Oil & Gas Companies In Germany

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  • Often, shares in companies like Russia’s natural gas giant Gazprom, are part of major index funds, which Germans like to invest in.(More…)
  • Much of the task of turning brownfield sites into the kind of “blooming landscapes” promised shortly before reunification to East Germans by West Germany’s late chancellor, Helmut Kohl, has now fallen to a state-owned company, LMBV. So far it has spent 10.6 billion euros ($12.5 billion) removing the legacy of industry and creating 25,000 hectares (61,775 acres) of lakes.(More…)


  • A leading international consortium, consisting of 5 oil and gas operators, currently require a Contracts Engineer for a major capital project to be based in Sassnitz, Germany The Contracts Engineer / Project.(More…)


Oil & Gas Companies In Germany
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Often, shares in companies like Russia’s natural gas giant Gazprom, are part of major index funds, which Germans like to invest in. [1] German companies, meanwhile, worry what would happen if the U.S. treasury refused to let other countries use dollars for business transactions involving Russia. [1] Right now, it’s all soccer and smiles, but if the relationship between Russia and the West collapses further, German companies will foot the bill. [1] Lobbyists, including the Ost Auschuss, or German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, want Berlin to act and protect German companies. [1]

In 2017, trade between Russia and Germany jumped 23 percent, with Russia importing 19.7 billion ($23 billion) in German goods. [1] A worker solidarity committee at BASF’s headquarters plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, took donations from German workers to support the American strikers and organized rallies and publicity in support. [2] ARD TV in Germany the German equivalent of BBC TV on Saturday, 21 April 2012, broadcast a feature about John Donovan and his website (royaldutchshellplc.com) as part of the EUROPA MAGAZINE programme. [3]

Much of the task of turning brownfield sites into the kind of “blooming landscapes” promised shortly before reunification to East Germans by West Germany’s late chancellor, Helmut Kohl, has now fallen to a state-owned company, LMBV. So far it has spent 10.6 billion euros ($12.5 billion) removing the legacy of industry and creating 25,000 hectares (61,775 acres) of lakes. [4] BERLIN, June 13 (Reuters) – German power companies want the government to enforce more carbon dioxide reductions from the transport and heat sectors to help the country meet its climate goals, the managing director of industry association BDEW said on Wednesday. [5]

BEIJING, May 24, 2018 – Chinese and German leaders expressed support for the Iran nuclear deal on Thursday, as tensions in the Middle East continued to rise and European companies paused work with Iran to evaluate the fallout. [6]

Derived from the STOXX Europe 600 Index, excluding Greece and Iceland, they cover companies across 16 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. [7] Climate target gives way in German effort to form government Climate sanctimony yields to economics as Germany’s political leaders struggle to form a government. [8]


A leading international consortium, consisting of 5 oil and gas operators, currently require a Contracts Engineer for a major capital project to be based in Sassnitz, Germany The Contracts Engineer / Project. [9] Process Engineer Location Germany Duration 6-12 Months Job Description The Process Safety Engineer will be situated in Germany & will be responsible for engineering all safety. proceedings during the design & execution phases of the project. [9]

Company description: At Shell Germany, our drive is to employ world-class individuals. [9] Material Coordinator / Manager Brunel have an opportunity in Germany for a Material Coordinator / Manager, which will be full time for 12 months (and maybe until the end of 2019). [9] Area Sales Manager Filtration (Fine Chemicals) Location- Germany (North & Central) In order to support and further grow the sales and presence of Filtration Products within this segment my. client is looking for an area sales manager to join the team. [9]

Project Manager International High Voltage Transmission & Distribution Projects HV Transmission Project Manager Role within one of Europe’s leading consulting companies within the Energy field. [9] Five European energy companies, including Wintershall, have committed to provide long-term financing for 50% of the total costs of the project, currently estimated to be 9.5 billion. [10] In addition to the exploration and production of natural gas, Wintershall – with its partner Gazprom and other companies – is active in the construction and operation of natural gas pipelines that are important for ensuring supply security in Western Europe. [10] Throughout every region in the world, across every area of drilling and production, our family of companies provides the technical expertise, advanced equipment, and operational support necessary for success — now and in the future. [11] He was dispatched from the U.S. after Germany’s second-largest bank carried out transactions for Iran’s shipping companies despite sanctions. [1] Even banks and institutional investors are preparing for worst-case scenarios, like if sanctions were to target Russian bonds or companies closely aligned with the Russian government. [1] The plan was to merge the two companies and split the resulting firm between its respective owners: BASF gets 67 percent while Letter One would hold the remaining 33 percent. [1] The two companies will also be working with SINTEF, thinkstep, and Element Energy to develop the new electrolysis plant. [3]

The EU’s sanctions on Russia mean European companies can?t do business there, so when Siemens sued for the return of the turbines, they lost. [1] Sigal Mandelker, who handles sanctions on “rogue states” for the OFAC, said, “We?re trying to minimize the effect it is having on European companies. [1] A series of European companies, including Uniper, Wintershall, France’s Engie and Austria’s OMV, along with Royal Dutch Shell, are financing half of the project. [1]

On December 7, 2017, BASF signed a letter of intent with the LetterOne group on the merger of their respective oil and gas businesses in a new joint venture, which would operate under the name Wintershall DEA. The oil and gas activities of BASF bundled in the Wintershall Group comprise Wintershall Holding GmbH, based in Kassel, Germany, and its subsidiaries including the gas transportation business. [10] Wintershall produces from 15 oil fields and 35 gas fields in Germany. [10]

The two 1,224 kilometer offshore pipelines of Nord Stream 1 run through the Baltic Sea, providing a direct link between Russia and Germany with a capacity to transport a total of 55 billion m of gas per year. [10] The U.S. stepped up its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, saying the project raises security concerns and that it could draw U.S. sanctions. [3]

GASCADE Gastransport GmbH plans, as project developer, to construct the 485 kilometer European gas pipeline link (EUGAL), which will extend from the Baltic Sea in northern Germany to the Czech border. [10] WARSAW (Sputnik) – Poland will try to convince Germany to reconsider the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the wake of the nerve agent attack on former Russian intelligence officer Skripal in London, Polish Secretary of State for European Affairs Konrad Szymanski said Monday. [3]

The company despatched an order from Germany after it was cancelled when the customer realised that the order was coming from Germany and would take up to 8 days. [3] The plant will be built at a refinery in Rhineland, Germany, by ITM Power, a leading developer of fuel cells, and Shell. [3] Owned and operated by the joint venture H2 Mobility, which is building a H 2 infrastructure in Germany, the location is at the Shell petrol station Heinrich-Otto-Stra. [3]

Following German reunification, BASF acquired a site in Schwarzheide, eastern Germany, on 25 October1990. [2] BASF SE is a German chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. [2] In 1968 BASF (together with Bayer AG ) bought the German coatings company Herbol. [2] With the German economic miracle in the 1950s, BASF added synthetics such as nylon to its product range. [2] Both the Ludwigshafen and Oppau plants were of strategic importance for the war because the German military needed many of their products, e.g. synthetic rubber and gasoline. [2]

Russia is a big part of many German firms’ sales, trade, or acts as a transfer country for oil and gas. [1] Wintershall is the operator of the only gas production platform in the German North Sea (A6-A) and has a 50% stake in the largest German crude oil field, Mittelplate. [10] Wintershall holds 15.5 percent of shares and Uniper, a German utility, has another 15.5 percent. [1]

Never mind the goals scored in Russian stadiums and the happy photos coming from the World Cup, German managers are sweating about Russia. [1] Schaltbau is another German maker of rail technology invested in Russia that could suffer if business relations deteriorate. [1] Which German firms would lose most if and when the conflict between the West and Russia escalates? Try bankers, engineers, traders and makers of machines and trains. [1]

The business is owned and operated by a German company with belligerent arrogant customer service staff. [3] Every day, over a million people read Handelsblatt, the paper of record for the German business community. [1]

With 12 new wells, the company is expanding production in Germany’s largest existing onshore oil field. [10]

While about 22 percent of Germany’s electricity still comes from burning lignite — and a further 12 percent from hard coal — some 33 percent is now generated using renewable energy. [4] The Berlin cabinet earlier on Wednesday said in its climate report that Germany as a whole anticipated previous targets for overall CO2 cuts of 32 percent by 2020 would not be achieved, in an embarrassing setback for Germany’s green credentials. [5] Germany now UNMAS? largest contributor for clearance of explosive hazards in Iraq The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) welcomes an additional contribution of 17 million ($20.2 million) from the Government of Germany towards survey and clearance of explosive hazards in support of humanitarian and stabilization initiatives. [12] The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a contribution of 4.4 million (US$5.2 million) from the Government of Germany, which will provide cash-based assistance to almost a quarter of a million Iraqis for one month. [12]

• Liaison with German Sales Office (Hamburg) to assist in setup of new customers in Shell’s power operations systems. [13]

Our five-factor analytical tool can help oil and gas companies make better operational and financial decisions by offering a new, more consistent framework for internal portfolio management analysis for exploration and production companies. [14] While the prize of going digital is clear, upstream oil and gas companies have been slow to seize the opportunity. [14]

While countries such as the United States also require companies to restore mines and Spain’s biggest lake is currently being created in a former lignite pit, LMBV’s effort to develop an entire new lake district clean enough for tourism is one of the most ambitious projects yet — attracting attention from as far afield as the U.S., China and South Africa. [4] STAR employs the best specialists on the most challenging projects for leading technical companies. [15]

The companies of the Project Materials Group supply steel products,. [16] We help oil and gas companies streamline, optimize and digitize all areas of their business. [17] We are helping oil and gas companies manage risk, reduce costs and monetize opportunities across the functional operating model, through an innovative, comprehensive and field-tested approach. [17] Accenture’s Energy Industry group is helping oil and gas companies transform, grow and adapt in an increasingly digital world. [17] The Auditing in the Oil & Gas Industry provides the attendees with the opportunity to learn how to audit the main risk areas in oil and gas companies, consider the impact of fraud in such companies and. [18] Advances in drilling and production techniques are paying off for Oklahoma’s leaner oil and gas companies, data shows. [19] Accenture has formed an alliance with Maana, to help oil and gas companies accelerate their digital transformation process. [17] Five key findings emerged from our interviews with 80 CFOs in oil and gas companies across 6 continents. [17] Shareholders have gained extraordinary attention from their own companies this year as oil and natural gas firms increasingly. [19] Oil and natural gas companies operating throughout western Oklahoma are dodging raging wildfires and helping crews battle the. [19] Oklahoma oil companies are focused on drilling only the best-return wells and are using cash from operations and asset sales to. [19]

Should the U.S. go ahead with the threat and impose sanctions on the pipeline, under a bill passed in 2017 with relation to the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, the companies that might fall within their scope would include Shell, Wintershall, Uniper, OMV, and Engie, who are Gazprom’s partner in Nord Stream 2. [20] Should the U.S. go ahead with the threat and impose sanctions on the pipeline and the European companies involved in it, the EU will retaliate targeting American companies doing business with the EU. After all, the EU is not without economic muscle. [20]

We are one of the leading companies in the field of process heating, cooling and process temperature control systems. [21]

While Germany tries to make sure Ukraine will not suffer too badly from the addition of Nord Stream 2 to the European natural gas pipeline network, a senior State Department official has threatened sanctions for the controversial project. [20] Furthermore Ms Oudkirk who is Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy has redefined the concept of diplomacy by starting her visit to Berlin by threatening sanctions against Germany if it did not drop the Nord Stream 2 project. [20]

These revenues have turned into a sticking point between Russia and Germany, with the latter showing genuine concern for Ukraine’s revenues, although it was clear from the beginning that an expanded Nord Stream would mean diverting part of current gas transit from Ukraine. [20] For Germany, Nord Stream 2 means more gas amid nuclear and coal power plant phasing out. [20] Once completed by the end of 2019, Nord Stream 2 along with its twin Nord Stream 1 will eventually provide a total of 110 billion cubic metres per year (bcm/y) of Russian gas supplies to Germany and the North-West European gas market. [20] A combination of Russian gas and planned LNG facilities will make Germany an important European gas hub. [20]

In April, Trump said “Germany hooks up a pipeline into Russia, where Germany is going to be paying billions of dollars for energy into Russia. [20] Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is today meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Russia to discuss, among other things, the pipeline, whose construction in Germany just started earlier this week. [20]

Germany receives 57% of its natural gas and 35% of its crude oil from Russia. [20] As for Oudkirk’s claim that the U.S. is not thinking about its own economic interest in LNG, this is the same as Moscow claiming that Gazprom is building Nord Steam 2 out of the goodness of their hearts, to supply gas-strapped Germany with fuel. [20]

To show her disregard to the threat of sanctions, German Chancellor Angela Merkel defied the United States and started building its portion of Nord Steam 2. [20] President Trump is applying pressure on Merkel: German, EU, and U.S. government officials told the Wall Street Journal that Trump has offered Merkel a trade deal for the EU if she cancels Nord Stream 2. [20]

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