2018 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

2018 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
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  • TheBestSchools.org has ranked Kansas State University’s online master’s in civil engineering program as #12 in their list of top 19 online programs for 2018.(More…)
  • Best College Reviews has named the 10 best master’s in biomedical engineering programs online for 2018.(More…)


  • K-State’s online bachelor’s degrees was ranked 54 among top programs for veterans by U.S. News and World Report for 2018.(More…)
  • Learn more about this transformational education program designed to increase access for qualified students to pursue engineering education at Texas A&M University and grow our total enrollment.(More…)
  • The Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering invites current middle school boys, those entering the 7th and 8th grades in Fall 2018, to learn about the exciting field of engineering from Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering faculty, staff and students.(More…)



TheBestSchools.org has ranked Kansas State University’s online master’s in civil engineering program as #12 in their list of top 19 online programs for 2018. [1] K-State’s engineering master’s degrees rank 33rd in U.S. News and World Report 2018 listing of top 100 online graduate programs in engineering. [1] Bestcollegereview.org has ranked Kansas State University’s group of online master’s degrees #1 in their 25 Best Master’s Degree Programs in Engineering Online for 2018. [1]

Rated as one of the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs by U.S. News and World Report, engineering at Lafayette not only provides an outstanding technical education, but also prepares students with the ability to think creatively, imagine broadly, communicate effectively and influence change. [2] The College of Engineering is ranked seventh in the nationfor both undergraduate and graduate programs. [3]

The Financial Engineering program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a joint program between the College of Engineering and the College of Business. [4] The Financial Engineering program at Baruch College in New York claims a 100% employment placement rate for new graduates with an average starting salary of $115,000. [4] The Financial Engineering program at Columbia University is one of the most prestigious in the field. [4] The Financial Engineering program at UCLA is offered as a full-time program that can be completed in 13.5 months. [4]

While no undergraduate program offered by SMU specifically focuses on cybersecurity or information security, several computer science and computer engineering options are available, which can be used as a stepping stone for entry into the M.S. Security Engineering program. [5] The Computer Science and Engineering Department within the School of Engineering offers undergraduate programs with some course content of interest to students who wish to pursue information security education, as well as an Information Assurance Minor. [5]

School of Engineering sponsors EUREKA! program for honors students June 20, 2018 Nineteen honors students from local and area high schools visited The University of New Mexico for two weeks this month in a new program designed to immerse students in university life. [6] In the BS in Information Assurance and Security Engineering program, offered through the College of Computing and Digital Media, students “learn to design, implement, integrate and manage various security infrastructure components through hands-on activities in our state-of the-art Information Assurance and Security Laboratory. [5] With graduate and undergraduate degrees in ten engineering fields, as well as distance learning and interdisciplinary programs, the College of Engineering can put you on a path to your engineering future. [7] Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered in Computer Science, with an additional undergraduate program available in Computer Science and Engineering. [5]

Best College Reviews has named the 10 best master’s in biomedical engineering programs online for 2018. [8] May 31, 2018 AM EDT Planning to pursue a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering? Here are some of the best online programs you need to consider. [8]

The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for careers in industry. [9]

The site ranked the online A&M-Kingsville Master of Science in Industrial Engineering program nineteenth in the nation among the 25 Best Master’s in Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering Programs Online for 2018. [10] Texas A&M University-Kingsville is home to one of the top master’s-level online industrial engineering programs in the nation, according to the Best College Reviews web site. [10] Despite Kentucky’s strong agricultural base, it offers many fine engineering programs in its colleges and universities. [11]


K-State’s online bachelor’s degrees was ranked 54 among top programs for veterans by U.S. News and World Report for 2018. [1] U.S. News and World Report has ranked K-State’s Professional Master’s in Business Administration (PMBA) program in the top 100 online MBA programs for 2018. [1]

U. S. News and World Report has ranked four K-State online graduate education programs in the top 100 of best online programs for 2018. [1] TheBestSchools.org has ranked Kansas State University’s online bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health as #2 in their list of Best Online Bachelor’s in Nutritional Sciences Programs for 2018. [1] TheBestSchools.org has ranked Kansas State University’s online family and community services master’s degree #6 in their list of 10 Best Online Master’s in Human and Family Development Programs for 2018. [1] TheBestSchools.org’s has ranked Kansas State University’s online master’s in gerontology program as #3 in their list of top 10 online programs for 2018. [1]

K-State’s Online Master’s Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial Organizational Psychology Named in the Best Master’s in Psychology Programs of 2018 by bestvalueschools.org. [1] K-State offers nine engineering master’s degrees online, two graduate engineering certificate programs and a minor in nuclear engineering. [1] K-State’s online graduate engineering degrees ranked number 15 by U.S. News and World Report for 2018. [1] U.S. News and World Report ranked K-State’s master’s in software engineering #22 in the Computer Information Technology category for the first time in 2018. [1] TheBestSchools.org has ranked Kansas State University’s online electrical and computer engineering master’s degree #21 in their list of 25 Best Online Master’s in Electrical Engineering for 2018. [1]

Successfulstudent.org has ranked K-State’s online early childhood education program #3 in their 2018 listing of Best Online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. [1] Collegechoice.net has ranked Kansas State University’s online Early Childhood Education bachelor’s degree second in their top 30 listing of best online programs in early childhood education. [1] Kansas State University online master’s in agribusiness has been ranked #4 by Successful Student.org in their top 16 Best Online Agribusiness Programs in the United States. [1]

K-State’s College of Education’s online curriculum and instruction master’s degree is ranked #7 in CollegeChoice top 35 online programs in the field. [1] The SR Education Group looks at available degrees, tuitition rates and details about program coursework from institution websites and the National Center for Education Statistics to determine their rankings. [1] The Council of College and Military Educators serves the military education community by providing a forum for the exchange of information on educational programs, strategies and innovation. [1] The programs offered in human ecology that are ranked are master of science in youth development and master of science in early childhood education. [1] The program was selected based on the quality of the programs, the types of courses offered, the faculty, rankings, awards and reputation in providing a quality online experience. [1]

All the programs listed in the best online Financial Planning Certificate programs prepare students for this exam through a curriculum geared toward CFP standards. [1] Kansas State University’s Institute of Personal Financial Planning is ranked #3 in the 20 Best Online Certified Financial Planning Programs by TheBestSchools.org. [1]

Find out which business schools and universities offer the world’s best full-time MBA programs. [12]

Four online graduation education degree programs received a ranking of 11 in the Top 100 Best Online Programs for Veteran by U.S. News and World Report for 2018. [1] The K-State online education degree programs included in the U.S. News and World Report ranking of #43 include academic advising, adult learning and leadership, curriculum and instruction and the Master of Arts in Teaching. [1]

K-State’s online engineering graduate programs are consistently ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report. [1]

The Best Colleges for Engineering ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. [13]

K-State’s online master’s degree in early childhood education is ranked 31st in the top 50 universities offering master’s degrees in early childhood education by bestcolleges.com for 2018. [1] K-State’s online master’s degree in gerontology was ranked #5 in greatvaluecolleges.net ‘s Top 10 Online Gerontology Degree program listing for 2018. [1] The online education degree programs included in this ranking are academic advising, learning and leadership, curriculum and instruction and a master’s of arts in teacher. [1] The ranking is based on the quality of the online programs, the types of courses and degrees offered, faculty strengths as well as school awards, rankings and reputation for online degree programs. [1]

Bestvalueschools.org ranked K-State’s Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in industrial organizational psychology as # 12 in their ranking of top Best Value Schools for 2018. [1] K-State’s online bachelor’s degrees were ranked 94th in the U.S. News and World Report Top 100 Best Online Bachelor’s Degree listing for 2018. [1]

Want to study an undergraduate degree? Explore your options with one of our events. [12]

This article was originally published in April 2017 and was updated in June 2018 to reflect the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings. [12]

Learn more about this transformational education program designed to increase access for qualified students to pursue engineering education at Texas A&M University and grow our total enrollment. [3] Stanford University offers a Computational and Mathematical Engineering full-time program leading to a terminal professional degree. [4] The University of Chicago offers a MS degree in Financial Management with both full-time and part-time program options. [4] The Financial Mathematics program at North Carolina State University is an 18-month program (if a full-time student) that is a joint venture across 5 departments and 4 colleges. [4] The program is fully integrated among 4 Carnegie Mellon Colleges including business, math, statistics and IT. 99% of full-time students are accepted into a summer internship and 86% accept full-time positions within three months of graduation. [4] The Quantitative and Computational Finance program is interdisciplinary between the Scheller College of Business, the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the School of Mathematics. [4] These programs are housed in departments such as Mathematics, Engineering, Finance and Business. [4]

Financial Engineering is a three-semester program available to students able to study full-time. [4] The Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan program can be completed in three semesters, with the third semester completed at CFEM. Students complete coursework in two semesters and spend the third semester participating in professional development programs and practical curriculum. [4]

Students complete twelve three-credit courses and can pursue their degree full-time or part-time to allow working professionals to complete the program. [4] Students can pursue their degree on a full-time or part-time basis, although no formal part-time program has been established. [4] Students can complete the program full-time, part-time or online. [4] Students attend the program full-time and complete in 2 semesters. 51% of summer internships are converted into full-time offers. [4] Students can complete the program full-time in one year, but a part-time option is also available. [4] The typical full-time plan of study allows students to complete the program over four semesters which includes a summer internship. [4] Students can study in either Chicago or Singapore (depending on program acceptance). [4] Students have the opportunity to complete the Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program, which fulfills a requirement for graduation. [4] The 70,000 square-foot building also will benefit students throughout the Gallogly College, housing the offices of the college’s Diversity and Inclusion program, 10 classrooms and teaching labs, group meeting spaces, a maker’s space, a rooftop terrace and a large “living room”. [14] The program integrates principles of math with theory and practice of finance. 97% of students wanting a summer internship have accepted an offer and most students are employed in the field shortly after graduation. [4] The University of Minnesota offers a Financial Mathematics program that accommodates the working professional by offering courses in the evening. [4] The Financial Mathematics program at Johns Hopkins University emphasizes computing and effective communication as key skills and abilities that every graduate needs to possess. [4] The Masters in Mathematics in Finance program curriculum at New York University is made up of study in financial theory and modeling, mathematical tools, financial applications, computational skills, and practical training. [4] The University of Washington Computational Finance and Risk Management program is available for full or part-time study. [4] The Bulgarian University Ranking System, maintained by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, compares academic programs in accredited domestic higher education institutions. [15] In Sweden, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Ningsliv) conduct an annual survey and ranking of higher education at study program level, based on entry salary, career development, internationalization, and degree of academic-business collaboration. [15] In Denmark, the think-tank CEPOS conduct an annual survey and ranking of higher education at study program level and institution level, based on entry salary, career development, drop-out rates, and program completion rates. [15] The program has a 100% job placement rate; ensuring graduates are able to apply their education immediately after graduation. [4] In Argentina the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation ranks higher education programs by evaluation and accreditation. [15] Both programs are extremely selective and offer the same high quality education opportunity that USC is known for. [4] Students can complete the program on a part-time or full-time basis. [4] Most students complete the program in 2 years, but it could theoretically be completed in one year. [4] In addition to ranking entire institutions, organizations perform rankings of specific programs, departments, and schools. [15] The program requires 11 courses be completed to earn the degree, but no thesis is required. [4] The program offers over 60 courses for students to choose from (following program criteria). [4]

Institutions of higher education have several names for these programs, including financial engineering, financial mathematics, mathematical engineering, and computational finance. [4] The MS in Financial Engineering is a 33-credit program that can be completed either full-time or part-time. [4]

The College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) has partnered with the College of Engineering of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to develop a dual degree program that enables Ph.D. level candidates at each institution to simultaneously earn a Ph.D. degree at each institution with an advisor at each institution in the relevant department. [16]

Perfect weather, an airy venue, and over 700 smiling graduates came together to make the 2018 Commencement Ceremony of the College of Engineering a joyous event. [17] High-achieving electrical engineering graduate Breyonna Pinkney will address the class of 2018 this Friday, May 11, 2018. [16] On May 6, 2018, the college welcomed more than 1,200 new alumni into the Buckeye engineering family. [18] College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) graduate Gerri Young (BS, Computing & Security Technology) will get to share the unique experience of graduating alongside her daughter, Candace Young (BS, Architectural Engineering) this week. [17] Being a student in the Gallogly College of Engineering means more than learning about engineering; it means experiencing engineering as well, side by side with some of the world’s most respected authorities in their fields. [14] A group of Marquette University engineering students is taking the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom to help a local family. [19] Our students are proving that OU engineering graduates are uniquely positioned to navigate the realm of technological possibilities for improving our quality of life. [14] The OU Gallogly College is now offering an online M.S. in Civil Engineering, accessible from anywhere in the world. [14] This historic increase over the past three years places CEA in the nation’s top 12 percent of engineering colleges. [16] Our hands-on, real-world approach to the education experience makes creative problem solving, engineering design, leadership and communications skills all top priorities. [14] The Zachry building will be a modern, technology-integrated facility dedicated to undergraduate engineering education. [3]

Get information on the application process and funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and transfer students. [3] Eduniversal provides rankings of undergraduate and graduate degrees of French universities in some areas. [15] Le Nouvel Observateur occasionally offer rankings of ” Grandes oles ” and their preparatory schools, the ” Pras “, and of universities? undergraduate degrees in some areas. [15] The rankings are split into three categories: schools that focus on undergraduate studies with few to no graduate programs, schools that have both extensive undergraduate studies and an extensive selection of graduate programs and schools that have a professional medical program and a selection of graduate programs. [15] The College of Engineering’s undergraduate and graduate programs are both ranked seventh among public institutions nationwide. [3] The Gourman Report, last published in 1996, ranked the quality of undergraduate majors and graduate programs. [15]

The Computational Finance degree program at Carnegie Mellon University can be completed in three semesters, and students can participate full-time, part-time or online via distance learning. [4]

The University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering offers a masters in Financial Engineering. [4] The NYU School of Engineering has almost a 90% post-graduation job placement rate. [4] The six field-based rankings are based on the subject categorization of WOS, including Agriculture & Environment Sciences (AGE), Clinical Medicine (MED), Engineering, Computing & Technology (ENG), Life Sciences (LIFE), Natural Sciences (SCI) and Social Sciences (SOC). [15] It is also the new home for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the school’s largest academic department. [20] U-Multirank assesses the overall performance of universities but also ranks them in selected academic fields: in 2014 the fields are business studies, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and physics ; in 2015, psychology, computer science and medicine will be added. [15]

Students complete a practicum course prior to graduation to gain “real world” experience in financial engineering and risk management problems. [4]

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) assesses undergraduate teaching. [15] Students at North Carolina State University can pursue either undergraduate or graduate education in Computer Science, with a security track offered in the Master’s program. [5] This program is offered within the College of Information and Computer Sciences, which offers both undergraduate and graduate education options. [5]

Towson is home to an award-winning Cyber Defense team, offers full Cyber Corps scholarships for cybersecurity students, and offers cybersecurity programs available at the undergraduate and graduate level. [5] These grants allow us to offer full ride scholarships and help make cyber security programs available across disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.” [5]

Kennesaw State University is ranked sixth among Study.com’s Top Information Security Schools and Colleges in the U.S. In addition to its Bachelor’s in Information Security and Assurance program, Kennesaw State University offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Information Security and Assurance, which is noted as adult learner-friendly, and two graduate-level certificates in information security disciplines. [5] The College of Business offers a multitude of scholarship opportunities, and Iowa State University has received funding from the National Science Foundation Scholarships for Service program to support students working in information assurance, used for the ISU’s CyberCorps Scholarship for Service program. [5] The University of Southern California offers a Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering, available on campus or online, as well as a Cyber Security specialization certificate via its Information Technology Program. [5] The College of Science and Engineering also offers other academic programs that may be of interest to students who wish to pursue careers in information security. [5] Fellowships, awards, and outside scholarships are also available to graduate students, and the school-based awards are open to students pursuing specific courses of study, such as an academic program within the College of Engineering. [5] For overseas students, scholarships available to students in the Master’s of Computing program include Imperial Marshall Scholarships, Santander Master’s Scholarships, The Leonard Chow Engineering Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarships, and others offering awards ranging from stipends and partial tuition to full scholarships including tuition, fees, and stipend. [5] Continuing students may be able to take advantage of renewable scholarships or programs such as the Engineering Leadership Scholarship. [5] All first year engineering students start in this program, which provides academic support and the information students need to make an informed choice about their major. [7] The Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University at Buffalo is ranked #26 by the National Science Foundation, according to Study.com, which names the University at Buffalo seventh in its list of the Top U.S. Cyber Programs. [5] The Department of Computer Science and Engineering also offers a Certificate program in Information Assurance (DOC). [5]

Earn a master’s degree in engineering through our highly ranked online program. [7] The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering is home to Southern Methodist University’s Master’s program in Security Engineering, focused on the design and development of secure systems and applications. [5]

Illinois Tech’s Stuart School of Business has again ranked among the world’s best institutions in the 2018 rankings of pre-experience master’s programs in finance, published in June 2018 by the Financial Times. [21] Scholarships Offered: According to the Naval Postgraduate School website, “The Naval Postgraduate School offers a number of programs where civilians, who are U.S. citizens, are supported with a full salary, generous government benefits, and full tuition waiver while working towards a Master’s or Doctoral Degree. [5] Scholarships Offered: The University of Arizona, Tucson offers the AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program, which offers full scholarships to qualified U.S. students in exchange for government service. [5] The Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships, & Awards “provides University of Washington students with information about many of the local and national merit-based scholarships, fellowships, and grants, including the Rhodes Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships, Fulbright Grants, and the Mary Gates Endowment Grant Program. [5] Scholarships Offered: The National Science Foundation CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service program is available to eligible CSUSB students pursuing education in cyber security. [5] Scholarships Offered: Scholarships, internships, and work placement opportunities are open to students enrolled in the MSc in Cyber Security program through the Work Placements and Scholarships Programme. [5] Scholarships Offered: Students who apply to SNHU’s undergraduate day program are automatically considered for merit-based, renewable grants and scholarships. [5] With a B.S. in Computer Science program as well as a host of other undergraduate degree options and an Information Assurance/Security Minor, Nova Southeastern University can prepare students to enter the challenging field of information security. [5] Students of the Colorado Technical University can choose from a broad range of Information Security programs, including undergraduate programs in Cyber Security with various concentration options. [5] Whether you’re pursuing undergraduate or graduate education, DePaul University offers a program designed to prepare you for success in the fast-growing field of information security. [5] For more information on the University of Cambridge Computer Science programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, visit this informational page. [5] The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers a general undergraduate program in Computer Science, as well as other undergraduate programs of study such as an undergraduate program in Digital Forensics. [5] The California State University in San Bernardino offers a host of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, with a variety of programs of study focused on cyber security. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: Graduates of undergraduate programs at Newcastle University have excellent career prospects, with employment rates over 90% across a variety of programs of study, and two-thirds of graduates securing employment within four months of graduation. [5] Students at Indiana University’s Bloomington campus can choose from several cybersecurity programs of study, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. [5] WPI’s Cybersecurity programs page explains, “While there is no formal concentration in cybersecurity at the undergraduate level, there are many courses and opportunities through IQPs and MQPs in which students can create their own security focus.” [5] Within the CIS undergraduate program, students can opt for the Information Assurance track and take courses mapped to the new NSA Knowledge Units. [5] ISU’s Master’s in Information Assurance is offered online or on campus, and while the Information Assurance program is primarily focused on graduate students, undergraduate students with an interest in this field of study have the option of taking several of the information assurance courses and applying them to their undergraduate degree. [5] For undergraduate students, the Department of Computer Science offers a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity as well as a Cybersecurity concentration for students wanting to complement other programs of study with cybersecurity education. [5] The School of Business, through the Operations and Information Management Department, offers a Master’s in Operations and Information Management, a part-time MBA program with course content that overlaps with information security, and an undergraduate program. [5] The University of Arizona, Tucson offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Management Information Systems, with the Master’s degree program enabling students to choose among three concentration areas, including Security and Information Assurance. [5]

Hiring/Employment Rate: We were unable to locate specific employability data on graduates of the Master’s program at the University of Genova; however, interested students may find this report on general employment trends among Bachelor’s degree holders in Italy useful. [5] Students who are interested in programs in Information Assurance at Boston University are eligible to apply for full scholarships through the Department of Defense. [5] The Chancellor’s International Scholarship is available to students in taught postgraduate programs, and the University also participates in the Tullow Oil Scholarship Scheme. [5] The NSF Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service program offers two scholarships providing full tuition and stipend to qualified students who are U.S. citizens. [5] According to Study.com, which names the University of Houston a Top U.S. Cyber Program, “The University of Houston collaborated with federal agencies, the local government and local businesses to form the Cyber Security Institute, which offers a certificate program as well as courses to business owners and high school students.” [5] With several campus locations as well as online programs and course options, Colorado Technical University proves a versatile and flexible option for established professionals who wish to advance their expertise, in addition to high school graduates entering college for the first time. [5] Students can take advantage of both on-campus and online educational programs at Southern New Hampshire University. [5] Offered through St. John’s University’s College of Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Systems is a 126-credit program that “prepares students for career opportunities in the cyber security field, including positions as cryptanalysts, cyber law enforcement specialists, security administrators, computer crime investigators and computer forensic specialists.” [5] New England Regional Students Program (NERSP) gives a tuition break to New England residents enrolled in certain programs not offered by the public colleges and universities of their home state. [5] The Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance is offered through the Department of Computer Science and the Graduate Certificate Program in Business Information Assurance (BIA) is offered through the Fogelman College – Department of Business Information and Technology. [5] The College of Technology offers an Information System Security Certificate Program as well as a Master’s program in Information System Security. [5] RIT’s College of Computing and Information Sciences offers several options for students interested in pursuing higher education in information security areas, including both a Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Computing Security and an Advanced Certificate in Information Assurance. [5]

For students enrolled in a program through the College of Engineering and Computing, the Edward Lieblein Memorial Fund Scholarship (SLME) and Engineering Technology Professional Scholarship are possibilities. [5] The College of Information and Computer Sciences also sponsors a number of fellowships and scholarships for students enrolled in programs within the College. [5]

“The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey is proud to offer an exceptional program that enables civilians to obtain a full scholarship for a Master’s Degree, receive a salary while in school, and begin a civilian career with an unlimited future. [5] Southampton Business School offers scholarships for applicants on full-time MSc programs. [5] The Watson School offers world-class engineering professional development programs that can be delivered via the Internet or in the classroom. [22] The School of Engineering offers a wide variety of student support services, from academic advisement, tutoring, and scholarships and internship information. [6] The School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, in partnership with Comcast, established the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation (CSI), which attracts a pool of talented students interested in pursuing cutting-edge industry challenges at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. [5] According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2014 Best Schools for Cyber Security report, in which the University of Texas at San Antonio is ranked #1, “The Department of Information Systems and Technology Management offers more than 14 undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of digital forensics, secure network design, intrusion detection and incident response. [5]

The Bachelor’s program is the first of its kind in the nation, according to RIT’s program information page, which explains, “The Computing Security BS degree was developed to respond to the increasing need for undergraduate advanced studies in the areas of computing and network security and forensics. [5] This program is available to undergraduate and Master’s taught students. [5] Restricted scholarships are available to undergraduate applicants, but these programs have very specific, limiting criteria. [5] Funded through the NSF’s CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service (SFS) initiative, WPI’s program will help bolster the national cybersecurity workforce by providing scholarships for 25 undergraduates and graduate students who will commit to government service after graduation.” [5] In addition to its undergraduate Computer Science program, Princeton offers Computer Science studies at the graduate level as well as a certificate program for Applications of Computing. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: Stevens Institute of Technology’s undergraduate programs have an excellent post-graduate employment rate, with 94% of graduates responding reporting being employed within six months of graduation (based on an 88% response rate). [5] The University of Maryland University College offers a variety of cyber security-focused degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. [5] Undergraduate tuition and per-credit fees vary by college and program. [5] Abertay’s BSc in Ethical Hacking program was first created in 2006, making it the first undergraduate degree in the world with the word “hacking” in the title. [5] This program is designed for students with significant undergraduate study in software development or networking. [5] Undergraduate students can particpate in a variety of activities including the ACES Honors Program, Cybersecurity Club, and the START Cyber Security Fellows Program (CySeF), in addition to having the option to specialize in cybersecurity through programs of study offered through various undergraduate departments. [5]

Offering undergrad, graduate, and certification programs in cybersecurity, UMUC’s cybersecurity faculty-practitioners and Virtual Security Lab ensures students are prepared for their future tech career.” [5] The UC Berkeley School of Information’s (I School) Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) is an accredited program designed to train students with professional experience for a career in cybersecurity. [5] Utica College’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program allows students to choose among several specializations including Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation, Information Assurance, Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation, and Cyber Operations. [5] “In Northeastern’s Master of Science in Information Assurance program, students take courses tailored to their backgrounds. [5] Of course, not every university or program is the best choice for every student; thus, this list is intended to represent many of the leading institutions offering educational programs in these specialized fields of study that we think are worth your consideration. [5] In the Master’s in Software and Systems Security program, students take short courses based around a week of intensive teaching in Oxford, combined with initial reading assignments to be completed before instruction and a six-week assignment to complete afterwards. [5] According to a CSO article, “Fordham University’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies in New York offers a 10-course 30-credit Masters in Cybersecurity program with specialty courses including Wireless Security, Forensic Computing, Intrusion Detection and Network Forensics, Malware Analytics and Software Security, Incidence Response and Risk Management, and others.” [5] With 100-plus years of distance education and more than a decade of online learning experience, Penn State’s Security and Risk Analysis program concentrates on the policies, technologies, and knowledge required to develop protective services for information, people, and other assets.” [5] Abertay University’s Master’s in Ethical Hacking & Computer Security program can be completed in one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. [5] The one-year Master’s in Information Security program prepares students for challenging careers in the cyber security field or further doctoral study. [5] Students who wish to pursue advanced study can opt for Nova Southeastern University’s Master’s program in Information Security. [5] In addition to the Master’s in Cybersecurity, other ancillary programs of study are options for interested students. [5] General information on postgraduate fees can be found here ; however, specific tuition information for the Master’s in Advanced Computing program is locked for access only by current students. [5] Beginning in 2013, the Master’s in Cyber Security and Master’s in Digital Forensics programs are offered at no tuition fee for qualified students studying with a full load. [5] The coursework offered in the Bachelor’s in Cyber Security program is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Security+ and Network+ certification exams. [5] Study.com, which names UTSA 10th among its Top U.S. Cyber Programs, notes that students enrolled at UTSA’s Institute for Cyber Security have the opportunity to participate in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. [5] According to Study.com, where UMUC is named a Top U.S. Cyber Program, “UMUC offers a cybersecurity competition team (the Cyber Padawans), who in 2015 won the Cyber DiploHack.” [5] GetCollegeCredit.com names UMUC #1 among The Top Ten Universities for Cybersecurity, explaining, “UMUC was acknowledged as a finalist in the 2013 Best Cyber Education Program competition. [5] Nova Southeastern University is named sixth among Study.com’s Top U.S. Cyber Programs. [5] It’s also ranked fouth in Study.com’s Top U.S. Cyber Programs, which notes that “GMU was ranked #10 on U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 list of Up-and-Coming Schools.” [5]

Scholarships Offered: Students beginning taught postgraduate programs in October 2015 can take advantage of a government-funded bursary in the amount of 10,000. [5] Scholarships Offered: Johns Hopkins University received a grant from the National Science Foundation to support the graduate degree program in teaching students how to recognize and protect against threats, a part of the national CyberCorps Scholarships program. [5] Scholarships Offered: Students pursuing degree programs within Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Science may be eligible for the Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service Program or The Boeing Company Computer Science Department Scholarship. [5] Scholarships Offered: The Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS), funded by the National Science Foundation, is available for students pursuing degree programs within the School of Information Sciences. [5] Scholarships Offered: For students pursuing the MSc program, postgraduate funding (tuition fee and living cost loan) may be available from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland for those who meet the eligibility criteria. [5]

Scholarships Offered: Graduate students in the Computer Science program may apply for Computer Science Service Excellence Scholarships. [5] In addition to computer science degrees, Iowa State University’s Department of Computer Science also offers programs in information assurance. [5] The Bachelor’s program in Computer Science offers students the choice of 10 tracks, including a Security & Privacy Track for students who wish to emphasize learning in information assurance. [5] Tallinn University of Technology offers two Master’s-level programs for students interested in pursuing postgraduate study in cyber security or digital forensics. [5] The Master’s program for Cyber Security and Data Protection is provided in joint with the Institute of Studies in Information and Communications Technology (ISICT) in collaboration with the Ansaldo Foundation and offers two specialization options: Incident Response and Digital Forensics, and Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Automation Protection. [5] The Naval Postgraduate School offers a wide variety of academic programs relevant to information security and cyber security, including several Master’s programs and a Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies. [5] The Master’s in Cyber Security program is a one-year program covering both theory and practice of designing secure systems and offers solid foundational knowledge in subject matter spanning cryptography, network security, and secure programming. [5] The Computing Master’s program at Imperial College London is designed for students who have studied a considerable amount of computing and offers a specialization in Secure Software Systems. [5] The College of Business, for instance, offers a Business Scholars Program. [5]

An additional eight percent (8.06%) of students were either enrolled in graduate or professional school or in an undergraduate/post-bac program. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: While we were unable to locate specific statistics on student outcomes and graduate employment rates, a January 2014 article in The Courier quotes program tutor Colin McLean, who also launched the university’s ethical hacking program, as saying, “Employability prospects for our students are huge. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to the Employment and Educational Outcomes for FAU graduates report, 75.82% of graduates from the 2013-2014 academic year were employed or enrolled in an educational program full-time one year post graduation, and 68.09% earned $25,000 or more in that year. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to the MSc Cyber Security program website, 76% of graduates have secured employment within six months of graduation among respondents graduating in the 2011/2012 academic year. [5]

Affiliations/Partnerships: CSUSB’s 4-year program, offered through CSUSB’s Cyber Security Center, is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense. [5]

Students in our information technology programs include established professionals with focused aspirations and goals as well as motivated career switchers and young aspiring technology professionals.” [5] The 15-credit program provides students with the flexibility to take coursework that does not overlap with their current expertise, while giving them tools in information security technology, policy, risk management, and evaluation, depending on their background.” [5] Upon degree completion these students are required to fulfill an obligated service commitment with the Defense Department or in some programs other federal agencies. [5] “With full- and part-time opportunities, evening and weekend classes at campuses throughout the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area, and online, we provide degree and certificate programs designed to meet your personal needs and professional goals,” according to Cybersecurity at Johns Hopkins University. [5] The CCI GANN Fellowship is highly targeted to students who meet the criteria for entry into the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s PhD program. [5] The program focuses on both theory and hands-on experience, providing a unique program utilizing state-of-the-art forensics tools most students at schools of similar sizes won’t have access to. [5] Students in the Computer Science and Information Assurance program choose from two concentration options: Advanced Information Assurance and Digital Forensics. [5] Home/EU students in MSc Computer Science programs may be eligible for the Paul and Yuanbi Ramsay MSc Bursary, which awards two 4,950 bursaries. [5]

Through programs led by faculty-practitioners, students have access to some of the field’s top leaders.” [5] Students choose a specialization at the end of Part I of the Master’s program. [5] Among 2014 graduates of the Master’s in Computing program, 82% had entered employment at the time the survey was conducted, 13% had entered further study or training, and 5% reported that they were not available for employment, study, or training. [5] Graduates of GMU’s Managment and Information Systems (MIS) program benefit from an average starting salary of $64,500. [5] This program can help you prepare for graduate school as well as a future career. [7] Some programs offered through the University of Houston may be completed via distance education. [5] The University of Memphis offers two certificate programs focused in information assurance. [5] Affiliations/Partnerships: The University of Pittsburgh has earned a number of accolades for its cyber security and information assurance programs. [5] The Master’s in Cyber Security program at Queen’s University Belfast aims to develop industry leaders and address the shortage of cyber security professionals that exists globally. [5] Affiliations/Partnerships: The Master’s in Cyber Security and Data Protection program partners with several organizations, including Selex ES, DITEN, Dibris, Postitaliane, and several others. [5] The Cyber Security Institute offers the Network Management and Security Training Program, a certificate program offering PDUs and certificates for participants who complete courses successfully. [5] Iowa State University’s information assurance program includes courses in information warfare; cryptography and steganography; information system security; advanced protocols; network security and forensics and legal issues in information assurance.” [5] According to GetCollegeCredit.com, which names Oklahoma State University among the Top 10 Universities for Cybersecurity, “The National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security recognize and approve the Information Assurance program at OSU. They even offer an Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) in cooperation with the DoD.” [5] Scholarships Offered: The Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) is available to students pursuing information assurance education at Southern Methodist University, for both undergraduate and graduate students. [5] Scholarships Offered: The NSF Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service program and Dean’s Scholarship Program are the two primary scholarships available to graduate students pursuing a Master’s in Information Assurance at Northeastern University. [5]

Scholarships Offered: Students who are citizens of the United States are eligible to apply for a grant through the Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP). [5] The Information Assurance Scholarship Program, a Department of Defense-sponsored scholarship/fellowship award, is also available to eligible students. [5]

The program is intended primarily for MIS Masters students, who receive two years of full funding. [5] The Cybersecurity at MIT program includes these three new cybersecurity initiatives: MIT Cybersecurity and Internet Policy Initiative, [email protected] (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), and Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure in Cybersecurity (IC)3. [5] In January 2015, the National Science Foundation (NSF) “awarded Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) more than $4.4 million to develop a program that will prepare professionals to address cybersecurity challenges and threats for the federal government. [5]

Merit-based awards include the Quill/Penmen Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Honors Program Scholarship, Future Business Leaders of America Scholarship (FBLA), DECA Scholarship, and Skills USA Scholarship, among others. [5] The program concentrates on cyber intelligence, digital forensics, and information assurance.” [5] The Army Cyber Institute offers a Cyber Leader Development Program and a series of Cyber Talks around the country. [5]

Those who wish to pursue graduate-level education may opt for Colorado Technical University’s Master’s in Information Security program or other Information Technology focal areas. [5] Affiliations/Partnerships: Cal Poly Pomona’s 4-year program is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. [5] The information assurance program is geared towards graduate students, but undergraduate students can take several of these upper-division classes. [5] Students participating in undergraduate and graduate programs in cyber security and technology at De Montfort University gain a holistic view of cyber security and knowledge in the latest principles, tools, and techniques from a team of specialist instructors. [5] DePaul University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for students interested in the study of information security and cyber security. [5]

While student outcomes data isn’t readily available for graduates of Stevens Institute of Technology’s graduate programs, more detailed information for undergraduate outcomes is available here. [5]

Scholarships Offered: While MIT points out that, “56% of undergraduates received MIT Scholarships that averaged $34,551 per student in 2013-2014,” little information is readily available on the MIT website regarding specific scholarship opportunities available to eligible students. [5] Scholarships Offered: Kansas State University has some general undergraduate scholarships available to eligible students. [5] Scholarships Offered: The University of Bristol has a number of scholarship opportunities available for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate study. [5] Scholarships Offered: There are few scholarships open to international students pursuing undergraduate study. [5] Scholarships Offered: “Each year, the Undergraduate Scholarship Office offers over 34 million dollars in scholarships to over 7000 first-year students from West Virginia and around the world. [5] Scholarships Offered: “FAU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers numerous scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students. [5]

Over 75% of undergraduate engineering students receive academic scholarships. [5] Students applying to the College of Engineering also have several scholarship options including the Putnam Scholarship, Foundation Plus and Foundation Scholarships, and Leadership, Medallion, and Fairchild Scholarships, all available to eligible high school seniors applying for admission. [5] Through STEMprep, students at any two year college in Arkansas can take U of A science, engineering and math courses online to earn transfer credit. [7] The University of Maryland College Park’s Graduate Certificate in Engineering focuses on Cybersecurity with courses including Programming in C for Cybersecurity Applications, Secure Operating Systems, Networks and Protocols, Network Security, and Information Assurance. [5] Affiliations/Partnerships: Iowa State University is home to the Information Systems Security Laboratory (ISSL), which is “a security training, testing, and outreach laboratory created to support business and industry in Iowa, as well as across the Midwest region” and is a partnership between ISU’s Information Assurance Center (IAC), the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the College of Engineering. [5]

According to CSO, “Indiana University in Bloomington offers the 36-credit Masters of Science in Security Informatics, which is an interdisciplinary focus that combines coursework in mathematics, protocol analysis, and system and network security, with business and economics, social engineering, human-computer interaction, and other disciplines. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to the Johns Hopkins University Facts 2012-13 report, among Spring 2012 seniors in Arts & Sciences, and Engineering, 37% planned to attend graduate or professional school. [5]

Students may also opt for the Cybersecurity Minor, and Virginia Tech also offers a Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance Engineering. [5] The School of Engineering & School of Business at UConn offer a variety of courses in the fields of hardware, software, and network security plus an Advanced Engineering Certificate in Cybersecurity. [5] The USC Viterbi School of Engineering also offers scholarships and fellowships for students pursuing Master’s-level education within the department. [5] More information on these and other scholarship opportunities for students pursuing study within the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering can be found here. [5]

Scholarships Offered: The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering offers several scholarships including the Cecil (Corky) Richmond Scholarship (up to $2,500), Direct Admit Scholarships, Telamon Diversity Scholarship (up to $2,500), and School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Scholarship (CHIP) (up to $1,000), among others. [5] The A. James Clark School of Engineering offer scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen, returning students, and graduate students, as well as prospective transfer students. [5]

Two Engineering professors earn distinguished professor rank June 20, 2018 Two professors from the School of Engineering have been promoted to the rank of distinguished professor, beginning with the 2018-19 academic year. [6]

The Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering strives to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience. [23] You will find students studying in groups throughout the halls of the College of Engineering. [23]

Computer Science graduates had the third highest salary of all graduating students at Purdue for May 2014, right behind Pharmacy (average was $114,276) and Computer Engineering (average $76,306). [5] A Ph.D. in a home department (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Math) with a focus on Information Assurance is also an option for students pursuing advanced graduate study. [5] The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers relevant security courses such as Information and Computing Security, Computer Crime and Forensics, Network Security and Cryptography, Reverse Engineering of Malware, and Special Topics in Information Assurance. [5] The Department of Computer Science offers a number of graduate programs in Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering, including a Master’s program in Computer Science with an Information Assurance track. [5] Scholarships Offered: “The Department of Computer Science and Engineering participates in the College of Engineering scholarship program. [5] The degree program is designed “for working professionals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information science, or information technology.” [5]

The Information Security Master Track at ETH Zurich is one specialization track offered under the Computer Science Master program. [5] The Information Security Master Track is a “broad-spectrum security program that provides in-depth knowledge of relevant security issues in computer systems, networks, and their applications. [5]

“Alumni of our BA, MA, and PhD programs land jobs at top technology companies–such as Google, Akamai, and Microsoft–or are hired by major employers in the financial, entertainment, health care, or defense industries, among others. [5] According to GetCollegeCredits.com, “A prestigious computer science program places UMass Amherst near the top of the list. [5] Any civilian employee of the United States Government is eligible to participate in the programs offered by NPS. [5] This calculator will provide estimates of tuition and fees for your specific program for the 2016 academic year. [5]

A full-time, 12-month graduate program, Lancaster University’s Master’s in Cyber Security program prepares students to work within the IT security profession, combining technical skills with other disciplines such as economics, risk management, psychology, and social science. [5] A private, non-profit university, SNHU offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs focused in cyber security and information security. [5] Carnegie Mellon is a premier university for students wishing to pursue graduate-level study in information security or information technology, offering a variety of Master’s degree programs with specializations in key areas that position graduates as in-demand professionals in today’s IT landscape. [5] Penn State University’s World Campus offers several degree programs for students interested in pursuing cyber security education, including a Bachelor’s program and two Master’s degree program options. [5] Penn State World Campus is named #1 among The Best Online Bachelor in Information Assurance and Security Degree Programs by The Best Schools, which notes, “Penn State World Campus provides an online 120-credit interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program for cyber-security. [5] Students pursuing a regular degree program may opt for a Concentration in Information Assurance. [5] Students must be full-time and U.S. citizens to be eligible for the DoD Information Assurance Scholarship program. [5] More information on these and other scholarship programs available to overseas students can be found here. [5] More information about scholarship programs open to students in any department can be found here. [5] Scholarships Offered: Bellevue University’s scholarship program is “primarily designed to assist financially needy incoming and continuing students at the undergraduate level.” [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to the UNC Charlotte Post-Graduation Survey, which is completed every two years by surveying alumni between 3 to 9 months after graduation, 55.6% of undergraduates who graduated in 2013 reported being currently employed, while 67.2% of the students who graduated with a graduate degree in 2013 reported being employed at the time of the survey. [5]

The Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Towson University, with over 40 faculty and 1,200 undergraduate majors, started one of the first undergraduate cybersecurity tracks in the nation and the first in Maryland. [5] More information on National Fellowships and Scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students at Dartmouth College can be found here. [5] Scholarships Offered: Students attending Stevens Institute of Technology have a multitude of scholarship opportunities available to them, including merit-based scholarships and other undergraduate awards, as well as several funding and aid opportunities for graduate students. [5] Scholarships Offered: Nova Southeastern University has more than 100 scholarships available for undergraduate students and more than 140 available awards for graduate students. [5] Scholarships Offered: Fordham University offers a number of scholarship opportunities, although the majority of scholarships are only available to undergraduate students. [5] Towson University offers several scholarships through its Office of Admissions, which are available to entering undergraduate students only. [5]

Scholarships Offered: UC Davis offers more than $6 million in undergraduate scholarships with awards ranging from $100 to $13,000 per academic year. [5] The Robert H. Smith School of Business, for instance, has had $1.2 million available in undergraduate scholarships in recent years. [5] An additional 2500+ PROMISE scholars are returning for their sophomore, junior, and senior years,” according to the Undergraduate Scholarship Office. [5]

Hiring/Employment Rate: Among 2014 Rochester Institute of Technology undergraduate degree recipients, 78.8% report being employed at the time of the survey, 12.6% report pursuing further full-time study, and 2.7% report alternate plans. [5] According to the report, “The Computer Science Information Security Center (ISC) has introduced Information Security content such as computer and network security in the undergraduate and graduate curricula. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to Oxford Facts & Figures, 95% of Oxford undergraduate leaders are employed and 20% of graduates earn more than 30,000 per year within six months of graduating. [5]

Both undergraduate and graduate students can obtain a Computer Security Certificate by taking course sequences, which emphasize principles of computer security.” [5] Undergraduates at USC can also minor in Applied Computer Security or Computer and Digital Forensics. [5]

Scholarships Offered: USC offers several merit scholarships for undergraduate students, including the full-tuition, four-year Mork Family, Stamps Leadership and Trustee scholarships, the half-tuition Presidential Scholarship, and the one-quarter tuition Deans Scholarship. [5] Scholarships Offered: Scholarships and bursaries are available to home undergraduate students who are studying on a full-time basis. [5] Scholarships Offered: Undergraduate students at Royal Holloway can apply for a multitude of scholarships, ranging from academic success scholarships to departmental scholarships including scholarship opportunities for Computer Science students, and international scholarships. [5] Scholarships Offered: Penn State World Campus undergraduate students are eligible for Penn State’s Office of Student Aid Scholarships, awarded in annual amounts ranging from $1,500 to $3,200. [5]

While some internal scholarships are offered, most are designed for incoming freshmen and/or undergraduate students. [5] Undergraduate students can choose a Minor in Information Assurance, and Certificates in Information Assurance are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level, along with a Certificate in Cyber Security Systems. [5]

Graduates with the MS in Cyber Security Engineering will have the skills and knowledge to protect pre-existing infrastructures, detect intrusions or abuses andrespond to attacks in such a way that minimizes the losses and facilitates re-engineering information infrastructures to eliminate vulnerabilities.” [5] Sixty-four percent of graduates from the James W. Bagley College of Engineering are employed, while 23% are attending graduate or professional school. [5] All computer science, software engineering and computer engineering majors are eligible to compete for college of engineering scholarships. [5] Virginia Commonwealth University – College of Engineering You are using an outdated browser. [23] Illinois Tech recently announced that Peter Kilpatrick, currently McCloskey Dean of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, will be the university’s new provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. [21] ECAP provides underrpresented students with an academic and social support network to help succeed in class and find engineering jobs. [7]

Join us for the Internship & Career Fair on September 19, 2018 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. in the Engineering East Hall Qimonda Atrium and Snead Hall Atrium. [23] Earn a degree in engineering or computer science and a degree in German in five years. [7] It is a unique collaboration between information science, computer science, economics, electrical engineering and law. [5]

COFES brings executives from design, engineering, architectural, development and technology companies together to understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of your business. [24]

UNM among Top 100 Worldwide Universities granted U.S. utility patents June 21, 2018 The University of New Mexico is among the Top 100 Worldwide Universities granted U.S. utility patents in 2017, according to a report published by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) and Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO). [6] Illinois Tech Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer Ophir Trigalo was recently selected as the 2018 CIO of the Year award honoree by The Executives? Club of Chicago, the Association of Information Technology Professionals, and the Society for Information Management Chicago. [21] Information on other scholarship programs, such as the The STARRS Computing Warriors is available on the Department of Software and Information Systems website. [5] The University of Texas at Dallas also offers a Cyber Security Scholarship program. [5] Boston University also offers graduate programs with the ability to specialize in Cyber Security as a field of study. [5] Bellevue University offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Cybersecurity. [5] Scholarships Offered: ETH Zurich offers two scholarship opportunities for students pursuing Master’s degree programs, including the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program and the Master Scholarship Program. [5] Scholarships Offered: North Carolina State University provides a number of scholarship opportunities for entering freshmen, including the Park Scholarship Program, General Hugh Shelton Leadership Initiative Scholarship, Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship, and Goodnight Scholars Program. [5]

OSU’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid does not administer OSU scholarship programs to graduate/professional level students, but there are a few non-OSU scholarships for which students may be eligible. [5]

According to Study.com, “The Information Security Institute at JHU offers a Master of Science in Security Informatics degree program. [5] MIT is named as a Best Online Cyber Security Degree Program by Security Degree Hub, which describes MIT as, “Many people liken this college’s degree program to an apprenticeship because you will often be doing sponsored work and working under a specialist that will help you solve real security problems. [5]

Graduate programs include a M.S. in Computer Science as well as an Interdisciplinary M.S. in Computer Forensics and Security Management (MSCFSM). [5] We were unable to find specific data regarding Master’s-level graduate salary rates or employment data for undergraduate or graduate program alumni. [5] Hiring/Employment Rate: According to Fordham University’s 2009 Placement Report, 68% of the undergraduate class were employed at the time of the survey. [5]

A full list of scholarship opportunities available to undergraduate students at RIT can be found here. [5]

The Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering invites current middle school boys, those entering the 7th and 8th grades in Fall 2018, to learn about the exciting field of engineering from Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering faculty, staff and students. [25] The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering held its 2018 commencement on Saturday, June 16, at Pauley Pavilion. [26]

Geneva offers nearly 40 undergraduate majors, with the most popular including business, engineering, education, biology, communication, psychology, student ministry and human services. [27] Our engineering, engineering technology and computer science programs are at the core of MSU’s land-grant mission. [28] The university offers 42 online programs for tuition rates as low as $13,800. [29] For students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, Thomas Edison State University is an affordable option, offering over 30 bachelor’s programs and over 40 master’s programs for online students. [29] These online programs offer convenient and affordable ways to rise to the top of this expanding industry. [8] Located in Toms River, Ocean County College offers 14 different fully online degree programs at the associate level as well as multiple certificate options. [29] Online master’s in biomedical engineering degree programs are becoming increasingly popular as high-paying positions in this specialized field continue to grow. [8]

The College of Engineering plans to launch a new major designed to prepare students for careers in one of the country’s fastest growing industries – cybersecurity. [30] USF and the College of Engineering hosted USAF Science and Technology 2030 Event. [30] A film created by a team that includes faculty from IUPUI’s School of Engineering and Technology will be featured at the Montreal Underground Film Festival. [9]

Jun 16, 2018 AM EDT Scientists from the Boston University School of Medicine looked into the effects of flavored e-cigarettes to the lining of blood vessels. [8] May 31, 2018 AM EDT LendingTree outs its study that identifies places in the United States with the most student debt. [8] Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT A new study concludes that education can boost results in intelligence test scores and has long-lasting effects. [8]

We also have Adult Degree Programs with both campus-based and fully online options, and five master’s degree programs. [27]

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