Why Should Minerals Be Conserved for Sustainable Development?

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  • Of the 50 delegates, 32 will be staying on for Sustainable Minerals ’18 which begins on Thursday, the two conferences having a common informal dinner tomorrow evening, so appropriately the first presentation of the day was a keynote lecture by Sue Harrison, of the University of Cape Town, who talked about the role of biohydrometallurgy in the sustainable development of mineral resources (more details on posting of June 12th ).(More…)


  • Alternative and sustainable sources of rare earth elements (REE) are critical to sustain a green energy future.(More…)


Why Should Minerals Be Conserved for Sustainable Development?
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Of the 50 delegates, 32 will be staying on for Sustainable Minerals ’18 which begins on Thursday, the two conferences having a common informal dinner tomorrow evening, so appropriately the first presentation of the day was a keynote lecture by Sue Harrison, of the University of Cape Town, who talked about the role of biohydrometallurgy in the sustainable development of mineral resources (more details on posting of June 12th ). [1] Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. [2] The report is based on the World Bank and International Energy Agency’s Global Tracking Framework ( GTF ), which tracks the progress of countries on energy access, energy efficiency, and renewable energy under Sustainable Development Goal 7 ( SDG7 ). [3] Our biggest impact on our planet is through the work we do around the world — for our customers and in support of partnerships and programs that protect the environment, such as the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. [4] The goal relates to a careful management of the seas and marine resources as a key step towards sustainable development. [2] Managing seaborne trade and emissions require the industry to address the association of climate action and sustainable development. [2] Its mission is conserving the environment, through developing legal, strategic and policy frameworks, in addition to spreading environmental culture, enhancing environmental monitoring and law enforcement, and transitioning to a green economy within a participatory approach, and a supporting institutional structure to achieve sustainable development. [5]

I?ve watched sustainable development since about 1985; my reason for coming to Saint Martins was to engage with environmental issues, and I thought that communication, art and design would be the way to reach people and get them to think differently about the planetary ecological crisis. [6] “An exciting in-country opportunity supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of environmental, conservation and sustainable livelihoods based programmes in one of the leading sustainable development and conservation NGOs in Madagascar.” [7] Locally she works with west coast tribes and shellfish growers, facilitating use of observing technologies, forecast models, and data portals; globally she is a founding Executive Council member of the Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network, GOA-ON, and works in service to support capacity building and data provision for the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal 14.3 on marine pH. [8] He is consulting for technology transfer of marine fish hatchery and growout for the government and private sector of a number of countries in 5 continents in project development for sustainable aquaculture and environmental monitoring programs with focus on open ocean and coastal mariculture operations. [8]

The Office of Energy Development is dedicated to advancing all forms of responsible energy (and minerals) for the provision affordable, reliable and sustainable energy through industry assistance, education and outreach, and policy to promote resource diversity and innovation. [9] The NGGP aligns with Jordan’s NDC’s, Vision 2025 and ongoing plans to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [5] On his engagement with the contested idea of sustainable development and his passionate concern for the environment, Cross is clear as a bell. [6]

The UEBT certification assures the conservation of biodiversity in the sourcing area and that provided communities are supported through equitable prices and local projects for sustainable development. [10] BASF is also participating in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, is a member of the UN Global Compact, and follows the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. [11]

Talking of climate justice, Toan Tran, Programme Manager at Centre for Sustainable Rural Development, Vietnam, feels that it is about protecting people’s rights and using the natural resources in a sustainable (and not exploitative) way. [12] If economic activities in coastal and offshore areas are to expand in an equitable and sustainable manner, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), progress is needed toward addressing multiple and potentially conflicting uses of ocean space within national jurisdictions, in addition to developing a consistent and transparent legal framework for the vast areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) ( 3, 4 ). [11] This was evident at the one day workshop titled “Defending People’s Environmental Rights in Asia Pacific? organised recently in Bangkok, Thailand, just ahead of the Pacific Peoples’ Forum and the 5th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2018 intergovernmental meeting. [12] With a little foresight, extractive industries can be made to work in a responsible way to help sustainable development. [12]


Alternative and sustainable sources of rare earth elements (REE) are critical to sustain a green energy future. [1] In Guinea, a project financed by CEPF and implemented by Initiative de Base pour la Gestion des Ressources Naturelles (IBGRN) – a local civil society group – has helped to empower local communities living in and around Mount Nimba to contribute towards sustainable management of their resources; in the process, helping to lift themselves out of poverty. [13] “We empowered these communities so they could promote sustainable use of this landscape, by getting organised as Community Based Organisations (CBOs) that could better advocate for sustainable conservation that also improves their livelihoods,” said Justin Bilivogui, manager of the project. [13] It directly supported the creation and official registration of seven community groups as recognized civil society organisations to promote sustainable use of natural resources and alternative livelihood initiatives around the Nimba range. [13]

Therefore, we are talking about an essential component of sustainable economic growth. [2] The trends for sustainable energy in Asia-Pacific, which mirror the region’s economic and resource diversity, are underscored by the fact that Asia-Pacific comprises 60 percent of the global population, generates 32 percent of global GDP, consumes more than half of the global energy supply, while generating 55 percent of global emissions from fuel combustion. [3] The region’s sustainable energy picture is captured in a new report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), entitled “Asia-Pacific Progress in Sustainable Energy: A Global Tracking Framework 2017 Regional Assessment Report.” [3]

This year we aim to bring you even more engaging stories about global progress on sustainable energy. [3]

The World Bank works with developing countries to find modern, affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions to end extreme poverty & boost shared prosperity. [3]

Sustainable Minerals ’18 has the tag “Towards a circular economy”, and in opening the conference this morning, after thanking our cor. [1] Sustainable Minerals ’18 immediately followed Biohydromet ’18 at the Windhoek Country Club, Namibia, and was MEI’s 5th in the series. [1] Sustainable Minerals ’18 finished yesterday afternoon, with a final sundowner by the pool at our wonderful new venue, the Windhoek Co. [1]

Using wind, solar and energy storage batteries as proxies, ” The Growing Role of Minerals and Metals for a Low-Carbon Future ” report is one of the Bank’s contributions towards ensuring this topic is given its rightful place in the ongoing global climate change dialogue. [3] Good summary and very exciting future for the exploitation of mineral wealth; For me we need more interdisciplinary approach to make this technically feasible(to which type of ores) and economically viable. [1] Hydrometallurgical process waters often contain various contaminants due to the dissolution of gangue minerals during ore processing. [1] Mount Nimba also contains some of the world’s most valued minerals, such as iron ore, and forests that have attracted mining and logging companies around it. [13] “MEI is the glue that holds the minerals industry together” (Prof. John Ralston, South Australian Scientist of the Year). [1]

Exposure of sulfide minerals present in these discards to natural oxidants cause acidic runoff referred to acid rock drainage (ARD). [1] The BIOX process destroys sulfide minerals and exposes the gold for subsequent cyanidation, thereby increasing the achievable gold recovery. [1]

This includes ensuring that development projects operating in communities are increasingly involved in such conservation initiatives, and bringing together key social groups whose activities damage the forests like hunters and traditional healers to work together. [13] Robert Braun, of Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, Germany, described the development of peptide-based biosorptive materials for heavy metal removal, including identification, adaptation and characterization of specific peptides binding nickel and cobalt. [1] Chris Bryan, formerly with Camborne School of Mines, UK, now head of the Geomicrobiology and Environmental Monitoring Unit at BRGM, France, detailed the development of a two-stage continuous system for the recovery of nickel and copper from a polymetallic sulfide concentrate. [1] Processing of Ni-laterite ores has proven technically difficult and costly, and the development of alternative low-cost biotechnologies for Ni solubilization has been encouraged. [1]

Its central mission is to build the capacity of individuals, organisations to lead and support sustainable conservation and development initiatives, with the objective of securing local community access to quality health, education and livelihoods assets, and increasing local capacity to conserve and manage natural resources including unique but greatly endangered forest environments. [7] Georgia’s Energy Resources Division promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy assistance programs that improve the environment, strengthen quality of life, and stimulate sustainable economic development and growth. [9] The mission of the Arkansas Energy Office is to promote energy efficiency, clean technology, and sustainable strategies that encourage economic development, energy security and the environmental well-being for all citizens of Arkansas. [9] It provides grants for energy efficiency and clean fuel technology, supports energy policy development, and provides coordination and assistance to support sustainable land use and building practices. [9]

He has published over 100 articles in aquaculture science and technology, has extensive experience with the industry and has been a consultant for the private and government sectors in Latin America, U.S., Europe, Asia, Caribbean and Australia, where he has partnered with the government and the industry to spearhead advanced technology for hatchery and sustainable offshore aquaculture development. [8] Omar has always loved the ocean and feels privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to a global solution for food security and environmental protection through the continued development of the sustainable aquaculture industry. [8]

The Department for Energy Development and Independence’s mission is to improve the quality and security of life for all Kentuckians by creating efficient, sustainable energy solutions and strategies; by protecting the environment; and by creating a base for strong economic growth. [9]

The West Virginia Office of Energy is responsible for the formulation and implementation of fossil, renewable, and energy efficiency initiatives designed to advance energy resource development opportunities and provide energy services to businesses, communities and homeowners in West Virginia. [9] The Indiana Office of Energy Development focuses on the development and implementation of comprehensive energy planning for the state that utilizes all of Indiana’s energy resources and supports a strong, dynamic, and growing economy. [9] The State Energy Office encourages leading by example with programs, services and technical expertise focused on energy efficiency in the public sector, encouraging the growth and development of the state energy economy and making North Carolina a leader in the creation of green jobs. [9] The Office of Energy is the legislatively designated state energy policy and program development office in Florida. [9] AEA is the state’s energy office and lead agency for statewide energy policy and program development. [9]

The Idaho Governor’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources is responsible for coordinating energy and mineral planning and policy development in order to promote the efficient use of energy, developing Idaho’s energy and mineral resources, and ensuring the availability of adequate energy and mineral supplies to sustain the State’s economy and quality of life for our citizens. [9] Within ACEP, the bill retains important conservation planning requirements and does not include an expansion of mineral development rights on easements, both important for the preservation of conservation benefits on agricultural land. [14]

Authorizes a CSP payment for financial and technical assistance to support the development of comprehensive conservation plans, which are fundamental to reaching higher levels of stewardship. [14] Comprehensive conservation plans can play a critical role in helping farmers to select the best and most appropriate enhancements for their operation, and the authorized payment would appropriately reflect the complexity of its development. [14] As County Supervisor, Salud championed the development of the Blue Ribbon Budget Task Force to examine our county operations and budget process. [8]

Alex founded and headed the Office of Science and Technology, and created the vision for and helped launch the Global Development Lab, the Agency’s DARPA for Development. [8] He has led IFAW delegations to 15 meetings of the International Whaling Commission and served as an accredited representative to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the U.N. Conference on Population and Development, the World Trade Organization, the International Maritime Organization, and the Arctic Council. [8] This effort has also been conducted in response to the instructions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein in prioritizing the environment to ensure the development of the legislative frameworks, building capacity of skilled personnel, and activating partnerships to protect it. [5]

The Department of Economic Development – Division of Energy assists, educates, and encourages Missourians to advance the efficient use of diverse energy resources to drive economic growth, provide for a healthier environment, and achieve greater energy security for future generations. [9] The Maine Governor’s Energy Office mission is to create effective public and private partnerships that advance Maine’s energy security and economic development in an environmentally responsible manner. [9]

The Office of Strategic Initiatives operates several energy programs in partnership with both private and public entities to promote a sustainable, environmentally sound and least-cost energy future for New Hampshire. [9] As IFAW’s Director of Marine Conservation, Patrick leads efforts to protect our ocean planet and promote sustainable solutions to pressing challenges including habitat loss, impacts from commercial shipping, entanglement in fishing gear, ocean noise pollution, and continued whaling for commercial purposes by Iceland, Norway, and Japan. [8] Based in the coastal town of Fort Dauphin in the southeast of Madagascar, this post will provide support to the environment, conservation and sustainable livelihoods projects run through the NGO. The successful candidate will work within a combined Malagasy and international team to assist in developing projects, writing proposals to secure funding, supporting with the implementation of projects and evaluating their success. [7] The Ministry of Environment is committed to enhance the process of gradual transition toward green economy through developing strategic and action plans that lead to implementation of green sustainable projects. [5]

Will is not only a passionate voice for a healthy environment and sustainable fishing he is more importantly a devoted husband and father of two young children. [8] Though the Senate maintains the overall funding level for the Conservation Title, for which NSAC is very grateful, we do not believe that boosting one conservation program at the expense of another is a sustainable strategy. [14]

Representing 1,200 members, the MLA advocates for a sustainable lobster resource and the fishermen and communities that depend on it. [8] Farmers and ranchers must overcome a number of challenges on a daily basis in order to maintain a successful and sustainable operation. [14] I said if we really are wanting to be a sustainable university, then we should look at how our financial operations relate to our daily practices. [6] I proposed to our senior executives that, to be sustainable in our operations as well as in the curriculum, we should switch banks away from the Royal Bank of Scotland and divest from fossil fuels. [6]

Overall, the draft Senate bill is a good starting point from which to strengthen and expand federal support for sustainable agriculture, though it does contain some concerning provisions. [14] Among other issues important to Mainers, Chellie has been an advocate in Congress for reforming federal policy to better support the diverse range of American agriculture–including sustainable, organic, and locally focused farming. [8]

Biomethanation, a unique and sustainable approach to renewable natural gas, will be the topic of a one-hour, web-based seminar offered by Penn State Extension, beginning at 1 p.m. on June 28. [15] Her portfolio includes elevating dignity in work through empowerment of workers and driving market access for smallholder farmers, creating more sustainable product chains from production to end of life, and addressing hunger, food safety and nutrition issues. [8] Coca-Cola works with WWF to help conserve freshwater resources, non-profit Ceres works with Apple, Citigroup and Nike to develop sustainable business practices, and Schneider Electric partners with Sustainable Energy for All to further our Access to Energy. [16] The Oregon Department of Energy dedicated to leading Oregon to a safe, clean, and sustainable energy future – one where our state stays on the leading edge of energy efficiency and renewable energy. [9] The primary goal of the Division of Energy is to advance sustainable energy practices and behaviors. [9]

Her interests center on valuing benefits provided by nature, specializing in natural coastal infrastructure and restoration; developing innovative, value-based tools to support sustainable fisheries; and the intersection of climate change, risk, and coastal resilience. [8] He began his federal career with NOAA Fisheries in 1989, and has served in several key national positions including Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs; Acting Director for Office of Law Enforcement; Deputy Director for the Office of Sustainable Fisheries; and Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. [8] Mr. Risenhoover has served as the Director of the Office of Sustainable Fisheries since 2006. [8] The Office also tracks the agency’s commitment to ensuring sustainable fisheries and science-based management through an annual Status of the Stocks Report and the Fish Stock Sustainability Index. [8]

While at NOAA, Jennifer co-lead and coordinated the development of the Ocean and Marine Resources in a Changing Climate Technical Input Report to the National Climate Assessment and coordinated the Interagency Working Group for Ocean Acidification. [8] He advises clients on carbon project feasibility, development, and financing strategies. [8] This diversification strategy includes the development and execution of projects based on existing IP, as well as new IP through partnerships and strategic acquisitions. [8]

Mr. Holtzman advised the Secretary on the development of new public-private partnerships, aquaculture, trade, biotechnology and international food security. [8] He is a co-founder of the international Blue Carbon Initiative which has helped build science programs around the world, and inform national and international policy development. [8] In his current role as Executive Director, Mr. Beal guides ASMFC’s day-to-day operations such as policy development and implementation as well as providing leadership to all of its programs. [8] Complete any other tasks required by the Head of Project Development or Director of Operations and Heads of Departments commensurate with this role. [7]

Shaharris is the CEO of HackerNest, a nonprofit and global movement that builds tech communities, helps local tech get discovered, and promotes social good – all in the name of economic development. [8]

I?d say the Romans weren?t dependent on fossil fuels; their population was lower, the stocks of minerals were almost untouched, and the ecological buffers of forests and oceans and soil were undepleted by comparison with our times. [6]

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