like-gating feature (deprecated in 2015), contests are no longer useful in generating Likes, but that?s not true. [10] In a poll by the Content Marketing Institute, 81 percent of marketers said that interactive content (like contests) is better for grabbing readers? attention than static content. [9] Not like a’share for share’ group which is considered spammy, these groups are all about relevant, quality content. [12] Choose the number of posts (comments) you want to show in the section. [27] Check the Allow multiple entries per user box to give users the opportunity to earn multiple entries: one for Liking the post, and an additional entry for each comment he or she leaves. [1] In the comments, some users simply tag a friend or state their emotional response, but others share personal stories and opinions on the content matter. [2] Comments often come from users tagging others to try out the content, or sharing their own iterations. [2] Publishers are becoming more hands-on, interacting with users and giving them context or additional content within the comments themselves. [2]

That said, just for transparency to our readers, you were actually suggesting it to earn money as you placed an affiliate link in your comment (which I’ve removed linking the main page of the course). [6] Keep in mind that comments don’t have their own privacy settings separate from the posts or photos they’re on. [11] Taco Bell, which had seven public posts in January, saw an average of nearly 21,000 comments per post. [2] Copy and paste your Blog Post URL into the Comments Plugin Code Generator. [27] Our theory is that users watching a video are already spending more time with it, so they may be more likely to comment. [2] Opposing Views, which is supposed to be a nonpartisan look into current events, actually drove 2.7 times the number of comments than shares in January. [2] Interestingly, the SPORT bible, Student Problems, Pretty 52, and Breitbart all saw their comments in January outpace the number of shares they drove. [2]

The latest international test looks a bit less negative with an overall score being recorded next to the arrows which could at least reward users with some positive feels if their comment gets lots of upvotes. [13] Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [6] What about the highest average of comments? Rather than one or two wins, we should examine which publishers are consistently eliciting comments from followers. [2] Our hope is that this feature will make it easier for us to create such spaces, by ranking the comments that readers believe deserve to rank highest, rather than the comments that get the strongest emotional reaction.” [13] Check the Import photos from comments box to import the photos in the comments of the Status Update. [1]

Don?t just post a link to your Facebook Page and ask people to follow you. [9] For instance, when we at Wishpond tested Facebook Live video, this is the graph of our engagement for all our posts over the course of a couple weeks. [10] Facebook will let you display privately-sold Facebook ads or join their Facebook ad network to monetize these posts, but 3rd party ad networks are not allowed within Instant Articles content. [12] With news feed content from Facebook pages going from 5 percent to 4 percent, we decided to dig into which publishers and brands are still thriving, all on their own. [2] The About section of your Facebook Page allows you to provide key business details to people who are scanning for specific information. [9]

Unluckily, to make it work correctly, the interests you’re using will need to have a very large number of Likes; otherwise, the intersection will be too small. [6] If you can figure out how to do it well, you can gain an edge over your competitors –and increase your number of Likes. [6] This is a super simple, but often missed, way to increase your Facebok Likes. [10]

We even experimented with buying ads ourselves, and the evidence was clear –buying your Likes is simply a waste of time. [6] On campaign with a smaller reach like the Custom Audience and Interests intersection campaigns, it performed poorly and was not able to spend the allocated budget. [6] Targeting the intersection of these two interests could capture reactions from both U.S. and European audiences in your campaign, increasing your Likes overall. [6]

I’ve read in another article that the google algorithm can detect the quality of the likes and followers. [6] Try pairing your video ad with a big event, like a new product launch by giving viewers behind-the-scenes footage and the sense that they have VIP access to the next big rollout. [6] Start using an email template (like the one below) which includes social media icons. [10] “The 10 Kitchen Hacks That We Rely On Again and Again” generated 56 Likes and 20 shares within seventeen hours of posting by offering viewers an efficient solution. [6] If your goal is to get more Likes, oCPM optimized for Likes is the best way to go. [6] If you’re running a cost-per-Like campaign with right column ads, your cost will likely be higher than it was early in 2016–prices on right column Like campaigns went from $0.08 per Like to $0.10. [6] First of all, let me say it clearly, Likes are not just numbers. [6] Buying fake fans is like running a gift card scam at Target –it’s not going to work, so don’t bother. [6] Also with two interests the reach was pretty small and likely increased the cost per Like. [6] This reduction in organic reach actually means it’s more important than ever to go for Likes. [6]

Its even humiliating if you have few likes as other thinks that you want to increase like. [14]

A Facebook Page is not just to acquire new customers, it can also be an effective way to deliver great customer support (which will convert more new users into customers). [6] Creating a Lookalike audience out of your customers will allow you to target your Facebook Ads to people who are extremely similar to your customers. [6] This is very important, we don’t want to waste money displaying advertising to people that already liked our Facebook page. [6] Choose a great piece of Facebook-specific content–like an infographic or short video–to promote so that you can highlight the value of your Facebook Page, rather than just letting people know it exists. [9] If your overall goal is just to brag about the number of fans you have on your Page, you should probably not even waste your time having a Facebook Page. [6] Analyzing Facebook Page Insights can give you a clear view of who your current fans are, which will help you better target future Facebook efforts. [9]

Supercharge this hack: The optimal frequency for posting on any Facebook page (Facebook business pages, included) can vary greatly. [12] For the top Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts, they know exactly what their audience is coming to them for. [2]

Facebook will now demote individual posts from people and Pages that use engagement bait. [7] Some of these factors include “how frequently content from a certain Page that is reported as low quality (e.g. hiding a Page post), how complete the Page profile is, and whether the fan base for a particular Page overlaps with the fan base for other known high quality Pages” 42 Facebook, 2013. [7] Again, Facebook will be prioritizing posts from family and friends over public content from Pages as they believe a person-to-person connection is more valuable than a person-to-page connection. [7] This type of content should not be affected by this update.” 31 Facebook, 2015 Only Pages that often post hoaxes and false news will be affected. [7] A smaller change within this update is that Facebook will be showing fewer posts from the same Page together in the News Feed. [7] Facebook will prioritizing friends and family over posts from pages and brands. [21] How may this affect your Page? Facebook could be favoring video posts. [7] To reduce the number of posts containing misleading or false news, Facebook has announced that the News Feed algorithm will begin to factor in when many people flag a post as false or choose to delete posts. [7] As people have reported that such posts are less relevant than posts with a similar amount of engagement, Facebook will be ranking these posts lower in the News Feed. [7] If there’s an important soccer game going on and many people are talking about it on Facebook, Facebook will show relevant posts higher in the News Feed. [7] To show people stories at the right time, Facebook will now study how people interact with posts in real time. [7]

How may this affect your Page? Facebook found “from testing that people tend not to report satirical content intended to be humorous, or content that is clearly labeled as satire. [7] How may this affect your Page? Informative content might get more reach on Facebook. [7]

Posts that consistently receive a good amount of engagement will be shown to more people on Facebook. [7] After those posts, Facebook found that people want their feed to inform and entertain them. [7] If Facebook finds that a Page’s posts might not be authentic, such as people are often hiding those posts, Facebook will rank those posts lower in the News Feed. [7] February 24, 2016: Facebook launched Reactions to help businesses understand how people are responding to their posts. [7] Now, Facebook will also look at the rate at which people are Liking, commenting on, and sharing a post. [7] September 18, 2014: Facebook will be considering the rate at which people interact with posts. [7] With their new goal of making sure that the time users spend on Facebook is time well spent, Facebook is making changes to their News Feed algorithm to give people more opportunities to interact with the people they care about. [7] Facebook is tweaking the News Feed algorithm again to rank posts from close friends higher up in the News Feed. [7] Facebook is rolling out an update to reduce the number of overly promotional posts in the News Feed 32 Facebook, 2014. [7] Facebook is rolling out an update to show more posts with links that load quickly and fewer posts with links that might load slowly, in the News Feed. [7] Facebook is rolling out an update to show fewer posts and ads that link to websites with low-quality experience 13 Facebook, 2017. [7] Due to Facebook Edgerank, you need those highly engaged posts so Facebook will show your link posts to more of your fans. [8] Facebook will also be ranking posts with a link preview higher in the News Feed than posts with a link just in the caption — as the link preview shows more information about the article. [7] We’d love your help in tracking any changes and factors to the Facebook News Feed so that this post can be as complete as possible. [7]

Facebook has found that users dislike “engagement bait” posts. [7] Facebook encourages Page owners to focus on posting relevant and meaningful stories that do not use engagement bait tactics. [7] You can target anyone on Facebook, not just people on your page. [21] Facebook will be blocking Pages that share false news from buying ads on Facebook 7 Facebook, 2017. [7] How may this affect your Page? Videos you upload directly to Facebook will likely perform better than links to videos on other sites such as YouTube. [7] Note: The process to use Facebook as a page changed at the beginning of 2017, and most of the articles on the first page of Google are out of date. [19]

When people don’t engage with your content, Facebook shows it to less people in the feed. [21] Facebook is going to show long videos that people spend time watching to even more people 15 Facebook, 2017. [7] Seventy-six percent of people in the U.S. who use Facebook say they tend to discover the videos they watch on Facebook. [7] The huge thing is I had 693 “People Talking About This” – and I started with only 107 total fans! What a way to increase your Facebook reach. [8] Facebook recently rolled out Reactions — their supercharged ‘Like’ button — to help businesses better understand how people are responding to their content 22 Facebook, 2016. [7] To help build an informed community on Facebook, Facebook will be showing fewer posts that are “misleading, sensational and spammy”. [7] Facebook will be prioritizing posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends 3 Facebook, 2018. [7] Now you have a bot that Facebook has fed trigger words to keep those kinds of posts hidden in the feed. [21] Facebook will reduce the reach of such posts and add a warning on the post (without reviewing or removing the post). [7] November 14, 2014: Overly promotional posts will receive less reach on Facebook. [7] Consider posting timely, relevant posts to get more reach on Facebook. [7]

Facebook recommends posting content that your audience are likely to share with their friends 18 Facebook, 2016. [7] Facebook has developed a new algorithm to find and show high-quality content to users 41 Facebook, 2013. [7] The internet has been buzzing lately that Facebook has once again made changes to its algorithm and this time, these changes may be cause for concern for business pages on Facebook. [28]

Let?s start with the Facebook one: head to the installation page in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and follow the instructions. [24]

If rolled out a spokesman said it would not replace the suite of emoji reactions the platform already offers so people can record how they feel about an individual Facebook post (and reactions already include thumbs up/thumbs down emoji options). [13] One additional way to take advantage of the Facebook algorithm is to try live video. [9] At its core, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes the types of content we?ve already talked about: Quality content that is not overly promotional. [9] Instant Articles – Instant Articles is even newer than Facebook Live, and was still in beta with select content creators up until April 2016. [12]

This is a strategy which can be used right when you’re starting out (as soon as you create your Facebook Page) as well as down the line when you really start building your email list. [10] A great Facebook Page with engaged customers will make you look trustworthy. [6] Your average Facebook page is just not reaching as many of their fans as they were one, two, three years ago. [6] Your Facebook Page is made up of many parts, and it?s important to make sure they are all complete, professional, and on-brand. [9] Make sure it?s easy for them to find and connect with you by including links to your Facebook Page in all of your electronic communications. [9]

Lately I’ve been finding Facebook pages popping up more and more when I Google marketing products. [6] The reason I emphasize “without asking for it” in this section is because of Facebook’s recent “Engagement Bait” ban, which penalizes Facebook Pages which ask for or prompt engagement of any kind. [10] Fantastic for users, an opportunity for brands, and fabulous for Facebook’s numbers. [12]

Many social media marketers are realizing that they can actually get a better return on their investment by paying for Facebook Ads than spending all their time and energy trying to drive organic results. [10] Check out our complete guide to Facebook live video for important tips before your first broadcast. [9] Sharing (because it shows your Facebook Posts to non-Fans) gets you new Fans. [10] Use a tool to schedule most (but not all) of your Facebook posts. [12]

Facebook’s new algorithm allows them to quickly determine real v. inactive followers. [6]

To build the algorithm, Facebook surveyed thousands of people and put the results into a machine learning system. [7] Since Facebook started looking down on the ‘like or share’ this, I prefer to use’spread the word and help someone.’ I think that works since people want to add value to other people’s lives, as it is added to them. [8] On average, more than 50 percent of people who come to Facebook every day in the U.S. watch at least one video daily. [7] Facebook surveys thousands of people every day to improve the News Feed ranking 24 Facebook, 2015. [7] Facebook is making it easier for people to adjust and customize their News Feed settings 25 Facebook, 2015. [7] From its Feed Quality Program, Facebook found that people enjoy stories that are informative to them. [7] How much time you spend viewing stories becomes a factor that Facebook uses to determine what to show at the top of your News Feed 27 Facebook, 2015. [7] By understanding what types of content someone prefers, Facebook can surface similar types of content higher up in their News Feed. [7] If you want to improve your Facebook reach, making your content engaging could help. [7] To grow your reach, Facebook recommends posting relevant and high-quality content 33 Facebook, 2014. [7]

Facebook learned that the amount of time someone spent reading or watching the content of an article indicates how interesting the article was to them. [7] I have a hard time thinking Facebook would allow this or have this feature without some business or promotion. [21] Facebook will be ranking articles that it thinks you will spend time reading, higher in the News Feed 19 Facebook, 2016. [7] Facebook aims to reduce the number of hoaxes in News Feed with algorithm tweak 30 Facebook, 2015. [7] If you want to dig into the Facebook News Feed algorithm, read on to find out all the relevant changes Facebook has made. [7] I know this is tough to hear but it?s true, and it aligns with why Facebook has made these new algorithm changes. [28] When implementing this new algorithm, Facebook released a statement explaining the purpose of the change and the reasons behind it. [28]

People still expect you to have a public presence on Facebook and will look for you there. [21] Facebook will be looking at when people are Liking, commenting, and sharing 34 Facebook, 2014. [7]

Facebook now considers more actions on videos while ranking videos in the News Feed 26 Facebook, 2015. [7] When ranking videos in the News Feed, a factor that Facebook considers is “percent completion” — the percentage of the video you watched. [7] June 29, 2015: Facebook now considers more actions on videos while ranking videos in the News Feed. [7] December 4, 2015: Facebook uses surveys to improve News Feed ranking. [7] Facebook will be showing stories from close friends higher up in the News Feed 17 Facebook, 2016. [7] Facebook will be using this signal when ranking the article in the News Feed. [7] Facebook is rolling out three updates to improve the experience of the News Feed 28 Facebook, 2015. [7] The team at Facebook is making another major update to make sure that news on the News Feed is of high quality. [7]

If you are a business on Facebook and you do not have an ad budget and/or ad plan that you are implementing every single day you are missing the number one best opportunity to grow your business. [28] Facebook prefers that you have a business page for business reasons. [21]

This might be a great time to start investing in a Facebook Group for your brand. [7] This means you should be careful! Facebook could, at any time, kick you off for violating this. [21]

Effective customer service is based in creating a great relationship with your customers, and Facebook is an online platform where you can create community and maintain relationships with customers. [28] Facebook has been surveying users to help determine the trustworthiness of publications and informativeness of news. [7] Facebook?s intention is to make the Facebook newsfeed more relevant and effective; all in all, to make each user experience on Facebook better. [28]

These values can give you a hint of what content will do well or not so well on Facebook. [7] From our recent experience, educational and entertaining content performs really well on Facebook. [7]

Few commodities are as coveted as engagement, as Instagram becomes more powerful, especially now with Facebook in dire straits, recently sullied by the Cambridge Analytica revelations and its contribution to the general miasma around the 2016 presidential election. [26] Alas there?s no such tool yet for blocking these metrics on Instagram, or inside Twitter and Facebook on mobile, though we live in hope. [24] Facebook will now be able to understand (and rank) videos uploaded directly to Facebook better 38 Facebook, 2014. [7] June 23, 2014: Facebook can now rank videos uploaded directly to Facebook better than links to video sites. [7] Since June 2014, Facebook has averaged more than 1 billion video views every day. [7] For videos that are uploaded to Facebook directly, Facebook is now able to know whether someone has watched it and for how long. [7] Having this new information will allow Facebook to rank Facebook videos better. [7] Facebook now recognize that it takes more commitment to complete a long video than a short one. [7] Besides considering whether someone watched the video and for how long, Facebook is now taking into account of more actions such as choosing to turn on the sound, watching the video in full screen, and enabling high definition. [7] Facebook is making two changes to help authentic and timely stories rank better 14 Facebook, 2017. [7] We hope this resource comes in handy for you as you navigate your Facebook marketing strategy. [7] Facebook allows you to select an audience and set a budget, and Facebook will never charge more than the budget you set. [28] Facebook will be showing fewer stories with links that might take a long time to load 11 Facebook, 2017. [7] To keep things fair between short and long articles, Facebook will be looking at the time spent within a threshold. [7]

How may this affect your Page? The reach of your posts isn’t just determined by the number of Likes they get but also by the rate at which people are interacting with it. [7] The preferences tab will be more visible and more intuitive, allowing people to find Pages and people to like and follow, and easily selecting to follow/unfollow certain content. [7] Remember that we are about ENGAGEMENT. Those people liking your page in those threads probably don’t actually LIKE you. [21] Boosting to your page followers makes sure the people who have already chosen to Like your page stay engaged with you. [28] The numbers associated with trending terms (on the left of the main page) get hidden too, as do the number of views on videos, and all the numbers on profile pages: tweets, following, followers, likes, and lists. [24] For ads, it doesn’t even matter that your page has a small number of likes. [21]

Facebook stops showing ads that are offensive or inappropriate 35 Facebook, 2014. [7] Your blogging is getting better and better. this is very helpful for those wanting to improve their reach on facebook. [8] Unless you’re enlarging them? Or using some blogging system that does the same thing to images as Facebook. [8] A platform for all ideas: Facebook welcomes all ideas while making sure that everyone feels and is safe. [7] Constant iteration: Facebook strives to constantly collect feedback and improve the platform. [7]

What are your goals? You need to map out your overall goals, then how Facebook fits into that. [21] Select your Facebook profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the status update box. [19] To reiterate: these are not new ideas with this latest Facebook update since we don’t know specifics. [21]

Paste App ID at the top. Check/uncheck Home, Post, Page in the middle to determine where to display the comment box. [23] Her email parroted her sunny Instagram persona: “I?m motivated to comment because I love interacting! It also helps me meet new people and then they come to my page and potentially become followers.” [26] Invite consumers to events, and don?t be afraid to ask for comments, follows, and shares! Sharing is hugely helpful in getting your posts on newsfeed, so make sure your content is engaging and share-worthy. [28] Asking your audience to answer fun and thoughtful questions will increase the amount of comments on your post, which will boost the status of your post. [28] To reply to comments on LinkedIn, you will again need to be a page administrator for your company?s LinkedIn page. [20] If you have been assigned one of these roles, you can respond to any comments on the page publicly, as well as by private message. [20] If your business has a presence on social media (which it should, unless you’ve just arrived in a time machine from the 18th century) then you undoubtedly receive comments from followers and potential customers. [20] Create a social media comment strategy so that everyone in your company is clear on how to respond to customers. [20]

Even Asano noticed that her comments came up at the bottom of posts he saw, despite having never visited her account before. [26] Select your profile picture at the bottom right of the post, above where you type your comment. [19] Let us know by leaving a comment on this post or drop us a tweet. [7] By being constantly present and engaged with your audience via social comments, you will quickly help your brand stand out from the crowd. [20] Interacting with your audience through social comments is an effective way to make a connection with your target market. [20]

It was usually someone famous I also followed, or someone whose account I had visited before. (Instagram already had comment previews, beginning in late 2016, but they used to strictly show comments from people you followed, if anyone special.) [26]

The Facebook algorithm helps make sense of the huge number of posts that people and businesses share every day and chooses the posts to show in our News Feed based on a huge number of factors. [7] Every good Facebook ads strategy should include some boosting of page posts. [28]

There are notably prolific commenting accounts, including @kalesalad, and brands like Pretty Little Thing; on 4/20, Tommy Chong of legendary stoner duo Cheech and Chong went on a prolific commenting spree, including on a post by Rihanna, who has a hugely trafficked account–Chong was linking to his personal line of cannabis products. [26] You can easily pick the items that you like best, and schedule them right in Post Planner. [8] The web-based editors also allow font control, like Pixlr described in the post linked below. [8]

A business page is an optional add-on where people can like your page.) [21] We engage with PEOPLE. You need to think like your audience and think about what serves them (and also meets your goals). [21]

It also, like anything determined by algorithms, can be gamed by those influencers, and brands, who have figured out how to amplify their engagement. [26] Once it?s installed fire up Twitter and revel in a feed where the number of replies, retweets, and likes are hidden. [24] The process to like a Page as your business Page is nearly exactly the same as commenting. [19]

You can only use Facebook as a Business Page on other Facebook Pages and Groups, You can?t use a Business Page to post on your friend’s profiles. [19] If you don’t know what these are, these are posts in Facebook groups where someone says, “Hey! Here’s my Facebook page. [21]

Facebook found that some Pages had been using Facebook ads to build their following and share false news more widely. [7] To prevent the spread of false news on Facebook, Pages that repeatedly share false news will no longer be allowed to buy Facebook ads (until they stop sharing such news). [7] August 28, 2017: Pages that share false news will no longer be able to run Facebook ads. [7]

Posts that link to such websites will rank lower in the News Feed and might not be allowed to be used as Facebook ads. [7] To make it easy for you to understand the Facebook algorithm, we went through all the (known) changes that Facebook has implemented to its algorithm and came up with a list of factors that we think may determine whether your post shows up or not. [7] We’re collecting all the relevant Facebook algorithm factors, updates, and changes and placing them here in this post for easy reference. [7] Facebook recently announced that they were going to limit promotional content that is displayed in personal newsfeeds. While the new Facebook algorithm may provide challenges to marketing directors and social media managers, understanding the new algorithm change is the best way to create a game plan for maximizing reach and continuing success with Facebook marketing. [28]

Comments bring more engagements by allowing visitors to have their say on the content you publish on your site. [23] The party line is that the app “prioritizes” comments for each user in this way, and, as it has evolved so far, it?s almost guaranteed to continue to become more and more tailored. [26] A selection of comments sometimes still do show up though, so it?s not a completely barren social media-scape. [24] I know some of you have been dying to have this feature so let me say it again: you can monitor comments on all your ads, even across more than one ad account, all from the same social profile?s Inbox. [25] By providing great customer service through social comments, you not only retain existing customers but also win new ones. [20] Unanswered comments will also give your business a reputation for bad customer service, and potentially lose you business. [20] You want to use comments as an opportunity to build a rapport with your customers. [20] Any new comments will be synced and your social profile notification number will tick up by 1 so you know there?s something to review. [25] This doesn?t mean that your comments need to lose their personal touch, but they should be consistent and maintain your brand?s voice across all social networks. [20] It is important that your social comments always maintain a professional front. [20] Draft official responses and templates for different situations or scenarios, so whatever the social comment, the reply will always reflect your business?s personality. [20] Quick replies aren’t just appreciated, they’re now expected of SMMs, with 42% of consumers now expecting replies to their social comments within 60 minutes. [20] As you already know or will soon discover, social comments come thick and fast. [20] There is the convenience of having a single overview of your incoming comments across all social channels. [20] To really engage with your target audience and make the most of comment opportunities, consider using a variety of ad options. [20] Again, it?s good to have a clear strategy on how to deal with negative comments. [20] Replying to social media comments should be a key element of your social media strategy. [20] In this article, we look at the importance of replying to all social media comments with the top tips on how to do it well. [20] Now that we know just how important it is to reply to social media comments, let?s next look at how to reply on each of the major social networks. [20] Let?s have a look at some of the top tips for successfully replying to social media comments. [20] When replying to comments on social media, you should always sound personable and approachable. [20] For a case study on how a seven-person social media team handled over 10,000 comments and messages in just 3 days during The Governors Ball Music Festival, check out the download link below. [20] It’s chock full of insights on the art of replying to comments on social media and definitely worth a read. [20] The Falcon Engage inbox collects all incoming comments in a customizable feed. [20] This may help personalize your comment or add that extra visual touch to the reply. [20] I first started noticing this phenomenon when I realized that Instagram had begun pulling out and what online forums call “sticking” one or two comments at the bottom of photos among, in some cases, hundreds of thousands, regardless of chronology. [26]

My goal is to help writers, bloggers, and creatives like YOU turn readers into raving fans and learn to make a living doing what you love. without being smarmy. [21] With a the right add-ons you can turn off likes, retweets, friend counts, and everything else that?s telling you whether your online social media existence is a hit or a miss. [24] Every like, retweet, new follower or friend can feel like they?re contributing to a metric of your personal value. [24]

Asano found the fact that Cooper had so quickly figured out how to game the new features “mind-blowing,” if not totally out of character for the world of “hyper-competitive” influencers like the ones he works with; the successful ones are “using anything and everything to kind of get any sort of leg up and try to grow.” [26] Once I like what I have, I use a awesome little screen capture utility called jing ( ) and I capture the image and I save it to my hard drive. [8] No one likes to be ignored, and a lack of response tells customers they aren?t important. [20] Instagram is figuring out what you like, and who you like, and showing you more of it, so you stay on longer. [26] You can turn off notifications for likes completely, so won?t have any idea just how popular your vacation Instagrams are until you go back into the app. [24]

Facebook found that “People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that?s no longer live.” 21 Facebook, 2016 That’s because those videos are more interesting when the event being filmed is happening live than after the event. [7] I hear so many people complaining about the lack of reach on their Facebook page. [21] How may this affect your Page? You will get a better sense of how people are reacting to your Facebook posts with the data in your Facebook Page Insights. [7]

You can make the most of Facebook?s new algorithm by recognizing that your Facebook page is a cornerstone of customer service for your business. [28] Don?t be afraid to take the new algorithm in stride by making your page?s content personable, informative and engaging, as engagement is paramount for having a successful Facebook business page. [28]

This post comes on the heels of Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the Facebook algorithm in 2018. [21] The new Facebook algorithm can be confusing, but remember, Facebook is trying to improve the lives of its users by creating news feeds that are more personable, informative, and entertaining. [28]

This is a great way to build your Facebook page community and increase interaction with your actual customers. [28] The Facebook ads platform allows for businesses of any size and most industries to leverage very targeted audiences to build customer bases.Your ads strategy should not only be about selling; it is important to build a community that believes in you and enjoys your presence online before you try to sell to them. [28]

Every time you add a Facebook Page or Instagram Profile, you?ll have a unique Settings panel for that profile and an Ad Account tab. [25] Here are some of my tips for getting interaction and engagement on your Facebook page. [21] Keep in mind that these are GENERAL principles for engagement on Facebook pages. [21]

Facebook is more likely to rank Facebook Live videos higher in the News Feed when those videos are live than when they are no longer live 20 Facebook, 2016. [7] Facebook will be demoting Facebook posts that pretend to be a video 8 Facebook, 2017. [7]

They are trying to make sure content that reaches individuals is authentic and engaging and is not advertising products or services (this is what Facebook Ads are for). [28] When Facebook changes something, as a business page owner you need to adjust your own approach to managing your Facebook business page to keep up with the changes. [28] With these things in mind, let’s have a calm look at what you can do to make a Facebook business page work for you. [21] Facebook business pages have great ecommerce tools that profiles don’t have. [21] While this is a Facebook BUSINESS page, we don’t engage with faceless companies. [21]

Leads – After you?ve established a Facebook fanbase via your page, you can post offers occasionally that will result in a direct response. [16] Facebook is about identity (“I?m sharing this blog post or liking this page because it reflects who I am as a person”). [16] By cutting back on posts, Buffer reported 1,000 engagements each day (up from 500), and a bigger weekly reach of 150,000 Facebook users (up from 44,000). [16] They discovered that ShopAtHome lacked reach (0.6% of Facebook followers saw their posts) and engagement (with about 10 reactions per post despite having more than five million followers). [16]

As brands are expected to consistently post Facebook day after day, it’s common for businesses to run out of their own content to promote. [17] Volume Nine soon began boosting some posts to reach more Facebook users. [16] EdgeRank determines where your post or story will show up on the newsfeed of your average Facebook user. [16] Facebook notifications is a simple and useful tool for Facebook users to make sure they are alerted to news and items of interest from any fan page on Facebook. [15] Facebook themselves note that video content drives higher engagement and interactions from users compared to any other type of content on the platform. [17] Perfect for starting conversations and keeping your fans’ eyes glued to the page, marketers of all shapes and sizes can incorporate video on Facebook. [17]

You can choose Get Notifications, and Facebook will send you a notification every time that friend posts. [30] Your grandpa has no idea how to use Facebook and posts nonsense every day. [30] Quicksprout reports that Facebook users engage with posts with photos 39% more than those without. [16] Facebook has explicitly dropped the hammer on posts deemed as engagement bait. [17] Understanding this algorithm is important because the higher your EdgeRank, the more likely your posts will appear higher up on a Facebook user?s newsfeed. [16] Facebook rewards organic reach to posts that drive discussion and hold users’ attention, after all. [17] At the end of every week, you?ll need to jump into your Facebook insights and pick the posts that have performed BEST. [18] For more cool integrations with Facebook and WordPress, check out our posts on adding a Facebook Messenger chat box, Facebook Pixel, and other helpful Facebook plugins. [22] Facebook ( and Sprout ) gives you the option to set these preferences and restrictions per post. [17] Notifications alerts of a new post will appear in your Facebook Notification area. [15] They also realized that posting just to post doesn?t fly on Facebook. [16]

STEP THREE: Set up a Facebook ad audience of people who watch the video. [18] By interacting with your content on Facebook, people are only helping to spread it. [16] Oh, and with social scheduling through Sprout, you can create a custom content calendar that helps you keep track of which types of content you’re posting to Facebook too. [17] Engagement matters because each interaction with your content creates a marketing echo on Facebook. [16] It?s tough, and so Facebook requires new strategy and tactics in 2018 in order to guarantee business page engagement and cut through. [18] It?s a great way of combining organic Facebook strategy with a little bit of paid spend to ensure that your content efforts aren?t falling on deaf ears. [18] Facebook wants us to create content that drives discussion, granted we find creative ways to make it happen. [17]

Facebook offers a solution for Pages to get “Notifications” from any Page. [15] You?ll want to make sure that focusing on Facebook is the best choice for you based on your current business needs. After all, building a large fanbase with a high level of engagement takes time. [16] Facebook can work for just about any business, but it takes time to build an engaged community of fans. [16] If you are retargeting your Facebook Fans in ads (which is a good thing to do) you are not advertising to the right people. [34] Most people on Facebook are there just to “waste” time casually, as mentioned above. [16] Since Facebook is prioritizing content from friends and family over businesses, this is the perfect time to start your employee advocacy program or rev it up if you already have one. [17] Encouraging your team to share your content with their networks on Facebook instantly amplifies your reach. [17] Conventional wisdom tells us that Facebook prefers brands to keep content on their platform versus solely linking off-site. [17] With so many options available and Facebook explicitly looking for more visual content, creating more video is a no-brainer. [17] Volume Nine first took a thorough look at ShopAtHome?s current Facebook content strategy. [16]

Think of images such as memes, photos of people or cartoons as the primary marketing currency of Facebook. [16] We conclude with tips for a few common errors people deal with when trying to access Facebook. [30] These people are often taking a break from more productive activities while they browse Facebook. [16]

Dig into the Social Fixer options and you’ll find many more ways to change the most annoying parts of Facebook. [30] The ability to become a fan of a brand on Facebook offers a great way to stay in touch with company happenings, new products, special sales alerts and more. [15] The writing has been on the wall for brands to embrace Facebook as a “pay to play” platform, so experimenting with ads now is a sound idea for the long-term. [17]

A share on Facebook has the highest value from a marketing standpoint because of the way it’s prominently displayed in friends? newsfeeds. [16] According to the Facebook Newsroom, Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to favor brighter color contrast, bigger link previews, updated and bigger share buttons and circular profile pictures. [16] Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms How (and Why) to Disable Algorithmic Feeds on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook How (and Why) to Disable Algorithmic Feeds on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Twitter and Instagram are now following Facebook with algorithmic timelines. [30]

Without understanding if Facebook can grow your business, you?re wasting precious time. [16] Under the “Audience” tab, you can drill down and discover the quantity of traffic that Facebook sends you over time. [16] He used Facebook Audience Insights to go back in time (so to speak) and observe the inflection point where growth started to take off for Great Black Speakers (December 2013). [16]

Once upon a time, if you wanted to use an emoticon on Facebook, you had to know the text code for each smiley or emoticon you wanted to use. [32] There are tons of Facebook tools out there that can help you transform your pieces into something totally new in no time flat. [17]

Facebook can be a profitable marketing channel for almost any business, then. [16] This is also a key question to consider when deciding whether to invest in a Facebook marketing strategy. [16] I co-authored the book Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and I was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner for over two years. [34]

This was done to “create a more consistent experience” for Facebook users. [16] Tech Crunch states that there are over two billion active Facebook users and counting. [16] Will make it harder for any of your users who don’t already have a Facebook account ( which is probably a small segment, to be fair ). [22] Whether you use this for creeping 5 Effective Tips To Ask a Girl Out On Facebook 5 Effective Tips To Ask a Girl Out On Facebook What happens if a girl catches your eye on Facebook? How can you approach her and get to know her without scaring her off? Let’s discuss some important advice. [30] On Facebook, you can increase engagement by as much as 2.3x more through images. [16] Traffic – Having a strong, engaged base of Facebook fans correlates with an increase in website traffic referrals from Facebook. [16] For B2C companies where the purchase size is smaller than B2B companies, these companies can make sales offers directly to their Facebook fans. [16] If you’re sick of friends pleading for extra lives in Candy Crush, you can block all Facebook invites and requests Your Complete Guide to Blocking Facebook Invites Your Complete Guide to Blocking Facebook Invites But game invites can fill up your notifications. [30] Friends can still enter your name to tag you in a picture, but Facebook won’t offer suggestions based on its recognition algorithms. [30]

Your Facebook page’s reach is already somewhat limited by the number of fans/followers you have. [17] Facebook changes their interface and the way Notifications work is a part of this. [15] For more, check out these important Facebook changes you should know about 6 New Features and Changes to Facebook You Should Know 6 New Features and Changes to Facebook You Should Know It’s difficult to keep up with Facebook changes, or know what’s new and useful. [30]

Now Facebook will always show you those updates right away. [30] There are other tactics to consider as well for increasing Facebook engagement, such as coupons, raffles and sweepstakes. [16] Redlands, California?s Craig & Sons Termite & Pest Control, Inc. is a bug removal company that had already tried to build Facebook engagement. [16] Organic, non-paid engagement on Facebook is getting harder and harder to come by. [18]

The beauty of Facebook is the ability to zero in on your audience. [17] Any question about whether your target audience is on Facebook is relatively moot. [16]

Facebook features hundreds of stupid games, all of them designed to waste time and take your money. [30] They hired SEO agency Volume Nine to generate more brand awareness on Facebook. [16] Cross-promotion is one way to kick off organic Facebook growth. [16] Of course, there’s also carousel ads which Facebook notes perform extremely well and boast a low CPC. [17] Photo tagging is a fun feature on the surface, but it’s a problem for Facebook privacy Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About As with everything regarding privacy on Facebook, managing your photos’ privacy settings isn’t always easy. [30] If you want to take your Facebook customization to the next level, you’ll need to install a Facebook browser extension 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience 15 Extensions to Transform Your Facebook Experience From finding out who unfriended you to keeping to removing those annoying boxes in the sidebar, here are the 15 best extensions for a better Facebook. [30] The key takeaway here is that if you?re a B2B company, you need a longer-term approach to Facebook. [16] To get Facebook Notifications in your email you need to take further steps. [15] To get started, you’ll still need to add your Facebook App ID. You can do that by going to Elementor ? Settings ? Integrations. [22]

Given that your customers are already on Facebook, there’s every reason for you to be there too. [17] Late last year, they decided their posting strategy on Facebook needed retooling. [16] This will prevent it from contacting you and using your Facebook information. [30] By flipping the right settings or using powerful extensions, you can make Facebook a more pleasant experience for yourself. [30]

Based on what we know from recent Facebook stats, the platform produces one of the best ROIs for marketers based on its massive user-base. [17] I will try to leverage facebook marketing within next months so is great have access to useful longterm strategy. [16] Understand that if your goal is to leverage another brand?s marketing channel on Facebook, you have to come to them with something of value. [16] The big-picture idea here is that images are best understood as the marketing currency of Facebook. [16] Back in 2014, I contacted my friend Lawrence Watkins of Great Black Speakers because I was in awe of his success on Facebook. [16] As Lawrence points out in our interview, there is an emotional connection for his Facebook followers. [16] At the beginning of the project, Craig & Sons had about 300 Facebook followers. [16] I’ve been online for a while, but i’ve strong presence only on twitter(around 35K followers) and on facebook only a few hundreds fans. [16]

To create your App ID, head to the Facebook Developers site. [22]

Create a copy bank of great Facebook posts Start keeping a folder of screenshots or a list of great Facebook posts you love so you can get ideas for what you can do. [21] We want to help you understand how your Facebook posts get viewed on Facebook. [7]

Understanding the Facebook algorithm starts with knowing the core values that Facebook uses to guide their thinking and work. [7] If you do Facebook marketing, one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm. [7] The results of this survey led to the Facebook algorithm change. [28]

In the case of Lawrence?s company Great Black Speakers, many people undoubtedly like the page because it expresses the inspirational ideas of black leaders and famous figures from African-American history. [16] By doing this, you are continuing to provide the right people with VALUE by serving them MORE content that they might also like, too. [18]

Whether it’s an off-the-cuff vlog or a how-to tutorial like this one from SEPHORA, live video represents a powerful medium for brands today. [17] Like the case study above, Arkside began by reviewing Craig & Sons? posting schedule, audience reach, SEO performance, and audience engagement. [16] Nobody likes videos that play as soon as you scroll past them. [30]

Tacking on questions to any given post is a smart way to encourage comments without having to beg for them. [17] With these simple steps, now you can forget the annoying comment updates by simply unfollowing the particular post without deleting your comment. [31] One common fear that churches often have when managing their social media accounts is, “What happens if someone says something inappropriate or controversial?” Those fears commonly come true when someone leaves a nasty comment on one of their posts. [52] While it?s tempting to respond to every comment that someone leaves on your page, not every comment requires a response. [52] Reduces normal WordPress comment spam because most people are targeting native WordPress comments. [22] Usually, these comments don?t require a response, but responding to certain comments could be an opportunity to create a positive brand experience. [52] Number of Comments lets you set the default number of comments to show when the comments section loads. [22] You would type a specific series of characters and symbols in the comments box to make a particular graphical icon show up in your comment or reply. [32] Sort Comments by lets you sort by social ranking or ascending/descending date. [22] If the behavior continues, the commenter clearly has no interest in engaging with your church, or the comment is an egregious violation of decency, consider banning the user. [52] Just make sure to pay close attention to the engagement of your comments section. [22]

When it comes to figuring out how many times you should post on your Facebook page to increase engagement, sometimes it depends on how many followers you have. [16] To increase engagement on your Facebook business page for you OTHER posts, all you need to do is to start producing some more valuable, quality, NON-salesy content and post it consistently on your business page. [18] In order for this strategy to work, you need to put together a little video and post it on your Facebook page. [18] That said, jumping into creating your own Facebook page shouldn?t be your first step after reading this post. [16] Because visitor posts aren?t prominently displayed on our Facebook page, we choose not to fight the battle. [52]

The median reach of Facebook posts by a Page to a fan is 16%. [15] They can also copy and paste a direct link to your page onto their next Facebook post. [16]

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts that receive engagement, which is why timing your posts is so important. [17] Check out how Sharpie double-dips user-generated video content for Instagram on their Facebook page. [17] Bambu makes is very easy to curate content for your employees to share on their personal Facebook page. [17]

The platform also urges creators to embrace Facebook Live to create compelling, real-time content for their audiences. [17] The more you’re able to get people talking, the more likely the Facebook algorithm is to feature your content organically. [17] The reality? Surviving the new Facebook algorithm means making some changes to your content strategy in order to bolster your organic reach. [17] The 2018 update to the Facebook algorithm is designed to center content around individuals’ friends and family members, rather than prioritizing spam from businesses. [17]

First of all, what does a Fake Fan even mean? Typically, fake profile accounts are in overseas countries like Nigeria, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. [34] I was blown away when Lawrence told me that he wasn’t using advertising to get those likes. [16] That’s why having an employee advocacy platform like Bambu comes in handy. [17] They?re rarely thinking about making purchases like website design services, email marketing software, CRM software or call center services. [16]

When you want to use any of the emoticons in the package, select them right from the comment sticker window. [32] Use Ctrl + Enter instead of Enter to submit comments ( General tab). [30] These tiny faces or stickers indicate your emotional state or activity and are an easy way to quickly describe how you feel in a comment. [32] Because you’re no longer using the native comments section, you won’t get notifications of new comments through your WordPress dashboard. [22] Comment Box Width lets you change the width of your comments box. [22] You get to follow comment updates to a status without having to comment first. [31]

What are your options? It can be a.) money, b.) exposure through your Facebook page or c.) relevant content. [16] Besides just improving their Facebook page, Arkside also expanded the pest control company?s social media presence to Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. [16] Unfortunately the process to “clean up” your Facebook Page is tedious and time consuming. [34]

It?s a surefire way of increasing engagement on your Facebook business page. [18] Email list growth – Since marketing via your Facebook Business Page is best thought of as “demand generation” and not lead generation (since you?re not initially looking for a direct bottom line response), it?s easy to funnel your fans from Facebook to landing page offers that result in more email signups. [16]

If you?re wondering how on earth you can increase engagement on your Facebook business page in 2018, you?re not the only one. [18] That their Facebook business page is a barren engagement wasteland, and that they are OVER talking to themselves. [18]

The video had a 300% spike in engagement, proving Facebook Live Video is another viable engagement option. [16] Add a video to your Facebook posts to net at least 89.5 shares. [16] Facebook’s practice of deemphasizing links and preferring their own native content is well-documented, especially in the case of video. [17] Visual content goes hand in hand with Facebook’s best practices by garnering 87% more engagement. [17]

This might be daunting to brands, but it shouldn’t diminish Facebook’s importance to your social media marketing strategy. [17] This will stop Facebook ads from using your browsing history to show you ads both on and off Facebook How Advertisers Use Web Beacons to Track You on the Web and in Emails How Advertisers Use Web Beacons to Track You on the Web and in Emails Have you ever wondered how advertisers track you around the web? There are many methods, but the use of web beacons is one of the more common and effective. [30] While brands should certainly focus on improving their organic reach, there’s no denying the power of Facebook ads. [17] The reported drop in Facebook page reach, with some sources citing organic reach as low as 2%, is the latest Facebook algorithm’s elephant in the room. [17] You want to know if they have fake fans on the Facebook Page. [34] A red square with the number of new notifications that you have not yet viewed appears at the top of your Facebook page in the web, mobile, or mobile app versions of Facebook. [15] Once you have this list of Facebook pages, create a short, two-to-three sentence message template to send to each of them. [16]

The next page will give you some additional options regarding your account, including options to automatically share your posts and Stories to Facebook. [40] Facebook groups have become effective bases for interest groups, mobilizing outrage and driving member to bombard posts with negative comments–in a recent case, conservative “supporter” groups and meme pages drove an ABC affiliate page for kids off Facebook with its targeted crusade. [29] “Most page owners, when they do Facebook, they put some post up, they put many posts up, but they’re not really connecting with the readers.” [42] The change prioritizes interactions between friends and family over company-generated posts, meaning that content consumed directly from business pages on Facebook will shrink and content that is shared & talked about between friends will grow. [39] Facebook announced last week that they are updating the News Feed algorithm to prioritize posts that create conversations and interactions between people. [39] Facebook has a tool that lets you easily unfollow people and Pages in your News Feed. [53]

Back in 2015, Facebook noticed that when people are watching videos, they?re more distracted from Liking and sharing it than they are with text or photo posts. [37] It does matter because as the post explains, Facebook doesn’t automatically show all your content to all your followers, so you want to make sure you have enough posts going into the pipeline. [42] If your post is shared and commented upon — becoming more popular — Facebook will show your post to more of your followers, but not until it?s sure the post is popular enough according to its algorithm. [42] If your post sits around and does nothing at first, Facebook won?t show it to more of your followers. [42]

Unlike Twitter, which publishes your Instagram posts as basic web links, Facebook actually lets you share images directly from the photo-sharing app to your timeline and News Feed. [40] You can post these short video clips as Facebook Stories, on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. [37] Linking will allow you to post the pics and videos you take or edit using the aforementioned photo-sharing app directly to Facebook. [40] Find out when your fans are most online, either on Facebook Insights or Iconosquare?s Reach tab, and schedule your posts in advance for that specific time. [35] What’s the best time to post on Facebook? When your fans are online. [35]

People kind of get stuck thinking Facebook is going to stay the same and you can put the same old kind of blog posts up, and they don’t realize Facebook is changing almost every day.” [42] I have noted a new thing today that facebook does not show your posts to all your fans but tests it first with 6% fans. [42] I paid a lot of money on facebook fan page to get audience. [42] Facebook gives in-depth data on your audience and their preferences within your Insights page. [42] He anticipates his page will evolve as livestreaming becomes more of a focus on Facebook, likely requiring him to upgrade the quality of his live shows to more TV-like quality, in effect creating mini TV shows. [42]

This is a major reversal for Facebook, as video has gained incredible prominence in the News Feed in recent years and has been an effective way for brands to organically generate reach and engagement. [39] When Facebook started prioritizing video content last year, my News Feed filled up with viral videos from brands and publishers. [53]

As you may already be aware, on January 11, 2018 Facebook announced a major change to its News Feed algorithm that will profoundly impact brands? ability to reach people on Facebook through organic distribution. [39] Facebook also has a significantly larger user base than Instagram, so there?s a chance it could help you to reach more people. [40] Due to the seamless integration between the two platforms, your Instagram post details (including captions) will be shared to Facebook, complete with any location data, hashtags, and emojis you?ve added. [40] You can?t tell Facebook, or any platform, that you found a post simply upsetting, irrelevant, or boring. [53] After I set those preferences, Facebook would usually greet me with a post from my past via the fairly creepy ” On This Day ” feature, then an ad, then a smattering of posts from The New York Times and other publications I chose. [53] When I loaded more than 50 posts, it stopped Facebook from feeding me more, and instead a message appeared asking whether I actually wanted to keep looking at my News Feed. [53] Next, tap Share in the resulting pop-up menu, toggle the slider beside Facebook, and tap the Share button again in the upper-right corner to post the photo to Facebook. [40] As we talked about in Step #6, only a small percentage of your Facebook followers are shown a post when you first post it maybe around 6%. [42] In one experiment, University of Michigan students randomly assigned to read Facebook for 10 minutes were in a worse mood at the end of the day than students assigned to post or talk to friends on Facebook. [39] Facebook will notify people when their friends are watching a Live video, and viewers can invite others to watch with them. [37] Facebook started monitoring signals of video engagement, and uses these to help determine a Live video?s relevancy score. [37]

Hope these tips have helped you to get the ball rolling! And while it takes time to build your audience on Facebook organically, always remember: it?s not the number of fans you should be after, but the quality of your engagement! So go slower, but steadier. [35] “I want to be clear: by making these changes, I expect the time people spend on Facebook and some measures of engagement will go down. [39] Facebook has publicly stated that they believe the update may actually decrease the amount of time people spend on their platform, but that ultimately people will be happier with their overall experience. [39] Facebook has specifically called out live video as a continuing opportunity, citing that live videos tend to generate six times as many interactions as regular videos, which is the type of person-to-person interaction they are looking for in the updated News Feed. [39]

There?s an option to “Give feedback on this post,” which only lets you tell Facebook that a post violated its Community Guidelines, meaning it contains nudity, violence, hate speech, or something else against the rules. [53] The more years I spend on Facebook, the less inclined I am to post weird memes, inside jokes, and any actual feelings. [53] Unlike the “Does this post contain hate speech?” feature, the upvote and downvote system won?t require a Facebook employee– or A.I. –to verify it. [29]

I have been getting more traffic through me facebook group than page. [42] Thanks for showing us different ways to use Facebook as a marketing tool not just for social connection with friends and family. [36] I believe that Facebook is changing its “business” use terms again, so it might end ultimately, businesses having to buy ads any way. [36] What can you do to increase your Facebook fans without paying for ads? Here are some strategies I recommend and use myself. [36]

I think facebook has became one of the most important social media tools today, it has a very big impact on people, and to have a lot of fans on it is very good, thanks for the nice article. [42] Some people say it?s impossible without a Facebook marketing budget. [35] I also discovered that Facebook keeps track of when you unfollow people, and gives you the opportunity to invite them back into your feed. [53] The changes to the News Feed are happening quickly, so we recommend brands and agencies adjust their Facebook strategies as soon as possible to minimize the impact to their reach. [39] While we can?t say if this is indeed one of the motivations driving the update, there is little doubt that the change will result in brands spending more ad dollars on Facebook to reach their current and prospective customers. [39] Another reality I was confused from communicating people saying that Facebook changes; it “updates” a lot. [42] Although many people have speculated that these changes are being made in response to the issues Facebook has faced regarding “fake news,” the company is has indicated that the update is not aimed at their ongoing efforts to address this concern. [39]

Being an active part of a Facebook community helps you build relationships with like-minded people, with like-minded goals. [35]

Invest time in building a Facebook audience that is truly interested in what you?ve got to say — and your business will thank you for that later. [35] Facebook has been decreasing the amount of organic reach brands are able to achieve for some time – from 50% to 20% to 10% to 5% and most recently down to around 2.5%, on average. [39] Ask them to “Like? your brand on Facebook to ensure they receive more of your content. [37] Yet, this is the ugly truth: If you don?t approach Facebook strategically and don?t create a well-planned content strategy in advance, there?s going to be a big chance you?ll end up posting last minute, in a hurry, as an afterthought, drained of any fresh ideas. [35] The hardest part of posting regularly on facebook is coming up with great content to share. [36] There are often some cool viral campaigns happening that might resonate with your brand — don?t hesitate to share them! If they?re already trending on Facebook, your fans will probably take interest in that too. [35] Today, I’m going to share a strategy that got Steven Aitchison 3.6 million Facebook fans and continues to pull in 3,241 fans per DAY. [42] Every time you wish to share an Instagram photo on Facebook, you can do so by enabling its corresponding button on the caption screen. [40] Facebook, the world?s number one social media platform, and subsidiary Instagram are apparently taking some holiday breaks on Labor Day. [40] You will find a list of social platforms that offer Instagram integration, with Facebook at the top of that list. [40] Your uploads will also be saved to Facebook in their own album, titled “Instagram photos” allowing you to quickly tag your friends on the social network. [40]

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become the go-to social network. [40] Now, millions of users around the world live stream on Facebook. [37] On Monday morning, I became one of the trial users of a potential new Facebook feature, one of its recent attempts at fighting the fake news and unconstructive debate rife on its platform: upvotes and downvotes. [29] If even Redditors can?t agree on an objective usage, what hope do Facebook users have? (For what it?s worth, Reddiquette says, “If you think something contributes to conversation, upvote it. [29] I downloaded Social Fixer, a Chrome extension that promises that it?s “filled with features to make your Facebook experience better.” [53] The timing of the update has not been specifically outlined, but Facebook has indicated that the philosophy of encouraging “social interactions” more than “popularity” will be rolled out across all of their products over several months. [39] The company held its first ever “Communities Summit” in June 2017 where they announced a number of new features for Group admins to support their communities on Facebook, which looks to have been a precursor to this latest New Feed update. [39] Of particular note is that Facebook has explicitly said that pre-recorded videos, no matter how entertaining or informative they are, will be de-prioritized in the feed as watching video tends to be a more “passive” exercise that typically does not inspire much conversation. [39] Since Facebook wasn?t getting the hint, I decided this time to entrust my News Feed to someone else. [53] A bit of a surprise to some people was that both Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook vice president Adam Mosseri have mentioned Facebook Groups as a growing opportunity for person-to-person interactions. [39] The UN has released a report accusing the military in Myanmar of crimes against humanity — and Facebook banned 20 people and organizations shortly after. [40] His online and Facebook recognition accelerated from 20 people finding his blog every month by Googling his name to 1,200 people. [42] You can play around with adding a Facebook pop-up to encourage people to give you a “thumbs up”. [35]

Now, Facebook groups are great for networking, learning new things, and promoting your content. [35]

I have also thrown in a few bonus case studies for the types of Facebook posts and/or content that?s giving businesses real organic growth. [16] The recent Facebook algorithm changes don’t necessarily signal a death sentence for brands. [17] The key to overcoming the Facebook algorithm has been under your nose since the day you started marketing on the platform. [17] As part of the most recent Facebook algorithm update, the platform is now punishing marketers perceived as trying to game the system, so to speak. [17] It’s not about outsmarting the Facebook algorithm, but giving the platform exactly what it wants. [17]

Facebook Ads are NOT a requirement to be successful on this social media platform. [16] For instance, for a while, Lawrence used Facebook Ads to grow his Facebook audience. [16] Data shows us that Facebook ads produce an overwhelmingly positive ROI with 93% of marketers already on board. [17] Using Facebook ads, you can do something called “remarketing?. [18]

Wishpond turned its attention to the somewhat new Facebook Live Video. [16] Two staff members at Wishpond decided on a whiteboard presentation for their first Facebook Live Video. [16]

The graph above shows Buffer?s average Facebook posts per day from January 2016 to April 2017. [16] Blasting external link after external link is not only poor form from a marketing perspective, but also won’t do you any favors with the latest Facebook algorithm. [17] In this scenario, a growing Facebook Business Page often correlates with a rise in sales. [16] Make sure you?re logged in on your Facebook Business Page when you do this. [16]

The absolute best way to get likes for your Page without spending a penny is to post content that your fans will LOVE (sounds so obvious, but keep reading!). [36] When people find true value in what you post, they will want to like and share your posts, and your Page likes will continue to grow. [36] Also: not everyone who interacts with your content has liked your Page! If you’ve been implementing some of the tips above, like tagging, there’s a chance that you’ve got some interactions coming from people who have not liked your Page yet. [35] If you’re spending money to get people to like your page, on a platform that you have no control over, what if the rules change? This actually happened to lots of people a few years ago. [33] If people visit your page and it has just 10 likes on it, they will think twice about joining the tribe. [35] The reason why is because when you pay to get people to like your page, it usually ends up being filled with trolls and spammers And lots of other people who are not engaged with your page. [33] Images have a great way of making you and your business relatable, which is why they work so well to increase Page likes. [36] Just like Dexter in his secret laboratory, you should be experimenting with different types of content to add variety to your Page and make sure it?s never boring. [35]

This ability to connect with relatives, classmates, and colleagues is what drew many of us to Facebook in the first place, and it?s no surprise that staying in touch with these friends and loved ones brings us joy and strengthens our sense of community. [39] Keep in mind that, for whatever reason, you can change the app?s permissions or remove its integration with Facebook at any time. [40] If this all sounds familiar to you, that?s because Facebook has made a number of similar changes in the past. [53] The Facebook stack is really all about checking out what Facebook is really pushing just now, and right now, for example, it’s videos. [42] Growing your Facebook presence is particularly important if you?re a new in your field of business, as you won?t be getting much traffic from Google just yet. [35] You nice explained some serious tricks about to make a great business on facebook. [42]

We have several recommendations that brands can pursue to not only survive, but potentially thrive, on Facebook going forward. [39] I also noticed Facebook is pushing their audience network really hard but not much money is made from there. [42] I said it before and I’ll say it again: you MUST include a widget — or a pop up — on your website if you want to grow your Facebook audience. [35]

I also expect the time you do spend on Facebook will be more valuable. [39] This is something that has been in the works for some time, as Facebook has been recently increasing their focus on Groups and implementing several improvements. [39] Instead of simply spending time on Facebook, the company says that it wants the time to be “well spent”. [39]

Mostly it was a reminder that you have more power over your News Feed than Facebook often lets on–for better or worse. [53] Deleting messages from Facebook Messenger is almost as easy as scrolling through your News Feed. [40]

The only way to be truly secure on Facebook is to delete your account. [53] I decided next to focus my efforts on the algorithm itself: I began giving Facebook feedback on nearly everything it showed me. [53] She lives nearly 800 miles away in Chicago, which Facebook knows. [53] Facebook encourages us to collect everyone we meet throughout our lives, but hasn’t given much instruction for what to do after we’ve friended them. [53]

There are several reasons why you should consider linking Facebook and Instagram. [40] That said, the best thing about syncing your Facebook and Instagram accounts is how effortless it is. [40] Even for those who are not looking for more exposure, cross-posting could allow your Facebook contacts that aren’t on Instagram to keep up with your activity. [40] The process for linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts is almost identical in iOS and Android. [40] As of this writing, Facebook and Instagram were facing more than 30 minutes of downtime. [40]

They’re going to give it more reach because Facebook is promoting that automatically.” [42] This case study will help me to grow my Facebook authority level I guess. [42] “Without Facebook I wouldn’t hear from my high school friends very much,” Facebook?s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said in an interview with Axios last year. [53] If you have an acquaintance who’s not a friend of yours on facebook, please go ahead and add them as a friend right away. [33]

Following on from the previous point, it also makes sense to promote your Facebook on other social media channels too. [35] To support this position, Facebook has cited studies conducted by academics and by the company itself which differentiate “bad” effects of social media when it is being passively consumed versus more “positive” effects when the person is actively engaged. [39]

It?s hard to know how Facebook processed all this feedback, if at all. [53] Facebook says that the motivation for the changes is to improve people?s happiness and well-being. [39]

Little gray arrows–one up, one down–have appeared beneath comments on posts from select public pages, asking for my input [29] A study we conducted with Robert Kraut at Carnegie Mellon University found that people who sent or received more messages, comments and Timeline posts reported improvements in social support, depression and loneliness. [39] In their definition, these are posts that people share and react to, and that “inspire back-and-forth discussion” in the comments. [39] The good: On the other hand, actively interacting with people — especially sharing messages, posts and comments with close friends and reminiscing about past interactions — is linked to improvements in well-being. [39] Posts with longer comments will be weighted more heavily than those with short ones. [39]

Look what they did here: They gave props for the good work, they tagged somebody who?s relevant to their field (a fruit and veggie artist), they accumulated 390 likes and 23 shares for the post, and they hardly had to do anything for it. [35] If you can get at least 100 likes based on your friends and acquaintances, that will make your page look more trustworthy. [35] This page is 100% community-focused and I?ll be sharing things that are relevant to you – Like invites to fun local events, market updates, buyer guides & more. [33] Adding FB Page like button to WP blog can also increase likes when done smartly. [42] When it comes to lender and vendor partners, be sure to have them like your Page (and you should also like theirs as well). [33] After you do, you can start inviting them to like your Page. [33]

I always try to take away at least one point when reading posts like this one (awesome) that have a list of actions to take. [42] In our situation images and being human works although the views and likes doesnt increase so much if people doesnt share it. [36] This description will show up on people?s News Feeds like a status update above the video. [37] At the point, my News Feed led now off with noticeably more articles and videos from publishers I actually like, which wasn’t so bad, especially since a side effect of the latest algorithm upheaval was burying them further down. [53]

When broadcasting, make sure to directly ask viewers to like and share your video. [37]

Post your Facebook Live video to your page by tapping “Post.? [37] The more people who engage with your posts, the more the Facebook Algorithm will increase your reach. [33] Now, for the posts you actually post on your Facebook Business Page: some people just post, leave it at that, and wait for magic to happen. [35] Competitors are not going to engage with your posts and that will ultimately kill your Facebook Page engagement. [33] You know I’ve already lost hope on facebook page since its decrease on post reach. [42] Only about 6% of your Facebook page followers will be shown a post when you first post it, as Facebook tests its popularity. [42] The advice that I’ve read of many “facebook gurus” is that you got to post frequently on your Facebook page. [42] I was looking at Steven’s Facebook page and notice that he posts a few post every hour or so. [42] Another shameless moment: our Inbound Marketer Emily sharing an Iconosquare post on her personal Facebook page. [35]

You can even filter out Facebook?s own features, like the occasionally creepy “People You May Know.” [53] For months, I’ve been haunted by companies like Everlane and Glossier, which ostensibly target the same young, female-identifying, urban-dwelling people over and over again. [53]

This tactic is an easy and obvious way of becoming your own brand that leads directly to more traffic, more likes and, eventually, more income. [42] It?s presented like a talk-show, provides tons of value to viewers, and perfectly showcases Benefit?s brand personality. [37] And, although you might not be able to partner with a micro-celebrity like Birchbox, try collaborating with someone in your niche who?s knowledgeable and engaging — even if it?s just a friend. [37] You know what: a friend in need is a friend indeed! You need your friends and their like power now more than ever, because just as money makes money, likes make likes. [35]

When you can write little nuggets of gold like that, you could literally change someone’s life, so why not share it with the world. [42] If you?d like to do a test broadcast, change the setting to “Only Me.? [37]

It was a good way to get likes a few years ago, but no more. [33] Like most things, it’s not just about using the right techniques. [42] And, if you?re broadcasting with a fixed camera shot, try to incorporate visually stimulating features, like sharing your computer screen, or using props. [37]

My closest friends– like many people?s –share less on the platform than ever. [53] I chose a handful of news sites I like reading, some of my close friends, and my boyfriend. [53] I like the part where Aitchison creates his own quotes and puts his name underneath. [42] Unless you?re broadcasting from somewhere extremely dark like a nightclub, it?s best to make sure the flash is turned off. [37]

Steve’s approach to this thread of comments demonstrates his absolute dedication to helping people, he must have a hell of a big heart and be excellent at managing his time. [42] The downvote grants the power to dismiss content in a way the vague “reactions” never did–were you angry at the comment or sharing in the writer?s fury? Besides, reacting to a comment, positively or negatively, only made it more prominent. [29] Does the “up” arrow hold the same tantalizing appeal? Though the new system is ostensibly about rewarding thoughtful and engaging comments, I didn?t feel inclined to use it. [29] When you?re live, you can tap the speech bubble icon at the bottom of your screen to view and interact with viewer?s comments. [37]

I guess for few niche facebook closed group is good as you can encourage others to share their thoughts and have a good discussion. facebook page is page is great for some others,I mean you cant handle a facebook group of 1 million people right. [42] People spend three times as long watching Facebook Live videos as they do regular ones. [37] I know quite a few people who got huge exposure just because they started using Facebook live at the right time. [42]

Its latest update to the algorithm favors video, especially Facebook Live videos, over other content. [37] Because Facebook Live videos are live, they?re far more personal and intimate than scripted content. [37] If you want to reach your target customers on Facebook, Facebook Live video is the best way to do it. [37] Over 111K people tuned in for one Facebook Live video broadcast featuring celebrity manicurist Luxe by Tracy Lee, whose clients include Olivia Munn and Cameron Diaz. [37] So, the longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover your Facebook Live video. [37] Let?s take a quick look at how three ecommerce businesses are using Facebook Live video to build their brands, and boost sales. [37] You need to carefully evaluate your reasons for using Facebook Live video. [37] This will help rank your Facebook Live video higher in people?s feeds. 8. [37]

“Live video is engaging and studies show that viewers spend more time on live streams than any other type of Facebook posts. [37] After you?ve finished broadcasting, Facebook Pages will play your Live video. [37]

You may have found that buying Facebook ads and paying for promoted posts has worked for you, but you also know this isn?t sustainable. [36] If you haven?t already, you?ll need to download the Facebook Pages app. This way, you?ll be able to broadcast straight from your store?s Facebook page. [37] Although facebook are more and more becoming a ‘pay to play’ platform, you can still build a huge following and make a lot of money from your Facebook page without buying ads. [42] Have you ever wondered how to get the ball rolling with your Facebook Business Page? Years ago, it used to be relatively easy to get fans on the platform, but since Facebook started to suck life (and money) out of us marketers, it?s becoming harder and harder for new businesses to get noticed if they?re not ready to splash the cash. [35] What you want is to plan ahead, so that eventually you will be able to sip mojitos on the beach while your Facebook Business Page gets more and more fans on its own. [35]

It?s easy to understand how celebrities and influencers might use Facebook Live video. [37] The awesome power of Facebook Live video lies in the fact that it?s long-form, and there?s a high level of viewer-involvement. [37] That way, the Facebook Live video will feel cohesive throughout the broadcast. [37] This is a great way to test the waters and make sure you?re comfortable with the technical side of Facebook Live video. [37] Facebook Live video helps you to cut through the clutter and noise. [37] Before you start creating Facebook Live videos, you need to know what you hope to achieve from your broadcasts. [37] What?s more, Facebook gives you the option of tagging products that you mention throughout your Facebook Live video. [37] Benefit Cosmetics started their own weekly Facebook Live video series called ” Tipsy Tricks with Benefit,” in which the host and a guest give beauty advice. [37] Facebook has rigged the system to reward Facebook Live videos. [37]

“Not something I?m naturally inclined to do, but this is why I?ve been doing Facebook Live for some time now — to get out there, to connect even more with the audience. [42]

You can go even further and write a link to your Facebook page on your business cards. [35] He’s also used the same strategy on seven different Facebook pages in three different markets. [42] Wow! This is really encouraging for someone starting over with a new Facebook page, and who is tired of the “standard” marketing tactics and tricks. [42] You can change the privacy settings under your Facebook Page name. [37]

Steven tracks the popularity of all of his Facebook posts and reposts the most popular content — the posts that rank higher than his average ranking — every three to four weeks. [42] It?s best to update your Facebook Live video?s description and tags to help make it more discoverable. [37] Facebook Live capitalizes on Facebook?s awesome social power. [37] These Facebook Live videos generate between 8K to 35K views, with the occasional broadcast jumping over the 100K mark. [37] This UK-based ecommerce fashion store broadcasted a Facebook Live video challenge, called ” 100 layers of Asos ” which received 63K views. [37] Think of Facebook Live videos not only as broadcasts, but as conversations. [37] You might also want to tell viewers when your next Facebook Live video will be, so that they can tune in. [37]

He realized there was a huge opportunity to interact with his millions of followers and immediately launched a daily Facebook Live show. [42] Although you can use computer?s for Facebook Live, we?re going to take a deeper look at broadcasting on mobile. [37] If you?re hosting a regular Facebook Live broadcast, you could even include the details of it in your social media banner image. [37]

Not only does this give the selfish Facebook algorithm the attention it needs, but also will ensure that your fans won?t forget about your existence. [35]

Because my main goal with Facebook is to solidify my brand and build a loyal audience, those big numbers don’t mean all that much because I want fans that love everything I post, rather than just a mob of people who once gave me an Internet thumbs up. [41] Recently we?ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other ? Since there?s more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what?s in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do — help us connect with each other. [50] “How to avoid hearing from the same 26 FB friends and nobody else: Newsfeed recently shows only posts from the same few people, about 25, repeatedly the same, because Facebook has a new algorithm. [50] Facebook hasn’t limited your feed to only a certain number of people, and sharing a post saying otherwise won’t make any difference. [50] Many people are not too familiar with this feature, but you can actually use Facebook as your page instead of as your personal profile. [46] He was introduced to Facebook in 2007 while with the NBA (back before Pages) and has been using Facebook for business ever since. [45] In other words, before you dive head first into creating a proper Facebook strategy, evaluate whether or not a successful page actually helps you meet your goals. [41] Set up a Facebook Event so your members can RSVP and help to spread the word (make sure that announcement includes a link to the Event page). [49]

How can I report this bastard Mani Rai on Facebook, took my money and didn?t post the item and blocked me, he is cheating lots of peoples ?. [48] <3 So happy you liked the post!! I think that Facebook being strictly a numbers game is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about the platform out there, so I’m really excited that you liked that bit of insight. [41] To take this strategy further, install a Facebook Messenger button on your blog to make it easy for readers to discuss your blog posts with their friends. [49] The following post is circulating among my friends on Facebook. [50] I’ve written on places I’ve visited and I’ve paid for sponsored posts on Facebook that got me some but not much engagement. [41] “Now, I want to be clear: by making these changes, I expect the time people spend on Facebook and some measures of engagement will go down. [45] It?s very helpful at all times to think of your social media platforms as extensions of your brand and Facebook is a great place to do that. [41] In spite of the hopeless feeling that nothing?s working on Facebook, and that any efforts are fruitless and disappointing, Facebook is still among the most important platforms you can use to grow your blog, brand and business. [41] Well, this new feature will certainly result in users spending more time on Facebook (Ebay?s userbase has been poached), posting about what they want to sell (because they?ve already bought or going to buy that item soon), looking for things to buy (they can buy that item from Facebook?s advertiser too, if it?s affordable) and chat with the strangers (more use of Facebook messenger). [48]

Great post! I started advertising on Facebook last month and learned the information you’ve given here. [47] Thanks for this post and the workbook! Hope it will get me out of my Facebook pit. [41] Woo awesome that Facebook is helping you drive traffic!! I’m really happy that this post resonated with you. [41]

FACEBOOK STRATEGY TAKEAWAY: Have a clear picture of your audience and then continually create content that pleases that audience. [41] Remember that it’s not your fault just mostly Facebook being keen on grabbing your money ? I think what’s really crucial is that you define your target audience well and then create content that they love enough to interact with. [41] With the comment-worthy content in place on Facebook, create the auto-responder that sends them the answer. [43]

Targeting people by profession and/or college degree in Facebook is likely a much better way to reach your prospects. [47] Here are some of the common goals that people have when it comes to Facebook strategy, alongside considerations you should make if these ARE your goals. [41] It?s probable that you?re a “newb? to Facebook and have a newish account? This is how FB shakes down Marketplace spammers who rotate multiple accounts which are sometimes temporarily banned, and basically “unknown? people from entering the Marketplace community. [48] A lot of people give up because they think Facebook paid advertising doesn?t work. [47]

Every time you are on Facebook (and not stalking your new crush), you are creating content, and it’s important that this content is more than just “posting a status” or wine-fuelled rant. [41] This is not proof that Facebook is implementing that catastrophic Explore tab test that moved all brand content. [45] FACEBOOK STRATEGY TAKEAWAY: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new content types, and realize that different content types also fulfill different goals. [41] It takes a lot of incentive for someone to leave Facebook and go read content elsewhere (because we’re lazy). [41] Well-targeted ads that guarantee exposure to potential clients and buyers is much more likely to rake in actual paying customers than casting a wide net with your Facebook audience. [41] Would this change impact ads? I don’t know why it would, unless Facebook chooses to show fewer of them. [45]

Indeed these tricks will help many beginners as well as advanced users to take better advantage of the facebook platform. [46] Using Facebook as a user right now is the complete opposite of escape. [45] The Undisputed King of Social Media Facebook has passed the 800 million user mark. [47]

Marsha, thanks for sharing this case study: it’s very interesting especially considering that Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive thus getting organic reach is a more valuable skill. [42] It takes time and patience to boost your exposure and reach on Facebook. [46] Odds are good that your ideal audience spends a great deal of time on Facebook, so failing to tap into that presents a massively missed opportunity. [41] With Facebook rolling out crazy new features all the time, the key is to experiment, say on top of trends, and find out what works well for your audience. [41] If you’re having a better experience on Facebook, would you spend less time on the platform? Or does this have something to do with the mindless trash that leads to online addiction? Less of that, so less time? Not sure. [45]

These are all great tips on how to leverage facebook as a marketing tool for your online business. [46] I wish facebook people could get that thru their thick skulls that all that spam is unwanted. [48] I think all facebook businesses, brands or promotions are based on fans. [46] Facebook dropped a potential bombshell of an announcement today at least on brands and publishers. [45] Tried to buy a truck through Facebook Marketplace, but want to get some answers first so i called a number to Facebook marketplace customer service and after talking to Allen Walker i place the order and paid by gift cards as told to do. [48] Remember: It?s not just a numbers game, so you absolutely should NOT pay for untargeted Facebook “like? campaigns that simply inflate your numbers. [41] We often use facebook in my country and it?s a big wow to us that facebook open a marketplace, hope for some improvements. [48] Unless you have a use for the followers, there is no purpose to getting loads of followers on Facebook, except for bragging rights. [46] Facebook messenger offers an easy to use and easy to implement chat solution. [51] I’m gonna use this in my sales pitch to clients ? I’ve been looking for a short and direct sentence to describe Facebook advertising and this is it. [47]

Photos: Facebook is still a visual platform and photos tend to rank better in the algorithm. [41] The company has recently announced an extension to its business model with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace. [48] You might also consider creating a Facebook group/community of your own focused around your business area. [41]

Facebook videos: the hottest new thing and a bandwagon I URGE you to jump on. [41] It all started in February 2015 when Facebook introduced buy and sell groups which let users add items for sale in such groups which included adding a description of the product, setting up a price and set a pick-up or delivery location. [48] I also expect the time you do spend on Facebook will be more valuable.” [45] Often times you can even find advertising coupons for Facebook floating around the Web. [46] There are a few big market forces in motion that make it a great time to jump on board the Facebook paid advertising train. [47]

That’s why considering HOW to stay competitive is such an important piece of your Facebook strategy ( and one that is neglected more often than my diet ). [41] Sure, while Facebook is scary, we?ve got the perfect weapon to slay this beast: strategy. [41] FACEBOOK STRATEGY TAKEAWAY : None of the information doled out above will matter unless you actually commit to putting it in action. [41]

Build stronger, more familiar customer relationships through Facebook Messenger with these 9 tips. [51] I’ve tried my best! For the most part, however, Facebook basically shuts down the more poorly performing ads so quickly that it’s tricky to get any meaningful results. [47] Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of this handy Facebook feature. [49] In order to figure out what you should be doing on Facebook, you need to first determine what your end goal is. [41] Advertising is the major source of revenue for Facebook (as it is for Google) and they need to make their paid advertising program even more attractive to advertisers to boost their revenue and profitability. [47]

They’re right: Using Facebook passively results in a negative experience. [45] The media source I trust most when it comes down to Facebook topics is Josh Constine of TechCrunch. [45] We?ll update this section as soon as we find any information from Facebook about removing Facebook Marketplace from Facebook App. [48] Before we get into the nitty gritty of converting on Facebook, it?s important to understand what makes it such an intriguing opportunity right now. [47] With these three unicorn growth hacks you can increase your Facebook Messenger subscriptions. [43]

Sure, invite people to like the page, but ONLY people who will genuinely love your content and most importantly, ENGAGE with it. [41]

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