What Is Segregation In Biology

What Is Segregation In Biology
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  • Accurate chromosome segregation is a fundamental process in cell biology.(More…)
  • A journal dedicated to publishing the latest advances across all areas of cell, developmental, stem cell and cancer biology.(More…)
  • We combine the use of a wide array of tools, including genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and live-cell imaging using budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and zebrafish Danio rerio as a model system.(More…)


  • Comparison of Figs 2A, 2B, 4A and 4B reveals that the chromosome asphericity and segregation speed simultaneously change against the alternation of condensin functions: F cond, ?, and F loop. (More…)



Accurate chromosome segregation is a fundamental process in cell biology. [1] Phillips R, Kondev J, Theriot J, Garcia H. Physical biology of the cell. [2]

A journal dedicated to publishing the latest advances across all areas of cell, developmental, stem cell and cancer biology. [3] Essays abraham lincoln kill mockingbird year hsc english advanced i need custom paper and have no money apa thesis oglasi ca canadian first second world war battlefield our documents civil rights act racial as fundamental cause of fast food density math extended persuasive dissertation literature review stste advantages disadvantages multiculturalism bio ap biology questions difference between technical report writing. [4]

Kids example for children how jr info frq history tips ap bio biology sample questions cover letter stste the advantages disadvantages multiculturalism essay. [5] By making mechanisms of heritable variation central to the biggest issue in all of biology, Darwin initiated the genetics revolution. [6] Every geneticist has heard of the Hardy-Weinberg Law and of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium, and nearly all basic biology texts teach that G. H. Hardy played a seminal role in founding population genetics. [6] Galton and Mendel: Their contribution to genetics and their influence on biology. [6]

We combine the use of a wide array of tools, including genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and live-cell imaging using budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and zebrafish Danio rerio as a model system. [7] Published under exclusive license by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. [8] The term evolution and the general concept of change through time also have penetrated into scientific language well beyond biology and even into common language. [9] Introduction oscillation band bio ap biology sample questions hrm application letter fresh graduate cover prejudice jane austen emma waste america m new york city school administrator here s how highest hurdles asian education math extended cause effect discrimination ceibs mba resource definition success conflict resolution my self help an about myself mendel law genetics. [10]


Comparison of Figs 2A, 2B, 4A and 4B reveals that the chromosome asphericity and segregation speed simultaneously change against the alternation of condensin functions: F cond, ?, and F loop. [2] Fig 5 shows a scatter plot distribution of the asphericity and segregation speed for many parameter sets in the region of 0 ? F cond ? 2.0, 0 ? F loop ? 2.0, and 0 ? ? ? 3.5. [2] Fig 4A shows the dependence of the segregation speed on the two parameters of inter-condensin attractions, i.e., F cond and ?, under the condition where F loop is fixed to be 1.0. [2] F loop 1.0. ( B ) Segregation speed as a function of the loop-holding force F loop under three pairs of different parameters of inter-condensin attractions. ( C ) Segregation speed and the decay speed of trans-attractions as a function of ? for F cond F loop 1.0. ( D-G ) Example of configurations observed at the end of the simulations at each point of D-G shown in panel A. [2] The segregation speed increases when the inter-condensin attraction, F cond and ? ( Fig 4A ), and/or the loop-holding force F loop ( Fig 4B ) increase(es). [2]

Both, the chromosome shape and segregation speed, show the unimodal change with ? (Figs 2A and 4A ). [2] For ? < 1.0, the entangled chromosomes remain spherical and are entangled for a long time, so that the segregation speed is very low. [2] Our results also demonstrate that the asphericity (i.e., rod-shaping) and segregation speed have a strong positive correlation, implying that the shaping and segregation of mitotic chromosomes might be controlled by a common underlying mechanism. [2] We show that both loop formation and inter-condensin attractions are necessary for active mitotic chromosome assembly, and that balancing acts of the two activities help to coordinate the efficient shaping and segregation of mitotic chromosomes. [2] Together, these figures demonstrate that the segregation speeds of the entangled chromosomes are strongly affected by both inter-condensin attractions and loop stabilization. [2] We characterized the segregation speed as the slope of the overlap decrease, and examined the effects of loop stabilization and inter-condensin attractions on the segregation speeds. [2] In the current study, we modeled the action of condensins in chromosome shaping and segregation, based on the assumption that they have two molecular activities: chromatin loop formation and inter-condensin attractions. [2] In the current study, we introduced two parameters of inter-condensin attractions instead of the maturation process, and showed that this postulated activity of condensins also plays a very important role in chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] We calculated the asphericity and segregation speed as the order parameters for chromosome shaping and segregation, respectively, and show that both strongly depend on the parameters of the presumed condensin activities. [2] For instance, the threshold distance ? modulates not only the asphericity ( Fig 2 ) and segregation speed ( Fig 4 ) but also the width of the condensin axes ( Fig 6 ), providing a potential explanation for the defective phenotype produced by a mutant form of condensin I reported in a previous study. [2] For ? < 2.0, the segregation and the trans-decay speeds both increase with ?, since ? increases the monomer density and these speeds are enhanced by the monomer repulsion ( Fig 4C ). [2] For ? 1.0, the decay speed of trans-attractions is larger than the segregation speed, as shown in Fig 3A. [2]

There is an appropriate window for the threshold distance ? to support the efficient shaping and segregation of mitotic chromosomes. [2] This process, known as mitotic chromosome assembly or condensation, secures the faithful segregation of genetic information into daughter cells. [2] This process, commonly referred to as mitotic chromosome condensation, helps to relieve the entanglements created between duplicated sister chromatids and between different chromosomes, thereby ensuring the equal segregation of genetic information into daughter cells. [2]

How condensins support the assembly and segregation of mitotic chromosomes at a mechanistic level remains elusive. [2] Scale bar: 5 ?m. (D, E) Unequal segregation of mega-base chromosomes ( D ) and mini-chromosomes ( E ) in NuSAP1 RNAi cells. [11] For comparison, the segregation speed of chromosomes is plotted under the same condition. [2] Dependence of chromosome shape and segregation on loop length. [2] Importantly, our simulation demonstrates that trans-attractions observed at an initial time point vanish quickly and are completely replaced by cis-attractions, thereby helping to promote the segregation of the two chromosomes. [2] Next, we investigated the segregation dynamics of two entangled chromosomes ( S1 Movie ). [2] We also demonstrated the segregation dynamics involving three entangled chromosomes as shown in S2 Movie. [2]

Correlation between the asphericity and segregation speed for various parameter sets of ( F cond, ?, F loop ). [2] For small F cond, ?, and/or F loop, the segregation speed is very small. [2] Fig 4F shows such an example of configurations with ( F cond, ?, F loop ) (1.0, 2.0, 1.0) ( S4 Movie ) after the segregation. [2] By contrast, Fig 4B shows the dependence of the segregation speed on the loop-holding force F loop. [2]

Bellow the bifurcation point, decrease in ? meanders the condensin axis and entanglement of meandering axes manly inhibits segregation ( Fig 4D ). [2] Goloborodko et al. argued that the loop maturation progresses after initial loop formation via loop extrusion mechanism, possibly mediated by condensins, and that this mechanism may be sufficient for both chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] This result implies that, irrespective of the precise model parameters chosen, chromosome shaping and segregation are likely to be controlled by the same mechanism mediated by condensins. [2] Citation: Sakai Y, Mochizuki A, Kinoshita K, Hirano T, Tachikawa M (2018) Modeling the functions of condensin in chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] The supercoiled configuration promotes the compaction of individual chromatin loops, and is supposed to affect chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] The current study focuses on the shaping and segregation processes after the chromatin loops are formed. [2] Loop formation would enhance segregation because the created loops would repulse each other, whereas inter-condensin attractions would repress segregation. [2] Above the bifurcation point, inter-condensin attraction reaches a few diameters of monomers, which brings the attraction among condensins in trans and inhibits the segregation. [2] Our results highlight the functional importance of inter-condensin attractions in chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] In the main text, the asphericity and the overlap are used as order parameters for chromosome shaping and segregation, respectively. [2] An initial configuration of two heavily intermingled chromatin polymers was generated as described above, and the segregation dynamics were calculated to observe the time-course evolution of three order parameters: asphericity, overlap, and trans-attraction. [2] After the trans-attraction reaches zero, the asphericity continues to increase and the overlap continues to decrease in parallel, implying a strong correlation between chromosome shaping and segregation. [2] We define the segregation time as the time at which the overlap goes to 0.2, and the segregation speed is calculated as the inverse of the segregation time. [2] The segregation speed reaches a maximum value at around 2.0 ? ? ? 2.5. [2] This correlation greatly extends the interpretation of our recent result showing that elongation and compaction increase the segregation speed of entangled polymers. [2] Segregation speed demonstrates a unimodal change due to he crossover of the two inhibition forces against the segregation, as described above. [2]

Separase cleaves cohesin, thereby releasing the bound sister chromatids for segregation through the elongation of the mitotic spindle and the separation of spindle poles towards the cell cortex ( 2, 3 ). [11] Assembly of a bipolar mitotic spindle is necessary for accurate segregation of sister chromatids during mitosis, and involves the microtubule nucleation pathways mediated by the centrosome, the chromatin, and the microtubule ( 4 ). [11] These proteins are nucleolar proteins that associate with spindle microtubules during mitosis for segregation into the nuclei. [11] This localization pattern of those other nucleolar proteins resembles that of TbNOP86 ( 17 ), but differs from that of Nopp140, which displays a typical nucleolus segregation pattern ( 17, 55 ). [11]

As shown in Fig 3, the segregation process can be represented by a monotonic decrease in the overlap of the two polymers. [2] The chromosome segregation observed in our simulations and the shape of the phase diagram ( Fig 4A ) can be explained by the extension of these theories. [2] NuSAP3 is a Kif13-1-interacting protein required for promoting chromosome segregation and for maintaining Kif13-1 stability. ( A ) RNAi knockdown of NuSAP3 in T. brucei, as demonstrated by western blotting of endogenously 3HA-tagged NuSAP3 in NuSAP3 RNAi cells induced for up to 4 days. [11] Other nucleolar proteins that have a mitotic role include the human nucleolar protein NUSAP, which binds to spindle microtubules and is required for spindle organization and chromosome segregation ( 61 ), and the T. brucei nucleolar protein TbNOP86, which is required for mitotic progression in both the procyclic and the bloodstream forms ( 17 ). [11] Our work suggests that faithful chromosome segregation in T. brucei requires a cohort of kinetoplastid-specific SAPs and divergent SAPs that localize to distinct subdomains of the mitotic spindle and play distinct functions in regulating chromosome segregation. [11] In this report, we set out to identify new SAPs in T. brucei by localization-based screening and proximity-dependent biotin identification (BioID) ( 26 ) using some known SAPs as baits, and to characterize the function of selected SAPs in chromosome segregation. [11] Together, our work suggests that chromosome segregation in T. brucei requires a cohort of kinetoplastid-specific and divergent SAPs with distinct functions. [11] Only a limited number of SAPs have been discovered in the protozoan parasite T. brucei ; therefore, it is necessary to identify and characterize all SAPs in T. brucei for a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms for spindle assembly and chromosome segregation. [11] The mechanism and the regulation of spindle assembly and chromosome segregation in T. brucei remain poorly understood. [11]

Previous studies showed that certain proteins involved in chromosome segregation and spindle assembly were up-regulated from the S phase of the cell cycle ( 39 ). [11] The defects in chromosome segregation by NuSAP1 RNAi prompted us to examine whether the mitotic spindle was still formed in NuSAP1 RNAi cells. [11] In NuSAP1 RNAi cells induced for 16 h, a bar-shaped spindle labeled by 3HA-?-tubulin was also consistently detected in cells that either did not have visible chromosome segregation defects or had a chromosome bridge connecting the two segregating nuclei or undergoing unequal nuclear segregation (Figure 6A ). [11] Altogether, the unequal nuclear division detected in 2N2K cells and the chromosome mis-alignment and anaphase lag detected in 1N2K cells after NuSAP1 RNAi suggest that NuSAP1 is required for faithful chromosome segregation. [11] NuSAP1 is required for equal chromosome segregation. ( A ) Quantification of the 2N2K cells with equal and unequal nuclear division in control and NuSAP1 RNAi cells induced for 16 and 24 h. [11] The same set of the 100 2N2K cells used for counting in panel A was used for measurement. ( C ) NuSAP1 RNAi caused unequal chromosome segregation. [11] To detect chromosome segregation defects in NuSAP1 RNAi cells, the coding sequence of M5 ribosomal RNA (chromosome 8) and the minichromosomal 177-bp DNA repeat ( 12 ) were used as markers for mega-base chromosome and mini-chromosomes, respectively. [11]

Faithful chromosome segregation is crucial for maintaining genome integrity and for cell viability in all organisms. [11] Defective chromosome segregation was also detected in many of the 1N2K cells, as shown by chromosome mis-alignment in metaphase-like 1N2K cells (Figure 4F ) and lagging chromosomes (anaphase lag) in early anaphase-like 1N2K cells (Figure 4G ). [11]

Faithful chromosome segregation depends on correct spindle microtubule-kinetochore attachment and requires certain spindle-associated proteins (SAPs) involved in regulating spindle dynamics and chromosome segregation. [11] NuSAP1 is a kinetoplastid-specific protein required for equal chromosome segregation and for maintaining the stability of the kinetochore proteins KKIP1 and KKT1. [11] Functional analyses of three nucleus- and spindle-associated proteins (NuSAPs) revealed distinct functions in chromosome segregation. [11] Given that NuSAP3 interacts with Kif13-1 (Figure 9F ) and NuSAP3 depletion destabilizes Kif13-1 (Figure 9G ), NuSAP3 may execute its function in chromosome segregation by maintaining Kif13-1 stability. [11] Chromosome segregation is triggered by the activation of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C), which is inhibited by the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) that functions as a surveillance system by monitoring kinetochore-spindle microtubule attachment errors and delaying anaphase onset ( 1 ). [11] Some of these SAPs appear to be required for spindle assembly and chromosome segregation ( 15, 16, 25 ). [11]

Sakai Y, Tachikawa M, Mochizuki A. Controlling segregation speed of entangled polymers by the shapes: A simple model for eukaryotic chromosome segregation. [2] Future efforts will be directed to investigate their potential roles in regulating spindle dynamics and/or chromosome segregation. [11] Little is known about the spindle-associated proteome in the early divergent Trypanosoma brucei and its roles in chromosome segregation. [11]

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Depletion of centromeric MCAK leads to chromosome congression and segregation defects due to improper kinetochore attachments. [17] Before the Civil War, segregation existed mainly in cities in both the North and the South. blacks and whites lived in close proximity on farms and plantations and geographical isolation made contact between neighbors infrequent. [16] Rather than through de jure segregation, most northern whites and blacks lived in separate neighborhoods and attended separate schools largely through de facto segregation. [16] To make matters worse, In the South segregation prevailed unabated from the 1890s to the 1950s. after the 1890s, nearly all southern blacks lost their right to vote through measures such as poll taxes, literacy tests, and the white primary. [16] White men established segregation to keep black men from having sexual relations with white women. [16] White southerners were adamant about maintaining school segregation, particularly in the early grades, because they did not want little white girls to socialize with black boys, which might lead to more intimate relations as they turned into teenagers and young adults. [16]

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The segregation of chromosomes during cell division relies on the function of the kinetochores, protein complexes that physically connect chromosomes with microtubules of the spindle. [8] How to write a good synthesis essay new hope stream wood racial discrimination labour economics notes on segregation i need custom paper and have no money apa. [18] Essay on the mendel s law of inheritance genetics segregation my self help writing an about myself i need a custom paper and have no money apa. [18] Essay on segregation i need a custom paper and have no money apa army toreto co military topics draft sample nuvolexa persuasive segregation. [10]

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At each cell division, the spindle is assembled, carries out the task of chromosome segregation, and is disassembled until the next division. [19] To kill a mockingbird essay year hsc english advanced hypersegregation ? essays on controversial topics racial segregation television news and the civil rights. [10] The constitution rights essay about racial segregation dissertation literature review on dowry system in reasons for. [10]

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