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  • Try this on for size no matter what grade or subject you teach: challenge your students to create a Rube Goldberg Machine of their own.(More…)
  • The trick-shot-loving basketball team just partnered with students from Georgia Tech to create their own Rube Goldberg -style trick-shot machine, complete with a musical soundtrack to match.(More…)
  • The annual event is named for Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and engineer whose work depicts elaborate contraptions of levers, pulleys, wheels and gears completing simple, everyday tasks.(More…)
  • Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for drawing complicated devices that performed a straightforward task in the most elaborate way imaginable.(More…)
  • This year?s goal of the contest was to create a machine that successfully pours a bowl of cereal in at least 20 steps.(More…)


  • The machines are similar to the Mousetrap game, but students use everyday materials to build their Rube Goldberg?s.(More…)
  • “Rube Goldberg is just a good experience,” said Mike Meyer, coordinator of the contest, TEECA president and a junior technology education major.(More…)
  • Build these Rube Goldberg? kits and watch simple tasks being performed by hilariously complicated chain-reaction machines.(More…)



Try this on for size no matter what grade or subject you teach: challenge your students to create a Rube Goldberg Machine of their own. [1] HEYHEYHEY then decided to create a more travel-friendly version of their original Rube Goldberg machine. [2] The Rube Goldberg Competition featured 69 teams of students working to create a machine that could pop a balloon. [3] The Technion invites teams of high school students (9-12) from schools around the world to create themed Rube Goldberg machines. [3]

Students from AMIT Kiryat Malachi Jr. and Sr. High School took the top spot at the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, beating dozens of other Israeli schools–including another AMIT school that came in second place–and advancing to the international competition, which will take place online. [3] Madison Lenschow, Ali Alenezi, Riley Deheer, Faisel Alotaibi and Kyle Kraemer ?s senior capstone design project took second place in the Online Rube Goldberg Machine Competition. [3] That success led Target and 3M to ask Engbrecht to work on Rube Goldberg machines showcasing their products — and videos of the resulting machines have garnered nearly a million views online. [3]

One’s got to wonder what type of bet YouTuber jackofallspades98 lost that forced him to create an extreme Rube Goldberg machine. [3] “Melvin the Mini Machine” is a suitcase- (well, two suitcase-) sized Rube Goldberg machine that, when executed, creates a postcard, sending well wishes from Melvin himself. [3]

The High School Design contest is a regional competition for the annual national Rube Goldberg machine competition by Rube Goldberg Inc. High school students from all around the area have teamed up to build a Rube Goldberg machine to compete at our competition. [3] In this two-part activity, students design and build Rube Goldberg machines. [4]

Designed to make the simplest tasks for example, this year’s task of pouring a bowl of cereal as complex as possible, Rube Goldberg machines present engineering and creativity challenges for students. [3] The College of DuPage (COD) Engineering and Technology Club accepted the task, built their very own Rube Goldberg machine and entered it in the national competition. [3] Graham Elementary fifth grader Antonique Wallace watches as a circus-themed Rube Goldberg machine she and her classmates built completes its required task of making an object orbit three times during the 12th annual Springfield Area Fifth Grade Rube Goldberg Competition at Menard Hall on the campus of Lincoln Land Community College on Saturday. [3]

The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest draws teams who make overly-complex contraptions that go through a large number of steps to complete a simple task. [3] Rube Goldberg Machines are complicated contraptions that use a number of whimsical and counterintuitive steps to accomplish very simple tasks. [3] A Rube Goldberg machine is all about creating a machine (or contraption or invention or device or apparatus) that uses a chain reaction to accomplish a very simple task in a very complicated manner. [3] For those of you who don’t know, Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, often referred to as the “father of invention” for his series of comics depicting what we call Rube Goldberg machines: Complicated, deliberately over-engineered contraptions that ultimately perform a very simple task. [2] Goofy fun and real engineering with tools & hardware, all with a bit of Rube Goldberg history thrown into the mix! A Rube Goldberg Machine is a contraption that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated manner. [3] Most people think of Rube Goldberg machines –devices which intentionally perform simple tasks in indirect, unnecessarily complicated ways–as examples of ingenious engineering. [3] A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption/device made to perform a simple task in an overly complicated manner, often including chain reactions and numerous steps. [3] A Rube Goldberg machine is any complex contraption that uses a chain reaction to perform a simple task. [5]

St. Olaf College Associate Professor of Physics Jason Engbrecht has a reputation for collaborating with students to build top-notch Rube Goldberg machines. [3] Students in Alicia Logsdon?s fifth-grade class at Graham Elementary School were hard at work Saturday morning setting up their circus-themed Rube Goldberg machine at Lincoln Land Community College. [3] Students in grades 2 to 5 at Avery, Crossing and Horizon elementary schools and two local businesses – Heartland Bank and the Lardiere McNair law firm – participated March 3 in the Re-Use, Re-Think, Re-Build! Rube Goldberg Machine Competition exhibit at the Makoy, 5462 Center St. in Hilliard. [3] NMAJH will be hosting a Rube Goldberg Machine Contest (RGMC) for high school aged students. [3] “It was very unique,” said Zach Umperovitch, chairman of the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest and graduate student in geology and geophysics. [3] The first-year students in the Engineering Science program tested their knowledge by building a Rube Goldberg machine for their final exam. [3] Five teams challenge each other over innovation and engineering as they put their Rube Goldberg machines to the test on Saturday in the Armory. [3] It?s also true that no one cares about a Rube Goldberg machine that?s dead simple and poses no challenges, whether to the creator or the audience. [3] To celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) catch the large projection of videos from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology’s Rube Goldberg Machine School Challenge. [3] The Rube Goldberg machine competition was March 2, with Hilliard City Planner John Talentino, Franklin County Engineer Cornell Robertson and “Mr. COSI” Leonard Sparks serving as judges for the business and school categories. [3] According to Lafe Peavler, advisor and team lead for St. Joseph Catholic High School’s Rube Goldberg machine, dubbed “The Meme Machine,” these machines can take several months to assemble before they’re ready for competition. [3] At Purdue University in Indiana, the National Rube Goldberg Machine Competition has been hosted annually since 1988. [3] The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers will be advancing to the national Rube Goldberg Machine Contest, which will take place in Columbus, Ohio at the Center of Science and Industry on April 12. [3] According to the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest guidelines, the finished structure is to be no longer than six feet on any side and can?t have a maximum run time that exceeds two minutes. [3] Practice makes perfect, so don?t expect your Rube Goldberg machine to work perfectly the first time you try it. [3] Amazon?s digital assistant Alexa is a useful tool for people tired of having to engage in 20th century domestic grunt work like flipping light switches or adjusting thermostats, and with a little elbow grease, she can even interface with old-fashioned, non-smart lamps, as Youtube video creator Jamie Grossman demonstrates with this short and sweet Rube Goldberg machine. [3] Have you ever heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder?” If you watched the video above, then you know that was not the idea behind these so-called Rube Goldberg machines. [3]

Design and build a Rube Goldberg machine in this workshop presented by educator Jay Mankita. [3] Fidget spinners may get to enjoy a bit more of its 15 minutes of fame thanks to YouTube?s Kaplamino, who bought 50 of them in order to build a totally awesome Rube Goldberg machine that makes perfect use of the toys? limited but extremely specific functionality. [3] They’ll explore construction techniques and the physics of levers and pulleys as they build weight-bearing cardboard chairs and intricate Rube Goldberg machines. [3] In the same way, a Rube Goldberg machine isn’t just a drawing; it’s the bonding of art and engineering that built innovative masterpieces. [3] This new Melvin is a Rube Goldberg machine specifically built to travel the world, and let’s be honest, we like the idea of going with him whenever and wherever we can. [3] Gravity has met its match here, as the first half of the process is made to look like your average, run-of-the-mill Rube Goldberg machine (if there even is such a thing) except it’s being filmed upside down. [2] Their Rube Goldberg machine will be held in the Techcetera Gallery now until March 23 in Student Service Center (SSC) 2211. [3] Have students explain how they would find the mechanical advantage of their Rube Goldberg machines. [4] Campers will practice being collaborative by building a large Rube Goldberg machine with a small team of other inventors. [3] Looking at any successful Rube Goldberg machine offers a lesson in how we might appraise design. [3] It should also be acknowledged that Rube Goldberg machines are in fact pointless, and that if the importance of aesthetic design rests on the entertainment value of pointless machines, that?s not the strongest argument in the world. [3] We are not going to design just any machine though; we are going to invent Rube Goldberg machines. [4] We?ve put together a collection of some of the best Rube Goldberg machines, apparatuses, inventions, and devices that will blow your freakin’ mind one domino at a time. [3] Rube Goldberg machines have become so popular since their debut in 1928 that competitions are frequently hosted in their honor. [3] “A Rube Goldberg machine does a simple task in an overly complicated way,” said Herscher, who has been building these machines since he was 5. [6] From left, Lauren Bomer, Jalen Jordan and Mason White, all fifth-graders at Hilliard Crossing Elementary School, work together to set up a stage of their Rube Goldberg machine during a March 3 exhibit at the Makoy Center in Hilliard. [3] They built a trick shot machine in the Digital Fabrication Lab — a Rube Goldberg machine, complete with trampolines, a giant hamster wheel, boxing gloves and more. [3] Bryce Danielson ’11, Associate Professor of Physics Jason Engbrecht, Christian Weeks ’13, and translator Roberto Tsuru in the studio with the Rube Goldberg machine they built to compete on a Japanese game show. [3] Associate Professor of Physics Jason Engbrecht and Bryce Danielson ’11 provide a better view of the Rube Goldberg machine they built, which worked flawlessly on the show. [3] Consider that Rube Goldberg machines are often used to teach physics and engineering. [3] Its an incredibly complex Rube Goldberg machine that took him three months to make called “The Cake Server” and it does just that. serve cake. [3] Granted, no one cares about a Rube Goldberg machine that doesn?t make it to its final stage, that fails to deliver that slice of cake or whatever its ultimate punchline may be. [3] “I hate waiting for dessert, so here’s a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime,” YouTube user Joesph’s Machines wrote on the video page. [3] In a hilarious and unexpected twist, the video also doubles as a meta-commentary on the social irrelevance of fidget spinners, as the Rube Goldberg machine ends by tossing one of the spinners right into the garbage where it now belongs. [3] Early incarnations of the company designed experiences such as a room filled with lasers that participants needed to avoid– Mission Impossible style, a raincloud that rains tequila, and a huge Rube Goldberg machine used in a music video for a band called OK Go. [3] There isn?t anyone on the planet who can deny the pleasure of watching a good Rube Goldberg machine. [3] Not the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine, but quite impressive nonetheless. [3] At some point, they?ll become part of one of his Rube Goldberg machines. [3] Y?all know how much I LOVE Rube Goldberg Machines (find out more about these fun creations here ) and the below two are absolute gems. [1] His Rube Goldberg machines to facilitate power napping and to remove milk mustaches are similarly elaborate. [6] After the success of the original Rube Goldberg machine, the studio was bombarded with requests to take their wonderfully inefficient show on the road. [2] Students use their new understanding of types of simple machines to design and build their own Rube Goldberg machines that perform simple tasks in no less than 10 steps. [4] Use their knowledge of simple and compound machines to design and build a small Rube Goldberg machine. [4] Remind students that the Rube Goldberg cartoon machines would probably never work in the real world, so they should not design something that closely resembles his cartoon, because they probably would not be able to build it. [4] Rube Goldberg Worksheet : Use this worksheet to assign students to take a closer look at a Rube Goldberg cartoon and, drawing upon previously learned concepts, develop arguments that say the machine could in fact work. [4]

With that in mind, it?s no surprise that his famous “Rube Goldberg Machines” look like something straight out of a cartoon. [3] As the final lesson in the simple machines unit, the study of Rube Goldberg machines can help students evaluate the importance and usefulness of th. [4] Visitors of all ages will be able to try existing simple machines as well as build their own Rube Goldberg machines of varying skill levels. [3] The task for all the Rube Goldberg teams was to build a machine to pour a bowl of cereal, and the Waunakee team did it with style. [3] This year’s design is a Rube Goldberg inspired college dorm room involving an over-engineered chain reaction machine that pours a bowl of cereal and milk for a sleepy college student. [3]

I this first school-wide STEAM Challenge, students will be asked to create a cause and effect piece that will fit into an overall set of chain reactions within a whole class Rube Goldberg Machine. [7] STEAM Challenge #1 create a whole-class Rube Goldberg machine that reveals the STEAM theme “Communication”. [7] Back in 2015, they partnered with 3M to create a Rube Goldberg machine (chain reaction machine) promoting 3M’s brand and products. [8]

In comments that will sound familiar to any designer, Herscher talks about the importance of the viewer?s experience and how certain components of a Rube Goldberg help create a sense of expectation and narrative for the audience. [3]

Engineer and cartoonist Rube Goldberg is famous for his crazy machines that accomplish everyday tasks in overly complicated ways. [4] The concept was popularized in the late 1800s by cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who drew schematics of these machines, but never actually built one himself. [3] “We build the machine and then count the steps once everything is working,” said Adam Bahrainwala, Purdue Society of Professional Engineers Rube Goldberg president. [3] Make sure your machine has many different steps and motions in order to complete the end function and look like a Rube Goldberg. [4] What is a Rube Goldberg? (Answer: A machine that does a simple task in a complicated way.) [4] St. Olaf created these machines for the national collegiate Rube Goldberg competitions from 2009 to 2012. [3] The Waunakee Physics II Class celebrates the Rube Goldberg win and is now looking forward to bringing their machine to nationals in Chicago. [3] Rube Goldberg designs are meant to show the unnecessary complexities in machines, which sometimes result from modern technology. [4] The Rube Goldberg name may not be used in conjunction with a machine building contest, or course of study, without using our trademark. [9] How does Rube Goldberg fit in to all of this? (Answer: His cartoons help us think about the meaning of machines in our society.) [4] Do such machines exist in the world? (Answer: Sure, otherwise Rube Goldberg would not have made it to the dictionary. [4] Based on the comically complex machines by American Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, humorist and inventor, Rube Goldberg, Rube Works (the first officially licensed Rube Goldberg-themed puzzler) challenges players to complete everyday tasks in traditional Rube Goldberg style by connecting familiar objects and animals to build a comical chain reaction machine. [3] “Rube Goldberg is where a student has to take a very complicated machine that’s a chain reaction and turn it into one very simple task at the end,” said Rube Goldberg Team Leader and Science teacher Nora Gathje. [3] Whew! Did you follow that complicated series of events? Why on Earth would someone invent such a complicated machine to complete such a simple task? To answer that question, we must first take a closer look at the man who dreamed up these types of contraptions: Rube Goldberg. [3] Such machines are named for Rube Goldberg (1883-1970), a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist known for illustrating intricate, complicated machines — typically with each step lettered — that perform a simple operation, such as pouring a bowl of cereal. [3] Rube Goldberg: Cartoonist and engineer who poked fun at overly complicated machines; a machine that operates in a complicated way in which the procedure could have been much simpler. [4] Rube Goldberg is a cartoonist famous for sketching complex machines that would accomplish simple tasks. [3]

Team 5, the Society of Professional Engineers, watches its machine’s last run at the Rube Goldberg Contest Saturday afternoon at the Armory. [3]

Or donations can be made online at under the Rube Goldberg National Competition link. [3]

A Rube Goldberg competition challenges students to create machines that turn the simplest of procedures into very complex processes. [10] The students created a Rube Goldberg machine out of Whataburger-branded items, like table tents, cups, to-go bags, and even the cape from the Whataguy mascot. [11] A group of STEM high school students created a Rube Goldberg machine to promote Whataburger’s latest limited-time menu item. [11] This is lesson two of four, in a series of lessons designed to get students building unique Arduino Controlled Rube Goldberg Machines ( full project here ). [12] The Elk Mound High School pirate-themed Rube Goldberg machine won the competition held Friday, March 2, at UW-Stout. [10] Elk Mound High School?s pirate-themed Rube Goldberg machine sailed away with the treasure at a regional competition Friday, March 2, hosted by University of Wisconsin-Stout. [10]

Through this character he would illustrate complex inventions later to become known as Rube Goldberg machines. [13] The Thorp High School machine pours milk into a bowl of cereal at the Rube Goldberg competition as one of its steps. [10]

RALEIGH, N.C. (April 21, 2018) – Teams of engineering students from Wake Tech and Durham Tech faced off today in a competition that literally got the wheels turning! Their challenge: to design and build a “Rube Goldberg” machine that could perform a simple task in a not-so-simple way. [3] A portion of the trick shot/Rube Goldberg machine developed by the students for the Harlem Globetrotters. [3] “The Brand Machine” (as 3M refers to it), like most Goldberg machines, illustrates a larger point: that we might overlook the small things like a Post-it Note that simplify our lives. [2] After watching this 3M Goldberg machine, you better appreciate your Post-its. [2]

The trick-shot-loving basketball team just partnered with students from Georgia Tech to create their own Rube Goldberg -style trick-shot machine, complete with a musical soundtrack to match. [14] The basketball trick shot masters teamed up with Georgia Tech students to make a baller Rube Goldberg machine. [14] Started in 1988 as a college competition, the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST uses the iconic invention cartoons of the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning artist, Rube Goldberg as its inspiration. [15] New York, NY Rube Goldberg, Inc. continues to celebrate laughter and invention through their annual RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary by having its Live Finals relocated to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago April 20-22, 2018. [15] HOPE THIS WORKS – Our apologies to all who received this already but found they couldn’t give us their mailing information! Since this is the 30th Anniversary of the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST we created a limited edition poster (yes, quantity is limited!) to remind everyone about the artist, inventor and adjective – RUBE GOLDBERG – who inspired millions of to make fun and crazy contraptions. [16] For 2018, the simple task is “Pour a Bowl of Cereal” and the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST’s 2018 Task Sponsor is General Mills. [15] “We’re excited and honored to be at the Museum of Science and Industry for this very special year in our history,” said Jennifer George, the RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE CONTEST’s Legacy Director and the grand-daughter of Rube Goldberg. [15]

Our STEAM Makers? Camp (August 6-10) will get our kids working on a week-long team project to create a Rube Goldberg Machine. [17]

The participants were tasked with using mostly recyclable material to create a complex, multiple-stage machine that pours cereal into a bowl through a series of chain reactions. [3]

The annual event is named for Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and engineer whose work depicts elaborate contraptions of levers, pulleys, wheels and gears completing simple, everyday tasks. [3] The Rube Goldberg Rocket Challenge playset lets kids discover and learn about STEM-based principles of gravity and air pressure to launch the rocket! Build the contraption in just the right way, test it, and complete the challenge to trigger an amazing and hilarious chain reaction! For hilarious and inventive fun, bring home The Rocket Challenge. [3] Through the cartoons of Rube Goldberg, students are engaged in critical thinking about the way his inventions make simple tasks even harder to complete. [4] The Rube Goldberg Competition is the final team project for students in Intro to Engineering. [3] The students made up one of 12 teams competing in the 12th annual Springfield Area Fifth-Grade Rube Goldberg competition. [3] Chatfield High School’s Rube Goldberg team has taken on this challenge and will be at this years National Rube Goldberg competition in Chicago. [3] That work — which gained national attention when St. Olaf teams led by Engbrecht won the national collegiate Rube Goldberg competition in 2009 and 2012 — recently attracted the attention of Japanese game show organizers. [3] Presented by the Hill Air Force Base AFA in partnership with multiple sponsors, WSU included, winning teams for this year’s regional Rube Goldberg Competition can expect a monetary prize and a chance to compete on a national level. [3]

High school, junior high and elementary school students came together Jan. 19 for an annual Utah Air Force Association and Weber State University Rube Goldberg Competition. [3] When a student builds a Rube Goldberg he or she is learning the principles of design as well as the principles of physics; you can?t learn one without the other. [3] RUBE GOLDBERG CHALLENGE from university / college level students, individuals or affiliated organizations will be accepted or permitted. [9] The Rube Goldberg organization is redesigning its Division III (university / college level) competition and Challenge events. [9]

The best Rube Goldberg contraptions use everyday items in a whimsical and complicated way to interact as a series of chain-reaction steps to accomplish the simple task. [3] Recall that a Rube Goldberg is a contraption that accomplishes a simple task in a fantastically complicated way. [4]

Have each engineering team display its Rube Goldberg contraptions to the class during the last 10 minutes of the period. [4] This year?s five teams were Purdue?s Association of Mechanical and Electrical Technologists, the University of Illinois? Rube Goldberg Society, Purdue?s American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers. [3] Points are given to teams that embody the whimsical spirit of late cartoonist Rube Goldberg, for whom the contest was named. [3] Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist famous for his drawings of these convoluted devices in the first half of last century. [6] It is named after American cartoonist and inventor, Rube Goldberg. [3] Rube Goldberg, though being an inventor, was also known for being a cartoonist. [3] In many ways Rube Goldberg could be considered the grandfather of STEM education; Rube blended Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math long before the acronym existed. [3] The National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) is pleased to announce The Art of Rube Goldberg, an exhibition that celebrates the groundbreaking artwork of Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) – one of the most influential and prolific cartoon illustrators of the twentieth century who is best known for his whimsical invention drawing cartoons. [3] A selection of his late-in-life political cartoons traces the remarkable coda of his long career, while his enduring popularity is underscored by such items as the 1995 Rube Goldberg U.S. Postage stamp. [3] Jim Aadland, vice president of the Utah AFA and a coordinating director of the Rube Goldberg Competition, spoke regarding the AFA’s involvement in the event. [3] They invited Engbrecht and two alumni, Bryce Danielson ’11 and Christian Weeks ’13, to compete against Japanese Rube Goldberg champions as part of a New Year’s Day television special featuring a variety of skill contests. [3] We can all assume Rube Goldberg would have been a huge fan of the 1985 movie along with that breakfast that looks so darn good before Pee-Wee pours Mr.T cereal all over it. [2]

Hosts across the country invite students to create their most innovative Rube Goldberg machine. [18] Step aside Rubik’s Cubes! Make way for Rube Goldberg Machines! In this course, elementary scientists will work together to engineer a Rube Goldberg Machine. [19] The band?s 2010 video, “This Too Shall Pass,” created with the help of Media Lab grads, features a complex Rube Goldberg machine and accumulated more than 58 million views on YouTube. [20] What kind of Rube Goldberg machine would you like to have in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments. [21] A process that?s set up like a Rube Goldberg machine is fraught with complexity, delay, and frustration. [22] PEWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – High schoolers from Illinois and Wisconsin competed against each other on Friday in the annual regional Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. [23] Photo credits: Magic by Anne Marthe Widvey; Rube Goldberg Machine by Jeff Kubina; zombie by David Puma, Drone and Moon by Dan McCullogh, New Guardians of the Galaxy International Trailer by BagoGames, all on Flickr. [19] The elementary scientists will showcase their learning with the creation of a Rube Goldberg Machine. [19] If you answered yes to any of these questions, your proposal process might more closely resemble a Rube Goldberg machine than an efficient document creation system that pumps out winning proposals. [22] Did you know there are other versions of Rube Goldberg machines around the world? Each one has a slightly different connotation in its respective culture. [22] Here?s how you can figure out which international Rube Goldberg machine your proposal creation process bears a resemblance to, and what that connection can tell you about how to improve your proposal process. [22] Share a video on how to build a Rube Goldberg machine, which uses a series of simple machines working in sequence to perform a task. [24]

As a final activity in this lesson, students will build a simple circuit turned ON via a Rube Goldberg constructed switch. [12] At the end of this lesson, student will build a simple circuit that is turned ON via a creative Rube Goldberg inspired switch. [12]

The Plum City High School team competes at the Rube Goldberg competition Friday, March 2, at UW-Stout. [10] Rube Goldberg was a political cartoonist who also drew cartoons that showed simple tasks performed in convoluted, indirect ways. [7] Collect and connect all the Rube Goldberg sets for even bigger challenges and chain reactions. [25]

With your fellow Girl Scouts, use your new engineering skills to create a Rube Goldberg machine using everyday objects and celebrate every failure (and success!) along the way. [26] This promotion also coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest–for which inventors create elaborate Rube Goldberg Machines to complete simple tasks. [27] The games were a series of intricate puzzles that required you to create complicated, off the wall Rube Goldberg machines to solve simple tasks. [28]

You?ve thought about it and discovered that it?s less of a well-oiled machine and more of an improvised Rube Goldberg one, held together with figurative duct tape and a real sense of optimism. [22] Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways, giving rise to the term Rube Goldberg machines. [29] Rube Goldberg machines are typically analogous for unnecessarily complicated inventions or contraptions and in mid-scale environments one might think of automation and orchestration in the same light. [30] It?s also true that no one cares about a Rube Goldberg machine that?s dead simple and poses no challenges, whether to the creator or the audience. [31] It should also be acknowledged that Rube Goldberg machines are in fact pointless, and that if the importance of aesthetic design rests on the entertainment value of pointless machines, that?s not the strongest argument in the world. [31] Also consider that Rube Goldberg machines are often used to teach physics and engineering. [31] It is no secret that my family loves General Mills Cereals and I’m pretty excited to help spread the excitement about General Mills Cereals and Rube Goldberg Machines. [32] Granted, no one cares about a Rube Goldberg machine that doesn?t make it to its final stage, that fails to deliver that slice of cake or whatever its ultimate punchline may be. [31] If you’re wondering what a Rube Goldberg Machine is here is my simplified answer it’s a complex machine that performs a simple task. [32]

Students from elementary to the university level are encouraged to make this simple task ridiculously complicated and will be judged on their teamwork, creativity and spirit of Rube Goldberg. [15] Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist best known for his zany invention cartoons. [15] Rube Goldberg, Rube Goldberg Inventions United States Postal Service Stamp (included on sheet of “Comic Classics” stamps), date unknown. [33] Rube Goldberg, Inc. is dedicated to keeping laughter and invention alive through the legacy of its namesake. [15]

In comments that will sound familiar to any designer, Herscher talks about the importance of the viewer?s experience and how certain components of a Rube Goldberg help create a sense of expectation and narrative for the audience. [31] The consumer foods company is partnering with Rube Goldberg, Inc. to create special cereal boxes that can be transformed into STEM toys with everyday household items. [27]

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist known for drawing complicated devices that performed a straightforward task in the most elaborate way imaginable. [22] Joseph Herscher never ceases to amaze with his Rube Goldberg contraptions, and this is without a doubt the most inventive one he’s done so far. [34]

This year?s goal of the contest was to create a machine that successfully pours a bowl of cereal in at least 20 steps. [23]


The machines are similar to the Mousetrap game, but students use everyday materials to build their Rube Goldberg?s. [3] Watch the video above to learn Herscher?s rules for building Rube Golberg machines, and how you too can automate your life–in the most brilliantly complicated way possible. [6]

While Goldberg never built the machines featured in his iconic invention drawings, visitors to the exhibition will experience an interactive “play” area of the exhibition. [3] In groups of three, have student engineering teams decide on simple tasks to create machines for, intended audiences, and any information they know that will help them solve the problem. [4] Several steps compose the process of inventing, regardless of the type of machine you want to create. [4] Who could have predicted that your everyday Post-it notes and Scotch tape could make such an eye-catching machine? The people at 3M collected over 25,000 Post-it notes, 300 feet of reflective sheet, 200 pounds of steel, 75 rolls of Scotch tape, and a whole lot more to create this intricate machine made entirely of its own products. [2]

The idea behind the event is to build a machine that completes a certain task through a number of complex steps. [3] Students compete to build the most elaborate machines to accomplish one simple task. [3] “The students bring in stuff from home to build the machines. [3] Students had three weeks to design their machines and could use any items they wanted to cause movement. [3] During the first part of the activity, which is the design of the machines, tell the students that the following materials will be available for them. [4] Why is it important to design your machine first, either as a drawing or a clear idea in your mind? (Answer: To just start building could lead you to a machine you don’t like or doesn’t work, and we don’t want to waste materials and time.) [4] The first step in the machine built by Logsdon?s students is to drop a mallet on a plastic container. [3] The students first worked in small groups building one component and then worked collaboratively to join the components into a single machine required to execute at least 10 steps. [3]

Teams from all over the country had to build a creative machine that achieved two goals: the first is demonstrating at least four scientific principles, such as mechanics, momentum, optics, electric motors, chemistry, and heat; the second is using those scientific principles to pour a bowl of cereal. [3] If you want more MythBusters/Goldberg, the boys came out with a series called “Unchained Reaction” in 2012, pitting two teams against each other to build Goldberg-like machines. [2] Hoping to boost car sales, Honda got a team of engineers, car designers, and even a sculptor to design the machine made up parts from two disassembled Honda Accord cars. [2] Once teams, have completed their designs, have them test their machines. [4] The Pizza Machine is notable not just for its utility, but for its inventive design, making use of various household objects including a toy train, pool balls, VHS cases, and even what appears to be a Hannah Montana CD. The machine loses a few points for burning the pizza in the video, but given the lack of pepperoni, it was destined to be an underwhelming meal anyway. [2] One of the most interesting aspects of this DIY contraption is the use of other kinds of foods used to make the machine work, including corn on the cob, a stick of butter and a glass of orange juice. [3]

The Engineering and Technology Club presented their machine to the Engineering Student Council Line Division III on Feb 17, 2018. [3] This lesson encourages students to critically think about machine inventions and their role in our lives. [4] Another superb invention from Joseph?s Machines, the Cake Server solves one of mankind?s oldest culinary conundrums: What if you want a slice of cake after your meal, but don?t want to stand up and serve it yourself? The solution is an ingenious device that incorporates a number of otherwise useless household items like a candle, a stick of butter, and a MacBook. [3] Just like cellphones used to be only for the rich, soon taking a personal flying machine to work is going to be a part of everyday life. [3]

Level 2 machines will incorporate four types of engineering: mechanical (simple machines), chemical, electrical and fluid power. [3] Although Engbrecht’s team did not win the Japanese game show competition on the Fujiyama program, their machine worked flawlessly — a great feat with merely four days to travel, gather the supplies, and assemble their piece in a foreign country [3] ” The machine was completed in 3 weeks with some 2 months of planning,” said Remzo Vega, team leader for the competition. [3] Next, have each team collectively produce machine drawings that include dimensions. [4] The St. Joseph team finished reassembling their machine just before noon. [3] “Our whole machine actually fits through the door in our classroom,” said Team Member Bennett Gathje. [3]

The machine is supposed to complete the task of pouring a bowl of cereal in a unique fashion. [3] Students’ machines should include at least three steps to completing the task. [4] It?s also interesting to note that what makes these machines interesting, entertaining and even educational to audiences is not just whether they accomplish their tasks. [3]

Now we will look at how all of these things that we have been studying come together, as we take on the role of the engineers who design machines. [4] Design studio HEYHEYHEY created Melvin the Machine for the 2010 Dutch Design Week at the MU art space. [2] The same design studio behind Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine, HEYHEYHEY, also created the newer and much smaller Melvin the Mini Machine. [2]

You could order a pizza from your local chain, or you could build an elaborate, multiple room-spanning machine that will prepare your pizza and probably annoy any roomates you might have. [2] The most important action will be the first step that?s what starts the entire machine. [5] It started out as a marble,” Logsdon said, referring to one of the steps in her students? machine. [3]

Grossman?s machine is a marvel of convenience, taking a little under 30 seconds to complete his instructions, and leaving plenty of floor space to move around in, although as his behind-the-scenes video demonstrates, it took a while to get it working. [3] Pros or not, the athletes couldn’t do it alone, as the undertaking required over 45 GoPro cameras, a 75 person crew, 12 different machines, and 3,433 man hours to complete. [2]

“We were all so nervous to compete against the other machine and the dozen or so people there to film us ramped up the reality and excitement of the competition. [3] They were the only community college to enter a machine into the contest. [3] Though some of the machines on this list are painfully detailed and long-winded affairs, Toronto-based 2D House kept it short and sweet with this contraption. [2] “Our greatest challenge will be ensuring that the machine is reset precisely and quickly. [3] If you like these, check out our picks for the coolest Lego machines. [2] Herscher?s latest machine aims to plate a slice of cake (with a cherry on top) right after he takes the last bite of his dinner. [6] Nvidia believes that its GeForce Now subscription service, when used with 5G technology, could open the door for even more players to experience high-end PC performance on their own machines. [2]

Rube was born Reuben Lucius Goldberg on the 4th of July in 1883, in San Francisco, California. [3] Build your own rocket launching contraption with Rube Goldberg’s Rocket Challenge! This playset from Wonderology is inspired by the famous American cartoonist and inventor, best known for his hilarious and complex contraptions devised to perform simple tasks. [3] Marking the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Rube Goldberg’s work since 1970, the exhibition chronicles all aspects of the artist’s seventy-two-year career, from his earliest published drawings and iconic inventions to his Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoons and beyond. [3] “The more I got to know him through his work, the more I understood how important it was not just to keep his legacy going but to reintroduce him to the world.” says Jennifer George, Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter. [3]

Throughout his career, Rube used his background in engineering to give him inspiration for his wonky drawings. [3] Rube put his art interest aside when he followed his father’s advice to study engineering while he attended the University of California at Berkeley. [3]

Soon enough, Rube was creating cartoons for local San Francisco newspapers, and he eventually moved to New York where he landed a job as a cartoonist. [3] Paired with his zany and fun invention drawings and political cartoons, Rube also pioneered STEAM, with “Art” playing a key role. [3]

Thanks to critical thinkers like Rube, we’ve enabled a younger generation of critical thinkers. [3] He didn’t know it then, but Rube not only used his own STEM Education, he inspired it, too. [35]

The idea of a creating a Goldberg contraption was so tempting for the famous MythBusters duo, they didn?t even need a myth to build it. [3] From Japan to the United States, Goldberg contraptions have flooded cultures around the world in commercials, contests, movies, and TV shows. [2] To break ground in the music industry for a second time in 2010, the band needed the help of an elaborate Goldberg contraption. [2] The broad reach and popular appeal of Goldberg’s inventions is also featured through the presentation of film footage from the Goldberg scripted film, Soup to Nuts, from 1930 starring the Three Stooges, the classic self-operating napkin sequence from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936), and from a rare interview of Goldberg by legendary broadcaster Edward R. Murrow. [3] To kick off its Goldberg invention, then, a skydiver decked out in Red Bull gear is dropped from a cargo bay helicopter. [2] Instead of the burdensome complexity we’ve come to expect from these videos, Newton vs. Goldberg makes you want to go back and watch it again to try and figure out exactly what’s going on. [2]

Then your engineering team will choose which ones to use and create a plan or drawing of the design. [4] Because STEM isn’t just science, technology, engineering, or mathematics by themselves; it’s the four subjects married to create a cohesive learning paradigm. [35]

Engineers follow the steps of the design process to help them create the best possible solutions to real-world problems. [4]

Students apply the mechanical advantages and problem-solving capabilities of six types of simple machines (wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw, pulley) as they discuss modern structures in the spirit of the engineers and builders of the great pyramids. [4] In order to understand compound machines, it is helpful if students are familiar with the six individual simple machines and their abilities to make work easier, as discussed in lessons 1-3 of this unit. [4] Students expand upon their understanding of simple machines with an introduction to compound machines. [4]

With your team, you will come up with many different simple machine ideas that could be used to accomplish your final task. [4] Remind them that they must use at least three simple machines in their final designs. [4] For this project, we have some materials already available and we want to use at least three simple machines. [4]

We also know that engineers build complex machines upon a foundation of knowledge of simple machines. [4] Hilliard students’ complex machines accomplish a simple goal. [3] We have been learning about simple and compound machines, calculating mechanical advantage and thinking about machines as a part of society. [4]

This activity works is intended as a finale to the simple machines unit. [4] What is a simple machine? A simple machine makes work easier for people. [4]

She coordinates all K12 student contests and connects with families who pursue online education. [3] Astronomy students Dylan Nicholls, Andrew DeVerse, Ra?Shae Esplin, John Castada, Yoseph Loyd, Raaman Nair, Robert Voinescu, as well as astronomy professor John G. Gibbs authored a paper published by the scholarly American Chemical Society online. [3]

Previously, Khoi was co-founder and CEO of Mixel (acquired in 2013), Design Director of The New York Times Online, and co-founder of the design studio Behavior, LLC. He is the author of ” How They Got There: Interviews with Digital Designers About Their Careers “and ” Ordering Disorder Grid Principles for Web Design,” and was named one of Fast Company’s ” fifty most influential designers in America.” [3] Dive deep into an existing passion–or try something new–at, an online community for kids to build and share their skills in rapid prototyping, making, circuitry, and so much more. [3] E-mail your announcements to, or use our online submission form. [3] The video has instantly become a hit online, as nearly half a million people have already watched the video just three days after it was uploaded. [3] More information about the project, including videos, can be found online. [3]

Talk about just desserts! Troll Cakes will turn a hater’s online comment into a tasty cake and mail it to said hater. [3]

Featured prominently in the exhibition, this section explores how Goldberg’s zany contraptions caught the popular imagination and became–as he put it–“a symbol of man’s capacity for exerting maximum effort to achieve minimal results,” highlighting their unique burlesque of our modern age of invention while making him a cultural icon. [3] The exhibition includes Goldberg’s innovative early work, with original drawings that reveal the beginnings of his comic style; then follows his steady rise to fame as a nationally syndicated presence in the 1920s and 1930s. [3] Born in San Francisco and later graduating from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in engineering, it’s no surprise that Goldberg’s academic roots informed his crowning artistic achievement: his invention drawings. [3]

“Rube Goldberg is just a good experience,” said Mike Meyer, coordinator of the contest, TEECA president and a junior technology education major. [10] In the week before the competition, the Elk Mound team practiced 35 times, showing the machine to about 800 elementary and middle school students. [10] The school?s machine took first place and earned two other awards to lead six teams in the technology and engineering challenge at the Memorial Student Center. [10] Lucas Audorff, technology education teacher at Elk Mound and the team?s adviser, said the team worked about 800 hours — mostly after school or over lunch periods — to create the machine. [10] Their latest machine took 300 hours to create, and included special AGT touches, including the use of host Tyra Banks’ phone, images of judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel and a final golden buzzer. [8]

The machine had 75 steps to complete the task of pouring a bowl of cereal. [10] SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Harlandale ISD STEM Early College High School physics and robotics students created a machine made entirely of Whataburger items in order to promote the fast food chains’ latest limited-time offer: the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich. [11] Using concepts from gravitational mass, momentum and kinetic energy, the students put together the 25-foot-long machine. [11]

Members of the team are show getting the machine ready to run. [10] Each of the two competition runs by the machine required one restart. [10] Machines must have a minimum of 20 steps and a maximum of 75 steps and be a standard size. [10] The video shows the machine start off with an orange toy airplane and end with an orange-and-white-striped curtain pulling back dramatically to reveal the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich. [11] “We literally take scraps of wood and turn them into this,” he said, gesturing toward the machine complete with pirate ship with three sails and a treasure island theme. [10] Elk Mound took top honors last year with a machine named Santa?s Workshop. [10]

The idea is to create a chain reaction that accomplishes a simple task. [7] Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. [36]

Build these Rube Goldberg? kits and watch simple tasks being performed by hilariously complicated chain-reaction machines. [37] You pick: the basketball game, which uses bowling pins, hockey sticks, a baseball mitt and a garbage can to sink a bounce shot; the circus acrobat shot out of a cannon using a monkey, snake, tennis racket, peanuts, wagon and a tightrope; or the castle escape machine that uses a princess, dragon, spiral ramp, drawbridge, flaming balls, hat ribbon and a cannon to get Rube out of the castle. [37]

This challenge encourages students to use out-of-the-box problem-solving and teamwork to build a multi-step, chain-reaction machine, and creatively incorporate themed elements and texts into their entries. [33]

Each year’s contest focuses on a defined task which every machine is designed to accomplish. [15] Many of the machines employed a ball that rolled on tracks, tapping dominoes or blocks that fell and activated another trigger to tip a cereal box. [38]

Since that time, thousands of students, teachers, hosts, inventors, museum personnel and Rube fanatics have participated. [15] Campers will work in teams to create a chair made from only cardboard and duct tape. [39] Marsh said he and Christy Clark, executive director of Destination Hilliard, collaborated to create the competition, an effort to “marry a tourism activity with one that also supports the mission of the Environmental Sustainability Commission.” [38] Campers will finish their inventions and create pitches to present later in the day. [39] Campers will have two challenges today: to make a spinning top, and create an electric race car. [39] Having a Galileo Innovator’s Mindset, Process and Knowledge makes a lasting impact on the way children think, explore and create. [39]

Distribute paper of different weights and colors, along with paper clips, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, scissors, decorative tape, markers, etc., and have students create one or two more planes, and test these out, with the goal of making one that can fly farther, or higher, or in a different way. [24] Gadgeteer is a VR puzzle game where you build wacky chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. [40] Sandbox Mode Build your dream chain reaction machine without any rules but the rules of physics. [40] Your machines will use gadgets and objects to launch, bump, twist, and turn–creating crazy chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time. [40] Herscher: This machine was the most challenging thing I?ve ever made, mostly because it?s so hard to use food in a machine (butter, peas, cake, whipped cream, and so on). [21] If you regularly use a sewing machine and have declining eyesight, you know that threading that damn needle is the most frustrating part of the process. [34]

A straightforward, productive process that works like a well-oiled machine is a boon for everyone–your sales reps, your buyers, and your bottom line. [22] From that point on the week is packed with activities to challenge the imagination and learn the skills needed to implement each camper?s piece of the machine. [17] Is your team?s sales proposal development process overly complicated and constantly on the verge of a breakdown? Here?s how to turn it into a streamlined, indestructible, deal-winning machine. [22] To learn more about the making of this machine (plus how he got a baby to cooperate), check out Herscher?s follow-up explainer video here. [21]

How to Do It: Can you build a better mousetrap? This is the question students will answer in this STEAM challenge when they design their own trap, using simple machines, for a small toy. [24] Next, distribute materials such as cardboard, cups, spools, straws, and string, and have groups build a trap for a small toy that uses at least three simple machines. (Pass out diagrams of the six types of simple machines–lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, screw, and pulley–for reference, or let kids go online to watch videos again.) [24] The OK Go Sandbox is an online portal that uses the band?s videos as starting points to explore various STEAM concepts. [20]

Older kids can work with various angles or other complicated designs (they can find tips online). [24] Students will learn about online safety, how to protect their personal devices and information from outside threats, and how to harden networks running Windows Systems. [19] Running your text through an online service like Grammarly or Hemingway can also help you polish up your writing. [22]

The winning team used physics to create a design that held a person?s weight using just seven paper drinking cups. [18] In some cases, this might mean developing a robot that uses paint and brushes to create a piece, or using robotics differently to execute their vision. [18]

Create the boilerplate content that you?ll use over and over again, like company and product descriptions, and store it in your content library for easy access. [22]

While this competition doesn?t feature robot creation itself, teams are challenged to create art with robotics. [18] Sponsored by Toshiba Innovations, ExploraVision encourages parents to work with their kids to create unique projects and solve problems in their communities. [18] Even viewing past inventions can inspire families to create something unique. [18] What a mind he has to envision and create this Incredible Cake-Serving Contraption. [21] You come up with the important details, like scope and timeline, on the fly as you create the proposal. [22] From creation to close and every deal-making moment in between, discover better ways to create killer proposals that close faster. [22]

This class will focus on the amount of energy necessary to move an object and how simple machines reduce the work energy needed to accomplish a task. [19] In this course, the explorers will discover how simple machines relate to one another and how simple machines can be combined to accomplish a task. [19]

Explain the ideas of work and force in using simple machines like inclined planes, pulleys, and levers. [24] By studying simple machines like the lever, the wheel and axle, the inclined plane, the wedge, the pulley, and the screw, young scientists will uncover the specific purpose of each simple machine. [19]

The challenges for “This Too Shall Pass” focus on simple machines and their role in complex structures. [20]

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