Best Ways to Fix Phone Wont Charge

Have you ever put your phone to charge overnight? Only for the battery to die when you're about to send a message! Or you really needed to call a number, but it just won't come on. Then let's say you are late for work. You need someone to stand in for you at the workplace. But your phone does not correlate with your plans. The audacity!!

Best Methods to Fix Phone that Wont Charging

If you have ever experienced this problem or anything similar, put your hands up!! Me too!! That's why we have decided to help as many as are in this situation. You will never feel frustrated by a smart metal, nor annoyed at your charging junction again. There are things you can do to make a better charging experience:

Use the Ampere app

Use the Ampere app
Use the Ampere app

Ampere is a diagnostic app for the battery problems of your phone. According to its description on GooglePlay, it measures the charging and discharging current of the battery of your phone. It also measures how fast, or slow your phone is charging. It uses three colours to do this. Green means that your device is charging perfectly. There are no problems with your battery or charger. Orange means your device is using a lot of power but not efficiently charging. Red means there is no charging at all. Either something is wrong with your charger or battery.

The current displayed depends on several things. This includes the charger, USB cable, type of your phone, Display brightness, Wi-Fi and GPS state. If the app repeatedly shows 0mA, you need to change the settings to Old Measurements Method . It forces the app to use an older interface. That way, it would properly read the current on your phone.

Unfortunately, this amazing app does not work on all devices due to compatibility issues. Some of these devices include: Galaxy Grand Prime-fortuna3gdtv, Galaxy Note2- t03g, t03gchn, t03gchnduos, t03gcmcc, t03gctc, and t03gcuduos. Some phones only work with the old interface like the HTC One M7/M8 and LG G3. You can look up your device against the list to see if it is available for you.

Charge Your Phone From a Different Outlet

Sometimes, the charger may not be the problem. The phone may not be the problem. What is not allowing your phone to charge well may be the charging point or the socket? In this case you could try other outlets. Try a different socket, use an USB port from your Laptop. It could even be the adapter you are using. You never know. Your device could suddenly be okay. There won't be any need to call an electrician for your phone or spend money.

Replace Your Charging Cable

Replace Your ChargingCable
Replace Your Charging Cable

Another charging problem could be from the usual culprit- the charging cable. But it is not exactly to blame. After all , they go through extreme maneuvers. The twisting in the process of plugging them, the traumatic treatment. Several times we don't even make sure it is placed properly. Because of this, the charger begins to go bad. If this is the case for you , simply replace the charging cable. Or you could buy a new one. There are several portable cables with stronger wires that last longer. It will save you money in the long run

It could be your battery

If your battery is truly dying, (not just because of its running low) then you need to change it. Signs of a bad battery are leaking fluids and swelling. If you are already seeing these, then it is time to throw it away. But if your phone has a battery that is not removable from home, then you need to check it at a phone repair shop. They can help you remove your battery. It can also be replaced with a much better one for you.

Update Your Software/ Downgrade to Previous Version

System updates are always popping up on our screen. To keep up with them, we have to update our phones to the latest versions. It is not always the best option. Our devices may underperform after that. If your phone model is quite old, the newest updates can be too new. Your system will crash. It also affects the battery because the phone is trying to keep up.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the OS version you are using is too old and outdated. It could be overworking your phone. This will make your battery run down very easily. If that is the case, you need to update your phone. Newer versions are more secure for the device too.

It could be your USB socket

It could be your USBsocket
It could be your USB socket

Sometimes the USB socket, (the part of the charger that gets plugged into the phone) is the problem. It may be unusually bent. You find yourself having to hold the phone in a particular position just to charge it properly. It is mostly because of mishandling when plugging in or removing it. When this happens, the USB socket and your phone will not properly connect to charge well. Here is how you can rectify the problem:

  • Switch off your phone
  • If you can, remove your battery
  • Take a tiny needle or a pin.
  • Straighten the small tab of the USB port/socket.

Be very gentle while doing this, or you will damage your phone.

Another problem with the USB port is there could be dirt/dust in there. It happens over time, even for laptops. You can get a can of compressed air or blow it with your mouth to remove it. Hopefully, it should be gone by then.

Turn Off Your Phone

Sometimes we unknowingly overwork the device when charging. E.g. playing a game while charging, making a call, leaving your display screen on for more than 10 minutes. They make the battery consume a lot of electricity without charging. It also overworks the phone and it can get quite hot. Sometimes it doesn't charge at all. Or it's very slow. If you're experiencing this, do turn off your phone. Leave your device to rest. That way it would charge properly.

Another good reason to turn off your phone is, your device, just like any other machine, needs a break. Anything that works 24/7 non-stop 365 days a year will break down. Not even our machines break this rule. Power stations need routine servicing too. So give your phone a break, and yourself one too. It would greatly help.

A little note on preserving the life span of your phone battery:

Only Charge your battery when it is low.

Unless you are in a place where it needs to be on a 100% every time, the battery has to be low before charging. Think about it this way: If you expend just 5% of your energy in the morning and took the time to rest. Let's say you had a lot to do, but you rested. You will end up feeling lazy, and won't want to do more work. Machines don't speak, but they feel exactly the same way. They will become lazy and eventually not charge when you really need it to do so.

Leave It to Rest More Often.

A lot of people in our modern, digital world use their mobile device to work from home, make money and do a lot of things. For this reason, we are always on the phone doing something. It is actually good. But once in a while, letting the phone AND yourself take a little break is very helpful both of you. Each can take its time to cool off before heading back to real life again. Resting can also preserve the life span of your phone battery for a long time.

Take care of your Phone and Charger

Many people are not very careful when handling the phone or the charger. They forcefully insert the USB cord. Only to aggressively remove it when the battery is full. People also micro-abuse their phones. Throwing it without care, anywhere and everywhere. Not considering where it is kept . But it is expected to last!! Our devices were not made to last in the first place . Preserving it properly will help you save your money in the long run

However, it is not always our fault. And Technology is not always smart. Some companies deliberately reduce the lifespan of phones just to make you buy the next model. It is a marketing strategy. But people also love the latest things, so everybody wins? I hope so.

We hope these methods work well for you. Hopefully, your phone gets to charge very soon. Devices can be annoying sometimes. We just want to kiss them goodbye, dump them in the ocean. Totally understandable !

But don't throw it yet!! It can still be saved ! No need to fret!! Also, don't forget to take good care of your phone. It would help in the long run. Thanks for staying with us. See you next timeJJ

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